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File: 330eb7bc7d1c976⋯.jpg (67.63 KB, 777x438, 259:146, bild.jpg)

fb7d14  No.12137959

Rapefugee knifed woman - proclaims not guilty as per his culture and religion

A rapefugee almost knifed a 24 year old to death after he and two others beat up her boyfriend over an alleged insult in a supermarket. She narrowly survived and had bits and pieces of all kinds of organs removed.

Rapefugee got sentenced to 5 years, proclaims his religion and culture allows him to murder people.


5 years in a cozy German prison is like a holiday for these subhumans.

In my city rapefugees usually roam around in packs and look to start fights by bumping into guys. Any guy who fights back gets the knife cuz muh honor. This even happens at a train station where cops with sub machine guns patrol.

645572  No.12137968


>proclaims his religion and culture allows him to murder people

Holy fuck, this shit just writes itself

13841f  No.12137972

Why don’t white people just started walking around in groups carrying knives? You realise that’s the only solution, right? Niggers and muslims won’t leave you alone if you look harmless, they’ll still attack you if they feel like it. There’s only peace after you kill evil, not a moment before.

4841b8  No.12137977

File: 165afe26e7eeb1f⋯.jpg (86.74 KB, 640x638, 320:319, 9637f2e2b58075d5a151c34a64….jpg)

>She had all kinds of organs removed

Poor woman, first she got stabbed in the front by mudskins and then in the back by the organ mafia.

fe4194  No.12137985

5 years is nothing such a crime. Why not just kill the subhuman?

000000  No.12137987



White men use guns.

13841f  No.12137990


Clearly not if they’re being fucking stabbed. Even in countries where white men have guns, they aren’t using them. You guys are basically niggers except instead of “muh dick” it’s “muh gun”.

ebc459  No.12137998


no reason for infighting here

to get back to the question. why dont white men patrol the streets?

c776dc  No.12138000


White men have jobs anon. They don't even know 5 guys they could "form a gang" with.

fb7d14  No.12138002

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


even if you have a license for a shooting club, if you actually use your gun to kill someone (((they))) move heaven and earth to sentence you

a couple years ago some grandpa with a gun had an apefrican trying to force his way into the grandpas house, thinking he'd be an easy target and couldn't fight back

apefrican got shot, his friends proclaim he dindu nuffin and grandpa had to go through ages of legal process

not sure if he got sentenced but they didn't go easy on him

vid of this for german speakers

b47e6a  No.12138008


Because the police would disarm them quickly since they wouldn't have enough support from the local population. The reason fugees and muzzies can do this shit is because of the number of their group and their practical anonymity, the police won't take action as it would result in them having to handle a chimpout and face actual dangers, which most of them aren't keen on, especially if it would lead to trouble for them later on. If natives would apply the same tactic, the police would simply disarm them, and since they at the moment at least still have things to loose, they and the local population wouldn't risk actually clashing with the police. Also this >>12138000

4841b8  No.12138013


You can either train for years to become a fighter & swordsman or spend an hour in a firearm store. Until the last pencil and sharpened screwdriver is banned we need our guns to defend ourselves effectively and efficiently.

ff8486  No.12138016


Tl but still read, you are a faggot


I forget but it was to do with being a kike

b22e0c  No.12138018



Trips of truth on the first anon, just honest analysis from the other.

13841f  No.12138022


So what’s your solution? Roll over and die to the shitskins who don’t care about your laws? I carry a knife because guns are highly illegal in my country (Australia). I’ve never had to fight a shitskin but they aren’t nearly as bold here as they are overseas. I dunno. I think it’s really sad how passive you guys are regarding white murders.

4399e1  No.12138024


Your still a faggot.

645572  No.12138031

Don't respond to blackpill Torfag who claims "There is no super intriguing clandestine force which controls the world". It's just a kike trying to derail threads.

784f08  No.12138035


Well whites better fucking figure it out then, huh? Dumbass individualism is making whites go extinct. Dumb fucks

784f08  No.12138040


Yeah, this, it's fucking pathetic. White men have literally let their countries turn into nothing and done nothing, absolutely nothing, just letting everything go to total shit because they have no balls. They are women. They are too afraid to shoot the shitskins. It's fucking pathetic and disgusting how weak white men are.

13841f  No.12138042


>Dumbass individualism is making whites go extinct

I agree. It’s really brainlet behaviour when channers say X isn’t white or Y isn’t white. Good job fighting amongst yourselves when everyone else already wants you dead.

784f08  No.12138046


Basically, your bullshit sounds like an argument on the surface, but it's actually a long, rambling way to say "I'm a fucking pussy and have to justify it"

Your wife will get raped by a pack of niggers who will rob and shoot you, you fucking pussy. Fuck you. Your excuses are bullshit and you are shit as a human. You are nothing.

4841b8  No.12138052


>If you make people believe in an afterlife it will pacify them in their actual life – the only one they will ever have.

The afterlife awaits you whether you believe in it or not and the realization that your life is not a meaningless crackle has an uplifting effect. The pious christian is immune to all forms of hedonism including consumerism, which is only a problem if you fall prey to it.

a62af6  No.12138058

File: 75048a830d54c14⋯.png (558.76 KB, 770x1362, 385:681, 1412033507540.png)


>Even in countries where white men have guns, they aren’t using them

Because the average normalfag doesn't even think about self-dense let alone CCW until it's too late. That is why its important to arm yourself now before it is too late.

784f08  No.12138062


You obviously completely misunderstood the post

Whites let themselves be completely, totally destroyed and overrun everywhere. In America, the excuse is "but uh have muh guns"

Yeah fuckhead. Niggers and mexicans ruined my fucking daily existence everywhere I go, but I have a gun at home, so everything's ok

Stupid dumb motherfucking pieces of shit. Newsflash: you, as in you personally, are too much of a giant pussy ever to use your gun on a shitskin. You never will. No whites will in significant numbers, because they are weak and cowardly. They are pussies. Nigger apes and beaners know this because they sense weakness and prey upon it. Whites will never defend themselves and will be wiped out. But muh guns! i have muh guns! Fuck you, you stupid pussy.

ab9328  No.12138067


When I was a kid, we had a bully that would constantly terrorize my friends and I. Every day this big bastard would either get a hold of one of us or chase after us trying.

After school one day I hurried home, grabbed a shovel and headed to a brush area that we had formed a trail through. I started digging the deepest hole I could possibly manage. Spent hours on it. Did the same the next day until I eventually needed a ladder to get out of it. When I was done, the hole was probably 10 feet deep and 5 feet wide in each direction.

That fucker never saw it coming. When he was down in the hole, we all pissed on him and left him there for 3 days until some kid finally told their parent and they eventually got him out of the hole.

Fucker would have died if we had left him there. I wouldn't have cared but it seemed to work. He was humbled and never fucked with us again so far as I know.

784f08  No.12138084


Not clear how that relates to the thread but good story if true.

000000  No.12138085



JIDF, take the black pilling somewhere else.

ab9328  No.12138086


Yeah I notice every special forces team on earth is blacker than coal.


a04265  No.12138087

Is she a wheatfielder with her hymen intact? Trying to decide whether I should care.

ab9328  No.12138090


>In my city rapefugees usually roam around in packs and look to start fights by bumping into guys. Any guy who fights back gets the knife cuz muh honor. This even happens at a train station where cops with sub machine guns patrol.

It'd be a shame if these cunts ended up at the bottom of a hole. A real shame.

4841b8  No.12138093

File: d6af28780b37088⋯.jpeg (1.14 MB, 4793x1508, 4793:1508, Projecting.jpeg)

90061f  No.12138094

>Rapefugee got sentenced to 5 years

Germans deserve everything they get.

13841f  No.12138098


Normalfags really don’t consider that some nigger or sandnigger could just stab them in the street or even in their homes. What’s stopping the niggers from doing exactly that? The police come later, they don’t follow you around. I’d absolutely have a gun if I could get one but it’s basically impossible in this country. People need to start being unrelaxed, even when niggers aren’t around.


Good story. You fight fire with fire, violence with violence. I carry a knife so that if a nigger attacks me, I’ll put it in his face. The chimp won’t go to the cops because they’ll either shoot or arrest him.

af62eb  No.12138100




Thanks for outing yourself immediately. Might want to brush up on your demoralization strategy a bit more.

c776dc  No.12138135


The Jew is a powerful enemy. So far he has survived every remedy thrown at it throughout history. You just gotta keep figthing and have faith in your God.



How nice of you to join us Shlomo.

6d2e7b  No.12138140


ITT: Blaming citizens for the failure of (((police/politicians/military/governement/law))) and not attacking the people who designed a system which disarms whites against invaders.

000000  No.12138146


> White men have literally let their countries turn into nothing and done nothing

They did something, they opened the gates. They also fought against the last hope against jewish supremacy.

90061f  No.12138160


>itt: completely missing the point

11650d  No.12138167


Do you have a father?

That's a gang.

Do you have brothers?

That's a gang.


That's a gang.

No excuses, whites.

6c3cbe  No.12138168



Samefag hopping to TOR, pre-ban

51ef03  No.12138183

File: 5decc5f70331b58⋯.jpg (72.38 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, Image1__57681.1379352858.1….jpg)


speak for yourself, I carry daily since 2010 and train at least monthly

13841f  No.12138184


There’s no way to reach the Jews anymore. Jews aren’t stupid. They hide behind their money. They live in the areas with the lowest minority populations. Rich suburbs, gated communities. White people suffer because there are far more poor whites and middle class whites compared to the kikes. Jews are more scared of non-whites than you are.

I’m not wealthy but I’ve seen those curly haired, big nosed, little hat wearing cunts in white suburbs. All carefree because they live among whites.

ebc459  No.12138192


you disgust me

000000  No.12138198


627e18  No.12138203

File: 7048c25ee7ca26c⋯.jpg (213.99 KB, 1000x823, 1000:823, Retards of the nation of s….jpg)

File: 7c3112ee956654b⋯.jpeg (100.77 KB, 600x471, 200:157, Mutts forced to further b….jpeg)



627e18  No.12138216


That bolsters his argument you know. Alpha huwhite males taking orders to genocide his people from niggers and kikes. That is even worse.

863ad9  No.12138220


Because we don't get paid to do it

369c53  No.12138225


>woo party

>woo sluts

>woo beer


ab9328  No.12138234


Yes and a bunch of weak and cowardly whites who will never use their guns on a shitskin are serving in the military and dominate every special forces battalion, platoon and team on earth.

Those guys never get disillusioned and always die in service, never to return to their homes and they never keep in contact with each other after their service.

Just because whites will put up with more than they should doesn't mean they don't have a breaking point.

77fe38  No.12138244


This is the most disgusting bread and circus shit I've ever seen in my entire life. None of these people deserve to live.

000000  No.12138245


Enjoy the decline

7ff5b2  No.12138248


We'll enjoy your decline :^)

2207ff  No.12138249

File: e8133470c1cce87⋯.jpg (210.83 KB, 1453x1175, 1453:1175, 00fe4599bd7a281805d1ec9ca9….jpg)

77fe38  No.12138254


>Enjoy the decline

oh it's this (((faggot))) again posting his retarded "just be a filthy disgusting degenerate, goy, don't stand up for your people"

18679e  No.12138263


Waco? A bunch of ZOGs burnt a bunch of kids alive, and then this faggot poses for a picture standing on their ashes.

77fe38  No.12138269


>your people

thanks for exposing yourself you foreskin eating demon

2207ff  No.12138288

File: dbf716639001dfa⋯.jpg (143.26 KB, 1469x1170, 113:90, 00fe4599bd7a281805d1ec9ca9….jpg)





000000  No.12138289


thanks for admitting you're a cuckold

as a fellow white man, when can I fuck your wife?

a75cf5  No.12138304


>got sentenced to 5 years

This is another thing that will really bite the Germans in the ass…10-15 years from now, when the first bunch of robbing, raping, and murdering criminals come out of the German prison system (relaxed, well fed and highly motivated) the Germans will face an even bigger crime wave than before, and as a result change their perfectly fine system (for civilized Europeans) into the kike enslavement scheme that is plaguing the US.

e6620a  No.12138311


You're 100% right.

I was really good friends with a sandnigger when I was in my 20's. We would go to clubs and he would grab white girls' asses everywhere we went, right in front of their boyfriends and he would laugh about it b/c he knew they were too pussy to do anything. Very rarely he would get punched, and if he did it wasn't a big deal b/c the bouncers would break it up in like .5 seconds. Bottom line, stop being a cowardly faggot. That goes for me as well.

000000  No.12138318


The death penalty was legit as fuck. No taxpayers money going to parasites. Do crime, die. But jews saw it better: do crime, make shekels.

c776dc  No.12138369


>Hitting sandniggers will make them pack their bags and leave the country

Your advice is all well and good, but it doesn't really help us in the grand scheme of things. These invaders need to be forced out with the backing of a large armed force. If white men had a little less regards for consequences, like the shitskins do, then sure the streets would be a little safer to walk, but you'll still get Sharia law when they outbreed you and vote in the theocracy with your beautiful democracy. Then you're going to say, well start fucking white man!, and I'm going to say, you tell em Sparky, you tell em all!

Energy goes towards achievieng political power. In that sense a bunch of shitskins accosting normie girlfriends is great for us. More of that please. Show us the ugly side of kebab as much as possible. Best optics you are going to get.

64dc0b  No.12138370


If you live in a European country or Australia or Canada, your best bet is to get out now. Not everyone has the financial means to do that, so your next best bet for personal self defense is to carry a knife and pepper spray, even if pepper spray is for women. Knife for unarmed attackers, and pepper spray for people with knives, because getting in a knife fight is NOT a good idea. Pepper spray and knives might be illegal as well, but it's well worth the risk opposed to guns which using one will probably get you a longer sentence than your attacker.

Also take real self defense classes and learn how to take down multiple attackers and people with knives.

04b2c0  No.12138383

Need to change the pleas from guilty/not guilty to guilty/innocent. This shit needs to be nipped in the bud before matzos take and use it as a defense for their crap.

265ece  No.12138388

So many faux angry kikes on this board masquerading as whites.

>kill yourself goy

>whites are pussies

>end your existence

>blah blah blah

64dc0b  No.12138395


>your people

More evidence that all torfags are jews

e725a4  No.12138408

File: 6c11db197d0648c⋯.jpg (23.6 KB, 739x195, 739:195, snopes factchecking.JPG)

Nothing to see here, he was an innocent refugee fleeing from violence, move along goyim.


>your people

Sup Beanerfilth, finally figured out how to use tor huh

64dc0b  No.12138411


HH dubs

They are attracted to trolling these kinds of threads, they can't help it. They are genetically much more neurotic than the average White man.

6d2e7b  No.12138416


Demoralization tactics whether intentional or not. The problem is abled-body military age white men are serving for kikes rather than their own poeple. It's white men who stop white men from killing non-whites, just like how police protect niggers from being lynched in the USA.

369c53  No.12138424


I'm suprised they haven't resorted to spamming thier favorite (((blacked.co.il))) shit

000000  No.12138443


>white men are serving for kikes rather than their own poeple

> It's white men who stop white men from killing non-whites

1303ae  No.12138460


Provide evidence of an afterlife

000000  No.12138466


Oy vey, this kidney is badly knicked. We will just get that out of you before it causes you some real problems! Hehehehehehehehe!

af67ac  No.12138467


oh boy, here comes the weebkike NPC

000000  No.12138469


> The pious christian is immune to all forms of hedonism including consumerism

What's he doing Sunday?

6d2e7b  No.12138472


Have you ever seen a jew kick down an ebil nadzees door and shoot them in the back of the head and frame it as a suicide? Call them zogbots or crypto kikes but the majority of law enforcement is still white and they are the shabbos goyim that keeps non-kosher nationalists down.

Whites don't do anything because no one wants to be the first to die by the hands of alphabet soup fucks, also all the fear porn hollyjew puts out about how bad goyim can't run from the omniscient FBI/CIA/whatever.

000000  No.12138483


Oh boy here comes a total buzzword.

dc7162  No.12138484


Those submachine guns are for show. To convince the people they're doing something. We all know that they're not allowed to actually do anything though. If they shoot violent niggers, it's racism, and if they shoot violent mudslimes like article related, it's Islamophobia, and those are both worse than murder and rape in Current Year. They're allowed to shoot Whites, of course they are, but Whites never do anything deserving of gunfire so they don't shoot us either.

000000  No.12138487


If it weren't for white traitors jew would be gone by now.. so maybe it's not the jews but other whites..

e725a4  No.12138493


>maybe it's not the jews

It is, it's just also traitor whites. Sandniggers rape, and jews are the ones who import them. That doesn't mean sandniggers get a free pass just because jews protect them.

64dc0b  No.12138497

800c88  No.12138506

File: a59d999e6ff72c8⋯.png (172.96 KB, 233x294, 233:294, a59d999e6ff72c84bc842e9af1….png)



They're afraid, cause White Giant has awoken.

6d2e7b  No.12138510


it's still kikes but something must be done to redpill zogbots.

000000  No.12138517



399d2a  No.12138525


>Pencils longer than 15cm are not allowed.


Please tell me this is real.

ace589  No.12138527


Clearly 100% true. The wyman is a totally conquered cuckfaggot& that rayciss wybitch got everything sge deserved.

Niggers & spics do that by the millions in this shithole & not a peep from "muh guns"

6c669e  No.12138547


100% right, its the traitor whites and our people who have been complacent and complicit in the destruction of our culture, nations, and people, as well as the kikes perpetrating it and the mud hordes that are the weapons of the kikes.

ace589  No.12138550



Rabbits with guns just aren't scary.

f061cf  No.12138552


That is why it has to done on the dl…quiet and with stealth (until the war breaks out and then it is no holds barred)…these enemies of our people need to start migrating to more permanent and restrictive abodes.

272ca8  No.12138561

Not bad seeing how yesterday, a shitskin got 8 years for killing a child. Yes it's really that bad.

53d8b5  No.12138563


NO, it's shooped. They have serious knife problems b/c mudslimes. So there's suppose to be a picture of a fold out knife.

ace589  No.12138570


So true.

X-tra speshull treatment for traitor goy%.

At some point h8ing jooz is like h8ing niggers 4 bean niggers.

All you " muh guns" faggots enforce status quo.

e725a4  No.12138579


>At some point h8ing jooz is like h8ing niggers 4 bean niggers.

Stop talking like a teenage nigger.

Hating whites for being terminally altruistic is just like hating jews for being socially destructive and hating niggers for being stupid and violent.

e35df0  No.12138587



a13fa8  No.12138589


This guy studied the blade while everyone was partying.

ace589  No.12138596

File: 2c895e399b9e548⋯.jpg (16.25 KB, 255x212, 255:212, 162f0221d2d1d723fcb8ac314c….jpg)

File: fd28bed5e0b98d7⋯.png (15.71 KB, 255x191, 255:191, e45560b9cb64812f89b2447644….png)



Disrespecting our Brave and Heroic Safety Friends.

Next you will be shitting on Muh Flag.

6c669e  No.12138615


Oy vey, they might even go as far as to suggest ZOGbots are our enemy and aren't friends and protectors of the evil whitey.

ace589  No.12138619


Well,arent y'all bunch of good li'l cotten-picking porch-monkeys

ace589  No.12138627

Chop chop,your wife & my kids GOTZ NEEDZ!!!

e725a4  No.12138645


Are you daydrinking?

b08fdb  No.12138648


Wait, so we can make a reconquista club or something like that?

ace589  No.12138654


YT will sacrifice their own children for optics.Can't even call it altruism.

e725a4  No.12138681


Altruism is what it is. Whites have far too much mercy and are willing to see the best in others. It's a shame since that mindset only works in a white-only society.

ace589  No.12138703

File: 566716ce8b6cf01⋯.png (773.41 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1516508393909.png)


"Muh baste squaddies in country"

ace589  No.12138706

"Thatz me on the left"

81698e  No.12138727

File: d60cd19b114ac96⋯.jpg (184.16 KB, 959x771, 959:771, fuck MD.jpg)


Many leftist run cities and states make it impossible to legally carry a firearm. White men would be more than happy to use their guns, but the state would then thrown them in prison for 25 years for a hate crime murder.

SCOTUS needs to get on these unconstitutional carry and ownership laws. It's ridiculous to say "Sure goy, you can own firearms, you just can't take them out of your house".

ace589  No.12138729

File: fc4d6c3c2ba703c⋯.jpg (2.76 KB, 109x125, 109:125, 1513393581437s.jpg)


Have his IDF graduation picture right here.

Mebbe we can do some kind of reverse -search-dox thingy you kids are so good at.

000000  No.12138773

Consequences make people behave like they should. Consequences for a rapefugee committing crimes is a prison vacation. These guys have nothing to lose that's why they are free to behave however they want.

98e191  No.12138791

>thread about a migrant getting goodified gets derailed by LOL MERIIEEMUTTS shitposting

a75cf5  No.12138797

File: 4e7ca6950b0fb5c⋯.mp4 (10.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Welcome to Germany.mp4)


>they are free to behave however they want

Let's have this statement cemented with a social commentary directly from the source…

f4b274  No.12138893


Ackshually it was a bike wheel.

ace589  No.12138956


"Migrant" shitskin.

5 years

Attempted murder



cd4b5f  No.12139010


Saved, thanks

c5b46d  No.12139012


>we all pissed on him

top kek

a75cf5  No.12139014


Make sure to spread it, especially to Germans…I want to see this being played on a monitor when Merkel gives a public speech.

397e4e  No.12139095


its it now alright to murder jews, niggers, spics, and any other third worlder as its white culture and religion, even the kikedchristians can claim deus vult.

of course these laws don't apply to whites. Only the zoo animals.

52d948  No.12139129

Shitskins are terrified of white men who actually look physically intimidating. Most European men are metrosexuals/soyboys, sadly. They are seen as easy targets and for all intents and purposes they are. You already have the advantage in height and bone structure to be more physically intimidating than 99% if these brown manlets.

Go to the gym, get big, stop dressing like a fag. Don't let your girlfriend walk around in tramp clothes, either. Carry a weapon of you can. Make your girl carry pepper spray and teach her how to use it.

It's shouldn't have to be like this but at the same time it should.

96fe5d  No.12139187

at least she isn't a racist

i her boyfriend will turn into a trannie cuck and she will go full coal-burner after the surgery

a75cf5  No.12139196


>Go to the gym, get big, stop dressing like a fag.

>Don't let your girlfriend walk around in tramp clothes, either.

>Carry a weapon of you can.

>Make your girl carry pepper spray and teach her how to use it.

All this should have happened back when the Turks immigrated to Germany and made the big cities unsafe. Nowadays you're facing war criminals, who saw more violence than you Hollywood movies. Neither a German civilian nor a German cop can handle those people without risking his life. If you wait for them to make the first move you're most likely already be dead.

520f7a  No.12139244


That's because they just got kicked out. Even Hitler put them in camps until he could get rid of them. No, that doesn't work. You just have to kill them all. It's the only way, as demonstrated by thousands of years of history.

eeacdc  No.12139569


>Nowadays you're facing war criminals, who saw more violence than you Hollywood movies.

BS. Stop watching TV. Those faggots never saw a real war, they were crisis actors at most. As individuals they're nothing, they're the lowest of the low, they're weak. Those bootlickers are only strong in groups. The problem with normies is that they're afraid to knock someone out (not to mention using a knife) because they fear ending up in jail for killing by accident. They are thinking ahead, but savages aren't. This is an advantage in highly functional societies, but a disadvantage if your government hates you.

30a40b  No.12139653


You gonna get raped.

30a40b  No.12139655

File: e2d393218c26629⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 350x395, 70:79, RevengeOfTheRabbits.gif)

e099e1  No.12139812


> She narrowly survived and had bits and pieces of all kinds of organs removed.

>5 years

She'll still be having corrective surguries by the time this shitskin gets out of the time out corner. Way to go germanistan.

e0a201  No.12140021


A perfect way to solve this is to learn how to make cyanide and put it into Kurt Saxon's fang, basically a syringe inside black paper tube with a solid end glued into a slightly larger black paper tube, so when it is forced into the backside of someone, the whole thing conceals the needle and you can toss the mess without raising much suspicion. A quick jab with a needle filled with cyanide should do the trick. Industrial grade, ultra fine diamond dust mixed with insulin could also be a nasty, painful death. If the insulin doesn't kill them, then the abrasive power of the diamond dust will erode their veins, ripping holes in organs, tissue, etc, until they die of internal bleeding.

ba53bf  No.12140075


>If you live in a European country or Australia or Canada, your best bet is to get out now.

White men don't run you absolute fucking faggot, gutless cocksucker of a coward.

The best thing we can do is breed, breed. Infest the ranks of the police, kill and jail shitskins.

When the dotr arrives a legion of white police are ready to join the civilian uprising.

What kind of bitch are you?

d78852  No.12140178

>its illegal to persecute the attacker if your white

Seen this shit pop up a bunch of times but wheres the archive? I wouldn't doubt it but theres been so many slide threads lately and this shit happens all the time

f0c982  No.12140228


you are a kike…. no one at the compound were pedos except for the fbi and at agents there, branch davidian was not a threat to anyone and ZERO illegal firearms were found…. nothing illegal was found.

1b6597  No.12140287

68a899  No.12140488


>The best thing we can do is breed, breed.

Yes, more meat for the meat grinder. Don't actually change anything or whatever.

ba53bf  No.12140557


You sick, kike fuck. Reported for anti-white sentiment.

acef6e  No.12140561


>this is the kind of society cryptoleftysoys want

68a899  No.12140572


They would love nothing more than to uphold the status quo.

>Just breed goy!

f64010  No.12140580

>In my city rapefugees usually roam around in packs and look to start fights by bumping into guys. Any guy who fights back gets the knife cuz muh honor. This even happens at a train station where cops with sub machine guns patrol.

You're faggots even by American blue-state standards. This is a standard prison-style power play. Let the niggers get away with it, and you'll be taking it in the ass in no time wait, I just realized that you already are.

Why are you not also in those subways and bus stations with friends and zip guns, faggot? You think somebody is going to pass a law for you that will fix this shit?

493e40  No.12140644


anybody here have a ka-bar tdi? I've been thinking of ordering one.

68a899  No.12140687


>because getting in a knife fight is NOT a good idea

Time for guns then.

7e422d  No.12140866

File: a5ecb434b0279b6⋯.jpeg (2.91 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, C9408358-732C-4E57-814F-5….jpeg)


It’s comig anon

8fb273  No.12140964

File: ee6ba5f24e7f71d⋯.jpg (295.08 KB, 800x765, 160:153, 48961387147785.jpg)


Whites have jobs and careers. Whites think of the future so going to prison ruins all that. Whites lack cohesion for such things because of propaganda so they can't form groups. Plus everyone having jobs makes this harder. Whites are in the system, they are easily identified and traced. Rapefugees have no job except being parasites, this can be easily done in prison. Prison means nothing to them, the only prisoners are other rapefugees so going to cushy European prison is like a family reunion. They have no job so endless free time, lots of cohesion in the community because everyone is incestuously related. Practically too, they aren't easily identified because of false, missing, or non-existent documentation. Brown rapefugee stabs you and runs into a crowd of other criminal rapefugees. If the cops can't find him in 24-48 hours, they will never find him. Same thing happens in USA with niggers. Tell the cops a 5'10" young black male committed the crime or a 5'4" beaner they will roll their eyes because you just literally described 90% of their current case load. Unless they have video evidence or reliable witnesses, they won't be able to identify Tyrone who robbed the liquor store between Jamal who stole a laptop from starcucks. Same goes for Ahmed and Mohammad in Europe. Comparatively if a white guy commits a crime they'll take more interest… a white guy? Shit that's more uncommon. He has green eyes, light beard, and dark blonde hair? Hmm that's more descriptive than nappy black nigger hair, big lips, and brown eyes.

8fb273  No.12140988


>Clearly not if they’re being fucking stabbed. Even in countries where white men have guns, they aren’t using them.

Double-posting but this statement isn't true. Lots of non-whites are shot in America in self-defense cases. You just don't know about it because it's intentionally covered up. Go post on /k/ asking for webms of niggers getting shot by ccw holders.

f72ea2  No.12141010


Only solution is to kill all the jew orchestrators and White traitors.

ba53bf  No.12141066


>just breed goy

Yeah, you have to go back if you think the kikes like seeing white babbies popping up everywhere.

708118  No.12141078

White people are too cucked to do anything, they follow civility and the law too much not realizing that barbarians don't give a shit and will keep doing this till the locals are all genocided

b7f0ac  No.12141331


Hey stupid, you do realize this board is probably like 30% white, 30% shit-skin, and 40% shills, right?

000000  No.12141338



>Call them zogbots or crypto kikes but the majority of law enforcement is still white and they are the shabbos goyim that keeps non-kosher nationalists down.

200 top state police officer call in a reunion the federal minister of the interior divisive, for stating that “immigration is the mother of all problems”.

Policemen from the very state this young women was stabbed.


>Why are you not also in those subways and bus stations with friends and zip guns, faggot?

Don’t know, but at the moment I don’t have US crime stats at hand and I left the history book in the library, faggot.

627e18  No.12141367


And you are absolutely retarded. That was sarcasm you dumb fuck.

627e18  No.12141369

File: 80ae89ee57f0655⋯.png (305.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, retards of the nation of s….png)

File: 156cfd4837a82c5⋯.png (121.91 KB, 500x521, 500:521, Typical amerimutts hwhite ….png)



So Baste!

04b2c0  No.12141435

Yes and? We don't have a thread every time a nigger kills in chimpcago. Deal with your issues already.

55f968  No.12141623

We need to start executing these people and ideally executing their entire family to make an example. You do not fuck with our people.

834f22  No.12141994


Huh, that crowd was mostly shitskins.

5bb409  No.12142002


Sounds like they are inadvertently incentivizing a shoot to kill policy

2e2a4c  No.12142138

File: ce4b16dea172e6d⋯.jpeg (11.62 KB, 279x180, 31:20, images (3).jpeg)


the vast majority of whites have been turned into utter soy-slurping degenerate faggots. they're the most pathetic people on earth. imagine jerking off to an actual burglar raping your wife in your own bedroom. that's white civilisation. and you're virtually forced to watch because you can't do shit.

c7014e  No.12142197


the thing is, germans are having big civil protests in response to these killings and the western media (predictably) is painting them as nazis. it's plenty newsworthy.

2e2a4c  No.12142220


they're mostly cuckservatives. the majority vote is for a multiculti germany full of baste turks and every other being with a swarthy skin tone. if you think germany is going to rise up and become a white power again, you're severely retarded.

c5dfbe  No.12142234


link please

ee2379  No.12142238


because all the white knives in have already been binned

aec556  No.12142367


>serious knife problem


78ec1f  No.12144098


If might makes right, then you ought master might.

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