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File: 7804b637c0400f7⋯.png (562.68 KB, 660x330, 2:1, cyrus-trump.png)

79f567  No.12139855

Jewish Groups Proclaim End Times Prophecy is Being Fulfilled by Donald Trump

>Ethnic and religious Jewish groups proclaiming that words of ancient prophecy are being fulfilled, suggesting that United States President Donald Trump will usher in the “End Times,” as foreseen in the Abrahamic Religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

>Let's begin by discussing the latest news, coming from the Jewish Temple Institute in Jerusalem, Israel.

>Jerusalem is an important city, where all three of the Abrahamic religions hold beliefs that suggest their “holy” prophecy has deeply-rooted origins unto.

>The Temple Institute’s claims that the birth of a flawless all-red heifer on August 29th brought with it the beginning phases of the “end times,” being raised in accordance with Jewish laws of the Torah.

>Combining this birth with a series of interesting facts surrounding the 45th President of the United States of America, it's setting various corners of the internet on fire.

>One such fact is that Donald Trump's grandmother’s name was Elizabeth Christ Trump, as recorded by Wikipedia.

>On the Jewish calendar, that year was 5777, which translates to anywhere from 2016 and current times, making Trump's rise to power in line with prophecy.

>Both the pre-Scofield Bible changes in the Geneva Version and even the modified King James Version of the Bible; suggest that the rise of the Antichrist would be from a “Synagogue of Satan;” of which only Judaism has a synagogue, the Pastor argued.

>According to Pastor Anderson, “God said it would be worse for Jews than it was for Sodom,” in terms of justice for the “false Jews” who “killed Christ.”

https://thegold water.com/news/36812-Jewish-Groups-Proclaim-End-Times-Prophecy-is-Being-Fulfilled-by-Donald-Trump

970721  No.12139864

Kike Puppet in Chief

16a239  No.12139866


i wonder if Donald is circumcised?

49e248  No.12139883


"Abrahamic" is a sandnigger meme. It's a term invented and used by Muslims to give their semite-hating semitic cult credibility, by lumping itself in together with Christianity and Talmudism. That's why sandniggers will try and argue that they respect Jesus as a prophet and holy man, but they have no choice but to suppose that he was totally delusional and a liar that still somehow did miracles for some reason, since they reject him as the "true" prophet.

Jews have never lumped themselves in with Christians on "Abrahamic" reasoning, and until the Scofield Bible, Christians didn't lump themselves in with Jews either.

"Abrahamic" anything is islamo-semitic nonsense.

Sage because neurotic kikes kvetching about how numerology predicts the end of the world are no less valid than heretical protestant Boomers doing the same thing on radio stations and televangelist shows. If somebody made a thread about that, it would be anchored, and rightly so. Their delusional fairy tales do not suddenly become valid simply because they are kikes. Kikes aren't going to bring about the end of the world by raising a perfect red bull, and Trump isn't the Antichrist. Jews are mentally ill degenerates and have no clue what they are talking about. Even their own scriptures suggest the rules they're trying to follow are no longer valid and argue that God no longer listens to or cares about such sacrifices.

da2b17  No.12139887

End times for jews is a bad thing, they lie about it, but their books literally talk about being ovened.

It doesnt mean the world ends, it means the jews will cease to exist on it.

2d531d  No.12139890

While we're talking about prophecies, don't forget about September 23rd. I know it was supposed to happen last year and the year before, but it'll happen this time, trust me.

d53968  No.12139893


90% of American males are

0121e6  No.12139898

>End of times for a jew

They will have to work instead of having goys do it for them?

b25960  No.12139899


What about the final pope prophecy on top of this?

The antichrist was meant to wear his branding on your forehead.

MAGA hat.

He was meant to be loved by all at first then hated by many.

Zognald Betrayed us.


da2b17  No.12139907


Branding is ashen cross, loved by all was when kikepope started by being auper conservative, then hated when turning liberal, calling christ a failure, and betraying europe while washing niggerfeet.

e8eba4  No.12139908


90 percent? I think you mean (((americans))) then

bab684  No.12139913

File: d6708dcf9081523⋯.webm (1.65 MB, 1038x584, 519:292, pastor.webm)

>pastor anderson

d1b2e7  No.12139915

File: a153af826c22338⋯.png (85.19 KB, 300x256, 75:64, 490bde75e980745e7a476e091f….png)

nobody mention that in the protocolz of the learned elders of zion, the messiah will be blonde

they will also attack on thanksgiving, while you are fattened up

cb9b85  No.12139916

History is not linear, it is cyclical. So if kikes are ready to call it in, all the better for whites to get back in their feet in the aftermath.

564b21  No.12139917

File: fa3c691f6e84dbd⋯.png (353.24 KB, 1099x849, 1099:849, explain01.png)

File: 16a73bab9bc3eae⋯.png (294.83 KB, 1004x862, 502:431, explain02.png)





What's your position on voting for Republicans, and supporting Trump? I have heard it said that it would be impermissible to support Trump. Indeed, the conclusion is that the only permissible view is to hate Trump. But the reality is that most kikes hate Trump. Likewise, most niggers hate Trump. Simultaneously, only Trump, and supporting Trump in the Nov. v0te will lead to any kind of financial gain for whiite people. This is indisputable, given the tremendous pain caused by liberal plans like Obamacare. But there are also many other things like that which the DNC will do to whiite people, but even a generic Republican won't do.

Me, I'm not stupid enough to believe that putting all whiites in the bread line will cause Adolf Hitler to rise from the dead.

A fool's hopes spring eternal, I suppose. And self-damage is a ritual of kikes, so we know where such an ideology actually originates, because it's so sick.

16a239  No.12139921


>semite-hating semitic cult credibility

what an awful post

>Their delusional fairy tales

says the christcuck.

ed1903  No.12139927

What are you sliding?

564b21  No.12139928


Syria Anon, I regret to inform you that Thanksgiving isn't really like Eid. We do eat quite a bit, but most people are perpetually dieting, and most groups don't drink, because Thanksgiving brings together young and old, which means old teetotaler morality kicks in. And now that football is anti-American garbage we really have nothing to do. Some people play sand lot football, but that's only the particularly active or more aggressive families. So there's literally nothing to do.

My own opinion is we should bring back croquet.

564b21  No.12139934


The rules here are basically 100% of everything must be anti-Trump. If it's not anti-Trump it gets deleted. That's who runs this place. Whatever. I'm not ever going away.

My advice, think cancerous linkbait. So they want to make all of the ops anti-Trump. Fine. We'll bump them and fill the interior with the red pills. Literally just like if we were to buy ads anyway.

564b21  No.12139935

How's that for some Judo meming?

Also, is it resolved if it's meming or memming or memeing or maybe even memmeing?

564b21  No.12139938


>says the christcuck.

He's not a Christian. Watch.


Are you anti-circumcision? If you are not anti-circumcision then you are not a Christian. You are a judaizer.

0673e0  No.12139940


Bump because you’re from reddit and a cocksucking faggot.

68e984  No.12139942




0673e0  No.12139946


No one believes a word you say. Nothing you have said is true. You’re a fucking faggot. Trump has done nothing for us or the rest of the white race. There is no reason to support him.

Reported for admitting to mass spam.

dff555  No.12139948



16a239  No.12139949



Whatever helps you sleep at night, cuck.

70eb0c  No.12139951

Between the eyes of the Messiah there will be the symbol for the word of God.

0673e0  No.12139952


>you’re a cuck if you say the jews’ control is nearing its end

lol, bump

e4b939  No.12139958

File: a96d33f7a6efeef⋯.png (504.51 KB, 551x867, 551:867, JudahsDemise.PNG)


They'll have a major problem in that they are not the sons of Abraham.

The things calling themselves "jew" are not of hebrew descent. They're Turkish-mutts that have bred with everything under the sun. All Jews, ALL JEWS were wiped out in the Apocalypse of 70AD.

68e984  No.12139970


You do know that 'hell' just means the grave, right? So basically it is like saying…we kill them all and exterminate every last one. The end.

68e984  No.12139973


I am starting to believe this is true looking at the DNA…this mongrel fucking half nigger horde that calls themselves 'jews' are all one people on DNA charts.

c1c103  No.12139974


sandnigger detected. allah is a pig that jews like to fuck and fill with semitic cum

16a239  No.12139978


>you are a cuck if you make up "Just-so stories" justifying your inaction in the here and now

Yep. You'd think that the main message of every single one of Hitler's speeches would slowly break through your fat head, if given enough time. Apparently not.

fa51bd  No.12139983

File: 2d6c050864ffa67⋯.jpg (54.89 KB, 474x607, 474:607, th.jpg)


Jews talk to much, there was once a time when the whole word didn't trust in Semitic prophecy.

16a239  No.12139988


goat fucker Mohammed was a Semite. most Semites are Muslim.

e4b939  No.12139989


>There is no reason to support him.

That's categorically untrue.

Just because you're a low-IQ savage that wants to throw yourself into the whims of a defeated cause doesn't mean you're right.

Trump has a mass following and followings can be redirected. Christians make up 100 million whites in America so unless you have that kind of following, you may want to use that little pea-brain of yours to start contemplating on how we can shift them from their current status of tolerance to justly intolerant of subhumans.

e4b939  No.12139996

File: 98ae927d44e4ffc⋯.jpg (2.52 MB, 1150x5627, 1150:5627, The Ashkenazim.jpg)


>this mongrel fucking half nigger horde that calls themselves 'jews' are all one people on DNA charts.

70eb0c  No.12139999


Sounds more like your fishing for a simp to do your work for you.

Get off your ass and do the work you want done yourself. Be the change you want to see.

0673e0  No.12140002


Reminder that you still have no argument and your jewish shills aren’t supported here.


>you’re dumb i say so

>we have reasons to support trump i say so


>but they exist you will believe me now


>you can make heretics into actual Christians…


>…by supporting heresy and not changing that

And you’re mentally ill. Thanks for admitting there are no reasons for whites to support Trump, the zionist neoconservative civic nationalist.

0673e0  No.12140003


Are you posting the image in support of the quoted text, or as “refutation” to it?

16a239  No.12140004


Wasted. That is what I was saying, goon.

70eb0c  No.12140008


How much did Chaim pay you for that post?

16a239  No.12140010


>my bull is going to hell

e4b939  No.12140013

File: 13e0c7e6734ac70⋯.png (223.36 KB, 999x514, 999:514, H3H3DNA.PNG)

File: c69d77e09914e28⋯.png (106.95 KB, 390x486, 65:81, H3DNAtest.PNG)


oh, and these

These 2 things have a youtube channel H3H3 productions. Both of which claim they are Jews, neither of which practice Judaism nor have Hebrew blood. They made the mistake of posting their DNA results and I screen-clipped. Confirming what I already knew without having to insert any bias.

70eb0c  No.12140014


You can wish that were the case, but we aren’t playing the same game. You’re fish food now.

16a239  No.12140020


>You’re fish food now.

You threaten like a prepubescent kike

e4b939  No.12140024


Are they actually hiring retards now?

What part of infiltration do you not understand heeb? Or you just don't like it when Aryans make use of it for the benefit of their own kind?

e4b939  No.12140034



these two should go together. Confirmation that there are no Hebrews. Apologies, I have so much information in my head that sometimes I forget to spell it out step by step.


0673e0  No.12140036




>I can’t reply to a word you said

>you’re a jew paid shill

>because you exposed the jews


Reminder that you have listed absolutely no reasons for us to support someone who publicly disavows white nationalism. Reminder that you can’t justify your support for a zionist who has nothing but jewish grandchildren.

70eb0c  No.12140041


Explain to me what this nationalism of yours is.

I see a lot of talking about it, but have yet to be told what it is.

70eb0c  No.12140046

Either way I am going to have some good leftist made grub.

16a239  No.12140047


>they list kikes as European

Do you understand what language and abstract words are?

49e248  No.12140048


>He's not a Christian. Watch.

>Are you anti-circumcision?

I am a Christian, and yes. What now, you dumb nigger? Are you really such a newfag that you think anyone on /pol/ is pro-circumcision? Lurk three years before posting anything again.


>calling sandniggers out as direct relatives of semites and implying their shitty cult lacks credibility is awful

Filtered and reported. This is a white nationalist board, musselmen are not welcome here.

Good to know that the "christcuck" meme is coming from sandniggers now. I'll be sure to rub that in the face of the next pagan who decides to be autistic.

16a239  No.12140060


>Good to know that the "christcuck" meme is coming from sandniggers now.

Yeah, just like mutt meme and everything you don't like. Kikes and sandniggers are the same pests.

68e984  No.12140071

File: ddc2e3069a2c29f⋯.jpg (179.79 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, genetic map europeans DNA ….jpg)

File: 8e76c630edcab81⋯.jpg (149.29 KB, 631x420, 631:420, queen 43rd descendant of m….jpg)

File: 3863f673aa075a0⋯.png (1.11 MB, 906x656, 453:328, our enemies heads of state….png)


it is a pretty extensive DNA grouping. Purple is the mongrel 'jews' to me. Green is the European peoples. Someone mentioned the other day on 8chan that turkey and greece exchanged much of their population over the last 100 years, so to me the greeks are out as well as romainia. Look at the seat of honor in the 3rd pict. Right next to the words richest dirtbag kike 'queen' who is flooding the commonwealth nations with shitskins as fast as she can sits the King of Romania…both a couple of shit eating dirtbag swine who are doing everything they can to genocide us. INVADERS OF OUR NATIONS, USPERPERS OF OUR OWN LEADERSHIP AND MONARCHS, DESTROYERS OF OUR PEOPLE. EXTERMINATION IS TOO GOOD FOR THEM AND THEIR PEOPLE.

56e078  No.12140074

If the jews are excited about the "End Times" its not the "End Times" you're thinking, but rather one that'll bring about humanities complete enslavement.

000000  No.12140079


reddit go

but also i am confused by


because in this post


he told me he was circumcised zionist


68e984  No.12140081


NO you have it wrong because you have THEIR MINDSET imprinted in you. THE ONLY END IT IS, IS THEIR COMPLETE END.

16a239  No.12140087


>kike worshipping kike is ashamed of his smelly nigger heritage

01c9c3  No.12140104

Q predicted this

70eb0c  No.12140110

When I get what I am not on my own board

000000  No.12140113


i think you must be confused

i don't worship any zion

and you did tell me your peepee was zionist

which was very strange to say

you can email proof of this to me at pphunter1488 at furaffinity dot net

c6a25e  No.12140131


>Jews have never lumped themselves in with Christians on "Abrahamic" reasoning, and until the Scofield Bible, Christians didn't lump themselves in with Jews either.

The former does not because they dont want to be lumped with their slaves while the latter does not because they fear the former.


That would explain way too much.

7604b2  No.12140137

>“God said it would be worse for Jews than it was for Sodom,”

I hope I get a job torturing religious fanatics after Xi wins world war 3.

16a239  No.12140145


>lol reported

Filtered, kike roach.

33330f  No.12140151


>>Be the change you want to see

Checking those quads.


You people really want us to oppose Trump, don't you?

That said, he is not /our/guy, unfortunately.

Letting the mexican communists win more seats will be bad for us though.


White countries for White people and only White people and no jews.


The healthy and natural way.


Since the "end times" is all jewish fairy tales, it is most likely that the kikes will try to string along useful idiots with the promise of "bringing back Jesus" while maneuvering for total enslavement under kike one world government.

Believing in jewish fairy tales is never a good sign.

(to be clear, ALL abrahamic religions are poison)


Tens of millions of White gentiles in America are circumcised. Blame the (((medical))) industry.


Chinese bugpeople are almost as bad as jews, and there are far more of them.

Chinese "winning WW3" would mean White people losing everything.

Gas yourself.



Where do you think that you are?

This site is 50% insults.

000000  No.12140177



but i was never band

i dont want to be hacked by zog

tho i don't know why you change your mind now about circumcision

and i left a clue for you to send me proof


>Tens of millions of White gentiles in America are circumcised

yes that is very bad

but 0673e0 told me he had a 'zionist cock'

which was a very strange way to say it

7604b2  No.12140179


Keep hoping Trump does something significant for white people besides making okay signs that agent jamal and bloomstein at the NY Times swear is the white power symbol. China losing the war to the jews is the real end of the white race.

caaf94  No.12140186


So, does Q think that this is a good thing?

f967a0  No.12140196


It took them this long to try to call him the antichrist? pfft

49e248  No.12140251


>That would explain way too much.

Ashkenazi Khazars, the modern day Jews, are miscegenated Turkish mongrels. They are not of the bloodline of David, and they do not practice YHWHism, the religion of the Old Testament. They practice Talmudism, which is actually younger than Christianity. They are not even the people of the Old Testament, and will admit as much if pressed, though they do not like having to do so.

YHWHism as a religion can no longer be practiced: even if you were to attempt to follow it's strictures, all priests must be of the line of David, and the geneological records were lost with the destruction of the First Temple. We do not know who is or is not of the line of David. It is quite possible that the line is entirely extinct. The implications of this, among other things, means every single rabbi on the planet is illegitimate, and in fact all rabbis have been illegitimate since before the birth of Christ. The rabbis who first codified the Talmud and the Kabbalah together, creating what we know as Judaism, were illegitimate, as were their teachers and their teachers teachers.

All of the legalese and doublespeak the Jews employ to try and circumvent these issues is done out of neccesity: without it, they would be forced to admit that they are mongrels of no nation that are practicing a bunch of made-up nonsense invented by a bunch of inbred pretenders who were furious that the Greeks and Romans were better than them and hated Jesus with an undying and eternal passion.

caaf94  No.12140300


There are some mistakes in your statements, but i see that you have good intentions in posting this, so i will correct you in some points.

>Ashkenazi Khazars, the modern day Jews, are miscegenated Turkish mongrels. They are not of the bloodline of David, and they do not practice YHWHism, the religion of the Old Testament. They practice Talmudism, which is actually younger than Christianity. They are not even the people of the Old Testament, and will admit as much if pressed, though they do not like having to do so.

Not delving into the khazar question, as i myself have not made up my mind about this topic, i have to contest the latter half of the statement.

Talmudism is merely the historical movement within judaism that adopted the rabbinic tales and jurisprudences present withing the talmud, many of which were already present in the jewish faith as part of their oral tradition. Of course, a fair deal of new ideas got introduced in the age of the talmud, but those are mostly accidental, and not essential. On a minor note, many ashkenazi are mixed with sephardi, actual middle-eastern jews, the people of the old testament, who were invited into the Iberian Peninsula by muslims so a couple of them might actually be descendants from the old israelites. Probably not enough to justify all of the cohens out there, obviously.

>YHWHism as a religion can no longer be practiced: even if you were to attempt to follow it's strictures, all priests must be of the line of David, and the geneological records were lost with the destruction of the First Temple. We do not know who is or is not of the line of David. It is quite possible that the line is entirely extinct.

Yes, but some Cohens pretend that they are the actual descendents of the high priesthood, which is probably anachronistic even if you disregard the khazar theory.

>The implications of this, among other things, means every single rabbi on the planet is illegitimate, and in fact all rabbis have been illegitimate since before the birth of Christ. The rabbis who first codified the Talmud and the Kabbalah together, creating what we know as Judaism, were illegitimate, as were their teachers and their teachers teachers.

Not all rabbis needed to be part of the high-priesthood, though.

>All of the legalese and doublespeak the Jews employ to try and circumvent these issues is done out of neccesity: without it, they would be forced to admit that they are mongrels of no nation that are practicing a bunch of made-up nonsense invented by a bunch of inbred pretenders who were furious that the Greeks and Romans were better than them and hated Jesus with an undying and eternal passion

Actually, this is more recent than you might think. They started larping as ancient israelitez around the 17th-18th century with proto-zionism.

e4b939  No.12140323

File: b878b21081b4520⋯.png (1.92 MB, 878x5621, 878:5621, jew-apocalypse.png)


>a couple of them might actually be descendants from the old israelites


Look it up and deal with the fact that there are no OLD Israelis.

You can't choose to accept portions of the historical documents and dismiss others, especially when 7 historians from differing geographical locations all documented the complete annihilation of the Judaens in 70AD

49e248  No.12140342


>Not all rabbis needed to be part of the high-priesthood, though.

That's true in the literal sense, that you don't have to be a high priest to be a "teacher," but almost everything important that rabbis do, they do without legitimacy because they are not high priests and were not taught or instructed by high priests. The master-with-apprentices-and-helpers system doesn't work when there has been no master in millenia and the helpers are just appointing themselves.

The entire thread about the red bull sacrifice the Israeli's are trying to put together is wrongheaded, simply because there is no legitimate high priest to oversee the process and proclaim everything clean and pure. The whole affair and everything associated with it has zero validity. Even if God still cared about all those old laws and YHWHism was still in the right and Christianity was heresy, their little song and dance play of rebuilding a new temple out of gold and cedar and blessing the ground with a pure calf sacrifice is utter nonsense. Their temple is impure, their ritual busted from the start. Rabbinical Judaism as we understand it, Orthodox Judaism, is fundamentally nothing more than a cargo cult.

Jews use pilpul on us to decieve us about their intentions and desires, but their pilpul was honed and created by inventing loopholes in their stolen and borrowed rules to justify their own existence.

I appreciate your corrections and thank you for the information.

a8feb4  No.12140426


>No such thing as YHWHism

Then why are Christians so intent on gargling (((YHWH)))'s balls?

49e248  No.12140431


>deliberately misunderstanding what was said

>muh kike on a stick


e4b939  No.12140437

a8feb4  No.12140474



Ye ye, modern No True Jews left and other assorted Christian Identity bullshit. The ancient Israelites were just as cancerous and nefarious as today's Jews so it's no stretch to say they are the same.

And Talmudism can not be younger than Christianity if the Talmud was written back in the days of the Babylonian Captivity. If the damn holy book predates your religion, the religion around aforementioned holy book is definitely older than yours too.

5db858  No.12140476


is Jacky V connected to this?

92adbf  No.12140519

File: 7259d8f14ba1996⋯.jpg (49.78 KB, 807x671, 807:671, jar-jar.jpg)


92e1d3  No.12140537

File: b1d4c370c68aad0⋯.webm (2.45 MB, 280x208, 35:26, for the coming man.webm)


>God gets his revenge on the perfidious jews 70 years after their betrayal

I think I feel a sizzle in my synapses.

49e248  No.12140544


The Talmud was written over a hundred years after the death of Christ. What the fuck are you smoking?

e74cba  No.12140555

File: a81f084a038fdcf⋯.png (332.67 KB, 447x757, 447:757, 2a253317df39faa073e28a3b1d….png)


Good. It means the jews time on earth is coming to a close!

92adbf  No.12140591

File: f8f25dc3a1d2e1b⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 960x540, 16:9, south-park-s17e06c01-i-was….jpg)

the chicago bulls have a new mascot then

a8feb4  No.12140616


In the tradition of the Rabbis that compiled most of the Old Testament when they were slaves in Babylon. I did not mean to say the Talmud was part of this original compilation.

751237  No.12140623

File: 81e23edf2e685a1⋯.pdf (281.96 KB, protocols.pdf)

File: 0407f0239c1d3fd⋯.jpg (47.55 KB, 959x1489, 959:1489, Screenshot_20180911-223622….jpg)



Springmeier Bloodlines of the Illuminati



agenda 21



the protocols


e587b9  No.12140683

File: 12c7df6b2015cbb⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 300x354, 50:59, sometimes.jpg)

96a09f  No.12140717

I often said during the elections that they and their servants act like Trump getting elected was the end of the world. I wasn't being this fucking literal.

f08461  No.12140767


>only Judaism has a synagogue

Synagogue means meeting place. A church or mosque is a synagogue in the biblical sense, it just isn't called that in English as we reserve the word for the Jewish equivalent.

fc175f  No.12140786


I wish the delusional /x/ autist would get permabanned.

0a18ff  No.12140811



The abomination that causes desolation (a nuke) will stand on the walls of jerusalem.


e4b939  No.12140900


> Old Testament

You know the direct translation is Old Covenant, right? Meaning the covenant that God had with the Hebrews which he severed himself of by wiping out the Hebrews. New Covenant renders all of the Old Covenant obsolete.

This is the reason todays proto-jews hate Christianity so much. It shows them for what they are. Roaming Godless miscegenationists. Nothing more than creatures.

f2147f  No.12140976


No they're not.


Each jew group is genetically the same as their host nation. The exception is the ashkenazi who are arab-mixed.

The jews, like their semitic cousin the Arab, descend from the same few families and all are 4th or 5th cousins. They only appear as their own on distance charts which are not as accurate as the specific haplotypes.

e907d0  No.12141003

File: ffda5e2250b6813⋯.jpg (64.94 KB, 669x262, 669:262, Admixture in Ashkenazi Jew….jpg)

a8feb4  No.12141024


So what? The Old Testament is bullshit that didn't happen.

8e051e  No.12141143

File: a75c326c6c85a73⋯.png (275.19 KB, 705x789, 235:263, BYZyel.png)

>>12139855 (check'd)

This would be a good time for memetic symbolism involving the phoenix. Take the current for ourselves. The end of the time of the kike is over with the Kali Yuga. Now we must be reborn.

7634b0  No.12141163


Tacitus was based. He also described Germans and Swedes perfectly.

000000  No.12141207

Maybe they shouldn't have murdered Jesus.

Think it's too late for them to repent?

fada7d  No.12141250


Christianity also makes up 200+ million non-Whites living in America. Most Christians in the United States are non-White already and there's even more godly Christian niggers and pious spics coming to US every year. By clinging to Christianity you will always have to pander to your absolutely based brown and black brothers and sisters in Christ and thus the race problem in America will never be resolved.

c56478  No.12141257

File: c01a93e4027de13⋯.jpeg (39.37 KB, 400x320, 5:4, iur.jpeg)


MFW 2012 didn't happen.

c56478  No.12141258

Did these kikes read Revelations? They all die except 144,000.

c4559c  No.12141291

File: 13d4b2e190c61f2⋯.jpg (105.33 KB, 582x798, 97:133, You're Welcome.jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.png (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.png)

Good. Their end is overdue.

c4559c  No.12141292


Back when you fucked 20 sheep 144k seemed like a lot though.

c4559c  No.12141294


There most certainly IS JEW DNA kike.

2978ee  No.12141314



Those were some good reads anon. Thanks!

564b21  No.12141342


< doesn't answer the question

Again, are you anti-circumcision? I ask because I'm certain you go to a pro-circumcision church 8^)

fa0364  No.12141398


Christian churches are pro circumcision?

The Bible explicitly states that followers should NOT be circumcised. Here's a great time article on it.


> The Apostle tells us “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision: but faith that worketh by charity” (Gal. 5:6). And: “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature” (Gal. 6:15). Lastly: “Is any man called in uncircumcision? let him not be circumcised. Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing: but the observance of the commandments of God” (I Cor. 7:18-19).

>Let him not be circumcised

In addition, mutilation of a body part for any religious or non-beneficial medical treatment is a grave and moral sin. Like straight to hell without repentance.

Another great article by a Catholic medical doctor on why circumcision is both a sin, and non beneficial medically in any significant way.


Seriously just search on jewgle and you'll find pages and pages of documents on it. If you are a Catholic it gets even better, because circumcision was explicitly outlawed all the way back in 1442, and yes that ruling is still very much in effect.

>The early teaching of the Roman Catholic Church regarding the practice of male circumcision was stated by Eugene IV in a Papal Bull, Bull of Union with the Copts, in 14421 Persons who practice circumcision risk loss of eternal salvation.1

Any anons feel free to copy paste this any time you see the claim that the Christian religion supports circumcision.

c4559c  No.12141448


He also said he came not to abolish the laws of moses.

564b21  No.12141451


Yeah, all the churches are pro-circumcision. Show me one that's not. Certainly you won't find any denomination willing to take a stand against circumcision.

fa0364  No.12141495

> The Apostle tells us “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision: but faith that worketh by charity” (Gal. 5:6). And: “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature” (Gal. 6:15). Lastly: “Is any man called in uncircumcision? let him not be circumcised. Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing: but the observance of the commandments of God” (I Cor. 7:18-19).

>Let him not be circumcised

Doesn't get any more explicit than that.

>Certainly you won't find any denomination willing to take a stand against circumcision.

The largest denomination in the world, Catholicism, six centuries ago.

>The early teaching of the Roman Catholic Church regarding the practice of male circumcision was stated by Eugene IV in a Papal Bull, Bull of Union with the Copts, in 1442 Persons who practice circumcision risk loss of eternal salvation.1

Doesn't get any more explicit than that. Its not even a controversial topic at all in Catholicism at least, even the most cursory research and that would be very clear to you. At least read my comment if you're going to reply to me, shills.

564b21  No.12141608


>Doesn't get any more explicit than that.

Yep. But the kikes have enormous worldly power. You become a smelly yucky non-politically correct person if you criticize the kikes. And also Mossad operates to literally attack, for example, random, yes RANDOM college students, who dare speak out about the stupid palis (I ASSURE you they do much more to right-wingers. MUCH more):

eh, cba the link. Le Monde, Al Jazeera quashed journalism.

Nobody cares. They literally proved it was happening, and nobody cares.

We live as oppressed men, yea oppressed by the kike.

a39fac  No.12141660


>they will attack at Thanksgiving?

What? Where did this come from? (((George Friedman))) suggests that the Japanese will attack America in a new Pearl Harbor event around 2050…on Thanksgiving.


While it is true that the Church in Rome and other churches have historically opposed circumcision, the logic for most people follows thus: If Yahweh wanted the best for the Hebrews, he would have commanded them to do good things and not do bad things. Because Yahweh commanded the sons of Abraham to circumcise, it is not bad. Likewise, you will hear many Protestants talk up the benefits of eating kosher. They will also try and say that the Jews didn't really genocide the Canaanites, even though their Scriptures say so. Christians, at one time, used to be their own thing apart from Judaism, but the logic always draws them back into admiration and unity with the Jews. How can you say that you are the New Jews with the New Covenant, and yet look back into the Old Testament of your Holy Scriptures (which are one and same with the Jewish Holy Scriptures) and say that Yahweh messed up by ordering the Jews to circumcise? Clearly if it was good for them, it's good for us to, so the thinking goes.

0d1ada  No.12141669


According to jew books, this guys made a golden calf as their own god and looks like they got success with jesus.

e1aeb2  No.12141680


I thought that abrahamic bible condemned circumcision as an affront against god and no Christian could be called a Christian if they were marked by the rabbinical sacrifice known as circumcision.

57f3b5  No.12141853


>Bulgaria's King on the left side of the Queen of England

What did they mean by this?

03c9c3  No.12142042


I am enjoying that thought so much, that is a nice population bottleneck that will be very easy to exterminate when the global extermination event (black sun event) is over.

03c9c3  No.12142054


Circumcision is a nigger practice, look it up, (it literally originated with Sub Saharan African niggers who were practicing serpent worship) that originates from their Apefrican roots. If you want to be like an Apefrican and make your children into Apefricans…feel free just like a nigger you can start playing rap music at deafening levels and beating your white gf half to death.

5b4837  No.12142058


Islam is literally just Judaism for idiots.


03c9c3  No.12142065


>Certainly you won't find any denomination willing to take a stand against circumcision.

That is because they are all run and operated by kike satanists, show me one that is not. This is why 'the churches' don't survive the coming purge of humanity.

d2b24e  No.12142073

File: 476122bf5c67d54⋯.jpg (239.45 KB, 600x800, 3:4, naom_alt_1.jpg)

File: dbcb0ac73348e48⋯.jpg (241.73 KB, 600x800, 3:4, naom_rwb_1.jpg)

03c9c3  No.12142094

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I found this funny video on Islam…very well worth watching. The guy shreds it in the most hilarious manner.

>David Wood; Understanding the Significance of Why the Quran was Written in Arabic

12 minutes

This whole attempt at pushing 'is lame' as the 'global religion' by the satanic kazarian 'kike' mongrels is fucking ridiculous. 'Is lame' is the most retarded and self contradicting religion of them all and surely sprung from the mind of an 84 IQ that had rapemixed all its DNA with niggers.

5b4837  No.12142108


Funnily enough, non-Muslims aren't even allowed to study the Quran.

9685d9  No.12142110

File: 424f69e5bc463cd⋯.png (948.88 KB, 760x1645, 152:329, maps.png)


>informed that proximity maps are a shit

>posts proximity map

The two jew groups in that map are located in between European and Middle Eastern populations because they are mixed between them. Four Arab brothers/cousins from the same subclade of Haplogroup J1 who mixed with four European women from unique subclades of Haplogroup K make up more than 40% of all jews.

>1 male genetic line + 4 female genetic lines = half the jews

They don't get to be a unique genetic group when they are mixed between other genetic groups and when there are like six different types of jews ranging from ethiopian jews to semitic jews to south indian jews to the more recent chink jew, all of which vary genetically.

9685d9  No.12142111


>oy vey

>jews don't want to be a race

No, there is no jewna because most jews (80%) are "ashkeNAZIm" who are largely mtdna Haplogroup K and ydna Haplogroups G and J, all of which existed long before the inbreeding of the Semite which created the mixed-race group that the jew descends from, the Arab.




However, the semite isn't simply "Haplogroup J", for example. They are "Haplogroup J1 Subclade FGC11" or "J1-FGC11", where a subclade defines a mutation classification that describes a single family lineage.

As Tacitus states, jews are not a race but a mix of races. More specifically, they are a religious ethnicity living as parasites within various host cultural groups.

03c9c3  No.12142112


They follow the Khazarian principles of 'disguise' by which the Khazarians would disguise themselves as a people using their clothing and lure others to their death. They are an absolutely degenerate SHIT TIER people with nothing to offer the entire planet. So they switched up the 'clothing' of the people with the DNA. That is why I always say that WE MUST HAVE STANDARDS. Even 1% of their DNA is a complete contagion. It must be utterly exterminated to the very end of that people. We mustn't let a single one of them escape to pollute the earth with their disgusting destroying DNA.


03c9c3  No.12142115


Probably because it is absolutely retarded.

45033e  No.12142118


numbers in religious texts back when humans were retard apes don't mean the same as numbers do now. moses hallucinating his stupid god in the desert for 40 days can be interpreted as "a full amount of time". 144k has occult meaning for the kikes. 12 tribes, squared, add zeroes.

t. scholar

1f99bf  No.12142126

hey goyims im gonna tell u end of times and how is gonna work XDDD

my name is K anon and im secret service KGMi6 agent

first us is gonna fite russia with assad iran and arabs with it. then us is gon end. then turkey gon attack israel and juice will send china as help. and that fite is called the armageddon, bcyz juice is end

9685d9  No.12142132


You can breed out a specific y-jewna lineage through one generation of all girls who breed with non-jew ydna lineages.

You can breed out a specific mt-jewna lineage through two generations of all sons who breed with non-jew mt-dna lineages.

The problem is being a spiritual jew is still possible through parenting and religious study.

2900e2  No.12142141

File: 9917a2f5aac6785⋯.jpg (19.61 KB, 262x320, 131:160, red-shield rothschild.jpg)


Which is the (((synarchy))), but they will die too, don't worry.

03c9c3  No.12142151



'Repentance' doesn't work like that, otherwise JUDGMENT wouldn't happen at the end of the cycle. The very idea of 'Repentance' is retarded. You can/should STOP behaving like a fucking asshole at some point in your life BUT you cannot magically 'undo' the errors of the past with magic pixie dust or wishes. They are indeleby written into the fabric of the UNIVERSE. To erase them all or in part would be to completely alter the entire future of the simulation or collapse it the same way that erasing the columns of a house would cause it to collapse. The idea that you can murder something, human or animal to 'gain repentance' IS LITERALLY THE MOST RETARDED IDEA ON THE PLANET and if people were anything but utter fucking idiots they would see quite plainly that MURDER (of anything) does not 'erase' the structure of the past or alter the universe. This has to be some sort of kike inspired (so not saying much on the retardation scale) litmus test for retardation.


a5deb2  No.12142155


>The problem is being a spiritual jew is still possible through parenting and religious study.

It also requires the sort of genetics created through inbreeding and canibalism, which is why sand niggers and chinks are spiritual jews.

03c9c3  No.12142166


niggers and spics couldn't understand the values of Christianity if they tried. Look at the fucking parasite satanic Khazar…they are only part nigger and even their IQ which is above both niggers and spics can't remotely begin to comprehend it. If they could they wouldn't be the satanic Shitstains of Earth.

5b4837  No.12142169


Latin and Black Christianity is basically just voodoo/bush nigger magic with a Catholic coat of paint.

03c9c3  No.12142176


That dude is going down as well…he gave his own children to the satanic brood which is about to be utterly purged. He MIGHT stop acting like an asshole and supporting them which causes them to completely FAIL…and maybe that will be his ultimate legacy, but there is no 'salvation' for the mistakes that have been made so far in favor of the kikes. The only question remains is when people will remember Donald Trump will they remember that he finally did the right thing and went out in a blaze of glory or will they curse his memory and spit on and defile his grave? Certainly there will be no Khazars around to defend his legacy, but this is what I mean by the 1% problem with the blood…trump is related to that kike 'queen' so his blood is contaminated and he thinks only of ZOG. Which bodes ill for him no matter how you slice it.

f30a12  No.12142177


Sounds like tallest_shill on voat.

03c9c3  No.12142187


The 10 commandments? Who would abolish those?

The rest of that >>>CLAPTRAP BULLSHIT<<< was 'found' by Pharisee priests in the temple when they were overthrowing the monarchy and instating the priesthood as ruler in Israel. They found a young weak king and he gave them carte blanche to IMPOSE THEIR SATANIC WILL upon that nation that eventually led to their complete destruction of him, his bloodline, the nation, his people, everything…everything was utterly destroyed because he was a dickless wonder who believed that they had found 'some great treasure' that needed to be re-instituted in order for the nation to thrive. Course, he is 'lauded' by the 'priesthood' (niggers) for being a 'great man' in their 'histories'…but in fact he utterly threw his entire nation to the wolves and utterly destroyed his entire people. If he was smart he would have assassinated every last one of those fucks (like Nero).

03c9c3  No.12142201


That whole region is infested with the mongrel turk nigger khazarian horde of parasitic satanic filth. They have spent all their time infiltrating monarchies and either breeding them out with their deviant DNA or outright murdering them. There are no 'European Monarchs' left AT ALL…they are all satanic ZOG FILTH (that is why the old adage, you will know a tree by its fruit still is useful…do you think a single one of those mongrel POS who are flooding our nations with niggers and shitskins and not making a peep about it ARE EUROPEANS?) Top kek man…they are our ENEMIES DRESSED UP AS 'MONARCHS'.

000000  No.12142211



Education Dept. Reopens Rutgers Case Alleging Anti-Semitism

>The Education Department’s new head of civil rights has reopened a seven-year-old case brought by a Zionist group against Rutgers University, saying the Obama administration ignored evidence suggesting the school allowed a hostile environment for Jewish students

>the move by Kenneth Marcus, the assistant secretary of education for civil rights and an opponent of Palestinian rights causes, PUTS THE WEIGHT OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT behind a definition of anti-Semitism that targets opponents of Zionism — and defines Judaism as not only a religion but as an ethnic origin.


9120a8  No.12142296

File: 2b47c5e8df38dc8⋯.png (10.59 MB, 5007x3060, 1669:1020, 867342.png)


a5e0eb  No.12142322

File: dc10a8e6b206604⋯.jpeg (107.2 KB, 463x686, 463:686, kjv vs corrupt bibles.jpeg)

>pre-Scofield bible changes

code word for real Christianity

0d1ada  No.12142339


If you so smart tell us meaning of front letters of suras in koran

edd660  No.12142354

are you anti-trump kike shills actually trying to spin this as kike's being pro-trump? thinking that kikes saying trump is fulfilling the end-times means they like him is like trying to argue that christians are calling obama the anti-christ because they like him.

theyre literally saying trump is ending the world. and you somehow spin this as evidence of them liking him? holy shit trump derangement is real.

29238d  No.12142375

File: 5167acff2aa6014⋯.jpg (179.39 KB, 634x1025, 634:1025, 500DA63C00000578-6158285-i….jpg)

File: 077a7ad3323a579⋯.jpg (238.14 KB, 634x1462, 317:731, 500DA63000000578-6158285-i….jpg)

File: 6337307fbbc0778⋯.jpg (181.59 KB, 634x955, 634:955, 500DAB7C00000578-6158285-A….jpg)

File: bcda5607eef5edc⋯.jpg (156.73 KB, 634x951, 2:3, 500DAB2400000578-6158285-i….jpg)

File: eb98c3dd2170d01⋯.jpg (168.84 KB, 634x944, 317:472, 50115BDF00000578-6158285-i….jpg)

it looks like the end times are already here

01d82f  No.12142380

The Bible does mention the Last Trump and The Trump of God


>For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

> In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. (1Cor 15:52-52)

2d4dd3  No.12142389


>real chjristianity

>as based in a 17th century book that was REAL and TRUE and NOT CHANGED at all

a5e0eb  No.12142393

King James bible is the perfectly preserved word of God

03c9c3  No.12142413


God! mixed race people are so fucking ugly (not a huge improvement over standard subhumans).

b1cabb  No.12142414


the 12000 from each tribe of Israel is gonna include a lot of people who were dead already since most of the tribes were completely wiped out.

b1cabb  No.12142421


Those are some kiked up bibles wew

bc98b2  No.12142463


Not this garbage again…

3dee04  No.12142548

File: 2f36163bdaa876e⋯.png (109.33 KB, 268x314, 134:157, lol numbers.png)


>>According to Pastor Anderson, “God said it would be worse for Jews than it was for Sodom,” in terms of justice for the “false Jews” who “killed Christ.”

>God said it would be worse for Jews than it was for Sodom

>worse for Jews

That's not the end times, sounds more like a new beginning!

I cant wait.

0c0da5  No.12142590


My intuition says that Trump is not anti-christ. My intuition never fails.

a5deb2  No.12142666


Not at all. So many translation errors.

c7e467  No.12142697


>End Times Prophecy is Being Fulfilled by Donald Trump

You hope and you dream and then, one day, you realize it's all coming true.

000000  No.12142734


I'd trust the pope prophesy at this point because the current pope is so obviously heretical there's no way he would not cause the destruction of Rome. Maybe the Cardinals voted for him on purpose for this exact reason, just to fulfill prophesy.

a5e0eb  No.12143330


t. satan

1441cf  No.12143358


Take your Goddamn kike shit back to >>>/christian/. I can't wait to burn your churches.

1441cf  No.12143362

>>12139855 (checked)

Good job, the Christcunts are already here to shill.

03c9c3  No.12143376


No one is forcing you to participate in this thread. Wonder why you are here…

2ecd0f  No.12143399


I tend to agree. It’s not the end of the world. It’s the end of theirs.

Respectful sage because there are more important things to be discussed besides the neurotic rantings of delusional old kikes.

df0b3d  No.12150351


try Tyndale Bibe and Septuagint they are non masoretic unlike kjb

86574c  No.12150371


Yup.Dr. Johnson explains that Orthodox Christianity is GREEK and not Jewish. https://www.radioaryan.com/2018/09/the-orthodox-nationalist-christ-and.html

Jesus was insulted as "the Galilean" because to the Jews that mean he's a "Greek."

Plato is considered by the Orthodox as Prophet to the Gentiles and the New Testament was written in Greek.

000000  No.12150376


Evangelicucks on suicide watch as confirmed Satanists.

aa03c6  No.12150378

File: 9e197f78aea316f⋯.jpg (106.15 KB, 599x668, 599:668, god emperor.jpg)




As he is a white man, he will rule fairly for eternity as the God Emperor.

4197e4  No.12150413


>except for those who converted to Christianity and fled the Kingdom beforehand

there seems to be a large hole in your theory anon

c75e2b  No.12150423

File: e21ae52fe7dcd8c⋯.jpg (66.21 KB, 461x600, 461:600, 123407923589.jpg)




That's the fucking problem you dumb kike worshiper.

c75e2b  No.12150435

File: eeaf53904779047⋯.jpg (45.98 KB, 310x386, 155:193, tadum.jpg)


>The Bible does mention the Last Trump and The Trump of God

There are 6 tumps. 6 seals, 6 viles. Why do we always have to teach you fucking slaves your own bible. It was written by the Creator of EXISTENCE, right? It should hold all the keys to building a space empire.

4197e4  No.12150484


there are seven trumpets and seven seals, according to the book of revelations

1fd0d3  No.12150530

File: 57274b37b921e92⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 1535102688274.jpg)


May He Reign Supreme

72f26a  No.12150617


It's just the fucking Jews ratcheting up the pressure on President Trump. They really want him to go to war with Syria/Russia. They really, really, want it. Really, really, really.

Of course, if he does, then the (((prophecies))) will come true.

523bb4  No.12150631

File: df25979e66b40d8⋯.png (237.35 KB, 438x465, 146:155, mr gay demon.PNG)

c75e2b  No.12150638


>there are seven trumpets and seven seals, according to the book of revelations

You're right. The 666 I was thinking

c75e2b  No.12150660

File: 798c2da9cbd2231⋯.jpg (5.34 KB, 183x275, 183:275, images.jpg)


>code word for real Christianity

"real christians" = Paul/Saul, who destroyed Jesus' Zealot pacifistic movement.

8bc8c1  No.12150669


is this is what is meant by the meek shall inherit the earth?

68c5dd  No.12150679

Messianic groups were also proclaiming that Bush and Obama were fulfilling prophecy. It was all bullshit. In fact, in year 1000 AD, there were French monks running round, telling everyone the world was ending.

Idk why I'm explaining this to you though, this board has the stupidest fucking people on the internet.

aa03c6  No.12150811


Jesus was a Levantine Greek who was born in an area controlled by jews.

As was the custom in those days, his parents and thus he adopted the gods of the region as their own, but their son took up with the Cynics who preached just a few short miles away from Bethlehem.

The thought that the poor could be blessed of the Lord was anathema to the kikes, who were taught that wealth was the blessing of God, and that no matter how you got it, if you had it, you were virtuous.

Classic philosophical battle. They wound up murdering him just like the fools in Greece murdered Socrates.

000000  No.12150824


You do realise the Templars hated kikes and burned down their synagogues with em still inside while marching to Jerusalem?


It's true that every idiot like the televangelicals have been crying about the end of days for centuries but prophesy was hardly fulfilled anywhere near as much as they are now with this rogue nuclear state built upon terrorism (israel) in play purposely trying to cause it come true through self-fulfillment as same as the six million lies.

584230  No.12150865


Who is that beautiful aryan man on the left?

0bc5bb  No.12150887


"The major Abrahamic religions in chronological order of founding are Judaism in the 7th century BCE,[3] Christianity in the 1st century CE, and Islam in the 7th century CE"

most people use "abrahamic" to group the three shit sand nigger religions together.

81cf5a  No.12150907

File: b513c80ee1c73ae⋯.png (167.03 KB, 406x318, 203:159, 0c0a97aa9f8a4eef057931a46d….png)


There is weight behind these trips.

fc9fb0  No.12150939



Fuck off with that kike shit would you kindly?

2f1a7b  No.12151103


01d82f  No.12151362

File: 1b6fa2c702d8b13⋯.jpg (56.07 KB, 620x400, 31:20, zombie_apocalypse.jpg)


I didn't write the bible, just saying Trump is mentioned twice and in both cases in connection to the return of the dead, the zombie apocalypse

0a18ff  No.12151421


checked. End times are bad for satan, great for us

3bcfef  No.12151525


the 23rd is when the Kinneret will hit the black line at the current rate of water consumption. That would explain why the kikes aren't fixing the problem. The destruction of the lake is part of their retarded prophecy. But does it really count if the thing is destroyed by sheer negligence?

3bcfef  No.12151566

The kikes want this end times shit to happen this year. They want it so bad they're willing to gamble away the future of their country. They are openly claiming that the bright side of losing their water supply is this messiah prophecy. This shit's happening, even if they have to manufacture every last bit of it. Even if it kills them. God damn. The end of this year might be even more interesting than I expected.

e1eda4  No.12151572

really, think about it

what kind of mentally ill cunt reads a book or tablet or whatever, sees a prophecy and then decides to completely cheat by forcing it to happen, that is literally the definition of mental illness, if any gods or messiah appears the first thing it's gonna do it look at the retard that forced it to be there and nuke it

846c08  No.12152081


trumps puppet master is. jared kushner.

d2b24e  No.12152097

File: 3516237138029b8⋯.jpg (305.98 KB, 745x1000, 149:200, naom_t_shirt.jpg)

File: a95d5ce2958187e⋯.jpg (337.44 KB, 745x1000, 149:200, naom_t_shirt_b.jpg)

476822  No.12152139


Big if true.

000000  No.12152166


Well Eric better set him straight.

000000  No.12152173


Try telling that to the Jews.

cf1ea0  No.12152242

>surely the Jew is telling the truth this time

ed55d8  No.12152403


Reminder that we are going to exterminate every single jew on Earth and that you cannot and will not ever be able to stop us. You are demons. No one believes a word you say.

4f3990  No.12152505


Source about the Templars anywhere?

000000  No.12152589


Uh huh. And what of the rest of the text, about those who say they are jews but are not?

>Only 2 out of 467 Ashkenazi Jews showed typical Levantine ancestry.

>The non-Levantine origin of AJs is further supported by an ancient DNA analysis of six Natufians and a Levantine Neolithic (Lazaridis et al., 2016), some of the most likely Judaean progenitors (Finkelstein and Silberman, 2002; Frendo, 2004). In a principle component analysis (PCA), the ancient Levantines clustered predominantly with modern-day Palestinians and Bedouins and marginally overlapped with Arabian Jews, whereas AJs clustered away from Levantine individuals and adjacent to Neolithic Anatolians and Late Neolithic and Bronze Age Europeans. To evaluate these findings, we inferred the ancient ancestries of AJs using the admixture analysis described in Marshall et al. (2016). Briefly, we analyzed 18,757 autosomal SNPs genotyped in 46 Palestinians, 45 Bedouins, 16 Syrians, and eight Lebanese (Li et al., 2008) alongside 467 AJs [367 AJs previously analyzed and 100 individuals with AJ mother) (Das et al., 2016) that overlapped with both the GenoChip (Elhaik et al., 2013) and ancient DNA data (Lazaridis et al., 2016). We then carried out a supervised ADMIXTURE analysis (Alexander and Lange, 2011) using three East European Hunter Gatherers from Russia (EHGs) alongside six Epipaleolithic Levantines, 24 Neolithic Anatolians, and six Neolithic Iranians as reference populations (Table S0).

Remarkably, AJs exhibit a dominant Iranian (88%˜) and residual Levantine (3%˜) ancestries, as opposed to Bedouins (14%˜ and 68%˜, respectively) and Palestinians (18%˜ and 58%˜, respectively). Only two AJs exhibit Levantine ancestries typical to Levantine populations.

>This research also shows that most Palestinians have been living in the land of Palestine for at least 5000 years (Early Bronze age Levant).


Even science knows and proves they're fake kikes.


You are quite right, let's just hope the Lord is not too angry about the whole jews deciding to murder him and write in their talmud that Jesus is in hell boiling in shit for eternity, mmmkay?

000000  No.12152607


Oh so the false jews are simply a congregation of satanic evil. That makes it MUCH better. Here, have a read on the jews from a jew


bde621  No.12152692


Is this a Q board leak or just some boomer?

b63ca6  No.12156286

File: 77242ac43a19ff1⋯.jpg (236.05 KB, 721x440, 721:440, Don island.jpg)

We're all just characters in a story.

407595  No.12156289


Reported for supporting jews. Jesus will kill you for doing this.

420021  No.12156304

File: 74b46a66cdf3d66⋯.png (615.47 KB, 710x706, 355:353, Lilith_Third_Impact.png)

Oh good. I was wondering how much longer I had to put up with all this.

f4f49d  No.12156408


study on the ten commandments friend and you will just fine. WE are no Gods to do the heavy judging..we have our own less gigantic responsibilities

8adfa8  No.12187492

File: ff2338b4af97986⋯.png (1.28 MB, 4963x2374, 4963:2374, ChristianZionists.png)

c2a851  No.12187502


I'm not even surprised by the rampant cuckoldry but….

>he puts the holy scripture in his armpit to clap

What the actual fuck.

bfc8fe  No.12188438


9a67be  No.12188461

>recent slides being purged

>quick better bump the leftovers!

Kill yourself, moshe.

dc518c  No.12188476


He can't resist not to clap. He's an American after all.

89415e  No.12188930

File: 2187e2b5961c7df⋯.gif (481.11 KB, 300x300, 1:1, b6327f1bbf0ff2fe77f399638d….gif)




072afc  No.12188945


Scofield Bible isn't Christian. Scofield is by kikes for kiked Christians.

2e0b18  No.12188975


The bride is a quadroon, you know.

2e0b18  No.12188977


Reported for being a coon.

1344ef  No.12188980

>TL;DR "the world is ending goy so don't vote for drumpf again"

8ecfa1  No.12188995

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Donald Trump jewish Temple Prophecy

8ecfa1  No.12188996

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Plan to Destroy the Temple Mount

24 September 2018

42cb36  No.12188998

The Third Temple has already been built and destroyed, glow niggers. And there is nothing you can do about it. The prophecy has been fulfilled. The High Priest has returne dot hte Father and His Wrath will rain down upon the nigger cattle feed lot.

bab684  No.12189001

Judaism/Christianity is Predictive Programming.

Torah is a cleverly disguised how-to guide for conquering the world.

New Testament teaches the world to accept Jewish rule.

Talmud exposes life under Jewish rule.

Kabbalah is self-brainwashing.

fb4e69  No.12189003


>Judaism/Christianity is Predictive Programming.

>Torah is a cleverly disguised how-to guide for conquering the world.

>New Testament teaches the world to accept Jewish rule.

>Talmud exposes life under Jewish rule.

>Kabbalah is self-brainwashing.

this tbh

2e0b18  No.12189005


>Who is that beautiful aryan man on the left?

Schlomo Goldgrabbenstein

42cb36  No.12189009


>>New Testament teaches the world to accept Jewish rule.

But it literally doesn't. Why do you think they hate J*sus so much

bab684  No.12189013


Jesus was a Jew who taught OT Law. Any reign of Christ will be based in OT Law.

e0ca68  No.12189028


What I taught is not of this world!

bab684  No.12189029

File: 90cf531e04cb03d⋯.jpg (203.71 KB, 1455x721, 1455:721, Christians Are Jews.JPG)


t. Spiritual Jew

8ecfa1  No.12189030

fb4e69  No.12189036


>But it literally doesn't. Why do you think they hate J*sus so much

okay goldbergstein, that's why all of the christcucks pull this "jews arent the real jews, the chosen people are aryan!!!!" - because they hate jews

f0e566  No.12189049


Nope, you fundamentally don’t understand what Jesus said.

fb4e69  No.12189091


Read the Torah you nigger its exactly what jebus taught.

f0e566  No.12189094


>can’t fucking read

>screenshots jewish heretical translations

lol, Christianity says that jews aren’t even jews, and that everything they do is the opposite of truth.

>But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

bab684  No.12189258


The New Testament claims Christians are "Spiritual Jews." Christ, who did not even historically exist, has his philosophy founded in Torah/Judaism. Christianity therefore is Reformed Judaism. As a white man of non-Jewish lineage why should I embrace a Semitic religion such as Christianity?

93123b  No.12189287


Screenshot this.

362b9e  No.12189335

File: 80eecc5721e3a0e⋯.jpg (401.54 KB, 800x600, 4:3, houseofdavid.jpg)


You forgot the pic

1870b2  No.12189379


Not jews, Spiritual Israelites. "jews" refers to the offspring of satan who dwell in a satanic synagogue with their golems (you). Spiritual Israel is the land that belonged to gentiles from the beginning, aka "Cannan" the promised land. The sons of the devil murdered the king of peace, and through the blood guilt they are forever cut off from that land, so they try to drag as many whites to the wilderness with them as they can. If you really were white, you would be grateful for Jesus returning your birthright from the devil, but you're just a stupid nigger who loves gay porn and drugs.

bab684  No.12189394


Ancient Canaan was modern-day Palestine. Bethlehem was in Palestine. At best we can say Jesus fought the same Jews Palestinians fight today, and I can side with the ancient struggle and the modern one without converting to Palestinianism. Why do I need Christianity?

116e50  No.12189423

File: ec68f9f3f4ca97c⋯.jpg (37.35 KB, 563x542, 563:542, 1535858768278.jpg)



Fuck off with your cryptic bullshit boomer and go back to reddit. Oh wait

000000  No.12189474


The body of Christ is Israel and the original jews lost the covenant the moment they rejected Jesus and he made a new covenant with all those who follow Christ aka Christians, only Christians are the chosen people. It's all in the good book.

7ef0d0  No.12189846


That first pic should shut up the shills that call Spaniards 'moorish rape babies.' But I know it wont.

ff9db2  No.12189865


Not all, but in some part the mixing has happened?

e14330  No.12189888

>be jew

>see prophesies come to pass

>major leader bears qualities presented in scripture

>said leader is utterly drowned in 7's

>end times are clearly here

>jews unironically think this is a good thing for them

9a67be  No.12189895

File: ed302616724fa33⋯.jpg (24.89 KB, 234x255, 78:85, Mein Check'em.jpg)

e14330  No.12189915

But in all seriousness, no man shall know the day or hour. This type of stuff will always be pure speculation and confirmation bias. Per the Bible, the end times will not come until the Gospel has been spread to all the nations of the earth. Now what that specifically entails, to what extent, I couldn't know and neither could anyone else. Anon already addressed the heretical prot retards, they were all just hawking cold-war era psyop eschatology. Just one indicator of the utterly garbage fake Christianity in the west.

9a67be  No.12189924

File: 00fba1fb951be5d⋯.jpg (115.66 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Hell.jpg)


It already happened. We are all in hell. Ours is to continually be fucked by them, and theirs is to continually fuck us without being able to completely succeed.

e14330  No.12189938


We are not in hell, we're in the fall. That's what Genesis was all about. Creation is good, man is good, evil has no ontological status - rather it is a movement away from good. This is a crucial distinction between Christianity and eastern/pagan religions which all have the good/evil dialectic. Ours is a positive view of the world and that's why we are able to create good things when we have the faith.

We are simply living in a time of great fucking evil, which is a mass scale rejection of the good, a rejection of God.

>When man's insolence has rejected God obstinately, God tells him at last, "Thy will be done," and the last plague drops. It is not the plague, it is not death; it's the man. When man is given to man, then you can say he knows the wrath of God.


000000  No.12189944


Holy Trinity Heil

This is a sign that it is indeed bad for the Jews. When Christ returns he will not be using a whip upon them this time, the Lord will bring swords, unlimited blades, and a myriad of so many vexing plagues and curses upon Satan's Synagogue and his children that they will beg Christ and Christians for forgiveness, kissing their feet, only to be tossed into the lake of fire for all time.

e14330  No.12189960


Checked, and I get 8's very frequently when I godpost at night. It only makes sense to me because the epoch we're living in politically is masonic and atheist. You can talk about the founding fathers and how racist they were but it's useless because this is a relativistic, secular, liberal order, and there's no basis on which to make any of these WN claims even though I fundamentally agree with all of them. It won't work on a large scale because those principles aren't grounded in anything but opinions. The laws of the Constitution ultimately don't mean shit, and we can see that in the way the kikes have twisted it to their liking insofar as they're able to. There's really no rule of law anymore, and that's because man's words don't mean shit over time. You can't have law without divine law. So I know what it will take to save the white race, and I want other people to know.

17e1f9  No.12189977


Get out jew lite

3988f8  No.12191117


e14330  No.12191209


>christianity is a jewish trick

>the liberal order works relentlessly to prevent us from being Christian

Way to channel the CIA, genius. Or is Mother Evropa speaking through you?

1db939  No.12191928

Why religious kikes are always wanting for YHWH to obliterate the goyim, they never use their deity for good, they're always into 'oh the goyim are bad, YWHW help me and punish this bad goy for me'.

OT have lot of BS like that, like that one time a kike got bullied by some kids and the yid called for YHWH to punish them by sending bears to devour the children just because they called him bald.

2 Kings 2:22-25

"23 From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. “Get out of here, baldy!” they said. “Get out of here, baldy!” 24 He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the Lord. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys. 25 And he went on to Mount Carmel and from there returned to Samaria."

>Christcucks will defend this

f82dbc  No.12192003

File: 9bbc94b6ac5f954⋯.png (302.86 KB, 1024x676, 256:169, 1536615064050.png)






3922cb  No.12194760

File: e9578873b91bbdc⋯.jpg (13.64 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 331803362.jpg)

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