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File: b27928d197ad6be⋯.jpg (549.74 KB, 1204x1128, 301:282, ukjewsstealwealth.jpg)

b8d65a  No.12142244

fleeing jews to plunder UK, transfer wealth to israel

Spotted on twitter.

Sorry for low effort OP, not much commentary to add.

If anyone has some concrete examples of this in history, please provide.

54638e  No.12142290

Perhaps a broken economy and decades of dystopian strife will teach these stupid britcucks what happens when you allow jews to live

232e32  No.12142306


What is Survive the Jive doing in that thread? Why THE FUCK is he giving advice about transferring STOLEN wealth out of the UK?

e24a1e  No.12142311

>>12142244 (checked)

Dead jews can't transfer shit.

94bfb2  No.12142327

wholly shit … as long as you dont sign any long term contracts with them then pay them to leave

now my suitcase is packed for Birtan.

Is Britan back? Wholly shit. Get your top hats out. Were getting classy boys!

49d23b  No.12142340

File: 22e155ebeb57c30⋯.mp4 (10.98 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, 0_p5omlkue_0_cpssamjf.mp4)

jews are psychopaths

54638e  No.12142347


>nigger that barely speaks english plans to invade the UK too

I hope you get stabbed on your first day there

49d23b  No.12142362


afforded a lifetime of success and fame, protected everywhere she goes, in old age talks about assassinating the sitting President of the United States.

nut jobs, ungrateful jewish psychopaths, typical though

a0050f  No.12142376

Even if it wasn't fucking nothing, it would still just be kikes posturing. Great Britain, especially London has been the primary seat of Jewish power for far longer and more so than any place in the USA ever has to this day. They would deploy the samson option before they abandon the UK.

232e32  No.12142401


Yay THIS…what are they going to do ship their mongrel kike queen off to Israel? There is some huge part of the back of my mind that longs for Russian to limited strike London and the halls of power in the UK with a few tactical nukes. I know that is wrong but the kike infestation of the UK has survived every other attempt to slaughter it.

c980dd  No.12142615


Good question.

LIGMA is some kind of meme disease. Unless that's not what he means.

01707d  No.12142638


Who is this withered old walking corpse anyway?

aeed2f  No.12142648

First you want them to leave, now you want them to stay?

232e32  No.12142677


No anon…we want them exterminated for crimes against humanity. But beforehand we don't want them scuttering off with the stolen wealth of the UK.

38a1dc  No.12142713

File: 4ed6242d74b217d⋯.gif (70.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ELS_NonSolus.gif)


The sad part is… There was a time when Britain was the last hold out. 1000 years ago they were the only place in Europe where kikes were absolutely not allowed. As Rome was on its way down the elsevir group kike publishing cabal that has been around since fucking forever circa ~700ad convinced Rome to allow them and other kikes to relocate to the area of Spain. They started traveling north to France around the same time that they left the gates open for their moorish invasion force. From france they also traveled to the netherlands, and while they were in the netherlands they had themselves some fun by adopting the name "helscheveir" which translates to "the four of Hel" I.e. the norse version of satan They were eventually ran out of the netherlands because of this and went back to France. While in France they infiltrated the ruling class. They had their kike whores seduce as many of the royal class as possible. One, in particular, was Duke of Normandy, Robert I. Robert I had a son out of wedlock named William. During his time he was known as William the Bastard, but the history books remember him as William the Conqueror. As you may know, when William the Bastard gained power he quickly assembled a massive army and lead an invasion force against Britain conquering about half of the Isle.

What you may not know about this, is that as soon as he had secured a foothold he sent a signal for a fleet of merchant vessels which had been waiting for his word to set sail and deposit their payload of thousands of kikes onto British soil. And, as soon as he captured the throne his first move was to decree that Britain would be governed as a Feudal society, but with one distinct difference. Rather than 3 classes king, lords, and serfs there would be four classes King, lords, kikes, and serfs With the lords having no jurisdiction over the kikes, the kikes answering only to the king. I.e. if the kikes were swindling, or otherwise heavy handedly seizing property as loan repayments from the serfs living on a Lords land, there was no recourse, the Lord was powerless. In order to stop it he would have to petition the King.

This went on for about 100 years until a king I forget who exactly, Henry II? took the throne and immediately went to work undoing the problem, enacting an exile decree and all of that. But, most of his work was undone by his successor, and all of it by the following successor.

I would recommend anons to dig into Elsevir, they are still a company and still own a monopoly on the publishing of texts. Their logo, pic related, should paint a pretty good picture on the necessity of digging into them

38a1dc  No.12142769


To aid in digging, the elsevir group has changed its name several times. elsevir, elsevier, helschevir, helschevier, and alzafir. Alzafir is the earliest name I have tracked them down to and it seems to trace to north africa round about libya. This fact coupled with the manner in which they infiltrated spain and the events that followed lead me to believe that they absolutely had a direct hand in the moorish invasion.

Today, the company owns a huge swath of the publishing of academic texts. They own Reed publishing, for example. They also own several scientific journals and from the conversations that I have had with published scientists it seems that even if you were to publish under a journal not owned by them they seem to be involved in the publishing approval process. Furthermore, they own several medical research companies. They own the company that makes/invented ritalin, which now is researching dmt. They also own a company based out of california iirc that is researching the use of retrovirus's to basically hijack the brains chemical delivery system. What that means is rather than giving a (((medicine))) which the brain/body will pick up and transport to the intended destination their research is aimed at developing drugs that can deliver themselves directly to the intended destination.

b8d65a  No.12142819


>What is Survive the Jive doing in that thread? Why THE FUCK is he giving advice about transferring STOLEN wealth out of the UK?

The punchline is ligma balls

3b6620  No.12142838

Classic Jewish modus operandi. Import non whites, fuck the country over (in case in Britain, over and over again) and then leave to do the same song and dance to a different white country.

b8d65a  No.12142856

File: a131712762b4f6d⋯.jpg (152.21 KB, 600x695, 120:139, jewish immigration tricks.jpg)

File: 154b973f2300cec⋯.png (218.14 KB, 851x608, 851:608, jewishmigration jews only ….png)

File: a1899cc9ebd0f28⋯.jpg (270.89 KB, 1448x579, 1448:579, jewishmigration diversity.jpg)

File: d583403828e1c32⋯.png (76.17 KB, 827x343, 827:343, jewishmigration melting po….png)

File: f66428d1647b9e8⋯.png (634.55 KB, 2546x834, 1273:417, jewishmigration swisskik.png)

drumping jewish immigration redpills

e17ac8  No.12142863


No we want them to leave without a Haavara agreement. No expropriations. No proceeds from their scams being exported.

49d23b  No.12142868


her husband, another washed up actor Tim Louge or something like that

49d23b  No.12142890


>Tim Louge

Tom Troupe


473276  No.12142891



This is complete bullshit, elsevier is like the dutch version of the national review, it's not connected to the original elsevir publishing house in any way.

000000  No.12142898


Can you please stop embarrassing yourselves already. They're discussing opening a foreign bank account where the interest is not taxed. As British citizens, they would still have to pay taxes in Britain on foreign income.


b8d65a  No.12142908

File: bd01ba70e0897ad⋯.png (341.58 KB, 2084x838, 1042:419, jewishmigration MULTICULTU….png)

File: 5242498c98c68b4⋯.png (39.05 KB, 653x579, 653:579, jewishmigration soros.png)

File: 2f74d585d311b5a⋯.png (1000.72 KB, 1214x1406, 607:703, jewishmigration CP charges.png)

File: 74e95515ee27127⋯.jpg (166.69 KB, 722x768, 361:384, jewishmigration2.jpg)

hmm im sure i had more

b8d65a  No.12142910


fuck off torpedo kike, the game is up

0486a3  No.12142922

Every time they remove money from a land that land is destroyed, it happened in the towers.

88cc42  No.12142929

>flee to Israel thinking it'll never get nuked because you have nukes aimed at the world

Ok. Lets play chicken then. Israel will be wiped off the face of this earth in our life time and jews will be persecuted globally for doing typical kike shit. This is the future you cannot run from.

284337  No.12143033


Gee, why would they be discussing opening an account in a foreign land like pissrael where white men can't take back the wealth the jews are stealing? It's a conundrum.

284337  No.12143038


The entire planet would have so much crap falling onto their desert shithole nothing they launch would stand a chance of making it 50 feet into the air.

b8d65a  No.12143068



They do control Russia, China and most of Europe….

51128c  No.12143101


You got a source on any of that?

6b166d  No.12143136


>being this obvious

a fucking torposter

cb9fa6  No.12143137

Its cute how these kikes are actually buying into Corbyn actually being a threat to them.

232e32  No.12143290


Oh just because they are hiding in Pissreal doesn't mean we are not going to get everything back from them.

232e32  No.12143310


They created the refugee mess to give them a chance to #1 exit gracefully (think of a cheating poker player who want to leave AFTER he has swept the table) #2 they are arming our opponents so that we will be too busy, hungry tired and poor to come after them. Think of the cheating poker player calling in thugs from another location (who knew him and was on his side; because they are going to split up the wealth afterwards) and then running out at the same time as everyone else when they start shooting up the place.


3bea74  No.12143367


what an absolute lad StJ is

fe0b09  No.12143438


Now that England has been used and abused, they are abandoning ship.

England lost the war and their empire.

f0a1a6  No.12143441


Should've sided with the germans.

284337  No.12143452


Horseshit. All bets are off when nukes come into play. White people aren't suicidal like yids are and can only be taken so far. Their nukes don't mean shit because if they used them they would be annihilated. The only thing keeping the stinkbeards from wiping them out is the fear of the big dogs protecting the kikes, not the nukes. They yids don't want anyone else having nukes because it removes a (((negotiating))) tool from their arsenal when you can't threaten someone with nukes you can never use.

284337  No.12143462


Not the point dickhead. That they are even taking it or discussing taking it and as it currently stands, it's protected there like an offshore scheme. We won't have to take anything back if we don't let them have it to begin with.

232e32  No.12143491


IDK seems like a moot point since kikes can't own what was stolen in the first place…but whatever.

284337  No.12143507


They may not own what they steal from you but that doesn't stop them from possessing it and using it.

232e32  No.12143521


Only for the term that we willingly tolerate that.

000000  No.12143536

>jews are thieves, psychos, and ungrateful scumbags

How predictable. Why the fuck did we fight WWII against Hitler again for these ungrateful cunts?


Someone made a thread on r/Judaism a while back calling for diversity for Israel. Here’s the results

>inb4 you have to go back

It’s pretty interesting to watch Jews change their tune when the diversity is for their own homeland.


They muddied up the isles and now they abandon ship. I wish we had a time machine.

7e7b85  No.12143585


Go to Israel, move all of you!

You cannot be the international merchant ripping off the world and stay in one country.

Go make dead sea cosmetics or something instead of ripping people off and controlling the precious metal industries!

7e7b85  No.12143592


>Why the fuck did we fight WWII against Hitler again for these ungrateful cunts?

Because Churchill's gambling debt was paid off by his jewish friends. and churchill demanded war against germany that's why.

232e32  No.12143598


Ok torfaggot, that thread on r/judiasm was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I am saving it for posterity so that I have something to laugh about later…I wonder who planned that and executed it…it had to be an organized group of shitposters. Fucking rich!

c535e4  No.12143623

File: c1e0ab31edd0536⋯.jpg (7.91 KB, 225x225, 1:1, index.jpg)


This is a stupid fucking thread.

1. Jew considers herself more Brit than Jew but is affraid of Islam taking over

2. Jew discusses leaving if Communist Party wins

3. Jew discusses how to transfer HER wealth to Israel.

4. Isn't that a good thing? No Jews + Muslims = White Nationalism.

086b30  No.12143634

086b30  No.12143638


Go away kike.

38a1dc  No.12144442

File: 77e7278899fd11c⋯.png (105.45 KB, 1064x922, 532:461, william.png)


I did a ton of research on this for quite some time. Don't have access to that harddrive at the moment. I just dug up what I could on William the Bastard but I wasnt able to find everything on him that I was talking about, when I was digging into this like a year ago I was able to find quite a fucking lot so bear with me. And elsevir was one tough son of a bitch of a dig so I didnt even bother trying to find stuff on that to support my post. I am pretty sure that I saved fucking everything back when I was digging I will go through my harddrive when I am able to later.

38a1dc  No.12144455


Wrong, friendo. The earliest actual references to them publishing that I was able to find was in and around tuscany. Then it was spain and france, then the netherlands. They are, and were, kikes of the worst variety.

609bf4  No.12144561


When jews look to flee a land, its like a canary in a coal mine dying. The locusts have eaten almost all the crops and now they want to fly away. UKanons better get ready and start preparing if you haven't already. Shit is going to hit the fan in a year or two.

e810ba  No.12144594


Is medicine considered a parasitic kike field that doesn't actually generate wealth now? If not, it would seem that creating wealth by working as a doctor, paying taxes on it, then keeping what remains of the fruits of your labor isn't stealing, even if you move to another country.

Misleading title indeed.

d065b5  No.12144634

They are kvetching big time over top cuck Corbyn.

fdf43d  No.12145250

File: 7c0494f97be2861⋯.png (209.06 KB, 900x547, 900:547, old testament details plan….png)



<doesn't sage

>hehe just let us escape to israel with your countries wealth, that would be sooooo bad for us goy, totally not part of the plan at all!

You shills are failing terribly.

12bed7  No.12178101



jews being jews, nothing new. Israel is a gangland hideout. The thing needs to be reduced to rubble.

9cc397  No.12179022

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cea374  No.12179137


Jews never change. They have been exactly that same for thousands of years. It really is amazing how they have maintained this consistent pattern of behavior through the generations.

cea374  No.12179149


You can thank (((the Normans))) and (((the pope))) for that

8602b1  No.12179237

File: 1a2683b849e988d⋯.jpg (69.34 KB, 550x412, 275:206, 962283165.jpg)


On the bright side, that would also suggest that whites have a pretty good track record of finally getting fed up and BTFOing them straight to Hell on an express ticket.

fd14c8  No.12179959


You can cite 'not-legally-purchased´papers in all research papers. You won´t get asked for receipts. Meaning who cares if they own x publishing, you still can pirate all their texts if you know the backroads, and still use them for research.

Also soulless chinks do this all the time, plus guanxi sites.

The jew owns nothing.

fd14c8  No.12179965


Nobody will fall for your jew tricks.

It is widespread known that jews never consider themselves part of the host nation, but always are set for pIssrael as their true nation.

Worst fear of a jew in a forever-foreign country? Integration.

Lurk two more years.

1193ec  No.12179974


Who is going to stop them? The Jewdicial system? When in Europe have jews even been mass killed or even mass arrested? They've only ever been told to leave on mass, while being protected by knights against outlaws to setup shop in another country.

a0af3a  No.12179978


>the suitcase once again is packed

I hope China has lots of high-tech ovens ready for them.

1193ec  No.12179992

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There certainly has been a "jew" class in Britain for the longest time, history remembers them though as governors or financial arbiters though. By having the jew class within the society it ultimately led to people not finding any worth in having a King or a Lord and trusting in (((Democracy))) which actually leads to the jews having more power through secret societies/orders within the power structure.

While I wholeheartedly disagree with groups like the Roundheads and other early liberals and instead believe in the sanctity of a King/Führer, I can at least understand their position, or why they would come to it, they saw the blatant selling out of their worth to foreign investment. Still, like Communism, it was a position arrived at by jews being involved in a political system and the folk seeing the only way out of it by completely destroying the old order, how very cunning the jew is.

739b87  No.12180036


Dude, atleast study the royals and their history.

Elizabeth's dad, or uncle, was actually deposed by parliament (King Edward the… VIII?) because he supported Hitler, in a very subtle way.

He stated that the USSR was a greater threat, and Germany provided a valuable barrier.

56b7af  No.12180042

File: 7d260865e63fa7f⋯.png (108.82 KB, 223x261, 223:261, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 97a96af9508402d⋯.png (116.56 KB, 238x258, 119:129, ClipboardImage.png)


>now you're going to ask me who john wilkes booth is

They're so insulated. Look at this face. This goblin has been handed everything in life for free, has only hung around people who agreed with it, and has never once been human. In a better society these freaks would have starved to death. Evolution has failed.

85ad79  No.12180098

File: 75d029770b659ee⋯.png (378.63 KB, 851x691, 851:691, Sound familiar..PNG)





Timeline Of The Jewish Genocide Of The British People


First boatload of immigrants 1948

>More than 40,000 knife crimes were recorded in England and Wales for the year to March 2018 — up 16% on the previous year


White hand is holding a knife smh

060370  No.12180109


>(((Survive the jizz)))

That guy is so sad.

a36665  No.12180119

000000  No.12180126

We could have listened to Hitler but NOPE. Lose the empire, lose the country, lose the people and Germany owns Europe again anyway only this time they're pozzed suicidal ideology murders us rather than the nazi sort with london bombings. Only good thing so far is for us to lose jews.

ad868b  No.12180132



>and Germany owns Europe again anyway only this time they're pozzed suicidal ideology murders us rather than the nazi sort with london bombing

Kill yourself, Moishe.

a0af3a  No.12180158


>jews brought niggers in because of alleged labor shortage

Holy shit. The Rubashkin model of setting up shop next to legitimate businesses with nigger labor is an age old trick.

041ccd  No.12180168

File: 42c29f783969897⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1760x1445, 352:289, Its not the jews Germany i….jpg)


<Germany owns Europe again

The jews run the EU, the Germans have been repressed by the allies occupational governance/laws and propaganda since WWII. This is clearly evident with how the territory of Germany is run and its contempt & hostility for its native German population, anything remotely German, the draconian anti-German laws, and finally the fact they are actively inundating Germany with rapefugees from the worst shit holes in an attempt to biologically replace the German population with shitskins.

a0af3a  No.12180178


>hateful postings

zomg. If only they had chosen to rape women at festivals instead.

060370  No.12180267


He is afraid to debate Jan Ott about the Oera Linda Bok. Bans people from his discord server if they go against his views.

9de290  No.12182674

Of all the real jew shit OP could post he fucks up with this nothingburger. The shlomos are talking about leaving when nutcase Corbyn gets into power. Which makes sense for them AND Whites. The money they will be moving is THEIRS. Seriously, fuck you for making me take their side. Learn to read you dumb bitch.

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