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File: 4686773e4b971b9⋯.jpg (173.07 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, pyramid.jpg)

File: a36a63108457ee5⋯.gif (4.87 KB, 256x295, 256:295, sphinx lion.gif)

File: 111357d3405582a⋯.jpg (89.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sphinx shaft.jpg)

File: fa460715dec99ee⋯.jpg (114.77 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, sphinx head shaft.jpg)

efe888  No.12142226

ITT we unkike our history, and discover our ancient knowledge.

According to Graham Hancock the pyramids align with the orions belt in their positions 12500 years ago which is the same point of time the constillation of draco alignes with angkor wat perfectly (also according to graham hancock) making me think a great cataclysm, which probably was the rain of fire the aztecs say came before the flood, happened shortly after those 2 were built (or in case of angkor wat they were build not that long ago but on older remains which are probably from that time).

Turns out there was an "extraordenary biomass-burning episode" 12.800 years ago, likely due to the impact of a comet which just came out recently, fitting the 12.500 years Hancock talks about almost perfectly


Which also fits Göbekli Tepes depiction of the comet 12.900 years ago quite perfectly

Some other interesting stuff showing ancients knowing a lot they shouldnt according to Mainstream History.


This one is partly about modern monuments and their meanings too, but at around 1:10:00 he starts talking about the pyramids, and how they encode the size of the earth in relation to the moon, as well as the speed of light with over 99% accuracy


Tthis video talks about how different monuments, from the pyramids, to stonehenge, to stuff in south america encode mathematical knowledge as well as functioning as a GPS telling people where they are currently if they know how to read the monuments, again showing that those "cavemen" were far more sophisticated than we care to admit as well as showing that there was some kind of global communication going on (not like the internet, but information where exchanged through traveling, trade or whatever despite southamerica not being discovered officially until thousands years later) since they all use the same system

The sphinx is another hint about the age of the Pyramids:


>A date of 10,500 BC is chosen because they maintain this is the only time in the precession of the equinoxes when the astrological age was Leo and when that constellation rose directly east of the Sphinx at the vernal equinox.

makes sense that the huge lion they build faces leo in the age of leo, and not taurus which is the age in which it was officially build and would have faced taurus at that time.

Furthermore there are indications of water erosions, hinting that the sphinx stood under water for some time even though the area is pretty dry for the last couple thousands years.

the 10.500 BC date also fits the alignment of the pyramids and angkor wat as well as the time göbekli tepe speaks of a comet crashing to earth which is now supported by mainstream science that a comet hit the earth causing an "Extraordinary Biomass-Burning Episode and Impact Winter"

Also what is that hatch on the back for? where does it lead? Why did they fill up the hole on the head of the Sphinx?

efe888  No.12142324

File: 2dbc4c88c36d8b1⋯.jpg (311.96 KB, 925x801, 925:801, bucket.jpg)

File: d3567b13cfde40f⋯.jpg (310.11 KB, 556x418, 278:209, vatican pinecone.JPG)

File: faca4ec983592dc⋯.jpg (48.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, pinecone.jpg)

File: 35d6e86226e7fe2⋯.jpg (26.76 KB, 236x360, 59:90, Cone and bucket.jpg)

Pic related. My theory it depicts knowledge, as those people are the keeper of knowledge, or bringer of that.

The mayan/aztec one seems to depicts quetzacoatl I assume which is said to have brought that for the aztecs.

Göbekli tepe apparently talks about a comet bringing civilization.


fitting the alignment of angkor wat and the pyramids of 12,5k years ago, as well as the comet that struck earth 12,9k years ago

In case of the sumerian i suppose it is enki


>Enki (/ˈɛŋki/; Sumerian: dEN.KI(G)𒂗𒆠) is the ancient Sumerian god of water, knowledge (gestú, literally "ear"), mischief, crafts (gašam), and creation (Nudimmud: nu, likeness, dim mud, make beer)

Same role Quetzacoatl took, bringing knowledge, or Satan with the apple. Prometheus who brought the fire very well could be the same enthity, Lucifer. The Kabba in Mecca supposedly contains a meteorite, which might be the one Göbekli Tepe speaks of or Satan that was thrown to earth

but i assume there is more to it

Now the FALLEN angels are said to have brought the knowledge for witchcraft and warcraft. Ironsmithing is one of these skills used for warcraft. Turns out the ancient egyptians used iron used from meteorites aka FALLEN rocks in example for this dagger


I basically think that where ever animal like creatures were seen as gods, with human sacrifices they actually worshipped the fallen angels LARPing as gods like the mayans, aztec, sumerian. possibly egypt.

The others, like the greek or nordic mythology seems pretty similar (at least the bit i know) to the bible story making me thing those are a distorted version of this making God just the highest among many gods and the angels the lower gods

You see that bucket depiction often with a pinecone which is still used. This pine cone is also often next to 2 animals on both sides like snakes or in this case birds. It also usually is, when held up by someone, held at the height of the head.

I believe the pine cone to be the pinial gland, positioned in the middle of the 2 hemispheres, between the 2 animals and as such symbolizes conciousness, the mind, spirit, the third eye, creativity and fantasy which you can use to see whatever you want and go where ever you want, wether it be physically by making your body go somewhere, spiritually via astral projection/remote viewing or just in fantasy itself making you visit completly different worlds.

Furthermore the Cone has the Phi ration encoded in it which is encoded through all of nature giving kind of a blueprint of this reality in on itself and as such could be a symbol for God and the divine and also symbolizing enlightenment which you achive through the aformentioned aspects, the knowledge of an intelligent force designing what is.

Its also usually, when held by a person, held at the height of the head making me think thats another hint towards its relation to the head/brain.

Also it was mentioned that pinetrees are green the entire year and thus could be a symbol of immortallity like the immortal conciousness/soul

Buddhists believe reincarnation takes 49 days which happens to be the same amount of time the pineal gland takes to develop and become visible after conception. The Pineal Gland very well may be the seat of the soul, or a reciever for the soul.

So bucket=knowledge and information

Pinecone=wisdom, enlightenment and understanding, as well as possibly spirituallity and the soul

8f166d  No.12142328


efe888  No.12142329

File: 8e5ded95695a23d⋯.png (564.06 KB, 1074x626, 537:313, Pineal eye of ra.png)

File: 01972aa570e5973⋯.jpg (78.02 KB, 610x666, 305:333, Godself.jpg)


The pineal gland has some significance at least in egypt as well. Pic related the eye of ra (the right eye usually as opposed to the eye of horus which is the left one).

here you see it resembling the pineal gland or at least the mid of the 2 hemispheres. In this case each eye probably resembles a certain hemisphere while im not sure if its meant to be the one you look onto (right eye, ra, left hemisphere) or meant from the side you look onto (right eye, right hemisphere)

the third eye is furthermore also relevant in many cultures, and always its at the forehead.

your left and right eye may enable you to see, but the third one, your mind, enables you to understand. and as such this is probably what it resembles

This depiction of the 2 animals surrounding something, mostly in symmetry, is found in some other symbolism as well, like the Godself Icon in pic 2 or possibly relating to the same or similar meaning

it reminds me of Zeus throwing his lightning bolts, and electricity is the very energy that animates your body and in that sense can be seen as a source for the magical and spiritual and probably is one of the reasons the most powerful god is often associated with this

I pretty much came to believe that modern technology is just rationalized magic.

imagine the circuits in a computer or any gadget like a sigil, the magic energy flowing through it being the electricity (which is the same energy that animates your body through the nervous system). processors even use quartz crystals to function.

scrying mirrors are traditionally black surfaces, obsidian stones for example relating back the black cube and sun i guess (will get to those things later on)

while modern TVs, phones and monitors all have such black reflective surfaces when turned off.

technology seems to be just rationalized magic.

efe888  No.12142391

File: 032a8b6f261eb7d⋯.jpg (29.01 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Swastika sky.jpg)

File: e90766c3a63d4b1⋯.jpg (91.49 KB, 700x590, 70:59, yuya.jpg)

File: f244bdc76614292⋯.jpg (8.73 KB, 203x318, 203:318, paleo hebrew.jpg)

The white race, the caucasoids are the actual chosen people, the Israeli people. This gets clear already when you see that Mount Aratat, where Noah landed with his arc is the same place where the white people, caucasusoids, come frome from, the Caucasus



It is also known that the blue eyed people all have a common anchestor


Which most likely was Noah

Furthermore the blue eyed white people are known across the world to come around and bring technology and knowledge and rule them for some time.

The sumerians believed the blue eyed white people where gods, the annunaki (even though i came to believe that the blue eyed possibly are other people during the sumerians, they at least have the blue eyed people and swastika as well).

The Aztecs as well, and describe them from coming over the sea with a ship that moved on its own.

The chinese talk about blue eyed and blonde haired people who created the first civilization and ruled in the early time. A lot of egyptians mummies are shown to have had blonde hair etc.

And Europeans were the first in the Americas as well


Hitlers Ahnenerbe tried to find out about the origins of the white people, and maybe he did find out the actual israelis are the whites with the jews being the blue eyed people, who are said that they will spread across the earth and rule everywhere. Same they did during colonisations. Hitler found out the (((jews))) of today arent the jews of the bible who are just

>those who belong to the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews but are liars instead.

The "white privilege" people go on about, is actually the blessing of God

The bible story is actual real history. This gets clear when you look at the story of Joseph alone. Joseph, in the bible, was sold off as slave to egypt, where he became friends with the pharao and married his daughter. He was given authority over everything. Compare that with the Yuya-mummie which was blond by the way.



Hitlers "Herrenrasse" probably was meant to mean "Rasse des Herrn" "Race of the Lord"

The 1000 year Reich was meant to be the 1000 year Sabbath, the 7th day which never happened because Satan interrupted it and which is for God like a thousand years.

This is why the Nazis had a sense of superiority like the Israelis had for the goyim.

The (((Jew))), like everything, stole their identity from others. Just like they took german names, have plastic surgery to look more white, act white when it suits them they stole their whole identity of being a jew from the whites

>20 King Arius of the Spartans.

>To the high priest Onias. Greetings!

>21 It has been discovered in a written record that the Spartans and the Jews are relatives and are both of the family of Abraham. 22 Since we have learned this, please let us know how you are. 23 On our part, we write to let you know that what is yours—your livestock and property—belongs to us, and ours belongs to you. We therefore command that our envoys report to you in keeping with this.

Also note that hebrew like we know it exist like this like the middle of the 19th century.


>Archaic Biblical Hebrew from the 10th to the 6th century BCE, corresponding to the Monarchic Period until the Babylonian Exile and represented by certain texts in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh), notably the Song of Moses (Exodus 15) and the Song of Deborah (Judges 5). Also called Old Hebrew or Paleo-Hebrew. It was written in the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet. A script descended from this, the Samaritan alphabet, is still used by the Samaritans.

Originally the bible was written in Paleo-Hebrew.

Pic related, left is Paleo Hebrew and on the right the Vinca Runes found across europe giving a further connection between those



given a further connection that the real isralites and chosen people are the aryans

5d3945  No.12142410

Redpill me on Atlantis.

I remain skeptical but I'm open minded.

Evidence uber feelings please

efe888  No.12142425

File: bf29097caaa5cbd⋯.jpg (226.56 KB, 800x300, 8:3, noone knows what its like.jpg)

File: 7e596ebfd281a42⋯.jpg (808.28 KB, 1800x1237, 1800:1237, Oronce Fine Map.jpg)

File: 21729c718a3fdb8⋯.jpg (208.25 KB, 750x701, 750:701, Hyperborea.jpg)

File: 38d03846cd18f92⋯.jpg (669.98 KB, 2246x1148, 1123:574, hollowearth map 1.jpg)

Nazis went to the North and Southpole, both said to have openings, as well as tibet which has legends of an underground kingdom, shangri-la/shamballah.

Did Hitler find out that the whites, or at least those people who spreaded knowledge (which may have nothing to do with whites today) came from the inner earth, the biblical paradise, and from there spread their knowledge with others. Is this why (((they))) want to get rid completely of the white people?

the hopi indians, also have the swastika. and their legends involve humanity coming from out of a hole on earth, and during the end of the 4th world/cycle (i think it was the 4th) when the flood hit (whch probably was the same the bible mentioned as well as many others cultures) other people came out of the earth, the ant-friends or ant people, brought them underground and ensured their survival until the earth above is habitable again. further more. further more the word "anu" means for the hopi indians "ant" and naki "friend" while the sumerian gods were called anunaki, so probably those were the same.

All have legends of the pale blue eyed people and the swastika


>The aos sí ([eːs ˈʃiː], older form aes sídhe [eːs ˈʃiːðʲə]) is the Irish term for a supernatural race in Irish mythology and Scottish mythology (usually spelled Sìth, however pronounced the same), comparable to the fairies or elves. They are said to live underground in fairy mounds, across the western sea, or in an invisible world that coexists with the world of humans

>As part of the terms of their surrender to the Milesians, the Tuatha Dé Danann agreed to retreat and dwell underground.

Another interesting thing is that "Paradise" in the bible originally came from the word meaning "walled enclosure" which would be pretty much fitting to the inner earth.


Difficult. You get stories of advanced people coming around spreading knowledge in many cultures. I believe many of them to be Atlanteans. Based on Platos account this guy here placed it at the coast of spain


The Eye of the Sahara (Richat Structure) recently is rumored to be the location, but in the end i dont really know.

My theory on it:

I believe that the swastika is a symbol used by this civilization living inside the hollow earth which possibly are angelic (I believe them to be what we call the Nordic Ays, the Pleiadians or tall whites as opposed to the reptillians and grey ayys who likely are demons and fallen angels) and that at some points they come out and guide humanity on the surface. Atlantis and Hyperborrea I believe to be an outpost of those that existed in 2 different points of time in different locations. If its not the angels themselves then they might be a splittergroup of the aryan/real israelites that spreadded across the earth and brought their symbol of God

In general I think its a symbol for the sun and thus God. The biblical year, which is absed on the movement around/of the sun has 360 days, like the 4 rightangles make 360 degrees. some also say its meant to mark the northern polar star and the seasons, but the seasons are again based on the sun making me think thats the symbolism at work.

Pic 2 is the Oronce Fine Map from 1531, it depicts antarctica even though it officially was only discovered 1820.


>Terra Australis (Latin for South Land) is a hypothetical continent first posited in antiquity and which appeared on maps between the 15th and 18th centuries. The existence of Terra Australis was not based on any survey or direct observation, but rather on the idea that continental land in the Northern Hemisphere should be balanced by land in the south.

this is their excuse on why antarctica is seen on maps before its discovery (there are multiple around). furthermore they mostly show south america down to the southest part, but then suddenly werent able to discover antarctica which is just just next door?

also take a look at the northpole of this map, and compare it with pic 3 of hyperborrea. remember, the northpole, just as the southpole is rumored to have an opening

now this map in pic 4 supposedly shows the inner earth and were released by the KGB (at least all sources claim so and i didnt find any sources debunking any of it) which they seized after WW2. Nikolai Subbotin, russian journalist who seems to have some reputation, has an interview about these documents. but sadly its in russian with german subtitles only. but if you speak either of those languages:


however to note here is that it shows asgard, the land of the nordic gods to be inside the earth

dc3cec  No.12142431


"sage" is not a downvote newfag

ed0d46  No.12142444


I'd like to imagine it was some ancient city in a lowland that got swallowed up when the last ice age ended, but I have absolutely no idea if that's true.

8f166d  No.12142445

0b8b4f  No.12142446


Noah had three sons, anon.

One was a gross faggot who was banished to Africa where he fathered the niggers in exile with a daughter of Cain.

One with offspring who were scattered across the globe in the Great Confusion.

One was firstborn, and stayed in the Fertile Crescent, and his favored offspring created the Order of Melchizedek, the gentile priest and ruler of Salem who held authority over Abraham and the Hebrews.

efe888  No.12142483

File: d7519e7c98cb75a⋯.jpg (40.8 KB, 512x417, 512:417, Become death.jpg)

File: e5305a3d7a3ffad⋯.jpg (50.83 KB, 794x599, 794:599, black man.jpg)


>Seven years after the nuclear tests in Alamogordo, New Mexico, Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer […] was lecturing at a college when a student asked if it was the first atomic test conducted.

>“Yes, in modern times,” he replied.

>Many scientists have sought to explain the dispersion of large glass rocks in the deserts of Libya, the Sahara, Mojave, and many other places in the world, as products of gigantic meteorite impacts. However, due to the absence of accompanying craters in the desert, the theory doesn’t hold up. Neither satellite imagery nor sonar has been able to find any holes.

>Furthermore, the glass rocks found in the Libyan Desert present a grade of transparency and purity (99 percent) that is not typical in the fusions of fallen meteorites

This gives another connection to the bible


>The Hebrew word translated as salt in this passage is melach, which does indeed mean salt. However, the root of melach is malach, which means to vanish away, or dissipate, as salt does when mixed into water. Given that Hebrew writing omits vowels, it's easy to see why malach may have been mistranslated as melach.

If this is true it means Lots wife didnt turn into salt, but simply vanished, when turning back to sodom/gomorrah, like when you get hit by a nuke.

So god possibly actually nuked fags and degenerates.

There are also Hindu scripts talking about weapons which appear to be quite similar to nukes or powerfull bombs


>The weapon was also believed to cause severe collateral damage. The land where the weapon was used became barren, and all life in and around that area ceased to exist. Both men and women became infertile. There was also a severe decrease in rainfall with the land developing cracks, as in a drought.

Pic related, quoted from hindu scripts showing he had knowledge of hindu legends


yes, but i provided hints that the sons of shem, the semites, are actually the aryans and israelites and the later sons of abraham as its hinted at the spartans being from the family of abraham, the paleo hebrew being fairly similar to the european vinca runes. all the stuff about the advanced blue eyed people with blonde hair while that is also whats supposed to happen to the chosen people (chosen as in chosen for the deed of spreading the word of God).

sons of ham became the "early" ("early" since its fairly early in the modern cycle but there was a cycle of civilization before from where the pyramids and such stem from i believe) egyptians through kush, the niggers through canaan and so on.

The bible on niggers

>And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

The serpent, Satan, here is said to have produced offspring with Eve. Now Eve got Cain and Abel (and Seth, which we dont go into here).


This text goes deeper into the stuff of Cain being the serpents off-spring

Cain, who is the offspring of Eve and the serpent then kills his brother Abel. For this Cain got cursed.

>12"When you cultivate the ground, it will no longer yield its strength to you; you will be a vagrant and a wanderer on the earth."

>And the LORD appointed a sign for Cain, so that no one finding him would slay him.

This Curse made the land not bare fruit to him, and "marked" him

Now we skip a bit of time until after the flood. people mixed with each other, everyone has some Seed of the Serpent in him, but not all express that seed and thus the curse but because its mixed into everyone, everyone is a sinner in the christian ideology. We go to Noah when he was blackout drunk and his son Ham was "seeing Noahs nakedness" (probably raped him). When Noah woke up:

>And he said: Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.

Note that Canaan is also considdered to be of the Seed of the Serpent, which at this point got its second curse.

They are unable to agriculture, "servants of servants" aka slaves, and are "marked". Does sound a lot like niggas which in all these years still cant farm, are historically usually used as slaves and are marked by their skincolour

remember how the niggers engaged in cannibalism and all the other degenerate stuff.

All the stuff about humans allegedly not being properly adapted to this planet, and the degeneration of genes comes from this corruption which was mixed into everyone.

1b93cd  No.12142493

File: 17514b3e7ae9500⋯.png (188.02 KB, 1251x407, 1251:407, 456765434567.png)


Hancock is married to currynigger and can be an insufferable bleeding heart hippie-tier liberal, but he has done more than anyone to give a reasonable case for lost civilizations that does not appeal to tinfoil and ayys, and doesn't claim the world is less than 5000 years old. He has also helped innovated marine archeology, and had adventures that are only slightly less exciting than Indiana Jones.

There are links to Hancock's books in the library thread on /x/

99bfd9  No.12142515


I read from somewhere that some of these Atlanteans turned out to be kannibalistic? They had high developed technology but they ate ordinary men? Wtf?

d5d3f9  No.12142525


Didn't you make this exact thread 3 months ago? Are you gonna tell us about your cro-magnons again, as well?

efe888  No.12142549

File: 50a142c265d5888⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1023x575, 1023:575, petroglyph.png)


yes, its really odd how much flag he gets.

Hancock talked about the connection of different monuments across the world that point back to 12,5k BC way before Göbekli Tepe did so officially




came out

on the other hand you have people like Zahi Hawass


remember the first guy, Zahi Hawass was/is in charge of excavations in egypt, and pretty much blocks every attempt of any study and appearently never even heard about göbekli tepe. thats a guy that is seen as an authority on the subject. let that sink in

in one of hancocks documentaries, quest for the lost civilization he has a talk with zahi hawass where you see again that he pretty much denies any alternative theory without even considering it



Now i wonder who is more credible?

As for your pic, History repeats itself in small and in great. I believe at least one occasions of the advanced people are the fallen angels refered to in the bible, teaching humans what we werent ready for yet and also mated with the regular humans creating nephilim which devoured everything humanity could produce and wanted still more causing ultimately the flood (interesting how now white people do the same with the people again not getting enough and wanting more and more), and due to the fractal nature of this world this repeats in lower and bigger scales again and again.

pic related by the way is found across the world over and over again. no idea what its supposed to be though. heard people suggesting its a rudimentary depiction of atlantis, the world tree, the brain. but no idea really. just look up "labirynth petroglyph"


i made a thread a while ago, but i dont think i mentioned cro magnon specifically

8f166d  No.12142555


He remakes it every time it falls off the board.

99bfd9  No.12142573


But are these "gods" who make deluges to happen? Natural catastrope and coincidence?

Who are these "gods" who make white genocide happen and want to end "new atlantis"? I thought the same god was involved making this new golden age "new atlantis"?

There is a contradiction, two things that cannot be enabled the same time.

I think our "new atlantis" is a FAKE ATLANTIS. Based not at all the same principles that the real one was based.

efe888  No.12142607

File: bb67201d9c07bbd⋯.png (150.49 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, genesis became.png)

on a side note, flat earth is not even biblical


the infamous "circle of the earth" verse is just a mistranslation. the word used is "חוּג" or "chug/khûg" which translates to

>class, group activity ; group, circle (of people) ; (geography) tropic, sphere


and while we are at it, the earth being 6000 years old also isnt biblical, its merely when the story of Adam and Eve starts.

What I believe: Anunaki aka fallen angels came to earth and create a couple humans for whatever purposes. some say slaves, some say to farm gold (also slaves i guess) some think it was a more generous act. however it was a pretty degenerate time, under the rule of saturn/satan who is also a fallen angel, the serpent (a reptile like the other fallen angels likely are too). Eventually God was fed up and created his own people starting with Adam and Eve which are the later israelites, the seed of abraham and nowadays white people/caucasians/aryans. he sent them out to correct what the fallen angels fucked over. Their origin was the inner earth which is garden eden, from where they spread and eventually came to cultures all around the earth which is where the swastika everywhere and the legends of the blue eyed white people come from.

The Bible does imply a time before Adam and Eve. It says for example "The earth was empty and void" but originally it said "it became empty and void", implying something happened to make it so, a great cataclysm for example, maybe a war between the older humans. Also when Cain gets casted out he fears to be killed by OTHER humans which there shouldnt be if it really started with Adam and Eve as he is in the second generation with only his parents and brothers and sisters. Other people does imply there were others around already the bible just doesnt focus upon.

there were likely a bunch of cycles we went through believing the old tales. the bible alone implies a time before adam and eve, then the time from adam and eve to the flood, and then from the flood to today even though im not sure if the flood really counts as a beginning of a new cycle or merely got the ongoing one on track. i like to think there will be 5 cycles total, like how in alchemi the world is made up off the 4 elements plus spirit, each cycle working through one of those points which if the aztecs are right about the 5 suns means we are in the last one right now


>Nahui-Ocelotl (Jaguar Sun) - Inhabitants were giants who were devoured by jaguars. The world was destroyed.

>Nahui-Ehécatl (Wind Sun) - Inhabitants were transformed into monkeys. This world was destroyed by hurricanes.

>Nahui-Quiahuitl (Rain Sun) - Inhabitants were destroyed by rain of fire. Only birds survived (or inhabitants survived by becoming birds).

>Nahui-Atl (Water Sun) - This world was flooded turning the inhabitants into fish. A couple escaped but were transformed into dogs.

>Nahui-Ollin (Earthquake Sun) - We are the inhabitants of this world. This world will be destroyed by earthquakes (or one large earthquake).

note here is the last cataclysm that happened through water, like the flood and the other 4 elements, water, fire, earth and wind also brought destruction. the Jaguar sun may be the spirit as that was the only case something was destroyed by something alive, something with a spirit. however personally i believe the spirit is what we are working through right now, but well.

However, assuming the biblical timeline is accurate, the flood wasnt the cataclysm 12,5k years ago structures across the world seem to hint at (Göbekli tepe, pyramids, sphinx, angkor wat)seem to hint at as it would be roughly 3k years ago. However the cataclysm before the flood was a rain of fire which fits the comet narrative quite perfectly


The first time around as i said earlier i would say the fallen angels were the ones that came around to spread knowledge. Some did it to spite God like Satan, or Azazel, others possibly out of good intent like Abbadon who is said to have loved humans more than God which made him fall.

And I believe the same is happening now with humans. we have the actually good meaning ones, the whites (like abbadon), but they are blinded and lied to by the ill meaning ones, the kikes like Satan (which (((they))) worship) and use the good intent to fuck other over with them and doom the good meaning ones as well in the process.

62e5df  No.12142618

>Let's unkike history

>By making up shit that suits us

Fuck off, esonigger

f86a5f  No.12142668

File: df7c00f966003e8⋯.jpg (38.09 KB, 650x366, 325:183, V2_1946_White Sands Missil….jpg)


>on a side note, flat earth is not even biblical

Completely incorrect. The Bible overwhelmingly posits a planar and stationary Earth. Let me cite the following links I found by using a simple Google search:



Note well, I'm not defending a non-copernicanist cosmology here, just stating fact regarding your statement; in truth, the Biblical stance regarding the existence of the firmament is precisely one of the most common anti-Christian polemics coming from the atheist left.

efe888  No.12142727

File: 772931c929b125d⋯.jpg (114.6 KB, 736x615, 736:615, baalbek helio.jpg)

pic related is baalbek/heliopolis in lebanon. these rocks had to be moved, lifted and neatly stacked upon each other. how did they do that?


>When the stone was in position the monk behind the small drum gave a signal to start the concert. The small drum had a very sharp sound, and could be heard even with the other instruments making a terrible din. All the monks were singing and chanting a prayer, slowly increasing the tempo of this unbelievable noise. During the first four minutes nothing happened, then as the speed of the drumming, and the noise, increased, the big stone block started to rock and sway, and suddenly it took off into the air with an increasing speed in the direction of the platform in front of the cave hole 250 metres high

Some accounts tell that the pyramids were build in a similar fashion. Now i agree this sounds pretty ridiculous, but then there is this stuff


indeed it sounds like it underlies another principle than the story of the tibetians, but there were stories about levitating stuff with sound, and now we can actually do that. so maybe there is more to the legends than we care to believe. and there are quite a few legends that turned out to be real. If it works at all it probably just needs the right finetuning, the right frequencies, volume, distance and rythm to increase the effect greatly.

I also believe this technology/knowledge to be from the (fallen) angels which we used to build the pyramids and other stuff


first link, first claim already a lie

>the Hebrew word used in this verse is "khoog" (pronounced chug). The word literally means, circle, circuit, and compass.

here is the word used translated


>circle (2), vault (1).

but if you actually google the word you get


>class, group activity ; group, circle (of people) ; (geography) tropic, sphere

specifying that the circle is the translation used when it referse to people, not the geometric shape.

next claim is based on

>18roll you into a ball, and sling you into a wide land. There you will die, and there your glorious chariots will remain— a disgrace to the house of your master.

that the word for ball is another than the one used to describe the earth. But


>a circle, ball

a ball is not a geometric shape, its clear that it referse to the kind of ball like a football. An american football is a ball, but not a sphere. there is a destinction between ball and sphere, and here it described a ball and not a sphere


>Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory

even on a flat earth you wouldnt be able to look at all of the world as eventually the air is blocking the light and making you not see anything in the distance anymore.

and with this i got too lazy to go in it any deeper or read even more of it

about you mentioning the firmament, the word used for this is "רָקִ֫יעַ"


and appearently just means


>From קו‎ (káv-) + רקיע‎ (rakía); hence literally “(a) sky line”.

nothing about a solid structure.

f86a5f  No.12142763

File: 4618317bb17b247⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 351x324, 13:12, a2a6a9276d51b50816d36ef2d6….gif)


No hard feelings, but a bit of web searching on etymologies in Ancient Hebrew isn't exactly a strong argument, either. I could agree on this middle position: that a large part of planarists/anti-copernicanists rest their beliefs on (their interpretation of) the Bible.

f86a5f  No.12142773

File: 1067cec79b98191⋯.gif (1.2 MB, 318x239, 318:239, aeNGBRB_460sa.gif)


(nice ID btw)

>even on a flat earth you wouldnt be able to look at all of the world as eventually the air is blocking the light and making you not see anything in the distance anymore.

This is interestingly one of the more common counter-arguments planarists use against their copernicanist opposition, regarding the following apparent trick question: "On a flat Earth, shouldn't you be able to see the whole wide world from the top of a large mountain?"

efe888  No.12142780

File: 67f90628c1e234b⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 2004x2720, 501:680, banking.jpg)



Basically this text claims that the whole genesis story of the bible relates to banking and usury through puns and wordplays.

So is Cain a wordplay on "purchase" and the snake decieving can mean "loaning" "hiring" "Indebting" or something along those lines. So when Eve said

>The serpent deceived me

it means Eve was loaned something, from which cain, the serpent seed (this text here makes a really good case for the Cain being the offspring of Eve and the Serpent while Abel is from Adam and Eve http://theopenscroll.com/cainsPaternity.htm ), the purchase was born. The same wordplay between decieve or credited/loaned also fits "snakebite". This means the deception is the loan/credit which is the deadly venomous bite of snake/creditor. The word "Canaan" is also related to Cain and means as much as "commerce" or "trade". The Canaanites are as I believe off spring of Cain. So the snake indebted Eve and Adam, which created the purchase, cain, which resulted in Adam and Eve leaving paradise. The purchase or trade, Cain, also becomes the first murderer. The land of Canaan, the land of trade and commerce is where todays Israel is. Canaanites by this definition are everyone who fell for the greed of the commerce, and these are also the same people the God told his people to completly wipe out.

When later Noah got drunk on wine making Ham see his Nakedness (Usually seen as either raping Noah, his father, or fucking Noahs wife/his mother) this is also a play on word meaning that he was hired. By hiring/loaning his father he raped him. Later when the bible speaks of nations or persons getting drunk on the wine it implies them loaning money, which makes them feel like drunk, euphoric, resulting in degeneracy, blasphemy and evil in general through the spirit of commerce that dwells in them.

However while it makes a lot of sense, I believe this is just one of many meanings of Genesis which are all right and important

Pic related on banking and money


well, give me sources that say otherwise. i provided sources to make my point using the translation of the words used in the hebrew original.

obviously a lot of people have the believe stemming from the bible, that doesnt mean they have any idea of what is actually written in it.

0f608c  No.12142804


>continues making shit up

f86a5f  No.12142822

File: b5a9000fe92e8d9⋯.jpg (59.69 KB, 1023x689, 1023:689, b5a9000fe92e8d949bff63bbb9….jpg)


>well, give me sources that say otherwise.

A simple Google search ("flat earth bible") delivers dozens of Bible-based "flat earth" apologetics. Even RationalWiki gives an overview: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Flat_Earth#Appeals_to_the_Bible

>i provided sources to make my point using the translation of the words used in the hebrew original.

Frankly, you're not qualified to make such sweeping statements. Correctly translating terms from ancient languages is a notoriously difficult task and cannot be handwaved away by quoting a website.

>obviously a lot of people have the believe stemming from the bible, that doesnt mean they have any idea of what is actually written in it.


Let's meet at the aforementioned middle ground: a large part of planarists rests its beliefs on (its interpretation of) the Bible.

5f2475  No.12142834

File: a7943515824385c⋯.jpg (3.16 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, Image0002.JPG)

I need more egyptian pics with rituals and strange things.

efe888  No.12142849

File: 5fec4c265eb5c9d⋯.jpg (72.32 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Dinosaur cavepaint.jpg)

File: 998703644be6f09⋯.jpg (324.31 KB, 1900x1268, 475:317, nodosaur.jpg)

File: a5f56c9c8a6579e⋯.jpg (23.1 KB, 300x252, 25:21, behemoth.jpg)

Dinosaurs lived during the same time as humans did. And the bible does talk about them, just calls them behemoth.

And I think this is how it really was. here some not so old mentions of dinosaurlike creatures.


This is described to look like a longneck dinosaur, and was allegedly seen africa

There are rocks showing humans and dinosaurs together


It is claimed they are faked, but the explenation is that ONE guy faked all of the over 16 thousand of those discovered stones while also new ones are discovered all the time

Marco Polos description of dragons


>"Leaving the city of Yachi, and traveling ten days in a westerly direction, you reach the province of Karazan, which is also the name of the chief city….Here are seen huge serpents, ten paces in length (about 30 feet), and ten spans (about 8 feet) girt of the body. At the fore part, near the head, they have two short legs, having three claws like those of a tiger, with eyes larger than a forepenny loaf (pane da quattro denari) and very glaring."

>The jaws are wide enough to swallow a man, the teeth are large and sharp, and their whole appearance is so formidable, that neither man, nor any kind of animal can approach them without terror. Others are met with of a smaller size, being eight, six, or 5 paces long; and the following method is used for taking them. In the day-time, by reason of great heat, they lurk in caverns, from whence, at night, they issue to seek their food, and whatever beast they meet with and can lay hold of, whether tiger, wolf, or any other, they devour

All signs humans were living during the same time as dinosaurs. What do you think they did when it was said some heroes slayed a dragon?

regarding fossils


>The most common method of fossilization is called permineralization, or petrification. After an organism's soft tissues decay in sediment, the hard parts — particularly the bones — are left behind.

>Water seeps into the remains, and minerals dissolved in the water seep into the spaces within the remains, where they form crystals. These crystallized minerals cause the remains to harden along with the encasing sedimentary rock.

>In another fossilization process, called replacement, the minerals in groundwater replace the minerals that make up the bodily remains after the water completely dissolves the original hard parts of the organism.

So basically they get buried by some mud which is under water. Assuming a great flood hit them like the one in the bible or the countless other floodmyths across the world, wouldnt that meet the conditions?

>11In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.

>fountains of the great deep

Thousands of years later there is a discovery making it possible those fountain of the great deep actually exist


soft dinosaur tissue discovered on dinosaur bones


pic related was recently discovered


65 million years my ass


>Frankly, you're not qualified to make such sweeping statements

appeal to authority, mate. i used common translations agreed upon. so why am i not qualified to use this as translation when its used in the bible? i didnt pull the translation out of my ass, but sourced them.

df6b03  No.12142850


Fuck off juden, he's absolutely right.

f86a5f  No.12142885

File: d963ca300effbd9⋯.gif (964.12 KB, 500x280, 25:14, d963ca300effbd9a36b458e49e….gif)


Incorrect, there is very solid evidence for the hypothesis he mentioned. Don't get "Gobekli-Tepe"'d.


>appeal to authority, mate.

It's not a logical error if relevant differences in mastery actually exist and matter, which is obviously the case here. Or are you implying that you, as a complete layman regarding Ancient Hebrew (like myself, of course), are on the same level of Biblical understanding as a trained and studied Hebraicist? That would be an absurd proposition.

>i used common translations agreed upon.

You completely ignore the fundamental role of context. Words never appear as isolated snippets, they are always part of very complex semantic and phonetic relationships. That's exactly the point where the abovementioned expertise comes into play.

>so why am i not qualified to use this as translation when its used in the bible? i didnt pull the translation out of my ass, but sourced them.

Proper sourcing is much more complex than just offhandedly quoting some website, especially on a topic like this. Also be aware of the levels of discussion - I'm NOT talking about the truth or falsity of "flat earth", only about the diffusion of Bible-based apologetics among the wider planarist community.

a821c0  No.12142943

How many times you making this slide moshe? Every fucking week you do this SAME FUCKING THREAD.

efe888  No.12142944

File: 740f0b3829e4fd3⋯.png (247.43 KB, 500x375, 4:3, jesus never stops working.png)

There often comes up the issue that the bible says the "elohim (aka multiple god) created humans" and not one which is actually easily explained.

El likely just means "high" or powerfull" and elohim (plural of El) is the group of supernatural beings that are that, high and powerfull, and once they fell and LARPed as gods (annunaki, likely egyptian and aztec gods too) elohim became knows as gods


> ʾĒl ʿElyōn is usually rendered in English as "God Most High"

meaning that either el or elyon is most high, and El is likely high and elyon "most high" or "highest"

God occasionally is called with Elohim, which makes people claim there are multiple Gods in the bible, however there is something called the majestic plural


Basically, to signify someones outstanding position in a field you turn the designation into a plural. the master of masters in a field would be called with the plural masters, same for the highest of the high, the elyon of the elohim being called elohim. In hebrew you recognize the majestic plural by the plural designation when its used together with a singular verb or adjective which is always the case when elohim is mentioned in relation of the one God.


calling God Elohim then means he takes a special position among the elohim which are his angels. now this also relates to some other verses

1The LORD answered Moses, “See, I have made you like God (Uses Elohim here again) to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron will be your prophet.

stating how moses got the special position among all highs to the pharaos but also showing that Elohim here is used in singular.


>51I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And this bread, which I will give for the life of the world, is My flesh.”

Now why would we need to eat bread to gain Gods blessing and eternal life?


>An alternative etymology derives bread from Proto-Germanic *braudaz, *brauþaz (“broken piece, fragment”), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰera- (“to split, beat, hew, struggle”)


We are supposed to "eat"/take his struggle to gain eternal life and not give in on Satans temptation of a leasure life, of wealth and power through screwing others over

Later then Jesus gives the people wine telling them its his blood

>54Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.

In >>12142780


it explains how wine is commonly a pun for "loans". When someone gets drunk on wine, he got drunk on a lone and the quick money until they were debtslaves. In this case however the wine, the loan, comes from Christ. The loan pays for our sins in form of his blood on the cross, and in that sense his blood was the wine (loan)


>You completely ignore the fundamental role of context.

just like your sources, they give the verse and state its alleged meaning, while i went a step further and provided sources for the translations i use. if the expert cant back up his claims his oppinion is worthless. the claims about the flat earth in the bible arent backed up by anything but the already translated versions of which we know is faulty. so why should i assume that the flat earth version is supposed to be the right one when there are good grounds on saying it states the earth being a sphere?

02ef63  No.12143028

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Graham Hancock

>Hancock worked for many British papers, such as The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, and The Guardian. He co-edited New Internationalist magazine from 1976 to 1979, and served as the East Africa correspondent of The Economist from 1981 to 1983

if you believe anything Hancock says you may as well believe Zecharia Sitchin.

Whereas Hancock speculates I'm not so sure Sitchin actually does.

efe888  No.12143049

File: 7f2382eb0c55384⋯.jpg (472.82 KB, 1792x868, 64:31, baalbek pyramid.jpg)

File: d22199c9c6f3508⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 2144x1424, 134:89, Baalbek hexagram.jpg)


turns out baalbek, the temple dedicated to Baal, (which i believe is just another name of satan) has a big hexagon (you know, like on saturns northpole) in its structure in the front. turns out that if you connect the south western with the northeastern corner of the pentagram, and elongate the lines towards south west it matches quite perfectly the northeastern and southwestern corner of the great pyramid according to this


at around 30:20

connecting the northwestern and south eastern corner of the same pyramid, and elongate it to the northwest that one will lead you precisely to the pyramid shaped arena in memphis showing that not only the ancients builded absolutely precice across couple hundred kilometer, but also that (((they))) know about such things

Pic 2 is at Baalbek temple too

The unification of the polar opposites is something that stretches itself across many cultures. Be it the marriage, uniting male and female, often dressed in black and white, resulting in the magic of a new kid being born. Or be it the solar eclipse uniting sun and moon together. In the egyptian mythology osiris dick (male) that gets eaten by a fish (female), or the Washington Monument (a dick, male) standing in the vesica pisces (female). The 2 pillars, Boaz and Jachin which stood before Solomons Temple and represent the sun and moon, and again the polar opposites. Sol, solar, sun. mon, moon. Sol-o-Mo(o)n. Even the "Star of David" is representing the male and female being united with the opposing triangles.

In case of the star of david we have the triangles/pyramids you mentioned, but the triangle also symbolizes the 3, or with the 2 triangles the 33

All good things come in 3, the holy trinity, 3 nails used to crucify jesus, he came back from the dead on the 3rd day.

33, 3 plus duality, good and evil, male and female (the "star of david", which originally is not a jewish symbol depicts the 33with 2 triangles coming together, the male and female energies coming together.) it is believed where polar opposites meet magic/miracles happen and especialy unification of male and female is a holy event in pretty much all cultures which creates the miracle of life (trannies are a perverted version of this most likely uniting in one body what god seperated mocking him and his creation.

Jesus died on the 3rd april 33ad at the age of 33 at 3pm.

Counting all the connections and connectionspoints including the hidden one on the tree of life/kaballah gives you 33. the number is also associated with gods promise


see >>12142549

no matter what, he is more credible than any mainstream historian or archeologist

efe888  No.12143243

File: bcec1d1f75409fb⋯.jpg (92.04 KB, 724x960, 181:240, Star map Egypt.jpg)

File: 41b0b370e690815⋯.png (195.66 KB, 352x220, 8:5, pyramid spring.png)

File: 06bb234409c9999⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 259x408, 259:408, ancient circuits.jpg)

my theory on pyramids aside from encoding knowledge

i always heard they are tombs and help the pharaos to get to the stars after they died. however they never were used as tombs as far as we can tell, but i still believe they were meant to sent the pharaos to the stars. with the remote viewing docs we see how the CIA tried to astral project/remote view and use it to gather knowledge.

i believe the pyramids are meant to help tune into the astral realm where the pharaos then can talk with the gods/stars/whatever and gather knowledge. kind of like sensory deprivation tanks help with meditation and relaxation the pyramids likely served a similar purpose, and possibly tuned into the stars they are aligned with specifically.

in the case of those boxes in your video it may serve the same purpose without tuning into something, like orion.

seeing how the whole area seems to be tuned into the stars/sky/heavens maybe it was meant to tune into the heavens in general and make a connection to the gods in that way instead of just focusing on orion


could be the same without being attuned to the stars. again, how were those moved and put in those small places?

Also it turns out the pyramids arent really 4 sided, but have a slight edge, making them 8 sided which appearently only becomes visible when the light falls onto it directly right which is shortly before the spring equinox, likely to signal that its time to sow seeds.

there also fairly recently were these news here


which indicates that the pyramids likely had some kind of energysource or even still have maybe, just one we dont detect/know about or the focus actually helps focusing the spiritual energy too enabling you to astral project or whatever

it should be noted that in the stargate docs from the CIA they also use binaural beats to get the subjects into the state to remote view, they use frequencies and vibrations, which fits the special tuning of the pyramids chambers and hallways which likely then were designed to produce the right frequencies.


page 11

>contrary to what everyone knows is so, it may not be the brain that produces conciousness- - but rather conciousness that creates the appearence of the brain

this implies on one side that determinism is bullshit as our thoughts and mind isnt just a reaction to outside stimula and enables free will because of it. it also implies that the conciousness is not coming from the brain itself, that its something outside the brain and heavily implies the existence of something soullike not bound to the body

99bfd9  No.12143414


It was non-flat, but the "heaven" was on Earth at that time when it supposedly was "flat".

Heaven just was accessible for Gods that time. After the Flood the "Heaven" left Earth and people thought that Earth was round because the Heaven that used to be there wasn't accessible anymore.

efe888  No.12143464

File: a7c115df9197e0c⋯.jpg (15.11 KB, 286x300, 143:150, trinity.jpg)

File: 4760c78c4965a98⋯.png (337.75 KB, 1653x1238, 1653:1238, Pentagram explained.png)

In the beginning God created everything by creating polar opposites. In math it would be that he made out of 0, +1 and -1 which together are still 0, but now are something. In physics this is the big bang creating out of nothing matter and anti matter, energy and dark energy, protons and electrons. In the bible its seperating heaven from earth, days from the nights, the sun from the moon, the female from the male, adams rib

In all cultures this unification comes up as a theme over and over, be it the marriage, uniting male and female, often dressed in black and white, resulting in the magic of a new kid being born, or be it the solar eclipse uniting sun and moon together. Couple thousand of years ago they talked about the same concept of the Big Bang


>(1) O Three-One God of the land of Thrace,

>(2) I vow in Truth to bring you all due offerings, O great Son of God,

>(3) And only you (shall) I praise (and exalt), O my God (for you are) great!

>(4) You who are now in your temple, (I pray, hear me), keep me safe and deliver me (from all evil)!

Three one god, the trinity being a theme in the oldest text we have deciphered so far. The trinity is another theme which draws itself across a lot of culture, from sumer to egypt, to the Nordics and of course christianity

Another bit of hidden wisdom in the Bible:

According to Mainstream Science snakes lost their legs in the evolutionary process

>14So the LORD God said to the serpent: “Because you have done this, Cursed are you above all livestock, and every beast of the field! On your belly will you go, and dust you will eat, all the days of your life.

Here too the snake is made to crawl on its belly implying it didnt do so before meaning it most likely had legs but lost it just like Mainstream Science suggests too



regarding the alchemy thing pic related.

let us take a look at genesis

Peter 3:8

>‘But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.’

The 6 days are not actual 6 days but 6.000 years (if you take the literall interpretation, or it may just mean "a very long time is for God like 1 day", in which case its 6 very long times.)

Furthermore the numbers of days are symbolical. In example:

On 4th day is where the physical universe is completed and only living creatures are missing in the bible.

If you go into the egyptian creation myth, the ogdoad, you also have the 4 primordial forces coming together (of which kek was one) creating this world.

In modern phydics even you have the 3 spatial dimensions plus time being again 4 things making up this world.

in alchemi there are 4 elements making up the material realm, with the spirit being above it. (also look what the alchemic symbols forthe elemts look like when overlayered)

All talk about the same eternal truth of a certain principle and thus encode the same number for the same things, the 4

On the 6 day man was created and so is 6 the number of man, and his weakness. greed, egoism, egocentrism, all the materialistic desires, and i believe of this existence on this plane in general (the earth is tilted 23,4 degrees, or if you count from the other direction 66.6 degrees, life, on this planet at least, is made of carbon, the 6th element, with 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. 6 directions in the material realm, north, south, west, east, up and down, 6 sides of the cubes. saturn being the 6th planet). 666 is going over the top with the materialistic desires, pursuing and desiring only those and making you follow the path of satan


If you go into the book of enoch (forgot if first or second) it describes how God created the world by taking from the invisible the light which he put on the top and made it stay there, then he took the matter also from the invisible and put it on the lowest, and made it stay firm there. then one after another he puts the other stuff layer after layer inbetween.

I believe this to be a shematic description of the different realms of reality/dimensions/heavens and hells which are layered upon another with the realm of the matter and flesh, which satan rules, being the lowest and the realm of light (common symbol for God) being the highest.

I believe some of the descriptions aching to a flat description of the world to be just this, a metaphysical description of this world and the others.

efe888  No.12147211

File: 7b7ab6640297667⋯.jpg (138.14 KB, 840x580, 42:29, black cube of saturn.jpg)

File: 1e1ca20ab802075⋯.png (32.76 KB, 236x225, 236:225, Black cube seed.png)

File: e332f62918d1b1d⋯.jpg (499.48 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, metratronscube.jpg)

going into some symbolism now to make sense of some future parts

satan (associated with saturn) meant something like "obstacle". everyone had his own satan. someone who incites him to do bad things, a bad habbit, an addiction, anythinghe should overcome. only later satan became a figure of his own.

6 is the number of man, and his weakness. greed, egoism, egocentrism, all the materialistic desires, and i believe of this plane existence in general (the earth is tilted 23,4 degrees, or if you count from the other direction 66.6 degrees, life, on this planet at least, is made of carbon, the 6th element, with 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. 6 directions in the material realm, north, south, west, east, up and down, 6 sides of the cubes. Think About how molecules and icecrystals form in hexagonal shapes. saturn being the 6th planet with hexagon on its northpole). 666 is going over the top with the materialistic desires, pursuing and desiring only those and making you follow the path of satan.

The black cube of satan is a symbol for this material, 3 dimensional realm, and the time we fear is running out, which will let us die, and which causes us to do harm to others in order to lead a better life ourself. by this the black cube also symbolizes time and death without either we wouldnt have these earthly desires causing us to do evil.

The 666 could also stand for the dimensions of the cube, 6x6x6, entrapping us in the 6, our weakness and temptations.

Our sole puprose, as i believe it, is to overcome (our) satan, proof we arent easily corrupted wether satan is just a symbol or a real entithy. So while this world isnt evil itself, this realm of existence kind of makes the corruption a lot easier. When people worship satan, they dont worship some deity or enthity. they worship this material world, the materialistic egoistic desires, and themselves.

Pic 2. those 7 circles are called the seed of life.

One interpretation i saw is that its meant to symbolize the creation week, or symbolize the same as the creation week does in the bible

The center being conciousness, that expands to the circle. The conciousness then moves to the border of the circle where it expands again creating the second circle and so on until you got the seed of life. the 6 days of creation around the 7th one, God, the seed of life or whatever you want to call it.

By connecting the points of intersection you gain the (black) cube, as above mentioned symbolizing the material world and as such Satans rule.

Adding another layer gives you the egg of life, which you again find in nature, for example in the earliest stages of development, but i dont have anything on that, so we skip it for now.

Pic 3 is the fruit of life seen in sites all over the world, adding a new layer to the circles. it contains all platonic solids, the building blocks of this world. I believe the cube resembles also a lower understanding that entraps you in this world. but viewing the bigger picture, metatrons cube as a symbol, lets you see beyond the cube, the material world and see the universal blueprint and as such proof of higher forces shap

efe888  No.12147376

File: 02d42d6228e5fc7⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 1880x1548, 470:387, sunworship jpg.jpg)

File: 9e1d67a7f5e1af3⋯.png (123.29 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, Black sun.png)


The christian cross on the other hand symbolizes the cube being broken open, freeing us from the material prison it symbolizes

In general a lot of christian symbolism goes back to the sun. In example the cross with the circle around, also called suncross likely comes from the zodiac cross upon which the sun "stands". The Halo or Nimbus you see on a lot of saints, and also other divine figures from other mythologies originally also was just a shining light from behind the person or persons head. In case of Jesus specifically the halo often has the suncross embedded in it too.

So while kikes and muslims have saturn as their symbol of God, christianity has the sun. So dont come me with the "God is Saturn" bullshit

In case of the "Star of David" it likely is Saturn trying to immitate God (with the 33 >>12143049 and the sun symbolism) to make Gods power his own

while we are at it, a lot of the symbols also seem to derive from sunworship as many symbols do. in case of the egypt one it seems to depict the sun touching the water or heaven being united with the earth while unification of polar opposites is an important theme in the occult. One believe was that magic springs into existence where 2 polar opposites meet. good and evil, the above and below, male and female. especially the unification of the last is one of the most holy events in many cultures where the magic of life happens and the first step for the existence of a new human has been made. i believe transgenderism is a perverted form of this, trying to unite male and female in one body/destroying duality

the black sun Is a somewhat difficult issue. My best guess is that it isnt so much meaning our sun. while our sun is the material source of life, giving heat and light for plants to grow enabling all the other life, the black sun (as i believe) is the spiritual source, the divine spark, the source of our divine concioussness. probably the holy spirit, God. Since its round (edgless) its also the opposite of the black cube (edgy). This is a good alternative theory


It describes that the Black Sun is the second focus point Saturn revolves around in its elyptical pathas its black sun (according to this there is one for every planet) is the first one being outside of the earth orbit. Being the invisible counterpart to our Sun kind of fitting my take of it

>Mystic and psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote about the Black Sun or Sol Niger as it pertained to psychology in his alchemical works. The psychiatrist and pioneering LSD therapist Stanislav Grof relates an anecdote of a client who spontaneously experienced a vision of the Black Sun during a session of holotropic breathing. He subsequently associated the symbol with the "core self" of the client, the hidden radiance underlying the "manifest sun" or ego. The alchemist Jean Dubuis, in a lecture before the Philosophers of Nature stated that "this black sun of Saturn is the one that emits all the mystical influences of Saturn. And at that time chances of contact with eternity are maximum." This is the meaning behind Crowley's reference in the Book of Thoth: "According to an ancient tradition, the sun is also black."

many say its directly saturn, it may is, i dont really know to be honest. but i dont think the black sun and the black cube would be the same as they are rather opposites (edgy and round). if it is indeed the spiritual influence of saturn, saturns sun, then it may represent spiritual corruption and death as the planet is material

efe888  No.12147378

File: 07e63169bcd403f⋯.jpg (234.85 KB, 1006x483, 1006:483, Brain-universe.jpg)


People even claim that Jesus is just a metaphore for the sun. Son/sun of God, turns water into whine like the sun giving light and energy to the grapes which turn the water into whine, walking on water like the sun when rising or setting behind the ocean standing right on the surface (look at that pic of the egyptian ankh with the other sun symbolisms) making the blind see by giving light and in general being the source of life by giving heat and energy. The 12 apostles like the 12 zodiacs. Jesus being put on a cross, while the sun (astrologically) stands on a cross marking the 4 seasons. He is often depicted with a halo, which originally is just a shining light from behind the person (light like from the sun) also together with suncross in its halo giving further connections to the jesus/sun relationship.

But there is again the small saying "as above, so below"

as above so below has a lot of applications.

one is that what happens in the stars happens on the earth (astrology)

this furthermore means the small things are the same as the big and made of the same (fractal universe) Like electrons orbit the nucleus the planets orbit the the sun which orbits the center of the galaxy etc


Your mind (above) influences the material world (below) and vice versa.

What happens in the heavens happens on the earth to and vice versa.

And of course as the Sun of God above, so does the Son of God below

also pic 2 relating back toeverything being conciousness of God (will get to this) and >>12142329 making all the charges in this world possibly kind of neural impulses.

bab21e  No.12147391




Dumb kike.

ae29fa  No.12147419


efe888  No.12147449

File: 03478307bc54325⋯.jpg (100.68 KB, 585x796, 585:796, UFO Painting.jpg)

File: e17ee8e3f1f42de⋯.png (517.34 KB, 442x595, 26:35, baptism christ.png)

UFOs are an ancient phenomena. The hindu legends include vimanahs, flying castles or even cities of the gods

New Jerusalem in the revelation also descends from the sky/heavens, and likely is a UFO too

Aztec gods came in a ship that moved on its own.

Pic 1 is a painting in Church of the Dominican Monastery, in the town of Sighisoara, Romania. below it reads "Israel, hope for the lord" from either 14th or 17th century (depending on wether its from before or after the rebuilding of the church)



When someone was "brought up to God/the heavens" how likely is it a UFO took them towards the sky, out of view where they then got brought into the hollow earth (which I believe to be the biblical paradise

I believe the knowledge of how the UFOs work is actually one of the divine knowledge brought by the (fallen) angels

There are rumors about the Vril-Societys women channeling some enthities to get the knowledge. While I didnt come across any good source for this claim (just see it over and over) if real i very well could believe they could have channeled those living in the hollow earth or(/and [in case they are the same]) angels to get those things to work

also the Nazis had Flying Saucers too



didnt read that book yet, but appearently enoch, wise man that went with God, one day left to go where God is. he walks 8 days, followed by others who didnt want to be seperated from enoch even though telling him to go back,, until he reaches a place with snow and rocks of snow (ice?). there a fiery whirlwind takes him up to where God is and is not to be seen again. Did enoch go to the north/south pole into the hollow earth?

c00caa  No.12147461

2e58e2  No.12150615

File: 09b56e4f4cedca0⋯.jpg (116.75 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 30239039.jpg)


a5bbd1  No.12150628


we were kings as proven by genetic evidence. smh

b64f37  No.12151210

efe888  No.12153358

File: e9f3d83b66d31f9⋯.jpg (202.85 KB, 865x860, 173:172, Toroid Universe.jpg)


If you considder ayys to be spiritual and remember that the remote viewing project was called "stargate" you basically get the story of the stargate series, but instead of traveling physically to other worlds they visited them in spirits and met other entities, (((ayys))) there.


page 18 shows basically a cut through of a toroid as the shape of the universe. The toroid form can more or less be found in different symbolism like >>12147211 or or the black sun >>12147376 which seem like a shematic display of it.

It also mentions the holographic nature of reality, which usually gets interpreted as "this world is a simulation".

simulation theory is accurate to describe the events and properties of this world, but its implications are wrong.

this world is more like a simulation than people care to admit, which makes sense since simulations simulate reality and thus have to function on a similar principles. but i dont think reality is a simulation.

Simulation theory like david icke is just rehashed genesis with a masonic front. you have God, the divine creator and switch it with some pleb outside the matrix that build the simulation. you have the spiritual realm you switch out with another layer of the material realm. In some variations like the saturn moon matrix one of icke you have satan/saturn and instead of being the one talking you into sin and corrupting and lying it casts a projection that is the cause for all the bad.

Masons believe in a purely mechanical universe afaik and that would be perfectly it

Another interesting thing in it, page 11

>contrary to what everyone knows is so, it may not be the brain that produces conciousness- - but rather conciousness that creates the appearence of the brain

this implies on one side that determinism is bullshit as our thoughts and mind isnt just a reaction to outside stimula and enables free will because of it. it also implies that the conciousness is not coming from the brain itself, that its something outside the brain and heavily implies the existence of something soullike not bound to the body

I consider this world to be like a thought or dream of God. Then those vibrations and charges all around us might actually be kind of brainwaves>>12147378 and neural impulses >>12142329. i think in that concept also lies the holy trinity

Imagine this world like a dream, or thought of God. In your dream your mind/conciousness makes up the entire world. This is the holy spirit. You can then appear as an avatar of yourself in it and interact with people directly. This would be the equivalent of the son. Then there is the you outside the dream which then possibly is the Father. Now considering the occult principle of As above, so below, we can deduce that the higher realms relate to the lower ones, like our, this, world relates to our dreams.

>1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Now imagining that "in the beginning was the word" actually meant "thought" or "concepts" than it pretty much fits i believe

efe888  No.12155546

File: 33dd91743ea57db⋯.jpg (17.83 KB, 450x318, 75:53, maltese prime.jpg)

File: 2cf08df273121fa⋯.jpg (215.15 KB, 1884x1412, 471:353, assyrian flag.jpg)


The sun is just one origin of those symbols though. In example

when you place the numbers around in circle, with 24 positions like the pic 1 and keep going in circles the prime numbers accumulate themselves where the cross edges on the circle

so on one hand it appearently symbolizes the sun radiating like a lot of other symbols, but also derives from the prime numbers

24 also is a relatively significant number in the occult

no coincidence the day was seperated in 24 hours for example

Like probably pretty much all of the symbols it has multiple meanings and origins. Some are simultaniously mystic, mathematic and physical in origin and meaning. However I can only go into a few of those because of too few space to write as well as simply not knowing more in depth


This goes on to use one of shakespears titlepages to proof how mathematic principles were known by the elite before they tell the common plebs

aside from mathematics playing a role, frequency does play a role in the origin of the symbols as well


0:56 suncross

1:27 the sunwheel

1:35 the assyrian star (pic 2)

1:45 is pretty much the symbol of the ogdoad (the 2 squares turned 45° to another, representing the 4 primevil forces of creation (the squares) in its female and male aspects (2 squares)

and probably a whole bunch of other symbols i just dont recognize

a0b123  No.12155886

File: 11085d91c236479⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.22 KB, 544x800, 17:25, 2002_original.jpg)

What the fuck? do you post this shit monthly. your past 5 threads (which are exactly all the same) died because they suck shit, just like this one.


efe888  No.12160340

File: 96a19680c85719c⋯.jpg (37.52 KB, 480x360, 4:3, frequency.jpg)

File: d9249fa022f72f8⋯.jpg (191.22 KB, 577x942, 577:942, frequency notes.jpg)



These 2 videos explain very well how our units of meassurements are by no way arbitary, and that we use a base 60 system in a lot of cases for a reason, like the 60 seconds in a minute, the 60 minutes in hour. the 6 times 60 degrees in a circle

You may know that originally the tuning of the A note was set at 432 hertz. Using this tuning you will see how the other notes will all have corresponding frequency numbers to the degrees of angles in certain shapes. there is a Note on 360hz, like the 360° of the circle, on 180 hz like the triangles angle, 720° of a hexagon have a corresponding note in hertz and so on. In fact the only one that doesnt have a correlating note is the pentagon with its 540° angles. This furthermore is in tune with the great year based on the precission of the equinoxes which lasts 25.920 years.




Through the system of 360° in a circle we tuned precisely our instruments onto the great year and having it also be in harmony with our notesystem. The Mayans that pinpointed the earths wobble to 1°/72 years which was encoded in Angkor wat


At around 27:00. The sumerians said they recieved the knowledge about this system from the Annunaki. reminder all this was done thousands of years ago

Furthermore if you go back to the seed of life >>12147211

or any of the other patterns you will see how each of those angles you see are 60° angles fitting again the tuning of all the other units.

for (((some))) reason they started changing the tuning from 432 to 440hz resulting in pretty much none of the whole fitting together into. if you look at pic related you see how the 432hz result in a sun pattern >>12147376

while the 440hz create a hexagon/cube >>12147211

A good theory i heard about the 432 tuning is that its meant to be tuned into the Schumann resonance


at 7,83hz, which got rounded up to 8 and based on that also is in tune with the rest of the system.

further more 432^2 is the speed of light in miles per second with over 99% accuracy

the sun is is 865k miles in diameter. 432*2=864 being less than 1% off of the diameter when taken *1000

the moon is 2159 miles in diameter. 432/2=216 again less than 1% off of the diameter when taken *10

Also an Anon brought up how both, circle and square have 360 degree, and thus are the same in some sense, and yet direct opposite (round and edgy) this opposition is also found in symbolism, with the square often being male and the circle female, the square being the earth or material plane and the circle the divine and spiritual. The numbers of degrees connecting them may is the reason these 2 are used in opposition with another


according to the electrical universe theory ala thunderbolts project there was some electric discharchge between planet resulting in a huge bolt of plasma strucking the planet



second video isi think about some experimentation on the plasmadischarge thing

8a7ee0  No.12160363


1e4f25  No.12170526

If we keep this from falling off the board the faggot OP can't recreate his trash thread again

7244ba  No.12173057


whoa this thread was good before talking about angels and gods and shit as if they were real

962488  No.12173126

File: c9ec60186ed2843⋯.jpg (42.96 KB, 400x426, 200:213, 1522505934534.jpg)


So mods are just going to let this disinfo kike drop this same bluepill over and over just like he does on cuckchan every week? Great…

It's a copypasta and it's dumb as youtube alex jones shit

fae429  No.12173257

23956a  No.12173263


Bump because historic fact that destroys the jewish narrative absolutely terrifies you.

81ddaf  No.12173269

File: e5b57d2fb8ecc3e⋯.jpg (8.82 KB, 275x183, 275:183, index.jpg)



>Bump because historic fact

It's a copy/pasta Davik Icke thread and not history. It's pure disinfo based on Luciferian controlled memes. Go listen to your Rogan podcaste, pop that DMT, then walk outside and scream at the ayys in the sky.

23956a  No.12173277


>no argument whatsoever

Jews aren’t white, moishe.

81ddaf  No.12173281




You guys noticing this yet?

efe888  No.12177281

File: 5a4425bfdc797b6⋯.png (481.65 KB, 1773x1061, 1773:1061, Pardes.png)

File: 509a5533499212d⋯.gif (41.41 KB, 508x338, 254:169, toroid.gif)


really makes me think how noone claiming this is bullshit is able to refute anything and just claims im a shill or whatever


schlomo in pic 1 later appeared in another thread again, said he asked his rabbi who just stated that its a nothingburger and that there is nothing to it seemingly not wanting to talk further about it.

also regarding pic related:

the hebrew alphabet doesnt have any vowels, so both paradise and pardes would both be written the same (prds) giving another connection


The Sacred Cenote (Spanish: cenote sagrado, American Spanish: [ˌsenote saˈɣɾaðo], "sacred well"; alternatively known as the "Well of Sacrifice") refers to a noted cenote at the pre-Columbian Maya archaeological site of Chichen Itza, in the northern Yucatán Peninsula

>According to post-Conquest sources (Maya and Spanish), pre-Columbian Maya sacrificed objects and human beings into the cenote as a form of worship to the Maya rain god Chaac

throwing stuff in a hole to worship their gods which leads me back to subterranian worlds too. also think of wishing wells, where you throw a coin into a whole of the earth to gain favor of the gods which seems to be a more casual version of


>as an initiation rite, covered himself with gold dust and submerged in Lake Guatavita

Or a more recent one


>After she learned to speak English, the girl explained that she and her brother had come from Saint Martin's Land, a subterranean world inhabited by green people.


On the Physics of hollow earth. Usually, applying mainstream physics, it the hollow sphere would collapse under its own gravity.

However try to imagine it like the legends of hollow earth state that the earth has an inner sun.

Now this inner sun creates a magnetic field (the very one we use for compasses). Now imagine that like its rumored that gravity doesnt exist, but that its actually another aspect of the electromagnetism, namely the van der waals forces relating the aspect of gravity to magnetic fields, like in example the one of the inner sun. This inner sun could create something similar to the Hutchison effect


tl;dw: via electromagnatic vibrations you can let nonmagnetic/metallic/conductive materials levitate.

If this happens to be the case the crust may alignes itself with everything on it in the shape of a toroid around the inner sun present in legends about the inner earth, "locking" everything in the field of influence onto the position of the crust in a toroid shape resulting in a spehrical object with polar openings like the standard hollow earth model

furthermore if this is the basis of gravity all that is needed to overcome gravity should be electromagnetism

624410  No.12177292

OP is a german turkroach, his mother was a race traitor, sage

3ad2e4  No.12177413

File: b796fcde3b40f05⋯.jpg (793.89 KB, 1814x1201, 1814:1201, 3rd eye pineal brain egypt.jpg)



>really makes me think how noone claiming this is bullshit is able to refute anything and just claims im a shill or whatever

You've been refuted for about a year now on cuckchan and you never change your copypasta!

You were btfo hard here and you still just made the same generic thread again. Because you're a kike, and not a real person.

efe888  No.12177434


all i ever get is "you are wrong because i say so". but go on, refute any of what i say then.

>still doesnt realize his pic has the wrong side of the brain applied to the make up

3ad2e4  No.12177499

File: 4a9c9b77d0b758b⋯.png (851.63 KB, 2080x1394, 1040:697, podesta aliens pedo.png)



>all i ever get is "you are wrong because i say so". but go on, refute any of what i say then.

You're a fucking liar. You've been told over and over again why.

You believe in fucking space demons. You're just working for the globalist's project bluebeam shit. You're a useful idiot. That's why they made Xfiles and the (((history channel))) sells this shit. They want the stupest motherfuckers on the planet to think its "Revelations" when they show us all the anti-gravity ships they have.

You were just explained the egyptain eye thing in the post you responded to and ignored it. You copypaste everything the same after people try to teach you. Because you're a shill and you dont care about learning. We dont learn from people like you. You learn from people like us. This isn't 4chan or some weirdo loser youtube channel that mixes confused ideas of the bible, and half-ass science, and aliens to create a new modern narrative. They Communists in Brazil would love you. The government pays for Annunaki propaganda all the time. Because they're tricking you. You have real enemies. You have real problems. They want you to ignore this and play in fantasy worlds.

efe888  No.12177514

File: 4bf2655e37b6cb7⋯.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, bushman pedo.png)

File: 250de276c8811cd⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 300x400, 3:4, Chakra.jpg)


i never said anything about spacealiens, in fact i usually state that they are spiritual entities and not from outer space.

your pic doesnt explain shit but maybe you want to explain to show otherwise.

eitherway, since you mentioned aliens:

The stories of alien abductions and demonic possessions are all pretty similar They often run in the family, include violent sexual acts (like anal probing), unableness to move or speak and a general sense of being scared. Also both are reported to just stop when calling out to Christ for help

Now there are people that claim aliens come around and give us knowledge and technology. Think of Paul Hellyer, former minister of defense of canada


or Podesta rambling on about alien disclosure. Now I assume everyone knows about Pizzagate here, which brings me to the next person talking a lot about ayys giving us technology, Boyd Bushman


at 2:36 you can see the pedotriangle dangling in the background.

What did the demons and fallen angels do in the past? They gave humanity knowledge we arent supposed to have yet, same the ayys do now.

And if you know about Pizzagate you also know how its all about satanism

So we have satanic sodomizers talking about (((ayys))) giving us technology. The sodomy supposedly makes one also more receptive to the spiritual, kind of a shortcut, but probably like falling off a cliff is the shortcut of getting down from a mountain. You can be sure that the higher ups underwent the same practices as their victims (just without the murder at the end) which results in

a) Brainwashing, they will eventually thing this is normal behavior, especially the kids, and later will continue the practice

2. Blackmail, one steps out of line you expose the crimes they did during those rituals

III: Shortcut to spirituality.


>cruz said demons told him to shoot up the school

I believe:

Grey Alien= Demons aka spirits of dead Nephilim

Reptillian=Fallen Angels, like Satan, the fallen angel that appeared in Eden in form of a serpent (reptile) and later the dragon

Nordics/Tall whites/Pleiadians=angels/inner earthers

Interestingly ritual abuse, as well as demonic possessions, as well as ayy abductions, all feature sodomy


"Coincidently" around the area of the anus there is the rootchakra located. What is the purpose of this one?


>Security, safety


>Basic needs (food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation, etc.)

>Physicality, physical identity and aspects of self


>Support and foundation for living our lives

Remember how rapevictims often are left Traumatized their whole life? Same area.

They trap their victims in an endless feeling of being insecure and vulnarable to have them controllable by corrupting their Root Chakra, and do this by sodomizing them as well as other forms of torture. This seems to be specifically done in satanic brainwashings where the subjects also are forced to be fucked and get fucked by animals


One interesting concept on Chakra I saw is that the chakrapoints are the points where the different strings of nerves connect to the spine. For example the root chakra, in charge of survival instincts security and so on, is the lowest chakra where everything from the waist below connects. Thats why when we are in fear, the primary survivalinstinct, our knees shake or we are about to shit ourselves, because those are the nerves effected by this. Since its the first chakra in line it is also the one that can be the easiest effected and corrupted in example through sodomy it seems in the process corrupting all the other chakras too since the energy afaik flows upwards which it cant if a lower chakra is blocked, corrupting us spiritually which is the reason for the constant fearmogering (also a form of mindcontrol) and also the very area satan picks up, abusing those fears to corrupt us by making us value our well being more than others. Thats also why we are told in the bible to not fear and trust the lord as the fear itself already corrupts us and opens us up to more.

Some graphics showed the root chakra even to be associated with saturn, relating to satan, but would have to look more into that.

efe888  No.12177519

File: 4c630346526686a⋯.jpg (24.61 KB, 350x439, 350:439, Kim Noble.jpg)

File: df2df5c0aa671fd⋯.jpg (540.1 KB, 1008x1580, 252:395, circumcission.jpg)

Now What is MKUltra? It is the CIA program working on mindcontrol methods which (((officially))) was stopped in 1973. They kidnapped drunks, prostitutes, homeless, and whoever else they could find from the streets to perform these experiments on them (next time you see a crazy hobo, maybe you realize why he is so crazy)

How is it performed? Basically they torture and stress you until your personality breaks into multiple people and you develop a dissociative identity disorder also known as multiple personality disorder. These methods include outright torture, waterboarding, sleep deprivation, being forced to look at strobing lights



and basically everything else that induces stress and Trauma. They furthermore aid it with the use of drugs (likely LSD or something similar). Eventually they build in some trigger, like always having a certain picture (like the monarch butterfly) on the wall during the process or making the subject wear a special shirt making it aware that the torture starts resulting in a certain personality they desire to come to the front. These new personalities can be then shaped pretty much freely and often dont know about the other personalitiy. It appears that the younger the subject is the better this works.

Is this still being done? You tell me


Some possibly are just druguse or fake (like the first one possibly is) but I advice to check the Britney Spears one at 7:25

Pic related an artwork of Kim Noble who underwent heavy abuse resulting in her personality being split. Extra attention on the Handkerchief below the kid, likely "drawing" the Pizza related map on it right now


Catching fluids as kind of a souvenir

This can all be summerized to "weakening ones mental and spiritual fortitude in whatever possible way" to make them controllable. If they are controllable to humans they also are to spirits and at that point the rituals and symbols come into play to call demons, as they are not omnipresent and otherwise would just miss the opportunity to take control

Some anons account on something related


>I have this early childhood memory and I am swarmed with fear currently when I write this. It's hard. I remember that it was night and I was probably 3-4 and I was in my room alone. I saw this classic flyng alien plate stop in front of my window.

>I also have another memory. An alien pictured on the wardrobe again in the middle of the night, it was only made from light.

>Also around this time I started wanting to be alone and perform this weird sexual thing where I would prostrate so that my ass is up and vulnerable.

>I am not gay to this day and I remember doing this once.

>WHAT THE FUCK totally mindfucked atm.



>Last year I have this weird dull pain between my scrotum and anus, couldn't sit without a donut pillow. 6 weeks of antiobiotics, lot of painkillers, nothing works. In january I had an Ayahuasca ceremony, in the deepest of the journey had this strong urge to pee, I don't know how I reached the bathroom but remember that the urine was dark green almost black. Since that the pain disappear. Weirder part is that the day before the ceremony I had lot of synchronicities and strange things happened. I think that root chakra was retaining some emotional stuff and Ayahuasca help me to release it.

>So, I think there's some truth in the chakra thing.

also in

>It appears that the younger the subject is the better this works

pic related

9bc8ba  No.12178297

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The only Joe Rogan podcast worth listening to imho.

But totally in tune with what we're not supposed to know about our history.

e038f1  No.12179481


Look for Carl Munck - the Code in YouTube.

63120d  No.12179650

poland invaded germany in april 1939 but they got to dresden and had their own stalingrad and by september 1 1939 germany pushed poland back to their own borders

63120d  No.12179655

Belgium doesn't actually exist it was merely made up by the british in ww1 so they could invade germany and explain why the french maginot line failed

63120d  No.12179660

the whole of europe was actually part of the holy roman empire during the middle ages but then the jews assassinated charlemagne and the eastern germans (poles) southern germans (italians and spaniards) mutated due to the jews putting uranium in their water supply and got independence

ba0e56  No.12184550


The voices in his head

aeaf45  No.12185051



it was real in my mind

8a63ac  No.12185062



682c49  No.12185082



For real though what do you guys think? The Atlantis theory in the Sahara was pretty popular here for a few days.

This one seems to fit the overarching timeline better.

682c49  No.12185083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


sorry i am retarded.

a49ba0  No.12185091

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A good one to watch.

490235  No.12186078

the british empire was once part of the german empire but something something jews

b99ae5  No.12186499

File: b858dc170a15b33⋯.jpg (101.23 KB, 630x560, 9:8, JchQXub.jpg)



Remember that our human history is about 2.5 million to 5 million years according to all scientific evidence. AMH is a specific term but does not mean something very much like AMH wasn't there before more recent proofs of civilizations.

efe888  No.12187627


there is a second part to this >>12143049


0b8b4f  No.12187684

File: 00ad24bb6aaba05⋯.jpg (24.15 KB, 220x300, 11:15, Carl_Sagan_Planetary_Socie….JPG)


(((scientific evidence)))

fae429  No.12187864

(((Robert sepehr))) copypasta thread.

efe888  No.12187874


>implying you are not robert sepher himself trying to take credit for my threads

34cd12  No.12187881

File: 121aa8c0f74c449⋯.jpg (151.44 KB, 600x1733, 600:1733, cymatics.jpg)

File: 08e7fc9b46086d2⋯.jpg (65.78 KB, 657x496, 657:496, base_10_to_60_3835_convert….jpg)

File: df3ddfdbf548ece⋯.jpg (80.64 KB, 580x360, 29:18, cymatic-sumerian-tablet1.jpg)



A cymatic pattern very closely resembling the Assyrian star from the Sumerian tablet appears around 3835hz



This video shows someone tuning 3.835khz on a radio and receiving rhythmic noise. It could be RF interference from anything, maybe anons with ham radio equipment can verify if this is the case?

Is there any significance to this frequency?

Why wouldn't the assyrians have just written it in babylonian numerals as (pic attached)? Though 3835 is our base 10 representation, is there any evidence of that sumerian tablet featuring the base 60 arabic numerals (pic attached) converted to babylonian numerals? (pic attached in my next post)

Sumerian and Babylonian mathematics was based on a sexegesimal, or base 60, numeric system, which could be counted physically using the twelve knuckles on one hand the five fingers on the other hand. Unlike those of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, Babylonian numbers used a true place-value system, where digits written in the left column represented larger values, much as in the modern decimal system, although of course using base 60 not base 10.

Babylonians inherited their number system from the Sumerians and from the Akkadians. Babylonians used base 60 number system. Unlike the decimal system where you need to learn 10 symbols, Babylonians only had to learn two symbols to produce their base 60 positional system. This converter converts from decimal to babylonian numerals. Enter the number to translate to Babylonian numeral.

Its a stretch, but feel free to expand on this… could the cymatic patterns on display in the tablets be a graphical representation of an alternative universal numeral system?

Perhaps ancient jewelers and artisans hammering thin copper wire, plates, and bowls had stumbled upon a crude form of a crystal radio used for primitive 1 or 2 way communication, and became interested in khz-range frequencies?

34cd12  No.12187886

File: 70433782f809333⋯.png (5.98 KB, 343x85, 343:85, babylonian_numerals_3835.png)

File: b22f30c8ae5ce0f⋯.png (7.46 KB, 334x178, 167:89, 1-3-55_base60_numerals.png)

8ff84b  No.12187896


You can not refute the fossil evidence to be honest. The fact is that Humans did most likely originate from Africa, but not as modern sub-Saharan African Bantus. We're talking about a timeframe of millions of years, whereas sub-Saharan Africans have been around for about a quarter million years. The only reason why you'd get upset over this fact is because you don't understand the power of speciation.

742be2  No.12187901


8ff84b  No.12187907


Now the proof that humans had an African origin is just common sense. Our closest non-Human relatives are still alive in Africa to this day (Bonobos, Chimpanzees, Bantu-speaking sub-Saharan Africans) so this is simply the most likely neighborhood we walked out of.

34cd12  No.12187913




Also, does anyone have a legible, high-res photo of the tablet of Ashtur?

I want to see if any of those numerals appear in that order

742be2  No.12187917




Will you fucking traitors stop bumping this shill thread? Make a real one.

efe888  No.12187921



out of africa theory is outdated



well, multiple theories. maybe that frequency had a special meaning to them which is why they used a symbol derived from that frequency. or it may be that they had some connection to whatever the symbol represents and that this connection resulted in other connections comming up to it by "coincidence" (i believe there is some causality beyond what we can grasp that at times lets symbols and concepts line up with another in the most different areas seemingly at random)

however your pic is a bit too pixilated to make out any numerals there.

8ff84b  No.12187931



Still doesn't address the fact that our closest relatives are African. Not only that, but OOA is just wrong on its timeframe. Humans left Africa a whole lot sooner than what OOA proposes, and they weren't modern sub-Saharan Africans when they left like what OOA also says.

8ff84b  No.12187936


Well it looked like there was productive discussion so I wanted to bump.

efe888  No.12187944


what makes you think we originated there? could also be we originated elsewhere, migrated to africa due to climate, food or whatever, and then after some time when it elsewhere got more habitable again we left africa again?

8ff84b  No.12187954


Well, considering the fact that there are few regions of the world as hospitable to human life as a savanna, and the fact that we've found so many developed genera of hominids in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia region), it would make an African origin most likely. Now, remember, I am not saying we were ever a race of dark-skined, wide-nosed primates like modern sub-Saharans, only that we were once a single population that diverged into the modern races, which is self-evident anyway since we share common ancestry with all other terrestrial organisms.

8ff84b  No.12187956


so many fossilized genera of hominids*

34cd12  No.12190604


>Will you fucking traitors stop bumping this shill thread? Make a real one.

>Upset by the existence of alleged "slide" thread

>Suggestes additional threads me created

Please put a gun to the roof of your mouth

d9051f  No.12190643


85a745  No.12192344


yeah, also weird that those guys never actually try to refute anything posted in here but just scream "shill" or "slidethread"

da43fd  No.12192355

File: 31c1b75a76cbe84⋯.jpg (102.57 KB, 466x600, 233:300, Betty-Grable-p255-466x600.jpg)


Top of board:

Jews pretending to be Druids

"history of history channel bait"

4chan bait threads belong on 4chan. It's becoming embarrasing to come here.

da43fd  No.12192358



>yeah, also weird that those guys never actually try to refute anything posted in here but just scream "shill" or "slidethread"

pfffff right…



85a745  No.12192380


non of those post actually refer to anything i posted nor refute it. just "you posted it already" with the claim i was refuted. but no actual refutation happening

ac7a0f  No.12192441



>non of those post actually refer to anything i posted nor refute it.

Just read them. Yes they did. You're a fucking liar 4chan shill.

85a745  No.12192521

File: a9374ddb23f9bce⋯.png (845.59 KB, 1902x785, 1902:785, sceptic.png)


then good for you that everyone can read them and see for themselves how it systematically refutes the points i made

8664a7  No.12192531

File: 66fb5ef0e7b3d40⋯.jpg (74.85 KB, 859x737, 859:737, serial pepe.jpg)


>4chan bait threads belong on 4chan. It's becoming embarrasing to come here.

It's a fucking disgrace what's happen to /pol/

778a50  No.12192599

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Marduk will come back and destroy all the jews.

8664a7  No.12192625



(((/druid/))) (((mod))) shilling another middle eastern god as white. Fucking hell this place is shit now.


It's the 3rd time and it's the same fucking pasted shit!

778a50  No.12192656


Kassites were old Aryan Iranians.

778a50  No.12192745

File: 75693cd164e8a74⋯.jpg (113.81 KB, 638x479, 638:479, shemot-32-638.jpg)

hyksos are the kikes.

ccf80f  No.12192773

Take your meds.. Really do something productive instead of posting loads of infographs

0d6afe  No.12192792

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Just going to leave this here.

c6e6a3  No.12192812

File: 3723bf6b1bcca2a⋯.png (484.38 KB, 600x884, 150:221, 200%_triggered.png)


>Fuck witeppow! Fucking whites trying to steal our based middle eastern KANGZ CULTCHA!

It's the same mixed up brown nigga boi that was enslaved by juden and blames Europeans for his failure. You can't farm or fight when it comes down to murder…but you sure whine like a bitch eh boi?

a1ac4d  No.12192827

Half of the posts ITT are Moarpheus samefagging switching IPs and posting "sage" before reeing.

d64863  No.12192887


>Well, considering the fact that there are few regions of the world as hospitable to human life as a savanna

What makes you think tens of thousands of years ago that Africa would be the only savannas? The truth of the mater is that the most primitive ape ancestors came from Africa, but modern humans most definitely came from Eastern Europe, the Caucus region in particular. The different races I'd wager came from a die off event which occurred 75,000 years ago caused by the eruption of a super volcano in Indonesia. That would have brought humans down to a very low number of isolated groups that would have then lost genetic drift into each other. Niggers having bred with more ape-like creatures below the Sahara, and locked there due to the barrier the desertification of the Northern part of the continent.

778a50  No.12193059

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Marduk is the only non-Semitic god he killed tiamat the kike dragon and Kingu her son.

5de8e0  No.12193228


Is that guy a kike?

682c49  No.12194020

24c53e  No.12195548

(((Druid-Pedo spamming kike thread three)))

24c53e  No.12195562




778a50  No.12195677

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Let the Kike Tell you about his Histroy of Being a Hyksos Kike.

08f8f0  No.12195687


I think you fail to understand what the other poster is saying.

Everything you are saying happened. Sure maybe modern humans evolved outside of Africa. The point being made is the most recent common ancestor for all humanity evolved in Africa.

At some point this animal left Africa and underwent significant genetic drift to make all the different variations on humanity.

Logically the genetic drift is easier if every ancestor isn't trapped in Africa and equally logically at one point all our ancestors had to be one population in one region.

Both stories are true but at different times. The only relevant question is if we classify the common ancestor as "human" or not.

8ff84b  No.12195718



The Hyksos were Assyrian, not Jewish. There is no truth in the false Book of Exodus.

340618  No.12195729

egyptians were not white. egyptian religion is highly semtiic, the truth lies in india.

778a50  No.12195832


But their kingdom had Canaanites kikes.

778a50  No.12195842

File: 74d9f94148278bf⋯.jpeg (68.81 KB, 464x211, 464:211, d36a0ac3-1f1b-4a6f-a027-6….jpeg)

682c49  No.12196244


Egyptians were white. the semitic taint is a recent thing.

6ac704  No.12196791


Post source

05c011  No.12197851

File: c89c37b28fed3d3⋯.jpg (266.99 KB, 960x960, 1:1, amalek.jpg)

File: b5f35becebd2253⋯.jpg (403.51 KB, 1600x1120, 10:7, Swastika Worldmap.jpg)


well, i do believe that kikes are just canaanites >>12142483 that mixed with enough people to get rid of the mark and become "white" again and also an above 100 iq so they can do their degeneracy and sheming behind closed doors instead of in the open like niggers so that kind of fits.

also note that the ones essau got involved with were the amalek, seen as the great ever returning enemies of the jews/israelites and appearently some suggested hitler and the nazis were a reincarnation of those. . your pic suggest that they themselves are the amalek instead and since whites are likely the actual israelites >>12142391 it would the kikes once again playing bizarro world projecting their own issues onto others

282b48  No.12198397

File: e3ad39064a69614⋯.jpeg (119.14 KB, 694x463, 694:463, script1.jpeg)

File: 98b30f850f41d2c⋯.jpeg (22.63 KB, 694x234, 347:117, script2.jpeg)


Old pottery from the iron age found with writing, dating to 2500-2800 years ago in the Netherlands.

>Alleen mensen in het gebied rond de Middellandse Zee waren 2.500 jaar geleden het schrift machtig. (Only people in the area around the Mediterranean Sea had mastered the skill of writing.)

Found in a simple farmers home. Made from clay from the region, inscription they know 100% sure was added during creation and not later. Found traces of oil/animal fat, pot was presumably an oil-lamp of some kind.

Potje van Lent.

a3cde5  No.12198527


Egyptian nobility were white. They ruled over an underclass of subhuman mongrels.

ed1cef  No.12211257


b2133b  No.12212907

File: 50deace672d8aab⋯.jpg (75.14 KB, 850x400, 17:8, tesla vibration.jpg)

File: 880523f4794fe39⋯.jpg (94.53 KB, 1381x455, 1381:455, seal of saturn.jpg)

If you wonder why they put the symbols everywhere

Think about everything as a frequency or wave on the most basic level. Emotion has its own wave, so does facial expression. Now usualy the emotional wave frequency of being happy influences the facial expression wave to change its frequency to smile. However this also seems to work vice versa


the wave for the facial expression changes the wave for the emotion. Important here is that one wave can influence another. This doesnt only work with your own waves, but can be transmitted to others too (people cheering others up or dragging them down). Now symbols on one scale are also just waves that are sent out and influence other waves.

The right frequency on the right material might affects its weight, or the effect of gravity on it and depending on the wave/frequency pretty much everything.

I believe this is the reason why (((they))) put their symbols everywhere. Those symbols send out waves/frequencies that effect those around them and possibly reality itself. think of the pyramid, the 666 in all the logos, the all seeing eye and whatever else there is. they all, on some level, are just vibrations, waves and frequencies, influencing those around it. And i believe that to be the cause behind the shapeshifting too. If they are then actually offspring of the fallen angels or them themselves no idea, might as well be that their character/characterwave is just very similar to those which sometimes causes a reception error.

Also this could be the plane on which magic works, the right words, movements, symbols, words or just thoughts create the right waves to influence reality and this is likely the reason (((they))) put them everywhere. And on this plane Saturn, like all planets and stars, are influencing us as well

these symbols have multiple purposes though. For one it singals safe havens for fellow initiated. they need some advice, contact or whatever they cant ask anyone? go somewhere with the right sign, make the secret handshake, and you either get some help, or it will be an awkward greeting as the other guy doesnt know about it, but you dont get in jail.

On a metaphysical level i believe encoding the 6s or the 33 for that matter helps manifesting something in this layer of existence. Like snowflakes and icecrystals form hexagonal shapes, or cells, how carbon is the base for life etc. you can use that principle for your brand, or your company, or even your will.

33 stands for Gods promise, and what is a greater force for creation or manifestation than God promising it will be? So (((they))) abuse this knowledge by encoding stuff symbolizing the promise, the 33, the star of david >>12143049 and the 6 (3+3=6) >>12147211for worldy pleasures and riches

Also you see the Mason symbolism in 9/11, with the 2 towers, boaz and jachin, the sun and moon, male and female, the duality and by extent this world, being destroyed to create a new world out of it, out of the 2 towers the one world trade center, trading the old for the new world (order)

note that this is all about material comfort and wealth and power, using the symbols to accomplish precisely this, gaining an adventage over others by abusing the divine principles this world works on, which is where its evil stems from and resembles the satanism through its usuage as well.

Also note that in the "star of David" each corner in the small triangles (and big too of course) are 60 degrees


>Even the so called "star of david"

no such thing, there is only the seal of solomon which probably also is the star of remphan. there never is a star of david mentioned and the reason people call it like that is so that it gets associated with the good king david and thus is seen as something good instead of the king solomon which got corrupted. >>12143049 and is associated with saturn and used for black magic.

Also what makes you think odin, jesus, quetzacoatl and so on are the same? jesus is the sun and jupiter at times, quetzacoatl however is the venus, odin iirc is saturn

3ad2e4  No.12213263



Besides, it's the same one over and over and over, you post the same 120+ spammed comments. 4chan got rid of you for this.

e8f234  No.12213330


I've read that Atlantis is located somewhere in Russia, it was a man-made island, and it ended in catastrophic flooding and submersion.

695b12  No.12223330


there is also the theory that moskau is the real jerulasem. just saying

cf8d1f  No.12223365


sage all Kampfy threads

2c5ef1  No.12223389

File: 89f98ea512910f3⋯.png (133.92 KB, 366x354, 61:59, 89f98ea512910f31ec70e446ed….png)


basically empty universe, basically empty brain cell


I'm surprised a /pol/ history of everything started with Egypt and not "der juden" but from what I recall of old structures, they point basically to North/South East/West. The Romans and other civs used to do things that way, based on the sun's position. The druids did it. It was a common thing back when the sun was worshiped as an omnipotent being.


…aaaand here we have the all important jewry, whose contributions to history include an old testament and accidentallying a whole jesus

4ce214  No.12223594


695b12  No.12227530


bump :^)

306197  No.12227858


>wanted to know more about Atlantis

>spent an autistically large amount of time on this

>found about about Hungarians creating Jews because they were salty Aryans didn't like their carnivore lifestyle and Atlantis was one of multiple Aryans strongholds

>ayy lmao stories hint at Earth being a colony

I never asked for this.

695b12  No.12228099

File: 7b0ce05edf4f5c6⋯.png (140 KB, 500x522, 250:261, crowley lam quote.png)


>>ayy lmao stories hint at Earth being a colony

well, i try to see it in a spiritual way. Not a colony but kind of a sandbox, a testrealm where we can fuck around without wrecking too much while we are learning how to do shit and what shit is and whatever we are meant to learn (likely of good and evil for which we have to experience good and evil so in the end we use our free will to choose good (God) actively and ask to be saved from evil saving us without interfeering with our free will. Somewhere along the time angels were revolting and as a result thrown into this containment realm, the material plane. once here they LARPed as gods so we serve them and to corrupt us in the process.

Nowadays those same entities LARP as ayys >>12177514 >>12177519 but otherwise do the same shit.

Now you get occasionally stories of them coming from a certain star system, however think about how the gods around the world are all associated to the different planets, and often portraying the same traits for the same planets. How likely is it that the planets themselves are conciouss or are the source of different conciousness, just like the stars are too and saying "we come from there" refers to their source of conciousness.

306197  No.12228168


Not simply a sandbox. It's THE sandbox. The ayys are afraid of us. The planet, call it Gaia, simply likes us and they have a problem with it.

682c49  No.12228445


I don't buy into the grey ayyyyyys theory, but I think its possible white people were colonists from Mars. Mars was destroyed somehow, it has a scar to prove it and theres countless amounts of doctored nasa photos with hidden objects in it

45db23  No.12229705

File: ca3ca108ed3d05c⋯.gif (16.17 KB, 255x233, 255:233, reply.gif)


Correlations in religions and annaki history and reality

The realms (hell…earth..heaven)/The World Tree and rainbows:

-Aztec: Reality consisted of nine realms. It took four years for one to travel from the first to the ninth with the help of psychopomp/escorts.

–Norse: 1) there were nine realms/dimensions/worlds. They were connected by rainbows that the gods used to travel through. The ninth realm seems to have been Asgard. These realms composed a world tree, with asgard at the top. 2) The heroes were allowed into the 9th dimension.

–Christ: 1) The rainbow connected Heaven, the greatest dimension/world/realm, to the earth. 2) Those who obeyed God’s orders were allowed into the 9th dimension.

(((((((((Genesis 9:12:13 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations: I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

Revelation 10:1: Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven, wrapped in a cloud, with a rainbow over his head, and his face was like the sun, and his legs like pillars of fire.

Revelation 4:1-11: After this I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven! And the first voice, which I had heard speaking to me like a trumpet, said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” At once I was in the Spirit, and behold, a throne stood in heaven, with one seated on the throne. And he who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian, and around the throne was a rainbow that had the appearance of an emerald. Around the throne were twenty-four thrones, and seated on the thrones were twenty-four elders, clothed in white garments, with golden crowns on their heads. From the throne came flashes of lightning, and rumblings and peals of thunder, and before the throne were burning seven torches of fire, which are the seven spirits of God, …)))))))

–DMT: All people experience 1) shot out of a cannon upwards 2) seeing beautiful intricate designs 3) reaching a calm familiar place 4) being calmed down by entities 5) being shown and taught incomprehensibly beautiful things 6) realizing you feel incredible sadness to leave earth, your friends, and family 7) returning 8) feeling immense gratitude. Also, scientifically speaking, your personality trait of openness increases by “one standard deviation” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2nbnJzervs )

Creation of the first humans:

Christ: God mixed water and dirt to make clay and created adam in his image. From adam, he made eve out of his liver(?).

Norse: Odin used fire and water to create Ashk (ash tree) the man, and Ehve (elm tree) the woman.

Annannaki: Annannaki created “aggogi” slaves via genetic engineering. Then, some Annannaki couldn’t resist and fucked their slaves and created hybrids. These hybrids could be referred to as demi-gods, half superior Annannaki, half inferior Homo Sapien.

Aztecs: created man from ground bones and sacrificed blood

45db23  No.12229718

File: 6d91d9d3171833b⋯.jpg (27.36 KB, 255x255, 1:1, almost.JPG)


The flood:

Christ: flood covered the earth to remove the sinners. Humans gathered animals and survived on a floating ark.

Norse: Giant hermaphrodite was killed. Its blood covered the earth. People survived in floating wooden boxes.

Annannaki: Earth to become uninhabitable, so most annannaki flee to Nibiru

Forbidden fruit:

Christ: garden of eden, where first humans were kept, there was fruit, that God expressly forbade them to eat. The snake/deceiver convinced eve to eat it, and to share it with adam. God banished them from the garden.

Norse: Loki, the snake/deceiver had his life threatened by a giant who could take the form of an eagle. The eagle agreed to spare his life if he could manage to steal the golden apples of immortality from the gods, and give them to him. Loki agreed. A woman named Idan protected a garden of golden apples of immortality. Loki, the snake/chaos, lured the woman far into the wilderness with her apples. There, the eagle swooped in and stole the apples that kept the gods immortal. Now the gods would age and grow weak, and if they didn’t get back the apples, they’d die. The gods promised vengeance on Loki for the treachery.

Greek: Forgotten paradise: Garden of the Hesperides, always depicting it with a serpent-entwined apple tree. the serpent entwines the apple tree with its golden fruit. Herackles, Nimrod, and Hermes all take apples from the willing serpent. The protectors of the garden protest. Hesoerides

Mesoamerican: Tamoanchan. A paradise where Gods created man from ground bones, and sacrificed blood. These items were stolen from Mitclan.


Christ: David destroyed Goliath the giant.

Norse: Giants and the Gods constantly warred. Loki had sex with a giant, fostered a giant son.

Greek: Poseidon had a giant son who was a cyclops. The cyclops, as was as other giants mentioned in the ODYSEEY, were antisocial folk who shpered animals in the mountains. Odysseus happened to crash on the cyclop’s island, and at the lad’s sheep. This led the cyclops to fighting Odysseus and his men. The cyclops fell to a spear held by multiple men. This earned Odysseus Poseidon’s wrath, and a storm was brewed to try to kill him. Luckily Odysseus escaped the storm.

Scottish folklore: one rock fort in Scotland was said to a have been built by a giant for a woman, in the hopes of protecting the woman’s grazing cows.

U.S.: Lots of folk lore about red headed giants. The Smithsonian was recently found to have allegedly destroyed the skeletons of some “giants.”

45db23  No.12229748

File: b04857c4205ea3e⋯.png (437.48 KB, 640x360, 16:9, propoganda0987.PNG)


Regarding how God's are associated with different foreign planets, and how the respective associations correlate with the traits/adaptations of the Gods.

Theosophy, the combination of all religions into one, cited that

1)Earth is the school of magnetic response AKA graduates of the painful degree AKA adjudicators between the polar opposites (we live between opposite-> "all things in moderation" -> too much fire will destroy us, too much cold will destroy us→ balance is key)

2)Jupiter is the school of the beneficent magicians

Sorry, but I'm a novice in Theosophy, and this is just piecemeal from my notes so far. There's more planets with more schools related to them, but I haven't noted them yet.

f11bb0  No.12230597


Hail Jupiter

b16222  No.12230617


chink image

b21537  No.12237907

ayy lmao

8b6703  No.12243662

On jupiter

Jupiter however is known like Zeus, throwing his lightning bolts or thor with his thunder also being lightning to some extent. Now the september prophecy makes a connection between Jupiter and Jesus. The prophecy states a child is born and is continued to be described like Jesus is usually (will rule the world with a rod of iron). What happened was virgo, the virgin, birthed Jupiter in the manner the prophecy told (moon at the feet of virgo clothed with the sun aka the sun was behind virgo and crowned by 12 stars) and Jesus is all about rejection of the flesh, of the material and embracing the spirit which gives somewhat a connection to the lightning >>12142329

>electricity is the very energy that animates your body and in that sense can be seen as a source for the magical and spiritual and probably is one of the reasons the most powerful god is often associated with this.

Zeus, as i see it, is either what God is in the bible or Michael which would fit since Michael is the one who threw Satan (saturn) down to earth as Zeus defeated Cronus.

The way Satan falls here is

>18So He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

So Zeus (Jupiter) defeated Cronus (Saturn)

Thor (Jupiter) locked away Loki (While fairly antagonistic I couldnt identify him as a planet)

Michael threw Satan (Saturn) down to earth with lightning.

In all occasions its Jupiter is BTFOing Saturn (or in the nordic one at least an antagonist) with lightning

In general I believe Jupiter is representative of Gods right hand man. Wether its in form of Michael or God himself appearing in the flesh like Jesus

bdf789  No.12243785


Actually, the Romans identified (((YHWH))) (the one you call "God" for some weird reason even thought that word is an etymological derivative of the word "Odin") with Cronus/Saturn. Your theory fell on its face, especially since you try to filter a superior polytheist pantheon through an inferior monotheist sieve, and completely leave out all the other Gods while doing it. Sad!

3a1b3e  No.12243800

File: b2e9438606cc205⋯.jpg (41.52 KB, 628x446, 314:223, IMG_0687.JPG)

File: a66e522e21fc5be⋯.jpg (95.11 KB, 686x646, 343:323, IMG_0688.JPG)

She is there for the ark

8b6703  No.12243836


>the Romans identified (((YHWH))) (the one you call "God" for some weird reason with Cronus/Saturn

yes, that commonly said, but in the same sense Moloch and Baal are deemed to be Saturn too, and those 2 are inherently opposed to God and as i already stated pretty much all symbolism around God relates to the sun and in case of the september prophecy Jupiter. Didnt see a proper reason why YHWH should be Saturn.

dc3cec  No.12243842


Ayy lmao indeed…. ayy

bdf789  No.12244076


I do. Read your damn Bible and get to the part in the false Book of Exodus to see where (((YHWH))) has those white Egyptian babies killed/sacrificed. That right there is a damn good reason to see (((YHWH))) as the demon he is, and not only that, but the fact that the whole thing is a historical fiction, a fabrication made up by (((his))) (((chosen people))) ought to indicate how sick that demon and his brood are.


A Jewish corruption of what was originally a good spirit. You spread Jewish subversion by implying Moloch is a real thing, but that is understandable since many people were deceived.


Not a God or spirit in any way. "Baal" is a title that was used by many peoples to describe many of their Gods and Goddesses, most of whom were righteous.

8b6703  No.12244112


> Egyptian babies killed/sacrificed

didnt happen, it were the first born, thus the older children. And he didnt demanded them to be sacrificed to him but was a punishment to the egyptians.

>A Jewish corruption of what was originally a good spirit. You spread Jewish subversion by implying Moloch is a real thing, but that is understandable since many people were deceived.

then tell me of the original and provide some source.

>Not a God or spirit in any way. "Baal" is a title that was used by many peoples to describe many of their Gods and Goddesses, most of whom were righteous.

Baal Hammon, the one usually refered to when just saying Baal

bdf789  No.12244154


There is no source for the corruption of Malek aside from what we know of how the Levantine people (Canaanites as rabid Jews say) revered him, as a patron God of industry and of forgeworkers and the like. He was associated with the transformation of ores and whatnot into pure metal, and of course this is where the Jewish corruption targeted, as they made it so that babies would be seen as impure and their ashes into the pure. I am certain you could find something about this, somewhere, but I was told by someone else, and you know how obscure religious understanding can be.

Baal Hammon is but one of many that were called Baal, so you should always clarify.

>Didn't happen

You're damn right the Book of Exodus didn't happen. Good thing too, or else those poor babies would have actually died in reality, but there is no indication of this.

>Punishment to the Egyptians

Your demon-god ought to have punished the Jews, but that's neither here nor there since the story is fiction.

8b6703  No.12250409


i mean give me a source on malek in general showing that he at least has anything in common with moloch.

and again, the egypt thing never was about children but firstborn. they could also have been adults already. the first born is the one usually working for the family and inhereting the leadership of the family. thats why its such a heavy punishment.

Furthermore God is real and is the all mighty. dont let the kikes claiming to be jews make you reject the loving father. as i said already Israelites are white and thus is christianity >>12142391

b97dca  No.12250441

File: 165a7d23aa8c99c⋯.png (120.87 KB, 189x268, 189:268, Screenshot-2018-10-7 pol ….png)

File: 165a7d23aa8c99c⋯.png (120.87 KB, 189x268, 189:268, Screenshot-2018-10-7 pol ….png)


bdf789  No.12250602



Which God? There are many


Meh, heard enough of this bullshit to write a book, but that would do no good since it is demonstrable reality that the Israelites were just as evil and non-White as their Jewish counterparts today.

>Source pls

No luck, I did try to find something but this whole subject seems to have been (((wiped clean))).

8b6703  No.12250651


checked. to be fair i believe its just one guy though. at least 90% of those


>Which God? There are many

there is but one. the others are fallen angels LARPing as gods

bdf789  No.12250659



>Muh middle eastern desert demon is the one true god

>All those snownigger Aryan Gods were just demons in disguise lolz


da43fd  No.12250678

File: 895d06bd03de30d⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 285x320, 57:64, satan jesus.jpg)



>our history?


<Joe Rogan

>all real history threads now banned.

Christians are the sheep of Saturn. They are made to be sheered and eaten.

>Eat his blood

>Drink his flesh


("translated as "Father" but that's not what Jesus said on the cube cross.

8b6703  No.12250700


>>All those snownigger Aryan Gods were just demons in disguise lolz

if you would have read >>12243662 you would see that i believe some are just the story of regular angels mistaken for gods.

Also get your terminology right, fallen angels are not demons, demons are the spirits of the nephilim that died.

and if you would read the thread you would see that the real israelites were whites which makes its religion based around whites as well meaning all the "muh kike religion" argument worthless unless you have proper arguments against whats mentioned in >>12142391. if so let me here it


>Christians are the sheep of Saturn. They are made to be sheered and eaten.

Saturn is Moloch and Baal, both who are clearly stated to be enemies in the bible as well as i believe Satan. Saturn is the time and thus death, the material world, the cube. Christ is the cross which is the cube being opened up freeing us from the material prison

>>Eat his blood

>>Drink his flesh

read >>12142944

but then again you are just the same guy as >>12250555 quoted so i should just ignore you either way since you dont make any arguments ever

bdf789  No.12250717




is a gish gallop based on a false pretense, that the fiction of Noah's Flood actually happened, and that it was even originally Noah (Who did not exist) that survived such a flood, when in fact the original flood myth came from Babylon and described Utnapishtim the survivor of such a flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh which predates your false Jewish Bible by several thousand years.

There is nothing more needing to be refuted, as without this foundational premise, everything else in the post falls apart, or otherwise no longer fits into the "Israelites wuz White Aryans n' sheiit" narrative your deluded Christian Identity friends cooked up.

8d42c5  No.12250746


Jesus is the antithesis of everything evil i.e. jewish. That is the reason for the Eucharist, as an antithesis to the jewish blood sacrifice. Jesus is saying to his disciples instead of eating children to be saved, all they need is to accept him.

Also the reason why the cube unfolds into the cross, Jesus is freeing us from Saturn's hold

8b6703  No.12250768

even if the timeframe is off, that doesnt mean the events are. a global flood did happen though as cultures all around the world tell of.

Also if you leave out Noah you still have to ignore that the spartans, according to the bible, said they are sons of Abraham and since spartans are europeans chances are the others belong to the same family. The vinca runes in europe being pretty much the same in looks to the paleo hebrew alphabet in which the bible was written, the prophecy that abrahams seed will spread across the earth and rule many nations while cultures across the world tell about blonde blue eyed people doing exactly that.

Also on the flood


the Adam and Eve story by Chan Thomas. Didnt read it myself yet, but appearently it speaks of a reoccuring catastrophy destroying civilizations. Supposedly it was classified by th CIA and then a bit cleaned up and declassified.

It puts the time interval between the events to 6-7k years which kind of fits what I came to believe.

The Cataclysm 12,5k years ago I believe was the rain of fire like the aztecs call it >>12142607 aka an astoroid or comet hitting the earth like Göbekli Tepe tells too. The last Cataclysm I trust the bible saying it was around 3k BC, well actually around 2,4k BC, but there is the issue that kikes deleted 600 years out of the life from Shems descendents to pilpull around and claim that Jesus cant possibly be high priest


(ignore the part about the pyramids, on that point the video is actually lacking some stuff, but it explains how all translations come from a faulty scripture.) pushing back the flood 600 years which happens to be at the time couple of cultures around the world seemingly independently created civilizations +- a couple hundred years


They also found something they believe to be the arc which is dated at around the same time (4800 Years)


I believe they are merely the remnants of what survived

However if the time frames inbetween are always the same it would mean the gap between cataclysm would be around 7 thousand years like that book of Chan Thomas says too taking the time inbetween the last 2 as referenc

8b6703  No.12250788

bdf789  No.12250810

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jesus is cool, (((YHWH))) is not

>inb4 a "Christ"ian decides to smear Christ's good name by saying they are the same entity.


Yes, many cultures that experienced flooding from rivers and the like came up with wild exaggerations like people always do, but that does not mean a global flood actually covered the whole Earth at any point in history. In fact, here is a very nice video that explains how those other cultures' mythology disproves the Biblical Flood (embed related)

>The Spartans, according to the Bible,

I don't value what the Bible says

>said they are sons of Abraham

Yes, but that doesn't mean their alleged brothers, the Jews/Israelites were decent or that they were European. Just because you share common ancestry does not make you the same thing.


Let's finish up with this gish gallop

>White Mummies

We know this, Egypt was White. And that would make the Egyptian children who were allegedly slaughtered in the historical fiction that is the Book of Exodus White also. It is not excusable to fantasize or base your moral system around a story that entails the sacrifice of White babies.

>The Jews stole everything

Yes, they stole all the components of the Biblical account from other people and twisted them to make a boohoo bullshit story about Jewish slaves in Egypt that never happened, and all of this in the name of their demonic "god" (((YHWH))) that you also worship. Pathetic.

8b6703  No.12250865


>Jesus is cool, (((YHWH))) is not

Jesus coming was prophecized in the OT and Jesus affirmed that he came from that same God himself.

>White babies.

what dont you get about the term "first born"? they were for the most part not children even anymore.

also God flooded the whole earth as punishment too, killing just as many whites. He doesnt care about the race (at least when it comes to following his words and punishing wrongs), so if the white nation continously fucks up he will fuck up that white nation too as if it would have been a black or spic nation

>43The foreigner living among you will rise higher and higher above you, while you sink down lower and lower. 44He will lend to you, but you will not lend to him. He will be the head, and you will be the tail.

>45All these curses will come upon you. They will pursue you and overtake you until you are destroyed, since you did not obey the LORD your God and keep the commandments and statutes He gave you. 46These curses will be a sign and a wonder upon you and your descendants forever.

>47Because you did not serve the LORD your God with joy and gladness of heart in all your abundance, 48you will serve your enemies the LORD will send against you in famine, thirst, nakedness, and destitution. He will place an iron yoke on your neck until He has destroyed you.

>49The LORD will bring a nation from afar, from the ends of the earth, to swoop down upon you like an eagle, a nation whose language you will not understand, 50a ruthless nation with no respect for the old and no pity for the young. 51They will eat the offspring of your livestock and the produce of your land until you are destroyed. They will leave you no grain or new wine or oil, no calves of your herds or lambs of your flocks, until they have caused you to perish. 52They will besiege all your cities, until the high and fortified walls in which you trust have fallen in all the land. They will besiege all your cities throughout the land the LORD your God has given you.

see, this is going against the israelites because they fucked up, and same is happening now in europe again. so saying "white people died" is not an argument.

bdf789  No.12250882


>Prophicized by the OT

No it wasn't. You're stretching the truth to cover a lie.

>Came from that same God himself

Yes, according to the Biblical narrative which also says Jesus was a dirty Jew and that he called a gentile woman a dog because she wasn't a Jew also. That alone is reason enough to question the Biblical account for a reasonable person that hasn't been deluded into Abrahamism.

>First-born didn't include no babies

Sorry, but every depiction of this fictional slaughter also depicts those firstborn as babies. The best thing about this whole mess is that Exodus did not happen. There were no Jews/Israelite slaves in Egypt and there was no Moses, and there were never any Plagues of Egypt either. The whole thing is bullshit.

8b6703  No.12250923

File: 7cf37a086c6324c⋯.jpg (35.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, exodus.jpg)


>No it wasn't. You're stretching the truth to cover a lie.


>Yes, according to the Biblical narrative which also says Jesus was a dirty Jew

so the book the christian believe is based on is not to be used to see wether or not christ comes from the same as the OT says? where am i to look for anything regarding christian teaching then?

>a gentile woman a dog because she wasn't a Jew

wrong, it was a canaanite woman which is a nigger >>12142483 and the reason he send her away was because he previously stated he wont make any miracles anymore to proof who he is. when she showed him however that she already recognized him he fullfilled her wish.

And since the canaanites, like today, were always messing around its just logical to reject her first

>every depiction

yet those are not canonical. if the people obstruze the event to make it more dramatic by making the first born babies its not the fault of God.

>did not happen

well they did find objects in the dead sea hinting that it did happen

24c53e  No.12250985

File: 88d4eef2221df3b⋯.png (6.46 KB, 255x170, 3:2, jesus modern flag.png)






>muh Jesus

JESUS IS SPIRIT COOKING - you eat his flesh

He called to his father by name "Eli!" = EL = BAL-EL = EL SATURN!

You are the sheep to slaughter and sheer and the Saturnists rule the world because of Christcucks! Look for the CUBE. OBEY THE CUBE!!!!! Jesus died on the cube!

bdf789  No.12251000


>Canaanites were niggers

Baseless assertion. We know for a fact that such Levantine people as the Hittites were superior to your precious Israelites in every way, so this makes no sense.

>>Not the fault of God

Regardless, this is a debate about something that did not happen

>Chariot Wheels

Do not support the notion that there were ever hundreds of thousands of Jewish slaves in Egypt, all it means is that maybe some Pharaoh lost a ship carrying war instruments to a storm or any other more logical and reasonable possibility than the notion that a Jewish demon parted a sea to let his misbegotten chosenites through as they fled from superior Aryan Egyptians.

>Where am I to look for information about Jesus

Not the Bible, it is (((adulterated))), most likely by that hooknose fag Paul.

>Old Testament Prophecies

Post them.

e1eb37  No.12251018

File: 82f1cdd9361468f⋯.jpg (79.43 KB, 779x468, 779:468, pol before jesus after kek.jpg)



>, Jesus is freeing us from Saturn's hold

>Saturn is Moloch and Baal, both who are clearly stated to be enemies in the bible as well as i believe Satan. Saturn is the time and thus death, the material world, the cube. Christ is the cross which is the cube being opened up freeing us from the material prison


>muh demons

You know how Christ saves? Because his father sacrificed him. You are the sheep of Saturn worshiping a Bal-EL sacrifice.

The "Spirits and demons" you worship or believe in are mind control memes. They dont want you to grow up and face your inner-self. They want to keep you as NPCs

67a8e6  No.12251037


If the dude is spreading the word, what's the problem?

8b6703  No.12251047



one tribe isnt examplary of the whole of canaanites. and as i said in the linked posts the curses put on the canaanites fit the description of niggers perfectly. thats reason enough for me to assume they are that.

>Do not support the notion that there were ever hundreds of thousands of Jewish slaves in Egypt,

its not definite proof, yes, but it shows that in the same location egyptian troops were swallowed by the sea like exodus states and could be one hint that it happened.

>Post them.

i gave you a collection already >>12250923



>Because his father sacrificed him

>24When Pilate saw that he was accomplishing nothing, but that instead a riot was breaking out, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “You shall bear the responsibility.” 25All the people answered, “His blood be on us and on our children!”

actually it were the phoenecians which are modern kikes.

And even if you go the route of "its still Gods doing" then it was he himself that sacrificed himself for his children instead of saturn sacrificing children for himself. the exact opposite.

bdf789  No.12251060


How about we settle any disputes by making a reasonable agreement?

Neither one of us wants to listen to the other, so let's both agree not to have this discussion.

0a881b  No.12251069


Aliens are another term for demons.

The Egyptians were known to practice magic, all kinds of it. Remember Moses?

0a881b  No.12251081


>The white race, the caucasoids are the actual chosen people, the Israeli people

Based and redpilled. I don't know if you saw but I made a thread discussing the Nord Pill a while back. I didn't mention the Israeli significance however.

"When are we finally going to accept the ultimate pill, the nord pill?

>Nords build Egypt, Greece, Rome.

>mutts slowly work up their ways in Europe, documentedly intermixing with the population

>Egypt intermixes with the Nubians, destroying their bloodlines and leading to the collapse of Dynastic Egypt before Hellenic Rule

>Greece invades Asia via Macedonia and conquers that shit, the cuck you worship, Alexander the Great, with light hair and blue eyes, was the first person in recorded history to officially mandate racemixing with the conquered populations, Greece quickly declines after this

>Rome, following the annexation of Africa and the interbreeding following slowly becomes corrupt, Augustus was still known to have blonde hair and blue eyes

>they attempt to conquer the Germans, get utterly btfo

>superior blue eyed nords conquer the now muttified Romans 400 years later

>establish the Ostrogothic Kingdom with major germanic strongholds in Northern Italy, particularly at Ravenna near Venice and Florence

>Remaining white areas get mutted by Arabs, Turks, Berbers, and Mongols.

>prosperity almost immediately decreases as a result

>Germany via the Franks come to dominate Europe, before intermixing with the populace, and getting dominated in turn by Scandinavian Nords and Germany-proper peoples.

>Nords establish kingdoms in England, France, Russia, Finland, Ireland, Sicily, Scotland, North America, and even in isolated expeditions to South America

>German-Nordic bloodlines come to dominate all of Europe

>Greece finally falls after a stinging blow dealt by the mixed Nordic people of Venice, gets overrun by Muslims, who forever blot out it's glory (note that very minute pockets of relatively light haired blue eyed people still exist in Greece, called Sarakatsani)

>Anglo-Saxons, who descend from Germanic tribes, and raped by Nords, along with their German neighbors come to dominate the entire earth

Take the Nord pill anons."

1a2e2a  No.12251340

File: b836cd9b785b958⋯.jpg (14.76 KB, 225x224, 225:224, athiesm bad.jpg)



>he himself that sacrificed himself for his children

He sacrificed his child, Jesus. Now you eat his flesh and drink his blood. You are the sheep. The elite feed off you.


Jesus called him "Eli"







Jesus was a human sacrifice to El

35278e  No.12251371


>No. The people who EAT/ Drink his blood are catholics. They perverted the Bible.


7ae7a2  No.12251474

File: f281e42a43ee20c⋯.jpg (34.18 KB, 474x299, 474:299, spirit cooking.jpg)



>No. The people who EAT/ Drink his blood are catholics. They perverted the Bible.

Last supper, sheep. You have to teach the basics bible stories to christians on here


"Eli!" God is a germanic word for Godin, it's not even in the gospels until the German Vulgate appeared. Eli was what he said, see Strong's Concordance.

Also Isra_EL

8d42c5  No.12251578



fc0fdb  No.12251614


there are some unbelievably stupid nibbas here.

fc0fdb  No.12251618


shit bro yeah shit is iike whatever and shit learning to do shit bro yeah.

4e8e8f  No.12251655


>unkike our history

>According to Graham Hancock


3d5375  No.12251752



Great thread.

Truth is powerful.

8b6703  No.12253329


well, i do like to discuss, but it does indeed seem like we arent getting anywhere


>Aliens are another term for demons.

see >>12177514 >>12177519



>13Then Moses asked God, “Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is His name?’ What should I tell them?” 14God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”

God is existence itself


see >>12142549

much more credible than any of the established authorities


always glad when someone likes my stuff

cff970  No.12253335


There are some unbelievably gay cuckchanners here.

6f96c6  No.12253352

This isn't cuckchan faggot

54a9cc  No.12253465



>Great thread.

>Truth is powerful.

Ignores truth in thread >>12251340 and bumps this cuckchan spam.

8b6703  No.12253486






really makes me think how all these different IDs post the very same bullshit

57adb4  No.12253493

It didn’t take long

6abedc  No.12253755

Let's write a history book:

it would be divided into chapters for the inclusion, explanation, and in-depth description of major events.

prologue: prehistory.

chapter 1: ancient times.

chapter 2: feudal times.

chapter 3: exploration age.

chapter 4: industrial age.

chapter 5: the great wars.

chapter 6: the cold war.

chapter 7: the information age.

chapter 8: modern era - new atheism and gamergate, men's rights and social justice, islamic terrorism and the war on terror, the arab spring and mass migration, migrant crimes and government corruption, the great awakening and nationalist revolution, eyes open to the true history of the world.

54a9cc  No.12253777

File: cee4ab0cdba0fca⋯.jpg (98.11 KB, 500x454, 250:227, jews orwell history.jpg)





You're selling the kikes religious memes, and you're selling historical lies to make us all look retarded.

e26279  No.12253838

How many did we get you on today?

e26279  No.12253877

I am not selling anything. I am not le merchantmen.

I do think it’s ridiculous that leftist women are selling Mexicans as whores though.

The Ogdoad isn’t bisexual

6abedc  No.12253890


I'm an atheist, but I have nothing against Christianity, it's superior to Islam and Judaism, and is a major part of white identity, I don't want to derail into a religion war here, this is not the place, and I really don't care about religion right now, nationalism, traditionalism, saving the white race from the jews, they are my only concerns at the moment, and they obviously have a great degree of priority over infighting over D&C bullshit.

But new atheism was the first of the great internet culture wars, many of the online events that followed came out of it's aftermath, and thus it is a notable event.

8bd61a  No.12254118

I will openly say any religion that supports homosexuals that advocate rapists is not a religion I would even associate with.

350e65  No.12261027


45f1c8  No.12261686

51fad6  No.12261697

File: 51311a8c827c5ef⋯.jpg (72.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 61e88fdb1e881d42fd3dd29e94….jpg)




5b0f85  No.12263389


Not many people know that kikes are the successors of - among others - the original Canaanites, i.e. non-adamic hominids.

906c57  No.12263444


c09e17  No.12263478

File: 24890e414aa6db0⋯.png (2.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2018-10-11-06h46m2….png)

File: 2b332879f8bd22d⋯.png (605.79 KB, 752x485, 752:485, new-orleans-ancient-canals.png)

File: 39c4ef8694fa457⋯.jpeg (68.04 KB, 570x382, 285:191, louisiana-atlantian-port.jpeg)

File: 7f91a87263d8cae⋯.jpg (390.44 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, brazil-roman-aqueduct.jpg)

File: d5a34de6540042e⋯.jpeg (9.95 KB, 285x177, 95:59, djet-tower.jpeg)

If you care about our ancient past, you've really got to watch this silent documentary: From the Brink of Extinction

It uses only aerial footage from Google Earth, no commentary needed, and proves the truth of ancient civilization possessed of technology at least on par with our own, if not more advanced.

Pic related, one of dozens of ancient structures for with some kind of train-like access.





other pics from US coast line, now blurred out on Google Maps / Earth. Fly over the coast in a small engine airplane, you'll see the remnants of Atlantis - the Atlantic Empire, once colonized by Romans.



Who really built the Roman-style aqueducts in Brazil? If you believe the official narrative: Colonialists who were slaughtering natives loved them so much they built them Roman aqueducts and then never used them after exterminating the locals. (yeah, right)

Egyptians made religious ceremonies around the use of devices from the lost ancient civilization…

c09e17  No.12263484

File: 21d67b5380d4251⋯.jpg (21.09 KB, 400x232, 50:29, dendera1.jpg)

File: db9f4d84287c0ee⋯.jpg (23.31 KB, 208x306, 104:153, djet-gives-light.jpg)

File: 4895316aad5613d⋯.jpg (7.63 KB, 200x288, 25:36, raising_of_the_djed-abydos.jpg)

File: 37451788e048bba⋯.jpg (1.52 KB, 100x202, 50:101, djed-LP-hawara-UC38595.jpg)



Note the "Djet" looking thing acting like a cathode or anode for the device some say is an ancient light bulb. A Djet tower was used in the ceremony to "establish power". The twin pillars of Freemasonry & temple of Solomon: Boaz and Jachin mean "To establish and power", and were made of highly conductive electrum (gold & silver alloy). If you think they weren't electrical devices, you've got to be daft.

Might have had something to do with free energy / atmospheric electricity:

(here's a vid of a working prototype free-energy power station)


The "ancients" used such tech.

bab1e3  No.12265046

File: cf53c2887449607⋯.png (8.54 KB, 266x457, 266:457, ancient_taijitu__yin_yang_….png)

Christianity = Saturn cult (just like the rest: Communism, Judiasm, esoteric occultists, Islam)

Saturn = Father of the gods

Saturn = Father of the heavens (time)

El = Father of Heaven

El = Father of the gods

El = Father of Jesus (called him "Eli" on the cross)

Baal El = Father of Heaven

Baal El = Father of the gods

Moloch = Baal El

El = Israel (house of El)

Jesus = eating flesh and drinking blood

Jesus = sacrificed child of El

Jesus = King of Israel

Vatican = Pedos

Templars = Fags

Freemasons-Gnostics = sex magic and uniting male with female.

The shitskin numerical time cult of El comes in many forms and only the thunder god was strong enough to kill the motherfucker. El is like the baby boomers, sacrificing their children for their own preservation and power.

"El" (Father of Heaven / Saturn) and his major son: "Hadad" (Father of Earth / Jupiter), are symbolized both by the bull, and both wear bull horns on their headdresses.[20][21][22][23]


Christianity is a Saturn cult. The truth is coming out. The fire is rising.

>But we are told that Ēl slew his own son Sadidus (a name that some commentators think might be a corruption of Shaddai, one of the epithets of the Biblical Ēl) and that Ēl also beheaded one of his daughters. Later, perhaps referring to this same death of Sadidus we are told:

But on the occurrence of a pestilence and mortality Cronus offers his only begotten son as a whole burnt-offering to his father Sky and circumcises himself, compelling his allies also to do the same.

<A fuller account of the sacrifice appears later:

Eusebius, Christian Theologian 314AD

It was a custom of the ancients in great crises of danger for the rulers of a city or nation, in order to avert the common ruin, to give up the most beloved of their children for sacrifice as a ransom to the avenging daemons; and those who were thus given up were sacrificed with mystic rites. Cronus then, whom the Phoenicians call Elus, who was king of the country and subsequently, after his decease, was deified as the star Saturn, had by a nymph of the country named Anobret an only begotten son, whom they on this account called Iedud, the only begotten being still so called among the Phoenicians; and when very great dangers from war had beset the country, he arrayed his son in royal apparel, and prepared an altar, and sacrificed him.

Mind you that Jesus was sent to be the Messiah (in his own words) for the children of IsraEL. His father sacrificed him.

557b7a  No.12265340


Christianity is a paganized version of Christs message.

Paganism, mythraism, holy mother worship, all had major inclusion when paul created the religion of the glorified and glorified Christ.

bab1e3  No.12265365

File: bff54425961ccac⋯.jpg (12.04 KB, 474x264, 79:44, for El.jpg)


Circumcision also = Child blood sacrifice to El/Saturn/Elohim/Baal El/IsraEL, father of Christ the child sacrifice.

And this is what caused the schism between Paul and Jesus the circumcised child sacrifice's disciples.

1ac332  No.12265376


Christianity abolished circumcision, you drug addicted niggerwit

bab1e3  No.12265383


Paul did, not Jesus' disciples. That was the first schism.

bab1e3  No.12265384


Also Jesus had his dick cut as a blood sacrifice to El.

45f1c8  No.12265955

File: 941cb34ae947834⋯.jpg (118.68 KB, 618x677, 618:677, Saturnus.jpg)

cronus (saturn) ruling during the golden age i see as a metaphore for the antediluvian society

Cronus was eating his children in order to stay in power which is achingly similar to moloch recieving childsacrifice. i believe both were a metaphore originally for a lifestyle filled with egoism and greed, making yourself live comfy but resulting in your children/descendents having to clean up the mess just like we do right now, poisoning the oceans, air and land, cutting down forrests, nuking the shit out of desserts causing radiation everywhere, all which our children have to clean up, and by doing so we are eating/sacrificing them and thus letting cronus rule. its the result of our worship of satan aka our weaknesses and of course the literal sense of childsacrifices, wether ritual or abortion sacrificing the unborn for a better future of yourself which is the same like satanism, which basically is egoism and egocentrism caring only for your own well being.

pic related a woodcut from 1492 of saturn eating his children with a jewhat.

My theory regarding the 6 symbolism >>12147211

Life is made up out of 5 elements, components in alchemy just like on the 5th day the first animals were created aka life. However we were made on the 6th day, having the number 6 relate to this/our reality. So my theory is what gives all of this material world in Christianity the negative touch is the missing 6th element, time, which creates death, makes us fear death and starvation, having us worried about the future which in turn makes us easier to corrupt by abusing these fears and tempting us with comfort in the future.

Now time is basically an illusion, all happens at once (block universe theory) with us only experiencing one moment at a time instead of it all at once giving the illusion of time flowing.

Now Saturn is the 6th planet, is father time, Chronus , is Satan the deceiver (giving us the illusion of time) adding a 6th element to this all, the cube


Baal is just a title meaning lord


>Baal (/ˈbeɪəl, ˈbɑːəl/),[1][a] properly Baʿal,[b] was a title and honorific meaning "lord" in the Northwest Semitic languages spoken in the Levant during antiquity.

in fact there are meany of those around calling themselve "Baal" Whatever as they want to appear as a lord, or even further appear as God like Satan for which Saturn is the best candidate for him to be >>12147211 and happens to be the planet Baal Hammon and El represent which is who is usually referred to when just saying "Baal".

So when God calls himself Lord the fallen angels immitate him and thus call themselves Baal which means Lord in their language. Same goes for "El" >>12142944

>Jesus = eating flesh and drinking blood

see >>12142944

>Jesus = sacrificed child of El

Saturn takes children, Jesus was a man. It wasnt someone being sacrificed for God, but God sacrificing himself for everyone.

>Jesus = King of Israel

Israel is the name of the people, not a country. And those people are whites >>12142391 >>12142425

Furthermore all symbolism around Jesus and God relate to the sun >>12147376 >>12147378

and Jupiter >>12243662

Hadad otherwise fits the Jupiter symbolism, only the bull iconography is weird i admit.


>Paul did, not Jesus' disciples.

The issue is that circumcission means you live in the old covennant, dont sin or you are fucked. Jesus brought a new covennant, "Believe in me, and follow me and you will be saved". So the only reason to still circumcise is when you still live according to the old covenant and thus not accept Jesus as the savior.

71d5a4  No.12266064

File: 19cf3536c1288b7⋯.jpg (113.1 KB, 500x491, 500:491, cut it.jpg)


>Israel is the name of the people not the country

False. And it's still "House of El" which is Saturn.

>Baal is just a title meaning lord

Don't ignore Baal El was one of his names. They combined the Canaanite tribes into one, one El.

>see: God God God

God is a Germanic word for Godin, Godan, Wod that came from the Germanic Vulgate, not the Middle Eastern scriptures. Call your demon by its name 'El' "Elohim', 'El Shaddia', or as Jesus called him 'Eli'.

>Saturn takes children, Jesus was a man

Saturn is the Father of the gods. Jesus the son of El. It is common to sacrifice the first born.

>It wasnt someone being sacrificed for God, but God sacrificing himself for everyone.

That's what all sacrifices are claimed to be, for "everyone" because otherwise El/Saturn will punish you. Just like the lambs that are sacrificed by Jews to this day.

>Furthermore all symbolism around Jesus and God relate to the sun

There is not one line in the gospels attributing Jesus to the sun or the moon. Only the morning star. El, his father, was called the Father of Heaven (creator of the sun, moon, and stars - Genesis). This is Saturn. Later artwork doesn't change that. What you're talking about is the Mithra influences of Romans.

>only the bull iconography is weird i admit.

= golden calf of Exodus (Taurus)… enemy of El, Saturn.

>The issue is that circumcission means you live in the old covennant, dont sin or you are fucked.

False. The name 'Sin' comes from the Babylonian queen of heaven. And the covenant was about birth, "I will make you as many as the stars in heaven". El told Abraham he would give him many descendants if he sacrificed their dicks. A child blood sacrifice. And this was also the marking of slaves in Egypt.

(Because if you tried to get away you would have to cut off your dick – that's a bigger deal than say and arm or leg. It also makes you a Eunuch – which is another type of slavery.)

>Jesus brought a new covenant, "Believe in me, and follow me and you will be saved". So the only reason to still circumcise is when you still live according to the old covenant and thus not accept Jesus as the savior.

But he never ended circumcision. Paul did that. And this is why his disciples split with Paul (Peter vs. Paul). The adults Paul was preaching to were not Jews but Gentiles, and they didn't want their dicks cut off. Catholics would later promote this idea, but as you can see it is still deeply part of Christian culture all over the world. So El (Saturn) gets his penis sacrifice to this day.

Mind you the penis sacrifice is a big deal in ancient myths.

Pliny notes

>the cult statue of Saturn was filled with oil; the exact meaning of this is unclear. Its feet were bound with wool, which was removed only during the Saturnalia. The fact that the statue was filled with oil and the feet were bound with wool may relate back to the myth of "The Castration of Uranus". In this myth Rhea gives Cronus a rock to eat instead of Zeus, thus tricking Cronus.

>Once Zeus was victorious over Cronus, he sets this stone up at Delphi and constantly it is anointed with oil and strands of unwoven wool are placed on it. It wore a red cloak, and was brought out of the temple to take part in ritual processions and lectisternia, banquets at which images of the gods were arranged as guests on couches. All these ceremonial details identify a sovereign figure. Briquel concludes that Saturn was a sovereign god of a time that the Romans perceived as no longer actual, that of the legendary origins of the world, before civilization


You people refuse to name your "Father". You call him a name given to Odin. You know it's El. You know it's Elohim. You know it's Isra-el (or as you say "the people of El").

The Romans said that the Jews worship Saturn. This is why they knocked down their temple and built the temple of Jupiter there, which is what is described in Revelations as the, "four horsemen" and "whore of Babylon" because every Jupiter temple of that time had the four horses and Venus. The rest of Revelations describes the volcanic catastrophe of Mount Vesuvius blowing up which happened at the time of the writings.

fc0fdb  No.12266145

File: 2d430800138c014⋯.jpg (70.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2d430800138c014ad78428e474….jpg)


Are the nord master race the adma race of gensis?

648394  No.12266403


Don't forget that Cronos is the forgotten symbol of matriarchy.

Cronos should be in fact a woman.

The Zeus/Cronos duality is of the same nature than Perseus/Medusa except we are in the domain of rulers, not warriors.

Also, John the baptist/Herodias-Salome whore of babylon in the bible but we see here that everything is reversed, John died with the head cut off and Jesus died for his father, meaning: The whore is superior to the warrior and Cronos is superior to Zeus.

The moral of the story in the bible is that the man should be obedient its opponent sex to bring peace. Jesus ascended to heaven at the right of his (((father))) (mother) to fulfill his wishes, symbolically the king to the queen - Macbeth to Lady Macbeth - The jew to the jewess blood.

9d9a48  No.12266443

File: eca1860c6fcfdce⋯.jpg (125.95 KB, 960x720, 4:3, eca1860c6fcfdce03a9589aedf….jpg)


to complete

The real spiritual battle which occurs today involves Zeus and Cronos. Feminism and the wild behaviors of jews come from the willpower of Cronos, he gathers his forces and Zeus is not fully awaken.

I think the great card of Zeus for the moment is Hadès, Hitler - the unreachable - the good adviser - the guy who ask the dead to talk.

9975ef  No.12266572


Yeah, BUT TO GO DOWN TO REALITY, the real spirtual battle is comes from a bunch of idiots with power that can't rule white people and try to get them to become dumber and weaker artificially.

Then at some point they realize(probably subconsciously) that they are too stupid to rule white people and they import dumber servants from the rest of the world. All the while trying to get people to mix and become weaker and less intelligent of course.

At this point it's just amusing to watch them.

359aec  No.12266666

Aryans have been mentioned several times in this thread. Here is a blog post I wrote recently on the topic - https://sptrp.home.blog/2018/10/11/who-are-the-aryans/

Aryans originated in Ancient Vedic India. The rabbit hole is deep indeed. The Aryan Invasion Theory of raiders coming from Central Asia into India is a lie. Please read the post, the conclusion is at the end.

02af8a  No.12266676

>>12266666 (checked)

nice quints, satan

201d18  No.12266692



Devil digits

satan is upon us anons

119906  No.12266693



Yet there is israel and the land of israel, and the blessing of israel goes on even when the country didnt exist for most of the time

>God is a Germanic word for Godin, Godan, Wod that came from the Germanic Vulgate, not the Middle Eastern scriptures. Call your demon by its name 'El' "Elohim', 'El Shaddia', or as Jesus called him 'Eli'.

And i told you how those are titles too. There were many baals and els around. Even people that were lords were baal. Its just satan and thhe other fallen angels trying to sound fancy and mighty. God is not El, but Elohim, the highest of all the elohim which you just ignore and continue to spout your stuff without even trying to refute. God may is coming from germanic/nordic roots, but its also just a title at this point for the most high being there is.

>That's what all sacrifices are claimed to be, for "everyone" because otherwise El/Saturn will punish you. Just like the lambs that are sacrificed by Jews to this day.

>Saturn is the Father of the gods. Jesus the son of El. It is common to sacrifice the first born.

Yet again you ignore that its God himself being sacrificed for us, not some man. Literally the opposite of what saturn does

>There is not one line in the gospels attributing Jesus to the sun or the moon

I gave you 2 posts full of symbolism around jesus and God relating to the sun which you just ignored again. Also ignoring verses like

> For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.

>12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Also circumcission was meant to bind you to the covennant, in that way become slaves of God. Jesus lived according to the old covennant so he stayed pure that his blood pays for our sins. Its the father taking responsibillity for his childrens misbehaviors


>Jesus died for his father, meaning: The whore is superior to the warrior and Cronos is superior to Zeus.

Except that through the death jesus reigned superior over satan, it destroyed the hades and basically was the point in which everyone got a free pass so that satan wont rain over any souls anymore. The whole messiah thing was prophecized in the OT already, everything went according to Gods plan and jesus triumphed over satan, like zeus over cronus

0afd18  No.12266868


Ok megasatan i will read your fucking blogpost

1a7cdd  No.12267445

File: 258d4ca11fb5260⋯.jpg (43.07 KB, 474x318, 79:53, elohim.jpg)


>ts just satan

satan was just a word that mean advesary and was never translated by the Vatican. But they, like Jesus and the Jews and the Bible worship Saturn who is El.

>There were many baals and els around.

No there were many names for Saturn.

>God is not El, but Elohim,

God is Godan, Odin, and Elohim is El: El-Shaddia, Isra-EL (house of El), Jesus called him "Eli Eli why have you forsaken me!?" on the cross.

> God may is coming from germanic/nordic roots, but its also just a title at this point for the most high being there is.

Yeah, "at this point" because they were converted to the Father of Heaven, the Most High, SATURN or El.

>Yet again you ignore that its God himself being sacrificed for us, not some man. Literally the opposite of what saturn does

Jesus was sacrificed just as Saturn always sacrifices his children. Elohim always demanded sacrifices of blood and first born lambs.

God (Wod) wasn't sacrificed but to himself on the hanging tree in Nordic myth.

You can say it's "now a days!" but you still worship the Saturn cult.

>Also circumcission was meant to bind you to the covennant, in that way become slaves of God.

No, slaves of Elohim, El through a child genital sacrifice (why do you want to call him Godin?).

> Its the father taking responsibillity for his childrens misbehaviors




El (or Saturn to Romans) wanted blood sacrifice. That's not taking responsibility that's mutilating your child's penis. It's cruel and you know it is, you sick Podesta fuck.

>Except that through the death jesus reigned superior over satan

satan just means any adversary. Jesus was sacrificed to El and Zeus killed El.

>you ignored

You ignored everything including the book of Revelations describing the Temple of Jupiter being built over the Jewish temple in Jerusalem as a big fuck you to the Saturn worshiping Jews of Elohim.

<4 horsemen = always on Jupiter temples

<three antichrists = three Caesars (father and two sons)

<whore of Babylon = venus on temple

If you ever wondered why Christians are so fucked up mentally, this is why. They come from a tradition of Middle Eastern Saturn worship (blood sacrifice of their children…. t. boomers).

1a7cdd  No.12267487

File: 685513c2df8251d⋯.jpg (362.06 KB, 898x634, 449:317, 1422634264375.jpg)



>The moral of the story in the bible is that the man should be obedient its opponent sex to bring peace. Jesus ascended to heaven at the right of his (((father))) (mother) to fulfill his wishes, symbolically the king to the queen - Macbeth to Lady Macbeth - The jew to the jewess blood.

>The real spiritual battle which occurs today involves Zeus and Cronos. Feminism and the wild behaviors of jews come from the willpower of Cronos, he gathers his forces and Zeus is not fully awaken.

There is a lot of feminism is the Gospels surrounding Jesus and women for the first time outside of the Book of Ruth in Middle Eastern Saturn (Elohim) worship.

>Joseph was cucked by an angel.

> Mary Magdalen was most loyal.

>the whores ("cast the first stone").

>the virginity

>DADDY ISSUES (rejecting his family for Saturn)

>The way he is portrayed in art as a 14yr old boy at first. Then later and an effeminate Germanic man.

>bathing naked with the guys scene in the bible

There does seem to be a feminine homosexual duality almost to Christianity but I wouldn't call Jesus sexualized or a pedo. He is a pure, virgin first born blood sacrifice… innocent

And we know how the Elohim esoterics like innocent boys

1a7cdd  No.12267490


>Are the nord master race the adma race of gensis?

Nordics dont worship Saturn, idiot. >>12265046

1a7cdd  No.12267506

File: e54b6269d528b50⋯.jpg (55.07 KB, 474x613, 474:613, zeus vs Elohim Saturn.jpg)

The Holy Sabbath = Saturn's Day

Where we get Saturday from. Because Jews/Christians worship El who was Saturn (just like the Romans reported).

0b8b4f  No.12267535


"One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind. Whoever regards one day as special does so to the Lord. Whoever eats meat does so to the Lord, for they give thanks to God; and whoever abstains does so to the Lord and gives thanks to God."

There are no holy days in Christianity, golem. If you think one day is more sacred than another, it's in your own stupid head. Don't put your own retarded pagan hang-ups on others.

8c02ca  No.12267543


>satan just means any adversary. Jesus was sacrificed to El and Zeus killed El.

nah, Zeus didn't killed El

in the hellenic myth Zeus threw Cronus to Tartarus, he is still alive but floored by Zeus, he still act according to his role but under the ground.

in the bible we clearly see that the father killed Jesus and saved him, he stays the most important guy within the rulership. Jesus still execute his father's plan like the man to the woman.

I think the purpose of this christian myth is to marry Zeus and Cronos together in an abstract God, like in a world of rainbow flowers. But we know you and me that christians just removed all the particularity and the subtlety of the gods to make a giant mixed-up bigass God against an abstract opponent, in fact everything that brought to life intellectual thoughts and deep relations was removed.

What remaining is jews fighting against jews.

1a7cdd  No.12267593

File: ae761f09975055b⋯.jpg (22.95 KB, 474x259, 474:259, elohim saturn.jpg)


Your insults and theological excuses doesn't negate the fact. The Sabbath was special. Read the gospels. You are a Saturn worshiper and the Sabbath was the day of rest of El, Saturn.


>in the bible we clearly see that the father killed Jesus and saved him

He's still a human sacrifice of the son, the first born. He wasn't saved. He died and then came back. You can say El saves the lambs that Jews murdered but only after they murdered them. It's all Spirit Cooking.

>I think the purpose of this christian myth is to marry Zeus and Cronos together in an abstract God

No. The purpose was to marry all the Canaanite deities into one El (Father of the gods, Father of Heavens).

>But we know you and me that christians just removed all the particularity and the subtlety of the gods to make a giant mixed-up bigass God against an abstract opponent, in fact everything that brought to life intellectual thoughts and deep relations was removed.

Just as Saturn killed all his competitors born from him. He didn't want to be overthrown. The monotheism of the Jews (I believe) came during the time when Greeks took the region. Because this is the FIRST appearance of biblical writings and it united all the tribes against Greek occupation.

Another interesting fact about the Saturn cults was the bondage or loosening of bondage. When we see the occult's obsession with bondage it sort of makes sense.

>Earlier was Saturn's association with Lua ("destruction, dissolution, loosening

ff0a5f  No.12267669

File: 079517777fdb109⋯.jpg (14.53 KB, 325x155, 65:31, 40k (24).jpg)


>we wuz atlantean and sheitte

holy fuck this entire gay ass copypasta good goyim thread

d8a394  No.12267874

Reminder that the Saturn worshipped by the elites is really just Moloch from the eastern mystery religions, Saturn is the black sun and agriculture, a benevolent and Aryan force.

It was the Romans who associated the Moloch worship of the Carthaginians with the god Saturn because of the relation to fertility.

The real question I have is the relation between Baal and Moloch, and the goat cult with the bull cult, and why do the elites of today associate Moloch with an owl? Isn't that the symbol of Ashteroth/Lilith? idk.

Are pagans able to mix and match their gods for specific energetic purposes or something?

Why is it that all my research points to the malevolent/satanic (not just pagan) religious cults stemming from the nomads in the middle east? Even in pagan religions there is a differentiation between the Asuras/Aesir and the Devas/devils/jotuns.

1ac332  No.12268028

File: 4f771a8a19a3c5b⋯.jpeg (9.21 KB, 244x206, 122:103, images-25.jpeg)


Anon provided an exact quote from the new testament that refutes your bullshit. How about instead saying "hurr durr read muh gospels" you actually provide quotes from the new testament that lay the burden of the Sabbath on christians. Or is it too late in the evening for you to call your jewish theology professor to get a fresh steaming load of new age kike bullshit?

63c425  No.12268603

File: cea310a75d064f2⋯.jpg (99.1 KB, 580x880, 29:44, ed03.jpg)


>How about instead saying "hurr durr read muh gospels" you actually provide quotes from the new testament that lay the burden of the Sabbath on christians.

Pretty pathetic I have to read the bible for you. You don't even know about the Sabbath and Jesus? Do you know what Easter is? Lord of the Sabbath = Saturn.

>When his disciples pick heads of wheat and eat them, Jesus tells objectors that, because Sabbath was made for man, the Son of Man is Lord of Sabbath.

Just admit you dont know the Sunday school basics of the bible because you're a fraud.



>The real question I have is the relation between Baal and Moloch, and the goat cult with the bull cult, and why do the elites of today associate Moloch with an owl? Isn't that the symbol of Ashteroth/Lilith? idk.

E is the same as Baal El is the same as Elohim. The Judeans just mixed all the idols together into one. The goat cult is part of the bible: Lamb, ram, ram's horn… It's all in there. It's just the backdrop as they all became one under El (Saturn) killing off all other dieties and creating one cult of many tribes.

>Are pagans able to mix and match their gods for specific energetic purposes or something?

Pagan is a Vatican word for folk religion. The Bible is just a El cult paganism.

>Why is it that all my research points to the malevolent/satanic (not just pagan) religious cults stemming from the nomads in the middle east?

Because it's the Father of Jesus, El.

> Even in pagan religions there is a differentiation between the Asuras/Aesir and the Devas/devils/jotuns.

In the case of Indo-European myths like these, those gods will switch places. Meaning the good becomes bad and bad becomes good because it's different tribes fighting with each other over time. The Zoroastrian and Nordic gods would sometimes be considered evil to the Hindus, and visa versa.

When it comes to the Middle East, all the dieties get lumpt into one EL, the child sacrifice cult (Jesus being a child sacrifice of El).

45f1c8  No.12268618

File: d765bfa78f08a24⋯.jpg (57.24 KB, 400x276, 100:69, owl whitehouse.jpg)

File: f6bc601586ecce1⋯.jpg (68.42 KB, 416x560, 26:35, money owl.jpg)

File: e15deac6f462ae5⋯.jpg (139.28 KB, 640x480, 4:3, bohemian grove.jpg)

File: f56f19cd1581b9d⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 500x500, 1:1, venus pentagram.gif)


>satan was just a word that mean advesary


The original Hebrew term sâtan (Hebrew: שָּׂטָן‎) is a generic noun meaning "accuser" or "adversary",[9][10] which is used throughout the Hebrew Bible to refer to ordinary human adversaries,[11][10] as well as a specific supernatural entity.[11][10] The word is derived from a verb meaning primarily "to obstruct, oppose".[12] When it is used without the definite article (simply satan), the word can refer to any accuser,[11] but when it is used with the definite article (ha-satan), it usually refers specifically to the heavenly accuser: the satan.[11]

>No there were many names for Saturn.

yet you referred to a baal, baal haddad, who is not saturn.

and the rest is just the same repeatition as the other dozen times so i just ignrore it.


my theory is we are suppost to rest and do nothing on saturday so no energy of any deeds get transfered to saturn. day of worship in christianity is traditionally the sunday, for the sun.

>27Then Jesus told them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. 28Therefore, the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath.”

So the sabbath is for the sake of man, and not saturn.


>in the hellenic myth Zeus threw Cronus to Tartarus, he is still alive but floored by Zeus, he still act according to his role but under the ground.

exactly what michael did to satan, throwing him down to earth >>12243662


>why do the elites of today associate Moloch with an owl?


>In animal symbolism, Saturn historically governs snakes, mice, foxes, dragons, and nocturnal birds of prey such as the owl.

snakes like Satan in the garden eden, the dragon

>And the great dragon was hurled down–the ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

also the owl

In written ancient hebrew there are no vowels. so molek (aka moloch) would become mlk, same goes for the hebrew melek aka King where you see again the theme of Satan trying to claim Gods, title, King of Kings like Baal and El do too.


the egyptian hieroglyph (they really love egyptian symbolism and mythology if you didnt notice already) for M is called Mulak and is an owl. Mulak again in hebrew would be mlk like molek would. I believe this is at least partly reason for their owl symbolism, and also the origin of the owl in bohemian grove, an homage to moloch.

This is probably also why (((they))) take minerva as their god, since they try to corrupt her meanign to molochs too. also (((they))) see one another like owls, luring in the shadows,stalking their pray unpercieved until the very moment they strike

M also is the 13th letter.

Think of planned parenthood (institutionalized childsacrifices) which had a program "Our Whole Lifes" or "OWL" for short.


>Certain stones like jet, obsidian and onyx resonate with Saturn energy.

as another anon pointed out all these stones are black, like the black cube

> bull cult

I believe Lucifer to be Satan before the fall.

Venus is Lucifer when it appears as a morningstar


>Lucifer (/ˈljuːsJfər/ LEW-si-fər) is a name that, according to dictionaries of the English language, refers either to the Devil or to the planet Venus when appearing as the morning star.[1][2][3]

Just like the Venus, associated with Lucifer, and even called Lucifer when appearing as morning star, The Lucifer will at some point not the morningstar anymore, not Lucifer, Satan that was Lucifer and then fell.

Same as the Pentagram>>12143464, which gets drawn with the Earth and Venus, can be a symbol of protection (when pointing up) or of evil (when pointing down) having the same symbolism behind it as the planet Venus and Lucifer/Satan has

The 2 (Venus and Saturn) being connected (via Lucifer-Satan) gives also then some connections to the bull symbolism of moloch when he ruled possibly back then still as lucifer and thus is the golden calf as Venus is the planet that rules over Taurus. So basically the same just in another fassade

5db287  No.12268634


Jesus never existed.

63c425  No.12268647

File: 589832fd29ffb8b⋯.jpg (54.15 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 154905_495518520492746_827….jpg)


>The original Hebrew term sâtan (Hebrew: שָּׂטָן‎) is a generic noun meaning "accuser" or "adversary",[9][10] which is used throughout the Hebrew Bible to refer to ordinary human adversaries,[11][10] as well as a specific supernatural entity.[11][10] The word is derived from a verb meaning primarily "to obstruct, oppose".

I know you love satan and need him in your life to have an enemy but this line here "as well as a specific supernatural entity." is just wiki being influenced by the Vatican. If you apply the word to all kinds of people, tribes, and idols, even a church of the Pharasies, it doesn't become one character. That's Mirtha Zoroastrian influence on Christianity (Angru Maynu).

>but when it is used with the definite article (ha-satan), it usually refers specifically to the heavenly accuser: the satan

You just love that satan meme, lol. Let me explain to you because you can't detach.

"the advesary" means "the adversary". China is Ha-satan, the advesary. Kabib to Conner is "ha-satan" the advesary for UFC 291.

>yet you referred to a baal, baal haddad, who is not saturn.

So you're either a fucking liar (most Elohim worshipers are) or you didn't even bother to look at this claim


= Saturn

He's even in the Song of Solomon as the garden god — just like Saturn the reaper.

> i just ignrore it.

So I have to do the work for you… Typical.

>my theory is we are suppost to rest and do nothing on saturday so no energy of any deeds get transfered to saturn. day of worship in christianity is traditionally the sunday, for the sun.

Your theory is fucking retarded. It's the day of rest for the Lord (Elohim - Saturn) and it was typically on a Saturday you stupid fuck. It changed later because of the work week. Sunday became the last day of the week it use to be the first = rising sun. You're lazy as fuck, STFU.

>So the sabbath is for the sake of man, and not saturn.

7th day creation… Genisis. Fucking hell, learn the basics of the bible for fucks sakes.

>I believe Lucifer to be Satan before the fall.

No, you were programmed to believe that by the Vatican. You dont have any beliefs. You dont even know about the Sabbath.


It's still the El cult and you still have to deal with it.

bd0050  No.12268670

File: 71b0b415d8e6a07⋯.png (85.33 KB, 214x236, 107:118, 08-1.png)


>Heh, why should I have to actually back up my claims? All I have to say is that it's in there somewhere probably. Stupid goy, it's your job to disprove my lies

You want to know how I know you're a stupid fucking jew?


Easter isn't in the Bible, rabbi, but thanks for being /pol/s designated D&C kike for the night.

63c425  No.12268680

File: 89b30c81ba4b217⋯.jpg (30.8 KB, 500x383, 500:383, jesus jews abraham.jpg)


>but but he just cut his dick off after

Elohim = Saturn

Look at Jesus and the parable of the tares = The reaper, Saturn/Chronos


>Easter isn't in the Bible

Acts 12:4

Holy fuck you're a moron. Then call it passover. You dont deserve to live. Kill yourself for your Jew demon Elohim.

f3969d  No.12268694

File: 0d0f99421a4f8f9⋯.jpg (4.91 KB, 238x211, 238:211, Wralda.jpg)


More proof that the most reasonable God is Wr-alda.

bd0050  No.12268697


>call it Passover

Okay, and I do, I also realize that Passover is clearly described in the Law of Moses, and has zero fucking resemblance to pagan ritual that Catholics call "Easter," which has already been established,


So please, you have already embarrassed yourself with your nigger-tier faggotry, so slink away to your nest of foreskins and plot some new schemes against the goyim.

f3969d  No.12268701


> these rocks had to be moved, lifted and neatly stacked upon each other. how did they do that?

They crushed up the stone and reformed them into a geopolymer cement.


63c425  No.12268702



learn to fucking read: Acts 12:4

63c425  No.12268718

File: 5917b023dfb13c4⋯.jpg (58.83 KB, 269x266, 269:266, binding of issace.jpg)


Binding of Issac (a child sacrifice) = Saturn/Chronos the god of loosening and binding


Jesus and the Parable of the tares = THE REAPER (Saturn/Chronos. Remember, "you reap what you sow" or how EL will reap those who go against Isra-EL. It's all right there… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parable_of_the_Tares

bd0050  No.12268747



First, you fucking brainlet, this jew was referring to the stupid catholic holiday, not the word. The EASTER RITUAL cannot be found in the bible.

Second, you oozing pustule, the new testament was written in greek, not elizabethian english. "Easter" was added by the translators for the greek word "pascha" which refers to the hebrew ritual described in the book of exodus, not the catholic bullshit that this jewish fucktard learned about in xirs JDIF briefings.

You may now gas yourself.

1ac332  No.12268795

File: 99a6a5642816812⋯.jpg (400.36 KB, 1180x1180, 1:1, The-Fathers-of-Christianit….jpg)


Mocking these divide and conquer goons is about all you can do while you prep for the DOTR

309c8e  No.12268856

File: 5116c2a5cc9f046⋯.jpg (69.81 KB, 600x430, 60:43, Anglo Bitch Submits.jpg)


Can you clarify what it is being divided? Would it be the (((British Empire))) or something else?

6895cb  No.12269098

The Fedora-team is at full force tonite, kids, for Isaac sacrifice, it was stopped, you are talking like it was made so i really dont know if you are trolls or just menorahs.

e1eb37  No.12269184


> Isaac sacrifice, it was stopped

Elohim (Saturn) asked him to sacrifice his son. Then he said, "Stop! Just cut off his dick instead!".

0349d1  No.12269369

Really makes me think how that guy jumps IPs and continues to repeat the same bullshit without even referring to opposed points that were be stated but jusz keeps repeating himself

0349d1  No.12269428


>implying the only way to offer your life to God is by killing yourself and not devotion

>implying isaac was a child when it all went down and not adult already

>implying God told abraham to kill isaac

>implying God randomly changes his mind

He was old enough to be able to carry the wood up the other stuff up the mountain so and thus most likely an adult.


Abraham was never told kill isaac, the whole story is about human sacrifices being so common its the logical thing to do for people and God coming around and changing it. Its even the second time abraham misunderstands God. When he is said that he can have a child he thinks God means with his maid hagar instead of wife sarah he thought to be too old to bear a child. So misunderstanding what God said is a repeated theme in the story.

Read up on jepthah, daughter also made a burned offering, but death is never mentioned, only that she (his daughter) bewailed her virginity, likely because she had to enter the priesthood and cant have any sex in there which also is the reason the father is devastated as his lineage ends as a result as it was his only child.

if God would have wanted isaac to be killed he wouldnt have changed his mind

1ac332  No.12269431


A ram was sacrificed, you NPC

45f1c8  No.12273595


682ac6  No.12273654

File: 941c84fa1c50f12⋯.png (169.12 KB, 482x600, 241:300, pedo hollywood polterguise….png)


>, kids, for Isaac sacrifice

OP is a pedo who approves of child sacrifice.

2b1df4  No.12273689


cc83dc  No.12273878

The 10 avatar is close.

db0a92  No.12281474

File: db99ea84f7ab5ae⋯.png (291.79 KB, 1265x681, 1265:681, ffdfdfdggf.png)

Speaking of zahi hawass!!!


Can somebody rip that for me?



e0bce4  No.12281525

File: 32ec53bed2cd3fc⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 880x762, 440:381, 1505918912585.jpg)



>My Jew worship had a split between people larping as chosen bible characters and those who just worshiped a Jew


It's still a child sacrifice Saturn cult of (((EL))). Saturnian Middle Eastern death cults erased our entire history. That's why Europe only goes back to like 1300s before everything falls apart and we have to dig through the fucking dirt to find the past. And even then another Saturnian EL cult in Communism cuts off our funding or tries to ban the info.

Meanwhile Christians will shill every thread, every video, every comment section with, "Sumeria, Babylon, Noah!"

c1643e  No.12285010

A major point of the Isaac story was that the Jews would not practice child sacrifice anymore like the older Canaanite religions did. A lot of the Old Testament rules were "we don't do what they do, and if you try we'll have you killed." It was forced cultural differentiation by the priests. Gay prostitution was a quasi-religious thing among the Canaanites, so they outlawed being gay on pain of death. The Philistines lived on the shore and ate seafood, so they outlawed seafood; but they had the fishing communities on the Galilee, so they legalized fish but outlawed crustaceans and the like that came from the ocean. There used to be other gods that were part of the Jewish pantheon but the followers of El made up excuses to kill the followers of Baal. And so on. If there are any "Jews" practicing child sacrifice today, they are larping as Canaanites of the old religion or are simply doing things that their religion forbids because they enjoy breaking the rules.

e070eb  No.12285037


>paid jewish shill exposes himself yet again

Four years. Nothing you've said has ever been believed. How does it make you feel?

25e83e  No.12285779


Based Anon. Keep spreading the truth. God is with you.

1ffbfb  No.12289799


appreciate it. may God be with you too.

e0bce4  No.12291890



>God is with you.

(((EL))) is with you. OBEY THE CUBE!

1ffbfb  No.12292099


>still repeating himself like a broken record

e0bce4  No.12292125


Still worshiping a Pedo child sacrificing Middle Eastern Saturn cult.

ef8dc1  No.12292134


The only God.

911864  No.12292357


I'm gay

9bc8ba  No.12292806


Nicely summed up thank you

81ddaf  No.12294146

File: 95fe76ef2170d01⋯.jpg (128.23 KB, 736x1034, 368:517, achilies 4242.jpg)



>A major point of the Isaac story was that the Jews would not practice child sacrifice anymore like the older Canaanite religions did.

Jesus was sacrificed. And cutting your child's dick off is sacrifice. And (((YWHW))) sent the angel of death wich Islam considers to be satan to murder a bunch of first born Egyptian children unless you smeared baby lamb blood on your front door.

Either way, (((EL))) told Abraham to sacrifice his child. Who the fuck does that? The Bible deity is evil

79da00  No.12295165

File: f1147dc448d508f⋯.jpg (1014.32 KB, 960x9903, 320:3301, 1540002515438.jpg)



5d1c6e  No.12295209

File: 2f436e776bc8e83⋯.jpg (277.69 KB, 984x474, 164:79, SphinxOriginalOverlay.jpg)


There is a second sphinx site, opposite of where the river would have been. (pic related)


>Eye of Horus

Osirus rips off Set's balls, Set gouges his eye. In other tellings, Set attempts to rape Osirus, Osirus forming hand-pussy fooling Set (the seed cast into the Nile spawns Thoth, who subsequently helps reconstitute his lost eye.) The Illuminati all seeing eye can be said to be a Sethian magical symbol, as the psuedo-vag of Osirus' hands and the urethra of Set – illumination as the rape seed spawning wisdom (Thoth) ex nihilo.

>modern technology is just rationalized magic… circuits in a computer or any gadget like a sigil, the magic energy flowing through it being the electricity

See Joseph P. Farrell's Giza Death Star trio, you won't be disappointed. Theoria Apophasis' geometrician take on alternative physics describes just that analogic topological thinking you describe (youtube).


Oppenheimer is an old bloodline surname.


>"Rasse des Herrn"

This is the antipode to the (((Eternal Anglo))) Lost Tribe Judaeism. See Peter Hellend/E Michael Jones on this point: Israel as such is the people of God – this subdivides in usage as the Northern tribes (10) vs the Judah (2) – When (((they))) raise Arch of Baal exhibitions in DC/NYC, with a structure used to celebrate victory of the Northern Tribes it's meaningful. Whether as Amalekites, Edomites, European gentiles which is being referred to by "Northern Tribes" (((they))) are terrified by having been blighted by the Absolute God, and potentially missing the boat on the Messiah train.

>the Spartans and the Jews are relatives

Former used Rooster heraldry. The Mars/Nergal lineage of paganistic Judaism via Assyria also uses "the dunghill Cock." The kapparot ritual of swinging the chickens around to absorb sin probably this ancient. Good Sea Peoples invasion candidates (several of the constituent tribes within them practiced circumcision; perhaps a Khazar re-connection to their roots once they converted to Talmudism)



In Cosmic War theories, Atlantis may have been a planet. Here, there are a number of anomalous sites with the concentric circle settlement motif (Southern Spain; off the coast of Portugal; Santorini) If Troy could be found, so could this. Comet strikes of sufficient size (or dynamic, expanding earth) could tilt the axis of the planet resulting in northern and southern pole sites freezing over after inundation (lots of spook activity, from late 1800s Germans to the 2016 US Presidential election day with Kerry, Kyril, Buzz Aldrin, ect.) – There is also Lemuria for a putative Pacific site of similar stature. Were there a global, seafaring, exotic/alternative physics civilization, the satellites would have similar architecture/art – and there's enough to suggest just that (especially as the Egyptians/Romans/Chinese did visit North America [cocaine samples in Pharoh mummies most recently.]

See Leo Zagami on translating rarer Vatican texts, and the actual patronymic names for "God" in these Old Testament documents. There are none. And there are several interventions implied. Dogon and Salish (Nummo) cosmologies. There appears to be Sky People, and Water People – latter Atlantean/Aquatic/Egyptian (Sirius) former Luciferian/Telluric/Sumerian (Annunaki).


>Noah had three sons, anon.

>One was a gross faggot who was banished to Africa where he fathered the niggers in exile with a daughter of Cain.

Hiram Abiff (Masonic foundation figure) is floated as having been Nubian. Memphis: Ptah (Demiurge/Architect): Imhotep (Master Mason). Masons – and esoteric Jewry – take pride in the myth of being the product of an Eve/Serpent coupling, as against Adamites. This is the reason they practice matrilineal lineage when patrilineal is the biblical convention. They are the enemies of Man, and licentious slavers from the beginning.


Per the Sallish/Hopi accounts in comparison with Sumerians, the Fallen Angels arrive, set up shop, and groom a ruling class to handle their affairs, possibly fucking with genetics. Gene/Ancestry analysis may be attempting to reconstruct a full genome of Them to push hybrids/-ization further (the super soldier meme in X circles)

79da00  No.12295216

File: c10100c28040e22⋯.jpg (82.2 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 12118849_1633089430279172_….jpg)


>: Israel as such is the people of God

The people of God are Germanic because God means Godan, Wodan, Odin, Wod, Godin. Your worship (((EL))) and his virgin first born sacrifice.


OBEY THE CUBE! >>12295165

79da00  No.12295263

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


(((EL))) = SATURN

e9d9ba  No.12295270

File: 6b46229e8873602⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 800x481, 800:481, 11014040-2-z.jpg)



e9d9ba  No.12295280

File: 1adc768041c06a4⋯.jpeg (51.47 KB, 729x244, 729:244, GW729H244.jpeg)

79da00  No.12295289

File: bccdde740b61a1c⋯.jpg (122.01 KB, 640x544, 20:17, moloch el god.jpg)



MOLOCH = FATHER OF THE GODS = SATURN = EL (EL MOLOCH) = YHWH = Jesus father murdered him for your "Sins".

"Sin" was a father God of the Cannanites. He came from UR, home of Abraham who tried to murder his own son. "Sin" was a father God of the Cannanites. He came from UR, home of Abraham who tried to murder his own son

Moon god of the Neanderthal nocternals

e9d9ba  No.12295308

File: 7df674c3f8d45a3⋯.jpg (74.39 KB, 518x285, 518:285, 1539794324343.jpg)

File: 933f4df3826a7d8⋯.png (983.75 KB, 1336x835, 8:5, 1535237412269.png)

File: 213cbeae751c41f⋯.jpg (272.65 KB, 989x400, 989:400, 213cbeae751c41fd8f5537eff7….jpg)


are you trying to compare here moloch with beetle/kheepra?

that's ridiculous.

5d1c6e  No.12295611

File: 0592e1bd198205c⋯.png (1.08 MB, 600x710, 60:71, 1edc0cc0346b232fb8f90345a3….png)


>Also when Cain gets casted out he fears to be killed by OTHER humans which there shouldnt be

Existing hominid(s) produced as nigger cattle competition between Star Miner Foremen. Lonely out in space. Indulges in bestiality. Viola: pregnant.

Cosmic War – Asteroid belt was a planet, BTFO'd. Mars was populated, and glassed (Xenon129; J. Brandenberg) for some reason. Saturn's moons possibly as well. Earth slightly less desirable or under-terraformed at the time: Refugees Welcome. Population small enough to necessitate gene editing terraforming ab-human/starman niggercattle into suitable breedin stock. Earth possibly = Space Australia penal colony, and some party (lone gone or still around) still is extracting reparations (black budget; trillions at this magnitude isn't just laundered back in, it's going elsewhere, up.)

>Abbadon who is said to have loved humans more than God which made him fall.

"God so loved the world, he gave it his only begotten son." – The 'white lodges' in the occult milieu seems more secretive than the dark ones exercising profane power.


>Nahui-Atl (Water Sun) - This world was flooded turning the inhabitants into fish. A couple escaped but were transformed into dogs.

This jives with the Dogon/Sallish "Nummo" mythologies (former with express ties to Egypt, and metaphysics identical to that of early Buddhism; putative founding figure Rata fled Egypt with magic knowledge after political coup, establishes satellite library. [See Dark Journalist yidtube, & Cliff High]

>>Nahui-Quiahuitl (Rain Sun) - Inhabitants were destroyed by rain of fire. Only birds survived (or inhabitants survived by becoming birds).

Sahara desert, green glass, formerly lush (close enough to fuck with the proposed West African Atlantean site.) Though the Birds bit lends itself to a volcanic island's erruption (like on Santorini)


>the Bible overwhelmingly posits a planar and stationary Earth.

In Electric Universe circles, it's suggested that the Sun is an Arc Weld pulling us along through space (and part of the characteristics of this solar minimum atm due to the character of the medium being passed through being different.)



Granite-cement polymer anon's got it; appears to be the simplest explanation. There is that one really-really huge cut stone near there that is absurdly large, even compared to that pic's. Running with gravity/mass is not actually constant everywhere at all times, under all circumstances – something generating field effects – like the Giza pyramid, could facilitate lowering the threshold for sonic levitation we've seen on a small scale in labs (think Tesla in Colorado, and anecdotes of horse's shoes sparking on the ground, or from faucets through the copper piping of the town.)


>Cain being the offspring of Eve and the Serpent while Abel is from Adam and Eve

These texts are replete with topological analogues, and the debtor cosmology has had civilizatinal consequences on those under its aegis, especially in the technology and physics deriving therefrom. >>12142573 is right to suspect what the slavers are driving the cart toward is a false dawn:

Just to reiterate the Masonry foundation story of Hiram Abiff/Cain line– think economic 'stimulus packages', forced industrialization (5 Year Plans) – artificial growth through debt monetization is a lot more of something from less than should produce it (human-effort zero point) in a much shorter time scale. It's intended to go back to the halcyon Atlantean et. al. days harder and faster, by any means necessary. The Great Work is built on the bodies of countless unillumined ciphers' toil.

5d1c6e  No.12295647

File: a237c30cd79c29f⋯.jpg (426.21 KB, 1134x1613, 1134:1613, REACTION_VRIL_UngerSternbe….jpg)

File: 2f6235bb7117939⋯.jpg (114.19 KB, 633x950, 633:950, AGARTHA_UBoatPoster.jpg)

File: 9b85e77d70eea44⋯.jpg (123.96 KB, 799x1200, 799:1200, AGARTHA_WorldIceTheory0.jpg)

File: 69592b4438fb595⋯.jpg (52.41 KB, 640x512, 5:4, AGARTHA_WorldIceTheory.jpg)

File: 7f384b887edc01e⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1048x3320, 131:415, AGARTHA_BAUCHinfograph.jpg)


>with a structure used to celebrate victory *of the Northern Tribes

*over the Northern Tribes – I dun goofed.


The Merchants rejected Jesus for not being the Masiac, 'son of El' (because he wasn't) hence "(((You)) are of your father, the DevIL", synagogue of Satan, ect. It was the rejection of what became the rabbinic Judaism of today. Which isn't to say Thor couldn't be analogous to Prometheus, or the Angel that fell for loving man too much Abbadon– Pagan/Christian opposition is false dialectic, especially going into the weeds of non-court history, theology, and archaeology.

185dec  No.12295682

File: bebb1d5ad888dba⋯.jpg (151.1 KB, 567x794, 567:794, [Huerta] (EN) Tributo - {5….jpg)



The rest is /x/files crazy talk.

5d1c6e  No.12295792

File: 73aa409a3a86c2a⋯.jpg (65.13 KB, 576x768, 3:4, AGARTHA_JackDanielsAnon.jpg)

File: 738b3f1ad2c83b1⋯.jpg (102.75 KB, 600x255, 40:17, AGARTHA_TheThing.jpg)

File: 85bd16254b3a5ed⋯.jpg (631.11 KB, 1600x1142, 800:571, AGARTHA_Diagram2.jpg)

File: 22adf023c3e5ecc⋯.jpg (211.83 KB, 560x400, 7:5, AGARTHA_Diagram1.jpg)

File: 181fb2d02044083⋯.png (20.07 KB, 720x515, 144:103, AGARTHA_AntarcticHole2.png)


>more egyptian pics with rituals and strange things.

Banedjet (Ram) was regarded as the soul aspect of Osirus (Prometheus), who with Hathor (Serket, scorpion analogue) together with Thoth attempt to reconstruct Horus' eye, gouged out by Set. The scorpion stinging the Bull's testicles in Mithraic art derives from Horus ripping Set's balls out. Horus evades rape by Set by catching the Semen in his hands – Isis slips it in Set's food, the resulting impregnation forming a Moon disc on his forehead from which Thoth is born (representing the eye Set gouged, the other as Sun) – Illuminati eye as the Eye of Horus in solar aspect, and the conception of wisdom in this act (Thoth), the triangle hand gensture as the handpussy & eye as Set's seed/urethra.

Osirus after being trapped by Set (Typhon: serpent: Apophis) within a casket/chest (Ark), was sent down the Nile and out to sea, arriving in Byblos (Bible), where he was interred within a tamarisk tree that grew around him–

Isis retrieves him, but Set dismembers and scatters his remains around Egypt; his penis eaten by fish (icthys: Jesus) in the Nile has to be magically reconstructed to conceive Horus. Isis hides in Khemmis (-try) to give birth, hiding in the reeds. Scorpions (Serket, Lower Egypt Pre-Dynastic God) that guard young Osirus (copper based blood: Venus in Al-chem(et)y, rules Taurus [Banedjet/Osirus' Soul] and Libra [Scorpio right next door], and exalted in Pisces in astrology, the sign for which mirrors the Greek ichthys' fish sigil along with that for copper'' → which ties into:


>>An alternative etymology derives bread from Proto-Germanic *braudaz, *brauþaz (“broken piece, fragment”), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰera- (“to split, beat, hew, struggle”)struggle We are supposed to "eat"/take his struggle to gain eternal life


>On the other hand you have people like Zahi Hawass

Hawass is even more peculiar for having been bankrolled in the first place by Edgar Cayce/Foundation – who was the most prolific among 20th century remove viewers, and specifically sought out the Hall of Records (of Atlantis) beheath the Pyramids (large underground cave systems) and especialy the Sphinx as indicated in images already posted itt. This is a long presentation but the guy has encyclopedic knowledge researching this stuff https://youtu.be/iF0W1mx08m0


>Marco Polos description of dragons

This sounds like saltwater crocodiles, probably had wider area of habitation with human population densities of that time. Would be interesting if the dinosaur extinction weren't some Pyrrhic animal control effort gone horribly wrong. Then there's expanding earth theories, which might account for their difficulties not relating to oxygen concentrations (gravity increase.)


>"Star of David"

Remphan – slightly nudge the script in Arabic and you get Remdan (Ramadan). The number 4 did not exist in ancient mystery schools' numerology as the representation of time (Saturn: Cube). The rebellious anti-nature spirit of Judaism in defiance of God and reason owes everything to this Cubism.


The pyramid is constructed out of quartz crystal dense stone, and between this, the missing covering, and the gold apex with running water system under and through it, the field generated by it with the alignment just may have had some directional function for consciousness unmoored from its physical vessel. In the great pyramid itself, they are very anal about not generating sustained resonant sound (decibels may rise dangerously, presumably.)


Water, with sound treatment, can be made to take on different structure. 5G, HARP, CERN may all be dicking around with us on that level.


>The christian cross on the other hand symbolizes the cube being broken open, freeing us from the material prison it symbolizes

Osirus removed from the Tree grown around the chest he was locked in.

5d1c6e  No.12295904

File: 5cdd7526b2fb283⋯.jpg (74.57 KB, 1045x697, 1045:697, LONDON-STONE-overhead.jpg)


>ancient ayys

>Gifts of the Magi: "Gold, as to a king; myrrh, as to one who was mortal; and incense, as to a God." – Origen, Contra Celsum

The fabled white powder/gold of Alchemy is likely monoatomic gold and necessary for field propulsion/effect technologies. A huge cache of it was uncovered in the base of a temple site in Turkey recently.



Joseph Farrell's work goes into depth about torsion physics research and applications by the 3rd Reich. The 'holographic' angle is usually overstated– fractal, top to bottom, and vibrating at beyond quantum speeds in and out of existence, "om" – the Matrix shenanigans is just projection of our hardware limitations into the noumena.



Look for the megaliths in Russia, enormous walled structures.


>size of sun/moon from sound

Wild, – seen it floated that 440hz was trialed by Nazis in Wagner productions for its 'invigorating' effects.


>sexegesmial system. . . .could the cymatic patterns on display in the tablets be a graphical representation of an alternative universal numeral system?

Joseph Farrell directly addresses this in his works. Try emailing him.


>The Hyksos were Assyrian, not Jewish.

(((They))) were expulsed from there, too. Eretz-Israel = Ereshkigal (Ishtar). Muslem temple in Cutha to Nergal (Mars) – Cairo, place of Mars/Conqueror – Star of (David) Remphan → Remdan → Ramadan. Even if Assyrian, (((they))) would have been joining up/recruited out of Sinai to go on a Lower Kingdom reconquest.



<Jews pretending to be Druids


Bond is an ancient Celtic staple of the board. You are the new cancer/glownigger.


<literally types it out: s-a-g-e

All kinetic conflict is downstream from spiritual conflict; all spiritual conflict is from a disparity of knowledge. If the enemy possesses an occult worldview and is actively suppressing the origins of man and true physics, that disparity has to be closed. You are a radiant niggerfaggot. Increase your Vril levels.


>above 100 iq

Philosemitic canard – Israeli average is 80 (not including Gaza).


>"Victorian" era artifacts and buildings are from Atlantis

London Stone (Pic Related)


>feathered serpent has been depicted by the mount builders of north america

Phoenix Arizona – and the entire state – is a Free Masonic region, and they got there early. The enormous canal system was commissioned by conquerors (not contemporary lit. "the defeated (tribe)" in Pre-Columbian times– Toltec, or some group North or from the sea. See 'Cory Daniel – Arizona is a ground zero for Masonic/Smithsonian archaeological bleaching.


>Those symbols send out waves/frequencies that effect those around them and possibly reality itself.

Inscription, writing itself was coequal to the magic being annotated in Egypt. It's placing the thought form physically into the medium.


>I never asked for this.

Birth pangs lead to new life.

a93708  No.12296087


The myth of set losing his eye from which knowledge is born is also found in the nordic myths with Odis sacrificing his eye to gain knowledge. So Odin=Set?

8c02ca  No.12296495

File: 8dae41798ae719f⋯.jpg (73.68 KB, 567x600, 189:200, odin_horn2.jpg)

File: 48085acb857136e⋯.jpg (78.93 KB, 373x400, 373:400, odin_raven.jpg)



I.E. the most tenebrous and farest planet from the Sun. (Uranus and Neptune don't count)

He acts like a snake in the night, his power is unknown and seen as tremendously huge. Sometimes he avenges, sometimes he rewards. Sacrifices are omnipresents with him.

But it's obvious that in the Nordic myth, Odin does not ask to kill a baby or whatever, because he also reflects the unconscious of the people. He is just nature, but his dark side.

No wonder why he is wrongly praised amound the schizophrenic sandniggers, they don't know what it means to farm something they just think the value of things just grow up when we put money in it like it's "magic".

2d0e7c  No.12300706


3ad2e4  No.12309142

File: 6116fa8bb27a69f⋯.jpg (70.97 KB, 565x674, 565:674, jupiter_0.jpg)




Odin is the storm god named literally "God". The storm God defeats Saturn/(((EL)))

047bab  No.12309518


are both, odin and seth, identified as saturn? i read something about odin being saturn, but nothing specific. seth is occasionally claimed to be the set(h)ting sun, and others saturn i think too

9f4ee0  No.12310361

File: 09575e44420c2f4⋯.png (4.66 KB, 480x320, 3:2, 2afa20d58b2d264ce26a5f3de1….png)


no, theres literally nothing connecting odin to saturn other than wide-brimmed hats and the fact both are old. where did you read that Odin was connected with Saturn? From Tacitus? From the Sagas? Im guessing from some retard on the internet. Odin is sometimes depicted with a scythe, but thats not really enough evidence to connect him with Saturn. Romans and Germans themselves usually identified Odin with Mercury, because his role as a shamanic god, a psychopomp and as a caller of the dead was considered his most important aspect. Other times he was associated with Mars because of his war-like qualities, but this was a later development in the Odinic cult as far as I can tell; the original "Mars" of the Germanic Pantheon was Tiwaz, as can be seen in the weekday names, comparing German, English and Italian.

Lunedì - Monday- Mondag

Martedì - Tuesday - Tirsdag

Mercoledì - Wednesday - Mittwoch (strangely, in Odins homeland, they changed the name of his day to something mundane. I wonder whos behind this)

Giovedì - Thursday - Donnerstag

Venerdì - Friday - Freitag

Sabato - Saturday - Samstag (no known etymological connection with Saturn)

Domenica - Sunday - Sonntag

There is no real Germanic equivalent to Saturn, and every Germanic language uses a weird name for Saturday (English is the only one to preserve Saturn's name, and in Old Nordic it was known as "washing day", the only day not named after a god in their week)

The closest archetypal equivalent would by Ymir, since he was the first ruler of the cosmos, and was overthrown and dismembered by a more righteous God. That God was Odin, which makes your "Odin is Saturn" theory just that much more idiotic. Archetypally, Odin is a mixture of the Sky-Father patriarch seen in Zeus and Perun, with a shamanic war-god something between Mercury and Mars. He is one of the more complex pagan deities in terms of role, cultic origin and function and is not easily understood, especially by idiots who dont read, like you.

Equating Seth with Odin is even more fucking retarded. Seth, if anything, has connections to Satan or Ahrimann, theres very little that puts him in the same role as Saturn, other than being the "evil" god who was cast out by his more righteousness relative.


this poster is a kike shill who hasnt read a shred of pagan lore and is trying to disrupt the thread. he knows nothing.

>Sacrifices are omnipresents with him.

yeah, and every other fucking god on the planet you idiot, even the christian one. Leviticus is nothing but sacrificial instructions and cleanliness laws. Saying sacrifice is a strictly saturnian trait is the dumbest faggot shit ive ever heard. I bet you dont even understand why we sacrifice, why we make offerings and burn incense in the name of the Gods. You probably think it performs magic or something like some wiccan.

>No wonder why he is wrongly praised amound the schizophrenic sandniggers

since when have sandniggers even known what Odin is? The only sandniggers ive talked to about pagan deities didnt have very high opinions of them.

3589a1  No.12310403


9f4ee0  No.12310404

3589a1  No.12310408

Actually bump because this thread is derailing from schizo christian LARPing to good shit

bc4ac8  No.12310809


>jesus died on the 3rd of april

>even though april wasn't on the roman calender

>on the year 33ad

>even though the romans never used the ad system, by their calender they were in the year roughly 800 when jesus was killed


Romans would crucify people in the morning so that people going about their day would have to witness it.

By 3pm in that era of human history you would probably be on your way back home by 4pm

cc4bc5  No.12311348


I honestly have no idea where i read the odin is saturn thing, and as i said i dont know about who odin could be otherwise either. The thing with his and seths eye are a connection though even if it just means there is some truth to method and effects.

Iirc seth is ruling the underworld and is the guy that killed osiris in a fit of envy making him a rather bad guy and afaik he is indeed officially identified with saturn but for odin as i stated i dont know. The allfather thing is also something i pondered about but didnt come to a real conclusion. and jupiter (thor) being the son of odin would fit the greek zeus being the son of cronus who is saturn. However in this case zeus fights saturn/cronus where as thor fights his brother loki which fits michael again fighting his brother satan and throwing him to earth. That would again put odin in the position of God.



b49dbc  No.12311834


Check out the electric universe and fossilization…Sufficiently strong electrical discharges can cause petrification.

cb131c  No.12311960


You can take the people of Odin's word for what he was. He was pretty much a fieldmarshal of the old Aryans, sent to combat an asiatic horde in Scandinavia. Defeated them, but then fell under the spell of the enemy king who promised him things he couldn't have at home. When Odin died, possibly murdered, this Asiatic king made him into a God since he was very popular both among his own people and those of the Aryans. Anyting beyond that is Satanic fantasy added by Jewry and their like.

9f4ee0  No.12315178


what are sources, kike?

oh right, fantasy nonsense. fuck off

2e5f5d  No.12315643

Which gods are aryan ones?

ef8dc1  No.12315651


Oera Linda Book. Oldest Aryan document.

34cd12  No.12315668


Jew confirmed

Wonder why this particular thread had triggered this dumb Jew so hard….. Is this the particular division JIDF assigned you to? Is this your specialty? Hahahahaha

047bab  No.12315693


not sending there best. or maybe they are which makes it even more sad

647653  No.12323035

File: 0780603cb79a718⋯.jpg (147.66 KB, 960x720, 4:3, El god saturn 2.jpg)

File: 1128056f2ae2ebb⋯.png (852.28 KB, 1069x692, 1069:692, ella movie0.png)

Abrahamic cults = child sacrifice cults

04e8c6  No.12324127

File: a2263c5cd288166⋯.jpg (113.54 KB, 814x560, 407:280, Yahweh moses God.jpg)


>Abrahamic cults = child sacrifice cults


047bab  No.12324941


047bab  No.12325291

File: 84fc2bc5422b466⋯.jpg (17.47 KB, 634x355, 634:355, Halo.jpg)

Some theory of mine:

Almost all the symbolism of God refers to Sun >>12147376

and the (fallen) angels seem to be planets like Saturn being Satan or Jupiter being Michael >>12243662 and all of those seem to have conciousness themselves

We are made in the image of God. What is out there like our sun? The Stars, sources of light and not like planets reflection of the light of God appearing similar yet are not. We are the conciousnesses of the Stars. We are not born in a zodiac, but we come from there. The movement and position of the planets to the stars influences us because its litereally happening to us.

This is also the reason why we believe to go into heaven/the sky or become a star when we die, because we are there already and our conciousness needs to return

3ef9ce  No.12325896



Which one?

047bab  No.12325980


The God, the creator and source of all. The father Jesus speaks off

96b154  No.12326119


Esoteric Pokéballs

3ef9ce  No.12326149


Oh so the one that does not exist. There are many creator gods and no one that is the source of all.

545465  No.12326163


I always found the blue eyed depictions across the ancient world to be very compelling of a group that came before everything today.

047bab  No.12326584


yeah, because Christianity is the only one speaking of some supreme God everything comes from.


>Manitou (/ˈmænɪtuː/), akin to the Iroquois orenda, is the spiritual and fundamental life force among Algonquian groups in the Native American mythology. It is omnipresent and manifests everywhere: organisms, the environment, events, etc.[1

even Odin is often seen as the figure of the allfather who created everything.

we have in Egypt this guy here


Who later became a monotheistic God. Coincidently


>In the 14th century BC, Atenism was Egypt's state religion for around 20 years

this fits perfectly the Yuya mummy >>12142391


>Yuya (sometimes Iouiya, also known as Yaa, Ya, Yiya, Yayi, Yu, Yuyu, Yaya, Yiay, Yia, and Yuy)[1] was a powerful Egyptian courtier during the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt (circa 1390 BC)

So around the the same time Yuya, who most likely was the biblical Joseph, they started worshiping a single God, Aten, and Aten coincidentally is also associated with the sun again >>12147376

3ef9ce  No.12326668

File: 752be8d20dcc8fe⋯.jpg (37.06 KB, 420x408, 35:34, 1448918006237.jpg)



Anywho, there would definitely be a deity or something to kickstart the process of the origin of existence, but this does not mean that the one God who started it all is the only God or Goddess is the only one to ever make anything. So to say they made EVERYTHING is gay Abrahamist talk.

047bab  No.12326822


Even the bible has angels doing various deeds during the creation and were in example task keeping and eye on humanity. God didnt do everything himself in the bible but most of the time even sends some angel to do his work.

Thats pretty much the same as the supreme god telling the lower gods what to do.

However either way, since that God did kickstart the very first bit, everything comes from him. Even the deeds of the other gods/angels created by the one come ultimately from the one God by proxy.

8bc3d5  No.12327042

File: 5c0eccdad2ce26c⋯.jpg (65.46 KB, 566x480, 283:240, 1349909715883.jpg)


You're retarded, I'm so sorry.

>Single entity created everything

>But some of its creations created things so the single creator didn't really create everything

So do you see how what you said is retarded?

Everything was created, all reality. So anything the lesser creations put together is created from the fabric of reality. Single God of the universe. where you get the phrase god given rights since our government it's based on this idea of a single creator God.

>Why do you post to pol if you don't understand how the government works?

Just watch the TV news and Jack off to the sweet owning greg gutfield supplies to black guy on their show

6c900f  No.12329811


I think you mean Ave Iupiter.

c79375  No.12344658

File: 4191cee3c75d859⋯.png (563.68 KB, 480x640, 3:4, theBOX.png)





This past year I was in Egypt and spent about 2 hours inside the Great Pyramid. I was able to travel into all the chambers with only about 40 people in my group. Seeing pictures of this place does no justice, it felt more like I was on Mars in building made by Martians. The Great Pyramid is a solid state device that is still working to this day – the Great Pyramid has a heart beat (which can be heard if you lay down in the bottom most chamber, in the dead ended tunnel). My main takeaway was meditating in the kings chamber. After doing some breath of fire breathing techniques while laying down on the floor, I could feel my body become part of the active fields within the pyramid – it felt like I was being sucked into the floor and being crushed from above at the same time. It felt very much like I became part of the circuit, that it was directly affecting my being (mind soul and body). It was very much a spiritual moment for me because even trying to explain my experience sounds crazy. As a result I do indeed feel like it healed my chakras but it also aligned my being, so much so its hard to play pretend in the real world nowadays. I very much felt like there was someone or something there with me. I don't know if this was the original purpose, or if it was a power plant, or just a place to hide a mummy…

Whoever built the Pyramids,.. they were far beyond anything we can imagine. These places seem to be magical, or function in ways unknown to us now. There are other temples in Egypt that have a similar level of spookiness, meaning they can be used to directly influence a persons being. These places are not publicized and only people with connections know about them. Only ~10% of Ancient Egypt has been reclaimed.

7b5e48  No.12344737


where did that trapdoor lead?

7b5e48  No.12344758

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Has there been more research on the pineal gland that would explain this?

7b5e48  No.12344759


>saging Aryan knowledge

7b5e48  No.12344760


what is godselficon?

7b5e48  No.12344764


The big dipper was my first redpilled on aryanism

7b5e48  No.12344770


I'm also skeptical but it seems to be that THERE was a city surrounded by water around Africa. There is nothing "mystical" or anything like that, just an advance town that was destroyed by water

7b5e48  No.12344771

7b5e48  No.12344773

7b5e48  No.12344777


that's interesting

7b5e48  No.12344778


not a downvote

7b5e48  No.12344779

7b5e48  No.12344780


wasn't Oppenheimer a kike?

7b5e48  No.12344787


>hurr durr durr I blame it on everything except wymyn's right

e7b081  No.12344788

can any monarchs tell me where to find tyler

7b5e48  No.12344789

7b5e48  No.12344791


nice hitler dubs

7b5e48  No.12344793


Well, there isn't one right now

7b5e48  No.12344795


Gobekti Tepe is one of the most interesting finds, it might link to ancient civilizations

7b5e48  No.12344797


nice trips, so?

7b5e48  No.12344802

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The great flood is a human archetype, most civilizations across the world has it.

>video related, Deukalion Big Floods

7b5e48  No.12344807


that would explain some things, but remember the 6000 figure was just a calculation from taking the different books of the bible seriously

7b5e48  No.12344810


wtf is your problem bro?

7b5e48  No.12344811


what do you think we'll find on the moon?

7b5e48  No.12344814


Sometimes I wish I had a time machine to see how these things were built…

7b5e48  No.12344818


well, the whole bible shouldn't be taken as a primary historical document

7b5e48  No.12344821

7b5e48  No.12344822


the serpent is an esoteric metaphor for powers above you working against your interests

7b5e48  No.12344825

7b5e48  No.12344827


>rational wiki

7b5e48  No.12344828

7b5e48  No.12344831


>Dinosaurs lived during the same time as humans did

Some MIGHT and that a big stretch… but I don't think humans lives 65 million years ago

7b5e48  No.12344833


It's a toss up for me

7b5e48  No.12344835

7b5e48  No.12344836


>one thread is sliding pages worth of content


7b5e48  No.12344839



7b5e48  No.12344841


Whenever I see "lost book", I immediately think of the guy that founded mormonism

3ef9ce  No.12344846


Dinosaurs are still around my dude. You've probably eaten quite a few.

7b5e48  No.12344849



Cannibal comes from "Canaan" and their child sacrifice god "Baal"… Canaan Baal… Cannibal

7b5e48  No.12344851


you mean chicken?

3ef9ce  No.12344860


Chickens are birds, and birds are dinosaurs, so yeah I guess so.

7b5e48  No.12344862


>astral plan

sounds like the hyperborean plane

7b5e48  No.12344864

7b5e48  No.12344868


holy shit, stop saying "flat" in threads like this

7b5e48  No.12344870


that's larping

52e8cd  No.12344872






>40 posts in 30 minutes

Fucking reported.

7b5e48  No.12344873


the saturn stuff is creapy.

7b5e48  No.12344874



3ef9ce  No.12344875


This is as sad as that "Tribe of Dan" Christian Identity babble. Baal isn't the name of a God, it is a title, and the Jews were the ones who sacrifice children throughout history - making the Jewish claim that the Canaanites sacrificed babies most likely a (((Projection))).

7b5e48  No.12344877

((( >>12344872 )))

for what, shill?

3ef9ce  No.12344884


What you laughing at?

7b5e48  No.12344891


Of course it was a projection, they were the ones doing it AND got "punished" (according to their own texts) for it… AFTER 200 years of doing said things.

Later, they would do the same thing again.

VIDEO RELATED: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wa1VDt4L1UEL/

7b5e48  No.12344896


at the fact we went from talking about dinosaurs being alive while people existed to just eating chickens count as eating dinosaurs.

7b5e48  No.12344898


That first pic is a stretch

3ef9ce  No.12344903


I mean, it;'s lovely to wake up in the morning while the dinosaurs are outside chirping. I thinking I'm okay with being a monkey that gets to feed the dinos.

7b5e48  No.12344904


You do know patterns are just that, right? The reason Brain cell and galactic clusters are similar is because they are a 3D network

7b5e48  No.12344906


What's "eso" exactly? Thought he was talking about some crypto stuff

7b5e48  No.12344908


not a downvote, bro

7b5e48  No.12344912


top fucking kek… get revenge for what they did to our rodent ancestors

7b5e48  No.12344913


really wished I had a time machine… although we're probably looking at events that happened decades and hundred of miles apart.

7b5e48  No.12344914

7b5e48  No.12344918


what are those? Could it be that there were sculpted on site?

3ef9ce  No.12344919


They were "rodent" like back in the day, not actual members of the rodentia clade.

7b5e48  No.12344920


this, at least twice

7b5e48  No.12344923

7b5e48  No.12344930


Oh, I thought they were and we were the ones that changed.

You know, kinda how sharks and crocodiles remained unchanged except for their size

7b5e48  No.12344933


david icke is just a tinfoiler

7b5e48  No.12344934


those are flags bro

7b5e48  No.12344935


esoteric knowledge?

7b5e48  No.12344939


I don't think solar flares do that, if anything it would have been a lightning

7b5e48  No.12344940


what's that suppose to show? it's just a coincidence, right?

7b5e48  No.12344942


stop being a faggot

7b5e48  No.12344943


you're trash

7b5e48  No.12344946


>This stuff is very pleasing to Autism

Remember it's ok to have a hypothesis, just don't make up excuses.

7b5e48  No.12344949



your mom

3ef9ce  No.12344951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's a nice JewTube series on the subject that I highly recommend. It's called the "Systematic Classification of Life"., and embed related is episode one. I highly recommend AronRa in general even if I disagree with some of his religious and political views.

7b5e48  No.12344957


that's my only problem, but the archeology stuff is fun

7b5e48  No.12344968


Wait, I've seen this guy before… isn't he some fedora guy?

I'm not religious so I don't care, but I think that was one of the retarded atheist prior and around 2010

3ef9ce  No.12344974


He is an outspoken atheist, yes. But that does not negate his explanation for the different topics he covers.

718d63  No.12344985


Hyksos were Semites which are white. Jews are muds are NOT semites. This is a common kike lie. New pharoah was mulatto man of the people. Enslaves the white minority for gibs and mechanical ingenuity and refused to let them leave. After a series of event he lets them go, and decides to chase them down to get them back.

Nobody ever wants to keep the jews, and they never want to leave. In natsoc Germany they were hiding in walls and under floor boards.

The exodus was white flight.

3ef9ce  No.12344992


Hyksos were Assyrians, and therefore had nothing to do with Jews. There were no Jewish slaves in the numbers stated in the fiction that is Exodus. The Book of Exodus is a fabrication in the same way the Holocaust is a fabrication.

718d63  No.12345008


>Hyksos… had nothing to do with Jews


>There were no Jewish slaves


>The Book of Exodus is a fabrication

fake and supermegaultragay

3ef9ce  No.12345032


>Exodus was white flight

Except it wasn't Egypt was definitely still white at the time that this story, and it was just that - a story - supposedly took place. I suggest watching embed related

( it is here >>12244131 ), as it is by the honorable Haku Zynkyoku. The reply to the linked post is also wrong, by the way., and misrepresents the presented argument.

6ac704  No.12345694


Post sources that Hyksos were Assyrians

412d37  No.12345768


kissless incel fedora.


Christian gentleman.

Learn the difference.

412d37  No.12345811


>even Odin is often seen as the figure of the allfather who created everything.

Check commerce and travels, maybe wotanism is the most hardcore "abrahamic" (i hate that term used in this way) religion.

For the other things, egyptians, ancestors of freemasons, are proved liars, fun fact, they hide monotheist temples under "pagan" temples.

047bab  No.12350105

File: 151fc339d2a7d25⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Göbekli Tepe 4.JPG)

File: 16cabe7ebfe8af0⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Göbekli Tepe 5.JPG)

File: 795e8a96ddf51b3⋯.jpg (2.34 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Göbekli Tepe 3.JPG)

File: c95bc17b8587165⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Göbekli Tepe 1.JPG)


based on your experience, how likely is my stuff about their purpose accurate?


ask Zahi Hawass


I heard that you only start aging once the pineal gland is damaged or calcifyed, but never searched for source. If true thoug i would assume the spiritual energy doesnt reach the body as good anymore and thus decays.


some exclusive pics for you. didnt see anything special on it, but well.


if you think its just that, its up to you, i believe everything is there for a reason.

253bc6  No.12352707


56e090  No.12353090

How does this add up with other esoteric research threads, hollow earth, flat earth, flat hollow earth??? Aliens from other planets, aliens from other dimensions, alien demons from other planets in other dimensions, Pangaea, the other Antediluvian cities like Mu, bigfoot, other creatures like fairies, elves, and goblins, Kent Hovind and young earth creationist beliefs in Dinosaurs were dragons??? the Aryan race, giants, magickal practices, mind control, time travel, (please tell me if I'm missing one), sacred sites, ancient technology more advanced than our own in the present, and something about how we are the universe experiencing itself?

dc6a48  No.12353093

The ancient Atlanteans were aryans.

The richat strucure seems not like the best place for atlantis. This is just another glownigger PsyOp.

Atlantis was where the Doggerland is. In the north sea. The germanic people are the descendants of the atlanteans!


Doggerland was an area of land, now submerged beneath the southern North Sea, that connected Great Britain to continental Europe. It was flooded by rising sea levels around 6,500–6,200 BC.

That is the reason, why all people near the former island have blonde hair.

A german guy with the name Spanuth compared the text of Plato with the actual landscape of the north sea and discovered very many similarities.


spanish version:


The aryan race is the real chosen race.

56e090  No.12353111


What about alchemy, the philosophers stone (how do you even make one a dose?), the global satanic jew elites making an AI diety, transhumansim, superweapons, deep undergound military bases, genetic experiments, the matrix, terminator, the inter galactic devil empire, these questions are all over youtube but they need a n s w e r s before I explode.

545465  No.12353215


>Only ~10% of Ancient Egypt has been reclaimed.

I would think even less than that to be honest. We're talking about a civilization that existed thousands of years which saw geo changes, undoubtedly experienced the global flood, numerous different groups rising and falling all around them, trade all over the known world and so on.

I would think there are literal cities buried. In fact I am positive there are as it has happened before that they were found. Unfortunately Egypt is now controlled by morons who fuck up the discoveries as much as they find them.

a9c137  No.12353221


Shit, you might have a point. I read it somewhere but just looking back over my sources, it seems they had no specific place of origin. Sounds pretty (((rootless))) to me, but that still means the Exodus is a fiction since the Hyksos were not slaves and certainly were not in Egypt at the time in which the Jews were supposedly enslaved there.

545465  No.12353235


I too believe they were blue eyed/whites as the exact groups which originally controlled Libya, Morocco, etc but I don't think Doggerland fits what we know. You may be right but I do tend to now believe it was right on the northwest coast of Africa as that really would also explain a lot about Carthage which supposedly was also built in a similar circular manner.

In fact I think the Atlanteans inevitably became the Phoenicians which the Greeks later used as the Phoenix myth of rising from the ashes which Atlanteans (kind of) did after surviving the ancient catastrophe.

One thing is certain and that is there was an ancient blue eyed group that was well established everywhere on the planet. It had to be them but of course there may have been another even before them that have long disappeared from any chance of discovery.

Sigh… I wish we knew more…

545465  No.12353242


To add to this, I do not believe the Phoenicians were semetic as they try to push now as the evidence is completely flimsy.

a9c137  No.12353331


They could very easily have been Semitic if they spoke a Semitic language, but that says nothing about their blood. For instance, the Akkadians were not filthy hooknoses, yet they are described as Semitic because they spoke a tongue that fit in that language group.

545465  No.12353360


This is a good point and really again raises the point that the originals likely were exterminated in large portion long ago and what we see today is not what once was and is more a pretender.

It does make sense if one considers how many times through history they were gone after. Assyrians, Romans, Egyptians in the ancient world to name a few. So I fall to what many of those here believe that they were replaced at some point but by who and when, who knows. So much lost history… fucking wish we had more to go on.

56e090  No.12353709

what about ancient man, Neanderthals, cro magnons, and homo erectus. Did ancient Europeans really discover agriculture first? Why are the oldest dated Aryan Settlements in Ukraine and Russia? What is the deal with the ancient megalithic structures? Is the pyramid really just a battery, or is it some kind of portal to another dimension? Is the sphinx really supposed to have the head of Anubis? What about healing crystals and magic woo? (why is everything made of crystals anyway) Whats the significance of Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal?! That movie really glows in the dark! A m I t a l k i n g t o o f a s t ??? What about the Bermuda Triangle? If Atlantis is in Africa, wtf happened there?!?! Are there demons locked in the center of the earth? Are there civilizations in the center of the earth? Is there a giant cube in the center of the earth? Is the black sun in the center of the earth? But I thought Saturn was the black sun?!?!???

545465  No.12354613


We know a major catastrophic event nearly ended all life on the planet roughly around 12,500 years ago. We also know that event very likely changed the magnetic center and tilted the earth's axial point. We know the event was almost certainly caused by an impact event that smashed into the northern ice shelf, melted a huge amount of ice and created a massive global deluge. Those waters would have eventually receded to some extent but given the impact it would have swept up huge amounts of sand/left them there after the waters receded a bit.

If Atlantis was coastal it would have undoubtedly been obliterated and after all those many years buried under massive amounts of sand. I mean, shit, look how much of ancient Egypt is still under the sand. Whale bones, non fossilized, have been found in the Sahara so we know it was under the ocean and fairly recent.

So a big strike hits the shelf causing a gigantic effect of waters headed southward. Doggerland likely ate the brunt but the waters continued south and on the Atlantic southward side nothing was going to stop its advance so it would have continued southward and completely swallowed up every coastal area in Europe, Africa, North/South America, probably flooded the Mediterranean, probably carved out a ton of new rivers, etc. The only people who survived likely would have been mountainous people who, afterwards, descended down and reset life.

If you look at the Tropic of Cancer you may find its line, relation to the June Solstice, history and so on to be interesting.

047bab  No.12359680


I doubt it changed the axis tilt though. A lot of the hints to the events 12.500 years ago comes through the alignment of monuments, or at least many point that way to that time. If the tilt would have changed dramatically that alignment wouldnt fit anymore or at least not fit the point in time

b717be  No.12360840

You know what I find interesting is that many of the ancient Sumerian "myths" actually appear to be very logical considering what we now know. Outside the ancient space man theory which, who the hell knows, but in terms of basically everything else they wrote.

That is one thing I constantly find myself getting pissed about is modern scientists, moron NPCs and the like will blatantly look right past what the ancients drew or left and conjure their own opinions based on their narrative desire. For example, I trust what the ancient Egyptians drew to show themselves much more than some asshole with a useless degree claiming that the ancients were black or whatever. The ancient Egyptians would not have drew themselves how they did unless it was completely accurate as those old cultures had much different systems and if some artists would have fucked around and drew something incorrect it would have been destroyed along with the artisan.

Long story short, our best information still comes from the ancients. I would bet the farm that governments from around the world and religious centers have a shit ton of data that, if shared with the world, could narrow down our origins within a few years. That seriously pisses me off.

8ea308  No.12362107

While the results have (((not always been released)), there are plenty of samples of the DNA of Egyptian royalty (thanks to their practice of mummification). However, it seems that many of the early roman emperors were cremated.

>The traditional story is that in 410, during the sack of Rome by Alaric, the pillaging Visigoths rifled the vaults, stole the urns and scattered the ashes, without damaging the structure of the building (Rodolfo Lanciani).[citation needed] Platner and Ashby, however, posited that "The story of its plundering by Alaric in 410 has no historical foundation, and we know nothing of its destruction".[4]


Are there any prominent ancient romans whose remains are available to us, and if so, do those remains contain viable material for genetic testing, and further, have those studies been done and published?

If cremation was a common practice throughout the empire, then non-cremated dead might only be available in places such as Pompeii or Herculaneum. Do any of you have more information on this issue?

>inb4 Arthur Kemp says early emperors were nordic

Not necessarily disputing that, but I'd like to see actual DNA evidence either way.

545465  No.12362158


The only prominent remains I know of was from what was believed to be a high ranking Senator of General several years back when that tomb was found intact. No results on what you are asking but it would be hard as Romans did tend to cremate their dead.

Ancient Greeks are another option but, again, who the fuck knows what the results truly would be as we get so little.

f6fdf3  No.12377580

File: 8c83156e644aa97⋯.jpg (343.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Patrick-Bateman-Smiling.jpg)

Beautiful thread, OP.

Also, can someone make a screencap or a pastebin of it? I would do it myself but I lack the time and the knowledge.

cf291f  No.12378285

File: ce0049c51cf6e65⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 265x300, 53:60, satan god 434.jpg)

File: 8fa6f07e7fee24a⋯.jpg (71.76 KB, 793x1000, 793:1000, naked_ballerina_07.jpg)



Fuck off OP










d220c5  No.12390441


most of the ancient spacemen stuff appearently comes from sitchin which he allegedly pulled out of his ass.

but a lot of ancient myths contained stuff that were proven later. iE:


>>11In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the same day all the fountains of the great deep burst open, and the floodgates of the sky were opened.

>>fountains of the great deep

>Thousands of years later there is a discovery making it possible those fountain of the great deep actually exist




>According to Mainstream Science snakes lost their legs in the evolutionary process

>>14So the LORD God said to the serpent: “Because you have done this, Cursed are you above all livestock, and every beast of the field! On your belly will you go, and dust you will eat, all the days of your life.

>Here too the snake is made to crawl on its belly implying it didnt do so before meaning it most likely had legs but lost it just like Mainstream Science suggests too

even the aztecs rain of fire >>12142607

>>Nahui-Quiahuitl (Rain Sun) - Inhabitants were destroyed by rain of fire. Only birds survived (or inhabitants survived by becoming birds).

which sounds a lot like a comet/asteroid hitting earth, and the previous inhabitants, as in example dinosaurs, were wiped out except for those that turned into birds.

as for Black Egyptians, I think its not entirely bullshit, just leaves out a lot.

The Pyramids and the big monuments were likely build by whites, as they are told across the world to have ruled at some point. Then came the flood and wiped them away leaving only the monuments. After that the son of ham (a nigger) myzriam (also a nigger) (see >>12142483) went to that area and settled there and LARPed as civilization. Couple hundred years later Joseph (white) gets sold by his brothers into slavery to egypt. When he arrived there he saw the people starving (curse of cain doesnt let the ground yield fruit for them which is why niggers never learnt farming in all the time). Joseph then teaches them the basics and enables them to sustain their people again. For this he got appointed as the closest associate of the pharao and was given complete authority>>12142391. It also happens to be that around the same time joseph/yuya was in egypt that egypt turned to monotheism (Atenism) >>12326584 which was the sungod while the biblical God has endless symbolism towards the light and the sun

So they wuz kangz, but left out a lot

4ac24e  No.12392416

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Every copypasta post in this thread debunked in one video.

(((mods))) killed the thread for video because they want to fuck up your brain with this kind of shit thread.

(((mods))) killed the thread for video because they want to fuck up your brain with this kind of shit thread.

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(((mods))) killed the thread for video because they want to fuck up your brain with this kind of shit thread.

d53793  No.12393433

File: 59eeeac3f4c46b3⋯.jpg (359.82 KB, 1276x2146, 22:37, sumeria gods aliens btfo b….jpg)

Annunaki Alien fags BTFO

dc3cec  No.12393461


Did anyone even argue ancient aliens in this thread?

d220c5  No.12399667


the only bit is >>12177514 and >>12177519 which says they are spirits and not ayys

d244b4  No.12416994

some bump

b3fa38  No.12433318

fc1f4a  No.12442131




do you have anything regarding the religion? Albert Pike supposedly suggested that the ancient aryans used the swastika as a symbol for their monotheistic sungod. while i didnt dig into him it fits what i believe about the swastika >>12142425 and fits at least yuya mummy it seems (minus the swastika) >>12326584

a5db30  No.12442219


888ba4  No.12443222


>and while we are at it, the earth being 6000 years old also isnt biblical, its merely when the story of Adam and Eve starts.

And even then there appear to be gaps in the genealogies used to calculate the 6000 year figure. Most likely the genealogies are just the highlights.

b464e8  No.12443564

File: 1226ada763f8f76⋯.pdf (697.19 KB, AN EFFORT TO IMPROVE REMOT….pdf)

File: de43fd13e2a1701⋯.pdf (2.56 MB, A SUGGESTED REMOTE VIEWING….pdf)

File: 8cf76fbbb166694⋯.pdf (304.01 KB, MARS EXPLORATION, MAY 22, ….pdf)


>the CIA tried to astral project/remote view and use it to gather knowledge

lol forgot about that

b464e8  No.12446444

File: ff1d94673fa0331⋯.gif (406.09 KB, 438x300, 73:50, Schumann Frequency.gif)


>its meant to be tuned into the Schumann resonance

b464e8  No.12446992

File: 75fdb14361225af⋯.gif (4.87 MB, 480x480, 1:1, Ass Blasted.gif)


You sound very reasonable an not at all like an Israeli

1e805a  No.12454268




the fag comes in pretty much every thread i make spouting the same nonsense. the pedo thing he is claiming ever since i pointed out that isaac was neither a child nor a sacrifice which made him claim im pro childsacrifices and a pedo. but well

8c97f7  No.12454305


>Whenever I see "lost book", I immediately think of the guy that founded mormonism

I think 'lost word' and masons.


c9b64b  No.12454434

File: d48b63d15b16a50⋯.jpg (46.31 KB, 482x700, 241:350, 99ea709190c44a556f35eb4563….jpg)

>tfw you got an antedulivian bird of volcanic rock sitting over your fireplace.

2c796d  No.12474223

I'm bumping this so the fucking weirdo doesn't come back and make a new spam thread like he always does on 4chan

1de45f  No.12478478


you do realize that practically nothing changes wether i have this thread open or a new one? there would be this thread once in the catalogue either way

185c83  No.12478540


I believe they are spirits too, but I'm having trouble understanding what spirits even are. Are the gods just archetypes? Do they live on other planets? Do they live on other planets in other dimensions? Are they electromagnetic in nature? Do they have physical forms in other planes that we can't sense?

1de45f  No.12479070

File: e73ebd75b65a958⋯.png (564.92 KB, 1351x1783, 1351:1783, aliens.png)


this is something im wondering about myself. I believe spirits are the source of the conciousness, what we really are, but currently we are just/mostly "paying attention" to the signals of this body our souls are currently connected with, and some spirits have permanent manifestations like the planets being the manifestations of the conciousness of the pagan deities/fallen angels, others seem to not have one but are able to manifest themselves temporarily in this plane, the grays/demons for example, even though im not sure if they really manifest or merely project themselves into our perception making them appear material when they never left the spiritual.

i believe we ourselves also have our manifestations of our spirits on the nightsky >>12325291 but its fairly difficult to make any realy statement.

56e5a2  No.12479096


I doubt it. In the NT it's made clear that it's important there are 14 generations between certain important events in Jesus' lineage. All of them are listed too.

>"So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations." Matthew 1:17

b0e986  No.12479424

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hey David Icke.

2bfbe8  No.12479631


6e3f1c  No.12528752

some bump

407720  No.12548477

another last one if otherwise noone is interested or has anything to add

407720  No.12549820

File: f050ab39bf362b5⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1898x1498, 949:749, White Israelites.jpg)

just got some new material

f5cf05  No.12549924


>showing that there was some kind of global communication going on (not like the internet, but information where exchanged through traveling, trade or whatever

In some South- or Central-American folklore or temple painting/carving, the messengers of the gods, or teachers of the gods had eyes in the heavens through which they could see everything beyond the horizons as a bird would.

Iranian folklores apparently had a similar mention in their creation myth, or their version of the whole noah's ark thing. In the vault or "cave" they had means of observing what was happening in the outside world through god's eyes.

I think, that pre-collapse civilization had satellites, or UAV's. There is no way of proving this ofcourse. Satellites would have come down, and absolutely no object made out of metal, or any other of our modern materials would survive 12 thousand years. Only things that would have survived are massive things carved out of stone, and human will to survive, to live, and tell folktales to children.

f5cf05  No.12549959


Spirits are creatures, just like we are. They are beyond our comprehension to some degree, yet some individuals seem to have some odd capability to sense things that happen in that realm of existance. Like child sensing that someone is coming before that individual is even in such range that he could have been heard or seen. Like someone seeing a certain kind of dream and just knowing that someone in the family is in some manner of trouble, even though she is unable to pinpoint who is it that is in trouble.

47d522  No.12550941

407720  No.12550965


>actually bumped and got it back to page 1

thanks pal.

b77ccf  No.12568346

Look into Fomenko's New Chronology and the newearth yt channel as well as the megaliths org website

dbc87f  No.12568471


>When in the Bible it stated the Sons of God came unto the Daughters of men, the correct translation for men is the enoesh, not Adam. So these women, those who gave birth to the mortal women were not of the pure Caucasian race

for that interpretation to work you need to ignore the book of enoch which identifies specifically angels going unto the humans, mating with them and creating giants that ate everything humanity produced and in the end humans themselves. also

>2the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they took as wives whomever they chose.

actually uses "adam" for daughters of men".

it probably did happen with the non adamic races trying to take the adamic females as wifes too, but i dont think that is refered to here, or considering the bible often has many messages with the very same verses we can assume that this is just one of the info given to us.


>2,000 years older than Stonehenge and the Pyramid

just wanted to add that the "2000 years older than the pyramids" part is bullshit. what is used for dating the pyramid is one graffity found in it saying "kuffhu" which is the name of a pharao that reigned around 2,5k BC. there is NOTHING else that supports that claim and even that graffity very well may be faked by the authorities


in the meanwhile we have a bunch of stuff linking back to 10,5k BC

similary laughable is the claim the pyramids were graves for the pharaos when we never found a mummy or a corpse even in any of them.


is odin associated with the sun though? i couldnt find anything on that when i looked some while ago. i was thinking wether or not odin, as the all father, resembles the same as the God of the bible which also uses the sun as symbol, but im not really sold on it. however Odin being the father of Jupiter/Thor/Michael then gives a connection again.

f11bb0  No.12568496

File: 60c124f1f751fef⋯.jpg (393.98 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ourplanet.jpg)



Jupiter. Jupiter cast out Saturn from our sky

dbc87f  No.12568964


see >>12243662

something i came across a bit later:

Baal Haddad (Jupiter) is known to have slayn a serpent, Thor is the archenemy of Jörmungard, the worldserpent of loki that grew big enough to reach around the world biting its own tail making it a symbol for the world, but also being ouroboros which is a symbol of time that devours everything fitting back to chronus. Michael threw satan down to earth, the serpent in garden eden. Zeus killed Typhon a serpentlike monster that tried to take his throne of the cosmos.

dbc87f  No.12570928

some bump so the halfchan refugees may see this thread

a840d8  No.12570966


one of the only good topics on pol these days

another good thread is the guy who does detailed posts about various guerilla forces around the world and their tactics.

a840d8  No.12571212

File: 21591a343eede7e⋯.png (26.51 KB, 200x108, 50:27, Pizzaplanetlogola.png)

a840d8  No.12571584


what gives? I see the same donnald threads daily, as well as 'white girl dates black guy, how will you ever recover white man?' threads daily. Pol is full of repeat threads, fuck off back to plebbit.

8eacc1  No.12571762

Babylonians went west and became Iberians. Makes sense in retrospect but it never occurred to me. Learned this from a hunchbacked professor, the same one who warned our class about the oncoming tyranny of "the far left-wing technocratic elites like Mark Zuckerberg and people like that."

a840d8  No.12571810


similar stone carvings have been found all over the world, on every continent, so if you right, the Assyrians must have been some pretty well traveled people .

a840d8  No.12571824


based prof.

8eacc1  No.12571868


Odin/Wotan/Perun/Perkunas is the "sky father" generally speaking. The paganisms relevant to our interests perceived a feminine sun and a masculine moon. For example, the sun was Sól and the moon was her brother Máni to "Germanic pagans." I wouldn't say that Odin is associated with the sun.

8eacc1  No.12571958


ALSO Romans in Gaul witnessed a solar eclipse and somebody wrote down that the Gauls were staring directly into it and cheering something along the lines of "sieg mond" or "go moon/victory moon." The cheered for the moon to defeat the sun and were upset when the sun was revealed again, so I doubt that they understood the sun to be Wotan or associated directly with Wotan or they would not have cheered against it during the eclipse. I read this years ago in some physical book when I was getting my bachelor's so I can't really substantiate/source it. I really want to find the book because it talked about other instances of eclipses throughout history and the way that they were perceived. The Han Chinese thought that a dragon was eating the sun so they'd bang pots and pans to scare it away.

542f2f  No.12587892

File: 8aa17ae55ab51ab⋯.jpg (132.67 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Conchita_Wurst_1.jpg)

750bc8  No.12587894





Odin, like Zeus, is a storm god.

Odin is element is lighting and wind, while Thor is thunder.

8b633a  No.12604064



>Odin, like Zeus, is a storm god.

>Odin is element is lighting and wind, while Thor is thunder.

source? all i know of him is being the wise wanderer and warrior. but nothing about dominion over weather, lightning or storm, some remarks to wind though.

7ec0a2  No.12605137

File: a970436c289ef1c⋯.jpg (51.4 KB, 600x577, 600:577, 13021220502518.jpg)

682c49  No.12605142

what do you guys know about mud flow theory and Tartaria?

f0ca91  No.12605180


Is that the theory which holds what nice things white men make, shitskins will mass toward and destroy, as if in a mudslide? Solid theory, but I'm not familiar with Tartaria.

682c49  No.12605199

File: 2e95ff9875f4b4e⋯.jpg (2.26 MB, 2794x1968, 1397:984, 0_89bd7_6083ac87_orig.jpg)

File: 3911ec73cacd570⋯.jpg (880.29 KB, 3000x1500, 2:1, zorrtE2.jpg)

File: 4b0a97c1f27710a⋯.jpg (408.67 KB, 1798x798, 899:399, aX1j8qk.jpg)


not quite

Mudflow theory or mud flood is something along the lines of some disaster that apparently buried many cities in mud and tries to explain why many old buildings seem to have a ground floor six feet under. A more updated theory is ground liquidification by either sound or earthquakes causing things to sink. pics related

Tartaria is the one i don't know anything about, i stumpled on it as it seems to be related to this mud flow stuff. its in essense some empire that used to exist primarily in russia but old maps had them labeled in the north pole, eventually in north and south america and sometimes in hyperborea. often mape that also show icefree greenland and frisland.

The Berlin zoo and a few other buildings seem to be credited to Tartarian design as power plants or something. I don't know if they're related to the obvious Tatar people or Tartary

8b633a  No.12606029


in some other thread an anon brought up tartaria (maybe it was you), stating how it appeared on a couple maps in the past, and then suddenly not anymore without any real mentions in any history records. and indeed when i looked it up it seems history claims that tartarians were just a small group of people settling in some few and very small areas inside what those maps have grand tartaria, but nothing that hints to a unified tartarian empire like the maps suggest

8b633a  No.12606078

File: a7daeafcd3bf211⋯.png (133.59 KB, 666x354, 111:59, CIA Tartar.png)



so i googled again quickly, and found pic related which is page 10 (numbered 9 on the document itself) of


stating how the USSR ordered historians to rewrite history of of tartar and russian relations.

Now either the russians deleted an entire empire from history or the maps are maybe misleading, making it appear as an empire when it was just the name of the area used at the time regardless of the people there.

2c9070  No.12627402

Some bump

85b2e4  No.12636374

File: 90ca044b866bf5b⋯.webm (6.7 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Bâtisseurs de l'Ancien Mo….webm)


6a7196  No.12636893

File: 0aa5d11c0f35171⋯.jpg (3.13 MB, 1851x1340, 1851:1340, 1493 Hartmann Schedel(2).jpg)

File: e899927252cdb9b⋯.jpg (532.94 KB, 1510x1066, 755:533, 1553 _Peter Apain.jpg)

File: 61a890bb2d6721c⋯.jpg (5.23 MB, 3762x2562, 627:427, 1575 Francois De Bellefore….jpg)

File: 8b9031fec19ca9d⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 900x1420, 45:71, 1625_Samuel Purchas -- Jod….jpg)


I'd put my money on maps being the most accurate over post-modern communist commentary with conveniently missing primary sources.

Never underestimate the ability of the usual suspects erasing and manipulating history, especially when communists are having their cultural revolutions for a century.

Maps were huge projects back the day of scribes, cartography was an applied science used by professionals that they placed their lives or claims on; be it navigation or political. The ones that survived the library burnings throughout history were on ships while royals of the previous regimes were being hunted down.

The 'Mongolian empire'(zero primary sources from themselves and you will never find an old map with them) has always read like fantasy, redundant accounts and propaganda when compared to any other empire's history; constantly breaking all laws of warfare– especially logistics. The conjecture needed to explain their empire of illiterate bowmen on horses is holohoax tier. I think the Tartaria and 'Mongolian empire' have been conflated and the chronologies scrabbled. The artifacts, maps and ruins just don't line up.

The political maps also separate Russia and Tartaria with changing borders until about the late 19th century and I also listed geographicaly map which they would refer to anything past the Urals Asia. There's Turks, Mongolian and Slavs that call themselves Tartars.

Tartaria was most likely an empire with many different races, rather than a single tribe but probably had a high caste like all states. It's like what would happen if America collapsed, there would still be millions of people calling themselves that even hundreds of years later.

The last map I posted is very interesting, it's a political map of the Christian world. It makes sense why a such an empire would be so readily expunged from history and it's high caste and clergy hunted down.

89952d  No.12636908

89952d  No.12636914



6a7196  No.12636942

File: 1877e6f64d1dc64⋯.jpg (4.29 MB, 2259x1630, 2259:1630, 1636_Jodocus Hondius -- Mi….jpg)

File: 2492a52b53ac4bd⋯.jpg (4.71 MB, 2760x1720, 69:43, 1690_Alexis Hubert Jaillot.jpg)

File: bc533d01bce94e7⋯.jpg (3.7 MB, 3411x2300, 3411:2300, 1714_N. de Fer.jpg)


Apparently 'Sellingham' is the capital.

ffe195  No.12636958

File: 6688fa79d80603f⋯.jpg (10.17 KB, 198x254, 99:127, jew vs aryan angel vs devi….jpg)


YAWEH (son of EL)

= two gods in the bible

6a7196  No.12636973

File: 168423e36c78442⋯.jpg (3.53 MB, 2230x1540, 223:154, 1730_Jean Covens -- Cornel….jpg)

File: 0295dbc22d8609e⋯.jpg (3.76 MB, 2039x1500, 2039:1500, 1748_Nicholas Bellin.jpg)

File: 85f9cbfa8faba9d⋯.jpg (3.24 MB, 2640x1260, 44:21, 1816_William Darton.jpg)

File: 6b2a1fd9e5530aa⋯.jpg (1.94 MB, 1852x1150, 926:575, 1820_James Seaman.jpg)


Here's the final season of the anime. Spoiler alert Napoleon fucked them in the ass probably

After 1820, they quite literally fall off the map and get pushed eastwards.

d8d10d  No.12636981

File: 449b67ea2018178⋯.mp4 (2.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, kill_yourself.mp4)

0fe96f  No.12637007

File: 0c69471615afbc7⋯.png (675.06 KB, 960x720, 4:3, outlaw star merchants.png)



Why do the bots always come out of the woodwork when maps are posted?

46544a  No.12637075

File: 247e287035de22b⋯.jpg (3.44 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180102_181739.jpg)

File: 712a5aa5e3d01cf⋯.jpg (3.26 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180102_181805.jpg)

File: ae85441b9ac5055⋯.jpg (35.53 KB, 636x620, 159:155, star of Anu 3 large.jpg)



I know I dont have any sources to aid me, but ignore the Ishtar/Inanna associations with the 8 pointed star.

Anu is the true source of this conceptual symbol.

6a7196  No.12637208

File: ae55f5902779c82⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 1600x1264, 100:79, Amsterdam 1640 Tartaria ma….jpg)

File: 070103cdc670e46⋯.jpg (5.04 MB, 2222x1600, 1111:800, 1576 Frankfurt.jpg)

File: 9d1241e36330fea⋯.jpg (2.34 MB, 1600x1088, 25:17, 1682 circa London.jpg)

File: 5f95d9fba4a6731⋯.jpg (4.77 MB, 2222x1800, 1111:900, 1584 map Antwerp.jpg)


Might as well post some more.

f11787  No.12637292

File: b891ac71ef05f79⋯.jpg (36.02 KB, 590x518, 295:259, kдk.jpg)


>Odin drinking the sperm of hanged men's penises

What the Actual?

dd83c9  No.12637343


hes a literal jew who is a psy-op trying to make people think jews are aryan.

e130cd  No.12637350


It's from some fucking new age religion book written by a kike who inserts his pervert interpretations into every facet of Nordic Myth.

Odin drinks cum, Freya probably fucks niggers etc.

dd83c9  No.12637358


debunked how?

f11787  No.12637371

File: 98f4ec1bf271312⋯.jpg (19.13 KB, 409x464, 409:464, Disgust.jpg)


dd83c9  No.12637395

File: 4a758cf1a135782⋯.mp4 (12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Neil Gaiman, The Asatru Co….mp4)


Hi, Neil.

3227ce  No.12637402


3227ce  No.12637414


You're a prime example of why heathens should be excuted, paganism as no place in this century and hasn't had any place in the last millennium, what you practice is a demonic deceptive ritual which is highly damming and will send you straight into the depths of hell

dd83c9  No.12637420


You jews are inbred to the point of exclusive genetic diseases and birth defects. Super smart.... fantasizing about fellating fecal matter covered nigger cocks all day. LOL

Go project elsewhere

dd83c9  No.12637427


dd83c9  No.12637430

Ingesting semen

Equally common in hardcore pornography today, and correspondingly in the bedrooms of modern men and women, is the act of ingesting semen. As repulsive as it is, pornography has normalized this concept and made men and women believe that it is enjoyable and fun. Some pornographic scenes go to the extreme of degrading the women by having them drink semen cocktails composed from multiple men. Then there is the abhorrent practice known as “snowballing”, where women pass around semen to each other mouth to mouth. Again, we find these practices in ancient Jewish magic and the occult world.

Donald Tyson writes in his 2000 book Sexual Alchemy: Magic Intercourse with Spirits,

Sexual alchemy is a system of ritual magic that allows its practitioners to initiate and sustain satisfying erotic relationships with loving spirits who are the active agents of the Goddess.

In Judaism, the Shekinah is considered the female goddess. Tyson continues,

Lovemaking with these spirits releases large amounts of occult energy into the body that concentrates itself in the three fluids most closely associated with the pleasures of sex and the generation of new life—the clear lubricating fluids released from both the male and the female genitals during arousal, the red menstrual blood of women, and the white semen of men. By collecting these transmuted secretions, preparing them properly, and regularly ingesting them in minute amounts, catalytic changes can be brought about in the mind and body that intensify and prolong sensual pleasure, enhance physical and psychic abilities, and elevate the level of consciousness. (p. 18, 22)

I doubt very much that Johnny BarStar is aware that he is performing a dehumanized occult act when he ejaculates in the mouth of the floozie he met at the nightclub hours prior to, or that Jane Floozie is aware that the semen she just ingested will give her life force and magical powers, according to occult legend. The world is subconsciously being initiated into a Kabbalist sex cult through the consumption of contemporary pornography and the sex practices externalized onto it through the mass media and in the brothels and sex rings.

624030  No.12637444


That never happened and you never read the Edda.

dd83c9  No.12637445


Hello..... fellow..... white..... neon.... nazi...... i .... am ..... totally.... not.... a ..... jew.... look... at.... my .... itallized..... letters.... as..... proof.... that... im.... super... well.... read...

dd83c9  No.12637483



I know for you jews suckling the semen out of nigger cocks is "understanding the Mysteries of the Universe," but for white people, its just some kike sucking on a nigger dick.

You don't blend in at all, hope your supervisor sees this thread and kicks you out of the sweatshop you're posting from.

You really seem to be trying to play yourself off as some super well read person, and its just not working. "my huge stack of books!! all 6 gorillion of them!" Sorry, you're going to be homeless after this, should have payed more attention in your shilling orientation.

3a09d1  No.12637509


You come off as a triggered mundie

b331e1  No.12637592

Boy this thread has gone to shit and shows a severe misunderstanding of religion and the One God like crazy.

The God Christians worship is not fucking Saturn you are being stupid and disingenuous. The Jews do Worship Saturn Jesus' entire mission was to show Christians the way and to get people to stop sacrificing shit to a volcano. The Kikes sacrificed him to a volcano god and sealed their own fate.

Yes white people were Egyptians who migrated North once the ice sheets started to recede. Egypt was a colony of Atlantis that got wiped during the global flood referenced in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Bible, some Native American legends and Poo in the Loo legend. There is a secret archive under the Sphinx that (((they))) want kept secret but are also to afraid to shut it down. Vatican secret archive has documents that imply what is down their Hitler and Napoleon both have read this document but didn't have the resources available or time to excavate the Spinx.

63c648  No.12637618

we never went to the moon.

39c85b  No.12640268

File: 45d0c827c9fbf95⋯.png (148.23 KB, 1350x266, 675:133, smart op.png)




well, there is possibly something to this story. pic related

1ed0bd  No.12640934

File: ad9732f7d151c76⋯.gif (41.44 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1499661528903.gif)


9f1a12  No.12642638

File: d0e3fab330bc8cf⋯.png (65.93 KB, 1160x610, 116:61, Strong's Hebrew 8081 שָׁ֫מ….png)


>a quick etymological investigation into the Hebrew 'oil' shows that it is semen as well as oil

I found your assertion interesting, but my own "quick etymological investigation" revealed that the Hebrew word for oil is simply phonetically SIMILAR (not the same) as semen. Shemen is probably a better rendering of the word in English, so even phonetically it's not the same.

59858d  No.12642714


Going to force me to break out the older encyclopedias when I get home,eh? Lol…ok but I am warning you that nothing is sacrosanct in therms of the postmodern linguistic ‘shift sands’ agenda. I can assure you with older resources like Lightfoot and other encyclopedias that this was indeed the case. But you deserve proof and it will be good for me to revisit the data with a fresh eye. I will try to remember to break this down tonight and dredge up these resources for you. Thanks for giving me a challenge I am sure it will be highly productive and yield something of interest.

2cf9af  No.12643731

hmmm interesting stuff op, however how can any of this be real when it requires a round earth?

9daad8  No.12643774

File: 4dd1d74d3b39223⋯.pdf (924.28 KB, Jan_Lamprecht - Hollow Pla….pdf)

Hollow Earth or the Underworld is one those universal mythologies, pagans especially view it in a positive light why Christians view it as evil. There's a good argument for the earth being extremely porous with large caverns, fill with some crazy shit.

The only question is it tranquil Agratha or the Underdark. Holes at poles? Probably not, but I want to believe and I still can't find non-composite photos of the poles.


Hollow Planets: A Feasibility Study of Possible Hollow Worlds makes a case that the earth is a likely a geode filled with unbelievable amounts of radiation. It's a 600 page textbook, but here's the executive summery.

Magma dynamo model is flat earth tier, I think they have recently added giant hundred mile gaps between these not-floating magma shells and also there's a giant radioactive crystal. The model changed a lot since I was at college.

Apparently these fake science niggers don't realize that magnetic fields can't travel through that much magma, those really should have spoken to metallurgists. The measurements of other planet's magnetic fields don't bold for the theory either.

This is why glow niggers are pushing flat earth horseshit since their gilded age conjecture is falling apart, I mean, we've devolved back to the shifting shell model of the enlightenment era for fuck sake.

d18201  No.12643958

File: eef9656f4b38686⋯.png (815.07 KB, 1374x754, 687:377, 2019-01-04 19_04_26-Stella….png)

File: 6a6c8d7fee24d06⋯.png (884.91 KB, 1374x754, 687:377, 2019-01-04 19_06_16-Stella….png)


>Big dipper swastika

Gonna drop you a redpill on the north star: Its not always the same star throughout history.

Look up the procession of the equinox, the earth wobbles ever so slightly and it takes about 26,000 years to make a full rotation around this axis.

This means that over the course of 26k years, the stars slowly drift away from their location around a grand circle as shown in these pics

One is from the present where Polaris is the north star and another from 13,000BC, the year the oldest swastika found is dated to.

You can see that the north star of the time was Vega so it doesnt make sense that the swastika is drawn from Polaris being the center all those years ago.

6dd13e  No.12644100


So whut chu be sayinz is we wuz niggas an shiet?

1bfb75  No.12650420

File: 20dfe76bd96dbc2⋯.jpeg (43.07 KB, 636x340, 159:85, 0D5537BC-3406-4626-B9E4-0….jpeg)

309c9f  No.12650449


I don't think 'history' exists.

79f06c  No.12673407

85b2e4  No.12688916


Have a bump kike

b1ad1f  No.12702114

File: 1afd9c56006a8aa⋯.png (21.8 KB, 858x101, 858:101, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at ….png)

just do it and thank me later

16861d  No.12702504


>The exodus was white flight.

I buy that, and I think they went to promised land, aka N-America. The Joseph Smith of the mormons smells like bullshit to hide true history.

16861d  No.12702520


>The Great Pyramid is a solid state device that is still working to this day

My guess is that there were hundreds of spires on them, so you could use them to follow how different stars moved by standing at specific places on the ground.

The only reason the pyramids are still standing, is that it was too much work to destroy them.

16861d  No.12702566


>Tartaria is the one i don't know anything