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File: 4b607aca84ad4a0⋯.png (202.83 KB, 584x415, 584:415, tinder is anti white.png)

File: 18d57445d308740⋯.png (80.42 KB, 397x406, 397:406, tinder is anti white 2.png)

File: a420fd4aebabe73⋯.jpg (16.12 KB, 260x260, 1:1, before after feminism - Co….jpg)

File: 5b4f689f251bd30⋯.jpg (76.52 KB, 960x854, 480:427, roastie used up thots - Co….jpg)

File: 6500808f73f2dda⋯.png (806.61 KB, 1334x828, 29:18, bumble anti white - Copy.png)

2ad3a1  No.12138713

Kiketech turning women into whores.

After a kike shill posted some pedobait in another thread, I thought it was about time that we explicitly address the issue of kiketech and the manner in which it turns women into whores.

This is a video about a thirteen year old girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy4aWEJj2p0 look at the way she dresses, dances, etc. She has a massive following in kiketech, yet the app (musically, also known as "thot app") does absolutely nothing to patrol her. This is obvious pedobait. Take a look at her last name


Oy vey. That explains a lot.

Read the comments on the video. White pill delivered, lots of kids insulting her and calling her a whore. Good news.

We also have various other "dating app" softwares that explicitly promote racemixing, for example, Tinder and Bumble (tinder, but women have to make the first move). Images related.

Additionally, (((pornhub))) and other websites are now funding couples to upload their own sex tapes to porn hub.

If anyone knows of any other examples, please post ITT.

Kiketech is an issue that we need to address directly and imminently. We need our men to be able to reproduce with non-whores to prevent single parenthood and divorce, so that they may raise the next generation of anti-ZOG militants.

While the rate of progression in nationalism has been good, it should be apparent to most anons that we are all going to be pretty washed up by the time the ball really gets rolling, thus we need to lay the groundwork for the coming generations.

Naturally, the most straight forward solution is to take the SIEGEpill and OOF all of the CEOs in Roblox, however, since /pol/ is a board of peace, we need a legal solution.

My only idea was to create information that is presentable to parents in the form of an anti-tech leaflet or app that is normalfag friendly and could be distributed easily.

810e3b  No.12138760


I want to go on record saying this makes me absolutely sick these fucking Jews. I broke up with my qt1.34 persian GF because I couldn't stand the thought of having non white kids. The literal push for racemixing made me break up with her after three years. If I was bluepilled maybe I would still be with her. I am with a 10/10 white irish girl and I cannot wait to pump white children out of her. It's one of the few places I can say I beat the jew.

dbceb7  No.12138798


Add Snapchat to your list. The News window, every day, is full of race mixing and degenerate propaganda targeting young teen girls. Teen Vogue masturbation guides, etc.

Today there was video of a white woman giving birth in her car to a niglet. She had two others in back seat.

95ff98  No.12138813

File: 3a1c46916b85e03⋯.jpg (88.73 KB, 555x777, 5:7, Trad Dress in Belarus.jpg)

File: 1edd2a194d7c619⋯.jpg (176.89 KB, 736x1110, 368:555, trad Dress in Poland 2.jpg)

File: 607728d36e5b4f2⋯.jpg (195.89 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Trad Dance in Romania.jpg)

File: b6f029b3bfba39b⋯.jpg (98.18 KB, 480x720, 2:3, Trad festival Ukraine 2.jpg)


We need to create pro-European culture, traditions, clothing, hairstyles, and cooking content on places like snapchat, Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Celebrate our heritage.

dbde0f  No.12138823


Allow me to clarify a bit, because I used to be a serious fucking degenerate and so I know a bit about this topic.

There are three main types of porn sites: aggregators, pay sites, and cam sites.

Aggregators gather up free videos, but if you look at them, what they actually are in most cases are: old videos in full, small segments of new videos (which you either have to pay to get ahold of in full, or dig around on shifty websites that dump malware), amatuer shit uploaded by degenerates who've joined the aggregator's "community".

Their advertisers are likewise in three categories: clickbait dogshit that leads to more malware sites, or that lead to pay sites, or that lead to cam sites. Basically, the pornographers use these to lure you in - hey, free porn! - and for many, they can't resist the urge to click on the click-bait link (usually it has the most-degenerate or 'enticing' bit from a given scene in one of their videos, or some camwhore doing really degenerate shit, or just some nonsense like "Hey make your dick grow bigger!").

In short, aggregators are nothing but bait… Sort of. They're also basically pseudo-pimps via proxy, but I'll come back to that in a moment…

dbde0f  No.12138825


Then you've got the pay sites. These are where most of the money is made, and yes, while its insane to think that people pay for this shit (especially if, like myself, you learned how to avoid the malware on the malware sites so you don't HAVE to pay in order to see whatever you want), they do - most 'normies' don't realize you can get basically anything for free online so long as you're clever and know how to use the sites/avoid their malware, so they will be inclined to pay for access to a site that most channers would only need to even know about in order to effectively search for the video in question. As such, pay sites end up making a lot of money, and they tie into the aggregator bait, in that they post snippets of their videos on there (to entice) and/or post ads for their site on there, usually, as aforementioned, utilizing the most extreme/'enticing' part from a given scene or video as the ad, basically a gif on repeat (ie: the ad for BLACKED or the like will be a close-up of big black cocks slamming into white cunts, interspersed with images of beautiful girls rolling their eyes in pleasure or other such shit).

In any case, these sites DO make a lot of money, because A) normies are stupid, B) normies have no self control, and C) normies are the most likely to have disposable income AND have that income set up so they can quickly employ it online.

They also trick gullible normies, by having their adverts/sites imply that "Its just $1 a month!" or "Get a free 1 month trial!" or the like… What those normies don't see, generally, is that small print, which is that if you don't explicitly cancel your subscription - something that often requires more than just clicking around on a site, you'll actually have to call a telephone number and speak with a real person about why you need/want to cancel your subscription to BlackCumOnWhiteFaces.com or what have you - and alotta normies just wont do that. They'll just leave the subscription going, and accept the access to free porn coupled with a minor cost instead of the embarrassment and time wasted trying to cut ties to the pornographers.

dbde0f  No.12138826


And then there's the cam sites. Cam sites are, effectively, digital pimps - they create a platform for young women (and sometimes not so young women…) to basically whore themselves out to a captive and anonymous audience, in exchange for shekels. They give the girls all sorts of options, namely, the option to have a 'free' chat session wherein they tease doing lots of degenerate shit, but require you to go into a private chat session for them to actually DO the especially perverted shit, which requires payment. They get some of those shekels, but the site takes a cut from every girl - effectively, the site is their pimp, and the pimp must always get paid, or the bitches get slapped (cut off access to their platform, and thus, revenue).

These are the worst - and probably most lucrative - sites the pornogrpahers employ, because they basically convince young women to whore themselves out to strangers, many - arguably most - of whom are disgusting faggots in third world countries that're willing to toss $5-10 USD to see some pretty young college slut in Kentucky shove a dildo up their ass and then taste it on cam… Of course, they also record a lot of these 'private shows', and guess where they end up? A banana sticker to you if you guessed 'the aggregator sites' - which then use these private videos to lure people, especially young women, into their "communities"… And why do I use the quotes? Because their communities are basically just porno-whore prep platforms - you start out doing it for free, because you see others doing it (mostly recorded whores reposted as for-free-sluts) and because it makes you feel sexy that others want you… And, once you're doing it for free, how far of a leap is to think "Instead of going to work at Bob Evan's tomorrow, I could just stay home and stick things in my asshole for Saudis and Chinese businessmen and make more money than I can working that shitty 9-5…". And just like that, lil Suzy the Slut has gone from being a degenerate hoser who got wet from posting her lewds on Pornhub, to Susan the Whore on MyCamLord.com or some shit, raking in shekels by the handful for sticking stuff up her pooper.

Point being: These three types of sites are all interlaced, and they've got it set up so they're generating a constant stream of new content, and new content providers, all beamed into the home of the dim-witted normies, most of whom are simply too lazy and too stupid to avoid paying for the pornography they want to see.

dbde0f  No.12138830

File: 905bf99f700052e⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 2064x5808, 43:121, Israeli Porn Industry 'Boo….jpg)

File: 6a3dca20484b300⋯.png (480.07 KB, 471x753, 157:251, Israeli 'Feminist Pornogra….png)



Israel Blocks Porn

>Legislators have approved a bill that would block all porn in Israel unless people ask to view it.

>The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation unanimously approved the bill, which forces internet companies in the country censor adult websites by default. Backers of the new legislation claim that it is a way of stopping young people getting online.

>Under the terms of the bill, anyone wanting to access pornography online would have to tell their internet service provider, either by writing to them, ringing them or getting in touch their website.

>The approval of the bill means that it now moves to the legislator, the Knesset, for approval and passage into law.

>At the moment, Israeli law forces internet service providers to build in content-blocking systems that can recognise certain problem websites and stop people visiting them. But those are turned off by default and users can ask to have them switched on – and legislators worry that not enough parents know that they exist.

>The new law would turn the filters on by default, and make anyone who wanted to get around them opt out rather than opt in.

>As well as worries about cenorship, campaigners have voiced concern that the block would pick up other websites, like those about breast cancer. And they have also pointed out that forcing people to get in touch with companies to ask for access to pornography should be seen a violation of their right to privacy.

>Backers of the bill said that the system would still allow people to see all the information that they wanted to but would keep children safe at the same time.

>Legislators behind the bill pointed to the example of places like Britain, which has already implemented a ban on some pornographic websites.

4f96e2  No.12138831

Well this is a great ad for white date dot net

9ed584  No.12138843


Daily reminder to ridicule anyone with too ugly of a personality to find a mate offline

24c7b5  No.12138909


Since you're noticing, please start saving proof. We need to aggregate proof of race-mixing agenda to wake up normies.

a708db  No.12138914

File: 901cef5b5806f09⋯.png (171.43 KB, 270x328, 135:164, empowerment.png)

c4dd8d  No.12138917

I've been missing the mde subreddit since it got shut down too, anon.

Yeah dating apps will always give you a lower quality mate regardless, allowing more young White men and women to meet requires more opportunities for involvement in a community like church or sports or clubs. I'm all for brainstorming new ways to get white people to meet and for stronger social bonds in person.

c4dd8d  No.12138937


Proof of a Jewish push to increase race mixing doesn't work as well on normies as making dating apps and social media unfashionable.

We don't necessarily need to change people's minds, we just need to change their behavior. Obviously changing their minds is preferable, but it's much harder to do and you'll reach far fewer people.

51c6a9  No.12138939


>going to tinder to find a "waifu"

pure cancer meet women in the real world and you will be set apart from +90% of the fags online

51c6a9  No.12138966


anons should start European heritage groups social clubs and the like membership determined by verifiable European descent


dating apps need to be given a stigma of being the place you get STDs single mothers and murdered

37432d  No.12138979

>Technology is making women whores

>Television is making women whores

>Hormones are making women whores

>Food is making women whores

>Other women are making women whores

>Men are making women whores

Jesus christ the hoops you niggers jump through is pathetic.

Just accept what's right in front of your face instead of being in denial.

51c6a9  No.12138986


yes women are whores that is why you are supposed to find a young one and keep her pregnant with white babies

cc5bd3  No.12138989


TBH even if you're a 2m ubermensch Chad most your matches are going to be fat slags, bug people, spice and niggers. They deliberately hide good looking white people from each other and have simultaneously brainwashed women into thinking it's a better way to meet people than bars. I've been on these things for around 3 years just to get a sense of demographics and I've met two truly beautiful white women. First one was a brainwashed nut though, second one is a conservative traditional woman that just got the app and hadn't met anyone on it before me.

4f96e2  No.12138990

Something needs to be understood about women. There just as many soulless selfish women in normal world as there are men in prison for violent crime. The only difference is women don't commit violent crime and stay in general population. You should expect therefore for 1 of 20 women or more to be straight up crazy cunts. On top of this at least 30% of white women are NPC tier. Therefore absolute trash abounds even under the best circumstances. What you should concern yourself with is learning to identity virtuous women with souls. The millions of soulless women out there reflect no more upon the virtuous women than the millions of psychopathic men reflect upon the great men of the ages. Women are not one person. Too many of you think a pretty face means a pretty soul. It doesn't work that way and honestly that's NPC behavior.

51c6a9  No.12138991


that's an interesting anecdote it may be why they are pushing it so hard as the norm

f4c7ba  No.12138997


Think about the data that tinder is collecting

Individual dating preferences based on successful matches/hookups

GPS coordinates

Facebook data etc

The social engineering programming possibilities are pure dystopia

c7ce30  No.12139000

File: 449a7aa63020fa3⋯.jpg (201.47 KB, 635x758, 635:758, Tinder.jpg)

f1fff3  No.12139005



ea95b8  No.12139006

So fight.

>No, I'm outnumbered.

>No, the cops/military don't like it either. We can't oppose them.

>No, it will all go away on its own.

>No, let Trump work his super secret plan.

Just stop posting already.

c4dd8d  No.12139018


Not a bad idea, but a European heritage club could be hard to "get into" for a lot of people who don't know much about European culture or simply don't care.

We need something that appeals to white normies that can be used as a stepping stone for European heritage and nationalism. Like a hiking, spelunking or craft group. Something that non-whites would never have any interest in.

We also need ways to make these groups more known about and popular.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is doing it right, they do lots of community outreach efforts that appeal to a wider audience, helps the community and builds bonds, and has plenty of female members. That's more of an end-goal group, obviously.

cc5bd3  No.12139028


Also the only way to really get matches on those apps is to put your preferences as male and female so that all the faggots increase your ELO. I have a sneaking suspicion that they use machine learning to negatively impact white male ELO

c4dd8d  No.12139035


>Just accept what's right in front of your face instead of being in denial.

Oh, the 14 words, right?

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

dbde0f  No.12139040


Women are clay, faggot.

They fit the mold society creates for them.

Our society is ruled by Jews.

And so they fit a Jewish-made mold.

958d82  No.12139081

File: 91f150932c1db78⋯.png (8.83 KB, 258x65, 258:65, image.png)




Good breakdown. Want to hear something amazing? Most porn websites are owned and operated by the same company; MindGeek

>MindGeek (formerly Manwin) is a privately held Canadian company that focuses primarily on Internet pornography.

>MindGeek owns and operates many popular pornographic websites, including video sharing services Pornhub, RedTube, and YouPorn, as well as adult film production companies Brazzers, Digital Playground, Men.com, Reality Kings, and Sean Cody, among others.


Not only does this company own both aggregator and payed sites but they also own the advertising platform TrafficJunky that serves ads on the aggregator site. Essentially MindGeek has established their own ecosystem and essentially cornered most of the online porn market.

This only really matters because of the insane user data MindGeek probably owns which gives them the ability to essentially set trends in porn that are consumed by countless people worldwide.

51c6a9  No.12139094


hmm that sounds about right awhile ago some anons were discussing how to use that system against them with burner phones and fake profiles to swipe left the niggers and spics and feminists and swipe right on yourself and other whites

ccd987  No.12139124

Kikes simply provide the tools for women to act out.

2ad3a1  No.12139197


>Just accept what's right in front of your face instead of being in denial.

<hehe all women are whores goy :^)

<kike propaganda has zero effect upon the most malleable members of society


000000  No.12139247


Eloquently put.

13b09c  No.12139257


Doesn't really speak highly of females if their so moldable

2ad3a1  No.12139287


they have an important role in history that has never required them to be anything other than malleable.

e6ea15  No.12139349


>insane to think that people pay for this shit

Anon, in the 90's some idiots would pay almost $100 for a fucking VHS tape.

607ae7  No.12139360


> you'll actually have to call a telephone number and speak with a real person about why you need/want to cancel your subscription to BlackCumOnWhiteFaces.com or what have you - and alotta normies just wont do that.

Years ago in the era of checks:

>A company takes out a newspaper advertisement claiming to be able to supply imported hard core pornographic videos. As their prices seem reasonable, people place orders and make payments via cheque.

>After several weeks, the company writes back explaining that under the present law they are unable to supply the materials and do not wish to be prosecuted. So they return their customers’ money in the form of a company cheque. However, due to the name of the company, few people ever bother to present these to their banks.

>The name of the company is:

‘The Anal Sex and Fetish Perversion Company’.

7566dd  No.12139512

File: 8dd30ccad35badd⋯.gif (980.66 KB, 500x250, 2:1, DaFuq.gif)


4a237e  No.12139527


Non-whites don’t hike so hiking is perfect. IE goes out and cleans up state & community parks. I’ve seen European cultural clubs around my city - Irish and Polish social clubs. Probabaly for boomers though.

17f116  No.12139535


White couples give birth in a hospital. The fact that her nigger couldn't even get it together to take her to the hospital says volumes. I wish you had saved that one.

f2d124  No.12139559

>whites are becoming a minority

<lets promote "diversity"

>by encouraging relationships that will objectively result in there being fewer white people

<if you think we're trying to get rid of white people, you're just a paranoid Nazi, though

249d29  No.12139566


> I’ve seen European cultural clubs around my city - Irish and Polish social clubs. Probabaly for boomers though.

1000% for boomers, and in many cases the children and/or grandchildren of individuals who NOPED out of Europe before or after WWII so they're thoroughly cucked on the issue of WWII. I got a scholarship from one of those societies when I was in high school and I saw zero members younger than middle age.

8cf152  No.12139589



Persians are White, you stupid fuck. But I respect keeping it inside your European ethnicity if that's what you did.

8700c8  No.12139695



Thats a whole lot of cohencidences.

19c211  No.12139701

>turning women into whores.



9ed584  No.12139823

>>12138966 (checked)

Both strong points. There needs to be an arena to allow for homogenous White/European relationships to occur AND we need to further stigmatize dating apps. I always talk about the way we and my wife met to people who date online and always end with "oh but I'm sure the way you met was cool too". Part of reclaiming the dating sphere is shrinking the range IN SQUARE MILES of perceived potential matches. Bitches seriously don't think it's too much for dudes to drive 25-30 miles one way to see them anymore because these apps connect people who would otherwise not know each other existed.


My man the (1) right on time


Seconding this.


You're a dumbass. The fact it could be hard to get into is a nice filter. Women love things they think are exotic. If more men were walking around North America speaking in European languages(Spanish doesn't count) and women heard it they would be intrigued, not that the goal would be to get women necessarily. If you are serious about our people you need to start learning a European language, everything begins with learning how to speak to each other

05e87d  No.12139919


Is that like Omar Mateen?

d00bb1  No.12141047

I don't think it's turning them into whores but enabling ones who're already fucked up. It's just the helpful, jew push in the back so you go over the cliff sort of shit they do for shekels. Instead of bitching about it, hack the sites. If you can't, ddos the cunts.

c5dee9  No.12141682


> clean up trash

Lol, nobody cool or attractive wants to do that shit. The key to women is fun, whoever is having the most fun they will gravitate to. That’s why it’s so easy for chad the coke dealing club promoter. If you want to win back women en-masse, come up with something that’s more fun than doing coke, getting free drinks and then getting fucked by a bartender.

d2721f  No.12141775


I have absolutely no problem with the structure of the clothes in the pics of relation. I have absolute disgust for the patterns and colors in use on their garments. Baka my desu senpai.

711f0d  No.12141840


Anyone can meet a woman for $5 sucky sucky

39adbe  No.12141881


Im joining the French foreign legion then migrating to eastern europe for a waifu wish me luck fags

e42505  No.12141971

Then why are you on kikechan? You think it stopped just there? No it's nearly all the internet. You're just giving (((them))) ad revenue and precious data to mine to prepare for the real plan of the mass genocide of all whites.

3e9e4f  No.12141991


Modern Persians are Arab/Turk/Mongol rape babies.

955b29  No.12142195

File: 3d2abb9106497a5⋯.jpg (50.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, soy kills.jpg)


It would be impossible to pair-bond and cohabitate with a female if they weren't so moldable, as by design they are to be molded to their husbands. Unfortunately nature never accounted for kike social media witchcraft when it patched together the female brain.

ca6199  No.12142407


Iran's government is more Aryan than America's

e20d80  No.12142751

First, your assumption that they are turning women into whores is wrong. Women are and always have been whores. What they are doing is sanctioning their whorish behaviour. Previous generations shamed them and forced them to be virtuous or face public ridicule and shame. Even other women would ostracize them and for conformity to society's requirements of virtue.

Destruction of church, media subversion, sexual revolution, etc have broken down the barriers and let their true nature take hold. They are like children left without discipline and corrective actions now, free from structure and allowed to do as they please without fear of retribution or consequence. It's very similar to children raised on ipads and television with no spanking/discipline method taught by (((them))).

In short, women are degenerate because the men are base. Enforce virtue and shame and women will correct themselves to meet your standards.

f62fe3  No.12142766


If men want to actually enforce families and make these women follow traditions you'll have to make your area a no-go zone so the law doesn't try to stop you from doing what's right. That would mean making your own laws that stop women taking advantage of the laws that are here in America and Europe.

9ec712  No.12142825


Not to sound naive but I don't really think this is going to work. Sure there are plenty of whores who want the black dick in their early years, but few are actually dumb enough to marry and have kids with one. They know they will just desert the family and not support them. If there is one thing sluts like more than dick, it's money. I've seen countless women who slutted around in their early 20s with shitskins get fucked over and end up marrying an older white man with his feet under him. I'm fairly sure there are far more important things we should be focusing on than sluts. Like for example, spreading the word of the only true 100% /ourguy/, David Duke into the hearts of the masses. Nobody wakes people up like the Duke. Just read the comments whenever he goes on JFs show. JF I don't really agree with on some issues, but I can't find a single flaw with Duke. Let's make the most of the time we have gentlemen and stick with what's important, redpilling. Not screetching autistically about sluts. I feel these threads are usually started by virgin whiners and demoralization shills.

e63757  No.12142828



e63757  No.12142833


>Mateen was born Omar Mir Seddique on November 16, 1986, at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park

15008e  No.12142862


>it's ok for women to slut around and fuck niggers in their younger years as long as they become BASED and totally redpilled after taking jamals load

>stop being a bitter virgin and man up, marry that slut!


a35267  No.12142877


Americans don't have any culture unless they're 100% German, Norwegian, Irish, etc. Most Americans are mixed European, so they could care less about European heritage. Much like mongrels could care less about heritage, tradition, or their ancestors (which they have none of).

America was doomed from the start. You replaced the tribal mentality, culture, heritage for consumerism and hedonism. Those are Americans culture and heritage, being a happy fat slave that tries to convince himself that he is free. And then add all of the demoralization through media, school. Add the biological factors like estrogen in the water, fluoride etc. You have a totally fucked population. America is truly one of the greatest slave producers on the planet.

The best slave is one who thinks hes free.

8f0b09  No.12142931

>generic template OP

8f0b09  No.12142935


>whites have no culture goy infight amongst yourselves goy

e74862  No.12142936


What do you mean "turning them into?" They are already whores. Have been, and always will be. It's up to you to accept that fact.

31fbbf  No.12142939



ad3a37  No.12142947


im glad im not you

you dont mind coalburners and you think david duke is worth the air he breathes

a35267  No.12142957



Never said Whites don't have culture. You lack reading comprehension. I said mongrels and MIXED Europeans don't have any to rely on. Big difference.

Answer me this. Why was Hitler so successful? Would he have the same success in a mixed European country? No. He needed a population that could rally behind each other with the same people/heritage/culture and blood. The tribal mentality and culture of tribal living needs to come back, and is the only way Europeans will survive. America is far too divided, it's a nation of slaves that will sell each other at the nearest opportunity. It is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and Gods judgement will be coming soon, as prophesied.

a35267  No.12142967




And too add, tribal mentality/living is the very essence of National Socialism. That is the simple beauty of it. That is how Hitler rallied his people. One people, one country.

a35267  No.12142975


No rebuttal, filtered.

95ff98  No.12143046


>Most Americans are mixed European, so they could care less about European heritage.

Most Americans used to be pro-White and proud of their heritage. Things can change.

Give me control over two or three multimedia corporations for 5 years and I will have men and women learning traditional European dances and wearing folkish clothing to stay fashionable.

As for the rest of your anti-American tirade, you should be careful when throwing rocks if you live in a glass house.

There is a White American culture and it is beautiful and creative. It simply must be released.

a35267  No.12143087

File: 7048c25ee7ca26c⋯.jpg (213.99 KB, 1000x823, 1000:823, despairsodelicous.jpg)


>Most Americans used to be pro-White and proud of their heritage.

Pic related.

>Things can change.

Acta non verba

>Give me control over two or three multimedia corporations for 5 years and I will have men and women learning traditional European dances and wearing folkish clothing to stay fashionable.

When or will this ever happen? Yuri Bezmenov was right in that the present American generation are fucked beyond repair. You have to educate an entirely new generation. The process of demoralization is complete and irreversible.

>As for the rest of your anti-American tirade


>There is a White American culture and it is beautiful and creative. It simply must be released.

When's that going to happen? White culture in America even 100 years ago was already gearing up to what it is today. Look how the Americans entered WW1 and WW2. They went back to their ancestral homelands and slaughtered their ancestors.

And you have the fucking audacity to tell me white culture is beautiful and creative in America? What beauty are you talking about exactly?

be0f6b  No.12143117


Thats kinda similar to what canada has, I would have fivured they would make porn illegal outright just like race mixing.

95ff98  No.12143140


>Trying to start up infighting between White nations

>What White culture? I see no White culture!

>Everything is hopeless. It's complete and irreversible, goyim.

>Reddit spacing


Something tells me that you may not be arguing in good faith.

As for that picture you got there of White men killing other White men in a fratricidal war, I'm a bit confused so maybe you could help me;

What were the British, the French, the Danes, The Belgians, the Norwegians, the Serbs, the Poles, and the Greeks doing in all this time?

Also, what did the Finns, the Romanians, the Bulgarians, and even the Italians do when the war began to turn against Germany?

And let's not forget our friend Germany either. The Germans are among the most passionate adherents to the multicultural religion today. And even the war itself began as a war not against the jews, but against the German's closest European neighbors; the Poles.

Tend to your glass house before you start tossing stones.

5c1b14  No.12143141

Women are inferior to men, yes, we get it but how they're guiding is entirely dependent upon the men and society and right now they're guided by jews and traitors ruling our society and dictating the culture.

The real message of this thread and its images are to remind people why the jews need to be destroyed to such an extent that if they survive to replenish themselves 1,000 years from now they'll look back at Nazi Germany as the good ole days.

a35267  No.12143189


>>Trying to start up infighting between White nations

Never said that.

>>What White culture? I see no White culture!

Never said that either, I specifically said AMERICAN culture, not white. Why are you lying?

>>Everything is hopeless. It's complete and irreversible, goyim.

never said that either.

>>Reddit spacing


>Something tells me that you may not be arguing in good faith.


>What were the British, the French, the Danes, The Belgians, the Norwegians, the Serbs, the Poles, and the Greeks doing in all this time?

British and French were already heavily subverted by Jews at that time. I can't speak for the rest other than the Poles slaughtering Germans which led Hitler to invade Poland.

>And let's not forget our friend Germany either. The Germans are among the most passionate adherents to the multicultural religion today.

And the truth comes out. Americans are the most passionate about multiculturalism and it's not even a contest. Notice the recent German marches lately? Where are those marches for all the black on white crimes in America?

>Tend to your glass house before you start tossing stones.

You keep projecting this, but it has no bearing in this argument whatsoever.

It's clear that you hate Germans and have no respect for European heritage, with your projection of how German people ALL love multiculturalism. In reality that could not be further from the truth. Germany is rising again. There are thousands of young angry men marching.

Where are these marches in the US? Rockwell couldn't even get off the ground 60 years ago. When will the American white man rise up?

45c2d2  No.12143208


Canada definitely does not have that, wasn't it the UK?

000000  No.12143216



That's gotta sting!

95ff98  No.12143240


American culture is White culture. ONLY White people can be American. All non-White US citizens HATE America with a burning passion.

White people created America.

ONLY White people can be Americans.

>The process of demoralization is complete and irreversible.

No it's not.

>British and French were already heavily subverted by Jews at that time. I can't speak for the rest other than the Poles slaughtering Germans which led Hitler to invade Poland.

So do you hate them too?

>Where are those marches for all the black on white crimes in America?

America literally just elected a meme to repell immigration.

Germans reelected Merkel the destroyer.

>It's clear that you hate Germans

I love Germans. I am German by blood. And I also love Americans.

I love all White nations.

>When will the American white man rise up?

When will the German? A few marches after reelecting a genocidal psychopath who openly states that she wants to import the world into Germany is not a good sign.

3ba462  No.12143271


>Taking the time to effortpost to a shill

You do you lad

71e77a  No.12143495

File: fc0b4cae5d0cb26⋯.jpg (52.29 KB, 667x370, 667:370, 1418359925087.jpg)

If you're going to use a dating app, OKCupid is worth a look, as it not only allows you to filter by race but presents users with a bunch of questions in such a way that they can view each other's answers alongside how important these answers are to them. Do you have kids? Do you want kids? How important is sex? How long do you wait before sex? Would you ever date a trans person? Also political affiliation, political questions, even sexual orientation, so for example you can filter out bisexuals if you want.

612f02  No.12143594

File: 31ce9459db2779c⋯.jpg (190.77 KB, 653x477, 653:477, 1477635768012.jpg)

>Only matches you get said no to all the offer before you

>Maybe something in common with why she passed all those guys before your pale basement living ass

You seem mad they made a filter for you and now you matches are either so thotly that she matched so many even your ass gets a chance to ride or she's so pure that she waited for you to show up.

e20d80  No.12143676


Match Group, Inc. is an American Internet company that owns and operates several online dating web sites including Chemistry.com, HowAboutWe Match.com, Meetic, OkCupid, Twoo, BlackPeopleMeet.com, Delightful, People Media, PlentyOfFish and Tinder, among other smaller variants.

Match Group's parent company is IAC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IAC_(company)

They own Match Group as well as:







The Daily Beast






IAC Films


ANGI Homeservices Inc.

Angie's List










Ask Applications




Barry Diller was born into a Jewish household in San Francisco, California, and is the son of Reva (née Addison) and Michael Diller. He is the Chairman and Senior Executive of IAC.


Joey Levin is a Jewish-American businessman and the CEO of IAC.

Other Jews on the board of directors include: David Rosenblatt (also director for Twitter and Google president), Edgar Bronfman Jr. (one of richest Jewish families in Canada, ex-ceo of Warner subsidiary, venture firm capitalist, etc), Bryan Lourd (kid with Carrie Fisher, now a faggot), Bonnie Hammer (involved in numerous TV companies), Prince Alexander von Fürstenberg (various investment/banking), Michael Eisner (kike from disney), Joey Levin, and couple others.

Oh, and Chelsea Clinton is a Director for IAC. Small world.

525fec  No.12143677







726004  No.12143698

>tinders diversity drive

Of course. How didn't I realize they'd do some shit like that? Then again, if a whore is using tinder, she probably has no problem fucking shit-skins to begin with. If you're white, take my advice and never give a girl from Cali the time of day. By 20 they'll have slept with more guys than the number of years they've been alive, and most of them will have been shit-skins. White women + diversity equals an immoral, low-class, trashy piece of shit. It's unreal the night and day difference between a Cali whore and a white woman from other parts of the country.

726004  No.12143704


>you seem mad that corporate kikes are trying their best to surround every aspect of a white woman's life with shit-skins so she'll be influenced to fuck them/date them


fa8d2a  No.12143705


>ban evading

Reported again.

525fec  No.12143711


I haven't been banned since the roach was axed :^)

3aa46a  No.12143740



>nothing felt forced

Yes goy! nothing is forced about seeing 50 black matches to one white match!

Should be called african killer bumble

e5fe14  No.12143796


Kikes are making water wetter with technology?

You can't turn women into whores, you can only allow them to flaunt it or suppress it yourself, hence slut-shaming and the little ring-finger trinket made of (((artificially over-valued))) carbon and gold.

726004  No.12143962


>women are naturally whores

Sounds like a very jewey, progressive thing to say. "It's just in our nature to have sex with as many men as possible." Since when?

bbc93b  No.12145515


>OKCupid is worth a look

No. Their overlords datamine and kvetch about white people not dating niggers enough.

067e3c  No.12145583


>Israel Blocks Porn

Just like drug dealers not using their own product.

a1272d  No.12145875


>pic 2

I did one of those photoshoots with my girlfriend. I could see the longing in her friend's eyes when they saw the pictures. Nothing quite like a masculine man and feminine woman posing together in well dressed clothes that get other women thinking about the 14 words.

5a81bd  No.12145892


Why does this site try to turn dudes into gay whores then?

5a81bd  No.12145910


I am not demoralized

de50c0  No.12145983

File: f37c8cc6d3dab66⋯.jpg (297.39 KB, 714x622, 357:311, Half_in_the_Bag_Hereditary….jpg)


the kinds of women using tinder are the kinds of women I don't want anything to do with. Let these fuckers have them.

a1272d  No.12145990


This right here. This stupid short-sighted selfishness. This is why the jews get away with doing what they do. You are bad and you should feel bad.

The point isn't about the women that are on there already, the point is about the ones that aren't, yet.

de50c0  No.12146039


They might not be on tinder, but they are probably on some other form of social media, which are just as bad.

78baf7  No.12146045

Where the fuck are the young women?

I tried the go to church meme and in 3(one unidentifiable christian, dont remember, a catholic, empty, full of geriatrics and an evangelist church) different churches only 1 actually had women, it was an evangelical church and I couldn't stand it. Was full of mutts too.

There are no young women in a supermarket who arent already married

I have had the misfortune of only finding women who smoke weed, and drink while on xanax this is retarded I really feel like killing myself.

465602  No.12146052


Spoiler that shit.

de50c0  No.12146054

File: adea899129ab46c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.47 KB, 276x309, 92:103, Half_in_the_Bag_Episode_92….jpg)

a1272d  No.12146067


Focus on getting them off of there!


Had a church-girl GF. Kind of a basket case on her own, was molested as a kid. Dated her for 7 months, went breddy well for most of it. Parents (step dad and mom) brainwashed her into leaving me at the end. 2 months later ends up with some soyboy, married 2 months after cause she got knocked up right after they got together. In hindsight I'm glad I never knocked her up…

Her parents are legitimately crazy nut jobs, and her biological father was pissed when we broke up.

Kinda ruined my church girl theory.

a1272d  No.12146071


Oh, and most of the "inner" church people were basically using it as a big swingers club.

2b5759  No.12146077


Absolutely incorrect. Many attractive women participate in community service virtue signalling. They love it. They love to blog about how they cleaned oil spills off some bird, picked up trash by a creek, recycled, etc. It's hip, makes them seem more than just NPC whore baby makers. If a pro-european group wants to grow the truth is, it needs a good amount of women. Lots of attractive potential trad-wife women will bring in many men who want to prove their worth. It's hard to find a decent woman these days so if you can get some of them to show up you'll get 2-3 guys for each one. That's why bars have ladies night and shit.

2b5759  No.12146087

File: 9df2298bee127a5⋯.jpg (42.53 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8bc8621b4db369a49d595506a7….jpg)


>They went back to their ancestral homelands and slaughtered their ancestors

The mentality at the time was they were helping Britain. Most Americans identified with Anglos. So you are only half correct. Also because they went to slaughter whites does that mean Germans aren't white because they fought and killed thousands of whites in wars through out history? What about the French who invaded many European countries with Napoleon? They killed Germans and Francia was historically Germanic tribes. So did they slaughter their ancestors thus no longer become white?

Listen kike, to those of us who are aware of your jewish tricks, that logic doesn't work.

f10b03  No.12146133


Replying to (You) where no one has. The hospital is actually for the groids. Whites need to give natural births. There is a special bond in it that has been stolen from modern hospital births wherein babies are strapped down, isolated for 24 hours, and given vaccinations. Of course, there's also the issue with circumcisions. Hospitals are kiked death centers. I'm sure there's plenty of employees who wish well but I recommend you never trust the way the places are run.

fc3a6a  No.12146288


>This only really matters because of the insane user data MindGeek probably owns which gives them the ability to essentially set trends in porn that are consumed by countless people worldwide.

How much of that data could be linked to peoples' real identities for the purpose of blackmail, should the need for blackmail ever arise?

688aba  No.12146542

File: 0fd20d38330a784⋯.jpg (293.63 KB, 1895x1500, 379:300, bring back justice.jpg)


You are talking out of your ass and talk like a jew inbred saying White Americans have no culture when theirs is actually far more vast then any other countries seeing as how every ones follows their lead. You are speaking of heritage culture which is different and White Americans have had it since 1492. White Americans also do latch on to their heritage founders culture seeing as everyone likes to say they are British,German, Irish , Italian etc. , knows their White American ancestors fought for the land.

You are participating in White American culture right now the internet which is still White American culture outside the dregs but, forums, community and the entire idea of free flowing information is White American culture. Inventing in general is also White America's culture seeing as White Americans have invented a lot in the past 100 years and still do jews corrupting White American inventions is something you seem to have a hard time separating.

Now you speak like a jew shill so let me point out White America's culture and for those reading , remember jews corrupting parts of it doesn't make it inherently bad.

So heres some of White American culture at the core inventions,guns, cars boats/planes,fashion, farming,cowboys,rebellion against the status quo, law system, freedoms for the common White Man and liberties.

Overall if you wanted to personify White American culture it would be a Clever Vigilante Cowboy.

b0634b  No.12146614

File: 555b3d6fd9313ac⋯.png (52.05 KB, 420x294, 10:7, 1ea5dd56f362767223096e0fac….png)

An app for Whores is making women into whores?

Whores will be whores.

52aa83  No.12156248

You’ll have an easier time getting her to give up her phone than you will those apps.

a45021  No.12156358


>they were never yours goy

Imagine the bloodlines ending. Does it make your mutilated pecker twitch, jude?

0de91d  No.12156381

90% of men aren't even considered attractive enough to succeed on tinder anyway. If anything, girls will actually be annoyed about all this because it will make it more difficult for them to match with Chad.

white Chads are the top of the male sexual marketplace. Even ethnic women are trying to hop on his dick over their own men, just look at SE Asia.

0de91d  No.12156385

How do you think your average Stacey is going to feel when Tinder floods their app with pajeets? The women will literally move to another app I swear.

8a8ea9  No.12156429


That idiocy amounts to you calling your mother a whore.

f79bf0  No.12156432


24fff9  No.12156578


>there's an app that does this

oh ffs. i thought all those retarded little girls were at least showing off their video editing skills, but no. nope. it couldn't be that way. its worse than i imagined. it always is

b64724  No.12156671



>good at editing

I thought the same thing too, to be fair but yeah, should have guessed if it's this prevalent it can'tn be the work of one's own creativity

95ff98  No.12156788


I never tried dating church girls. That meme is stupid.

Religion is for either complete idiots or people who have suffered trauma. Sometimes trauma can be fixed. But for most, women (and men) use Jesus as an icon upon which they can focus their stockholm syndrome on.

Now, idk your situation, but I found a perfect girl in university. Beautiful and intelligent, she was once a feminist but had become disillusioned with the insane levels of anti-White hypocrisy (the feminist organization was led by a transgendTarded "woman" who was privileged over everyone and ruled the place like a tyrant, being more competitive than real women. Under him, a pack of rabid fat black chimps pushed and bullied all the pathetic White girls as if they were the underlings of some cartoon villain.

Oh the stories I hear are astounding.

Just talk to women in general and be pickey. The moment you stop appearing desperate for a woman, they will come.

As for redpills, don't try to redpill her on anything until you can figure out what she is about. What interests her? Does she actually love you?

If she does, trust me she will begin adopting your views so long as you articulate them well and with absolute confidence.

Another tactic that I reccomend is to remove her from her friend group. Female gaggles tend to reinforce silly, immature, and illogical ideas. Remove her from her bad influences and she will jettison her childish ideas.

One final thing; GFs are time consuming and if you fall in love with your partner as I have, you will lose some freedom. Are you sure that's what you're after? For instance; if the race war started today I simply could not drop everything and backpack to the front lines.

And if you start a family, they become your most important goal. Protecting them will severely restrict your mobility.

On the flip side, I have a beautiful fiancé who cooks and cleans, makes me feel wonderful, I have loads of sex, and her influence has caused me to adopt healthier habits. And yes, after just a year she was JQed. You know the ethno-globe anon? She is completely on board with that kind of thing with the exception of the Japanese.

a93ebe  No.12156853


>Just talk to women in general and be picky*.


Know what you want and be unafraid of speaking it.

You might be disregarded by many, but the cost of acceptance is your manhood, make a choice.

a93ebe  No.12156857


>On the flip side, I have a beautiful fiancé who cooks and cleans, makes me feel wonderful, I have loads of sex, and her influence has caused me to adopt healthier habits. And yes, after just a year she was JQed. You know the ethno-globe anon? She is completely on board with that kind of thing with the exception of the Japanese.

You suffer from low self esteem.

She didn't just become redpilled, you made her.

She reflects you, your queen, king.

95ff98  No.12157224


>She didn't just become redpilled, you made her.

I'm completely aware of that.

she will begin adopting your views so long as you articulate them well and with absolute confidence.

To fully disclose, I did plan out in advcnace how to ease her into my ideology.

My recommendation would be to start by talking about racially important subjects in far off places.

"Oh, did you hear about how Muslim grooming gangs are raping women in Europe?"

For various psychological reasons, it's easier to admit that other societies are failing than your own, despite the common cause for both.

I next began talking about the jews. First by pointing out innocent seeming things like


"Did you hear that Israel is sending their rapefugees to Sweden?"

"Wow! What jerks! Why don't they get targetted like us?"

"Well, did you know that every single multimedia corporation is owned outright by Jews? That probably has some effect upon public policy."

Not sure where you get that I suffer from low self esteem. Quite the opposite in fact. That's why I talked to a lot of women at my libshit college. I approached my fiance out of the blue. You have to learn to quickly figure out whether a sweatheart is capable of independent thought or if not, you need to remove her from her friendgroup.

This last tactic is nearly impossible with church girls. They're like hostages and I have never found even one who was able to think independently of the hive. And I have gone to Evangelical churches with insane people, weird Baptist mountain churches where everyone has that weird zealot look in their eyes, a quiet suburban liberal Presbyterian church where the pastor talks about voting for Obama, and Catholic churches where every third person is a fucking spic.

Every single one was boomertown and every single girl was either fat, crazy, or underage.

And ALL were lemmings.

9ba7c5  No.12157533

File: f35e08765a4eb2b⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 2448x2448, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: 67f3f83bfe2681d⋯.jpeg (87.08 KB, 600x1082, 300:541, image.jpeg)

Take their Jew tinder and use it to knock up as many white women. You might have to smackem around and tell them to do stuff , but dudes that's your job. To some degree women will always be kinda slutty sometimes an on occasion half bright. Fuck it. Archie bunker wouldn't think twice.

1a3e18  No.12159165

File: 5c742ce770a1b0c⋯.jpg (54.52 KB, 467x323, 467:323, feras-antoon-david-marmors….jpg)

File: cf5f2b06620e6a3⋯.jpeg (20.32 KB, 650x325, 2:1, greglanskyjpg.jpeg)

File: 64739e6a96e5e24⋯.png (17.31 KB, 341x375, 341:375, dp.png)

File: 23403e9f09516ed⋯.png (114.21 KB, 747x889, 747:889, jews and porn.png)


You missed out the key part ("Marmorstein", the COO, on the right - CEO on the left)

Also this article is a good explication on how they even fuck over their performers, and probably camera crews etc. by facilitating the piracy of their own content on other sites they own:


Then there's 'Dogfart Productions', a network of interracial depravity ran by, you guessed it, a 'Cable Rosenberg'. Take a look at their websites listed in their privacy policy.


Then there's Greg Lansky of AVN "fame", who runs BLACKED and some other sites.

1a3e18  No.12159198

File: 7947fce76bc0328⋯.jpg (46.93 KB, 403x594, 403:594, Steven-Hirsch.jpg)

File: 283944fed32b7c1⋯.jpg (75.25 KB, 500x709, 500:709, what is their end game.jpg)

File: ed67c789f14948b⋯.png (286.97 KB, 1904x1946, 136:139, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at ….png)

File: dbaae7cfb5fa2a9⋯.png (78.08 KB, 1255x370, 251:74, wicked privacy policy.png)


You have Steven Hirsch, the "founder and co-chairman" of Vivid Entertainment


Wicked Pictures was founded by Steve Orenstein, who seems to not be one for photos.


Michael H Klein, president of New Frontier Media, who has also been involved with Nubiles, LFP Broadcasting, Vivid, Hustler and Sapphire Media


Burning Angel, the hardcore counterpart to Suicide Girls, was founded by Joanna Angel (born Joanna Mostov), of Wicked association.

1a3e18  No.12159268

File: 38be6ed5841ceb7⋯.png (196.97 KB, 1024x561, 1024:561, mindgeek.png)

File: 84e727c4f3dfae8⋯.png (659.32 KB, 1892x1034, 86:47, cia_cto_gus_hunt_gait_1.png)

File: 2584eaf8cc981a3⋯.png (293.16 KB, 2268x900, 63:25, 1474511897035.png)

File: 876aec2e1a3f8c8⋯.mp4 (11.54 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sean Parker - Facebook Exp….mp4)


I hope you're all getting these names down.

Big surprise in the surnames of this next one - Paper Street Media, LLC, owners of Team Skeet and Exxxtra Small. Managed by Sadiq Muhamed and Jamal Hussain (I'm not sure if "Jamal Hussin" is a dupe entry here):



you (nobodytm) - E. Michael Jones, author of Libido Dominandi, explains use of the sexual revolution and the proliferation of pornography as an instrument of control, including an example of it's use in Palestine by invading Israeli forces:


The Power of Big Data and Psychographics - Alexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica, describes the methodology of their data harvesting services, and it's use in political campaigns:


Richard Spencer on Pornography - A Johnny Gat production with far fewer mentions of Spencer than the title implies, includes interviews of Jewish pornographers explaining their motives for entering the industry, and a former performer explaining how the porn industry sends recruiters to underaged (school) parties to groom the girls there for a life of porn:


Netflix, with the knowledge that the majority of their subscribers are watching content through Netflix recommendations itself, declare "war" on sleep:




A pair of Big Think pieces by Steven Kotler and Tristan Harris respectively, explaining dopamine production and how social media content feed algorithms hijacks that drive to keep you addicted to 'refreshing' and checking your phones:



WHY YOU'RE ADDICTED & TAKEN FOR GRANTED | ANIMATED - An illacertus production on delayed reinforcement and the experiments of B.F. Skinner:



1a3e18  No.12159322

File: 5aa4bcc4c15f337⋯.png (13.04 KB, 800x80, 10:1, this is what jews think of….png)

File: 1ca383c252682e4⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x5872, 120:367, Alicia Herndon.jpg)


Oh, and I forgot a few things.

John Thompson Productions, a large German studio focusing on "gangbangs, urolagnia and urophagia, BDSM, erotic humiliation and rough sex". Also produce "Mädchenmund", where "The series plots typically feature some sort of naive young girl at, for instance, some sort of doctor's or theatrical agent's, who is seemingly persuaded into sex against her will". Founded by Raymond Louis Bacharach AKA "John Thompson", owned also by Kerstin Gotzmann.


Roth V. United states - a landmark case and a key point in the growth of pornographic publications, stemming from Samuel Roth's conviction for publishing indecent material:



Leaked document reveals Facebook conducted research to target emotionally vulnerable and insecure youth:



E. Michael Jones - Libido Dominandi.epub


And that's about all I can think of for now. Never forget what they took from you, anons.

1a3e18  No.12159330

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


btw, a better telling of that

9d9869  No.12159361


Yeah 15-20 USD for a CD wasn't uncommon too depending on what it was. I remember trading porn on floppy disk ffs.

a5ff19  No.12159386


Behavioural sinks are bad, especially when people aren't aware that they've fallen into it. :^)

067e3c  No.12160368


>How much of that data could be linked to peoples' real identities for the purpose of blackmail, should the need for blackmail ever arise?

All of it. The Ashley Madison hack showed you a glimpse; names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. When people pay for this stuff, they enter personal info in a number of required and optional fields. Ever have an account with Amazon, for example? Consider the information they require; name, credit card, address(es), phone, birth-date, as much as they can get out of you. Couple your personal info with your entire on-site browsing and transaction history and the picture gets bigger and bigger. Cherry-pick data from it and it can create any picture you want.

Consider how many people sign up. It is staggering amounts of data.

000000  No.12160746


Amen. Blue pilled faggots on the WQ here.

1a9d73  No.12160856


>Raymond Louis Bacharach

(((Raymond Louis Bacharach)))

f7df8c  No.12160935


Imagine LARPing this hard for (You)s

351c26  No.12162826


beautiful pictures Anon

71baa7  No.12170403

File: 79a5e9c638a04d4⋯.png (273.33 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, nofap.png)


Marmorstein, Lansky, Hirsch, Orenstein, Klein, Mostov, Gotzmann…

If anybody can name me any other significant part of the industry I missed, I'd be glad to hear it (Xvideos is one, they are registered to some office in Poland that I don't remember the name of and generally stay very low-key)


Consider how FB and YT make their money. The porn magnates have additional value in that they can also operate as a gigantic blackmailing machine. You think it's only regular civilians accessing these sites?


818fff  No.12174099


Woman being whores doesn't contradict that something causes them to be whores. We need to protect them from all of these things, only then they will have a chance for not being a whore. Doing nothing and hoping for them not to be one is like refusing to arm yourself and hoping no one will hurt you.

3ed9d3  No.12174133


Don't waste your life being cannon-fodder. Stop working for the big gov.

3a065a  No.12175560


>implying there aren’t men affected by Jew shit either

This is a war for our people, if you aren’t going to wage it and follow the tenets of 1488 then you don’t belong here

0c139b  No.12175601


>The Germans are among the most passionate adherents to the multicultural religion today

That's because all the good Germans got murdered to death. Even the civilians were fire bombed into oblivion by the millions All the women and children were raped.

That's not the sort of thing a people can just recover from. The whole of Germany was killed in ww2.

ce6bad  No.12175618


Not sure what is blacker, the pill (((you))) are trying to peddle, or your skin, nigger.

2f2055  No.12175632


This is a very astute analysis. Heed this, anons.

95ff98  No.12175656


>That's because all the good Germans got murdered to death

>murdered to death

They were killed until they died.

How fatal was their death? Completely. Oh dear.

Seriously though…

>The whole of Germany was killed in ww2.

Alright. If you say so. I can accept that.

But if all of Germany was killed and every woman was raped (by non-Germans) then who or what is living in Germany?

If they're not Germans, who are they?

I was arguing with an anon today who claimed that the Slavs weren't White. His argument was that the Poles didn't have a strong economy in the last 200 years.

You know, Poland was once the most powerful country in Eastern Europe, maybe even in all of Europe. But in the late 17th century they got gangbanged by Russia and Sweden and by the end of that terrible war, Poland-Lithuania lost a third of their land and the capital of Warsaw lost 90% of its population. Doubtless a lot of raping went on in that terrible war. Then it happened again… and again… and again… and again until Poland was divided up between Russia, Prussia, and Austria. They were horrible suppressed as a people for over 100 years before freeing themselves at the end of the Great War. Then… it happened AGAIN and Germany and the USSR invaded and conquered the place and doubtless loads of raping went on, especially from the notoriously brutal and savage Red army.

At the end of the war, Poland was placed under repressive Soviet rule and her lands were colonized by Russians and her borders mutilated and pushed west.

So I ask you, after all that; is Poland still Poland? Germany suffered quite a lot after losing the war, but Poland has suffered equally over the last 300 years. Yet the Poles do not lie on the ground and stuff feces in their mouths if the kikes command.

I am NOT saying that I view Poles as superior to Germans (I am making the assumption now that the people in Germany are Germans). Nor am I trying to attack Germans in any way as I appreciate the horrendous trauma they have been subjected to.

What I maintain is that all White peoples have been subjected to a terrible crime and we need to stop fighting each other and focus our ire upon the (((people))) who are destroying us.

c923c4  No.12175666


thanks for the whitepill anon. realistically though how can the germans uncuck themselves? maybe step 1 would be to realize that they are allowed to be proud of what hitler did for germany in the short time he was Fuhrer

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