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File: 0f1c4f8fd58a421⋯.mp4 (5.77 MB, 360x640, 9:16, sierra sprague on Twitter-….mp4)

ffe15e  No.12135946

Groid smacked down

"Don’t fucking touch me": Cheerleader delivers savage beatdown on nog after she was "followed to a Wingstop" after the game.


094dd5  No.12135961

This happens with almost every public school and it needs to be fixed

Kike free first post.

b9cc67  No.12135976

This is our fault for not removing nog

ef2310  No.12135980


God bless her with many white children.

2a327a  No.12135981

That shegro was just too fat to move fast enough once Stacy got pissed off and started swinging. She narrowly avoided being crushed to death under the beast when it started flailing around.

bfb34f  No.12135983


Go Varsity!

d680ac  No.12136003


All those fucking niggers and mutts spouting ebonics. God help us all.

19f733  No.12136009



>Captcha: kaimud

17ee04  No.12136013

How could that racist while devil cave shebeast lay a hand on that pure melinated angel of Yakub?

Absolutely sickening.

066c4a  No.12136014

Education free, public and with quality

c3c3aa  No.12136015


if she's there she's a nigger fucker.

5fbd97  No.12136020

File: 24c8bc234220288⋯.jpg (87.03 KB, 735x960, 49:64, c03d48a9f42c525a27fc9ced66….jpg)


I'm a sucker for blondes with a bit of the old fighting spirit.

5fbd97  No.12136032


If you have proof of mudsharking, post it. Otherwise you're just a blackpilling kikelet and we won't be having any of your shit.

84d2bc  No.12136033


>She narrowly avoided being crushed to death under the beast

Look at where her arm is. It's around the negroid's neck. It's a controlled take down on purpose. Chad must have taught Stacy some wrestling moves.

1b7fb6  No.12136036

>American demographics

d680ac  No.12136039


Seriously dude, I can't spot even one white guy in that crowd. I've been seeing this in a considerable number of videos where these teenage white girls are surrounded by niggers and mutts and yet there isn't a single white guy to be found in her company.

67dba8  No.12136041

File: be6f8f9b9efa25d⋯.png (628.19 KB, 640x480, 4:3, AND YOU HAVE MY AXE!.PNG)

000000  No.12136042

take that nigger DOWN Bitch

2a327a  No.12136045

One can only imagine what goes on in some obese, 69 I.Q. nigra female's brain stem when she sees the hot, popular 17 year old blonde cheerleader. Wew, sucks to be a genetic dead end doesn't it Shaniqua?

066c4a  No.12136047

Bring merit based education ==IMMEDIATELY== and with a military touch, camouflaged suit and everything.

All the teachers must be at least an cop or a vet and will have to walk armed.

d680ac  No.12136052


How about we repeal Brown v. The Board of Education instead you civnat faggot.

84d2bc  No.12136053

File: 8037f8392e7db3d⋯.png (391.77 KB, 432x768, 9:16, take down.png)

84d2bc  No.12136061


Go to 0:46, it's controlled 100%. She wraps her arms around the sheboons neck and slams her down with her right leg in front of the sheboon's leg so she can't correct by just stepping backward.

polite doublepost sage

5fbd97  No.12136062



We can do both.

2a327a  No.12136064



Yeah I see it now…I was hoping for longer beatdown though.

2a327a  No.12136072


#1 is a classic

#2 never saw that one, into the archive it goes

84d2bc  No.12136075



So what you're telling me is there's more?

2a327a  No.12136084


Evidence nigger.

2a327a  No.12136090


I mean I'm saving #2 as I've never seen it before.

9493a6  No.12136105

Post more niggers getting their fucking shit kicked in.

Goddamn I hate niggers.

4bd18d  No.12136122

File: 4834467d2f06aca⋯.jpg (277.79 KB, 621x1000, 621:1000, 4834467d2f06aca519b227d15c….jpg)


>Taking the same left hook three times

>Nigger in shorts is too busy quietly pissing himself to intervene on his "friend's" behalf

I know niggers can't plan ahead, but this is pathetic even for their lot. On the subject, why is it that niggers go down after one good strike more than any other race? They have this problem even in boxing, which is why the pro niggers exclusively focus on offense over defense.

855bb8  No.12136133

Good on her. Now on the other hand, wew, what a diverse shithole America looks like.


It's one of the "(1) everyone is a coalburner" posters. Nice to see you're taking your job seriously.

f31f84  No.12136141


It's pretty fucking bad, honestly. A lot of places are just plain lost unless the unlikely European reconquista happens.

2c5893  No.12136143

How is this thread worthy?

White beats on nigs thread?

5fbd97  No.12136157

File: b523a43adcd5610⋯.jpg (64.95 KB, 540x622, 270:311, 1ee91c1544703d40999fd6fba9….jpg)


I already asked you for proof. Make good or go back to munching on your bowl of foreskins

d143c0  No.12136163


>Stacey beats up Sheboon

Now children, we must combat hate through love…

>Chad beats up Sheboon on Stacey's behalf

Race war.

It's a calculated and rational response to cards stacked against us.

855bb8  No.12136172


There's no point in you waiting. He's just posting that to stir the pot. Literally every type of thread like this will have at least one "(1)" that will post something like that.

971f67  No.12136203


checked. because a nigger's evolutionary strength is not his brain so you don't need a strong jaw or skull. Their strength is shitting out grublets every 8 months.

8dc168  No.12136210


her brothers taught her a few moves, and/or she wrestled

this is how you do it girls

5fbd97  No.12136212

File: a5702998a25f6bf⋯.jpg (149.75 KB, 661x746, 661:746, a5702998a25f6bf4af82c2a8bc….jpg)


Also, any woman who doesn't know how to fight in this times ahead is more likely than not getting raped to death. Glad her dad wasn't a cuck and raised her to be better than a gigantic liability with a womb attached.


The irony is that I'm the first to laugh maliciously at some coalburner being made good. These guys are just bumsalty mongrels who can't stand that we were having fun laughing at niggers getting what they deserve.

4e67d8  No.12136258

Even when we win, we have to become nearly as bestial as they are. My balls would have exploded if that darling girl had pulled out a small gun and shot the round sheboon twice in the head for hitting her. Like it's beneath her cute little dignity to roll around with a nigger.

2a327a  No.12136296


There was a time when that nigger wouldn't have been outside, at night in the same town as law abiding Whites. Much less publicly abusing a White female teenager.

Sundown Laws, Jim Crow, Segregation existed to prevent this lunacy.

4e67d8  No.12136310


>Sundown Laws, Jim Crow, Segregation existed to prevent this lunacy.

I leave a version of this comment on every video. Trying to shake a few normies out of the Afterschool Special trance they're all in.

4e67d8  No.12136331


We go over this here every once in awhile. Nigger brains are soft, impact-wise, and it's easy to knock them around. Their neck blood vessels have the same problem, which is why choke holds kill them all the time and they made the police stop using it.

Reminder niggers are r-selected, so the individuals tend to be weak and inadequate. Like termites, their real strength is in numbers, which is why they're always so happy at community necklacings.

001c84  No.12136351

niggers always get their shit pushed in if it goes to ground

4bd18d  No.12136362


Good point, niggers are the only R-type primates that I know of and everything about their bodies screams disposable. Even their adaptation to malaria (sickle cells) is laughably retarded. I've also heard that a blow to their shins damn near disables them, and basketball niggers being sidelined for almost the entire season is proof of this.


The only thing keeping those laws from returning are cops, whose seemingly only purpose is to prevent you from putting a nigger in its place.

4bd18d  No.12136383

File: d3f9dd7ee049db3⋯.webm (4.21 MB, 720x540, 4:3, Street Fighter Spring Bre….webm)


Yes, and you can thank Charlemagne for legalizing usery when performed by kikes.

Polite sage for getting off topic.

a987ba  No.12136476

This is a duplicate thread of >>>/pol/12132506, and while it is nice to see niggers get bashed up, this belongs in /b/ or /n/ due to its low significance.


84d2bc  No.12136494


Because it presents an opportunity to comment on societies' change on said situations. The twitter feed isn't fully of "YO RACISSS CRACKAH!!!". The worse is the Euocucks being all "we're so civilzed in Europe we would have calmly talked to her." Which is quite the change of a short few years ago.

11ca01  No.12136556

Anchored? Why. This was beautiful.

11ca01  No.12136558


nm, I see above.

2d104e  No.12136571


You can tell by the company being kept that the cheerleader is a coalburner.


70eace  No.12136573

File: 3b9403f8b16d523⋯.jpg (51.43 KB, 640x541, 640:541, 1536629831061.jpg)

9493a6  No.12136579


Oh hey, it's the "filtered for X" guy. Fuck yourself.

15d23e  No.12136651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Confirmed coal burner

2d104e  No.12139032



90b111  No.12139418


>Two faggot niggers, Stacey and Chad

Your point?

90b111  No.12139424


The niggers are clearly faggots anon, they're applying makeup. But nice try.

507aa0  No.12139562


So you think a Stacy fucks nerdy fags that serve as her bestie homo friend makeup artists and not Chads that ignore her? You have seen too many (((Hollywood))) kike director self-portrait fantasy movies.

15d23e  No.12140752



pathetic white knighting

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