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File: d0b2e940846ad48⋯.png (648.97 KB, 662x640, 331:320, wtf.PNG)

bf03ee  No.12141627

>The Trump administration is changing how the Education Department investigates allegations of discrimination against Jewish students, backing an approach that is favored by pro-Israel groups but that critics worry will stifle free speech on campus.

>The policy change was outlined in a letter last month by Kenneth Marcus, who leads the department’s Office for Civil Rights, in which he re-opened a 2011 investigation into Rutgers University in connection with alleged discrimination against Jewish students.

>Marcus wrote in the letter that the Education Department, in its investigations into discrimination, would adopt the “working definition” of anti-Semitism that is “widely used by governmental agencies” including the State Department.

>That definition includes examples in which demonizing or delegitimizing Israel, or holding it to a double standard not expected of other democratic nations, are deemed anti-Semitic.

>That meant the Office for Civil Rights for the first time was adopting a definition of anti-Semitism that some Jewish activists have long sought as a tool to curb discrimination on campuses. But some civil liberties organizations and advocates for Palestinian rights believe that the definition is so broad that it would label criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic.

>Marcus’ letter re-opening the Rutgers case, which the Obama administration closed in 2014 citing insufficient evidence of discrimination, says that department will now reevaluate the evidence “in light of the definition of anti-Semitism.”

>Investigators will seek to determine, Marcus wrote, “whether a hostile environment on the basis of national origin or race existed at the University for students of actual or perceived Jewish ancestry or ethnic characteristics.”

>Several civil liberties and free speech groups — including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and PEN America — have opposed the legislation. They argue that the definition of anti-Semitism is too broad and would threaten political speech, such as criticism of Israel policy, on college campuses.

>Several pro-Israel groups including the American Jewish Committee, praised the Trump administration’s move. The Zionist Organization of America, which filed the original complaint against Rutgers and appealed, praised the Education Department’s “landmark” decision to adopt the definition.

>“Hate groups like Students for Justice in Palestine try to convince others that their attacks on Zionism and Israel are legitimate political discourse,” two of the group’s leaders said in a statement. “But as the State Department definition of anti-Semitism recognizes, these attacks are often a mask for Jew-hatred, plain and simple.”


cdbb8e  No.12141629

MFW I get called a Jew, but am not.

c14e83  No.12141634


Just trust the plan goys, I mean, guise

64dc2e  No.12141640

File: 84529ed3a8f841b⋯.jpg (61.42 KB, 539x960, 539:960, 32294581_10155443456341709….jpg)


Muh 4D chess

762e41  No.12141646


>meaningless change in definition

>forces the media to side against jews while Trump is seen as trying to protect them

>forces liberals to attack the civil rights act

>the left's "Trump is a nazi" narrative btfo once again

The man is a genius to be honest. Sage because I feel like OP is a shill though.

41fddd  No.12141647

File: 570f062f203bcc8⋯.jpg (58.77 KB, 588x592, 147:148, HH.jpg)

Better watch out, better not cry, better not pout I'm telling you why…

don't worry sheeny itz coming

adb242  No.12141652

File: 37ace1f6552cd97⋯.jpg (41.39 KB, 767x431, 767:431, 100% Super Retard.jpg)

a30575  No.12141655

File: a8f17cbf1423902⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1488x1488, 1:1, 14,88.png)

File: ebca3b028c89fe8⋯.png (209.51 KB, 1730x584, 865:292, religion of mad men.png)


< this changes anything

You do know you'll get put on academic probation if you criticize Israel, right? Like already. Like this is only a formalization of what's not going to change.

But regarding your refusal to vote for the #MAaGA agenda, I fear I must sliit your throoat, regrettably, but you have become a race traitor. Shame, you almost were worthy of Valhalla, but now you'll have to go wherever kikes go, because if you're opposing this financial wave we're on, you're opposing whites.

14 first. 88 second.>>12141634

afb75c  No.12141658


Daily reminder we're going through the same legal changes Russia went through during Bolshevik rule. It's just a slower boil.

On another note, whats the legal weight of this change. If it is enforced as law, would that not conflict with the 1st amendment? Yes I know jews want the 1st destroyed utterly as freedom of speech is a neurotoxin to jews.

c14e83  No.12141661


>Trump has a family full of kikes

>Will do anything to jeopardise them

bdd2fe  No.12141662

File: f7e6e5cb3aaa5af⋯.jpg (155.89 KB, 800x833, 800:833, Marcus.jpg)

File: a49e1e0bbbd520b⋯.jpg (65.77 KB, 596x484, 149:121, Marcus tweet.jpg)

File: 1d9ab3f4b8dd39c⋯.jpg (23.08 KB, 251x218, 251:218, Marcus Wiki.jpg)


>Kenneth Marcus, who leads the department’s Office for Civil Rights

Trump sure knows how to pick 'em.

0f70dc  No.12141664

Yous more chess for the goyim

Hes an absolute genius!

muh freespeech doe

4ef386  No.12141665

File: c88f94f9c3c1b56⋯.webm (4.19 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jews Rock.webm)


Sam Hyde expected this, that is why we must say:


a30575  No.12141666


You do know that Hillary's son in law is a kike, right? Like that literally cancels out:




Where w=white and s=spic

And you may be of the opinion that the equation is actually:




Which is obviously a simpler and more clear case anyway for the #MAGA agenda.

< we don't have everything we want already

… you're REALLY new to politics, ain't ya?

a30575  No.12141668


Fuck off.

450e29  No.12141670

5b60c5  No.12141671


>Assumed office August 6, 2018

>Already making big changes

It's weird how the Trump administration works so quickly and effectively when it involves doing things for Jews, but not when doing anything for his supporters or whites who put him in office.

a30575  No.12141673

a30575  No.12141674


You're a shill. Fine, you're not happy, whatever. But you're not telling the truth 8^) I know for a fact you're paid to sit there typing shit talk. But you ain't nothin', Mossad boi oi oi

4ef386  No.12141676

File: 287f997b1ced127⋯.webm (4.84 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Rabbi Mitnick .webm)


Jews are also very patriotic, always ready to put the country on track to a new age. The jews remember all the past enemies that others just seem to forget about and nicely remind those non-jews what happened.

aac19b  No.12141677

Trump gets the rope too.

48d10f  No.12141681


>oi oi


But, in all seriousness, I am quite interested to see how this play out since this will make his voter base extremely angry because of the 1st Amendment.

a30575  No.12141685

File: 16a73bab9bc3eae⋯.png (294.83 KB, 1004x862, 502:431, explain02.png)


Respond to this, retard:



Respond to this, retard:



Pic related. You're on the kikes' side.

41fddd  No.12141686

File: f312e1d0bc9ab18⋯.jpg (176.9 KB, 1480x832, 185:104, pat buchanan.jpg)


The jews through their stranglehold on the MSM can destroy any politician in a matter of days, hence they're all obligated to kiss jewish ass.

a30575  No.12141687

also ha ha ha ha ha about the base getting pissed about the prohibition of antisemitism. There was literally a story quashed by Al Jazeera that's been revealed, substantially, by Le Monde, but it won't make it into the US press, because there exists nothing like the news in the proper Anglosphere.

5b60c5  No.12141688


>this is your brain on civic nationalism

48d10f  No.12141689


Kikes are still kikes, they will still fend for themselves. You should know that, Schlomo. All you are showing us is that the Trump administration is kiked and civnatted to death.

a30575  No.12141691




a42a66  No.12141697


Admittedly that's partly because nobody is trying to stop it. But its also because he isn't pushed to cancel all visa's, exile all "refugees" ect. Nobody is pushing him to do that and nobody here seems to have the balls to push it in the open in a collective manner even as they bitch about it. Nobody who bitches about it trys to spread these image macros they like to post to the normalfags. Meanwhile a guy whom we all knew as a civil nationalist from day one, whom we knew didn't hate immigrants so long as they were "good ones", whose dad was a major kikelover and he therefore was surrounded by them from the beginning, who we knew didn't hate kikes for being shysters because he was a bit of one himself and thus would see it simply as "tough business acumen" doesn't suddenly want to exterminate the kikes. I'm shocked, shocked a this turn of events.

If you want shit done you'll have to get his base to bitch at him, you'll have to make the political necessity apparent that's the only way to motivate him to do even half of what you'd like. His nature as a stop gap and stepping stone was explict from the second we talked about him. Nobody thought he'd close down legal immigration. The one thing we did think he'd dois play hardball using the DoJ against democrats which is something he hasn't done partly because his appointees are cucks. Sessions of all people seemed to "get it" a year and a half ago but apparently that isn't the case.

One thing you can do is leverage this stupid rule into an argment for the total removal of censorship in the college system as their definitions are far wider than the ones proposed by trump's kike appointees and are deliberately anti-white, ie everything that the colleges do today. They won't change because they are kikes and faggots but it will piss the normal fags off even more.

Or if you'd like to kill something in the hopes of getting results that way here ya go: https://pastebin.com/TGzmYw7E

3cf378  No.12141699

File: 64dbc676bd32c9f⋯.webm (1.68 MB, 244x480, 61:120, march.webm)



I'm not sure if this is sarcastic posting

3cf378  No.12141700


Are you an idiot, unaware or baiting?

41fddd  No.12141710

File: db25fe1ed1c6f8c⋯.gif (517.61 KB, 318x155, 318:155, get_out.gif)


>If you want shit done

Nothing is going to get done except but through the jew.

0451bc  No.12141714

No bait but (((Trump))) is even worse than the nigger in chief at this point

a30575  No.12141718


Really? I thought it was reasonably simple. You eliminate what variables candidates have in common, right?

Like if both Bob and Katy are going to pave H street, in your town, then you just ignore the topic of paving H street. Kinda simple. But whatevs man.

41fddd  No.12141719




Giyus get out

a30575  No.12141720


He asked a perfectly reasonable question. Are you serious or trolling?

a30575  No.12141723


id check

a30575  No.12141725


Take note of the pause. Related:


78a793  No.12141727

its a pretty good move though. sure trump may be zogged but we can use this to our advantage:

<antifa et campagnie criticize this because they mindlessly criticize everything trump does

<flip the cards, call them antisemites

<get it to big media that "liberals"/pseudosocialists are antisemitic, make it look like they want to defend being able to hate jews

if that fails, we can do the slimy trick of literally doing what antifa does and say free speech is hate speech so its good that trump wants to make it a hate crime, and either faggots stop the hurr free speech bad thing (because theyd rather completely jump ship than to bow to their jewish overlors trump) or we get a big antisemitism shitstorm going

this is perfect

c14e83  No.12141730


>there is no alternative to the ballot box

You're dead, jew.

383d16  No.12141732

I'm done with this kike.

b60066  No.12141735


Where do you think you are Moishe?

a30575  No.12141736


Next question, are you new here?

a30575  No.12141740


Checking that time.


Kikes spend millions on elections. Obviously they do this because they are generous people, and just want to spread wealth without expecting anything in return, without expecting results.

09b432  No.12141741

Israel has done nothing for us. It's always about them.

Israel and the Jews are no ally of mine.

Curse Israel and curse the Jew!

5b60c5  No.12141742

File: 9356d7cee9c4841⋯.jpg (93.43 KB, 815x660, 163:132, Untitled.jpg)


>Marcus wrote in a 2017 POLITICO column that the Education Department's civil rights office was “ill-equipped to recognize anti-Semitism when it sees it” because it lacks a definition for it. “Absent a definition, the office is stymied by anti-Semitism cases and is failing in its mission to protect Jewish students,” he wrote.

>In response to pressure from Marcus and others, the Obama administration’s Office for Civil Rights outlined in 2013 what it believed was actionable discrimination against Jewish students.

>The Education Department at the time wrote a letter that emphasized a distinction between anti-Semitism and political views about Israel. It said that “OCR is careful to differentiate between harassment based on an individual’s real or perceived national origin, which is prohibited by Title VI, as compared to offensive conduct based on an individual’s support for, or opposition to, the policies of a particular nation, which is not.”

0451bc  No.12141744


Yep, even worse than the nigger. That's a new fucking low.

a30575  No.12141745



a30575  No.12141747


Note that I was only threatened, and I didn't receive a real response.

When kikes see cognitive load they just shill with attacks. They don't have the time to read what you've said.

They also don't have the brain cells…

3ecd39  No.12141754

File: e618d104fe96ddd⋯.jpg (15.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, rthedonald.jpg)


e4f523  No.12141757


< Hey anon, stop voting for your interests we should just violently revolt

> never himself starts the revolt

a30575  No.12141758


That's about as compelling as a Russian ad.

c14e83  No.12141760


>Hillary is 100% kiked

>Trump is 99%


a30575  No.12141763


They react to things requiring a bit of thinking with attacks. It's very interesting, because they may be sophisticated bots. I see literally no sign of life. But if bots, definitely neural network and clever training.

3cf378  No.12141764

File: 4a9771031e95e0c⋯.jpg (206.46 KB, 1071x803, 1071:803, Necessary Control Points f….jpg)


So an idiot then. You are okay with jewry bastardizing your country, ruling it and sucking it dry?

c14e83  No.12141765


Classic Stockholm syndrome. Trump offers the bare fucking minimum that a non - compromised president should, throwing whites a couple of scraps from the table and the retards gather around to suck his kike dick.

a30575  No.12141766


OK, fine. Which are you, Russian or (((Russian)))?

48d10f  No.12141767


We try to vote for our interests, but it always the bait-and-switch. I think this has to be challenged with the 1st Amendment in mind, but that's the only thing I can think about or the fact the government is making kikes a protected class of citizens.

a30575  No.12141768


What? That's not a valid operation. In algebra you can only eliminate the variables like that if they are equal. Inequality is the same as equality, when performing simplification, except that when you multiply by a negative number you have to change the inequality sign.

a30575  No.12141771

OK, but that really dumb shilling, isn't that Russian? I mean, like where they just repeat the slogan and just like shout you down, like ignore everything you said, like…


Oh, you mean X > Y, X IS AWESOME.


…n…. not at all….

a30575  No.12141773

Of course, when I say "Russian" I mean (((cybernetics))).

3256c8  No.12141777

>delegitimizing Israel

Meanwhile you can burn a US flag and basically shit on the entire USA with no penalty.

>double standard not expected of other democratic nations

Fuck off that's subjective who's to say those people don't hold everyone to the same standard?

c14e83  No.12141778


Some people are just more equal than others, goy

a30575  No.12141790

File: f1c2805178f0c06⋯.png (177.58 KB, 845x477, 845:477, ClipboardImage.png)


That seems to be a Russian shill. Another example. The really retarded ones…

3256c8  No.12141797


Doesn't explain why Israel is such a pile of shit they need oodles of money given to them to survive.

a30575  No.12141802


Like think about it. What does van Gogh cutting his ear off have to do with the idea of 4D chess? In English the metaphor is "cutting off your nose to spite your face", and most kikes know this. So that's really unlikely to be a kike who posted that.

a7c00a  No.12141805


5b60c5  No.12141816


That's anti-semitism. I'm telling Trump…

9a0858  No.12141818

I just had a vision

I may not be alive to witness all this but,

- Jews incite US to go back to war in middle east

- Nuclear Armageddon

- Entire world in turmoil

- Billion + dead

- Waiting for the kike messiah to come down from the clouds to save everyone

- Never shows up

- Remaining population finally exterminates Jews for being lied to for past 2,000 + years

78a9e4  No.12141823

>that chemtrail in OP's photo


acd370  No.12141843

File: 1d8d8d4e07aec08⋯.jpg (34.17 KB, 339x419, 339:419, jewboi.jpg)


YANKCUCKS 56% BTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


09b432  No.12141846

File: 494fa0b23f9c382⋯.jpg (226.07 KB, 600x800, 3:4, no_ally_of_mine_rwb.jpg)

File: 8ed8ecd7d698b8b⋯.jpg (220.19 KB, 600x800, 3:4, no_ally_of_mine.jpg)

6392e5  No.12141849

So we can hate whites for slavery,but are not allowed to hate jews for Communism?

ec5354  No.12141850

I learned to stop hating Jews and started making real good money. You can do it too anon. Seems like, Trump does the same. He cares only about what's good for business as a grown ups do. Hating Jews is just juvenile.

28b9f6  No.12141855

File: d2c8bbaba569582⋯.jpg (24.39 KB, 209x432, 209:432, 07f453e3930977c098fc386d4f….jpg)


Give up your future for money goyim

ec5354  No.12141856


Open your eyes bro. If you ever travel outside USA you will learn that every single country except Israel hates Americans.

ec5354  No.12141858


Thanks to the money I can raise my 2 white boys.

160570  No.12141860




09b432  No.12141866

File: 75f40cf8c215197⋯.jpg (212.25 KB, 1024x713, 1024:713, 5Yv2tC.jpg)


Israel and Jews hate America so much, they're destroying it from the inside out.

No more!

53455d  No.12141877


Well, since the original jewish plan was to import muslim golems into the usa and then use the fake conflict between the semitic cousins to garner sympathy for jews from gullible normies who will knee-jerk choose a side against shitskins and side with kikes in the process, this new plan of neutering mudshits and denying jews their controlled enemy looks pretty good.

28b9f6  No.12141889


And in the end the kikes will pervert your kids. Oh you're a clever jew, however I am not against whites having kids but that the main focus be on getting rid of the kikes. Close second continuing your blood line.

488cf0  No.12141935


>Trump Administration Makes Criticism of Israel a Hate Crime in Schools

So when CNN kept saying Trump was anti semitic were they lying?

1f638b  No.12141949

Based jewish selected and controlled president FTW!

2981d2  No.12141960


This is how the Overton window keeps shifting right. In a way, hyping up Trump as an undercover GTKRWN and having him fail on all of those promises only makes the desire for them even stronger for the believers. We will say, Trump wasn't right enough to do it, we'll find someone who is

c55bb5  No.12141962


>All this could be yours if you love jews and money.

A small price to pay, your honor, your dignity, without which you have no soul.

5b60c5  No.12142011

c8851f  No.12142023

if this doesnt piss of americans enough to start demanding reforms then nothing will.

7a11d9  No.12142025


Thats great Mr Jackson.

8e6c8d  No.12142027


>but now you'll have to go wherever kikes go

when the jews inevitably fail this Trial they will be banished to a lower dimension, a 2D plane of total terror

c030c8  No.12142033


If the orange kike drumpf says that hating on jews is wrong…

And he publicly makes all forms of criticisms of israel taboo…

And Le Resistance always does the opposite of what orange kike drumpf says…

doesn't that mean that he just made college jews a target of Le Resistance?

59fd2a  No.12142049

Too lazy to read. Is OP being retarded or is this baste 6,000,000D chess?

23b8cb  No.12142060

File: b7e983003a9a069⋯.webm (13.8 MB, 300x400, 3:4, The_Trump_Card.webm)

Fucking BAAASED. This is obviously done to curb radicalization of Islamic students in American schools. If you are against this or against BASED Israel fighting for freedom and democracy in the Middle East :'( then you're just a shitty muslim.


194d87  No.12142088





Survival of Whites is being, in theory, linked to pro-Israel, Zionism, Judeo-Christianity, anti-Islam, civic nationalism, etc. These political positions are the new (((far right))) in Europe.

It's all set up for eventual bait and switch.

2e0f77  No.12142098


oy vey whoopsie all the refugees we imported hate kikes better make more laws protecting kikes.

2e0f77  No.12142101

if the muslims dont get em the natsocs will

23b8cb  No.12142105


Gotta protect the G*d's chosen people while our brown hordes destroy the west. Dog bless Israel!!

d9a0c9  No.12142198

Enjoying your kike emperor I see.

34c70e  No.12142229

>not realizing we can just use Israel as a containment zone

the walls will keep them IN

77f597  No.12142243

"Trump is headed to the White House. Did we just elect our first Jewish president?"


"When he bought his Florida home and turned it into a popular and exclusive country club, he specifically opened the membership up to Jews. Mar-a-Lago was the first club that ever allowed Jews in Palm Beach. Donald changed the customs of the most-wealthy, WASP-y town in America to favor Jews."



77f597  No.12142248

–Ivana Trump–

Ivana Zelnícková (Ivana Trump) was born in the Moravian town of Zlín , Czechoslovakia, the daughter of Miloš Zelnícek, who was Czech, and Marie Francová. Moravia and Zlin have a long history of Jews. If you drop the second e in Zelnicek you get the Jewish Zelnick

Ivana Trumps marriage to Trump was her second marriage Her first was to an Alfred Winklemeier, who was a real estate businessman


Trump has four adult children three from Ivana Trump and one from Marla Maples Three out of four are married to Jews and Tiffany Trump is dating a Jew


Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kusher both of whose parents are Jewish. Jareds father Charles Kushner is a convicted criminal and possibly a Mossad asset

–Donald Jr.–

Donald Trump Jnr is married to Vanessa Haydon, 38, who is a designer and the mother of five children Vanessa’s mother is Danish and her late father Charles Haydon was Jewish. Charles Haydons original name was Charles Hochberg and he was a lawyer

–Eric Trump–

Eric Trump is married to Lara Yunaska who has two Jewish parents

–Tiffany Trump–

Tiffany Trump is dating Ross Carpenter both of whose parents are Jewish

Four Generations of the Trumps beginning from Freidrich Trump (real name Drumph) have had close business and personal associations with Jews

ALL four of Donald Trumps adult children have married /are dating Jews That is no mere coincidence its a cohencidence


When the Presidential Election Process begun no one gave Trump any chance of becoming President Yet there were the Jewish controlled networks giving Trump incessant coverage which seemed to be more than all the other candidates combined


Trump Family Has 50-Year History of Donating to Jewish, Israeli Causes

Israeli media have reported several important donations made in years past by both the late Fred Trump and his son, now President Elect Donald Trump.

Some 50 years ago, real estate developer Fredrick Trump donated the land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center at 723 Ave. Z in Flatbush, NY, as can be seen from a promotional image released by that institution. The center is open and active to this day, offering programs for youth and the elderly, as well as an active synagogue.

Fred Trump at the groundbreaking of the Talmud Torah center (Screenshot/Kikar Hashabbat)

And Fred’s son, as reported by Yediot Ahronot, donated heavily on both occasions when Israelis who had been expelled from their homes by their own government needed assistance to resettle.

Donald Trump donated in the 1980s to help build new infrastructure for the Israelis removed from the northern Sinai by the Begin government, which returned the peninsula to Egypt as part of the peace agreement. Then, in 2005, Trump gave again, to help resettle the Jews of Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip, exiled by the Ariel Sharon government.

Effie Stenzler, former chairman of the Jewish National Fund, told Yediot that JNF approached Trump, among other wealthy supporters of Israel, for funds to build an infrastructure in new communities established for the exiled, and the real estate magnate gave generously.



8c10ce  No.12142275

File: 37d02904624f39e⋯.jpg (43.83 KB, 600x400, 3:2, bob fucking barker.jpg)


Let's break this down:

>he re-opened a 2011 investigation

Already this is a clue that this "investigation" is not legitimate. They had 7 years to try to make a new case, but did not.

>"working definition"

This implies that the definition is not set in stone.

>that is “widely used by governmental agencies” including the State Department.

According to who? If the definition is used by the government, what sort of punishments, if any, come from "anti-semitism"?

>demonizing or delegitimizing Israel

Call it what you want, facts are unbiased.

>holding it to a double standard not expected of other democratic nations

Such as? Oh sorry, don't wanna delve into that. The goyim might learn something.

>closed in 2014 citing insufficient evidence of discrimination, says that department will now reevaluate the evidence “in light of the definition of anti-Semitism.”

Tacit admission that anti-kike sentiment has been steadily growing and they don't know how to stop it

>whether a hostile environment

How hostile? Hostile is subjective, one could feel they were in a hostile environment if they are being disagreed with loudly.

>or race…perceived jewish ancestry

Tacit admission that kikes are a race, and an implication that they also have in group preference

>praised the Trump administration’s move

This is a sneaky way to make Trump own this move. The Department of Education is the one re-evaluating this "investigation", it's possible Trump has nothing to do with it.

>Hate groups…like Students for Justice

Justice is hate, goyim!

>these attacks

Truth about jews is an attack, goyim!

>a mask for Jew-hatred

Anyone that disagrees with kikes hates the kikes!

Overall this is desperation. A 7 year old case trying to suppress more free speech on college campuses…when colleges are already dying rapidly. This is the kikes showing their fear. At an interesting time as well, you would think the kikes would be very happy with the current state of affairs in world politics. But it just goes to show, when the kikes get their way, they start to worry harder that the goyim might notice and stop them. It's an admission that they know what they are doing is wrong.

eed267  No.12142283

MAGA! Let's be honest /pol/ we all know most anti Semites are brown

4a7054  No.12142285


Hopefully they gather up all their supporters and degenerate mongrel offspring and take them as well.

08b35c  No.12142295

What galls me the most is knowing the Dem candidate will probably be even worse in 2020, leading to most people I know voting for him again anyway.

eed267  No.12142298


>he doesn't know the majority of anti fa is Jewish

You're killing me t_d

5952ac  No.12142344


At the end of the revolutionary war the british admiral that was sent to meet washington and sign the documents told him something along the lines of "you think you won but we will destroy you from the inside" and within years the immigrant ships started being loaded with socialists, kikes and catholics. Those specific groups coming in unchecked were the main grievances that lead to the formation of the "Know-Nothing" party. The Know-Nothing party managed to secure 15% of congressional seats before they were thoroughly subverted and decided that the only way to possibly fix anything would be war. If you go back and study them it becomes apparent that what is going on now is a mirror image of what was going on before the civil war.

f03857  No.12142412


The know nothing party itself was controlled opposition, the party was founded by a jew. It's always fucking jews and spiritual semites. jacobins and catholics back then, the same shit.

c67003  No.12142452

File: a08cdf10a3aa491⋯.webm (1.34 MB, 960x540, 16:9, shekels.webm)


Oy vey!

5c0f41  No.12142453


I don't like the kikery and legal precedence this sets, however this will really only affects liberals. I doubt Rutgers or any other University has a NSDAP Club or anything even close, and any "right-wing" club will be filled with the most tepid and harmless cuckservatives who fall over themselves to praise "Our Greatest Ally." However, they all have social justice clubs and other Marxist entities that like to call out Israeli aggression and abuses (broken clocks are right twice a day). They will sue, and probably win on 1st Amendment grounds, laying down precedence to strike down other anti-discrimination laws on campuses. It's not like this is 420D chess or anything, but it may inadvertently work out in our favor in the long run.

239be5  No.12142474


Is this what winning feels like?

065780  No.12142478

>it's 4D chess idiots !

>what do you mean I'm not white ? mutts are white idiot

0684c3  No.12142482

>Cancerous shilling on both sides.

d211c7  No.12142489


>It's weird how the Trump administration works so quickly and effectively when it involves doing things for Jews, but not when doing anything for his supporters or whites who put him in office.

Exactly and its completely supported by both "sides".

a0d9c1  No.12142632


>2016 saw not an election but a social media-enabled psy-op. AI-assisted profiling and psychometric-aided micro-targeting put in office an unqualified, unfit and emotionally unsuited man-child. Your oath of office runs not to him but to the Constitution and to the Office of the President, a position that Israel—through this classic asset—now virtually controls. The treason is there to see if only you look.

>Tel Aviv now pretends to relent on its insistence that we relocate our embassy so the world will view Jerusalem as “the eternal capital of the Jewish people.” Meanwhile—through Trump—anti-Iran hardliners were moved into key positions in the CIA[3] and onto the National Security Council. Consider the common denominator in this line-up of personnel unqualified for the positions they hold:

>-Jared Kushner, Trump’s most trusted adviser, is a 36-year old member of Chabad Lubavitch, a messianic/Hasidic sect that traces its origins to Russia of the 1770s. Yael (né Ivanka) is a convert.

>-Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a 31-year old outspoken Jewish advocate for regime change in Iran, serves as Senior Director for Intelligence Programs for the National Security Council.

>-Steve Miller, a 31-year old self-described “practicing Jew,” is senior policy adviser and speechwriter who composes policy announcements for a president with a known aversion to reading.

>-Steve Bannon, Trump’s ultranationalist strategic adviser—as described by Jared Kushner: “All I know about Steve is my experience working with him. He’s an incredible Zionist and loves Israel.”

>This did not “just happen.” This Israeli takeover of the Office of the President was pre-staged, planned and executed over decades. When an informed public grasps the depth and duration of this treason—as they soon will—you will want to be allied with informed people who did their best to hold accountable those profiled. I send these materials so each of you can carry out the job you swore an oath to perform.

8b1d90  No.12142719


Welcome to the club, guys.

>t. fucking leaf

23fcf0  No.12142754


>When an informed public grasps the depth and duration of this treason—as they soon will—you will want to be allied with informed people who did their best to hold accountable those profiled. I send these materials so each of you can carry out the job you swore an oath to perform.

That's what was said about Trump though too. And he is turning out to be far worse than Clinton could have wished.

98e26a  No.12143175


Israel was found by communists with the blessing of the Soviet Union you fucking retard.

b067a4  No.12143190


Reported for reddit spam.

73d1a2  No.12143220


>Trump admin pulls shit bullshit.


This thread appears.

It all makes sense. Eric is acting as a distraction to his father's kikery using the same tactics neocon Don has been using: Throw a crumb to the right that get's the left into a frenzy then quietly enact some kiked policy.

0826b4  No.12143327


We swear goys Trump is going to save us any minute now!

4ce77b  No.12143420

the jew takeover is fait accompli. now what? where is there left to go to escape it?

c8b12c  No.12143431


>trump enacts new policies benefitting Jews and Israel

>haha! Eric said shekels on tv! BASED!

(((You))) are human garbage.

067c0f  No.12143436

Trump = jew

41d1b2  No.12143443

Wow…I’m pretty shocked they consider the Jews to be an ethnic group. Other than that, trump is a Zionist. We need someone better.

740cd0  No.12143449


bot posts like this really convince me

da5929  No.12143477


>kids learn who rules over them by who they cannot criticize

4091c4  No.12143478

Too bad it isn't against the law to hate jews. kek

4a7054  No.12143531


I swear they are the most retarded people that have ever lived on this planet…can you imagine being so fucking stupid that instead of changing your behavior when everyone hates you, you simply try to LITIGATE their feelings? That is just batshit crazy.

c18225  No.12143576

File: f8037cae4c08ca2⋯.png (297.54 KB, 512x564, 128:141, infinite ammo.png)



Boy I sure do love how many anons are too braindead to understand obvious sarcasm.

000000  No.12143716

>tfw bongistan universities hold regular BDS rallies without fear of censorship

What happened JewSA? You used to be cool.

efb3bf  No.12143723

I don't give a shit. Campuses are filled with lefty rats and shit-skins who shit on Israel because they see it as a white country oppressing shit-skins. This should make for some funny outcomes. Let the "hate speech" stick finally smack some of these sub-humans. As it's been, we on the right haven't fucking had any free speech on campuses.

c3b21c  No.12143727

File: d6362c35468b4e5⋯.jpg (49.36 KB, 500x417, 500:417, WhiteEyes.jpg)


>That definition includes examples in which demonizing or delegitimizing Israel, or holding it to a double standard not expected of other democratic nations, are deemed anti-Semitic.


Very subjective.


You're going to run into the 1st Amendment, there.

>holding it to a double standard not expected of other democratic nations

I would never think of doing such a thing!

But that also means I will ALWAYS hold them to the same standards they try to hold other countries to, themselves.

For instance…if filthy kikes demand the EU accept non-European "migrants," then I will demand that Israel open its borders and accept non-Jewish "migrants," as well…hopefully a huge number of Muslims…

A lot of nothing in this policy, and a lot of crap that was already being "enforced" by Frankfurt-school university administrators, anyway.

efb3bf  No.12143732



No one even knows what the fuck "BDS" means, your country being an irrelevant dump and all. It's probably a commie group. Your universities and media are literally openly supportive of commies.

efb3bf  No.12143756


>campuses are filled with right-wing thought and this is a step to squash it

Campuses are literal socialist and communist dens. All anti-Israel rhetoric comes from the far-left. Take you're (1) and shove it, shill. This only hurts the left, who for decades have been 100% exempt from "hate speech." Them and the shit-skins there. People on the right haven't had free speech on campus in decades, and certainly not enough now to say anything remotely anti-Israel. All anti-Israel talk is merely a mask for anti-white talk on campus, because it's coming from shit-skins and lefty rats who see class as race, and they all see jews as white, and Israel as a white nation oppressing brown people. This is literally fucking nothing for anyone on the right. Life won't change a single bit for us.

000000  No.12143793


>No one even knows what the fuck "BDS" means

You must be new, a victim to zionist censorship, or both. British leftists, cucked as they may be, aren't afraid to name the jew.


>The BDS campaign urges various forms of non-violent punitive measures against Israel until it complies with the precepts of international law.[29] These measures should bring about:[29]

>1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall;

>2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and

>3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194.

>The BDS campaign is organised and coordinated by the Palestinian BDS National Committee.[2] The committee cites a body of UN resolutions and specifically echoes the anti-apartheid campaigns against white minority rule in apartheid era South Africa;[3] the BDS campaign calls for "various forms of boycott against Israel until it meets its obligations under international law".[1]

TL;DR - "Open Boarders for Israel" is an actual movement, not just an 8chan meme. They also compare Israel to the Apartheid, which is a talking point (((they've))) been trying to shut down for years. This triggers (((IHRA))) and the (((JIDF))).

62267b  No.12143811

File: 125fa1345adaac4⋯.jpg (195.77 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, 125fa1345adaac454bad0121ce….jpg)

File: 123a428e1a86422⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1632x1992, 68:83, 1433668168464.jpg)


Get the fuck back in the oven.

000000  No.12143856


Anything that makes the left support the 1st Amendment again is a good thing. They're weakened by their arguments over whether or not ((("Hate Speech"))) should be considered a thing. Besides, the more of our ideals they keep or latch on to, the more likely they are to end up getting redpilled.

6392e5  No.12143866


Could we divert the attention from Israel to Jews at home?

77aacb  No.12143900


With this correlation, Barron Trump who is the only one so far without Jew blood or dating a Jew. However his father might be lining up a Jewess for Barron.

000000  No.12143926

>That definition includes examples in which demonizing or delegitimizing Israel, or holding it to a double standard not expected of other democratic nations, are deemed anti-Semitic.

Well that's pure fucking evil right there.

efb3bf  No.12143954


Leftists anywhere aren't afraid to "name the jew," because "the jew" is white to them, and what the jew does to brown people the white man is doing to brown people. Leftists have never been subject to their own policies and standards. That's why I find this amusing. Lefties here in the states are also anti-Israel, for the reasons mentioned. This is the first time ever "hate speech" and "discrimination" will be applied to these rats. That's good. No one on the right is openly anti-Israel, or anti-anything save for immigration, to a minor extent, explicitly because of "hate speech" and "discrimination." Let the left suffer from its own tactics. I don't give a fuck. No one on the right is saying shit about Israel on campus. The only people that will be affected by this are lefties and shit-skins.

a0d9c1  No.12143961


>No one on the right is saying shit about Israel on campus.

That's not a good thing. It's further proof the "right" has no vitality or integrity or any sense of rational, nationalistic self-preservation.

efb3bf  No.12143972


No, stupid, it's because the right has been under the boot of "anti-discrimination" and "anti-hate speech" policies and/or laws for decades. Let the fucking left suffer under their own policies now.

000000  No.12143979


(((They))) do that to themselves when they kvetch about BDS in public and hold counter-protests. Your average European leftist is anti-Zionist, and knows most Jews are Zionist, so they're already distrusting of Jews. I've met British Antifa who think Jew = Nazi, and it's hilarious. then again, maybe it's not too surprising considering how many things they think are 'nazi'

efb3bf  No.12143981



Also, again, let me reiterate, anti-Israel, to a leftist, is simply and extension of anti-white. Jews are white to them.

a0d9c1  No.12143998



All you're reiterating is that there is zero daylight between the "right" in contemporary Western government and israeli occupation.

e246d2  No.12144011


>14 first. 88 second

>thinking that helping jews is mentioned anywhere in that slogan

efb3bf  No.12144021


There si no right-wing in "contemporary Western government" /leftypol/. Take your stupid fucking "occupation" rhetoric back to your shit-hole board. Enjoy being censored by the same fucking policies you endorsed against us! I hope loads of you rats get kicked out of college over it! I'll be laughing! Oh, and you'll endorse this! Filtered!

a0d9c1  No.12144025



000000  No.12144027


Yes goy, give up and let us go unchallenged. Free speech is hate speech, remember? You wouldn't want to draw attention to us and risk being a martyr, would you? Good goy. Why don't you stop being so negative and enjoy what you have? I hear you can stream interracial transgender cuckold porn in 4K now.

35c0a4  No.12144054



>kikes debate UK & US politics among themselves

>which Jew is best

BDS is toothless and Jews regularly lie about the events. They are organised by lefty retards who believe Israel is an American colony.

If you followed the news you'd know that every top UK party has accepted this same code. A code that conflates criticism of a foreign state with a "hate crime" that can result in prison sentence in the UK.

Only a matter of time until this is legally binding.

35c0a4  No.12144073

67fb0c  No.12144093

good, this will just make people hate kikes more. hopefully future mass shooters will point their weapons in the right direction

efb3bf  No.12144114


>/leftypol/ ignores everything I said and tries to get me to support not enforcing discrimination policies against them, the group that has been explicitly excluded from every discrimination policy prior

>rather, the left are the ones who've been enforcing those policies against us, the right

I hope thousands of you lefty rats get kicked out of college for discrimination, just like we on the right have suffered because of YOU. It would be fucking poetic justice. Filtered.

8e0166  No.12144128


This after he claimed they'd cut funding to universities that fail to protect free speech. Is there a single policy this administration hasn't backed down on?

d55fce  No.12144129


I've noticed that many shill threads open with drumpf doing X, but the article in question only ever cites the administration instead of the man himself. Desperation is right, taking fake news to /pol/ is the season's current shill tactic and it's transparent as hell.


That's a fair possibility, certain groups of libtards have called out kikeland in the past on the behalf of pallestine.

efb3bf  No.12144132


>A code that conflates criticism of a foreign state with a "hate crime" that can result in prison sentence in the UK.

And being as only lefties, who have been historically excluded from censorship and suppression, are the only ones who feel comfortable enough (for reasons stated, nothing have to do with jews) to criticize Israel, they will be the only ones going to jail. Hilarity. I fucking love it. Over here in the US, they'll be the only ones being expelled due to it. Fucking hilarious. We on the right haven't fucking had the freedom to speak our minds in public for decades. This doesn't impact us. We are already suppressed. "Hate speech" already applied to us.

27f72e  No.12144145


He promised to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and didn't back down, no matter how butthurt the goyim were. fucking b*ste

8b7600  No.12144150

File: 7c52d076d0fa3e7⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 2338x1700, 1169:850, 1466260571224.jpg)

trump is such a fucking kike

000000  No.12144161


>he thinks I'm /leftypol/

I'm just pro 1-A. I'd rather no one get caught out by "hate speech" laws, but if /leftypol/ get trolled by Muslims and Anti-Imperialists into supporting BDS and end up getting a taste of their own medicine, then so be it. I'll just sit here and laugh as they realize Free Speech was a good thing after all. Enemy of my Enemy and all that.

000000  No.12144163


>he thinks I'm /leftypol/

I'm just pro 1-A. I'd rather no one get caught out by "hate speech" laws, but if /leftypol/ get trolled by Muslims and Anti-Imperialists into supporting BDS and end up getting a taste of their own medicine, then so be it. I'll just sit here and laugh as they realize Free Speech was a good thing after all. Enemy of my Enemy and all that.

35c0a4  No.12144173


That is not how it works. Lefties have been over-socialised, there will be a brief period when some choose to martyr themselves for the approval of commie rags.

Meanwhile, in reality, there is a small window of opportunity for non-kosher nationalists to spread their message, this is why they are acting now, as a precaution against you. In the unlikely event that people start waking.

You know, how ever anti-free speech law works.

550dc1  No.12144185


I fucking hate you for being so right.

35c0a4  No.12144209


Guess what, fuck-head. Trump isn't sitting in on every case. It will be the judges who have blocked all his legislation doing that, genius.

We want niggers to turn on Jews, remember? Nigger third worlders only act when they have the legal backing.

efb3bf  No.12144213


This isn't an infringement on speech. They legally can't infringe on your speech. However it would be policy. Policies like this are the reason for the suppression and expulsion of right-wing thought in universities to begin with. As it stands this only serves to make a few very short university careers for some far-left rats. People can still take to the street and preach right-wing thought. It's just an institutional policy, and it'll be just desserts when lefties feel the consequences of "hate speech." Let them suffer how we've suffered. Let them shoot up their universities. Let them protest and drive more people away from them. This never affected us. We never had the right to to even gather in groups on campus, let alone gather for the purpose of demeaning Israel. We've never had that privilege. We've been suppressed for decades. At best you'll probably see yet another feigned flop from the lefty rats in media and elsewhere where they pretend to support free speech (for them). I hope this hits hard and they start getting expelled and suspended for this. I hope it ruins the careers of many a lefty professor. They were never on our side. The entire issue was an anti-white issue to them, because leftism is anti-white. We were never welcome on campus. That was never an option for us. There is now "window." We were kicked out decades ago. Now it's time to watch them get kicked out. Let the fucking university system collapse.

efb3bf  No.12144220


>We want niggers to turn on Jews, remember

Yeah, try convincing them jews aren't white first, moron. All anti-Israel sentiment on campus is anti-white sentiment, which is why it's only now a problem, when anti-white sentiment has been allowed to thrive and be brought to the surface freely. Anti-Israel has absolutely nothing to do with "jews" in general, because jews back and are the foundation of all left-wing thought.

35c0a4  No.12144230


I was referring back to my post on the UK. This is a global move. They are abandoning the UK to Muslims, but they'll probably stay in the US, your Constitution will be irrelevant.

UK law based on precedent = Jewish slipy-slides.

8d82d3  No.12144240

File: 5e34fe4fef8f3e0⋯.jpg (42.64 KB, 450x420, 15:14, rothschild.jpg)

Muh 3D chess.

ff2e0b  No.12144243


>If I can't name the Jew, no one can!

That's you, that's how dumb you sound.

efb3bf  No.12144252


The constitution won't be irrelevant, and it certainly isn't right now.


We can name the jew, just not on campus, with or without this policy change. Lefties aren't "naming the jew," dumbass, they're naming white on brown oppression to support their wider narrative of white people being oppressors. Also it's very beneficial to end the careers of lefty rats early. Why do you think they are so prominent in the tech. world? Subversion of universities allowed their sphere of thought to thrive while is actively suppressed ours. If their sphere of thought is attacked on campus, that opens up a long-term gain for us.

6ddd3d  No.12144328


1e81bd  No.12144497

ecd3eb  No.12144530

>That definition includes examples in which demonizing or delegitimizing Israel, or holding it to a double standard not expected of other democratic nations, are deemed anti-Semitic.

This paragraph makes it seem like you have to accept Israel as a nation, and hold them to the same rigorous standards as other nations. It would be anti-semetic now to say that it's not the Jews bombing Palestine or Syria, as clearly, Israel now 100% = Jews.

7ae9ab  No.12144580

Wow what a fucking traitor

You were right, Donald Trump is a fucking traitor

Soooo fucking disappointed in him right now

7f9cde  No.12144616


8c868a  No.12144629

File: db3a020d17026ab⋯.jpg (134.62 KB, 1026x600, 171:100, b5aa11fd5572d887d333ae344b….jpg)

File: ade502a1a75bb1b⋯.jpg (58.03 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 733ef3fe81a6cefbac5b2f9054….jpg)


same here, thought the black hobo was going to kill me because "my people were behind the economic crash" (he was talking to himself)…




this THIS THIS!!! YES exactly… we need together against those mexicans and airplane hijackers!!


that image is so redpilling, an aryan woman wrote me a facebook, and we might get engaged soon… I have to share it because I like to show off how EASY it is to be an alpha (like me) and get married to a pure blooded Aryan:

I don’t know you yet but I’m so ready to date you. Seriously, I am. For a long time, I dated bad boys. Yes, I was that girl you blame for always coming in last. I guess I dated bad boys because, somehow, I liked their unavailability, sexy sideways glances, and late-night calls. I fed off the chase and mystery they provided me. I saw them as a challenge that I always happily accepted. Let me tell you, I’ve dated so many jerks throughout the years. A lot of times, I ended up being disappointed with how it ended with them, and wondered why I always had such blind optimism about these guys I clearly knew were jerks to begin with. But to be honest, I don’t regret any of it now.

I learned a lot from each and every one of those bad boys. I learned something from every un-answered text, from every “I’m just not looking for a relationship” talk, and from every lame excuse as to why he just couldn’t make to my house party until after 1 am. I guess I never let the jerks get to me. I realized it was never me; it was always them. I was born with an abundance of self-confidence. Maybe that’s why I was never too bothered by each guy who was a jerk to me. Maybe it was because I was smart enough to realize I never actually wanted to end up with a jerk. It was always you I wanted, Adolf.

With all that being said, I’m ready to date a Adolf. I’ve learned all the lessons I need to learn from bad boys. I now have the ability to distinguish between when to give up on a relationship and when to fight harder. I know all the excuses and lies and can see when it’s right to say a big ‘f*ck you’ or an ‘okay, I’ll let you make it up to me.’ I know what it’s like get all dressed up for a night out only to sit in your room watching Netflix, crying and staring at your phone because the person you had plans with never showed. And that a “got too drunk sorry” text is not a sufficient excuse or apology. I know all these things. My mom always said that the problem with people who end up unhappy is that they don’t know how to walk away from something that has already served it purpose. Well, I can see now that bad boys have served all the purpose they possibly could in my life and that it’s time for me to learn a new lesson. I want to learn from you, Adolf.

It’s time for me to learn what its like to have someone to fall back on when I feel weak. It’s time for me to understand what its like to open up to someone without the fear that I’ll be emotionally shamed or that it will scare them away. It’s time for me to understand why people write love songs or tear up at the end of the notebook. I want to know what it’s like to be desired for more than my body, for someone to look at me with passionate eyes, slowly but surely falling in love with my mind, body and soul.

I want to know what it’s like to have someone who will always show up, who will always make time for me and who will always respect me. I want to know what it’s like to be able to count on someone, and know that even though love is never safe, I will be safely hurt by them. Mostly, I know I can learn all these things from you, Adolf.

I don’t want anyone thinking I hate bad boys. I don’t hate them; I’m just done with them. I have to thank bad boys for a lot actually. Bad boys have taught me how to depend on myself. How to pick up my broken pieces. They’ve allowed me to secure the perfect break-up remedy. Booze, friends, rebounds, cry, workout, acceptance, find new bad boy, repeat.

I understand myself so much better because of these bad boys. I know what I’m like at my worst. But I’m ready to know what I’m like at my best.

I promise you this, Adolf: I don’t know you yet, but I will be a nice girl to you in return. I will show you what you’re like at you’re best. I will treat you with the respect you deserve and will always answer your call when you need me. I will show you what all those bitchy girls couldn’t.

1da425  No.12144657

File: 1b21c2cd0f0cc79⋯.jpg (187.99 KB, 1331x1380, 1331:1380, k62675569-1mhpQZ.jpg)


>Trump & Netanyajew best friends

>64-DD dimensional underwater backwards upside-down backgammon

1e81bd  No.12144660


He's a kike Trump hired because Trump is a kike.

fff5b1  No.12144708


Go back to Reddit, kike.

7f9cde  No.12144715


wtf I'm with Her now

b8aae2  No.12144720

File: 34f05c93477f172⋯.jpg (77.93 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1487135206352.jpg)

d27e76  No.12144721

>Department of Education's Office For Civil Rights



Funny note, Captcha was "Qulapr" (Q larp) lmao

efb3bf  No.12144722


Wow, what a depth of thought. You're so smart! Filtered…

1e81bd  No.12144749



Here's two redditors who will be taking the night off on Nov 6 to avoid the anal devastation.

abbf71  No.12144859


This is why I’ll be voting for Patrick Little.

4bd77f  No.12144912


>Posts screenshots of his own posts

>Screenshots those posts

>Posts those screenshots

9cc8c2  No.12144999

File: 0e9271293ba9d3f⋯.jpg (182.28 KB, 1180x801, 1180:801, 10326108_1.jpg)

File: 38617b0344e7c15⋯.jpg (160.27 KB, 734x681, 734:681, AntisemitismPunishableByDe….jpg)

File: e62062f3333f1f5⋯.jpg (99.47 KB, 744x992, 3:4, satan-mask.jpg)

I don't like the way this is going..

86607d  No.12145019

>people still thing zognald isn't a jew puppet

good grief

3616d4  No.12145037


Literally the Zognald.

592d52  No.12145106


based gf, she sounds like a real woman we should all strive to have

504899  No.12145109


Tripos of truth!


>Marrying woman who realizes her biological clock is running out.

I mean if that's your thing.

Also, nice PD2 cosplay, sauce?

b13fc2  No.12145121

File: 18d0b17248a38b5⋯.jpg (80.68 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, download_20180911_180125.jpg)

bc6c9b  No.12145125

Trank God Brazilian will elect another good friend of Israel, leftytards btfo!

592d52  No.12145128


I thought he was solding a toy rotor like a gun…


fd6d7f  No.12145672

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Somebody is certainly winning, and has been for decades now.

79acbc  No.12145678

File: 58ba59a37eb4e4e⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1035x1035, 1:1, 1500867845015.jpg)

This is just one of several slide threads currently on the board attempting to attack Trump. The OP's sauce is a piece of shit and he's a hook nosed faggot, wake me up when Trump actually does something for the heebs that equates to more than three fifths of fuck all.

7e3fb2  No.12145931


This guy writes a majority of Trumps speeches. Every president since Nixon has had a jew speech writer. David Frum wrote W's speeches.

b09dca  No.12145999


Are they too lazy to write their own speeches?

fd6d7f  No.12146009


No, Jews write the speeches and the laws etc…

They quite literally control USA. Sometimes they forget to remove the AIPAC watermarks from legislature being proposed in congress.

See >>12145672

183e8e  No.12146042

So now children can go to jail for 7 years once they commit a mass shooting…..provided they survive?

edbb2f  No.12146939

I've been giving this some thought.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt for two years, trump. I held my tongue every time you did something like this. No more.

You chose to surround yourself with jews, now I guess you can rely on them from here on out.

You fed us dog whistles while shit like this is the only thing your administration actually produces.

What kind of fuckup would let his daughter marry a kike anyway? I should have fucking known.

The chaos candidate gave us a slow burn, another fucking bush. At this point I think open warfare would have been preferable.

We should never have expected anything positive from a leader in (((the system))). The system belongs to them, it is shot through with blood drinkers from top to bottom. We can rely only on ourselves.

What disgusted me most was the mental gymnastics of the chessfags ITT. Soviet tier.

Most importantly we should not allow trump to divide this community, as there are still people that believe in him out of sheer desperation. This community is the only thing we ever had on our side. Vote if you think that will make a difference, and watch closely the effect it has.

24b90e  No.12146943

Think about it. This is good because it will make people question why this law exists.

9a267a  No.12147256


Qultists go back to your schizo board pls


606b1a  No.12147259


lol because that ever changes anything. I'm sure people question why there are laws that give all our hardworking money to lazy niggers, but that hasn't and won't change any time soon

71dae9  No.12147438


America doesn't gift Israel with money. It's Israel that takes America's mone without fear of reprisal.

In the kikes eyes, we are all palestinians to be ousted and exterminated.

38980b  No.12148641

File: 6743be7e7815b54⋯.jpg (311.04 KB, 1100x970, 110:97, Cirrus-Angels.jpg)


Jews rewrite history to their own advantage. They do this constantly, all the time. I don't think they can stop. It seems to me that Jews are incapable of objectively recounting history. They believe what they want to believe. And Jews believe in Amalek, their eternal enemy, the seed of which is found in the Aryan people. They are admonished in some of the most revered passages of their sacred texts to destroy the 'Seed of Amalek', all the way down through time to today. That geas is fundamental to both the anachronistic Jewish tribal religion and to their twisted understanding of history.

Compounded by the fact that they are blind hypocrites. The truth is, many of them are just plain bat-shit crazy… It's bad genetics, I guess.

ccf2b4  No.12148698

File: 9e166681752ed02⋯.jpg (50.93 KB, 334x425, 334:425, kava hillary.jpg)

ccf2b4  No.12148803

File: c78b17438f991b7⋯.jpg (815.16 KB, 1914x1089, 58:33, fdsadfsad.jpg)


This is interesting

32e4a0  No.12148839


No, it isn’t. It’s just Q-LARP-tier pareidolia.

ccf2b4  No.12148872


you're a big meanie

2e8cbe  No.12150236

>Shareblue shills are this desperate


47d09b  No.12150903


MUH based middle ground!




<any time Trump does something dumb its 4D sex XD

63ef64  No.12150920


It's bad, but it's good.

A lot of kids seem to like to joke about kikes, this is an opportunity to play with the whole shut it down meme combined with pointing out who has control of the key parts of the govt.

88ebe2  No.12150943


False dichotomy, doesn't change the fact that Trump is a ZOGbot.

ea7578  No.12150946


Their new tactic is just insult you and proceed to continue shitting up the board with their usual shilling.

They think they're blending in.

b0f5b6  No.12150979

4D chess.

3f38dd  No.12150983


This is only going to backfire on israel.

It's the perfect plan by trump lmao.

32e4a0  No.12150994


Bump and reported for paid shilling.

1f9839  No.12150998



7d5ced  No.12150999


The most successful thing I've seen so far was (((them))) overcoming the obstacle of the JIDF being the go to insult.

9a0858  No.12151023

6618aa  No.12151972

File: 0aebdbae1d4b99c⋯.png (46.45 KB, 608x401, 608:401, Fred Trump friends with Bi….png)

File: eb74364806ee824⋯.jpeg (192.39 KB, 960x723, 320:241, Fred Trump - Talmud Torah.jpeg)

e4f523  No.12151984


Can you blame him for thinking you want Hillary? I mean what is it you do want? Trump is a zogbot to you, it'll be hard to argue that Hillary isn't one, so voting is definitely not on the agenda for you. What is on your agenda? What do you want to see happen? Give us a vague outline of your vision of how the system can be brought down.

6618aa  No.12152004

File: 18b9989c9c542a3⋯.jpg (70.86 KB, 500x358, 250:179, the two platforms.jpg)

File: 4c2f87a4f9e70c6⋯.jpg (186.89 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, vote.jpg)

File: 53f87669fdde388⋯.png (1.06 MB, 891x685, 891:685, The March of Tyranny.png)


Do you also believe that everybody who didn't like Obongo wanted McCain in? And everybody who had a problem with Bush was just sad it wasn't his kike cousin Kerry who won?

Why is it so hard for Trumpniggers to understand something this simple?

e4f523  No.12152034


You haven't answered the question. What DO you want?

6618aa  No.12152059

File: 863cf38fff5edf0⋯.jpg (731.98 KB, 1600x1101, 1600:1101, 1409374459420.jpg)


Since you can't read IDs, you never asked me that question. But since you asked, none of them. There isn't a solution to be found in the jew-party system. Now, answer my question: to oppose any kike puppet, do you have to support the one they ran against?

e4f523  No.12152077


> I'm not cycling IDs

Yeah no, didn't believe that last time, not believing it now. You still haven't answered the question. What is your vision on how we pursue making DOTR a reality, and if that isn't on your agenda in the first place, what is? I didn't ask you whether you consider voting the solution, I asked what it is you DO consider the solution.

6618aa  No.12152085


Answer my question, nigger: did you have to want McCain to oppose Obongo?

e4f523  No.12152090


They were both equally shit. Which can't be said about Trump, if that's what you're getting at. That doesn't answer my question though. What approach to taking down zog do you consider viable? You don't have to prove you've already started pursuing it, I'm just looking to see if you have it in you to make a single suggestion.

edbb2f  No.12152098


>America doesn't gift Israel with money. It's Israel that takes America's mone without fear of reprisal.

If only that were true.


Now pay back that debt, goy.

6618aa  No.12152111


>Which can't be said about Trump

It certainly can. If you're going to be a disingenuous liar, just be consistent and claim everybody who opposes any president must support the other jew-party.

e4f523  No.12152114

File: 7702f27f4f7b4fd⋯.gif (1.51 MB, 480x267, 160:89, 1536936952826.gif)


Don't distract from the topic at hand. What is your approach? What is your solution? What method of countering and slowly or quickly taking down zog is good in your book? You do know why I'm asking this, don't you?

6f26c8  No.12152144

File: 6e9d155e9c6c663⋯.jpg (212.02 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, 603f8582c0e0377412fa91d923….jpg)


Did you forget to take your lead pills?

32e4a0  No.12152146



We don’t fall for jewish false dichotomies, unlike you. Kill yourself for not even trying.


Learn how to read.


Learn how to read, you autistic motherfucker. Why is it that we can pick you out of EVERY thread?


Trump is equally shit to Hillary, yes. He’s worse, in fact, because if Hillary had won we would be halfway through a civil war right now, we would be winning, and tens of millions of spics and niggers would be DEAD and the rest fleeing the country.

e4f523  No.12152202


You still haven't answered the question. What is your solution to the Jewish problem?

> but if hillary had won accelerationism

Niggers were raiding and killing the boers in their own homes for decades and they didn't lift a finger. Accelerationism doesn't work. No matter how hard you push the White man against a wall, he never takes up arms and fights back. They would rather hand in their guns and see their loved ones gutted than actually put those guns to use. If you had read some Pierce, you would know that.

Back to the subject. What is your solution? What do you consider the correct way forward? What is the one approach that someone could suggest, that you wouldn't immediately shit on? Because if you want no approach at all to taking down zog to be taken, that can only mean you don't want zog to be taken down. This isn't a yes or no question. And you haven't once answered it up until now.

86cbc0  No.12152224


Funny how this post was completely ignored.

This thread is 90% retarded shills that look like they're disagreeing but really they're just saying retarded bullshit to muddy the waters and prevent actual discussion.

86cbc0  No.12152228


>Don't vote against the kikes goy!

>Uses the same image every "don't vote" kike uses

They really nees to vary you yids' image folders.

edbb2f  No.12152298


>Niggers were raiding and killing the boers in their own homes for decades and they didn't lift a finger. Accelerationism doesn't work.

The niggers get away with this because they target random farms with the elderly on them. If accelerationism was applied to this situation, the farms would have been abandoned as indefensible, and the whites fallen back on supplies while the niggers went through their inevitable die-off. If they tried to raid towns or suburbs, they would be put down. This is what probably should have been done IMO.

>No matter how hard you push the White man against a wall, he never takes up arms and fights back.

And this outs you as a blackpill faggot, or a heeb dancing before the oven. We fight with honour or we don't fight at all.

e4f523  No.12152354


> the niggers should have raided the towns and suburbs, woulda killed more White men

> if we just make things bad enough for Whitey, then he will magically rise up

You know, if you believe all it takes it to take up arms and rise up, you could do that any time. There's tons of White people to put a militia together with, in some countries with guns. You just have to get around to fucking doing it. But assuming you're White, you sit here complaining and thus make yourself another walking piece of evidence that I was right about Whites being dodo-tier.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, is that even a viable approach in your eyes? I still haven't gotten that answer to what you consider the right way. I need a definitive answer. Is violent revolution an approach to taking down the system that you would approve of?

1e4c66  No.12152380


>it's all about trump's success, just trust him and let him trample on our rights for his personal gain

>trust him! what other choice do you have?

>civil war isn't inevitable, just let trump do everything, trust him!

>did i mention just trust him?????

78c5d2  No.12152407

Supreme court will just throw that shit out dudes, trust me Goy.

cafcb2  No.12152424


>"trump is a nazi" narrative btfo

You don't seem to understand that "nazi" no longer means "against the jews" to the left. It currently means to the left "anyone who doesnt support the far leftist progressive agenda." Or to be more specific, it means anyone who doesnt support massive immigration and the general destruction of western societies in order to give away everything our society has built to non-whites because "OMG WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL."

So in short, being a "nazi" now simply means NOT being anti-white. So no, they will continue to call trump and anyone who supports him a nazi. anyone who disagrees with them nazis. anyone who steps out of line with them a nazi. etc etc. Because to them "nazi" just means "not anti-white" because obviously if you aren't rabidly trying to destroy everything "white people built" and give it away to niggers of various stripes, then you're a white supremacist who wants to murder non-whites and/or keep them as slaves

So please stop with this stupid idea that cucking to kikes is somehow going to "end a specific narrative." We're beyond the point of silencing narratives or labels the left uses. We just mock them for their stupidity AND use their rhetoric to point out to other whites how their narratives are 100% just anti-white propaganda meant at destroying us in favor of their pet nigger of the month

32e4a0  No.12152431


>You still haven’t answered the question.

You didn’t ask it of me.

>What is your solution to the Jewish problem?

You know the solution. You don’t have one.

>Niggers were raiding and killing the boers in their own homes for decades and they didn’t lift a finger.

Uh huh. America isn’t South Africa, shlomo.

>Accelerationism doesn’t work.

Sure thing, just ignore all of history.

>No matter how hard you push the White man against a wall, he never takes up arms and fights back.

Nice demoralization spam. Thanks for admitting you’re a paid shill.

32e4a0  No.12152433


>oy vey goyim tell us your plans

e4f523  No.12152463

File: 64291e7659250da⋯.jpg (35.9 KB, 847x440, 77:40, 1536937454449.jpg)

File: 2b03022a0947572⋯.png (486.78 KB, 543x600, 181:200, 1536265181607.png)


> he's so far gone he can't even samefag properly any more

> You didn’t ask it of me.

I did. You even quoted it yourself and kept refusing to answer it, just like the pastebin says you would.

> America isn’t South Africa

> what are patterns

Okay if I were to explain this to you, you would claim you were being sarcastic and knew better all along, wouldn't you?

Back on-topic

> You know the solution. You don’t have one.

I can come up with multiple, which could be applied simultaneously, but this isn't what this is about. This isn't about me. It's about you. I want to see if there is any method, any approach, anything that would be targeted at improving the situation of Whites, not the proletariate, not the word of god, but White people as a whole, that you would not shit on at the first opportunity. And because I'm guessing that anything someone else would suggest, you would immediately shit on, I want to hear from you specifically, what it is that you would not shit on immediately.

e425c1  No.12152502

File: 0800daccd6ce05e⋯.png (1010.43 KB, 928x8800, 29:275, list_of_times_jews_expelle….png)


The solution has been tried Many times before. But now Israel exists for the Jews. They can return to their own country.

e4f523  No.12152513

File: a194137cd1ac2d0⋯.png (4.29 KB, 732x80, 183:20, will refuse.png)

File: fafc16a5fd965ef⋯.png (585.79 KB, 750x747, 250:249, a650620a9408e2c3adc066af17….png)

File: 11eb0603c4012a0⋯.png (210.58 KB, 1834x1366, 917:683, 11eb0603c4012a0822b44fada8….png)


> It was answered.

It wasn't. You still haven't answered it.

> nuh uh, I did

Then you surely will have no problem repeating this answer clearly enough that you couldn't deny it later on, will you?


Oh I do, but it doesn't list my plays. It lists yours. That's why I'm not backing down from this.

> basic geography.

> same people same situation different location = different outcome

That's not how it works and you know as much.

> So why are you asking the question?

The aim isn't so much to put forward plans, as to determine your intentions.

You can suggest something you won't shit on = You might actually care about White people

You fail to suggest something you won't shit on = You will shit on everything pro-White = You're either a commonfilth tier christfag or a commie; a servant of the kikes either way

Back on topic, what solutions do you propose. How would one hypothetically move forward in your eyes? What approach do you approve of?

5c4e8a  No.12152571


They always had places to go when they were expelled, and it never worked.

32e4a0  No.12152590


>the solution

Those aren’t solutions. They’re explicitly the opposite of the solution.


>It wasn’t.

Reported for spam and admitting to being a paid shill.

>Then you surely will have no problem repeating this answer clearly enough that you couldn’t deny it later on, will you?

Sure thing; he answered it right there, earlier in the thread. Since you’re too mentally defective to read posts before replying to them, that’s your problem.

>Oh I do


>That’s not how it works and you know as much.

Reminder that America is not South Africa and that your demoralization spam won’t work on us.

>The aim isn’t so much to put forward plans, as to determine your intentions.



>You can suggest something you won’t shit on = You might actually care about White people

Why would anyone (but a jew, so you) suggest something they wouldn’t themselves support? That’s anathema to whites, moishe.

e4f523  No.12152613

File: 816f793de8552e4⋯.png (30.94 KB, 698x398, 349:199, cant even samefag properly.png)

File: 267abdf6e6fba57⋯.png (920.85 KB, 996x842, 498:421, 1536931654110.png)

File: c6b0254e1d3ea50⋯.jpg (140.2 KB, 671x502, 671:502, 1536727313096.jpg)

File: 1c0c11542ce8704⋯.jpg (341.25 KB, 2363x3150, 2363:3150, 1c0c11542ce870435a0fe1e9fa….jpg)



> have you stopped beating your wife yet

> here is a picture of my wife


This never gets old.

< nuh uh! I answered your question

> I don't just take your word for it, no you haven't.


Really now? Is your default reaction to people not falling for gaslighting to just default to ye olde 'reported for spam and shilling'?

> Why would anyone (but a jew, so you) suggest something they wouldn’t themselves support?

> If I suggest something myself, I can't shit on it afterwards.

That's the point.

c0ebaa  No.12152740



160e82  No.12152822

File: 39c7d8a6410e5d4⋯.png (76.05 KB, 255x426, 85:142, angry_yuuchan.png)


>Trump behaves like a zogbot.

>Anon posts he's indeed a zogbot.

<omg you're shareblue shill. #imwithhernow.

>Anon responds you don't have to be pro shillary to notice Trump is acting like a kike loving goy.


<W-What do you want then!? If you can't tell me who I should vote for It means you're a shill!

>Calling a spade a spade is shilling.

Trump may have been better than hillary if you don't want to go accelerationist but that doesn't mean he isn't a kike lover making stupid decisions to appease his kike overlords.

I'm not that anon, but I will answer to you anyways. What do I want? I want for once be able to call trump a zionist without being called a shill even when everything points to him being a fucking zionist.

<b-but what's your alternative.

I don't fucking know, that doesn't mean i just have to shut up and take it. Maybe the answer is just to sperg irl so hard about free speech so people around you realize this can escalate into yurop's levels of silencing, because you can be fucking this is just the first step.

I find it sad one can see morons protesting for jammal getting shot while trying to rob a cop or muh spic larvae in cages but there's 0 protests from sane people trying to defend their rights to free speech, the wall, protect their gun right or the deportation of spics.

>inb4 protests do nothing goy!

Wrong, every time there's a protest for the right reasons you see niggers attacking white people, antifa attacking white people, outrage will only rise from there. If anything, civil war will get closer the more people are stuck into unwarranted confrontations by minorities and the dumb cucks whiteknighting them.

e4f523  No.12152908


There we go.

> Trump may have been better than hillary if you don't want to go accelerationist

You may find this hard to believe, but there are individuals like that other anon who will never admit as much, ever , no matter how many opportunities you give them. It took you 1 post.

> Maybe the answer is just to sperg irl so hard about free speech

> intensifying appeals to reason to trigger an enhanced crackdown that even normalfags can't deny

And within 1 post, you have answered the question I posed to that other anon, that he couldn't answer in a 13 post exchange.

> we could also stage more protests

In fact, you've given 2 answers in 1 post.

Calling it now, now that you suggested these things and he didn't have to commit to doing so himself, his next posts will involve something about how protests don't work and work Charlottesville in there somehow, as well as how appealing to civicucks' ideals can never work and shouldn't be done because reasons.

75309a  No.12153705


>Charles Haydon was Jewish. Charles Haydons original name was Charles Hochberg

Funny how the kikes keep changing their names to blend in. I wonder what they call him at home.

8d8060  No.12153740


imkikey why are you still so bad at opsec after all these years? we can spot your posts instantly, try changing up your 4chan filenames

68a51e  No.12155949

File: 22fce287eec78e7⋯.jpg (258.95 KB, 614x600, 307:300, some crazy 4d chess game.jpg)


Don't worry, Goys! This is all just a piece of his game, don't you understand?

Schizo freaks are so paranoid over this ZOG- I mean… savior of the free world.

2c3ac0  No.12156071


Based and Jewpilled

Cant stop Jewing!

e4f523  No.12156125

File: dfdd1ba3298e7d1⋯.jpeg (44.81 KB, 402x402, 1:1, c7c70c386e888ba6da52e50d4….jpeg)


If you're actually convinced I'm the roach, then my opsec is fine.

88ebe2  No.12156129









88ebe2  No.12156131


Fuck off illiterate turkroach.

ae4c24  No.12156213


f8ba79  No.12156262


Reported for being imkikey. The question was answered. You just didn’t like the answer. Only you think like a jew.


You may find it hard to believe, but everyone already knows that you’re a paid shill and nothing you said is true.

01d7d2  No.12156272


You get excited for twitter threads but ignore this. You're a leftist at this point.

88ebe2  No.12157179

File: 0d8456bf5faff67⋯.jpg (227.36 KB, 1023x687, 341:229, 1439644405671.jpg)


100% pure, uncut, distilled, condensed cancer.

Tears are flowing like a waterfall, salinity levels above and beyond what one could hope to achieve by flooding a salt mine, illiteracy on a magnitude that lies only within the realm of turkroachland, inferiority on display as if it were to be showcased to children as a guide to better paths for better future lives.

If only it were this simple. Because truly, such incompentence and physical penile shortcomings (muh dik, but actually for real this time because they have such tiny dicks holy shit look it up) are to be atributed only to the gunk of the world's gutter; the roach, the critter, the weird shit you clean from your shower, the left-over actual shit you clean from your toilet, and even unexplainable gunk you pry from your finger nails; such things are what a turk can only hope to approximate.

Forsooth: read a book.

9dc378  No.12157257

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

why are (((they))) photophoting pics of the guy?

1bef4e  No.12157552

File: 0c4dc2865b69dce⋯.jpg (630.1 KB, 1500x1200, 5:4, All Empty.jpg)


There are no excuses for this shit. Completely unconstitutional and kiked as fuck.

919dc9  No.12157609


Fuck you, this is hugely important. Scaring children scares their parents, this is fundamental control, it signals they demand none dare speak of their blessed jews.

This must be repulsed, all young last round kekistanis must start meme posting laminated color printed memes IRL, for the Fatherland.

983327  No.12157643


How will the Dems even recover?

cdc89d  No.12157766

>What happens when you tell a bunch of fuck-the-police teenagers they're not allowed to talk shit on Israel

Streisand effect.

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