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File: 81d9bc260f8f025⋯.webm (10.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, shekels.webm)

fd3516  No.12142672


No one seems to be talking about how disgustingly anti-semitic Eric was this morning.

They talked about the hurricane and switched gears to the stupid article about the "insider" disrupting the Trump admin.

Eric rattles off a bunch of facts about how well the country is doing, and then drops

>"you can write some sensational nonsense book, CNN will definitely have you on there because they love to trash the president, it'll mean you sell three extra books, you make three extra shekels at the behest of the American people"




webm related

6fc7c1  No.12142691


128e8f  No.12142692


Crashing this planet with no survivors.

8c5402  No.12142695


>the trumps r sekretlee baste

5c6404  No.12142696


fc43cb  No.12142698

3f62b7  No.12142701



7e24e6  No.12142707


Gets the noggin joggin regardless of whether he's legitimately based or not. Freudian slip, either meaning he deals in shekels or he's memeing.

Do wonder.

b61e36  No.12142721

Based anti-semetic Zionist. /Netanyahu/ is /ourgoy/.

1dc51e  No.12142728

File: 143d92ceadc3dcf⋯.jpg (149.9 KB, 565x425, 113:85, 1536623653443.jpg)


How can he be this Counter-semetic when his sister is a jewess convert & his dad is israel's bitch?

I'm confused.

1dc51e  No.12142743


Who the fuck goes on CNN & Accuses people leeching off of America to be stealing "shekelz" though?

5f6fc6  No.12142774

File: df85792136d9196⋯.mp4 (214.54 KB, 240x240, 1:1, shut it down goyim know so….mp4)

a66e6a  No.12142787


Israel currency is actually called the Shekel though. Maybe he just visits Israel a lot.

640f8c  No.12142799


Considering how often the Trump family is working for jews and how many jews are in that family it's not surprising shekels was accidentally used, he probably hears it a lot

d9e276  No.12142809

I just wonder why everyone sucks jew cock so much.

fecf64  No.12142815

Wake me up when he starts talking about gassing Trump cabinet members.

8d56cb  No.12142818


A jewish puppet does.

16c88e  No.12142827


>he probably hears it a lot

This. Kikes in real estate use "sheckels" all the time.

6a461b  No.12142831


So let's get him back here to answer some questions about what the fuck is going on with his dad.

dbfb56  No.12142836


We'll find out if he issues an apology.

3c2687  No.12142847

File: bfb4e730d2f6b48⋯.jpg (82.64 KB, 885x516, 295:172, Power Behind the Throne.jpg)

094ef8  No.12142870


Married to a kike. Sister is a literal kike, married to another kike, gave birth to a kikelet. Daddy is a kike puppet and Israel's top bitch. Fuck them and fuck the blumpf fanboys

5dd91c  No.12142879


>ISISrael's bitch

>by doing practically nothing to prevent the failure of greater ISISrael in Syria

You profile-hopping, astroturfing shareniggers shitting this threatd up sure make convincing arguments.

e853df  No.12142903


Eric for God Emperor 2024!

39903b  No.12142918


That meme is always part of a psyop, every time you say "our guy" (no homo) you open the door to tarnish the words destroying the messenger.

a111a4  No.12142926


>Power Behind The Throne

I can picture it now, or maybe there's an anime already: a historical character (Hitler, Jesus, Trump's uncle…) gets transported in time and reborn as Barron Trump to advice/control his father the president in order to save the world from (((the spawn of Satan))).

1543fb  No.12142928

File: b2180a16bf2ea22⋯.gif (882.93 KB, 250x250, 1:1, nick cage smile gif.gif)


Nothing makes one "Counter-semetic" like actually dealing with kikes day in and day out.

Regardless, the jews are going to kvetch. *grabs pail to collect righteous salt

3738cb  No.12142948

File: 07c61cebb37606c⋯.jpg (151.95 KB, 842x1024, 421:512, 1536666377752m.jpg)


Shut the fuck up keyboard warrior, he accomplished more in those 15 seconds than you will in your lifetime.

640f8c  No.12142951


>if he doesn't glass the entire middle east RIGHT NOW he's letting Syria win!

You're fucking retarded, shill

731dbe  No.12142959


>This is what kikes think will make us stop voting

f79f71  No.12142993

>jews aren't monolithic, some of them are even Christians with Christian values like honesty, hard work, forgiveness, and treating others with respect


>all jews r evil mmkay? Trump is a jew puppet, his wife is a jew toy, his kids are jews or married to jews jews jews jews this jews that



a8e8c4  No.12142994


Some non-jews from Jew York use the word shekel ironically.

f859fb  No.12143012

File: 174bcb1aa229493⋯.gif (794.9 KB, 220x328, 55:82, tenor.gif)

f859fb  No.12143022









lmao holy fuck look at all the salty kikes ITT

2a9afd  No.12143035


He isn't. While his wife is supposedly a gentile, they were married by Jared in a jewish ceremony.

a8e8c4  No.12143058



f859fb  No.12143059


>reddit jewish paid shill

see if you can cram a few more buzz words in there, newfag. you stick out like a kike's nose. filtered.

91254c  No.12143064

File: 1beca94167c2635⋯.png (23.42 KB, 183x232, 183:232, hidden_j.png)

<B-but anon he only said that because he's so accustomed to trading in Israeli currency!!!!

fucking jej

e853df  No.12143073


Salty salty shills

000000  No.12143077


>Oy vey, I'm reporting you because I disagree with your opinion

f79f71  No.12143078

>you're a kike

<no, you're a kike!

Great fucking thread here guys.

000000  No.12143084


Shills love to argue with each other.

f73e99  No.12143130



Until he turns into /israelsgoy/

467cce  No.12143132


>so sleepy

lmao get a new script

f73e99  No.12143143


Name one thing good Trump did. That is not just a small individual event. Just one.

Because there are dozens upon dozens of him being israel's lapdog and it's fucking tiresome. Trump is a shit stepping stone as "accelerationism" would have been better.

731dbe  No.12143146


>R E P O R T E D

lmao this isn't reddit, kike.

f73e99  No.12143148



double post sage

Oh and don't name things that he didn't do but rather people did while they foolishly believed a word he said.

000000  No.12143151


>Oy vey, the goy won't let us spy on him!

You do realize that attacking Tor is a literal CIA shibboleth, right?

731dbe  No.12143154


>Letting the kikes win and giving them absolute control to begin extermination if whites as well as kick off world war 3 would have been better than disrupting their agenda and shifting the overton window hard to the right

>You should have just let us win goyim!

Ask me how I know you're a kike

8b9bd0  No.12143159


If trump was an israeli puppet we would be at war with russia over syria and assad would be given the saddam treatment.

467cce  No.12143165

File: 25b4e19f16af469⋯.jpg (5.66 KB, 260x194, 130:97, index.jpg)




No, no no, anon, you only take one or two lines from the script. You're laying it on too thick. You know what? Pack your stuff, I think you're better suited for shilling on halfchan. DeShawn will be taking over your 8ch IP from now on.

46b779  No.12143168


You don't have a big incurably arrogant sister eh? So you don't know what real hate is then do you?

f73e99  No.12143169


>he can't answer a simple question

Must I repeat myself?

38f2e7  No.12143182

lmfao, I gotta say he actually looks pretty good with that style

467cce  No.12143192


>must I repeat myself

No, you must delouse yourself, kike. Take your spergout to >>>/trump/

f73e99  No.12143200


>still can't answer a question

Extremely jewy of you.

640f8c  No.12143207


>vote Trump and (((GOP))) you stupid goys otherwise this totally implausible fear mongering scenario would come true and totally excuses our puppet Trump

A (((democrat))) wouldn't have changed a god damn thing, we'd still have the same 1 million more shitskin immigrants a year like we have under Trump, no wall, massive funding for israel and we'd still be in the middle east dying for israel. It's been this way for decades, our country grows increasingly worse no matter which "team" is in charge. Now go ahead and call me a jewish shill, you know I'm right.

21519f  No.12143224


No please go back to reddit and stay there.

dbfb56  No.12143225


>Trump admin pulls shit bullshit.


This thread appears.

It all makes sense. Eric is acting as a distraction to his father's kikery using the same tactics neocon Don has been using: Throw a crumb to the right that get's the left into a frenzy then quietly enact some kiked policy.

2a9afd  No.12143228


Nigger, the Iraq war didn't start until 2003. You need to give the jews a chance to build up support and stage a major false flag before Trump can give them the war they want.

640f8c  No.12143229



Also if the overton window actually shifted hard right why are so many of you dumb faggots supporting and excusing a bona fide neocohen israel firster who hasn't done anything to change the tide of the browning of our country? You should be furious but instead you continue to give this shitty excuse of a president your unwavering support instead of holding his feet to the fire.

467cce  No.12143245


>unironically trying to push this retarded narrative

Only a (((fellow white nationalist))) wouldn't know that "the right" in america are all about muh "judeo-christian" kikery, and christian conservatives are the biggest supporters of Israel outside of israel itself. The trump administration updating it's anti-semetic rules is the fucking crumb to the American "right" you stupid faggot. This wasn't some grand conspiracy to create a controversy, it was obviously either a slip up from someone who likely makes off-the-air jokes about the (((media))), or just a completely neutral statement, like saying "a few bucks".

f73e99  No.12143257


>then quietly enact some kiked policy.


21519f  No.12143276

File: ac27468296c08b0⋯.jpg (16.87 KB, 225x225, 1:1, shekels.jpg)


Fox News is owned by the rothschilds through rupert murdoch. Together they own oil wells on occupied Syrian Land which trump hopes to get America into a war to steal just like Hillary would have done too.

Its so obvious!

Fox has always been fucking shit, all opinion and no news at least CNN was good for a while in the 80s when it began before it had a striking agenda.

af9099  No.12143289




3f7c03  No.12143293

I love that these guys are def shitlords

Alex jones we're gonna need you back buddy because no election in the future is going to be the same without you

9fa3a5  No.12143298


Does that make me Jewish or you Jewish?

467cce  No.12143300


>we're gonna need you back

Ummm, he still does his show and his website is still running. You just can't watch it on JewTube, crApple, or Kikerosoft

b5694d  No.12143303

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think Eric and Don Jr are /ourguys/ they are the same age as me so they grew up with the same kiked anti-white bullshit. Boomers like the pres just don't get it and never will.

18f171  No.12143311

File: 1c3d8d921587fcb⋯.png (5.44 MB, 1812x1800, 151:150, 1c3d8d921587fcb942ed9512e4….png)



467cce  No.12143313

File: 6152d168b486ef7⋯.jpg (7.59 KB, 225x224, 225:224, images.jpg)


> Boomers like the pres just don't get it and never will.

tfw my uber-centrist boomer dad told me the other day that he don't know how any students make it through school these days with all the anti-white and anti-europe propaganda.

8d56cb  No.12143328


>I support jews

>so that makes you jewish


b5694d  No.12143331


My mom a few months ago said "We can't send the grandkids to that school, it's full of blacks!" Today she's back to "They do the jobs americans wont do" and "Diversity is a strength"

It just doesn't stick with boomers. The propaganda is too ingrained.

f79f71  No.12143355


Yep, boomers still think it's the 70s.

3e5cc8  No.12143373

>Trump down in polls

>Losing support from /pol/

<"b-but Eric said shekels!"

>TRSodomites flood thread with same scripted posts




I hate all of these stupid kikes.

f73e99  No.12143385


>They do the jobs americans wont do

Where did that come from?

That's entirely false.

Unless they mean fill welfare lines as the filled job.

467cce  No.12143393


>someone related to Trump says "shekels" on tv

>(((media))) outlets freak about muh dogwhistles

>/pol/ gets a small jej

<thread flooded with MUH ZIOBLUMPF/ur reddit no u/ur a kike no u salt by a "bunch" of (1)'s.

it's clockwork. create any thread with the word "trump" in the title, and watch the shills flood and derail. quite frankly, i can't believe none of you has posted the trump_touching_wall.jpg meme yet.

3f7c03  No.12143398


I watch it on BitChute currently. Proprietary websites feel off to me.

3e5cc8  No.12143401


t. triggered TRSodomite

9d4def  No.12143402


So Eric is trying to distract. Their entire family is a bunch of kikes.

f73e99  No.12143403



I think it's overplayed it's use.

b7af3f  No.12143406



467cce  No.12143412


post more buzzwords.

f73e99  No.12143415


Yes. I've tried to hang on for as long as possible.

I've tried to support Trump for as long as possible holding out for him to do ANYTHING positive. Trump doing something positive, not the population's reaction causing a positive change

It's been nearly 2 years and I'm at a loss for a single thing Trump has done that's good. For anyone but israel.

b7af3f  No.12143417


Israel needs "anti-Semitism" to deflect any criticism of their fascist state.

collusion between military and business? check

467cce  No.12143419


IP hopping so soon?

000000  No.12143422

Is he the real qanon? Eric was always the biggest shitposter.

fbf7c9  No.12143430

File: 66a112aad0d03b0⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 3168x2376, 4:3, 1462326098665.jpg)


Pretty sure this was Eric.

3e5cc8  No.12143433


>Trump wasn't always redpilled but now he's full 1488


>Trump can't expose his power level yet because normies cant handle it

>Trump is just the beginning

what other scripted shill posts are there?

467cce  No.12143446

File: e9358a5452be41e⋯.jpg (70.77 KB, 836x177, 836:177, super salt.jpg)


Any thread in the past few days with the keywords "trump" or "jew" triggers some sort of alert for these bots and they all regurgitate the same talking points and buzzwords we saw from the paid shills 2016. Must be ramping up their shill efforts coming into the midterms.

3e5cc8  No.12143448

File: e2a3db674da66a2⋯.jpg (605.81 KB, 1000x3243, 1000:3243, trump zionism 37.jpg)

>Trump is a time traveler


>Trump has the Tesla files

>Trump is literally King David

>I cant wait until Trump destroys Israel this month

>repeating digits foretold this!


d083c5  No.12143455


>Name one thing good Trump did. That is not just a small individual event. Just one.

Stopping TTIP and TTP, that's two, I know.

58bb53  No.12143457

File: a127789f29320d5⋯.jpg (165.78 KB, 819x633, 273:211, spot the shitposter.jpg)


Absolute madman.

3e5cc8  No.12143461

File: 62622b2dd306c4f⋯.jpg (906.21 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, ptg-npc.jpg)

>steven miller is /ourjew/

>kushner is based!

>what is your opinion on mike cernovich?


>jesus is coming back soon

>laura loomer is rekting the globalists!

>q predicted this

90% of all trump support is regurgitated non-sense from scripts low IQ shills use in a weak and impotent effort to maintain control over public perception.

3e5cc8  No.12143467

File: a928a58cf7644dd⋯.jpg (106.86 KB, 1268x460, 317:115, trump madman.JPG)


>Absolute madman

I forgot that one. thanks

467cce  No.12143472


Don't bother, it's a bot. Just filter it and report.

527b46  No.12143475

File: a3802ab0177445f⋯.gif (3.18 MB, 378x237, 126:79, trump_touching_wall.gif)

640f8c  No.12143488


My support for Trump lasted about a year even though there were obvious signs I got duped. Somewhere between my 5th and 10th ban on imkikey's /pol/ I started really getting sick of the whole charade. It's sort of how I found out the holohoax was a giant sham, the massive censorship and derailment efforts by Trump shills and the former mods made me look into facts and start questioning everything.Truth doesn't fear questioning, but these are obvious jews or at least argue like one. They shit up every single thread with low effort low iq accusations of shill and do it until whatever information is so muddled in spam and shit that any good to be found are passed over by most people. They never have a single response to statistics on immigration that are posted or any pro-Israel posts, they just keep spamming shill, shill, shill. It's all so fucking tiresome.

f73e99  No.12143494


That's weak and circumstantial at best. Nothing in that picture means it's a billionaire.

640f8c  No.12143499

2a9afd  No.12143501


If Fox is so bad, why are /ourguys/ Tucker and Hannity on it? Checkmate, Shariahblue.

f73e99  No.12143505


I'm a bot? Care to turing test me?

f73e99  No.12143508


What are two things any (((GOP))) candidate would have ended?

3e5cc8  No.12143513

File: cbc32061f88a5da⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 2500x4420, 125:221, (((fOX))) 2.jpg)

File: 782045c7f3047f0⋯.jpg (37.04 KB, 1844x99, 1844:99, Cucker Carlson redpill.JPG)

File: 40a2a9e55d9fe97⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1483x1400, 1483:1400, HANNITY-MEME.jpg)

f73e99  No.12143516


Also those are the same thing.

640f8c  No.12143524



Aren't the same basic things repacked and renamed anyway? He essentially kept NAFTA.

f9cde0  No.12143530

File: 16b0d42e69f4f8d⋯.jpg (74.09 KB, 600x387, 200:129, Hurtwitz.jpg)

640f8c  No.12143538


Another quality contribution by the magapede shills

467cce  No.12143540


lmao holy fuck the salt today is out of control. good to see CTR is putting you basement dewllers back in business in time for the midterms.

84c413  No.12143544

I've said since before Trump was officially elected that it's either Eric or Don Jr in 2024.

58bb53  No.12143551


>tips shekel

f9cde0  No.12143555

File: 1b2b50519622d7c⋯.png (92.14 KB, 439x311, 439:311, hurt song.png)


If you wanted more, you just had to ask, Avi.

f73e99  No.12143558


Poor wording I guess. Trans-atlantic and Trans-pacific. Same thing in effect but different regions. My bad.

84c413  No.12143562


>Tucker CIA

They are confusing Tucker with Anderson Cooper the Vanderbilt who has been CIA since college.

Tucker has been a libertarian forever and founded The Daily Caller website but now supports Trump and nationalism.

bd457c  No.12143564


3e5cc8  No.12143573

File: bdecc5db9137fef⋯.jpg (87.77 KB, 732x561, 244:187, cucker carlson owned.JPG)

File: d8b6292fda9279d⋯.jpg (66.63 KB, 839x530, 839:530, cucker redpill 1.JPG)


>FOX is the real news!

>CNN is fake!

Israel controls both sides, anon. CNN and FOX are both propaganda outlets.

640f8c  No.12143575


>imkikey false flagging

imkikey(You) being gone is nothing but a good thing

bd457c  No.12143580


It doesn’t matter if he’s gone if reddit still controls the board anyway.

640f8c  No.12143589


There's a lot fewer redditpedes around now that anons can't be banned on a whim, there's still a lot of them festering around like a tumor but they've definitely lost their influence.

467cce  No.12143590


>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

>muh reddit

yep, 8ch is complete dog shit. you should go back to halfchan with your own (((kind)))

640f8c  No.12143595



Compare the catalog to imkikey's days when literal fake news and Trump tweets took up 12 spaces in the catalog from being stickied.

a7c503  No.12143597

File: cb10bb4cdc04829⋯.jpg (37.67 KB, 600x594, 100:99, 961480654.jpg)

bd457c  No.12143599


>There’s a lot fewer redditpedes around now that anons can’t be banned on a whim

You’re completely fucking insane. It’s because /pol/’s ideology isn’t protected in the rules that the site is controlled by redditors. THEY GOT A FUCKING MOD REMOVED BECAUSE HE WOULDN’T DELETE FACTS ABOUT TRUMP THAT HURT THEIR FEELINGS.




>Compare the catalog to imkikey’s days when literal fake news and Trump tweets took up 12 spaces in the catalog

So… exactly the same, except now there’s not even the PRETENSE of /pol/ being for right-wing content because the website owner explicitly said that right-wing content isn’t protected here.

467cce  No.12143601


Wow, 8pol sure sounds terrible. I guess you should stop wasting your time by coming here to bitch about how much you dont like it, and spend your time on websites you do like.

bd457c  No.12143608


>implying anyone cares what a redditor has to say

Go home, shlomo. We don’t support your civic nationalist gods here.

18f171  No.12143609


this is what a hysterical heeb looks like gents

467cce  No.12143616


>we don't X here

lmao, uh oh, we got ourselves a /pol/ice officer here to tell us all about what (((we))) do here

84c413  No.12143624


And Ted Kaczynski was a professor at some of the most liberal universities in the country. What's your point?

640f8c  No.12143626


I don't know, I've never once been banned here since imkikey was gassed for criticizing Trump and insulting him in the worst ways. I'd also say about half if not more of the posters on here are actual national socialists who call Trump out. Before you couldn't even say 'wtf' at Trump's gun grabbing talks without catching a ban for 'shareblue', it's a marked improvement in most ways. Regrettably a lot of your post is true and there are still way too many Trump shills around but that's the price you have to pay for a free speech board, I'd gladly take this over constant bans on regular users from paid off mods.

bd457c  No.12143627


>oy vey goyim civic nationalism is great

Way to hide, shlomo. Great going.

3e5cc8  No.12143635


Ted is in prison.

Cucker Carlson is a propagandist on TV.

All media is controlled by (((them))).

99baac  No.12143654


> "the right" in america are all about muh "judeo-christian" kikery

not anymore, now the right is about ending slavery

24aecc  No.12143657


he's winning the culture war you myopic shortsighted idiot. the fact that he's destroyed the media beyond repair is enough to guarantee he goes down as one of the greatest presidents of all time. literally everything else is a bonus.

0e4459  No.12143659


>gives weapons to isis

>strikes syria

>false flags gas attacks with his top spooks to strike syria again

clearly doing nothing to prevent israel from failing, right. it's so easy to see who is white and who isn't. hilarious 56% abominations

bd457c  No.12143664


>oy vey he’s winning the culture war i say so


Kill yourself.

76dfcb  No.12143678

My filter is getting clogged lol

18f171  No.12143679

File: 0bb374deca8ea55⋯.gif (703.82 KB, 549x658, 549:658, trump-glow.gif)


19d734  No.12143681

File: e3094fa94186514⋯.jpg (92.32 KB, 650x649, 650:649, 34f3.JPG)


He's fucking muad'dib. Explanations are not in order because he fulfills prophecies while asleep.

t.din bahir singh

640f8c  No.12143688



The only thing he's done to the media is whine about how they lie about him, and only him, because he's an egotistical fuck. Also, most of the lies are him cucking out that he's not actually racist and he loves jews and their golems. It's cuckservative cucking. How is this destroying them or helping us at all? They're more emboldened than ever. He will never defend Whites from (((their))) relentless attacks, he will never even mention us unless it's disavowing.

84c413  No.12143736


Nothing makes you hate something more than an arrogant older sister.

467cce  No.12143737





049cf4  No.12143738

File: 545f0e639b463f3⋯.jpeg (97.27 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, C574EEA3-E5A8-411B-9429-3….jpeg)


Meh they don’t even need us to do that anymore.

a46467  No.12143764


I hope you realize Trump is actually taking a piss on the wall, in that photo…

467cce  No.12143772

File: 5770c790e934adc⋯.png (370.42 KB, 610x695, 122:139, 1536783174200.png)

Kek, great twitter salt. This one really got them riled up.


467cce  No.12143777



a03c39  No.12143782

File: 9bf460782efa385⋯.webm (234.04 KB, 512x288, 16:9, Trips.webm)

File: 81e13123f53edcc⋯.jpeg (7.54 KB, 16x15, 16:15, Bypass.jpeg)


Checked and kek'd.

d5bf1f  No.12143789

File: 12043a6b7813489⋯.png (47.35 KB, 172x203, 172:203, ClipboardImage.png)

a46467  No.12143790

File: 455e97e5dc206d1⋯.jpg (31.15 KB, 391x338, 391:338, StupidHilly.jpg)


Mueller is investigating reports of Trump colluding with the hurricane.

Indictments, soon.

d5bf1f  No.12143791

File: 5165ef7a227f23e⋯.png (30.24 KB, 133x159, 133:159, ClipboardImage.png)

64ae3d  No.12143797


>the /pol/

grandpa please just take your meds

d5bf1f  No.12143798

File: c46ec91455a7033⋯.png (212.49 KB, 411x453, 137:151, ClipboardImage.png)



467cce  No.12143804

File: 227147506cbfcc4⋯.png (391.18 KB, 603x597, 201:199, 1536783795691.png)

File: 6919489649deeee⋯.jpg (66.58 KB, 676x295, 676:295, oy1.jpg)

File: d0366a6456eca47⋯.jpg (185.44 KB, 728x972, 182:243, oy2.jpg)

d5bf1f  No.12143808

File: 6a0d919a93ef02d⋯.png (157.29 KB, 278x813, 278:813, ClipboardImage.png)

Non-kike wife.

d5bf1f  No.12143814

File: 461579ba108fc67⋯.png (117.91 KB, 471x226, 471:226, ClipboardImage.png)


Where can I buy socks like these? Serious question.

45b967  No.12143822


literally no evidence except for some rando typed a sentence on cuck-chan


d5bf1f  No.12143825

File: f2056305995efaf⋯.png (184.86 KB, 1116x269, 1116:269, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 00f8aaf73db78ee⋯.png (44.9 KB, 1060x507, 1060:507, voting algebra.png)

File: a8f17cbf1423902⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1488x1488, 1:1, 14,88.png)

File: 16a73bab9bc3eae⋯.png (294.83 KB, 1004x862, 502:431, explain02.png)

See, this is what I've been telling people. This is the inexplicable portion of the narrative, which is that all the kikes are in agreement on Trump. Or that they only pretend to hate him. But we can see plainly that there is tremendous and even financial effort made against Trump by kikes.

d5bf1f  No.12143830


meant for


regarding the 3rd image.

dfe030  No.12143835


I’m so confused I thought the shills were convinced the trumps loved Israel. Which is it shills.

c50a8c  No.12143850


>>the /pol/


>grandpa please just take your meds

I-i-is that an internet?

467cce  No.12143853


Well, it's about to be 5pm EST so I don't expect you'll get any reply until tomorrow morning. All the paid disinfo posters have left the CTR offices for their roach infested city studio apartments by now.

dfe030  No.12143861

45b967  No.12143862


this is just DnC shlomo, you cite that the CIA owns all media but they you cite a major media outlet.


c50a8c  No.12143867


Thank you anon, that post got an outloud for realsies chuckle.

d5a3dd  No.12143872



Fuck yourself queer.

How's it feel knowing your entire life will never add up to more than one Freudian slip?

d5bf1f  No.12143876



Control. Is there a citation on a literal CIA guy owning a news org? If so, how big of one?

d5a3dd  No.12143895


Don't get him started on this shit again.

There have been multiple threads purporting to have proof that everything and anything you could read is a CIA psyop.

dbc31b  No.12143904



Confirmed Aryan Princess.

Retards in this thread somehow don't know the shekel is currency in Israel


b8c3f3  No.12143908


barron is the time traveller

18f171  No.12143910

File: 162f1441e0d8d00⋯.jpg (292.46 KB, 771x792, 257:264, IT BEGINS.jpg)

File: 0350a33935bb01e⋯.png (107.31 KB, 800x600, 4:3, pepe-profit-of-kek.png)

File: 2d2a3a17ab73193⋯.png (332.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 572685.png)

3e5cc8  No.12143912

File: 4476f5e3f62522d⋯.jpg (664.29 KB, 3041x1040, 3041:1040, melania-pizzagate.jpg)


start here


dbc31b  No.12143927


>you are an actor in some kike's psychosis

I wonder kid you would think about future you.

dbc31b  No.12143935

18f171  No.12143939

File: 0ea10a02a246129⋯.jpg (107.08 KB, 730x984, 365:492, 01f9960ddadb72f5ad156754c4….jpg)

File: e44f9e3936621ac⋯.jpg (320.22 KB, 1024x662, 512:331, 2710984173_5204d4d783_b.jpg)

File: 5c3f97b1278b3a9⋯.jpg (112.49 KB, 346x500, 173:250, RO09.jpg)


>a mothers love is pedophilia

the absolute state of tel aviv

3e5cc8  No.12143947


i dont see those mothers lip kissing their sons nor do i see their sons straddling their mothers.

18f171  No.12143964

File: 781b8bd3ab5e8d8⋯.jpg (82.69 KB, 640x446, 320:223, closeup-of-happy-mother-ki….jpg)

File: 535970dd66134c4⋯.jpg (81.42 KB, 500x519, 500:519, 4941674.jpg)

File: 17f7668ffe95b1f⋯.jpg (78.43 KB, 750x450, 5:3, 987654638454.jpg)


are you stupid schlomo women straddle men during intercourse not the other way around

3e5cc8  No.12143970

a38446  No.12143975


People say sheckles in new york. It's not code for being /ourguy/. I have also heard dubloons but it's not as common as sheckles.

a52380  No.12143976


Fake Yuri quote, he's never mentioned pro white politics at all.

3e5cc8  No.12143978


>implying it's not ironically true

12bf44  No.12143985


My sister does stupid things as well.

a52380  No.12143995


It's fucking subversive d and c

18f171  No.12144005

File: 199200504128fef⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.28 KB, 470x550, 47:55, 9248459874516842354001540.jpg)


breast feeding is also not pedophilia and increases brain size


fa5532  No.12144058


That has nothing to do with this thread.

7986e9  No.12144094




Are we really having a debate on wether or not loving/caring for your children is pedophilia?

37def2  No.12144095


>Having a city where people openly use jew language is normal.

000000  No.12144122


>sorta kinda trump related thread appears

>drumblf-is-a-kike shills descend upon it like heyer on pancakes

>bombard thread with same tired rhetoric we've all heard before

>don't vote, goyim

>think they're actually being effective

It's getting to the point of utter ridiculousness now. If only you idiots knew that the key to successful astroturfing is not saturation but subtlety. In fact, so confident am I in your complete lack of ability that I'm not even concerned about telling you this; you're so desperate and hungry that it is impossible for you to manage a successful campaign anyway. Carry on, you impotent faggots.

35c5d0  No.12144138


archive linkor even regular link or its fake

7c62af  No.12144168


>people aren't allow to disagree with me!


Look at that. The Eric distraction worked. Notice how the (20) shill doesn't acknowledge that Trump is busy sucking more jewish cock while his son puts on a show for the right.

18f171  No.12144274


hence the sage and spoiler and filtering of the idiot I was responding to


it was the shill who said melanie was a pedophile because she kissed her son

18f171  No.12144279




000000  No.12144289

Kek there are worse things going on right now but this is a head on every kike (((media))) like some kind of kike insect hivemind and this is the first time I'm happy about it because I finally woke up a bunch of people I spent years trying to redpill about the reality of the jew owned media.

0f298b  No.12144315


IP hopping again?

1355f9  No.12144319

>calling Israeli currency by it's real name is antisemitism

Goebbels was right. Name them and watch them recoil.

9020ed  No.12144327



>How can he be this Counter-semetic when his sister is a jewess convert & his dad is israel's bitch?

>his sister is a jewess convert and his dad is isreal's bitch

>his sister & his dad

Anon. . . think

b72663  No.12144356

No nobody in the history of ever had heard the word shekel. All those blue pilled and low information TV viewers TOTALLY get the reference between shekels and jews, their ears perked up immediately and now they want to gas all kikes after having just wised up to the jews dominance at every level of american society..

b7af3f  No.12144363


With his dad.


Hurricane a Putin Trump plot?


didn't Bibi's son ask his buddy for some more shekels in the club?

0d1e07  No.12144488

c3cd9c  No.12144618

File: 2a04f245e3d11c5⋯.jpg (57.55 KB, 837x448, 837:448, 01866e93c72216609f8961cd08….jpg)


>flase flag necessary

You mean those massive "gas attacks" supposedly made by Assad? Or the rocket attack by Pissrael? Do you mean those false flags, anon? You know, the ones Trump personally disarmed and foiled? Is that truly what you are talking about, niggerface?

It's almost like you retarded pieces of niggershit have no arguments and fall back to the same shariablue script.

2a9afd  No.12144640


There's probably going to have to be a false flag on American soil before the public will back another war for Israel. Right now, it would just be the jews and the most dedicated Trumpniggers backing it.

e853df  No.12144667


I hope they do try another 911 because this time it would be civil war.

e93873  No.12144672

File: bceb29906c0609a⋯.jpg (45.82 KB, 608x402, 304:201, hitler laughing.jpg)

c3cd9c  No.12144688


Kill your family and then yourself kike. Trump pissed all of shitraels plans and he will piss on any false flags planned in America. You have nothing, shityid.

000000  No.12144695


Go back to reddit, Schlomo.

8b9e12  No.12144698

Pretty funny but not a big deal. He's a New Yorker, born and raised. Replacing "shekels" for "money" is fairly common there.

9d418c  No.12144699

He also uses English, Eternal Anglo!

5ef2a3  No.12144738

File: be81a6ece335521⋯.jpg (18.49 KB, 480x449, 480:449, 1434392234608.jpg)

97b7ea  No.12144774


Seems pretty out in the open to me, Schlomo.

7c62af  No.12144809




>contributes nothing

>called others kikes



That's how you spot a shill.

fe7121  No.12144837

File: e9064154b065716⋯.jpg (16.39 KB, 494x378, 247:189, image.jpg)


this is my one post then i am gone to say i am filtering you ya kike

9d418c  No.12144844

That’s why you don’t follow the illusion.

9d418c  No.12144850

oh look I got the skull and bones crew beating up on some yellow person how terrifying and racist

9d418c  No.12144854

Gay people can’t be right wing. They can’t even figure out how sex works.

463ce6  No.12144857


>A cryptokike says "shekels"

wow breaking news

0bba29  No.12144873


He looks like he has some legendary items to sell.

6d2532  No.12144975


Oh boy do i have news for you.


abcc3d  No.12144986


I, for one, look forward to taking the galaxy.

f23e41  No.12145062


I'm willing to see any evidence for consideration but that sounds a bit far fetched

f23e41  No.12145075


Jews have terrible home life. They aren't shown love or hugged while growing up. Trump seems like a good father, all his kids are comfortable touching him. You aren't comfortable touching someone that has abused you.

4bb3e4  No.12145082



6c81aa  No.12145088


Eric "literally defile the Jewish virgin" Trump!

f23e41  No.12145089



6c81aa  No.12145099


a 9/11 would be sooo 2 days ago.

0aa16f  No.12145107

Where is the full clip without editing?

7c2d25  No.12145118


>describing yourself

6c81aa  No.12145122

File: 2985f50439cc369⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 680x366, 340:183, confused looking anime gir….jpg)


Why would the CIA attack the US Navy tho?

97b53d  No.12145142

6c81aa  No.12145156

File: b0315d0c4bbb9a7⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1280x1810, 128:181, ebola-chan_smells_like_ebo….png)


Oh shit! The meme police is here! Hide yo shit!

6e9ec6  No.12145160


oh yeah well i once stomped on a bagel while farting for no reason at all, that makes me like, the physical flesh embodiement of a gas chamber, clearly i must be stopped for the sake of israel

18f171  No.12145167


bagels are polish kikes stole them

6c81aa  No.12145170



tbf the butthurting guy is a jewish degenerate

bd457c  No.12145191


From historic instances of his handwriting, I can’t see how you’d come to that conclusion.

6c81aa  No.12145194


>you should have waited for Hitler goy

6e9ec6  No.12145196


k but point is, if you use the yiddish/kiek-slang word for currency "shekels" then that makes you an anti-semite…according to idiots spazzing about the use of the word shekel…once again, pointing out jews, jewishness, miasma de hebrew, seems to make them all mighty uncomfortable in a strange way…suspicious as fuck for a pallet of meatbags who do backflips in an effort to emphasize that they are not no sir no way part of any sort of conspiracy against non-jews…

heebie jewbies if you will i guess

18f171  No.12145207


it's not the fact he simply said shekels it's the fact he said the media will write fake books and lie just for a few more shekels

6c81aa  No.12145216



Shills BTFO again!

e68458  No.12145224


sss.Sssss….oooo SSSSsssoooo buhbbbbuhbbased amirite

stuttering jew kike bitch

000000  No.12145256




8aeeb6  No.12145268


>go back to reddit

What the fuck does that even mean? I've browsed reddit maybe a total of 15 minutes I my life. I knew it was shit from the start. Just like how the chains originally were shit. I came to 8chan when I realized it was actually pretty fucking kickass –though that's starting to change with the influx of newfags.

If go back to reddit is your go to comeback, then just fucking kill yourself

8aeeb6  No.12145272



Fucking autocorrect

11c6a3  No.12145310

File: 8b327e0fe94026d⋯.jpg (49.4 KB, 552x446, 276:223, 1523832546899.jpg)

File: 396c4159a5895a9⋯.jpg (67.52 KB, 593x463, 593:463, 1524740552695.jpg)

File: 54280f3391a6b49⋯.jpg (45.5 KB, 568x479, 568:479, 1515534465562.jpg)

File: 4a517b01a7e873c⋯.jpg (13.17 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 9xVR6xl.jpg)

File: f937d564226e9ae⋯.jpg (270.8 KB, 1198x938, 599:469, 1524988359698.jpg)


>tfw I saw jews react to this

000000  No.12145323















129df0  No.12145324



That still doesn't explain the double spaces after the period.

963024  No.12145355




6515c6  No.12145356



>fun thread

>atlantisniggers show up

every time

2be4a9  No.12145474


You don't understand how many yiddish words I had to expunge from my vocabulary when I left. I'm not saying it's normal or right, it's just the way it is in jew york. Had to also expunge some italian words that no one else outside of new york understands. And some Irish sayings.

4871ec  No.12146008


Anyone got the cap of his post the with charge card and hundos?

23039e  No.12146083

File: 9e94237b15c284c⋯.png (456.33 KB, 800x600, 4:3, plato.png)





If anyone's interested in getting very pedantic, the word pedophilia is actually a part of the classic leftist euphemism treadmill, similar to how we've gone from "mentally retarded" to "mentally challenged" to "intellectually disabled" to "intellectually different", ad nauseam. The reason it happens is because the left identifies something inherently and fundamentally negative, such as having an inherently inferior mind, they identify the word for that as offensive because it enables the discrimination between inferior and superior things, and so they create a new word. However that new word rapidly becomes 'offensive' as well as a result of the thing being described being inherently bad; a kind of negative analogue to Shakespeare's "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

It's not entirely clear, but it appears that the term 'pedophile' was coined roughly around 1900 by an Austro-Hungarian psychologist-type. To me it seems clear that it is a euphemism. In days past, they have been known as Sodomites and such.

In contrast, the term pedophilia is also etymologically bunk. One can break it down into pais "child" + philos "loving". However, this employs the word 'philia' in a completely twisted manner which is not in the spirit of the actual word. As per even the Kikepedia page, "Philia, often translated "brotherly love", is one of the four ancient Greek words for love: philia, storge, agape and eros." In regards to some of the above claims that motherly love could be considered pedophilia as we know it now, that's an emphatic no; that would be called 'storge', i.e. the love of a family member and especially that of the mother. Brotherly philia is often described in English as Platonic love, because it was upheld by Plato as one of the highest goods. This contrasts significantly with 'eros', a more accurate translation which means something more like 'lust'. However even then, anyone who's seen stuff like the "YOU THINK YOU'RE HOT SHIT" Podesta video will know it's hardly puppy-eyed Aphrodisiacal lust either; pedophilic rape of a child is inherently violent and incomparable to either benevolent brotherly love, nor the lust of Aphrodite.

It's for this reason I'd advocate for either a return to terminology like Sodomite, or otherwise something more clearly violent like Child-Rapist. Of all things, this is subject matter that deserves to be exposed to the light of day instead of being cloaked in euphemism.

b49095  No.12146090

File: 41b0becd18b1223⋯.jpg (22.35 KB, 395x300, 79:60, 1348053717361.jpg)


Thanks for reminding me how utterly cucked the modern English language is. I'm going to end up making my own fucking language at this point, fuck.

e93873  No.12146093

File: 0dd8884f38baa7b⋯.png (1.57 MB, 958x959, 958:959, 0dd8884f38baa7b31aaa496b45….png)


hmph thanks

fe362b  No.12146105

File: b58d92272a7273d⋯.webm (4.72 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, oy_vey.webm)

466fb7  No.12146129

File: 8b08c83a868e77b⋯.jpg (28.44 KB, 441x418, 441:418, plato-apathy.jpg)


One might consider using the term "paedophage," one that eats children, for the act of violating a child devours their very sense that the universe is sane or moral.

23039e  No.12146139

File: b88ed478572320a⋯.png (535.06 KB, 800x1469, 800:1469, frog primordial saturn.png)

File: 4a59279c45f570e⋯.jpg (3.76 MB, 1576x2672, 197:334, saturn el.jpg)


Paedophage seems particularly appropriate in light of the Semitic affinity for Saturn, i.e. El/Allah

0ba5db  No.12146151

I don't think you all appreciate the attention that this is getting. Yahoo is blowing up about this very incident and utterance. I laughed so hard at work, that I had to quickly close the page so that my (((coworkers))) didn't look to see what I was laughing, maniacally, at. They'll know soon enough.

983cac  No.12146168


You are mistaken if you believe that this place permits right-wing views. It has been overtaken, completely.

07d243  No.12146169

>claims that trump is a jewish puppet surge

>suddenly his son makes a jew joke

>/ourguy/, who cares if he's helping israel in syria

983cac  No.12146175


We are not permitted to discuss anything here. Why bother trying?

0ba5db  No.12146190


/pol/ is a nat soc. board. That means left on the political spectrum, faggot. So what, the kikes have stormed the thread. What the fuck else is new. They infest all.

983cac  No.12146207


Do you think national socialism is the reason for an extreme intolerance of intellectualism, debate, examination in a rational way, news items, (((here)))?

4871ec  No.12146211


>Nat Soc


I'll have whatever hash you're smoking.

983cac  No.12146216


Checked. So what's your answer to this question?


4871ec  No.12146227



I keep an open mind, but der juden and the (((mods))) need to go, permanently.

I see thread after interesting thread get bumplocked or deleted, and posts with good info in them get shoahed. Especially these (((copyright claims))).

983cac  No.12146230


Yep. Just search "reddit" on google news to see what you can't say a word about (((here))).

fa40bc  No.12146231

File: 11eeabd79021947⋯.jpg (20.31 KB, 259x253, 259:253, pepe oh.jpg)



















Fucking hell, man. I wish Jim would pay me to run this board.


Anyways, Eric was always my favorite.

983cac  No.12146233


I literally detest Eric. But I'm warming to him.

fa40bc  No.12146236

File: 83054b3a321a5f5⋯.jpg (94.93 KB, 914x1218, 457:609, eric the midget in heaven.jpg)


>I literally detest Eric. But I'm warming to him.


He's like a cool underdog. Born to the best, but not the favorite. He's so /pol/ it's ridiculous.

983cac  No.12146251


Early in the campaign I saw him be sort of rude toward some dorks who were, by chance, placed behind Mr. T during a rally. That was before they were managing image very well.

fa40bc  No.12146258


hmm, well. I dont know. I'm kind of rude too but not in a elitist way

983cac  No.12146264


It doesn't matter. At this point there aren't two choices. There's just one: life, and via the Republican party, since the Dems literally are pushing white genocide.

983cac  No.12146266

I will say this: He has a hotter wife than I have any prospect of getting.

4871ec  No.12146267


This is the 2013 electric bugaloo all ogre again.

fa40bc  No.12146268


> At this point there aren't two choices. There's just one: life, and via the Republican party, since the Dems literally are pushing white genocide.

Dude, we know your posts. And you're a fucking paid shill. Don't try to gaslight me. You're making me anti-Trump by acting this way.

983cac  No.12146273


>And you're a fucking paid shill.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Holy shit you're stupid. Like who the hell is going to get paid to shill on such a low traffic site like this, in favor of a major party?

983cac  No.12146274

I must grant you this: You are amusing.

983cac  No.12146276

Maybe Wayne Madsen is right about natsocs. I thought it was just kikes, all along, who were being so fucking stupid.

fa40bc  No.12146281

File: b0e461f8fa4942b⋯.jpg (146.03 KB, 768x512, 3:2, pol true.jpg)


>Holy shit you're stupid. Like who the hell is going to get paid to shill on such a low traffic site like this, in favor of a major party?


(((who))) indeed. You gaslighting cunt. You're not on 4chan. Dont fuck with us.

And fuck Tarentino too!

fa40bc  No.12146287

File: 159b611e452eff8⋯.jpg (47.15 KB, 800x800, 1:1, hillary witch creature.jpg)

Just watched video

no fucking way he's not on /pol/!

983cac  No.12146289


< short people don't exist

jejjed wow you're dumb as a brick

So you're literally just stupid af and not a kike?

Is this like a parasitic condition of natsoc? Like stupid fuckers are the norm, like stupid censorship reigns?

How the hell did the real Nazis even make anything? Something needs to be completely rewritten here. There's definitely been some sort of error.

983cac  No.12146290


Whatever. Discussion isn't permitted here. We have retards in charge. I just don't know yet if they are natsoc or kikes. Previously I assumed all absolute boneheaded idiots were kikes, but maybe they were actually natsocs. Gee, what a black pill for the evening.

983cac  No.12146301

And here too, note the silence.

fa6a6a  No.12146311

File: bf0a31e95b0c941⋯.jpg (23.77 KB, 400x400, 1:1, samuri why.jpg)



>natsoc are the real boneheads

You're starting to piss me off, dude. I know you think I'm just some internet guy but… dude. Dont make me make you my project.

Jim, Codemonkey – can you fucking OI94 this fucker already so we can send in the freelance black ops that do the psy-work? I have the payload and I want to spend spend spend

983cac  No.12146319

A real samurai would challenge me to a duel. No samurai you. The kike fears the samurai.

fa6a6a  No.12146329


>A real samurai would challenge me to a duel. No samurai you. The kike fears the samurai.

Give me your addie

983cac  No.12146334


You act like a coward.

fa6a6a  No.12146336


Test me nigger. Post it before I steal it.

983cac  No.12146339


Ask yourself this: why haven't you been banned?

983cac  No.12146341

The answer is that, unlike you, I am not a coward. Your blood is so cowardly it would shame my sword.

fa6a6a  No.12146347


> why haven't you been banned?

I can't be banned. If you weren't some new cunt trying to gaslight on your first day of OPSEC you would know better than to fuck with us.

9c182b  No.12146349

I wonder what the aim here is, is it a dog whistel to get the Kushner loving Trumpfags in line, is it that he's sick of Kushner meddling

who knows

7391ee  No.12146355


Show me your wares, streetshitter!

983cac  No.12146356


< trumpfags

Lame. So, are you a natsoc or a kike? I'm trying to figure out who these people who are unable to discuss topics really are. Are they really natsocs? Like, are the natsocs really as fucking stupid as others claimed? I had all along assumed they were just kikes, kikes pretending to be natsocs.

3880b7  No.12146366


He is such a gorgeous daddy!

fa6a6a  No.12146369

File: 0af301499d6f0d8⋯.jpg (42.19 KB, 930x516, 155:86, quentin-tarantino.jpg)


>Like, are the natsocs really as fucking stupid as others claimed? I had all along assumed they were just kikes, kikes pretending to be natsocs.

Keep it up…

7391ee  No.12146371


Looks to me like a concerted shitposting to lambast this trump fella PUBLICLY as some white nationalist for using the word shekels which is a legitimate currency used in the kikehive.

16b2a1  No.12146386

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He's a big guy

a2b37d  No.12146387

657788  No.12146402


Easy there, Chaim. Let me guess -


a2b37d  No.12146418

a2b37d  No.12146420

File: 3490f69583653db⋯.png (160.23 KB, 1537x447, 1537:447, Coward.png)


If you want to see something very interesting, have a look at what this guy is doing on (((this site))):


a2b37d  No.12146422


The point being, they're purging the site.

2c2602  No.12146429

a2b37d  No.12146432


What the fuck was that, nigger?

fa6a6a  No.12146438


He's the newest full time shill.

4508d1  No.12146444


> However that new word rapidly becomes 'offensive' as well as a result of the thing being described being inherently bad

They've learned. The new words are always a mouthful and "technical" sounding specificly to combat this. "Mentally handicapped" doesn't fly off the tongue like idiot, or retard, both used to be medical terms. Just like nigger used to be the common term for a nigger. Now it's "person of color" which will hardly work as an insult. Even "colored" had to be changed, to easy to use as an insult. I bet "black" will follow soon.

If libshits can one thing right, it's gutting a language to make it meaningless.

a2b37d  No.12146510



f199ec  No.12146521


The anon is just checking integers that end with repeating integers.

23e516  No.12146526


Maybe he doesn't like the fact that his sister married a kike or the fact that his dad is Israel's bitch? Ever think of that? Not very hard to figure out. Do you agree with all your family members stances on every issue?

ec38ac  No.12146533


f0c9dc  No.12146794


They tried to get rid of black in the 80s and 90s after going through 5 previous iterations(nigger wasn't even an insult) but at that point even the niggers were like "ay ay hol'up, African American is a big ol bunch a words and sheeit, jus say black".

fcce0a  No.12146893

File: 41f7dad7d59781f⋯.gif (468.56 KB, 480x228, 40:19, thunderous laughter.gif)


>shekels are anti-semitic

>even money hates them

c3882f  No.12146930

File: 537db129f7642d7⋯.jpg (208.39 KB, 1268x713, 1268:713, makes you think .jpg)



It's like when Tesla starting tweet shitposting about "powerful people", and suddenly various individuals of kike lineage started screeching and hollering about tesla's comment. It was certainly a joggin nogging question for the regular populace about why does tesla's comment about powerful people suddenly trigger a bunch of jews to start screaming at him in outrage?

Similar question(s) apply here.

91cb5e  No.12146948


Eric Trumpovitz

35c8e3  No.12147011


I don't have the backing of the elites to play the bad goy on TV.

0ccbfc  No.12150532

File: 09c8e38ef8f4969⋯.mp4 (184.07 KB, 480x414, 80:69, giphy.mp4)

7af9fd  No.12150549

File: 64669aed5601a70⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 03.png)


Sup Eric?

cad507  No.12150557

File: b577ef49e83b24d⋯.jpg (828.4 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180908-122043….jpg)

Robbie Mook = White Power

cad507  No.12150573

My dick hard for samurai jew

29adc2  No.12150633

File: 7bcdeea43483151⋯.jpg (46.44 KB, 591x591, 1:1, 1378488632471.jpg)

the way his eyes darted as he said it makes me think he didn't mean to it, but it just slipped out as his brain went into "we're talking about shills" mode. there's no way this guy doesn't browse /pol/. he'd never have just passively said the word shekel otherwise

625e7f  No.12150636

00b273  No.12151207

this is actually pretty big in mememagick terms

477ff5  No.12151262

File: e1f21301238faf5⋯.jpg (80.9 KB, 960x396, 80:33, we can show you.jpg)


First time on /pol/?

00b273  No.12151265


>First time on /pol/?

it didn't used to be this bad tbh newfag

18f171  No.12151270





adadbd  No.12151271

File: 92025757514950c⋯.png (532.74 KB, 570x988, 15:26, theblacksun.png)


When I had my Jewtwitter sock account I followed Jr. and he tweeted stories and news items /pol/ reported on, down to key phrasing. Don Jr. definitely lurks, remember he's tweeted /pol/ memes early in the 2016 election. Eric and Don Jr. are /ourguys/. Set them up to take over after ol' dad, paving the way for Fuhrer Barron Trump's Eternal Fourth if you are counting Reich.

477ff5  No.12151275

File: 14271576824a44b⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, One Shekel.jpg)

477ff5  No.12151276


It's been much worse, nigger.

2fd493  No.12151279


Hitler sees you, juden

oh, fake and gay

973802  No.12151286

I saw this by chance visiting my family. Collapsed laughing.

00b273  No.12151290


nah, ppl have always called each other kike alot but not in this bad of a low-brow sort of manner. you clearly haven't been here long enough to remember

9c8906  No.12151790

File: a93ca8f75654c72⋯.jpg (151.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, paul-atreides.jpg)


Will he supply us with spice, also?

Anyway, we can always hope Eric Trump is with us, it means we have some power over him. But be careful, someone that just spouts meme-phrases could be looking to gain trust and once he has, he could betray us. We don't know yet how to deal with Trump and his sons.

8eeb29  No.12152593


Wow I thought he was like 10. Great genome

112751  No.12152755




wtf i'm so distracted by this. i was literally about to go become chancelor of germany until i saw this clip of eric trump

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