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File: 564ef70419b1a9e⋯.jpg (35.45 KB, 629x478, 629:478, Sylvia2.jpg)

47679c  No.12139434

What is free speech?

True free speech is the right to say things that would destroy the fabric of your society, the right to disrupt. If you don't have the right to say the things that would result in chaos, then you don't have free speech.

Joke: White nationalists sit around debating their ideal society, one suggests a right: "everyone should have the right to free speech!". Everyone applauds and nods to this, merry times are had.

Some neutral outsider overhears this and pipes in: "so i'll be able to advocate mass third world immigration to your ethno state?" This causes the mongoloid spastics to start grunting in disapproval, before one of the brighter ones jumps into the fray: "that is foundational to the state and to question that would result in the destruction of the state, along with the right, it can't be". "no no no" says another. "we think that would be great, the public will agree with us always." All the mongs begin to clap, singing can be heard from miles around.

Except it's never been about public support. We have public support right fucking now.

Free speech is a crock of shit. You are going to kill the jews on mass, then what? You think their ideas are magically going to disappear after a century of shilling? Thick fucking cunts.

You've got a whole generation of retards out in force to support bullshit fairy tales and your martyrs are idiot fire starters like count dankula and tommy Robinson. Count dakula "joked about the genocide of an entire ethnic group. How is that not a hate crime. Don't you want the right to imprison those who show complete disrespect for white civilisation?

15d72b  No.12139448

Free speech means the freedom to say anything in good faith. Anything done to deliberately destroy is anathema. Just like Jews. Just like you.

228752  No.12139451

Freeze peach is a meme

00214e  No.12139462

Hate speech =\\= Free speech

9440ed  No.12139468

Fuck off cum-chugger.

47679c  No.12139471


>good faith

I want Westminster bombed and all Jews dead.

a621d7  No.12139481


And that my frens is how you spot a kike.

47679c  No.12139482

I want to go back in time and advocate for Obama's murder.

cbbf73  No.12139488

lmao how did you even find 8ch?

47679c  No.12139489


This is how you spot t_d free speech retards.

afee9b  No.12139490


47679c  No.12139493

NS isn't a pick and mix.

47679c  No.12139495

a621d7  No.12139577


What up mofo

65653e  No.12139616

Free speech is a meme, negro! Everyone knows in the white NatSoc nation you can't talk down white people. If we was there, though.

82d80b  No.12140367


Free speech is very important. It also means all speech. The whole concept of "hate speech" is utter bullshit.

That said, saying something and that thing actually being put into practice are very different things.

You say "some people want diversity." Fine. I want to live in a White country for White people and only White people and no jews. Millions agree with me. So let's move into SEPARATE and SOVEREIGN countries with different values.

Some of those countries will be "diverse" and some will be racially pure.

As a nationalist I don't want to force my ideas onto others. I want SEPARATION into a reestablished White homeland with fellow members of my Volk. You multicultists, however, DO force your ideas onto others. You FORCE everyone else to live in a brown favela shithole by importing shitholers into White countries. Where is my Whites-only country to go to? There are MANY diverse countries, and were even long before the modern genocidal diversity shitholification of the West. (ie, Brazil and Mexico for example).

YOU multicultists are the one's supporting genocide. Not us nationalists.


Free speech means ALL speech. Or there is no free speech.



In a White NatSoc nation there would only BE White people. Everyone else would be physically deported to some other country.


1d8470  No.12145276

File: 28668ac8435a528⋯.jpg (162.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, large.jpg)


Free speech is great in a future white ethno state. This isn't even a problem, in fact OP you are the mongoloid. We give these idiots free speech in the "ideal state" and they basically paint themselves red for us - it's the only reason free speech has ever been allowed to profligate. Not some genuine respect for the god given rights of Man but because a wise secular ruler can get rid of his stupidest and peskiest enemies quickly by letting them announce themselves.

>B-b-but he has da legal right!

Yeah and he's killed in a back alley by a "criminal youth" opposed to a "undercover gestapo" and the world carries on…. Did you honestly think that was a gotcha?

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