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File: 2556ec00fb759c8⋯.mp4 (4.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Donald J. Trump - https -_….mp4)

17f048  No.12139679

Trump tweets video where Larry Kudlow uses the phrase THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD


The video is short (it's about the economy doing well) but the phrase in question happens 5:5 seconds in.

>New policies are working, alright?


Holy shit. Is it fucking happening?

Is the world going to learn the truth about WWII and Hitler at some point?

Here's hoping.

Also, I think the filesize is 4.44 MB; I grabbed it straight from the twitter page with no processing.

If so, fucking checked.

8b1254  No.12139713

>inb4 dogwhistle


a9642b  No.12139731


No mention of the phrase in replies, probably no happening.

fd6418  No.12139734


Too slow Scholomo!

f07cad  No.12139748


>you’re a jew because you told the truth

Reported for paid shilling. Kill yourself.

0b6e3f  No.12139755

File: fa993b2ff993c95⋯.png (218.97 KB, 645x729, 215:243, magatard.png)



Nobody cares.

fd6418  No.12139796


0.01 shekels have been deposited in your account

0b6e3f  No.12139800


>t. kushner shill

f07cad  No.12139814


Reported. Kill yourself.

fd6418  No.12139961

File: deebeda464d0bfb⋯.png (933.81 KB, 810x1080, 3:4, dee.png)

c835b9  No.12139968

File: 4e251ecdadf0b61⋯.mp4 (8.62 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Trump Those who deny the ….mp4)


>Is the world going to learn the truth about WWII and Hitler at some point?

Not from Yael Kushner's dad.

61b963  No.12139979

File: 81e6ce1ff827626⋯.png (548.65 KB, 838x810, 419:405, skipped.png)

File: cd5f629c37dd290⋯.png (610.31 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, cd5f629c37dd290b952dd8d46d….png)



f07cad  No.12139980


Reported. Kill yourself.

bf6767  No.12139991

Fucking based classic 4d chess maga

61b963  No.12140000

File: 05fea85b81f2f32⋯.gif (794.47 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 05fea85b81f2f32dcdafd33570….gif)


reported for not knowing that is-RA-hell is destroyed in the next global conflict

f07cad  No.12140012


>reported for posting fact I didn’t like

>you don’t know something you already know

HAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHHA Your zionist isn’t a /pol/ack

61b963  No.12140016



learn to read English and check my quads cunt

aa6784  No.12140017


Why does every faggot try to string together as many buzzwords as possible? It's niggers like you that ruin discussion, no matter what the thread topic is. At least try to sound organic.


You forgot your sage

319805  No.12140022

did you ever think that the phrase is just sort of common?

f07cad  No.12140023


>you don’t know things you know

>reported for posting fact I don’t like

>waaaaaaa trump is god



Indeed I did. It’s hard to keep the reddit shilling threads in order.

>oy vey you ruined my paid shilling by posting fact.

You’re welcome.

>oy vey you listed everything true about Trump that destroys my narrative

>therefore the truth is buzzwords i win now

You’re welcome. When you’re capable of replying, feel free. Reported, though.

61b963  No.12140035


>heeb meltdown the post

kikes never check digits because they are scared of chaos and kek


61b963  No.12140043


you haven't posted any questions or facts just implications and assertions

61b963  No.12140053


I said you implied and asserted that isn't nothing that's shilling

1ced36  No.12140054


tired of dogwhistles and fuck the judendow.

61b963  No.12140072


>heeb meltdown itt

>can't even redtext

top kek

9e859f  No.12140102


> who disavows white nationalism

On that note, how come the (((media))) keeps urging him to do that?

1e359b  No.12140107

how delusional can you be ? this is literal Q-tier interpretation of meaningless shit. move along, a thread died for this shit.

1ced36  No.12140114


because they do that to anyone who doesn't go full sjw, but thats only one side of the shekel

be01d9  No.12140115

No. Nobody is learning a thing under this kike. You fapping to his tweets is such an embarrassment.

473ae1  No.12140116

shitpost on twitter about trump dogwhistling TGSNT until the blue checkmarks pick it up

the blue check kvetching as a result can lead normies to watch TGSNT

lead the left advertise it for us

b2a16b  No.12140121

>Is the world going to learn the truth about WWII and Hitler at some point?

Pfft. You can't unfag a nigger fetishist like Trump at his age. Expect more worthliess symbolic gestures while Israel continues to get more undeserved wealth.

0fe438  No.12140126

I was told to quit, but I am still here because they arranged it.

c4f21c  No.12140176

File: aa1505ebcabb31f⋯.jpg (79.58 KB, 700x512, 175:128, 1514385115355.jpg)


Lots of hints in this webm that he's 14/88. He purposely "mis-spoke" several times in this, and he knows the /ourautists/ would pick up on it. It gives him just enough plausible deniability if the Jewish media dares to quote him on it, yet he still gets the message out. Take a look at this video from the perspective of you questioning if he's for/against Jewry.

>0:24 in, "The nahhhzees" studders, "murdered 6 million Jews"

topkek, hard time saying that one

>0:30 in, "2 out of every 3 Jews in Europe"

That was a taunt based on current evidence where everybody, even Jews, know that was bullshit.

>0:45 throws up the white power hand gesture, changes inflection in tone and says "a sign".


>1:14 "Those who deny the holocaust will never be silent, we just won't" "We will never be silent in the face of evil again"

Yea, that's a dog whistle. 1:14 til the end is a slap in the face of every Jew on earth and he's doing it on purpose, a taunt. Just reverse the perspective.

ae39e4  No.12140194

Reminder that Larry Kudlow met with Peter Brimilow, an evil white supremacist


c4f21c  No.12140220


Trump is known to be an irony shit lord, look at the hand gestures.

>1:40 on

waves to you.

>2:10 …or when aggressors threaten Israel, with total and complete destruction. This is my pledge to you.

waves white power handsign

6bc1f1  No.12140238


Great, so we have lots of "mis-speaking" and some hand signs that have only been memed ironically ala ben garrison.

What has he done for us though?

71672e  No.12140271


Who gives a F if he meant to or not, we must use this to inform everyone.

Meme-War NOW!

"WHAT!? TGSNT??? Trump is a NAZI!!!"

Hmmm, what's The Greatest Story Never Told and how is that racist???

6e7a5f  No.12140272


Im sure any day now trump will slay his entire family and explain to the world that jews around the world generally understand what is happening and take pride knowing their brightest have introduced destructive social engineering memes into the population back to back, subverting the US constitution causing millions of goys to kill each other for generations and occupying key seats in governments around the world for over 100 years to the point that people cant even recognize the obvious because they've constructed their entire historical reference around a fiat history which makes them have to discard everything they know just to accept actual presence in the now because the jews are bringing their messianic era one way or another and by the time this thing is done we'll all be enslaved by law by global government at the hands of our own people who will serve the army of the Antichrist.

Yep, any day now, he'll spill the beans. I can feel it.

c4f21c  No.12140274

Boy, the same-fag proxy shills sure got started in-fighting really quick on this high energy thread, didn't they. That was a nice derail attempt.

71672e  No.12140281

File: 2a4f57ba767171b⋯.png (43.47 KB, 1290x142, 645:71, trumpjr_whitegenocide.PNG)


Reminder Trump Jr met with James Edwards to discuss white genocide.

1229e5  No.12140289

Well your option is sleep in a field and starve or eat and deal with weak nuboys and queers when I go to get food.

1229e5  No.12140293

Even better these losers just said my full name

6e7a5f  No.12140322


Jesus christ. You ppl are retarded.

This means nothing.

Let me explain to you how the government works.

Friedman was a confidential assistant to Morgenthau Sr. in the 1912 campaign which elected Wilson. He ran numbers and messages between morgenthau and Rolla Wells who was the chair of finance of the Democratic party. Rolla was also the chair of st. Louis Fed when it was created and Ben Friedman watched its entire course of development.

Friedman later left judaism and converted to Christianity due to his personal pursuit of theology.

Friedman advised every president in their first terms, up until at least JFK.

Friedman spilled all the beans. He held back nothing as he always remembered witnessing how these people created ww1 and ww2 and knew why.

He was close with kennedy sr. which is how he was close to jr.

Everyone knows what happened to jfk.

By now the zog has pretty good damage control in the executive branch.

Anything anyone is giving to anyone in the trump administration is literally like a confession. They are going to keep record of it and keep metadata surveillance on whoever it is then prevent further contact with the administration. And thats on the mechanical level. There's a likely chance trump's entire family is hardcore-zionist. Honestly, there's plenty of evidence to support it and nothing definitive to support the contrary.

71672e  No.12140393


U can't read that weird ass shit all spaced out like you've got AIDS. wtf are you trying to shill here?

92ca40  No.12140410


This is the kind of retarded shit that needs to be removed by force.

6e7a5f  No.12140416


I could care less if youll be a soldier of the Antichrist or not. There will be big changes coming as a result of the selected weakness of the genepool. The republic needs a haircut. Get stacked.

637014  No.12140478


>Why does every faggot try to string together as many buzzwords as possible? It's niggers like you that ruin discussion, no matter what the thread topic is. At least try to sound organic.

It's /leftypol/, they can't be organic. They are buttmad, and in denial, since Trump faked to bomb Syria last year and didn't become Putin and Assad's girlfriend as was their fetish. Since moderation's changed, and it's obvious because /leftypol/ traffic went down hard, they are focusing in divide and conquer strategy, shitting up and trying to derail every thread that doesn't appeal them, trying to, bit by bit, transform /pol/ in their territory.


This is obvious gay russophile cancer. They don't give a fuck for the jews, they even make fun of us when we point to the nose. Their problem is with Israel only because "muh Muslims", "muh Russia" and "muh American imperialism". Our interests may intersect with Israel, but they are trying to destroy our home while they pretend to be one of us, pushing D&C buzzwords, as you pointed out.

I recommend you all to filter and ignore them. And report them if they flood or derail the thread.

919873  No.12140479


Wow this is so EPIC!

51fefb  No.12140489

It's actually astounding how hard the anti-trump shills are working, I'm not one to support someone blindly or without questioning actions and motives but the amount of obvious shilling to demean the president and demoralize the 8ch populus is really quite opaque and you can smell the desperation beneath it all.

We know you kikes are in it for the destruction of western society, and destroying the morale of a people is a great way to support such a destruction - you will not succeed. You are filthy subhuman scum.

9a54a1  No.12140514



WE make the memes come true. If we allow /leftypol/ to steal the narrative from us, Trump becomes useless.

9a54a1  No.12140538


>I'm not one to support someone blindly or without questioning actions and motives

None of us are. That's a /leftypol/ projection. Demoralizing the userbase and subverting newfags so our culture is corrupted are part of their goals.

Sage for off-topic.

42f727  No.12140577


economy, jobs, and all other stuff that greatly benefits white people?

42f727  No.12140581

a407d2  No.12140594

File: 5977a2ab3012506⋯.jpg (177.61 KB, 1231x853, 1231:853, Greatest_Story.jpg)

Shocked Jewgle hasn't censored it yet. People may be searching this phrase.

4efee7  No.12140599



Elaborate please.


Elaborate please.

>all the other stuff that greatly benefits white people

Elaborate please.

1d8cee  No.12140622


>TGSNT, what's that? Better (((Google))) it

>first result is a blog post by Schlomo Shekelsteinburg on kosherinfo.com


>"the greatest story never told is ebil nahnzee propaganda filled with lies about the worst man that ever lived, don't forget Hitl*r raped and ate Jewish babies for breakfast every morning, be sure to donate to Israel today!"

Yeah this may just backfire, most normalfags are too afraid and dumb to check out a several hour video just to see what something potentially racist is about, and would much rather have (((trusted))) spoonfeed them.

637014  No.12140661


How do we make it so it won't backfire? Any ideas?

This whole situation seems exploitable.

d22e65  No.12140665

File: ceca65a662a393c⋯.png (70.38 KB, 923x225, 923:225, LifeRune.png)

WTF anons?

Pic related…

d22e65  No.12140670


It was at the end of the video.

e6b3c4  No.12140693


Wew. I had to rewatch it. I was sure "he must have said ever told" but nope he said never told.

9a9365  No.12140796


Probably means the established ZOG is giving boomers the option to believe "the greatest story never told" is about God-Emperor Trump, or they can listen to their dying progeny about the real "greatest story never told" being a boring "no fun no sex no drugs no good" Hitler boring boring boring documentary.

17f048  No.12140842

File: 5898cefa24e6aba⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1395x783, 155:87, Work.png)

File: 5ec7dafd17c7bc8⋯.png (572.67 KB, 1315x998, 1315:998, Trump-PunishedTrump.png)


>Not from Trump

We can do it ourselves anon.

If what I am seeing happening with Twitter/FB/etc (being grilled in DC) is actually the beginning of us putting an end to online censorship, shadowbanning, and shilling, then we can do it ourselves.

Remember that we win the culture war effortlessly when the things aren't rigged against us.

The internet is OURS.

The fact that the President of the USA is willing to hint at 'The Greatest Story Never Told' is enough. It should fill you with hope.

That said, who knows what the future holds.

But the WWII/Hitler redpill is one of the most important redpills that a person needs to take in order to understand the current state of the world.

Once someone comes to the realization that evil defeated good in WWII, everything else snaps into place much more easily. So we definitely need to get this message out there when we can.


I had to watch that video a few times while reading your post but it seems like you might be on to something.

He didn't even pronounce Nazi correctly the first time he said it.

This all actually reminds me of the Punished Trump theory. I always had fun passing this picture around during the campaign but I never stopped to consider that there was a chance it was all completely true.

6a49e1  No.12140878

My Germanic bros in Bolivia posted something about this… holy scrap, it's real!

Will the American continent become a country? We would be ONE Billion strong.

6a49e1  No.12140889


I remember a guy I met in France (both his parents were from Guatemala) that used to make sculptures. Anyways, I showed him once the awoo girl and he laughed.

6a49e1  No.12140893

((( >>12139727 )))

You almost got the first post.

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