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File: c335c4a6c4e38ef⋯.jpg (275.35 KB, 1080x599, 1080:599, FB_IMG_15355009810706563.jpg)

49eb46  No.12143217

Now is the time to take back our internet. Eu has passed GDPR, let's have the wholr world do so, so normalfags will stop migrating to everywhere we go. We will migrate to some chan on TOR such as fbichan or something. Not much normies will follow us and we will rise once again in the dark. We will always be the bad boys of the internet. We will always fucking piss them commies, liberal cucks. We will take back our memes. We will take back everything we had. Its time to celebrate fellow /pol/acks, cheers.

9430a3  No.12143286

It's pretty shocking how run down this place got after a while.

I used to lurk around 2015 and the contrast between now and then is crazy. It's no longer an assortment of alt right-ish ideology with Jew suspicion tying it together.

It's really just Jew screaming now.

My theory is after the election the Pro-Trump anons moved on the the_donald or something

49eb46  No.12143370


pro-trump anons stopped caring about chans after that. Its just literally jews screaming, wannabe edgy 12 years old talking nowadays. I am quite sure they didn't move to r/The_donald because everyone knows reddit is shit

49eb46  No.12143374


Also oldfags would disgust reddit. They still come here sometimes but not as 2015-2016. The same 2015 scenario would be present on 2020 here. Lets wait

bcc6b3  No.12143389

File: a0d3f2533e96f1c⋯.png (889.75 KB, 1288x741, 1288:741, History.png)

File: 3de70372ed6a27a⋯.png (314.31 KB, 1410x1562, 705:781, End of an Era.png)


>the Pro-Trump anons moved on the the_donald or something

You’re totally fucking retarded. Read these images.

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