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File: e9be9d57cb22c91⋯.mp4 (10.14 MB, 960x540, 16:9, vol.mp4)

e4901a  No.12137237

Beijing issues veiled threat to Trump as Russia teams up with China to launch its largest EVER military drills: 300,000 soldiers and nuclear-capable missiles feature in rehearsals for a 'large conflict'

The week-long war games dubbed 'Vostok-2018' (East-2018), 'have kicked off' in far eastern Russia and on the Pacific Ocean, the defence ministry said in a statement.

It released video footage of military vehicles, planes, helicopters and ships getting into position for the initial stage of the drills.

The drills, which include the Chinese and Mongolian armies, have been condemned by NATO as a rehearsal for 'large-scale conflict'.

They coincide with talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of an economic forum in Vladivostok in Russia's far east on Tuesday.

At a news conference following the talks, Xi declared that Russia and China should work together to oppose protectionism and what he called unilateral approaches to international problems.

Xi, whose country is locked in an escalating trade showdown with the United States, did not mention Washington - but said an increasingly unpredictable geopolitical climate made partnership between Russia and China even more important.



e4901a  No.12137239

I know that is war between the United Sates, Russia and China was to ever occur our greatest ally Israel would come to our aid.

e4901a  No.12137240

File: 7002448b2a20498⋯.jpg (118.36 KB, 962x683, 962:683, 5005E92D00000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: d5e238640bec76b⋯.jpg (88.2 KB, 962x681, 962:681, 5005E91800000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: 4b13e146780a537⋯.jpg (54.64 KB, 962x682, 481:341, 5005E94800000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: c6e01d6ae30594d⋯.jpg (104.38 KB, 962x680, 481:340, 5005E96400000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: 0f23d328913ff1c⋯.jpg (82.11 KB, 962x679, 962:679, 5005E96800000578-6154181-i….jpg)

e4901a  No.12137241

File: 31a243978737660⋯.jpg (81.58 KB, 962x685, 962:685, 5005E97000000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: 0dac7d244c5462c⋯.jpg (107.03 KB, 962x641, 962:641, 5005EA5C00000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: 1315644a2862ded⋯.jpg (111.15 KB, 962x683, 962:683, 5005EB4B00000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: d15d940980239c1⋯.jpg (134.28 KB, 962x570, 481:285, 50058B0A00000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: 2b41048802bb82f⋯.jpg (57.16 KB, 962x544, 481:272, 50058E2C00000578-6154181-i….jpg)

e4901a  No.12137242

File: 2b069eaeac49531⋯.jpg (62.73 KB, 962x540, 481:270, 50058E5C00000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: 1f6a4b2677a9a2b⋯.jpg (90.49 KB, 962x527, 962:527, 50058E6C00000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: 046c4de028f2a11⋯.jpg (89.88 KB, 960x572, 240:143, 50058E7C00000578-6154181-R….jpg)

File: 78df0edd403d317⋯.jpg (114.16 KB, 962x583, 962:583, 50058E0800000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: 692d0f639d774b9⋯.jpg (134.74 KB, 962x542, 481:271, 50058E1700000578-6154181-i….jpg)

e4901a  No.12137243

File: b63bf819025de03⋯.jpg (91.72 KB, 961x540, 961:540, 50058E2000000578-6154181-R….jpg)

File: 0db664891542500⋯.jpg (110.61 KB, 961x566, 961:566, 50058E3500000578-6154181-R….jpg)

File: f25c36fb005cb43⋯.jpg (69.89 KB, 961x550, 961:550, 50058E4000000578-6154181-S….jpg)

File: 4c6a929c16b3742⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 962x573, 962:573, 50058E4800000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: 66a3ec26ff06c98⋯.jpg (69.19 KB, 962x577, 962:577, 50058E6000000578-6154181-i….jpg)

e4901a  No.12137244

File: af7e59b1e6917e2⋯.jpg (113.94 KB, 962x553, 962:553, 50058E6700000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: bd77f5efc752f78⋯.jpg (83.62 KB, 962x546, 37:21, 50058E7000000578-6154181-i….jpg)

File: 77950fb5f0ba74b⋯.jpg (71.27 KB, 961x550, 961:550, 50058E7400000578-6154181-T….jpg)

File: 9761a08fcfef983⋯.jpg (78.33 KB, 961x541, 961:541, 50058E8000000578-6154181-V….jpg)

File: d72a7e711450c96⋯.jpg (100.17 KB, 962x613, 962:613, 500674AF00000578-6154181-i….jpg)

e4901a  No.12137249

File: a51df7410c3e435⋯.jpg (49.22 KB, 852x479, 852:479, Dmzw_9vXsAAg_wI.jpg)

File: 8b56a41be64b72e⋯.jpg (80.67 KB, 885x479, 885:479, Dmzw_91W0AAMyIu.jpg)

File: 04fff0b05cc6bde⋯.jpg (67.37 KB, 851x481, 23:13, Dmzw_94WwAEkV_9.jpg)

File: 45296e39c80ae1f⋯.jpg (110.76 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DmzwB8kUYAAirNq.jpg)

File: 8ae3f6e2146df54⋯.jpeg (24.61 KB, 600x314, 300:157, dxTwkLmw.jpeg)

0ac11c  No.12137252


e4901a  No.12137253

File: 81d2162c9433a14⋯.jpeg (36.6 KB, 600x314, 300:157, -FEBTPed.jpeg)

File: 22d4f9a4d9bdf7d⋯.jpg (46.36 KB, 642x355, 642:355, DmzmiM5X0AAaIqD.jpg)

File: 3c2779c31185d8b⋯.jpeg (45.77 KB, 600x314, 300:157, SDG65Ph0.jpeg)

File: 7478292174c4261⋯.jpeg (48.42 KB, 600x314, 300:157, Ue5ioy_j.jpeg)

File: 469f410580592cb⋯.jpeg (13.32 KB, 600x314, 300:157, zM3aLSXa.jpeg)

1e92c2  No.12137255



Read Seer van Rensburgs predictions if you want to spoiler yourself what may happen at the climax of this B movie we live in.

Russia sadly isn’t a paper tiger anymore, and European militaries have been eroding since 1992, especially Germany and France.

Inb4 random Poland appears and makes grrr sounds

281b69  No.12137256

File: acbddfef5167501⋯.jpg (74.23 KB, 594x800, 297:400, 41583.jpg)


c6c329  No.12137260


Just more posturing. This is likely more political theater to show the US that an actual war would be cost prohibitive.

The problem with that logic is the US jerks off to throwing money away on the military. But really this seems like business as usual.

580d90  No.12137262


I hope I live to see the day Russia, China and US go to war. Doubtful if will mean freedom from the Jew™ tyranny imposed following 9/11 though. My girlfriend wanted a little hot sexting last night and I'd felt uncomfortable answering her question as to what I wanted to do to her when she came over, never know when that shit will come back to haunt ya aye?

9af576  No.12137264


could have had bases on Mars by now if not the for the jew.

26121b  No.12137269

>could be us playing war games with Russia and fucking with chinks

>instead we get to send money to our greatest ally and destabilize Syria for (((them)))

Thanks Trump.

c6c329  No.12137270


Yeah Russian Armed Forces seem to have been refit rather well after the collapse on the early 90s. I'm still skeptical about China's military though. As with most Chinese products I expect them to look great right up until it needs to perform and then it falls apart.

c6c329  No.12137274


While I agree we can't be running off to other planets while leaving our home infested with jews and nigs. We have to put our own house in order first.

c6c329  No.12137276


Billboard rule, Anon. Never text anything you wouldn't want put up on a billboard.

9af576  No.12137278


>As with most Chinese products I expect them to look great right up until it needs to perform and then it falls apart.

you still haven't wised up to the term "Planned obsolescence" huh? Chinese crap? Allow me to clue you in:

>Planned obsolescence, or built-in obsolescence, in industrial design and economics is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete (that is, unfashionable or no longer functional) after a certain period of time.

The jews have been behind that all along, take an MBA course will you.

c6c329  No.12137290

File: c829f7ea8eb977d⋯.jpg (380.22 KB, 1020x988, 255:247, d56b9beb8bf74cc22902c3aa2f….jpg)


>Planned obsolescence

I'm familiar with the term, Anon. I guess your underlying argument is that there is a fundamental difference in Chinese military hardware and their consumer goods shipped to the US which seems reasonable. That's just speculation though and all I have to go on is my experience. The Chinese are too mentally Jewish to create a quality product. Or at least that's my opinion.

>Take and MBA course

What and give more money to the Jewish university system? Besides I've always learned more from self motivated study than any class.

1e92c2  No.12137293


It has been said that most jews will convert to a new kind of Christianity. Some sources say the 3 large ones will merge, some will say that just the major Christian denominations will merge. There is also a chance that the real pope (Benedikt) is the mentioned pope who will crown the new German emperor. There may be a good time for us after the shitstorm, but it will be probably subverted very fast, because the last final shitstorm must happen somehow, and the jews infiltrated. The following happening events in our lifetime are just appetizer of the real actual endtimes 100 to 1000 years in he future.


Well China atleast ramped up their propaganda machinery.

‘Impressive’ tweets and Chinese black hawk down flicks, kek.

The only conflict that will be seen between the US and China will be cruise missile spam.

18df4a  No.12137300


So that's why the kikes destabilized countries all around the world…they want to take over the entire world with Russia and China, while stripping the US of to many rich assholes who are in the way of Jewish world domination.

18df4a  No.12137304


>too many

bf2f25  No.12137316


>I learn more by teaching myself

You're lying to yourself.

40445c  No.12137323

File: c65a2bb76eeb567⋯.jpg (58.25 KB, 986x509, 986:509, israeli_army.jpg)


That was a good laugh, anon.

Thank you.

9af576  No.12137330


>That's just speculation though and all I have to go on is my experience. The Chinese are too mentally Jewish to create a quality product. Or at least that's my opinion.

You think an American manufacture buys, whatever the Chinese make and then resells it to American consumers?

All products marketed and sold under name brands are built to exact design specifications. The shit plastic Sunbeam fans that break in a year, and were once American made and lasted decades are built that way. Why are blooms made with weak metal handles instead of wood? Plastic kitchen mops? You ignore the term consumerism, and yet then may bemoan it's occurrence in American society. Products are made disposable for a reason, conveyance, and so you will buy them many times in the future. The American women will use hundreds of mops over the course of her life and my grandmother, had one as I remember from when I was little to when I was no longer a teen.


>Besides I've always learned more from self motivated study than any class.

yeah sure, structure an IPO for me then

70334c  No.12137333

300 thousand. Thats like a platoon sized element in the Chinese bug army.

70334c  No.12137338


Real talk bruh Estonia, Australia and Japan would be our only reliable allies

1e8d3b  No.12137348


> underrated cruelty

you are on one of our lists now , congratulations (:

05300d  No.12137349

>Revelation 9:16-18 King James Version (KJV)

>16 And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.

>17 And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone.

>18 By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.

Red heifer goys.

138cb7  No.12137354


>red heifer (candidate* - will be monitored, can be disqualified at any moment by rabbis, is not the first, blah blah requirements - kikes make shit up ep. #6gorillion and 66 dreidels)

c6c329  No.12137355


>I can't self motivate and self study

Look, Anon, just because you're incapable of something doesn't mean that I am.

d39e6c  No.12137357



50df21  No.12137359

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're just jelly OP your nose masters don't let you do cool shit like that anymore.

It's not a particularly big exercise it's mostly the Eastern District which is the hunchback cousin of the Russian army.

It's true there are a bit more chinks than usual though, but that's just a combined brigade and and an air assault brigade, it's not like it's the entire Chinese Northern Theater or even the 78th Group Army or anything.

9af576  No.12137363


>Red heifer goys.

fabrication to build their 3rd temple. everyone knows it's only a matter of time before the dome of the rock is utterly destroyed due to terrorism.

c6c329  No.12137371


>structure an IPO for me then

>you don't know how to do this specific thing I know how to do

Okay. Perform Laplace transforms for me then. Use Euler's method to approximate a function for me. See, I can do that too.

You've managed to miss the point I was trying to make. Being self motivated and studying on your own are important.

Additionally, I'm concerned about your desire for understanding of the Jewish business system. You're not a wannabe Heeb, are you Anon?

d2d7e0  No.12137373


got a PDF of the predictions?

1e92c2  No.12137392

File: cbfcae75fc23768⋯.pdf (844.31 KB, cbfcae75fc237687fa69e28816….pdf)

0ae57d  No.12137407

I dont see the chinks being anything more than cannon fodder. Russia may be an actual opponent though. And I see jews being jews and not only not helping out but also complaining that the states is not destabalizing syria (((defending them from ebil syria))).


You will probably need tanks on your northern border too, canadians are basically retarded jews.

e4901a  No.12137414


>I don't see the chinamen as being anything more than cannon fodder.

doesn't matter to me anon, as long as war crashes the world. Don't think the white man has it in him anymore to cleanse his lands of the invaders.

e4901a  No.12137427

File: 67cffd21b9ab6cb⋯.png (59.45 KB, 662x340, 331:170, Untitled.png)

Twitter is truly unfucking believable

they've blocked/censored/call it what you will, the official account of the Russian Ministry of Defense.



This is what you get when you have jews in charge of anything, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

e4901a  No.12137448

File: 769207bfc19430b⋯.jpg (195.04 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Dmt6Sw_XgAUWShM.jpg)

russian tank girls?

138cb7  No.12137454

File: a985b4d30c3c418⋯.jpg (16.39 KB, 236x354, 2:3, a7bb6582f43a39fbc9ea8f0cc3….jpg)


>ywn crush amerifats with your qt tank crew

279b21  No.12137463


Pretty much what I expect from kikes these days. Tweets calling for genocide against whites or even specific people stay up, but this gets hidden because Muh Russia

000000  No.12137498

If Russia and China would drop loot boxes with weapons and ammo over Europe and USA they would not even have to use infantry.

281b69  No.12137505

File: 25e96fb770a6e5e⋯.gif (365.09 KB, 2000x1153, 2000:1153, 0bbfddc9c03fc4bd3a3e23af32….gif)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, .00.jpg)


>twitter blocks syria new in an attempt to cover up possible false flags

>twitter blocks russian government accounts

2554c5  No.12137524



GET READY YOU COMMIE BASTARDS 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989 1989

c6c329  No.12137552


I'd gladly accept any Russian milsurp

731ecf  No.12137572


Just remember, anon, none of your texts (or other electronic communications) are private. DHS chimped out on me one time and they had every single text I had ever sent.

05300d  No.12137580



No, they really believe that, it isnt a fabrication. If your point is correct then Israel is the biggest white elephant ever and thats against the core of kikerism, a nonsense.


Uncultured swine.

bf2f25  No.12137647


>I think if I can regurgitate information I understand it

>but don't go to college

Very few people are autodidacts. The rest simply believe they are because they lack the skill/knowledge/expertise/experience to effectively evaluate themselves.

c6c329  No.12137683


Never did I say don't go to college. It is necessary for a lot of lucrative careers. My point was that I doubt that MBAs (and graduate degrees in general) are worth the money.

Unless, I suppose, if you're not footing the bill then I don't see the harm in it.

e53f0e  No.12137697

If that's a threat then what has the USA been doing for the past 50 years?

22c8b3  No.12137713


Any skill worth learning has to be taught, anything else is common knowledge. You can either skin 20 deers before getting something of a routine, or someone can show it to you. You copy and reproduce the results after some practice.

82bb46  No.12137731


>The English language will disappear

I hope to God not.

864884  No.12137756


that's a continuum fallacy. who taught the person teaching the subject? there has to be an origin, anon.

864884  No.12137764


did you admit to sending texts anon? ususallly when theres a cianigger at the door theyre there to grab info off of you

bf2f25  No.12137766


>i never said that



The person before them. Skinning a deer isn't a skill that just came about. It's a composite of other skills applied to the deer. There were precursor skills.

e4901a  No.12137769


>take an MBA course


>>Take and MBA course


>Never did I say don't go to college

you're a back pedaling kike, and we see it all the time here. An MBA course can be had online in audiobook form for those who want to learn, you're disparaging and misdirecting at the same time. I bet your either a spic, a jew or a pajeet, but most pajeets understand the value of an accredited degree, and the connections that can arise from having one, as well as having ones Mater degree or being a PHD, and being published. In fact one of Trump's economic advisors, Peter Navarro, has an excellent course available online. "Big Picture MBA: What Every Business School Graduate Knows"


For general knowledge it's great to teach oneself many things, however in the professional world, you'll not get a seat at the table, and it will effect your income tremendously…… in a million ways you'll never know, you'll learn this in time, after your divorce.

6b89a7  No.12137807

Kek. If the US is dumb enough to engage in a war against China and Russia the majority of america would be against it. Let alone rush to sign up to defend against them.

6b89a7  No.12137811


>I know that is war between the United Sates, Russia and China was to ever occur our greatest ally Israel would come to our aid.

Even if they could, they wouldn't.

66a6de  No.12137823


I understand the hatred of ZOG at what CIAniggers have done and are doing all over the world. But it's really hard to sympathize with Russia when Putin keeps siding with the Yellow Jew. The chinks are a threat to every white man on the planet, they are a threat to the planet itself. China and India are 80% of the pollution by themselves, they're literally destroying the world for everyone else.

I can't help but feel Putin is setting himself up for a big fall if shit ever actually pops off. China is not the ally he seems to think it is, and they're not the masterminds certain far right commentators like Matthew Johnson think they are. The chinks are still making Four Pests level fuck ups even to this very day: when told they can only have one child per household, everyone had one son, so now there are over 80 million more Chinese men than women in China. When realizing what they've done, China's response was to ship as many of them overseas as possible and tax the rest for not being able to marry and have children. They're literally fomenting their own civil war through bad decision making, but people like Dr. Johnson will go on and on about how the chinks are a National Socialist government.

No, they aren't. Just because a country is the enemy of America, does not make it "National Socialist." China places literally zero value on the lives of it's own people, and is living proof that Communism and Capitalism are not diametrically opposing ideologies, but simply two different sides of the same international Jewish coin.

I understand, as an American, wanting the entire American establishment to go away, wanting it's military to lose and be broken. I get it. Death to ZOG. But you shouldn't be rooting for the chinks to win in that fight, because either way real Nationalists lose, and Putin makes it hard to support him when he keeps doubling down on the absolute gutter worst Asia has to offer. Does he really think China will be anything other than a literal paper tiger in some hypothetical hot war? Their entire military is stolen bootleg technology that the chinks themselves do not understand and struggle to replicate and make work. The Chinese would happily stab Russia in the back if they felt it was to their own advantage to do so. They're nothing but a dirty, piss-soaked albatross around the necks of anyone foolish enough to "ally" with them.

b11017  No.12138049


Sure, but who is Putin supposed to ally with? The entire ZOG world is out to get Russia and having the world's second largest economy (China) on your side doesn't sound that bad. They have MASSIVE manufacturing plants that can churn out tanks and guns and a huge population to conscript from. And nukes. Sounds like a smart move to me.

f83b43  No.12138112


Yeah but why is China polluting so much? They're making cheap shit for the US. Then they use all the money they've made from that to pollute even more with their own consumerist culture.

Stop buying Chinese shit is my point.

96f3e0  No.12138128


but china is literally the hand of kikes. If you pull back the sleeve you can see the hand right up their ass, its just in a different position than it is in our asses.

66a6de  No.12138170


>Sure, but who is Putin supposed to ally with?

Why does Putin need "allies" to oppose ZOG? All he needs is a national bank and people willing to work to create their own products, i.e. anti-consumerism. That's literally all that's ever been needed to oppose ZOG, ZOG itself is something of a paper tiger. Kikes die if you don't let them exploit you, that's literally all it takes, and it's the reason a colossal philosemite like Trump was repeatedly called an "antisemite" when he was running. Because he dog-whistled that he would put America first over everything else. You don't even need National Socialism to beat kikes, basic bitch civnattery can kill them if it's too strong.

Putin has allies like Syria, he's in the process of absorbing what's left of Rhodesia. The Japanese don't like Russia but they don't hate it either, and they're one of the last first world ethnostates left standing. There are plenty of options Putin could go for to strengthen himself that don't involve throwing his lot in with the Eastern Jew. He can't even be doing it purely as a bluff, because even the Boomer Neocons know that China would fold in weeks if anything serious actually happened. Bluffs don't work if nobody believes them.

China is a puppet of ZOG. It could be killed overnight if any American president signed an executive order embargoing them. They wouldn't even need congressional approval to do it. China only exists because it subsidizes the entire labor market of the United States, because an entire continent's worth of consumers supports their third world slave labor exportation business, which is the bedrock and cornerstone of everything they have today. Denied that, they would implode and fail within a month. China could die at any moment if somebody grew a spine, which means China lives because it's Jewish masters demand it.

Putin has to know that, but he still allies with them anyway. There is no difference between allying with America and China. Both are Jewish occupied and manipulated, both are ZOG. Picking one over the other in a conflict with the other is nothing more than a farce.


>Yeah but why is China polluting so much? They're making cheap shit for the US.

Yeah goyim, it's the fault of the Americans that the Eastern Jews are obliterating the planet. They totally wouldn't be doing that if only dumb fat Americans stopped buying popcorn and Happy meals.

What a yiddish fucking argument. The chinks pollute the world because not caring about the consequences of their actions and having zero empathy for their surroundings is an inherent trait of their race. Communist Capitalism suits their national character, and the consequences of such cancerous civic policy is unsurprisingly the obliteration of every good and natural thing around them.

You can build a better argument for boycotting China than blaming Americans for what chinks do, faggot.

c099b3  No.12138199

File: dbd29593826b5a3⋯.png (4.19 KB, 220x92, 55:23, IMG_1570.PNG)


Don't worry, all that diversity that the US military is so devoted to will definitely be our strength.

we're going to lose, aren't we?

db969b  No.12138456




9c4b56  No.12138468


>Stop buying Chinese shit is my point.

This task is a bit hard, considering how we're posting our replies here using keyboard, mouse, PC hardware or a LCD touchscreen made either by mainland chinks or island chinks.

db969b  No.12138471


kek, no. Both of them together would get steamrolled by the US if not for the threat of nukes. That is the only thing that has kept any of the assholes from attacking each other directly. These games are just for show. The only place they can be used are against forces WITHOUT nukes or the willingness to use them.

If it was in the jew purse's best interest, we would roll over both in a heartbeat.

799753  No.12138488

File: 50b31963a15c40b⋯.webm (1.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Chinese domestic goods - ….webm)


I'm sure the US feels very threatened by a nation which couldn't even keep a space station in freefall orbit, and is renown for being nothing but people trying to cheat each other at every turn.

If China ever went to war I would expect mass desertions and soldiers being given rifles made of plastic, due to military contractors cheaping out and cheating the buyers. Think about it, if you can't trust the Chinese to build functioning homes for themselves, how on earth could you believe even for a second they would have a functioning military?

8956bd  No.12153047


671f56  No.12153057


Chink rifles are made of plastic. Only metal on them is the sights, barrel and trigger assembly.

913879  No.12153092


> I expect them to look great right up until it needs to perform and then it falls apart.

Just imagine a MADE IN CHINA F-35.

9c4b56  No.12153097


Isn't most bullpups plastic crap ?

400246  No.12153305


>you still haven't wised up to the term "Planned obsolescence" huh? Chinese crap?

No country makes anything "built to last" these days

400246  No.12153317


>and Putin makes it hard to support him when he keeps doubling down on the absolute gutter worst Asia

<Russia backs China

<US backs Israel

Not really a hard choice

4c8360  No.12153336


Kill yourself cunt.





671f56  No.12153535


Something like that

4b2233  No.12153569

File: ca4dc1620e90e7e⋯.jpg (18.56 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bored.jpg)


ZOG War 3 when?

12512f  No.12153630

Numbers mean nothing when it comes to shit-skin militaries. Look at every war we've ever had with shit-skins. We've waged with with some of the dumbest, to the most intelligent (Chinese and Japanese). Shit-skins don't know how to wage war. They always get slaughtered. Literally 10 to 20 of them for every white man lost. They're always decades behind too, strategically. If we waged a war with China tomorrow, they'd probably pull out some Vietnam era tactics.

f39d12  No.12153643

File: 7db1ff7655e2f60⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 6048x4032, 3:2, ISS and Spaceshuttle.jpg)


Israel will stand up for the United States. Oh yea, right.

After all, they've stood up for us before, right?

Help me out here. When has Israel ever stood up for America? Ever?

20d982  No.12153650


The US hasn't won a war since WWII and we didn't have nearly as much to do with that as ZOG likes to pretend.

>They always get slaughtered. Literally 10 to 20 of them for every white man lost.

There are virtually no military age White people left in any Western country. What the fuck are you even babbling about?

12512f  No.12153683


Found the angry slant-eye. I'm sorry slanty, your people are inferior and you can't wage war. Go look at the death tolls. Now image them today when we use OUR modern technology. Filtered. A shit-skin like you shouldn't be here, so I won't be listening to you.

20d982  No.12153702


>Found the angry slant-eye.

Nope. Filtered, though. You've got your talking points and you're sticking to them.

12512f  No.12153706


These intellectually and emotionally inferior. How can a military perform well when its solders lack the emotional development to form a deep attachment to each other, and thus a desire to protect each other (and their nation), as well as an ability to strategize and create off-the-wall solutions for hard situations? Shit-skins will always be bad at war because they lack the unique intelligence we have for problem solving, as well as our emotional development.

12512f  No.12153709




a62b5b  No.12153795


>all those comments in cyka runes

>only comments in english are chink shills sucking slav dick

Can't wait to see which one turns out to be Brutus. My money's on the chinks.

4f262a  No.12153883



4f262a  No.12153887


Better question is when has israel stood up for ANYONE other than themselves?

e2b5f6  No.12154240

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b3e680  No.12154420


They gave apartheid South Africa nukes.

bc9ec9  No.12154449

File: 31b49dafd0c9767⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 500x281, 500:281, laughing but dead inside.gif)


>our greatest ally Israel would come to our aid.

After such a war, that is what would have been written in history books.

"Despite full military aid from Israel, China conquered the Isreali territory of California, thus the US must pay reparations to rebuild the jewish settlements."

c7ebf6  No.12154474


…And then proceeded to stab them in the back afterwards.

e07809  No.12154489

File: ebbb98d9a4b2035⋯.png (108.08 KB, 1480x1022, 740:511, 1535192225548.png)


Retard they stabbed them in the back right after.

b3e680  No.12154504


Could you be clear on what you're talking about. According to all the sources I can find Israel was the only "western" country in the world to maintain relations with South Africa, and they were also the only country with high military technology willing to sell it to SA, both nukes and ballistic missiles. To me that outweighs some statement meant for western consumption about muh evil apartheid backed up by no action.

777eec  No.12154516

I don't think even Russia can help China's generations of losing. It's practically a part of their DNA.

bd4bd0  No.12155020


Look, ultimately, degenerate forces will follow wherever we go unless you eliminate it.

ccc488  No.12155133


>Israel will stand up for the United States. Oh yeah, right.

That is the joke.

e28379  No.12155236

File: 44be18f5cd7781a⋯.png (123.66 KB, 899x861, 899:861, ClipboardImage.png)

4aabb2  No.12155260


5ee735  No.12155278


They are already helping through CIAniggers operations. See below:

CIA up to no good again. The anti China smear campaign is a washington creation done via its fake NGO, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

>How many Americans could identify the National Endowment for Democracy? An organization which often does exactly the opposite of what its name implies. The NED was set up in the early 1980s under President Reagan in the wake of all the negative revelations about the CIA in the second half of the 1970s. The latter was a remarkable period. Spurred by Watergate – the Church committee of the Senate, the Pike committee of the House, and the Rockefeller Commission, created by the president, were all busy investigating the CIA. Seemingly every other day there was a new headline about the discovery of some awful thing, even criminal conduct, the CIA had been mixed up in for years. The Agency was getting an exceedingly bad name, and it was causing the powers- that-be much embarrassment.

>Something had to be done. What was done was not to stop doing these awful things. Of course not. What was done was to shift many of these awful things to a new organization, with a nice sounding name – The National Endowment for Democracy. The idea was that the NED would do somewhat overtly what the CIA had been doing covertly for decades, and thus, hopefully, eliminate the stigma associated with CIA covert activities.

>Thus it was that in 1983, the National Endowment for Democracy was set up to "support democratic institutions throughout the world through private, nongovernmental efforts". Notice the "nongovernmental" – part of the image, part of the myth. In actuality, virtually every penny of its funding comes from the federal government, as is clearly indicated in the financial statement in each issue of its annual report. NED likes to refer to itself as an NGO (Non-governmental organization) because this helps to maintain a certain credibility abroad that an official US government agency might not have.

>Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, declared in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."

Trojan Horse: The National Endowment for Democracy – William Blum


Remember, all these lying shills who claim China is horrible bla bla bla have ZERO PROOF. Ask them for the proof and inevitably they cite western propagandists like Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and other FAKE grass roots groups.

Posted by: informant | Sep 14, 2018 3:45:14 AM | 46

Source: http://www.moonofalabama.org/

5ee735  No.12155280


Here is something more about NED.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is headed by Carl Gershman. In 1968, he worked in

the research department of B'nai B'rith, and in 1972 he served on the Governing Council of the

American Jewish Committee.

Here is a list of projects NED funds:

China (mainland):

- Advancing Women’s Rights: $60,000

- Assistance for Human Rights Defenders: $272,000

(Probably money for an organization called Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) which has no

street address, but two persons employed in Washington DC and one in Hong Kong,


- Building Advocacy Capacity and Empowering Civil Society to Protect Human Rights: $412,300

- Capacity Building for Human Rights Defenders: $300,000

(Probably also for Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD))

- Combating Censorship and Supporting Free Expression: China Digital Times, Inc. : $340,000

(https://chinadigitaltimes.net. No street address is given, but it is: «Supported by the Berkeley Counter-

Power Lab»)

- Defending and Assisting Rights Defenders: $60,000

(Probably also for Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD))

- Defending Journalists’ Rights: $65,000

- Democratic China Electronic Journal, Democratic China, Inc.: $180,000

(This is the same organization as the one late Liu Xiaobo and his wife Liu Xia’s had. For their NED-

funding during the years 2005-2010, see: https://blog.hiddenharmonies.org/2017/07/13/liu-xiaobo-rip-


- Empowering Environmental Rights Activists: $110,570

- Empowering Workers: $75,000

- Engaging Critical Analysis and Political Discourse: $140,000

- Ensuring Free and Open Access to Online Information: $200,100

- Humanitarian Assistance for Human Rights Defenders: $40,000

(Probably also for Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD))

- Monitoring Media Freedom, Freedom House: $85,000

- Promoting Democratic Ideas and Values: $150,000

5ee735  No.12155282


- Promoting Democratic Values, Wei Jingsheng Foundation, Inc.: $68,100

(Wei got in 1997 «National Endowment for Democracy Award». The foundation is based in

Washington DC, http://weijingsheng.org)

- Providing Information and Analysis on China’s Human Rights, China Change: $73,000

(Washington DC, https://chinachange.org)

- Raising Public Awareness of Civil Society Developments in China, Center for International Private

Enterprise (CIPE): $215,643

(Washington DC, https://www.cipe.org)

- Religious Freedom, Rights Defense, and Rule of Law: $40,000

- Strengthening Civil Society for Policy and Legal Accountability: $172,000

- Strengthening Organizational and Advocacy Capacity for Community-Based Organizations: $110,000

- Strengthening the Rule of Law to Protect Human Rights and Public Participation Rule of Law:


- Strengthening Worker Rights and Representation: $90,000

- Supporting and Empowering Human Rights Lawyers: $238,000

(Probably China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group in Hong Kong, http://www.chrlawyers.hk/en)

- Supporting Civic Participation in Public Governance, Center for International Private Enterprise

(CIPE): $234,160

(Washington DC, https://www.cipe.org)

- Supporting Free Expression and Open Debate, Princeton China Initiative: $40,000

(Connected with Perry Link, http://www.princeton.edu/paw/archive_new/PAW04-05/08-


- Supporting Grassroots NGOs: $90,000

- Supporting Labor Rights: $63,500

- Sustaining Civil Society in a Repressive Operating Environment, International Republican Institute

(IRI): $600,000

(Washington DC, https://www.iri.org)

-Worker Rights Awareness, Solidarity Center (SC): $335,650

(Washington DC, https://www.solidaritycenter.org)


- A Symposium for Tibetan Intellectuals and Artists, Filming for Tibet: $60,000

5ee735  No.12155283


(Switzerland, http://www.filmingfortibet.org)

- Amplifying Voices from Tibet, The Tibet Relief Fund of the United Kingdom: $22,150

(London, http://www.tibetrelieffund.co.uk)

- Building Networks in Defense of Rights and the Environment, Students for a Free Tibet, Inc.: $40,000

(New York, https://www.studentsforafreetibet.org)

- Demton Khang, The Tibet Museum: $210,000

(Dharamsala, India, http://tibetmuseum.org)

- Empowering a New Generation of Tibetan Leaders, Rights Action Lab Inc.: $50,000

(No address. But they write: Rights Action Lab is incorporated in the United States as a Not-for-Profit

Organization, http://rightsactionlab.org)

- Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy: $35,500

(Dharamsala, http://tchrd.org)

- International Advocacy for Human Rights in Tibet, Tibet Justice Center: $58,000

(Oakland, CA, http://www.tibetjustice.org)

- Promoting Conflict Resolution and Democratic Processes, Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution:


(Dharamsala, http://www.tccr.org)

- Strengthening International Support for Human Rights in Tibet, International Tibet Network:


(San Francisco, CA, https://tibetnetwork.org)

- Strengthening the Tibetan Movement, Campaigning and Leadership Training Students for a Free

Tibet, Inc.: $50,000

(New York, https://www.studentsforafreetibet.org)

- Tibet Express Newspaper, Khawa Karpo Tibet Culture Centre: $35,000

(Dharamsala, http://tibetexpress.net)

- Tibet Times Newspaper, Tibetan Literacy Society: $43,000

(Probably Dharamsala, http://tibettimes.net)

- Tibetan Community Development Fund Inc.: $33,000

(Washington DC, https://tibetoffice.org/tdcf-under-construction)

- Voice of Tibet: Independent Shortwave Tibetan Radio: $34,700

5ee735  No.12155284


(Based in Norway, https://www.vot.org)


- Advocacy and Outreach for Uyghur Human Rights, Uyghur Human Rights Project: $310,000

(Washington DC, https://uhrp.org)

- Uyghur Human Rights Advocacy, World Uyghur Congress: $246,000

(Munich, Germany, http://www.uyghurcongress.org/en)

Hong Kong:

- Expanding Worker Rights and Democracy, Solidarity Center (SC): $130,800

(Washington DC, https://www.solidaritycenter.org)

- Strengthening Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Protection: $105,000

- Supporting Civic Engagement on Fundamental Rights, National Democratic Institute for International

Affairs (NDI): $300,000

(Washington DC, https://www.ndi.org)

c53a8d  No.12155882

File: 94c8075a8961a9f⋯.jpg (7.48 KB, 225x224, 225:224, index.jpg)

These fucking comments.

99% of the shills, especially the paid Leftists who call themselves "alt-right" are anti-american and blind as fuck to the game.

1. Jews use WORLD WARS to swallow the world

2. Russia, the EU, China, America are all run by the same (((elite))) cabals. The Chinese Communist government has ONLY Chinese people running it AND a few Jews in office. What does that tell you?

3. The war would be a fabrication for establishing greater Israel as the center of the world. A Rome for the entire world.

This is (((Revelations))) theater to establish a Jew World Order. Pure alchemy

0ba0f6  No.12156116


>The Chinese government has ONLY Chinese people running it AND have a few Jews in their party.

>What does that tell you?

That parts of China where once occupied by (((Anglos))) who shipped hundredthousand of Jews to China who where rich and highly influental until shortly after WW2 ended and most of them left under "communist" rule, and provided there is a bias for members to be selected from the richer Eastern regions its makes its gross underrepresentation that there WHERE only like 3 token Russian and Americans in nearly 1.000.000 party members over course of time.

Right those (((based Chyna bluepill))) dumping niggers everywhere never mention that this "muh party" has like 300.000 active members and there are 100.000s of retired and dead members or their Jews in China pictures only show a few retired honoray members and historical opposition activists.


>The American government has ONLY Jews running it and a few Americans and token niggers in office

e231f6  No.12156467

It's the new Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact.

a54ae1  No.12156682


These things always seem to leave only the kikes as victors

e231f6  No.12156749


Like WWII.

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