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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0197ce  No.12143138

I'm disgusted and appalled by censorship of internet by people who supposedly shouldn't have any power over my countries legislation and since they've gained so much power we can't really do anything about it but whine. Or can we?

Now that the EU's article 13 came into realm, it's only getting worse.

This is actually the very first time I'm really feeling hopeless and taking the black pill…

Why can't we try get people like Julian Assange, Alex Jones, Kim Dotcom etc. on one boat and start creating an alternative? I do know about TOR and shit, but it's not the same, because all "too unrestricted" platforms gets all kinds of pedos and shit loose. I know very well that this is quite a contradicting statement, but I hope you get what I mean, like creating an "alternative internet for protest".

Song embedded is the Freedom Song for White Finnish Guardians, banned in Finland.

80cf12  No.12143172

File: 28075833e5cec0e⋯.jpg (56.5 KB, 640x360, 16:9, freedomofspeechFranklin.jpg)




Censorship of our free expression is the number one issue facing us today as a people.

c417b9  No.12143227


I agree but nitpicking:

>Julian Assange, Alex Jones, Kim Dotcom

None of those are "vanguards of freedom of speech" or whichever they're promoted in medias. And Snowden is a CIA asset and has been only used to condition people to mass surveillance through constant media stories of "revelations".

000000  No.12143252

Good. This should only be the beginning. Until whites are dragged into the streets, raped and killed and hanged from every tree, nothing will happen.


0197ce  No.12143258


I don't buy that sock puppet thing with them at all. They've been around for too long and being vilified from all sides. They've basically been shut down and the smear campaign against them has only strengthened my beliefs in their genuinity. On the contrary, I honestly believe that they've been campained against just like you said: in a "do not trust them" manner.

0197ce  No.12143260


I used to be like that too, you know… But how can we even be united and organized after the freedom of communication has been taken away from us?

000000  No.12143264


organize locally

0197ce  No.12143270


U Sirius?

000000  No.12143274


Yes. If there is no resistance locally then it means things are not that bad yet.

9bd4b4  No.12143275


Fucking hell, I want that video.

The song itself exists elsewhere, but I'm now realizing that all the cases where invidio.us hasn't worked is because of country restrictions. I can download it as an mp3, but nowhere can I get the actual video.

I think it's because of (((yle))) copyright on the material, but that's fucking bullshit, given how fucking long ago the war was.

0197ce  No.12143283


But of course there has to be local resistance, but that's fucking ridiculous think that you can counter fight an enemy that has global communications while you have none ffs.

Are you a shill perhaps?

0197ce  No.12143297




Oh I just realized the repeating zeros…

82d9e8  No.12143299


>Julian Assange, Alex Jones, Kim Dotcom etc. on one boat and start creating an alternative

The last two are full of shit and its doubtful Assange is alive or breath free air again if he is.

000000  No.12143301


>that you can counter fight an enemy that has global communications while you have none ffs.

Look what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.

7bd8d3  No.12143318

File: d7d34a33b2a6693⋯.jpg (39.18 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Dm5WNwKUwAAEZRT.jpg)

File: f5a6af230837e01⋯.jpg (68.25 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, Dm5WNwLUcAAdDT6.jpg)

File: 7f418ff894a2400⋯.jpg (12.93 KB, 245x341, 245:341, Dm5WNwLVsAAiKal.jpg)

File: 20ba23bb804b9c2⋯.jpg (120.73 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, Dm5WNwJUcAA72q4.jpg)


Let’s talk about Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes Leon. The pictures speak for themselves. Tattoos of the devil, visiting orphanages and posing like Baphomet. Nothing to see here right? This is all normal. Need more? Just google “Lourdes Satan” and see what u find.

0197ce  No.12143324


I still don't agree, but I don't claim to know better. All I'm doing is advocating in acting towards people who are globally recognized as "internet rebels" with money and connections.


So you want that to happen in your country too? OK. I don't. I'm a trained soldier and willing to fight, but that's a far fetch since the armies are compromised and in total control of the cabal too.

7bd8d3  No.12143335

File: 0d966abd2d83dac⋯.jpg (12.58 KB, 500x451, 500:451, Dm6mj6sW0AA3_ro.jpg)

000000  No.12143338


The local resistance. Or in Vietnam.

06e286  No.12143340

OP you are a fag for not posting the song as mp4 or webm.

000000  No.12143341



>since the armies are compromised and in total control of the cabal too.

and the armies of today would be even easier to defeat with D&C between niggers, whites, spics and other different nationalities

0197ce  No.12143357


Sorry… I installed Linux Mint 19 just about an hour ago and don't have any software installed atm.


We're not talking about a fucking race war here at this moment man.

830e54  No.12143378


>But of course there has to be local resistance, but that's fucking ridiculous think that you can counter fight an enemy that has global communications while you have none ffs.

I can tell you've never done anything military or violence related. Your argument falls flat for several reasons

1. When you splinter global communications, you force the groups to meet locally. Note, GROUPS. Plural. Instead of having to deal with one organization, you're dealing with countless. There is no one unified uniform, no one unified face of opposition. This results in a big target lashing out blindly. You don't know who's an enemy and who's an ally.

2. As a result of splintered groups, each group learns from one group's downfall. So now, you have X groups of resistance, you don't know who's dealing with who. Even with government infiltration, there's simply too many groups to keep track of. Local groups are effectively The Thing. You might know who's in one group, but how many groups are there?

3. Let's say a resistance group finally lashes out. What happens? Usually, said resistance group will be in a city. Urban Warfare. No matter how much soldiers are trained, there's a mental switch that gets flipped. Fighting in urban settings is far more taxing than fighting in trees or fields. Any window could be a potential sniper. Any pile of trash could be hiding IEDs. Any room could be a potential deathtrap. Moreover, you're fighting in city, against your fellow men. That's fucking horrible on the average soldier's mentality. War is already bad enough against another countryman. But against a fellow countryman? That guy could have been a friend in another timeline. Morale and psychology are huge factors in war, and urban warfare brings out the worst in both.

4. "Unlimited resources" doesn't mean much. In a city situation, you can't be droned. Far too much collateral damage to take out maybe 20 people. Imagine leveling a fucking city block to take out 20 people. That would be absurd and instantly push people to outward rebellion. You can't roll out tanks either, since tanks are largely worthless vs guerrilla warfare. Rolling out tanks raises questions from the normie population too. People still post pictures of tanks in Boston, those images are ingrained in public consciousness.

You give your enemy too much power.

1ae4ad  No.12143379


>installed Linux Mint

install gentoo faggot

0197ce  No.12143388


I'm a trained soldier specializing in communications and electric warfare.

0827b6  No.12143456

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>he doesnt post the best version

shamefur dispray

0197ce  No.12143470


Fuck off with your Finns are Asian people shit.

0197ce  No.12143476


You're also a moron for not addressing the issue, but just memeing, WHICH SHALL BE RESTRICTED you know?

857c8e  No.12143483

File: 2ae55a74cec729c⋯.jpg (26.9 KB, 480x480, 1:1, HAHA HILLARIY.jpg)

the world is run by brain dead normies who agree with each other "well yeah i think they should get money for it" without considering consequences.

suicide is an option.

0197ce  No.12143492


The whole NPC thing happened just few days ago and I laughed it off, but now I'm suddenly being obligated to think that actually is the case.

9c9c9d  No.12143498

File: 4c00bca54786b81⋯.gif (342.41 KB, 666x386, 333:193, comfy gif.gif)


woah buddy, i say "shamefur dispray" when i shitpost.


the censorship is a good thing. when the people finally realize that their governments dont care about them, they will rise up. just look at Weimar germany as an example. the whole world is Weimar, and we all know what comes after. its only a matter of time

0197ce  No.12143527


You don't know what you're talking about. I agree on the notion of the West being dragged down to Weimar-tier semi-hell and such, but people have been brainwashed for so long they will not rise. Even less if their communications are being restricted, so they won't learn any better. You just can't let them have it. It's like total kikery and there won't be return. We'll end up literally in our basements signaling to each other and trying to create a futile resistance movement. Don't let them have it!

a7f167  No.12143579


>but people have been brainwashed for so long they will not rise.

i was once a pro abortion liberal normie before i got into real politics, and even then and during the process of my redpilling i didnt actually care. only recently when i realized how bad things really were that it clicked in my head. i believe this is the snowball effect in action, if enough people become redpilled then the masses will follow.

>Even less if their communications are being restricted

did the NSDAP have internet in its early years? this is why i will never let my kids on the internet when i have them. we rely on it way too much and for thousands of years we never had to. why should we have to now?

830e54  No.12143586


And my dad works for Nintendo.

d7ce34  No.12143602


What are the fines or possible prison sentence if people don't pay the fee?

a7f167  No.12143611


i dont know, i dont and have never lived in europe.

0197ce  No.12143632


I used to be very liberal in the 90's too. Trusted very much in education and media. Then I wen't an a tour, came back never the same. I hear you, but talking about masses - nah man. Just look at the voting.

But they had a very different culture of communicating with letters for example. Why would you want to let internet freedom back to traditional mail system? Also the society was very different at that time.


OK, what ever you say.jpg

0197ce  No.12143641

There is a trial to outlaw The Nordic Resistance Movement if Finland too. What's next - if that ever happens? They would be considered as bad as terrorist groups then.

d7ce34  No.12143653

File: 7133bc91a0083a3⋯.png (576.49 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, eurocopyright.png)


Does anyone know? I am working on a meme concept. Pic related. I just need values for X and Y.

0197ce  No.12143666

Probably tens of people have been fined for "advocating hatred towards a 'group of people'" lately.

0197ce  No.12143672


Cool pic!

t: A Finn with proxy.

d7ce34  No.12143687


Thanks but that doesn't give me the values I need to make it complete.

96d839  No.12143708



Damn I just realized/remembered that its been blocked in Finland when I took my VPN off (which was also set to Finland, for some reason not blocked). I wonder what excuses those bastards gave for flagging it, are there any news articles about it?

Have a mirror. Which other videos should be mirrored there? https://www.bitchute.com/video/EpT9FAIePzFv/

0197ce  No.12143709


You're welcome :)

9a9659  No.12143820


>what comes after.

The question is if the next hitler would be ruthless or as soft to hitler.

9a9659  No.12143827

File: 40a03b180fabca0⋯.jpg (245.21 KB, 900x1024, 225:256, 1531800963703.jpg)

File: 5c29aa1819aeb98⋯.png (220.76 KB, 2300x940, 115:47, 5c29aa1819aeb982508f6fa6a2….png)


I was basically a communist before I ever met you guys either be it on 4/pol/ or this /pol/ or a few others (despite only coming to others for a few times) you helped me see the error of my ways and turned me into the natsoc that I am and telling me that family matters and not to turn to materialism.

995270  No.12143889




>The falseflagging votecuck had to switch to TOR

96d839  No.12144149


>>>/bmw/ could be a good place to spring off something

5375a6  No.12146245

File: 037a7f5c26f13c9⋯.jpg (64.39 KB, 736x607, 736:607, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


Madonna is not posed as Baphomet, Anon, this is an exoteric explanation of her outfit for the profane masses.

Initiates of the Mysteries who are in on the esoteric truth, will instantly recognise her as ISIS, Queen of Osiris, and mother of the child 's sun god Horus. Those are not Baphomet's horns, but Isis' crown.

c4ade8  No.12146262


No need to take the black pill. Keep talking to people, be it on or offline. Spread redpills. The internet has opened pandoras box

3016d2  No.12146286



accelerationism is the only realistic and most likely scenario to happen. people are too limp-dicked to act out of principles. they must have everything taken away from them before they do anything. many will die and suffer before it even starts, and that's good.

2e8a69  No.12146295


Video unavailable.

2e8a69  No.12146310


Accelerationism is a doomsday cult concept. Definitely not compatible with Egyptian mythology!

2e8a69  No.12146316

The Egyptians believed in the rhythms of nature:


Kek: the beginning spark, out of darkness (sort of like yin/yang)

This is a rhythm of nature.

Nun: Water, which is literally allotted by the seasons

Heh: infinity. Nothing quick here! All the time in the world.

We as humans get impatient, though.

There are other gods, of course. Ra, the sun god. Something measured, repeating, assured.

And the rites were of course performed, elaborately, by the book, over and over again. Nothing impatient - literally preparing one's whole life for the afterlife!

8072fa  No.12146322

File: a0d4ca5bbf3b66a⋯.jpg (139.32 KB, 720x960, 3:4, globalists alex.jpg)



>hy can't we try get people like Julian Assange, Alex Jones, Kim Dotcom etc. on one boat and start creating an alternative?

Because they work for the same people who you think you're fighting – or you're one of them..





















d27880  No.12146350

File: 033b5811a9b06ed⋯.png (95.21 KB, 344x400, 43:50, oc.png)

Make yourselfe connetions to redpillers and resistance.

Hoard Guns and Ammo.

Move out of the EU.

The system must fall and with it the people who enabled it.

Evolution is war and it always wins.

Just do a Werwolf.

Once they are weak we shall attack.

The Marxist Ideology eats itselfe, just don't get eaten.

You can't get eaten as a ghost. They will go after the visible opposition.

2e8a69  No.12146367


Get a job. Make money. Fund Tor-based alternatives to chans. Fund methods of creating privacy.

Then you will have the tools you really need.

000000  No.12146368

Step 1: Never host ANYTHING in the EU.

Step 2: ?????????????????????

Step 3: Post Dank Memes.

d27880  No.12146433


Doing this yes.

7e9bc5  No.12146440

You know the only way to fix this is to drag them out and kill them right?

d27880  No.12146501


Timing is everything tho.

000000  No.12146515


This. The more you fight now, the more power you give to the marxists. Do nothing and they will fight each other. When they stabbed each other in the back, when they are bleeding, then attack.

7e9bc5  No.12146516


That is true. You need to basically have it timed where each one is dragged out at the exact same time and killed that way it would be impossible to stop.

d27880  No.12146528



I agree, they will only twist and turn everything and influence the masses via the media.

I am not participating in protests or any other political acttion in the real life world.

They will go after every face they know.

Also the opposition wants to protect the citizens and solve the problem democraticly.

Even if the public oppositon has success, the problem and the people who created it will still be there.

The wise way is to just stay underground, prepare and wait

589cbd  No.12146551

File: 4099d84dfadd36a⋯.png (490.79 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>Freedom Song

>"We're sorry, this content isn't available in your country."

This is a feel I haven't felt in a long time.

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