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File: b4fae29fa127033⋯.jpg (24.98 KB, 763x481, 763:481, jpm debt cbo forecast_1.jpg)

73a865  No.12141271

>The U.S. deficit will approach $1 trillion dollars by the end of this fiscal year, according to new estimates from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. From this time last year until now, the U.S. deficit grew by $222 billion — reaching a total of $895 billion.

>The CBO previously did not anticipate reaching $1 trillion dollars until 2020.

God bless Trump. He is doing excatly what he was picked and payed to do. Nero and Calligula haven't got shit on him.



fa7030  No.12141278

The CBO is a joke. Save your celebration for when something actually happens.

5fb548  No.12141280


Fuck off moshe. Come collect it.

73a865  No.12141289


CBO is strictly non partisan and if anything they have been overly cautious over the years. Their estimates have actually always ended up being revised up, for the worse. Same thing with various debt clocks.

Go the fuck back to your GOP House Commitee on Budget and their wet dreams of growing out the debt through +5% annual GDP growth. Trumptard.

5fb548  No.12141297


Kill yourself cunt.

df2641  No.12141381

File: 96d0c8941b9b060⋯.jpg (134.22 KB, 1024x826, 512:413, 1536655449828m.jpg)

>jews owing other jews imaginary numbers in a jew database will suddenly be a problem when it reaches 1 trillion instead of 90% of 1 trillion

aca0d1  No.12141411

File: 7da1b7376849ca9⋯.png (23.09 KB, 152x167, 152:167, [Laughter_Stops].png)

File: 00ffb8209741bd2⋯.png (407.05 KB, 615x468, 205:156, 00ffb8209741bd23f82574dd65….png)

At this point it's impossible to care about this number. At the size it is it's just blatantly obvious it's all fake and made up anyways. 1 trillion, fuck it, say it's 1.5 trillion. It will never, EVER be paid off so why not? Say it's 15 trillion. What's the difference? The money's not backed by anything. It's too much money to pay off, ever, and it's not like anyone's making any effort to try to pay it off anyways.

This shitshow was bought and decided long, long before any of us were born so like. What do you do about it? A shitload of american jews owe other international jews an even more comically unfathomably huge number than before. What's that mean practically? It's never going to be gone, it can't.

85e10f  No.12141425

File: bddfef2545fe1ae⋯.png (134.05 KB, 748x568, 187:142, tmp_21526-ME IRL-209872933….png)

Helping accelerationism so Trump is bad? Post after the midterms and maybe we'll believe you're being sincere you retard shill.

cea2b6  No.12141433

that chart reads to me like a massive fucking war is coming

ce910e  No.12141473

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

73a865  No.12141482


Only after I watch your country crash and burn Mad Max style.

7aa864  No.12141484


it'll be called the "End of Days" you wait and see.

f0dc74  No.12141501


Do anons know what the ESF is and how none of this matters in the slightest?

Should I make a post about it?

d2e9f3  No.12141579


>strictly non partisan

Every partisan hack ever. You're just retarded enough to think that your standard democrats and standard republicans are on different teams.

See: >>12141297

d84abf  No.12142026


>CBO is strictly non partisan


<<says Obamacare (aka ACA) will not cause deficit

<<comes out 2 years after it passes saying it will cause deficit


8f2f05  No.12142342


>Your country

So what do you care about our budget issues? I'd think you'd be more concerned about the vibrant and diverse refugees murdering your men and raping your frauleins.

da8faa  No.12142359

Id be interested to see how the share of the debt is increasing.

Im fine with owing more to China because it just puts them in a weaker position. You cant really fucks omeone over who owes you billions of dollars unless you dont want your billions of dollars back eventually.

870f4f  No.12142399


Those sweat oil exports will save us.

9754b9  No.12142403


Nose it on down and





6f6fd0  No.12142406


Stop listening to NPR, OP

9754b9  No.12142411



Mmmmm what did Kek mean by this? What the fuck is sweat oil? Are we to harness sweat and produce oil from it to export?

6f6fd0  No.12142417


you're a brainlet

178d18  No.12142439

wow that's a lot of monopoly money we owe people, thank god we are printing more

53685c  No.12142495

You need to increase spending to reduce spending. Trust him he's a businessman.

2c020b  No.12142503


Yeah. This time the war is kikes+zog vs everyone else.


5ab340  No.12142510

lol oldfag money doesnt matter only muh meme coins DOOOOOOOOOOD

17999a  No.12142520

Paying off debts you owe is a fundamentally white concept. Everybody else either don't have the capability to understand the concept of an obligation or don't care and abuse it.

525740  No.12142609


Yep. You can even fool white people into believing fake money has to be paid back.

d97f87  No.12143037

That's somehow the German's fault!

3b719f  No.12143061

Only jews care about the deficit

3b719f  No.12143067


>You owe money because kikes took out a shitload of loans in your name now shut up and pay up goyim

d8f775  No.12143116


How do you pay back a debt when there is not enough money in existence to pay it?

64bd98  No.12143118


Ever hear of odious debt? Debt taken out on your behalf is not your debt to pay back. If the government fails its obligations are no longer valid and any new government has the right to fully disregard all debts incurred by an illegitimate regime.

cc5f49  No.12143150

Military spending was more than half on the last bill 700m+. These retarded republicucks use mil spending as an issue that needs to be bartered with.

07f073  No.12144108


No the debt rises as the wars are engaged in. We are in a state of perpetual war now economically thank's to the kike's fake war on terra.

dd1a11  No.12144131


Does any of this shit even matter? We have $200T in unfunded liabilities. Trillions in operating debt. Trillion dollar deficits every year. Suppose our deficit next year is $2T, $5T. What difference does it ultimately make? Obviously this is unsustainable, with no plan or ability to pay it down, so why should we ever expect that an attempt will be made to do so?

a47a90  No.12144141


No no, the kikes' war on terror is the fake one. The kikes' war on terra and all its human inhabitants is very real.

ec75cd  No.12144176


Dubs confirm, the fiat currency is a joke and this (((thread))) is worthless fear porn.

15ce8c  No.12144208

Why don’t we stop using fiat money and use the different currencies? Currencies backed by the gold, labor and untaxed hydrogen energy will be great for us.

e3267a  No.12144219

It's not a real debt, it's just public sector money creation. What the effect of interest really is is just a transfer of money from taxpayers to the financial sector, but it's unnecessary because the govt does not need to sell bonds to the financial sector in order to create money. It's not anything to worry about insofar as the suggestion the state might collapse due to debt as fiat money only has value due to state backing.

936639  No.12144239


>33 dubs


This is going to make the finno-korean hyperwar look like a bar fight isn't it?

aca0d1  No.12159341

8daf01  No.12159352


Can't wait to put (((you))) in a mass grave.

b1f056  No.12159357


burn jews as fuel.

db1fde  No.12159364

File: 571f5b360a7e0cf⋯.jpg (27.83 KB, 286x287, 286:287, cat answers serious questi….jpg)


>At the size it is it's just blatantly obvious it's all fake and made up anyways.

You'll be surprised at the wage rates some contractors charge anon. I've seen accounts of government organisations and most of it is legit, albeit for outrageous rates charged by contractors.

$1 trillion is a small estimate to be quite frank. I've seen billions spent on the smallest of fucking infrastructure, the smallest of fuckups at one level in the chain of supply can lead to billions in costs later in repairing the fucking damage.

Hell the costs of insurance alone is quite baffling.

db1fde  No.12159369


>What difference does it ultimately make?

It creates issues with liquidity.

db1fde  No.12159371


Oh boy, the stimulus of war is inevitable for our economies.

The problem is finding a belligerent. We will likely "make one up" for the sake of stimulating the economy.

db1fde  No.12159375


This is likely legit though, people forget just how big the system we're dealing with is.

Trillions is not actually that bad in my eyes 2bh. I wonder how the hell we kept it so low to begin with.

425afc  No.12159413


When China collapses from refusing to agree to Trump terms on trade to "sava honurubu faceru," all the debt they hold magically vanishes and starts a chain-reaction in every market pegged to the yuan. Trump is basically solving the debt problem by destroying the debt holders

407bec  No.12159436

File: e178314acda0947⋯.png (760.85 KB, 1392x738, 232:123, Debt.png)

File: d1665f3fb27c4a2⋯.png (523 KB, 1446x858, 241:143, PayDebts.png)

pic 1: What you owed at the end of February

pic 2: What you owe today

5c5598  No.12159445


check the paper to gold ration, it's terrible.

ba535d  No.12162236


check 2022 estimate. And that is on the optimistic side. -2 trillion deficit. I am so hard.


3b719f  No.12162285

Only kikes give a shit about the debt because the debt is only owed to kikes.

35e199  No.12162306


>projecting out to 2050

wew lad

abe423  No.12162309

What I don’t understand is the yanks doesn’t use the different currencies to buy the things they need. They can just use the travel card and switch the US currency to other currencies.

35e199  No.12162311


>your country

fuck off to israel kike

ba535d  No.12162314


Central Yurp.

e6ab3c  No.12162315


Gimme dat inflation. Just bought 200 oz of physical silver

abe423  No.12162316


Debt can be monetised by selling the war bonds however to keep rolling to keep warmongering in nations for nonsense reasons

abe423  No.12162323


Too many people bought silver, which drive the price down so you may need the gold.

0073d9  No.12163062


This lul

Mind aswell start prepping for a financial collapse and turn a profit from it. Sounds jewish as fuck but theres always money to made during crisis's.

962de0  No.12163082

643a0b  No.12163093



We're going to war against the Bankers boys.

You guys should look into NESARA/GESARA.

I have NO IDEA if it is legit, but it is interesting.

It might show a way out of this mess.

Lot of people are saying to keep an eye on Gold/Silver/Crypto as well.

Should be interesting times ahead.

1d6973  No.12163225

File: 4a6dd673e310802⋯.jpg (248.07 KB, 660x462, 10:7, McMark.jpg)


Labor-backed currency when?

be6bd0  No.12163315

This is your economy on Republicans. Slash taxes and increase spending. Don't worry, the rich will pitch you a dime :)

643a0b  No.12163401


Hopefully something like that, or in the spirit of it soon.

000000  No.12163485


Development of a space economy fixes all of this, and creates mass surplus. Invest in alternative launch system to space, cost of sending payloads drops 90% or more. With inexpensive access to space, we can now put solar panels into space, send the power back to the surface at a total cost far less than any other form of electricity generation. Start sending asteroid mining operations, bring in tens of trillions of dollars in valuable resources. Deficit gone by year 3, national debt gone by year 10. This solves the problem, without question. All other discussion on this topic is a fraud.


8f0df2  No.12163491


The US, in terms of the people who are actually working age and will be in the next 10-15 years, is basically a Nigeria/Bolivia hybrid. It is NEVER going to have a space economy.

962de0  No.12163495


>fake monopoly money is super important goyim, the government can't just print more! it's certainly not doing that right now!


000000  No.12163560


Production of real goods and services (i.e. a space economy) is how you subvert the dishonest money-printing-based economy.

000000  No.12163566


>Hurr durr, the country that first put a man on the moon can never do things in space!

>Stop demanding things that unseat the judeo-masonic world order!

570bbd  No.12163826

>U.S. deficit will approach $1 trillion dollars

>posts total debt chart

well, at least you tried

>no archive links



1ece13  No.12163895


At least Nero was a virulent anti-Semite.

570bbd  No.12164012


>non partisan

no such thing

>revised up

(1) retarded tax cuts for the rich

(2) ill-advised foreign wars


>At least Nero was a virulent anti-Semite

both Nero and Caligula were maligned by their enemies after death, and its the same tried-and-true shit we always see all throughout history – evil, demonic, sexual pervert etc. Its impossible to tell if any of it is true, how much of it is true, and (perhaps most importantly) how much of this behavior actually differs from what was going on privately with their enemies

8f0df2  No.12164058


That country doesn't exist anymore – that's what I'm saying. You can't just transpose the dying vestiges of a European society onto teeming hordes of Afro-Caribs and assert linearity. The USA as it exists today is not very different than the Congo, South Africa, or Venezuela apart from an higher starting point of leftover infrastructure.

74b80b  No.12164070


German national socialists put men on the moon. Americans were too low IQ and retarded to pull it off.

c05965  No.12164116

You mean the tax cuts didn't pay for themselves like Trump said they would? SHOCKING. The problem is that Trumpers are stupid, useless people. The dumbest ever. Someone should shoot them all in the head for the good of the species. No one would miss them.

570bbd  No.12164121


>Trump's tax cuts

to be fair, he didn't run on that

>he said they'd pay for themselves

i never heard him say that. you're think of the GOPe

74b80b  No.12164135


Just shoot all Christians and the problem would be solved.

914322  No.12164156


>Shoot all christians

>But leave the jews alone


000000  No.12164158



000000  No.12164159


How's the weather in Israel?

56a280  No.12164162

File: 47f900821ecaf21⋯.jpg (50.67 KB, 763x481, 763:481, Nigger_Chart.jpg)

Found the original.

74b80b  No.12164164


Christcucks are the only reason Jews have any power at all.

000000  No.12164176


I think you meant to say "Freemasons"

97bc0c  No.12164177


Jews can't original, don't have the humility to do it, they blast from their mouths things like "shoot them all" because they have tapped their pith to the root, now it shrivels like rabbinical gum or the desert in which they live.

740ef0  No.12164258



Did that ever worked for you? Keep trying.

425afc  No.12164272

File: 75450c96d06d76b⋯.png (306 KB, 475x443, 475:443, 8b5ab7cf847e8e7e36ab4631d5….png)


You spelled "bankers" wrong, you degenerate pedophile.

563977  No.12165003


>Did that ever worked for you?

reported for being a pajeet

306bf3  No.12165161


>he USA as it exists today is not very different than the Congo, South Africa, or Venezuela apart from an higher starting point of leftover infrastructure.

sad but true

8ee5ec  No.12165163


>I will ruin my IP address and expose myself as a jewish shill

Okay, leave now.

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