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2cb87c  No.12138692

Pic for attention

There is a national competition being held for designs that will replace the Confederate monuments in Richmond, Virginia.

Submissions can be done by groups or individuals. If we all put some effort, we can shit all over their little commie wank fest.



Please share with others. This could be another victory for us /pol/tards.

d5fe37  No.12138708

putting that pic only makes people going through no-fap hate you. this isnt halfchan you nigger. people here are actually trying to better themselves. fuck off and die

ca67fb  No.12138712

Why not submit plans for;

>An obese mulatto mtf tranny twerking on the ruins of civilization

62fb92  No.12138718

File: d39fb02092ab30f⋯.jpg (80.29 KB, 650x769, 650:769, 8956627_3_l.jpg)

f4c2bf  No.12138723

how about just a simple pyramid with the inscription 'WE' at the base?

4b67a5  No.12138737

File: 97dd87a9e80afb9⋯.jpg (153.09 KB, 773x1033, 773:1033, 77a3f88d739fa2c47ef6952278….jpg)

Everyone should submit the existing (or removed) monuments.

de6dd9  No.12138744

File: 3b70f1f616f46ff⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 3300x2202, 550:367, 170327MA_fearless-51.jpg)

We need something progressive, something that empowers women… like this one here.

d13f7f  No.12138754

do these fucking idiots know that you can hire a fucking sculptor/artist for this shit?

ask an artist, not the internet.

93e3aa  No.12138777

This kind of shit is already decided before they even announce it. What they want are statues of commies, niggers, beaners, fags, dykes, and kikes. If I had to bet $10 I'd guess at least one will be of Obama because nigger President.

176a04  No.12138795


This might be obvious, but the key here will be something that is just subtle enough to slip under the radar while being subversive at the same time.

Something that any of us would look at and immediately get the joke, but would pass the screening process for the submissions.

Maybe something that is already along the same party lines as globo-homo, like "Diversity is our Strength" or a statue of a 100% racially mixed person, "towards the end of whiteness".

Something outrageous that the left would cheer for and would push the overton window further.

c0b339  No.12138816


You might want to do some research on that statue if your post was unironical

5cff6b  No.12138817


Add a crounching father trying to protect the ignorant daughter from the bull with a big handgun.

Then this statue becomes bearable.

073265  No.12138822

We troll them by submitting anime figurines as statues. We get /b/ onboard because it's funny. They find out and declare anime racist. Win.

41ce65  No.12138827


because it would probably win

2cb87c  No.12138829


That statue has got to be most of the most arrogant, subversive things I've seen this year. Seriously, what does Wall Street have to do with fucking feminism and female empowerment?

41ce65  No.12138833


Great. Just great.

2cb87c  No.12138837


This sounds like a good plan.

41ad9a  No.12138842

>thinking that anything else other than a fat Rose Parks statue is going to go in its place

4a1c50  No.12138849


Statue of twerking nigress inbound.

073265  No.12138853




They of course have rigged it but we can bait huffpo to declare anime racist if we flood the submissions with Rei statuettes

073265  No.12138870


Also we can enlist /b/ et all if we make it about anime.

7adeb5  No.12138871


>Pic for attention

Sage for spam.

073265  No.12138885


Like we need a full size statue of one anime girl force feeding another one mustard

c741c3  No.12138890

>clickbait image

kill yourself

c637ce  No.12138912


it would be horrible, and that's why it would be a good thing.

48f5e7  No.12138934


I'm gonna second this.

d91ad1  No.12138942

The'll choose from a long list of unworthy nogs to replace each one.

d91ad1  No.12138957


>If we all put some effort, we can shit all over their little commie wank fest.

Chose the replacement as someone other than a nog and watch them all react against it.

Nominate Fidel Castro or someone along those lines since the replacement will be someone everyone will hate anyways.

4f7c46  No.12138978

>1.14 mb


nice op, go kill yourself

d13f7f  No.12139105


>Still using a fucking DSL

how about you kill yourself for being stuck on the stone ages, you fucking boomer faggot.

4f7c46  No.12139122


I got fast net you fucking mogoloid, but the op is still a bigger fag than you for posting a 500x500 1mb png image.

5e5d8b  No.12139125


how come its always the jews that make copyjew claims? Why aren't they willing to share cultural content?

a3051f  No.12139158


Make a modern art piece based off of /pol/ merchant memes

e80922  No.12139190



If that was not already an intentional pun, it is now.

20524e  No.12139206


Hey mods you don't have to immediately remove an image due copyright claims, I would at least make them wait 24 hours. Do you also give the person who posted the image the chance to counter the claim?

2cb87c  No.12139230


What are you talking about

3bf26a  No.12139242

Either go full Weimar and put up some grostesque statue example of degeneracy or quit wasting our time with your halfsteps and borderline culvert you degenerates.

41ce65  No.12139352

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