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File: fe3a9ccb5ddb0b4⋯.jpg (12.84 KB, 220x328, 55:82, 220px-Corneliu_Zelea_Codre….jpg)

1548d0  No.12142090

So Romania is going to have a referendum that might succed and prevent any kind of fag marriage from happening.

The referendum will happen on 7th of October.

Spread the news of the referendum around for people. Especially to people who will be in favor of it. We must get as much people there as you can.

>inb4 voting does nothing

It is still better to vote than not to vote. Just to be sure.

1548d0  No.12142100

File: 611a562c47c3bd8⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, doua_jumatati_si_text_core….jpg)

You can also convince strangers to vote by spreading statistics about how depraved fags are.

Pic related can be printed and put in mail boxes and on the windshield of cars.

You can also argue with shills on social media who try to discourage people from voting by bringing good arguments.

You won't change the shill's mind but someone might lurk and be convinced of your arguments.

521a81  No.12142130

>However, new rules adopted in 2014 have reduced the quorum to 30% of registered voters, as well as a further quorum of 25% of registered voters voting in favour of the amendment.

You should take this one easily. If you fail getting these numbers, you don't deserve such a victory… That said, it's retarded the constitution didn't define marriage as it should be to begin with.

3af4ae  No.12142137

While i fully support the notion of the traditional family, this referendum seems to be a distraction from the general degeneracy of the social-democrat government and their leader. I'm really on the fence about voting.

Also, Zelea Codreanu would spin in his grave if he knew he would be associated in any way to those traitors.

God damn it, i just want a stable and sane country where i can raise my children in peace, but the only options are either pro degeneration and EU, or actual retards that are in power only because of nepotism

b1b00b  No.12142179


You gotta take what you can get, even if it's not perfect. Look at Western Europe and North America for what happens once fags get their "rights": it moves on to teaching faggotry in schools. Then mandatory Pride parades if you want to keep your job. Then tranny shit. They're working on normalizing pedophilia now. The shit never ends. Canada already takes kids away from their parents if they don't let their 8-year old sons wear frilly dresses and take hormones.

c2b066  No.12142330

My friend is Romanian but lives in the US. Is there a way we can help him vote?

28e748  No.12142398

You gotta still be vigilant, Romanibros. They did the same in Croatia where they held a vote whether to put in the constitution that marriage can only be between 1 man and 1 woman which passed, but then they still made fag "civil union" which on paper have the same rights as an actual family.

02d4b5  No.12142451


They're planning to do the same in Romania.

db7250  No.12142475


the speaker of the parliament, the president of the party who spearheaded this legislation, plans to do this exact thing


the governing party is a huge shitstain, most likely it will be your exact scenario, I'm not hopeful at all

28e748  No.12142491


It's eerie how similar the whole situation is, we even had a SocDem government 5 years ago when it was held, just like you do now.

8f49a2  No.12142829

File: 8b8fd6aba7b0d8b⋯.jpg (178.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Leftist ruling party PSD is all-in on faggotry, they're actually hoping this will fail and will give the fags an opportunity to brag about democracy, will of the people and all that shit.

Pic related is the leader of Romanian faggots, who's been publicly supporting PSD forever.

Very few people are aware of the dangers of faggotry in this country. Most normalfags would dismiss reasonable arguments for the sake of tolerance and virtue signaling and would vote for the fags, and the only other big block of people who'd vote against are the party's own mud-dwelling voting block, which they will NOT bus to the polls.


That kind of prop works well but only on christcucks, poorfags and elders. Others will be put off.

Don't use only statistics, find sob stories where fags are the bad guys and print flyers with that. There's plenty of known incidents of fag & dyke 'families' that beat up or drug their children, or force faggotry upon them, take your pick.

You'd think the church would be interested in keeping fag marriage out, but I haven't seen them do shit yet, and the referendum has been talked about for months.

1548d0  No.12142986


Well if you can improve on anything rn, this is it.

We cannot replace the corrupt fucks from PSD that lead us right now. We have no true alternative.

The nationalist parties have small support.

The best thing we can do right now is not let fags adopt kids. That would mean a huge spit on Codreanu's grave if sodomites were to rape Romanian children.

The corrupt fucks' turn will come. Have a little patience.

1548d0  No.12143006


Yup. I will try to find some sob stories. I am to make my own printable thing if so (the one I posted isn't mine).

Damn I knew there was a guy who posted a ss of fags bragging about how they gagged a kid with mud and raped him on a forum in the early 2000s. I wonder where is it now.

db7250  No.12143128


are you romanian? nationalist soycord is 8Huvsnh

1548d0  No.12143215


It is better to try than not to try. We must all do our best.

680487  No.12143394

if the referendum passes then civil partnership will be legalized.

they said it already.

33ee59  No.12143460

discord .gg/8Huvsnh

829bbc  No.12143614


I'm sure there will be a lot of cohencidences like thousands of "no" votes getting tossed into the street like SD ballots.

e80927  No.12143644


polls say 90% of romanians support man-woman marriage, no way they can throw that one

the worst that can happen is the referendum won't pass due to turnout, we can except media blackout

a81f46  No.12151064


yes he can,i'm sure of that,my friend used to do that in last 2 elections and he's in Canada so I don't see any problem. Google is your best friend in that case,i don't think it's that hard or you need special paperwork,if you really need help and can't find anything i can ask him

a81f46  No.12151070

Romanianfags leave more material to make flies from,i bet there is at least a faggot like me who will go in the street and spread em

348d7b  No.12151658

File: bf554afb15c18b4⋯.png (964.75 KB, 1203x676, 1203:676, dinti-dragnea-1.png)



I actually wanted to make a thread on this topic here, glad someone thought ahead.

>this referendum seems to be a distraction from the general degeneracy of the social-democrat government and their leader.

Mr. Poo-teeth right here barely has anything on this movement. The efforts began 3 years ago where he wasn't even that much of a problem as he is right now. Literally you're swallowing the bullshit the opposition (aka liberals and fags) are feeding the population by painting this entire referendum with his face.

In other words, they wanna make those who go to the referendum seem guilty by association, since there are many who actually like the idea of such a constitutional change but also hate Dragnea. In other words, they want to stiffle those who would vote in favour during the referendum from attending via shaming. It's really infuriating seeing this happen and it pissess me off that I know people who accused me of voting Social-Democrat for wanting to go to the referendum.

1548d0  No.12151788


You're not alone

Me and one of my /pol/-frens are gonna spread a lot of flies to the population.


This. Dragnea is some kind of thing that is supposed to be associated with everything the kikes don't want (nationalism, traditional family, etc.) (((They))) know he has a bad reputation and they put their liberal fag pets to compare trends that go against the kike plan with Dragnea.

348d7b  No.12152067

File: 061730991c01829⋯.jpg (20.36 KB, 279x244, 279:244, Hitler-smiling.jpg)

>>12151788 (Heil'd)

I saw an article on Digi that he may be willing to resign. I hope that happens before the referendum.

9b5bc4  No.12153405

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Sorry I'm late to the thread fags.

Alright, I've been looking at the politics in our fucking country and here's what I got so far:

PSD: locusts that escaped Ceacescu's hand and are devouring the country, after they sold us out in the (((revolution))) of 89.

It's sad they will be associated with the referendum, even tough they had nothing to do with it (besides having governing when it takes place).

PNL . Dead. Utterly irrelevant. No competition to anyone.

USR : Apparently, the forefront of leading the anti-corruption battle. They have a good goy (((Nasui))) doing wonders for their public image on Faceberg.

But after seeing how hard their members and associates are screeching at the referendum, and doing some research on their candidates, the truth comes out: they're a hive of scummy kikes,ultra-criptos, and lolberg-shilling good goys. I've seen the amount and type of anti-referendum and pro-fag shilling their associates do. This goes way beyond what a basic-bitch liberal would do. Basic bitch liberals believe in fair-play and avoiding fallacies, even if they're naive as fuck. But these guys, they're outright (((malicious))) in their attacks. They're something else entirely. After seeing this, I now fear USR using our anti-corruption battle and winning more than I fear PSD.

PNR (Partidul Neamului Romanesc) : Just PSD with a thin coat of "traditionalist/right wing paint". A controlled op run by old military fags who got into a deal with PSD . Attracts some boomers and conspiracy types. Senzationalist news (think fag's attempt at emulating Daily Stormer) , criticizing everyone and everything but PSD.

Actual right wing parties: utterly absent.

N-ar fi timpul sa ne facem propiul partid? E jale la noi acasa.

9b5bc4  No.12153452


Would these work:

Outright pedofiles and all of the other fags are implicitly agreeing with them (normalization, slippery slope is real),


This one speaks for itself.


You should keep sexual deviants away from children.

9b5bc4  No.12153463


>>more material

See >>12153452

37a68a  No.12153471


37582e  No.12154079


> Canada already takes kids away from their parents if they don't let their 8-year old sons wear frilly dresses and take hormones.

I hate fags as much as you and I understand that you're exaggerating, but you're not helping the situation by making up stuff like that. The truth is bad enough..we don't have to lie.

9b5bc4  No.12154574

File: 714136048802764⋯.jpg (93.06 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 15138820541410[1].jpg)


Should I post about this on 4pol? I went there to check if they had anything about it and they didn't.

0e4fa1  No.12154696

At the end of the day fag marriage has one purpose and one purpose only; to allow faggots to get their hands on children as their legal guardians and then corrupt them early on so they can wallow in the ultimate depraved debauchery beyond their wildest dreams; to enjoy the corruption of innocence and the crapulous delectation of tender young flesh.

Hang them.

1548d0  No.12155478


Too many things are illegal here and the most extreme we can get is by being Noua Dreapta-level.


This is so relatable.

I tought I was the only one seeing USR as the bigger danger were they to come to power.

Just because they do not govern does not mean when they will do they will be better.


Do it. Even if you receive no response. 4pol is more populated.

1548d0  No.12155508

Ok, am vazut un articol care sugerraza un plan de bataie destul de bun:


Imi place cum suna. Chiar daca Mitropolitul Ardealului si altii au incurajat mersul la vot asa trebuie sa facem si noi. E destul de usor.

Cine e mai putin sociabil poate indemna numai cercul apropiat de prieteni/rude (bineinteles insotit de un indemn de a zice mai departe).

Cine e mai priceput in optici frumoase si le are cu oamenii poate sa imprastie pliante ( cea din articole, sau altele, daca va pricepeti sa le faceti/ stiti sa luati altele), sa vorbeasca cu straini, sa ii indeamne la vot.

Eu o sa vorbesc cu cineva ce are pliante sa vad cand vrea sa mergem la vorbit cu oamenii din oras/satele din apropiere/orasele din apropiere.

Daca ne punem osul boicotul ce vor sa-l faca fraierii esuaza mizerabil, mai tare de cat ne asteptam. Faptul ca fac un boicot si nu se duc sa voteze contra ca niste goi cuminti arata ca nu sunt prea intregi la capatana.

db7250  No.12155728


USR s-a dezbinat dupa ce s-a votat sa fie impotriva referendumului si dupa ce pentru acest motiv a plecat Nicusor Dan, acum abia scot 5% in sondaje. Sunt irelevanti, Iohannis, Ciolos si Ponta sunt problemele mai mari - toti sunt impotriva referendumului.

79eb52  No.12155742


dont give a shit,start gypsie removal and link their bloodline to rat jews as I am sure they are related just yours are on the low iq spectrum spitting 10 kids shitting it up in your country with no recourse? You could have been saved

HItler did nothing wrong

466824  No.12155902


Ion Antonescu was a flawed individual in many ways, BUT the Romanians were some of the bravest of the Axis forces on the Eastern Front; some of the last to surrender in the brutal hand-to-hand combat in Russian urban areas.

You have to do the best you can, at each point in your life's story. You owe it to your ancestors.

555369  No.12156167

File: f7e22873118628a⋯.png (58.19 KB, 538x818, 269:409, Untitle9d.png)


Faptul ca nu se duc sa voteze e imaginea asocierii cu PSD-ul, ce a fost propovaduita de USR. Tactica jidaneasca, lipesc binele de rau si-l fac sa para una. Asa credeam si eu, pana cand am vazut cat de tare-si serpuiesc limba USRistii,

Daca gasesti o cale sa raspandesti asta sau un screenshot ceva cred ca ar avea effect printre tineri:


Cel mai grav ce se petrece acolo nu e pedofilia, deja o tragedie oriunde s-ar afla, ci normalizarea ei. Era o parada gay. Dintre toti aia, nimeni nu i-a oprit. I-au aplaudat si le-au facut poze. Asta e raul adevarat.

Am incercat sa ma iau la cearta cu USRistii si raspunsul lor la toate e Pomohaci.

1548d0  No.12157243



E foarte bine scrisa si concisa postarea.

Orice tanar normalau trebuie sa aiba rabdare sa citeasca.

1548d0  No.12157263



Am deschis si link-ul.

Imaginea e distribuita des de CPF. La fel ca si cea cu travestitul demon si copiii.

O sa o disrtribui oricum.

792d2d  No.12157327


>Am incercat sa ma iau la cearta cu USRistii si raspunsul lor la toate e Pomohaci.

daca esti fraier si legi familia si acest referendum de biserica atunci de ce te superi cand aia iti bat obrazul ca biserica are o problema cu pedofilia?

db7250  No.12157393


are o problema cu securisti borati care-l acopera pe pomohaci, nu cu pedofilii

preotii ortodocsi se pot casatori spre deosebire de cei catolici, ceea ce-i fac mai putin inclinati la declinari sexuale si pedofilia

6da807  No.12157611

Ne trebuie un leaflet in format A4 printabil pe ambele parti (A/N) care sa poate fi colapsat in 3.

Cu date scurte si un cod QR care sa duca la un pastebin cu linkurile de unde sunt luate datele.

Nu trebuie sa legam biserica ci faptele insele si argumentul ca o natiune nu poate supravietui fara copii, care copii pot veni doar din uniunea unui barbat si a unei femei.

01cdf2  No.12158825


What will happen is what happened here in Commiefornia. The people will vote against fag marriage, but the courts will step in and say it's a violation of human rights or whatever pro-degenerate humanist shit they can come up with. The courts will overturn the results, and a few months to a year it'll be voted in your country's parliament and pass without a word in the press while the populace-at-large will be too worried about whatever crisis-of–the-week is at play.

Democracy is a farce.

28199c  No.12158956

File: e38bcfd21c7c11a⋯.jpeg (318.07 KB, 2000x1493, 2000:1493, 7CtipYNXa10mX2Ofs.jpeg)


<le ebil joos and da gheii

>mfw 98% of Romanians utterly despise homos.

t. I was born there.

28199c  No.12158980

File: 8310c430864b173⋯.jpeg (66.36 KB, 800x564, 200:141, 800.jpeg)

File: fa2348cb19d2b49⋯.jpg (914.98 KB, 1293x731, 1293:731, original_ldr_11_sep_2018_7….jpg)

File: ee754976184e9d0⋯.jpg (91.38 KB, 620x348, 155:87, cum-arata-si-cat-costa-bic….jpg)


The courts will validate marriages made outside of Romania because they have to by European law.


>no homo weddings in Romania

>no homo adoptions in Romania

>possible registered civil union for them just so they will stfu

>possibly recognised gay marriages elsewhere in the EU

Homosexuality is illegal under the age of 18 while in the case of heterosexuality partial consent with close in age excemption starts at 13. This won't be changed with the new Penal Code either despite the fact that in the rest of the EU countries consent is the same irrespective of the orientation.

I don't give a flying fucking fuck personally since both the EU and America just criticizes this shithole without providing any hands on help. The last time Americans wanted to extract gas and oil here tried to with the presumption they get 90% of those resources for free.

The only reason Romania is not in Schengen because the Dutch keep on sabotaging it so the Chinese and Americans are forced to use their ports for commerce. And Rutte's political career is based on this single shit that Romania cannot be in the Schengen ever.

The current president is in cahoots with these people to the extent that he even adopted Rutte's campaign like riding the bicycle and collecting waste personally.

So da ebil Dragnea must perish come home /based/ căpşunarii slogan is bad as well. Romania right now has to pick between eating a pile of horse shit or drinking the horse piss instead.

I'm not voting for anyone it's 100% sure.

cc70d3  No.12158988


how the fuck are parties involved in a referendum on marriage? do you know what the vote is about?

6da807  No.12158991


this is not about parties and eu or us or whatever.

It's about 3million romanians who live in Romania deciding what the institution of marriage is, in the Constitution itself so interpretations will no longer be possible.

Go and vote, faggot.

28199c  No.12158992


USReii îs nişte pupincurişti plătiți de habarniștii liberali corupți care sunt atât de izolați de realitate de te piși pe tine de râs. Copy paste de campus din California că noi suntem atât de primitivi că nici nu știm ce ne lipsește.

bc53c7  No.12158993

Problem is, if you vote against fag marriage, and the majority do, the (((courts))) can just make fag marriage legal anyway. It's what happened in California.

28199c  No.12159000


Dragnea is organising it to use the Orthodox Church to gain some popularity. It's raw populism. All Romanians hate homos. All of them.


<mami zicea că-s special

Foarte bine iubește-ți măta cum trebe ca un flăcău adevărat.

cc70d3  No.12159006


>It's raw populism.

so? it's not a vote to make dragnea president for life, he'll probably be gone by next year due to internal psd pressure because it tanked in the polls after trying to escape prison

>All Romanians hate homos.

so why should they not vote to make it guaranteed by the constitution that marriage is between a man and a woman? unless it explicitly is, the courts can just recognize fag marriage

6da807  No.12159009


nu inteleg ce mortii tai vrei sa zici.

ce legatura are

>mami zicea că-s special

cu referendumul asta?

28199c  No.12159013


The Romanian legal system is based on procedure and the doctrine of common sense. The doctrine of precedence doesn't apply here the way it does in the States. Judges are specialized, their decisions are case by case and isolated too. If you get away with a tax fraud based on a vague article it's not abiding by law that the next judge in a similar trial should decide like that as well.

All that will happen that gay marriages made outside of Romania will be recognised through a procedure on a case by case basis if someone is mentally ill enough to spend a gaycation here. Homos will never get adoption rights here. Romanians believe that all homosexuals were abused as children and that letting them near children they will continue this.

28199c  No.12159014


Să fii sănătos.

dc08f2  No.12170453

File: c29b39fbe06d9ca⋯.png (155.98 KB, 394x498, 197:249, Pepe_ce_voteaza_da.png)

What if we also make memes for internet propaganda?

Frogposting is acceptable in Romania since NPCs here don't do it.

bc53c7  No.12173656


The kikes made your country into a communist hellhole not all that long ago. (((They)))'re not going to give a flying fuck about "procedure" and "common sense doctrine" if they want faggots to fully fag up your country.

792d2d  No.12175064


if by communist hellhole you mean closed borders, anti porn, anti mtv "culture", anti fast food, then yeah, it was just that.

be1e55  No.12175592


what closed borders?


romania is the only non-african country with the african strain of HIV because of the sudanese niggers ceausescu imported

that dumb fuck also wasted a ton of money on his retarded libya and iran bank project, for example half a billion $USD invested in iraq, which now would have been worth several billion due to inflation - never paid off, of course

he enslaved 20 million romanians to have state visits to north korea to dance with kim kong un


gypsies were literally allied with the romanian KGB and police and formed their own mafia within our country, they were a nomadic subhuman population most people tried to ignore, but the communists settled them in the cities

your communist idealism is a house of cards built on lies, shit digger

09a449  No.12175671

File: 7909340a2145a91⋯.jpg (683.34 KB, 1000x1715, 200:343, Ferdinand_I,_King_of_Roman….jpg)


You're a dumb nigger, Romania was an idiocracy, the stupider the better

1cae00  No.12182298

File: 3fa7030a53071d3⋯.webm (2.05 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 1509016002682.webm)

File: cb6020df16e984a⋯.jpg (327.13 KB, 1255x2083, 1255:2083, livre du notre seigneur.jpg)



792d2d  No.12182489



Ignore these two. They're gay lovers.

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