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File: b5f3648d6f491e2⋯.jpg (126.23 KB, 600x300, 2:1, ginsberg.jpg)

86f6db  No.12136921

We can't allow unwarranted persecution of Jews, even casual antisemitism to happen, lest we Offend™.

Thus, I move that all Jewish people in the United States be encouraged, I think the IRS would be an excellent entity to perform this blessed task, to register. It would not be very intrusive, merely DNA samples from multiple sources on same person, blood sample, fingerprints and footprints, retina scans at varying light levels, and with different lights, plus iris scans, and full facial biometric analysis, plus full detailed head and body 3D x-rays, recording of all tattoos and piercings, and all other biometric data.

Then, to protect them from vicious goyim making Offensive™ remarks in their presence, They can be further encouraged to proudly wear the Blue Checkmark of Jewish Pride on their clothing, or have it tattooed on their right hand or forehead, thus proudly displaying the fact that they are one of God's Chosen People™ destined to rule over the goyim subhuman cattle.

Thus, we can properly show obeisance to them and honor them everywhere we see them in public, or stop them to ask them some wisdom from the Talmud or the Torah.

It will truly be a new age of enlightenment among the nations!

915058  No.12136930

Q asked for this.

86f6db  No.12136970

Would it not be desirable to identify all businesses, houses, properties, automobiles, in fact, everything owned by The Chosen™ so that we could avoid, for example, eating bacon cheeseburgers in their presence?

I think registration is truly the way forward.

86f6db  No.12136975

Also, of course, registration of everyone and anyone who works in any way in the pornography, music, media, and movie industries.

Can't be too careful.

Abortion doctors

Anyone who has ever been involved in any way with any organization of which George Soros has financed, led, or been a part.

646e21  No.12137020


newfag idea that won't work. kikes have been doing everything throughout history to avoid all kinds of census. russians couldn't do it, prussinas couldn't do what makes you think the (((USA))) can do it? that's also the reason why I don't beleive in that 1.5% of the population. 7-10% is more likely.

792c77  No.12137036


Kikes like to breed in cycles, keeps their bloodlines purest in a nation of mutts.

eb0b3d  No.12137117

File: 486f2aa14770ca1⋯.png (2.11 KB, 225x225, 1:1, b check.png)


>Blue Checkmark

I've stylized this one, is it acceptable?

8b5f23  No.12137149



acd695  No.12137180

File: 380a49493003290⋯.png (521.75 KB, 582x711, 194:237, like this.png)


Great idea, OP. Jews will for sure consent.

My two cents. Lets put blue checkmark onto their noses. Left and right side. You know, because hats would obscure markings on foreheads.

Some Anon for sure can make blueprint here please.

3ef668  No.12137210

File: b2217955cda1415⋯.png (1.86 MB, 2000x1114, 1000:557, ClipboardImage.png)


>Jews must be registered


kek. Sure they are not

mfw the answer was staring you in the face all along

63b561  No.12137245

We need to register all juden to make sure all reparations are paid back in full! So all stolen property gets returned to the rightful choosen people!

c8802c  No.12137345

File: 9469505bfeed301⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.45 KB, 178x282, 89:141, Kalergi.jpg)

I have a better idea. How about we have all the goyim enslaved via debt allowing them to pay their reparations through that. We can also use goyim as cannon fodder for the amazing state of israel.

Happy 9/11

ישראל פֿאַר אייביקייט

e51b3a  No.12137465


>For their own protection, all Jews must be registered.

Yeah right. The first thing that happens when a people are conquered is the victor goes right to the registry and then goes door to door confiscating jews. You honestly think I'm going to give up my jews without a fight? You can pry my jews from my cold dead hands.

Oh wait I meant guns.

33174f  No.12137480


>eating degenerate foods.

American alert.

b32ae2  No.12137526


>it's the 'jews aren't really jews' boomer

Never change

932c29  No.12137625


>>it's the 'jews aren't really jews' boomer

oy vey!

I'll tell them that joke at the synagogue this Shabbat.

Thanks for the laugh goy. Even when you're told the truth you reject it. Fooling you is so easy.

e8416b  No.12137654


Anon friend, no one gives a shit anymore. Jews and fake jews have proved destructive and dangerous enough to the planet that they all must be completely LIQUIDATED. I am not interested in your 'reasoning' about which ones are 'good' and which ones are 'evil'. NOTHING YOU CAN TELL ME IS GOING TO MAKE LETTING YOU LIVE WORTH THE RISK THAT YOU PRESENT TO THE PLANET.


1cfffd  No.12137792


Agreed top kek

eb0b3d  No.12137816

File: e4e5982d88494e1⋯.jpg (134.43 KB, 600x300, 2:1, that nose knows.jpg)


fixed it for you

acd695  No.12138097

File: afba4bfd7c52947⋯.png (381.86 KB, 526x939, 526:939, reparations.png)

224d3f  No.12138125


Not spudz mackenzie. He's Roman Catholic.

395eb3  No.12138142

How hard would it be to put together such a database

395eb3  No.12138147


theoretically speaking

64ee36  No.12138158


I mean you can start anywhere. Write down the names of kikes you know

47ef43  No.12138166

What did you expect expect me to run away?

56c4a1  No.12138169


hope your family gets turned into ash :)

f33ee4  No.12138180


They already are.

Just search the corporate filings for each state.

All your jews are already wearing their gold stars, sir.

It's like they want us to round them up or something :)

000000  No.12138181





f33ee4  No.12138218

File: dc406458b03384c⋯.png (536.73 KB, 1001x5634, 1001:5634, Screenshot_2018-09-11 Unit….png)



Not bad, anon. A worthy save for the upcoming power grid failure.

9ffe5c  No.12138403

>still trying to push this shit OP

Kill yourself and stream it back on cuckchan, faggot.

86f6db  No.12138407

File: 613a70678c3656f⋯.jpg (30.3 KB, 1000x387, 1000:387, blue check 2 red backgroun….jpg)

File: 5267cbf2caa6480⋯.jpg (29.56 KB, 1000x387, 1000:387, blue check 2 red backgroun….jpg)

File: 214b8853281222e⋯.jpg (6.52 KB, 474x266, 237:133, blue check 2.jpg)

File: 7bda887ca47d0c2⋯.jpg (9.97 KB, 474x259, 474:259, blue check.jpg)

How about these blue ehecks?

I think they are already in use by some online social media company to identify those who either hate the goyim the most, or are too powerful to uncheck.

667967  No.12138430


Just like gun control, this will help protect the Jews from the violent skinheads!

Do it!

86f6db  No.12138436

File: 4358f8b34472207⋯.png (19 KB, 330x324, 55:54, blue check with tranparent….png)

File: 42460be0517f6ce⋯.png (27.98 KB, 330x324, 55:54, blue check with tranparent….png)

File: 5e1901b441491f8⋯.png (5.04 KB, 70x69, 70:69, small blue check.png)

Shamelessly stolen elsewhere and displayed here. *coughdailystormercough*

86f6db  No.12138445


Of course! The very same reasoning that registration of all guns, gun owners, and anyone who ever handled or thought about a gun will protect public safety, just as logically leads us to the conclusion that every single person who is even vaguely related to the Jews must be registered for their own, and thus, public, safety.

bf1e60  No.12138449

File: 4894eeb66b24347⋯.jpg (66.93 KB, 655x384, 655:384, Untitled.jpg)

What did Trump mean by this?

667967  No.12138455


There is hope for the pol/spergs yet!

No more LARPING!


acd695  No.12138464

File: e37c7df53379b93⋯.png (506.97 KB, 595x656, 595:656, aaaa chu.png)


>Roman Catholic



86f6db  No.12138479


TFW when your idea of a buffet is an endless row of babies with still-attached foreskins.

Or an endless row of Smooth Young Boys™ with no idea what you mean by Receiving the Sacraments.

86f6db  No.12138502

Oh, By the way, anons to get the ™ on your screen, just hold down ALT and then type 0153 on your numeric keypad, or, I guess, number keys.

86f6db  No.12138508

© ALT 0169

® ALT 0174

cdb15b  No.12138555


Here in the US, we knew who they were then and historically. Prior to 1835/1826, we did not allow them into business; at all.

- Love 'em or hate 'em; Christians rejected usury. One of the core tenets of Christianity before Christianity was codified into Christianity by Constantinople, was the rejection of usurious practices

-There were too many other good reasons to never allow jews to function beyond the ghettos to which they were confined, because they have one playbook, and we're seeing it being played today

>tl;dr previously we had policies and practices in-place to identify the jew. Today, we have the advent of genetics which they themselves use to discern the jew from the goy and we should employ it into any "registration"

86f6db  No.12138569


Which is why DNA samples are mandatory. They can be used to track down every last Jew in the USA, and protect them from persecution by the goyim.

20ede0  No.12138577


Genius! I could fuck over the darn goyim much more easily as a registered Jew.

Thanks anon!

80b180  No.12138601


Sure juden, just don't forget your tracking device so us goyim can make sure we don't eat a ham sandwich around you :).

I will not rest until every jew is tagged and safe from our sandwiches.

acd695  No.12138710

File: 701721dfd6a7b7e⋯.png (290.27 KB, 553x556, 553:556, jude.png)


Like this?

20ede0  No.12138821


The palm os easier to access

ecf6cf  No.12139613


No he fucking didnt. I follow Q and Q never said this shit bitch.

51d9b7  No.12140463


I'm only posting in this thread to question why OP's image exists freely on the internet. How did they think this official a looking photo would convey any other message than "I am the enemy of mankind"? Their hubris is truly astounding.

4e1c0d  No.12140482


It's called "chutzpah" otherwise known as thinking they're better than their own god.

>For conventional thinking, "talking back to God" smacks of heresy. But a significant genre of religious, moral and spiritual audacity toward the divine authority—"chutzpah klapei shmaya"—finds a place of honor in Jewish religious thought.[4]


Not bad, but I'm thinking implanted. Wouldn't want to risk a sneaky goyim removing a poor jews tracker.

bf34d6  No.12140510

File: b73e0a1ee208ed8⋯.jpg (151.71 KB, 1200x798, 200:133, 1511162670127.jpg)


We should just make them all wear hats.

0b0ec0  No.12140527


Let's register all undesirables, lest they question the status quo.

dd725e  No.12144139

File: 8abac9c9f898c1a⋯.jpg (29.38 KB, 366x321, 122:107, 1535690385272.jpg)


29fb7f  No.12146312


It is not about undesirables, it's about protecting them from unlawful and unwarranted persecution.

With a complete database of all of the Jewish people on the entire planet, we can make them free from being Leo Franked once and for all!

4fc67d  No.12146344


I'm with hat guy, these things are the perfect humiliation the jews deserve.

bee8c3  No.12147635


>thinking they're better than their own god.

That's a sign of brain not being developed enough to understand what a god is supposed to be

You physically cannot cheat an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent being due to those three aspects

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