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File: 2f3c572e1d4ea06⋯.jpg (799.99 KB, 3310x1000, 331:100, Siraj Wahhaj Sr., Lucas Mo….jpg)

051f1a  No.12138790

C.I.A.'s Connections to Saudi Arabia




Siraj Wahhaj Sr.'s Connections to the U.S. Government, Saudi Arabia, and Al-Qaeda





Siraj Wahhaj Jr.'s Connections to Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda







f71fe3  No.12138802

>first source is reddit

Fuck off.

78e10b  No.12138850

File: a7ef151957f04ec⋯.mp4 (1.54 MB, 480x480, 1:1, When you get the 1st post.mp4)

0c9bf4  No.12139033

>thezog is still trying

You lost any credibility you had years ago.

051f1a  No.12139042


Just to be clear about what happened here:

A local New Mexico sheriff's office accidentally discovered a joint C.I.A./G.I.D. mass shooter training black operation.

419b79  No.12139052


CIA is the american mossad agency. Saudi Arabia is a jewish-ruled muslim hive - see (((Doenmah))). All tricks lead back to Israel.

3680b2  No.12139056


You need to archive these anon. No one here is going to reddit or Wapo. Better yet, screen cap em.

1e8412  No.12139075

Wasn't it the FBI who led the operation in arresting, burying the camp and letting the suspects go free?

94af99  No.12139347

It looks like someone doesn't want you talking about this.

8d78c3  No.12139370


79ef8b  No.12139377

Getting real tired of the chinks and their anti-CIA shilling

They protect us from the savages slaughtering in Europe

11847e  No.12139378


That's what they look like when the gas gets them

11847e  No.12139396

File: 8b4514b971cf36d⋯.pdf (9.98 MB, Legacy.of.Ashes-The.Histor….pdf)


Let's see if you keep shilling for your precious terror group after I post this book up.

Legacy of Ashes, anons. If you haven't read it, know that this POS doesn't want you to!

79ef8b  No.12139411


lol okay retard, enjoy your malware if you download that.

11847e  No.12139478



Kek is on our side, spooknigger

051f1a  No.12139591


>They protect us from the savages slaughtering in Europe

The CIA in cooperation with Saudi intelligence (GID) created Sunni Wahhabi terrorism. It literally wouldn't exist otherwise.


>Wasn't it the FBI who led the operation in arresting, burying the camp and letting the suspects go free?

Yes, the FBI (with the possible assistance of New Mexico state police) basically demolished the compound, destroying huge amounts of evidence in the process.

051f1a  No.12139618

File: f8757b2b85f74c6⋯.jpg (493.45 KB, 1500x998, 750:499, DoD Welfare Queens 2.jpg)

09051b  No.12140269

File: 39a3d356a0d9072⋯.jpg (39.81 KB, 600x330, 20:11, 39ec67fe0df94a1af12709bb34….jpg)


disgusting. Just shows what a self-parody this shithole has become.

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