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File: 39f65119ba98e02⋯.jpg (107.41 KB, 1024x594, 512:297, spaceelevator.jpg)

File: 86e14e4c75528f4⋯.png (830.32 KB, 1920x1344, 10:7, launchloop.png)

File: 1cd56d1507ae427⋯.jpg (18.53 KB, 316x286, 158:143, pepe.jpg)

e66b97  No.12138078

Why do we need to develop a space economy? Because it will create economic growth the likes of which has never occurred in human history. Let's begin with asteroid mining, an industry capable of producing more wealth from a single mission than the entire world economy produces today:

>One single asteroid in our solar system - 241 Germania - has $95.8 (£60) trillion of mineral wealth inside it - nearly the same as the annual GDP of the entire WORLD.


Next, let's talk about production of solar power in space.

>Potential advantages of collecting solar energy in space include a higher collection rate and a longer collection period due to the lack of a diffusing atmosphere, and the possibility of placing a solar collector in an orbiting location where there is no night. A considerable fraction of incoming solar energy (55–60%) is lost on its way through the Earth's atmosphere by the effects of reflection and absorption. Space-based solar power systems convert sunlight to microwaves outside the atmosphere, avoiding these losses and the downtime due to the Earth's rotation, but at great cost due to the expense of launching material into orbit. SBSP is considered a form of sustainable or green energy, renewable energy, and is occasionally considered among climate engineering proposals. It is attractive to those seeking large-scale solutions to anthropogenic climate change or fossil fuel depletion (such as peak oil).


With cheaper energy, entire industries will develop. Crops can be grown indoors, eliminating soil erosion and the need for dangerous pesticides. Desalination of water will become a reality, saving millions of lives lost to drought or contaminated water.

What is holding us back? Launch costs. It simply costs too much to put a payload into space using current liquid fuel rocket designs. How do we overcome this problem? Thankfully, we have plenty of existing technologies that can dramatically lower launch costs. These include building much larger conventional rockets, nuclear rockets, as well as non-rocket launch systems:






To the stars, anons! A golden age awaits!

000000  No.12138092

Kike free, inb4:

Space is fake

Space elevator will explode and kill everyone on earth

Cannot be built without nanotubes

Don't build anything nice because kikes will steal it

add305  No.12138096

We've never been to space, faggot. We can't get there. Cute plans though. We well never leave this planet because we are destined to war ourselves into oblivion. Fuck off and prepare.

000000  No.12138105


You were properly inb4'ed. Please explain how GPS works if satellites don't exist.

a6b647  No.12138106


This is how the kikes want you: nihilist, docile and without ambition.

f057cf  No.12138109



Tornigger speaks the truth!

f057cf  No.12138113


I think they're just being jews. jews are nasty things, always argumentative and negative about everything. I think their just doing what they do. They worship a girl, so it only stands that they'd be bitchy all the time.

418005  No.12138115

File: b2bc7292fb96283⋯.jpg (92.94 KB, 836x526, 418:263, 5stagesofgrief.jpg)

>growing the economy

>feeding subhumans

>spreading the cancer

We can't into space civilization until the cancer races are gone. Sorry.

4a5eb3  No.12138119

Wouldn't the moon be a more practical immediate target for space mining than asteroids?

000000  No.12138120


>Don't escape from the cancer races by going into space, where the cancer races can't possibly follow!

587c37  No.12138122

All about that nuclear fuel.

a6b647  No.12138123


There's nothing apparently valuable in the moon. There's speculation about trapped helium under the surface, though.

587c37  No.12138129

It’s not speculative, they discovered it in the rocks they brought back.

The fuel is there.

ed39a7  No.12138139


No growth until kikes are dead. Any advancement will benefit kikes before whites.

000000  No.12138148


<Escape is the answer, goy

>P-please forget how you got into the sitation where you're now by retreating

f057cf  No.12138172


>Any advancement

There won't be advancement. The kikes currently covet their muh-shekels so much they bury design patents (Serco) before they can even hit R&D. They are nasty, inhuman pieces of shit that do nothing but covet. They're filth and there won't be any advancements on earth until they are done and gone.

Look what we're led to believe is "advanced thinking" today. An electric car and a fucking hole in the ground (the Boring Company).

000000  No.12138177


You were also properly inb4'ed. Kindly fuck off with this nonsense. The best way to unseat the kikes is to expose what they have been holding back from humanity.

d2765f  No.12138186

Because bringing that much raw material to earth would destroy the value of what we have already. Basically lot of jews would lose lots of money.

add305  No.12138200


>The rocks they brought back

The rocks that are fake.

add305  No.12138212



000000  No.12138215


I see another shill didn't read the kike free first.


That's called "material abundance" and it's a good thing.

fb4761  No.12138221


>What is holding us back?


d7905c  No.12138266


>>One single asteroid in our solar system - 241 Germania - has $95.8 (£60) trillion of mineral wealth inside it - nearly the same as the annual GDP of the entire WORLD.

Pff. Our Earth has quadrillions more than world GDP of mineral wealth just in basic gravel not counting any other minerals.

7a6e62  No.12138302


d442f4  No.12138342

Fuck off moshe. Take your slides back to half.

000000  No.12138461


Not in concentrated form such that you can spend a billion dollars and get back several trillion.


Not an argument.


Talmud is straight from the synagogue of satan.

df3d53  No.12138463

There will never be a space age until the Jews are defeated. They don't want white people to escape their grasp and leave them to be torn apart alive by shitskins.

d7905c  No.12138482


>Not in concentrated form such that you can spend a billion dollars and get back several trillion.

>mistaken wealth and profitability

Are you OP?

28c8cc  No.12138509

File: 6ec1bf5147b248e⋯.png (2.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6ec1bf5147b248e6e0782a3ce7….png)

000000  No.12138638


Not an argument.

000000  No.12138687

OP's article is retarded because it has absolutely no understanding of basic economics. It's like when that nigger with all his gold wealth flooded the gold market in Apefrica until gold became worthless.

30e6dc  No.12138883


Why would you leave our one and only habitable planet to escape the mud races when you could merely remove the mud races and never want for resources again for millennia?

000000  No.12138987


>Implying the problem is mud races and not the turbojews and the masons

000000  No.12138993


You prefer living in a world of scarcity of resources rather than abundance? A massive influx of rare earths and other materials from space would dramatically lower the cost of everything from electronics to nuclear fusion. And you think other people have a problem with basic economics?

d9faac  No.12139036

It’s like people enjoy living in what amounts to forced poverty due to the limitations of resources available on the surface without even considering regional disputes over such resources.

Some random warlord in a dirt hole on the other side of the planet isn’t going to be willingly giving up his patch of Earth no matter how many shekels or how much wealth you offer him.

That’s just how some people are. Especially in low level civilizations that don’t even have basic necessities.

d9faac  No.12139050


That’s like saying the Masons all agree on everything. Drive around to the different lodges and take note how many different lodges there are.

For every lodge there is a difference of opinion.

1e0bd5  No.12139057

File: 584e19dbffe439c⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 350x191, 350:191, disgonnabegud.gif)


Explain how roaches can't go anywhere humans go.

bb802b  No.12139062

Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods.

db4026  No.12139069


>bring back more minerals then all Of earth has

>instantly crash the mineral prices

bca0da  No.12139077


>industrial technologies and advanced consumer electronics that were ludicrously expensive because of scarcity are now affordable for everyone

>golden age of science and technology where all of the white world has exponentially more power than anyone else and can communicate effortlessly outside of preexisting jewish power structures

Yes, and?

000000  No.12139157


The grand lodge can remove anyone that doesn't support what they support, and masons are sworn to follow orders. So, yeah, it is like saying masons agree on everything.

000000  No.12139166

You shills need to get your story straight. If you actually hate all brown people and not just niggers, and aren't just larping to drive normies off from participating, then how do you also believe shitskins are uber powerful and capable of defeating the white man's plans to conquer space?

1dd2b5  No.12139198

It makes me deeply angry that we're basically going to be (((forced))) to take shitskins into space with us.

Imagine how many white people will die silently in the vacuum of space because some nigger snuck his fucking weed onto the shuttle

1dd2b5  No.12139202


It's not that the shitskins are powerful, it's that their cuck/kike advocates are.

64a78c  No.12139212

File: 31cc4cf8c3d59e7⋯.png (421.22 KB, 620x276, 155:69, gravity.PNG)


Effort is commended. Lets word smith it to the, "gravity age." Golden age is to earthly.

ae5f8c  No.12139214


Yeah, I am sure that’s how many view the situation. The last time I had a Grand Lodge tell me what to do I laughed in their faces.

They don’t try that anymore.

ae5f8c  No.12139217


Gravity isn’t real, it’s a Jewish meme to keep you worshipping Einstein.

1dd2b5  No.12139221


>where all of the white world

Kikes are still the problem

64a78c  No.12139232




jewish, huh. I'll go with the trust but verify philosophy on that one.

000000  No.12139237


I can guarantee you're never going near WM of any important lodge.


I demand to speak with your supervisor. You tell him to send us an actual shill right now or I'm calling corporate.

1c5dc1  No.12139262


Well that’s not even something I would be upset about. If they oppose my agenda then they are not following the plan as it was written.


Read into the Thermodynamics work coming out of the Netherlands over the past few decades. Gravity is a result of natural entropy.

6c97c2  No.12139274


How much of that "abundance" will go towards feeding, housing, and medically supporting shitholers?

If the answer is not "zero" then it is bullshit.


Genetics. Everything flows from genetics. Without fixing genetics there can be no future worth a damn. Right now the world is rocketing towards a brown favela dysgenic shithole.

Until we fix that there is no point in spending time and effort on space travel (and I am a strong supporter of space travel).

The first step is to reestablish White homelands for Whites only and remove all jews and their shabbos. The second step is to institute sensible, humane, and effective eugenics to cultivate human greatness in the Volk.

We must retake a firm standing ground before we can reach for the stars.


Right now the "White world" is dying. It is being murdered by shitholer invasion, kike propaganda, and parasitic "elites" controlling everything.

How about we fix that first?


Tar baby, anon.

It's not that the shitholers can defeat Whites in open conflict. (not until they MASSIVELY outnumber us, anyway) It's that Whites are subjected to endless kike propaganda to turn "White altruism" against White people and towards "those poor crying shitholers."


Furthermore, the propaganda tells Whites not to have children or to spawn half-shitholer abominations and thus blend Whites out of existence.


Yet another reason why we must reestablish White homelands for Whites only before any serious space exploration can, or should, be attempted.

108cd9  No.12139311


Both are memes.

> asteroid mining

Asteroid are big rocks with maybe some water in it, there is nothing worth extracting from these, moreso when comparing with what one can bring to orbit from earth with a cheap potentially reusable rocket. The only exception would be an asteroid very rich in rare metals (platinum etc…) but there is no proof these exist and your Germania 241 is no exception: it's just a piece of rock, extremely far from Earth as it is in the asteroid belt. Even water is not useful as a fuel because the most likely to reach this technology level will be using CH4/O2 and not H2/O2, as I don't see the Europeans nor old USA (besides SpaceX and Blue Origin) being big players in Space in the next decade.

> space solar

Until you are planning on building a Dyson Sphere in the near future, there is plenty of land on Earth where it's damn easy to put panels, no need to bring them up to orbit for only 2x the efficiency, efficiency which you lose anyway when you transfer the energy to Earth for human use.

000000  No.12139332


>Stop fixing the actual problems, goyim!

>You have to fix the other problems that we created before you can put us out of business permanently!

000000  No.12139337


>nothing but water

Then why did the article say almost $100 trillion from one asteroid?

>leave the solar panels on earth, where they get blocked half the day and anytime there are clouds

Why would you do that when you can get many times the same amount of energy out of the same capital investment in panels, and eliminate need for backup systems when the panels can't function?

b0ca6c  No.12139496


Well we could do it if we if ignored them and they became rat people living in our abandoned crumbling cities as our gleaming starships left for orbit.

30e6dc  No.12139519


>ignore rats

>rats continue breeding out of control and shit everything up even faster

Excellent plan.

f057cf  No.12139547


>Why would you do that when you can get many times the same amount of energy out of the same capital investment in panels, and eliminate need for backup systems when the panels can't function?

Even just putting a solar collector that projects and energy beam for us down here would be a substantial jump in technology allowing for a much greater yield of sun-energy.

64a78c  No.12139918


I'm familiar with thermodynamics and entropy. can you point me to a body of work? Gravity age would connect with more normies than say, entropy age, or energy age, in terms of space age. The thought of energizing the ionosphere and collecting it is still a fascination of mine. Might have to break out some old notebooks and over a beer tonight.

187959  No.12139939


>One single asteroid in our solar system - 241 Germania - has $95.8 (£60) trillion of mineral wealth inside it - nearly the same as the annual GDP of the entire WORLD.

This, right here, is why. Can't have a pack of some young upstarts coming in and pitching (((established wealth))) into the poorhouse.

5fad58  No.12139965


Asteroid mining is a code word for Antarctica mining.

2ed36f  No.12140005

Space economy would end our reliance on hydrocarbons.

We wouldn't need plastic anymore, because we'd have abundant cheap titanium, platinum and other metals. We wouldn't need oil because we'd have 1000x more efficient solar.

tl;dr Rothschild won't let it happen.

2ed36f  No.12140029



>(((one cup)))

Gravity was a thing hundreds of years before Mileva Maric did the math for Lorentz' idea.

The work coming out of Norway is more about unifying theory, which will explain everything for us.

518961  No.12140039

File: 5a6d1c36aca5ea2⋯.jpg (765.12 KB, 2319x1512, 773:504, Cultivating The Moon (1991….jpg)

File: 273cfde20d8ba5b⋯.jpg (679.23 KB, 2325x1527, 775:509, Eye In The Lunar Sky (1990….jpg)

File: bc66078eb8384d8⋯.jpg (562.5 KB, 2700x1651, 2700:1651, Opening the Space Frontier….jpg)

File: 5d12ba9be44efb2⋯.jpg (332.52 KB, 1482x964, 741:482, Pioneering The Space Front….jpg)

File: 0674923024a905c⋯.jpg (368.56 KB, 1486x795, 1486:795, The Spirit of NASA (1982) ….jpg)

d76a59  No.12140061


>They worship a girl


b75662  No.12140067

>Let's begin with asteroid mining, an industry capable of producing more wealth from a single mission than the entire world economy produces today:

This is where you are wrong. Kikes will throttle sales to the max to maintain value. It's either that or let the market become saturated and minerals become incredibly cheap. I suppose then it will become a question of what should we do we with all the excess? Resource stripping is only continuous if you have a more ultimate goal to feed it.

2a3ccb  No.12140142


Better not touch space while there are jews around, kikes could easily build kinetic weapons to launch at anon's house and make it off as a sinkhole.

6c97c2  No.12140254


Have you never heard of iron-nickel asteroids?

Do you have any idea what you are talking about?

It doesn't sound like it.

>>dyson sphere!!!!!

You can't see the point in mining asteroids, but you suggest that it is, in ANY way, even REMOTELY possible to even in the TINIEST BIT realistically consider building a "dyson sphere." Ever.

Try reading some actual scientific literature.


My entire post was about how we must fix the ACTUAL PROBLEMS in our countries before we expand outwards into space.

Did you even read the post?

If we don't stop the ongoing genocide of White people and remove ZOG (jews, shabbos, "elites") then there will be no point. To anything.


Or we could actually fix our problems and reestablish White homelands.


Once again, we must fix our actual problems before we can work towards a future worth a damn.

Hitler was right about pretty much everything.


We (White America) could be colonizing Mars and exploring the moons of Jupiter RIGHT NOW.

Instead we fight bullshit wars for kike demons while our country is invaded by shitholers.

So stupid.


What do we do?

Volkist White Nationalism.

Remove parasitic finance.

National Socialist economics.

265162  No.12140262


We safely impact the planet with thousands of meteors over the next two decades. This increases the landmass of the planet and while water levels may rise in some areas, the overall depth of the ocean would decrease because of how mathematically extruding volume shapes from a sphere would work

581a77  No.12140263


You can’t fix earthly problems relying on earthly systems and resources, so no matter how much you try to conjure me to think as you do, it will never happen.

You can’t fool me with your queers either. Been at this a long time.

3eac85  No.12140278


> even REMOTELY possible to even in the TINIEST BIT realistically consider building a "dyson sphere."

eh a dyson sphere could be considered just a swarm op solar panels/reflectors around the sun,that seems pretty easy if we really wanted to.

000000  No.12141421

SAGE for space hoax and gay OP.

000000  No.12142462


>Implying that we won't defeat the Rothschilds

000000  No.12142467


Going to space fixes ACTUAL PROBLEMS. Like shortages of resources, lack of economic growth, national debt, no hope so kids turn to sjw theory for meaning.

024cfd  No.12142639


Gold didn't have much value apart from being scarce. The resources we're talking about have actual uses.


You wont crash it below the cost of extraction though.

5e609b  No.12142653

We need to find the water on asteroid because they can be used to protect the people from the radiation.

a21494  No.12142793



Also if we started mining the moon we might get unwanted consequences down the line. Like if after 1000 years of mining the tides get all fucked up and the biosphere collapses because the moon is 10% lighter or something.

000000  No.12142830


>We might…uh…have something bad happen in 1000 years

We already have millions of people starving because we don't have enough energy throughput and resources with the current arrangement of the economy to support them.

b0ca6c  No.12142860



He problem is a parasytic human phenotype genetically intertwined with normal humans aka psychpaths. We will neeve be free of this cancer until we remove them from our stock. Also Jess. But psycopaths are the collaborators and traitors that let the Jews in.

bca0da  No.12142867


You’re retarded and fundamentally don’t understand the size of planetary bodies.

bca0da  No.12142869


>How about we fix that first?


a21494  No.12142874


I kekked hard when Elon was speaking about his 'revolutionary' city tunnels. He's reinvented the subway, something that was invented in London in 1863, except his version is less useful because of the practicality of having 'up to 100' road tunnels all stacked one on top of the other. The whole point of a road network is you can take any path, and stop at any point to park and go into a building. So he's either talking about extending every building in the city down 100 levels to be accessible to his underground network, or the system would be completely useless because to get to a building you'd still have to be on the surface, so there'd have to be hundreds of ramps all over the place to access and use the streets properly. It's one of the worst ideas I've ever heard.

A much better system would be an underground conveyor belt network for deliveries so the roads stopped being clogged up by delivery vans.

Then there was that submarine he offered to help those Thai (?) boys stuck in a cave, that completely failed to address the problem that the cave system had lots of tight twists and turns, some like 2 feet in radius. His solution was a 10 foot long mini sub coffin, showing that Tesla obviously simply didn't understand the problem at all. It was a publicity stunt.

And we're expected to hero-worship him as a mega genius. I'm sure he's vaguely clever but in that Joe Rogan interview he was talking about college level physics as if his points were great revelations and Rogan was lapping it up like Musk was actually the next Tesla.

c284dc  No.12142875


Satekikes are not in space though

a21494  No.12142889


You're retarded and fundamentally don't understand exponential expansion of industrial potential, nor where it could go a tip; unimaginably far in 200 years, let alone 1000, with access to enough resources and energy, which we'll have if we're asteroid mining and solar farming.


>don't plan ahead

>states irrelevant information

000000  No.12142899


I love that you shills are both so stupid and so desperate to dissuade people from building a space economy that you would say something this cripplingly retarded.

bca0da  No.12142909


Where’re you going to get the reaction mass to do what you claim, dipshit?

a21494  No.12142916


Literally what

bca0da  No.12142930


Thanks for admitting you know fucking nothing about the topic of discussion. Fuck off with your “mine the entire moon’s mass” bullshit.

a21494  No.12142938


>mine the entire moon

You fuck off with your strawman. Are you telling me you can personally guarantee that no future civilisation will ever have the capacity to alter the moon's weight?

000000  No.12142955


The moon itself has plenty of reaction mass. So do asteroids. Did you just look up a fancy-sounding word and hope people would be confused enough by your using it that they would assume the whole project is infeasible "because reaction mass"?


Reported for strawman pilpul.

6c97c2  No.12143469


Not with shitholers in White countries.

Nothing will EVER get better in White countries until the shitholers are removed from White countries. Also, parasitic jews and their shabbos must be removed for things to ever be good again for White people. Deport them all to be with their people. Sink or swim in their own lands.

Now, not all non-Whites are shitholers. Some are impressive people, but they are still not White and should not be in White countries. They should be in their own countries with their own people.


see >>12142867


Million of SHITHOLERS starving. The retarded masses of idiots who breed like rats and have room temperature IQs.

They should starve. They will sooner or later since they insist on continuing to multiply. Either that or most of them should be sterilized.

Indeed, deport all the shitholers already in White countries back to the brown and black hives and end ALL THE GIBS.

No more "White man's burden." To hell with them all.

If they try to cross the borders into White countries, shoot them.

Take Africa for example. Even the tiny fraction of Africa that was Rhodesia under White rule produced enormous amounts of food. Then the shitholers took over and they starved. Genetics is the foundation of everything, and shitholer genetics produces shitholes.

The only scenario in which we (White people) should feed the shitholers is in exchange for the shitholers being sterilized and their land passing to Whites after they die out.


"Organic" farming. Slightly less efficient, but very doable.

The excess billions of retarded blacks and browns will starve. (they will anyway. It's only a question of how many billions will die when the world famine eventually hits. What possible benefit is there to continue feeding useless eaters? Especially when they repay the kindness, benevolence, and tolerance of Whites with hatred, malice, and invasion? Again, to hell with them all.)

White countries, once made White again, can EASILY be self sufficient in food even using 100% "organic farming" techniques. And unlike shitholers, we can keep our growth in check.

Do you even know anything about farming?

Mineral fertilizers were essentially never used until the last 150 years or so. Was there NO FOOD before then?

Whites, Japs, some asians, and some spics will survive easily. The dumber groups will starve. Nature's way to check growth. It's brutal, but it all could have been prevented if the "send aid to shitholers" idiots had not been allowed to grow the problem and if the "open borders" idiots had not been allowed to import the problem.




There is no point to mining the moon. (except to use on the moon) The moon is literally the same stuff as the Earth. Both bodies were originally one. Look up Theia impact hypothesis.

Mining asteroids makes some sense because of metallic asteroids. They are giants chunks of iron, nickel, and other metals. Not ore, actual giant hunks of metal. Look up 16 Psyche. One of the ten most massive asteroids in the asteroid belt, 16 Psyche is mostly (90+%) composed of metallic iron and nickel. It is about 120 miles in diameter and has a mass of about 2.7 X 10^19 kg. This means that at current iron usage rates, and assuming zero recycling, it would take over ten million years to "use up" that asteroid. Of course, there are numerous transport and energy issues raising serious questions about practicality, but interesting nonetheless.

000000  No.12143894


>Stop trying to make things better until my ridiculous prerequisites are met!

f84c9d  No.12143956

File: 6420cc513312c1b⋯.jpg (27.18 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 320px-480914main_ELHVraila….jpg)

File: 140b262d3059673⋯.jpg (39.74 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Launch_ring.jpg)

File: 68b1e8f5d3a1289⋯.png (772.46 KB, 966x572, 483:286, we have the technology..png)

What I would do is time Lunar opterations to start taking place a few months before Mars operations.

That way with the combined excitement, you could order congress to give you the funding for what ever you want regarding space.

I would do

1.the first ever orbiters for Neptune & Uranus.

2. Commercial Hubble referb, capture,and replacement.

3. Fuel depots in LEO,Lunar,and Mars orbits.

4.Push for the development of Satellite refurbishing, and orbital manufacturing. There's indeed benefit for manufacturing in orbit.



If the $1m/kg price for the product are accurate, shipping costs are actually small. Dragon can launch ~3000 kg to the ISS for something like 150 million, or ~50,000/kg - and land the product again.

5. Use the Space force budget to leach funds off the DoD budget to pay for space mining R&D. There's not enough minerals deposits for WW3.

6. Scale up the technology that will be used for launching aircraft off Ford Carriers to launch space craft.

000000  No.12144676


Want more space pictures

83d209  No.12144712


>Next, let's talk about production of solar power in space.

Ok, sure, I'll bite, how many watt-hours per kilogram of solar panel will you get? How much will it cost to bring the necessary quantity of panels to space to even make it worth it?

Why not just use nuclear power?

2eb55a  No.12144769

File: 5f9d6dd01a52789⋯.jpg (211.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, thumb-1920-781383[1].jpg)


In general?

Tough to say on specifics but main hurdles are not getting shit up there it's getting power down. Microwave power tech is hilariously inefficient.

The other major hurdle is space debris. But then as we develop orbital infrastructure debris cleanup will become increasingly important.

108cd9  No.12144787


> Have you never heard of iron-nickel asteroids?

Meh. Show me a link with an asteroid that is actually worthy of mining. Iron and nickel are extremely plentyful on Earth so noone cares, and most rare metals in asteroids are at very low ppm; even if 10 or 100 times more concentrated than on Earth mines, it's still low concentration. This is not like just raise your hand and you get pure iridium. Don't even get me started on the ones in the asteroid belt, which are just way too far away: you want near Earth asteroids.

> dyson sphere

That part was ironic you dumb nigger. Saying "in the near future" was not enough clue for asteroid miners wannabe.

2eb55a  No.12144894


I dunno. Build a massive ore refining operation in the asteroid belt. Mine with drones. It could be pretty profitable.

For metals like iron and nickel you could flood the market to near post scarcity levels in short order. Imagine if we started making everything out of steel again because it was cheaper than plastic?

f84c9d  No.12144927

File: 251800b258b9da1⋯.jpg (29.68 KB, 300x228, 25:19, 300px-ETL.jpg)

File: 4bb72d11d419b50⋯.png (4.21 MB, 2988x1600, 747:400, dbvfgvdfsvbX.png)

File: 8b668e704b6f416⋯.jpg (74.88 KB, 602x447, 602:447, tashutl_c04_06.jpg)



Musk is going to make Space Race era scifi real

2ed36f  No.12144949


Moon has a lot of fusion fuel on it, and it's cheaper to get it off the moon than from the bottom of the ocean and launch it up.

Also moon is a great staging point, a permanent space station/dockyard.

4015d6  No.12144979


maybe its the spam thats getting your trash deleted.

nobody cares about some shitty news article about reddit and qlarp

000000  No.12145020


>Show me a link with an asteroid that is actually worthy of mining

Literally in the op.

dad051  No.12145039

you guys got the image that showed how we can build space colonies right now but NASA has almost no funds to do it?

978a53  No.12145083

>mfw the double niggers in this thread assume Dyson sphere is an actual solid object

>mfw no one in this thread is talking about active support or O'Neil Cylinders

I miss the real space elevator threads. nu pol is full of luddites

108cd9  No.12145092

File: 1f19796639ec6e6⋯.png (131.23 KB, 1327x529, 1327:529, 241germania.png)


> dailymail source is worth something

This asteroid is a big rock of shit far away from Earth. It's a click bait title that's all.

You know what's REALLY worth something? The moon. The fucking moon. There is so much materials on this rock, even metals… Mining the moon and bringing it all to Earth would be worth trillions of dollars, that's for sure.

730061  No.12145105


post that shit on >>>/qresearch/

978a53  No.12145326


yeah let's fuck with the moon. you know, the giant satellite that stabilizes our orbit and allowed life to form.

great plan retard.

000000  No.12145520


We mine earth all the time. And that's literally the place where we live.

844e2f  No.12146107


We co-evolved along with Moon so I am not sure if it is safe to mess with our brain if we mess with Luna.

f4670b  No.12146116


< Science fiction fapping threads allowed

< foreign elections, pushing moderate right-wingers of the lamest sort, allowed

< US discussion of elections, particularly strategies to stay relevant and avoid white genocide? prohibited.

b59646  No.12147871

Space elevator(s) must be built. Then oribtal ring around the planet to use as launch pad. Everything is easy once we can get off the planet with minimal resource and cost that the elevator would provide. Every trip up reinforces the elevator while at same time delivering payloads to space or ferrying workers to and fro.

Once we have the elevator and parts of the ring being built, we can begin space exploration and actual resource harvesting. This will destroy our economy with the abundance of resources from a single asteroid, so economic planning must account for this in some way.

Eventually, the entire ring will be built and solar arrays can be built for energy consumption. We could arguably build a super collider the size of Earth into the ring if we wanted to, but that's excessive planning this early. The ring will allow slingshot momentum around the Earth to propel us anywhere within the solar system.

Additionally, multiple elevators could be built across the planet that connect to the same ring.

With the massive resources gained, dyson spheres can be built and we can enter true enlightenment period, provided we kill all the jews, niggers, spics, poos and chinks.

08c2ca  No.12147957

Problem with the space economy is that as is the workers in space will declare themselves an independent government once they have enough resources to sustain themselves. Nothing wrong with that but the kikes will push this argument as a mandate for globalism saying it's the only way to get into space.

08c2ca  No.12148054

Also the space rings will most likely be around the Earth's equator to absorb most sunlight throughout the year. So we're going to need to find a suitable land mass in the equator that's protected from hurricanes. Another thread mentioned cultivating the Saharah to qualm tropical storms.

But nonetheless we'll need land under space elevator to have a stable foundation to load and unload resources until more practical technology is available.

5aea2a  No.12148080

then how do lasers blow up our oil rigs?


>We've never been to space, faggot.

c5f266  No.12148141


You aren't going to avoid White genocide with Sheldon Adelson's money. Reported, by the way.

7fed55  No.12148673

File: 2f6235bb7117939⋯.jpg (114.19 KB, 633x950, 633:950, 2f6235bb71179398128f11cd4a….jpg)

>dumbfuck anons think glorified slingshots and chemical rockets will get us to the stars, ITT

You want to get to the stars you need quantum tech. Physically travelling there with propulsion systems of conventional nature just isn't possible, no matter how long you think you can live in 'cryo sleep'. The chances of getting there are very low by crudely forcing your way through this current space time fabric.

4bdc06  No.12148709

we have to purge the degenerates before we can build a space elevator

they won't even let us build a border wall

0b6fb2  No.12148769

File: 098ab571c6837b6⋯.jpg (828.54 KB, 3038x2141, 3038:2141, __ahead_enact_gn_x_iii_and….jpg)



Agreed. The horde needs to go first lest we want to see space shit being dropped with the accompanied with ALLAH AKBAR.

ffe31f  No.12148896




I really miss pre 2016 8ch

cd9d85  No.12148979


I miss those threads, I hope he comes back one day. They really were some of the best threads on /pol/.

2cb395  No.12148980


>One single asteroid in our solar system - 241 Germania - has $95.8 (£60) trillion of mineral wealth inside it - nearly the same as the annual GDP of the entire WORLD

The second a rare resource becomes abundant is the second its price plummets to river sand levels.

5cff63  No.12153001

File: ea5e480f5d1918f⋯.jpg (716.29 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Model_of_the_universe_acco….JPG)

A-anon, I…

b0099d  No.12153036


The earth can't be concave AND hollow at the same time

000000  No.12153183


>Go to space

>Create golden age

>Secede from kikery

Where are you seeing a problem?

000000  No.12153186


Where did he go?

000000  No.12153196


Most of these things have pretty inelastic demand, and would be needed to develop the space economy. Rare earths mined off world would not crater the price if we were simultaneously building 10x the number of solar panels currently being built, demand for electronics increased as electricity cost decreased, etc.

574cda  No.12153261

File: 30c01a9ac069322⋯.jpg (70 KB, 679x960, 679:960, 072.jpg)


Fucking fake. The earth isn't depicted as flat. Come on bro wth.

3fb7e4  No.12153606


>Where are you seeing a problem?

Not nuking earth from orbit before leaving the galaxy.

67b533  No.12153712




oy vey

((("Costs too much goyim")))

We already know what the (((problem))) is. If the wrong side didn't win WW2 we most likely would be colonizing space right now. Instead of persuing the worthless egalitaian gutter trash of cultural marxist democracy, after Jews devised their satanic plan for mass third world mud extermination(kalergi, hooton, frankfurt plans) of systematically exterminating the the only race who has ever been capable of achieving marvels like space travel, airplanes and rocketry and all the tech to get there, they want us gone at max the end of this century. And If we don't do something about these fucking rat kikes soon forget about space, rockets or anything you held dear in our society because rest assured if the jews aren't defeated the globe will just be mud, rootless egalitarian coffee colored slave caste mouth breather trash governed by a global 2nd USSR.

Jews and their shabbos goyim have no vision of space, of anything beyond feeble non profits only based off greed and endless neurotic materialism. And as long as they're in charge rest assured it'll stay that way forever.

79108f  No.12153763


So what do you suggest as a solution?

5e609b  No.12154065


We research and build in the place secret where the government is too corrupt or poor to stop us from doing that.

697edb  No.12154094

File: b01fa610cc45e46⋯.jpg (155.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Itmostcertainlydoes.jpg)


A concave earth would be hollow by definition; The real problem with a concave earth is that it can't be concave and plane at the same time

000000  No.12154461



474769  No.12154477

Second pic related;

>and can be built with existing engineering materials.

Same shit was claimed about the space elevator for the last decade+

Same with solar powered highways for the last decade+

6c97c2  No.12154521


>>Don't do the ONLY thing that will make things better, just waste time, effort, and wealth on pipe dreams while the world goes to UTTER SHIT!!!

Gas yourself.


Bread and circuses while the light of human greatness is extinguished from the world.

Until we stop White genocide, marxism, ZOG, kike finance bullshit, oligarchy formation, and other such things then what you are describing is exactly that.

"Diversity in SPAAAAAAAACEE!!!"



This. However, don't expect a scientific answer, probably.


>>show me a link of an asteroid worth mining

As I said; "Of course, there are numerous transport and energy issues raising serious questions about practicality, but interesting nonetheless."

Interesting, not practical until we have FAR better propulsion technology (such as fusion rockets, for example).


Extremely unlikely.


Helium-3 is somewhat overrated.

We cannot currently achieve net gain fusion with deuterium- tritium fuel despite it being BY FAR the easiest form of fusion to achieve. (if "cold fusion" is a real thing, then that would be easier of course)

If a great breakthrough in fusion reactor design is made, then it hopefully would become possible to net-gain fuse proton-boron 11. This would have all of the advantages of helium 3-helium 3 (chiefly, being aneutronic) while using common fuel that is abundant on Earth (and elsewhere).


>>assume a dyson sphere in an actual solid object

I am not assuming that. The point is that the solar system is VAST. The idea of capturing any significant portion of the Sun's output is rather ridiculous.

>>O'Neill cylinder

Something like O'Neill cylinders are an interesting and plausible technique for space colonization. Especially for use in the asteroid belt, perhaps. One interesting proposal is to build an O'Neill cylinder type habitat on one end of a stabilized iron asteroid for ready access to building materials. Of course, stabilizing an iron asteroid of any significant size would be quite difficult. The point of stabilization would be to keep the cylinder pointing at the sun.


The moon is just rock. Other than the questionably useful Helium-3, it is entirely unremarkable.

You don't actually understand what you are talking about.

The case where mining the moon may make sense is for use ON THE MOON.



You have a poor understanding of scale.


Probably not even possible.

Certainly not realistic.


How many years have you spent studying physics and engineering?

I suspect zero.


Perhaps. If such things are even possible, that is.

However, using plausible advanced physical propulsion technology (such as fusion rockets) could easily be used to colonize this solar system.


Do you honestly think that space exploration would not be "diversified" and "affirmative action-ed" if we did not fix our shit before then?




The truth does tend to get repeated a lot.

6c97c2  No.12154546


Wait, are you saying that space elevators can be built with existing materials, or that they can't?

By "the truth" (>>12154521) I meant to say that a space elevator can't be realistically built with current materials on Earth, and the "standard" or "static" space elevator 100% can't be built on Earth with any known nor projected material.

Sage for double post.

08c2ca  No.12154548


Getting off the ground is the problem. The global cabal owns the majority of the resources we need to pull this off. How will you claim those resources from them?


Well fuck you too. No, I am not an engineer. Which is why I come to ask about this stuff first if it is or isn't possible.

0bc330  No.12154559

File: 2e90b1f31e8819e⋯.jpg (33.22 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 2e90b1f31e8819eef8e16efd55….jpg)

>if we eat more, surely the parasites will stop stealing our nutrients!

Gotta fix the one problem first, OP.

Still, you're in the right direction - although, space elevators are a fucking meme and would literally cause the biggest explosion in human history. We should still be reaching for the stars.

6c97c2  No.12154572


>>Well fuck you too

Perhaps I was a bit too harsh.

I think that it is good that you are inquisitive.

>>The cabal owns the resources, how do we pull this off?

National Socialism

Or something like it.



1f081a  No.12154595





1f081a  No.12154605

File: 02bd09f3bc322e8⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1199x946, 109:86, DEXATI20180805022900.png)

08c2ca  No.12154741


So… My question is will a ring station around the equator not work for a solar farm? Yes I do know the complications of sending energy back to earth.

My guess is the solar energy wouldn't be sent to earth. It's as retarded as SOLAR FREAKIN' ROADWAYS. Solar would be used in the station itself whether the station is a space port, refinery, or more. Solar would also not be the main source of power. Well, Solar is great for reducing energy cost from the main nuclear fusion and fission cores, depending on the age of the sector. At best Solar power would be routed to quality of life systems not essential to maintain the station. The station will still be dependent on it's core reactors for power.

a499d8  No.12156148

File: adb87bfafa67934⋯.webm (1.65 MB, 854x480, 427:240, gondola_moon.webm)

Sweet dreams. Fodder for novels. Unfortunately not much to actually discuss.

000000  No.12156556


Exposing the bankruptcy of the rulership by the international Jew is the way that you overthrow the international Jews. That's why these threads about tech that has been sitting on the shelf for 2 generations not being used are so important.

000000  No.12156574


You're thinking of a conventional space elevator with the tether that is thousands of miles long. That's not what we're talking about. This is an orbital ring in low earth orbit, with a tether hanging down to the surface. Easily built with existing materials like kevlar, even steel.

We probably could build the long tether, though. Graphene will do it, and we recently developed a way to manufacture large pieces of graphene. Nanotubes would do it, although we need to work on ways to make them longer. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to wait on those when we have a cheaper, easier design already available.

000000  No.12156589


Transmitting power back to earth from space isn't nearly as difficult as you are imagining.


08c2ca  No.12156735


Interesting. I'm not an engineer but I do write science fiction from time to time. That said would a thin ring station around Earth's equator mess with the climate too much?

000000  No.12156842


High enough not to interfere with the climate.

08c2ca  No.12156949


Then there's the question about how much power the station will consume vs. how much it will send back to Earth. What are the possibilities of the station being large enough to have it's own biosphere to cut energy costs? By biosphere I mean a nature-like climate including weather, water currents, flora, and fauna that shifts with the rotation of the station depending on season?

We can use machines to power water sanitation and air filtering/synthesis. But if the earth has the means to produce these naturally without machines then why not use those means ourselves to save some power cost? When it comes to solar energy you either use it or it goes to waste. That said the power saved with the natural biosphere can be sent back to Earth or used for construction.

A bit off topic but this idea came to me. I also mention the station being divided into sectors. Each sector can be detatched independently from the station if need be or isolated to contain a hazard like a vacuum hole. That said sectors would not be the entire section of the ring. I imagine the ring itself being divided into a grid with multiple ways to get in or out of the sector. The grids have to be even with the center split because the ring follows pi. So there's always a central I/O line between sectors in the middle that goes around the station. But there's other lines outside the center line that you can always shift to as to not bottleneck the station.

22b2cb  No.12163070

Great thread, OP. Most people don't understand the implications of asteroid mining. It's not about sending minerals to Earth, it's about not having to send them into space from a gravity well.

000000  No.12163490


Sending them to earth would be pretty damn profitable, too.

db424a  No.12166861

File: 94aad2ffac6c257⋯.jpg (66.59 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 90f5b9726ae5fc5b7c95b222e0….jpg)

File: feeb523976e42d2⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 6120x8820, 34:49, 250f740886e6dd998bc5392eac….jpg)

File: 619ab570afc26fe⋯.jpg (197.57 KB, 2254x2190, 1127:1095, a73484b80c55f7ccbb9267dbe9….jpg)

File: cf7fd29d44fdfd5⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 450x450, 1:1, cf7fd29d44fdfd579fa2dfbc67….gif)

File: eeb9ac00606a51c⋯.png (814.34 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, remiq.net_10940.png)

be612f  No.12167340


No, this is how scifi subculture pushing bastards make men:

espacists, eyes in the sky while their world burns, fantasizing about space shuttles

000000  No.12168690


>Don't imagine a better world so that you can redpill the normies by showing how bankrupt the cabal is!

What's your solution?

d219fe  No.12168703

File: 5f2c00905a4a546⋯.png (263.97 KB, 1024x841, 1024:841, leslie2.png)

They better have bitcoins in space if you want to develop a proper kike-free economy

f84c9d  No.12168709


commie faggot.



4873bf  No.12168724


>That's right goy, use a currency where our shekels cannot be traced, and where we can give ourselves as much of it as we want and manipulate goyim to give their real assets in exchange

000000  No.12168751


Reported for reporting people because you disagree with them. Have you ever considered telling the horsefucker why he's wrong instead of acting like a kikeshill?

142c91  No.12168786


reported for being a kike nigger

440a5e  No.12168806


That's an insult to commies honestly, if it weren't for competition with the commies America wouldn't have even landed on the moon. If anything that faggot is one of those "muh welfare" individuals.

d219fe  No.12168890


>muh downvote for disagreement

You have to go back.

000000  No.12178609



f6bcb7  No.12178668





go back to cuckchan, you one single particular person who is not four different people

inb4 derail

8f6730  No.12185779



>y-you don't want to keep your head in the clouds, c-c-communist!!!!1

Grow up manchildren, burn those scifi-books. Hypothetical "space colonization" has nothing to do with a better world.

c70751  No.12186330


Explains it all

We need to meme trump into erecting a space elevator and distributing all profits from the endeavor to the people

cc5eaf  No.12186357

issac arthur on jewtube

20749c  No.12188396


Mods bumplocked this thread, it could easily merge with this one anyway.

a9e567  No.12189010



Bigelow Aerospace is what your looking for.

467d2d  No.12202490

File: 2cdec52a9e96ad0⋯.jpeg (18.2 KB, 500x502, 250:251, serveimage (45).jpeg)



Cringe test.

f3baea  No.12203855


space colonization is our future

only white men understand

64af1d  No.12203868


>Why do we need to develop a space economy? Because it will create economic growth the likes of which has never occurred in human history.

This is a stupid reason. The real reason is because space habitation is the ultimate form of white flight, and the only way we can be guaranteed to be free of Jews and niggers permanently. It is implicitly white nationalist (no homo).

5f9d99  No.12203884


Pushing for any advancement is retarded because well just end up with mars being full of niggers. The jews own the means to space, its not going to be a bunch of nordic people up there.

dbc65a  No.12206422


Do you have any idea the size of something like that. Surely, you realize the Earth is but a tiny fucking speck compared to the Sun.The material amount alone would be vastly more huge than our whole damn planet. It would take an extreme amount of off planet mining to even begin thinking in those terms. And you can't just think about building something around a body with the kind of mass gravity a star has without some serious security effort to protect the investment and that doesn't take in account the huge amount of time it would take to pull off such a project. We are NOT up to that task.

84b559  No.12206528

File: b7d75e16566c35b⋯.jpg (136.4 KB, 800x700, 8:7, orz_marine.jpg)


Learn 2 mechanics. A space elevator crashing does not cause aerobreaking heating, it would admitedly form a rather impressive pile of rubble, but not worse than a skyscraper of that size falling down. It can not explode unless it is made out of explosives.


We won't be going into space to get stuff that we don't already have, we will be going into space to get away from governments. The only virgin land left is off the planet, if you want to build your ethnostate, ancap paradise or whatever, that is where you will have to go.

Mining asteroids is easy, as tons of matter is easily thrown around when there is no gravity. M-type asteroids contain metals, including large amounts of precious metals. If gold and silver weren't as rare as they are on earth, you would be building a lot more stuff with them. Most asteroids are C-type though, and contain mostly volatiles, which is handy if you buildning habitats.

The only way we are getting into space is if it is economical to do so. Plenty of new companies are getting into the launch services industry, as LEO launch market keeps expanding. Forget the old GEO-centric government funded bullshit, we can now get stuff into space rationally.

picture unrelated

64af1d  No.12208001


Niggers could not survive in space. Jews might still be a problem.

5f9d99  No.12208015



The kikes own the companies, the governments, and all the capital needed to push for something like this. You aren't gonna get whites in space without others coming along.

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