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File: b1c8d15a426b243⋯.jpg (21.86 KB, 548x552, 137:138, 1535084020987.jpg)

252a0a  No.12137521

>Study proves trans shit is contagious.


Here's the study for all to read



And here's a timely reminder of the father of all this 'gender is different to sex' crap, John Money - disgusting piece of shit.


>Does Maltreatment in Childhood Affect Sexual Orientation in Adulthood?



>Study: Homosexuality Linked with Childhood Trauma

http://archive.is/yfjOu (news article)

http://archive.fo/6D8YE (archive link to study)

>The proportions of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles among sex offenders against children: an exploratory study.


1cecfe  No.12137540


Reminder that before (((John Money))) "gender" was a name of a grammatical property of European languages which impacted the form of adjectives, declension and tenses.

abe9d7  No.12137856

File: 0a6b09f6c8f0037⋯.webm (9.43 MB, 640x360, 16:9, jewed gender tranny faggo….webm)

File: 09ac4f6746d950d⋯.png (1.21 KB, 44x50, 22:25, hail (4).png)


>the faggot kike agenda

fixed that for you

abe9d7  No.12137877

File: d6ce8bc5ed0a643⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 738x744, 123:124, faggots (17).jpg)

File: 577f0ba0ad9a4e5⋯.png (53.87 KB, 499x610, 499:610, faggots (9).png)

File: cbc8d85f3768c6c⋯.jpg (113.67 KB, 1024x743, 1024:743, faggot tranny.jpg)

File: 7bf6c06b675c754⋯.webm (2.92 MB, 854x480, 427:240, faggots (3).webm)

File: f989e5d07adaf6e⋯.webm (2.91 MB, 320x284, 80:71, faggots (2).webm)

abe9d7  No.12137888

File: 1ef5ea2bebb1ccb⋯.mp4 (897.05 KB, 202x360, 101:180, gas.mp4)

abe9d7  No.12137892

File: b90430d68636c50⋯.jpg (220.03 KB, 656x724, 164:181, gas (7).jpg)

File: 0b571288e0dd018⋯.jpg (89.38 KB, 800x584, 100:73, gas (9).jpg)

File: 515f20ac57ce40e⋯.jpg (42.28 KB, 624x480, 13:10, gas.jpg)

File: 0bdf73cc04dbf91⋯.jpg (201.69 KB, 1273x1153, 1273:1153, gas (2).jpg)

File: f64b43db2317613⋯.png (333.91 KB, 585x716, 585:716, gas.png)

d9f9f2  No.12137925


Fuck, spoiler that shit.

3e21d6  No.12137971


>spoiler that shit.

Normie detected.

c7b726  No.12137978



Newfag who is afraid of using evil words detected.

3e21d6  No.12137986


>evil words

GTFO cunt.

7c87b4  No.12137994

File: 7dbf95331ce9832⋯.jpg (576.83 KB, 2048x1295, 2048:1295, 7dbf95331ce9832ba9c497c105….jpg)

File: 22389dd4f544d90⋯.jpg (97.62 KB, 620x800, 31:40, 22389dd4f544d90aca69a11be9….jpg)

File: 917e1c135dffe91⋯.jpeg (76.59 KB, 501x789, 167:263, 32629a358500e4ed08fa1a8ce….jpeg)


Grow some thicker skin, faggot. It'll be good for you in the long run.

f9f932  No.12137995

File: af5d773c4bf2d47⋯.jpg (9.7 KB, 136x93, 136:93, no one will notice.jpg)



>newfags telling newfag that he's telling a newfag newfag

7c87b4  No.12138026

File: d1ab8a73edebd18⋯.png (276 KB, 1066x600, 533:300, d1ab8a73edebd188bd3d8c21a9….png)


>what are ids

Hello, newfag!

6f7268  No.12138573

There were a bunch of books in the 90's by faggots where they admitted all this. They love to brag even more than mouthy jews these days. I'd have to look it up but one was called… either the gaying of America or how America turned gay. Just a total confession. Shit is on Amazon heh.

0dbf8a  No.12139180


Everything people were concerned about in the 60s regarding gay acceptance has turned out true. They prey on children, they try to turn other people gay, they spread disease, they aren't functioning members of society at all without the need to stay in the closet.

fb2dce  No.12139294

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is this what Brazilian cooking looks like?

755b08  No.12145299


213331  No.12145316


If you have little kids, make sure to show them Boys Beware by Sid Davis


c91761  No.12145341


no need to lose your head over this.

ab5dbb  No.12145420


fuck off. Spoiler that shit.

Gore posting is for derailing, not reminding us about how gross trannies are

55936c  No.12145434



holy shit is this like the femen virus?

585ecb  No.12148020

File: cae6bbaf6d7df44⋯.jpg (200.32 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Jazz Bloshinsky.jpg)

File: a6338e1b2d70fef⋯.jpg (295.93 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, alex ketchum.jpg)

File: c891d3be312eeab⋯.jpg (168.58 KB, 1122x1112, 561:556, Blaire White.jpg)

File: 358220f011cbdcb⋯.jpg (167.19 KB, 800x800, 1:1, sneaky.jpg)


>reminding us how gross trannies are

every day until the suicide rate increases

fa8d6d  No.12148589

File: eec23ce7c503ca9⋯.png (23.39 KB, 584x224, 73:28, 1536741416714.png)

>hey little guy you seem depressed. that's because you're actually trans. if you just become a little girl then you'll never be sad again :)


Read comments if you want an aneurysm.

a00865  No.12148664

File: 0d294d4bef4f739⋯.png (122.04 KB, 398x309, 398:309, Disgust_3.png)


God I hate living in Australia. I know it's (((shitter))) but still.

000000  No.12148671

I was tricked.

Of course I'm gorgeous and cute.

But it was a trick. I grew up in the most suburban of suburbs. The most middleclass area, and of course all of my "friends" were Facebook joining leftists.

They all felt like it was "revolutionary."

They were traitors to our country, and I was too. But it wasn't my fault. I would've never wanted this if I knew then what I know now. You know what I mean. I was manipulated, just like most transgender girls were. They knew we were smart. That's why most transgender girls are also tech nerds and programmers. They found the smart kids and diagnosed them with autism or something else. Anything to destroy our self-esteem and make us feel like shit. They made us feel like we should be someone else. No pride, no honor, no courage.

So they tricked us into being transgender. They won that round.

I understand that it is degeneracy now. I never asked for this. I would never ask for this.

Please spare the transgender people on the day of the rope. Spare them, because it's not their fault. They were tricked. It won't happen again, as long as we take care of our own.

The state cannot be trusted. No government can ever be trusted ever again. No religion, no government, no corporation, nothing can ever really be trusted ever again. I hope you can understand that I was tricked into becoming a girl. I was born to be an intelligent, courageous and honorable man, but they tricked and destroyed me.

Now I can only sit here, hoping for a new day.

59ff52  No.12148701

File: ac5f3fb911f79fe⋯.png (563.06 KB, 860x1289, 860:1289, michelleogender.png)

000000  No.12148714

They deliberately subvert children.

Not gays, not trannies, it's never them. It's others. Them.

People involved with the state, with government education and societal conditioning. Those are the targets. I never even knew a gay person until way later, yet somehow I was being subverted.

That's what the trick is. Finding the smart kids and diagnosing them with something serious and clinical sounding. They even force us to take drugs, and we can't say no.

We can't fight back, we can't ignore them. They manipulate us from day one, by taking us from our parents, and making sure that if we make friends, they put us in separate classes so that we are completely isolated.

They make us feel as alone and worthless as they can, so that we develop abnormal personalities and severe, suicidal depression. Then we break as men. We turn feminine and pathetic, wanting to be cute, not because of beauty, but to be spared. "Look how cute I am. Don't mutilate and devour me."

We adopt the defense mechanism of a defenseless kitten, and become cuter, or at least try to. It's a psychological abnormality that isn't based in a weak genetic code. I know I'm not weak. I'm intelligent, tall, strong, and feel a drive to do great things.

Only, the issue is that I am deliberately prevented from doing those things. I am pushed down and made weak. So they turned me into a girl. Their propaganda and tricks are too much for a child of course. Any adult knows better, but for a child who is already under such stresses, the propaganda is clever, and is enough to turn them.

But it's not my fault. Don't blame me for what they did.

We all know who is to blame here.

Avenge me.

46b7c1  No.12148741

File: e68f7a671fa76ee⋯.jpg (60.83 KB, 901x749, 901:749, and they think it's funny.jpg)

They know the crimes they committed are unforgivable. That's why they're deathly afraid.

1feaa2  No.12148743


Is that what this shit is? I'm in America and even 2 decades ago when I was in school this jew shit was happening. I didn't have any interest in sportball as a kid and some (((teacher))) took notice and asked if I felt like I was born in the wrong body, I was confused as fuck and they elaborated and tried to start asking me questions about my hobbies and if I played with dolls and shit(I didn't). I told my mom since it made me feel uncomfortable and she raised hell and got the jew canned at least. I imagine this kike was ahead of schedule, nowadays I bet my mom would get in trouble for hate crimes instead.

8a822f  No.12148766


>Please spare the transgender people on the day of the rope. Spare them, because it's not their fault. They were tricked. It won't happen again, as long as we take care of our own.


1a7822  No.12148767

Common filth was right about everything

1feaa2  No.12148774


>anti-White jew loving spic was right about everything

000000  No.12148775


You're not understanding.

We are decent European people. We were tricked as children.

Target the guilty. Not the victims.

46b7c1  No.12148779


He was a contrarian hipster who had no real beliefs.

0013db  No.12148783



1feaa2  No.12148786


This is, in a sense, completely true, trannies were non-existent before jewish takeover

a62b6f  No.12148789


I will pass on the degenerate, but thank you for the information.

adf8ef  No.12148810

Forced Human Normalization

Stage 1:


Drug withdrawal;

Sex withdrawal, including masturbation;

Healthy eating;

Healthy sleeping;

Manual labour or physical exercices;

Mental exercices;

Gender normalization therapy;

Coping skills development;


The subject must be imprisoned alone;

Daily therapy attendance;

Stage 2:


Monogamous long term relationship;

Community living;

Gender defined roles;

Same sex working cooperation;

Mating skills development;


Private room for two;

An oposite-sex, same race subject;

At least another pair of same race, engaged subjects;

Weekly therapy attendance;

Stage 3:



Social integration;

Family planing;


A house outside prison;

Monthly therapy attendance;

000000  No.12148828

Target the guilty, not the victim.

When you see the transgender person: Feel pity. They are poor, wretched beings who were very likely tortured at school. They are the victims of a culture war that we were not prepared for.

Don't you think their parents would have done things differently if they had known what was going on in those government schools?

Tough love will see them through, but only the guilty deserve the rope.

8a822f  No.12148829


>It won't happen again.

You'll have to prove this. That and take out the traitors. Maybe then we can talk.

1cecfe  No.12148832


>Gender normalization therapy;

Is normalizing grammar really that important?

585ecb  No.12148847


>So they turned me into a girl

Nah they just gave you pharmaceutical tits and a sob story. Go fish for likes on Instagram faggot.

48bae0  No.12148868


Same sort of thing happened to me

>be quiet kid

>like reading, being by myself

>don't like sports or (((pop culture)))



000000  No.12148881


My proof is myself.

I'm one of those transgender people, and I remember the past well.

I was always into European metal, and I remember kissing girls way back in primary school. Just silly things, of course, but it most certainly proves that I had male impulses. I wanted glory and romance.

Then I was given drugs, as far back as age 10 or younger. I'm talking heavy amphetamines and other drugs that are terrible and are meant to induce obedience. After that, I remember them shuffling me around the classes, to ensure I could make no lasting friendships with other males.

I wasn't the only one, but there's no one to talk to about personal issues if you have no friends. They deliberately kept people isolated and feeling scared.

At some point, I began feeling that "gender dysphoria" feeling. I don't really understand it, but it completely stopped once I left my parent's house. As if it was in the water or something. It was too late though, as I was already transitioning into being a girl.

What a fool. There's no way this was natural for me. I'm not meant for this, and I've already begun to reclaim my manhood.

I'm not a fool, even if I got played for one. The truth is clear:

We are meant to be men, and we are not meant to be treated like cattle who do not know their purpose, yet that is what happens.

Transgender as a natural thing might happen extremely rarely in people in any environment, but the way it happened to me was not natural. It was most certainly forced upon me. As you know, access to wife-quality women is difficult, dating is completely ruined by the internet and feminism, and all other manner of our traditional society has been completely trampled upon.

Without a foothold or grounding, where was I to go? I just wanted to find an answer that allowed me to be happy, seeing as there was no honor or pride to be had. There was nothing else worth doing. No glorious battles, no amazing accomplishments, and my past had no friends, no meaning, no pride.

You cannot blame me for what happened. The moment I realized the truth, I reverted, despite what must have been years of brainwashing and subversion that I never even noticed.

I hope you can understand that I was targeted in particular because of my technological skills. I'm the sort of "girly nerd" who's already going to be bullied by fellow white men in school.

So without allies, I simply lost my way.

Are you my ally now? Or is this another example as to why I cannot trust my fellow European? Is it just a knife in the back no matter where I turn? If I cannot have redemption, then at least let me stick a knife in the backs of all those who have turned on me throughout the years.

This world is shit, and any step towards something good just seems like another step into a nightmare. If you'll defend my back, I'll defend yours, but if it's just another knife, then let me strike first, this time at least.

8a822f  No.12148908


>but if it's just another knife, then let me strike first, this time at least.

This works.

46b7c1  No.12148912

File: 6c91a0c5b74f4e6⋯.jpg (72.98 KB, 1024x489, 1024:489, chadzyzz.jpg)


That's a sad story anon. I wish you luck. We're all gonna make it.

3b53e2  No.12148921

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


nobodytm was right about everything

977e36  No.12149020


>I know I'm not weak. I'm intelligent, tall, strong, and feel a drive to do great things.

You know what you are ? You're delusional, that's what you are. I've never seen so many excuses in a post to justify failures ever in my life. Listen, there are people in here, and everywhere around you who always were thousands times smarter than you since age 2. They did not get """forced""" to """become a girl""". They called bullshit on it and moved on. And be sure of it, obvious signs of their intelligence did not make them a target. On the contrary. It is stupid people who get talked into cutting their dick off. It is stupid people who get talked into chugging female hormone and "drugs". It is stupid people who don't manage to carry on with their life when deprived of "friends". You are a stupid person, and were targeted for this exact reason. You're so stupid that you have delusions of grandeur and superior intelligence, looks, whatever it is you think you have but somehow you chose to have people mutilate you. I am not going to avenge you. You are a collection of failure and subhuman genes. You're an error and in fact, you should not even be alive. Stop trying to suck attention and pity from people. You're not a victim. The same way someone shooting themselves with a gun on their will are not victims. Just the fact that you aren't even able to be objective with yourself (hmm i got myself into cutting my dick and becoming a girl even though that's physically impossible and takes no more than a 5 yrs old to see it) shows how stupid you are. Look up the Dunning-Kruger effect. This is exactly what you're demonstrating. I don't mean to blackpill you. I don't mean to make you feel anything - I don't give a flying fuck about a delusional idiot like you. Just stop playing the victim around here and start seeing things including yourself with a bit of objectivity regardless how hurtful for your feelings it is. You aspire to do great things ? Good ! Start by accepting the fact that you did this to your self and get some self-honesty. Fucking idiots that's unbelievable. I sincerely hope you're LARPing.

ce3e95  No.12149047


You're still not getting it.

This is not about me.

This is about the subversion that goes on in government schools. Are you going to stop playing the fool? Are you going to open your eyes and see what's really going on here?

000000  No.12151074


>Are you my ally now? Or is this another example as to why I cannot trust my fellow European? Is it just a knife in the back no matter where I turn? If I cannot have redemption, then at least let me stick a knife in the backs of all those who have turned on me throughout the years.

First off

<reddit spacing

Second off. After all this if you still consider yourself a transgender than shame on you. That is no different than a faggot who is ashamed of himself yet continues to sin. These are the types of people who get sent to hell. If what you are saying with "I've already begun to reclaim my manhood", is actually true, than stop calling yourself a transgender.

You need to stop living the life of a sinner. I hope you get well soon,

70d3de  No.12151305

>mental health issues are social phenomena

no shit sherlock. its funny how everything is a social construct, except believing so desperately that you're a woman that you'll chop your own dick off




>gender used to be merely grammatical

no it wasn't, you dipshit. the reason that this particular grammar exists is because it was a metaphysical category that denoted outward expressions thought to be related to sex

in other words, gender has always been the expression (culture, social) of sex (biological). fucking retard

29e697  No.12151306


>cuckchan meme

>uses normie

1cecfe  No.12151712


>kike revisionism

>using gender when referring to sex


There isn't cultural logic as to why for example "Goal" is a masculine gender noun in Polish but being feminine gender noun in Russian.

"steak" being masculine while "soup" being feminine noun isn't related to sex either.


c65d28  No.12151771


I'll fight by your side, anon. I know it's not your fault.

8cb067  No.12151782


There are so many newfags ITT holy shit.

2fb322  No.12151785

File: b1f136013ff5046⋯.jpg (25.84 KB, 640x477, 640:477, the fuck.jpg)


>As if it was in the water or something.



>Transgender as a natural thing might happen extremely rarely in people in any environment

It doesn't. There's nothing natural about it.

>I'm the sort of "girly nerd" who's already going to be bullied by fellow white men in school.

There it is. "fellow white men". lol

3283de  No.12151789



You aren't transgender. You can't change sex. You're mentally ill and a pervert. Get help.

3d921f  No.12151792

0e8aeb  No.12151958


Stop letting them control language. Motion to refuse to use the term transgender and address them for what they are: Eunuchs.

2b5f44  No.12166867


>Are you my ally now?

no, reading this faggotry make me want to grab a knife a liberate you

Please go back to tumblr you degenerate fuck. Don't try to blame others that you fucked up

6dbcaf  No.12166915


faggot and best example of reddit spacing ive ever seen. if a strange arab taxi driver ever offers you a free ride, take it.

e5529c  No.12167059


lol that first pic, even lgbtqrpsuvzx women look at them with disgust.

dcaf41  No.12167168


Like most trends its reach is widened by stupidity and peer pressure. Combine this with increasingly negligent and even complicit parenting; and you've got yourself a nasty manifestation.

ca6823  No.12178811

File: 3ab2180b2b7ac17⋯.jpeg (384.84 KB, 660x1024, 165:256, 3ab2180b2b7ac1730a39a0646….jpeg)


Reclaim your manhood, good anon.

d07f91  No.12178837

File: 926e8eff306d0b4⋯.jpg (80.69 KB, 474x497, 474:497, 926e8eff306d0b4f71fc686a35….jpg)


Of course the torfag is a tranny who refuses to take responsibility for his actions and demands to be spared for his degeneracy because he was too stupid to realize that injecting hormones is a dumb idea, why wouldn't he be?

32931d  No.12178877

File: b0b3ced27a1dd02⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 390x373, 390:373, surprise.gif)


>reddit spacing

0cbfd9  No.12181116

>And here's a timely reminder of the father of all this 'gender is different to sex' crap, John Money - disgusting piece of shit.

Someone makes an observation and tries to define it for others to understand and maybe even promote. Truth is, they're products of the society they belong too. Your eyes are looking for the enemy and you found the wrong one.

85795a  No.12181117


Here's some advice:

1) Dress like a man. If you have tits, try some loose clothing to hide them or something, I don't know. Would they even go away if one stopped taking hormones?

2) Don't refer to yourself as transgender. You're still a guy, just fucked up and mutilated.

3) Stop begging for acceptance. Wanting to feel ""accepted"" is why you are where you are. Don't act like you're in a soap opera. I know it might be the hormones and that your head might be all fuzzy, but that's not an excuse to consciously act and speak like a faggot. Act like a man and you will be a man.

Overall you're on the right track, though. People like you can actually be very efficient in fighting LGBT supporters. They're going to listen to you and you're going to tell them exactly the truth they don't want to otherwise hear from transphobic bigots. As you said, your proof is yourself. I don't doubt that there will be some to come forward and harass you for not being a real transgender or whatever, but that will only show how tolerant they really are and how much they really care for people's feelings. It won't be their first time infighting for not being progressive enough. They've driven people to literal suicide, then stepped over their cold carcasses and continued to claim the moral high ground. That really gets the normies' gears grinding.

As to you, I can only say I'm fucking sorry. Towards people who support transgenderism I feel a mix of disgust, hatred and desire to kill, but for disillusioned trannies themselves I can only feel sorrow. I agree that many of you are victims, often unwilling because you're deliberately fucked in the head from early childhood. And that is what really motivates me to fight this shit - they take normal children and fuck them into the dirt. But if you repent for your mistakes and help destroy this madness, I don't see why you should still be antagonized.

Good luck and don't be a faggot.

536486  No.12181124

File: 0e1e85e1144a72c⋯.jpg (114.49 KB, 1080x793, 1080:793, er2.jpg)


thanks for the pasta

2b5f44  No.12194619


>just fucked up and mutilated

Suicide is the only option for him. Must be hard thinking you're a guy but without any actual dick. Please livestream your shotgun burst

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