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File: 1922c10a115187a⋯.jpeg (55.87 KB, 240x397, 240:397, EB244C1D-6044-4EEB-BB94-A….jpeg)

cd041b  No.12139567

>shoots interracial couples on sight.

>puts Larry Flynt in a wheelchair.

>Larry Flynt was the first person to introduce nigger on white pornography into a porn magazine.

>shoots Clinton advisor and negro rights activist Vernon Jordan.

>said he wanted to start a race war.

>There are videos where Joseph Paul Franklin seems to indicate he turned his back on White Nationalism, but, regardless of what Franklin said to try to prevent his execution, a White who was in prison with him said Franklin stayed loyal to his racial beliefs to the end.

>had a book written about him by Dr. Pierce

Name me one better person than him. Just one. He is arguably the best thing to come out of American post-war white nationalism.

bff9a8  No.12139581

File: bd984f7fbc243b1⋯.jpg (262.4 KB, 830x1059, 830:1059, Slide.jpg)

b6a60a  No.12139594


cd041b  No.12139601


Joseph Paul Franklin


fe3809  No.12139603

wow I had no idea one guy did all that…it's been buried breddy deep desu.

5aee5e  No.12139617

Wew lad! You’ve had too much internet today. This is literally the first time I’ve come across this name. And I’ve been searching and sifting through articles on “conspiracy theories” as many would say for over a decade now. Can’t believe this is even real. I’d love to know how what other Americans at the time he did this thought of him.

c7d83a  No.12139619


>Could this guy be the biggest hero against cultural marxism?

No. Hardly anyone has ever heard of this guy (See >>12139601 >>12139603), I highly doubt that we're any better off today because he got himself executed.

606782  No.12139620

literally who?

fe3809  No.12139633


It was buried. I heard of Larry Flynt getting gunned down and I heard of Vernon Jordan being shot and I heard of interracial couples being targeted but at no time have I heard of all of these being tied together in the news. It was probably one of those stories that was isolated to local news stations and was deliberately kept out of the national and international press

fc176d  No.12139640


Sounds like a protégé of the notorious Zyklon Ben.

cd041b  No.12139643


>nobody has heard of him

Yeah, he’s so much of a nobody that he has a book written about him by Dr. Pierce.

94687d  No.12139658

He spent +40 years in prison. If you're going to go this guy's route, do yourself a favor and take the hail of lead instead.

561c81  No.12139710

5aee5e  No.12139735


He is no different than any other kid at the age of 18 coming up on the internet, reading Mein Kampf, looking at memes all day with pro white imagery such as what’s being pumped out on /pol/. What’s interesting today is that someone doing this would become a spotlight for decades. Someone matyring themselves in the name of GTKRWN would face unfathomable amounts of backlash in the media. But for Franklin, I feel the exact opposite occurred. Simply because seeing his message come across the screens might have actually propragated that race war. Or maybe not. That’s the one thing that I found sad about listening to his interviews from recent times is just how much he’s back pedaled on his views. Very much a broken man.

5a96aa  No.12139743

I didn’t even know half the names in that post until just now.

93c563  No.12139750

File: 6934809f7407b2e⋯.jpg (71.99 KB, 240x320, 3:4, dead fags.jpg)

File: 0620088f366ea08⋯.jpg (82.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dead antiwhites.jpg)

File: dd21d9ec1aa53f6⋯.jpg (24.23 KB, 640x480, 4:3, dead nogs.jpg)

Just one?

9df06c  No.12139754


Posting the first (You) on the inevitable dogpile.

840d23  No.12139759


This is another stupid psyop to generate fake praise for a murderer/criminal to make /pol/ look like fringe lunatics.

61dab9  No.12139782


>I highly doubt that we're any better off today because he got himself executed.

Others that were executed

William Pierce

Hitler (sort of, maybe)


William Cooper

93c563  No.12139784


Now the first (((you)))

61dab9  No.12139822


How to set up a nation for invasion

1. inflate the currency

2. Remove true wealth / Ie: Gold

3. Divide it's people into identity groups

4. introduce foreign enemies into country

5. create a conflict outside of the country, attracting their war-age talent to leave homeland.

6. activate foreign assets on nations land.

7. hot war begins

Which phase would you put us in, exactly?

e8233d  No.12140011

>joanposting bait x6000000

2cf3a5  No.12140094



307989  No.12140198

File: 4d791ce23a1a95f⋯.jpg (26.39 KB, 534x401, 534:401, Joesph Paul Franklin.jpg)

File: a939ce6ad69c8ea⋯.jpg (229.58 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, breaking bad tv show.jpg)


Wow that is totally amazing. Never heard of the guy. But he really stood by our people. Puts Saint Roof to shame by picking really fucking great targets! Looks like the guy in Breaking Bad

968f87  No.12140208


they tried to make him an unperson and memory hole him

307989  No.12140225

File: e8eec3149e72207⋯.jpg (27.02 KB, 320x300, 16:15, Randall-Cobb-as-Leonard-Sm….jpg)


gawd I read that as chinese log…and I was going to assure you that joan, the warthog from hell, could probably swallow chinese log.

307989  No.12140239


WTF mate…are you mongrel nigger kikes the only ones who are allowed to WAGE A FUCKING WAR against us…you think it isn't going to come back and bite you in the ass? If /pol/ knew what I knew about you, you fucking kikes would be dropped by snipers on every corner of the USA.

d608bb  No.12140260



this guy is openly anti-white, full zionist and kike worshipper. his manifesto reeks of jew cum

d608bb  No.12140261


also anti-Hitler and anti-natsoc.

70355f  No.12140268

File: 62ff521d1d76ec8⋯.jpg (19.49 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1424557009651.jpg)



He did good. But you know what would have been even better? If he found an aryan qt3.14 to 1488 with, and then teach his many sons how to be cold blooded snipers instead. They would all be adults today. Just saying.


Pic related.

307989  No.12140279


And better planning…look at that sniper dude in AZ who killed all those people from the back of his car. I believe he was some kind of a nigger or something but a white man with training would put that nigger to shame. And someone intelligent would be able to have his qtπ and enjoy his war activities as well.

a17e7c  No.12140282


>He is arguably the best thing to come out of American post-war white nationalism.

That's not saying much.

307989  No.12140284

Whoops, not a nigger, was two person team, driver and shooter. Killed 17 in Phoenix, raped, wounded and attacked more…checking to see if the shooter Hausner is part kike.

4b38f1  No.12144085

File: c22a3846578ba76⋯.jpg (132.28 KB, 500x660, 25:33, Waes Hael.jpg)


You're better off remaining committed and living for your Race than dying for it. That having been said, I hold all respect for actions against the enemy. If you weren't considered a hardass even in combat arms, then your odds of resisting brainwashing and breaking under endless pressure are high. We all must do what we can. I am one of those few who do not break. No matter who you are, don't overextend yourself and break.

We must keep shitposting and maintain shitpost culture against the kikes. Many of our people know what's right, but it is ALWAYS kept out of (((media))). The correct term for media is ENEMY PROPAGANDA. Don't listen to enemy propaganda except for research purposes, and don't overdo it because it's garbage for sick people.

Remain committed to our cause–our right cause–for freedom and for life for our people. It is holy, and it is all that is good.


>muh murder

>muh occupation enemy law

No. Warfare is a suspension of the law. Kikes do not hold to laws, ergo everyone is at war with them all the time by sheer virtue of kike war on other races alone. Get a clue. Is truth """fringe?""" Maybe sheep should go fuck themselves if they can't handle truth.


This is correct. All of the smart people already are trainers. Remember, by the time anything is "news," it's over.

8ef001  No.12144112


Checking his mugshot dubs

Kek was with him, lads

2690cc  No.12144157

File: 15a6202ba819a0d⋯.png (543.78 KB, 675x740, 135:148, rjm.png)


Robert Jay Matthews is definitely the most significant NS hero in recent American history. He successfully created a large band of similar minded men for one purpose, revolutionary action against ZOG. He failed because one of his men was captured and talked probably after weeks of Mossad torture. He then died in a heroic last stand against almost a hundred ZOGbots on his land. The Order made ZOG's hair stand on end and they went after it with extreme zeal because of their actions. They're also my favorite because RJM and others were followers of Odin so thats a plus.

2690cc  No.12144169

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Attached is a speech by this martyr before the founding of the Order.

0cd675  No.12144187


This is what I believe too, I mean I get that some people want to go out there and start shooting people but it makes you look more of a psycho, and then kikes win again by making you the "nazI" version of "white supremacy." (which you're not).

The only way to win this is to keep red-pilling anyone out there with perseverance. The more that joins the right side, the merrier.

847a0a  No.12144194



Me neither. The scariest thing for (((them))) ever utter on this board: "lone wolves get results" its always downplayed but I always believed in it.

691099  No.12144233

literally never heard of this guy until now>>12139603

1c990f  No.12144324

Wasn't he the inspiration for Hunter?

e5da99  No.12145155


You realize we're in a state of war, right. Celebrating a hero who sacrificed his life for the good of your people is perfectly normal. If you think that is fringe and crazy, you're an utter soyboy.

9d8cf2  No.12145416


Fewer and fewer people seem to understand this, we are at war. The war is silent, and it's one-sided as it is illegal for us to fight back and defend ourselves. Any of our volk that are killed by ZOG and their brown hordes are the casualties of war, and any of our heroes that fight back are considered criminals and terrorists.

6c7090  No.12145447

Lone wolves get results, but a loose and decentralized support network for lone wolves achieves even more.

a624c6  No.12145464


You mean natsoc?

312c79  No.12145470


Yes, although Pierce removed the dedication for the second edition because he tried to take credit for other, non-racial murders that he obviously didn't commit.

567349  No.12145476


The alt-right/neo-nazi ect in general are useful idiots and unwilling pawns of cultural marxism. They have no chance of countering it because they are clueless to not only this, but the actual nature of what cultural marxism and critical theory actually are.

thankfully, as that whole alt right thing fades away into irrelevancy every day, actual intellectual counters to cultural marxism can emerge without being immediately thrown away for supposed ties to dumb nigger tier behavior of neo nazi groups.

645841  No.12146046



Any idea where I can acquire names of executioners, you know, for science? What organization handles hiring for this sort of thing in Missouri?

c1900f  No.12146196

He killed white women who probably wouldve made white kids. Fuck this PoS

645841  No.12146217


>tfw never saved any blacked spam pictures

>now can't create Joseph Paul Franklin gore parodies of them

Someone do this, intro scenes would be perfect.

645841  No.12146219



Didn't mean to reply.

c7568a  No.12146278

File: a651f6df51a52c7⋯.jpg (334.11 KB, 736x1136, 46:71, spirit of the goat.jpg)


Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

>Is he ourguy


He is worthless. Larry Flint was shot because (((Jerry Springer — of the Jerry Springer show))) was running for mayor and against Flint for having strip clubs. This was WAY before his magazine.

>had a book written about him by Dr. Pierce

And? What did it say? I trust Pierce, not you.

42d1e3  No.12146502


>Doesn't shoot the REAL targets

>didnt even read the wiki

1c990f  No.12147427


Iirc, he shot interracial couples. Mongrels aren't white.

30e4c1  No.12147463


> This was WAY before his magazine.

No it wasn't. He shot him over a famous interracial pictorial published in Hustler.

0ff58e  No.12147469


>Name me one better person than him.

The ones who do it right cannot be named because they don't get caught.

9c1388  No.12147599

To any ABC organizations in here, first off I'd like to say this man is a evil murderer and his actions should be condemned.

I would also say that's one hell of a spree.

The man had his principals.

Does this mean he considered japs honorary? He didn't kill any asians

7ed542  No.12147623


After 5, before 6

5f8a3d  No.12150063


>Spends his entire remainder of his life in prison.

Wow so effective.

2ce27a  No.12150352


Larping isn't about effectiveness, it's about feeling like a badass.

62ea8e  No.12150365

File: c7be3fbf4c1f361⋯.jpg (22.94 KB, 400x300, 4:3, alone in the dark.jpg)


>Me neither. The scariest thing for (((them))) ever utter on this board: "lone wolves get results" its always downplayed but I always believed in it.

Agreed, but another highly important phrase is "if you don't get caught you can do it again".

29ff24  No.12150500

I won't lose any sleep over his crimes but I do not believe killing random coalburners or niggers is an effective strategy. After all, niggers kill each other in record numbers every year but it doesn't get rid of them, there's always more. The conditions that allow miscegenation still exist and will continue to exist until we have complete racial separation. Killing off a few mudsharks doesn't even begin to make any real difference.

Glenn Miller, the guy who shot up the Jewish Community Center in Kansas in a drunken stupor and managed to only kill 3 non-Jews, was a huge Franklin fanboy and wrote him letters in prison. All that behavior leads to is life behind bars, and you are much more valuable to the race on the outside. Don't go sacrificing your life and freedom over shooting a few niggers. At least Breivik attempted to attack the root, not the symptoms.

4c173c  No.12150524


> Joesph Paul Franklin.


This is weird.

30e4c1  No.12150552


>Breivik attempted to attack the root, not the symptoms.

He didn't kill a single jew. Brainwashed gentiles are symptoms.

0cd675  No.12150589


>Glenn Miller

Funny thing is he was on the Jesse Lee Peterson show 3 days before he did the murders. I mean I get what you mean but violence can't be the answer. Like I said before, redpilling people via the internet/word of mouth is a more effective strategy.

1f9f56  No.12150627

File: f4ff9e8b295f2c1⋯.jpg (75.89 KB, 424x618, 212:309, spotted.jpg)

File: 441a6cc3bdffefd⋯.jpg (88.66 KB, 621x670, 621:670, its time.jpg)


>"…but violence can't be the answer."

527af5  No.12150635

File: 1178fb2e25a6306⋯.jpg (4.43 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)

>random targets

>low priority

>media spectacle

>no jews were harmed, thank GD

>whites are ebil

FBI thread

cd041b  No.12151272


>no jews were harmed

He did kill a jew. (((Gerald Gordon))), who was at Beth Shalom Synagogue in Richmond Heights, MO was jewish and cohencidentally the one murder he was given the death penalty for. Read here: http://www.clarkprosecutor.org/html/death/US/franklin1355.htm

>random targets

You think niggers and white women who are going to breed the next generation of blue voters are “random targets” or “low priority”? Are you trolling or being serious?

>media spectacle

There wasn’t a media spectacle. See >>>12139735 and >>>12139633

>whites are evil

What did he do that was wrong again?

cd041b  No.12151278


Whoops I meant to put only two >’s.

see >>12139735 and >>12139633

b08d15  No.12155111



A real life ben garrison

ea723d  No.12158477

Here are some similar mission oriented serial murderers OP.




^ Including this degenerate because it fits the topic.

af9ef1  No.12163001

File: b7468aabde809c4⋯.png (13.96 KB, 333x293, 333:293, 1408281936441.png)

1ab8e9  No.12163621

File: f87cead0f3d9f21⋯.jpg (32.99 KB, 449x318, 449:318, robertmatthews.jpg)



Have a spicy pic of Matthews yelling at a dyke.

debdcc  No.12163713


That's Oscar Yaeger IRL no ?

851b48  No.12163731

holy shit, this guy is related to my best friends (second family, basically). I grew up hearing about this guy

4f9cb0  No.12165119


Checked… for stupidity. What you believe, is based on nothing more than your female emotions. Killing random niggers is what spics do and it works. It literally drives coons out of their homes in TERROR. Shitskins like jews are terrified of awaken White men.


Hi stupid, jew, pussy.

October 8, 1977: in suburban St. Louis, Missouri, Franklin hid in the bushes near a synagogue and fired on a group attending services. In this incident, Franklin killed forty-two-year-old Gerald Gordon.[8] He also wounded Steven Goldman and William Ash

eb1fee  No.12165230


Useful idiots aren't the enemy they don't deserve to be shot unless in self defence

cc33c8  No.12165380

File: 3fb5c24aa947a54⋯.jpg (28.56 KB, 604x276, 151:69, germanysoon.jpg)


I like your post & I'm glad you took the time to write your thoughts. Thank you.

33087a  No.12165424

Why can't we have a modern day version that kills Greg Lansky?

a50d2d  No.12166030


This, nobody is talking abouth Argentina's 200.

4ba045  No.12166209


Lansky would be easy because porn producers have criminal connections. The police wouldn’t be in a rush to investigate his death. I’ve been mulling over the idea of killing this faggot mayor in a town near me, but I know that the death of a mayor, especially such a virulent anti Trump one, would merit harsh investigation that would probably end with an inexperienced guy like me getting captured and unable to serve my race in prison. In Lansky’s case, the police likely wouldn’t know its political, they might think its part of a gang related thing or a robbery, but not an assassination.

10acc4  No.12166225

File: e6302323188b70f⋯.jpg (22.7 KB, 474x223, 474:223, th.jpg)


Thanks for that, not many pictures of that legend around, and I feel like not many people know of him and the Order. He was a rare man and not many of them are around today.

b08d15  No.12166233


Whoa whoa whoa FBI. Pol is a board of peace.

10acc4  No.12166244


I mean you should probably just stop and get your head straight, you just commented on a completely public space that you've been thinking of killing someone pretty specifically. You've already made a huge mistake in talking, if you're dumb enough to do that you probably shouldn't do anything else. Even though it's war propaganda the saying "Loose lips sink ships" is extremely true even today.

436672  No.12171481

toasting in an ebin honeypot bread

this guy was just a goo boy gettin he lyfe on trak. he wa finna go to church erry sunday on gaw

67b3e4  No.12171527

me ,im better. Im not a cry baby that throws a temper trntrum when I dont get my way. I dont watch degenerate porn.

Im not dead. Im 10x better than this loser

OP is a fag that adores losers. What a failure

538a2c  No.12171600



This. It's not so much that targeting such wretched individuals is wrong, but they are hardly in any position of influence and you do far more harm adding to a "right-wing terror" list somewhere. Keep in mind that there are always more jews and nigs who'll replace a paltry few dozen as if they never existed while our movement is slandered constantly. The only way you can keep them in line is with full-fledged RWDS, and those can only stay around so long as the (((State))) is in disarray and people consider such squads a necessity.

When a quarter of the population will not only overlook such actions but actively support it, then we've won. Becoming an hero is treason for our race.

fc33f0  No.12171661


It's fairly obvious because it stands for Peace-On-Line

2fe74b  No.12171720

File: 7059cd33b57ac10⋯.png (476.91 KB, 463x581, 463:581, lol.png)

>North Korea also agreed to closing its main nuclear complex in Yongbyon – although only if the United States takes reciprocal conciliatory steps, Moon told reporters. The Korean Peninsula should turn into a “land of peace without nuclear weapons and nuclear threats,” he noted.

No, Kim is biggest.

f5ad60  No.12171738

File: 1c92f730aa99a74⋯.gif (1013.18 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 3bf400ad5dde831ddcbc505f15….gif)

File: 39594bf8376c4e1⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 664b16e2d48555c85f1588cf8d….gif)




Board of peace indeed. We're all gentlemen here and as such should neither pry into nor bore each other with our private affairs.

ac70c7  No.12171776

get this cuckchan shit out of here.

sage this shit you assholes

6072c0  No.12172929


I'm not scared of any alphabet agency.


436672  No.12173454


well, this gentleman died in what he perceived to be a battle. The whole "losers are bad" argument is so jewish. So, what, Hitler lost so does that make him a "loser?" Technically yes, but the term loser has been charged in a way to make the accused out to be a mopey dumb dumb. Nah, you're the mopey dumb dumb. Willing to side with whoever is the "winner?" say what you want about "losers" but you, anon, are a coward.

a06434  No.12173832


I remember watching a show on the televitz about him years ago and was recently trying to recall his name. Thanks OP. He should be remembered among the all too few white martyrs.

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