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File: bf7e6382d216450⋯.jpg (144.86 KB, 912x900, 76:75, 3CD617370835435A8564A8DB79….jpg)

e5a31a  No.12140305


I typed all this shit out then the fucking thread got shoaed so I'm making a fucking thread. We need it anyway.

>ctrl+f "Nationalism Thread"

>0 results



I am Christian. I am American. I am white. I am male. I believe JC is our Lord and Savior. I want to eradicate my country of the Jewish population. I want a tightly-cohesive and connected white ethno-state. I don't think Trump is with us on this.

We need a nationalist movement.

a real one

How would one go about doing this? What are best tacts for creating a successful organization? What's best practice here? Any former campaign managers or charity organizers, please feel free to help us out here. We need to appeal to the masses. Website? Meetups? This all seems amateur. An NRA type of org seems more what I'm thinking. Can we lobby as a collective? How the fuck does this work? Can we 501c this bitch?

- James Allsup, American Media

- Greg Johnson, Counter Currents

- Jared Taylor, American Renaissance

- Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer

What are these guys doing wrong?

I know there are more people out there that feel the way I feel. I see it on their faces crossing the street, sitting in their cars. They're lost and they can't figure out why. I believe that a strong Nationalist movement is the only solution to our problems. We need to solidify

I believe that a legitimate US nationalist movement will never occur with hatred as it's core driver. I know this is the case for many of us with our animosity towards the Jews. I get it. But if we're going to be successful, our movement needs to be based on solidarity and commonality.

What the fuck do we do?

fc221e  No.12140316

You’re on the wrong board for that noise.

Kike free post

5f56d1  No.12140324


How do you feel about ETHNO-GLOBE?

22cd2a  No.12140335

File: dd306c60a6bbe9d⋯.jpg (12.61 KB, 202x255, 202:255, fedora_knuckles.jpg)


Sage negated

dc0aab  No.12140391

A good place to start may be to compile a "curriculum" of sorts, detailing American history in a way that sharply contrasts the drivel spawned by the (((critical theorists))) that gets crammed down our throats such as "muh slavery" "muh nation of immigrants" "muh native genocide", etc.

Focus on the spirit of the colonists and pioneers who settled the untamed wilderness, the statesmen who founded a free nation, and the brave men who fought to win and preserve it.

Bring to light the oft-forgotten heroes like Davey Crockett and defend the oft-slandered reputation of "le ebul slaveholding" founders. A nation needs to remember its history and heroes.

We need to revive the American Foundation Myth and have it overtake the Semitic one that began to spread in earnest in 1945.

In terms of optics, I've often considered that it'd be a good idea to market American Nationalism as "Restorationism". The cultural rot that is Critical Theory has been eating away at the Western Soul for too long for mere "Conservatism" to suffice. Why would anyone want to conserve the vile, degenerate state of affairs that we're trapped in? We have no collective identity, no shared values, just a vapid, hypercommercialized existence. Note that I say "existence", not life, because it isn't life. It's a meaningless living-death.

We need to rekindle the Flame of the West in the hearts of men, and show them that there's a better future than the mongrelized and commercialized dystopia that our ruling class is pushing us toward.

[Ironically I got a new appreciation for American history by playing Sid Meier's Civ4 Colonization and its mod Religion and Revolution (inb4 gtfo vidyafag). The games' internal encyclopedia are quite informative on the history of settling the New World. It may be a good way to get some Gen-Z'ers on board as we'll need all the new blood we can get]

86a293  No.12140428

Sieg heil, my Aryan brother.

What needs to be done, is for a major movement/collective outside of the internet to be formed.

I hate to word it this way, but we need a secret society for the Aryan people, maybe we should call it "The dark brotherhood" or something cool and mysterious that will draw in the millennials who aren't caught up on the JQ and white peril, people who just want to play video games.

Look what the free masons were able to do, set up shop in every city in every state and draw millions of members, we need that.

Once you have your membership you can start to infiltrate every aspect of society and purge our states (and countries) of all the various evils.

Be prepared though, there will be opposition and there will be glow in the darks trying to infiltrate our movement and subvert it.

This isn't call of duty, it's more like Bloodbourne or Dark Souls with permadeath enabled … so tread carefully.

Semper fidelis.

ea683c  No.12140432

As Eric Striker says, we are a country of many nations. We need to make affirmative action go away, put the kibosh on non-white immigration, go to a gold or silver backed currency, take away women's right to vote, take away non-white right to vote. Then we can think about letting a few non-whites have little areas where they come in to bring some outside flavor. Also, exterminate every last jew.

5f56d1  No.12140444


Man I would love something that was open to European NON-JEWS, as long as it wasn't gay or LARPy but actually focused on European issues, self defense, survival techniques, growing or collecting wild foods, music, culture and customs, family well being etc. I think Suidlanders is like this in South Africa, even though they are mostly Christian they don't discriminate against others either.

5f56d1  No.12140468


Well honestly it is none of your fucking business what I believe. I don't have a traditional religion, but I am sure as fuck not looking for your validation for anything. You fucking kikes are so goddamn pushy with your fucking bullshit.

9e0cab  No.12140486


There's a number of reasons why American Nationalism is hard to sell at this point in history.

1. American protestant Christian tradition is not unifying. It's fractured and divisive. Also at least 50% of the hardcore nationalists aren't Christian. Any overarching religious themes would need to be theistic at best. You could go founding fathers theism and pull it off. Still this is a very hard balancing act which only becomes possible when the xeno threat becomes rather extreme. Christian fundies will drive out the non christians. Non christians will drive out the fundies. We all know this dynamic.

2. Larpers. Anyone larping as a German National Socialist is a non starter. It doesn't flow with the broad American narrative because we'd have to face up to killing Hitler and more guilt is absolutely not what we need to be successful. We need to project power and strength and a long, extremely big brained take on why actually America was the bad goys doesn't fit the feeling is certainty in self that American Nationalism requires. A successful American National Socialist movement would not call itself national socialist. It could be national socialist. It could have an identical platform. The leaders could dog whistle all they want. But it couldn't be directly tied to Germanic national socialism. New colors. New symbols. Go back to our fashy founders. Try to skirt by the 20th century as a "time of confusion."

3. Banning national socialist themes is going to make your most hard core supporters sperg. But you need these guys. They're going to be your troll armies. Your subverters. Your neo-brownshirts beating down the commies to secure your rallies. They're going to be the ones getting pamphlets out. They're going to the core of your first clubs and cadres. You need them but they're a terrible liability (like the historical brownshirts actually). These guys are like attack dogs that need to be made to heel. The only way you're going to do that is have an extremely strong leader. This brings us to ….

4. You need a new Hitler. I believe he's already among us. He just has to find his voice and a place in his heart to stand firm.

9e0cab  No.12140492


You're talking about Identity Evropa in America. They're still finding their feet but it's the closest thing to a European Identity Fraternity there is in the USA.

5f56d1  No.12140493


I don't give a fuck.

5f56d1  No.12140496


They don't have standards. They let kikes in.

7e62bc  No.12140499

File: 1e71a2317870200⋯.png (716.52 KB, 1254x1076, 627:538, negro fatigue.png)

>It's another episode of "/pol/ argues about religion"

This thread will cap at 751 and nobody will learn a goddamn thing.

25a248  No.12140500

File: 7065865937a8562⋯.jpg (141.62 KB, 456x685, 456:685, 9d6659b1d660147922205ee0c4….jpg)


Go back to reddit. This is a National Socialism board.

bd1cba  No.12140507

How many of (((them))) do you think are trying to d/c this thread out of fear? The last thing (((they))) want is for us to organize. It's painfully obvious.

Religion has historically been a tool to keep ethnic communities together. FULL STOP. (((They))) purposely fucked over ours by shoving atheism down our throats, putting pedophiles in high positions within the church to dissuade us, and so much more. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not is fucking irrelevant. Though (((they))) make up less than 3% of the population, their religion is stronger than ever and thus their community is, for the most part, butt-hole tight. Whites need to stop buying into this d/c bullshit and focus on the bigger picture. Anyone who says otherwise gets the fucking rope.

9e0cab  No.12140512


>IE lets in kikes

proof? Public sources say they don't admit jews but those could be lying.

9e0cab  No.12140518

I'm convinced all religious spergs are shills. Filter them and this thread becomes very comfy.

5f56d1  No.12140522


THIS is why I tell people it is none of their goddamn business. The kikes have made it a 6,000 year prerogative to meddle in other people's personal beliefs and if they try it again I am going to start capping their FUCKING ASSES instead of singing kumbaya with them. That is the one thing 'christianity' lacks is the willingness to ventilate a fucking nigger kike when they come round trying to tell me what to believe or think. That includes the fucking pagan larpers here on /pol/ who think that when the catholic church breathes its last half nigger breath that it is their turn to 'rule the roost' but I got new for you pagan larp mother fuckers, I am going to start shooting your dumb fuck asses and not stop if you think you are going to pick up where the catholics left off persecuting our people.

5f56d1  No.12140528


They don't have anything but a paper application and an interview. Without DNA testing and weeding out ZOG it is completely fucking pointless. ZOG has embedded itself into European DNA but they are always loyal to ZOG, even 1% kike DNA stays loyal to zion and never to Europeans. They can never be European they will always be sayanim traitors that need to be exterminated.

5f56d1  No.12140536

File: 04e16fa1b87129e⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 771x558, 257:186, LOTR DeadMarshes2.jpg)


Tell me that when you are breathing out more than your kike pie hole.

9e0cab  No.12140553

reminder to filter all religious spergs

0ea060  No.12140554

File: c01ddf16254f6e9⋯.png (15.13 KB, 255x214, 255:214, fuckeveryoneinthisthreadbu….png)

This is one of those threads where you'd wish you can just delete. But can't because that would ruin free speech.

f759aa  No.12140573

anchor this thread already for fucks sake

88f871  No.12140574



4a9b77  No.12140575

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>American Nationalism

America needs to die so Whites around the world will be free to actually form a folk and be their own Nationalist movement including those Whites in the US. Its arms of the US defense department that spearheads any and all Nationalist movements in White countries and its the US military, full of non-whites, in these same places running rampant and hurting the local economy and its finally the US dollar which keep White Genocide going.

Yeah, jews are the core problem but their tool in the "American Country" increases their reach immensely.

If any Nationalism movement was to start worldwide it'd be American soldiers killing the Nationalists like in the 90s.

e523dd  No.12140602



You know anon, not lurking is rude. If you lurked, you would know more about the board before you posted.

But whatever. You're here and you presented an idea that I like talking about. And it's not like you have th epatience to lurk and learn so I'll address some ideas in this thread.

Half the folks here will tell you to take your cross and shove it up your arse and they're not kikes either. There is a lot of… shall we say, skepticism of the benefits of Christianity. Especially considering that the largest supporters of IsraHell are Christian Evangicucks.

And I should probably preface this advice by admitting that I'm biased against your religion. However, I would rather live in a Christian theocracy run by the fucking inquisition than suffer one more day in humiliation at being owned by disgusting kikes.

That said, I would advise your political movement to promote Christianity, but remain low key about it. You know and I know that Christianity is losing its grip over the minds of people everywhere. And just as I would rather be ruled by Christians that I hate than live under jews, I hope you feel the same about us heretics. Surely even the faggot Amazing Atheist would make a less abhorrent ruler than the sneering piece of filth Benjamin Netanyahu.

So if I were to create a pro-White political party I would mention Jesus and "our Christian values" on occasion, but I wouldn't wave them in everyone's face. The youth are simply not energized by Christianity.

Race is far more important.

2f77d5  No.12140603


Nothing else your rotten mouth can say, (((burger)))? You're willfully the #1 golem of the kikes, and the reason why National Socialism still doesn't thrive in every corner of Earth. Fellate a shotgun, rabbi.

2f77d5  No.12140615


And Im sure you're a sliding jew.

d84db9  No.12140619



4a9b77  No.12140628

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That world will not be for you but for (((them))). The last century proves White Americans inability to fight for themselves and only beholden to jews.

e523dd  No.12140635


On strategy, we need to focus on local elections and positions and basically ignore the executive branch until we are stronger. We simply cannot take over this country without a string base of support on the ground.

YES, it is going to be difficult.

NO, it will not happen overnight in one glorious election.

YES, it is the long and "boring" road.

But it is the best path to victory.

It is the best path because we will not be allowed to take over the higher positions legally. We will eventually need to take America by force. And in order to do that we will need real, strong, and localized organizations and centers of support.

If you doubt this, I encourage you to open a history book of revolutions, revolts, and rebellions and try to find one example of a successful revolution that did not adhere to this time and tested advice.

0ea060  No.12140636


>i don't know what to say so I'm just going to accuse you for being a redditor

nice counterargument fuckface

e523dd  No.12140639


>The last century proves White Americans inability to fight for themselves and only beholden to jews.

Careful anon. Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house.

4a9b77  No.12140641


If you look through the same glasses you'll see the same thing. I hope Whites live on in the North American continent but it won't be under the auspices of "American".

1a6c7f  No.12140655


Be serious. Do you think you have a monopoly on god? Yes, of course having christianity was better than this insane jewish world today, but christianity was defeated and so fucking cucked now. We need something entirely new imo but we shouldn't toss out god/belief in something amazing.

4a9b77  No.12140657


Its not just America I hope that dies but most White countries I hope to see not function. I'm not after some kind of abstract concept of "country" but for the survival of the White race.


Most of "Americana" was established by jews on Madison Avenue.

469007  No.12140659

File: 74e0ba80bdc6c07⋯.jpg (517.14 KB, 4167x2500, 4167:2500, dc5f6a848c6a16890dfebcedee….jpg)

File: fcc9e296f9ab93f⋯.jpg (123.58 KB, 960x960, 1:1, fcc9e296f9ab93f47ed96503dd….jpg)

File: ca7c61905e9004d⋯.jpg (223.45 KB, 1600x1118, 800:559, 09b99b6ae3aba88c0b198abbf9….jpg)

File: 4a3119de7a373b0⋯.png (3.17 MB, 1495x1098, 1495:1098, 1450749327311-2.png)

File: 11217c4c93434a4⋯.jpg (392.21 KB, 1280x885, 256:177, New York 1900.jpg)

I'm with you OP.

4b666b  No.12140662


>The fabric of the White Western World is White Western Blood

And yet Vargcucks will, without hesitation, disown people of their own blood simply because they don't like the skydaddy they worship.

But yeah let's scream at each other about religion while are homelands and genetics are literally a generation away from being wiped out.

e523dd  No.12140666


Yeah. The one that lied to our faces.

Only the strong can contend with the strong.

Since we lack any semblance of strong organization, there is simply no way that we could even come close to threatening the president.

Political power comes from the ground up. If you want to strike at the top without support from the base, you will be utterly destroyed. However, conversely if we are strong with a strong support among local leaders, then the president loses a great deal of his power.

We still live in the feudal ages. A king may rule as he pleases but if he loses the support of his lords, he is in trouble.

Become the lords.


>most White countries I hope to see not function.


> I'm not after some kind of abstract concept of "country" but for the survival of the White race.

Sure, but in the future, I hope you're not one of those folks who want to abolish the nation-state.

e523dd  No.12140688


>being Christian is way more socially acceptable than white nationalism (for now).

True. For now. And things are moving in a good direction. As you may know, even among millennials identification with race is stronger than anything else.

>Its an excellent gateway to right wing thought and shouldnt be tucked away

True. This is why I'm more open to Christianity than some anons who think everything Christian is kiked to hell.

>going full 1488 from the getgo is gonna be a turn off for most people

Quite right. That would be absolutely retarded. I'll get flak for this but no American movement should go 88 in the foreseeable future.

Heil is a German word. Hitler was a German man. And the Swastika may be an Indo European symbol, but its flag is German.

Newsflash; America is not Germany.

Marching around with old German uniforms is the height of LARPing cringe.

1774d7  No.12140751


Are you retarded? What the fuck do you think national socialism is? Globalism?

156e76  No.12140768



>Schlomo and Mordechai work in tandem to derail a thread about nationalism by encouraging a religious argument.

>retards take the bait, every fucking time.

5f56d1  No.12140780



a8eaf2  No.12140822

Ok, but kikes aren't a part of it.

82b561  No.12140904


If the movement to save the West ends up being called "The Dark Brotherhood" I swear to god I'm pozzing myself.

4e6b21  No.12140925


>Until Paul Jesus was for the Jews.

You fundamentally don’t know anything about Christianity.

01ad83  No.12140927


>jews want people to stop worshiping a jew

3c7a8e  No.12140975

File: 74d773fdb065962⋯.png (1.49 MB, 700x5762, 350:2881, religious_divide_tactic.png)



Fuck off shill. Even the most entry level of pollacks could tell you that regardless of the inherent whiteness or non-whiteness of Christianity, Step 1 needs to be to remove all nignogs, jews, and kebabs. Then, AND ONLY THEN, can/should we care about if Christianity is "white enough." So stop with your low energy divide and conquer bullshit. Now go tell your overlord that you were a bad golem that couldn't trick the goyim, so you need extra spankings.

3c7a8e  No.12140997


Spics too. Anything that can't get a sunburn needs to… well, BURN.

0ea060  No.12141005


>Step 1 needs to be to remove all nignogs, jews, and kebabs

Obviously, kick them out of white countries and put up the "no crossing" lines.

a6fe09  No.12141009

>>- James Allsup, American Media

>>- Greg Johnson, Counter Currents

>>- Jared Taylor, American Renaissance

>>- Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer

>>What are these guys doing wrong?

Nothing, if you understand what their purpose is.

Controlled, talking heads whose purpose is to keep you distracted and agitiated. Make you feel like you have a choice. The top people know that none of them will ever agitate enough to actually alter things. Or take real action. To enact real, permenant change. They want you venting just enough to feel like you've accomplished something. Just spinning your wheels.

All this leads to one, inevitable outcome. Soon or later, the United States will fall. Just like EVERY OTHER multiculture society before. No exceptions. So start thinking about what comes next and how to survive it. You do that and then you can focus on rebuilding this bitch. Like having a Constituion with an amendment that says YOU MUST BE WHITE to be a citizen. Because we aren't voting our way out of this. With this system… you see what happens. Chucky the NY state jew is holding up over 300 appointments Trump wants to make.

Economists like demographics because they give some real insight into the future. All business is about managing risk and the future is unknown for the most part. Demographics give you a GOOD idea of where things are going because we know how people live. When you earn the most, when you spent the most etc, etc. Demographically, four generations from now America, will be an unimaginable hell hole. So strap up and be prepared to kill niggers from Sun up to Sun down or be gangraped and eaten. 57 murders a day in SA. Hundreds horribly injured. You think Detroit and Baltimore isn't going to spread and become the norm? Look at how many… in the past 5 years, more people have died from opiates then did during the Vietnam war. 20-30m illegals in the country. You think 21t in gov debt is bad? Add personal and corp to it and you're at 67t. Federal unfunded liabilities some estimate at a quarter quadrillion. You hate boomers? Good news then, pensions are all ponzi schemes about to go bust. Things only look good on the surface. The days of $8 coffees and $200 Nikes and going to the sportball game are coming to an end and because nothing was fixed in 08, we're going to have the real crash that puts us into the fucking stone age. Try, two, three generations lost. Lives of just pure, SHIT.

3c7a8e  No.12141042


>"no crossing" lines.

I was thinking a 2 mile high and 1 mile thick depleted uranium wall, but maybe yours could work too.

643196  No.12141052

File: 3bff761af9257eb⋯.jpg (2.8 MB, 1536x8192, 3:16, Ironpill Gets Redpilled.jpg)


The flaw in that graphic should be extremely obvious.

Saged for offtopic.

8a6305  No.12141073

File: 2f35741f5aea2d8⋯.jpg (39.26 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 7591C550-E8A8-4535-BB82-CD….jpg)

>all the blatant religious d&c in this thread is vanishing


Thank you mods

3c7a8e  No.12141101


I believe the failing is yours. Maybe my graphic was flawed but my logic was not. Religious divide tactics have been used by jewpigs for centuries. Only once we have cleared the chaff away may the wheat debate as to how they aught to behave theologically speaking. Also the question in your image is a bullshit false dichotomy.

Regardless of that though any half-decent christian pollack would ALWAYS go with non-Christians in Europe rather than non-European Christians. Why? Because non-Christians can become christian, but non-whites can never become white. A non-white but christian country will ALWAYS devolve into hedonism and forget their christian backgrounds look at Spain and Italy. No, I don't consider them white. Yet a white but non-Christian country will ALWAYS (in my opinion) grow towards Christianity during their quest for self improvement.

92500a  No.12141103

File: 39b028ca4f81e56⋯.jpg (86.77 KB, 960x578, 480:289, 1253816841.jpg)


I was actually going to post this in the 14 Words thread, but the mods (rightly) deleted the thread as bait before I could. Good thing I saved it to use later. It honestly wouldn't surprise me at all if the (1) faggot that's obviously rotating his IP was responsible for that thread as well. We already know shills are paid to come here and attack Christianity. It's been admitted before. I don't repost this to convince the shills, because that's impossible. This is for the observers and third parties present.

Disclaimer: I am not Catholic.

Hitler was Christian and his mother was a devout Catholic who raised him in a strict Catholic household. Gobbels was Catholic. All Fascism in modern times is nothing more than political Catholicism: all major Fascist leaders were devout Catholics and rose to power in strongly Catholic countries (Franco in Spain, Mussolini in Italy, ect). Hitler's National Socialism was openly and explicitly a joint effort between Protestants and Catholics living in Weimar Germany to actively live political lives in line with the teachings of Christ and the prophets and saints of history and the Old Testament. The Waffen SS guarded the single largest repository of Christian relics outside of the Vatican itself, and considered it a point of pride that they did so. Although Hitler and other major figures of the NSDAP had a rocky relationship with the Church establishment, and their drawn line in the sand for Christian standards (Positive Christianity) effectively split both the Catholic and Protestant churches in half, not one of them ever turned away from their Christian ideals and principles.

Furthermore, the Pope of the day, Pope Pius XII, never condemned Hitler or spoke out against him at any point during or immediately after the war, even when the lies regarding the Holocaust were starting to be spread, and while a condemnation was eventually forced out of him much later, it does not change the fact that Hitler had the direct support from the highest echelons of the Vatican for his entire tenure as Fuhrer.

Furthermore, upon Hitler's death, Francisco Franco referred to him as "a true son of the church," and proclaimed him "the savior of Christianity and Europe in it's darkest hour." The Catholic Church was also instrumental in saving those National Socialists who escaped Nuremburg, being solely responsible for what the media of the day dubbed "ratlines" to South America and elsewhere, routes of escape for National Socialists fleeing persecution. Going even further, the Catholic Church went so far as to appropriate funds to provide pensions for the exiled NSDAP members. It rescued, protected, and supported these fleeing NSDAP members because they were seen as soldiers of God and the vanguard of a holy war to save Christendom.

All evidence suggesting Hitler was not Christian is either sourced from the Allies, and is propaganda to convince otherwise Christian populations to go to war against Christians at the behest of Freemasons and Jews, or is otherwise accounts created or authored by cuckolds and traitors who were shunned or driven out of Germany for refusing to align with National Socialism. One can only imagine the things someone like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio would say about a Christian NS regime rising to power in the U.S., and there is no doubt they would say that the regime was never Christian at all, and simply secret Pagans or lying Atheists pretending to be Christians to assert their power. Such real-life accounts of the NSDAP have the same value and merit these hypothetical accounts do: zero. The traitors and cuckolds survived the NSDAP, and were given the privilege of telling whatever stories they liked about how awful and oppressive the National Socialists were towards "real" NeoCohen Baby Boomer Hippy Kikestianity.

92500a  No.12141106

File: 930b7c35ecfbf64⋯.jpg (48.8 KB, 646x404, 323:202, 1268146841.jpg)



The reality of the situation is that Hitler and National Socialism are inescapably Christian, and Fascism is explicitly and overtly Catholic. Assertions to the contrary always come from Jews, Atheists, and Pagans, who all jointly have a vested interest in covering up the truth for their own personal profit, gain, and ego. Read Mein Kampf. Listen to any of the speeches and commentaries by any of the important, mainstream NSDAP members. Read the writings and accounts of the staff of the Chamber of Culture. Dig back through archives to see the overwhelming kvetching at the Catholic church from kikes over the events of the war. Confirm for yourself that the Vatican was responsible for the ratlines and the NSDAP pensions. Watch The Greatest Story Never Told.

This is the truth: RaHoWa is not coming. RaHoWa has already happened, twice. The first World War was a Holy War with European Christians on one side and Jews and Freemasons on the other, Christian Nationalism vs Judaic Utopianism, and the second World War was round 2 of the same conflict. Tremendous historical revisionary effort and propaganda has been put forward to obfuscate this fact, that the first and second World Wars were holy wars and religious conflicts. When fighting breaks out yet again, it will be the long-delayed and much anticipated round 3 of a conflict that started over 100 years ago, and once again, it will be Christian Nationalists against the Jews and their utopian brainwashed golems.

Atheists and Pagans do not matter, and have never mattered. The former are intellectually and ideologically cast from the same mold as the Jews, even if they claim to be countersemitic personally, and the latter are simply irrelevant, and always have been. Even in Hitler's own time, he and other NSDAP members ignored Pagans as inconsequential and warned Atheists that they would not be tolerated for long simply because they were ethnically German, and would have to either convert or be forced into exile by the state. In their own words, "Atheism has no place in the coming world."

Race is not merely blood. I cannot emphasize that strongly enough. There is a spiritual component to racial identity as well. To believe otherwise is Jewish materialism. If you are not a European Christian, then you are not truly a European; just flotsam on the scummy surface of the sea of postmodernity. Denial of the Christian nature of revolutionary traditional politics in the modern era is at best completely wrongheaded and ignorant, and at worst actively Jewish and subversive.

3c7a8e  No.12141122


agreed, mods are far from perfect, but they aren't complete shit like CERTAIN OTHER BOARDS, that will remain nameless.

3c7a8e  No.12141149

File: d7f9ff0e536946d⋯.png (534 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 7cc5ba05f63c176cacdda8d8cd….png)


5b5148  No.12141214


This is romantic but retarded.

If you don't learn how to compete in society you are a sitting duck that pretends he is strong because there is a theoretical scenario where civilization crumbles and you can "survive".

5b5148  No.12141215






79d76c  No.12141219

I would like to propose something new here.

According to the SPLC, there are some 950 "hate groups" i.e. our guys in the United States. I can think of a few - Identity Europa, 504um, Rise Above Movement. Let's assume that each such group has about 100 members on average - a rather conservative estimate considering that these groups are on the radar. That gives us a known reserve of manpower about 95,000 strong at the very least if they were able to unite. These groups should set aside their petty differences, reach out to one another, and establish communication channels by which they could collaborate. If any anons in this thread belong to an IRL group, I suggest you propose the idea to your higher ups.

5b5148  No.12141229


Do you not think this could evolve into something better?

3c7a8e  No.12141295


You can go to mexico with all your inbred brethren you shitskin. All you "mighty warriors" ever did was scalp helpless women and kill eachother, and all you ever do now is eat frybread with your food stamps and drink till your livers turn purple. Go build your mighty and proud tribal """""civilization""""" somewhere else.

5ed438  No.12141299


>compete in society

The system is rigged, anon. Don't you get it or are you too young to actually know the value of real work?

The system is broken. You work 30-40 years and hopefully get to spend half of the money you make on products that tax you another 10% off the top and depreciate over time.

You work for nothing! You get nothing, you're left with nothing, you pay to listen to foreign intelligence propaganda on the goybox, you pay to watch foreign propaganda on NetFix, you eat poisoned food, you drive a shitty car because "you can afford the payment! Lurp!" you pay off student loans for a useless degree that you could have avoided and just been in a trade earning money.

You are not "Weak if you don't participate" you are literally a traitor to your people if you do!

1e698e  No.12141313


God I hate cuckchan.

cfc254  No.12141319

I say we call our secret society either

1. Reclaim Heritage

Name of members is reclaimers

2. The Slandered

Referencing our despised status

3. Followers of the Forsaken

The forsaken being our fellow NatSocs past and present

4. The Torchbearers

Representing our duty to carry the torch passed onto us through these dark times

Personally i like the last 2 more

1e698e  No.12141320

File: 62fb7ab523ddaea⋯.jpg (36.07 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 62f.jpg)

File: 81fd3c443664b97⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 990x990, 1:1, 893.jpg)


5ed438  No.12141322



too close to The Foreskins

47fee3  No.12141393

File: dd700d393bff162⋯.jpg (153.03 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 03052f7b6ee15d28ffe70653c8….jpg)

File: eda2ba48b88fc5c⋯.webm (7.97 MB, 640x360, 16:9, LETS GET THIS SHOAH ON TH….webm)


>Step 1

Calm the fuck down you pussy faggot

>Step 2

Calm the fuck down you pussy faggot

>Step 3

Lurk for 2 Years. If you get through 100% of the required reading in 6 months, nobody would notice if you only lurked for 1 year.

>Step 4

Gas the kikes, race war now.

91f7db  No.12141423


Sorry don't have time to read through the entire thread, but I'll add something. It was probably shoaed because dumbasses see "American nationalism" and immediately thing "Civic nationalism" instead of White nationalism. Put American White Nationalist in the title next time even though your title means the same thing.

Also we should look to the Nordic Resistance Movement and get a representative to help us set up an European American Resistance Movement here in the US of A. They are doing it right, they have strong community outreach, volunteer time to help improve their community and increase standing with the locals, and give members training and discipline that allows them to rival or even overshadow local police forces. I could go on about how they are doing it right, but suffice to say we need to get in contact with them.

352004  No.12141424



I suppose that's why the church was a massive thorn in the regimes sideand that many of the reich's policies directly went against Christian doctrine. You /christian/ shills sneer about LARPagans all the time but you're every single bit as bad. At least paganism is consistent with national socialist beliefs and race.

91f7db  No.12141447


Good repost anon, this has a lot of information that is not often heard, even I didn't know about the majority of this.

And for >352004,

The church is not Catholics.

Sage because we should focus more on the actual topic. There are other threads to debate over Christianity.

5ed438  No.12141454

File: aa6e2aa17958ef0⋯.jpg (200.72 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, Cold_Iron.jpg)

File: 1fd1d11de53d055⋯.mp4 (11.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, TheTrueEnemy_Jedea.mp4)

0a1376  No.12141477


I'll have to point that the aligned churches against the german government acted in that manner because of the people running those parishes and dioceses. Large psuedo-political organizations are always infiltrated by kikes and liberals because they are by their nature not materially productive. Any business or organization which is not materially productive will be infiltrated by the weak(leftists) looking for a free lunch and the kikes who are looking for lunch and political leverage. Even the Free Masons who where liberal and pro-jew in Europe were extremely anti-kike in America until the 1890s when they were infiltrated. The same was true of the unions until the 30s when FDR's administration forced "oversight" on them and got a bunch of kikes into their administrative bodies who then over the next 50 years proceeded to abuse both the union and the employers so badly that now everybody in the US utterly despises unions unless they are a commie or shitskin.

You can also lay this problem at our own feet to an extent, we have contempt for non-productive activities. An actor is a whore, a journalist is lying scum, a preist may be respected but he is soft, ect. We don't put our sort of people into power and thus don't shape these organizations because we prefer to work for a living. The only solution I see it to require all politicians, priests, and bureaucrats to be former warriors who have actively killed and footslogged.

TLDR: all public institutions will attract pussies and be open to infiltration unless explicitly structured to prevent it which none of the traditional structures whether religious or secular were thus they were co-opted, shocker I know.

fbf9b0  No.12141515

File: 76ed0199ff98431⋯.gif (11.57 KB, 612x792, 17:22, 81facafc8776e22eee7c645465….gif)

File: 39bcfeb6f754087⋯.gif (32.52 KB, 238x235, 238:235, ANPseal.gif)

File: 42a3ca6a8b03c52⋯.png (107.09 KB, 2000x1197, 2000:1197, NSM.png)


>What the fuck do we do?

Easy, go to our roots and those who fights for our agenda without ask permission.

- National Socialist Movement -→ http://www.nsm88.org/

- American Nazi Party -→ https://www.americannaziparty.com/

Let's face it, many will decry of them because of muh optics, but is undeniable they are 100% in synch with us.

352004  No.12141568


>You can also lay this problem at our own feet to an extent, we have contempt for non-productive activities. An actor is a whore, a journalist is lying scum, a preist may be respected but he is soft, ect. We don't put our sort of people into power and thus don't shape these organizations because we prefer to work for a living. The only solution I see it to require all politicians, priests, and bureaucrats to be former warriors who have actively killed and footslogged.

Couldn't agree more

8e91b3  No.12141645


Don't you know? You're only permitted to be a kike (((atheist))), otherwise you're instabanned, around here.

9c2fe4  No.12141704

File: 58eeec764df5d35⋯.jpg (541.2 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, zp94mqcol3o01.jpg)




cbe9d9  No.12141781


What a load of bullshit. Maybe in the past for like two hundred years Christianity mattered but today it doesn’t. It’s being pushed to the dustbin of history where it belongs because it’s not native to our folk. See, the Christian philosophy and outlook are inherently Jewish in conception (shocking) and in large part responsible for causing our current shit situation. Not 100% responsible by any stretch but it definitely has its share of blame. Today the overwhelming majority of Christians are non-whites and I say let them have it, it came from non-whites in the first place anyway. You’re living in a brief flash of the distant past and if we listened to you, we’d lose again. No, this time too much is at stake and we can’t afford to listen to your non-solutions and middle eastern mystic philosophies. Your blood makes you who you are, not Semitic fables. Europe was European before Christianity was schemed up and it will be European long after Christianity dies and goes away. Saying otherwise as you did is basically shitting on our heritage and you should seriously think long and hard about why your non-European religion makes you shit on our heritage. Oh and before you start with “b-but muh Hitler” let me tell you a few things: Hitler was a German living in Germany like a hundred years ago. I’m an American living in America today. He can’t help me and whatever he thought about religion should not and does not matter to me. What’s more, did you meet the fucking guy to know what his deep personal beliefs were? No, you didn’t. So you don’t actually know any better than the rest of us do. For what it’s worth anyway, honestly it shouldn’t matter to any of us except for Germans in Germany hoping to do the NatSoc thing again someday (and more power to them).

e9051c  No.12141852


I think you mean deism. Theism is the belief in a personal diety or personal dieties. Deism is the belief in a Creator, or a First Cause, or even a pantheistic Natural Order—all impersonal. Theism draws from religious tradition, deism from logic (not to say that theism is illogical). The deistic 'god' was also called the Philosopher's God.

9b3bc1  No.12141854


Interestingly enough, perhaps to your knowledge, I've heard the American system pre 1940s/50s/60s as being essentially National Socialist, at least in spirit(that is, maintainence of the biology of the nation, living space–see Manifest Destiny, etc.).

The importance of the World War II narrative is self-evident, you raise a good point. But what it should be seen as, I think, is a battle between approaches to the same end goal–not as a good vs. evil struggle, at least in the American context. The conflict embodies the ends of the paradigm: Germany representing the forceful will to do right, America being the liberty and freedom to do right. That is, Germany was in a bad situation and needed to deal with the problems plaguing it, America had been set up to avoid these by removing the interference of power structures that destroy the natural order's model of life. Obviously the whole West has succumb at this point, but the American system performed well while it was safeguarded. Germany's was a necessary reaction to a failing position, but from the American perspective this was a danger to the liberty that guarded the same natural order of things that Germany was trying to reinstate. Hence, conflict.

There's a reason there was such confidence from Americans in the American system, and why ideological drift was so difficult, why other groups found it so hard to really change peoples minds until they literally started being of another genetic stock. The system worked, very well, obviously with ups and downs as anyone else but it embodied, as you say, the same fundemental ideas and truths the founders laid out, and those ideals carry over to certain more European-continental ideologies, even if much of the American system was also Anglo Saxon.

Insofar as timing, I give it the next two decades. I tend to liken this time more to that of the late Roman Republic, with the rise of Julius and Augustus over a fragmenting system, but maybe not. If someone does rise, the country will probably balkanize and be reconquered. I think Canada will be dragged in too, just out of necessity. Plus it would help not to have a Chinese colony to the north of the United States.

One last thing, there's plenty of American symbols to reinstate and give new purpose, so I think that is all very feasible.

Call me crazy, but I'm optimistic, even in the worst of times. Apologies for reddit spacing.

8e8cc9  No.12141869

Top-Down organizations get co-opted, infiltrated by alphabet soup, you get murdered like Rockwell or accused of pedophilia or something, and the organization becomes another controlled opposition bogeyman.

Top-down doesnt work.

Start small, start local, build up tight-knit cells with other men and stay anonymous, stay grassroots.

bebad5  No.12141914

File: dbcb0ac73348e48⋯.jpg (241.73 KB, 600x800, 3:4, naom_rwb.jpg)

File: 476122bf5c67d54⋯.jpg (239.45 KB, 600x800, 3:4, naom_alt.jpg)

e5a31a  No.12141950

Holy shit, guys. I made this thread then went to bed. This blew up. I have to work but I'll be going through so comments later this afternoon. This is exactly what I wanted as a start. A discussion. Thank you to all those that have contributed so far. Let's keep it going!

92500a  No.12142649


>What a load of bullshit. Maybe in the past for like two hundred years Christianity mattered but today it doesn’t.

>Christianity mattered for two thousand years and was the central conflict point in the last two world wars but it doesn't matter after a few decades intermission because I say so

Christianity doesn't stop mattering just because a kike wants it to.

>It’s being pushed to the dustbin of history where it belongs because it’s not native to our folk.

>Christianity isn't European goy, just believe it and move on

Christianity is Greek, and Christ was slurred by the Pharisees as "the Nazarine" because he was an ethnic foreigner to them, he was Hellenic. He spoke Greek, he was born and raised in a city of Greeks, his style of preaching and teaching matched that of the Hellenic street priests that had come into vogue at that time in Greek culture. The Pharisees hated him because he was very much not one of them in every possible way. Jesus openly sided with Rome over the Pharisees.

The entire reason (((certain people))) on the Far Right are now starting to argue that the Greeks and Romans are not actually European is because Fedoras kept pushing this argument and losing badly, so now they just want to say Greeks and Romans were never part of us at all. Of course, this is a joke to anyone who actually understands anything about European culture and history, since all authentic European culture is Hellenic and all European civics struggle to return to or otherwise inherit the glory of Rome.

Again, there is zero chance of convincing a shill to change his ways, but for the benefit of third party viewers, I provide you a truncated link to visit.


Radio Aryan recently had their archives shoah'd by archive.org, but all of their recordings were backed up and Sven is going to re-up everything later today. This podcast specifically, "Christ and Christianity Are Greek – TON 090518," deals with this topic far better than I could, and has all the information anyone needs to know on the topic. Though you may have to wait a little bit before it can be listened to again.

6346b1  No.12142925


American nationalism is hard because we as a country are divided with a lot of things not really in common, plus we're the most jewed country out there to the point where most normalfag lemmings won't think outside the democrat-republican sphere. American nationalism is hard to pull of because all of our anglo-american institutions have been erased and most people here don't even know their real ethnic ancestry.

Christianity the US has been entirely coopted by the jews btw. Regardless of core beliefs and such almost every church in the country is nothing more the a community center that preaches cucked doctrines.

352004  No.12142949


>Christianity is Greek

Uh huh, is that why he celebrated Jewish festivals, spoke Hebrew and was found in the Jewish temple (that only Pharisees were allowed to enter). I think what you mean to say is that the early Christians heavily borrowed/stole from philosophical and theological concepts that had been developed by the Hellenic pagan philosophers to explain their own gods. The very Gods that have been worshipped in some form by Aryan people wherever we've settled may I add.

cd37b9  No.12142988

cd37b9  No.12143001


>- Greg Johnson, Counter Currents

>- Jared Taylor, American Renaissance

>- Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer

>What are these guys doing wrong?

Greg is a faggot

Jared is a pussy

Anglin is literally not one of us, he's a shill


>We need to solidify

I'm down, but TRS, Daily Stormer and the rest of e-celebs will never allow it. They led the division of the right.

9da7e8  No.12143042


You Catholics got some balls. For centuries you slaughtered the best of Aryandom at the behest of your semitic priests in Rome. You never gave a fuck about blood and you admit you don't care now. Obfuscate? How about you try and hog the concept of One God worship, and if we don't subscribe to your foreign practices with blood rituals and such, you are a pagan or an atheist. You're the fucking Jew here.

0ea060  No.12143062


Don't even bother. I mean the subject of your thread ain't bad but dear god you just gotta look at all the comments and think "THIS is why /pol/ can't get its shit together."

e5a31a  No.12143106

File: f98437f80aea568⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 3200x1920, 5:3, 1465198562912.jpg)


i'm on lunch break


leave kike




> a "curriculum" of sorts, detailing American history in a way that sharply contrasts the drivel spawned by the (((critical theorists))) that gets crammed down our throats such as "muh slavery" "muh nation of immigrants" "muh native genocide", etc.

Very fucking smart. I love this. However, I prefer books over anything else. Any that you can recommend? Aside from the obvious ones like Fed Papers, Original US Constitution. I'm thinking more along the lines of ones like American Language by Mencken. I'll come back and post more later.


Thanks, man. And I agree. We need a real movement. Not internet based. However, I think the idea of needing to hide in the shadows is wrong. We need to get out in the open imo. We need to be loud and vocal about who we are and what we want. This is the main fault that I see in the past movements. People are scared shitless to say what they really believe. That needs to end. But this also hinges on the 'GTKRWN' shit. That's not going to get us anywhere. Optics are fucking KEY. Like i said in OP, we need to solidify with commonality at our core, not hate.


We're not there yet, dude. We can talk about those things once we've united a base of people that want a true American nationalist movement. While I agree with you, ideas like removing women's right to vote will just hurt us short-term.


You may be right, so like another anon said down below somewhere, I think removing religion from the conversation is a good idea. Not to say we shouldn't disallow Christians (I'm Christian), but I think you've got the right idea in making this about our country right now instead of religion. For me, God will always come first, but that doesn't mean I need to proselytize. The way I see it is i'm doing God's work through helping my fellow countrymen rekindle it's foundationary ideas.


Great response. Thank you, sir. I agree with #1 and evangelicals are definitely going to be a problem. We need to make this about our country, not religion. #2. Agreed. The NatSoc shit needs to die, as it's never going to get us anywhere but dropped from peoples minds. I'm not looking for a socialist movement. I want a ==nationalist movement.== You natsoc shitbirds need to get on board with this. We can talk about socialism when we've succeeded. #3. See my previous response. I'm not opposed to the idea of a natsoc state…. when the time is right

#4. I couldn't agree more, man. I believe he is out there. If that's anyone reading this, wake up, we fucking need you now.

Gotta go back to work, guys. I'll be back tonight. Thanks to everyone that have contributed so far. Still can't believe this thread blew up like this. ==LET'S KEEP IT GOING==

37e7f3  No.12143163


>Go back to our fashy founders

how about you go back

37e7f3  No.12143174

is this a datamining/market research thread for kikes to find out what new movement to subvert or start that will be appealing to the non jews?

37e7f3  No.12143186


> Optics are fucking KEY

begging for acces to the levers of power

how unamerican

your founders left very clear instructions on what to do when your government became tyranical, how about you take their advice you fucking PR cuck

6346b1  No.12143232


If you try to work within the system you'll either be alienated for being radical even if you aren't or you'll become cucked as you try to appeal to the lowest common denominator which will eventually lead to you being majority retard. Optics are for fags, we are well past the stage of trying to do thing politically.

ef8d5c  No.12143253


It could well be.


Agreed. You can't win in conventional politics. That's the whole reason it's setup so.

e523dd  No.12143292


t. Assmad anti-White Marxist POC

e36b5d  No.12143342

Any serious nationalist movement needs to have at it's core platform the concept that the current government of America is unconstitutional and unlawful. It can still run canidates for office but they do so in open defiance of the government and sole job is to dismantle it and bring about a revolution via constituion convention. This is the only uncucked position you can take. Take some notes from libertarian on this. Denounce the government at it's core. The movement t should be immediately understood and an existential challenge to the status quo. Second. It must maintain as it's core tenant the right for self determination of ethnic groups. You don't have to spell out what this means but you must maintain the freedom of association is Paramount.

1. Constituional soft coup

2. Freedom of association

3. Return to founding principles

That's your core platform.

ad94b7  No.12143458

File: 32a6b5e34500747⋯.jpg (102.9 KB, 934x646, 467:323, RH2.jpg)


>I am Christian.

Nobody cares

>I am American.

Other Americans applaud this

>I am white.

One of the lucky few

>I am male.

At least you can see what plumbing you have

>I believe JC is our Lord and Savior.

So what? I follow my ancestor's religions, I think only WE can save ourselves

>I want to eradicate my country of the Jewish population.

Join the club

>I want a tightly-cohesive and connected white ethno-state.

Good idea

>I don't think Trump is with us on this.

He's not, but at least he's a nationalist, which is a good part of the battle.

Trump sees all Americans, regardless of color, as Americans. I want a white ethnostate, too, but this is something that will take a good deal of time. Getting rid of welfare is crucial to the idea, as the invaders that flood our country depend on it.

President Trump has already stated he wants a litmus test for immigrants, based on merit. This would stem the tide of immigration, all by itself. Trump wants to round up and deport all illegals in the U.S., and strengthen border security so they can't get back in. This is pretty much all we can expect from any president, at this time, and we need to put people in congress that will support him.

The rest is dependent on white birth rates, and the wresting of media control away from the claws of the kikes. These are doable goals, and we need to focus on them.

But abandoning our best option for president is not a wise idea. You will not get another Hitler, not at this time, and even if you did, you would not be able to put him in office.

cbe9d9  No.12143504


Look faggot I’m not telling you what religion to follow because I don’t care, I’m just responding to misinformation and explaining why a nationalist movement based on religion (but especially that specific religion) won’t cut it. I’m not going to wallow in autism with you and argue about religion because there’s no way to prove anything about it, but I will say this: you’re wrong that all western civilization is Greek in origin, I know what you were trying to say but you should have worded it better. Second, I see you missed the point of my post entirely. The Bible itself says Jesus was a Jew but maybe you’re right, maybe he was a Greek somehow. It doesn’t change that the religion has very deep Jewish roots and has more non-white followers than white ones. Don’t think I didn’t notice you trying to shift the goalpost there, you’re the one who’s acting like a kike. If religion is more important to you than blood, why are you even here?

6346b1  No.12143535


All western civilization started in Greece.

cbe9d9  No.12143588


No. MUCH OF it had its ORIGINS in Greece. It’s important to use precise language and a habit that you should get in to. I’m gently correcting you, a leftist will pounce and then use social credit to make you appear to be “wrong” and the crowd will follow and believe them because most people are dumb sheep. Unfortunately we need those dumb sheep to be OUR dumb sheep so you need to learn all those little leftist sleights of hand and how to counter them. A good start is to word things in exactly the way that you mean them.

e215a1  No.12143645


Firstly, this is not exactly true. Ancient Greece did have a powerful influence, however. They created sophisticated literature, magnificent art, impressive mathematical developments, insightful philosophy, glorious architecture, advances in numerous fields of human development, and other such things. Their culture was incredibly powerful and became widely imitated around the Mediterranean. Many of their achievements were not matched by later Whites for a thousand years or more.

They were also Polytheistic White pagans.

6346b1  No.12143690


They were the ones who originated all of the original concepts of western thought, this is almost undisputed by most scholars.

83c935  No.12143707


>All Fascism in modern times is nothing more than political Catholicism

No boarders is a fascist tenant?

e36b5d  No.12143751


Unifying these groups was what made charlottesville . It failed because half are honeypots or larpers. You can't build a brand that way. Hitler talked about this. There can only be one brand. The only groups you can Ally with are ones not completing on the same space. For example IE is only metapolitical. They're not a political party but more of an advocacy group. Think Thule group and national Socialist party. You could build an alliance of movements but there can only ever be one political party at a time.

e36b5d  No.12143763


Incidentally in America this means taking over and subverting Republican party may be more viable than bootstrapping a new nationalist party. Even with a nationalist party you'd want to maintain institutional control over Republicans.

Every one of you should be attending Republican party events and running for office. The boomers are on their way out and eager to give away the reigns to youngbloods who look clean cut and don't sperg.

6346b1  No.12143786


Good luck doing shit to the republicans when most of their membership and core values are the antithesis of national socialist values. This is almost an impossible task given the numbers, and the two party system is set up to prevent anything that (((they))) don't want from getting influence.

83c935  No.12143787


>The boomers are on their way out and eager to give away the reigns to youngbloods who look clean cut and don't sperg.

>give away the reigns

Jews are the ones holding to reigns and they are going to give them to other people with sidelocks

e36b5d  No.12143863



Defeatists like you should hurry up and rope yourselves. Subversion. Works. It how our enemy took over. We can do the same. Better than nothing and it will lay groundwork for future movements if we can find hands of state from within. Your attitude is why we have lost all control. Get involved. Schmooze it up. Get power. Abuse that power for our benefit.

e36b5d  No.12143873


If you need to change your name to weinstien shekelsburg IV and attend synagogue so be it so long as you bring these kikes down.

eb8069  No.12143884

File: e68881179ea3d38⋯.jpg (33.01 KB, 480x360, 4:3, cokeandasmile.jpg)

I'll buy you a coke.

6346b1  No.12143885


I'm not a defeatist you dumb nigger, there are solutions outside the political means. I'm not saying give up on everything, i'm saying give up on the lost cause of traditional political movements. We whites were altruistic enough to where the jews could take power, they're not going to give us the same benefit. The jews won't give in like we originally did.

92500a  No.12144068


>Look faggot I’m not telling you what religion to follow because I don’t care, I’m just responding to misinformation and explaining why a nationalist movement based on religion (but especially that specific religion) won’t cut it.

And I'm sitting here calling you a kike for trying to pretend that anything BUT Christian Nationalism has EVER cut it. All of the movements that succeeded or became so dangerous they were destroyed were Christian, and the movements that were anti-Christian or otherwise noncommittal were allowed to exist because the system knew from the start that they posed no threat to them. Rockwell was killed in the street by a fed actor for daring to be a vocally racial, antisemitic Christian in postwar America, for daring to be a real National Socialist, while Covington and Pierce were ignored by the fed and both died of old age, having accomplished nothing and gotten nowhere in spite of all the money and manpower and time they were given.

We know what works, we know what doesn't work, and the pattern is obvious to anyone willing to observe it. All Fascism is Catholic, explicitly. National Socialism is Christian. Hitler was a Christian. These movements never go anywhere or accomplish anything when they shun Christianity and advocate for domestic terrorism, because the establishment is anti-Christian itself and would like nothing more than for white people to consign themselves to being terrorists in the hills, because doing so would only strengthen ZOG. Assassination attempts, successful or not, universally make someone MORE popular and well-liked by the average person, not less so. Regardless of how much he deserves to be shot, the current Pope being assassinated is probably one of the only things left that could salvage his image, just to give one example.

Siege is a recipe for failure, not success. We know what we have to do to succeed. Nordfront, Casapound, and Golden Dawn have achieved more in three years than Pierce or Covington achieved in three decades, and they did it all with less manpower, less resources, less money, and less support.

The trend is clear: the formula to succeed is known and well documented. Weaponized altruism is fifth generational warfare, and Christianity does it better than anyone else.

And nothing I've posted at all is misinformation in the slightest. You have disproven none of it, because you cannot. All you can do is imply they are lies and hope somebody takes you on your word for it. These are facts, terribly inconvenient facts that you can't refute, that you desperately wish would go away because your ego is too massive and your personal agenda too important to do what is best for your people, assuming you aren't literally a Jew trying to blend in and misdirect, which I think is increasingly likely the more you talk. If you actually didn't care what religion people followed, you wouldn't care one way or the other if people wanted to stand by and weaponize Christian Nationalism. You DO care, and claiming you do not is a lie to misdirect attention away from your incredibly specific and suspicious bias. You argue exactly like a Jew does, saying one thing and then using a paragraph to imply something completely different.

197cd1  No.12144115


Oy vey this kind of kiked logic and ignorance of history almost pisses me off as much as the one time I read a textbook that claimed Cleopatra was a fucking nigger.

Hitler was not a Christian period, I see retarded Christcucks bending over backwards into themselves to try and claim it as such. Unlike the jews and their religion you follow repeating something over and over again doesn't make it true.

Here are two very basic questions I want you to answer, if you can somehow answer them all properly I'll applaud you, no christcuck ever manages to because it proves them wrong. Hell I'll even reconsider my position if somehow you can properly explain these away as some type of 4D chess. There is even more evidence to prove that Hitler and the Reich was not Christian at all but I don't want my post to be a small book. I'll follow up with more things if you manage these questions though.

1. If Hitler was such a "BASED XD CHRISTIAN HERO" why did he completely surround himself with anti-Christians, Pagans, and Occultists all of whom were very much against your semitic mind virus. Addendum to this, why would such a devout based Christian such as Hitler support, and put these people in all parts of his government and even one of them as his right hand man. Shouldn't a devout Christian have zero tolerance for these Satanic influences and evil Christ haters?

2. Explain to me Positive Christianity and why the fact that it was created and pioneered by Alfred Rosenberg, someone who was vehemently against Christianity, proves the Reich was bffs with Christianity. Keep in mind Positive Christianity makes the bold claims that you don't need the Bible to be a Christian, follow the Apostle's Creed, or even worship Christ to be a Positive Christian, and even goes so far as to claim Hitler as the herald of a new revelation.

9d8adc  No.12144156


Dude Rockwell was agnostic. Also why are you posting these long masturbatory pointless walls of text? This isn’t your fucking blog dude just stick to the argument.

197cd1  No.12144165


Yeah anyone who has heard any of his speeches or read his works would know that pretty quickly.

92500a  No.12144190

File: 727622de6aa2878⋯.jpg (194.7 KB, 850x446, 425:223, Gradually I began to hate ….jpg)


>but I will say this: you’re wrong that all western civilization is Greek in origin

That is explicitly, overtly wrong. All European civilization is Hellenic, and you are a rootless cosmopolitan for believing anything different. That or a Jew. I would pity you, but I'll save it for someone more worthwhile. The entire point of the Enlightenment was shunning and disdaining Hellenic culture for a rootless, materialist, morally subjective intellectual cosmopolitanism conceived of by Freemasons and proto-Bolsheviks. The Enlightenment was the beginning of the subversion of Western culture by traitors, Jews, and individualists, and all of our biggest problems begin where the Enlightenment does. Everything that plagues us today, from Feminism to Equality to the rootless universal Anti-Culture that Europeans claim is American but can truthfully be found in any modern city, all has it's roots in the Enlightenment and the intelligentsia's rejection of Plato, Aristotle, the Holy Roman Empire, Christianity, and Hellenic culture in favor of materialism, subjective morality, liberal utopanism, and Freemasonic/Rosicrucian esotericism.

>The Bible itself says Jesus was a Jew

The religion you call "Jew" would not exist until a hundred years after the death of Christ, and the biological mutt race you call "Jew" would not exist until almost fifty years after that. Only the culture you call "Jew" existed at the time of Christ, and he soundly condemned it and everyone who practiced it, multiple times. Modern English translations and the Scofield Bible say Jesus was a Jew. The actual scriptures and texts we have in the original Latin and Greek do nothing of the sort.

Judeans were not ethnic Jews, and YHWHism has nothing at all to do with the modern Jewish religion of Talmudism. Jews like to pretend otherwise, but if pressed will admit that they are not the people of the Old Testament, nor are they practicing the religion of the Old Testament. I already told you, the Pharisees slurred Jesus as "the Nazarene" because he was an ethnic outsider to them. He was culturally Greek and biologically of the line of David, a line the Pharisees were themselves unrelated to. He had no choice but to be Greek, his family were craftsmen. Either you spoke Greek or you didn't do business. Their culture was all the Pharisees had left, and they were losing even that as well. They were dying out, and they knew it. That's why they had to kill Jesus, he was a threat to them, he sided with Roman authority over their authority, he sided with Greek culture over their culture. They saw him doing miracles and acknowledged that he had to be a prophet sent from God, but they still wanted him dead.

This has been explained to people like you over and over again in great detail, and every time, you stuff your fingers in your ears and refuse to listen, no matter how overwhelming the evidence is. Christianity is Greek, as is European culture. Jesus was not a Jew. No matter how many times these lies are debunked, you come back the very next day acting like you won the argument, and act amazed that anyone would believe such nonsense. This more than anything else has convinced me that almost every single "redpilled" atheist and pagan shill is actually a Jew, pic absolutely related.

A few years ago I would have said that we could work together with pagans and atheists to try and save "our" people. But a few years of being forced to listen to you endlessly lie and deny the truth over and over again has brought me to believe that pagans should be publically beaten, and atheists are fundamentally Jews on the inside and should be killed. To believe blood alone is an identity is absurd, and simply makes you one of the Sadducees. You have brought me by degrees to believe in the necessity of your genocide.

92500a  No.12144227


>Dude Rockwell was agnostic.

Rockwell publically supported Christians and fought people like Lane to allow Christian National Socialists into the American Nazi Party. The division in the party over religion came about because of Rockwell, who was agnostic but wanted to accept and support Christian Nationalism, and Pierce and others like him, who were anti-Christian.

The fact that the fed went to the trouble of killing Rockwell, but did nothing to Pierce or any of his associates after they inherited the successor party, is living proof that the system doesn't fear anti-Christian revolutionaries, but you'll use all kinds of rhetorical pilpul to pretend otherwise. The agnostic who supported Christianity and wanted to give racial Christians a platform caught a bullet. The fedoras were ignored and died of old age, having accomplished nothing. That's not a coincidence, but keep telling yourself whatever convenient lies you like. I'm not arguing to convert shills, which is what a (1) and (2) who suddenly appear out of nowhere and sound exactly the same are.


>Don’t think I didn’t notice you trying to shift the goalpost there, you’re the one who’s acting like a kike. If religion is more important to you than blood, why are you even here?

Deliberate and willful misunderstanding of what your opponent says, like this, is one of the reasons I no longer believe coexistence with (((atheists))) is possible. I said spirituality a component of racial identity. You didn't hear that, or if you did you ignored it. You heard only what you wanted to hear. I will repost what I said for those reading this to judge.

>Race is not merely blood. I cannot emphasize that strongly enough. There is a spiritual component to racial identity as well. To believe otherwise is Jewish materialism.

You jew and jew and jew, endlessly bending the truth and trying to fit what your opponent said into a mold that will allow you to win with the same three or four canned lines you have ready to throw out. If it acts like a kike, argues like a kike, and hates all of the things a kike hates, then it's probably a kike. But remember: you don't care about what religion anyone practices, right? You just care if people are Christian, is all. Gotta make sure that doesn't happen, whatever the cost. Don't think about it too much, goy.

e523dd  No.12144265


>All European civilization is Hellenic

Ehhhhhhhhhh…. Sorta.

You're ignoring all the substance that makes each nation unique. A lot of our ideals are Hellenic but there are many others that are Germanic, Norse, Celtic, and Slavic.

We're a beautiful bouquet of European civilizations. Celebrate the diversity.

>The entire point of the Enlightenment was shunning and disdaining Hellenic culture

Not true. The ENlightenment saw a renewed revival of Romano-Greek values. Hence why America adopted the Republica as their government and why neo-Greek and neo-Romanesque archetecture became popular again.

>all of our biggest problems begin where the Enlightenment does.

So too does many of our strengths. Like it or not, nationalism and the concept of the nation-state began with the Enlightenment.

Would you rather we continued living in multicultural, feudal dutchies? Where a French monarch ruled English subjects through jewish middlemen?

>the Holy Roman Empire


>Judeans were not ethnic Jews

That's quite a claim there.

>YHWHism has nothing at all to do with the modern Jewish religion of Talmudism

See, that's kind of odd considering that the kikes of the Torah behave exactly like the kikes of today. Stealing from everyone, trampling on everyone else, subverting nations, and then turning around like disgusting worms and claiming that THEY are the ones being persecuted.

>They saw him doing miracles

Sure. Sure. I hear that Jesus' face miraculously appeared on a piece of burnt toast a few weeks ago.

>Christianity is Greek

Nope. Hellenic civilization is Greek. Christianity originates from a guy with jewish parents and another guy named (((Saul))) oh I'm sorry, "Paul"

>prophet sent from God

Which one? Yahweh?

> brought me to believe that WHITE PEOPLE should be publically beaten, and OTHER WHITE PEOPLE are fundamentally Jews on the inside and should be killed.

This is why Christians are disrespected here. You're not loyal to your race. You're loyal to a jewish book.

14a7ee  No.12144296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Remember what our nation used to be like?

8e8941  No.12144321


Oy vey we are all the same under Christ though, diverse groups in Europe is an evil idea of satan!

It sounds like they are against the Enlightenment is because it was looking back to more glorious Pagan times and getting better understanding of our world in doing so. It's definitely the first time I've heard someone positively speak of the HRE as well, barring the importance of it as a proto-"united" German state. I've given up trying to argue with christcucks on the topic of Jesus' race as race is irrelevant to them anyways and they'll make up any claim possible to ensure Jesus was a European/Aryan descended guy.

Your comment on kikes of the Torah acting like kikes of today reminds me of a quote from Henry Ford on the validity of the Protocols, in that it is irrelevant of if its a hoax or not, it matches up with the reality of our time.

Again the whole Greek=Christianity thing is to discredit the glory of the Pagan Hellenics and the greatness they achieved in their time before their fall. That and they try their damnedest to try and detach the fact that their semite god is the same as the Muslims and the kikes.

Your last point is literally the reason why I see christians as no better as their spiritual brothers in arms the kikes. They do not care about race period, they demean our blood and the thousands of generations of great ancestors by claiming it is all irrelevant to their kike book. Blood is everything, our race and our volk is all that matters in the end. Earthly matters are irrelevant to a good christian, all that matters is that they get on their knees every day and submit to yahweh to hopefully get into their paradise.

e9051c  No.12144389


>Christianity is Hellenism

Why is it that you act like such a jew, stealing a culture and passing it off as your own? If you were actually versed in Hellenic and Roman history, you would know that Christianity was ridiculed in its day (including by none other than Marcus Aurelius and Julian the Apostate). Of course, that Judeo-Christian culture won out in the end over Greco-Roman culture is all the confirmation you need that Yahweh was looking out for your beliefs.

e523dd  No.12144481


Yeah. The HRE is one of the least studied "countries" in European history because it is an absoute cluster fuck. I love history, yet even I have trouble grasping the complexities and chaos of that "state"

I also feel you in arguing with Christians. I really want to find common ground with them. And yeah, this faggot could be a shill trying to sow division and weaken us, but I have heard enough Christians say that they want to reignite fratricidal wars and murder millions of White people that I wouldn't be surprised if he was serious.

I try so hard to meet Christians in a respectful middle ground and then they turn around and say that want to burn witches at stakes and destroy everything beautiful about our race and take us back to the feudal era.

Basically, they want to turn us into IsraHell and they want to be the kikes.

And as you say, the most irritating thing about allegedly pro-White Christians is that they clearly place racial loyalty second to their religion. Many consider obvious sandniggers their kinsmen based solely on their shared religion. Oh yes, they claim that Jesus or Yeshuah said somewhere that race mixing was bad (though he never did) and claim to support the nation state ideal. But most Christians, or that is to say, most religious Christians who take their faith seriously, think that a Christian nigger fresh out of the jungle is more their brother "in Christ Jesus" than their own neighbor simply because he isn't religious or is of the "wrong" branch of Christianity.

It's lunacy. This is why Dr. William Pierce had the right idea in getting away from Christianity.

I'd still never kill them for their religion, but I would kill to prevent them from seizing power and destroying everything White and beautiful, if the need arose.

9e70ea  No.12144845

File: 1dd10e487b0af5b⋯.jpg (133.15 KB, 511x800, 511:800, 1dd10e487b0af5b7350b778ab0….jpg)


If you can find a way to merge progenic family building with Epicureanism you might have a chance.


Very important. We need to retell the lore of America and the colonists. It needs to be told truthfully, as a struggle of people against the wild wonder of a new frontier. Lore and mythos is very important.

>>12140444 (trips of truth checked)

Look at these threads. >>12097302 and >>11980497

e215a1  No.12144971



1. White America is America. Deport EVERYONE ELSE from CONUSA and Alaska. Feather indians have their reservations.


3. Remove all foreign influence, including international finance and corporations.

4. Add WHITES ONLY to the Constitution

5. American Constitutionalism combined with National Socialist economics.

There is the core platform.

Freedom of association is important, but only AFTER reestablishing White America for Whites only.


Christian is not a race.

Christian is certainly not my race.

There is no such thing as "christian nationalism" just like there is no such thing as "civic nationalism."

If the CORE value of the movement is christianity, then it will cuck. 100%. It will cuck into CivNat, since christianity is a universalist creed according to the vast majority of interpretations of christian doctrine.

The CORE value must be Volkism, as in shared blood and heritage.

Also, Hitler was not a christian. He was a Volkist. He put his Volk above all else.




>>pagans should be beaten, atheists should be killed. support for (non christian) White genocide.

Look upon the dedicated christcuck.

He would MURDER his own people, united by blood, for rejecting semitic religion.

Also, the Ancient Greeks who laid the foundation of White civilization, WERE POLYTHEISTIC WHITE PAGANS.

Why do you consistently ignore this FACT?


You bend the truth. Endlessly.

ALL abrahamic religions are poison.






Proper Nationalism requires a person to put their Volk and the integrity of the homeland of their Volk FIRST, as in before anything else including religion.

Many christians seem unable to do that. Which is not good at all.

Also, yes. The HRE was not really a "country" at all. It was more like a loosely united alliance network.


>>We need to retell the lore of America and the colonists.

This. The White settlers of America were heroic and worthy people. “No death, no doom, no anguish can arouse the surpassing despair which flows from a loss of identity." –H.P. Lovecraft The kikes have discouraged the glorification of USA history because USA history is WHITE AMERICAN HISTORY. And they want White America extinguished from this world.

We need to get in touch with our roots. That is an important part of what Nationalism, especially Volkish Nationalism, is.

424a5e  No.12145017


>America needs to die

No, America is the whites here. Unless you just mean the federal apparatus. Important clarification wither way.

92500a  No.12145034

File: b4fa6b825b79942⋯.png (1.72 MB, 951x1024, 951:1024, 1268132687136713.png)


Literally the only difference between Christianity and everything Plato taught is that Christianity gives a personality to the Form of The Good. To argue that Christianity is not Hellenic is to try and argue that Plato is not Greek. Good luck with that.


>I would never kill Christians for being Christians, but I would kill them to ever stop them from having any power or doing anything ever

>But the Christians are the real Jews here, goy, remember that.

All atheists should be put to death. They have no place in the future of this world. Hitler said so, Gobbels said so, even your dear darling Himmler who hated Christianity and shilled for Paganism said so. But you'll do everything in your power to ignore everything that has happened over the last two thousand years, and especially the last hundred years, so you can tell yourself that you aren't part of the problem.

National Socialism was Christian. Hitler was a Christian. All Fascism is political Catholicism rebelling against the Freemasonic, Jewish subversion of it's own institutions. These are facts. You keep saying they are not true, but have done nothing to disprove it, because you know you cannot. Atheists have done nothing to save our people, they will never do anything. They are Jews wearing the flesh of white men. Pierce was a joke. Over his tenure he amassed millions of dollars and a huge amounts of resources and manpower compared to modern Nationalist organizations, but he failed to get anything done even with his entire lifetime to organize and plan. He died of old age. He was such a nonthreat that even the fed left him alone. The system does not fear anti-Christian revolutionaries, because the system itself is anti-Christian revolutionaries.

I have never seen any atheist try to "find common ground" with Christians. I have never seen any atheist put aside their fedora for even one quarter second to try and work with Christians. All atheists have done for the last two hundred years is shill for Saddusaical intellectualism and attack Christians even as we drag them kicking and screaming back to European society. Atheism is antithetical to European Traditionalism. There is nothing Traditional about atheism, about moral relativism and materialism and nominalism.

"Look upon all of these attempts I have made to be reasonable," bemoans the Atheist, waving his hands at nothing and nobody, "and yet still they won't see reason and just agree with everything I say and do what they're told. Such bad goyim."

Atheism has never built anything beautiful. Atheism has never done anything but attack and degrade Europeans and our collective cultural traditions. To make an exception for you because you claim to be redpilled is no different than refusing to excise negros because a vanishing minority can pretend to be civil. Furthermore, to argue that proposing the death of all Atheists means a mass genocide of whites is blatant hubris: the overwhelming majority of Europeans are agnostic or noncommital on spirital matters. Very few are hard, rabid atheists, and of that one percent, perhaps one percent at best exists on the far right. 0.01%, but you say to kill you is untenable. We would kill more white men putting bullets into antifa than we would getting rid of atheists. You shill for yourself as the sodomites and faggots do, pretending like your doubly-deviant behavior is far more prolific than it is. The West has been Christian, and it's core has been Greco-Roman, since there was anything that could be jointly called "the West" at all. It has never been Atheist. It never will be.

You claim that you must destroy or suppress Christianity, the only thing that has ever and could ever unite Europe in a peace of brotherhood, in the name of achieving European peace and brotherhood. You who have never built anything endlessly bemoan how it is the Christians who built everything that are the problem. Your mind is Jewish, is totally subverted, and you can't even see it.

Also, the recordings for Radio Aryan are being reuploaded again, so I will link Dr. Johnson's talk about Christianity being Greek again now that it's actually up. Anyone sincere who is not a shill and wants to hear an argument for why Christianity is Greco-Roman should give it a listen. It covers why Christianity is Hellenic, and explains very clearly why Jesus was not a "Jew" and was seen as an outsider by the Pharisees, who had him killed out of desperation. The only Jewishness that existed at the time was cultural, not ethnic, and Jesus explicitly rejected Jewish culture and the authority of the Pharisees. He sided with Rome over them, he said Europe would be the ones to carry God's promise forwards and recieve his blessing, and they had him murdered for it.


94378e  No.12145076


You are very right, anon. Christianity is the best thing ever.

I swear by my foreskin.

ddc6e3  No.12145085


Answer these two simple questions then tell me that Notional Socialism was Christian and that Hitler was Christian.

1. If Hitler was such a "BASED XD CHRISTIAN HERO" why did he completely surround himself with anti-Christians, Pagans, and Occultists all of whom were very much against your semitic mind virus. Addendum to this, why would such a devout based Christian such as Hitler support, and put these people in all parts of his government and even one of them as his right hand man. Shouldn't a devout Christian have zero tolerance for these Satanic influences and evil Christ haters?

2. Explain to me Positive Christianity and why the fact that it was created and pioneered by Alfred Rosenberg, someone who was vehemently against Christianity, proves the Reich was bffs with Christianity. Keep in mind Positive Christianity makes the bold claims that you don't need the Bible to be a Christian, follow the Apostle's Creed, or even worship Christ to be a Positive Christian, and even goes so far as to claim Hitler as the herald of a new revelation.

It is easier to ignore these things though and keep spouting the same things over and over again trying to make them true. Seriously I want at least one christian to try to answer these two simple questions. I'll reconsider my position gladly if somehow you can disprove these historical truths.

Very few people in this thread are arguing for atheism, the best path is the way of Hitler/GLR in agnosticism/religious fascism or paganism. You disregard everyone's legitimate criticisms in this thread by just saying everyone is a fedora tipping atheist when no one has been claiming as such.

6346b1  No.12145097


Half of the bible is literally jewish nigger, christians have never represented the interests of Europeans and uniting them was bad. Hitler is by no means a christian, which is why catholics voted against him in the largest numbers. This amoralism stems from a societal cancer, not lack of christianity.

000000  No.12145103



>want white ethno-state

pre-existing population of Native Americans

importation of black slaves

legal immigration regardless of race

non-white naturalized citizens


that is, if morality still matters to you as a Christian.


Mod is a dick for deleting my post (and not leaving an entry on board log).


No, but I am right and you know it. >>12143342

e523dd  No.12145111


>White people who don't believe in the Torah should be put to death.

I'm not going to try to reason with a freakish, jew worshiping anti-White faggot.

If you try to take over my country and commit White genocide, than I will use ever last ounce of my strength to destroy you.

Essentially, you're spiritually a jew. Thus, you are an enemy of my race.

Actually, you're more like a communist than a jew.

Communists also believe in a universalist religion and also want to massacre and brutalize White people who disagree with them.

Spiritually, you are a communist and you deserve to die like one.

86b980  No.12145115


Indians have their own ethno-states.

homosexuals are far worse and they spread like cancer

Naturalization Act of 1790

9bc09d  No.12145123


> 1) why do people with real power LARP?

> 2) why did someone wanted to create their own Christianity?

hmmm… you're asking the really tough questions my friend

86b980  No.12145126

You can lie all you want. Everyone knows that’s not real.

e523dd  No.12145127


>America belongs to Siberian invaders!

t. assmad marxist POC again.

If Siberians owned America, than you're admitting that races can own land.

Thus, Europe belongs to White people and we have a right to kill anyone who tries to take it away from us.

As for Siberians owning America, they colonized the place before we did, sure. But they did nothing with the place and then sold it to us. We built a great civilization fair and square.

And since YOU admit that YOU believe that races can own land, that means that America BELONGS to the people who BUILT it

ddc6e3  No.12145131


Glad you're conceding my point, they literally are baby tier questions but the whole point is to highlight the fact that Hitler wasn't a christian, and the Reich was not christian even from its most earliest beginnings.

86b980  No.12145133

Oh look a homosexual

86b980  No.12145138

000000  No.12145141


Jesus, you're barely logical, as in like no. Are you even remotely self-conscious of not being about to think?

ddc6e3  No.12145146


Hell yeah, arguing is for pussies anyways, braise good ol jc xD

6346b1  No.12145148


Stop falling for obvious bait.

e523dd  No.12145178


>Screaming and crying

Not an argument, nigger faggot


>Not understanding what is going on

Have you never heard anything like this mantra before?

You would do well to copy it down and throw it back in the faces of ignorant Marxists who try to claim that America doesn't belong to White people.

1. By claiming that Indians OWN the land, they are admitting that RACES can OWN land

2. Thus Europe belongs to Europeans

3. Indians are Siberians

4. Siberians didn't built America, White people did

5. After 9,000 years of nothing, the Siberians sold it to the Americans

6. Thus, America belongs to White people.

e215a1  No.12145180


The Ancient Greeks were PAGANS. They were polytheistic White PAGANS.

If you want to talk about worshiping "the Good" aka morality itself, then I would be very sympathetic to that. I already believe in that.

But you don't. You are the one who is deluded. You worship a JEWISH "all powerful creator god" character and call it Hellenic. You would KILL YOUR OWN PEOPLE (by your own admission), who have done nothing but reject your cult, out of commitment to your cult. Disturbing.

Christianity is a semitic religion that is based upon jewish fairy tales and was started and spread by ethnic jews. Your refutations of these facts are meaningless and not grounded in reality. Does christianity have Hellenic elements? Probably. However, the foundation is JEWISH. Furthermore, why not go to the source? Why not go directly to the PAGAN source of Hellenic philosophy? Or to the philosophy itself, direct from the surviving PAGAN GREEK sources?

Also, christian Europe was at war more often than not. Are you implying that christianity prevented war between European states? How ignorant of history are you? Ever heard of the thirty years war between catholics and protestants in Germany which killed about ONE THIRD of the population of Germany? "Good christian Europe" is a FUCKING MYTH. Those "good christians" were at each others throats CONSTANTLY.

Also, you claim that christianity is "Hellenic" (who, again, were pagans) but then go on to claim that pagans have no morality. You credit your religion and its moral foundation to Hellenics (who were pagan) but somehow pagans are inherently immoral. Hmmmmmm…….. Not an internally consistent argument.

And you STILL refuse to recognize that most christian groups are ACTIVELY SUPPORTING the invasion of White countries with non-Whites. Of course, since you apparently DON'T ACTUALLY CARE about stopping the ongoing genocide of White people, that is not surprising. It's fine as long as those browns, blacks, and yellows become christian, right?

You are not even a real Nationalist. You REFUSE to put your people, united by blood, first.



Please tell me that English is not your first language.

Regardless, learn to speke gud.

Also, gas yourself.

86b980  No.12145202


Incorrect. There were more pagans, but they were not exclusively pagan. The Gnostics were at a time considered Greek.

6346b1  No.12145212


99% pagan as were all europeans until christianity came about and fucked everything up.

9e0cab  No.12145213

>How would one go about doing this?

Well this entire thread is a big hint. You have to unite Christians and Pagans. I think the way to do this is make a "meta-religion" under which both can coexist and cooperate. Basically the founding father's deism plus race realism. If you can get Christians to concede they must be loyal to their race and you can get pagans to concede they need to stop attacking everything they remotely don't like, then you might stand a chance.

86b980  No.12145214


He’s a fag in a loud ass no cut out Subaru. How dumb can you get? It’s like a huge beacon saying “pull me over cop, I’ll suck your dick.”

86b980  No.12145225


You need to just stop talking and go read some more books. Paganism is now what you think it is, and the Greeks considered these to be myths, not actual dieties.

000000  No.12145237


But it's not bait. It's what sane, moral persons would recognize as true. Nationalism is acceptable, white nationalism isn't a morally defensible position. Japan is more or less an ethnostate, but in law it isn't, it still allows a small amount of immigration. Japan has always been Japanese, even though it does have ethnic minorities they are also Japanese. That's not the case with America.

ddc6e3  No.12145239


While a lot of this latter half of this thread has been white pill material for me seeing a lot of people seeing through the kikey shit christians do. This thread has also made me realize that christians are almost as much of a threat to our volk as the kikes are. It's almost as big of a realization that Hitler had during his early years interacting with kikes and dealing with their bullshit argument tactics. "And gradually, I began to hate them," if we want our volk to survive we must not cede a single fucking step to the spiritual semites. I won't go as far as the kikes themselves go and suggest we should harm our own volk even if they are infected with a kike mind virus, they must be purged of it as the Reich was going to do with Positive Christianity.

6346b1  No.12145243


It doesn't fucking matter dude, point is Hellenism still dominated and nothing else did. I'm pretty sure they did worship the heroes and gods also just as most ancient societies did.

92500a  No.12145248


>Christian is not a race.

Every race on this planet sees Christianity as "the white man's religion." Even the niggers who practice it. Even and especially the Jews, who see no difference whatsoever between "Christian" and "European." Only you claim otherwise. But I'm the one falling for Jewish lies here. According to you.

>Christian is certainly not my race.

I know. It's why you will be killed. You're half white at best, the same as a mulatto. Mulattos aren't white, and neither are you. Half white is not white. Racial identity has a spiritual component as well as a genetic one, race is culture and belief and heritage in addition to markers on a helix. You need both. You have one but not the other. You are not European. You are a postmodern mutt who will rabidly lash out at actual Europeans and authentic European Traditionalism. Like all rabid dogs, you're too dangerous to be kept in the house and it would be irresponsible to set you loose into the wider world through exile, to make you someone else's problem. The only option left is to put you down.

>There is no such thing as "christian nationalism" just like there is no such thing as "civic nationalism."

It's called National Socialism. You should read Mein Kampf sometime. You might learn something.

>Also, Hitler was not a christian.

Hitler claimed to be a Christian and said his movement would tolerate no one who attacked Christianity. For his entire life up until his death, he and everyone he surrounded himself with claimed to be Christian, argued for Christian values, and fought for a Christian Europe against enemies that hated Christianity and wanted to see it exterminated. Either Hitler and almost every single person associated with him was a magnificent pathological liar on par with the Jews, in which case none of them deserve any respect or veneration, or they were all telling the truth, in which case you are full of shit and should be killed.

> He was a Volkist. He put his Volk above all else.

The Bible says to put your volk above all else, you ignorant rootless mutt. 1 Timothy 5:8, "but if there are any who do not provide for his own people, and especially those of his house, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel." The entire Old testament is full of commandments to put your people first in everything you do, and the New Testament agrees with and repeats this sentiment. Christ says this personally. Anyone who doesn't do this is not a Christian.

This is why we keep telling you rootless postmodern faggots that Hitler was Christian, even if you ignore all the times he and everyone else proclaims themselves Christians, because they constantly quote the Bible and argue that everyone should live by it's values. And every single fucking time, you go selectively deaf and start screaming about Wotan and Pierce. You're wrong, you've been proven wrong over and over again for years. Literally just reading Mein Kampf proves you wrong, which is why you have to assume the position of simultaneously calling Hitler a liar and a hero. At least if you admitted Hitler and National Socialism were Christian but argued that they failed so obviously something new is needed, you would be honest. But even that is too much for you. You want to claim Hitler, and will lie to get what you want. You live and breathe historical revisionism. You are the ally of the Jew in deconstructing and obfuscating European culture and identity, and you do it for free. At least the shills are paid.

>He would MURDER his own people, united by blood, for rejecting semitic religion.

Anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Europeans are not my people. You are not my brother, and have openly agreed with those who advocate for the death of myself and mine. To cry wolf now is hypocrisy of the highest order. Do you claim to grant antifa Communists and cuckold traitors license to live, on merit of blood alone and nothing else? Or will you admit they should be killed, regardless of what shows up on some blood test? Are you against eugenics? Would you save every single white life no matter what?

Communists are not people. Atheists are not European. Pagans don't matter and never have, but I won't hesitate to kill them if they threaten the future of my people, which they do every single time they open their lying clownish mouths. We both argue for genocide, the difference is I'm honest and don't bother trying to condemn you for yours. But killing all Atheists and Communists would save more white people than your attempt at stamping out Christianity, which would require you to genocide nearly everyone and also commit two thousand years of culture to the fire. I am genocidal. You are omnicidal, and a liar to boot. Don't condescend to me, I'm not fool enough to care about your crocodile tears. You argue like a Jew and your only tactic is to ignore everything your opponent says and endlessly repeat what you want everyone to believe over and over again.

6346b1  No.12145270


If europeans converted to islam instead of arabs would it be white also?

>You are a postmodern mutt who will rabidly lash out at actual Europeans and authentic European Traditionalism

Since when was Christianity traditional??

>Hitler claimed to be a Christian and said his movement would tolerate no one who attacked Christianity

Then why did he surround himself with people who hated and attacked it all the time?

>The Bible says to put your volk above all else

Then why are their repeated examples of the church telling countries to get rid of anti-racemixing laws among other things? If you're christian, race and ethnicity don't matter.

>Anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Europeans are not my people

One of these things is not like the other. Look at you, you're going off on a guy who's religion you don't even know, who could easily share 99% of his other beliefs with you but oops he isn't christian sorry sweetie. This is why Christianity is shit. Half the shit you've said in this thread is blatant misinfo.

ddc6e3  No.12145278


I'm going to keep posting this every time you kikes keep claiming Hitler was a kike like yourself.

1. If Hitler was such a "BASED XD CHRISTIAN HERO" why did he completely surround himself with anti-Christians, Pagans, and Occultists all of whom were very much against your semitic mind virus. Addendum to this, why would such a devout based Christian such as Hitler support, and put these people in all parts of his government and even one of them as his right hand man. Shouldn't a devout Christian have zero tolerance for these Satanic influences and evil Christ haters?

2. Explain to me Positive Christianity and why the fact that it was created and pioneered by Alfred Rosenberg, someone who was vehemently against Christianity, proves the Reich was bffs with Christianity. Keep in mind Positive Christianity makes the bold claims that you don't need the Bible to be a Christian, follow the Apostle's Creed, or even worship Christ to be a Positive Christian, and even goes so far as to claim Hitler as the herald of a new revelation.

Answer these or fuck off, christians cannot handle actual discourse, all they do is ignore criticism and repeat the same falsehoods like Hitler was a spiritual semite like me so I'm justified and claim that makes them right.

6bedcf  No.12145298


>The Bible says to put your volk above all else, you ignorant rootless mutt.

…as do the "Pagan" beliefs. The Nordic-Germanic peoples/cultures/phenotype/ways developed without influence from Abrahamic dogma/doctrine; and was created by nature and biology. Those beliefs of the Germanic-Nordic/Nordic-Germanic peoples created an ethos within a mythos, not meant to be shared with Middle-Eastern beliefs

ddc6e3  No.12145302


Oy vey but my kike descended religion tells me pagans are the devil, if I don't believe thats true I get thrown into infinite torture den by my all loving all knowing jewish god.

9e0cab  No.12145340


>in order to save your race kill 80% of the moral, conservative, fertile ones

you're a jew

6bedcf  No.12145352


it's a big planet; and the only "religions"/religious dogma/doctrine which sees itself as "The Mythos of the one true God" are the Abrahamic religions, the religious dogma/doctrine built upon invalidity, which relies upon making all believe in its "twisted logic", with the ultimate goal of creating a single world order based upon its ruminations

>the concept is so powerful, that the business model itself has chosen to organize its around the same principles/concepts where the only common thread among all of these cabals and machinations is a single entity based purely upon the illogical of "faith"

>among them there is but one true God … "Money"

df04ce  No.12145354


Man I'm so glad you kikes have good reading comprehension, I literally said I didn't want to hurt our volk like all you christcucks seem to jack off about. Your semitic mind virus needs to be purged not you yourself, you're sick, not broken.

ca79f4  No.12145486


>american nationalism

>wants just more generic alt right trash and faggy LARPing as nazis

Grow up you cringe lord.

92500a  No.12145511


>Answer these two simple questions then tell me that Notional Socialism was Christian and that Hitler was Christian.

That's fine. I'm not afraid of your trick questions. This will take two posts, though, because your second question is actually two questions, and that takes more words to answer.

>1. If Hitler was such a "BASED XD CHRISTIAN HERO" why did he completely surround himself with anti-Christians, Pagans, and Occultists

He didn't. The only evidence that he did was compiled and presented by the Allies, specifically the Office of Strategic Services (precursor to the CIA) and MI6. They openly admit today that they created propaganda to make Hitler appear anti-Christian to compel the Christian populations of Great Britian and the United States to side against him and be ameniable to war. And what's more, the propaganda did not work: there were huge movements in both England and America supporting National Socialism and arguing that we should at best side with Hitler against the Communists, and at worst should simply stay out of it and allow Hitler and Stalin to fight. It's impossible to believe National Socialism was not Christian in the context of men like Oswold Mosley, and the arguments being made at the time by American and British politicians that the Communists were more Christian than Hitler, which is laughable even if you think Hitler hated Christianity. Which is why people like you never talk about Mosley and almost completely ignore that entire time period running up to the war. The fact that all of this was propaganda, and what's more that most people weren't buying it, becomes blatantly obvious if you just go back into some archives and read some of the things said and pushed at the time. Both Britain and the American government knew Pearl Harbor was going to happen long before the attack actually hit, but they allowed it to take place because it would give America an excuse to enter the war and call anyone who didn't support the fight an unpatriotic monster. This narrative should sound extremely familiar to you, because some Mossad agents blew up a few towers not so long ago, and anybody who didn't support endless desert wars for the sake of vaguely defined revenge (and Israel) was called an unpatriotic monster.

The difference between you and me, is that your view of Hitler and what he and the National Socialists were comes from what Jews and Freemasons told the Allies to compel them to go to war with Germany. My view of what what Hitler and the National Socialists were comes from Hitler and the National Socialists. The cognitive dissonance you employ in simultaneously believing Hitler said all of the things he did, but also hated Christianity with a passion and was very much not a Christian himself, is staggering. How could you ever respect or look up to someone who lied about every single thing they EVER said, and also LOST the war? Your conception of Hitler has him as some sort of miserable pseudo-kike, dripping endless poison into the ears of the masses to make him do what he wishes and believe he is on their side and one of them, always with an insincere smile and an empty, approving remark to placate and enthrall the dumb goyim who don't know any better. This is the icon you respect and look up to? Who you think we should emulate? Why not just put a mainstream Republican up for Fuhrer and be done with it, then? Your perception of him and his comrades is explicitly and overtly Jewish.

>Explain to me Positive Christianity and why the fact that it was created and pioneered by Alfred Rosenberg, someone who was vehemently against Christianity

That's two questions, not one, but I'll grant you both.

Positive Christianity was a line in the sand drawn by Hitler and the National Socialists to distinguish between real Christians and people who do not conduct their lives in a Christian manner or otherwise believe in real Christianity. Since Germany has always had both Protestants and Catholics in it, Positive Christianity was non-denominational, it didn't pick one church over the other, but it did assert certain political, social, and ideological standards on those that adheared to it. Positive Christianity was Hitler's answer to uniting genuine Protestants and Catholics together politically and socially to further the cause of securing the existence of the German people and building a better future for their children, while also providing an avenue to shun what could be called "Christcucks," who were absolutely shunned and driven out under Hitler's regime and are most of the authors and primary sources respected today for how anti-Christian Hitler and the National Socialists really were. Because obviously you're not Christian if you think Marco Rubio should be beaten to death with a wooden plank and that Jeb Bush and his Freemason daddy should be given a one way helicopter ride.

92500a  No.12145513



As to the second question:

>Alfred Rosenberg, someone who was vehemently against Christianity

The answer is simple. Rosenberg was not vehemently against Christianity. The primary testimony that he was comes from two sources. The first is "The Third Reich Trilogy" authored by Richard J. Evans, and the second is "Inventing 'Paganists': a Close Reading of Richard Steigmann-Gall's the Holy Reich," authored by Irving Hexham, as well as the other academics who supported Hexham in "debunking" The Holy Reich.

In regards to The Third Reich Trilogy, it is blatant propaganda. Richard Evans is a "primary source" for "debunking" Holocaust denial in mainstream academia, and his work was openly promoted by the establishment in the postwar era as the definative account of "what really happened." Now, I could spend a great deal of time going through everything Evans has done and poking holes in all of it, but since we're on /pol/, this actually becomes very simple. I'll ask you one question: do you believe the Holocaust actually happened? If so, we need to have another, somewhat related conversastion about how that was a hoax. If you don't believe it happened, then de facto you understand that Richard Evans is a paid shill and historical revisionist who was given fame and fortune by the postwar government and Jewish academia to write "the official account." If you believe the six million are a lie, then by defination, you believe "The Third Reich Trilogy" and everything in it is basically toilet paper.

In regards to Inventing Paganists, the book is merely one link in a long academic chain of "playing hot potato with Hitler." The book it exists to debunk, The Holy Reich, was written by Richard Steigmann-Gall, who was attempting to blame Hitler on Christians in the pursuit of more gibs and Holocaust guilt tripping. Neocon Boomers like Hexham and Jewish academics like Steigmann-Gall have been playing a blame game over National Socialism since the war ended, and both sides are riddled with falsehoods, shoddy accounts, bad academic work, propaganda, and general all-around kikery. The Jews keep saying Hitler was Christian, the Boomers keep saying he was a Satanic Pagan Atheist who played Dungeons & Dragons, had his head cut off and attached to a giant minigun robot, and listened to rock and roll at an obnoxiously loud volume. I don't consider any of it valid, and neither should you. Jews lie even when they tell the truth, and Boomers are aging, soft-headed hippies who think Christianity is adopting nigger babies and teaching boys that it's evil to punch back if someone starts a fight.

0ddbe2  No.12145514

My only issue with paganism as the building block in the US is the following:

What does a half Italian, half German man worship? Or half Polish/half Irish? Americans are European but sometimes our ancestry is messy… I'm part Germanic/Slavic/French/Celtic, what the fuck do I do?

92500a  No.12145516


(last cont)

If you want the truth about Rosenberg, you need to go to Rosenberg and other National Socialists around him. You'll note this is a recurring theme with me, telling you to go to the National Socialists and not all the kikes and Boomers talking about them. According to first-hand accounts of the time made by Goebbels, Rosenberg was a huge and vocal critic of, wait for it, Jewish subversion of the mainstream Christian community and faith. And that is a very, very important distinction, because it would mean that Rosenberg did not think Christianity was inherently Jewish, because Jews can't subvert something that's already theirs to begin with. And it means that Rosenberg wasn't against the idea of an overtly and explicitly Christian Germany, or the idea of National Socialist Germany being Christian. He was an antisemite who didn't want it to be Jewish, but he did want it to be Christian. He was, as you yourself pointed out, one of the primary authors of the idea of Positive Christianity as the "official" church of Germany, to compromise on the fact that Germany was neither wholly Catholic nor wholly Protestant. A man who hated Christianity would not advocate for the political and cultural union of Catholics and Protestants back together into a single chuch. The reality of Alfred Rosenberg is that he was a German Nationalist who liked Christianity, hated Jews, but loved all the old stories about Wotan and oak trees and hunting silver-horned harts in dark forests, and thought it was really fucking cool and an important part of Germanic history and culture. He was, for lack of a better term, a paganaboo, and he wanted to help found a new Holy Roman Empire in Germany that was fully Christian but also paid homage to and respected it's roots before Christianity came along. He wanted Christian churches in every town with great silver crosses and golden oak leaves, and marble statues of the old gods in village squares. He wanted to emulate the aesthetics of Greece and Rome, where people didn't necessarily believe the gods depicted everywhere were real, but they did retell all the old stories and admire them as icons because it was a part of their culture, their heritage, and their identity.

I like Rosenberg, and wish he had gotten his way of things. If more Pagans took his attitude towards things, I wouldn't be so inclined to advocate beating them all with sticks.

At the end of the day, the answers to all of your questions boil down to this: who do you believe more, the National Socialists, or the Jews and Freemasons and Neocon Baby Boomers who endlessly kvetch about them? Atheists and shitty postmodern pagans say they believe the Jews and Neocon academics more. Which is why I will never accept a single one of you as being an authentic National Socialist, and will always tell everyone who asks that you are puppets of the kikes. I cannot imagine a world where Hitler was a lying manipulator who never said an honest word in public in his life and manipulated the entire German public into doing what he wanted, and then lost the war on top of it, but this is somehow respectable and admirable. If Hitler and the National Socialists were all liars running a massive con, then you would have to be a kike yourself to hero worship them.

524d46  No.12145522


I'm a fucking white pride worldwide ethno fascist at my core and all religions except Norse paganism (done for tradition only) are fucking retarded and you're retarded for believing in a god. There is no supernatural power. Only the minds of great men.

Jewish KIKES believe in a god. Nigger 60iq believe whatever they're told. Scientists and researchers and architects of our future are atheistic, stoic traditionalists that have personal responsibility for themselves and believe in freedom.

Stop bringing up religion. Give it up.

Bring more left leaning atheists to our side by showing them the science they love so much proves that whites are the superior and gentler race.

df04ce  No.12145525


Just starting reading this right now, I appreciate you taking the time to address it either way.

ca79f4  No.12145532


It doesnt work at all. There is literally no way for you to just copy paste Hitlerist ideals into the US since it is completely incompatible with our system and the ideals of the founding fathers. You would have to do away with the United States, disavow everything the founders stood for, and create a completely new state

0ddbe2  No.12145538


The founders are really fucking overrated.

524d46  No.12145547

File: b56b29ba0129940⋯.jpg (26.33 KB, 369x306, 41:34, swastika.jpg)


Oh thank fuck theres another true northerner here.

Holy fuck the Christian retards in this thread.

I wonder if they're latching on to natsoc because they think they can find more people willing to pay shackles in tithing to their megachurches in the south central states like texas.

Aye believe inhu gawwwddd

Fucking give it up.

ca79f4  No.12145561

File: 98a1ddba8ad458e⋯.jpg (51.46 KB, 459x630, 51:70, pic194369.jpg)


I dont believe that, but then again, Im not at all a nazi, nor do I want anything like that here.

But if you were, there is literally no way you could reasonably keep their system around, or hold them up as national and almost mythical heros that they are now. All those "American Nationalist" who want a Third Reich styled America, and who like to keep around the symbolism and aesthetics of the stars and stripes or the gadsen flag have no real idea what the fuck they are doing.

0ea060  No.12145565


>Im not at all a nazi, nor do I want anything like that here.

hold on what

b0d849  No.12145570


Hellenism came after the Gnostics and after the monotheists. Literally, Greece did not exist before the Hellenistic period. It was a bunch of infighting city states. The Macedonians and the Hellenic wars is what created Greece.

It does matter, because we deal with facts here, not histrionics.

Monotheism is a major pivot for civilization. Without a foundation and founding mythos a country, whether it be a singular ethnicity or a multicultural block can not survive.

This was Jesus’s main point. It’s what Stalin, Prouhoun (not sure on spelling), Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler and ever the modern Zionists agree on. Secularism is a recipe for disaster over the longer term. It’s never worked.

Sure this might sound like civic nationalist shilling, I get that. It’s not though. I agree with a lot of of what I have read here. I will never agree with anyone 100% and I don’t expect anyone to agree with me 100%.

I enjoy meeting new people even if we are sworn in opposition to each other. I honestly think an open dialogue is mandatory for any reasonable discussion. Force is never a solution to a philosophical disagreement.

This is a containment board for those of us that simply can’t fit into normal conversations due to a weird perspective, and extreme position, or because some of have severe trust issues due to a harsh and violent upbringing.

ca79f4  No.12145576


>This was Jesus’s main point. It’s what Stalin, Prouhoun (not sure on spelling), Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler and ever the modern Zionists agree on. Secularism is a recipe for disaster over the longer term. It’s never worked.

Literally all those faggots you mentioned systems of governance have failed and have all been outlived by the United States.

df04ce  No.12145584

File: 73111ba057c47a6⋯.jpg (85.76 KB, 600x529, 600:529, 73111ba057c47a6220fafc68e2….jpg)


Again I appreciate you taking the time to write up a response to my questions, while some of my hostility is due to my religious beliefs, some of my hostility stems largely from the lack of any actual proper discourse from those that disagree, they resort to a big ol' "nuh uh ur rong im rite" instead of presenting an argument for me to read and discuss.

In all honesty I will likely do a good bit of reading now of the books you sourced to form my own opinion on this as in all honesty I haven't heard people bring this argument up before. The biggest argument I seem to have drawn from your responses is that the large amount of what we "know" of the Reich is propaganda which in all honesty isn't some absurd notion or just bullshit quick out for someone trying to loosely hold on to their beliefs. They've lied to us about so much more it is entirely possible they lied about this I just do not know of the sources you quoted so I can't make that judgment right now. It definitely isn't an idea I'm immediately going to say yeah you're right, but I figure it is at least worth giving thought to. Odin's pursuit of knowledge is unending and fanatical, so is mine.

With one note, the way I see Hitler saying one thing and believing another, I do not see him as a kike dripping venom from his mouth spouting lies as the west likes to portray him. Hitler was a father to the Germanic peoples, and as a good father he wouldn't want to hurt his children or tell them the whole truth of the world immediately. I've always seen Positive Christianity as a slow burn tool to gradually break the conditioning hundreds of years of Christianity has imposed on our people. Like a parent easing a harsh truth onto their children.

Either way I will read more about what you've said and form my own thoughts about it, it's nice to see someone actually addressing something I haven't seen any christian do before.

df04ce  No.12145593

File: 030b724afb50320⋯.jpg (25.6 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 500px-Black_Sun_svg.jpg)

File: 40bc752de127c00⋯.png (110.62 KB, 451x639, 451:639, burn.png)


Fortunately there are likely more of us than you'd think, I just always have to speak up when I see dumb bullshit posted.

I dream of the day I can have my own kindred, unfortunately I doubt there are many like me in the hell I live in at the moment.

5ed438  No.12145606


A mark of intelligence is being able to consider an idea without accepting it as fact.

Consider the idea that your bias against Christianity may not exist in a world without jews.

5ed438  No.12145613

File: e158d85663bf5da⋯.png (753.19 KB, 623x752, 623:752, NSDAP-Christianity.PNG)


It really spells out the parties line on Christianity right in the good book.

df04ce  No.12145624


I definitely agree with your first statement, I have issue with your second one for sure. Religious war and persecution is the bread and butter of the Abrahamic religions. While pre-Christian Europe was far from a war-free continent, in general the Romans tolerated the differing religions and interpreted them as being their religion just through another cultural lens, that being Interpretation graeca and germanica. It was once christians took control of Rome and then more mainland Europe that the christians began to kill their fellow volk through fire and sword to force them to their religion.

b0d849  No.12145626


The United States didn’t even make it a century. What we have now is not the United States as it was founded. While you and I may not agree with the reason or the results, the simple fact is that this isn’t the same country it was even a few decades ago.

Sure you can say that it’s still here and that we still have a system of laws and whatnot, but in reality what we have is not what it started out to be.

df04ce  No.12145633


Well yes and no, the point of contention that I brought up and another anon brought a counter argument to is the last line you skipped over. They stand upon the basis of Positive Christianity not just Christianity. The other anon claims that Positive Christianity wasn't anti-Christian at all and thats just propaganda by the west, and my claim is that it was a slow burn tool to counter Christianity that was perceived to be semitic by the leadership.

5ed438  No.12145669


positive is not capitalized

ca79f4  No.12145670


The US has the longest standing constitution in the world. It may be young, but our secular republic has stood the test of time, more so than any communist or fascist system and that counts for something.

The flaw is to think that stern and unwavering rigidness is a strength, but every rigid branch breaks under a certain amount of pressure. While America is more like a pool noodle. Being able to adapt and our ability to compromise and bounce back from horrid shit is our strength.

92500a  No.12145680


>It doesnt work at all. There is literally no way for you to just copy paste Hitlerist ideals into the US since it is completely incompatible with our system and the ideals of the founding fathers. You would have to do away with the United States, disavow everything the founders stood for, and create a completely new state

Our system emulates the Roman Republic, at least on paper, which is absolutely compatible with both Autocratic Fascism and National Socialism, and the Founding Fathers were, with only a few exceptions, cucks and admires of the French Revolutionary thought, which was explicitly and overtly proto-Bolshevism. The overwhelming majority of the Founding Fathers are not worth talking about ideologically, and nothing to write home about. Jefferson in particular was a colossal faggot and the ideological father of every liberal Libertarian alive today. What good they did for America they plagarized from Rome. Not that copying Rome is a bad idea, but you don't deserve any particular praise for using somebody else's plan.

America's problem is that it ended as a nation unto itself the moment massive German immigration was allowed to help boost population numbers. From that moment onwards, America ceased to exist as a Nation, and became an Empire, because the Nation is blood, common language, and shared culture, while the state is an artificial construct of laws and customs designed to support and further the existence of the Nation. Any state that must rule over multiple Nations is, by DEFINATION, an Empire. America the Nation died literally within the lifetime of the Founding Fathers, because they did not have the will to defend their heritage and culture as Englishmen against the short-term economic and political advantages associated with selling out.

Benjamin Franklin's "Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind," in which he expressed Anglo Supremacist views (calling Nords and Germans "swarthy savages") and lamented the destruction of the colonial English culture at the hands of German migrant workers who were not assimilating, was written in 1751, a full 25 years before the Declaration of Independence was first signed and America officially ceased to be a colony of the British Empire and became it's own country. That means before America even officially existed independent of the crown, it was already losing it's organic culture and heritage to immigration and economic interests. The Founding Fathers didn't like this fact, but were also too in love with the French Enlightenment to openly disbar non-Anglos legally. Their solution was to offer citizenship solely to "white Christian men of good character and standing," which meant that it came down to an Anglo judge to decide who could come in, and they presumed he would always disbar non-Anglos on the grounds of not being "men of good character and standing." They wanted their ethnostate but couldn't bring themselves to come out and say it openly. I would say something like "we continue to pay the price to this day for their cuckoldry," but realistically that law would have been overturned anyway even if it had been more specifically explicit in who was allowed in.

The problem America has is that even if you get rid of all the nonwhites, you're still left with somewhere between five and seven distinct European nations co-existing alongside one another, depending on how you draw those lines. You can't just send all of the Germans in the midwest back, they're not really German anymore. So they have to stay here and make due. The solution to The American Question is to openly acknowledge that America is an Empire and to embrace that fact. The current fifty state system should be abolished, and instead each of the ethnic nations present in America should be formally recognized and have boarders drawn that, to the best of our ability, reflect the genuine cultural and ethnic boundaries of our peoples while also making sure each nation has access to the resources and terrains they need to flourish and prosper. In place of the Constitution, a new document must be created, following National Socialist principles, to which each nation is a signatory member. This binds the nations together as a political and economic entity, and allows us to, for instance, have a singular nationalized bank and standardized currency, as well as a centralized system for welfare that collectively covers the cost of things like healthcare and education, but grants legal and cultural autonomy of the individal member nations, so long as they uphold the standards listed in the Declaration of Empirehood. This also allows us the liberty of kicking anybody who cucks out of the Empire until they get their business straightened out, which is a clause that should have been in the Union to start with.

0ddbe2  No.12145681


America died a little while before WWI. Also are you ignoring the jews crushed the fascist states and communism never ended, just changed goals with its new form of Marxism and promptly took over most of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand Zealand and large parts of the US.

ca79f4  No.12145687


>America died a little while before WWI

no it didnt, we have the same exact for of government standing that the founders established.

>da j00z

this is supposing that the entire world is controlled by the Illuminati (which it isnt)

And neo-marxism isnt changing the goals, its revisionism and accounting for the failures of orthodox marxism, and it too will fail, just like all previous revisions and adaptations of marxism.

5ed438  No.12145688


Think about even as far as christ-cuck Christianity in a world of only whites.

I think about that and I don't think Christianity is the problem, I think it's the introduction to subhumans and inhumans into society that is the problem.

I think in a world of only whites, a "turn the other cheek" attitude would be the best suited. I think for a white ethno-state it continues to be the best suited.

I just feel like there will always be a warrior class in whites. A class of men that are born to sacrifice their lives for their people and take great honor in achieving just that. These men can find a purpose protecting an ethnostate of their own and should be given a purpose greater than themselves.

There will always be the inquisitive researcher, the goading artist, the deep in thought poet, adventurous writer… As a people, we are as diverse as God meant us to be. We fill every need a community desires.

It's not our good nature that is the issue. It's the bad nature of inhumans.

5ed438  No.12145693


You need to lurk 2 more years.

You aren't ready for these conversations yet if you still deny the jews, every jew, need to die a fiery death.

ca79f4  No.12145700


Anon, please drop the condescending tone. As If I wasnt browsing 4chan /pol/ for years or even back in the days of /news/

Believe me, you arent going to say anything I havent heard before. EVERY conspiracy theory and infograph and jewlluminati meme is all shit that I've seen before. I went through my "alt right phase" before the alt right was even a thing.

0ddbe2  No.12145703


You're ignorant on the Jewish Question, read For My Legionaries and Mein Kampf (Stalag translation) and lurk here for 2 years, you're embarrassing yourself.

5ed438  No.12145704



Just so I'm not being an obtuse cunt. The 25 points and NSDAP handbook are not written in riddles in any part. They took great care to have everything written as clearly and understandable as possible.

It makes sense that their use of positive Christianity would be no different. It simply means extracting the good of Christianity and leaving the commerce department out of it. I'd be very interested in knowing the rules of the collection plate during NatSoc Germany.

34c64d  No.12145706



This place is GONE. It's not even permissible for me to discuss precisely how. This is literally Twitter, dumbass.

31c0fb  No.12145714


Reminder that this is a paid jewish shill spamming with zero effort. Report it immediately.

df04ce  No.12145719


While I still will disagree that Christianity isn't the problem. I do 100% agree that a large issue is that lack of any sense of community or social cohesion that our ancestors enjoyed previously. A community of all whites would look immensely different and act immensely different from how whites must act in todays hell if we are to survive. We cannot afford to turn the other cheek as our doom is hanging right over our head, we all need to harden ourselves because the shit is coming.

The idea that we fill the needs and niches that is natural to us is a core idea of Fascism and in turn National Socialism. I guess I cannot say with 100% certainty what our societies will look like in the future if we achieve victory, but I know my history. I know of the history of how christians have acted towards their own kind for even slight missteps in their devotion to their religion. I have my doubts they would be so lenient to those that outright don't believe in the same thing they do. The last time they had control they almost wiped out our native culture and religion completely. As long as people like me live that won't happen again.

0ddbe2  No.12145720


For one thing, it's /new/, not /news/. And nobody here is an alt-kike nigger. This whole thread is a bizarre /leftypol/ concern-troll, methinks.

31c0fb  No.12145725


>This place is GONE.

Partial agreement.

>It’s not even permissible for me to discuss precisely how.

That’s a proven falsehood. Reddit took over the board after CM removed all protection for right-wing content. They deposed a fucking moderator because he wouldn’t cater to their pro-trump, civic nationalist, zionist spam. They own /pol/ now.

Look, I just said it. It’s fine to say.

ca79f4  No.12145726


Again, I've literally seen every infograph and conspiracy theory shit you guys have to offer, multiple times.

You guys are just rip off of /pol/

5ed438  No.12145727

File: a13622528566057⋯.jpg (159.08 KB, 640x852, 160:213, 911_tower_costume_jew_part….jpg)


In commemoration for the Americans that just passed, I offer the following

I'm not going to get derailed by this (((polack))) anymore. You guys can waste your time on it.

34c64d  No.12145731


Let me think. OK! I know how to do this. 1 second!!!

0ddbe2  No.12145741


>rip off of /pol/

Now you're just being retarded.

Moot shut down /new/ during the ACTUAL second Exodus and I migrated to 4chon, there was this weird gaymer gayte stuff on 4chan but then eventually STI just gave up on 4chon and I had to move here.

b0d849  No.12145746

There’s nothing going here. You’re wasting your time.

34c64d  No.12145747

File: 1801a97227eac38⋯.png (420.36 KB, 2000x2886, 1000:1443, bigsecret.png)

31c0fb  No.12145750


Oh, it’s you! FUCK OFF, Q-LARPer.

34c64d  No.12145756



So you'll report me, eh? Your kike overlords to the rescue.

34c64d  No.12145759

It seems a news article should be permitted viewing. But you think news is impermissible.

fbf9b0  No.12145762

File: 98820a86195566c⋯.jpg (512.27 KB, 1600x527, 1600:527, asdfg.jpg)



Any idea where to migrate?

34c64d  No.12145766

Ah, silence. Runs to big mommy kike.

c00817  No.12145771



a.) a troll,


b.) a Baby Boomer Neo-conservative who should fuck off and kill himself

ca79f4  No.12145777


none of this takes away from the fact that this is just a /pol/ rip off.

>dude just read the same boring schizophrenic jewlluminati infographs that have been floating around since 2012 for the millionth time!

Also, you guys are even more paranoid because you believe the moment ANY disagreement arises, it is because of a jew conspiracy.


and youre a socially retarded virgin who actually does think about killing himself constantly

31c0fb  No.12145780


Into the fucking streets. We have 20 years left before whites are outbred in the United States and all laws are repealed. That’s the maximum latest start date of the race war. Why the fuck would we wait for our enemies to grow MORE numerous

34c64d  No.12145785

File: b58823370fd8cda⋯.png (529.75 KB, 470x601, 470:601, catacombs.png)

File: 6e5d7f6341bcfe3⋯.png (60.97 KB, 194x260, 97:130, 8chan mod.png)


> where to?

Not a fucking clue. I had hoped that Assange had a bro who would make a system that worked on tor and couldn't be censored. All of the various things that have been made are VERY VERY BAD and are even DANGEROUS TO USE.


The best app I've seen so far is OnionShare. It's proof progress can be made. I know the answer, though, will be Tor.

Even Bible-based Christians will be forced to go there.

c00817  No.12145787


Beautiful Trips

>Also, you guys are even more paranoid because you believe the moment ANY disagreement arises, it is because of a jew conspiracy.

This is what happened when the Q-Tards showed up here. They call everyone who doesn't agree with them a shill, a kike, or a communist.

34c64d  No.12145789


>none of this takes away from the fact that this is just a /pol/ rip off.


We're experiencing digital encirclement.

Yet we shall persist. The great spirit of whiite man shall light the way.

ca79f4  No.12145793


That "FUCK OFF KIKE SHILL!" shit has existed long before Qanon

e9051c  No.12145800

File: fe0459c0bc3c822⋯.jpg (103.78 KB, 733x550, 733:550, 9cc15658b86316907b7273bea7….jpg)


>the lies Christcucks tell themselves to feel good.

Sometimes I can't tell the difference between a jew and a christian because Christianity is corrosive to the soul. You must continually lie in order to propagate your false teachings.

>Jesus was a Judean, not a Jew

Jew literally derives from the Hebrew word Yehudah, through Greek, Latin and Norman French. Jesus was most definitely an ethnic Jew. The Temple used to house genealogical information that would verify Jewishness and Luke explicitly states that Jesus was circumcised at the Temple on the eighth day. He quoted from Rabbis Hillel and Shammai, was a master of oral law (i.e. what would become the Talmud) and whenever in the Bible you read

>Master, master

what his disciples were calling him was

>Rabbi, rabbi

Jesus was a wandering Jewish rabbi from Galilee, and held much the very same fundamental beliefs as the Pharisees he argued with. Based on the sayings attributed to him, we can compare them to Pharisaic teachings of his day and find that he was not 'anti-Pharisaic' but rather one of them. He believed the Apocalypse was to occur in his lifetime, and certainly in his generation if he died early. He was a failed messiah, having failed to fulfill the Jewish prophecies he tried to live up to. Many other failed messiahs rose and fell in 1st century Judea, including ones from Galilee, which was a source of many pious men, some of whom were known as Zealots. Jesus pulled his followers from this radical and extremely pious section of society.

Look up the death of Rabbi Schneerson in 1994. Many of his followers to this day, fourteen years later, believe he is the messiah, and that he hasn't actually died. It is very easy for religious fanatics to trick themselves into certain ideas, as happened two thousand years ago with his followers.

000000  No.12145815


You need to actually look into the JQ, because you'll find that freemasons are a lot more important to this whole thing, and it's a relatively small number of Jews at the top that are causing all the problems. It would be more correct to say that esoteric and talmudic Judaism is the problem, rather than a certain genetic group (which probably bears little resemblance to the actual Jews from biblical times).

000000  No.12145822


Biblical Jews like Jesus are the opposite of the talmudic synagogue of Satan. You're forgetting the part where the Jews killed Jesus and all of his disciples.

92500a  No.12145823


The sources for my information are Dennis Wise, producer of "The Greatest Story Never Told" and "Communism By The Back Door," who has done a tremendous amount of independent research over the last decade and a half precisely to dispel the propaganda and lies that have been told about Hitler and National Socialism since the end of the war, and Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, a National Socialist academic in exile from both Penn State University and Mount St. Mary's University for his political and religious beliefs.

Full disclaimer: Wise is a Catholic, and Dr. Johnson is Russian Orthodox. Neither try to hide it, but both frame almost everything they do in the lense of their particular church. I do not begrudge them this, and as a Protestant, I believe they are better men for doing so. Bias is natural and should be allowed to exist. It is a lack of bias which is unnatural. Wise's research proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Fascism is Traditional Catholicism lashing out politically against Jewish and Freemasonic influence, and his extensive work into translating, uncovering, and publishing National Socialist and Fascist writing is one of the reasons we know so much of the propaganda about the Third Reich is wrong, since a great deal of the lies hinged on depicting Goebbels as an Atheist and his personal accounts of life and culture in the Reich as false, but Wise has shown comprehensively that the man was a devout Catholic who became disenfranchised with the Vatican establishment but never abandoned his beliefs, and continued to be a practicing Catholic who fully supported both Positive Christianity and Hitler's Germany and married a German Catholic wife at a full Catholic ceremony. Likewise, Dr. Johnson's research and understanding of the Orthodoxy helps place Protestantism and Catholicism into perspective in the broader political tapestry of historical Europe, and he is one of the sole voices in the desert pointing out that Putin is not the monster that ZOG tries to portray him as, and backing up his arguments with facts.

Most of my arguments in this thread have used Dr. Johnson's published and recorded works as a source, though the assertions of Fascism and both Hitler and Goebbels as being Catholic are from the work Wise has done. The actual division in religion between the high ranking National Socialist leaders was about a fifty-fifty split between Protestants and Catholics, with a slight bias towards Catholics. Himmler was a black sheep for being neither, and the Reich never allowed atheists into their ranks, and all were vocally against them. If any were atheists, they pretended to be Christian. Considering the way Pagans and Atheists on the Far Right are today, I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the pretending atheists, because surely there must have been some even if they were a statistical minority, likely ended up calling themselves pagans and gathering around Himmler, but there is no proof of this. It is purely speculation on my part.

Both Dr. Johnson and Dennis Wise produce regular podcasts discussing various topics and sharing their research on Radio Aryan, which I have already linked twice in this thread. If you are at all interested in their information or anything they have to say, I suggest you give them a listen, because both are very intelligent and well-reasoned men who are dedicated National Socialists and have put their reputations, livelihoods, and real identities on the line for what they believe in. Dr. Johnson in particular has been completely blackballed from Western academia, and currently survives entirely on book sales and charity.

e9051c  No.12145825


Twenty-four years later, I mean.

b0d849  No.12145836

Oh look that monkey learned how to use paint.

000000  No.12145838


>The world isn't controlled by the Illuminati

No, that was a long-dead boogeyman the freemasons trotted out in the 1950s to blame all of their crimes on.

b0d849  No.12145846

When a turtle walks with his house on his back does he carry rations or a girl friend?

b21ced  No.12145850










OPTICS OPTICS! Just fucking say appearances you fucking zoomers

31c2bd  No.12145855


Hate isn't needed to value your own kind.

Nationalism at the foundation needs a high value of the self, the value of the family which empowers the self, and value of reproduction, in other words raising the young healthy, strong, and able to fight back.


Hi OP, and anyone else who is christian.

I know this board and christianity in general is under attack, so don't assume I am one of the idiots posting nonsense about JC all the time.

Honest question though, considering that christianity is subverted and every denomination that has high social activities levels is kiked and leftist infected, what is the point?

I personally don't see how a religious education can even have discussions about JC before teaching about all the European ancient philosophies and folk religions first, chronologically wise.

I see too many christian denominations excusing non whites for their trashy behavior, and demanding a servant outlook on life.

Seeing as how men, even when some protestant groups tout bible as the top authority and all their "clergy" must be "laymen" , lead the fellowship in JC, the attitude of "servant" always implies being a servant unto other men, de facto, not by word. This is not something beneficial in any way, especially in the young who are just breaking out of their child outlook when they get old enough to delve into philosophy and should be leading their own lives, not lookin to men outside their immediate family for leadership.

e9051c  No.12145857


Repeating a claim does make it true. The Romans killed him on behalf of the Jews… according to the Christian Bible. So who knows what actually happened. He probably led a revolt, or the authorities believed he was a subversive and crucified him to make an example. Either way, the idea that the Romans just killed a random dude because the Sanhedrin and the multitude demanded it is ridiculous. The gospels must be placed in historical perspective— they were written after decades of arguments between the sects. By the time the gospel of John was written, the bulk of the Jews had wholeheartedly rejected the cult of Jesus, which had by then become a predominantly gentilic religion. As a people they did indeed reject the claims about Jesus being the Christ, but long after the events atop Golgotha.

b21ced  No.12145859




But how does this relate to optics?

000000  No.12145867


Are you familiar with pastor anderson?

000000  No.12145869


>according to the Christian Bible

And Josephus. And the Talmud. And Roman historians.

df04ce  No.12145888


I appreciate the elaboration, of course I know The Greatest Story Never Told, just not the name behind it though. Of course I will take into account their beliefs in what the claim. As I said before while I am still in disagreement until I have read more on this particular line of thought I can't make a decision one way or another. I'll definitely give a listen to Radio Aryan and make my mind on them.

I can agree that there is liable to be atheists who latch onto Pagan spirituality for kicks, in a way even one of those completely faithless types looking into a form of religion is better than nothing in my mind. It's when those more liberal new-age types try to shoehorn my volks religion into some universalists any nigger can worship my gods that is unacceptable. I draw the line at atheism really, while I can get skepticism about which one religion is the true one considering the large amount of them claiming to be as such, there is too much in this world we don't know to outright claim there is no spiritual or religious truth just because it isn't something that is scientifically testable. Since we've been considered sapient creatures we've had ritual and religious beliefs for many reasons, none of our ancestors were any less stupid than us, they just didn't have the collective knowledge of all of the past available to them like we do now.

Do not be dissuaded by the few pagans that are just atheists in hiding, there are a good deal of us that are quite devoted to our gods as you your own. One issue we have is that our religion doesn't have a distinct set dogma, it was always differing in various ways by tribe and community groups so it is our job to find our way and commit to learning and reading and understanding the ways of our pre-Christian ancestors on a personal/tribal level. A problem I have is I see my religion as being at its best as a communal religion, personal worship can be done, but many rituals such as sumbel and blot are a group activity and brings the group closer together. Blot can for sure be done alone but it isn't the same as with a group of followers. Christians are fortunate as they have their Bible of choice, we have our Eddas and Sagas, but they are examples to follow and stories of heroes of past to emulate more than set doctrine to adhere to.

Either way I feel like I rambled near the end I will take a look into what you've said, it's definitely different from what I've heard from most others. But as I said before it doesn't sound outright crazy. I got to the point I'm at by opening my mind to things that I haven't heard before and listening to others as I'm sure many others here have, so I'll continue to do the same even if it is something I disagree with. If what you say is true I'll have to take time to rethink the Reich in general, as it would change my outlook of them.

31c2bd  No.12145891


I'm familiar with him yelling a lot, and like I said in my post but let elaborate, I don't submit to any men. I don't see prayer as beneficial. I don't ask anyone for forgiveness. I don't feel guilty about things and don't need a therapist.

I see many ways of engaging with others socially.

I see christianity failing at keeping women pure, or men virtuous.

What is the purpose of it.

It seems when it was successful, and where it is successful today, at doing these things, society already had those values regardless.

e9051c  No.12145893


It doesn't? He made a claim, I refuted it. Some of us will tolerate Christians in our groups, because the majority of right wing men are culturally if not spiritually Christian. Nevertheless, you have /christian/ spammers here trying to spread lies like that Hitler and the upper administration of the Reich were Christians—they were not, except perhaps Goebbels—or that we will fail without Christ and other such nonsense. Why would non-Christians tolerate Christians if these Christians aren't going to stop proselytising and acting like subversive division-sowers? It's fine that we disagree, and it's even ok that they hold their religion above their race, but it's not ok when they want to make white nationalist organisations into Wednesday Night Bible Services.


The Testimonium Flavanium is most definitely a forgery, and only religiously motivated scholars of early Christianity disagree. Most likely Josephus had a short passage on Jesus and his followers that Eusebius disagreed with, so he rewrote it. Josephus was an unrepentant Jew until the day he died, and had many negative things to say about the Christians, making the Testimonium totally out of character. Roman historians make no such claims, but the Talmud and the Toldot Yeshu most definitely do.

31c0fb  No.12145901


>I see christianity failing at keeping women pure, or men virtuous.

You see wrong, seeing as you’ve apparently never read it. You fundamentally misunderstand the hierarchy of natural order, and I wonder if you’re even a /pol/ack at all. You are seeing PEOPLE fail the IDEAL which is described by Christianity. That’s it. An idea can’t “fail” a person. Christian morals used to have legal support. Jews now control the government, so there is no such support.

31c0fb  No.12145904




Reported for ban evasion and mass spam of proven jewish hoaxes.

df04ce  No.12145905


Yeah I know, most of my posts are usually a few paragraphs since I honestly do like discussing things with people I don't agree with since it is how we all learn things. /pol/ is an easily accessible place to get in contact with others where I can talk about things that'd ruin any one of our lives if we talked about in public.

31c0fb  No.12145907


He’s a paid shill. Just ignore him. PLEASE increase the quality of discussion here as much as you want. I want to see 2014 come back.

31c2bd  No.12145924


There is no need for ad hominem, thanks for trying to answer though.

df04ce  No.12145937


Eh I usually just ignore people who just shitpost, I figured I'd respond to him because I do see discussion being smothered her a lot.

It isn't easy finding people on here who are willing to legitimately take time to discuss things, that usually makes me end up just giving up on trying. Hell earlier in the thread I was much more hostile mainly because no one was actually discussing it was just "im rite" "nu uh im rite" no actual back and forth discussing the points brought up by one person and countering them with their own points like normal discourse should be. All I needed was one anon to legitimately take time and give their side on a very contentious topic in my mind to get me to want to actually discuss it.

df04ce  No.12145998


I think in general everyone on here just jumps to the whole "ITS A JEW SHILL" insult too quickly which is part of how discourse is stifled here. I don't see anything you've posted unless you switched IPs, all you did was quote a post with something regarding Qanon and voting which I skimmed over.

I don't follow the Qanon shit to be honest, and I'm not the kind of person that sees value in politics at this point and Qanon is related to Trump stuff which is irrelevant to me at this point. I see the hour as getting later and later for our people, I don't think we have much time left. Political change is hard maybe even impossible considering the kikes and other interested parties extreme infiltration of the west's governments and institutions. Meaning it would take time that we do not have, although the news with some Germans finding their balls after being subjected to cultural torture and suppression for so long was whitepilling for sure.

Either way I have gotten to the point where I know why we have had so much trouble in the post war years. Many of us are extremely firm in our beliefs some even legitimately willing to die for them, when it comes to questioning them even among fellow whites who may have the same idea of an end goal leads to conflict as we aren't in general pussy bastards like our resident commies. But I have no idea how to solve that issue and I like the idea of just Varging out and just dropping off of the grid and raising a family and just living a solid life and raising kids that are good people with good values that can exist in peace.

31c0fb  No.12146029


REPORTED FOR ADMITTING TO BAN EVASION. You spam every single thread on the board with your proven hoaxes and whine when you get banned. Commit suicide immediately, you fucking reddit traitor.

5f2164  No.12146064

File: d85e582beed84f0⋯.jpg (115.18 KB, 950x600, 19:12, bonnie-mccarroll_last-ride….jpg)

File: 14a74109afa55e7⋯.jpeg (195.12 KB, 1280x971, 1280:971, kak-vyglyadel-dikii-zapad….jpeg)

File: 100a02751eece2d⋯.jpg (113.69 KB, 707x518, 101:74, Sewanee_1899.jpg)

File: 663e6d2479118db⋯.jpg (231.62 KB, 830x524, 415:262, atlanta003.jpg)

File: c47f0098774eb20⋯.jpg (96.69 KB, 550x357, 550:357, hartvilleschool1900.jpg)

Teach our history

5338b1  No.12146074



Type His name, Jew.

27afa5  No.12146140



It's literally right out of an episode of Star Trek, like peering into an entirely different world.

352004  No.12146195


All European pantheons share a common root, so the distinctions between them aren't as clear as people think. The best method so far is to study the ones relevant to you and see which on you're drawn to

45b354  No.12146340


I can think of a number of things that are not disputed by scholars. Like the Holocaust and Global Warming.

e215a1  No.12149137


>>We both argue for genocide

I have never argued for genocide, you sick fuck.

I have always advocated for separation into Racial and Ethnic homelands with strong border control.

I have also never argued for "stamping out christianity." That said, if you are a "normal christian," then HO LEE FUCK. You people are disturbed.

YOU are the one calling for murdering Whites. YOU are the one calling for torturing and killing people who reject your cult. YOU are the one who denies the MASSIVE non christian parts of White history. I do not deny christian history. I do not advocate for killing or torturing christians. I do not advocate for killing or torturing anyone.

I advocate for SEPARATION.

You call me a mad dog while frothing at the mouth and screaming.

You are sick.


"LARPing as nazis"

How about you learn what National Socialists actually stood for?



The fanatic speaks more while desiring to murder his own people.

He denies all evidence that conflicts with his cult, and projects his own lack of perception onto others.


This is false.

The most important parts of National Socialism and Volkism are fully compatible with the Constitution.

Only "free Whites of good character" were ever meant to be citizens. The Founders were White Nationalists.


The Founders believed in a Whites only Nation. How about we return to that by deporting all non-Whites first, and then talk about the rest?

That said, any sane person can see that the kikes, regardless of race, have to be removed from power. Look at what the talmud says. Look at what "goyim" means.


The Ancient Greeks were really sekrit proto-christians, despite ALL the evidence to the contrary. Sure they were. They were TOTES NOT POLYTHEISTS AND ATHEISTIC PHILOSOPHERS GUIS.

Also, neat how you still conveniently ignore the numerous non-monotheistic countries in the world, such as Japan and India. Funny that. Interesting how Japan's native polytheistic folk religion, Shinto, and their adaptation of a non-monotheistic philosophy religion, Zen Buddhism, dominate despite exposure to christianity. (as well as atheism) Funny how Japan has become one of the most sophisticated, advanced, and prosperous countries in the world despite having VERY few monotheists. Funny that. Almost as if your assertion that "monotheism is a major pivot for civilization" is simply not accurate.


"Positive christianity." "the inner spiritual kernel of Christianity from the various forms of excrescence (abnormal growths)"

"the inner spiritual kernel"

AKA the spirit of human greatness and the moral sense present in the White race. AKA White spirituality rather than biblical doctrine.


No we don't. "Free Whites of good character" were to be the only ones allowed to become citizens. The USA was to be a WHITE ONLY country. Is it now? No. Some early White Americans owned black SLAVES for goodness sake. Do you think that they intended for those slaves to ever be freed, let alone given citizenship? Hell no.

(I don't support any form of slavery. I support White America for White Americans and only White Americans and no jews).

Also, who owns the media? Who owns the banks? Who are the "rothschilds?" How many jews are in congress, in the courts, in government positions of power? Open your eyes.


This. The dedicated "christian" will never listen, though. They will accuse you of "lying" and "arguing in bad faith" and so forth.


Are you honestly supporting using the talmud as a source for historical fact?


Check'd and Heil'd

Pretty much this.


Morality is not a christian invention.

At all.

7cf8f6  No.12149266


>I believe that a legitimate US nationalist movement will never occur with hatred as it's core driver.

Stop buying into the rhetoric and language of the left. Very few of us have any "hatred" towards any race but the Jews, and hatred of Jews should be worn like a badge of honor. No real races want to mix together, and it's only through the machinations of the eternal Jew and their shabbos goyim that they are put in a situation to. There isn't a single person here who can call themselves a true national socialist and harbor true hatred for any race other than the Jews, as our worldview is ultimately one of love for our own kind and, to an extent, respect for others. Jews innately try to destroy these societies for reasons that are partially ingrained into their psyche at a genetic level, therefore, they must be removed from any society that follows that worldview. It's as simple as that, our hatred for them is reactive, not aggressive. It's their hatred of us that is aggressive.

e36b5d  No.12149359


This except many of the eternal basement dwellers are consumed by rage and must be left behind.

a612fe  No.12149479


The way past all of these problems is simply to focus on race. All of the missteps in our nation's history can be chocked up to racial ignorance. Getting people to realize that all the greatness of western civilization is derived from the collective genetic core of the people that created it is what can unify us despite all of our ideological differences.

0075e0  No.12149949

File: 5005a72cd4c6542⋯.png (61.34 KB, 500x449, 500:449, symbols-of-european-pagan-….png)


>Christianity doesn't stop mattering just because a kike wants it to.

Fuck off, rabbi.

1b19ba  No.12150337

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


All Fascism in modern times is nothing more than political Catholicism

>all major Fascist leaders were devout Catholics

>Fascism is explicitly and overtly Catholic

How does Codreanu fit into your mold being Romanian Orthodox and all?


Dr Johnson is pure gold. Vid related.

653d58  No.12150396

File: 347d4284d2cf2f2⋯.jpg (272.02 KB, 1200x1152, 25:24, 5f59e3d803cd7a18577eeae190….jpg)


Those groups are government run, like the klan. Joining it will just get you put on a list and fired from your job. If you want to do something form a local group. Meet others in your community that think like you. We need cells, not large movements. If the libertarians or green party can't win an election, the Nazi Party sure as hell won't.

b90ec0  No.12150431

File: 60d4e872de9112a⋯.jpeg (140.59 KB, 606x1024, 303:512, 5b82b543c1dd6.jpeg)

The best way to form a nationalist movement to guarantee success:

>Join Republican Party

>Use influence to turn it into a workers party (this gets easier as young people join and the old cuckservatives like McCain die off)

Even with the state of affairs as it is now, there seems to be little hope of the normies abandoning the bipartisan system. Now we all know the DNC has long since been hijacked by Jews and has devolved into a communist party. With this in mind, we can understand why the cuckservatives cannot stand up to them because the left has become too radical. Therefore, the only way for the Republican Party to survive would be for it to undergo a similar transformation, that is, to be taken over by the younger, nationalist generations who will actually stand up to them, and turn the party into a white working-class party with emphasis on nationalism and traditionalism. It would take some time to acheive this of course, but with enough influence, ousting the remaining old cucks out of the party could speed up the process, and soon enough, we've got a brand new NSDAP on our hands that both the normies and the establishment have no choice but to acknowledge.

6346b1  No.12150444


Its easier to have an all out rebellion and get change than to do it through the system. The entire US system is built to prevent real shit from happening. Theres no way to maintain your ideals and work within the system as a right wing person.

288d7a  No.12150446


> turn the republican part into Matthew Heimbach "workers" bullshit

4b9cc3  No.12150453


>oy vey goyim fall for our false dichotomy

>surely you can take back power within our own system where hundreds of millions of others have failed

e523dd  No.12150461


The Gods smile upon you anon.

But the odds of a revolt succeeding are slim without elements of the establishment aiding the rebellion.

So far, no revolt has ever succeeded without elements of the establishment aiding the rebellion.

3c8c95  No.12150464

File: 148d161664ab906⋯.png (67.87 KB, 190x240, 19:24, Screenshot_2018-04-24-20-2….png)


>Posts infographic of cryptokike/glownigger controlled opposition groups and honeypots

6346b1  No.12150478


The establishment means nothing without people supporting it. The system supports people so the society can function, if things go wrong or get cut off people will easily turn radical. Without necessities or even things like TV and other things people will become very very discontent. There is also like i said, no means to reasonably operate within the system without either becoming cucked yourself or being shut out for being to extreme (even if you aren't by any means).

e523dd  No.12150501


>The establishment means nothing without people supporting it

True. However, the peasants simply do what they're told to do. Always have, probably always will.

>Without necessities or even things like TV and other things people will become very very discontent.

True. But where does that leave us?

You're right that the people would be upset without their beer and ballgames. But if these things disappeared tomorrow, what do you think they'd do?

Revolt? Sure. But without organization, they would be destroyed as surely as the Wat Tyler's Rebellion.

6346b1  No.12150518


They would simply follow whoever the strongest movement is, which is why its more important to organize well on a small scale so when the time comes you can already have things in place.

b90ec0  No.12150523


Hitler did not come to power through an all out rebellion. He did so through the system. He tried all out rebellion but failed.

>The entire US system is built to prevent real shit from happening

The establishment has built our society to prevent all out rebellion as well. Do you really think anyone, let alone the fools who posted beneath me, are going to do anything when they are still able to stuff their faces everyday and get their nut off? The EU just passed Article 13. Why? Because Eurocucks are still too comfortable. For everything that is happened, its always the same reason.

You don't think it would work, but have you tried? The DNC was transformed into a communist party. So why not transform the Republican Party?

That being said, I think the biggest problem with people like us in infighting and black-pilling (code word for defeatism).

653d58  No.12150527


it is, but it won't happen until people can't afford to put food on the table and then our local groups win hearts and mind through food drives like Golden Dawn

b90ec0  No.12150540


Yeah, no food and no internet porn is what it will take.

I'm as open to rebellion as anyone else, but I'm trying to be realistic also.

6346b1  No.12150562


>He did so through the system. He tried all out rebellion but failed.

This quote from siege sums up this mindset properly. We are not in the Weimar, we are in a much worse situation where the system is entirely against us.

"We are a parliamentary party by compulsion", said

Adolf Hitler during the Kampfzeit period in Germany from

1925 to 1933. Because Germany was still essentially sound

under the surface in 1923, the open revolt did not work,

nor catch on with the populace (apart from being betrayed

from the inside by conservative swine). And because

German society and institutions were still basically

sound at that time. Hitler and his fellow Putschists were

looked upon quite sympathetically and favorably by those

presiding at their trial in 1924 which resulted in less than a

year's incarceration. (That German court gave Hitler less

than a year for "high treason"; the System here today gives

patriots fifty years for charges they were framed on, for doing

nothing!) What had prompted the Munich Putsch was

the apparent bottoming-out of German law-and-order

and economy. But that drastic move was premature because

the Weimar regime - filthy and rotten as it was - still


had more than one gasp left in it. The economy actually

rallied from that point up until the World Depression of

1929 which sent a stampede of desperate Germans, no

longer complacent, into the ranks of Hitler's Party. The

point is that German institutions were yet healthy enough

to work within, and indeed too healthy to try to overthrow

(as the Communists had already found out the hard

way). The problem was a thin coating, or scum, if you will,

of traitors at the top. Because of Hitler's correct assessment

of the situation and the firm course he set his Party on accordingly

in 1925, the history of the NSDAP from then until

the Machtergreifung - the taking of state power - is an unbroken,

uninterrupted uphill climb.

We of the NSLF are a revolutionary party by compulsion.

We are the first to realize that no popular revolt can be

contemplated at this time as the only thing "popular" at

the moment is further pleasure and more diversion

among the quivering masses. The society is a shambles

and the economy slips more every day but most would -

and will - be surprised to learn just how much further it

can deteriorate before the situation can be termed criti -

cal. We also realize that nothing, absolutely nothing by

way of Anglo-Saxon institutions remain intact and this effectively

means that America as it had been known for

about 150 years has been wiped out more cleanly than if

it had been defeated in a sudden war. (This actually had

been Germany 's case and was what had allowed for her

resurrection within only fourteen years.) The United States

went the worst way a country can - terminal cancer - but

yet, historically, even that process was quick - quick

enough to leave enough White Men with some ability to

still think and act as White Men. The rest is up to us.

>The DNC was transformed into a communist party. So why not transform the Republican Party?

The Jews who controlled the system wanted that to happen, so it did. You still believe that the democratic systems we live in today are actually self sufficient? Everything happens as the Jews will it too, thats why the republican part hasn't evolved since the 60s and the democrats get more and more communistic every decade. The American right is still mostly made up of neocons who have to much to lose to embrace anything above mild reactionary tendencies. You cannot simply change this through political means, even if the system would allow you.

b90ec0  No.12150577


Lol I guess you'll just have to roll over and die then.

6346b1  No.12150585


I don't understand, i'm not by any means promoting blackpilled thoughts, i'm promoting alternatives outside the already compromised political establishment.

b90ec0  No.12150643


Like I said, I'm all for all out rebellion, but I really don't think its going to happen. The reason why has already been stated by myself, and by others: As long as white men still have their little comforts, it isn't going to happen, and the establishment knows that. They know how to deter uprisings, which is why all the concern over muh stock market crashing again is rather laughable. The Depression that happened in the 30's was the catalyst Hitler needed to gain power in Wiemar. The treaty itself was not sufficient, and I'm telling you there won't be another stock market crash, and nobody is going to lose their comforts, so I don't believe we will see a rebellion.

Now I am well-aware of what the Jews wanted. I also know that the DNC will contrast the Republicans no matter what, but the conservatives themselves are pushovers and they have historically always been the first to go in the battle between ideologies simply because they cannot adapt to radical times.

6346b1  No.12150671


As long as people have their gibs, they will also see no need to change the current politicians in charge either, the conservatives are pushovers as you said, and they're not going to give in to a far right movement political or not at this time because of the limitations imposed by media, corporations, and the government itself.

Like i said, all reasonable alternatives to the neocons will be INSTANTLY painted as radicals, conspiracy theorists, etc. Look at all the alt-right people from the Charlottesville thing, most of them were complete optics cucks and civnats yet regardless they still get painted as some radical nazis. Like the quote i posted said, even with the Weimar being in the state it was in it still had some semblance of German values and institutions left in it, unlike ours. You will always be alienated by this Jew-owned (not influenced, OWNED) system no matter what you do, which is why you should give up in trying to play an active role in it and establish an alternative.

572c51  No.12150703


The stock market crash already occurred. The Great Depression didn’t get really bad for years. It was really the grain shortages of a newly industrializing nation of the 1920’s that made it bad for Germany as it sent food prices through the roof.

In the US the Depression didn’t get bad until like 1936. Sure it was bad before that, but 1936 was the worst year. Had the Fed just let those banks fail, it would have been over relatively quickly.

b90ec0  No.12150737


Of course I know the left is going to call anyone who opposes them, every PC buzzword in the book.

>the conservatives are pushovers as you said, and they're not going to give in to a far right movement

I think you overestimate the cuckservatives. They wouldn't resist a nationalist take-over in any serious way. I think the 2016 elections did much to expose how weak they truly are, as nobody in the party could so much as touch Trump, who incidentally has been the most nationalist-minded candidate any of us have seen. Most Americans agree with our talking points, even if they are blue-pilled and stupid and the cucks kicked and screamed to the point of public humiliation but in the end, Trump won out because he had the support of these same people. That was the premise of the idea I was trying to describe.

b90ec0  No.12150748


Yes I know. I simply said there would not be another one.

6346b1  No.12150754


The problem isn't republicans resisting, the problem is the system as a collective unit resisting. Yes Trump won, but Trump has opinions that would be considered the norm a few decades ago but yet he was still labeled as a crazy outsider with radical opinions. If you advocate anything beyond whats within the very small ideological realm of the US party system you will be shut out. The libertarians did the same shit you're proposing yet their individual desires aren't ever specifically pushed by the republicans.

b90ec0  No.12150809


Ah the libertarians… They're not much better, and even if they had power, they wouldn't use it because they would be too afraid of violating somebody's rights. No moderate party can stand in radical times, and look at their leadership, they're all a bunch of intellectuals (using that term loosely) and that sort have no place in physical conflict. Anyhow, thet whole movement, I have observed, has been bastardized by Ancaps like Molyneux.

At any rate make sure you have arms and ammo.

1d7ad6  No.12152101




Is there a good collection of non pozzed US history that I can start reading to create lesson plans for a lack of a better term? I've been working pretty hard at creating a fraternal order and want to implement these ideas.

e5a31a  No.12154078


I would also be interested in this list. Where should anons start? Some that I know of:

- Jared Taylor What the Founders Really Thought About Race

Essay by Jared Taylor

- Documents of American Prejudice: An Anthology of Writings on Race from …

Book by S. T. Joshi

- The American Language

Book by H. L. Mencken

f9aabf  No.12160519


797e08  No.12160531


America is not a nation

797e08  No.12160553



>non pozzed US history

Doesn't exist. The USA is a pozzed Jewish shit hole and has been since it was founded. The only solution to the American problem is balkanization.

5bab81  No.12160562


>anti-white D&C

>jewish hoaxes

Yes, we believe you. Leave now.

bc48aa  No.12160580

File: 46dae527c2a885c⋯.png (81.75 KB, 638x557, 638:557, CA71795A-ECB8-47A0-8DFB-22….png)


>Jews are the enemy

>But the one I worship is real and is one of the good guys

This thread is beyond fucking stupid, and sentiments like this are the epitome of entry level boomer “white nationalism”.

797e08  No.12160591


America is the most anti-White entity in history. Anti-American is pro-White by definition.

e523dd  No.12160616


Neither was Germany in 1871

797e08  No.12160943


Germans were always a nation.

4a9b77  No.12161144

File: 1f0147b34548bf0⋯.jpg (222.78 KB, 871x917, 871:917, germanic_tribes.jpg)

8ca46b  No.12161216


Thanks for clarifying that, kept seeing this "optics" about and wasn't entirely sure what they mean't by it.

3475f3  No.12161257

File: 4404ae319212696⋯.jpg (337.57 KB, 734x657, 734:657, HitlerChristianQuoteMeme3.jpg)

Maybe find a way to make a spring-loaded-hinges self-nailing cross and plant that thing on the highest hill you can (dig a hole, put cross with auto-nail-traps on the hands and feet into hole, fill with large rocks) and climb into it then SNAP.

Also, maybe need sign like "Schlomo let my people go".

afddda  No.12161421


>Everything is compromised just sit at home and Jack off to porn goy

3475f3  No.12161507

File: e001ef9931fb5ed⋯.gif (3.24 MB, 343x250, 343:250, blue_eyes_ultimate_dragon_….gif)


We are collected and collecting, nobly stand.

b5a021  No.12161667


Socialists is any stripe get the rope

9efc40  No.12161670


>1. American protestant Christian tradition is not unifying. It's fractured and divisive.

I think Christendom should be replaced/fused with a Civic religion that promotes duty to the race through participation/preservation of Republicanism

00618b  No.12166426

File: 4aa5949811e8bde⋯.png (4.61 KB, 407x416, 407:416, 0de422f85744eb259e565d6866….png)

>"its not the jews!"

95c2d0  No.12166619

File: 0b2bb8efafa775f⋯.jpg (159.97 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, 0b2bb8efafa775f98b5c9d7e60….jpg)

File: 0eeb52ac61dfb59⋯.gif (43.41 KB, 834x556, 3:2, 0eeb52ac61dfb599420750ec55….gif)

File: 74eef9d0670e7fa⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 3000x2409, 1000:803, 5d225f4f36a8abd572f3cddbc9….jpg)

File: 8d6feab2b2805a0⋯.png (86.36 KB, 1900x1000, 19:10, 8d6feab2b2805a0e4c0f9181d3….png)

File: eb7bfe219e8621b⋯.png (587.31 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 9c32a03a3567d573c5959adec0….png)

Needs more images.

95c2d0  No.12166620

File: 25c98d8649f712b⋯.jpg (16.52 KB, 344x335, 344:335, 25c98d8649f712bb40fc6b15fb….jpg)

File: 35a43110c1a0854⋯.jpg (8.92 KB, 285x200, 57:40, 35a43110c1a0854a283e4a77a1….jpg)

File: 40d6c70e72230fd⋯.gif (532.48 KB, 701x418, 701:418, 40d6c70e72230fd3d324bb898e….gif)

File: 951bbadf67a28e6⋯.jpg (104.47 KB, 629x827, 629:827, 43dc17e87640a0f791851146f4….jpg)

File: 63e0a063dfd96a5⋯.jpg (12.69 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 63e0a063dfd96a5e878eddefa5….jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166622

File: 71d01c08b454277⋯.jpg (320.9 KB, 1099x1000, 1099:1000, 71d01c08b454277e499f2aeed2….jpg)

File: 8ad93e4ab8e9d8a⋯.png (918.71 KB, 1101x800, 1101:800, 86cd1cf5f8d4ea1ae3218c6a31….png)

File: 88b0fc3381ca37e⋯.jpg (62.24 KB, 375x500, 3:4, 88b0fc3381ca37ec45fb8b59be….jpg)

File: 348d6fe5fc3c926⋯.png (726.51 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 348d6fe5fc3c9268cc8c2f7753….png)

File: 0717e7f4c437218⋯.jpg (82.83 KB, 600x892, 150:223, 615d4c9243c77c2706823cd631….jpg)

6f4509  No.12166623


>The only solution to the American problem is balkanization.

That part is 100% true. Preferably a hard balkanization but even a soft one (where non-whites stay in 4-5 states only) would work.

95c2d0  No.12166624

File: 9eeb61519b69c0a⋯.png (675.01 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 667cea94ddda61a433b06f76d5….png)

File: 750f949d9a3c327⋯.jpg (56.07 KB, 618x688, 309:344, 750f949d9a3c32770dd92d0eef….jpg)

File: 14d86bdab056def⋯.jpg (54.41 KB, 331x498, 331:498, 996ee1b103e11428befe56716a….jpg)

File: 5780ae6fb80086e⋯.png (649.56 KB, 587x600, 587:600, 5780ae6fb80086e2dde436e051….png)

File: e92daa7fa707ee0⋯.jpg (88.38 KB, 960x666, 160:111, 36320dd6a0ea39e4721c8bbef4….jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166640

File: 43122137c7fbf35⋯.jpg (46.14 KB, 379x366, 379:366, 43122137c7fbf358ae66b0d541….jpg)

File: 9468892259b440b⋯.gif (192.44 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 9468892259b440b67920855b90….gif)

File: 7292884b79377b0⋯.jpg (519.58 KB, 1200x1390, 120:139, 1392402927121.jpg)

File: acf77b13aa9416d⋯.jpg (135.51 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 1397268212340.jpg)

File: 2abc67e3df8a8fb⋯.jpg (60.08 KB, 650x620, 65:62, 1397383781138.jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166642

File: 754823e3e21d949⋯.jpg (333.7 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, 1397543075238.jpg)

File: bc2b763be53f26b⋯.jpg (17.61 KB, 350x419, 350:419, 1406226809490.jpg)

File: 292703083aabc31⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 3112x2338, 1556:1169, 1428612367967.jpg)

File: 4320817e9cf82cb⋯.jpg (23.71 KB, 255x228, 85:76, 1430934243035.jpg)

File: 8125da4e078d5d5⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 3000x1933, 3000:1933, 1433092503351.jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166644

File: 28d2560197f9ced⋯.jpg (55.23 KB, 576x800, 18:25, 1453724250160-2.jpg)

File: 430a69d94084acf⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1468253307636.jpg)

File: 8275ac7f109bf8b⋯.png (19.48 KB, 960x505, 192:101, 1479479518492.png)

File: 7edd8d9982ecf0a⋯.png (240.39 KB, 788x756, 197:189, ae6f681b2401884590a541e286….png)

File: af7c7c7866fddd5⋯.png (324.3 KB, 667x317, 667:317, af7c7c7866fddd5dd483746af8….png)

95c2d0  No.12166647

File: afcc504d0920142⋯.jpg (2.31 MB, 1888x2520, 236:315, afcc504d09201428a4719581d6….jpg)

File: 3ffe3f630ab4e28⋯.jpg (174.83 KB, 1052x548, 263:137, american nationalism.jpg)

File: 114220751f49928⋯.png (124.92 KB, 750x573, 250:191, b2899dbbc7f910d1f0e2099f3b….png)

File: be93715f8cb5662⋯.png (1.78 MB, 3800x2000, 19:10, be93715f8cb5662f6e3f2e4b6d….png)

File: c6ff77d452e9886⋯.png (134.27 KB, 418x627, 2:3, c6ff77d452e988613fe05d19c7….png)

95c2d0  No.12166649

File: ca07661479967c2⋯.jpg (87.11 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ca07661479967c2181c991fc6c….jpg)

File: f2d1c7bfb36691f⋯.jpg (157.7 KB, 1177x1280, 1177:1280, f2d1c7bfb36691f6e84bd530a8….jpg)

File: f6dea4a2b98c01e⋯.jpg (107.21 KB, 772x817, 772:817, f6dea4a2b98c01e2e336caffbb….jpg)

File: 85c56ff432671ec⋯.jpg (36.69 KB, 490x550, 49:55, f03734ef9b1f1a91f3d605291a….jpg)

File: b5dde1a02fae54b⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1696x2544, 2:3, 1460733806579.jpg)


95c2d0  No.12166656

File: c6d8e16e035a796⋯.png (547.86 KB, 787x2771, 787:2771, 5c62496f44e42c35e86d28d1d7….png)

File: 4a4f8a366e1a5f7⋯.jpg (85.25 KB, 610x610, 1:1, 9bc3271d814bb495947934b3da….jpg)

File: aba89d0ec72c0bb⋯.png (182.25 KB, 605x711, 605:711, 82d88ed4dfd66cba1e62509ec6….png)

File: 7fa968e78683b65⋯.png (83.4 KB, 1561x1013, 1561:1013, 703b40bfc7e9a2d94e3dbd9b4a….png)

File: c32ec33aeaa7810⋯.jpg (5.9 MB, 3616x6224, 226:389, 1466603108900-0.jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166658

File: a0ee8594be7dbaa⋯.jpg (911 KB, 3212x2200, 73:50, 1466603108901-1.jpg)

File: 0771c5b6cb050d3⋯.png (7.81 MB, 3758x5088, 1879:2544, 1466650587256.png)

File: ad757c0029d77fb⋯.png (156.96 KB, 381x239, 381:239, ad757c0029d77fbb10ee193d84….png)

File: a262f8c314fa7e4⋯.jpg (199.14 KB, 974x1605, 974:1605, d0a7694cfe8fdaa0834f96c3a8….jpg)

File: df9accc04fec75b⋯.png (157.97 KB, 1314x752, 657:376, df9accc04fec75bbce283ba8f4….png)

95c2d0  No.12166660

File: 282c90c81f3c258⋯.png (209.26 KB, 595x613, 595:613, 9a7dd32ce547597ca7b7d8ce84….png)

File: 1b8a01c021212e8⋯.png (183.7 KB, 1013x1856, 1013:1856, 27d2337ca01b59b836b0db43f0….png)

File: a8ad105d5bc6ed9⋯.png (387.07 KB, 2630x2410, 263:241, a8ad105d5bc6ed9a6b2183ad53….png)

File: 080fa469b4744be⋯.jpg (235.11 KB, 873x808, 873:808, b36f88c15de96d35936ef6a159….jpg)

File: 3697b05547608dd⋯.jpg (79.93 KB, 700x476, 25:17, bd7bb437139d97d90c5edf5610….jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166669

File: 4855040edb45e1c⋯.jpg (56.86 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1625641_832494753443359_16….jpg)

File: 7088ccacc41031b⋯.png (1.22 MB, 2000x1483, 2000:1483, 1419982443037.png)

File: 1755e5548944175⋯.jpg (338.87 KB, 1276x997, 1276:997, 1421347269594.jpg)

File: 074b56796e6464e⋯.jpg (557.96 KB, 842x833, 842:833, 1435515913773-1.jpg)

File: a7e0b129c265833⋯.jpg (115.35 KB, 768x661, 768:661, a7e0b129c265833ba5890eeba5….jpg)

1c841e  No.12166670


Just send them all to Commiefornia. It's big enough and it's already a shithole to boot.

498e56  No.12166672

File: 5a9ae2f22129963⋯.jpg (37.14 KB, 575x255, 115:51, af50a31b2115036124476c44e9….jpg)

File: 7b3b21d4da17ff1⋯.jpg (73.16 KB, 550x296, 275:148, 550-082310--001.jpg)

File: 2511a099e15efad⋯.jpg (214.12 KB, 800x974, 400:487, gdihjosa456123.jpg)

File: 151a2ce70379bc7⋯.jpg (159.09 KB, 750x581, 750:581, office-curtis.jpg)

File: 5315dd939947534⋯.jpg (191.44 KB, 620x414, 310:207, 72c03e4b213131a3040c0e0f98….jpg)


>Is there a good collection of non pozzed US history that I can start reading

Nothing current that I'm aware of, maybe you can make one with your bibliography for your lesson plan.

I try to focus on origins and early history in specific subjects such as the engineering of steam engines or American football, for instance, and gather information that way. If you really want books of history I'd suggest looking for books published no later than 1910 detailing the recorded history of America.

You could also try to find out what notable American jew haters like Ford or Disney liked to read, where they got their information from. Good luck.

95c2d0  No.12166683

File: b2976beaa831c2c⋯.png (114.94 KB, 1513x983, 1513:983, The youngest and Whitest c….png)

File: 7fae0a1a0cc43f3⋯.jpg (65.43 KB, 732x446, 366:223, 9806412238eeb070a16fb05eb6….jpg)

File: 935ded1b75b6e6d⋯.png (88.19 KB, 1096x812, 274:203, 1390173951996.png)

File: 209fecabb9663f6⋯.png (387.27 KB, 800x737, 800:737, 1371084859277.png)

File: b31e818858e0e3d⋯.jpg (43.87 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 1386311051719.jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166686

File: 68add3927a9f1e4⋯.jpg (58.43 KB, 565x640, 113:128, 1388259431094.jpg)

File: 991f8ade5d9a0f5⋯.png (569.42 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1388691083817.png)

File: decc615c3564586⋯.jpg (59.16 KB, 530x426, 265:213, 1388722656247.jpg)

File: c944af653b3d56a⋯.png (305.22 KB, 650x433, 650:433, 1388725389831.png)

File: c5f60e6d4c34fb6⋯.jpg (70.95 KB, 540x633, 180:211, 1388771344405.jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166690

File: 79b403f124c5651⋯.jpg (85.63 KB, 638x421, 638:421, 1388773302377.jpg)

File: 996b312c03cbd81⋯.jpg (214.71 KB, 792x732, 66:61, 1388966724779.jpg)

File: 344be0e183fd898⋯.jpg (59.54 KB, 640x638, 320:319, 1389474259812.jpg)

File: 5efada97a097b50⋯.jpg (224.04 KB, 700x1091, 700:1091, 1395793790855.jpg)

File: 571fd37494d2a24⋯.jpg (159.87 KB, 960x550, 96:55, 1395826008571.jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166701

File: c1f3c55fbfbd497⋯.jpg (41.97 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1396306730682.jpg)

File: 3d4f8ad2b1f583a⋯.jpg (243.37 KB, 839x467, 839:467, 1397274808247.jpg)

File: dafb87f9094c681⋯.jpg (129.83 KB, 746x880, 373:440, 1403070935175.jpg)

File: 1b23f754c1c8266⋯.jpg (79.58 KB, 525x613, 525:613, 1419408925386.jpg)

File: 8cbec5487590bad⋯.jpg (178.04 KB, 720x567, 80:63, 1425443788291.jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166707

File: 3d0353e35bb651f⋯.jpg (47.03 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1426666129438-1.jpg)

File: 18ba4d68b960c27⋯.jpg (176.51 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1432877033274.jpg)

File: 4481604c44640de⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1450960756592.jpg)

File: 727b0f7cd9e3502⋯.jpg (29.18 KB, 568x296, 71:37, 1453636651320-0.jpg)

File: 2064340b4f6e987⋯.jpg (55.2 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1454123896420.jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166712

File: e20ea0d8aa78c48⋯.jpg (86.03 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 1454126008585.jpg)

File: ffeab6eb944aabc⋯.png (445.64 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 1339920575116.png)

File: 9691a3b3901397a⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 500x311, 500:311, 1454965046335-1.jpg)

File: a665e7072a9da3d⋯.jpg (38.51 KB, 480x369, 160:123, 1454965066407-0.jpg)

File: ba43c058b58c395⋯.jpg (411.07 KB, 990x786, 165:131, 1454965103032-1.jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166717

File: 5ae69b1920ba45d⋯.png (425.77 KB, 532x391, 532:391, 1455240831994.png)

File: 0b7e92b532792c9⋯.jpeg (61.62 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 1456726884893-1.jpeg)

File: d4e359e905f649c⋯.jpg (59.67 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1457564240033.jpg)

File: f85c3c2d74bc682⋯.jpg (52.63 KB, 621x449, 621:449, 1461349344684-4.jpg)

File: dc682d4b41b2bc8⋯.jpg (119.58 KB, 648x388, 162:97, 1461469755417-0.jpg)

95c2d0  No.12166719

File: b18506409570fb2⋯.jpg (149 KB, 826x855, 826:855, 1466233902283-1.jpg)

File: d9f616de2975dfe⋯.jpg (130.94 KB, 591x691, 591:691, 1470631060067.jpg)

File: a11c5b6dfd625d6⋯.jpg (95.98 KB, 811x984, 811:984, a098f1e00b0df8e40ec726528e….jpg)

File: db04d46e0559369⋯.jpg (62.91 KB, 850x400, 17:8, f1ae2a9d47d4686a8b04a543b5….jpg)

File: 2ea832f6847af9c⋯.jpg (69.94 KB, 640x662, 320:331, e5dfa0793bed23c9bec89ea42a….jpg)

ca9c1b  No.12166720


Is dorner a lost kennedy?

498e56  No.12166724

File: a81884e0cea9d89⋯.jpg (54.13 KB, 433x500, 433:500, rebellion_to_tyrants_colon….jpg)

File: a059904d274ac82⋯.png (83.31 KB, 369x252, 41:28, 540801ebff3b181c1fdeb2d185….png)

File: 4c18a07db5a8bf8⋯.mp4 (7.3 MB, 462x360, 77:60, Lightning Sketches.mp4)

95c2d0  No.12166731

File: eb33f63a1c6f5a5⋯.jpg (29.09 KB, 460x276, 5:3, 1456629011811.jpg)


I highly doubt it, rather more so they both held such a belief, and both paid the ultimate price for it.

95d2e9  No.12166855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm a bit depressed and drunk. Gonna drop some links.



Look up "Abe Finklestein".

ol' rabbi Abe Finklestein wrote a book which I saw in /pdf/ about meme warfare.

Fucking yids are scared to death about memes. Propaganda which they hold very little control.

Lone wolves directing the discourse. meme warfare

vid related

95d2e9  No.12166864


Last time I posted this vid was during the pedo investigation thread. Got dubs of 44.

Now 55.

Kek speaks I guess.


Kikes plan move to china

95c2d0  No.12166876

File: b2e8eb9a13f0d98⋯.jpeg (52.57 KB, 591x541, 591:541, b2e8eb9a13f0d98ce8aa63143….jpeg)

>>12166855 das dubs


Aaaand it's an hour long. Any highlights? Or shall I just resolve myself to listen to it as be Kek's will regardless.

95d2e9  No.12166883


>Any highlights?

A fucking yid spills his guts out but believes your too stupid to listen.

Will you you prove him right or wrong?

Are you a free thinking individual or a retarded cow?

f96f5f  No.12166885

>I want a tightly-cohesive and connected white ethno-state

>me me me me me me

you want what you dont deserve, learn to actually be a leader and give masses reason to follow you. Right now you are just a cry baby. Im not even saying your ideals arent just. Im saying that they dont exist in a vacum and leaving America and starting a race war has its consequences.

Until you have a good plan and show that you are willing to make the sacrifice you are asking for , possibly death in trying to break away from the union, you are just a cry baby.

95c2d0  No.12166912

File: a592af78355d9e5⋯.png (617.06 KB, 772x942, 386:471, 0089bf642dab0455a1ebc53993….png)

File: 182bee7c4300a8e⋯.png (35.43 KB, 195x233, 195:233, 182bee7c4300a8e77a38b1ca08….png)


It's pretty juicy. Within 15 min he admitted that they worship lucifer and that all other races exist to serve them while they party. I'm not even paraphrasing.

dd2ffc  No.12166914


You are a kike D&C officer. Curse israel.

95d2e9  No.12166929


Continue with the recording. It gets worse.

c8ff05  No.12166954


You're right. Eliminate the welfare state and the nogs are fucked; they'll have to start acting like whites (strong family units) to even survive, and the spic women will self-deport if their medical costs aren't covered for childbirth et al.

95d2e9  No.12166958

File: 586ed1f909f71a0⋯.png (196.44 KB, 480x549, 160:183, protocals of the elders of….png)


enjoy some reading.


95d2e9  No.12166989

File: 2eecc50295c2441⋯.png (340.02 KB, 718x396, 359:198, protocals cap.png)

File: d56172106ef31ee⋯.jpg (32.61 KB, 455x676, 35:52, zero_two.jpg)


pic related is but an excerpt. Does it seem familiar?

Read it. Read the whole thing.

How much of rings true?

7fc768  No.12167040


>Hey, that's my wife, bro

>dude she likes the dinosuar cock

95c2d0  No.12167041

File: e14f59c1a9a0bac⋯.jpg (62.74 KB, 1407x473, 1407:473, 1453921322774-1.jpg)


The digits demand it, here's the updated version.

dd2ffc  No.12167066


Checked. This is a D&C thread anyway.

6f4509  No.12167121


but i really want it mummy. what if i create some more dank memes? will u gib me ethnostate? pleeeease? please please please?

e523dd  No.12167261

File: 87d88161e466d06⋯.jpg (351.37 KB, 1203x960, 401:320, map-europe-1700.jpg)


>Adds jack shit to the discussion

Do you want attention?


Germany was a nation before then in the same way that America is a nation today.

The big difference is that Germans were separated by borders while Americans suffer from foreigners living amongst us.

6ea475  No.12168474













Let's see whether that (((religion))) benefits national socialism:

>The churchgoers who ultimately voted for Trump over Clinton still tend to hold different views than his more secular supporters, and the more religious part of the G.O.P. is still the less Trumpist portion — meaning less populist on economics, but also less authoritarian and tribal on race and identity.

Guess not, now look at the data:

>The survey was conducted by the (((Cato Institute)))’s Emily Ekins for the Voter Study Group, who analyzed the views of Trump voters based on their frequency of church attendance — from “never” to “weekly” or more often. The trend was consistent: The more often a Trump voter attended church, the less white-identitarian they appeared, the more they expressed favorable views of racial minorities, and the less they agreed with populist arguments on trade and immigration.

But what are the numbers?

>The differences were particularly striking on race. For instance, a quarter of Trump voters who never attend church describe being white as “very important” to their identity; for the most frequent churchgoers voters, it was 9 percent. Among non-churchgoing Trump voters, only 48 percent had warm feelings toward black people, compared to 71 percent of weekly churchgoers; the same sort of pattern held for views of Hispanics, Asians and Jews.

WLP was right about churchgoers.


Archive not working: https://archive.fo/rCSgY

000000  No.12168510

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Christian Identity

>Christogenea by (((William Finck)))

Hundreds of pages of "we were Jews" narrative, kikes must be shitting their pants imagining the possibility of Whites rediscovering their native spirituality.

d221a4  No.12168528


American christians also make up the bulk of Q cultists. I don't really have anything against christianity per se, but those who practice it today are 99% garbage who only deserve to be shot.

eb6541  No.12170124

File: deafe4669cb59fe⋯.jpg (290.3 KB, 645x1652, 645:1652, Showboat ad1.jpg)

File: 7f3ae692443cd11⋯.jpg (281.72 KB, 597x723, 199:241, Steamboat Interior.jpg)

File: f74e203a740be2e⋯.jpg (83.22 KB, 650x511, 650:511, a0c2efd5b2b4c49833b2c5cb5f….jpg)

File: c90fab9905c70f5⋯.jpg (5.68 MB, 6000x4679, 6000:4679, Robert_E_Lee_Steamboat.jpg)

File: 9f87654b7763b61⋯.jpg (614.47 KB, 970x707, 970:707, Showboat-Cotton-Blossom.jpg)

More American culture

95c2d0  No.12170258

File: 3c11cce2e6906dd⋯.jpg (32.49 KB, 779x468, 779:468, 3c11cce2e6906ddb22a3a464f5….jpg)

File: 52c5ba1324e5215⋯.png (303.78 KB, 693x703, 693:703, 1433102148875.png)

File: 29511fe0f4ec608⋯.jpg (221.51 KB, 797x1422, 797:1422, 6ca978ece5d7030b12482ab9a8….jpg)

File: ac0680a163f5dfa⋯.jpg (246.93 KB, 900x1366, 450:683, ac0680a163f5dfa1833f3096c9….jpg)

File: b3c558c6bf9f2db⋯.jpg (86.56 KB, 736x1032, 92:129, 1438658110616-1.jpg)





Celtic druid/Norse sorcerer reporting in. We're only just rediscovering our polytheist roots.

71f1ca  No.12170275

off with your semitic desert death cult. christian religion is a fabrication invented by jews to mind control whites, specifically engineered to destroy rome. you christcuck idiots are so stupid that it still works today and is still one of the biggest threats to whites. my gods are the gods of my ancestors. they are the gods of europe. i don't need a kike on a stick. i don't need jews to tell me what i should believe. i don't need a desert religion that has nothing to do with my people and that constantly say that all races are equal in its scriptures and other obvious fallacies. my gods don't write books to me. removing jews starts by removing christianity which is a kike-worshipping cult.

71f1ca  No.12170307


>black sun on burger flag

it's funny how you try to appropriate the symbol (which is inherently national socialist) to your country which was (still is) a major force that literally genocided germany, Hitler and 3rd Reich, as an effort to be good slaves to the jews. that's just ironic. your country was (and is still) an active enemy of the white male, and somehow you want to associate it with white male values….

53016b  No.12170359

File: 4d4df0cb9704a63⋯.png (704.13 KB, 433x405, 433:405, slav_frog.png)

> I am Christian

d221a4  No.12170363


>I like old boats n sheeeiit

3c49a3  No.12170375


how long you wanna duke this out before our shared culture is dead?

179f64  No.12170397


If the history of Christianity is any sort of reference then it's either do this now or do this later and getting stabbed in the back is the less appealing option than getting it over with now.

34e909  No.12170463


Ehhh… I don’t know. As you can see from my posts I have no love for Christianity but honestly I’d almost rather take the betrayal later and work together now. I know we’re just kicking the problems down to our descendants but I honestly believe it’s their issue to resolve, not ours. We have the problems here and now that we have to deal with and I think the bulk of Christians would at least agree that right now our best chance is gonna be setting aside our differences and working together.

Listen, we’re all strung out and on the defensive right now due to the conditions we’re all forced to live under so tempers flare and we attack each other even here at the slightest even imagined provocation. But maybe if we win it won’t be that way. Maybe in Whitetopia a Christian and a pagan and an atheist can all be friends. Maybe not but there’s a chance right? Anyway sorry for the blogpost.

a1cb86  No.12170491

File: 035318d406f7a72⋯.jpg (21.99 KB, 361x240, 361:240, wolves_with_food_poisoning.jpg)


> I believe JC is our Lord and Savior.

>getting heebcucked despite being supposed to know better after looking at how things turned out for Europe

<hey goyim, we have the true and immutable word of the real and true and immutable god, the bible, convert please and let us live among you as thanks for showing you this truth.

>fuck off this is gay, i ain't turning my other cheek

<oh you can have like a lot of non biblical stuff actually, here, in order to facilitate your conversion, you can totally incorporate some of your stuff in there

>alright I'm converting, this version is the true word of god, yes

<yes, goyim, it is, lemme go to the next region real quick, ok?

<hey goyim, this is the immutable word of god, its really true and the one and only truth, it's the bible, convert please and let us live among you as thanks for us teaching you this

>fuck off, this is gay, i ain't turning the other cheek

<no worries, goyim, you can totally add some of your stuff

>alright, I'm converting

<hey, goyim christians of this region, this other region is totally heretical and rich, and riches are totally not cool, especially if they're not our, I mean yours, can you kill those heretics who defiled and warped the one true word of god real quick? that would be swell

>yeah, fuck those faggots for messing with the one true gospel of christ lol let's kill them all

then the jews just shoook chicken over their heads and did some kol nidre and bam presto, they were absolved of their lying and cheating by the "one true god of the bible".

the one true word of god taht split into six gorillion denominations, fancy that.

Hey, OP, I bet you're a heretic to a lot of christians, I think they should slit your throat for your heresies so you do not defile the sacrifice of christ any longer.

Do you agree with that?

85db3d  No.12170501

>american nationalism

>first few words are fuck and shit

How classy and not at all nigger like.

>im white

Is white even an ethnicity tho? What did new worlders mean by this?

America is over. This cancer world of jewish desert bazaars, pop culture and whore morality is American doing. America imprisons more people than authoritarian China with 10 times the population. Its also easier to start a business in China than America. Freedom? Government even confiscates foreskins and privacies in America.

America is Brazil waiting to happen, its already half nonwhite, America couldnt even maintain the new worlder racial standards.

Dont get me wrong here. America was the best thing there was before 20th century and Europe today is just American vassal, if America is jewish cancer Europe is jewish cancer lite.

I think that, today at least, Russia is the only emerging world power with less jewish influence than all alternatives. I think that if you want to preserve your race, if you want a good enough and traditional enough and white enough environment to start a family, you should pursue Russian citizenship. Not saying you have to move to Russia instantly, but just to keep it in the back of your mind as a potential place that could guarantee you safety from leftists, niggers, jews, muslims, faggotry, promiscuity….

You invest a bit here, invest a bit there. You keep what you already have, but you also build a backup. And America and Europe are just pure cancer right now, on a fast track to becoming next South Africa.

82756a  No.12170593


>Maybe in Whitetopia a Christian and a pagan and an atheist can all be friends

No, a core tenant of Christianity is that there can only be Christianity, in an ideal world Christians would be Henotheists and operate in it's own little corner but it doesn't, all other faiths must be destroyed, hence the animosity.

63da20  No.12170630


Yeah, that’s all true. But I still stick by what I said before that. I think we’ll have a better chance if we work together. On the other hand I’ve also wondered how many of the supposed Christians posting here are even Christians or on our side, or just trying to sow dissent and get us to say anti-Christian stuff they can use to try and turn Christians against us or something or make us all fight with each other. Granted, every Christian on our side I’ve met IRL has been a little… ya know, batshit insane. So I usually give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re genuine, in which case they’re about half of us roughly. There aren’t a shitload of us to begin with and I feel like we can’t even sort out the issues we have with other racialist whites in good faith when we have outside threats hanging over our heads. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes our ancestors made all over again because this time everyone is playing for keeps and failure isn’t really an option. It’s funny, we’re supposed to be the worst generation our race has ever produced and we have the biggest threat our race has ever faced on our plate. I want everyone here who cares about our race to think long and hard about that and then decide if we should be at one another’s throats all the time right now. I’m not trying to preach at anyone or whatever I just feel like however we move forward now is very critical and we should all appreciate the weight of responsibility that we have right now. It’s not right and it’s not fair but it’s just how things are.

6a2876  No.12170632


>How would one go about doing this?


>What are best tacts for creating a successful organization?

Religious doctrine.

>What's best practice here?


>We need to appeal to the masses.


>Can we lobby as a collective?

Not if you're a religion, but you could preach


to your disciples. The religion itself would give complete guidance in regards to all political stances.

>Can we 501c this bitch?

You can if you can prove it's a religion!

Even better, because it's a grass roots movement, your home is a place of worship!

I have thought about this for some time, and have come to the conclusion that if I were to write a 10 commandments type document to clearly specify a set of immutable laws which must be followed by all disciples, along with a modified constitution and bill of rights, I could start a religion called "America" which would enshrine the rights of my followers under the protection of the existing first amendment.

a5a68e  No.12170634


I like architecture and learning about how culture developed n sheeeit

f0193f  No.12170681

I hope to God one of you faggots runs for president in 2024, that's enough time to prepare, Trumps a shitter only a real far right president can kick all the niggers and spics out.

28606d  No.12170801


Could this Americanism religion have the Founding Fathers as its pantheon of Gods? Imagine Mount Rushmore becoming a holy site with thousands of people flocking there.

9e0cab  No.12170839


This is so stupid it could work.

fb4fe1  No.12173023


This is the goal. Founding fathers are "gods", new immutable rules are based on their beliefs, constitution is nearly the original, and bill of rights is a heavily edited version of the original.

The slogan can be co opted from pop culture. "No gods, no kings, only men."

As men, we choose to build a future not for ourselves, but for our descendants.

A future free from the tyranny of judeo-marxist subversion.

A future where both man and woman no longer have to compete with each other to succeed in life.

And most importantly, a future in which our descendants can thrive and overcome previously unimaginable adversaries.

God alone cannot be entrusted to bring about this great awaking, nor can any king.

Only men can make the future a reality.

>inb4 fedora

The message is clear faggots: "God helps those who help themselves."

71f1ca  No.12173056


>many americans joined the 3rd reich

>things that never happened.png

a30575  No.12173200

File: caa628f175b0d1c⋯.mp4 (2.46 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Texas.mp4)

muslims get out

95c2d0  No.12173340

File: 3ffe3f630ab4e28⋯.jpg (174.83 KB, 1052x548, 263:137, american nationalism.jpg)

File: b3c558c6bf9f2db⋯.jpg (86.56 KB, 736x1032, 92:129, 1438658110616-1.jpg)

File: 8125da4e078d5d5⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 3000x1933, 3000:1933, 1433092503351.jpg)

File: ca07661479967c2⋯.jpg (87.11 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ca07661479967c2181c991fc6c….jpg)

File: bc2b763be53f26b⋯.jpg (17.61 KB, 350x419, 350:419, 1406226809490.jpg)


>Hello, I'm a follower of Saint General George Washington.

1e698e  No.12173360


They are plenty of /pol/'s out there including the ones at freenet, how ever there is no need to migrate right now just a lot of /pol/acks over exaggerating, just don't invite plebbitors or do anything as of much that can attract many others if we are going to do something going to cuckchan and causing chaos is always an option.

1e698e  No.12173371


>this is a /pol/ rip off.

No not really 4cucks /pol/ became a fucking disaster this one is still about quality posting and every other /pol/ are inherently the same depending on the users, but most others haven't been inhabited or plan to use them unless we necessarily have to go there.

2f7214  No.12173397


fbf9b0  No.12175513

File: 13a1410cd997fe4⋯.mp4 (7.26 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Trump Lies Unmasked.mp4)


>The best way to form a nationalist movement to guarantee success:

>Join Republican Party

>Use influence to turn it into a workers party (this gets easier as young people join and the old cuckservatives like McCain die off)

This is more of the same over and over again.

Our guy Trump betrayed us. He changed the tune just a few month into the White House.

We will not fall for the false dichotomy again.

Revolution is the way.

9e70ea  No.12176074


We need to restore the spirit of manifest destiny. There was a culture that came along with that mindset that authentically White American

397b1c  No.12182810


Good post

cdc108  No.12183116


The spirit of manifest destiny is still there. But now the muslims have it. Seems they are doing a better job than christians. See here >>12173200

000000  No.12216718


Actually a lot of German Americans returned to Germany to fight for their Fatherland.

000000  No.12217902

>I am Christian… I believe JC is our Lord and Savior.

I'm deeply sorry and troubled you caught the stupid. My condolences to your loved ones!

d6ef9d  No.12218199


I love America, I love the President I love the Vice President.

Just passing by.

9990ad  No.12218261


>The Ancient Greeks were PAGANS. They were polytheistic White PAGANS.

That explains why they contributed nothing as valuable to ethics as the golden rule. Jews have a history of worshiping golden statues of animals too. Ancient Greeks must have taught the jews everything about being retarded hedonists.

ebc2c0  No.12218288

File: ae4e747a81131a5⋯.jpg (20.19 KB, 467x290, 467:290, ae4e747a81131a5fe4cee72c32….jpg)


I was thinking about joining IE but their complete and total lack of Opsec shows that they must be a honeypot at best.

Their website application asks for identifying marks and tattoos.

They do video interview on Skype.

They take dues payments from bank account sources only (a bank app Zelle or by check).

Afterwards you're invited to a discord server.

Literally every single one of those steps are profoundly translucent to anyone wanting to keep a close eye on them. No option of paying by crypto, no secure chat sources like encrypted email in the whole process, using discord and Skype instead of matrix.

I would stay away. Unfortunately I couldn't name an alternative if you want to collectivise. It looks like local grassroots organization is the best answer for now until something better gets made.

352004  No.12218316


>He doesn't know the Greek also had the golden rule

>"Avoid doing what you would blame others for doing." – Thales (c. 624 BC – c. 546 BC)

>"What you do not want to happen to you, do not do it yourself either. " – Sextus the Pythagorean.The oldest extant reference to Sextus is by Origen in the third century of the common era.

>"Do not do to others that which angers you when they do it to you." – socrates (436–338 BC)

>He thinks the golden rule is limited to christianity

Get a load of this retard

18b0ae  No.12218326


>Avoid doing

>Do not do

Sounds like the cucked Greek version alright.

2d5565  No.12218427


Americans are not of one nation (i.e. one people) and therefore can't be nationalist.

"American nationalism" is an oxymoron. Patriotism is the word you're looking for.

40f22c  No.12218473



>I am Christian.

This is why we are not achieving nationalism. Your priorities are with worshiping a jew.



You reposted a wall of disinformation text by a notorious disinformation shill. Coincidentally that shill stopped appearing when polvol2 was de-modded and banned. If you need to depend on disinformation to make your case, you are part of the disinformation.


>For me, God will always come first.

Thank you for emphasizing my point.

90c84d  No.12218624


And renounced their mutt citizenships.

90c84d  No.12218629


That is a nice psy op meme. Do it.

e523dd  No.12218643


Bullshit. Americans are one people. ONLY Whites can be American and Americans tend to identify as one people with few exceptions.

The idea that Americans cannot be a nation because some of their ancestors came from Germany and some came from France is ridiculous because France is made up of several groups if White nations as well. So is Germany. So is Poland. So is Britain.

You're talking shit. Learn some basic history.

be2e43  No.12218683


Zionism isn't genetic though, its cultural.

If an Ashkenazi Jew is raised as a Nationalistic European, and is never told that he is Jewish, he might still have the genetic instinct to subvert, he might still have above-average verbal intelligence and a strong tendency toward collectivist behavior, but all of that would be in favour of nationalism. All in all he would be a useful asset.

Same way that a goyim with 0% Jewish ancestry raised in a Jewish environment can adopt Zionism and become an enemy.

e523dd  No.12218689


Maybe so but you could never trust him.

e2f8ad  No.12219748


.t the_donald

f053fc  No.12219760

File: 2556d4525eaa9e5⋯.jpg (100.15 KB, 600x753, 200:251, Douglass_Helen_Eva_Frederi….jpg)


>ONLY Whites can be American

This has never been true.

b560c6  No.12219764

File: f6727706d739237⋯.jpeg (26 KB, 310x400, 31:40, a2faaf21149c38fb1dad50bf7….jpeg)

Christianity is not a white religion. Christianity is a direct offshoot from judaism. You want to gas all jews but at the same time you worship a literal jew god. How are you not seeing a problem here?

f053fc  No.12219775


>Founding fathers are "gods"

We don't need gods who loved jews

>new immutable rules are based on their beliefs,

They mostly believed in civic nationalism

e523dd  No.12219816

File: 5553131cd54cf41⋯.jpg (409.14 KB, 3570x1680, 17:8, 0New Germans0.jpg)


>Oy veh! Look at this non-White citizen in America. He is an American now.

>Just like how niggers living in France are now FRENCH

>And look! GERMANS! Do you see these GERMANS? They're living in GERMANY therefore they're GERMAN.

Go kill yourself you fucking newfaggot.

Just because a nigger is living in Germany doesn't make him German. Just because a nigger was given French citizenship doesn't make him French. And just because a nigger is living on American soil doesn't make him American.

Non-Whites are not American.

Now fuck off you worthless (((Civic nationalist)))

FUCK civic nationalism

741358  No.12259530


5ccf3b  No.12259546


What is Naturalization Act of 1790? Every nation that's ever existed has defined its country based on a racial foundation. Having "American Citizenship" is NOT the same thing as being American, which is the superficial name defining the nation of peoples making up the country.

It's liberalism, and later marxism, that's intentionally diluted and confused the terms which is in all reality just a gigantic fucking feel good LIE. What is and isn't American has never changed. Who is or isn't a citizen HAS.

855f77  No.12259622

Our central problem I believe isn't simply about nationalism but is the result of numerous conflicts within our country losing their context because of Marxist bullshit going unchallenged. This country was never just a unified ethnostate even in its foundation as every major cultural region always hated each other and the races could typically assimilate wherever they settled. The problem is we let the left win so much they got their brains rotted out and complacent and we no longer have the institutional will to bend people to the beliefs of their neighbors. We now have spics speaking no English after decades in this country and the blacks have been identifying with the cousins who sold them out while the whites don't even know who they are. But if we teach everyobe about how everything was formed then we could easily bring in a smooth ordered society without building trains to an oversized shower.

6f0a50  No.12259629

File: 47be55f776d08d8⋯.jpg (223.98 KB, 1500x1151, 1500:1151, 1.jpg)

File: d952d9fbe952661⋯.jpg (61.91 KB, 1068x496, 267:124, 2.jpg)

File: 11b700a31d18c30⋯.jpg (588.15 KB, 1191x1410, 397:470, 3.jpg)

File: 377da450bd18538⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 714x430, 357:215, 4.jpg)

File: 0f7819d7b5b5117⋯.png (450.91 KB, 664x664, 1:1, 5.png)



As the extreme nature of Nazi racial antisemitism became obvious, and as Mussolini in the late 1930s began imitating Hitler's anti-Jewish race laws in Italy, Pius XI was perturbed. In the 1930s, he urged Mussolini to ask Hitler to restrain the anti-Semitic actions taking place in Germany.[48] When the newly installed Nazi Government began to instigate its program of antisemitism, Pope Pius ordered the Papal Nuncio in Berlin, Cesare Orsenigo, to "look into whether and how it may be possible to become involved" in their aid. Orsenigo proved a poor instrument in this regard, concerned more with the anti-church policies of the Nazis and how these might effect German Catholics, than with taking action to help German Jews.[49]

Following the Anschluss and the extension of antisemitic laws in Germany, Jewish refugees sought sanctuary outside the Reich. In Rome, Pius XI told a group of Belgian pilgrims on 6 September 1938, that it was not possible for Christians to participate in anti-Semitism:"[54] "Mark well that in the Catholic Mass, Abraham is our Patriarch and forefather. Anti-Semitism is incompatible with the lofty thought which that fact expresses. It is a movement with which we Christians can have nothing to do. No, no, I say to you it is impossible for a Christian to take part in anti-Semitism. It is inadmissible. Through Christ and in Christ we are the spiritual progeny of Abraham. Spiritually, we [Christians] are all Semites"[55]

On 11 November 1938, following Kristallnacht, Pope Pius XI joined Western leaders in condemning the pogrom. In response, the Nazis organised mass demonstrations against Catholics and Jews in Munich, and the Bavarian Gauleiter Adolf Wagner declared before 5,000 protesters: "Every utterance the Pope makes in Rome is an incitement of the Jews throughout the world to agitate against Germany".[56] On 21 November, in an address to the world's Catholics, the Pope rejected the Nazi claim of racial superiority, and insisted instead that there was only a single human race. Robert Ley, the Nazi Minister of Labour declared the following day in Vienna: "No compassion will be tolerated for the Jews. We deny the Pope's statement that there is but one human race. The Jews are parasites."

6f0a50  No.12259632

File: a62e5fa57a28332⋯.jpg (122.01 KB, 679x480, 679:480, 1.jpg)

File: 44e5ebf9cb053ad⋯.jpg (93.13 KB, 1024x645, 1024:645, 2.jpg)

File: e485a4dc61b3a44⋯.jpg (187.28 KB, 960x684, 80:57, 3.jpg)

File: 110206126cb1541⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 620x604, 155:151, 4.jpg)


>I am Christian.

>I believe JC is our Lord and Savior.


Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God. For I tell you that Christ has become a servant of the Jews on behalf of God’s truth, so that the promises made to the patriarchs might be confirmed and, moreover, that the Gentiles might glorify God for his mercy. As it is written:

“Therefore I will praise you among the Gentiles;

I will sing the praises of your name.”

Again, it says,

“Rejoice, you Gentiles, with his people.”

And again,

“Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles;

let all the peoples extol him.”

And again, Isaiah says,

“The Root of Jesse will spring up,

one who will arise to rule over the nations;

in him the Gentiles will hope.”


For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.

6f0a50  No.12259636

File: b9a971944e8399a⋯.jpg (374.98 KB, 567x760, 567:760, 1.jpg)

File: c5cbe623a934d19⋯.jpg (413.49 KB, 535x760, 107:152, 2.jpg)

File: 30b1e0025e5d347⋯.jpg (448.65 KB, 506x760, 253:380, 3.jpg)

File: be547072458aeea⋯.jpg (364.66 KB, 565x760, 113:152, 4.jpg)

File: e5e5379cf4ffcb4⋯.jpg (367.51 KB, 760x482, 380:241, 5.jpg)


>I am Christian.

>I believe JC is our Lord and Savior.

the christian idea of salvation through jesus christ alone simultaneously denies the importance of race, sexual dichotomy, intelligence, physical health, aptitude, "virtue morality", and everything else that is not jesus christ/trinity.

europe largely did pretty well because europeans largely ignored those poisonous & evil christian ideas in favor of native european ideas, but advances in technology like the printing press resulted in the broader dissemination of these evil christian ideas, and that - combined with the disastrous results of World War II (reminder: Hitler persecuted Christianity) - led to present-day "late stage" christianity in society where racism is a sin and christian priests marry interracial couples in christian churches.

among other things, interracial cuckoldry is evil and your christian faith cannot change that.


So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

fc6081  No.12259713

File: 4da0fb2ac6faea9⋯.jpg (93.23 KB, 315x336, 15:16, White minority is Reality.jpg)


> America is the whites

Even suburbs where white people run away from urban diversity getting diversified by these day

America aren't white , Hillary only got 37% white vote but still won the "popular vote"

Politic in Democratic society is always end up "Majority Rule"

White aren't majority in urban

And All the United State Political power and wealth come from urban area

You can keep babbling about white still majority in suburbs

But jim crow laws and segregation is finished

Time is not your side , white population in suburbs and rural areas keep declining

cc11ef  No.12259717

File: 7f27fc74b7e3219⋯.jpeg (58.9 KB, 459x646, 27:38, caeba7fe3d7cf217ac7bdeccb….jpeg)


Hitler was Woden made flesh. America personified Fenrir. In many ways, Hitler is everything you try to present Jesus as, but better. National Socialists today are in the same hard place that Christians were in the 1st century. The biggest difference? While every other prophetic leader, Jesus included preached of a grand afterlife or reward for following them. Hitler? For the brief moment of 1933-1939, He made paradise on earth. Only the jealous attacks from outside destroyed it. The issue is Christianity in practice has always been universal, you cannot save your people if your enemy needs only to covert to be one of you. Regardless of origins, regardless of what you feel about it, and regardless of how much you want it to be applicable; Christianity will never be of our people, it's very principles in application are suicidal at best. National Socialism and Hitler himself are our best religious way forward.

fc6081  No.12259754


*christanity is universalism ; In Christian doctrine anybody can be save - Roman soldier , poor , whore , moneylender

But Nature told us differently that only people with a right to exist are the ones Able to exist

When Jesus came to the Jew and accept him as son of god

But Jew Don't want universalism , They don't want to share their private god

They point out that "we are sperm of abraham" which mean They have "Abraham's Dna" therefore made them ((chosen people))

probably Most oldest "Racial supremist quotes ever in Human history

But it make sense , Non-Jew don't have "Abraham's dna" and that's why they are Non-Jewish people

Clearly They are talking about Biological Reality and difference between tribes, and its call it "RACE"

Jew talking about "Jesus was a hippy troublemaker who betrayed his faith (tribe)" were also right

christanity not only refusing "Nature and Biological Reality" Also condemned it

christanity is Anti-Aristotle , Anti-Socrates , Anti-Plato , Anti-ancient Greek(ROME)

Its Anti-"Logos" mean christanity do not want Logical and Realistic solution,

They want to find solution to Unrealistic Universal harem

No wonder they refuse "Race Realism" - Biological Reality and nature that surround them

165dc8  No.12259769


That fourth pic

What an incredible waste of burger blood and treasure

e45445  No.12259780


>the christian idea of salvation through jesus christ alone simultaneously denies the importance of race, sexual dichotomy, intelligence, physical health, aptitude, "virtue morality", and everything else that is not jesus christ/trinity.

Are we really going to do this again? Saying that one aspect of life is the most important doesn't mean other pieces aren't important at all.

You're just regurgitating tired bullshit. Fuck off, been passed that tired fracture point for months now.

fc6081  No.12259809


> Saying that one aspect of life is the most important doesn't mean other pieces aren't important at all.

That's how Vatican accepted Judaism , Hinduism , Hinduism and declare that some of these religious doctrine is Truth

After all homosexuality , adultery can be acceptable in Church

Because everything matter is that once a week of service will save you some how

Christianity is Anti-Logos

Logos is greek terms of Logic

And Logic base on "Biological Reality"

There is reason why church remove plato's academia in 529 AD

Every western society turn into Multi-racial society

Because white christian refuse "reality" and vote for "Unrealistic solution"

Like ending segregation , every one can be saved ! Because Jesus said so

92500a  No.12259846


Claiming that the spiritual is more important than the material does mean the material has no value.

Citing anything from the modern church, which is full of Freemasons, sodomites, Jesuits, and other various assorted Jew-worshipping Satanists, doesn't give your flawed arguments any more weight or heft. No one is defending the Southern Baptist Convention or the post-Vatican II Catholic establishment.

Christianity is European. The very conception of "Europeans" as being somehow similar or united as a group in some manner would not exist at all were it not for Christianity. Furthermore, the Old Testament leaders and prophets all preached proto-National Socialism as the creed the people should follow. Most of them died terribly for it. National Socialm can be "theoretically" applied to any race, just like Christianity can be theoretically applied to any race, but it's not a coincidence that only one group of people ever care about it or struggle to achieve it. You'll call the Bible "universalist" like the ignorant neophyte you are, but no such accusation ever falls on the doorsteps of Hitler or the NSDAP. Curious, isn't it?

You don't have any real arguments against Christianity, your formatting is atrocious and you speak like a blatant outsider. Filtered and reported for religious D&C. Go shill somewhere else.


>Hitler is everything you try to present Jesus as, but better.

Hitler was a Christian and wanted Christianity for his people and for Europe. He fought to defend the faith against the Communists and Capitalists who tried to destroy it at the behest of the Jews. All of his contemporaries and fellow Fascist leaders called him as such. Even the Catholic church acknowledged it.

Christianity is Greek. It is not just "a" European religion. It is THE European religion. Without Christianity, the concept of "the European" would not even exist. Nothing you say or do can ever change these facts. All the evidence for your claims was created by the enemies of the NSDAP. The writings and works of the NSDAP themselves make it abundantly and inarguably clear exactly where they stand on this topic, which is why you and everyone like you must always resort to elaborate, overly-complex conspiracy theories about how Hitler and everyone else associated with the party lied constantly to everyone for thirty years straight about what they really were and what they believed in.

Either you believe Jewish academics and Baby Boomers, or you believe the National Socialists. I believe the National Socialists. You believe the Jews. This is not terribly surprising, since you act and argue exactly like one. Only a Jew could look at the longevity and success of Christianity and call it a "suicidal and doomed to fail."

The first rule of Jewry: tell the biggest lie you can and never stop gaslighting the people you're arguing with. The autistic mixture of norse mythology and hamburger buddhism you and others like you continuously promote is more alien and foreign to Europeans than Christianity could ever be.

b29b1c  No.12259875


but Christianity and Judaism are just offshoots of zoroastrianism which was created by indo europeans or "aryans" who lived in persia and iran before they moved into europe. that is why some christian groups, most notably arnold murray, believe in the british israelite theory which says that the original tribes of israel were indo european and that europeans are the real chosen peoples, and that the jews are "those who say they are jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of satan"

for that matter i think i remember reading germanic paganism has roots in zoroastrianism as well, and that is why it has so many parallels to christianity.

3fc980  No.12259876




6f0a50  No.12259878

File: 62f70cddd38c565⋯.jpg (66.96 KB, 628x773, 628:773, 1.jpg)

File: 1df773358ae4eab⋯.png (330.28 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, 2.png)

File: ab705ab8719a346⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 453x642, 151:214, 3.jpg)


>Saying that one aspect of life is the most important doesn't mean other pieces aren't important at all.

>the christian idea of salvation through jesus christ alone

christian-tier reading comprehension.

that is why we should worship a dead jewish rabbi as a god, right?


>Hitler was a Christian and wanted Christianity for his people and for Europe.

>He fought to defend the faith

>Even the Catholic church acknowledged it.


We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the state so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of the Germanic race. The Party as such advocates the standpoint of a positive Christianity without binding itself confessionally to any one denomination.


Article 24 of Hitler's National Socialist Programme of 1920 had endorsed what it termed "Positive Christianity", but placed religion below party ideology by adding the caveat that it must not offend "the moral sense of the German race".[138]

In Jan. 1934, Hitler angered the churches by appointing the neo-pagan Alfred Rosenberg as official Nazi ideologist.


Alfred Ernst Rosenberg (German: [ˈʀoːzənbɛɐk] (About this sound listen); 12 January 1893 – 16 October 1946) was a German[1] theorist and an influential ideologue of the Nazi Party. Rosenberg was first introduced to Adolf Hitler by Dietrich Eckart and later held several important posts in the Nazi government.

The author of a seminal work of Nazi ideology, The Myth of the Twentieth Century (1930), Rosenberg is considered one of the main authors of key National Socialist ideological creeds, including its racial theory, persecution of the Jews, Lebensraum, abrogation of the Treaty of Versailles, and opposition to degenerate modern art. Unlike most other Nazi leaders, he is known for his rejection of and hatred for Christianity,[2] having played an important role in the development of German Nationalist Positive Christianity.[3]

In January 1934 Hitler had appointed Rosenberg as the cultural and educational leader of the Reich.[35][36] The Sanctum Officium in Rome recommended that Rosenberg's Myth of the Twentieth Century be put on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum (list of books forbidden by the Catholic Church) for scorning and rejecting "all dogmas of the Catholic Church, indeed the very fundamentals of the Christian religion".[37]


Hitler awarded the first State Prize for Art and Science to the author of The Myth of the Twentieth Century. The official document accompanying the prize "expressly praises Rosenberg as a 'person who has, in a scientific and penetrating manner, laid the firm foundation for an understanding of the ideological bases of National Socialism.'"[5]


On 22 March 1942, the German Bishops issued a pastoral letter on "The Struggle against Christianity and the Church".[69] The letter … accused the Reich Government of "unjust oppression and hated struggle against Christianity and the Church"

The letter outlined serial breaches of the 1933 Concordat, reiterated complaints of the suffocation of Catholic schooling, presses and hospitals and said that the "Catholic faith has been restricted to such a degree that it has disappeared almost entirely from public life" and even worship within churches in Germany "is frequently restricted or oppressed", while in the conquered territories (and even in the Old Reich), churches had been "closed by force and even used for profane purposes". The freedom of speech of clergymen had been suppressed and priests were being "watched constantly" and punished for fulfilling "priestly duties" and incarcerated in Concentration camps without legal process. Religious orders had been expelled from schools, and their properties seized, while seminaries had been confiscated "to deprive the Catholic priesthood of successors".[70] The bishops denounced the Nazi euthanasia program


>Christianity is Greek. It is not just "a" European religion. It is THE European religion. Without Christianity, the concept of "the European" would not even exist.

That is why Europeans did not exist until christianity, right?

30379b  No.12259882


Your post is awesome man but it’s wasted because they people you’re trying to convince aren’t interested in learning anything and the people who will read it already agree with you. Not trying to be a dick just saying, these threads that turn into religious debates never go anywhere, I’ve never seen either side change their mind.

48bc80  No.12259884

File: 54dc09dbf82740b⋯.jpg (194.71 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, creed.jpg)


Sadly this.

Any efforts at discussing US nationalism here get derailed promptly by D&C shenanigans from /leftypol/ agitators and blackpills, though >>12140486 raises some valid points.

a5abdd  No.12259933


>The letter outlined serial breaches of the 1933 Concordat

>faith has been restricted

>churches had been "closed by force and even used for profane purposes"

>frequently restricted or oppressed

>incarcerated in Concentration camps without legal process.

> properties seized

kinda sounds like the pagan cvnts who pushed this got what they deserved tbh

virtually all of the nazi allies were catholic, while most their enemies were either protestant, atheist or ortho. seems a shitty move to fuck with the only people on your side geopolitically

92500a  No.12259942

File: 67d01b28ecb1f2f⋯.jpg (366.77 KB, 745x339, 745:339, The Unshakable Foundation.jpg)

File: 6e0d1e0cde90041⋯.jpg (99.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Stamped Out Atheism.jpg)

File: 8f18bec1e5b3db8⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 375x320, 75:64, Christian Unity And Cooper….jpg)

File: 8f18bec1e5b3db8⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 375x320, 75:64, Christian Unity And Cooper….jpg)


None of what you posted refutes anything I said. Hitler was Christian, and so was the NSDAP. The war against Communism and it's allies was considered a holy war to save Christianity at the time by everyone who fought the Communists. Mussolini, Franco, and Hitler himself all spoke openly about this. The reason Hitler's German was referred to as "the third Reich" was because it was seen as the third iteration of the Holy Roman Empire.

Also, Alfred Rosenberg was also a Christian, not a Pagan. All claims that he was a pagan come from third party sources, from Jews and Holocaust academics. Rosenberg was a Protestant who believed that the culture Germany had left from the Weimar era was inherently anti-German, and wanted to re-create an authentic Germanic culture to wholesale replace their existing cultural tapestry. He believed that the best way to do this was to unify and strengthen German Christianity while simultaneously funding research and development of historcal germanic culture, including pre-Christian culture. A "neo-Pagan" would never have volunteered himself and his time to oversee the unifying of Christianity in Germany. But that is exactly what Rosenbeg did.

Also, citing anything from wikipedia is a joke. Go read Mein Kampf. Watch The Greatest Story Never Told. Listen to Communism By The Back Door. All of these claims about Hitler and the NSDAP not being Christian hinge upon the claim that Goebbel's own personal accounts are all lies and propaganda to hide what was happening. Either Goebbels was lying or he was telling the truth. There is no middle ground.

All of your arguments hinge on the idea that pointing out that Hitler refused to choose a specific church denomination to sponsor means he and the NSDAP were not Christian. Five mintues with Mein Kampf would have answered that question for you, or anyone else who cared to read it: Hitler wanted to bridge the denominational boundaries between Protestants and Catholics, and knew that overtly picking one side over the other would ruin any chance of that. No anti-christian would ever go to such lengths to encourage Protestants and Catholics to work together, but this is exactly what you pretend is true. Were Hitler the pagan or atheist you wish and pretend he were, he would have used the disagreements between Christians as fodder to argue that Christianity is inherently evil, and should be abandoned in favor of unity. Instead, Hitler sought unity within Christianity. You have no explaination for this.

Hitler was a Christian, but he also knew that he was a civic leader, not a religious one. He focused on building Germany back into an independent economic and political power on the world stage after it had been gutted, bankrupted, and turned into a brothel for Jews and sodomites. And, against all odds, he succeeded. Your circular arguments and wikipedia links do nothing whatsoever to refute any of this. Stop listening to what Jews and Baby Boomers tell you to believe, and actually look at what the National Socialists had to say for themselves about their own affairs. Propaganda art and the arguments of Holocaust defenders mean nothing in the face of National Socialists and their contemporary Fascist allies speaking out for themselves about their own affairs, beliefs, and intentions.

Either you admit the truth or you admit that you believe them all, every last one of them, to be a pack of the most blackhearted and socipathic liars who have ever existed. But if that were the case, then why support Hitler, who hated the Jews and lost, over the likes of Stalin, who hated the Jews and won? If Hitler and the NSDAP were such liars, there is no reason to admire any of them.

92500a  No.12259945

File: f9517c96e9efba8⋯.jpg (347.59 KB, 716x480, 179:120, We Tolerate No One Who Att….jpg)


I meant to post this as well instead of double posting the other picture. Polite sage.

50e418  No.12259965


I am actually a christian, but that is wrong, Himmler, Göring and Hess werre pagans.

Read the book called ”the holy Reich”, Hitler tried to work with the Church, but they didn’t want to.

6738b6  No.12259970


>Hitler was Christian, and so was the NSDAP


>The war against Communism and it's allies was considered a holy war to save Christianity at the time by everyone who fought the Communists.

Again, proof?

>Go read Mein Kampf.

Which Hitler never admitted he was Christian.

>Watch The Greatest Story Never Told. Listen to Communism By The Back Door.

These are 3rd party sources.

>Either you admit the truth or you admit that you believe them all, every last one of them, to be a pack of the most blackhearted and socipathic liars who have ever existed.

Explain? Christianity IS evil and sought to be abandoned and mocked.

I demand proof.

606965  No.12260036


>I typed all this shit out then the fucking thread got shoaed


next time type it out in a word processor before you post it so when broken shit breaks you don't have to say stupid shit that makes you look retarded

606965  No.12260043


<Which Hitler never admitted he was Christian.

>Implying the leader of the Third Holy Roman Empire wasn't a Christian.

This is your brain on jew ideology; in this case communism.

a07200  No.12260055


The 3rd Reich is not the 3rd Holy Roman Empire, the fuck are you talking about?

And you aren't providing proof.

And Christianity IS jew ideology.

352004  No.12260062


>The war against Communism and it's allies was considered a holy war to save Christianity at the time by everyone who fought the Communists

>lying this blatantly

I don't know whether to laugh or cry

606965  No.12260113

File: 3a5258ffb6f7095⋯.jpg (4.96 MB, 2624x3444, 16:21, Bach2.jpg)

File: 917c28e4e6bb94e⋯.jpg (2.18 MB, 3812x4583, 3812:4583, Beethoven.jpg)

File: be86478193d5373⋯.jpg (92.77 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, beetlejews.jpg)

File: 22c77b840b439d8⋯.jpg (363.71 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, big grin 4k.jpg)


>The 3rd Reich is not the 3rd Holy Roman Empire, the fuck are you talking about?

Talking about newfaggot shills lying about the truth. Where the fuck do you think you are that you can just spout a blatantly obvious lie that the Third Reich wasn't the Third Holy Roman Empire.

Next you'll say First and Second Holy Roman Empires weren't even real Holy Roman Empires because real Holy Empiricism hasn't been tried yet. You fucking pinko nigger.

>And Christianity IS jew ideology.

>The anti-jew ideology is akshewully jew-ideology

Get fucked again, Rabbi.

45df5d  No.12260140


The HRE was the 1st Reich.

The German Empire was the 2nd Reich.

Nazi Germany was the 3rd Reich.

Reich is a concept of realm, it does not mean the HRE.

>The anti-jew ideology is akshewully jew-ideology

Yeah, worshipping jews and acting like spiritual jews IS actually jew ideology.

606965  No.12260155

File: 477f7982a46528a⋯.jpg (30.97 KB, 450x360, 5:4, deal with it2.jpg)


>Yeah, worshipping jews

>implying God is a jew

Just fuck off, Rabbi.

eef350  No.12260157


God is the father of abraham, who is a jew, and only jews worship him.

White men have Zeus & Odin & Perun.

Also, you forgot your rabbi Yoshua.

606965  No.12260165

File: 5b8fbd2bb66c446⋯.webm (796.76 KB, 640x360, 16:9, AFNMFH.webm)

File: bdd7ae9022abb44⋯.jpg (62.46 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, AFNMFH.jpg)


God is God. You ascribing the properties of a jew to God is quite obviously the machination of a jewish mind at work, rabbi.

6f0a50  No.12260207

File: cf4a2e862dc46ef⋯.jpg (179.43 KB, 690x612, 115:102, 1.jpg)

File: 2da97956e8e12ca⋯.jpg (322.59 KB, 555x650, 111:130, 2.jpg)

File: 613c5af5dbcd6d3⋯.jpg (157.89 KB, 368x661, 368:661, 3.jpg)


>"virtually all of the nazi allies were catholic, while most their enemies were either protestant, atheist or ortho."

>"conveniently" ignored that catholics voted against national socialists, this was even referenced in the 2nd image here >>12259878


>kinda sounds like the pagan cvnts who pushed this got what they deserved tbh

so you think national socialist germany and germans deserved to be firebombed for acting against christianity?


>None of what you posted refutes anything I said. Hitler was Christian, and so was the NSDAP.

again, not surprised that a christian has deliberately poor reading comprehension. i could say re-read this post >>12259878 but you probably won't


>Also, Alfred Rosenberg was also a Christian, not a Pagan. All claims that he was a pagan come from third party sources, from Jews and Holocaust academics.

The Myth of the Twentieth Century, by Alfred Rosenberg

Here is neither Jew nor Greek, here is neither slave nor free, here is neither man nor woman, wrote Paul to the Galatians — that last remnant of a great Celtic migration down the Danube valley and into Asia Minor. On the basis of this nihilism, which is a denial of everything organic, he then calls for a belief in Christ. This constituted a total rejection of all the culture creating values of Greece and Rome — although to be sure, Christianity took over a degenerate form of such values — and effected their disintegration.

The Vatican has again made itself known as the bitterest enemy of the improved breeding of the biologically valuable, and as the protector of the preservation and propagation of the inferior. Even to serious catholic eugenicists, Pope Pius declared — at the beginning of 1931 in his encyclical Concerning Christian Marriage — that it was not lawful to restrict men who were capable of entering into a marriage, but could only give life to inferior offspring; to in any way prevent propagation because of the inviolability of the body. The individual man has the right to use his own limbs. He must use them corresponding to their natural purpose. This was revealed by reason and by the catholic Christian moral doctrine, and the worldly authority never has the right to go beyond this. To set up unrestricted propagation of idiots, the children of syphilitics, alcoholics and the insane as a Christian moral doctrine is undoubtedly the height of a thinking that is hostile to nature and folk. This has today been declared to be impossible by us. In reality, it represents nothing other than the necessary outflow of that racially chaotic system that Syrian African Roman dogma has forged. Therefore, every European who would like to see his people physically and spiritually healthy, and who takes the stand that idiots and the incurably sick infect his nation, will have to permit himself to be represented, according to Roman teaching, as anticatholic, as an enemy of the Christian moral doctrine. And he will have to choose if he is the anti Christ, or if the Founder of Christianity can really have himself conceived — as a dogma — the unrestricted breeding of all kinds of inferior types. This is what His representative boldly demands. Therefore, whoever wishes for a healthy and spiritually strong Germany must passionately reject this encyclical. Such is the work of a pope who aims at the breeding of subhumanity. We thus reject Roman thought as antinatural and hostile to life.

The church has given every murdered missionary the stamp of a martyrdom and named him a saint. Even when Emmeram, represented by Christian tradition as a Jew, violated the daughter of the Bavarian duke and was therefore killed, the infallible church declared this disgraceful end as dying for the faith. Today Emmeram is a saint to whom prayers are uttered in pious Regensburg. But it is the duty of a coming German generation to mention with great respect only the names of those who in storm and wrack fought for the greatness and honour of the German people. We will honour them for what they are: martyrs of the folkish faith. Here, in this corner of our soul, lives the hope that the peoples of Europe will one day recognise the nature of the present frightful catastrophe. We hope that they will recognise the folkish Leader who is coming soon. We hope they will recognise what is most precious; the human blood of their nation. We hope they will become everywhere conscious that an application of the latter principle can be the only final solution. It is not found in heeding the call of any kind of Christianity or of liberal pacifism.

95f71c  No.12260227

Yet another potentially good there ruined by religion D&C kikes. When will you just learn to filter them, brothers? You're embarrassing your people by continuing to fall for their tired old tricks.

On topic, I wholeheartedly agree with the post that called for consolidating as much power in local government as possible. That's certainly achievable. No, we can't win major elections, but if and when shtf we will have a strong base throughout the country.

d97c36  No.12260241


God comes from Godan/Odin.

You are mistaking "God" for a desert pedo war demon.

6f0a50  No.12260268


>religion D&C kikes

do you think Alfred Rosenberg is a "religion D&C kike"?

c7c152  No.12260276


>I'm a Christian

>white ethno-state

Pick one Kike

8634d6  No.12260291


>God comes from Godan/Odin.

God comes from Old Norse "guð" which means "to invoke." But thanks for being a good little illiterate vidyagame addicted golem fucktard for the jews, they really appreciate your larping, you drooling newfag.

993dcd  No.12260303


Actually, God comes Godan i.e. the spelling of Odin by the Lombard tribe.

Nice try though.

cc11ef  No.12260315

File: a2c424844c99364⋯.jpg (8.54 KB, 284x177, 284:177, ThecomingofWodensflesh.jpg)


Waiting until 2/3rds of Europe was conquered before barely uniting enough to stem the tide of the Muslim. The Mediterranean and Anatolia are still stained with the decedents of the invaders. Create a dysgenic system where the best men are not even allowed to reproduce. Provide the philosophical foundation for the efforts of communism. Prevent action through the invocation of apocalyptic 'prophecy'. Anything that you cite as good within Christianity was caused by the spirit and genetics of the European, not by Christianity itself. What matters is that the process of mythification is already underway for Hitler, just as Jesus definitely never intended what was created in his name, Hitler's myth is made of sterner stuff. His actions, his decisions, and even his end as wodenic in nature. Jung is to us what John the Baptist or Paul is to you, and Hitler is to us what Jesus is to you.

684d7f  No.12260322


No one is falling for your shit, moishe.

36cf2b  No.12260371

File: 1afb852f64c040e⋯.webm (10.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Civilization is a product….webm)


White america is best america, and only america in my opinion. anything else is a perversion of what this country was supposed to be.

this short video addresses the issues of nationalism in america better than any longer video i've ever seen.

i believe what they talk about is a major cause/solution to the massive depression epidemic in this nation, which is prevalent among soys.

e523dd  No.12260387


The European word for Deity comes from Dyeu which in turn comes from Dyus Pahter.

This is the name of the IndoEuropean Father God.

It is also the origin of Jupiter (Deus Petar) Zeus (Dyeus) Tyr (Dywaz) and countless others. Thracian, Celtic, and Illyrian Father Gods come from the Indo-European God. Even our word for Day and Father come from our God.

And to this day we still celebrate his name every Tuesday which comes from the Germanic, "Tywsdag" or Tyr's Day.

As for Godan and God, you're right that the origin of God is the old Germanic word for "to invoke"

The reason for this is because Godan or Wotan is a God who invokes.

8634d6  No.12260403

File: d9422cad2537646⋯.jpg (47.51 KB, 500x381, 500:381, firepepe.jpg)


>I get muh larping material from jewpedia like all good goys! Well, I'm off to masturbate on japanese drawings now!

Let the cleansing fire come soon.

95f71c  No.12260485


I know you are.

92500a  No.12260505


>I am actually a christian, but that is wrong, Himmler, Göring and Hess werre pagans. Read the book called ”the holy Reich”, Hitler tried to work with the Church, but they didn’t want to.

The Holy Reich was written by a Jew named Richard Steigmann-Gall, who was engaging in the long running one-sided acadmic game of "who to blame Hitler on." He wrote Holy Reich as a refutation of the assertion by Boomer Holocaust academics that Hitler was an atheist pagan double-satanist, and the entire reason he did it was to try and guilt trip more Boomers and Christians into giving Israel even more money than they already have.

Even when a Jew tells the truth, the Jew lies. You should give Holy Reich the weight and consideration it deserves, which is none. You don't need the likes of Steigmann-Gall to show that the NSDAP were Christian. The academic work of Jews in relation to Hitler and National Socialism should never be taken seriously under any circumstances: there is no such thing as dealing with a Jew in good faith. Which is why I keep telling people to look at what the National Socialists wrote and spoke about themselves, go to THEM for the information about who and what they were, instead of relying on outside sources or third party research, which will always be suspect.



Mein Kampf. All of Adolf Hitler's speeches. The Greatest Story Never Told. Everything all of Hitler's Fascist allies in other nations had to say about him. Communism By The Back Door.

>Again, proof?

Mein Kampf. All of Adolf Hitler's speeches. The Greatest Story Never Told. Everything all of Hitler's Fascist allies in other nations had to say about him. Communism By The Back Door.

>Which Hitler never admitted he was Christian

Only a Jew would take a work containing prayers and constant references to the New and Old Testaments, that describes the author engaging in Christian worship and study, and argue that the author was not Christian because the words "I am a Christian" never occurred in that exact order and sequence. This is Jewish pilpul at it's finest.

To everyone else who is remotely interested in this topic, go read Mein Kampf, listen to Hitler's speeches, watch The Greatest Story Never Told, and study the teachings and positions of their allies in other countries. The creator of TGSNT, Dennis Wise, has a podcast channel called Truth Will Out Radio, where he constantly posts further information beyond what is contained in TGSNT discussing topics such as Freemasonry and it's use by the Jews as a tool for creating servants of their interests, the World Wars as being the last stand of the authentic Catholic Church against forces trying to destroy it, how Catholics and Protestants were manipulated into fighting each other for the profit of the Jews, and how the various Fascist leaders of the last hundred and fifty years viewed themselves and their struggle to save the West from spritual and cultural annhilation.


>I don't know whether to laugh or cry

You have never watched The Greatest Story Never Told. You have never listened to Communism By The Backdoor. You have not listened to or have ignored the speeches Hitler and his contemporaries made on this topic. I seriously doubt you have ever read Mein Kampf. "You're lying so hard I'm literally crying" is not an argument. I've put my sources on the table. All you can do is either refute them or ignore them to try and troll me. Obviously you are incapable of refuting anything in TGSNT, so you're just going to throw rocks and hope everyone telling the truth eventually gives up and goes away.


>again, not surprised that a christian has deliberately poor reading comprehension. i could say re-read this post >>12259878 but you probably won't

Wikipedia isn't any better of a source than it was when you first started shitposting, Chaim, and you still haven't disproven a single thing I've said. I'm not surprised that a Jewish shill has deliberately poor reading comprehension and accuses his opponent of the fallacies he himself is committing. I could tell you to straighten the fuck up and make a real argument with actual first-hand sources, but we all know you won't.

6f0a50  No.12261736

File: c940fc21c07ed25⋯.jpg (122.28 KB, 1200x489, 400:163, 1.jpg)

File: 1ef36d2c75c4e88⋯.png (48.89 KB, 1220x619, 1220:619, 2.png)


>"I could tell you to straighten the fuck up and make a real argument with actual first-hand sources, but we all know you won't."

>ignores direct quotations from "The Myth of The Twentieth Century" in this post >>12260207


>you still haven't disproven a single thing I've said

I have provided much more proof than you. You should prove affirmatively that your statements are true instead of asking me to prove that your statements are false.


Quod gratis asseritur, gratis negatur.

Translation: What is asserted gratuitously may be denied gratuitously.

Variants: What is asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.


>promulgates jew-tier pilpul and other falsehoods in favor of worshipping a dead jewish rabbi as a god

>accuses others of being a jewish shill


In Rome, Pius XI told a group of Belgian pilgrims on 6 September 1938, that it was not possible for Christians to participate in anti-Semitism:"[54] "Mark well that in the Catholic Mass, Abraham is our Patriarch and forefather. Anti-Semitism is incompatible with the lofty thought which that fact expresses. It is a movement with which we Christians can have nothing to do. No, no, I say to you it is impossible for a Christian to take part in anti-Semitism. It is inadmissible. Through Christ and in Christ we are the spiritual progeny of Abraham. Spiritually, we [Christians] are all Semites"[55]

bf668d  No.12261878


You said a lot but you still haven't provided a single proof proving Hitler was christian.

92500a  No.12263123


>ignores direct quotations from "The Myth of The Twentieth Century" in this post >>12260207

I didn't ignore it. I ran out of space to address it. The alledged writings of Alfred Rosenberg were only recently uncovered, and had been in the possession of the Soviets this entire time.

First of all, anyone who is intellectually honest should immediately be suspicious of any "recently uncovered X that shows revelations about Y," regardles of the context. Secondly, the fact that the Soviets had it for so long makes the content doubly suspect. And thirdly, every single thing in this account by Rosenberg directly contradicts what the people who actually knew Rosenberg spoke about him. Goebbels wrote extensively about the leadership of the NSDAP, Rosenberg being among those he wrote about, and Goebbel's account of the man in no way lines up with the writing Rosenberg supposedly authored.

Again, the presumption that Goebbels was a liar trying to cover up the truth of what the NSDAP really was and what they were really doing to their own people behind the curtain is the pillar of most Nazi and Holocaust academia today. They have no choice but to claim he is a liar because everything he said contradicts all of their claims about Hitler, National Socialism, and the Third Reich.

So you are left with three possibilities. Goebbels is a liar and the Rosenberg account is accurate, Goebbels is not a liar and the Rosenberg account is a forgery, or Goebbels was telling the truth but Rosenberg was some master schemer who hid his true feelings from everyone, including his closest friends and comrades, and lived his entire life and career as a National Socialist constantly furthering the unity of Catholics and Protestants in the Third Reich while secretly hating the lot of them and wishing death to Christianity.

I reject the first possibility outright. Goebbels is not a liar, and neither you nor any mainstream academic can provide credible evidence to the contrary.

The second account is the most likely possibility. Multiple accounts say X, this lone account says Y, and the lone account was discovered decades later after having been in the hands of known liars and forgers of evidence, and it's information just so happens to corroborate the stories and suppositions of academics and "survivors" we KNOW are lying, because the Holocaust did not happen. Taken all together, the Rosenberg writings have no reasonable credibility whatsoever.

The third account is possible but extremely unlikely, though this is probably what you will claim to be correct, just as your sort likes to claim that all the National Socialists were secretly lying about everything, because that's the only way you can get around them being so openly and blatantly Christian.

11e120  No.12263127


Fuck off Boomer.

dbc29f  No.12263135


Goebbels was not a christian, you fucking retard.

He used christians.

>and lived his entire life and career as a National Socialist constantly furthering the unity of Catholics and Protestants in the Third Reich while secretly hating the lot of them and wishing death to Christianity.

They were trying to get people to support them, but they realize Christianity as a whole is cucked.

>because that's the only way you can get around them being so openly and blatantly Christian.

Man, soldiers speaking about going to Valhal sure sounds openly Christian to me.

Or you think the name change to socialism is genuine as well? It's used to appeal to left-wingers, it failed.

92500a  No.12263137



Unfortunately, you have already lost this argument no matter which path you choose to pursue, because even if you could prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the Rosenberg account was correct, all you have done is show that one single member of the NSDAP was disdainful towards Christianity. As you and others like you are so quick to point out, 40%+ of the Catholic clergy, plus the Pope himself, being supportive of Fascists and National Socialists, does not make the Catholic Church "on their side," because a statistical majority of Catholics were still technically against them, the Pope apparently nonwithstanding. If that is indeed the case, then it stands to reason that even if you chould show that 40%+ of the NSDAP, plus Hitler, were anti-Christian, that does not make the NSDAP a non-Christian organization.

You have lost the argument because you argue exactly like a Jew: one standard for your claims, and another for your opponents. If you uncover even a single National Socialist of any passing importance whose faith seemed anything other than absolute, or who may perhaps have held some disdain for the church at some point, or who may have lost faith near the end of the war, then you declare immediate victory. Even if you could prove Rosenberg was everything TMoTTC makes him out to be, even if you could dispel the veil of dubious credibility that clings to the document, you have made no progress whatsoever in the assertion that National Socialism and National Socialists were against Christianity. If the Pope and a near majority of priests being for Fascism and National Socialism is insufficient to declare the Catholic church "on their side," then even if you could produce ironclad evidence of similar ratios of National Socialists in relation to atheism and paganism, by your own logic, it would still be insufficient. Because the statistical majority of rank-and-file National Socialists were still Christian.

Also, the Pope may have condemned anti-semitism, but one thing he never condemned was Fascism and National Socialism. But just like the Jew you are, you'd rather focus on things tangibly related to the topic at hand, such as anti-semitism, and hope that providing evidence of that is enough to dissuade people from looking any deeper. The Pope never condemned anything Hitler did until well after the war was over and done with, and said condemnation was forced and motivated entirely by politics. During the actual progress of the war, he was overtly neutral but rhetorically supportive of everything the National Socialists did. The Catholic Church played a key role in helping surviving National Socialists flee the Nuremburg Trials. Google "ratlines," you'll see plenty of kvetching about it. If the National Socialists were in poor relations with the Catholic church, then the Catholic church would never have bent over backwards to help them escape to safety, let alone pay them pensions for the rest of their lives to ensure they could live comfortably. You have no explaination for the ratlines. None whatsoever.

Perhaps you have forgotten, but the Holocaust did not happen. Hitler was, technically, a Zionist. He did not advocate for the extermination of the Jews. He wanted all Jews forcibly removed to some far remote location, such as Madagascar or some secluded interior of Africa, where they would be forced to either create their own functional country or die trying. Hitler promoted the expulsion of Jews from Germany specifically and Europe as a greater whole, but his degree of counter-semitic sentiment did not actually contradict most of the things Pope Pius XI argued for during the lead-up to the war. The notion that we must physically exterminate all Jews for the safety and security of our people came much later in the postwar enviroment, long after Hitler's death.


>You said a lot but you still haven't provided a single proof proving Hitler was christian.


I have provided direct quotes from Hitler's own mouth, with dated timestamps for the speeches given. Your only possible rebuttal is to call him a liar.

This is the audacity of Jews: to look a man dead in the eyes, point to a yellow wall, and call it blue. I provided proofs. Rather than bother refuting them, you simply gaslight the discussion by claiming no proofs have ever been posted. There are four lights.

92500a  No.12263143


>He used christians.

Another way of claiming he was a liar. This is an extraordinary claim, since you are declaring the entire body of the work he composed and put to paper for his entire career as a National Socialist false. I'm sure you have some proof or supporting evidence to back up this assertion of yours? Something more substancial than "he must have lied about everything because otherwise he wouldn't be ideologically aligned perfectly with me," I hope.


>Man, soldiers speaking about going to Valhal sure sounds openly Christian to me.

I've made statements about meme magic and Kek on this forum. I don't worship Egyptian gods. The deliberate narrow-mindedness these sorts of arguments require is always amusing. You act as though culture does not exist. That memes are always literal. So shallow and pedantic.

dbc29f  No.12263146


>Some post-war critics[who?] have accused Pius of either being overly cautious, or of "not doing enough", or even of "silence" in the face of the Holocaust. Yet, supporters[who?] have held that he saved thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of Jews by ordering his Church to provide them with sanctuary and aid, and that he provided moral and intellectual leadership in opposition to the violent racism of Nazi ideology.[3][4]

>Pius XII had served as a Vatican diplomat in Germany prior to the war and as Vatican Secretary of State under Pius XI. In this capacity he had been a critic of Nazism and helped draft the 1937 Mit brennender Sorge anti-Nazi encyclical. In his 1939 Summi Pontificatus first papal encyclical, Pius XII expressed dismay at the 1939 Invasion of Poland; reiterated Catholic teaching against racism and antisemitism; and endorsed resistance against those opposed to the ethical principles of the "Revelation on Sinai" and the Sermon on the Mount.[citation needed] At Christmas 1942, once evidence of the industrial slaughter of the Jews had emerged, he voiced concern at the murder of "hundreds of thousands" of "faultless" people because of their "nationality or race". Pius intervened to attempt to block Nazi deportations of Jews in various countries from 1942–1944.[citation needed]

Man, sure sounds like le Basted Christian all right.

dbc29f  No.12263157


>Another way of claiming he was a liar. This is an extraordinary claim, since you are declaring the entire body of the work he composed and put to paper for his entire career as a National Socialist false. I'm sure you have some proof or supporting evidence to back up this assertion of yours?

My proof is when he and Hitler cooked up Positive Christianity in order to redpill all the retarded christians in the Reich.

>Something more substancial than "he must have lied about everything because otherwise he wouldn't be ideologically aligned perfectly with me," I hope.

Or he was a politician, and he used slogans and political tools as fit. A true student of Otto von Bismarck.

>I've made statements about meme magic and Kek on this forum. I don't worship Egyptian gods.

So you are a heretic by Christian standard!

Meanwhile, the soldiers who uttered Valhal as their dying words, yet you treat them as joke.

You are a bad christian and a bad heathen.

>You act as though culture does not exist. That memes are always literal. So shallow and pedantic.

Yes, pagan culture exists, pagan faith exists, and people follow it, not the kike god.

99858c  No.12263173

File: 0f17f5fd4c3cc4d⋯.png (17.36 KB, 633x772, 633:772, 0f17f5fd4c3cc4d61d48225dbd….png)

I'm going to be gassed for saying this, but maybe Hitler purism might be a tad foolish given what of his decisions were for political reasons or not is not made clear. There were blacks in the SS as part of the Free Arab Legion for example. All we can know for certain was his hatred of Jews.

65ee71  No.12263179


Hitler wasn't a purist even back then.

He voted himself to power.

He saved plenty of jews and allowed jews in his army.

He ransomed the Rothschild instead of killing them, and he plotted with zionist jews to bring jews over to Palestine.

Ironically, the ones who LARP as Hitler are purer than he is, because they are doing so in their fantasy.

3d7a36  No.12263193


Sieg Heil to all you said but to clarify something the genius Alfred Rosenberg cooked up Positive Christianity to root out the semitic filth in the volk's mind. He of course was very very anti-christian.

d6e563  No.12263212


Sieg Heil Viktoria comrade.

One can say why Christianity is dying so fast in Europe is because no one truly believes in it.

99858c  No.12263216


>One can say why Christianity is dying so fast in Europe is because no one truly believes in it.

The average European doesn't have anything to believe in anymore in general. Their homes are being stolen from them by refugees supported by a government that doesn't give a fuck about their national identity. Christianity in Europe is dying right as Europe itself is. Really makes you think

3d7a36  No.12263225


Well of course, I always assume the christians numbers are extremely inflated as the actual number of christians that follow their jewish book as they should are probably very small. Many are simply just normal people who were born into the religion and likely don't give a shit about it it's just what they've had to do.

92500a  No.12263226


>he can't explain the ratlines

>he's still copy-pasting directly from Kikepedia

>he's rotating his IP to try and pretend he's not the same faggot that was copy-pasting directly from Kikepedia earlier

>his own block of copied text is full of [citation needed]

You are a Jew.


>My proof is when he and Hitler cooked up Positive Christianity in order to redpill all the retarded christians in the Reich

Positive Christianity was Hitler's solution to avoid having to overtly pick a side between the Catholic Germans and Protestant Germans. Mein Kampf talks about this, not that you've ever read it. Positive Christianity was created to unify Christianity, not abolish it.

>Or he was a politician, and he used slogans and political tools as fit.

More pilpul to avoid having to admit that the crux of your argument is that Hitler and everyone who ever associated with him, including his allies in foreign countries, lied constantly to everyone about everything for the entire duration of the war.

This is a fantastically outrageous claim, and not one person who has ever made it has ever been able to provide even an iota of evidence that it is true.

I would mock you for making exactly the same arguments that Holocaust academics and Baby Boomer historians do about Hitler and the NSDAP, with the only difference being that you have inverted the positives into negatives and the negatives into positives. But you are either too Jewish or too stupid to appreciate the 1:1 parity between what you believe is true and what ZOG told you is true. Next you'll be telling me the Holocaust actually happened.

>So you are a heretic by Christian standard!

You know even less about Christian standards than you do about National Socialist ones. Cultural touchstones and memes are not "heresy;" if they were then the words "Catholic" or "Orthodoxy" would not be appended with words like "Roman" or "Greek" or "Russian." Your autistic crowing to the contrary, as though you have struck some terrible blow or caught me in some great rhetorical trap, makes you look ridiculous. You don't have a single leg to stand on.


>I'm going to be gassed for saying this, but maybe Hitler purism might be a tad foolish given what of his decisions were for political reasons or not is not made clear. There were blacks in the SS as part of the Free Arab Legion for example. All we can know for certain was his hatred of Jews.

The defination of a cult is a blind obsession over a singular prophet or visionary, to the extent that when what the visionary predicted turns out to be false, the cultist must make tremendous rhetorical leaps and tie themselves into pretzels to justify why the world has not ended or such-and-such a prophecy has failed to come to pass.

The overt and explicit worship of Hitler is as cancerous to the movement of National Socialists as the obsession with Fatima is to the few Catholics left willing to acknowledge that the Jews are a problem. If these people were rational, they might argue that Hitler's failures and tendency towards altruism were the FAULT of his Christianity, and use his failure to triumph against ZOG as evidence that a new National Socialism, free of Christian influence, is necessary to save our people.

But not one atheist or pagan has ever made this argument, nor will they ever make this argument, because their primary goal is focused on worshipping Hitler as a Christ figure and revising history until the square peg that is his truth fits into the round hole of their bias and ego. There are no true atheists. Everyone worships something.



>Sieg Heil to everything you said

>Seig Heil back to you

>both are (1)s

Look at this fucking kike that's so stupid he forgot to stop rotating his IPs when sucking his own dick in public.

3850e0  No.12263236


Haha, this kike is mad at Sieg Heil.

We should enforce a rule to let Sieg Heil become the common greetings around here.

Sieg Hiel.



On the contrary, Christianity is dying, but Europe is not. It is surging with new spirit of lives, from ancient past.

Meanwhile, Africa and China are full of christians, yet they are actually dying, spiritually and culturally.

3d7a36  No.12263241

File: 374085e0f0c03de⋯.png (1.19 KB, 247x40, 247:40, Screenshot_3.png)


>oy vey its impossible for there to be more than one person who disagrees with me :(

Don't worry I know christian rats aren't the brightest.

3850e0  No.12263244


>>he's still copy-pasting directly from Kikepedia

Sound like someone who got no evidences on him and it's trying to shill at best at he can.

>Positive Christianity was Hitler's solution to avoid having to overtly pick a side between the Catholic Germans and Protestant Germans. Mein Kampf talks about this, not that you've ever read it. Positive Christianity was created to unify Christianity, not abolish it.

Positive Christianity was an attempt to turn Christianity nordic and good, by making Jesus into a nordic/germanic figure instead of the jew shit he was. It was made to unite Christians and in turn change them for the better.

>More pilpul to avoid having to admit that the crux of your argument is that Hitler and everyone who ever associated with him, including his allies in foreign countries, lied constantly to everyone about everything for the entire duration of the war.

My crux of argument is that Hitler and Goebbels believed none jack about Christianity, and there's a fair amount of speeches ITT to prove that.

He only respected christians (i.e. fellow voters and people), not Christianity.

>You know even less about Christian standards than you do about National Socialist ones. Cultural touchstones and memes are not "heresy;" if they were then the words "Catholic" or "Orthodoxy" would not be appended with words like "Roman" or "Greek" or "Russian."

Tell that to various Christian wars in Europe between Catholic vs Protestant vs Orthodox.

You know nothing.

917c89  No.12263246


>so you think national socialist germany and germans deserved to be firebombed for acting against christianity

pagans who persecuted german catholics for practising a faith they had for 1500 years got what they deserved


hey faggot, that was your fellow protestants and germanics who did that. take it up with them.

99858c  No.12263248

File: b4b17a6bc437ab4⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 362x362, 1:1, 1444491511092.jpg)


>Meanwhile, Africa and China are full of christians, yet they are actually dying, spiritually and culturally.

China is not dying, Europe is, Ching Chang Chong and Sig Heil

3d7a36  No.12263252


>pagans persecuting spiritual semites who were forced to worship jews for 1500 were bad

>spiritual semites persecuting pagans who were worshipping their native racial religion for thousands/tens of thousands of years are good

This is the enemy.

3850e0  No.12263253


Sieg Heil. I have been to Europe and its countryside is vibrant of life.

Meanwhile in China? People lived meaningless lives, working to death under an uncaring government while the birthrate plummets.

99858c  No.12263259

File: 5b0006e5d6f2f5c⋯.jpg (177.55 KB, 571x570, 571:570, 1290684719463.jpg)


Sieg Heil. China is whiter than Europe now. Chinese have white skin, European has swarthy brown skin. Its over you lose hahah

3d7a36  No.12263264


Sieg Heil. China sucks.

99858c  No.12263268


Sieg Heil. China strong Europe now black Africa country and China makes all your stuff haha

492b7e  No.12263289


Sieg Heil chink, your government is importing hundred thousands of africans into your country as "students" and "exchange workers".

Watch out.

f1040a  No.12263319


the irony of this post

f821cc  No.12263332

File: b1027e6fef6d1de⋯.jpg (320.93 KB, 1605x1400, 321:280, 1411326470565.jpg)

File: a401f4fe5ec1648⋯.jpg (60.18 KB, 720x526, 360:263, "Am Gestade" (By the Water….jpg)

>I am Christian

>I believe JC is our Lord and Savior



>I know there are more people out there that feel the way I feel

>I see it on their faces crossing the street, sitting in their cars

This reminds me of a few times when other christcucks were talking about how BASED churchgoers were, how they would RISE UP in mass to protect and save the WHITE RACE. You're as much of a clown as they are. The christian is not compelled to learn his history, to know of his ancestors, his ancestral homeland, to know of his old gods, to love his blood and his soil. Your (((god))) is a slaver, you read jewish texts and you hold corrupted values. Go back to kneeling. Go back to asking for forgiveness from your lord and saviour like the coward you are.

Even if I didn't have everyday experience with niggerloving, limpwrist christcucks your kind would gladly show what you're up to. And I'd still be disgusted. Fuck off.

27ab47  No.12263335

Holy fuck how has this thread hung on so fucking long?

c26f19  No.12263339

File: 309e04cc0e1259d⋯.jpg (110.37 KB, 500x748, 125:187, 1423622348575-0.jpg)

File: 59a8459c62b0154⋯.jpg (147.75 KB, 1282x889, 1282:889, 1423622228240-2.jpg)

File: 260d5b7d15ef920⋯.jpg (877.86 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1423625946006-0.jpg)

File: d9e3687e09a03d6⋯.jpg (480.72 KB, 1500x1037, 1500:1037, 1431226667639.jpg)

File: b4c48da8009859f⋯.jpg (397.77 KB, 1123x768, 1123:768, b4c48da8009859feb9e0664339….jpg)

American Nationalism is innately different from European Nationalism, in that it focuses on a different kind of people. It is truly harmonious in its over arching culture, but still each (sub)culture retaining their original roots. This is reflected in America's founding - the Germans stuck to German colonies, the English settlers stuck to English colonies, etc. Thus, it's essentially what multiculturalism claims to be. Many would be quick to point out "It was all whites, that's what makes it different!", but that's only scratching the surface. See, America's culture was extremely decentralized - compared to the centralized, monarchical Europe at the time, America was the equivalent of a Libertarian government vs a modern Socialist government.

This is truly what made (and, to an extent, still makes) America so unique and important. The lack of centralization absolutely destroys the notion of "duty" to anybody but your own self and your people. Of course, today, you have no "people". You don't have shared heritage with settlers. You don't have a manifest destiny. You're stuck with varying "shades" of people, of "all walks of life" who rapidly phase in and out of your life without a moment's notice. This is exacerbated by modern "city" life - the peak of centralization, and the epitome of an utterly subsumed existence.

A solution to this is, unfortunately, somewhat subverted already. One of the most common and closest form of shared companionship we can offer to one another would be that of the modern school system - a tool utilized for mind control and training for further centralization efforts. People, naturally, will eventually come to try and form bonds while growing up through this hellish nightmare - but all of these are heavily controlled, too, whose gates are kept by those who would sooner see these bonds shattered. "Fraternities" whose cultures are encouraged to be degenerate and facile. "Clubs" whose very existence are decided upon by an arbiter. The illusion of freedom lends itself well to the idea of comfort, but it is indeed a sleight of hand.

Realistically, though, the school system is where you would need to start. It's where you must ensure agents of freedom may sprout, but they must unfortunately do so in secret - out of a very real fear of persecution. We need workers in this system - those who can continue to sew the seeds of patriotism in unfortunate secrecy.

Another solution, though not popular, is ironically a degree of centralization - but on a much smaller scale than often suggested. Rather than attempting to gather every single like-minded national into one singular spot, you would be better off using local regions (states are a good start, although low population states may want to reach to other states). Rather than a single easily targeted center, you gain the advantage of a multitude of nodes. Each of these should be on a relatively small scale - a few houses, maybe up to 10 or 12 per region. A small "neighborhood" of sorts where the community can properly share resources, but aren't living in bunks under one roof.

A positive element of multiple, nationwide "colonies" of sorts allows you the advantage of "strength in numbers" - it would be difficult (if not outright impossible) to completely destroy all of them in one single swoop. Remember, the advantage of decentralization - aside from aligning with all that is good and natural - is that a centralized power can only move in large, sweeping motions.

Another advantage of said "colonies" would also even allow for those who aren't white to still form their own bases of operation, and effectively quarantine them from the other colonies. If they succeed and are well off, great - they may be able to work on their genetic setbacks. However, if they ultimately fail, then you can safely sit back in another colony and chuckle to yourself; "/pol/ is always right". This may seem counter-productive, but remember - there are plenty of non-whites who are extremely sympathetic, but were born into an existence with no true hereditary identity.

Do not be dissuaded by those wishing to seek you harm. They will try to break you, torment you - rip apart the fiber of your soul, all while taking advantage of your inaction. They will attempt to divide you, conquer you, and ultimately destroy you through a slow, multi-generational death.


27ab47  No.12263346

Huh, you go over these threads the kike cunts dredge up and you see some interesting stuff. It never works out how they think it will.

6f0a50  No.12263381

File: 6107b1b09451e4a⋯.jpg (229.04 KB, 590x844, 295:422, Mythus[1].JPG)


>The alledged writings of Alfred Rosenberg were only recently uncovered, and had been in the possession of the Soviets this entire time.


The Myth of the Twentieth Century (German: Der Mythus des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts) is a 1930 book by Alfred Rosenberg, one of the principal ideologues of the Nazi Party and editor of the Nazi paper Völkischer Beobachter.

Thanks to Nazi support, the book had sold more than one million copies by 1944.


>You have lost the argument because you argue exactly like a Jew: one standard for your claims, and another for your opponents.

do you have a single fact to back that up?


>no progress whatsoever in the assertion that National Socialism and National Socialists were against Christianity

fake news, see:



truth does not care about your philosemitic fictions.


>Also, the Pope may have condemned anti-semitism, but one thing he never condemned was Fascism and National Socialism.

how does condemning anti-semitism NOT involve condemning anti-semitic National Socialism?


>The Catholic Church played a key role in helping surviving National Socialists flee the Nuremburg Trials.


During the Holocaust, the Roman Catholic Church played a role in the rescue of hundreds of thousands of Jews from being murdered by the Nazis. Members of the Church, through lobbying of Axis officials, provision of false documents, and the hiding of people in monasteries, convents, schools, among families and the institutions of the Vatican itself, saved hundreds of thousands of Jews.

In the prelude to the Holocaust, Popes Pius XI and Pius XII preached against racism and war in encyclicals such as Mit brennender Sorge (1937) and Summi Pontificatus (1939). Pius XI condemned Kristallnacht and rejected the Nazi claim of racial superiority, saying instead there was only "a single human race". His successor Pius XII employed diplomacy to aid the Jews, and directed his Church to provide discreet aid. While the overall caution of his approach has been criticised by some, his 1942 Christmas radio address denounced the murder of "hundreds of thousands" of innocent people on the basis of "nationality or race" and he intervened to attempt to block Nazi deportations of Jews in various countries. When the Nazis came for Italy's Jews, some 4715 of the 5715 Jews of Rome found shelter in 150 Church institutions, 477 in the Vatican itself and he opened his Castel Gandolfo residence, which took in thousands.

After Pius XII's 1943 Mystici corporis Christi encyclical (which condemned the killing of the disabled amid the ongoing Nazi euthanasia program), a joint declaration from the German bishops denounced the killing of "innocent and defenceless mentally handicapped, incurably infirm and fatally wounded, innocent hostages, and disarmed prisoners of war and criminal offenders, people of a foreign race or descent".[2] Resistor priests active in rescuing Jews include the martyrs Bernard Lichtenberg and Alfred Delp, and laywomen Gertrud Luckner and Margarete Sommer used Catholic agencies to aid German Jews, under the protection of Bishops such as Konrad von Preysing.

In Italy, the popes lobbied Mussolini against anti-Semitic policies, while Vatican diplomats, among them Giuseppe Burzio in Slovakia, Fillipo Bernardini in Switzerland and Angelo Roncalli in Turkey rescued thousands. The nuncio to Budapest, Angelo Rotta, and Bucharest, Andrea Cassulo, have been recognised by Yad Vashem. The Church played an important role in the defence of Jews in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, encouraged by the protests of leaders such as Cardinal Jozef-Ernest van Roey, Archbishop Jules-Géraud Saliège, and Johannes de Jong. From his Vatican office, Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty operated an escape operation for Jews and Allied escapees. Priests and nuns of orders like the Jesuits, Franciscans and Benedictines hid children in monasteries, convents and schools.[3] Margit Slachta's Hungarian Social Service Sisterhood saved thousands. In Poland, the unique Zegota organisation also rescued thousands and Mother Matylda Getter's Franciscan Sisters sheltered hundreds of Jewish children who escaped the Warsaw Ghetto. In France, Belgium, and Italy, Catholic underground networks were particularly active and saved thousands of Jews, particularly in northern Italy where groups like the Assisi Network were active, and in southern France.[4]


>sucking his own dick in public

not surprising how quickly this catholic's mind turned towards sucking dick.

6f0a50  No.12263393



for those too stupid to figure this out, referencing this wikipedia article is not an endorsement of "muh 6 million jews were gassed to death and germans must live in eternal debt/literal slavery to jews" or other tenets of holocaustianity

ad4921  No.12263415

File: 48138eaa6f82567⋯.jpg (30.7 KB, 317x178, 317:178, jew tossed lake of fire.jpg)

The (((media))) has always been about memes. It doesn't have to be true for it to stick because memes are easy to digest. Curriculum is only for the studious minority. You can't counter memes with curriculum, but with counter memes. Meme the culture you want to create.


1a27af  No.12263454


Happy to see this thread, and that /pol/ is beginning to realize the importance of religion in establishing a cohesive national identity. Not just that, but also its benefits as an internal governance for each individual. Sometimes it seems like people here forget that you can't build a great nation with shitty individual people.

I want to speak to concern posted here: >>12140486

>protestantism is divisive

Christianity has always been divisive, and its not just Protestants. You can see Catholics and Orthodox doing it at >>>/christian/

Every nation has its own church. We need an American Church, and it will of course be some flavor of Protestantism, and that which SHARPLY REJECTS modernistic cancer such as fag marriage, relativism, macroevolution, but also offers redemption for the degenerates. Baptism or Reformed Baptism are both gaining massive popularity in America, see institutions like Apologia Church or Faithful Word Baptist.

Catholics and Orthodox will rage, but we're talking about a national church, and this is America. It's obviously not going to be papist or Byzantine.

>NAZI larpers

Agreed. As American Nationalism rises, so too will its opposition, and the parallels with the 1918-1919 period in Germany will become obvious. Americans are ignorant but not stupid. Historical revisionism is thriving and the public perspective on what happened in Germany will conform to the truth without having to meme it. It's not good rhetoric to tie American Nationalism with that shit, or anybody's shit. We base it on core principles, and the parallels arise on their own.

>banning national-socialist themes will make die-hards sperg

You mean the guys with the 1488 face tattoos? Just from personal experience, as there's a lot of them near me, most of them are meth heads and gangsters. They don't know anything about nationalism and have latched onto the false narrative for the same reason that most normalfags are repulsed by it. They aren't our allies. We want families and morally conscious people.

>a truly nationalist American hero

The timing on this entirely up to our opposition, quite frankly. We have multiple fronts; I'm more concerned about ground level, person-to-person cultural shifts where people are learning to love again, learning what is valuable. Americans are spiritually ill; I think a lot of nationalist elements will fall into place when people get plugged into their community via church. There's a transcendental brotherhood that makes you feel connected to everything else, which is utterly lacking right now.

30379b  No.12263458


>rejects macroevolution

This was a good post otherwise but you fell for the micro/macroevolution shit. If we’re ever going to have a working nationalism we need to leave religion out of it. We’re white, science belongs to us for better or for worse and if religion gets in the way of objective reality based on sound evidence and theory then it is the religion that must change because plugging our ears and closing our eyes and pretending that the universe revolves around the earth is not the way a healthy Aryan mind approaches new information.

1a27af  No.12263476

File: c7532caaecaab00⋯.jpg (51.25 KB, 700x1024, 175:256, c7532caaecaab0049cd83a4a30….jpg)


>religion is anti-science

>fell for it

That would be you, my friend. There is no dichotomy between Christianity and science. You are mistaking science with Science. This is neither the time nor place to debate things like evolution (which is considered as settled Science by the same people who bring you transgenderism), but here is a clip from a Christian audio show outlining the scientific case against macroevolution and how absurd it actually is. Again, I'm not trying to ignite a debate here on this topic, but perhaps you have only heard the mainstream view on this topic. Suffice to say, none of the revivalist movements running strong in the US support fag marriage, abortion, transgenderism, or macroevolution, all of which are fundamental tenets of the anti-nation global world religion that is arising.


352004  No.12263505


>that pic

Bullshit. Science has existed alongside just about every religion, Christianity does not hold the monopoly on science

30379b  No.12263507


Yeah dude no I agree with you I’m not trying to debate either but “macroevolution” is what happens when “macroevolution” takes place tons of times. Maybe I misunderstood your post or you mine, I’m not trying to contest anything about your posts besides that and a need for religion in general, ANY religion, and I am myself a religious man. Religion is a thing which can be changed and different from individual to individual but we can’t change the fact that you, me and every other white person alive share a common ancestry and blood so I think something concrete like that would be a good base and then move forward into ideology from there. The original post from you was a good one I thought besides my relatively minor objections. Face to face in real life, I doubt you and I would be having this conversation, we’d be having a much more productive and interesting one I like to think. Sometimes things are lost in text.

1a27af  No.12263529

File: 56eae9b86c09162⋯.png (950.24 KB, 605x916, 605:916, Capture.PNG)



Nice strawman. Read this or stay ignorant, I don't care.


Agreed brother, I tend to focus on the disagreement in search for meat, but its really such a minor thing in the big picture. I'm aware of evolutionary theory, I have 2 college degrees and converted to Christianity after years of atheism and completely buying all of the mainstream dogma. The information in that audio clip is pretty golden, and I'd never heard the information by any mainstream anthropologists. Everyone is always trying to confirm their existing biases, especially in Science. Have a good day, no hard feelings if it seemed that way.

ad94b7  No.12263533

File: d0876a06e45950a⋯.jpg (51.14 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Red18.jpg)


>- James Allsup, American Media


>- Greg Johnson, Counter Currents


>- Jared Taylor, American Renaissance


>- Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer


>What are these guys doing wrong?

They're controlled opposition, their purpose in life is to NOT seem reasonable.

>What are best tacts for creating a successful organization? What's best practice here? Any former campaign managers or charity organizers, please feel free to help us out here. We need to appeal to the masses. Website? Meetups? This all seems amateur. An NRA type of org seems more what I'm thinking. Can we lobby as a collective? How the fuck does this work? Can we 501c this bitch?

Good start. Just don't get infiltrated by moles.

And don't alienate to the Pagans or atheists. Most of them have the same goals as you, if you drag religion into it, you will create dissension and division. This is exactly how a mole would break up your organization. It's about race, and the race you're trying to save is European…that means ALL Europeans.

And stay away from excessive criticism of Jews. If Israel commits an atrocity, condemn the country politically, do not condemn "jews" or you will be lambasted from every side. Conceal your hate, and reach your goals.

Do your best to destroy the central bank, if you want to eliminate Jewish power. I know, they're infesting everything, from law to Hollywood to TV.

But their ability to fund it all with cash, poofed-up out of thin air, is the core of their power.

41a9fd  No.12263539


>Do your best to destroy the central bank

Yeah BRB gonna abolish the Fed

…How do you want this to be done exactly?

6f0a50  No.12263554

File: a187cad56c17c8b⋯.jpg (60.63 KB, 367x375, 367:375, Anaximander_Mosaic_(croppe….jpg)

File: 0a7fbf6558878c8⋯.jpg (27.94 KB, 262x311, 262:311, Euklid-von-Alexandria_1[1].jpg)

File: 3a9118f460f26a5⋯.png (52.82 KB, 970x1024, 485:512, 970px-Pythagoras_Euclid.sv….png)

File: 527a1581e6a082a⋯.jpg (604.53 KB, 1364x1818, 682:909, Domenico-Fetti_Archimedes_….jpg)

File: e33dd8a25d7070d⋯.gif (47.44 KB, 200x146, 100:73, Archimedes-screw_one-screw….gif)


>"There is no dichotomy between Christianity and science."





The history of science in classical antiquity encompasses both those inquiries into the workings of the universe aimed at such practical goals as establishing a reliable calendar or determining how to cure a variety of illnesses and those abstract investigations known as natural philosophy. The ancient peoples who are considered the first scientists may have thought of themselves as natural philosophers, as practitioners of a skilled profession (for example, physicians), or as followers of a religious tradition (for example, temple healers). The encyclopedic works of Aristotle, Archimedes, Hippocrates, Galen, Ptolemy, Euclid, and others spread throughout the world. These works and the important commentaries on them were the wellspring of science.


Anaximander (/æˌnæksɪˈmændər/; Greek: Ἀναξίμανδρος Anaximandros; c. 610 – c. 546 BC) was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher who lived in Miletus,[4] a city of Ionia (in modern-day Turkey).

He was an early proponent of science and tried to observe and explain different aspects of the universe, with a particular interest in its origins, claiming that nature is ruled by laws, just like human societies, and anything that disturbs the balance of nature does not last long.[7] Like many thinkers of his time, Anaximander's philosophy included contributions to many disciplines. In astronomy, he attempted to describe the mechanics of celestial bodies in relation to the Earth. In physics, his postulation that the indefinite (or apeiron) was the source of all things led Greek philosophy to a new level of conceptual abstraction. His knowledge of geometry allowed him to introduce the gnomon in Greece. He created a map of the world that contributed greatly to the advancement of geography.


Euclid (/ˈjuːklɪd/; Ancient Greek: Εὐκλείδης – Eukleídēs, pronounced [eu.klěː.dɛːs]; fl. 300 BC), sometimes given the name Euclid of Alexandria[1] to distinguish him from Euclides of Megara, was a Greek mathematician, often referred to as the "founder of geometry"[1] or the "father of geometry". He was active in Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy I (323–283 BC). His Elements is one of the most influential works in the history of mathematics, serving as the main textbook for teaching mathematics (especially geometry) from the time of its publication until the late 19th or early 20th century.[2][3][4] In the Elements, Euclid deduced the theorems of what is now called Euclidean geometry from a small set of axioms. Euclid also wrote works on perspective, conic sections, spherical geometry, number theory, and rigor.

Euclid is the anglicized version of the Greek name Εὐκλείδης, which means "renowned, glorious".[5]

Although many of the results in Elements originated with earlier mathematicians, one of Euclid's accomplishments was to present them in a single, logically coherent framework, making it easy to use and easy to reference, including a system of rigorous mathematical proofs that remains the basis of mathematics 23 centuries later.[17]


Archimedes of Syracuse (/ˌɑːrkɪˈmiːdiːz/;[2] Greek: Ἀρχιμήδης; c. 287 – c. 212 BC) was a Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer.[3] Although few details of his life are known, he is regarded as one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity. Generally considered the greatest mathematician of antiquity and one of the greatest of all time,[4][5] Archimedes anticipated modern calculus and analysis by applying concepts of infinitesimals and the method of exhaustion to derive and rigorously prove a range of geometrical theorems, including the area of a circle, the surface area and volume of a sphere, and the area under a parabola.[6]

Other mathematical achievements include deriving an accurate approximation of pi, defining and investigating the spiral bearing his name, and creating a system using exponentiation for expressing very large numbers. He was also one of the first to apply mathematics to physical phenomena, founding hydrostatics and statics, including an explanation of the principle of the lever. He is credited with designing innovative machines, such as his screw pump, compound pulleys, and defensive war machines to protect his native Syracuse from invasion.

30379b  No.12263572


I’ll listen to the clip. Maybe it’ll change my mind, it’s not something I’m super invested in the theory of evolution beyond the fact that I think we can use it to explain the reality of racial differences nearly to normies. Beyond that, it’s either true or false and doesn’t affect me much either way.

1a27af  No.12263576


>classical science in antiquity

Nobody is discrediting what the ancients did in establishing the prerequisites of modern science. If you follow the conversation, you'll see that I was responding to the notion that Christianity is anti-science, by pointing out that modern science was developed by Christendom. The notion of Christianity being anti-science is a trash Enlightenment era idea.

1a27af  No.12263579


Good deal, let me know what you think of it.

8634d6  No.12263580


So you're saying that pagan greeks were also kiked with a slave morality? Because every time someone points out what gross degenerate fucks you retarded fidora-tipping larpers are, you run to the ancients, but now you're saying they were identical to Christians except with idols.

Make up your microscopic mind.

e523dd  No.12263587


>SOME Christians in the distant past were not anti-Science

Except that most were. Galileo for instance was almost burned as a heretic for seeking knowledge in defiance of the church.

And today the church is vehemently anti-science. Worse still, they are emphatically anti-racist. The jews have always been able to rely on a Christian flock to hold candles for slain black terrorists in Rhodesia or to hold hands and sign hymns with the nogs after Dylan Roof shot some in Charlestown.


Anyone who can read can see that >>12218316 never said what you accuse him of saying. He said that the Greeks invented the Golden Rule concept that the kikes stole.

As always, the jews do not invent ideas, they merely steal them.

352004  No.12263590


No you mouthbreathing nigger. I'm disproving the claim retarded faggots like you make that Christianity has some kind of monopoly on morals or ethics by showing you we've been living by them centuries beforehand

>but now you're saying they were identical to Christians except with idols.

Obviously not you drooling sperg, because there's obviously more to both religions than the golden fucking rule.

>points out what gross degenerate fucks you retarded fidora-tipping larpers

Nice to see you scrabbling for the same desperate Ad hominems. Get fucked

1a27af  No.12263593



>The greatest of the secular myths is Galileo Galilei as a martyr for science. The epic battle between the forces of reason and truth and the dark superstitions of the church has been retold hundreds of times. The truth as discovered by patient work by modern academics is a little less clear cut and not quite so kind to Galileo. Galileo was a great scientist but in astronomy he was not on as scientifically firm ground as is often believed. He supported Copernicus rather than Kepler so his model was not any better than Ptolemy's and perhaps eclipsed by Tycho Brahe's. He also wrongly insisted that the tides were proof that the Earth was revolving on its axis.

>Be that as it may, he published, in 1630, with papal permission, a book called A Dialogue Concerning Two Principal Systems of the World which was more what we would term 'popular science' than an academic text. The Pope, Urban VIII, believed he was being parodied in it as a fool - an insult that no self respecting Renaissance prince could bear. Galileo already had plenty of enemies in academia who resented his fame, influence and condescending style and when abandoned by the Pope he ran out of friends. He was summoned to Rome and arrested by the Inquisition. Clearly, it was impossible to bring a man to trial for making the Pope look foolish so a trumped up charge was manufactured using a spurious undertaking that Galileo was supposed to have given not to teach Copernicus's theory. In addition, the Protestant reformers had accused Catholicism of straying too far from the Bible. The re