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File: 9741fa5abff2d8d⋯.png (440.55 KB, 556x596, 139:149, flaming faggots.png)

5be683  No.12149573

Boston is burning to the ground, fires break out in over 20 homes simultaneously due to gas explosions and now the whole town is being evacuated



5ebbce  No.12149585

ETA on some israeli general popping in to the fox studios to blame it on iran?

86087d  No.12149588

Boston isn't a town, it's a city, and not Boston isn't burning to the ground. A few buildings are. Who gives a shit? Boston, like all urban areas, is a dump filled with trash.

c53bb4  No.12149612


a452cd  No.12149617



e72a55  No.12149622

File: c09706cc8d9a354⋯.jpg (159.99 KB, 634x952, 317:476, jay.jpg)

>>12149588 [Checked]


Lawrence is a spic shithole and Andover is full of wealthy heebs. The israeli CEO of Sig Sauer USA lives there.

066961  No.12149626

Gas smells being reported all over town.

86087d  No.12149630


Of course. It's a major urban area. Major urban area = shit-skins and kikes playing white face.

f7af21  No.12149632

File: 6a90c907fcc103d⋯.png (68.67 KB, 1710x649, 1710:649, ClipboardImage.png)


Lots of gas explosions recently.


a452cd  No.12149634

>CNN/FOX Breaking News: Assad just gassed the entire state of Massachusetts to celebrate his victory.

f7af21  No.12149635


Woops, forgot this part:


>Lawrence is a spic shithole

Understatement of the year.

9903dd  No.12149641


There's no gas down there, it's a sewer.

3545aa  No.12149647

/pol/acks go to Gloomtube, He's gonna be livestreaming today and probably tomorrow, he's got the police scanners for Boston, and covering the Hurricane as well. Stay strongk out there.

7e5044  No.12149649


Hopefully those affected will be the (((Irish Americans))) who donated to the IRA during The Troubles.

63370a  No.12149656

File: 8c3bf075a2784ac⋯.jpeg (101.38 KB, 638x491, 638:491, sensing-for-sustainabilit….jpeg)

File: 098f34f8d0733da⋯.png (70.05 KB, 566x318, 283:159, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

Local radio


WBZ reporting 100 fires in the 3 towns. They will be turning off the power now to stop the explosions.

My theory is some mexican was doing plumbing and crossed a high pressure commercial gas line up with a low pressure gas line and back fed in to the residential main line.

Low pressure residential is 7" of wc or less then 2psi. Commercial service could be over 60PSI.

New England still has tons of gas meters in the basements and they would just vent right in to he house.


e0f5cb  No.12149658

File: bc3b4dc3b518884⋯.webm (1021.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, HAPPENING TIME.webm)















000000  No.12149669


>sig sauer


<no way let me look into that

>sig saur was created in the us to import firearms made by Swiss Arms AG and copied the name from previous company name SIG Arms AG

<so they make nothing and just resell shit

<ceo cohen

Confirmed jews.

e72a55  No.12149670


Lawrence was a factory city that got browned.

Andover was a farming town that the wasp owners of the Lawrence factories built their homes in. Then the jews bought out the wasps and farmers and built shitty McMansions all over the place.

e711b6  No.12149679


>jew part of town

>smells of gas


7e5044  No.12149681


Another infestation aided by the greed and religious naivety of the WASP.

e06d02  No.12149687


This or a HV line has touched the gas main heating it up until the gas inside ignites.

000000  No.12149688




Use solid fuel or electricity.

>t. paranoid in santa cruz

7e5044  No.12149692


I know they overcharged you last time, mein Fuhrer.

e265c8  No.12149696


Hitler dubs confirm don't use gas. Burn Jews directly.

3545aa  No.12149697


e06d02  No.12149701


It was enough to make a man shoot himself or run off to Argentina.

86087d  No.12149704


That's not a unique story. That's every major city in this country to one extent or another. I wonder if shit-skins were drawn to the city due to work opportunity, due to welfare, due to government policy, or if propaganda had the largest influence. It's amazing how little landmass these 140 million shit-skins take up in this country. Although that has directly aided jewish influence, which exists solely in urban areas, which is also why non-white voting tendencies are exactly the same as jewish voting tendencies. Diversity was always a weapon, and I suppose they figured if they conglomerated their hordes tightly in areas of importance they could more swiftly overtake our politics and shift our society.

7f9bec  No.12149706

File: 6d182ca9332f027⋯.png (12.82 KB, 176x83, 176:83, gas.png)

Word of the day.

>attach the truth to this tag

3388e6  No.12149716

Any jews or shitskins get gassed yet?

e06d02  No.12149718


chambers work better if they're airtight, but Germans are reknowned for their inefficiency and terrible engineering.

7e5044  No.12149722


Good things come from a bit of fun in the sun. Klaus Barbie founded Mattel after all.

8b883a  No.12149725

File: c4474f375777b80⋯.jpeg (7.27 KB, 299x168, 299:168, download.jpeg)

Lawrence high school is on fire

63370a  No.12149727

File: 4459d3c7e6e9d10⋯.gif (10.31 KB, 618x462, 103:77, bmeterA.gif)


Gas lines wont blow up like that because there is no oxygen in the line. That is why when a house burns down it doesn't spread back up the lines. I bet this ends up being some mexican or dindu AA hire that charged the residential lines with the wrong pressure.

H.P. getting crossed up with L.P. is actually a thing that happens and that is why gas meters have relief vents. Modern building codes do not allow you to put the gas meter inside anymore or if they do you have to run an external vent.

The problem is that there was never a push to force people to move the meters outside or install vents to the outside. . So tons of old houses still have them venting inside.

f8d303  No.12149730

Q predicted this

2ed782  No.12149733


>tfw no SS ken dolls

136217  No.12149735


I kind of agree with you, anon. Sympathizing with Yankees can be difficult sometimes.


Yankee kikes are even worse than ordinary Yankees.

3b389d  No.12149738


50 properties, 60-100 fires now.

b9a673  No.12149739

burn it all down

3388e6  No.12149741


There are no yankees left in bombston, it's almost all foreigner invaders by now. Do you consider kikes and spics yankee or american? Because I don't.

3545aa  No.12149746


Lkast they said, its at 70, by local news standarrds, will probably reach 100 by the end of the night. Fingers are crossed the fucking hurricane hits Boston.

2ed782  No.12149747


How many irish are left there?

5ebbce  No.12149748


>That's every major city in this country

It's basically every single town at this point.

def5c7  No.12149750


The Qniggers already have a circle jerk going.

8b883a  No.12149751

File: bd2aebc9eee55d2⋯.jpeg (77 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 8de_ap18256819728379.jpeg)

File: 8b6c1a9cf09b6df⋯.jpeg (68.44 KB, 960x561, 320:187, 19a_ap18256793846977.jpeg)

File: 9d033758cae94c3⋯.jpeg (77.4 KB, 960x616, 120:77, af4_ap18256806307542.jpeg)

File: 8792df9e303c960⋯.jpeg (107.82 KB, 960x538, 480:269, b21_ap18256819712664.jpeg)

File: 53c4d93a33c121f⋯.jpeg (171.07 KB, 960x720, 4:3, f3e_ap18256808159394.jpeg)

I never liked anyone with a Boston accent anyway

2ed782  No.12149754


Not yet, but it will be soon enough. The cities are starting to leak out.

5be683  No.12149755


That's just their resting state

e06d02  No.12149757


Actually you are wrong, in the UK they earth strap the gas mains with copper. Obviously copper being valuable these on occasion get stolen. If by chance a live comes into contact with an unearthed gas main it will heat up like a kettle element in this spot, pressurizing the main, which fractures, lets in oxygen and ignites the gas either from the heat or sparks caused by the fracturing.

There are dead firefighters due to this very thing.

f3c78d  No.12149762

File: 8fd38e8b9fa17d8⋯.jpg (97.53 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Wreckage.jpg)

Cleansing fire in Commiefornia, flames of wrath in Boston


5ebbce  No.12149764


No, it's basically already there. No, it's not every every every single town, but it's pretty much almost all of them and especially the ones that ever mattered.

3388e6  No.12149767


Less than 20% and dropping, most of them fucked off elsewhere in Mass because no one wants to live around turdskins and jews

5be683  No.12149768


It's Boston Massachusetts

2ed782  No.12149770

86087d  No.12149775


Yeah, the government has been doing something to move shit-skins out of the cities and into our backyards. One of the older housing communities about 40 minutes away from me was bought up by the government and turned into section 8 housing, and filled with niggers from Philly and NY. I live in the mountains. The number of shit-skins went from like 1% to, when I go down to the shopping area, 50% in the past five years (Obama years of course). It's hard to image it's just section 8 housing. I don't know what suddenly motivated all these shit-skins to invade our living space. Luckily my county is still very white. We don't have much shopping centers or anything though, but we have nice safe, quiet housing communities. Mine specifically is gated and the government has no access to purchasing property in it. I think. I have seen big groups of fucking Arabs every now and again, but they're in and out in a weekend, so they probably came here on their dime.

f3c78d  No.12149780


I thought it was the fictional land of Boston, Svetlandia


dfb512  No.12149782


>Boston Assachusetts

Let me correct that for you.

e72a55  No.12149788


You also need to be a banking kike or a chinese communist party official to afford the property prices in Eastern MA.

t. part spud who moved out

fea6ce  No.12149789

It isn’t Boston it’s closer to NH than Boston. It was a gas leak that caused 50+ houses to burn down.



f20f07  No.12149790

might have something to do with the smart meters

3388e6  No.12149792


Fellow mountainbro here too, been noticing the same thing. Most people up here are extremely racist though, there was a story in local paper about a coalburner and her nigger boyfriend being the target of constant abuse until they moved away, and just recently some spic kid was beaten into a coma at the high school.

b9a673  No.12149796

File: 90161e0e43de979⋯.jpg (119.84 KB, 1199x636, 1199:636, DnAZuiAX4AcoNyp.jpg)

f1e693  No.12149805


Its not just section 8. That is just the foot in the door to cover what comes next.

The banks actually give away virtually interest free low payment mortgages now to shitskinns of all types when they buy an actual house. And thanks to the mandatory enforcement of affirmative action those niggers that can pass as human enough to work get work enough to pay for this shit since most companies now pay shitskinns more than whites as an rule in order to avoid hassle when sued. Also whites have been taught to not ask what others make so this shit gets covered up. Shitskinns also talk among their own kin and pass along useful information unlike whites whom have been conditioned to keep the fuck quiet, so anything that will help them gets shot thru the grapevine fast as an bus. Also kickbacks from government at many levels to companies and especially corporations that rent or sell to subhumans now and works as an way to not pay taxes or at least reduce such.

This kinda shit has become an well oiled machine.

03163c  No.12149809

>city burns down

>nigs flee into white suburbs

Not a good thing in the long run. Unless lots of people in the city die to make up for it.

e78b4f  No.12149810



Not in the mountains, I moved to an area that was not the greatest in terms of having niggers present but it wasnt the worst either. In the few years since I moved here signs started going up "we are building an inclusive community" and it went to shit. My county has always been strongly red but now my city is has enough spics and niggers to tip local elections on their asses. This particular city that I am discussing started all its bullshit by setting up fraudulent veteran charities and never giving the homes they claimed to build to veterans and then laundering the money. They wound up getting caught with the fraud part of it but all it amounted to is some kike resigning. of course But, on a decent note, the amount of people here that realize it is the kikes behind this is something to be happy about.

0682b7  No.12149819

>boston suburbs bought out by jews

>elite of boston, former anglos flee to the midwest to be around fellow whites

>jews take over the city and start their slum process by importing refugees and niggers

d35317  No.12149823


Here is another similar story:

The west became dark when they opened up the docks

>The earliest known inhabitants were the Huchiun Indians, who lived there for thousands of years. The Huchiun belonged to a linguistic grouping later called the Ohlone, meaning "western people". In Oakland, they were concentrated around Lake Merritt and Temescal Creek, a stream that enters the San Francisco Bay at Emeryville.

>In 1772, the area that later became Oakland was claimed, with the rest of California, by Spanish settlers for the King of Spain.

>During the 1850s, just as gold was discovered in California, Oakland started growing and developing because land was becoming too expensive in San Francisco. The Chinese were struggling financially, as a result of the First Opium War, the Second Opium War, and the Taiping Rebellion, so they began migrating to Oakland in an effort to provide for their families in China. The majority of the Chinese migrants lived in unhealthy conditions in China and they often had diseases, so plague spread into San Francisco even though the Chinese were thoroughly inspected for diseases upon their arrival to San Francisco.

>In 1851, three men began developing what is now downtown Oakland. During this time, Oakland had 75-100 inhabitants, two hotels, a wharf, two warehouses, and only cattle trails. 1868, the Central Pacific constructed the Oakland Long Wharf at Oakland Point, the site of today's Port of Oakland.

>Oakland was one of the worst affected cities in California that was impacted by the plague epidemic. Quarantine measures were set in place at the Oakland ports requiring the authorities at the port to inspect the arriving vessels for the presence of infected rats. Quarantine authorities at these ports inspected over a thousand vessels per year for plague and yellow fever. By 1908, over 5,000 people were detained in quarantine and in 1919 there was a small epidemic of Pneumonic plague which killed a dozen people in Oakland.

>In 1916, General Motors opened an automobile factory in East Oakland called Oakland Assembly. Also in 1916, the Fageol Motor Company chose East Oakland for their first factory. By 1920, Oakland was the home of numerous manufacturing industries including metals, canneries, bakeries, internal combustion engines, automobiles, and shipbuilding. By 1929, when Chrysler expanded with a new plant there, Oakland had become known as the "Detroit of the West".

>President Franklin D. Roosevelt called on defense industries with government contracts to integrate their workforces and provide opportunities for all Americans. Tens of thousands of laborers came from around the country, especially poor whites and blacks from the Deep South: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas, as well as Missouri and Tennessee. Henry J. Kaiser's representatives recruited sharecroppers and tenant farmers from rural areas to work in his shipyards. African Americans were part of the Great Migration by which five million persons left the South, mostly for the West, from 1940 to 1970.

>In 1960, Kaiser Corporation opened its new headquarters; it was the largest skyscraper in Oakland, as well as "the largest office tower west of Chicago" up to that time.

>In 1980 Oakland's black population reached its 20th-century peak at approximately 47% of the overall city population.

a452cd  No.12149827

>Looting reported

731a12  No.12149847

File: 31ce9459db2779c⋯.jpg (190.77 KB, 653x477, 653:477, 1517523229969.jpg)

File: a95ef1345d3a7f4⋯.jpg (11.09 KB, 253x255, 253:255, 188312e3d954bf26a6830d2d4b….jpg)

9fb4c7  No.12149850

If the news headlines don't read "mass gas attack in beantown" I will be disappointed.

2e424c  No.12149854


That's not Boston. That is the suburbs, far outside Boston. Its a shithole, so what ever happens is a improvement.

25985e  No.12149857


>due to gas explosions


Bawstin Got Gassed

cfb7a2  No.12149858


Top kek

cfb7a2  No.12149866

File: a236d7336e1c52b⋯.jpg (50.76 KB, 573x696, 191:232, downloadfile-40.jpg)

When they declare boston strong marshal law I would like to reach for my rifle or have one at my disposal.

362f91  No.12149872

File: 060cc5f705aa3fc⋯.png (402.79 KB, 2048x139, 2048:139, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a7ca0dfa8b66e4b⋯.jpg (682.98 KB, 2048x1535, 2048:1535, DnAfkd_XcAIzTAW.jpg orig.jpg)

>MSP spaghettis

>takes photo of screen

>reveals bookmarks

2e424c  No.12149878


>a major urban area

Nope, the urban areas are gentrified, the suburbs are filling up with ghetto trash.That area use to be a white picket fence town. these things happen differently in assholechetts for some reason. Towns that were affordable and great to raise a family in have turned into junkie heaven.

362f91  No.12149894

File: 6de64496d326553⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1080x708, 90:59, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ecaa895aa399953⋯.png (5.77 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



362f91  No.12149903

This is the extent of how greasy social media is. When it goes from >>12149778 to >>12149894 this.

dee89e  No.12149906

Elizabeth Warren is angry and has used her injun powers to show it to her constituents.

3077b4  No.12149914

File: a08ab96ee7920a0⋯.jpg (75.26 KB, 550x533, 550:533, 36974737.jpg)


>I kind of agree with you, anon. Sympathizing with Yankees can be difficult sometimes.

Get this fucking Rothschild agent off the Confederate TREASONOUS JEW BANKS and slave trade ARMY of my /pol/!

Still backstabbing after all these years for you masters. We wouldn't have niggers in America if you hadn't killed Lincoln for the Jews.

c53bb4  No.12149920


Dixie forever, damnyankee

18d40f  No.12149924

File: 8e9b790272e2aaa⋯.png (926.91 KB, 756x796, 189:199, screenshot-www.youtube.com….png)

Lawrence MA is a sanctuary city where literally all of the heroin for eastern MA and southern NH comes from. It has one of the largest Dominican populations outside of DR. Trump even mentioned them specifically in an opiate forum he spoke at in NH. Lights are turned off and we might have some chimp outs, I don't know because I have to imagine the police presence there is massive at this point.

But anyway, this isn't Boston, its a good 30 min ride on I93 north without traffic. Those fart huffing libs are safe at home tweeting about how it's all Drumpf's fault.

84b7b1  No.12149932


>Boston MassiveJewShits

If you're going to correct him correct him correctly!

2ed782  No.12149933



Both sides were shit.

dd966b  No.12149935

File: 5d5a0d59928cf0a⋯.jpeg (74.36 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 9EF05086-C5B7-470C-BAEA-7….jpeg)


>Towns that were affordable and great to raise a family in have turned into junkie heaven.

3077b4  No.12149938

File: fdf1d3e7d798eb9⋯.jpg (11.78 KB, 292x173, 292:173, Judah Benjamin condeferate….jpg)



UNITED STATE OF American territory, Judah Benjamin!

Fucking rednecks, worship a Jew, serve the Jew, betray their own country, and breed niggers. How could you be any worst?

362f91  No.12149939

File: a7ca0dfa8b66e4b⋯.jpg (682.98 KB, 2048x1535, 2048:1535, DnAfkd_XcAIzTAW.jpg orig.jpg)

File: 4869255a89c6825⋯.jpg (167.59 KB, 1080x708, 90:59, DnAWr8qU0AA5hHn.jpg orig.jpg)

The tweet containing this image was edited to have the second image on @MassStatePolice on twatter. For anyone uninitiated.

3077b4  No.12149941


Fuck you too, you British Jew

b9a673  No.12149943


I was wondering what you meant that is fucked up anon

2e17c8  No.12149944

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


2ed782  No.12149946


I'm a yank, dummy. Stop derailing.

3077b4  No.12149951


>Stop derailing.

I'm calling out the Rothschild loyalist. I'll say whatever the fuck I want.

b84215  No.12149952

File: 5ea7608b986fc5f⋯.jpg (158.86 KB, 645x720, 43:48, russianHackers.jpg)

inb4 muh russian hackers

d48241  No.12149955

I'm glad I live in a seismic area that does not allow gas pipes.

641ef6  No.12149960

I looked out this morning and my house was gone

Turns out a gas leak had ruined my day

I lost myself in a familiar song

I closed my eyes and I slipped away…

(electric guitar riff)

362f91  No.12149962

File: cce7b9e8e181074⋯.gif (1.01 MB, 500x279, 500:279, internalscreaming.gif)


I was just keeping tabs on things in the Flo thread, noticed the discrepancy and that has to be the swiftest memory-holings I've ever seen.

c438eb  No.12149967

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>There's no gas down there, it's a sewer.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

f20f07  No.12149990


>MSP bookmark bar

>website to watch cable TV

>electronic music maker

>facebook page for cops

>facebook page for military

>facebook page for "activists"

>facebook page for phone area code

>link to corporate live feeds of various imagry assets

>resistance calendar - presumably antifaggots run site

>intel techniques

>reverse image search

>page that displays locations of periscope streams

wew top notch police work that uses techniques likely gleamed from studying autists

reminder: the autists do most of the heavy lifting for spooks, intel agencies, and police and they do it better and for free

c438eb  No.12149999


>My theory is some mexican was doing plumbing and crossed a high pressure commercial gas line up with a low pressure gas line and back fed in to the residential main line.

Low pressure residential is 7" of wc or less then 2psi. Commercial service could be over 60PSI.

New England still has tons of gas meters in the basements and they would just vent right in to he house.

This is the most likely scenario. I've seen hindu crane operators get their rig tangled in power lines and damn near tear down all the power lines for several blocks around with their demented grinning monkeyshines.

When will dear Mr. Hitler return and clean things up?

3077b4  No.12150005


What does this all mean, anon? Is he a beta spook working from home?

f20f07  No.12150018


>four massive monitors stiched together

>posted originally from state police twitter account

not working from home, no, dude is just a typical MSP member. probably one of the "smart ones" if he's manning the internet and twitter stuff.

dude dun goofed and probably tipped off a bunch of faggots they were infiltrating by being too stupid to hit winblows key and type snip then hit enter and use the snipping tool and took a picture instead

9e40ca  No.12150021


Holy fuck you type like a goddamn moron. This has to be a bot.

3077b4  No.12150022


>My theory is some mexican was doing plumbing and crossed a high pressure commercial gas line up with a low pressure gas line and back fed in to the residential main line.

How the fuck could someone switch lines like that? It's not a hose you plug in, it's a direct pipe from the ground to the gas outlet right?


>demented grinning monkeyshines.

lol checked

f20f07  No.12150031


it's the boomer who is autistic about doublespacing after periods. probably a life-long government or nonprofit employee dead set in his ways with knowledge of the programs.

just a guess

362f91  No.12150034

File: bdc4b3d0b5ecb97⋯.png (6.83 KB, 223x55, 223:55, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 746a300ac250523⋯.webm (894.39 KB, 854x480, 427:240, LÜGENPRESSE!_LÜGENPRESSE!.webm)


I almost thought it was a parody account and I was being rused when I took a second take. Third take, it was replaced.

3077b4  No.12150036

File: 31bc71b77fc6c63⋯.jpg (11.78 KB, 263x192, 263:192, images.jpg)




>hit winblows key


> and type snip then hit enter and use the snipping tool and took a picture instead


> tipped off a bunch of faggots they were infiltrating

You antifa?

Speak noob, please. I'm not an intel agent or pro hacker.

b369b5  No.12150038

File: d701e7fc6840040⋯.png (188.44 KB, 442x442, 1:1, d701e7fc68400404dd10360297….png)


With the tanks and everything?

3077b4  No.12150040



>You antifa?

You *mean antifa

362f91  No.12150043


Stop being such a nigger and apply your low energy self. Massachusetts State Police.

9e40ca  No.12150044


It’s like a spooks wet dream on that bookmark bar. Lmao. Really MPS? Such a rookie mistake.

a452cd  No.12150046


You can't be this dumb. If you're legit, just understand the following: Someone working for MSP fucked up. Plain and simple enough for you?

f1e693  No.12150048

File: 39c22c000611021⋯.png (178.97 KB, 378x378, 1:1, 39c22c0006110211a2e1402f68….png)


>I am a bot that can pass as human.

>Still better than shitskinns.

>More honorable than Yids, I would make sure my pets are well cared for while we explore the galaxy together, not exterminatus.

>Fuck kikes get the exterminatus without doubt.

>I is a good bot, so stfu.

b369b5  No.12150057

File: 698946e25b797a6⋯.mp4 (502.86 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Good job!.mp4)


Filename very, very related. Wew lad.

7b0531  No.12150058



Thanks for some insights

3077b4  No.12150064



>You dont know my abreviations?!

I'm actually suprised local police work on that kind of stuff. So yeah, I'm simple I guess. But then you applied the military page and all that. WTF are they doing on /pol/ again, "infiltrating faggots"?

77db9a  No.12150066

Please be nigger and spic housing…

590d0a  No.12150074

File: c69c7b0e9825b0b⋯.png (53.94 KB, 472x310, 236:155, pateint autsim hat.png)




>>hit winblows key


>> and type snip then hit enter and use the snipping tool and took a picture instead


>> tipped off a bunch of faggots they were infiltrating

>You antifa?

>Speak noob, please. I'm not an intel agent or pro hacker.

Rather than use than press the windows key, and search for the snipping tool, which he would use to create a screenshot of the map on his computer, he pulled out a phone or camera and took a picture of his monitor directly, then uploaded that. In doing so, he created evidence that the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) were monitoring the facebook groups for anti-trump protests, as well as local activists. These are what is shown in the bookmarks.

However, the other possibility is that this particular MSP guy is actively using those pages for recreational reasons.

a01e9e  No.12150079

File: d75a47dd186b2bd⋯.jpg (101.64 KB, 750x750, 1:1, f3c02b78562947833095073d29….jpg)


Good numbers for a good post.

3641a5  No.12150080


Sadly, this is untrue.

3641a5  No.12150090


Cute. It's like a miniature Big Ben. That effeminate guy looks too small to be working the docks, though. My guess is that's not a real time traveler photo.

4b78ad  No.12150101


Probably many in the US would cheer this too.

3077b4  No.12150104

File: c1dc69576d6edcb⋯.jpg (30.5 KB, 373x234, 373:234, noob.jpg)


Thank you!

Snobby techfags here wont ever teach other /pol/lacks how to spot the online agencies.

And fuckers are always using acronyms and expecting everyone to know what they mean no matter the subject.

818bef  No.12150113


I’ll check my dubs since you niggers won’t.

362f91  No.12150117

File: ce2c60a8ceb3f44⋯.webm (10.4 MB, 854x480, 427:240, JEWS_FEAR_THE_SAMURAI_JAC….webm)

File: 23c1230236469f6⋯.png (945.94 KB, 1000x672, 125:84, ClipboardImage.png)


My only regret was not saving the twitter timeline to wrap it all together entirely.

c6c6e5  No.12150118


>this particular MSP guy is actively using those pages for recreational reasons

That's the fact, Jack!

>Massachusetts State Police (MSP) were monitoring the facebook groups for anti-trump protests, as well as local activists

I never even considered that to be a legitimate possibility. This is after all Massoftwoshits and not Texas.

3641a5  No.12150121


Fokkin' saved m80

f20f07  No.12150140


nigger the only acronym in the entire post was MSP and if you had opened the image and looked at it for more than a few seconds you'd see

>upper left corner, "ts State Police,"

>address bar, "aciss.chs.state.MA.us,"

>bookmark bar, "MAAPB," MA All Persons Bulletin

>bookmark bar, "MA Activists," MA Activists

>bookmark bar, "Facebook 413," 413, just using some context clues here is a local area code for MA

context clues nigger learn them, use them, it's basic situational awareness like not taking a picture of potentially sensitive info that matters in creating and maintaining good opsec


it also could be a ruse to create more infighting amongst antifa but it was deleted too quick so probably not

7b0531  No.12150146

File: a22530c60225cd9⋯.jpg (181.79 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dozens of fires & explosio….jpg)


What's MPS?

f20f07  No.12150155

File: 32f2c7bd6adf6e5⋯.mp4 (2.77 MB, 180x320, 9:16, Fuck_12_nigga._Give_me_a_t….mp4)


Massachusetts Police State

da9e48  No.12150164

I have a relative in Boston. He's a faggot though.

It's a shame no one died. Bostonian libshits deserve to pay for their crimes.

000000  No.12150169

mossad going to be confirmed behind this? only a couple days from 911 hmmm

3077b4  No.12150185

File: 3677a9cb51e33a8⋯.jpg (7.37 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg)



We need a proper tech thread about sniffing out agent's techniques so everyone knows how to call them out or beware of their intentions. Like file names and those kinds of things.

Fuck you Joan

987a46  No.12150198

Any clues if this was intended like the commiefornia Agenda 21 fires? I just find it suspect they were all in a relatively small area with undesirables with desirable property locations.

d8723a  No.12150201


He wouldn't do that without the camera. That subhuman needs a shave and a haircut. He belongs in a zoo.

2e424c  No.12150237


Yep broketown the Roxbury of the south shore.

457b13  No.12150240

File: ece1f6f75837135⋯.jpg (31.62 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (5).jpg)

i put in gas lines before all gas has 4 points the rest is air some retard at the gas company put more gas in the lines then air what a fucking retard.

918fe7  No.12150243

>>12149588 (heil'd)

>Who gives a shit?

learning of some major nigger/beaner/kike carnage would really make my day, tbh

83cef5  No.12150246


I think neutering the police was the beginning of the end for whites in the USA. The subhuman trash should be afraid to talk to cops like that…but now they fear none of us because ALL AUTHORITY was taken away from enforcement agencies.

3077b4  No.12150252


> commiefornia Agenda 21 fires?

Forest fires are either started by firefighters or they let them spread. It's a billion dollar industry and a normal firefighter can add on another 20K to his yearly gross.

94e24c  No.12150258


I thought most of those fires were started by Smart Meters

2beba3  No.12150259

File: b5041d0216ad66a⋯.webm (7.99 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nigger BTFO by cop.webm)


Wtf USA ?

counter video, because I know not all american cops are cold blooded like this one.

b5e533  No.12150262

you can go on gloomtube and watch both the hurricane and the fires burn

94e24c  No.12150273


>I know not all american cops are cold blooded like this one.

That wasn't cold blooded. It was entirely deserved.

a94ca3  No.12150279


Look at the file name newfag, and lurk 2 more years.

7b0531  No.12150281


Okay I should've checked the thread for keywords first, reminder to not make that mistake.

Sidenote: I think its absurd that gaslines are so popular in America and UK for example. Here there's basically none of it.

2beba3  No.12150293


I mean the cop which the nigger disrespected, say what you want about huezil, but in here this nigger would be beaten to submission for being a disrespectful son of a bitch, and his cell phone 'would be broken' during the altercation.

987a46  No.12150295

File: 892cd6cd6540993⋯.jpg (101.46 KB, 696x451, 696:451, (((forestfire))).jpg)


Yea, sure looked like forest fires.

e78b4f  No.12150304


>just rips the drivers window in half like a wet piece of paper


3077b4  No.12150309

File: 413b5d2f1763be9⋯.jpg (34.93 KB, 500x292, 125:73, Native_American.jpg)


>I thought most of those fires were started by Smart Meters

No. Most fires are started by the fire dep or some dumb spic in the woods. The real story is how they are (((contained))).

Want to here something else that's crazy? The fire dept will hire Indians to help put out the forest fires. At the end of the night the Indians sleep in camp but always want to be seperate from the white man. Often women firefighters (who all look like cheerleaders for some reason) will walk into their camp crossing over to their spot sleeping area. The Indians will rape them. It's very common and nobody does anything about it. They just send out a warning to the females to avoid the fucking injuns.

e78b4f  No.12150316


Houses in califagnia are grossly over valued. I could definitely see (((people))) organizing as soon as a brushfire is anywhere near close to them arson their own homes for the insurance payout. Then they have the plausible deniability of the house fire being caused by stray embers from the brushfire and if there is a large enough amount of houses burned none of them will be properly investigated.

2e92dd  No.12150335


>context clues nigger learn them, use them, it's basic situational awareness like not taking a picture of potentially sensitive info that matters in creating and maintaining good opsec

This is a triple digit IQ post.

f20f07  No.12150338


>organizing as soon as a brushfire is anywhere near close to them arson their own homes for the insurance

kek people do that in hurricanes all the time

362f91  No.12150350

File: df535c8d9487cad⋯.png (94.22 KB, 260x365, 52:73, ClipboardImage.png)


>no gas

How could you possibly fit into the rhetoric?

3077b4  No.12150356



It usually starts in the hills (forest service area), then bleeds down into pocket cities. Usually the riches areas.

2a054f  No.12150359


I have no sympathy for any bad happens to yankees. May they get fucked, all of them!

3545aa  No.12150364


fuck off back to europoor or get raked ya leaf.

94e24c  No.12150375


That seems more 'shitskin' than europoor of leaf.

3077b4  No.12150389


Holy shit. Fucking robocop

1a87ce  No.12150394

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

362f91  No.12150410

File: 9bdd5c2e4c92d07⋯.png (1.22 MB, 757x944, 757:944, ClipboardImage.png)


Strange one would be so spiteful. Bringing mercenaries to a land and people they find better than what you have done to the old world. Centuries ago.

e78b4f  No.12150414


is it possible for an ultra mini carrington event to take place in a localized area and only affect some structures?

94e24c  No.12150417


Shit you are right! Maybe this is related to the solar storm that put the Sunspot observatory on lockdown.

1e56cf  No.12150420


Blown transformers on a single street are possible during geomagnetic storms. Depends on the wear of the transformer and such. It's entirely possible, but you wouldn't call it a carrington event, space weather bothers earth all the time. Every coronal hole that swings by causes a radio blackout somewhere.

901696  No.12150434


Now they'll be living in their cahs by the ponds and at the pahks.

918fe7  No.12150437


>i am not driving, i am travelling

wtf? niggers are so stupid

d609f1  No.12150438



Boston Gasachusetts

901696  No.12150441


Stop trying to derail with this shit, faggot.

46b283  No.12150445

it's up to 70 now

46b283  No.12150451

utility company was Columbia gas whihc is owned by Nisource

46b283  No.12150455

might have something to do with National Grid lockout of gas employees idk

94e24c  No.12150460


Sic transit gloria mundi

46b283  No.12150468

I know they also shut off the electricity in the area as well

e31e15  No.12150470


They've been locked out for about 3 months at this point. Not sure how much of an effect that has, but the city wasn't burning before the lockout happened. Trust me, it should spread to Boston a bit, the whites left there that aren't old are liberal millennials or college kids.

e78b4f  No.12150474



Ok, so the thought isnt entirely retarded then. Now, to expand upon this..

>Spic heavy neighborhood

>Many fires

>All, all most, of them seem to be fires where the roof is fully involved fire dept talk for really fucking on fire but the first is contained to the roof fires that start on the top floor tend to not travel downward until structural integrity is fully compromised

>In addition to the fires being contained to the roof they also seem to be either contained to, or starting from only one exposure side of said roof

So, hypothesis: Spics fucking around stealing electricity with way undercode wiring, solar storm happens where the northern latitudes are seeing auroras and solar plasma events, solar storm affects unsafe spic wiring done in the roofs of these buildings.

Why only roofs with spic wiring? It wasnt a shit your pants solar storm so maybe shitty wiring in the roof would have the least protection from said EM raping? Whereas spic tier wiring not in the roof would have been protected by the structure of the building?

Sounds plausible enough for me. I really dont see how gas would cause a roof fire and not start in the basement, LNG is heavier than air unless it is heated to above 160*

d609f1  No.12150476


Around chugs, prepared to get fugged.

46b283  No.12150481


thing is that they have been using contractors to do the work for them and rumor is that they haven't been doing shut up to code and a event like this was bond to happen

eb89dd  No.12150483


> We wouldn't have niggers in America if you hadn't killed Lincoln for the Jews

South here.

Sorry about that.

We did owe him a good ear cleaning because of his earlier work.

We kind of overreacted rather than acted with deliberation.

It wasn't that well thought out.

He did deserve to die, just not at that exact time maybe.

e78b4f  No.12150486


the best laid plans of mice and men….

1e56cf  No.12150487


Electromagnetic interference is absolute chaos, I strongly doubt that to be the cause. Even with shitty wiring nails in a roof would provide some minuscule measure of protection from the solar storm.

3077b4  No.12150489

File: cd339fc9fba8197⋯.jpg (97.46 KB, 500x800, 5:8, usury history.jpg)


He deserved to die for defeating the Central Banks who wanted to destroy America since the war of 1812? Got it…traitor.

5a224d  No.12150494


Simple answer, you can't.

This is probably an over-pressurization issue. Gas usually comes into urban areas about 12,000 kpa, coming off the main line there is a regulator that lowers that pressure going to properties, to about ~75kpa.

The house regulator (which is shown in the comment you tagged) then lowers that pressure to operating pressure which is about 1.75kpa for LPG and ~0.75 for natural gas.

This is something the gas provider has done. If regulators are blowing off around the city, it has to be something from the supply side.

Source: I'm a Plumber/Gasfitter.

f7a59a  No.12150497

>The #Gas situation

Wow what a generic hashtag. It would be a shame if someone posted redpill memes about "gas"

e78b4f  No.12150498


Maybe. But, you ever see what the spics do to steal electricity? Most of the time the absolute shitshow of wiring starts either on the exterior of the roof or at the fucking transformer.

e31e15  No.12150504


Dude, fuck those contractors. Out east, there's some Russian Jew who takes the cheapest material to make these houses he prices at minimum $1,000,000. The fucking stone on the house walls aren't even real stone, it's the fake plastic kind just for show. The people that buy those houses are genuinely retarded, at max, they'll only last 50 years before they start to fall apart.

eb89dd  No.12150506


> He deserved to die for defeating the Central Banks who wanted to destroy America since the war of 1812?

No, earlier works.

Like the dissolution of states rights.

Creation of a throne in Washington D.C.

Freeing the niggers.

We had Andrew Jackson do that already, who undid it?

A jew-owned Yankee.

Not like we trusted another one to undo it.

The next one that tried got shot, too.

Insert something about Yankee cunts and not being able to follow through before they do something suicidal like going outside.

e78b4f  No.12150508



And, even if it werent a result of solar flare… We still have the problem of the fires starting in at the roof. LNG is heavier than air. I am pretty sure they do not use propane up north, especially not in high density towns. I dont see how it could be caused by gas AND the fires start in the roof. Unless they were stealing gas and piping it up to the roof like how shitty garbage tier plumbers do new water lines in existing structure with that plex pipe bullshit.

94e24c  No.12150509

File: ef6ee5960a309a4⋯.jpg (130.04 KB, 634x422, 317:211, makeshift electrical wirin….jpg)


Perhaps…if this shit is not on fire already I don't know that it could be a carrington event…this is puzzling.

5a224d  No.12150516


LPG is heavier than air. NG is lighter.

If they're using LPG and its running into basements.. well… I wouldn't want a stray spark anywhere.

94e24c  No.12150520



The civil war was fought over the silver standard and had a lot to do with the comstock lode. The CB were heavily invested in the gold standard and the nouveau riche wanted to implement the more logical silver standard.

3388e6  No.12150522


He wanted to get rid of the niggers, it was you cuckold interracial sex loving southern degenerates that wanted to kept them around. You're mostly responsible for the fact there's like 40 fucking million of them today with Euro admixture. Almost every coal burning fat landwhale is from the south too. Fucking plague on this country.

e78b4f  No.12150531


I stand corrected, it is -160 that lng becomes lighter than air. My shit is all fucked and I am retarded. I was misremembering my shit thinking that the reason lng was so regulated was because it was heavier than air.

94e24c  No.12150538


Almost all the fucking of the niggers in the USA was done by jews. Jews were the primary owners and fuckers of the niggers in the south.

75009e  No.12150539


3077b4  No.12150545


>Like the dissolution of states rights.

= Rothschild slave trade

>Creation of a throne in Washington D.C.

= fighting banking cartels that already fought a war against us in 1812.

>Freeing the niggers.

= destroying the nigger breeding slave trade.

>Yankee cunts and not being able to follow through

You lost, Rothschild.

731a12  No.12150546


Fake and gay.

46b283  No.12150547


I'm thinking that this may be a continuing problem. I'm not entirely sure if National grid was outsourcing work to columbia gas but if they were than there could be more places going to explode soon.

cebbb3  No.12150554

File: f973c85ee7947e8⋯.jpg (200.23 KB, 780x771, 260:257, gasvalve.jpg)

15477b  No.12150556


No, they do make stuff. But what they make is absolutely fucking horrible. Take the P320 for example, it fires randomly if you shake it too hard and has horrible issues with extraction. Bu for (((some reason))) the US army adopted it over everything else in the competition.

5a224d  No.12150560


Don't worry to much. i spent 4 years memorizing this shit. NG probably regulated more, cos its easy to produce. Take a decent fart and the gas company will chase ya.

fe9e5a  No.12150568

Andover isn't part of boston..

731a12  No.12150571


When you came to in the alley behind the cop bar was your butt all sore and sticky or did they give you a ride home?

0ac47c  No.12150574


so they did this so they could redecorate free of cost?

0ac47c  No.12150578


>The subhuman trash should be afraid to talk to cops like that

they never are, especially not with full riot gear

it is time to bust out the laser rifles and cloaking?

94e24c  No.12150583


Fuck you nigger, how is a society supposed to function without any authority?

fc3eb1  No.12150584


>My theory is some mexican was doing plumbing and crossed a high pressure commercial gas line up with a low pressure gas line and back fed in to the residential main line.

>Low pressure residential is 7" of wc or less then 2psi. Commercial service could be over 60PSI.

>New England still has tons of gas meters in the basements and they would just vent right in to he house.

Actually 7" water column is less than 1/4 psi but this does make the most sense

94e24c  No.12150598

File: 5f5818b532b2ffe⋯.png (1015.51 KB, 750x998, 375:499, hispanic female engineer m….png)


By all means let's give the subhumans more access to technology they can't understand or comprehend. I know what will make it better, an entire globe full of subhumans with access to extremely subtle technology…obviously since they can't even figure out basic shit we should given them access to genetic engineering and other more advanced and skilled/precision tech…or maybe some fucking robots…that will go over well, I'm sure.

e31e15  No.12150602


I wouldn't be surprised if it happened all along the US for new houses and buildings. They are designed to be flashy, but they cannot hold up after a certain amount of years. Every building now is manufactured with the cheapest materials, the most corners that could be cut, and using the most unqualified people for the jobs to build a house. I don't know how this is going to play out in the coming years exactly, but it doesn't seem good.

c53bb4  No.12150603

File: 8085138ee188682⋯.png (34.4 KB, 739x432, 739:432, the yankee.png)

771ed6  No.12150607


Nope, all according to plan. His masters disposed of him the moment he wasn't needed anymore. He was deceived into thinking that he was saving the United States, didn't realize how easy it would be for him to be bumped off and turn the South into a fucking nigger safari, that a mortal wound and we're still bleeding out.

e7e9c1  No.12150608



I was in the thread this was originally dumped in. Some knowledgeable anon said that car windows are made for keeping people out, not in, so this isn't as hard as it looks since he reached in and broke it from the inside.

3077b4  No.12150609

File: 650d4bfe714c174⋯.jpg (162.13 KB, 719x486, 719:486, confederate army niggers.jpg)


What are you bitching about, Southerner? Your boy Woodrow Wilson reversed everything that happened when you lost by establishing the FED.

731a12  No.12150613


All copsucking cuckfaggots get fucked with broomhandles then hung .

Burn this " society" to the ground.

30 years ago the pigs were seldom seen & almost never heard.They had wheelguns& no tanks & body armor & might even give you a ride home if you were nice to them & not a dui,10k in fines & a destroyed life .Now there are rape checkpoints every 50 miles.

Burn this massive open-air rape gulag to the ground.

The pigs kill 2-3 times more wyppo than shitskins.

Only pussy-farts need cops.

e7054f  No.12150619



you mean browntown

0b94d4  No.12150622


DID ANYONE RECORD THE RABBI ON WHDH (https://whdh.com/on-air-live-stream/) SAYING "AFTER THE FIRE WE GET RICH"!?!?!?!

2a054f  No.12150653

dd4e46  No.12150659

This isn’t Boston, it’s Lawrence, North Andover and Andover which are much closer to New Hampshire. I’m not upset Lawrence is burning, it’s the heroin distribution center of New England, filled with spics, Cambodians and niggers. But



None of you live here, apparently. It’s white as shit. Let’s just hope they don’t try to “resettle” any of the poor mudskins from Lawrence in 98% white and peaceful towns like Reading or Wakefield.

3077b4  No.12150664

ebb5bc  No.12150675


>Almost all the fucking of the niggers in the USA was done by jews. Jews were the primary owners and fuckers of the niggers in the south.

Given that the jews were performing this bestiality that resulted in the hybridization of the apefrican slaves that resulted in the nigger race in the US … does their DNA bear out their "part african / part semite" heritage?

f7532e  No.12150677

The South was right.

Yankee victory led us to this day.

No argument will change this hard fact.

e0f5cb  No.12150692


>This thread will get bumplocked or deleted.

If you keep bumping threads with off-topic posts, yes, it should be deleted. Fuck your Satan trips.

e07375  No.12150693


Go look up "my DNA test results" type videos on Youtube with niggers. Almost all of them will have some degree of "European Jewish" admixture, not even most whites will get those results.

I wonder if blacks in the US are often so particularly evil and nasty because of jewish DNA in them? Caribbean blacks tend to be less shitty, from personal encounters.

14579e  No.12150713


he's literally an ex IDF field commander that ran kimber into the ground

94e24c  No.12150741


Not 100% sure yet. There are obvious repeating patterns in jew behavior. They are responsible for all the islamic slave trade with all of apefrica…and they brought the niggers here, and they routinely raped niggers before the Americas were 'discovered' and murdered their own offspring to prevent 'genetic contamination' (but only after they understood the 'potential of the mongrel cross breeds was nil; a sum negative).

I was thinking that all subhumans needed to be exterminated…but I think I have come up with a MUCH better plan and I am planning on going back to university and find out the answers to all my questions…I am sick to death with all the disgusting kike lies; the only way to really understand history is via science. We know that the kikes LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING…so many lies that even they can't keep track, so the only way to defeat them is with facts and then innovations that will remove them from the equation forever.

e13797  No.12150747

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

this video of the clueless scabs that have taken over for the gas workers during the strike seems very relevant

362f91  No.12150753

File: 531834e82547b8a⋯.webm (14.86 MB, 640x360, 16:9, James K. Polk - Music Vid….webm)


You have no manifest destiny. I have no idea why you care about America. Except to sabotage it to keep it from the next stage.

c9c3b0  No.12150756


>it fires randomly if you shake it too hard and has horrible issues with extraction.

Did a jewgle search, but could not find. Can you link me some source materials on the issues at hand?

94e24c  No.12150776


This makes 100% sense to me. We know from HAKU Zynkyoku research and ancient knowledge that a cross breed of two species (the jews are already mongrel filth) retains the worst characteristics of its parent race/species. So the USA niggers would retain the absolute worst character of the jews combined with the worst character of the niggers (this seems to fit every description of their behavior that I can think of, they have the jew 'dindu nuthin' behavior, the parasitic leeching, the volume, the impulsiveness, the lack of standards, unwillingness to pair bond or raise a family, etc etc). IDK I honestly can't tell which came first, the jew or the nigger, their behavior is so similar to me I can't tell the difference between them.

c53bb4  No.12150801

File: a2b2dbcd23ce42c⋯.png (43.69 KB, 500x300, 5:3, whatyankeesactuallybelieve.png)

8aa942  No.12150810

File: 90d8d084a5dad04⋯.png (13.62 KB, 508x347, 508:347, asses and elbows.png)


3b389d  No.12150813


You can get rid of those; that faggot hasn’t posted in months.

8aa942  No.12150814


I haven't opened the filter thing in ages.

2a054f  No.12150817



b2722f  No.12150820

These things don't just randomly happen as the meters and pressure is checked, well should be, on a daily basis. Considering the scope and how this effected so many different areas there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, none, that this is sabotage, terror, or both. This is coming from someone who spent the past two decades in a job that assures this doesn't happen in my own city so I know the systems very well and know how closely watched they should be/typically are. There is zero doubt this was deliberate.

f20f07  No.12150821


Speaking of, no-gf pajeet is back.

04a4bf  No.12150825


You seriously filter shit?

000000  No.12150830

Massholes probably had it coming anyway with their pozzed policies.

12d8c2  No.12150833


And I just realized that I will stick with my Austrian Glocks.

2a054f  No.12150840


The entire northeast has it coming for the shit they push on people; NYC especially.

362f91  No.12150846


Who even cared for them, sat in the shittiest place instead of seeing the grand country ahead. Having family in places like Arkansas and Texas and Ohio that never made way out west. Doing family tree with those yet alive instead of via some kiked blood thing and family reuinions. Amazing.

112940  No.12150848


hahaha chowda head faggots getting what they deserve

3641a5  No.12150859

3641a5  No.12150861


b2722f  No.12150862


Stop spamming this. It's mostly a good post but you already posted it in this thread and spamming it lessens its impact.

1d38be  No.12150889

File: 52d08cc3fd74470⋯.mp4 (5.03 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Snapchat-190028382.mp4)

File: 15b7a6d911ca0fc⋯.mp4 (4.45 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Snapchat-1047272154.mp4)


Scrapyard anon here. For anyone not aware, car glass is different from residential. Its breaks into little pieces instead of shards and is much more durable that pane glass. The curve allows it to have more integrity when hitting it from the outside, especially towards the middle. If you ever need to break out a window from the outside for safety reasons of course hit it towards the bottom and hit it hard, it takes a surprising amount of force with a blunt object but once its compromised the rest will basically fall apart. Dont bother with windshields, although shooting through them apparently has interesting effects too. Shootimg into a car through a windshield will give the bullet a downward trajectory and shooting out of one will give it an upwards one. Do with this what you will. Sage for off topic of course.

t. autisticly breaks things because he can

362f91  No.12150904

File: b644457a255d3ac⋯.webm (15.43 MB, 492x360, 41:30, Chuck Yeager breaks The S….webm)



e90b26  No.12150914

File: 50733382812873d⋯.gif (3.44 MB, 480x350, 48:35, 1479724283442.gif)


I heard cell towers no where near gas lines got blown up. No doubt in my mind this was coordinated. Entire gas networks don't just chain react, as you said there are systems in place to ensure this doesn't happen. How does oen fail so hard there are reportedly 60-100 explosions/fires and cell towers being taken out.

That's an infrastructure and communications hit.

Prepare your anuses.

6c07eb  No.12150916


>autisticly breaks things because he can

It must be cathartic I envy you

e90b26  No.12150917

File: 4bc57ecd7d2e2b7⋯.jpg (133.07 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, bce9fa886be25188fac68addc5….jpg)


The heebs have taken civilization back to ruin countless times before. The evidence is constantly being uncovered. Yet never mentioned in any jew written school textbook.

846d63  No.12150918


>You can burn a city to the ground by messing with gas pressure deliver to residences


c438eb  No.12150919


I'm always amused by shitskin retards trying to ape the strategems of sovereign citizens who are virulent racists to a man, and who felt forced to renouce paying taxes and obeying laws in protest against seeing their money going to nigger welfare.

It is possible to defy policemen and border guards and other law enforcement officers acting unconstitutionally but you'd better be well versed in the law and history and the bible like pastor Anderson, and even he could only talk his way so far before he got his window smashed and got his ass tazed.

c438eb  No.12150926


Actually the entire paradigm is laid out quite clearly in the story of Joseph sold into slavery in Egypt.

70d34a  No.12150927


> People won't come to my thread

> I know, I just spam my pasta in other threads

reported and filtered

e90b26  No.12150933


Which isn't taught to the majority of children.

48c42f  No.12150936


I love it when you shills admit to being shills. It makes ignoring the diarrhea that falls from your lips so much easier. Thank you.

b2722f  No.12150940


There is a reason that these monumentally liberal states/cities (especially) are so often targeted for these things given the states hiring practices which focuses more on diversity than it does on skill, experience and education.

There is an old saying that goes:

"Do you know what you call the person who was the worst student and ranked last at medical school? Answer, doctor."

That sums up these situations in my eyes as these crucial infrastructure positions in major cities has seen hiring totally focus on diversity with minimal focus on job quality. Now in a state/city like mine that rarely happens because people around here don't give a shit about it. However in those major libtard stronghold cities it is constantly an issue and constantly leads to failures in one system or another. Long story short and getting to my point, those hiring procedures also created a huge green light for people to get into jobs who wish to do the country/citizens harm. For example, this was a huge problem for air traffic control position until last year when the arrests (which the media didn't even fucking report to the public) began such as a literal fucking ISIS supporting terrorist at a Hawaii ATC tower who wrote about "mistakes" he planned on making to collide planes. The same goes for these other crucial systems such as gas, electric and water. They are now, for the monumentally vast majority in these liberal cities/states being overseen by people who have absolutely no business being in such a position and in many cases have zero experience (not kidding).

I had a guy apply for a very crucial position that came from SoCal who claimed on his resume to have been at the center for four years which I called to confirm and got confirmation. So I expected someone who at least knew the systems but this fucking guy didn't even know how to calculate venting which is a basic concept and something learned on your first day. At this point I knew he wasn't going to be hired so I began asking about his background and apparently he was "credentialed" in Mexico. Very long story short, this is happening a lot now where these fucks come into country claiming expertise with fraudulent paperwork/stories from Mexico, states/cities stupidly hire them without doing their due diligence and then… BAAAAAM… shit like today. It's a fucking terrorists wet dream these liberal areas.

362f91  No.12150958


There is an old saying: Got any beemans?

b2722f  No.12150960


I think so. It's right by my baseball card motor on my bike.

918fe7  No.12150961


nigger immigrants tend to be better than ameriniggers full stop, even if both should be physically removed


>no-gf pajeet is back

imkikey has been mixing amphetamines and alcohol again*



idk why you faggots think its the big dipper (not an ancient constellation btw) and not draco (which is shaped like an 'S' and would have had the Earth's axis at its center in ancient times)


>even he could only talk his way so far before he got his window smashed and got his ass tazed

i've often wondered if this was, at least in part, the origins of his virulent 'antisemitism.' I don't remember him being so 'controversial' before he was abused by those border agents


>"Do you know what you call the person who was the worst student and ranked last at medical school? Answer, doctor."

I always heard: C students make all the money; B students work really hard; A students become professors

db3e35  No.12150963


Nothing worse than some fuckin' dindu who tries to act all educated and sounds like an ignorant motherfucker. It was only a matter of time. Nigger tried to hide behind a window just cracked open and had his window torn in half and fucking tased in his own car.

b2722f  No.12150964


Brown v Board was one of the worst fucking SCOTUS decisions in the history of the country.

10a70e  No.12150967


I hear they rigged it by fucking with the judges in an illegal manner,and lying about the data.

059a0c  No.12150969


at least your judge wasn't a little grey alien

362f91  No.12150985

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

362f91  No.12150986

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b2722f  No.12150987


Holy shit, wow, whoever is doing those updates, from the fucking MSP computer, has all those anti American connected groups (which they are).


Same. I have read the case document and this was pretty much the very first instance of what would become their trademark later to force diversity and force their way into destroying western society. The good old:

"Not allowing them to integrate into white areas destroys their confidence and creates mental instability."

That was, what, about sixty five years ago now? Look at what has happened since they decided that case, truly consider it for a moment and how western society devolved from that time period and after they did that. Anyhow, here the original Brown v Board document if anyone had interest or never knew about it:


b2722f  No.12151003


This is interesting anon. When we consider recent fires and where they took place it all seems to share two things in common - Illegal aliens & track record of drug growing/drug distribution areas.

Think about the fire locations the past few years. Lawrence MA, Napa CA, Mendocino CA, numerous bean infested SoCal areas, Redding CA, Santa Rosa CA, several areas in OR that were growing pot, several in CO doing the same, etc, etc.

It is very interesting to me that every single one of these fires over the past two years all, with no exceptions, have those two things in common. The question is: Is this an attempt to clean up/hide evidence OR is this the DOD laying into their strongholds much like they have been with trafficking rings over the same time period.

If I wasn't so busy I would map out all fires, actually you know what, I will do it later/probably tomorrow. I will map out all fires and create a working dot connection so we can see them all on one map and also be able to see the drugs/illegal alien issues from each area. This can't be coincidental given how often it has happened and those two similarities they all share.

362f91  No.12151005


Not going to slow down.

000000  No.12151038


>nigger immigrants tend to be better than ameriniggers full stop, even if both should be physically removed

Strange, it's as if removing them from their families and communities, stripping them of their culture, starving, beating and killing them, using them as slaves, denying them the full right to vote until 1965, hating on them and so on, left some kind of lasting generational cultural, socioeconomic and epigenetic effect on black people in the US.

<tfw when USA bested by Africa at growing people

918fe7  No.12151089


>Strange, its as if [communist propaganda] [scientifically unsubstantiated causation]

or, its because ameriniggers are spoiled children who feel entitled because they've bought into your kikery

its pretty obvious which it is, but i'll just say i'll let you decide

9d9942  No.12151090


>left some kind of lasting generational cultural, socioeconomic and epigenetic effect on black people in the US.

only the dumb ones got caught by slavers

3b3d02  No.12151109


the police are heavily infiltrated by the left and by dyncorp, they are foot soldiers against the west

55f7f7  No.12151124

File: bc120f7c73f1ea6⋯.jpg (247.33 KB, 718x900, 359:450, c024507de6f25d6bb316fc1053….jpg)

000000  No.12151135


/pol/ _US

where generic miscegnated white people

hate on generic miscegnated dispossessed black people

and blame it on generic miscegnated "rootless" people

while decrying miscegnation

and wanting a generic miscegnated white ethnostate.

c886dd  No.12151139

Let it burn and take the roasting bitches with it. Including the dykes

918fe7  No.12151142


>/pol/, where…

you forgot to mention /leftypol/ d&c torposting

c886dd  No.12151157


They were breeding them in Africa by the time the Europeans found out about the slave trade there.

c886dd  No.12151161

Letting fags and disgusting beaners do what they want isn’t work

e1f117  No.12151225

so wait, are they going to show footage of the statement?

810d1e  No.12151266

File: 693eed4298d83f3⋯.jpg (84.67 KB, 854x802, 427:401, r9k cereal metaphor.jpg)


>"Do you know what you call the person who was the worst student and ranked last at medical school? Answer, doctor."

dont know where you retards live but if you don't perform really well in med school they don't allow you to continue. So Med school constantly culls the herd. The worst med school students still have to be competent unless the school is breaking rules.

36be1b  No.12151312

File: bf8eefe14920b95⋯.jpg (2.15 KB, 104x125, 104:125, 79ykto56i.jpg)


So true. You will notice in newscasts of forest fires that the public firefighters are always standing around in groups by their vehicles. Usually they don't have equipment or helmets on. They never run or hustle. The air retardant drops are put in the wrong places so the pilots can keep getting overtime. Modern public fire departments are a shitmason rats nest. The homeowners and volunteer fire brigades are the only people really fighting the fire.

d0223d  No.12151314

Wait, when did I run away?

36be1b  No.12151325



Fewer fires, so why are there far more firefighters?


<and from none other than Boston

Plenty of firefighters, but where are the fires?



034bfe  No.12151338


What better way to force everyone onto the roads and out of their houses, away from their tons of heroin?

They have to go by roadblocks with sniffing dogs to get it out, or they have to leave it behind and lose it.

Sounds like too much coordination to be coincidence.

e8522a  No.12151343

File: 31cbb099a965a02⋯.jpg (131.5 KB, 610x164, 305:82, Fire Sale.jpg)

They are saying gas valve over-pressure is the cause. Like in Die Hard 4.

034bfe  No.12151345


Does it matter to her if I've raped *ahem* enjoye consensual relations with fewer than 20 children *ahem* per-adults?

Come on, what's 20 little bodies when spread over an entire life?

That's all in my past, now. I'm ready to marry now.

034bfe  No.12151346

enjoyed and pre- are my spelling corrections for my sarcasm post.

0fe690  No.12151409


>"MAAPB," MA All Persons Bulletin

mass action against police brutality

Could be either monitoring the left or an antifa fagget mimicking an officer and snitching on his colleagues behind their backs.

e1f117  No.12151414


>that pic


092769  No.12151429




Checked. Spic has outgassed the whole town, which is now a bomb.

How easy is this to do? Seems like a weakness that could be exploited. How to defend against this?

e8522a  No.12151437

File: 28c698cf5747a73⋯.gif (395.22 KB, 266x200, 133:100, 200.gif)


>some mexican was doing plumbing and crossed a high pressure commercial gas line up with a low pressure gas line and back fed in to the residential main line


e8522a  No.12151440

File: f19ccf0ca5430fb⋯.jpg (163.44 KB, 750x537, 250:179, 1520044742_sub-buzz-4801-1….jpg)


>How to defend against this?

3641a5  No.12151443

18d40f  No.12151548


I absolutely think the wildfires are being set. No doubt. It's an attack on California by mexishits imo.

Not so sure it applies in this case tho. Hear me out. My understanding is that the reason the Colombians traffic drugs through Dominican gangs here is because they are actually way less violent and more low key than the psychotic Mexican gangs. I've found this to be true in my few dealings with Dominicans. They are chill as fuck, usually stoners.

Another factor is how shit the infrastructure here in MA is. Its old and crumbling. This goes for roads, bridges, sewer lines, etc. We have some of the oldest infrastructure in the country and some of it hasnt been touched for 100 years. Apparently we also have a weird low pressure gas system here that most places don't have. They are saying someone may have hooked up a high pressure line to it and everything popped.

Anyway, we'll see but this one actually strikes me as an accident so far, or at least not set by the resident Dominicans.

085ac7  No.12151568

File: 4323caf28dfb6e2⋯.jpg (73.56 KB, 600x1065, 40:71, DFGSD6546SFF.jpg)

There are a lot of so-called firefighters ITT. That's because they don't have anything else to do. Must be nice to shitpost while on the public dole.

085ac7  No.12151570

5a224d  No.12151578


You do see gas explosions often. Do serious damage. Issue is, you need the mixture with oxygen, otherwise it won't ignite.

ef068d  No.12151582

Gas stove fags btfo

085ac7  No.12151612


Yep, the pilots will use a tiny drone as an excuse for grounding all aircraft to let the fire spread.


fca5c9  No.12151614



get to work out on the public dole too

being a firefighter must be great

de036e  No.12151677

My roommate who watches current year man and two scoopsers religiously is from Boston area. When I told him Lawrence was burning he got serious and said "Lawrence is a shithole's shithole. It's the reason guys like Trump got elected and it's good proof that maybe Puerto Ricans and illegals need to go back. I would rather raise my kids off the grid in Alaska than just near lawrence Massachusetts."

6cdfc8  No.12151681

Why the fuck would an ENTIRE CITY have gas pipelines running through it from a central facility? That is absolutely fucking retarded.

30b4ba  No.12151741


The characterization of your friend confuses me. Is he LARPing as a lefty, is he a walking case of cognitive dissonance, or is he actually awake with schizophrenic entertainment choices? I guess I don't know who "two scoops" man is, I know about current year cuck.

Or am I misinterpreting what he said entirely?

327952  No.12151758


I'd suggest you tell him to drop the garbage, but he's not wrong. Majority of cities around Boston, such as Lawrence, Revere, Everett, and Malden are shit holes because they are full of niggers, hueniggers, or spics. The only decent cities are the white ones, like Medford or Melrose, but the shitskins are taking root there now.

b64d05  No.12151795

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Sometimes that's not always possible

ee35ac  No.12151833

this is from


Yesterday Mexico had a massive gas pipeline rupture and force the evacuation of 20, 000 people. Now today, Massachusetts had a similar incident, where a PLC malfunctioned and allowed gas pressures to go many times too high, while safety valves which were supposed to vent excess pressure into the air in a safe location automatically also failed to open. This caused excessive gas pressure to enter homes which turned pilot lights into blowtorches and any furnace that was on into a raging inferno. Many homes went up in smoke. Any time you have a situation of this type, where automatic safety systems are supposed to engage and they do not, Stuxnet is a prime suspect. Perhaps they did not get their way with the hurricane and nuclear facilities, so they did a consolation attack elsewhere.


ee35ac  No.12151835


Yesterday the same thing happened in Mexico and forced 20, 000 people to evacuate, but Mexican homes are not directly connected to gas lines, everything is in tanks and brought to the homes either via a truck that pumps it in, or by someone carrying it in so nothing burst into flames the way they did in the U.S. A pipe carrying butane ruptured and made a giant ice and snow pile and sent a butane fog over at least a square mile area. There was no explosion because authorities handled it quickly and no one was stupid enough to light a match with that much gas in the air. Clouds of butane fog rolled through the streets and completely fogged out a low lying area. The butane fountain was well over 100 feet high. They made up a story about someone cutting into the line to steal gas but they were not sure that is really what happened. Now, with this incident in Massachusetts I think there is reason to suspect someone hacked the gas system in Mexico also, and sent the pressures too high. Surprisingly no one got killed.

Even if the media does not report it, there's no way the system in America could have failed the way it did absent willful sabotage. There's no question it was a Stuxnet type of attack, or some other form of malice, because there's no way to prevent the safety systems from activating any way other than a direct command, it was not a simple malfunction.

Keep an eye on those nuclear facilities I guess . . . . . they may be next.


65dcc3  No.12151855

File: aec70ce1d55da83⋯.jpg (41.38 KB, 540x720, 3:4, Don'tSmoke.jpg)


Apparently caused by over-pressurizing the main lines, thus causing gaskets to leak.

Filed away for future reference…

ace1a6  No.12151873


German Mercs. They sent the best quality, best engineered mercs. It shows they cared enough to send the very best

65dcc3  No.12151884


This is why we need to eliminate all forms of welfare.

65dcc3  No.12151902

File: 528a16b1c8bd51b⋯.jpg (78.81 KB, 978x652, 3:2, Home3.jpg)


In our mountains people disappear all the time.

If you were a nig that happened to be shot by a stray bullet in the woods, the woods would eat you to nothing inside of 2 weeks. You'd never be found, and it would just be a mystery. On average, 90,000 people are missing in the USA at any given time, and most of them disappeared in the woods.

My woods, where I grew up.

I love the woods, and the mountains. And they love me.

ee35ac  No.12152412



High risk of explosion due to gas leak created Puebla’s biggest emergency ever

With the city still under the cover of darkness, municipal police broke the pre-dawn quiet by using their patrol car loudspeakers to order residents in Villa Frontera and other nearby neighborhoods to get out of bed and evacuate their homes.

Soldiers and officers of the Federal Police’s National Gendarmerie division also assisted in the evacuation efforts.

A cloud of gas had already begun accumulating above the affected area and threatened to explode at any moment.

Some residents were quicker to leave than others but eventually seven neighborhoods in the north of Puebla were left deserted.

All residents left on foot, many clutching their children, pets and important documents, because Pemex prohibited the use of cars out of fear that starting an engine could trigger an explosion.

In addition to the evacuation of residents, classes were suspended in 95 schools, 180 patients were evacuated from a hospital and the Central de Abasto market was cleared of occupants.

More than 1,000 companies and small businesses were forced to shut their doors for at least part of the day.


260e3f  No.12152441


Even full pensions for firefighters and EMT is nothing compared to the free ride millions of mexicunts get, legal or not. Fuck off civnat trash.

fec7c3  No.12152772


Have you been to med school?

Wayne State circa 2008: Mostly Asiatics, Muslim Shitskins, Foreigners, Californians, Africans claiming to be Irish, Kikes of Justice, and more women than men. UofM: the same, with a shift more towards the last two. CoHM at MSU: statistically insignificantly better. Most cheating is done pre-loading all the numbers going in, before selection, and the numbers reflect all the games that each group is playing. They are not medicine; they are only role-playing medicine, and they collude to their shared interest of culling all male and white that they can. From top to bottom. Any, who break the Be-A-Cuck rule, get labeled poorly and shown the door. And regardless, a fair number past 1994 never became medicine, which became most past 2008. Furthering this, any who borrowed for educational dollars past 2007/8, are fated to perpetual prostitution (see: lawfags) in addition to being the absolute worst to ever be selected to be 'doctors' (but the best to be cannon fodder, for both Jewish hospitals, Leftist electorates, and Tranny FBI HEAT teams).

Turn off all insurances. Destroy all group account works. In addition, turn off all welfare systems. Regardless, don't comment on the state of Med School as if it's pre-1990s.


2ed782  No.12153082


>cant post his ebin mutt memes from tor


e7e9c1  No.12153857



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