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File: 50eed7101fa0a83⋯.jpg (23.66 KB, 299x168, 299:168, sun.jpg)

91a495  No.12137699


Maybe they building a death star?


<Mod edit: Make a decent OP

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de4044  No.12137712

i think we can rule out anthrax. if there was suspicion of hazardous material in the post office then the workers there would have been checked to see they are not contaminated. but they were just told to leave.

d3d105  No.12137714

shills came in hard at the end of last thread. keep going

d3d105  No.12137719


And, if it were anthrax the situation should have been resolved by now. Past anthrax attacks only shut down a place for a day or two and were promptly investigated and cleaned up.

91a495  No.12137725

If it was anthrax people would have been notified, no?

e1a446  No.12137728

FYI: FEMA daily OPS briefs stopped reporting on space weather July 1st. This is something they've done every day since at least January 3rd.

d3d105  No.12137732


I was thinking last night… If I am not mistaken what makes that observatory unique is its capability of analyzing radio frequencies. Could the situation have been that traitors/infiltrators turned it into a hyper powerful listening station or maybe modified equipment in an attempt to sabotage the operations of the near by missile base?

And, to add to that, a week or two ago there was a big raid, in which the airforce participated, on a wholesale produce distributors property in Florida.

03ea8e  No.12137736

nasa cant even get to the moon. you think theyre going to the sun? or doing stuff to it from here.

d3d105  No.12137740


weak shill bait

91a495  No.12137744

well dont take the bait then genius

bea981  No.12137751

They announced it days before they get evacuated

5e1608  No.12137758


hey faggot delete this and put some effort into a continuation thread or kys. you must be new here. lurk 88 more years.

03ea8e  No.12137761


try answering the question, disinfo kike.

91a495  No.12137767


hover your cursor over those blue numbers and check the last thread grandpa. Its literally that easy

8201eb  No.12137768

File: 56a852f9a782af9⋯.gif (268.09 KB, 200x150, 4:3, 1533911662892.gif)

The quickening is at hand.

Probably a good idea to buy some canned food. I fucking hope these solar rays won't destroy our videogames

de4044  No.12137779


>And, to add to that, a week or two ago there was a big raid, in which the airforce participated, on a wholesale produce distributors property in Florida

Agents from the Air Force and Homeland Security raid a Florida tomato factory - but won't say why


03ea8e  No.12137800


until that thread disappears, newfaggot.

continuation threads should include anything new we've learned from the 1st, and all the initial info from the first. lurk more.

8a8806  No.12137809


I really enjoyed the anon in the last thread whose premise was that the sun was the enemy. Of course, it wouldn't be the enemy of us, just the semitic fucks who were trying to kill the earth. It is like the White Blood cell that attacks an invading virus (jews) and kill them before they can kill the host body. So basically it is our solar immune system. Deadly terrifying basassed mother…I wouldn't count on it sparing your video games though…but no worries you will be too busy making White babies with some trad hottie to worry about video games.

7698f8  No.12137834


What if last threads archive gets nuked and all we have is this one? Do it better next time.

fb970c  No.12137942


This, fags are gonna fag.

d3e4b1  No.12138023

File: 6c21db633738d1b⋯.jpg (401.4 KB, 1080x1112, 135:139, 1536661194653.jpg)

your microwave works as a faraday cage, store your laptops and phones in it. A solar storm is coming like we've never seen before

a6660c  No.12138027

What if the sun is where master races live and the opening signifies them leaving the sun to visit us again. Maybe the messiah is coming back to clean up the JP

d3e4b1  No.12138033


forgot the link, sorry


4023ba  No.12138061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Highlander reference

>Mortal Kombat gif


8201eb  No.12138076


It's the same thing really when you think about it

db434b  No.12138089


>When did the moons orbit change to something like that? If that was the satellite position then the sat would be below earth and not even facing the sun at all. Unless I landed in the wrong timeline completely the moon orbits the earth in a horizontal manner not a vertical manner.

Could you please point at the horizontal plane in space.

3c82af  No.12138091

File: 1a43a641a840bcf⋯.gif (1.65 MB, 489x301, 489:301, 1511817352913.gif)

this related?

d3d105  No.12138095


actually most do not function well as a faraday cage

b1125c  No.12138132


Supposedly that video is of an eruption of dense plasmas forming huge loops on the sun surface. You can find videos that are somewhat similar. i don't know for sure.

My guess is a spy satellite crossed the view of the telescope and the FBI is doing damage control. Maybe they're hoping to fake a space-weather emergency and taking control of any sources of conflicting evidence.

d3d105  No.12138150


It sure is an interesting thing to consider. If there were past civilizations and unless they discovered some sort of technology tree that we never once considered it would seem that the one commonality that the current and past possible civilizations would have would be electricity.

Lets say a fucking wewlad tier carrington event happens and all electrical wiring and compontents that arent properly shielded are fucking toast. First off, without electricity society, in high population areas, would crumble after either a week tops or whenever people start to figure out that electricity is fucking doneski and it would take decades to rebuild the machines manually required to even start replacing the necessary infrastructure and thats not even getting into the fact that without said infrastructure there wouldnt be any replacing the parts necessary for trucks to bring food to the cities. And once the high density cities go apeshit it will be very much like a zombie apocalypse movie. Government employees and soldiers will eventually start to desert to go protect their families. All institutions would cease to operate almost instantaneously.

So, there would be no immediate widescale rebuilding effort. Organized rebuilding efforts would only exist in localized pockets where people managed to band together and quickly establish 1) defenses and 2) an agriculture plan. The rest would either starve or destroy themselves, pure chaos. The amount of technology that those localized enclaves are able to save and reimplement would be entirely limited to what they already knew, what resources they are able to scavenge and the sophistication level of foundries and other basic tech that they are able to implement. AND their ability to pass on that knowledge to their children, and their childrens ability to continue the process.

Basically, what I am saying, is this could be the great filter.

d3d105  No.12138153


nasa tweeted a video of the moon passing in front of the sun twice in the same day from 2 different directions. That has me thinking much more than the post you are replying to, which could very possibly be a natural phenomenon

de4044  No.12138187


>My guess is a spy satellite crossed the view of the telescope and the FBI is doing damage control.

maybe, but would it be fbi then? im thinking maybe it would heve been nsa then, or?

293b68  No.12138229

File: 7f443d969bed1c8⋯.jpg (53.04 KB, 816x1088, 3:4, diplomable.jpg)



5d6b1c  No.12138259

File: d085b2d11d81e29⋯.jpg (69.18 KB, 600x770, 60:77, a poc.jpg)

If the apocalypse happens I will more then likely be Immortalized in this manner

cd7994  No.12138328


Here come dat end times?

fb0f88  No.12138382

File: c86aca3f8cd8b53⋯.jpeg (156.03 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 9C152ABE-E3AB-4187-9891-E….jpeg)

Heres a picture a friend took of the sun on August 23rd, lets see how long it takes you guys to pick out what’s wrong. Here’s a hint: 6 and 10 o’clock.

Let’s suspose someone from the observatory went against an executive order directing astronomers not to talk about said objects, tried to send a little mail, as letters, unlike emails, cannot he readily monitored, then got caught.

That or this picture is fake and somebody clogged the toilet at the observatory.


e26b0c  No.12138390

Some strange weather going on, with the timing of this.

Snow in Africa, rare but not unheard of.


b18aad  No.12138410


welp pack it up boys

hell has finally frozen over.

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