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File: 16a3b8396b4ec80⋯.jpg (26.01 KB, 853x480, 853:480, 28-days-later-zombie.jpg)

fe729a  No.12139302


Monkeypox is a rare disease that spreads easily between people. It’s considered severe, and typically occurs in obscure parts of central and west Africa, according to the World Health Organization. The virus lives in animals but can be transmitted to Caucasians. In 2017 Nigeria experienced its nineth outbreak of the viral illness since 1978, according to WHO.

“It is likely that monkeypox continues to circulate in Nigeria and could therefore affect travelers who are returning from this part of the world, however, it is very unusual to see two hundred cases in such a relatively short space of time,” Dr. Nick Phin, deputy director of Public Health England’s National Infection Service, said, according the Independent.


4067db  No.12139316

File: d649c6704862d0d⋯.jpg (133.23 KB, 776x1030, 388:515, a15283e10dcc6f93a19e517c4b….jpg)

Great, a new friend for Ebola-chan I hope she doesn't monkey around

7c4bd1  No.12139322


>“It is likely that monkeypox continues to circulate in Nigeria and could therefore affect travelers who are returning from this part of the world

Only nogs are going and returning from this shithole.

886168  No.12139326


>The virus lives in animals but can be transmitted to Caucasians.

10/10, would kek again

7bcb4f  No.12139327


>complaining Drumpf isn't doing anything about monkeypox in the UK

Lol the shilling

7c4bd1  No.12139331

File: 54be88c80ec051c⋯.png (150.01 KB, 594x436, 297:218, uk.png)

839068  No.12139334



We're would we be if we only had boring White people diseases. That'd be like only eating saltines, i.e White people cuisine.

7c4bd1  No.12139335


>The virus lives in animals but can be transmitted to Caucasians

>10/10, would kek again


Doesn't that sound like an odd statement though? Are there only whites in the UK?

7ad9ef  No.12139339


They are getting more and more nonsensical.


>are there only whites in the UK

Fuck no.

db3f92  No.12139341

Q predicted this

da4cdf  No.12139342

>Monkeypox: Second person found with potentially lethal virus days after first ever case in England

I fucking love diversity!

b354c9  No.12139345


Hail fellow /POL/™ user.

7c4bd1  No.12139346


>I fucking love diversity!

Diversity of diseases is our strength.

2e7cba  No.12139351

File: fcd011e7722a936⋯.gif (5.62 MB, 480x344, 60:43, 78t6r5drytfugiuhi.gif)


>a rare African disease spreading in Bongland

really makes you think

0e13b5  No.12139355


85989a  No.12139356

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Boondocks predicted this.

2e7cba  No.12139361




575140  No.12139421

File: d20ec98c3ee1239⋯.png (721.37 KB, 600x790, 60:79, ClipboardImage.png)

011e7b  No.12139427

File: 7a86ad7fd9acb4d⋯.png (6.84 KB, 246x205, 6:5, 1495349299340.png)

mfw this actually is a real disease

Goodluck UK bros, get out while you can before the bombers contain the place

a919f8  No.12139431


>monochrome image to make the patient appear white

Thats a nigger you can tell by the fact that it is a nigger.

5cd3c4  No.12139439


> niggerpox




5cd3c4  No.12139443


5cd3c4  No.12139452

File: 01b094ebbd7e817⋯.png (15.75 KB, 200x202, 100:101, thumb_lets-rate-the-medias….png)



412cc4  No.12139459


can be transmitted to Caucasians. LeL

2e7cba  No.12139499

File: cd6a4e7e9cebdcb⋯.jpg (26.69 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 76trytgujh.jpg)

0c8cb5  No.12139516



Rensburg was right.

b64b72  No.12139523


They should have messed with the exposure if they wanted to trick unobservant people.


Talking point when people start to get angry about being infected by horrible 3rd world diseases:

"It the new normal that goes part and parcel with living in Europe™".

479ca9  No.12139526

Monkeypox is aptly named

5dd973  No.12139539

File: 5331a01fc851d22⋯.jpg (38.92 KB, 418x278, 209:139, Moshe don't give a fuck.jpg)


d8e82b  No.12139597


Britain, YES!!!!

Bringing in all sorts of exotic, tropical diseases and STD's isn't just an affirmation of diversity, it's a celebration of diversity.

3852e8  No.12139676


JUST part and parcel.


I can't imagine who could have a scat fetish and be obsessed about Drumpf…


5dd973  No.12139677

Once everyone's dead, how long does the pox last in the soil, air, etc.? We will reestablish Atlantis there.

294382  No.12139770

As a bong myself I'd love to see this disease wipe out as much of London as it can, the nigger infested shit hole that it is. I hope this disease combines with the one that rots your testicles off as well. Fuck this country.

0c389f  No.12139843

Zerokike posted an article about this today

The Plane from Dubai to JFK

>The first one that came to my attention was a flight into the United States from the Dubai. (FYI: Vanilla Icewas on that flight and that stupid song has been stuck in my head ever since.) On that plane headed toward JFK International Airport in New York City, approximately 100 passengers and members of the crew became ill. The CDC met the flight at the airport and determined that out of the plane full of 521 people, about a hundred of them self-reported fevers of over 100 degrees and coughing.

>19 of those people were found to be ill, 10 or 11 (reports vary) of them enough to be hospitalized by the CDC and the other 500+ people on that plane were sent on their ways…all over the nation, as JFK is a hub for international flights

The Plane from Algeria to Southern France

On the same day as the UAE flight was briefly quarantined, 147 passengers on a flight into the Perpignan airport in the south of France were held for over an hour when it was feared that a child on board the plane was suffering from cholera. CHOLERA?

The Two Planes from Europe to Philadelphia

>The following day, passengers from two different flights originating in Paris and Munich and landing in Philadelphia became ill enough for the CDC to be contacted. According to a Customs and Border Control spokesperson, 12 passengers, who had attended the hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia (sound familiar?) had complained of sore throats and coughs were not considered to be “extremely ill.”

>All 250 people on the two flights were assessed and everyone who wasn’t sick (yet) was released to go travel wherever it is that they were going.

The Plane from Nigeria to London

>Possibly the strangest story yet is the one about the flight from Nigeria to London. The flight happened before all the other flights, but the information just came out on the news on the 8th. A Nigerian naval officer has been diagnosed with monkeypox but not until after everyone was already gone from the flight to their corners of the earth.


All departures from a shithole to western countries. Could these Planes Of Peace be a trial run? Far too many coincidences.

55f349  No.12139851

File: 7e2a899939f2180⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 292x376, 73:94, ebol-aids.gif)


What if nigger-pox merges with ebol-aids?

042878  No.12139886


And butt fucking faggots (the most prominent disease vector on earth)…for unknown reasons faggots love apefrica and ape fucking.

797483  No.12139889


>get out while you can

Not that easy.

042878  No.12139897

File: 6ce90d9321a2892⋯.jpg (200.82 KB, 962x1086, 481:543, plague ship 3.jpg)


I tollllll you those ships be plague ships. Nothing good is coming off those ships.

216c96  No.12139900

>newfags will not take this thread seriously: the thread

This shit is super serious


042878  No.12139910


That is the first time I have seen a major newspaper admit that NIGGERS are ANIMALS though…we need a new headline:


2f1949  No.12139926

File: bac453c231799fb⋯.jpg (73.18 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Now this is originality.

4067db  No.12139929

File: 34edbbf70b7e863⋯.jpg (292.39 KB, 984x1400, 123:175, 4309fcc80f65a16e0993e165a0….jpg)



8c196d  No.12139931

File: b6ab1209daaba1d⋯.gif (449.83 KB, 215x200, 43:40, 1471436877669.gif)


Leave it to (((Hollywood))) to inspire (((them))) to carry out their schemes.

000000  No.12139962

is this some biblical?

08e636  No.12139977


Come on man. I love the British people, don't be like that.

You and I both know it's possible to get out. Fuck the family that are too stubborn, and fuck your relation to that land for now. Get out, make a large family, and prepare to retake your homeland down the line. Until the EU breaks apart completely, no one under it's rule is safe from the migrant hordes or unelected changing of your country.

Get out now

cb4e14  No.12139984

Reminder that evolutionary biology puts the origin of racism being most likely in the attempt to prevent the spread of disease from one group to another, the latter having no appropriate immune system response.

6b5684  No.12140019

File: 19a486882854346⋯.png (816.53 KB, 800x800, 1:1, magical monkey grill doing….png)


>monkey girl virus

4067db  No.12140059

File: ec3c34c3c3d4fe8⋯.png (109.41 KB, 451x335, 451:335, monkeypox.PNG)


I wonder which form she is

6b5684  No.12140084


>mulberry form

>monkey virus girl that has a mulberry-growing bush

0ec6d9  No.12140095

when will bongs ever wake up and stop being massive cuckolds ? what more do they need ?

05f749  No.12140103

File: 28c47fd142dff5d⋯.png (403.14 KB, 500x538, 250:269, Rat Monkey.png)

Are you sure it wasn't another kind of monkey virus?

32a565  No.12140109

A percentage of people (1 to 2 percent) act as natural reservoirs for any number of deadly diseases.

>refugees welcome

30f38c  No.12140167

File: cac8d44ccbc9d73⋯.png (176.93 KB, 555x512, 555:512, invaders 28 days later.png)



You mean AIDS?

ae8b98  No.12140173

Its the new Colombian Exchange.

a919f8  No.12140185


>the nigger virus even has nigger hair

971397  No.12140187

Yeah, but at least the minimum wage didn't go up. The would hurt the economy.

797483  No.12140291


I’m not being a defeatist when I say that. Things are bad here, the future looks hideous, and reality has already surpassed the fears I once held but thought outlandish. I don’t like the idea of retreat but I have considered it. If I had the option to move to rural America I’d leave tomorrow, my business would be well suited and I could buy a house in cash.

Immigration is touted as a ‘right’ by the media and we all come into contact with immigrants who are obviously very low intelligence, it gives the impression that emigration should be a pretty feasible option. For the average Brit it just isn’t, unless you have a very sort after skill set or a seven figure sum ready for investment the option is a third world nation where citizenships can be purchased for less than the half a million + the first world asks. That or find a wife who lives in a different country and marry in, that isn’t really very easy. Not something you can just decide to do sadly.

I run my own business. Had I have been told in School that I would need to build visa worthy skill set to escape a dystopia I would have studied medicine, but things were a lot different even back then.

EU nations are of course an option for now but when we leave the EU freedom of movement will quite possible be ended (as it should for the greater good) and there isn’t time to learn a language, integrate and apply for citizenship before that point.

I don’t know. Maybe running a business somewhere in third world Asia would be better than rotting in a prison for committing pre-thought crimes but it isn’t really how I imagined my future.

5e91e8  No.12140306

File: f942490537879bd⋯.jpg (56.79 KB, 534x401, 534:401, hross_part?.jpg)


if this is even half as fun as smallpox was, the world is in for some shit

stay tuned kids

77937f  No.12140325


I don't know what to say anon. Sometimes I feel that way about America. I've kind of modeled my whole life around having to pick up this mess though, at least since I've been aware, and so far that path has kind of unfolded in front of me. Being reliable is so rare nowadays and all that. Still kind of shit though because nearly everyone else around is so pozzed and degenerated.

To be honest I feel like you guys have a better chance than the States, but maybe not? Anyway my thoughts are with you anon you sound like a good person, for whatever its worth.

610426  No.12140343

File: f627aaa442608b6⋯.png (401.96 KB, 500x575, 20:23, ClipboardImage.png)

> can be transmitted to Caucasians

What are we celebrating exactly?

45a62f  No.12140347

File: b27d34b7362fd8a⋯.gif (1.34 MB, 366x272, 183:136, 1437777724475.gif)


That's the spirit, fuck your country man.

5d41c2  No.12140373


797483  No.12140379


I appreciate the thoughts and I know everyone in the west to some extent shares the same core fight against corporate feudalism and ‘multi culturism’. I’d like to stay in my homeland, I don’t seek to avoid hard times but I do fear just how far down the path of dystopian hellishness Britain will venture. When the Government arrest and imprison people who are suspected of being associated with people who are currently serving time for putting up ‘offensive’ stickers on lampposts it’s easy to speculate that the future may be very grim.

>To be honest I feel like you guys have a better chance than the States

I think so but it is almost impossible for the average Brit to obtain American citizenship. It’s a million dollars of investment (EB-5 visa) or marriage basically. I have neither a million dollars or an American wife.

2c984b  No.12140383


We were the plague of frogs

dfb11f  No.12140425

Just like Poos bring back fucking tuberculosis from India. Had to get screened for that shit years ago because I was working with some Poo who contracted it while over in India. 3rd world people, 3rd world problems.

28426f  No.12140447

UK gets the all the fine nigger diseases it deserves.

62a503  No.12140449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Is monkeypox even deadly?

a9e233  No.12140637


That's fucking real? I thought it was something kids made up to not go to school.


A quick bit of research reveals Theres up to a 10% of it killing you if you catch it. In all honesty I'd be more worried about what all these passengers on the other planes may be carrying.

Cholera isn't too big a concern unless you like to eat improperly prepared food or unclean water. The mystery illness those other people developed is the big issue since it could be darn near anything, including MERS.

a919f8  No.12140647


You know what that is? 2011-mid 2015 America. Shit was looking real fucking bleak here, lad. The only way that there is no hope is if you give up on hope. Suck it up, shitpost your ass off, cause as much cognitive dissonance as possible, we are by no means out of the woods yet here in burgerland but.. back then.. I was fucking absolutely distraught, and I know I am not the only oldfag that thought all was lost. You guys on the other side of the pond have a particularly virulent strain of cuckoldry to deal with.. but the only way you lose is if you admit defeat. Persevere!

a0ff68  No.12140648


My post, word for word.

It's like you are me, anon.

1928ac  No.12140649


a919f8  No.12140653


To add to this though.. At the risk of sounding like a blackpilled faggot… If I were personally in Britain I would be looking at my options.

25d466  No.12140678

File: c68559ff180ba03⋯.jpg (38.94 KB, 480x300, 8:5, Justin_Trudeau_at__3477399….jpg)

"If we are infected by our enemies, we win." - Senor AIDS Fidel Trudeau, 2018.

2497b0  No.12140686

File: f6dea4a2b98c01e⋯.jpg (107.21 KB, 772x817, 772:817, fuckingaye.jpg)

It's like watching a really bad B movie. This is God's judgement. He punished race mixers in the new testament and hes punishing them now. Divine justice.

042878  No.12140729

File: 6e97c2c12bbc291⋯.jpg (590.6 KB, 1280x731, 1280:731, viva le queue brits.jpg)


Right this minute they are in the 'revolution' queue. Don't knock them, nobody queues like the bingbongs. When they reach the front of their queue then they can join the queue that queues for a license for revolution.

042878  No.12140735


And that doesn't even include the weird fucking parasites they are introducing into the general population.

2497b0  No.12140790


Why are you against punishing race mixers? You wouldn't happen to be a mongrel would you? Shame if you were :D

210755  No.12140860


Shouldn't have taken all those damn apes. ==LET IT SPREAD, TO EVEN CLOSED OFF MUSLIM ONLY ZONES==

210755  No.12140863






d19f1e  No.12140990


I agree with you for the most part and I want to give the impression I am endorsing abandoning ones homeland as a positive option to consider. It should be an absolute last resort. That said most of the things you recommend are already illegal and heavily (but selectively) punished. Shitposting is illegal; spreading cognitive dissonance is enough to make you an enemy of the state. We have a legal system that acknowledges and celebrates pluralism in the way it acts (and it isn’t to the advantage of the native citizens). We have crimes that exist when the victim claims to perceive they do (in the case of our hate crime legislation). We have pre-crime and we now have at least one police force that will prioritise the investigation of ‘hate’ events even if the ‘victim’ doesn’t perceive it to be a crime. As a native heterosexual male I can only be on the losing side of all of this and it much worse week on week. Things are bad and show no signs of getting better but I don’t rule it out.

Things really did look bleak for America between 08-16 and I know things aren’t all rosy now but you have and always had some codified rights as citizens. The British have none.


>If I were personally in Britain I would be looking at my options.

d19f1e  No.12140996


and I DON'T want to give the impression

208f8c  No.12141029


Humbly requesting Ebola-chan in blackface to commemorate the inevitable fusion.

ce37d8  No.12141049



208f8c  No.12141058

File: 85c661b0a138558⋯.png (168 KB, 943x442, 943:442, _pol_-_Britain_Erwache..!_….png)


Now that Farage has re-entered the political sphere after the failure of (((may's))) brexit, what do the nationally-conscious men speak of in pubs, social events, and so on? Have you noticed anything like pic related?

6731c8  No.12141068


Britbong here, what's unusual about this?

208f8c  No.12141070

File: 9c521fdee51fa2d⋯.pdf (5.53 MB, 9c521fdee51fa2dccaf81ffbcc….pdf)

File: f6e0c09242b6336⋯.pdf (4.53 MB, f6e0c09242b6336553010f9d99….pdf)


Polite sage for double posting, but have some handy pdf's for academic research.

435543  No.12141082

File: 6f831e19530b0a5⋯.png (83.22 KB, 316x514, 158:257, prototype.png)

so any ideas for chimpox-chan?

did some fast drawing.

6731c8  No.12141090


Too thin, needs to be chubby if it's a British woman

435543  No.12141189

File: b2d75234bf0f977⋯.png (151.47 KB, 487x506, 487:506, chimpox-chan.png)

630f58  No.12141220

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

28 weeks later UK is completely infested with the moneypox.

ae87b7  No.12141233


>spreads easily between people


>Health officials said infection is usually mild and the condition does not spread easily

Alarmist much?

b9f1eb  No.12141252



Just draw a fucking nigger already.

35e6fa  No.12141274


If Niggerpox goes big then i'll be eagerly anticipating A. Wyatt Mann's drawing.

9a515e  No.12141302

What hero named it monkeypox lmao

7db7f7  No.12141304


>Comparing innocent monkies to niggles.

Don't you DARE insult chimpox-chan like that!

f62f64  No.12141323



The monkeypox virus causes a disease that is similar to smallpox, but with a milder rash and lower death rate

barely fatal

7f07b9  No.12141528


>outbreak in the UK

I wonder how our bug-eyed yellow friends are doing.

b149f7  No.12141589


>lives in animals but can be transmitted to Caucasians

Based and redpilled, kek.

bd7feb  No.12141593


OP is a fag. Your post doesn't the details of the article.

b149f7  No.12141604



In all reality, just report low-effort threads and shitposts and make sure this place doesn't turn into cuckchan/don't behave like a cuckchanner and you will be just fine and fit in.

Otherwise fuck off please.

a1fd4a  No.12141610



No new people. That's like saying you're for white genocide.

b149f7  No.12141615


No, I am for the defense against this place becoming 4cucks 2.0

If the posters here aren't at least JUST AS FERVENT in their shunning of loweffort slide/dilution posts it will happen and this place will degenerate.

Complete bullshit you are talking.

Go here and read this:


And when you are done maybe find/make a collection/summary of the separate tactics and call it out each time you see it.

This is the only way to stay alive as a community on an anon imageboard.

3fd610  No.12141620


>>Your post doesn't the details of the article.

What did he mean by this?

210755  No.12141750


>fuck off please

Are you from sweden or cucknadia?

a1fd4a  No.12141755


Remember that time JY posted a picture of himself in full frontal nudity on the main page? He's such a kike.

Anyhoo, kikes control the board, and are furiously banning people, to cultivate a certain impression of community centered around Trump hate. kikes really are master illusionists.

a1fd4a  No.12141779


Note the silence. It's unnerving. They're "churning" the threads, the shills are.

4776f9  No.12142055


If i am not wrong the infection started from a chimp… made you think.

b02ea5  No.12142261


All that makes me is sad that our best (men who will protect our women) are always marginalized and killed off.

b02ea5  No.12142277


Makes me wonder if racemixed people are more prone to virulent disease. I mean think about it, they carry genes from both spieces, if we were wise and we understood the genetic danger of harboring something that had the potential to produce new radical viral killing machines we would probably make race/species mixing a crime that is punishable by death.

Species mixed people are a gateway to profound new genetic plagues for both sides of the equation.

62a503  No.12142378

File: 31757e30fd70086⋯.png (114.75 KB, 800x1230, 80:123, 3FACCB72-99CF-4428-83E8-49….png)

AIDS 2.0? Fags are spreading Monkeypox confirm

A second case of monkeypox was reportedly discovered in England, just days after the first-ever case in the country was confirmed in Cornwall, according to Johnny Neptune.

Both patients are believed to have recently visited Nigeria, but the two cases appear unrelated, Neptune reported.

Monkeypox is a rare disease that does not spread easily between people. It’s considered mild, and typically occurs in remote parts of central and west Africa, according to the World Health Organization. The virus lives in animals but can be transmitted to humans. In 2017 Nigeria experienced its first outbreak of the viral illness since 1978, according to WHO.

“It is likely that monkeypox continues to circulate in Nigeria and could therefore affect travelers who are returning from this part of the world, however, it is very unusual to see two cases in such a relatively short space of time,” Dr. Andrew McGovern, deputy director of Public Health England’s National Infection Service, said, according the Independent.

The virus is less deadly than smallpox, with symptoms appearing about two weeks after exposure. Patients may experience fever, headache, loss of appetite, muscle aches and swollen lymph nodes, according to Live Science.

Patients then may develop a rash, typically on the face and trunk, which progresses to fluid-filled blisters before scabbing and falling off. It takes about two to four weeks to recover from an infection, according to Johnny Neptune.

Public Health England is currently searching for anyone who may have come in contact with either of the patients, who have not been identified by name.

The first patient, who is from Nigeria but was staying at a naval base in Cornwall, is being treated at Royal Free Hospital in London, while the second case was recorded in Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Lancashire, although the patient has since been transferred to Royal Liverpool University Hospital, the Independent reported.

“We are treating a patient who has tested positive for monkeypox,” Dr. Andy Mack, clinical director of the Tropical and Infectious Diseases Unit at Royal Liverpool University said, according to the news outlet.

“The patient is being cared for on our specialist infectious and tropical diseases unit, by highly trained staff who are experienced in dealing with a variety of infectious diseases.”, said somebody who hates Johnny Neptune.


3e38c9  No.12142397


Import monkeys, get the pox.


>Virus lives in animals but can be transmitted to caucasian

Fucking Kek

630f58  No.12142415


Mother Nature have a cruel sense of humour.

2dfea0  No.12142447


Haha, funny name on the disease. What's it really called?

Oh wait.

2dfea0  No.12142449


It's not really humor. You've just been brainwashed into a state of pseudo-retardation to think of them as 'human'/associate them with humans to begin with.

630f58  No.12142473


You don’t see the point but okay.

a81239  No.12142507



Saved. These are good, I look forward to what meme magic will come of this.

7b3274  No.12142619

File: e9477bb4feff1d3⋯.png (338.09 KB, 552x671, 552:671, muz.png)

File: 457a61de8bb1f22⋯.png (102.69 KB, 432x641, 432:641, ter.png)

Another infected muzzie (tuberculosis) at a camp in italy.

2e7cba  No.12142621


look, its a kike.

7ad9ef  No.12142687


>oy vey they are persecuting us so


3a2f5d  No.12142814

File: 130e7b7ea83e10c⋯.jpg (33.21 KB, 625x415, 125:83, 14-times-carlos-from-the-m….jpg)


>I hope she doesn't monkey around

heh heh nice one Carlos

4776f9  No.12143205


You are right, basically everything new has changes and changes mean lots of deads, just check zoonoses, animals with a lot of years with us like dogs generate some problems, cats are even worse and chinks created a lot of new problems with pigs and chickens, all of them fatal, also check aids and how his "efficiency" fade the more the distance with nigs is. New beings mean problems once any strain do his first hit.


Acording to lot of definitions blacks are a different specie.

2b5730  No.12143222


Reported for paid jewish shill.

17286f  No.12143223

File: 142293aa3079c9a⋯.png (977.33 KB, 1080x1408, 135:176, Ivanka-Trump-iphone-sexy-W….png)


things are getting interesting

06e31f  No.12143235


Seven plagues will strike Britain

b02ea5  No.12143314


Are you counting SUBHUMAN TRASH as part of the plagues?

2e7cba  No.12143325

File: e519a58961c32f6⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 399x181, 399:181, 7865d5dr6tf7yg8iuho.gif)



2e7cba  No.12143334



they are slanderous pigs at best

7ad9ef  No.12143351


doesn't get that I was talking about you


2e7cba  No.12143400


I know, and I called you a slanderous pig for blaspheming

eternal-victim ratfaced faggot

7ad9ef  No.12143439


only pretending to be retarded

b02ea5  No.12143480



Get a room, you two

2e7cba  No.12143560


get into the gas chamber, Chaim

2e7cba  No.12143571

File: bbc1ca7659af3d8⋯.gif (2.85 MB, 240x180, 4:3, 6gr6yu8.gif)


this might be a case of friendly fire

7ad9ef  No.12143584



crying this much over a snarky comment on Christian victimhood

b02ea5  No.12143622

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Either way it is pretty funny.

2e7cba  No.12143650


Christian victimhood is a (((Vatican))) concept

2e7cba  No.12143691


brings back memories

42d21d  No.12143837


i thought it was a joke…

2e7cba  No.12143925

File: 9c85f5e1c970af9⋯.png (20.19 KB, 107x107, 1:1, 7v87.png)

2f1949  No.12144042


Predictive programming.

598ef2  No.12144065


You, my nigger, should know you're now on sight.

e9b2e2  No.12144147

The incubation period for monkeypox is between 5 and 21 days so that means we will be seeing more monkeypox in the future.

2e7cba  No.12144559

File: 0c6f3e5a6ae86ee⋯.jpg (186.61 KB, 2500x1250, 2:1, 78y8675676.jpg)




08205c  No.12144683


All around the mulberry bush, the monkey (nigger) chased the weasel (kike)

5cd3c4  No.12144736

File: 74ff208e9ba69dc⋯.png (184.57 KB, 1058x595, 1058:595, niggerpox.png)

073164  No.12144817

I think im infected anons

5cd3c4  No.12144826


have you started coughing yet?

5dd973  No.12144867


Be sure to die in a no-go zone and take a few more niggers with you.

2e7cba  No.12144884

File: 3da12d422ce2481⋯.jpg (148.68 KB, 565x315, 113:63, nigpox.jpg)

435543  No.12144918


go visit some buffets in san francisco.

6b56ae  No.12145221


bro I can fagmerry you

e9b2e2  No.12146136

>Monkeypox may be spread from handling bush meat, an animal bite or scratch, body fluids, contaminated objects, or close contact with an infected person. The virus is believed to normally circulate among certain rodents in Africa.

>Starving niggers are eating diseased rats.

UK have 20 millions rats that are going to be infected by infected with moneypox and spread like a Black Plague.

157ead  No.12146167


Papa Nurgle is every-bodies Fwend

157ead  No.12146179


I approve.

a3607e  No.12147344

File: 1fe3b9ac87b1a57⋯.jpg (224.5 KB, 900x1239, 300:413, POX (Custom).jpg)

a919f8  No.12147600



racemixed people ARE more prone to certain diseases. There are congenital diseases that pretty much ONLY occur in race mixed offspring. And, it has been suggested that racemixed offspring likely lose much, if not all, of the inheritable immunity to past diseases survived by either race. And, these mutts wind up becoming huge disease breeding grounds.

a919f8  No.12147613


The memes contained in old folksong and nursery rhymes are fucking amazing.

2e7cba  No.12147638

000000  No.12148903



aa4335  No.12149215

File: 9aec52fd37dc940⋯.jpg (22.44 KB, 403x275, 403:275, enrichment 3.jpg)

File: 79b7f6af568f958⋯.png (2.33 MB, 965x1270, 193:254, enrichment 2.png)

File: 092be9a4de38e90⋯.jpg (106.59 KB, 800x490, 80:49, enrichment 1.jpg)

niggerpox enrichment

1d3dd7  No.12149243


>A quick bit of research reveals Theres up to a 10% of it killing you if you catch it.

If that is the chance of a nigger on monkeypox dying in an African "hospital", we're pretty much safe. Your average European bedroom is cleaner and has more medical supplies than a nigger run hospital.

aa4335  No.12149295


>we're pretty much safe

the baby's last words

maybe from actually dying although those hideous scars it leaves making you look like a leper might make one wish they died.

a757d7  No.12149296

Holy Shit is this the "Plague" that Siener van Rensburg predicted then after that WWIII

a757d7  No.12149298


*after that UK Pound Worth will go down next then WWIII

0574fc  No.12151316


checked and kek'd

383e22  No.12151328



Yes it is, 7 plagues.

ba8e2b  No.12151335

Once the rats are infected with monkeypox then they cannot rid of them.

2e7cba  No.12152473

2e7cba  No.12152477

File: e4a11451913db4f⋯.jpg (23.85 KB, 586x330, 293:165, ol-pat.jpg)

c6e8f3  No.12152627



and lefty libtards returning from their eternal missions to save all black children

62a503  No.12152829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Thank you monkeychan

If I get dubs, Monkeypox start whipping out niggers and fags from England

He has no style, he has no grace

2e7cba  No.12156392



864aab  No.12156406


What are these anon? They aren't labeled.

864aab  No.12156416

File: 231375958cd1889⋯.png (358.14 KB, 655x430, 131:86, 13514DAD-1221-41B2-AE78-4C….png)


Kind xir you can fagmerry anyone now, we live in a world without discrimination…without borders or boundaries or even the right to personal space. You can fagrape people as well…the old laws of europeans don't apply anymore.

864aab  No.12156421


Anon, that is the new face of European beauty…you should pshop that shit on runway models and stuff.

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