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File: e7aff16e09c452d⋯.mp4 (1.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sunday Special Ep 16 Clay ….mp4)

8ef3bd  No.12137418

>Goyim should be allowed to say whatever they want outside of work, e-e-except for those damn dirty Nazis!

Much of the Alt-Light, Liberalists, and Skeptics look up (lol) to literal manlet jew Ben Shapiro and fail to question ANY of his statements. Like many of the right leaning faggots like Soygon of Akkuck and Milo Myblackgayboyfriendolis, Ben Shapiro does a good job deconstructing leftist ideology, but then turns around and says the same stupid shit about White Nationalism and Nazis that any far left retard comes up with on the regular

>White pride is just taking credit for things you didn't doooooo!

White pride is recognizing that the greatest human achievements, and the entirety of Western Civilization came about as a result of the genetics we possess, and recognizing our unavoidable responsibility to maintain that civilization and advance those achievements for future generations.

>What even is white? It's an arbitrary classification that's infinitely reductive!!

Phenotypical categories are certainly arbitrary to a degree, much like color. However it is still reasonable to distinguish Red from Pink and Purple when creating a masterpiece that requires the specific aesthetic inherent in red. It is also reasonable to distinguish between the phenotypical categories of white from the categories of Asian, brown, Black etc for the purposes of securing our continued existence, the maintenance of Western Civilization, and the advancements of technological achievements thus far.

Other dumb shit:

Isreal is our greatest Ally. Dindu nuffin wrong.

Rosie O'Donnell should be fired for not even being racist, but James Gunn shouldn't be fired for making seriously suspicious pedophilia jokes.

And his incredibly garbage taste in movies

>Wonder Woman was top tier, totally not just because she was an Isreali. I'm married my wife is a doctor!

<Mod edit: Since this is not news or current events, not explicitly politics, not /pol/ culture and OP does nothing other then complain about the goy, this thread has been bumplocked under rule #2.

Post last edited at

fffbc1  No.12137430


>Wonder Woman was top tier, totally not just because she was an Isreali. I'm married my wife is a doctor!

Yet he lusted hard after a mixed nigger tranny just to spite one of trumps campaign managers.

22c338  No.12137440

File: 9e48579d9748ef0⋯.png (641.46 KB, 680x963, 680:963, Ben Shapiro - Identity pol….png)

Shapiro in a nutshell

8ef3bd  No.12137445

File: 5ead381f543f167⋯.mp4 (7.19 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5ead381f543f167044460f0bd1….mp4)

File: 1ab14d44f30b2ec⋯.webm (1.19 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1ab14d44f30b2ec7694998bf3….webm)

Other shit:

>Nazis are left wing cause Socialism!

Nazi socialism is not (((Marxist))) socialism

>Dems are the real racists!

They're racist for the wrong reasons, but racism is inherent in biology.

>Facts don't care about your feelings… But don't read the Bell Curve it's RRRRRACIST

>The left only cares about oppression points. I'm a Jew who was the largest traget of Alt-Right hate according to the (((ACLU))) so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to Nazis.

>Islam is a religion of peace.

He also supports every war in the Middle East.

>Crime statistics? Purely cultural factors!

8ef3bd  No.12137447


Fucking forgot about Michelle Fields

>#metoo is bad cause you shouldn't just believe a victim based on nothing. Also Michelle Fields was assaulted for no reason by Booker. I believe her.

4c1c44  No.12137458

File: 69afa7f6ae104bd⋯.png (226.39 KB, 480x580, 24:29, 69afa7f6ae104bd2bf344bb944….png)


It's a testament on how controlled media is, that his white-knighting bullshit got forgotten so much. He went on a feminist crusade, but now he's a "true conservative" again.

9c8428  No.12137461


a kike shill shilling kikery.

>This is new to /pol/

06e2cb  No.12137470

The only positive thing I can say about Shapiro is that at least he wears the yamulke in public. So many media Jews would change their names to Ben Simpson, Ben Jones, etc. So at least he admits his Jewry.

Then again, being yourself should not really be a compliment as much as the normal thing to do.

Either way, he's trying to shield Jews from any criticism, thus aiding and abetting the destruction of America.

a33d42  No.12137688

Did anyone ever really get sucked into this guy's orbit other then boomers?

b02b44  No.12137833


>Did anyone ever really get sucked into this guy's orbit other then boomers?

Betas and boomers do. Yaf is getting their asses handed to them by their replacement: (((turning point usa))). People are starting to realize the faggot approach is what got them into this mess.

35c3a8  No.12137909

One day, we will shut their dirty, lying, jewish mouth !

163289  No.12137950


What's to deprogram? A jew that argues against ethnic identity. If you're not a jew. 100% hypocrisy.

ed1733  No.12137960

Someone plese post the "stereotypical badger" webm, it never fails to crack me up.

a2c2a1  No.12138036


Mainly because the religious stories were stolen from Persia and Sumer.

a2c2a1  No.12138102

File: 879085b59e85e00⋯.jpg (120.13 KB, 800x513, 800:513, Diandl.jpg)


You are:

Race: European

Cultural Group: Germanic

Country: Austrian

Ethnicity: Tyrolean

Family: Braun

Individual: Anon

a33d42  No.12138191


>playing semantics

No one calls the European diaspora "Europeans", they call them "white".

550eac  No.12138437

Fuck off with your eceleb slides, jew.

499375  No.12138478

File: 0013a5a19b6d448⋯.jpg (58.28 KB, 636x860, 159:215, 1533227237573.jpg)

499375  No.12138486


Hello Ben

499375  No.12138492

File: 0c8925b82f388a4⋯.jpg (36.01 KB, 564x384, 47:32, 1533227263867.jpg)

5ff01a  No.12138520

spoiler that shit

9e0bed  No.12138542



499375  No.12138543

File: aa3a04ce68311ff⋯.png (538.86 KB, 826x631, 826:631, 1533228642531.png)

6874e8  No.12138565


We need to out jew the jew.

Also not bad pic, but it needs a star of David tattoo or necklace.

5638a7  No.12138581

Take this Shapiro crap and your faggot Shapiro worship back to halfch. The mods do well here to prune the fucking hourly goddamn jew worship crap from the wheelchan board. He's worshiped by halfch jew central where the self-centered narcissistic jew is discussed no less than every 54 minutes. Please, kindly fuck off

765f85  No.12138616

File: 14ce759dbe78df3⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Benschwitz.jpg)

If people don't know he's a fraud, regurgitating Republican talking points from the 80's, they're dumb as shit. He's a shill for a Texas billionaire who made his money in fracking with his brother. The guy is a super crazy type of Christian who loves jew cock and thinks people had dinosaurs for pets and shit. The 'dailywire' makes ZERO money. It can't even pay it's bw bill let alone bullshit Benny's blogger salary. It's a pet project for this maniac who uses it for political purposes hence, Ben shilling for Ted Cruz and being anti-Trump. He's ordered to do that and does so for the shekels. He's an autistic kike who needs to have his weasel throat slit just like all the rest of them.

883f79  No.12138641


>Much of the Alt-Light, Liberalists, and Skeptics look up (lol) to literal manlet jew Ben Shapiro

Do what exactly does that have to do with us? I have never seen anyone here mention (((Ben Shapiro))) without shitting on him for being a the_donald-tier civnat turbocuck kike.

Maybr try cuckchan if you want to find people who listen to him.

6bc264  No.12139987

File: d1f2ad0c204a3f8⋯.jpeg (146.9 KB, 1303x835, 1303:835, d1f.jpeg)


If I had the money I'd go to one of his shekel theatre displays like the one in Texas so I could roast his matzo balls in front of everyone with questions. These should be the 3 questions that someone should ask to get Shapiro to kvetch himself shitless.

>Borders and National Security

Ask him why Israell is allowed to have their safety wall along with stringent control over their boarder but he's stated time and time again that walls and boarders are foolish. Also drive home that Trump isn't doing anything new since he met with Netanyahu to adopt their tactics and he's using the same Israeli contractor that built the Israeli wall for our wall. So if our wall is racist then Israels walls/security is racist since we're using the same stuff.

>Shapiro claims he will call out racists of all types

Get him to denounce the words of this Jew (who's in the leading Likud party that Shapiro has supported) https://archive.fo/zEgJ9 . Find every case of a Rabbi and get the video links to blast at his conference until he loses it under the jewish doubletalk.

>Ask him about his debates on marriage and purity of mindset

He's constantly stated that you cannot and shall not (though he'll doubletalk and say he said should) marry someone who doesn't share the same values and beliefs as you. This is his veiled defense for him marrying his jewish wife who is a doctor and gets him more good chaim points since she was born in Israel (though he says she Moroccan but only by her grandparents being born there). Ask him why he claims those who want to defend their culture in the same way by not marrying out of their race/culture are bad. If you can get him to start doubletalking on how he says Jews are not a race but contradicts himself as soon as he plays the Jew card to deflect.

We need to collect all of his two-faced daily bullshit clips along with every "x for thee but not for me" kikery and force him to eat those words for all to see.

0944db  No.12140388

<mod edit: thread has been shoahd

Funny how the 'Jordan Peterson deprogamming general' stays up for months, but the Zionist movements most powerful asset, hidden within the Alt-Right, thread gets gassed almost immediately.

It's almost as if some of the mods are kikes.

>Ben Shapiro, political commentator who is on many major news networks and it's somehow "not political in nature".

a2e008  No.12141031

File: ff37f926f114aae⋯.jpg (65.98 KB, 850x400, 17:8, ff37f926f114aae5799ad8e772….jpg)


Oy vey! Are you implying that the juden would try to infiltrate the board and become a mod? That's a bit of a stretch don't you think? Clearly the mod was just using his better judgment on a subject. After all, Shapiro may not be perfect, but he's not THAT bad, right goy- I mean guys?

d3a3c5  No.12149916

File: 4dee09349f1edd4⋯.png (676.66 KB, 910x1222, 35:47, 5E2B6CFC-4C81-4DD6-9446-06….png)

File: 400dbc40e0d4d56⋯.png (421.62 KB, 617x574, 617:574, 165B107E-9FAC-4E4A-B7D3-E4….png)

c8d3b3  No.12164702

File: a11055fdac2d421⋯.png (2.32 KB, 297x170, 297:170, mods.png)


>It's almost as if some of the mods are kikes.


<Mod edit: OP does nothing other then complain about the goy





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