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File: f1a42b66a1af15c⋯.png (99.67 KB, 862x852, 431:426, 2018 midterm polling.png)

dc7971  No.12140652

I'm not saying this to demoralize, or to shill, I want to light a fire under your ass

We need to do something to fix this, anything we can. People should be freaking out about this, but I'm just seeing a malaise. The energy we had in 2016 seems to be nonexistent.

We need a plan of action to mobilize people, millions of them. I know we can do this.

>but the polls are all rigged

Yes to a certain extent they probably are, so why aren't we digging into the polls and finding the bias? And do you really think the bias would by so extreme, and so consistent across all the different polling firms? The consensus is that Republicans will likely lose the House. Remember the media has been blasting the populace with anti-Trump messaging for years now, and he can't fight back because he's busy governing.

>but the Republicans failed us

They failed because their majority in the Senate was too slim to pass any immigration reform, or anything else of consequence. John McCain's tumor ridden ass blocked everything. But they are set to pick up a few seats in the Senate (since many Democrats are in risky seats this time around, and very few Republicans are) — thus as long as they can hold the House, they can finally get an immigration bill through. And an anti-censorship bill for the Internet. And everything else we want.

This is important, we have a chance to avert a disastrous future, but we have to act now in force

4f03e5  No.12140667

>polls are always right like in 2016

852d03  No.12140669


>Neocon Don's Presidency comes to an end in less than 60 days.

Nobodies fault but Trump's for being such a shit President. Take his Presidency without due process.

22accd  No.12140676


>60 days

If Trump loses he wont have to step down until 2020. This is just you midterms. That being said I dont trust anything coming out of any news network. I’ll wait till the actual election

dc7971  No.12140695

File: 5f7b9b2c4d2dc27⋯.jpg (68.19 KB, 534x600, 89:100, trump-twitter.jpg)


fuck you nigger

852d03  No.12140696


>step down

If Trump loses the house he will thwarted at every opportunity and will accomplish nothing. His presidency will be over whether he's in office or not.

105099  No.12140699

File: 23f8f8ed6e5dc15⋯.jpg (27.51 KB, 258x320, 129:160, jew jitsu.jpg)



>The kikes coming out of the woodwork

Looks like OP has a point then.

22accd  No.12140703


He does have executive orders still. Even if the house flips, he’s not totally powerless. And if he does nothing then we’ll put this matter to rest once and for all

f1f6ea  No.12140705

Anyone got that pic where it had Hillary at a 99% chance of winning?

852d03  No.12140707

File: e9e7a32930e9497⋯.jpg (33.26 KB, 474x356, 237:178, th.jpg)


Trump is the biggest kike of all. An Israeli spy holding high office in the United States. He has to go.

8cceca  No.12140708

>muh blu wave!!!

Never going to happen since the dems lost all of their strength after shillary got curbstomped. This is simply going to be a victory lap for the upcoming red wave.

852d03  No.12140713


He uses his EOs for jewish garabge because he is jewish garbage. See:



5e6bc5  No.12140714


And replace him with who?

fcdae7  No.12140716


The polls in 2016 were wrong due to shitty methodology. Are they employing the same techniques? If so then don't worry about it. If not there might be a problem.

dc7971  No.12140719



105099  No.12140723



Growing complacent because of the election win will give the Dems the House and Senate if you just rely on them not having an identity. Right now they do have an identity to rally behind: oppose Trump. It doesn't mean staying consistent with the same shit they've been chanting for the past decade, sure, but the same elitists pushing out this shit sure as hell don't care because it will secure them votes from useful idiots that don't know better.

Avoid complacency.


3 rials have been deposited into your account.

fcdae7  No.12140725


He also has a tweet where he says going into Syria is a bad idea. Still have troops in Syria. If you think his twitter is something more than just a way to start a media frenzy then there is no helping you at this point.

abc64a  No.12140730

File: ea4202a3d94baae⋯.gif (2.58 MB, 416x307, 416:307, 1535244018062.gif)


Exactly, these shills need to make up a fake future scenario if they want their shekles worth.

"Trump is a kike" all you want but he's been the best anti(((establishment)))recruitment tool out there in most memorable history.

d81549  No.12140731


I'm never going to vote for pissrael

Trump can go fuck himself after increasing their gibs and cutting off the Palestinians.

It's all lip service unless he goes after pissrael

852d03  No.12140734

File: e98caacf4b35778⋯.jpg (231.59 KB, 788x887, 788:887, kikes.jpg)


>The polls in 2016 were wrong due to shitty methodology.

>shitty methodology

It was intentional by the jew owned media to get their operative in the white house and have him start doing everything they need.

abc64a  No.12140737


Fucking copy paste the narritive as much as you want shill but you can't come up with a better solution. You fucks are all talk and no action, let alone thought.

dc7971  No.12140738

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Trump had the opportunity to invade Syria and kill Assad, and he has opted not to every single time. Israel has been screaming at him to do this, all the Neocons and GOP establishment are screaming at him to do this, and he doesn't.

Look at how things changed in the Syrian war as soon as Trump is elected

83e538  No.12140740


(((they're))) trying to get every person that doesn't agree with their position either arrested or killed so they can't vote.

8cceca  No.12140745



>Right now they do have an identity to rally behind: oppose Trump.

You forget that (((they're))) constantly eating eachother at every single opportunity (((they))) can get. There is no unity whatsoever and it's going to show when November comes around.

852d03  No.12140746


Why doesn't Trump do something about it?

fcdae7  No.12140755


I don't care what you think happened in 2016. I'm just pointing out the polls were wrong because the methodology use lead to incredibly biased results. It could be happening again, or there could be a big fucking problem in November.


>Trump has every opportunity…

Not with Russia there.

>Russia warns US they are seeking to remove the rest of the "moderate rebels" from SE Syria.

>Trump sends in 100 marine meat shields to do live fire exercises with ISIS.

The reason the Syrian war is going so well is because Russia showed up.

5e6bc5  No.12140756


To quote an anon in a previous thread “we have to have our 14, before we can have our 88” Trumps trying to give us that.

f772e9  No.12140757

File: a93cb32d0060df0⋯.jpg (44.44 KB, 363x378, 121:126, not.rigged.jpg)

OP is this bitch.

>>The energy we had in 2016 seems to be nonexistent.

Oh yeah? You're basing that on what? Fagbook and twatter? haha. Maybe some jewish tv 'news'? Even dumb spics and niggers now know what's best for them is Trump.

dc7971  No.12140758


>The reason the Syrian war is going so well is because Russia showed up.

And because Trump cut off all the money going to ISIS affiliates

abc64a  No.12140761

Any alternative to Trump is going to look like a plebian pro establiment Neocon on the Right or Hillary 2.0 on the Left.

So Besides some kinda Ron Paul/Paul Rand Hybrid I'd love to hear some alternative to Trump. Shills wont deliver.

8a3cff  No.12140762


What do you expect? The meme magic amounted to nothing. We supported Trump because he was the last hope white Americans had for turning the tide on the brown hordes but so far he has done fuck all. Dems, Repubs, who the fuck cares? Dems might accelerate the decline. Now, later, it doesn't seem avoidable anymore.

b4ec64  No.12140765

The numbers game is exceedingly boring.

Also, sage shill thread.

2904cb  No.12140770

File: 96b9b53f4589952⋯.jpg (136.46 KB, 642x767, 642:767, 96b9b53f4589952b3d37d72120….jpg)

trump btfo for good this time

abc64a  No.12140772


Why does he have to? The worse these companies crack down on free speech the bigger the blowback is. The more deplatformed I become the less I wanna watch mainstream shit and find alternative sources. It's obvious that others are doing the same thing.

fcdae7  No.12140778


>Trump cut their funding

The US is still propping up the YPG and supplying the Maghawir al-Thowra. Hell the YPG are trying to set up their own government at this point.

9dd488  No.12140782

people thought Donald was going to go in there and really disrupt the corruption and shit

and it's been nothing but paid shills and larping for 2 years now, that's why people probably won't come out to vote for him again, it it was it is, tell your boss the people actually wanna see something real instead of paid larpers and faggots like alex jones

adb3c4  No.12140788

File: f18c51fb6fbcd99⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 200x200, 1:1, f18c51fb6fbcd99b382a599b5a….gif)

>light a fire under your ass

>"vote for these kosher nationalists that openly call for more diversity and more illegal immigration"

Why would anyone be motivated to vote for neocons aka troskyites? What has the republican congress done for white interests? Do you think their labeling white nationalists domestic terrorists after Charlottesvile was based and redpilled? Just fuck off. Collapse is coming might as well accelerate it.

dc7971  No.12140789


> it's been nothing but paid shills and larping for 2 years now

The establishment is trying to end his presidency, they're out for blood. He's a threat to the system. If you're not supporting Trump, you're working against us.

We cannot be paralyzed to action, we need to get moving

f5e5c8  No.12140791

Who cares

9dd488  No.12140794


tell your boss the people are tired of larps instead of real justice

7232bd  No.12140797


you don't understand. after this board went global it got taken over by TRS, /leftypol/, /intl/ and sandnigger trash from /sg/. this board is lost and completely irrelevant. it only exists as an fbi honeypot to catch kremlin shills

abc64a  No.12140799


All that "kek" talk makes you smell like Soygon of Akkads beard cornflakes but I'll indulge you.

No president ever gets everything done they say that they're gonna do in two years let alone their first four.

It's the last four where shit gets real. Unless there's some kind of massive catastrophe/false flag that people rally around you have to wait out until shit gets real. Look how badly Obama pushed the anti cop, pro black violence narritive at the end of his presidency. Until a better version of Trump shows up your condemming of him is an approval to speed up even the faintest idea of a return to homogeny.

a7397d  No.12140802

File: affbb89545ca895⋯.jpg (418.43 KB, 1444x762, 722:381, trumpkike.jpg)

File: 6d14159a770a81e⋯.jpg (769.65 KB, 1266x1424, 633:712, trumpjew.jpg)


fuck off back to cuckchan

adb3c4  No.12140804


>He's a threat to the system

No he's not otherwise he'd have been assassinated you little nigger.

>If you aren't x, you're y

*yawns* False kikeotomy

dc7971  No.12140805


>What has the republican congress done for white interests?

Cracked down heavily on immigration, changed all the rules and court procedures to get people out of the country. Everything they can do without congress, they have done. They're even contemplating using the DoD to build the wall bypassing Congress entirely

5ac959  No.12140812


It's really startling how delusional trumpniggers are. They genuinely believe this board began when they were told to swarm him en mass.

fa9bfd  No.12140813


No Borders

No Walls


Does this sound like a winning slogan?


adb3c4  No.12140815


>"hey guys he'll really get that wall built this next term! Trust us! D-don't look at the increase in $6 billion to Israel or the Iran sanctions! W-what do you mean you think he's a stooge? Vote! Vote or else you'll get Hillary!"

7232bd  No.12140816


you're fooling no one, shabbos goy

195c44  No.12140819

File: 41c16dbc1f3cbc9⋯.png (834.63 KB, 986x1118, 493:559, d278ff4aafb01c9f941d51f114….png)


>The energy we had in 2016 seems to be nonexistent.

Anglokikes will do that to a Celtic Movement. Imagine my shock.

852d03  No.12140825


>there could be a big fucking problem in November.

Trump losing the house is not a problem unless you're a zionist.

abc64a  No.12140826


>"Hurr durr they'll just JFK him out"

>Being this much of a kike yet calling someone a nigger while using ogga bogga teir hypotheticals

Cmon you stupid faggots if you really want Trump gone give an alternative or just name yourselves while I get the rope ready.

852d03  No.12140831


>No walls

This is Trump's position on the matter as well.

5ac959  No.12140833

File: 82ed22d2db643b0⋯.jpg (63.21 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Goebbels_capitalism_jews.jpg)


If you think the general sentiment expressed in /sg/ threads don't line up with the sympathies of the board prior to you seeing a pepe cartoon on Trump's twitter feed, you just give yourself away. There are still a few oldfags left.

adb3c4  No.12140834


>cracked down heavily on immigration

From Iran? wow.

>changed all the rules and court procedures to get people out of the country.

Yeah a few thousand people will really change the demographics.


>everything they can do without congress they have done

Do you mean the senate? And no, sweetie, they haven't done anything of note.

>They're even contemplating using the DoD to build the wall bypassing Congress entirely


I'm impressed maybe they'll delude the American public into believing a wall will be built for another two years.

fe7dda  No.12140837


Trump *is* the establishment


9dd488  No.12140838


there's no energy because Trump hasn't delivered on disrupting the establishment. They'all still on TV, they're all still larping.

Trump does fucking nothing. Shit look at this Serena Williams bullshit, it's just more masronry garbage, a completely scripted load of shit.

a3031e  No.12140839


Who cares? Assume the worst anyways.

7232bd  No.12140840


fooling no one, sand nigger trash

adb3c4  No.12140841


The thing is I don't care if Trump loses or not. Zionist control over America is so deep that there's no way we're not getting a zionist stooge as president.

5ac959  No.12140845

File: a9b4a8fbc2f1887⋯.jpg (67.51 KB, 768x543, 256:181, Winning.jpg)



ecdf15  No.12140847

File: b8b1c6c22ad5e9c⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1354x609, 1354:609, empires.jpg)



Lets have the lefties win every election down to the local dog catcher, so they can start openly firing people for being white, and start taxing us and confiscating houses and cars for nigger reperations.

This is get the white, right wing normies furious and they'll finally start burning shit down and unironically chimping out, albeit 50 years too late. We cant plan to reason with them, we can't plan to motivate them. They are too comfortable, too brainwashed and too blissfully stupid to see the situation for what it is.

I'm not even shilling, I'm a texas anon whose thinking about voting for that beto degenerate. Anyone who thinks the damage to our race and our countries can be fixed by a good election or two, especially of someone remotely normie friendly, needs a serious wake up call.

adb3c4  No.12140850


Calling oldfags sand niggers doesn't work here, they're spiritually and physically whiter than you'll ever be.

459f7c  No.12140851

The reason they predicted Hillary to win by such wide margins is because conservatives typically don't participate in these pre-November polls. I'm not super optimistic either, but this data is meaningless.

Also, those who are going to vote will vote. I don't lose sleep over worrying about this kind of shit. The 2016 meme magic will come back for 2020, but unfortunately right now a lot of the far-right memers seem to be either disappointed in Trump and the current state of the Republican party, or are simply not interested in memeing for numerous amounts of right-wing candidates.

Trump was easy. He did a lot of our work for us. He was also just one guy and we only had to pump memes specific to him. Midterms are way more complicated and require far too much energy to create a coordinated effort to support them all.

So between disappointment and complexity, both are good reasons for why nobody seems to be giving a shit. Hope this helps you understand.

8954a3  No.12140852


>They taken over

If that's really the case it would be as hell compared to cuckchan's /pol/ and even if they come they usually made fool of themselves here and then get bullied out.

9dd488  No.12140855


tell your boss Trump needs to actually do something if he wants people to vote for him.

dc7971  No.12140859

File: 52018b78867b3d6⋯.png (382.47 KB, 479x354, 479:354, 1536357078398.png)

I suggest we do a flyering campaign, something saying "vote Red" as the core message.

It should be subtly racist in such a way that the media will freak out about it, but Republicans will rush to defend it. You could make national news with this, and gin up a ton of media pushing the "vote Red" message

8954a3  No.12140861


>Still a few old fags here

>Implying they are few.

adb3c4  No.12140864


Yes it seems that the apathetic masses don't really care for journalists calling for their heads or even politicians for that matter so we need to bring the anti-white hatred right to their doorsteps. Probably the only thing that will wake them up is when their children or relatives are attacked in front of their faces. White people won't wake up until it's too late if they put their hopes in zionist stooges.

1d6a4a  No.12140865

>Caring for a president that was only put in place so Hillary wasn't.

>Caring for a position that is only there, so the ones in control don't have to step into the light.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, No one will hold the values you do, but at the right time and place you must support these people. Trump was an unknown, said all the right things, won the votes from a frustrated voter base. He has had 2 years now and his colours have truly been shown. That frustrated voter base is now even more disillusioned. Sorry to say this, but the decline of the US is now in full swing.

195c44  No.12140868

File: e56a42a262bac3e⋯.jpg (229.55 KB, 608x936, 76:117, Keltic Hitler - The untold….jpg)

Here that boys? these fucking anglokikes need our Celtic creativity and spirit. Gee, it's almost as if the Celts were always #1 in this area to begin with, while anglokikes provided nothing but sperg outs and retarded faggotry.

Yes, it is true. Everything creative and innovative always comes from Celts. Especially in a political revolutionary environment. Why would Celts go to bat for a bunch of British freemason intelligence operations?

You faggots better get real and start making deals quick. Without Celtic creativity and spirit… you anglokikes aint going to win shit.

abc64a  No.12140870

File: 722f8e8bec5f4e8⋯.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, 20:27, 1534914384298.gif)


>Greentexts everything like a good goy while offering no alternative solution.

>Assumed Trump's manifest was only about a wall an not taking a more insular foreign policy.

-TPP axed while still president elect

-Manufacturing jobs returned


-Unemployment down

-(((foreign commitment))) reduced

-Peace made with North Korea

And it's only been two years. You're not even trying if you think it's all about the wall.

Have a (you) soystein.

ecdf15  No.12140871

File: 2c749ac4d092eb7⋯.png (378.7 KB, 842x1024, 421:512, national geographic determ….png)


Why do brainlets think I'm a shill every time I discuss accelerationism? Rockwell clearly explains that white people don't give a damn until the niggers move into THEIR personal neighborhoods.

So, lets help ship some nigger in, guys.

adb3c4  No.12140872


The "Trump derangement syndrome" works on both sides of the aisle anon. Many of the people here refuse to believe Trump has any jewish ties even though all but one of his children are or were married to jews. Not to mention the Adelson and Cohn connection.

59e345  No.12140873

File: 3da0d5357c8853c⋯.png (643.47 KB, 618x731, 618:731, Capture.PNG)




>no wall



3af553  No.12140879


is this a parody post or what? again, you're fooling no one. it's so blatantly obvious you're a shill. everyone can see through your bullshit and i've never once here anyone refer to themselves as an oldfag unironically




this is really the core of the problem. yurocancer migrant newfag trash sabotaging constantly as well. they are mostly sandnigger trash too


because you are a trs shill and likely have a super small dick

1d6a4a  No.12140881


True, both sides have sperged out expecting things that have never materialized.

195c44  No.12140883

File: cef76b15a53ea3d⋯.jpg (50.56 KB, 767x509, 767:509, Interceltic Flag.jpg)

Evacuate your Freemason pedos from Northern Ireland and the Celts will help Trump win.

Again, without Celtic creativity you won't do anything.

adb3c4  No.12140887


>while offering no alternative solution

Yeah there's no alternative, zionism has fused with America and white nationalism will only work during or after collapse.

>Trump's manifest was only about a wall an not taking a more insular foreign policy.

Omitting your bullshit his psychological anchor of "the Wall" was an explicit message thought up by one of his PR agents and was a primary reason why he received so many votes.

abc64a  No.12140888


This is sadly true. But at least I'd like the slowest option of cuckery over these nihilistic incels with no children.

1d6a4a  No.12140895


Yep, total sandnigger and not an educated white person. Quick! Divide the sphere's! What happens in the US, surely has no effect on the rest of the world.

Your ignorance is laughable.

adb3c4  No.12140897


This is a nonsensical post and you're lucky I'm even giving you a (You).

114d61  No.12140910


Way too forced inorganic crap. This looks like paid shilling. Don't reply, filter him out and, if he insists in derailing the thread, report him.

3af553  No.12140911


yeah, you are a sandnigger you fucking subuhman. it doesn't matter really. whatever yuropoor country from you're over and will be exterminated. you're a bunch of pussies and all your women cheat on you


>thinking replies are social currency

again, you're outting yourself as a newfag and everyone can see through it. just because you hugbox in some discord somewhere and have probably convinced yourself you're not a newfag doesn't make it true. we see though it, subhuman

adb3c4  No.12140917


All of these assumptions yet none hit the mark. Try again.

f8c33d  No.12140918

Nothing is going to happen amd Trump will have total control. Libshits are probably going to implode before midterms start.

471926  No.12140920

File: ab9f44ede3b63e7⋯.jpg (8.32 KB, 250x226, 125:113, 8ffcebf0b5b1550fdff50960b0….jpg)

File: 20a4be3d033101d⋯.jpg (114.3 KB, 1024x887, 1024:887, ca1d8f4c1e99bbcda5392f4515….jpg)


This, never trust (((msm))) reports on polls.


Dubs confirm, when shills scramble then the thread has merit. Notice all the (1)'s and the refusal to engage in an actual argument–it's the shariablue equivalent to a drive by with a shotgun.


It isn't just that the wicked witch of the yeast got cucked out of the oval office, it's that the dnc is experiencing a civil war among racial lines with spics, niggers, faggots, and so forth fighting over funding and attention. This is no reason to slacken our resolve, however; the iron is red hot and the time to strike is now.

8954a3  No.12140923


> TRS, /leftypol/, /intl/ and sandnigger trash from /sg/.


Lurk moar newfag.

I do not see /leftypol/ boards here, trs keeps getting btfo and I don't see /int/ anywhere in sight since there is no geo flags here.

9dd488  No.12140924


tell your boss that he will actually have to do something if he wants people to vote for him or any kind of grass roots move from places like this

1d6a4a  No.12140926


Ha! Loving this shit.

I would be worried, but moving 300+pounds of fat must take alot of your energy up. I'll let you expend it all throwing insults.

Also, not from Europe. Another miss.

abc64a  No.12140932


>Everyone's a Zionist

Gee whizz, then lets all give up and let retarded spics nogs and kikes vote our culture into oblivion. Was two terms of Obama not enough for you or are you too gone to care anymore? You're doing nothing for society by sounding so defeatist.

>The wall was what got him in

Once again this just shows how pessimistic you are as a human being. I know going outside is tough but humanity has more than the one dimension you've put on it. Go to a pub, talk about freedom of speech laws, jobs , the economy, what people know about the TPP.

For the love of God even angry Berniebros wrote "NO TPP" on their signs when Hillary was celebrating being (((made))) the Democratic candidate to run against Trump.

Lots of people are fucking retarded, don't get me wrong. But making one big fucking wall didn't win the campaign. Having a policy that was insular, that didn't lead to (((wars))) unlike Hillary's is what did it.

And since none of you other faggots have thought of an alternative. I'll give one. Rand Paul. Dude legit seems to want to save money. But if someone wants to tell me he's a huge kike as well I won't deny them that pleasure.

5ac959  No.12140934


It's a hasbarat. The extreme focus on muslims, which has nothing to do with the thread. The derisive attacks on Europeans as if Americans have no connection to them [or "good"/postwar Americans, anyway]. Filter and move on.

3af553  No.12140938


oh, it definitely hit the mark


the fact that you're being this purposefully ignorant and using terms no one uses anymore is a sure sign of being /leftypol/

adb3c4  No.12140940

There must be literal retards here now if people are openly identifying with the neocons and fighting for them. Paul Ryan is the embodiment of the republican party and its adherents at this point. Let me remind you that most of the republican party is FOR unlimited legal immigration from third world countries. They're also for amnesty. Why would anyone support them at this point if they're white nationalists?

8954a3  No.12140943


Alright show me where these are, I hardly see them in the catalog besides cuckchan.

dc7971  No.12140946

if Republicans do poorly in the Midterms, it will be a signal for them to go back to cuckery

56ddf8  No.12140947

can you go kvetch for shekels somewhere else, thanks

3af553  No.12140949


it has everything to do with the thread. /sg/ sandniggers kremlin shills have been shitting this board up ever since it went global. they are your typical "death to america" sandnigger trash and have convinced our subhuman neetsoc friends that russia is based savior of the white race. it's completely delusional and this board is a shit show

1d6a4a  No.12140950


Oh I get it, terrible D&c tactics, but I am enjoying the effort he is expending on it.

95278f  No.12140954

>muh polls

>you guys

I'll wait to see your spergout after the election as the last time.

9dd488  No.12140955


>have been shitting this board up ever since it went global

yep it's imkampy

8954a3  No.12140957


>our subhuman neetsoc friends that russia is based savior of the white race. it's completely delusional and this board is a shit show

No one claimed that russia is the saivour of the white race and also no /pol/ has been supporting assad and syria before this board went global.

8432ba  No.12140961

File: 621e71d035db8ec⋯.jpg (659.5 KB, 1996x2048, 499:512, 5eb0b448129c30923e9ed02010….jpg)

File: f26a48224224427⋯.png (239.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1510730986439.png)

File: 320425326b304c1⋯.png (713.72 KB, 818x936, 409:468, 1513849491178.png)

File: 4048b39aff25e75⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 480x656, 30:41, 1513851548895.jpg)

File: da6c16579520fa3⋯.png (340.65 KB, 662x767, 662:767, da6c16579520fa301da7951198….png)


>3 rials have been deposited into your account.

>Muh iran boogeyman

Go back to the /ptg/ discord server.

470b6f  No.12140962

File: d0b414e9e401d1a⋯.png (242.55 KB, 578x512, 289:256, imageedit_2_5602768462.png)

oh no we might have to gear up with knives, handguns and long range rifles to kill our enemies and sabotage their sources of power and influence. we might actually have to prove yourself. i never knew this would happen im so lost.


>implying you can demoralize those who embrace the end

abc64a  No.12140965


Are you coming from the angle that Russia is trying to buddy up to the kikes more than the US now? Because if that's the case then that's a great motivation for the US to unkike itself. Highly unlikely but whatever raises the probability of Jew naming from an authoritative figure is good.

9dd488  No.12140966


>if they figure out i'm shilling and that trumps a fraud i'll say it's their fault

gee haven't seen this before, it's almost like it's a jewish tactic

3af553  No.12140967


no, you sandnigger trash have never been wanted here and by supporting assad you are supporting russia and china you stupid shit head. assad is completely irrelevant and only a pawn to geopolitical games between the usa, russia and china. if you support assad you support civic nationalist putin who bends over backwards for muslim trash. this is never a problem because you yourself are a sandnigger so it's pretty based

c6f865  No.12140973

File: a7b6a3c260fe427⋯.png (420.27 KB, 683x476, 683:476, Nick Land.png)


> collapse is coming might as well accelerate it

Acceleration Initiated

Also checked brother HH

8432ba  No.12140977


This is what a JIDF kike looks like.

Let's bully him some moar, see how hard he spergs.

114d61  No.12140980


>and have convinced our subhuman neetsoc friends that russia is based savior of the white race

You are exaggerating and mistaking /leftypol/ shills for actual /pol/acks. It's easy to spot them, since everything for them is USA and Israel, not the other kikes.

But let's go back to topic, or shills are gonna make us waste our energy even more. We should learn to just filter them out and ignore them.

3af553  No.12140981


i'd rather you just get it over with and blow your brains out already

abc64a  No.12140983


>How dare you like nationalistic countries that are unfucking the former presidents fuckups.

Try to remember where you're posting before you sound like McCain/Hillaries hate fucked offspring.

I think after reading this thread now it's all about chosing your own poison with politics. Both sides are always gonna have kikestains on them but chosing the path of greater resistance which raises more awareness will always be the better choice.

471926  No.12140984


You'll notice libtards have near inexhaustible stamina when it comes to shilling.


Can confirm on both accounts.


Summon Dagda to implode a few temples and I'll shitpost on his behalf.

More to the topic at hand, the sheer volume of derailment on top of the bog standard shilling is proof positive that the actual numbers are heavily in our favor. What soros and his army of 400lb plebbitors fail to realize is the reverse psychological effect of demoralization–the more they try to suppress something the harder that force will push back, and this is no different. Get out and vote, get your friends and family out to vote, and observe how the left is too busy eating itself to vote.


Checked, push xim to a heart attack anon.

8954a3  No.12140985

File: 7ac438810f526c7⋯.jpg (170.94 KB, 1500x1234, 750:617, 7ac.jpg)

File: d8091075169d4f2⋯.png (541.38 KB, 806x940, 403:470, 2qvx.png)


> if you support assad you support civic nationalist putin who bends over backwards for muslim trash. this is never a problem because you yourself are a sandnigger so it's pretty based

Are you fucking kidding me nigger? Supporting assad and what he does for his people in a different country against kikes is with civic nationalism? That is the opposite of what civic nationalism even is and the fact you don't want us to support them all the mean while letting jews getting away with the regime change with syria? Are we trying to invite syria's citizens to come here? No you retard, if you have been here since /new/ then you would quickly notice you are talking out of your ass, this /pol/ is still strongly national socialist if you want to talk about that make anew natsoc thread and stir some discussion.

abc64a  No.12140991


Based and unshilled.

Alright this was fun. Sage in all fields lads I'm out.

470b6f  No.12140993



im saying politics is not the answer and killing people is. idk what you spastics are on about.

3af553  No.12140994


why would jidf be anti russia? israel is 50% russian and the vast majority of ethnic jews have russian ancestry. they didn't come from the usa. if it wasn't jews the soviets would never have been a nuclear power


you raise no awareness. you switch sides to the same wannabe globalist russian kikes who embrace it. the usa has been actively fighting it and ushering in nationalist movements across the globe. yet here you are trying to destroy it


get it through your head, retard. assad is irrelevant and only a pawn to russia. they are controlled by russia and russia would willingly sacrifice them if push came to shove. you also seem to not be aware of that it's assad flooding his own people in yurop likely on russia's orders. the funny thing is the soviets did a similar play to the usa when they flooded it with cuban criminals in an attempt to destabilize. putin is following the same kgb rule book they used against the usa on yurop

6328d5  No.12140995


democrat spotted

6788ec  No.12141007

imo, Republicans will probably lose seats in the house, but I expect them to hold it. Keep in mind, Republicans have won most of the special elections since 2016, and many of them were allegedly competitive. Hell, polls had democratic candidates winning many of them, only for those candidates to wind up losing. Margins have been thinner than usual, but you have to keep in mind that the DNC is pumping unusually large volumes of cash into these elections (and still losing them).

IMO, even with Soros' money, it's unlikely that the DNC will flip the House, due to diminishing returns. They might gain enough seats to make GOP control difficult, but the House isn't as hard to operate as the Senate is, nor is it as important.

The Senate, on the other hand, is basically a forgone conclusion. This should show in the fact that the DNC is focusing so hard on the House, an objectively less important part of the legislature, instead. Several swing states will have DNC senators up for election this year, and those same states mostly voted Trump. The probability that the GOP won't gain at least a couple of seats in the Senate is basically zero.

tl;dr: The House isn't a shoe in for the DNC, but they're still trying their damnedest. Some intervention may be in order.

8954a3  No.12141016


Or better yet go go to other /pol/'s or use zeronet or freenet to get to particular chans that will still going 14/88 hitler and other natsoc banter or there are still many boards here or other sites not gonna name them though or would you like sharing /pol/ with ponies?

Just because we talk about issues doesn't mean we are away from natsoc, a lot of people here still strongly support hitler and uses his speeches on some threads like /nsg/ (waiting for that botched general by a kike to disappear already) or webm's, other /pol/'s will get bored and start talking issues that matters today.

3af553  No.12141027

what's also funny is that people are wondering why assad would gas his own people or attack civilians. the answer is quite simple. they are weaponizing immigration to yurop. now it starts to make sense. assad and russia want their people to flee the cities and migrate to yurop. russia doesn't care about israel or assad. syria is merely a weapon being used to destabilize yurop. you support assad you are anti white and being manipulated by globalist russia who proclaimed themselves a non white country

this is russia's plan. this is the red pill. take it if you want

8954a3  No.12141028


>get it through your head, retard. assad is irrelevant and only a pawn to russia.

If assad is irrelevant pissireal wouldn't be focused on taking them down or getting us into another war with them.

>aware of that it's assad flooding his own people in yurop likely on russia's orders.


8954a3  No.12141032


Even then cuckchan /pol/ is slowly coming around, but is mostly because of influx of newfags who hate hitler or natsoc.

470b6f  No.12141033


wrong. im just tired of nothing being done. im also tired of coming here and seeing straight gutter sewage threads and posts. when people start getting bodied it'll be the shills fault for turning the only place keeping anons pacified to shit. where can i go to escape now? nowhere. only thing i can do is face the enemy or embrace being a sackless blowhard (which is 90% of you if i believe youre real instead of fully embracing solipsism and just raging against the hellscape ive been placed in). im curious what the borgs have to respond. probably more garbage.

1d6a4a  No.12141034


I'll notice when it's kikey doing it. But you are right, the spergout continues..

53245f  No.12141038


k, now post the things he did against whites.

9adf35  No.12141039

My son even this poll is bs. Come on now…

abc64a  No.12141040


>Nobody is raising awareness

More base nihilism with no advice for the future. The "polls" that OP are scared of are ironically turned a lot of people off mainstream media in 2016. So cry that everyone is a globalist kike but I'd rather say there's momentum that could be monopolized.

>Russians are Jews

Yeah that's great goy, we all Jews now and Hillary was right all along? Is that how you're planning to flip it? Seriously tell your boss to hire me. I could shill this /pol/ better than 10 of you cunts on adderall.

8954a3  No.12141041


>hat's also funny is that people are wondering why assad would gas his own people or attack civilians. the answer is quite simple. they are weaponizing immigration to yurop. now it starts to make sense. assad and russia want their people to flee the cities

>unironically believing jewish lies.

abc64a  No.12141046


November is getting close. Shills are always gonna show up in places that they're scared of.

3af553  No.12141048


what kind of kike shit are you trying to pull? the soviets did the exact same shit to the usa and you really think an ex kgb agent wouldn't be doing the same? again, israel is 50% russian and the vast majority jews have russian ancestry

>syria in a war

>russia enters

>all of a sudden a refugee crisis in yurop

yeah, dude. go ahead and be delusional

8954a3  No.12141050


There are many /pol/s out there ever been suggested for freenet or other /pol/'s in 8chan? Or a /pol/ with horsefuckers

8954a3  No.12141061

File: 90899e998463764⋯.jpg (2.99 MB, 1800x1841, 1800:1841, 1532144729349.jpg)

File: 50ba36d332298fb⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 1612x1648, 403:412, 1532545437767.jpg)


And where the fuck do you think this whole shitshow started? Or right us attacking the middle east, because once again we've fallen for a jewish trick which got sandniggers going to to europe,

> vast majority jews have russian ancestry

>syria in a war

I am not going to argue with that except they are more inbred, yet there is no proof of assad gassing his own people when he is clearly winning.

8954a3  No.12141067


To continue attacking syria or russia would be foolish of the u.s and repeating the same mistakes we did in ww 2.

3af553  No.12141077


the point isn't to win the war, fuck stick. the point is to cause mass migration to yurop in order to destabilize. you wonder why the war keeps going on and it's because russia and assad refuse to end it. millions of syrian refugees are pouring into yurop and not a single fucking syrian was taken in by russia despite being beholden to by the geneva convention. you ask why would assad gas his own people? to get the usa involved so they can continue the excuse to flood yurop with "refugees" in a war that will never end

you really are a brainlet and seem to have no understanding of the cunning and manipulation of the russian subhuman who wrote the book on subversion

0e5a50  No.12141083


Now it's getting way too retarded, you're behaving like an artificial straw man. You are also filtered.

But, if you're serious, you should look back at what Obongo, Bush, NATO and Israel, alongside globalists in general, were doing in the past. The false flags and Israel's interests in ISIS and in complete chaos were way too obvious. Trump stopped it and allowed the Russians to eradicate ISIS, despite the kikes wanting it the other way around. But Trump still considers Israel as an ally and would rather have an ally government in Syria. Russia is interested in keeping their allies and in protecting their pipelines to the Mediterranean. The major conflict between Trump and Putin is about NATO, the rest, like crap in Syria, is almost irrelevant.

But don't reply to me, you're filtered.

dc7971  No.12141084

File: 5058d12b0a3d97e⋯.png (455.64 KB, 1857x2101, 1857:2101, polls vs results.png)


No, Republicans only have a 44 seat majority in the House. Which means if they lose more than 21 seats, they lose their majority. Based on this polling data, they will almost certainly lose 30+ seats

8954a3  No.12141094

File: 8b94498d547b8c7⋯.jpg (67.92 KB, 500x566, 250:283, Greatest allies want to de….jpg)

File: 4e98844db2268d1⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1350x3570, 45:119, ISrael is our greatest all….png)


>the point isn't to win the war, fuck stick. the point is to cause mass migration to yurop in order to destabilize. you wonder why the war keeps going on and it's because russia and assad refuse to end it.

Wrong again is simply because kikes and israelites

8954a3  No.12141096

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ec1bc6  No.12141097


base level understanding of the conflict and refusing to acknowledge russia's role and what they have to gain. it would be nice if wikileaks could declassify some russian intel of value once in awhile, but that never happens. either way you're a shill willingly or unwittingly and are fed surface level shit without looking into who benefits

254423  No.12141098


never believe the polls

with that said coordination and campaigning is near impossible outside of traditional means because, at I am banned from every major tech platform all the npc voters like to use

so…waiting on the President to do something about the censorship until then not much can be done outside of knocking on doors and planting signs everywhere also handing out fliers

8954a3  No.12141104

File: cca271d7ee6aa17⋯.jpg (124.65 KB, 936x520, 9:5, 474dca71591872b2380c52258b….jpg)

File: 9a6e9c867585fbc⋯.jpg (28.45 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1531775214537.jpg)

File: 5570067aa617d63⋯.jpg (120.07 KB, 759x1023, 23:31, holohoax redpill.jpg)


>you ask why would assad gas his own people? to get the usa involved so they can continue the excuse to flood yurop with "refugees" in a war that will never end

Again it was a fucking lie perputated by the jews, you aren't fooling anyone with this horseshit, is funny how you claim to be an oldfag, but forget the very thing that /pol/ has always been against jews and always expose their plans and what they are planning and wanting to do, just like the 6 gorillion, which is why we are supporting assad in the first place you saying this doesn't change the facts you fucking lying son of a bitch.

896c9a  No.12141105

Blatant shill thread. Pathetic!

8954a3  No.12141108

File: c5ee46ddb3b6480⋯.jpg (169.73 KB, 830x974, 415:487, 1402419030119.jpg)

3cf224  No.12141111

File: 53ef3054ed3c33a⋯.jpg (11.37 KB, 170x255, 2:3, 8d4b09a599e28f5ac88a347bff….jpg)


Voting won't get rid of Israel. So who cares?

1eb211  No.12141114

File: fb6396d084c7d57⋯.gif (456.26 KB, 900x804, 75:67, fb6396d084c7d57924af28cd29….gif)

I still think there's a shy Trump voter effect going on. With antifaniggers going around punching Trump supporters, internet sjws getting people fired for wrongthink, and massive doxxing campaigns, I'm willing to bet most polls are still off by around 5% against Trump because people are still hesitant to declare their support of him.

Anyways, go out and vote straight red in November. In current year politics, we have no heroes. It' just bad vs pure ungodly, hatefilled, let's accelerate the kalergi plan evil. Given those two options, I'll take the bad.

ec1bc6  No.12141118


you're mad because you're seeing the truth for the very first time. your fixation on israel is also quite hilarious. the jew is a problem, but billions of united muslims is also a problem currently and historically. the usa's goal in the middle east is balkanization to keep the muslims fighting amongst themselves. israel may or may not benefit from this and it's irrelevant if they do

d03621  No.12141127


And replace him with Pence? Who else? How do we enact a National Socialist society with or without him in office? Our Fuhrer and Commander Rockwell were not afraid to take to the streets and they used the political system available to them at the time. What are your ideas "anon?" Should we all vote fucking Green Party or some shit?

8954a3  No.12141128

File: 17b6f301631595e⋯.jpg (159.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>you're mad because you're seeing the truth for the very first time. your fixation on israel is also quite hilarious.

Let's see attacked my country, lied to send our children to wars for (((regime))) changes and fucked everything up.

>, but billions of united muslims is also a problem currently and historically.

Never said they weren't.

>israel may or may not benefit from this and it's irrelevant if they do

Then the juden wouldn't have bombed our twin towers and blamed it on the arabs.

dc7971  No.12141130


The conservatives are turning towards nationalism right now. But if they lose the midterms it will be a great signal to them to moderate their message

8432ba  No.12141134

With all this Anti assad shilling the """"gas attack"""" false flag is most definitely near.


Look at this crap pure /new/ era JIDF shilling.

8432ba  No.12141135


>The conservatives are turning towards nationalism right now.

If the cuckservatives are being backed by ZOG and JIDF and turn towards "nationalism" is most assuredly a facade.

000000  No.12141137

>They failed because their majority in the Senate was too slim to pass any immigration reform, or anything else of consequence.

This is a lie, the establishment GOP fucking hates Trump and even in the house that pos ryan with the most punchable face wanted to flood this country with shitskins and other globalist cucked garbage.

000000  No.12141139

"What do you mean you support Trump?? Are you some sort of bigot?"

"No. I supported Obama too. I always support our nation and its leaders, no matter if I agree or disagree with them personally. I am patriotic, and I always support my nation and my people no matter what. Don't you?"


ec1bc6  No.12141141


so you support assad who floods yurop with non white refugees? anti white kikes like you need to be gassed


israel will be dealt with eventually when they are no longer useful. you think it should be obvious about aipac and dual israeli citizens in government. it is obvious, but they are useful right now for the usa's own geopolitical ambitions

2caf00  No.12141150


You don't understand. Mentally I'm at a different place. You may be able to exist under these conditions, shit you'll probably never reach the point I'm at. You will complain eternally but you'll never come to the feeling of just wanting to burn it all and in the process burn with it. That's why you'll be a good goy and I'll be dead. That's the way it is, I'm not more enlightened than you I've just reached a point where I have nowhere to go. I'm alone it seems because either nobody is real or everybody is broken to be able to exist here willfully. That's how bad it's all gotten in my mind. How do you feel?

0e5a50  No.12141153


Where's it wrong?

Group 1, the Globalists:

>globalists want chaos so niggerfication happens in yurop

>social-democrats, progressives and the most annoying kikery

>they make some deal with Israel about it, since it's better to keep its surroundings as a chaotic buffer zone of their best allies (sunni)

>saudi shit want it too

>the chaos cause the spread of muslims colonists

>UN is at their side

>Democrats is at their side

Group 2, the Israeli nationalists:

>your classical zionist kikes

>wants "Greater Israel" in their best scenario they can reach, not as a necessity and not now

>wants to be able to play nationalists, but forbids everyone around of being one

>doesn't give a fuck about what happens to others

>UN is against them

>Republican neocons are at their side

Both Israel and Globalists are meant for the same end-goal for kikes. We still are far away from it, except a WW3 accelerates things, and the Israeli have no idea what awaits them.

Group 3, Russia:

>wants to defend their own interests

>were being pushed against the wall by Obama and were to be pushed in a war by Hillary

>yurop hates them

>Trump is still some weird kind of ally to them, since he's better than others and may cooperate

>except for NATO, they expected it to be decreased in force as Trump won

>so "American Imperialism" is still a thing for them

>if Trump were to withdraw some NATO bases and shit from threatening Russia, Russia would agree with a mutual puppet Syrian regime and be done with Assad

>/leftypol/ won't admit it

Group 4, 'murica:

>internal conflicts in how to fuck up the world

>divided by neocons and globalists

>Trump was indeed a "third option", but still so he takes the neocon side

>Democrats don't like him

>Republicans don't like him

>kikes don't like him

>instead of enslaving its people to Israel, he decides to be himself above the rest and make things his own way

>end up being the best option for Israel's people, despite its deep state financing ISIS

Then we have China conspiring for its own interests and other countries that won't conspire or are already in the globalists group.

Now, again, where am I wrong?

ef631b  No.12141156

File: 9574d3f7174259a⋯.jpg (88.37 KB, 340x604, 85:151, e40f0a96dcc777b6477c6bae3a….jpg)

WILLIAM L. PIERCE HERE, FAGGOTS. Voting isn't the only way to save our Aryan hides. Matter of fact, voting is only incrementally releasing the inevitable. To vote is to be too late. There's an inescapable reality where a group no longer does business with another group, e.g. whites and the Zio-Corp known as "USA".

Wake up and smell the gun smoke,


ec1bc6  No.12141158

9dd488  No.12141162

it gets to a point with the shilling that you don't even need to look at the substance of the words

only the unwarranted arrogant tone to the post. It's like they're using some old way of shilling, like they're used to posting as an admin or this is how they try to convince people in real life or something but when they do it anonymously it's like "well der, this ain't no normal faggot, it's a shill"

e382fc  No.12141167

>he can't fight back because he's busy governing.

He's too busy building up Greater Israel. Let Trump move there. Take away his citizenship for being such a faggot. Big, fat mistake.

b3734a  No.12141174


Go be a double nigger somewhere else.

e382fc  No.12141181


>Should we all vote fucking Green Party or some shit?

You become extinct. Trump failed us. The end.

8cab0d  No.12141193


Defeatism won't work here schlomo.

e382fc  No.12141197

File: 92b322f9acfb9e5⋯.jpg (156.74 KB, 1120x640, 7:4, trump being gay.jpg)

File: 1268f7cffbd552d⋯.jpg (76.12 KB, 780x438, 130:73, trump being gayer.jpg)

Look what capitalism did to the white race. Holy shit. What a catastrophe. Jews are planning to take away our guns and give them to niggers before starting a race war and this idiot is doing this crazy shit. It's over. Holy shit is it over if this big, fat, mistake is the best we can do.

e382fc  No.12141208


Defeatism > delusion.

Trump can't even say white genocide. He wants to pretend its not happening like a little kid. For all the crap Biden took for saying its great that the white race is dying, he at least got the message out that it is happening.

114d61  No.12141212



Dishonesty to create a circular "logic", exactly what was described here >>12140985

Classical kike tactic.

So my point stands. Assad is a small detail in the conflict of interests between Trump and Putin, but Trump has an upper hand in their negotiations, without him, things get worse for Putin. /leftypol/'s done a storm in a teapot and is shitting up /pol/ for nothing other than their anti-Americanism and desire to suck Assad's cock. I hope more /pol/acks can see this.

I hope Trump gets his support in this year's election, otherwise the World and America will be more fucked than it already is. Anyone creating threads (OP as well) about Trump should ask mods to clean their thread from shills, they are even defending Hillary now (while pretending they are not), it's getting out of control.

963d8b  No.12141221


God is real, nihlist nobody.

God is biological, an instinct shared with reptiles and mammals, according to some theories.

e382fc  No.12141225

File: cc14170a816f46b⋯.jpeg (370.04 KB, 1038x539, 1038:539, andrew jackson.jpeg)

Trump gives savages more jobs and worships the bankers. It's lunacy. He doesn't even care if Democrats win. This is the same old script as always. It gives him an excuse not to do anything domestically except give corporations welfare when they need it.

963d8b  No.12141226


saged for image, tho' it's not always what happens but sometimes it's what occurs that matters.

7b4dd6  No.12141230


God is a figure coopted by kikes to lead ones sense of spirituality away from self to a deity figurine; then use said figurine to misguide the newly cultivated sheep in to doing there bidding on behalf of "Muh God".

e00224  No.12141231


cucks in general can die.

White knights need one way helo rides into a volcano. Especially those that love fat blue haired landwhales.

114d61  No.12141251


Ignore the defeatists. And sorry for being obvious, but the solution won't come from Washington. Trump is a palliative measure.

You, Americans, are lucky. You've got a lot of local independence. Start spreading locally, decentralizedly. Create some stuff for your people without politicians being involved: boy scouts, redpilled reading clubs, organize sports competitions, cultural parades… Then you start taking over politics decentralizedly and it will allow you even more freedom to just be yourselves. Keeping someone like Trump or better in Washington or as governor is important, and so is your Legislative, so you gain time, but you can't expect NS to be spread from Washington so easily: 'elect the guy and we are nazi now'. It's not how things work.

114d61  No.12141254


Unintentional sage. My bad.

963d8b  No.12141269


God is a figure which represents primal universal leadership in the brain, so maybe the kikes are the synagogue of satan and they have made an attempt upon the thorn, yet heaven is safe, the subconscious somewhere must remain unperturbed or else death, chaos, the dark will consume you, God out stretches their oppression, laying contently in smiling repose. God refutes tyranny and rides out the storm of war, God is that which possess a man as he starts at a tank and braves the blast of the tank cannon, his brain enters its maximum bravely and he looks upon the blast of the metal death wagon through a puff at the tip of the snout and sees the bill coming straight at him as he seamlessly steps apart from its path as he feels the pulse and pressure of the air cone.

79f18a  No.12141276

GOP has nothing to turn out for. Obamacare wasn't repealed. Omnibus with no wall funding sealed the GOP fate

Unless Trump shuts down the government to get wall funding, his base will not be excited and won't show up on election day

963d8b  No.12141277


God is subconscious, thinking God is not real is like saying you are your own God and not a primate evolved from the idea of group cohesion, godlessness is degeneracy.

eb6322  No.12141279

There's another

>Trump Regret

narrative campaign starting up, if the normalfag media on my phone's feed is any indication. If so, I’d assume it’s to suppress republican enthusiasm at the ballot box and I’d suspect all the

>Dlumph is stupid

threads are part of that.

I don't like Trump. I didn't vote for him -or anyone running- for president. I did not believe he’d get much done, save for Israel. However, despite his many, many flaws I have come to see a great benefit from his presidency. HE may not personally do a damn thing to aid white racial awareness and solidarity, but the fact that he is in office has caused the mask to slip from the left's face as they screech at him- and whites in general- in hatred. This appears to me to have caused some non-cucked feelings to stir in some of the whites of this country. I don’t recall many instances of large groups of people fighting communists in the streets, or Da Goyim Know signs at “conservative” rallies, for example, before Trump showed up. Even civnats are punching Bolsheviks now, and your average white southerner is beginning to wonder if diversity is really our strength as hordes of chimps and cucks tear down statues honoring their dead ancestors.

So Trump's pro-Israel policies are shit on the face of it. That his family is full of jews was known before the election, and his pandering to them should come as no surprise. Could be a double-edged sword for them, though. The moving of the embassy to Jewrusalem is going to be a yuge pain in the ass for the city, and increases tension in the region, as does the closing of the PLO gibs office. It may even lead to more mudshit

>intifada! Day of RAGE! REEEEE

attacks on Israel. Oh no, that sucks. Also seems to turn international opinion ever more against Israel. Even if it’s because

<they are oppressing da poor peaceful muslims

the more people openly disliking Israel, the better, amirite? I may actually vote for his reelection.

>inb4 voting in the zog elections is useless, goy- er, guy.

The two party system is a joke but we’d see 4 more years of the people jews want to replace us with displaying their obvious hate for us. Perhaps I’m a brainlet, but I’m not sure what would be more useful than that for some kinda White Awakening™ but an actual race war, my dudes. If Trump is indeed a jew puppet he is an absolutely terrible one.



Well then, better get the openly natsoc revolution going right now. No time like the present?


<assad who floods yurop with non white refugees

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>not the jews

>You know who's to blame, right? Assad.

I remain unconvinced.

2c310e  No.12141281

Oh noes, the jews aren't telling the truth.

7b4dd6  No.12141282


Blah blah kike figurine

Blah blah righteousness

Blah blah follow are deity

If you need a figurine to be the manifestation of

your spirituality, you are even less in touch with your "god" then even atheists.

"Thou shalt not put any gods before me"

"Thou shalt not warship false idols"

"And God created man in his own image"

If you truly follow your sandgods "words", then you should understand you are to cultivate/manifest spirituality from with in to be projected upon ones self, not a figurine.

5e6bc5  No.12141283


Wrong board oven dodger

faee57  No.12141285


Holy shit this fucking picture. That's not a new wall. That's repairs to the existing wall. That wall if you can call it that goes for a few miles then terminates. Our southern border still has no wall and no funding nor support from Congress to get funding for that wall. Those are repairs. Those already existed under Obammy and Jorge Bush. For fuck's sake.

edca26  No.12141286


>trusting polls ever

I trust polls as much as I trust kikes.

922d2f  No.12141305


922d2f  No.12141308


>It's not a wall goy!!!!

Imagine being this desperate

faee57  No.12141321


Motherfucker it isn't, and it still isn't new. It is repairs to a previously existing structure. There are, and have been for over a decade, a sort of wall-fence thing on certain parts of the border. Most of the border is still undefended and there are still no real concrete plans in place to change that. I live in west Texas about 50 miles from the fucking thing, trust me nigger, I know what the border looks like. That ain't what it is everywhere and I've heard dickity doo dah zero about changing that and a lot from congress saying they aren't going to change that.

But every single time someone points this out you and people like you's faggot asses goes "lol look at them, they're a jew!". But it's the fuckin truth. Those are repairs to the previously existing southern border wall fence thing. It's hard to call something with big slats in it a wall but if that's your preferred terminology okay. There's something like that in SoCal and I know there's one like that up near El Paso. They've been there for fucking ever. Trump did not do that. 9/11 did that and should have done the whole thing but cuckolds blocked it.

I'm tempted to say "imagine being this desperate" to you since I swear to god I see that stupid picture like every other day on here and every time it still isn't construction of anything we didn't have before and you're the one that seems desperate to prove uncle Don's doing something. Far as the southern border goes, and believe me I live next to the fucker so I do know what I'm talking about here, he ain't doing dick.

b09679  No.12141329


Also America failing is serving as a reminder to everyone else tbh, even fucking Brazil is getting their shit into gear, while America is going to be less than 50% white in a few years and that's even assume Republicans sweep the mid terms and 2020, since they would rather suck a Jew didck than follow up on their promises

ee6493  No.12141330

File: 68892fe59e01ade⋯.jpg (9.07 MB, 7152x7512, 298:313, They Have To Come In - Muh….jpg)

File: 5f3a83400721134⋯.jpg (76.21 KB, 773x425, 773:425, REEEEvolutionary Nationali….jpg)


>Cracked down heavily on immigration,

Stop fucking lying you god damned nigger.

288496  No.12141332

File: 18c8a858d0009fe⋯.jpg (6.61 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download (6).jpg)



2c310e  No.12141333


It's still being built, nigger. It doesn't matter how much you deny it, it's being built.

000000  No.12141334


>I'm not saying this to demoralize, or to shill

I agree. You're saying this to demoralize and shill.

Nobody with a brain gives a good god damn about the polls, because all the polls are run by jews and cannot be trusted. All of /pol/ knows this. Thus the fact that you don't only demonstrates how blatantly you stick out; i.e. you're either a shill or a complete newfag, and neither are welcome.

2c310e  No.12141335

File: 8b8db0ac23b9836⋯.gif (495.67 KB, 500x224, 125:56, We call them Trips.gif)

e382fc  No.12141341

File: 5c4a11d9d4479ce⋯.jpeg (6.5 KB, 327x154, 327:154, glr.jpeg)


>Well then, better get the openly natsoc revolution going right now. No time like the present?

So Trump can order one of the fbi niggers here to kill me and do some solidarity crap to get that nigger vote? No thanks. Greater men than I have tried with less kosher presidents.

ee6493  No.12141343

File: 0af32e66898e53b⋯.png (73.63 KB, 1704x485, 1704:485, ClipboardImage.png)


Also, where the fuck is my report for Q2? We're almost done with Q3 ffs.

847a40  No.12141346

Oh no if they (((GOP))) loses they can't continue doing fucking nothing that benefits us and the other side will do the same thing while pretending to be opposites! Fucking who cares, they've had majority for years and what do we have to show for it? Both of these kike owned parties have been switching for decades and somehow the country never seems to improve and only gets worse no matter who is running it. You're all so unbelievably bluepilled it's not even funny.

2c310e  No.12141350


Doing nothing it better than actively pushing in yes?

4f759a  No.12141356


>trump is totally our guy

useful idiot detected

595eab  No.12141357


Well, well, well. It looks like Judensteinbergmanowitznerman's shift has started.

288496  No.12141362

File: d3bf3ba4a734497⋯.gif (534.89 KB, 250x188, 125:94, d3bf3ba4a7344971d01aaacb9e….gif)

File: 7fdcd19af9af31d⋯.webm (7.12 MB, 960x540, 16:9, TRUMP NEVER COES DOWN.webm)

847a40  No.12141363


Except they both do the same thing, your fear mongering fantasy of (((democrats))) winning means free speech, guns, etc are immediately taken away and all Whites are sent to the gulag to get gullible retards to vote (((GOP))) is just never going to happen. The reality is both of these enact the same policies, we don't vote on anything, and it's a slow painful death for this country until they've finished bleeding it dry and none of us knows what's going on. They both support unlimited shitskin immigration, the numbers never change no matter what. Dems just pay lip service to the other side, while the republicans won't even do that because we're so fucked even explicit acknowledgement of our existence is too much and we let them get away with it.

288496  No.12141366

File: 9c1b1465a1e0396⋯.webm (2.27 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Why wont TRUMP NAME THE J….webm)

File: 9b9745bece0743b⋯.jpg (76.23 KB, 500x926, 250:463, ad4b2d95c241fccd224c8c1b4b….jpg)

File: f598ec8b5b3bf56⋯.gif (380.21 KB, 200x250, 4:5, bc5c807e87e5dcf322a7b98c73….gif)

2c310e  No.12141371

File: 3183a33c57ed907⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 480x204, 40:17, 1b2bff4bcc20a2215a4048ad34….gif)

288496  No.12141372

File: 0dc8db327577d5b⋯.jpg (421.77 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 0dc8db327577d5b3d33004ab18….jpg)

File: 2a6ad8833cb8a09⋯.jpeg (181.67 KB, 936x1310, 468:655, 2a6ad8833cb8a09267f525d99….jpeg)

File: 2608ae3413e8ab8⋯.gif (3.56 MB, 428x241, 428:241, 2608ae3413e8ab8bae176ebd38….gif)

ee6493  No.12141373


No, really, where the fuck is my Q2 report?

2c310e  No.12141375

File: 275657718ffc4fe⋯.jpg (92.67 KB, 640x638, 320:319, Checked.jpg)

05a423  No.12141377


If this matters to you show up and vote. Also bring a friend. If you think everything is fine the Democrats will win.

847a40  No.12141378





Reported for useless fucking spam and derailing. Fuck off shill.

2c310e  No.12141382

File: 683d02b70ce6a97⋯.jpg (57.17 KB, 527x591, 527:591, should have ordered a smug….jpg)


Kill yourself cunt, spam a few of your bullshit immigration claims before you do it though.

c18c0b  No.12141385


>muh drumpf is kike

Retarded kikes script detected.


I am certain that is Trumps fault. It's not like he has to deal with rogue agencies who have been fucking around for decades or something.


Kill yourself you pathetic piece of shit shill.

288496  No.12141389

File: 16802a801377ee5⋯.jpg (268.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1bbbe70da815a76803ed0b4244….jpg)

File: c1e41a0a3411320⋯.jpg (83.18 KB, 680x666, 340:333, a7467895c3aa34c4f5852edb25….jpg)

File: 01bfe80875e7cd8⋯.jpg (1003.56 KB, 3177x5000, 3177:5000, 01bfe80875e7cd8955e82ee147….jpg)

File: 7f24ab3d443cddd⋯.webm (248.88 KB, 240x288, 5:6, 7f24ab3d443cddd7689b84f97….webm)








Eat my shit faggot

Based anon got your get


And the High Energy Continues (webM Related)



288496  No.12141392

File: 9c1b1465a1e0396⋯.webm (2.27 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Why wont TRUMP NAME THE J….webm)


Posting again just so everyone is clear on what exactly you a RABOARDED'ing

ee6493  No.12141397

a818d2  No.12141401

My pole looks fine. Shame you’re all a bunch of bigoted leftist retards.

b09679  No.12141402


except its not, show me the fucking proof it's being built

15a85a  No.12141403

File: c695e3b9cccc592⋯.jpg (497.15 KB, 1000x1417, 1000:1417, 1466406499190.jpg)


you will never learn

ee6493  No.12141404

File: 82362f9b1c5ed96⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1456x2168, 182:271, ClipboardImage.png)


The memes are all they have now.

a818d2  No.12141406

Look at these leftist cop faking the funk and calling themselves right wing while living of welfare

ee6493  No.12141408






>spoiler: Its a fence.

b09679  No.12141409


>Conveniently stops your data at q1 2018

a818d2  No.12141412

Never learn that you’re going to pull your bullshit everywhere I go no matter what I do or what direction I face? No shit fag.

847a40  No.12141413


I have never once seen Trump shills even reply to these posts. This sure makes me want to go out and vote for BAYSED (((GOP))) and (((Trump))). Such an anti-immigration candidate.

ee6493  No.12141414


>he thinks thats a pro-trump meme

wew lad




ee6493  No.12141418


BTW: I've scoured everywhere and I can't find any sign of Q2 2018 report. Its not there.

Which means its bad.

b09679  No.12141419






very vice digits friend

Remember our best way forward is to mo

ve in ways the enemy won't expect, honestly winning primaries in the democrat party seems like it could be a good way to go


They also ignore my "Sam Hyde 2020" posts

a818d2  No.12141420


Is that what happened faggot? I would like to see you try that without using the tech

b09679  No.12141427


What ever you say Kushner, why do you even fucking bother shilling, it seems like you've rigged the system enough to easily become President at this point

2c310e  No.12141428


You've been shown multiple times you filthy jew fuck. No more cheese for you.

a818d2  No.12141429


You’re a fag though. So your interest in children is pedo

a818d2  No.12141431


Shit that never happened

a818d2  No.12141434

Fine the polite way isn’t work with you Eagle. Time to burn.

ee6493  No.12141436


>he's really upset still because he still thinks that's a pro-trump meme

<the one showing him letting in hundreds of thousands of muds

Whatever you say bro.



The kind of shilling this Anon is espousing is really damaging to discourse. The evidence is right there in front of him, we've had a thread about this and his position got completely BTFO, and yet he just keeps repeating the shill line.

What's the answer to this shit? If you don't engage, they flood the board and give the false impression of a consensus. If you argue with them, it just derails the thread as they continually reject reality as it is laid before them.

2c310e  No.12141440


Samefagging won't help you, yid.

a818d2  No.12141441

I am a Northern Germanic Royal

b09679  No.12141442


No seriously, a pathetic fence that they barely build is not a fucking wall

Trump doesn't care about the wall, he just cares about Israel

ee6493  No.12141443


You are cancer.

Whats worst is, I suspect you think that anyone watching your behavior will interpret it as anything other than malicious, and that's comically wrong.

b09679  No.12141445


Pro Trump fags would see that as le positive since it's less, even if its not the 0 that is should be, what ever though since honestly at this point our only hope on this fucking universe is Musk

847a40  No.12141446


Neither will lying and gaslighting, take a look around, you've lost this board for shilling your ZOG piece of shit. The memes you've spammed are ones we made 2 years ago. See any new ones? Real anons don't support this liar anymore and the memes have dried up. Project and call people shills and jews all you want, more and more real anons aren't falling for it anymore.

2c310e  No.12141452


No seriously you have been shown.

2c310e  No.12141455

File: 233cdd974255a4d⋯.jpg (125.56 KB, 650x424, 325:212, Be afraid.jpg)


You will never be white.

a818d2  No.12141456

Even Jews can use proper grammar.

a818d2  No.12141458


I am always white, which is why I get women, when there are women to have.

a818d2  No.12141460

Didn’t get the name Captain America for being trash and gay.

2c310e  No.12141464

So are you a team, or just one faggot using multiple nodes? You're easy as fuck to spot and you are called out in every fucking thread you yids stick your noses into, so I'm curious. Because it seems like a lot of work for one retarded kike to have to samefag this hard and surely they could spare a spare potato to share the load.

a818d2  No.12141465

Got it because my family’s colors are literally a pale purple.

a818d2  No.12141469


Jews don’t post on here, that’s what they pay the goons for.

847a40  No.12141471



You're all alone Mordecai, you're looking like the only shill here.

f539a7  No.12141476

File: 73c147da0267064⋯.jpg (424.66 KB, 713x574, 713:574, download (6).jpg)

2c310e  No.12141479

File: 58d6a169f97b572⋯.gif (4.57 MB, 600x250, 12:5, I Like.gif)

>tfw the question was rhetorical

>tfw the shills were already filtered

>tfw only the cunts filtered replied to a rhetorical question

6f53a5  No.12141497

Well maybe if Trump started a war in the Middle-East his poll ratings would go up?

ee6493  No.12141499

File: fbbd14a41f5ff09⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1456x3680, 91:230, ClipboardImage.png)


That's ridiculous, but possible.

Fresh OC.




When I see posts like you at this point, I don't believe anything about you other than that you are malicious in intent.

488729  No.12141535

File: 6d5ec1c6ba02021⋯.png (659.2 KB, 1152x1024, 9:8, sfs.png)


>And replace him with who?

The commies.

Trump or Bernie are both zionists pushing White Genocide.

I bet for the accelerationism method, and let us have fun on the incoming crazy ride.

114d02  No.12141540


Illegal entries are down so deportations are down. We are not dumb here you stupid fuck, this isn't reddit.

a80ec4  No.12141545


why is the word 'kike' blocked out in your picture? are you not allowed to say it, like God ("G-d")?

310349  No.12141547


Actually Trump wanted to kill Assad but some general said no.

He's a ZOGbot through and through and you can stop your fucking marketing now.

310349  No.12141549


>Look at how things changed in the Syrian war as soon as Trump is elected

Nothing changed then. Things changed when Syria's allies stepped in, most notably Russia.

Confirmed for filthy kike-loving Trump marketer.

8ea8a9  No.12141555


>watching cartoons

>complaining about white genocide

You'd starve to death without your precious ZOG

ed1b5e  No.12141560

Lmao the dems learnt nothing. The last two years they kept the virtue signaling up. People are just as tired of them, if not more tired.

bb2ad3  No.12141561


oh no. not polls. poll were what stopped trump from getting elected, after all. the polls all said trump was not going to win, so he just didn't.

that's how polls work.

488729  No.12141562

File: 5196561b829a1cd⋯.jpg (141.94 KB, 1100x733, 1100:733, qqqq.jpg)



You have a point, however I am willing to starve if that means a war for our freedom.

9dd488  No.12141565


trump has been a pretty big disappointment for me, not even I thought he'd just decide to hire destestable shills that larp all day instead of at least throwing us a few bones

c8be8c  No.12141575

Trump is going to get smashed in the midterms. The right is completely apathetic, one small victory and they all fall apart and start in fighting. It’s absolutely pathetic. This is why the left has been winning for the past 100 years.

9dd488  No.12141587


honestly man, Trump couldn't even really do anything about hardcore padeophiles running a pizza shop, probably because it would have made his friend Roger Stone upset

9dd488  No.12141591

turns out trump can't do anything about anyone that's too high level because they know the right handshake and handsigns to make

based trump, oh well sure, just hire larping shills that will cover it

686b0e  No.12141602


>We need to do something to fix this

Then you will need a new candidate. The Trump hype will not return. I'm not even American but supported him for over a year, you don't believe how hard it is to argue in his favor over here in Europe. But in the end, I am disappointed, and I imagine many Americans are too. The only thing holding your right together is hate for democrats, not Trump. His whole clown show in Syria was really a turning point for me, and it even looks like to get worse soon. His chummy relationship with Jews and Israel was uncomfortable since the beginning but starts to really stink now. Sure, he's the best Americans got for now, but you won't be able to recreate the hype from two years ago, people actually know him and his policies now. Maybe it really is the hype wearing off, but I it has been a slide into further disappointment for me the longer he was in office. What did actually change politically? Domestically and globally? The Norks, who where always irrelevant shut up for a while? Syria meanwhile, being the hotspot of global happening, keeps getting worse.

I don't know if you should vote for him again, maybe I would, better then a democrat in office. But is he the solution? No, he isn't.

a7397d  No.12141603


donald chump has moderate heart disease.


dc7971  No.12141609


Why are you posting this here, except as pure anti-Trump propaganda?

This is the definition of shilling

000000  No.12141611

>/pol/yps are now unironic republicucks


f8c272  No.12141613


Why'd they leave YOUR thread up, but delete all the others?! Because it's negative? Is that it, because it counts as negative propaganda against Trump? Because holy fuck do the mods fucking hate Trump.

d45843  No.12141625


>Muh deportations!

>(((We))) are not dumb

<Graphic si about legal immigration

You're dumb as fuck bud.

488729  No.12141632

File: 3977a9d6aa0dfe4⋯.jpg (142.97 KB, 720x960, 3:4, zzzzzz.jpg)


>Because holy fuck do the mods fucking hate Trump.

Not quite.

Actually it is a huge chunk of /pol/ who believes Trump betrayed us.

What else do you expect? Love?

18ee03  No.12141635

File: f88b754fe039b69⋯.png (53.43 KB, 661x291, 661:291, f88b754fe039b69fb73b42ad76….png)

5b9f51  No.12141636


Ok. I guess Brexit didn't happen and Trump isn't president. Oh wait…

Try to redpill people instead of convincing them to vote for one ZOGbot over another.

f8c272  No.12141638


A lot of that is due to being uninformed, though, regarding civics. It's a bit unnerving how little the schools are teaching.

f8c272  No.12141641


No, man.

Gotta thing LINKBAIT. Linkbait works both ways, and people scroll to the bottom of linkbait anyway to see if there are comments there.

So you do the same here. The mods permit anti-Trump messages, OK, so we put the truth here, and let people decide if they want reason or foolishness.

e525b4  No.12141829




e525b4  No.12141834



that's what its all about

f8c272  No.12141835

Lads, this is creepy:



e525b4  No.12141841

Do you really want to screw with the Jew agenda?

Vote for only niggers in the upcoming election.

Search for pictures of all your politicians

and vote only for the niggers

Have niggers talk about how Jews are fucking us over, then when they are criticized, they can screech 'racism'

e51103  No.12141842

File: e70cdc8a428f758⋯.jpg (86.74 KB, 960x945, 64:63, mffqdn6jfh211.jpg)


Exactly. I'm expecting the democrats to win and the next 2 years will be nothing but them trying to impeach Trump, they might succeed.

If it goes the other way around it will feel pretty good like in 2016.

f8c272  No.12141845


>Exactly. I'm expecting the democrats to win


e51103  No.12141847

File: 3c00535158928ac⋯.jpg (151.08 KB, 456x548, 114:137, 3c00535158928acfaae8d4c15d….jpg)



da91a8  No.12141859


It's hard to get excited for the GOP man. These guys are worse than the Dems due to the fact that they're a mix of cowards, cucks, kike lovers and traitors.

I've always hated the people in the GOP. I'll be voting for these faggots come November but I'm not going to like it and I'm not going to pretend there's anything exciting about doing it.

Trump was exciting, most of these faggots have opposed Trump, and the majority of these faggots have prevented the wall.

Either way, you're not going to get people excited here, so it's out of our hands really. Can only hope people show up to vote, beyond that I genuinely don't see how we can polish a turd enough to make people love it.

f8c272  No.12141865

Fine. CIA agent:


f8c272  No.12141867

File: 00f8aaf73db78ee⋯.png (44.9 KB, 1060x507, 1060:507, voting algebra.png)

e51103  No.12141871


Hurry up boomer, don't leave that rope hanging

f8c272  No.12141875


< CIA agents don't exist

< CIA agents don't meddle in US politics

Fuck off CIA nigger.

e7f0ca  No.12141892

File: 034170302f29f73⋯.jpg (306.09 KB, 1491x892, 1491:892, shieeetttt.jpg)


e51103  No.12141900

File: 6dfbd727db2a598⋯.png (87.42 KB, 222x227, 222:227, ClipboardImage.png)





All that Reddit spacing is making my eyes bleed.

da91a8  No.12141915


I'm not saying "we don't have everything yet". I'm saying that the GOP is full of a bunch of faggots.

The executive branch is limited in what it can do if congress doesn't act.

We gave those faggots control of the legislature and we gave them a president who we believed represents our interests and these arrogant cucks feel we made the wrong choice and work against him, despite him compromising/being willing to compromise with them.

Seriously, fuck the fucking GOP. Worse than Dems because they're traitors to the cause.

That said, and I'll repeat:

I'm voting for GOP this midterm, but it's only because I hate the kike media more than I hate the GOP right now. And anyone who says otherwise and claims to be white and a nationalist is a liar or a retard if they don't do the same.

However, you can't make me like it. And that's a real problem the GOP has going for it. They need to fix their shit, fast.

1bc980  No.12141921


is that 30+ based on individual races or jut the generic vote, because incumbents have an advantage

85d159  No.12141924


>and will accomplish nothing.

Oh no! Surely he was just about to start doing something!

4173c7  No.12141926


Initially I was going to admonish you for believing the polls, but your call to action is something that is highly productive.

The easiest way to ensure victory is for every single anon to help just one other person who will vote the right way get to the polls.

Share that with everyone you know. If someone isn't going to vote because they are too old or frail, don't have a working car, etc, it is your responsibility to give them a ride and help them to the voting booth.

35c6a4  No.12141937


get out and go back to whatever shithole you came from

35c6a4  No.12141945


this is a shill post that tries to poison the well

a2d750  No.12141957


>Mika's face the whole time

This is what confuses me from time to time. These people's aren't this good of actors…so…one of a few things from least to most likely.

1. Trump is legit

2. They actually are great actors

3. They have been psyopped themselves and left out of the loop

c344d1  No.12142074

File: 7a07a9dcfd82fa8⋯.jpg (19.66 KB, 328x154, 164:77, HatingYou.jpg)


This is a Jew insulting Trump for fraternizing with Jews, in the hope that it will get whites to either vote against him, or stay home and not vote at all.

What does it say about your people, that you can shame someone for associating with your people?

a6a912  No.12142086

republicucks deserve to be BTFO.

i predict only pro-trump candidates will win.

senate will be a mixed bag, but trump can probably deal with that better than with a majority of GOP traitors.

c344d1  No.12142093


Nope, when Russia stepped in, Assad was still having problems. When the U.S. (Trump) stopped supporting and provisioning ISIS, THAT'S when Assad's army, with the help of Russian air power, was able to do its job.

The final nail was when Trump refused to protect ISIS fighters when they tried to regroup in American "safe zones."

0556c4  No.12142121

File: 27b473092e4553d⋯.jpg (90.59 KB, 477x720, 53:80, 15895624_10154835163923638….jpg)

>the (((POLLS)))

Remember the last time they said we were going to lose according to the polls?

59ed0d  No.12142128

>voting for “insert party (((x)))" will see the JQ addressed.

>just be yourself, bro

c065cf  No.12142139

File: 44bca345675e8dc⋯.jpg (13.59 KB, 220x264, 5:6, 44bca345675e8dc66897299490….jpg)


>The energy we had in 2016 seems to be nonexistent.

And why do you think that is? Could it be that Trump has been more committed to Israel than the US? Could it be that despite claiming he was anti-war and that Assad did nothing wrong on the campaign, he is now sending a permanent force of 2000 men to Syria despite it being illegal to do so? Could it be that the people voted for less immigration, but Trump was sympathetic to DACA less than one year after he was elected, and gave democrats the chance to vote it in?

I would say all of these things contribute to /pol/ not liking Trump very much anymore. Personally I will not be voting again unless I hear the words "Israel is a blight upon this Earth and must be destroyed" or something to that effect.

0d1e4a  No.12142143

File: f04cc291470f424⋯.png (577.73 KB, 1413x983, 1413:983, Michael-Edison-Hayden.png)

File: 33251359b5ca173⋯.png (456.79 KB, 1567x991, 1567:991, Michael-Edison-Hayden2.png)

0d1e4a  No.12142149

Btw Trump said a civil war would break out, there would be chaos in the streets and the whole country could fall apart if leftists win the midterms. Sounds fucking great to me.

59ed0d  No.12142161


Don't feed the kike shills, bro.

59ed0d  No.12142170


No it isn't, faggot. It's the fucking truth. There is no salvation through voting for one side of the same filthy kike shekel or the other. We keep doing this and we die.

34c0d3  No.12142207

The most exciting part of these midterms is seeing all these (((white))) democrats lose their seats to the mudgolems they propped up and their bases turn to moderate candidates or face the music and vote full libtard

0f059a  No.12142237


>They're even contemplating using the DoD to build the wall bypassing Congress entirely

You faggots were saying this shit 9 months ago.


0f059a  No.12142241




better get your photo-op guys out Donny

f1d813  No.12142250

File: 958860cdba225a0⋯.png (6.6 MB, 2040x1490, 204:149, ClipboardImage.png)

>muh blue wave

51701c  No.12142259

File: 2e080ce055492eb⋯.png (755.59 KB, 1542x1349, 1542:1349, blackpill.png)


I've been blackpilling this same shit for almost an entire year. I've been warning everyone that the dems have learned from their mistake of sitting on the couch instead of voting because they listened to the MSM's projections of a 98% Hillary victory. Now they're pissed, united, mobilized, and ready to obliterate the republican party. They WILL be crawling over broken glass this November to vote. It will NOT be pretty for us.


>The energy we had in 2016 seems to be nonexistent.

I've been blackpilling about this as well. Social media are working together to ensure that non-left voices are suppressed during this cycle. To that end, they've employed numerous algorithms that downrank non-left content while upranking leftist content. This puts us all on squelch. No one can hear us. No one. And when we try to create alternative options, they get shut down by the tech giants.

The truth is that, in spite of their plan to ultimately destroy us, they WANT us to remain on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other major social media sites. Not for the ad revenue, but to ensure they can keep us under the veil of suppression so that they can control who hears what we say. If we move to Gab, BitChute, or others, we will be able to mobilize. That is the one thing they do NOT want.

Like OP, I am not trying to demoralize. This is a truth that everyone needs to hear.

b485be  No.12142280





Thanks Ben!

000000  No.12142299


as a contingency…

buy it cheap and stack it deep.

0be891  No.12142310


>And an anti-censorship bill for the Internet. And

Trump just made anti Semitic statements a crime

c065cf  No.12142314


No he didn't you lying, well poisoning, kike

0be891  No.12142320


Only he did though


c065cf  No.12142326


No he didn't you fucking kike, I'm in that thread and unfortunately for you I know how to fucking read:

>Marcus’ letter re-opening the Rutgers case, which the Obama administration closed in 2014 citing insufficient evidence of discrimination, says that department will now reevaluate the evidence “in light of the definition of anti-Semitism.”

>reevaluating a case that died in 2014


>The Department of Education is the one doing it


Reported for blatant disinformation and well poisoning

c065cf  No.12142341



Oh and you tried to imply that said statements would be illegal everywhere instead of just a rule on college campuses. If this "investigation" even comes through, which it won't, because the fucking Obama admin denied it.

0be891  No.12142343



Lol this guy's buy the 1488D chess meme even more than /pol/ does

c065cf  No.12142346


Oh look at that the well poisoning kike ignores when he's verifiably proven wrong with one post.

How sad for you kike. Reported again.

0be891  No.12142349


>statements would be illegal everywhere instead of just a rule on college campuses

<Trump only banned speaking the truth about Jew's on college campuses

Oh well then I guess he got my vote back 😂

c065cf  No.12142352



0be891  No.12142357


Keep reporting, project Alamo lost kampfy so enjoy wasting your time with those captchas

224b97  No.12142364

File: 618ef56fc87c52b⋯.jpg (30.65 KB, 600x375, 8:5, 618ef56fc87c52b0dfbd829c47….jpg)


You're glowing. The meme magic amounted to nothing for you, not real anons. It was never about Trump is was about anons expressing themselves through that energy. Accelerationism is a meme and you should feel bad for shilling it. 6/10 made me reply

c9b183  No.12142365

Republicans have every the House, the Senate, the Presidency and the Supreme court yet do nothing. Who cares if the Dems win they will do nothing as well.

c065cf  No.12142366



No he didn't you fucking kike, I'm in that thread and unfortunately for you I know how to fucking read:

>Marcus’ letter re-opening the Rutgers case, which the Obama administration closed in 2014 citing insufficient evidence of discrimination, says that department will now reevaluate the evidence “in light of the definition of anti-Semitism.”

>reevaluating a case that died in 2014


>The Department of Education is the one doing it


>Reported for blatant disinformation and well poisoning

0be891  No.12142371


Exactly, it's like anyone will ever dare to cut aid to Israel. Everything other issue is just kabuki theater

c9b183  No.12142396


Borders will stay open. Money will flow to Israel. More wars in the east. SSDD

da91a8  No.12142437


I tend to believe it's #1 for a number of reasons. Yours being one.

However, just because he's legit about what he said he wants to do (and he's trying to imement it), that doesn't mean everyone is going to agree with him all of the time.

Beyond being hilarious in his ability to trigger the media and liberals, my assessment of Trump after almost two years in office is that he is ultimately a pragmatist. He's not at all ideological, which explains why he will often tweet stuff that seems counter to conservatism with the addition "this needs more thought/discussion". He's not triggering people, he is actually being open with his thoughts, he's sharing his thoughts and then adding that he needs to think about the issue more.

He's a "deal maker", which means he is going to work for a deal on almost any issue, even trade and the wall.

The fact that the left has become so socialist, so radical, so authoritarian is what makes him seem more right wing than he is. I'd say the only thing he isn't a pragmatist about, and shows some ideology on is his nationalism toward the USA. Even if it's just civnat, the left has become so crazy that he seems like the next Hitler (or whichever stupid comparison they want to use).

This nationalism is his most redeeming trait really, to those in the right. In a world where noone of power, in the west, supports the nation state, Trump is unflinching which has already begun to reset the world stage.

000000  No.12142456


The polls ARE biased. They're sampling 25 to 50% more Repulicans than Democrats.

f9f94c  No.12142499

I think the House will be decided by blue state Republicans. Many competitive seats are in places like California and New York.

Trump won with everyone against him, but it's harder for lesser figures to do it. See Roy Moore.

b9860c  No.12142521

>The polls

>Taking polls seriously in the current year

b9860c  No.12142529


>The polls ARE biased. They're sampling 25 to 50% more Republicans than Democrats.

Other way around: 50% more Democrats than Republicans. Also people wont admit their voting preferences in public if they live in purple or blue areas.

000000  No.12142534


Roy Moore won the election. The reported result was a fraud.


You're right. Reverse what I said.

e4695b  No.12142575

is this a shill thread?

0d9e3f  No.12142620


>Roy Moore.

Moore had the problem of pissing off the Repub establishment by defeating their chosen CoC cuck candidate, which is why they joined the Dems in the attack against him (signaling cuckservative voters to stay home) and he still lost by a hair's breadth.

Also, the Dems have started going all out on the vote fraud, esp. in cities where they control local gov and have many nogs. They literally wait until the rural red countries report results and then manufacture a comfortable margin for their candidate. That's why in 2016 the Repubs only announced results in many countries really late, so the margin was too big to realistically steal by fraud.

17e062  No.12142630


Nah it's cool.

1efb28  No.12142685

Hey look another (((polls))) thread, polls are only used to demoralize.

The silver lining is leftists delude themselves into inaction.

3aaa29  No.12142702


How are you so mentally weak that you can still get demoralized? Seems like kikes are using muh blackpill and muh demoralization to keep the discussions that need to happen from occurring. If your only argument is screeching about demoralization you should think a little deeper.

30450a  No.12142726


>Ivanka, glorious Ivanka

>in the Garden of Eden

>pickin' fruit with the (((serpent)))

>symbolism is a total warning

>still love her, can't help teh feels

c065cf  No.12142737


I hesitate to ask, but why would you "love" that race traitor that's had enough plastic surgeries to the point where her kids will think she's a different person when looking at her old photos?

000000  No.12142854


>How are you so mentally weak that you can still get demoralized?

Good point, anon. Only NPCs let emotions control their actions.

30450a  No.12142886


she's hot and I'm stupid

2000be  No.12142923


>The polls are accurate

76a107  No.12143149


Whatever people might say over the phone (which is often what they believe to be politically correct as opposed to what they really think), they generally don't like to rock the boat when things are going as well, economically, as they are right now (comparatively speaking).

However, the current year's anti-Trump daily media barrages and social media bannings have been so massive and unrelenting, it's difficult to imagine them not having an effect on the GOP's popularity as a whole. It's gotten so bad that Jews and their pet shitlibs run their mouths 24/7 in the court of public opinion virtually unopposed. Women are particularly vulnerable to this, because of their need to feel like they fit in.

7d405f  No.12143239


also she is the chosen one

the manifestation of ebola-chan

see >>12143223

63ca55  No.12143285

File: 939c10235d1ee6b⋯.png (229.52 KB, 675x450, 3:2, younoclapforjeb.png)

63ca55  No.12143305

File: 9e7c84f4c566ee6⋯.jpg (14.8 KB, 380x380, 1:1, moonmankeks.jpg)


>Actually it is a huge chunk of /pol/ who believes Trump betrayed us.


That would be the jewish boomer chunk who won't go away and die

7d405f  No.12143343


yeah–trump doesn't score 100% but that's no reason to switch to Hillary

baby steps, anons

f9531a  No.12143350


>It's the last four where shit gets real.

1973 (Watergated)

1985 (Raygunned)

1997 (Lewinskied)

2005 (Bushed)

2013 (Niggered)

e3d70c  No.12143509

File: fd2c8010a672a8d⋯.jpg (28.83 KB, 450x450, 1:1, chalk.jpg)

← This is your plan.

Chalk up simple messages in public places. Democrats are ISIS. MAGA. XX+XY = 2 genders.

Hide your fucking power levels. We have the Democrats on record supporting Hamas and arming ISIS. Use that against them.

7702eb  No.12143522


jeb memes

best memes

Nothing will extinguish the fire of the eternal GuacMan.

f8c272  No.12143773


You'll really hate reading books, then.

f8c272  No.12143778


Dubs make it so.

8a34b1  No.12143844

File: 541042f225d1ae4⋯.jpg (149.87 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 2c7f5fad51adbf8c1dabb5b1b4….jpg)


"Trump marketing"

Is that the new shekel earning phrase sent down from mount jew bagel?

You shills are so fucking obvious it's pathetic. It's not even fun anymore to call out your moronic chatter that amounts to nothing. Find an oven, turn it on and fuck off.

33aa12  No.12145634


>Syria is getting worse

>Assad is right about to win

>The media propaganda machine was screeching at the top of it's corrupt lungs that Assad gassed babies again

>No one gave a fuck

>Trump didn't even mention it

>Meanwhile the enemies of Israel are still around and growing stronger instead of having no-fly zones over them

>Trump's love for judaism makes it so both the left and right can hate the jews


And yet, if I'm wrong the outcome is still the same isn't it? PECULIAR, how it is then, that so many "anons" who dwell here seem to conclude then that the uncertain and unknown candidates would be superior to what is at the very least the biggest propaganda gift we've ever received. But yes, I suppose it would be nice if he could just gas all the jews right now.

288496  No.12145659

File: 07fee3f9987832a⋯.jpg (77.71 KB, 697x512, 697:512, 07fee3f9987832a1d2839a02f7….jpg)

File: ad5dd712bf4f130⋯.jpg (619.94 KB, 800x820, 40:41, ad5dd712bf4f1308d1b9f82222….jpg)

File: 68743f296643485⋯.jpg (53.7 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 68743f29664348501ab907f7ac….jpg)

File: 2ec130ca8ac1848⋯.jpg (75.11 KB, 561x650, 561:650, SecondTemple1507598549378.jpg)



5c803d  No.12148591

File: 5b86a08691c213d⋯.png (422.1 KB, 1024x691, 1024:691, degeneracy, west, cosmopol….png)

File: f4bc29dfbbbf9cd⋯.png (671.64 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, propaganda, west, hitler, ….png)

File: dc5c24b5a7583c2⋯.jpg (45.64 KB, 620x320, 31:16, sarah jeong racist hired b….jpg)


Half true, you weak shill. The energy may not be there *on either side*, but the way the votes will be cast is largely unchanged. In the least, team red gained a few independent voters due to the hatred the left spews.

91725a  No.12148899


Kampfy on scale of 1 to 10 how assblasted are you that you lost your banhammer?

b9e566  No.12148920


You are not on reddit. You do not belong here. Suck kike cock somewhere else.

8ceac2  No.12148934

File: 32e7ed1bed6c444⋯.png (292.58 KB, 598x357, 598:357, burnittorebuildit.PNG)


Shitposting to dream of what we can rebuild it as

841d89  No.12149638

File: 90588885ee54075⋯.jpg (520.98 KB, 3543x2362, 3:2, 1456110095149.jpg)


I must be an zionist shill too then. I feel the same way. I am ready to get this faggot show on the road so I can sacrifice any jews I capture to whatever fucking gods want their foul blood in exchange for more power and success to obtain more jews while slaughtering their filthy vermin supporters.

Ten million, two hundred million, the entirety of this jewish controlled civilization down to the last pining normalfaggot whom values an full belly and roof rather than protecting their family and volk. Its all acceptable so long as 'we'; our people; survive. If we cannot pull these worthless masses of traitorous whores with us into accepting what needs to be done and getting the fuck out of our way, they can all fucking go with their fucking masters to hell.

767ed8  No.12149660

File: 9ae71408d68391d⋯.jpg (80.98 KB, 1040x700, 52:35, the red room.jpg)


Dude we're gonna get pitted, just so pitted.

find media lies and mistruth and innocently point them out with socks. actual media bullshit. concentrate on the middle 60% of hard working americans. make it about taking money out of their pocket. Talk about the draft. Why do dems want us to invade NK instead of seeking a peaceful solution, only president to make this much progress on NK since Truman.

media is in a bubble and will refute the points logically or hysterically but either way there will be some condescension to the people. make it about the media thinking possible trump voters are dumb. In November, pitted, just so pitted

716d66  No.12149965

Just go out there and tell people that Democrats want to raise taxes and bring more Muslims into the country. That's all you need to say to get most people to vote the other way.

d974bf  No.12150103


>The energy we had in 2016 seems to be nonexistent.

We are resting, observing and preparing. The battlefield is changing fast. It is better that we do not talk about our plans in open channels.

5b83b5  No.12170553

File: c71a9e61ca710f4⋯.gif (2.32 MB, 850x780, 85:78, map.gif)

>trusting polls

>pic related

remind me about that Hillary landslide again….

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