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File: cba940db8244375⋯.gif (310.36 KB, 640x864, 20:27, thorium.gif)

File: 2c4da52502e3570⋯.jpg (137.38 KB, 960x720, 4:3, walk-away.jpg)

File: 1489441cac91e79⋯.jpg (262.65 KB, 1278x972, 71:54, lftr.jpg)

bcf316  No.12142500

Thorium is a cheap, clean, safe source of energy. Benefits of thorium include:

-Proven: technology was successfully tested in 1960s

-Safe: reactors cannot melt down, cannot easily be used for nuclear weapons

-Environmentally friendly: no carbon emissions, very little nuclear waste, breeder reactors can turn old nuclear waste into fuel

-Economical: fuel is abundant and cheap, cost of power generation expected to be half that of a coal plant




11cd04  No.12142506

Would it be smart to invest in this?

cf8c07  No.12142508

This will never happen so long as Jews run our government. We have to kill all the traitors before we can have a sane healthy clean society. They simply are too stupid and psychotic to do anything sensible.

000000  No.12142522


Every time someone comes up with a good idea, the shills tell us "we can't do this good idea until we fix other problems" even though the good idea fixes the problems they're complaining about. The best way to expose the bankruptcy of the ruling class is to show how much better things could be.

551856  No.12142524

>irradiate yourself, goy

5c0240  No.12142532


We already know very well how to use this technology. In fact we even know technologies with even better yield and safer operation. Same for every legacy energy source that are still massively used because kikes have invested tens of years in advance to maintain their monopoly on the fuels we use today. As you have well written, kikes (and their pet shabbos goyim) have absolutely no interest in the welfare of the planet. There is no solution other than literally OOFing them (in Roblox of course) before anything can be realistically done for the improvement of the way of life of humanity. This is also true for chinks gooks and japs. They are careless about living in a wasteland and being the main cause of earth's demise as long as they profit short term from it.

ebf8bd  No.12142535

I've been shilling for molten salt reactors for years. It's a good idea bit it will never happen because you can't use them to enrich uranium.

a03e82  No.12142543

File: 92995cbf55d74cb⋯.jpg (155.02 KB, 360x254, 180:127, udontownnothingoy.jpg)


>don't even bother trying goy, do nothing instead

000000  No.12142556


How would genociding the chinks speed up thorium technology development when the chinks are building thorium reactors?


3d08ee  No.12142562


you can keep thorium in your pocket for 40+ years and not get cancer. your skin blocks it.

well maybe not yours, i am unsure if kikes and other melenin enriched subhumans are immune.

7c1337  No.12142569


What would it take to cloudfund a small working LFTR?

They raised $400k for a homeless guy who walked to get a can of gas.-

If you could get a really efficient design figured out, small scale, you could probably get enough funding from donations, or agree to sell some of the power or biproducts as a reward

For example, you could sell hydrogen or oxygen, using the surplus energy from the process

The energy savings alone could be enough to totally disrupt local economies allowing the group to reach escape-velocity and totally break free of financial control

000000  No.12142570


>You must genocide the other races before you can improve the world or address the frankist-masonic axis, goy!

2f4709  No.12142574








more like Uranusium

Chad Thorium vs virgin Uranusium

21de62  No.12142578

Not our department.

000000  No.12142580


It wouldn't cost very much to build a reactor at all. The problem is masonic control of the regulators, which you overcome by creating public outrage at their holding back human advancement to protect legacy industries.

436bce  No.12142591

Another slide thread

Sage and report

000000  No.12142594


>This is a threat to our business!

>Oy vey, shut it down!

e19f8d  No.12142595


Thorium is more abundant than uranium so there is no way for them to allow this to occur. Everyone would be free from being slave to the dirty power companies.

64a04b  No.12142664

This is never going to happen as long as you have hippy tree huggers who see nuclear as some kind of buzzword for danger.

They actually think that a nuclear plant can blow up like a nuclear bomb.

Ironically these morons are making it more likely that a nuclear incident will happen by blocking any new power plants being built as the US has to rely on really old ones that were developed during the cold war to produce weapons grade materials rather than being developed in the computer age to produce electricity.

700198  No.12142756


Yes, but good luck finding a company that is openly allowing investment. Do not invest in the fuel as it's already stockpiled everywhere.

I'd advise looking into what companies build parts for the reactors. It requires strange ceramics. Alternatively, look into companies that are doing the research into it. One of them will hit the jackpot and their IP will be worth billions.

093c6a  No.12142764


Bump because it triggers you.

a1e64a  No.12142835

Yes leddit, we know.

000000  No.12142839


>Everyone would be free from being slave to the dirty power companies.

That's why we're going to start building thorium reactors. And if they don't like it, they will be dealt with.


That is a result of propaganda by the (((malthusians))) who don't want economic growth because it makes the cattle wake up.

000000  No.12142840


Not an argument.

cec076  No.12142932

This is one of many untapped technologies that have ben supressed to keep pockets lined. I have long felt that nuclear based power is the only road forward. I firmly believe "enviornmentalists" are actually doing nothing to help the earth, just using lies to drain pockets and in the long run will end up doing more direct harm. For example, there is technology available to let cars get 100mpg, but thanks to "enviornmentalists" the push is for electrics instead. Well, fun fact, the materials needed for the batteries are far more scarce than oil, cant be synthesized like fuel can be, and then once used up cause pollution to the ground and groundwater, unlike co2 which plants need anyways, and regardless of what the propaganda tells you, is the only major gas emitted by modern cars in any reasonable amount. Back on topic, I'd be willing to invest in a Kickstarter for this or any technology that kikes supress. As some have said, the only way to get the normies on our side is to show them how much better things COULD be.

35f5a9  No.12142946

The question is not whether it works but what are its applications? Having a reactor in every town is the most likely use. Minituarization (the only novelty use) seems dangerous and innefficient.

000000  No.12142966


>The question is not whether it works but what are its applications?

Cheap, abundant, clean power for the entire planet.

9ca0f9  No.12142976

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Video on some of the advantages of thorium made so idiots could understand it.

7dba11  No.12142979


>Safe: reactors cannot melt down, cannot easily be used for nuclear weapons

>thinking nuclear reactors componants can explode like an atom bomb

This is so cartoonishly dumb the rest of this shit isn't worth reading.

000000  No.12143007


>I'm pretending I don't know how commas work so I can attack a strawman


777d01  No.12143024


How does using Thorium reactors genocide the kikes?

It's a simple fact that kikes will never allow humanity to advance. Every thread like this is just larping and fantasy until the kikes are completely and utterly destroyed.

0748e6  No.12143032


It can meltdown but if it does it wont explode as its not pressurissed if it goes into meltdown it just gets really hot then burns through the earth,if you put a containment chamber underneath it falls into it.

Yeah its bullshit that its not used, as a britbong we have some excuse as we dont have any of our own thorium, burgers have no excuse

777d01  No.12143047


>Only white people are immune to Thorium

An easy way to get it outlawed forever.

000000  No.12143057


Step 1: show people that their lives should be much better

Step 2: people demand changes

Step 3: if changes don't occur, pitchforks are grabbed

d90a67  No.12143075



can you elaborate on that word?

5be603  No.12143104


>This is also true for chinks gooks and japs


man i like the japs and they seem to care about their nature

958b00  No.12143123


>man i like the japs and they seem to care about their nature


777d01  No.12143131



Whites only. This should go without saying.

c4cefb  No.12143180


We don't know, because we still don't know what kind of metal would be able to contain the corrosive salt for that long. Low estimates are $50 billion.


The cost of the fuel isn't the big issue, the cost of the reactor itself is. You would in no way be free from power companies, you would just be buying power for a slightly higher price. If you want to be free from power companies, you need your own source of fuel and your own generator, and this is not in any way practical for such a small scale.

000000  No.12143474


>Can't be built without unobtanium

>$50 billion for unobtanium

You completely made that up. Post a link to the cost estimate in your next comment or I'm reporting you for Jewish tricks.

They ran an MSR for several years in the 1960s without corrosion being an issue.


>It costs more

No, it doesn't. It costs less.

1a1252  No.12144256

File: 862974432d8023d⋯.jpg (195.73 KB, 1097x735, 1097:735, When you push the white ki….jpg)


>Killing traitors = doing nothing

000000  No.12144679


No one is telling you not to kill traitors. You are telling us that thorium reactors can't be built until every single traitor is killed.

6cc429  No.12144691

Thorium reactors are why we have alloys like Iconel.

674be9  No.12144742


I don't believe this is true, explain plz.

6fabbc  No.12144870


Imagine if there was a building material that only white people would be immune to.

3dac18  No.12144940


During the rush to gain nuclear weapons, old reactors were 'accidentally' designed from the ground up to produce a lot of waste, the waste being the very specific radioactive isotopes needed for nuclear weapons. Once these designs became industry standard, non-nuclear countries paid lucratively to get their hands on them. Newer reactors remove the ability to become a nuclear power if the world system suddenly crumbles, so they're considered 'worse' than old designs. (Japan can become a nuclear power in 6 months using their old reactors, which is why they keep them online. And, like usual, Israel just got the CIA to steal a bunch of the Uranium from the United States in the Apollo Affair.)

5a04dc  No.12144955

Enter the thorium age now!

REEtec are commercializing a new method for efficient separation of REE.


7d8d93  No.12144992


> of the ruling class



they are not a class, they are parasites.

1a5ec9  No.12145026


Truly an awe inspiring idea, we could recolonize niggerhoods with houses made of it and be impervious to all attempted robberies by penalty of cellular deconstruction

000000  No.12145027


6cc429  No.12145035

What day is it?

000000  No.12145065


Thor's day.

2cbcd2  No.12145351

Electricity was invented by kikes for kikes

dc88df  No.12145369

File: 8dd76dd620c3ad2⋯.png (952.66 KB, 1600x1101, 1600:1101, South Crypt - North Wall.png)

File: 784c83cb266e4e0⋯.png (778.86 KB, 1600x1101, 1600:1101, South CryptChapel G - Sout….png)


Egypt wasn't kiked until recently.

c4cefb  No.12146977


Not made up, just remembered wrong. $1.7 billion for a tiny 500MW plant:


>They ran an MSR for several years in the 1960s without corrosion being an issue.

No, corrosion was an issue. That was what several teams were studying, trying to figure out how to contain the highly corrosive molten salt for decades, when they estimated their prototype would only survive 20 years based on the corrosion they were accumulating.

>No, it doesn't. It costs less.

No, it costs far more. That's why nobody is doing it. Natural gas is dirt cheap. Building a plant and procuring 100 years of fuel, natural gas comes in at less than half the price per MW compared to thorium reactors.

5b5f83  No.12146984

Guys how do I make my own Thorium generator or battery?

4b593c  No.12147184

File: 24974a0601b3c35⋯.jpg (285.6 KB, 2331x449, 2331:449, TET gets.jpg)

>muh nuclear jew

>keep poisoning the world, goy

>NRC guidlines don't basically just call for dilution to release radiation

>scrams don't release radiation, goy

Yeah fuck off with this primitive shit.

Harness the quantum ether like many scientists before us and ascend to the stars or stay here doomed to be pushed around by kikes, on a dying planet of mud races and polluted by the nuclear and plastic jew.

It was foretold by Kek/Tet and the greatest gets of /pol/.

b33473  No.12147451


Not true, it was developed in the 40s for jet engines.


If anything, whites would be less immune to it, since melanin is basically sunblock. Our bodies might be better at getting rid of cancer after it's formed though.


Many oil companies directly fund environmentalist groups, and are the main push behind the global warming fraud. They do it openly, ostensibly for PR, but really because oil is going nowhere no matter how many Teslas are sold, and the easiest way to make money is not to explore for new gas fields but rather to drill the same fields for higher and higher prices. This would wake up the environmentalist normies, if they were even remotely open to reason instead of emotional rhetoric.

>the only way to get the normies on our side is to show them how much better things COULD be

Another path to that is showing off how easily we could have colonized space already. We had all the technology in the 60s and 70s to do so, and to make it profitable to boot.

3e9d52  No.12147559

im an electronic technician and ive worked in a few powerplants so far but ive never seen a physical thorium reactor

ive seen a lot of things on the internet, but few things in reality and usually for a very good reason: reality and internet do not work the same

im in my late 20ies and i will go back to become a full engineer instead of just technician and producing energy is one of my major interests in this life, and all i have to tell you that unless a functional real life thing of x exists, i dont really care

so far ive built functional scaled down models of gas turbines, diesel engines/generators, hydro turbines, photovoltaic (solar) cells and so on in my own garage with my own free time and money, just for fun

what would i need to build a scaled down, conceptual thorium generator?

and the most basic question of all: why isnt someone powering his shit up with these hyped up 'promised energy' shit i keep seeing on the net 24/7?

aecc53  No.12147575

This is old stuff…

They have better toys than this one in backstages.

This is why technologies have to be study and build by the "public domain", so we don't get fucked every century to have new shit

000000  No.12147585

the chinks invested billions into thorium power and went nowhere. the fact is anyone who thinks it is easy is full on fucking retarded and doesn't understand nuclear physics.

8502b9  No.12147607


You're retarded, but I chuckled.


That is a depiction of the Egyptian creation account where the god Atum is said to have emerged from the primordial sea as a lotus flower, and made everything else.

It's not a light bulb: https://youtu .be/j9w-i5oZqaQ?t=5222

aecc53  No.12147628


So, spend some time to study RF waves and Electrostatic,

if it's not done already…

2320a1  No.12147642


The problem is it doesnt make bomb grade material so its not interesting to kikes and kike puppets. Its very safe as OP said, normal reactors are hard to keep from blowing up but easy to start, these are hard to start but easy to keep from blowing up. Thats my understanding. You have to actively stop a normal reactor from meltdown, these you have to keep them going or else they shut off.

292512  No.12147690


they milk the old system for maximum profits

the leaders are ocd autists scared of being dethroned.

1fca52  No.12147703

Why thorium reactors are not as common as fission reactors ?

>in b4 kikes don't want the goyim to have this technology

a3242d  No.12148704


Thorium reactors are fission reactors. Moron.

67cb71  No.12148711

I don’t share, and I see my friends have arrived.

fd7545  No.12149409

We need to research the small Thorium reactor technologies for the homes.

91c5b6  No.12149480


Why don't you fucking suppose he meant "common fission reactors" vs. LTFR you fucking faggot?

How does your behaviour in any way further his understanding of the subject?

This is why we can't have nice things. Faggots like you who pretend to be smart pointing out what might just be an error.

Utter faggot

0b4f3e  No.12149548


Step 1: Force feed them the changes because (((they))) won't just let it happen.

Step 2: Populace is forced to accept it's better, demands changes.

Step 3: Kikes shriek "muh holocaust" and make a string of documentaries, papers and movies about how thorium reactors were used by ebil nazis and 6 gorillion

Step 4: Populace worth saving connects dots

Step 5: Ebola chan released along with related siblings courtesy of Nurgle on the rest of the planet

Step 6: World domination

Step 7: Galactic expansion

Reasonable timeframe - 50 years.

0b4f3e  No.12149554


Fixed it with above post, you can thank me later.

9172e7  No.12149844

In the engineering business there is a huge difference between sales pitch technology and deployment grade technology. Thorium obviously has never been able to deliver on their marketing bullshit, so it has never been implemented.

2598cc  No.12149886


That's a gross oversimplification, given that the NRC would take any proposal and sit on it for a decade or four and then the inevitable 6E6 awsuits from every watermelon liberal group on the planet would have to be individually adjudicated all the way to the supreme court.

It's probably less complicated to just invent time travel and go fix the timeline so that Hitler wins the war, then return to the present and drive an inexpensive thorium powered flying car on your holiday trip to Mars.

d650e7  No.12149969


>Thorium obviously has never been able to deliver on their marketing bullshit, so it has never been implemented.

The reactor was built, it was operating..

The project was abandoned because they couldn't use the reactor to generate nuclear weapon material.

At a billion $ per reactor, you don't build it unless somebody ponies up the money. In those days, that meant the Fedgov. And the fedgov didn't want reactors that were too clean to make bomb components.

d09f24  No.12150010


U building ur own spaceship bro?

3e9d52  No.12150014


this this this!

politicians and merchants talk the talk nonstop, you cant get them to shut the fuck up for two minutes

meanwhile engineers deploy the tech

this thorium shit has been 100% merchant and 0% engineering so far

9236a3  No.12150047


People have tried over and over only to get killed or otherwise jewed. big oil will never let you invent a clean safe abundant energy source. so yeah, we do need to fix the big problem holding humanity back.

778708  No.12150078


Are you fucking retarded? There is a research reactor up and running (re)developing the materials needed to make the commercial reactors work.

I get the feeling that you are some kind of kike from the way you type. One of the lower IQ variations maybe.

3e9d52  No.12150133


if this thing is commercially viable, why dont you build me one commercially viable thorium reactor then?

i can make you a banana reactor, just pay me a trillion dollars per kilowatt hour and i will figure out a way to buy some banana land somewhere, grow the fucking bananas and burn them or i dont even fucking know, maybe this banana reactor of mine isnt commercially viable but neither is your "research reactor"

do give me a call when you have a commercially viable reactor tho, i have nothing against that, just spare me the sales pitch, "research reactors" and all the other buzzwords, you are not getting me to invest money in your perpetual "ten years away, soon (tm)!" shit

d2d209  No.12150194

File: 6d49428aaa48fbd⋯.jpg (78.87 KB, 840x750, 28:25, vril1.jpg)


>>muh Vril

tfw you actually want to believe so many escaped and will be coming back

e1aee1  No.12150233


Go back to /leftypol/. Practice your falseflagging before coming back.

000000  No.12150263



Are you fucking retarded? Why won't you address the fact chinks and poos invest billions into this and that that piece of shit 'reactor' is garbage? Anyone who masters this shit makes tons of shekels but nobody can do it because they cannot beat physics.

2745ff  No.12151004


God damn that made me kek.

We need a virgin uranium vs chad thorium maymay asap.

c4cefb  No.12151897


> big oil will never let you invent a clean safe abundant energy source.

Of course not, they want it for themselves. Why are you idiots so stupid that you think "big oil" exists. They are "big energy". They don't give two shits what they use to produce energy, all they care about is making money. Why do you think they are cashing in on the "green energy" scam so big? If thorium reactors were profitable, they would be running them already.

1c82d1  No.12151904


India is already doing this.

We let ourselves get beaten by poos.

6281e0  No.12151942


>get better at villainizing National Socialists


Why the fuck are you telling anons to do this?

47834b  No.12151950


>because we still don't know what kind of metal would be able to contain the corrosive salt for that long


700198  No.12151966


Moltex is deploying one in canada in 2030


0a43f4  No.12151976

Thorium is regulated by the US government as a nuclear precursor.

This means that handling it requires licences suitable for building nuclear bombs. Guess how easy those are to obtain.

Obviously, this has killed LTFR in the West, but it has also handed the rare earth metal market to China, because a lot of US rare earth deposits are "contaminated" with Thorium, making them unhandleable.

Thus, China has a strategic advantage over the US, pollution is increased because bugmen care not for the environment and Thorium reactors are dead in the water.

Thanks Obama.

672e21  No.12151995

File: daf5e90338c2725⋯.jpg (131.36 KB, 800x450, 16:9, sbsp_type_one_800x450.jpg)


There isn't enough thorium isotope in the world to replace coal. Put your money on solar satellite power.

47834b  No.12152060

File: aa83f1c6129d4cf⋯.jpg (21.97 KB, 291x295, 291:295, PewdsThumbsUp.jpg)


>There isn't enough thorium isotope in the world to replace coal.

Very wrong, it's all over the planet, it's cheap, and we've already dug up countless tons of it, and it's sitting in barrels at quarries, just waiting for someone to start using it.

Solar satellite power is a great idea too, though.

467f71  No.12152099

What's the deal with fusion these days? Still a meme, or have we made any real progress? I remember a joke that went something like

>fusion is always 50 years away

d650e7  No.12152103


>There isn't enough thorium isotope in the world to replace coal. Put your money on solar satellite power.

A typical ton of Utah or Wyoming coal contains enough thorium to generate more power that the coal itself. Thorium is the component of coal smoke that causes cancer.

Obviously it's dispersed through the coal and hard to extract, so it is mined from ores with higher concentration, but there's plenty of thorium waiting to be mined. It's one of the more common elements.

ddeb48  No.12152199


>if this thing is commercially viable, why dont you build me one commercially viable thorium reactor then?

Government regulations you stupid fucking retard nigger

8554a1  No.12152928

>there are people that are against thorium reactors on this board

i miss the exodus days

820842  No.12152951


Elon is that you?

e3987b  No.12152984


>They don't give two shits what they use to produce energy

Nothing could be further from the truth. They already have all of their capital tied up in a few areas. All of their infrastructure. They are entrenched and so are their major stockholders. They are not switching until the absolute last possible moment when they don't have a choice – and if that means they need to buy technology licenses from a foreign country who beat them to the punch, then they'll do that because they'll still get their money from you.

bd02ad  No.12153157

File: 0ff9e5d9f25f649⋯.jpg (121.68 KB, 870x1305, 2:3, 3MI.jpg)

000000  No.12153205


>No one is doing it


>it costs more


000000  No.12153226


China is building prototype MSRs.


b2afde  No.12153234


Happy cake day, fellow redditor!

773a3c  No.12153255

The jews hate Thorium

239803  No.12153269



Insane, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about

Solar = garbage tier efficiency

caa890  No.12153418

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Want to know why? Cheap home reactors takes away all their power.

caa890  No.12153427


Before you go full pilpul and change definition of commercially viable, define your standards for commercial viability.

46b2bf  No.12153442


At least Europe is getting back into it.

26a3fb  No.12153531

*sip* back in my day kids had more initiative and would have just gone up to the thorium, gave it a firm handshake, and made their own reactor out of the stuff.

3e9d52  No.12153602


thorium is just the fuel tho, most reactor parts would be made out of basic iron/steel and pipes while most of the wiring would be made out of basic copper zinc alloy

the fuel is there just to create dry steam (superheated steam), water with its insane abundance and thermal storing capacity would just slam onto the angled blades of a delicate weighted turbine (if weight isnt equal everywhere, you get harmful throwing forces while spinning) just for the sake of rotating, this rotating can be translated into rotor with belts or gears or whatever, rotor rotates in the stator and if either one is a magnet, magnet has a magnetic field around it, wires passing through this magnetic field absorb electrons and this generates electric current (hence rotor+stator being called a generator)

all of science is just trying to figure out a more efficient way to heat some water up

d8d9ae  No.12153665


Thorium doesn't poison the world, you retarded faggot. The first nation to build efficient Thorium plants is going to outpace the rest of the world. We'd of had safe nuclear ages ago if not for jews.

000000  No.12156587


And we're going to be left behind if we don't get back into it as well.

9a4c82  No.12157064


>The first nation to build efficient Thorium plants is going to outpace the rest of the world. We'd of had safe nuclear ages ago if not for jews

ddbdc0  No.12157852

I'm personally not into thorium for the health degradation, but if it serves to irreversibly mutate our DNA to make it unusable for the aliens and the inner earth aliens, then I'm all for it.

000000  No.12160063


Thorium reactors would release less radiation than a coal plant.

2598cc  No.12160381


>Thorium reactors would release less radiation than a coal plant.

Even more to the point, if thorium reactors are built there will be less thorium in the environment (i.e. via distribution of thorium ash into the atmosphere emitted by offsetting power generation by coal plants).

Building thorium reactors would be a great way to reduce thorium exposure in the population. still would be easier to change the timeline so that the Reich won the war than to build a thorium reactor in the USA though

e19f8d  No.12161086

Is it possible to create a micro thorium power generator that can power just one laptop?

5fc29f  No.12161098


Idiots like you conflate molten salt reactors with thorium reactors. You can have molten salt uranium reactors just fine. And you can have light water thorium reactors too.

Molten salt reactors are good, but the thorium cycle is essentially a breeding cycle for U-233, and the chemistry of circulating the salts and extracting the U-233 while removing poisons and other unwanted fission products is not yet developed.

e19f8d  No.12161131


That is why I believe th thorium technology research should have unlimited fund.

c4cefb  No.12163012


Repeating nonsense won't make it true. There is no "big oil", there is just "big energy". Name a single oil company that isn't involved in other forms of energy production. There are none. You're a fucking retard.


Melting temperature is way too low, you're a moron.


An experiment is not doing it you braindead nigger. And your jewtube video is literally some guy saying what you want to hear, there's no evidence of any kind there.

000000  No.12163494


We operated an MSR 50 years ago and it ran for thousands of hours. Corrosion was not a major problem then, and it certainly won't be today with 50 years in materials science advancements. Worst case scenario, you have to shut down the reactor every few years for a day or two to change out parts that are subject to corrosion. Worth it when you're talking about total cost of producing energy that is half or less of our best sources today.

ae1e26  No.12163504


>There is no "big oil", there is just "big energy".

There is big capital investment in petroleum infrastructure that isn't going to be done away with until it meets an appropriate ROI. Anyone claiming otherwise is an OBVIOUS liar.

000000  No.12163556


There isn't necessarily anything wrong with petroleum. We already have trillions invested into drilling, gas engines etc. There is nothing about building up thorium as a source of electricity that would really threaten that in the short to medium term. Whatever energy company decides to take the lead in development will make trillions, and disrupt the whole industry in their favor. Kikes will do things like this because they love shekels.

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