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File: 7cbb3f192ace098⋯.jpg (91.75 KB, 1214x372, 607:186, headline.jpg)

099a11  No.12140148

>In the four-day period after the Kaepernick ad debuted, Nike’s online sales grew by 27 percent, according to Edison Trends, a research company which collects the actual receipts from more than 200 online retailers, Bloomberg reports.

>And none of this makes Nike a hero … Or a villain. They are just a business. But there is another overwhelming factor in why Nike’s Kaepernick ad was smart and will ultimately prove profitable: White boycotts don’t work.

>Aside from the 1980 Summer Olympics boycott, can you name another boycott by white America that worked?

>Remember how upset conservatives were when Target announced its support for transgender rights? In April 2016 more than 700,000 people pledged to boycott the giant retail chain.

>Today, the stock is at a five-year high.

>How are Amazon and Walmart doing after people boycotted them for not unionizing? Starbucks all but disappeared after they went to war on Christmas, right? Ever since Ben and/or Jerry said they supported Black Lives Matter, I can’t find a carton of Cherry Garcia anywhere! And poor Netflix, after they announced that they would have a series called Dear White People, they totally went under!

>On Wednesday, butt-hurt wypipo everywhere joined together to boycott Netflix because of the trailer …

Read more

>Black boycotts have had some impact. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was one of the galvanizing moments of the Civil Rights Movement. An analysis by Citylab says the NAACP’s boycott of South Carolina for its Confederate flag cost the state millions in tourism revenue. Another NAACP boycott of North Carolina forced the NBA to move its all-star game. Some retailers even say they felt the impact of last year’s BlackOut Friday boycotts.

>Perhaps it is because it is easier to galvanize a smaller population than one so widespread and multifaceted as the white majority.

>Or maybe it is because white people don’t give a fuck.


2a39a0  No.12140168


nigger stop posting this kinja shit here

099a11  No.12140170


sage negated

7cc648  No.12140175


they are astroturfing the sales by purchasing the shit themselves. they can only float that lie for so long.

099a11  No.12140181


This. SJWs are buying up Nike shit.

967c05  No.12140190


>online sales

How are their overall sales doing?

2a39a0  No.12140191



You can't sage negate your own OP you triple kike nigger. Good let them mark themselves further

1f63b9  No.12140192



These the left is a bunch of broke niggers and welfare recipients. We'll see how long this effort lasts.

099a11  No.12140201


sage negated

b3c2d4  No.12140204

File: 530cdebcff485f6⋯.gif (727.1 KB, 245x245, 1:1, 530cdebcff485f635ec956be1e….gif)

>Nigger shoe company gets temporary spike in sales after controversy because libshits and redditors cannot into finances and spend money based on this weeks hot new twitter meme

Cool. Let's take a look at how they're doing in a year.

2a39a0  No.12140206


Listen Michael Harriot, or whatever your bix nood ass niggery name grunt is. You can't sage negate your own OP

8411b5  No.12140211


>shoe company that almost exclusively serves shitskins doesnt suffer from whites not buying products

wow what a shocking turn of events.

do you know what it does do though? change white consciousness to hate shitskins and corporations. who gives a fuck if the kike corporation doesnt lose profit?

787242  No.12140212


in a different thread anon revealed they were using corporate buybacks placing orders en mass to offset declining sales

a6d94e  No.12140216


now that's a meme I haven't seen in a long time

2a39a0  No.12140219


bingo, which is why the nigger author kinja OP needs to fuck off back to where the dick came out of his ass

099a11  No.12140221



2a39a0  No.12140224


It's like the mind of an animal, just keep doing it, eventually massa will slip and I'll get what I want

2a39a0  No.12140227

Not today you dirty kinja linking nigger

52294e  No.12140232

Ask us how our tea boycott went, nigger.

443852  No.12140252

File: 18516acca9d5d18⋯.jpg (81.06 KB, 500x387, 500:387, tergets.jpg)


>>Target boycott

>>Today, the stock is at a five-year high

Which is why they've been closing "non productive" stores and the only ones left are in nigger/liberal held territory?

8e1b21  No.12140286


>zero targets within over a hundred miles of where I live according to this map

Feels goodman

3b80c0  No.12140292


>broke niggers and welfare recipients

Somehow they always have money for sneakers, big screen tvs and the latest iphone. Money for their kids? Fuck no. But sneakers, yes.

a7f667  No.12140297

>sales increased

<while their stock tanked

lmao I'm sure their investors are feeling peachy

099a11  No.12140301

File: 5b46318b0617f91⋯.png (34.54 KB, 762x354, 127:59, 65e.PNG)


Their stock has rebounded.

443852  No.12140310


>the kikes bought more of their stock at lower prices

cb986b  No.12140314


You need to meme the other side of this - that Nike are just corporate fucks that run slave labor around their world. They're just like mega capitalists in industrialization that would abuse the West's people as well, and now they've just hidden that practice away in another country while corporate is living extremely well.

This is the best argument to counter the jew's narrative.

92628b  No.12140315

I often wonder what makes black men so pompous when they, both as individuals and as a race, have virtually nothing to be proud of. Look at this fucking nigger. This is just

>fuck wypipo: the article

What are their claims to greatness?

>Rap music: basically didn't exist before 1979

>Dancing and singing: literally every culture on Earth has this

>Sports: they're garbage at positions that require quick analysis

>Muh dik: proven statistically false

The only reason those top three have any sort of cultural visibility is because of Jews, and I'd bet a Jew signs this guy's paycheck.

099a11  No.12140332


sage negated

20344c  No.12140334


This.Remember the JYT has to fire half their staff& rent out half their building & immediately after reporting an all time high on on line subs?

Who buys all the " bestseller" Comey & Clinton books?

19574f  No.12140337


>and I'd bet a Jew signs this guy's paycheck.

No one on earth would be stupid enough to bet against you

daef2f  No.12140351


This. Sales in this modern economic system mean fuck all since every company is technically in the red the moment they submit to the stock market. They'll never sell enough to pay off their investors and buy back the stock.


Something that's only a temporary measure. >>12140310. They do this shit all the time and eventually your business is going to get fucked over by it in the long run. The bigger point taken is that the stocks are already tanking when companies come out with this SJW anti-white shit which is a HUGE deal long-term. They can't continue that indefinitely without people realizing the entire stock market is a fraud. Its a major sign that things are not going receiving these political policies well and investors are reacting on their own without anyone telling them what to do. tl;dr the investors crashing the stocks each time actually have the foresight and hand on the culture to know things are shifting.

b69c00  No.12140353


Target is the new Kmart. It will be gone within 10 years.

It's not even sjw stuff, they have lots of other issues as well (which may stem from sjw policies).

20344c  No.12140357

File: 561a1c90f416cd3⋯.jpg (391.66 KB, 2048x1830, 1024:915, 561a1c90f416cd3c697e42d785….jpg)

Anyhoo, all this dissin' muh flag causes bitter weeping & a gnashing of teeth in the normie boomer flagwanker/ rambo crowd & that salt is sweet.

844c5d  No.12140362

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>White boycotts don’t work!

>Nike Loses $3.75 Billion in Market Cap After Colin Kaepernick

Cry more nigger

6b0e33  No.12140365


>White Boycotts Don't Work



Trump was basically the white, middle class boycott of an election. Sure, Hillary was white, but the democrat party is the party of niggers, spics, fags, and leftists.

White boycotts work just fine.

You're just afraid that we'll realize they do, kike.

Take this glow-in-the-dark shit back to reddit.

80fbe1  No.12140370

with how much monopoly money they have it's not hard to temporary prop up a stock or buy some shoes, time will tell how much they damaged their brand

cb986b  No.12140372

This is all fucking divide and conquer. Nike is the nigger in this situation and nobody is talking about that.

nigger=shitty person

b445ef  No.12140374


good post, idiots are getting meme'd by political marketing and calling it a victory. wow, you sure showed me by buying a $200 pair of shoes.

20344c  No.12140376


They fucked up picking the worst athlete in the NFL.

Any "winner"" of color & dey be sitting in high cotton.

1f63b9  No.12140378


Because Nike is a soulless (kek) entity. We aren't a bunch of snarling niggers here, we actually like to focus our efforts on individuals instead of distractions.

d04b5e  No.12140380

Do whites even buy Nike shit? Nike knows their Customer Avatar/Buyer Persona is probably young niggers/spics, so this whole stunt makes perfect sense because whitey never bought their shit anyway. Marketing isn't as stupid as you may think.

71845c  No.12140384


>ignoring that most atheists voted for hilldog.

>ignoring the fact they're mostly white/yid

f2133f  No.12140385

How’s the NFL doing again?

20344c  No.12140394

Fake accounts& fake sales.

Deep pockets have to send operatives out to buy up retail stock.

d04b5e  No.12140395


And pare that down even further…the ad only pisses off white republican men who care about politics/NFL and buy Nike stuff. Probably not a huge group.

c5b9a7  No.12140415


>Today, the stock is at a five-year high

Anyone check for buy back?

1ce726  No.12140417


It's not the niggers, but Nike themselves sending out representatives.

22d824  No.12140421

File: 16ce39468dd2429⋯.png (412.54 KB, 679x411, 679:411, 16ce39468dd242989438d871e5….png)

>boycotts work right away


19574f  No.12140458


Niggers fundamentally lack the ability understand the concept of delayed consequences. Their lack of successful agriculture is proof of this.

da4f8a  No.12140461

“ zero dick “ status is what I gathered from this thread.

cb986b  No.12140464


Yeah, but we're just an echo chamber if we don't force our memes on the normalfag world.

b73e7d  No.12140465

File: f46a09d0a959815⋯.png (90.53 KB, 321x716, 321:716, jewfraud.png)

Corporate jews have been lying about sales to manipulate stocks since markets were invented. These jews were caught "selling" truckloads of toys on paper and then dumping them in the desert.

2b5b14  No.12140477

>implying whites care about getting the latest jordans

of course it was a good business move

1fb881  No.12140506

File: 21e4f2f2b222815⋯.jpg (142.97 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1531914352208.jpg)


This. But also Starbucks. Starcucks is in the shitter and are closing countless stores after they're little staged racism bullshit.Even before that, white people stopped frequenting Starcuks but I forget what they did they first time. Oh yeah, that "lests talk about race" campaign that was meant to demean white people. Yea. That worked out real well for them, that's why they doubled down.

482933  No.12140529

File: ce75aa26c2dd6da⋯.png (202.99 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Nike never had to sacrifice nothing since the "innercite yoof" are obsessed with crappy generic machine made piece of footwear.

As long as there are people like video related then nike will not lose a penny over this, remember the guy who gave out information on a murder for a trip to kfc?

5a6004  No.12140547

White boycotts do work when whites are actually buying the produce. Nogs are the only ones concerned with brands because they cant do it with cars or houses.

5a6004  No.12140549



905d62  No.12140563

This is Nike buying their own shoes online.

e61871  No.12140567

File: 8f8d488437d9b73⋯.png (454.96 KB, 810x688, 405:344, carl.png)

>White Boycotts don't work

Look at EA.

Look at Bethesda.

Look at all the other SJWs companies in the video game industry.

They are like heads set on pikes in front of our gates.

But it seems it isn't enough.

Guess we need to add more.

bc19d5  No.12140569

File: 0d6c2a3dd62c512⋯.jpg (108.04 KB, 634x431, 634:431, Well-Behaved_Jews.jpg)

>White boycotts don't work, ha ha ha

<Duly noted. Plan B then.

5f145f  No.12140579

Just gonna drop some knowledge for any lurkers in the thread so you don't end up exposing your newfaggotry.

'Sage' is not a Reddit downboat. It is not a way to express disapproval with a thread or a post. It is not pronounce "sayj" like the herb sage. It is derived from the word "sageru" (下げる), which means "to lower" and is meant to be used when you, the poster, believe your post is not worthy of bumping the thread in which you are posting to the top of the page. It's a very humble, very Japanese thing.

Now get the fuck back to Reddit.

b05f18  No.12140611


I saw the kikes do this with a book once. It was a piece of shit book but it was a way for them to advance one of their own (think of it as money laundering)…anyway this book was SUCH A PIECE OF SHIT that no one wanted to purchase it. So the kikes bought all the extras (giving their man a leg up; and who fucking cares since they own the printing presses) and then proceeded to burn them all in a warehouse fire.

So they made the author look like a bestseller to advance their agenda, they laundered A FUCKTON OF MONEY, they collected on the insurance (so laundered another fuckton of money) and none of the European audience was any the wiser. When challenged about the INSANE gibberish of their average 84 IQ kike retard author, Europeans are told that 'it's just too deep for you' or you didn't understand the ramblings of a syphilis induced retard while all the ''more sophisticated' people ooohhh and aaahhhh over the bullshit like they were somehow elevated above the common air into the rarefied air of some mentally ill kike cult.

7cc648  No.12140626


This. Which is stock fraud.

7cc648  No.12140633


that exact scenario has played out in burgerstan so many times that I cant actually think of a specific one to cite.

ad5253  No.12140634


Actually their stock has almost recovered fully. Jews will just dump some cash into the stock to inflate it for this bad press and then slowly sell it off once it's on it's normal course again.

85fd13  No.12140642

File: 1fa262d329b9d1e⋯.jpeg (42.36 KB, 531x512, 531:512, commander-rockwell-with-t….jpeg)


>they think teaching 'wypipo' that peaceful methods don't work is a good idea

Well, at least we're in agreement on something.

c73a29  No.12140643

ad5253  No.12140650


>EA, Bethesda

Both those stocks are still higher than ever….what point are you trying to make other than normies eat up this SJW bullshit. Games used to be a white thing when consoles were expensive, hell the internet in the 90's was entirely white people, now that techna-jew-ology from a cell phone to an xbox is cheap enough for mud consumers, that's their new target audience. especially since shitskins spending habits exclusively revolve around spending every dime they get as they get it whereas whites like to save money.

b05f18  No.12140660

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


IKR…and it isn't just books, they run this fraud with all their people and their investments. I was investigating this one kike family and they were poor, run of the mill kike trash, but the head kikes must have seen something valuable in the father, so they laundered RIDICULOUS amounts of money through him until he became a 'real estate investor' in the USA. And all that time they rub this shit in our faces about how 'if we would just work harder, success would be ours'. Because kikes came here (to the usa) with pennies and they made it big. Never mind that this is all done by fraud and felonies and money laundering. So even the 'small fish' are invested in defrauding people within our society.

"GET TO WORK, BITCH; amirite?" I am right. While they defraud an entire society the castigate its people for not working hard enough when they have never lifted a single fucking finger in their life since the Criminal Mafia handles everything for them

87eba5  No.12140700

Sage for niggershit.

0db3ec  No.12140711


>Nike’s online sales grew by 27 percent

People buy shoes online?

5a1968  No.12140724


>It's another gamergoy retard who thinks they won anything at all

More delusional than trumpniggers. You lost spectacularly.

ff2ad5  No.12140774

That dumb nigger always writes the same fucking story. This nigger's logic, is that if the people with money who made the company what it is, stop buying their product it won't matter? hahaha the bitch nigger should be embarrassed to even think that but then it's not a human being so…

If you see someone wearing a Kapernick jersey, run up on them and donkey punch the motherfucker. Make it a new sport.

314767  No.12140783




You know what Target's biggest problem is? It's "expensive Walmart." At least K-Mart had an interesting gimmick in the bluelight. Target is just another long-tail store.


>EA isn't hurting

EA is getting fucked over by the Belgian government because of the outcry for lootboxes. Cry more, kikenigger.

ff2ad5  No.12140785


Yeah, because of it's size. Assholes are all, 'passive' investors now. They buy EVERYTHING just in varying allotments. It's pussy shit since 2008. They know they can't beat the averages so they just index. 9/25 is when Nike's earnings come out but that won't include any of this bullshit. The conference call might be interesting though.

000e48  No.12140793


>EA is getting fucked over by the Belgian government because of the outcry for lootboxes. Cry more, kikenigger.

There's a difference between "Suffering legal problems in a small european country" and "LOL DUDE US WHITES TOTALLY WRECKED 'EM Y'KNOW WHAT I MEAN!?

b05f18  No.12140806


>If you see someone wearing a Kapernick jersey, run up on them and donkey punch the motherfucker.

We have to have a different definition of donkey punch.

>The Donkey Punch is when your engaged in anal sex and when your about to ejaculate you punch the poor little lady in the back of the head so her anal cavity tightens making the orgasm all that more better (for you, of course).

402078  No.12140869

bd805f  No.12140874

File: 4d33a027348af43⋯.png (108.64 KB, 921x537, 307:179, aclu3-1500467823.png)

File: 012e350442c3343⋯.jpeg (85.3 KB, 1160x768, 145:96, serveimage.jpeg)

If White boycotts don't work, why are they trying to make it illegal in the United States to boycott Israeli businesses and products?

6b8cc1  No.12140892


This is something that I've always thought about, niggers didn't exist on the internet when I was younger. They didn't exist outside of the arcade games at the corner store, even then it was whites that dominated. Now there's nigger furries beating nips at tournaments, bringing their degeneracy to all forms of what was once a hobby and lifestyle of whites.

>sage for off topic

b3c2d4  No.12140902

File: 46522f1f4ce4214⋯.jpg (67.38 KB, 665x1000, 133:200, have you thought this all ….jpg)


That picture is worse than gore.

099e7d  No.12140912


So the pro-Palestine left doesn't boycott their stuff.

bd805f  No.12140953


Look up the history of Jews boycotting things in America and Germany. They lay the whole tactic out for all to see. Each and every step necessary to create and fuel a successful boycott is right there. It's effective and that's why they don't want anyone else doing it.

fae9fc  No.12140999


jews steal from Whites, give stolen money to niggers through welfare, jews get nigger laundered money.

000e48  No.12141004


>They lay the whole tactic out for all to see.

Care to enlighten us then? Give us the step by step tactic of how to give the finger to the kvetching jew?

5b4464  No.12141023

>Or maybe it is because white people don’t give a fuck.

This. White people in general are a bunch of lazy fucks who will sell their inheritance to jews for an easy life

000e48  No.12141045


agreed, we need to start a cultural movement for whites that consists of "buy land, save money, have babies."

430326  No.12141069


>online sales grew 27% in 4-days of being in non-stop media headlines

Not even surprising. Of course sales would grow from all the media attention. 27% is kind of low and really doesn't actually tell anything. What were sales before? Were they low? Easy to grow sales from a low-point. Doesn't matter this is all bullshit. Wait until the quarterly reports come out. Stock market price jumping doesn't mean a thing either. Just means people pumped up the price from sales after buying at a low. Has nothing to do with politics. Again, wait for the quarterly reports for this quarter and next quarter to see how this actually affected Nike. My guess is overall the impact will be negative.

c8d812  No.12141092


Less than 20% of overall shoe sales. Their actual sales numbers won't be out for awhile.

27a451  No.12141124


more like to where shlomos dick came out of his ass

27a451  No.12141131

File: 4901b2fcd1911d7⋯.webm (7.97 MB, 1138x640, 569:320, black_friday.webm)



4c8587  No.12141145


Simply beautiful, is this posted all over social media? This is a good example of the Industrialization of Cultures.

Are there any companies that still produce clothes in the USA, that's not utter garbage or over-priced?

89b608  No.12141301

File: aa07e684d3e1f5e⋯.png (350.01 KB, 514x666, 257:333, 18582225_1895713200666236_….png)


>>12120651 I think this anon may have some credence to what he claims then. Its not like kikes have never throw around large sums of money to gaslight white goys into thinking other people like asphalt monkeys.


This nigger tried to claim that black boycotts work however,

>the NAACP’s boycott of South Carolina for its Confederate flag cost the state millions in tourism revenue. Another NAACP boycott of North Carolina forced the NBA to move its all-star game.

Yeah these boycotts are like tax evasion, blacks are only involved since they don't have jobs to pay tax on or buy things, and its organised by greasy kikes.

73aeea  No.12141339

As if niggers BUY shoes.

297eee  No.12141352


Bohoo. Those poor brown people would be toiling to their early deaths on the local warlord's farms if the westerner's didn't buy their poorly manufactured crap by the boatloads.

7ba9c4  No.12141353


Those companies are doing so well they can crash half their IPs and turn a profit, and the game industry has more SJW virtue signaling, censorship, and anti- consumer practices than ever before.

674260  No.12141354

File: 52426d97934c081⋯.jpg (20.47 KB, 595x316, 595:316, 52426d97934c081d2a6f7adbb8….jpg)

White boycotts absolutely DO work. The problem is that most of "White America" doesn't consider themselves white, they've been robbed of their cultural identity and had it replaced with (((Hollywood))) bullshit.

That's okay, though. Things are getting better.

91b684  No.12141379



<actually goy, it's…..

fuck off kike

0b507c  No.12141388


So the 5 billion dollars they lost and their reputation recovered? bullshit.

fa9a0d  No.12141390

File: 0e10af2aaed4504⋯.jpg (83.3 KB, 600x399, 200:133, chick-fil-a-6a6aa7d3a8b238….jpg)

Homosexual boycotts don't work

c239cf  No.12141396


Niggers are such a cancer on earth , wish all of them would combust and burn suddenly.

d43151  No.12141399

Nike and Newport have the same logo


090aa9  No.12141430

File: 398f420f68a62b7⋯.png (530.85 KB, 900x600, 3:2, judea-declares-war-on-germ….png)

Voting doesn't work in this shit country. Why should boycotts work? Only making our own country after a civil war will work.

090aa9  No.12141503

File: 90028b3b5861ad5⋯.png (401.87 KB, 565x500, 113:100, kikes in nikes.png)


>with a book once

It happened a lot in New York. The New York Times started putting an asterisk on books in their bestsellers list with "bulk purchases". The whole list is probably garbage now so I don't know if they still bother to do this.

b15528  No.12141534


Yes, they do this all the time.

But no one will ever find out, because trying to find out actual real book sales figures is incredibly hard. Compared to the book industry, Hollywood financials seem almost open and above board.

Remember, a book is a bestseller based on how many copies are bought by bookshops, not by how many copies are bought by the public.

Here's an example.

A politician retires, and announces he's going to write his autobiography.

There is a bidding war, and a big publisher wins with an offer of 3 million dollars. Of course, everybody knows that the book will never make any money, this is just a bribe, a way of thanking the politician for doing the bidding of his masters or promoting mass immigration etc. The big wholesalers and book chains order a million copies off the publisher.

Congratulations, the book has sold one million copies. It's a bestseller!

After a while, unsold copies, in other words, almost all of them, are sent back to the wholesalers and publishers and either destroyed or gradually sold off in large lots to the remaindered and secondhand book market.

46e656  No.12141546

File: 3d7f20c63a62963⋯.jpg (116.35 KB, 1089x611, 1089:611, Great looking nazis.jpg)


What a real "white boycott" looks like.

70df63  No.12141557


What did they boycott? Clearly not anything to do with industry or weaponry.

b9aa27  No.12141580


White boycotts do work. They simply take time to have an effect on a worldwide shoe empire worth 76 billion dollars. Nike is a world wide corporation using slave and child labor. They want you to think that one person can't do anything to stop their dominance. Honestly, once people pull away, if they can remain steadfast in their abstinence from said products, eventually, even giants will collapse. Like a fat dog, if you stop feeding it, eventually, it will die.

b750aa  No.12141582


The treaty of Versailles?

7be027  No.12141597

Well then, why don't we do like the niggers do and start knocking over Nike stores?

1ff3a0  No.12141630


FB & Twitter & Google are not unionized. Ever wonder why? Ever wonder why Amazon employees can't unionize? Ever wonder why unionization fizzled out right about when the telecoms were getting computerized? Gosh, what a COHENCIDENCE.

Big Tech busts up union-like behavior like boycotts too. One of the main things Big Tech does is watch "trends". OK, so "trends" are literally INTELLIGENCE information. Imagine if you could know where George Soros was going to spend money, and even had a good idea why. Well you don't, and you can't. But Soros knows where you are, and what you're doing, collectively, and in the various groups you may be subdivided into. And beyond this simple example.

The main thing they know how to do is identify issues people care about and basically "a million notes chorus" a dog whistle to beat all dog whistles. They can literally sound the note for dozens of groups in a single TWEET. You hear what you're supposed to hear, your neighbor, he hears what he's supposed to hear. Those intended to hear nothing are given, typically, something baffling, at most.

Boycotts don't work?

I have a solution. Here's what we do. We enter meatspace. We communicate verbally, and in a white manner that we are displeased.

"Your football apparel indicates you are affiliated with the Communists - are you aware of what you are communicating?"

"You have a pair of Nikes - did you buy them before they became an anti-American hate organization? Still, I wouldn't do anything but yard work in them."

1ff3a0  No.12141633


That's the gayest cross I ever saw.

22253e  No.12141690



Just look at the trainwreck the NFL has become. Enough said. Nigger football will die out hopefully in 20 years.


Redditors and retards mostly go to cuckchan.

2f05a0  No.12141726


They didn't even invent rap. That was whitey too.

a53f0d  No.12141731


What are you on about? Can't you take context and figure of speech from the anon's post?

bb6e8c  No.12141759


The peacocks have stopped seeing the eagle as a predator and started seeing it as a rival peacock. This is what happens when you play nice.

7516bd  No.12141792


And you get pedo mason dubs ironically

46e656  No.12141804


Their was a bunch of reports of people coming in and buying all the nike shoes in a store for no reason and then just talking them away.

46e656  No.12141811



Obviously they boycotted Jews you dumb fucks.

b247fe  No.12141817

there were anons mass printing the discount cuppons for niggers and distributing them in niggerhoods and malls

there were also anons who worked a shoestores and saw several suspicious women buying up every single male nike shoe on sale

Nike's literally puffing their chest full of air while the press is hyping them as being stronk so investors whon't shoah them, but they can only mantain that front for so long, they can't keep buying their own stock forever and the nigger discounts will definetly take their tol on them

0b753a  No.12141831


There own investors are buying up (in store) stock for this month in order to mitigate their losses while having a secondary effect as if the nigger deal wasn't such a huge blunder. Also only reporting online sales is quite fishy.

>>12141811 (checked)

Kikes will never understand why they are hated. They're just doing whats natural to them, like a nigger saying " I dindu nuffin". Utterly confused as to why their actions have negative repercussions.

3ca16e  No.12141837


>rap is for niggers


Even the claimed pre-rap passtime "muh dozens" was enjoyed by Celtic people at least a thousand years before 1989.


Africans are just mimicking European culture since they were stripped of their own by the jew.

>Graffiti: Illuminated Text (Book of Kells)

>Rap: Poetry (Prose, Rhyme, Flyting)

>Breakdance: Intricate Dance (Riverdance)

>DJ: The Bard (Celtic Folk, Appalachian, Bluegrass)

69f0f0  No.12142194


That's because gays are only like 5% of the population AT MOST.

<<nu uh sweetie there's lots of us

A species that's majority homo, quickly becomes majority hetero.

31f3d7  No.12142231

>white boycotts don't work

>muh 6 million lampshades

pick one

000000  No.12142263


>White Boycotts Don't Work

Hard to boycott when we weren't buying their nigger shoes to begin with

NFL ratings seem more relevant to the issues at hand.

7f0505  No.12142265

File: a55f60a303f785e⋯.png (31.57 KB, 1333x381, 1333:381, vidyaisgay.png)


jew-vidya was always for queers. They hit their peak in 2009, aka the Kang Nigger Generation of millennial faggots. Gen Z isn't interested in your jewish bullshit gender kikery, and sales are tanking.

7dd9fa  No.12142273


niggers gave up "hip hop" a long time ago anyway.

nowaday's shitskin/whigger music is full-retard chimpouts filtered through autotune on tribal african beats - a degenerate atrocity in sound that not even Lovecraft could have envisioned.

7dd9fa  No.12142284

I started boycotting Nike the second I had reservations about shitskins and degenerate nigger subculture. That was decades ago.

This whole story is a bit like discovering that water is wet.

000000  No.12142289


yea seems like it's all just "composed" to be catchy noise loops for commercials rather than actual music.

fa9a0d  No.12142332

File: f9b70418ac75efb⋯.png (27.57 KB, 625x469, 625:469, open-gaming-alliance-chart….png)


Sales don't tell the whole story, with DLC and loot crates and all that other post purchase crap companies sell fewer games but maker more money.

Consoles are dying, casuals are going to mobile devices, gamers are moving to PC, but between mobile games and stuff like Steam gaming is more profitable than ever.

fdbfff  No.12142353


When I saw just how many nike memes were being made on Gab I started to realize this was going to be a positive thing for them. Its just too much exposure, it has to leave marks in peoples heads who then go buy Nike over other shit. With Jews, you lose.

7f0505  No.12142355


Squeezing more money out of a shrinking pool of jew-box addicted faggots only proves the point.

fdbfff  No.12142360


>How are Amazon and Walmart doing after people boycotted them for not unionizing

K, that ones on commies and niggers, not whites. What a dishonest lying propagandist kike… sorry, nigger writer.

1a867d  No.12142400

File: a7e373e8ddb4784⋯.png (51.83 KB, 1144x843, 1144:843, Screenshot_2018-09-12 Nort….png)



>Squeezing more money out of a shrinking pool of jew-box addicted faggots only proves the point.

Dubs of truth, right there. The way the entertainment industry as a whole has been shifting over the last two decades has been to make increasingly more expensive products and charge more for them to recover the profits from faltering sales. Hollywood movies are a prime example of this:


The number of actual tickets sold at NA box offices have slowly been going down; the number fluctuates from year to year, but you can clearly tell the decline is there since the peak in 2002. In turn, the cost of Hollywood movies–and thus, the price of tickets–have skyrocketed, earning more money for the people at the top. Over the last few years, there have been a large number of 'unexpected failures' at the box office, particularly last year when Hollywood released numerous major films right in a row and were taken aback at the poor reception.

As it turns out, driving up the price for an ever-shrinking customer base is never good for business. EA losing direct sales will negatively affect their bottom line in the long run, especially when they discover that people don't like their business practices, or they're forced to stop the most predatory and lucrative ones under threat of law.

It's just squeezing blood from a turnip.

9040e1  No.12142427

Most whites lack a concept of white identity.

As Marx would put it they have no class identity. So they don't identify with class actions or threats.

000000  No.12142428

The Dick's boycott was a mainly White boycott wasn't it?

7cc648  No.12142547


Entirely. And it is still going strong.

730cc6  No.12142636


>nigger furries

The horror.

c47313  No.12142650

Yeah they don't work when you buy back your own product to save stock prices.

b0a8ea  No.12143617


Which ties in well with the report that their counting sales based on receipts.

c2c57e  No.12143971


>Of course, everybody knows that the book will never make any money, this is just a bribe, a way of thanking the politician for doing the bidding of his masters or promoting mass immigration etc

This would explain what we saw with Megyn Kelly, who was inexplicably given a $10 million advance to write a memoir that precisely zero people were even remotely interested in, on top of more than doubling her salary on the (presumptive) basis that she could be packaged as a feminist superhero "who took down Trump".


94fbfa  No.12144043


>How are Amazon and Walmart doing after people boycotted them for not unionizing?

Niggers are anti-union?!?!?

000000  No.12144064

>White Boycotts Don't Work

Tell that to the former starcucks CEO lmao

9040e1  No.12144078


No it's more that Amazon preys on the desperate and keeps them too scared to unionise.

0bd8b9  No.12144123

I've been boycotting nike/jordan/converse for a few years since they used a trans athlete in one of their ads. I should have stopped buying them as soon as they started making the "be true" faggot shoes.

e89861  No.12144415


Digital (((sales))) are notoriously easy to game.

e89861  No.12144420


>the stocks are already tanking when companies come out with this SJW anti-white shit

When any company has a woman CEO or expounds on "diversity" it's a signal to short it. You'll never lose betting against the SJW.

e89861  No.12144433


This. It's like boycotting Jheri Curl.

e89861  No.12144439


I got a free refrigerator from Target in Boston once. Clerk liked me and forgot to ring it through. It's in my mom's bedroom.

e89861  No.12144457

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



4ebac7  No.12144464


bd0ad0  No.12144502


I have to admit something. I go to target because due to the fact that most of it's products are a bit more expensive, it is not overrun with spics and beaners. I would rather pay a little bit more for a little bit better than have to cast my gaze upon some spearchuckin velcro haired welfare queen on a fucking scooter with 5 niglets running around screaming at the top of their lungs.

e89861  No.12144523

File: 55e253ee622d186⋯.png (115.05 KB, 400x555, 80:111, banned.png)


>Now get the fuck back to Reddit.

They can't.

e89861  No.12144544



Put on kosher cuckservative radio and keep track of how many of them "wrote books" (usually just a rehash of the things they beat up on air). Also, Tor Books did this, which was one reason that Sad/Rabid puppies was a thing.


Valkenburger was laundering cocaine money, which was why they sperged out so hard.

e89861  No.12144563


>You know what Target's biggest problem is? It's "expensive Walmart."

They tried expanding into Canada, with even more expensive goods, but with the illusion of (((savings))). The leafs saw right through it and they are all closed now.

bd0ad0  No.12144571


not overrun with spics and niggers*

d5b5e2  No.12144577


>White boycuts don't work

>Exercise could kill you - especially if you're a white male

>Don't have children (picture of white childless couple)

>The wonder of childbirth and having children (picture of niggerspawn and mongrel abominations)

>Immigration is the answer to a dwindling population

Apparently some here still let the authority of the kikemedia hold them. Do not trust them, neither in good news nor bad news. Don't trust them to always be wrong and thing the opposite of what they say. Look at their sources, look at the numbers and judge.

You did post only the archive, which is blessed of you. The mediakikes must suffer and die, every jew and every diehard golem and golem institution must burn with them, from politician to lowly slumkike.

Uuh, also this >>12140175

Plus that the liberals are so out of it, that they will do anything to spite us - whether we care or not, all that matters is whether they think we care or not. So "ebil raycis boycut shoe, well WE BUY MANY SHOE TO MAKE UP FOR IT!"

e89861  No.12144581


Victimhood creates cohesion. It's like ethnic leftism.

e89861  No.12144599


>sent back to the wholesalers and publishers and either destroyed

The term is called pulped, which is recycling.

Fraud is good for the environment!

e89861  No.12144625


I wear New Balance. Made in the USA.

95814d  No.12144707

How to boycott these bastard global brands in this current "global economy":

1. Buy only when you truly need something

2. Buy the absolute cheapest (but vouched for by sentiment to an extent) brands and products, when it comes to sneakers.

I found the best sneakers I've ever bought, both in fit (barefoot) and value for money for about 35$ from Ebay, shipped directly from Asia, shipping included in the price.

0bd8b9  No.12144899


Yeah, some of them are

449be0  No.12144929


tbf video games went to total shit around 2008, not surprised people are buying fewer proper games, and the industry has switched to burning whale oil.

fba86f  No.12148735

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




A bit off topic but after seeing these I was reminded of the greatest /pol/ content creator nobodytm

94766d  No.12174497


fuck you nigger I was right

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