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File: 48637234e8a03bf⋯.png (161.42 KB, 362x635, 362:635, a good sign.png)

34ab0b  No.12141705

There's a new tactic used by the shills. I will call it "churning". They have a certain number of threads they rotate through. They don't keep a certain one up, but instead keep a rotating crew of threads up.

How do I know this? Because late at night there are very few people posting, and you get a quick idea that some of the people there aren't reading anything posted, or barely have time to even skim what you're typing, clearly because they are very busy employees. Oh, I also noticed that a large number of posters have the same timeout. So, if you're a shill, randomize the timings of posting, that will make it where I don't notice that. I prefer you upgrade, so I also up my kike detection skills 8^) bring it.

Beware the churn.

pic unrelated.

2d9743  No.12141729

Yeah like npc shit and necrobumping other /x/ tier shit, you unironically are doing it yourself though

34ab0b  No.12141743


It's not necrobumping.

34ab0b  No.12141749


I think the christcuck stuff is mostly NSA agents.

040910  No.12141787

bumplocked for meta outside meta thread

people really should use the meta thread more often

b40d48  No.12141789


I've noticed what you say but I've determined it's the kike mods that manage this place, when I am gone for a few hours, inactive threads will reactivate. It's the mods looking at user ID's and IP addresses. They're kikes and this place is an FBI sting in operation

34ab0b  No.12141794


You're a retard. "meta" doesn't include the concept of a literal new attack you're not handling.

b40d48  No.12141795


you government fucks can't help but run this place like a prison

34ab0b  No.12141798


Hey, that's pretty interesting!

I have noticed certain instances of certain content reappearing, as if to bait, yes. Very interesting indeed, you have seen this.

I very much would like the whole operation to collapse, and all of the details to become public knowledge. We need more awareness of the means of psychological manipulation at the disposal of state actors.

34ab0b  No.12141799


This is also interesting!

They out themselves by their attitude. They treat us like we're not one of them, because we aren't. They aren't us.

e1d4c5  No.12141800


>Tor posters ignored

>devide and conquer tactics ignored

Nice try schlomo



34ab0b  No.12141803


It's bumplocked. And I'm definitely not a shill.

But you sound like one. Your attacks are very loudmouthed, but you evidence in no way in any capacity grocking what we're saying.

34ab0b  No.12141806


Also, the use of the "meta" thread is also extremely interesting, because it shows you that we're dealing with either Masons, or kikes, or others adept at eliminating the influence of the plebs.

The use of the "meta" thread is like that of sending things to a "committee". Committees are where bills die, and of course meetings are where everything is killed off. "We'll have a meeting" means fuck you, nothing will happen.

And putting things off to a specific area where there is no possibility of attracting attention? You betcha. You got yourself some real pro operators around here!

b40d48  No.12141813


>You got yourself some real pro operators around here!

it's a sting and I knowingly post outrageous shit because it's protected political speech. But the place was taken over by jews and the FBI when the (((upgrades))) were performed

34ab0b  No.12141815


yup. Oh well. They won't win. The new place is coming. I can feel it.

269105  No.12141820


No shit faggot, 4 cuck has been doing this since forever.

b40d48  No.12141821


that why they are anchoring shit, bumplocking shit, DMCA images. Removing images of minors. It's all a fed operation

34ab0b  No.12141826


This is an excellent point! We're definitely dealing with literal females as mods, and females don't mod unless they are literally paid - all women are whores.

34ab0b  No.12141828

Even with as few posts as are occurring, this thread should be much further down by now, but it's not, because of churning. The distribution, in other words, isn't normal.

34ab0b  No.12141830


Oh, and you're right about the fed thing. You can now accuse people of being Russians, and they don't care. So it's definitely them jejjed.

a24ff2  No.12141873


There is no concrete evidence of the so called Jewish shills posting on 8chan, is there? Just show me one dox of a shillberg and I'll accept your theory. But, anyway I'm just curious as to what their real life is like.

34ab0b  No.12141884


Yeah, Snowden and Assange are probably alive today because they didn't expose actual agents. That's considered a huge taboo.

34ab0b  No.12141891

It would be funny if they accidentally bumped off Assange, and the resulting dead man switch proved to release names of CIA or Mossad agents.

7f1d2d  No.12142040

I noticed that in a bunch of "fedoras" talking for free against christianity in every thread related to the red heifer, thanks for the info.

34ab0b  No.12143906


And thanks for not being a shill.

25e97e  No.12143986

File: ca6d10996ea059e⋯.png (15.71 KB, 255x207, 85:69, be8dbe3c35083a7478fc063740….png)


You are that glow-in-the-dark KristerKikeKumguzzler who was banning everyone that shit in "muh baste nationalists luv GEE-ZUSS " thread

25e97e  No.12143997

File: 930d15073f7c5ae⋯.jpg (18.33 KB, 255x255, 1:1, fd75c839d80fca8f7eea323825….jpg)

Op is a mod

000000  No.12154062


Yep, they've been doing that on cuck chan for years. Look at any of the humor threads, it's the same set of images posted in the same order, with nonsensical 1 post by this ID posts interspersed. Obviously the goal is to drive clicks toward their bullshit bait threads and away from pertinent or damaging threads. Happens here too but the bait threads are just as easy to spot, as are the shills.

Shills are just extremely shitty at their jobs, no wonder, as they're probably all affirmative action hires, absolute niggers at the best.

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