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File: 032ee122e9a5989⋯.png (284.05 KB, 598x656, 299:328, cc61bd43105f789aae2eb2125f….png)

4e8aa9  No.12139432

Simpleton nigger with a 4th grade vocabulary strikes again!

>President Trump on Tuesday warned about the impending arrival of Hurricane Florence, currently a Category 4 storm that is expected to make landfall later this week.

>“They haven't seen anything like what's coming at us in 25, 30 years, maybe ever. It's tremendously big and tremendously wet. Tremendous amounts of water," Trump said in the Oval Office.


d2084f  No.12139449


>tremendously wet


f06c9b  No.12139474

What does this have to do with us? You can fuck off now.

590a45  No.12139484


898521  No.12139485


What are you sliding?

754a2b  No.12139487

He has to use words small enough for you to understand.

4e8aa9  No.12139494






.02 kushnerbux have been deposited into your good goy account

b120ce  No.12139506

File: 709472478d2ad4b⋯.gif (1.29 MB, 413x192, 413:192, You're a fag.gif)

TIL only niggers know hurricanes are wet, because Op said so.

4e8aa9  No.12139513


>reddit meme


d2084f  No.12139514


the 00 buckshot will be deposited in your spine shortly standby.

928444  No.12139518

This thread is pretty pointless, when I saw it I was expecting him to have done something incredibly jewy yet again but this is just him talking like a retard.

0e55f2  No.12139521

File: 3d65619414f9ddd⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 500x370, 50:37, ae618d7e3ecdd3fff75d3c7633….jpg)


>Tremendously Wet


000000  No.12139524


other than (((you))), who gives a shit?

235720  No.12139528

How the conversation went from dirty talk to absolutely degenerate with just a single admin overstepping his control box.

Get back in your cage Admin.

193df0  No.12139531

Where are all the good shills? Where are the shareblue guys? Where are the pro shills so good at blending in they actually further the debate constructively until they become one of us? This lazy nigger tier shilling is just sad. We deserve better.

4e8aa9  No.12139532


>done something incredibly jewy yet again

That goes without saying.

4cbf54  No.12139534

File: 2acd83553f5e99f⋯.jpg (19.97 KB, 308x395, 308:395, 2e1b963cc8cd1d63107b31deb5….jpg)


"& big.And powerful.

Very,very big and very,very powerful.

Believe me.

4dafe8  No.12139540


<he doesn't sound (((presidential))) enough


c59b0e  No.12139544


This is what makes papa Trump endearing to the people that support him. Jews and faggots forget the fact that he's not talking down to US, he's talking down to YOU.

ac861d  No.12139546

>tremendously big and wet

Holy fuck does this man know how to meme or what?

b120ce  No.12139550


Huh. It's from reddit huh. I didn't know that.

But == YOU DID==

b120ce  No.12139554


And it blows, Anon!! It really blows!

ac861d  No.12139555


how do you retarded newfags even find this fucking place?

4e8aa9  No.12139556


>reddit memes

>doesn't know how to use the site

You have to go back newfag.

4cbf54  No.12139557

File: 545644dd22f3b4b⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 255x255, 1:1, b39bf60f22c60999b4f8239cc4….jpg)


That WAS funny.

ac861d  No.12139568


>Believe me folks. This thing here is tremendously big. Tremendously wet. And when it gets blowing - just tremendous blowing - it really slams you hard.

4e8aa9  No.12139579


checked. The_Cuckold. That's how.

30d2be  No.12139596

File: 4316bf1897025e0⋯.png (90.61 KB, 288x289, 288:289, 3db5e08b9b213b35aa70a2c561….png)

File: 66e73f995ac0c6e⋯.png (84.78 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 7fed9d6daea52b7b1437321568….png)

File: a16334c49505bb9⋯.png (151.64 KB, 517x480, 517:480, 35a4f2b19b1aa83147daf8d0a7….png)

File: 40f2ddf344f5b75⋯.png (316.44 KB, 625x462, 625:462, 40f2ddf344f5b757527b7ae96b….png)

File: 6eed7efc755c2ab⋯.jpg (56.61 KB, 553x405, 553:405, 65c4fc024a5187468a615aa25c….jpg)


neck yourself moshe

a2804a  No.12139600

Florescent confirmed for desperate fatty at the party.

4cbf54  No.12139602

Hey,DOnTARD, dont you have Assadam's Serial tourists to blow up?

b86911  No.12139608


Is he wrong?

Everyone can understand him. Even children.

f8a965  No.12139611

File: 02f169999332433⋯.jpg (97.3 KB, 724x771, 724:771, Trumpsalve.jpg)

don't worry friend. You only have 6.5 more years to go. Hang in there, tiger!

23de94  No.12139628

Johnny Neptune broke containment?

d7da63  No.12139632


He's done in less than 2 months when he loses the house.

4cbf54  No.12139636


He's your friend? Does he bark?

Does he still have half your cds AND owe you $40?

c7b11f  No.12139637


<Salty fuck nitpicks

<Doesn't remember obama presidency.

4577d8  No.12139639



>causes asshurt of alt-left


235720  No.12139651

The coincidence meter is pegged. There must be Jewesses plotting something nearby.

69470c  No.12139668


>I don't understand how to communicate with the public which is made up of 50% people under 100 IQ

>This makes Trump stupid

How much do you get paid for this? Not much I'd guess.

23de94  No.12139670

Also watch for the niggerporn threads and DDoS attacks to start. It always comes in waves after threads like these fail to sway the board to their narrative.

d7da63  No.12139671

File: ca71e89cd6d6353⋯.jpg (334.66 KB, 1288x1315, 1288:1315, 14.jpg)



You misspelled smug, anon.

235720  No.12139672

Confirmed, cat poster is in league with Jewesses plotting to topple the regime.

af381d  No.12139678


Uh huh, sure thing moishe.


Just like the polls before the 2016 election lmfao

d7da63  No.12139680


>The_Donald nigger thinks /pol/ supports Israeli operative Trump


af381d  No.12139686


call em boomers next

d7da63  No.12139690


>Just like the polls before the 2016 election lmfao

You mean the ones done by jews who own the media and Donald Trump's family? I wonder why they lied, anon?

90c6c4  No.12139691

90c6c4  No.12139693


Are you implying it wont be wet?

af381d  No.12139700


Yeah, those polls. Same ones you're evoking as something to take notice of here.


Those jewish conducted bullshit polls.

23de94  No.12139708

File: 61e3b879049378c⋯.png (611.11 KB, 420x946, 210:473, always ALWAYS right.png)


>502 10 minutes after my post

d7da63  No.12139714

File: c6c1b0c603e5133⋯.jpg (129.7 KB, 793x887, 793:887, 3256.jpg)


They only lied to get their puppet into office, anon.

af381d  No.12139725


So the entire media in coordination to bolster Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump was all a fake out? And this current poll done by that same media is not? You seem convinced that this poll is legit based on your posts here:



>he's done in less than 2 months when he loses the house

but wait, I thought he was a puppet, why would that same media that conducted such a fine operation hoodwinking the nation into supporting (by not supporting?) a candadite now be reversing (not reversing?) that decision? Can you eulucidate on this clear mastery of deception for this simple anon who can't see the layers of 7-dimensional backgammon at play?

af381d  No.12139733


Oh yes, you tell him, anon. He's a stupid new faggot that doesn't understand our clear consensus on the matter.

23de94  No.12139736


>Lol the natives that have been here since 2013 aren't allowed on their board

>Lol me, who started shitting up this board in mid 2016, is the real native

af381d  No.12139740


Yes, I admit I'm too stupid to understand why the media would do such a double fake and the implications behind it. I admit it. Can you please spoon feed my some explanations, oh wise one?

997b9b  No.12139753




>oy vey goyim we supported trump back in 2013 you know

>lol we are “natives”

You redditors aren’t even trying to fit in.


>I’m too stupid to know what jewish controlled opposition is

Yes, okay. Thanks for admitting it. Shut the fuck up and go the fuck away. Either lurk before posting or don’t post. You don’t belong here.

ca3f83  No.12139762

File: 01d086b1978da81⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.79 KB, 500x609, 500:609, 01d086b1978da81f287ea1d233….jpg)

> It's tremendously big and tremendously wet.

Fun fact I used to write the blurbs on pr0n DVDs… back when that was a thing.

997b9b  No.12139764


You’re a degenerate sack of shit.

000000  No.12139767



100% only hitler and zizec support allowed here

all others get out

ca3f83  No.12139772


I was.

Is there a redemption arc here or not?

af381d  No.12139773


Oh, I can understand what controlled oposition is, I just fail to understand why this anon here is placing faith in a poll conducted by the media that seems to be counterintuitively rallying against their "puppet"?



And why is that anyway? If he was a puppet would it really be necessary to have the entire media apparatus be aligned against him like this? I can hardly remember any recent coverage at all that was positive.

d7da63  No.12139781


>So the entire media in coordination to bolster Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump was all a fake out?

Yes. Telling people that a candidate has a 99% chance of winning of kills turn out for that candidate. Trump was put in to benefit Israeli interests any nothing more. All negative publicity you see about him in the jew media exists as reverse psychology for magatards. "DUH MEDIA HATES HIM SO I HAVE TO LOVE HIM DURRRR"

e42121  No.12139785


000000  No.12139786


i'm not sure what you mean friend

do you not support hitler and zizec?

if not, get out redditor

af381d  No.12139789


Do you mind answering the question I posed? Why is the media so aligned against donald trump if he is just a puppet of the same jewish masters? Wouldn't having a puppet installed in the white house be a net benefit? Why have the entire media apparatus attempt to unseat him?

d7da63  No.12139790




Is he talking about the blue wave?

cee8a8  No.12139799


>inverse spread-eagle suspension

Dammit, boner, not now.

673019  No.12139801


i mean do people here actually think like this? this kid's insane ramblings and "thinking" is straight out of lefty fan fiction. basically, you're fooling no one except your consensus cracking friends

af381d  No.12139803


Alright fair enough. But why then are you rejoicing over polls like this?


If this poll here is a ploy to bolster support for donald trump why are you amplifying it on this board? Wouldn't that be counter-productive?

d7da63  No.12139804


>t. magatard

000000  No.12139806


get out reddit

this is the only answer you get

ziongonald drumph is finished

cee8a8  No.12139809

Shillwave hitting the board, huh?

928444  No.12139813


Why would the jews actually be upset by Trump? Think about it, what the fuck has he done that's a detriment to them in any way? I can't think of a single thing he's done that hasn't been for them explicitly so far, he sure hasn't done a fucking thing for the US anyway. At least other shitty ZOG presidents have enacted policies for the US, all Trump has done is blubbered around in global geopolitics and given everything to israel on a silver platter. Worthless fucking faggot.

af381d  No.12139818



Then why are those same jews rallying so hard against him through their controlled media? Is it as this anon here states?


then why these posts here if these media hit pieces are a ploy?


d7da63  No.12139819


Only because I want the Israeli operative who pretends to be /ourguy/ out of the white house. I rather have someone who openly hates us versus someone who secretly hates us.

997b9b  No.12139821


>why does controlled opposition exist

>no seriously guys i know why but tell me why

>why won’t you tell me


000000  No.12139824


reddit go


you are a very smart man and i bet you have a big peepee too

af381d  No.12139825

The reasoning expressed ITT and the fallacies displayed are lacking. Shills. You faggots are gonna have to get your narratives aligned before you attempt something like this again. Nothing but missteps and overplayed hands. Better luck next time, faggots.

997b9b  No.12139829


>ban evading torpedo sucks zionist cock

Yeah, that’s par for the course.


Bump because your zionist shill has no protection anymore.

857ff1  No.12139834


>complaining about a president exaggerating the threat from a hurricane

go back to your shareblue playground kid. adults are debating adult topics here.

cee8a8  No.12139835


I honestly thought I was on cuckchan for a minute. The quality here is embarrassing.

000000  No.12139839


is your cock zionist?

i thought you were antizion

why would you do this D-:

997b9b  No.12139842


>ban evading torpedo admits to being a queer, and to sucking zionist cock

At least you’re bumping the thread you hate so much.

659856  No.12139846



her cunt looks awesome, I just dont know how i'd get my cock in there at that height and angle….. piledrive into it on a scaffold? yeahhhhh

000000  No.12139847


well that is too bad

i guess maybe its not your fault if your parents circumcised you

but it still means you are zionist

2b256c  No.12139848


why would it be cuckchan? we know exactly who it is. it's who it has always been which is /leftypol/ faggots and TRS. TRS has always tried and cause division between 4/pol/ and 8/pol/

997b9b  No.12139853


>oy fucking vey you will actually believe this

Reported for supporting 4chan.

cee8a8  No.12139854


Go look at the post quality on 4/pol/, then come back and look at the mouth-breathing going on in this and other threads at this moment. 4chan is faster, but we tend to have higher quality posts for the most part.


It's not the cunt she's hung for.

928444  No.12139858


Stop trusting the media

659856  No.12139860


bungholio? face abuse? just figured i'd start at the cunt as an appetizer

af381d  No.12139868


I was just playing along with the given shill narrative to get them into a snafu. Of course the media is dogshit.

cee8a8  No.12139871

>entire site starts throwing intermittent 502 errors

Yeah, somebody's having a laugh.


Face, yeah. Throat, more specifically.

2b256c  No.12139872


4/pol/ has always been shit. a few years of getting spoiled from non stop happenings won't change this fact. only newfags will say /pol/ wasn't always shit and constantly raided

2f7e8a  No.12139873

I mean is he wrong? I don't get it. Why is this outrageous to (((them))) again?

659856  No.12139876


thats hot. my wife would require a lot of training to get to that point bur i like my semi-trad wife so ill just fantasize

000000  No.12139878


>we now cnn


000000  No.12139882




reddit get out

this is no zion zone

cee8a8  No.12139895

File: 13c0eb2ffebfd2d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 272.35 KB, 830x467, 830:467, hillbilly_cannibals_hillbi….jpg)


I'm not saying it's worse in a novel way. Just that it's worse. But reminder that /leftypol/ got mods on the team there, which is why they put up with endless shitposting.


I'm of two minds. One one hand, training girls to serve in such ways is hot on its own. On the other, you kind of have to have a spark for that kind of thing from relatively young. All the people I know, myself included, had developed some kind of pathological fixation on the combination of severe subjugation and intimacy before they even knew sex was a thing. I'm talking 5 to 8 years old. It turns into a fetish once puberty kicks in. We all had fucked up families with complexes centered around control, which I can't believe isn't related.

4759d0  No.12139911

File: 31b236204fe0c37⋯.png (4.86 KB, 247x108, 247:108, UGH YID.PNG)


Don't you ever get tired?

(pic related)

dbae62  No.12139920

File: 5fc15675d906750⋯.mp4 (992.28 KB, 426x240, 71:40, Why Arent I 50 Points Ahea….mp4)

6f8e2f  No.12139967


>marxist jews oppose capitalist jews

>this is an oxymoron


960fcd  No.12139976

File: 0749036523c2178⋯.jpg (108.22 KB, 735x1621, 735:1621, ee7978e54e0b7d882ef3b5028f….jpg)





4cbf54  No.12140275

File: 3032e42a4813e3b⋯.jpeg (7.51 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (1).jpeg)

8c7f7a  No.12141462


You people, no short term memory. Don't remember the supremely accurate polls last time??

8c7f7a  No.12141467



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