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File: f88dac34c641a3d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1024x1024, 1:1, SIG.png)

d1c484  No.12143816

To defeat the Jew IRL, you must defeat the Jew within yourself.

How to better yourself:

Go to the gym at least three times a week, and fill the other days with physical activity as well.

Take up one of the following physical hobbies to do on off days:

>Competitive Intramural Sport (soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, etc.)

>Competitive court sports (tennis, badminton, racquetball, jai-alai)

>Natural activities (hiking, trail-building, rock-climbing, kayaking)

>Endurance/Conditioning (swimming, running, marathons, sprints, 5Ks)

>Combative sport (martial arts, wrestling, grappling, Jiu-Jitzu)

>Game sports (golf, skeet shooting, disc golf, archery)

If you do not participate in at LEAST one of these activities, you should start. Many of these are easy to pick up and have a thriving social community about them. Stay active, develop hobbies, and make friends at the same time.

This is the very good /fit/ Sticky. Skip to the exercise section for some good starting routines if you’re new.


Stop consuming unnatural foods. Fast food, shit packaged food like potato chips, Doritos, candy. Instead, your snack food should be things like beef jerky, pistachios, almonds, raw spinach, carrots, cheese.

Eat fruit. Eat steak, eggs, nuts.

Eat veggies. Eat veggies that you grew yourself, if you can.

Eat fish. Eat fish that you caught yourself, if you can.

Stop drinking $8 craft hipster beer. There’s a reason they’re big right now, and it’s because the ATF doesn’t make them put nutrition facts on the cans. All those IPAs and Doubles and Stouts and craft shit usually hover around 30g carbs and 300+ calories each. Although the social benefits of drinking occasionally with friends does drastically outweigh the negative effects, you should still keep your drinks to one or two, whiskey or gin only.

Do not drink soda, ever. The only acceptable drinks are water, coffee, wine, and whiskey/gin (occasionally).

cbb368  No.12144253

78fad3  No.12144259


> try to hike 3 miles

Jesus, how fat are you? Anything under 10 is a nature walk.

d4aa67  No.12144293

File: 20bc2d19d8cf3af⋯.jpg (93.03 KB, 400x400, 1:1, thanks-but-no-thanks.jpg)

>go to the gym

<pay money to do pointless work under florescent lights in front of a mirror like a faggot instead of doing the profitable labor of your ancestors out in nature that strengthens your body, mind, and spirit.

cf4062  No.12144300


>the profitable labor of your ancestors out in nature

Such as, nigger? Also how is this to be employed by the cuck faggots living in urban areas?

4e4847  No.12144305

They sell weights over this crazy invention called the internet.

000000  No.12144306


Gyms are for pretentious faggots. Outdoors, bodyweight exercises at the park anyday. And going even in shit weather will teach you discipline.

cf4062  No.12144308


>a nature walk

Sure thing, Sally. You got a nice tight sports bra to keep your tits from bouncing around on your little nature walk?

cf4062  No.12144313


>bodyweight exercises

You're stupid. There's a limit to the strength you can build doing bodyweight exercise; hence the gym.

>will teach you discipline

No, simply exercising will, whether it's at the gym, or you're some little uppity hipster faggot doing yoga in the park thinking you're one with nature.

000000  No.12144332


I don't care in the slightest about being 'big', because I'm not a pretentious mirror-flexing faggot. I care about being fit and functional, and bodyweight exercises achieve that goal perfectly.

78fad3  No.12144334


Have fun gasping and wheezing, desperately hoping to be able to walk 3 miles one day. I'm sure you'll be able to save the white race if you can just get under 400lbs.

cf4062  No.12144350


I'm not even remotely close to 400 lbs., Sally. Your little nature walks aren't doing shit. Try doing hard labor for a day, you prissy little faggot.


Dumb-fuck, I was pointing out the difference. You can't bulk up doing bodyweight exercised in the park as you "bask in the essence of nature." Fucking hipster pussy.

b0a127  No.12144354

File: 81ef2c6db50a044⋯.jpg (85.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jew money kids show.jpg)


Cant afford that life. Jobs threads are shit. Soda is awesome.

000000  No.12144358


Lel. Whatever you say, fatty.

c9451f  No.12144377


>not finishing a 300 page book in one sitting


e25bba  No.12144381



>You're stupid. There's a limit to the strength you can build doing bodyweight exercise; hence the gym.

You realize that there are extremely advanced bodyweight routines, right? Also, not everyone's training goal is maximizing strength. There really isn't any need to be condescending here.

e25bba  No.12144391


Not everyone has 3 hours to just sit down and read. Also, some people just read slower than others. If these /sig/ threads bother you so much, just hide it and move on.

cf4062  No.12144393


>i do yoga in the park early in the morning when the dew is still collected on the leaves of the trees and bushes around me

>then i go home and light up a nice scented candle

>preferably lavender

>then i sit by the window with my coziest blanky and read a book

>then i take a nap

You're such a fucking pussy. This goes for the nature walk faggot too.

cf4062  No.12144399


>not everyone's training goal is maximizing strength

I never said it was you brain-dead low IQ nigger. Why aren't you commenting on the guy who started this string of comments by telling him "not everyone's goal is to stay small and lean, some people use the gym to bulk up." Stupid fuck, I'm not the one saying one or the other is bad, the other guy is. Fucking read. Filtered.

4e4847  No.12144407


Go do a nature walk in the mountains with a decent amount of weight on your back and get back to us.

cf4062  No.12144410


Go move 25 tons of dirt and stone with a shovel and a wheelbarrow and get back to me, you prissy little faggot.

78fad3  No.12144424


What you did in minecraft doesn't count Shamu.

2fdd51  No.12144427


>extreme hostility to nature


After your real important work digging ditches, do you go home and get down on your knees for your daddy christ and pray he'll let you into his house and not sent you to his torture pit?

c9451f  No.12144428


Just trolling, don't reply to me ^^ I didn't want my activity to affect the bump order. The thread is nice.

cf4062  No.12144432


Actually I did that, by myself, while working a job last year. I then moved 10 more tons of stone in two days, by myself, on a different job.

cf4062  No.12144435


>digging ditches

That's not what I do, but by attempting to demean laborious jobs as "digging ditches," I know you're a paper pushing pussy.

4e4847  No.12144441


I was doing that sort of stuff when I was a teenager. Also worked hay bales as a teenager. By the time I was old enough to cum I already had a job at a stable, and managed the entire loft.

2fdd51  No.12144444


Oy vey did I hit a nerve, you best go ask your long nose god for forgiveness for being a cunt to your neighbors, wrath is a sin you know.

5143ff  No.12144448


Wasted. Kill yourself.

2fdd51  No.12144453


No thanks I got my race to live for, I'd suggest the same to you but I'm pretty sure thats a quick way to big nose god's fun torture pit for eternity.

4e4847  No.12144456


You’re shits weak cuck.

cf4062  No.12144459


>that sort of stuff

No, you weren't doing what I do, moron. I do all sorts of work, but I specialize in finish carpentry.


>ur a jew

>laborious work is for peasant, rural white trash

Filtered. Go back to /leftypol/ you emasculated, frail little cuckold.

78fad3  No.12144462

File: 9ac1509cef2f569⋯.jpg (72.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jim carry movie.jpg)


I like how your story went from 25 tons to 10 tons.

But I doubt you're even 1 ton.

4e4847  No.12144463

There’s never a Jew inside of me. I might be inside Jewesses though.

cf4062  No.12144465


Two different jobs. You've got the reading comprehension skills of an 82 IQ nigger.

5f7043  No.12144469


5f7043  No.12144472

fuck I hate running

4e4847  No.12144473


Sure, you can cry later. I used to dig basements and do the concrete pour. Also used to hit the neighbors with whatever they needed. I was never passive as a child.

4e4847  No.12144477


Jiu Jitsu is fun

78fad3  No.12144478


I moved 82 tons of rocks with my dick this morning.

cf4062  No.12144479


Wow, you used to dig things. Impressive. Now build me a nice stained wood staircase, dumb-fuck.

cf4062  No.12144482


This response tells me you're weak as fuck.

4e4847  No.12144485


That’s what you’re for idiot.

I did build my own guitar in high school though.

ee71e9  No.12144487


>waaaaah mean man saying mean things i can't look at it anymore

Filtering does jack shit niggerman. I never said hard work is for peasants, and I never said you're a jew, I called you a christian which I guess isn't much different so you're right.

Sounds like you're trying to act all big and hard because every night you have to get on your knees to not get tortured for eternity.

a60245  No.12144489

File: be9ded420162f8b⋯.jpg (14.34 KB, 268x188, 67:47, milo of croton.jpg)



unless you're talking about literally pic related then you're an actual homosexual.

cf4062  No.12144493


Exactly. You're an emasculated little pussy that relies on real men to make your life possible. At least you acknowledge it, David.

78fad3  No.12144496


This is what your posts have told everyone in this thread.

cf4062  No.12144498


>Filtering does jack shit

Really? I'm filtering you without reading the rest of your comment.


Coming back for another?

cf4062  No.12144503


So you think moving 25 tons, or 10 tons, is a seemingly impossible task? Holy shit you're a pussy.

4e4847  No.12144504


It’s called the division of labor. If I went and took your craft from you, what would you do for work idiot?

f8d2f5  No.12144507

retard here, is white rice + mixed (frozen) veggies + 1 egg healthy? my retard boomer father has only bought french fries for me ever since i was 10 (19 now). im not obese but i'd consider myself fat. im 6ft and weigh around 250 pounds last time i checked

4e4847  No.12144508

That’s likes saying you grow your own food and deliver your own goods tools and stuff.

3ac52b  No.12144511


If you have the cash for the gym you have the cash to get a home gym. $300 barbell set so you can work the oly lifts and/or $150 for a pair of kettlebells.

Overhead squats, military press, front squat, cleans, snatches, etc. You can do all this in your yard or if you are an apt fag you can go to the park.

92d975  No.12144513


>waaaah im big and hard and i cant talk about things

I mean it's easy to just change locations and keep going so yeah it's kinda pointless, and I definitely seem to hit a nerve which is fun.

Do you ever imagine you're sucking off your kike master when you're on your knees at night?

5f7043  No.12144517


I was rolling for ops pic lol but yeah it is

4e4847  No.12144518


I walked double that last night, where were you cuck? Sitting your lazy wood sucking ass in your comfy bed pretending to have actually done actual labor

6af267  No.12144520


How much do you think a gym membership costs?

e66b60  No.12144525


Don’t forget that the best way to improve yourself is to listen to some idiot on the internet! Do what he says blindly and do not think for yourself!

cf4062  No.12144526


>It’s called the division of labor.

No, you're trying (failing) to push laborious or skilled trade work off as "white trash" and "low-class" work, by making stupid claims of "I did this when I was a kid." In reality you're absolutely worthless to society. I'm the foundation for society. Your work is worthless. It does not benefit a single person here. My work does. My work will always be in demand. Yours won't. You're not more "intelligent" than me because you sit on your ass pushing papers. You're more functionally worthless to the greater society around you now than you were when you were digging holes at 15. You're a parasite. You depend on men to provide resources to you, and to make your life possible, because you can't do it for yourself. Emasculated piece of trash.

cf4062  No.12144528




I'll assume this is the IP hopper. Filtered. Come again?

4e4847  No.12144532

Call your local gym.

Cheaper to buy your own weight set and find a local that has a clue.

4e4847  No.12144547


Not at all.

I don’t push papers though. I don’t even work indoors.

8f6834  No.12144548


>tfw rampant inferiority complex that arises when I drawfag

>autism not only acts as a magnifier but it also tightens up my comfort zone, or range of what I feel like drawing

>it's always gotta be "perfect" or safe, so the same shit ends up being done mostly

>try doing gesture studies

>it actually sorta helps, even if the brain's a clueless bumblefuck

3eb242  No.12144550


>boohoo im important look at me everyone else is worthless to because of how hard i am

It really sounds like you're just mad because you want to seem like you are super important even though you aren't any more important than any one of us.

It'd be cool if you could actually make discussion instead of flexing your keyboard at people and trying to help others but instead you just keep whining and screaming to the world how important you are.

6af267  No.12144553


The gym I go to costs $10 a month. I have my own weights at home but keep my membership because sometimes I like working out at the gym.

cf4062  No.12144557


>Not at all.

Yeah, that's exactly what you did. It's a nice urban mentality. Says a lot about you, David.

4e4847  No.12144558


Nope just another kike trying to be a champ with his gauged ears and is so grotesque he can’t get a girlfriend

cf4062  No.12144560




Who could this be? Filtered.

4e4847  No.12144562


You’re a failed spook stuck conus

c501d9  No.12144566


>man looking at things i dont like to hear is so hard i just gotta keep trying to filter and hope it stops

4e4847  No.12144567

How does it feel to be a a CIAnigger trying to talk down to your betters?

cf4062  No.12144572


From "laborious work is for non-intelligent white trash peasants" to "you're a spook." Make up your mind.


Phil? No Filtered.

4e4847  No.12144573

Eagle, Colorado.

What a load of faggotry

a920b9  No.12144579


pls help i dont want to be fat forever

24f66c  No.12144582

Interesting you know my name, but you can’t tell which ID is mine, you’re not from around here are you?

38f1da  No.12144584


Just throwing this out there, if you own a home get your water checked.

There are hundreds of chemicals that the EPA does not regulate that have gotten into our water.

You don't want your children (or yourself) absorbing lead, arsenic, or other heavy metals.

24f66c  No.12144585


Then buy a rope and hang yourself.

cf4062  No.12144586


According to your line of reasoning, where the more physically demanding a job is, the less intelligent you are, that would place people in the CIA reasonably far up on the intelligence meter. These are your metrics. You're the one likening carpentry to a child digging a hole for the explicit purpose of calling people who do carpentry low-class and stupid.

0be522  No.12144587


Bro I know I'm so important, more important than all you pussies who aren't as hard as me or as big as me because if I disappeared tomorrow a sub-60 IQ nigger could replace me.

24f66c  No.12144588

Look Jew, go play elsewhere

cf4062  No.12144590



24f66c  No.12144591

I can’t be replaced.

60f4d6  No.12144592

Anons I have lost the will to fight.

98ab93  No.12144595

And just like the American Naitonalism thread, it came to infighting over petty things.

24f66c  No.12144597

Fighting is a foreign word in your mouth.

c8b77d  No.12144602

If I just censor anything that makes me feel sad or inferior it'll make me important and big. Believe me IM IMPORTANT IM A STRONG BIG BOY NOW.

24f66c  No.12144604


It’s because half the people posting aren’t chambers. They are CIAniggers.

036652  No.12144609


If i get a 4 i'm posting it here you faggots.

cf4062  No.12144610


>petty things

Not really petty. The urban mentality is exactly the same as the jewish mentality when it regards our wider society. The guy who would demean laborious work as low class, or for unintelligent people, is the same person who would demean civility, culture, heritage etc. Urbanites are all trash if you really get down to it.

24f66c  No.12144611

Correction chambers. There are no channers in this town except for me it seems.

24f66c  No.12144620


It’s demeaning to say I have been there and done that already? Is it demeaning to not want to work in a town that has nothing to offer me or wishes to do me harm? A town with more males than females and as a result is loaded with faggots?

24f66c  No.12144622


24f66c  No.12144639

You don’t take a physics major and put him in a construction zone. Just like you don’t take a carpenter and call him Jesus, because he isn’t

24f66c  No.12144643

Also this area is pretty urban. How else do explain the Jews and fags everywhere

cf4062  No.12144649


It's demeaning to liken a craft to digging a hole as a child with the intent of conflating laborious or trades work with inexperience and/or stupidity, when the polar opposite is the truth. The guys sitting on their asses pushing papers tend to be the stupid ones who lack all semblance of critical or creative thought, and also lack any ability to be self-sufficient.

a36005  No.12144656

Jesus, what a shit thread. You should all be gassed.

683e05  No.12144669



edd64d  No.12144670


For hiking it isn't really the distance that matters. It's the elevation gain and how steep the grade is. If you have a good elevation and decent steep grade to climb you don't need as much distance. If you lack elevation and steep grades then you need to hike further distances to get the same benefits. I only hike 3-4 miles at my local park but I'm hiking up 1,000 feet or more depending on trail. The switchbacks get pretty steep in some parts. After a few weeks of hiking the same trail, you should start adding weights to your bag or using a weight vest.

24f66c  No.12144674


You were talking about moving dirt.

Go stab yourself with a chisel wood touched.

24f66c  No.12144678


You’re going to drop a lot of muscle mass that way.

c98979  No.12144681


duplicate thread




0d44fa  No.12144690

Do Foreskin restoration and then refuse to circumcise your son. These are the two most important steps to removing the toxic influence of Judaism. For as long as you wear their "branding" you are always their property.

cf4062  No.12144716


>You were talking about moving dirt.

In an unrelated topic regarding stamina and/or strength. Dumb-fuck here >>12144441 shifted the topic specifically to work, so he could say how it's child's work, and how only stupid people do it because he was "managing" a loft (cleaning shit and keeping track of names and orders, wow, sooperz intelligents). The implication, to those of you without deduction skills, is that it's stupid and/or low-class work, and that you should be "moving up" with time. The comparison was also made between sectors of work in an effort to demean one in comparison to the other. Both sectors, and all skills involved, are inferior to that of a carpenter. Working at Google, or Activision, or some other "sleek" modern job is inferior. The people are intellectually inferior and wholly dependent on others. Managing a store is inferior, easy work. Fucking sitting on your ass pushing papers or pressing keys is not a sign of intelligence. I didn't think I'd have to spell that out on here. I'm not on fucking /leftypol/ where "intellectual" equates to those most well read on the opinions of other leftists who themselves have no real world firsthand experience in the things they write about.

edd64d  No.12144735


Which is why you then lift weights. Hiking should not be your only exercise. Your legs will gain muscle mass though from hiking like that. You'll build up a lot of stamina which is what you'll need to fight the race war. Ideally you should also find time to go on hikes that require orienteering with a compass and map. Anyway, my point was just saying a 3 mile hike is some pussy nature walk is a retarded statement because you can make them difficult with elevation and weight.

3ac52b  No.12144882


Ymca = $60 a month in my area. If you van get over instant gratification and save for a bit and know how to find used equipment you'll do all right

f1ee35  No.12144891


I'd help you, but you're ignoring this topic:


So, frankly, you're one of the race traitors, because you aren't fighting (((this place))).

3ac52b  No.12144933

File: 3431ccfadb39cc1⋯.jpg (4.13 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180212_172243.jpg)


No help needed. I got my gear for cheap except the barbell which I didnt skimp on. Only eat real food that gets cooked by me or a family member. Take long walks out in nature or ride a bike.

cf4062  No.12144939


Two problems here. Not everyone has room for equipment in their home, let alone apartment. You'll never be able to afford the variety in equipment saving $60 a month, or even $120 a month. It's not just variety, it's quality. A decent gym will have the highest quality machines. Use a low quality treadmill vs. a high quality one and you'll immediately notice the difference. Buying mats alone for your floor to protect it is going to take two or more months of savings if you're only saving $60. It's completely understandable paying to use a gym. It's no different from paying for healthy foods as opposed to junk food. It's an investment in yourself. Also if you move frequently owning your own equipment is off the table. If you travel a lot it's pointless.

cf4062  No.12144948


A gym should be looked at similarly to other public institutions, like schools, but instead of being forced by the government to support it, you pay at your own will, as a community, so everyone has decent equipment, instead of only a few having it, or having sub-par equipment. It's all around good, and if you're some urban nigger, it's your best option.

3ac52b  No.12144951


Dont rely on the bullshit. Get off the treadmill and get you ass outside. If tou dont have room at your place do body weight movements. Pull ups, one arm pushups and one leg squats. Fuck variety, it wastes your time. Unless you are doing figure competitions but in that case your already dialed in.

cf4062  No.12144956


I was using a treadmill as an example because quality is very obvious. A cheaper one will wobble, while a better one will be nice and stable. Also variety is good. Go do some physical labor after sitting on your ass for a few months and you'll feel pains in places you don't even know the name of. There's muscle groups all over the body that would benefit from being exercised, and if you skip certain ones, it doesn't matter how much you work others, you'll bottleneck your abilities.

3ac52b  No.12144957

File: a09c5c1ad7885cb⋯.jpg (2.93 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180409_143513.jpg)



3ac52b  No.12144980


Thats pretty true which is why i didnt skimp on the barbell or collars. Ive done the gym scene and it drive me nuts which is what drove me out. Tvs everywhere I look, folks clogging the bench and rack for hours, athletes foot in the locker room, just way too many distractions for me to get focused.

cf4062  No.12144990


What's funny exactly?

3ac52b  No.12145001


Pushin commie shit

cf4062  No.12145028


Clearly not, retard. I explicitly said people willingly pooling money for access to things they individually can't afford. Which is how it should be done. My comment is clearly against taxation for communal good, which is often abused. People pooling money willingly for access to things richer people can afford individually is good, and raises their quality of life without emptying their bank accounts, or leaving them with the option of nothing, or lower quality something. It also makes sure only those paying have access, unlike public schooling, where the government will bus a bunch of niggers from a different district into a white neighborhood to have them attend the school white tax payers are forced to pay for. Pooling resources is smart. Not communism. Don't fucking conflate the two. Government force and theft are communism.

000000  No.12145067


You might be fat and have a tremendous chip on your shoulder about your place in society, but on those points I agree.

cf4062  No.12145073


>chip on your shoulder

More like I hate urbanites and the urban mentality, which is the antithesis of everything we've historically stood for as a people. It's the total abandonment of morality and hard work in favor of a status quo and hierarchy propagated by an authority, dominated by you know who.

000000  No.12145074


Oops, I replied to the chip-on-shoulder post. I meant this one: >>12145028.

74e4fc  No.12145401



fe1ec2  No.12151590


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