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File: 2cbb46af3e0cd5c⋯.jpg (77.82 KB, 566x564, 283:282, Adolf Hitler reading - mag….jpg)

20d2aa  No.12150496

Discussion, suggestions, projects


Morgoth's Library


PDFs Online Libraries Listing


/polarchive/ book links


/polk/ book thread


<Chan Thread Watch to batch/auto-download threads and PDFs


<Thread II >>11702721

25fce5  No.12150519

File: 5d6eb933dcf8629⋯.pdf (4.42 MB, Two Hundred Years Together….pdf)



>Alexander Solzhenitsyn writes a book about the history of jews in russia

>Literally every page is a red pill!

>First chapter details the history of the Khazars and Jewish mixing

>Second chapter details an exclusive land program that the Czar gave to the jews, they basically got at least 10 acres of FREE land, including a house, tools, livestock and interest free loans. All the Czar wanted them to do is stop selling alcohol on credit….

>Later he talks about the Bolshevik revolution, where jews try to get workers to strike, but the workers fight them.

>Streets are full of people chanting death to jews

>Bolsheviks gain power and make antisemitism a capital offense

I could go on, the Czars were too nice to the jews.

20d2aa  No.12150525

archive.is takes to an older version through, up to date version https://github.com/SuperGouge/ChanThreadWatch/releases

25fce5  No.12150536

File: b2fce2f863704cc⋯.pdf (5.05 MB, Blood Passover.pdf)


It's virtually impossible to "do your own research" today. Any major internet research will be filtered. Take this text for example.

How the FUCK are you gonna find that without searching for the book exactly with the author?!?

e963e7  No.12150541

File: 5a142b5b27b7f9d⋯.pdf (4.08 MB, Barnes-Russia_and_the_Jews.pdf)

File: c62291a7b38db7e⋯.jpg (128.24 KB, 400x520, 10:13, Russia and the jews.jpg)


Udo Walendy's review, published as a special issue of the Barnes Review is also very good, and required reading. 200 Years Together is an important book, but it isn't without its flaws.

There's also an audiobook of the TBR issue on jewtube


a449fc  No.12150553

Please share books debunking (((humanitarianism)))

25fce5  No.12150567

File: b069dc3a973e96e⋯.pdf (1.8 MB, OnlyPlanetChoice.pdf)


>Four minutes of intro music with "le troll" meme

Did you know that Gene Roddenberry based Star Trek off of seances with a Jewish woman that channeled an inter-dimensional alien named "Tom" who represented the "Council of Nine"…. I think she's still alive, for $8,000 dollars you can go on a camp out with her in Israel where she points at stars where the aliens will come from….

e963e7  No.12150581


Yeah, that's annoying, and on every single segment. I downloaded a clipped mp3 version from the original thread. I can upload it if you want.

0cbb43  No.12150600


Ive been looking for a book similar to "Might is Right" by Ragnar Redbeard for some time but I simply quit. Simply no book compares to it. I worked on a boat for almost two full years, almost reading a book a day while I was there. And through all those books, Might is Right stayed with me like nothing else. Hyperion was also a fun and its a classic, just wanted to mentioned it. Anyway, I rarely read now, but I still read Might is Right at least once a year. I dont even know why but I just feel attracted to it.

Is there anything else out there, similar to it in any way???

454e8f  No.12150687

File: 8447d0da5b7ad2c⋯.pdf (791.86 KB, Richard W. Wetherill-Right….pdf)

4a9fb5  No.12151053


in my opinion people should be branching out from simply white nationalism, history, Jews, etc - and move into topics like business, finance (non-conspiracy), and Asian politics (since China is the new superpower and is currently a great place to make money for those that know how).

cef8e3  No.12151091


Shut the fuck up, Chaim, people do research by reading books. We're spreading books, you fucking retard.

cb68f1  No.12151106


>It's virtually impossible to "do your own research" today.

Search engines are pretty terrible now. If it isn't mainstream, good luck.

e37a89  No.12151149

File: d3285f2e0aed9f7⋯.jpg (2.79 MB, 2248x3442, 1124:1721, 96523bb8a6c0c9e9bc4131fbef….jpg)

File: 3731c5a4fe9235c⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 2392x3348, 598:837, 43cabd0cd87a5dc6072856a0b0….jpg)

File: 3a730374ffc409c⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 5000x3333, 5000:3333, f815ec88f2fbd71570968932f5….jpg)

446359  No.12151160




>China is a great place t-

Lurk moar

and also what do you think we are doing in the first place?

3ee769  No.12151168


I think you’re organizing human trafficking and illegal drug smuggling as well as using this site as cover to trafficking illegals into the US.

4a9fb5  No.12151235


China is a good place to make money, and if you don't understand that - you're an idiot. Learn about the world moar!

0b5f6a  No.12151497

File: a6cf40678821452⋯.pdf (1.05 MB, Forging the Hero - John Mo….pdf)

Forging the Hero: Who Does More Is Worth More

Calling on his personal experiences and observations, deployed to failed-state environments, as well as post-graduate work in history, in this book John Mosby (author of the Mountain Guerrilla blog) offers a community-based plan for surviving the decline of civilization, based on the common human experience of focusing on local community concerns.

Beginning with an in-depth look at the patterns of civilization throughout history's great civilizations, John makes cogent observations about the nature of civilization, and where exactly we are in those patterns, before going on to offer practical, readily-implemented ideas on how to incorporate ancient, proven methods into your own survival preparedness planning at the individual and local level.

This is THE most /k/ and /pol/ book I've ever read! I highly recommend buying a physical copy of this, and all of John's other books.

cb68f1  No.12151609


Is there an audiobook? I'm the guy who's been making my own. This sounds like a possible contender to take me away from WW2 for a minute. Maybe a good companion to Civil War 2.

b71e19  No.12151636


No. Only the ebook and the dead tree version.

cb68f1  No.12151651



e963e7  No.12151933

File: 5ae89e00a96a335⋯.png (121.32 KB, 569x707, 569:707, Hitler on Zionism.png)


>Nazism is Zionism.


>“The Reich Government cannot lend itself to taking part in a manoeuvre that would tend to let the Jews chase the noble and valiant Arab people from their homeland, Palestine. These talks can continue only if the British Government is prepared to host the Jews in Britain, not in Palestine, and it ensures that they will stay there permanently.”

– The German Foreign Ministry, headed by Joachim von Ribbentrop (informing the British in 1944)

(source: Nuremberg document NG-1794, Eberhardt von Thadden, on 29 April and 5 May 1944; Wagner, July 29, 1944. Henri Monneray, former deputy prosecutor at the International Military Tribunal, La persécution des juifs dans les pays de l’Est présentée à Nuremberg, Paris, Editions du Centre de documentation juive contemporaine, 1949, p. 168-169).

>“Our view on the Jewish question is as follows: the position taken by America and England regarding the Jews does not interest us in any way. What is clear is that we do not want to have them in Germany and in the German living space, given the decades of experience since the [First] World War, and we shall not join in any discussion on the matter. If America wants to take them, we are glad of it. But it must be ruled out, and here a guarantee will have to be given to us, that the Jews whom we allow to leave [continental Europe] via Switzerland can ever be sent back to Palestine. We know that the Arabs, just as much as we Germans, reject the Jews and we do not want to partake in such an indecency as the sending of more Jews to that poor nation tormented by the Jews.”

– Heinrich Himmler, Chief of German Police and Minister of the Interior (note written in 1945)

(source: document of the US-Document-Center, Berlin. Photograph in Werner Maser, Nürnberg, Tribunal der Sieger, Munich-Zürich, Droemer Knauer, 1979, p. 262-263)

e1c98e  No.12151946




Waste of space of the thread with this idiocy.

27076c  No.12153022



912f53  No.12153077




907599  No.12154907

Censoring my posts now. That’s new. What a bunch of weakminded control freaks.

7f84f5  No.12154965

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



653e4a  No.12156031


I love how obvious the retard who made those images just namedropped a bunch of titles that we're "redpilled".

I mean, Orwell and Huxley grouped with Hobbes…just lol.

21fc87  No.12156260

File: 60bf2733ffd25ad⋯.png (31.57 KB, 363x395, 363:395, 1009812389.PNG)


>Morgoth's Library

Please. It's called Zündel's Bunker. It's getting bigger, too. I might get around to uploading it one day, when I don't have third world internet.


Aint clickin that shit, but is that Ariel Toaff's book? I have it in my archive.

a13a4e  No.12156576


i-is that you, zundel?

c87448  No.12157640

File: ad14c4ac48d0a00⋯.jpeg (6.06 KB, 196x293, 196:293, emes.jpeg)

File: e40520e72895244⋯.pdf (4.69 MB, Ernst_Junger - Eumeswil.pdf)

Eumeswil is one of the best books I ever read, one of the finest examples of high-brow reactionary fiction. It is also a great segue into Evola. Some reviews I read said that Junger's writing is very similar to Evola's, I didn't understand this until I read Eumeswil, then read Evola, and realized that the narrating voice in my head was Identical when reading either book. Before Eumeswil I found Evola dense and uninteresting, Junger's writing got my brain acquainted with this style, and made reading Evola a much more enjoyable experience.

d8a051  No.12157725

File: f50aeaa9f9beb40⋯.png (196.63 KB, 404x227, 404:227, 2124.PNG)

File: 45ea8554349e43e⋯.png (637.48 KB, 544x406, 272:203, 10972938235.PNG)


Hey anon

62ad75  No.12157762


>Read only

Good thinking, Anon.

a5f0d5  No.12157771


> Take this text for example.

>How the FUCK are you gonna find that without searching for the book exactly with the author?!?

I typed "blood passover" in my browser search bar

e3d992  No.12163582

File: 3691d0bac62af78⋯.jpg (12.7 KB, 300x300, 1:1, hmm.jpg)

I have a physical set of DIY books that have no recognizable name for Google, no copyright that I can search in any of the books, and the title is so generic it's practically worthless. How do i figure out who the hell made these books?

27076c  No.12163614


Maybe type passages into a search engine? How old are these books?

e3d992  No.12164210


I don't know, they're binders of DIY instructions some guy gave to me because he asked if I wanted it, the actual trademark is Easy Home Repair. Has no timestamps in any of the binders so far.

0e9600  No.12164400

File: c8f7138bbe3f213⋯.jpg (196.33 KB, 755x960, 151:192, hitlerism reading list arc….jpg)

Since the kiked mods locked my bread, here's an archive link to it.


Contains an essay by the guy who authored the Hitlerian blog r.i.p to that blog detailing various national socialist philosophy and relating it to works by Savitri Devi, Evola, Linkola etc. Also contains links to various PDF books.

None of it is my original work, it it's very much worth reading, very enlightening information.

0e9600  No.12164410


> it it's

but it's*

c2ef4d  No.12164609

File: ed9134d08189544⋯.pdf (225.84 KB, Does Pigmentation Affect A….pdf)

File: bff77f886ba92b9⋯.pdf (370.68 KB, Japan IQ Differences vs Sk….pdf)

File: 619a77190c77345⋯.pdf (72.53 KB, Judaism in Music - Wagner.pdf)

Pigmentation study of animals as relates to humans and aggression (hint - darker skin pigmentation of animals are also nigger-like in behaviour).

Study on IQ and other differences between northern and southern Japanese as relates to pigment colour (southern nips are darker in Okinawa, etc hint - darker skin = dumber).

And last is the greatest composer, Richard Wagner, and his thoughts on kikery in music.

12e79a  No.12170479

Anybody have a pdf of "Davy Crockett: His Life and Adventures" by John S.C. Abbott?

e3d992  No.12173474


Eventually found it but it doesn't help me much, it just lists a corporation. Guess I'd need insider knowledge to know who actually compiled all this info together.


Isn't library genesis still active? I think it had to switch domains but there is a whole bunch of pdfs of famous authors uploaded into it. You could also try /pdfs/ own recommendations for "online libraries".

12e79a  No.12173477


I checked Libgen before asking, but I guess I'll go diggin elsewhere. Thanks.

e35a03  No.12173488


post pics or its bullshit

9081a0  No.12173892

here's my library, english section is meh, it's notable for Croatian section.

have fun, i'll keep the link for 7 days maybe.


f0f515  No.12173917

If any anon is interested in making political cartoons, this book is a good place to start. Jack Hamm's Cartooning The Head and Figure. There's also a section on political cartoons.

>pdf too big to up, read or get from the link


fe09c9  No.12182840


upload some shit nigger

bc5595  No.12183119


I can attest to this. Good post.

cea980  No.12183423

inb4 muh books



>talking shit about jomon

I'm not taking that bait you yayoi slant-eye cocksucker.

8cbc29  No.12183696

Here's a collection of about 4000 public domain ebooks: https://mega.nz/#F!J1UmACBS!HSSaOtfR_RAoxmlj0-YA-g

They're from the University of Adelaide, and are better typeset that Project Gutenberg's, and without as many OCR errors as Archive.org's. You can browse the collection at https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/, but I downloaded them all, fixed up the metadata, and packaged them all in one place for convenience. Scroll down to the bottom if you want an all-in-one archive.

d9d390  No.12185735

File: fafab7a0a002aed⋯.pdf (593.51 KB, Bhagavad Gita (Wewelsburg ….pdf)

File: baff7f1e56970e1⋯.jpg (43.92 KB, 306x495, 34:55, Bhagavad Gita (Wewelsburg ….jpg)

Pocket book version of Bhagavad Gita made by


cca8ac  No.12185788

File: 5dbc189376ebeac⋯.jpg (39.99 KB, 315x499, 315:499, 51VesBRmT1L._SX313_BO1,204….jpg)


I've read most of what's out there in terms of like-criticism, but I think it's important to bring up that we should not only focus on learning about what the kikes are doing. We should be educating outselves in things that will help us to prosper. All whites should be learning about business and finance. Pic related is the book that I powered through this weekend. It gives the whole story about what corporations are, how they are set up, and why they are preferential to other types of business structures.

You can easily get enough knowledge reading books from library genesis to put you on par with a finance professional after a couple of years of reading.

Also, daily reminder to get a Kindle DX, since the small kindle is bad for reading technical PDFs. Just get a second gen DX on eBay that has a dead battery and do the battery replacement yourself.

266f85  No.12186418

Does anyone know where can I get a non-whitewashed, Jew-version of the Talmud?

I don't even mind having to buy one if necessary, I just want one that isn't censored.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

334f32  No.12186438

In elementary school we had this program where students would read books of their choice,take tests to compete among other students over the number of points gained by taking tests.

Should we implement something like that on /pol/?

2d759f  No.12186452

File: 8bcb47f2a60c0e9⋯.jpg (844.34 KB, 1000x1347, 1000:1347, hitler_predicted_prabhupad….jpg)



3daa39  No.12186604

File: 065fd4793a41246⋯.pdf (570.78 KB, Leese, Jewish Ritual Murde….pdf)


I'm working on creating a Jewish library that will include the notable texts, including some important ones that have yet to be translated to English. I'm currently working on a translation of the Zohar, which is the main body of literature of kabbalah. I am far from finished, and I intend to write a goy-approved commentary to the texts after I do that.

The Talmud is a massive body of work, not a single book—it'd be like reading A-Z in a printed Encyclopedia Britannica. Furthermore, most of it is truly uninteresting, relating to rules that only apply to jews, like Sabbath consecration laws. I haven't looked into the quality of translations, so I'd just find a jewish online translation, and use a guidebook like the Talmud Unmasked (which I haven't read, trust the author at your own risk). Back in the Enlightenment and late Middle Ages, there were Latin translations made for the Catholic Church, if you read Latin. Alfred Rosenberg and other Reich officials made comments on the Talmud, some of which I found in The Jews Trail Through The Ages.


Perhaps one a little childish than with points, like where one could make comments on a text, rate other anons' comments on their utility and insight, and the best comments could be collated into a /pol/-annotated series of books. There are other ideas we could try to formalise the redpilling process for newfags. A tech guy would have to figure that part out.

72ef93  No.12189838

Help! I'm looking for an audio book I listened to last year thanks to a pol book thread. It was from a philosopher from maybe the 20's -40's (I think) who talks about the great aryan race (NOT the book the coming race) and volk and Wagner and mythology. A guy on here had read it and posted in three parts to YouTube. The image had Greek/Nordic looking black and white images of statues. Fuck I can't for the life of me remember (YouTube deleted it and its no longer on one of my play lists)

The book is about German strength, the evil of Jews, and mythology of the Aryan race. I believe each part was sectioned of with Wagners music?

This is killing me.

72ef93  No.12189990


He also spoke about Odin and Norse mythology.

1772d8  No.12193963

Post Albert Camus.

2fff98  No.12193971


I mean the only thing I can think of which fits the 20-40's philosopher and Odin would of course be Jung and his essay on Wotan which is fucking great.

f3591d  No.12194076

Does anyone have a legible scan of SS Werwolf Combat Instruction Manual by Paladin Press?

1ea796  No.12194186


Spoopy stuff.

Solzhenitsyn makes two things clear:

1)There is a factual basis for asserting that there exists

a globe-encompassing, comprehensive code that not only

defines “good” and “evil” in terms of religion and race,

but also derives from it vast consequences in imperial

power-politics; and

2) There is an absolutely unilateral Jewish evaluation

and appreciation of any human action depending on the

religion, people and race to which the person in question


Solzhenitsyn says:“It is said of David Ben Gurion,that

he once told the world: ‘What is important is what the Jews

do, and not what the goyim have to say about it.’”

With this basic attitude, and supported by terrorist or-ganizations, Ben Gurion justified the proclamation of the state of Israel on May 14, 1948.

Therefore the Red revolution of 1917 was a conver-

gence of not one but two internationally minded world-

views, whose bearers certified to each other—the one on

the basis of “class warfare,” the other on the basis of an

allegedly “chosen” religious faith (but in reality a common

ethnicity)—that everything they did was always legal and

could not be measured by any other yardstick. Thus

Solzhenitsyn quotes from the words of U.S. Supreme

Court justice and prominent Zionist Louis Brandeis:

If for any reason people of Jewish blood are experienc-

ing suffering, our sympathy and our assistance flow in-

stinctively to them in whatever country they may live,

without asking for the nuances of their faith or lack of it.

903593  No.12194215

File: f9629ed8b75202b⋯.pdf (8.16 MB, SS Werwolf Combat Instruct….pdf)

File: bfe7f6f202f3fd4⋯.jpg (162.71 KB, 456x625, 456:625, SS Werwolf Combat Instruct….jpg)


In somewhat readable quality


2fff98  No.12194307


Give me a bit and I might be able to find a version I pieced together that is purely the english bits of it instead of the annoying english and german combined that it normally is.

7f54f0  No.12194408


Thanks anon. A shame no one has a legible version, or is able/inclined to do a better scan.

903593  No.12194446

Any recommendations for books on the American "Civil War"?

2fff98  No.12194473

File: 7625d8581a3de69⋯.pdf (6.44 MB, Werwolf Combat Manual.pdf)


Attached is the english only pdf, I may if I have some free time decide to transcribe this book into something more legible as the scanned version all of us have probably seen fucking sucks. It's readable but definitely not easily.

12e79a  No.12194485


There's a fictional book by a man (Harold Frederic) who lived during the American Civil War called "The Copperhead" that, as one reviewer noted, has "…Lincoln portrayed (in the North) as a despot, abolitionists as bloodthirsty war-mongers and those against the war as peace-seeking, conservative, constitution-loving good citizens…". It was made into a movie by Ronald F. Maxwell (The guy who made "Gettysburg" and "Gods and Generals"), which is quite.

I haven't read the book, but I would look for anything guys like R.F. Maxwell used as inspiration for his Civil War films to get a good picture of the other side of things. Doesn't matter that "The Copperhead" is fiction, it's still a genuine point of view from the side that's having its monuments torn down in this shit-swirled culture of today.

12e79a  No.12194510

File: 08a0937e896d9d7⋯.pdf (6.73 MB, copperhead00fred.pdf)


Found the book.

903593  No.12194621


Thanks, I'll look into those movies too which I recall hearing about.

More suggestions welcome

12e79a  No.12194737


Great movies. Gods and Generals now has a 4 hour and 30+ minute director's cut.

Wish I knew more good Civil War material. I watched the (((Ken Burns))) documentary as a kid, and enjoyed that. It's probably still a good documentary that any /pol/ack good get value from, just take what you know about the corruption of America with you as you watch.

12e79a  No.12194742




57b122  No.12194807

Someone post the Combat 18 National Socialist Resistance Manual or whatever its called

a6ec8c  No.12195043


Are you thinking of that "The Myth" documentary. made with an abridged reading of Rosenberg's Myth of the Twentieth Century?

b356e3  No.12195058

Phone posting, sorry. Easy meat PDF, look it up. Documents rapefuge invasion of UK

7e7aec  No.12195059

File: 767913d59c5d97d⋯.jpg (20.87 KB, 249x400, 249:400, 9780552142564.jpg)


The Rigante series by David Gemmel is a pretty good pseudo-nationalistic Historical-Fantasy series. While it sometimes throws a bit of hippie mumbo jumbo in the mix - it's essentially the story of a conquered people preserving and regaining their manhood in the face of invaders. I found it to be some good low fantasy historical allegory.

e53f81  No.12195153


develop a bacteria or a virus that only kills Jews and Niggers

17f21c  No.12195162

Bump for good stuff as always

72ef93  No.12195218


Duuuude I fucking love u!! Thank you so much!

eef372  No.12195316

Dont wanna get into fiction, already have a somewhat nice library of actual useful books. Not sure what else to get. Am struck with reading something of a 101 on some profession, maybe math or some obscure corner of history, something that could be of use to me. NLP ish…I dont know mang. Read the FBI most dangerous personalities (was a bit too lefty but still useful). Read "Beware of pity" by some jew who got scammed by a thot (women fucking over jews lol). Read "how to break a terrorist" before that. The meme book by dick swaabs before that. (about our biology).

So you see? I want to continue my somewhat useful and informative streak. Not sure what else to get. Cant really fool my own self if it isnt useful. So anon, which history book of which time period (like the biography on Napoleon offers insight into most modern law), or which profession (if it isnt too complicated) should I get into? I can basically read most books up to advanced levels.

867166  No.12195525



To get some experience ahead of time look up the odin kit

-----> www. the-odin .com

The whole works you need for gene engineering is there. Just get good at it learn your best go to community college instead of the meme machine that is public university, (you can attend community college when you are under 18) Take CLEP exams they are a huge time saver. Get started here, http://www.free-clep-prep.com/clep-exams.html

Look for colleges that accept both, get as many certificates and associates at CC as you can get (you can get more than one) network with actual scientists email them ahead of time and ask them about their work. And most importantly of all keep doing what you are doing.

27076c  No.12196211

Bump to repel the retards

4b94e1  No.12196886

File: 3ef137dcee37836⋯.pdf (3.8 MB, Holy Legionary Youth_ Fasc….pdf)

File: d7ba1dccf62b662⋯.jpg (210.48 KB, 866x1350, 433:675, cover.jpg)

Recent history of the Romanian Legionary Movement.

I saw an ask for this once so if anyone still wants it here it is. I have access to a university library so if anyone wants some shit I can try to get my hands on it. Hopefully not Why the Jews should be pedal-power-brain-bashed to death, volumes I-XXI so I don't get expelled, lol.

a1a723  No.12197830

File: bfc03dfa8dacf4e⋯.jpg (35.05 KB, 383x499, 383:499, Cover.jpg)

Tactical Tracking Operations

by David Scott-Donelan

This manual is packed with practical lessons, on-the-ground tricks, training drills and equipment suggestions for the solo tracker on up to a multiagency tracking operation. Learn from a 30-year veteran how to find and follow tracks through any terrain; assess the age of tracks; relocate the trail after it's gone missing; foil every effort to throw off your pursuit; coordinate a four-man team while tracking armed fugitives; set up and run large tracking operations, use the latest high-tech gear to find fugitives and more.


12e79a  No.12197847


Thanks. Here's something that I've seen posted here before, but not for a long time:


Military service manuals. About 5 gigs of manuals ranging a ridiculous number of topics. He says to take what you need so as to go easy on his system, but I used downthemall to get everything.

b0c484  No.12203358

File: b133919b6313036⋯.png (135.16 KB, 360x400, 9:10, Cover.png)

File: 59cd4bf16f734f7⋯.pdf (1.16 MB, Security_-_Sam_Culper.pdf)

Security: A Resistance Manua

by Sam Culper

About the Author (from the book)

Samuel Culper is a former military intelligence professional, and contractor for a US Government intelligence program. The bulk of Sam’s operational experience comes from working missions ranging from All-Source and Human Intelligence to Special Projects, biometrics, targeting, and senior-level advising; including multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Sam left his stateside desk job a couple years ago to pursue other goals.

b0c484  No.12203384

File: 679610763b7a54d⋯.jpg (71.36 KB, 470x600, 47:60, Cover.jpg)

File: e504d3d946e71e5⋯.pdf (4.01 MB, SHTF Intelligence - Sam Cu….pdf)

SHTF Intelligence: An Intelligence Analyst's Guide to Community Security

By Sam Culper

12e79a  No.12204030


Use something like the extension DownThemAll to select every PDF and download them.

12e79a  No.12204374

File: f8e6ef7a6a08844⋯.pdf (15.81 MB, Those-Terrible-Middle-Ages….pdf)

File: 2f6af893d93bc76⋯.jpg (76.45 KB, 314x475, 314:475, blood-drenched altars.jpg)

I picked up a good book at a local used bookstore called "Blood-drenched Altars" the other day. It's a history of Mexico written in 1933 by a Catholic reverend. It talks about how the Spanish created a great nation out of Mexico, but were unable to maintain it with problems in Europe, so when Mexico was left to Mexicans the whole place went tits up. He goes into what "we" (The United States) did to Mexico as well, particularly in regards to fomenting revolutions, but I don't believe he keys in on Jewish influence (ignorance or avoidance?). He also talks of a strongly Atheistic/anti-religious totality in Mexican government despite the people themselves being largely religious. Could be useful to some anons look to craft a more coherent worldview, but unfortunately I can't find a PDF. It is available to borrow on internet archive, though.

Here's a PDF about how good the middle ages were that I found while looking for the cover of "Blood-drenched Altars" instead.

27076c  No.12206218


Try to get William Dudley Pelley's No More Hunger.

7ce26f  No.12210653

File: ffe2c88f2761242⋯.pdf (740.34 KB, God and Folk - Soldierly A….pdf)

File: 965300cb62efef3⋯.jpg (76.71 KB, 306x495, 34:55, God and Folk - Soldierly A….jpg)

7ce26f  No.12210654

File: d86c65d368593e8⋯.pdf (1.76 MB, Kurt Eggers SS Warrior-Poe….pdf)

File: ed218627ebebace⋯.jpg (150.66 KB, 432x648, 2:3, Kurt Eggers SS Warrior-Poe….jpg)

a9b6a9  No.12212563


What's the username and password to get in?

12e79a  No.12212589


I never used one. Just click out of that.

a9b6a9  No.12212661


Maybe it's because I'm on mobile right now, but it doesn't let me download.

a5f0d5  No.12212672


any chance you got STP 31-18-SM-TG? It's a good one but it's not on there

a5f0d5  No.12212709


You can't download shit on this website

12e79a  No.12212739


I got all that stuff a while back with DownThemAll, like I said. I tried just now to do it again and the password thing came up. He probably did that because of people like me. I'm uploading it all to MEGA, and I'll post the link when it's done.

98bfba  No.12212741

File: 0e360668d890d84⋯.jpg (76.1 KB, 450x276, 75:46, please-give.jpg)


eumeswil guy here, looking for advice on next book. I'm looking for another work of fiction to read. I absolutely love when scifi/fantasy is combined with reactionary ideas. Aside from eumeswil, my all time favorites include lord of the rings and all of the fiction from ayn rand. What should I pick up next?

a5f0d5  No.12212777

a9b6a9  No.12212799


Thanks bro.

12e79a  No.12212818

File: b6a79eadc6b4cba⋯.gif (475.17 KB, 399x227, 399:227, 1425915775604.gif)

a9b6a9  No.12213790


Any updates on this?

a3f54b  No.12213821


I've moved into reading more on Marx and Frankfurt School teachings to get a better view on their tactics. I find myself dumbfounded at how successful they have been exploiting mans weakness. They simply "feast on the wounds of society" as it was coined by that author I can't quite place right now.

a3f54b  No.12213885

I'm looking to expand my book collection into more survival-related topics such as;

>Ethanol-running engines & Distillation

>Bio-Diesel engines and production

>general farming & gardening setups

>power conversion techniques for wind and water

>shelter building techniques for differing terrains

>Composting and bio-recycling

Anyone have books on the above topics?

12e79a  No.12214188


It's halfway done. I'll let you know.

12e79a  No.12214851

File: df7003d619b8df4⋯.jpg (16.81 KB, 214x328, 107:164, Adolf_Hitler_Feeding_Deer.jpg)









9bd80b  No.12215483

Stupid question- what's up with this bandwidth restriction? Are you all actually subscribed to Mega, or do you just let your computer download 5GB at a time overnight?

9488ec  No.12216190


Check Zündel's Bunker httpcs://mega.nz/#F!BGpDxQZR!nML6GBQ2DJPbqESkc8ZCtQ

9488ec  No.12216192

File: 3e3f9d79562d89d⋯.png (423.68 KB, 677x583, 677:583, Read.PNG)

66d23b  No.12216949


Yes that's a stupid question, and you answered it. The bandwidth restriction is to entice people to pay for the service, if you thought about it on your own.

1bec42  No.12217186

File: c1151f72b78fc3a⋯.pdf (2.4 MB, The Politically Incorrect ….pdf)

File: a2ef6c571f084b4⋯.jpg (93.89 KB, 318x395, 318:395, 3871.jpg)


Politically Incorrect Guide to American History

Sounds corny but I learnt a lot.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution is good too

4b94e1  No.12217242


No ebook, but there is a copy I can get on interlibrary loan. Stay tuned for a scan.

340f23  No.12218988

File: e8287595a7797e2⋯.jpg (165.87 KB, 500x706, 250:353, natsoc american student.jpg)


27076c  No.12219588


Thanks, anon.

68cf34  No.12219898

Someone have The Psychotic Left?

897fd4  No.12220041




983f01  No.12221490


Thanks bro!!!

6b7429  No.12222763

File: a3c022111d0ac21⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1280x1920, 2:3, The One-eyed God Odin and ….png)

The One-eyed God Odin and the (Indo-)Germanic Männerbünde by Kris Kershaw

>This is much more than just solid, factual information about Odin and the people whose deity he was, for Odin was the god of the Einheriar, of the Germanic and Viking männerbünde, the furor Teutonicus and the war bands of the great folk wandering that shaped so much of the map of Europe as we know today. Here we have a broad and fascinating account of the Germanic ancestor cult, of the Wild Hunt, the eye in the well, wolf-men and werewolves, dragon-slayers, demon riders and Harlequin, Valhalla and Ragnorak. Odin/Wodan is presented to us as a divinity who was central to a warrior society the ramifications of which went far beyond the revered One-Eyed God of battle and knowledge. Organized into three sections, we are carried in the last of these far beyond Germany to find parallel institutions surviving amongst the wider Aryan kindred – among the Celts, Romans, Slavs and ancient Greeks, and still further, to the Indo-Aryans of Iran and the distant lands beyond the Indus, all sharing elements of a once common ancestral origin.

>“It was a cultic warrior brotherhood, that is, the youths’ formation was as much religious as it was martial, and the ties that bound them were as strong as blood. The commonly used term for this cultic band is Männerbund, and this is the term we will use in this study. This is the herr of which Óđinn Herjann is the projection or personification, and of which his Einheriar are the mythical paradigm.” (Pg.18)


a1db07  No.12223399

File: 45b9948fab1c61b⋯.pdf (12.82 MB, soa-sources.pdf)

A complete scan of a School of the Americas manual. This one deals with how to recruit and run a confidential informant (CI). Still used by the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA under a new name).

If anyone has other SOA manuals (complete, English versions like this) please post them!

1f57c0  No.12223713


That is a lot of information.


ca9d49  No.12229263

Does anyone have Kolyma Tales or The Gulag Archipelago?

f4e485  No.12229405

File: c6ec19ddb835606⋯.pdf (15.23 MB, [Varlam_Shalamov]_Kolyma_T….pdf)

5df1a5  No.12229422


You can switch IPs if you use jdownloader.

ca9d49  No.12229439


you the man. thanks.

12e79a  No.12229841

68cf34  No.12242029

Stars of David: Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish

Anyone have this book?

4b94e1  No.12243663

File: faf0db3a7769658⋯.jpg (34.1 KB, 295x475, 59:95, 4db04a1ae127d662f4dff00c71….jpg)

Falange by Stanley Payne. History of Spanish fascism from a historian with experience with both Spain and fascism.


fc1639  No.12247795

Yes, people need to learn persuasion, public speaking, debate, how to recognize and combat propaganda.

fc1639  No.12247859


Does anyone have the links (mega?) for the monthly book list that was put together i think in 2016?

And any other lists we have had?

Wasn't some guy going to create children's books?

fc1639  No.12247881


Looking forward to that mega link! Thanks for putting that together :)


I found a few at libgen archive

https://www.overdr ive.com/series/politically-incorrect-guides

Still looking for PIG to the US Consitution.


Wow, that will be a great resource

b1e8f8  No.12247890


>Looking forward to that mega link!

it's right here, mate


0b8a12  No.12248445


Why not make an improved version if you think you can do better?

a3b49d  No.12248604

File: 323808bfc2b2b5c⋯.jpg (87.83 KB, 960x636, 80:53, 018-prabhupada-holocaust.jpg)

File: 8a4a8092c942b31⋯.jpg (907.85 KB, 1000x1469, 1000:1469, 019-prabhupada-hitler.jpg)

File: 7b047fa2cb187d0⋯.jpg (916.64 KB, 1000x892, 250:223, 020-prabhupada-hitler.jpg)


This is also a very good website to read Srila Prabhupada's Bhagavada Gita As It Is - asitis.com . It has very nice search and display features. It also has a separate section for the art gallery. I highly recommend it

36a537  No.12259693

File: d3c75bf4c9a5770⋯.pdf (1.8 MB, Bob_Kasper's_Sting_of_the_….pdf)

Bob Kasper's Sting of the Scorpion: A Fundamental Guide to Knife Combat

More knife dueling than knife combat, but still good.

36a537  No.12259702

Combatives for Street Survival

Leading the reader through simple yet powerful, brutally effective methods of self-defense designed for use in myriad street crime scenarios, this guide explains the use of force continuum and teaches how to efficiently avoid potentially violent encounters though the use of "pre-incident indicators." The techniques depicted are credible, relevant, practicable, and utilized by members of elite military units and U.S. government personnel traveling abroad to high-risk areas of operation. The philosophy of "less is more" results in a succinct system of self-defense that is drawn from the author’s experiences as well as the collective experience of his students around the world.


c61f03  No.12259897

Ambush! A Professional's Guide to Preparing and Preventing Ambushes

Since its release in 1994, Killing Zone: A Professional's Guide to Preparing and Preventing Ambushes has been hailed by military professionals for its clarity and depth of understanding of ambushes. Now, this classicbook has been retitled and thoroughly revised and updated for today's evolving battlefield.

Ambush! contains much of the original material drawn from author Gary Stubblefield's experiences in Vietnam and beyond as a U.S. Navy SEAL and counterinsurgency expert Mark Monday's decades of research and analysis. Now the book has been reorganized and expanded based on the battlefield knowledge of U.S. Army Special Forces Lt. Col. Joshua Potter, a decorated combat veteran of Iraq who used, refined, and updated the original edition.

Ambush! incorporates the expertise of combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, security contractors, and Special Operations professionals who have set up ambushes in war-torn Central and South America, Africa, and the Philippines. It includes:

A revised look at the anatomy, operational cycle, and warning signs of an ambush

Lessons learned from conducting, preventing, and countering ambushes in Afghanistan and Iraq

Procedures for dealing with ambushes involving IEDs

Counterambush and antiambush tactics, techniques, and procedures utilizing current technology, as well aslow-tech and improvised solutions

Special considerations for NGOs operating in contested areas

Ambush! is much more than a book of ambush case studies – it is a practical survival guide to some of the most treacherous regions of the world.


22c2a3  No.12261445

File: 57d1e972460b8ce⋯.pdf (1.35 MB, The Religious Attitudes of….pdf)

File: c5c0e3433a51cc3⋯.jpg (409.68 KB, 825x1275, 11:17, The Religious Attitudes of….jpg)

22c2a3  No.12261452

File: 716ac652b184a94⋯.pdf (1.54 MB, Nietzsche by Anthony Ludov….pdf)

File: 7c0ac8e6744c648⋯.jpg (242.63 KB, 900x1350, 2:3, Nietzsche by Anthony Ludov….jpg)

33284e  No.12265726


For reactionary ideas in science fiction, check out Space Viking and Uller Uprising, both by H Beam Piper.

d2616e  No.12266753



They're from https://mega.nz/#F!U3YAyJqK!EK-81ka9QIauKfYuWrkruQ

38c551  No.12269759

File: 32463e7fc0f4d89⋯.pdf (2.28 MB, Christianity's Criminal Hi….pdf)

File: 2b2d5d7d1d020b6⋯.jpg (302.26 KB, 862x1369, 862:1369, Christianity's Criminal Hi….jpg)

File: 6419b4bfa15a166⋯.jpg (245.03 KB, 736x1145, 736:1145, 9.jpg)

File: e583ff561f9c4ec⋯.jpg (296.92 KB, 736x1145, 736:1145, 10.jpg)

File: 2a6bdaffac3bd87⋯.jpg (197.98 KB, 736x1145, 736:1145, 11.jpg)

Christianity's Criminal History by Karlheinz Deschner (abridged translation of volumes 1-3)

"The present book is an abridged translation of some chapters of the first three volumes of Karlheinz Deschner’s ten volume Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (criminal history of Christianity).

The original volumes in German and also in the Spanish translation that I have been using contain thousands of endnotes, omitted here.

This preliminary translation is only the first step for a more formal translation of Deschner’s magnum opus."


39ea18  No.12272007


You know one thing I noticed is that depending on what you use to try and bypass Mega's download limit it tells you it's stopped downloading but so long as you wait it out it's still actually downloading the file.

0408b2  No.12275392


f71d7d  No.12277664

File: 85d72e2b0607ba4⋯.pdf (1.49 MB, CanLifePrevail.pdf)

File: 7f411a1ebb89647⋯.jpg (66.83 KB, 800x574, 400:287, linkola.jpg)

>Progress - consisting of technological, economic and moral/social growth - is an illusion. Its priests fervently cling to the idea that material prosperity brings enjoyment and happiness, even though history has shown that only material want and a life of struggle lead to a meaningful existence. In other words, material prosperity doesn't bring about anything apart from misery.

>Democracy empowers selfishness. Any political system based on desire is fundamentally flawed.

9acd16  No.12278932


9acd16  No.12278934

661e93  No.12279024

Is anyone interested in a /pol/ book club?

We could pick a book a week and discuss it in it's own thread.

I just started The Chief Culprit - Viktor Suvorov (2008) today. It's about a russian intelligence officer writing on the reality of the war between natsoc germany and russia. Why it really happened, how it really went down, etc.

I've only read the first 30 pages but considering what would be a boring'ish topic, it's a very easy read and less than 350 pages total. Shouldn't take a few days to read.

If anyone is interested in discussing this book next week after we've had time to read it, let me know. I'll probably be done with it by this Friday.

0b4230  No.12279232

File: 51ececc9c26ff6f⋯.pdf (5.31 MB, Chief-Culprit-Stalin-s-Gra….pdf)

File: bd015fe9e27df4c⋯.jpg (32.42 KB, 323x500, 323:500, the chief culprit.jpg)


Posting the PDF would help entice.

661e93  No.12279244


oh yea, that. Thanks

0b4230  No.12279256


I'll stick my nose in it with you, but I doubt I'll finish it as soon. I'm split between a few other books at the moment.

0b4230  No.12283288


I don't think I can stomach this faggot just based on the opening. Sorry. Not gonna read this book.

ee0fe5  No.12283360


Same, I doubt he'd bring any insights which haven't been covered by other works.


2dbec2  No.12283374

File: fd5d0252b0da806⋯.jpg (94.35 KB, 500x685, 100:137, 7afff01d06ef45cbc25359c83b….jpg)


>All the Czar wanted them to do is stop selling alcohol on credit

If only he knew.

661e93  No.12283380


I like to read things that have the potential to challenge my view of things. So far, I don't find anything a definitive challenge, but it is interesting to see the soviet/natsoc conflict from the other side of the border.

Stalin had 27 military units lined up on the border facing Hitler when Hitler ordered the invasion. He basically beat Stalin to the punch by a matter of days.

Too bad he stopped advancing, but I haven't gotten to that part yet so I will see what the other story tells.

0b4230  No.12283427



I gathered just from the cover, the preface and the titles of his books that he was going to dance around the real issue of a certain tribe's influence, and try to say socialism was the problem, as if socialism isn't just tribalism that whites currently lack. I might have been interested in this book when I was a lolberg, but not now.

661e93  No.12283472


I'll report back.

So far the focus has been on the ground units, not the command.

0b4230  No.12283484


Cool. The book club idea is good.

eef372  No.12300270


I am also interested in this branch. I tried finding back this book but its either absent or kinda expensive. Morality wise I am strong enough I feel. So who else wants to go more into the "functional" aspects of books?

48d4d8  No.12303369


"For my Legionaries" by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu is a fascinating read regarding the same topic.


3eaefa  No.12303432

File: 59cd4bf16f734f7⋯.pdf (1.16 MB, Security-A-Resistance-Manu….pdf)

3eaefa  No.12303442

File: 1e32b04851d376f⋯.pdf (6.87 MB, Setting Up And Running You….pdf)

2d759f  No.12303445

File: 8bcb47f2a60c0e9⋯.jpg (844.34 KB, 1000x1347, 1000:1347, hitler_predicted_prabhupad….jpg)

File: 90c66a6b2c682dc⋯.jpg (37.9 KB, 737x521, 737:521, 21Srimad_Bhagavadgita_Quot….jpg)

File: a7490ad67d3791e⋯.png (253.27 KB, 602x602, 1:1, main-qimg-1b77b2f4da9f82d8….png)

File: a438fad4555ab76⋯.jpg (56.19 KB, 800x566, 400:283, 42126801_10217010635999196….jpg)

File: 179285b59690b5b⋯.png (1.61 MB, 1174x823, 1174:823, Capture2.PNG)

Compilation I made whit all Prabupada's books. https://mega.nz/#F!xNZhAZha!pu7OrPzQqPXUYdyINwJEbg

Bonus book about Jesus for those who are interested.


2d759f  No.12303475

File: c822bd2a27d492d⋯.jpg (63.34 KB, 638x359, 638:359, health-benefits-by-using-c….jpg)

File: ad96f28c3a84aad⋯.jpg (67.93 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-religion-without-phi….jpg)

File: 4c3381877339188⋯.jpg (14.05 KB, 236x182, 118:91, a6bdc02e28277d1449fd81f670….jpg)

File: 53827e77b09616c⋯.jpg (13.12 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 9d0931744ffe693e3ea3d24815….jpg)

File: 10daf2eb4165501⋯.jpg (98.2 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 10d.jpg)

e7edfc  No.12303814


What about this? Romanian Volunteers in the Waffen SS 1944-1945 by Richard Landwehr


51a764  No.12306090


Would you happen to have this text in an e-reader format and/or a link to the complete ten volume work in some digitized format? I can muddle my way through German fairly well and e-books are much more convenient all-around than PDFs.

27ca5f  No.12306223

File: fe31c08626af0de⋯.png (533.37 KB, 457x978, 457:978, Screenshot_2018-10-19 Ale….png)

I'm wondering if anyone has any reading suggestions on Jesus Christ the man? Is there a book or a collection of writings from a perspective on who he was as a person and not who he was as a savior?

I am trying to disprove that he was Alexander, son of Herod and I can't seem to do that.

The books in the bible are all written 300 years after the passing of the historical figure called Jesus Christ, yet there are books about Rome that were made from texts of that time (BC 350'ish) so there has to be texts about Jesus in the time Jesus was alive, right?

When I look at the life of Alexander (pic related) and imagine writing about him 300 years after his passing, I can imagine him having become the historical figure referred to as Jesus for a number of reasons.

(I stated this in another thread)

1. He was beloved by the people

2. he completely challenged the Pharisee and about destroyed the religion that is today referred to as Judaism

3. He had coins stamped with Roman faces so the pharisee could not handle the coins

4. he had his temple built on a graveyard so the pharisee couldn't enter it and manipulate his teachings or sell coins

5. he as hanged (by a cord) by his fathers orders (father, why has thou forsaken me?) - the Talmud only makes reference to the historical figure Yeshua (deliverer) being "hanged" not "crucified."

6. he was said to have risen 3 years after his passing.

7. His mothers name was Mariam

8. His stepfather was Joseph

9. He had close desciples

It goes on. The parallels are uncanny and certainly more than just coincidence. So I'm wondering if there is another historical person that represents Jesus or if maybe history has been twisted to make it so Alexander is really the historical figure?

Here's the lineage:

Herod Antipater - Doris (Herod Antipater II mother)

Herod Antipater II - Mariam of Arimathea (jesus mother from Sepphoris)

Jesus from Galilee/Decapolis (same thing) Includes towns Capernaum and Magdala

6d69d2  No.12306343


Firstly, Tacitus wrote about Christians much sooner than 300+ years AD.

Great leaders tend to be talked about in similar ways.

Christ rose three DAYS after death. There are so many more sources that say crucifixion rather than hanging, I have no clue where you're getting this from.

0b4230  No.12306366


I don't have any stake in this discussion, I just recalled something concerning the word "day" upon reading your post:

>Segment of time that includes the night ( Gen 1:8 ) as in a twenty-four hour day. "Day" also stands in contrast to "night" ( Num 11:32 ; Luke 18:7 ; Rev 7:15 ). The term may refer to an era ( Matt 24:37 ) or to the span of human history ( Gen 8:22 ), or specify a memorable event ( Isa 9:4 ) or a significant time ( Zep 1:14-16 ). The term often has a metaphorical meaning. A "day" is important largely for what fills it rather than for its chronological dimension.

27ca5f  No.12306518

>>12306366 (devil check)

I don't have a direct quote to relay but I have been forcing myself to read a chapter of a book and consider the authors life and atmosphere in which it was written.

The stories of Jesus where written long after his passing, so in a time when magic was real and spirits and demons were widely accepted as legitimate, there has to be quite a bit of exaggeration involved or loosely tied nuance, for lack of a better way to put it.

When I read about Alexander, i can imagine myself, living in that time, writing about him 100 years alter and adding in a lot of either greatly hyperbolic phrases or outright lies to enhance the story.

With this in mind, I could see it being so that "Jesus rose 3 years after being buried in a tomb" to have actually been the occurrence of "The Pharisee managed to keep the story of what Alexander had done secret for 3 years, having hidden the story away in a tomb, but it eventually spread out and his following which was once a problem, now became catastrophic in scope."

To not make any adjustments to writings given the time in which they were written requires a simple-minded nature. If I was to write about something today, no matter how objective I tried to be, my own personal bias would leak into the words.

27ca5f  No.12306523


>Jesus rose 3 years after being buried in a tomb

*3 days

0b4230  No.12306532


Right, there's a lot of context missing when reading newer translations of older works.

4a771b  No.12307799

Might is Right, by Ragnar Redbeard.

71b6b9  No.12307838


No, just the PDF but you can convert it to any e-book format for example with https://calibre-ebook.com/download

I found it in German on archive.org


538cf9  No.12308014

>>12307799 (check)

>Might is Right, by Ragnar Redbeard.

Naturalist, ultimately quite naive bullshit, but interesting, sobering and emotionally maturing to read.

a314af  No.12308336

Hey which is the least pozzed translation of Plato's The Republic?

4a771b  No.12308841


Seems like I can learn something.

Care to elaborate why is it naive?

733ef6  No.12311856


This is from 1888


fc8157  No.12327271


Which philosopher spoke about freedom's relation to passions/vices and how law is the answer? Was it Kant and if so, can someone recommend a particular book/essay?

a891db  No.12327371

File: a7c73505b05c9f0⋯.pdf (5.1 MB, Rome contra Judea; Judea c….pdf)

File: 5f980851436309c⋯.jpg (258.72 KB, 856x1304, 107:163, Rome contra Judea; Judea c….jpg)

c2ef4d  No.12327696

File: 01b784a39988fa0⋯.pdf (915.11 KB, Thoughts of a Beaver.pdf)

File: b0e56777e686fda⋯.jpg (84.99 KB, 718x538, 359:269, beaver.jpg)

00cd0e  No.12345708

File: f38151bf68339f3⋯.jpeg (76.68 KB, 400x664, 50:83, zoroaster.jpeg)

Does anyone know of good books (primary sources preferred) about the Persians, their origins and system of government/beliefs? I'm particularly interested in anything that might cover pre- as well as post-Zoroastrianism Persia.

The only primary source that comes to mind is Herodotus. Any non-pozzed secondary sources (or anything written pre-WWII) would be welcome as well.

dab24a  No.12348522

Does anyone have any redpilled books on the south or southern culture?

546cec  No.12348565



They talk about using a kidney wrap in the werwolf manual, and I didn't know what that was so I looked it up.

Looks like it was a traditional thing used in the past by most peoples around the world but is no longer common, where you wrap your waist with mild pressure in a scarf or something and it makes you as warm as a whole extra coat because it allows better bloodflow to your extremities.

d8987b  No.12360930

File: 3f9a5545caf74cb⋯.pdf (4.84 MB, A Discourse on Winning and….PDF)

File: 8c1c8e4c8ccaea9⋯.pdf (143.42 KB, Destruction and Creation B….pdf)

File: 5978a040230c2e1⋯.pdf (149.44 KB, The Strategic Game Boyd.pdf)

File: b9c29d0955d84dc⋯.pdf (777.12 KB, Patterns of Conflict Boyd.pdf)

Strategy is an understudied part of right wing discourse. We can't get what we want unless we know how to do it. Colonel John Boyd was America's greatest strategist. If you read Destruction and Creation, then The Strategic Game, and then Patterns of Conflict everything will make a lot more sense.

d8987b  No.12360937

File: 6572231498bf03b⋯.pdf (2.71 MB, William_S_Lind_Maneuver_Wa….pdf)

File: 51008277a48f89d⋯.pdf (665.1 KB, MCDP 1 Warfighting.pdf)

File: e41c12a689b9ad9⋯.pdf (355.13 KB, FMFM1-1 Campaigning.pdf)

File: 43c59e082c9c5c1⋯.pdf (7.55 MB, FMFM 1-3 Tactics.pdf)

Attrition warfare is strength against strength. Maneuver warfare is strength against weakness. The Wehrmacht used maneuver warfare very well tactically. Their problem was that they didn't operationalize their tactics. Every battle should be part of a campaign that moves toward a larger strategic goal.

d8987b  No.12360947

File: 89d6b84c33017e2⋯.pdf (1.92 MB, Interview with General Hei….pdf)

File: 005667941f5381a⋯.pdf (2.49 MB, Interview with General Her….pdf)

File: 62ff2743481500d⋯.pdf (1.95 MB, Interview with General Her….pdf)

File: b6c64402e2f85c8⋯.pdf (4.31 MB, Lost-Victories-The-War-Mem….pdf)

Here is some more supplemental reading on maneuver warfare. Fight smarter not harder.

6bc634  No.12360952

Does anyone have pdf of The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler? That book is about khazars who coverted into (((judaism))). Apparently, most (((European jews))) are descendants of khazar jews (hence they don't look like people from the Middle East)

1e854d  No.12360968

File: 2bc2686738ca591⋯.pdf (445.62 KB, Koestler Arthur - The Thir….pdf)

894b1f  No.12361702



Anon its tales to muddy the waters.

a5f0d5  No.12361720


Khazar theory is bullshit pushed by, you guessed it, a jew.

d8987b  No.12362186


Understanding the world beyond yourself and your role in it would do wonders. Your life affects others. How much it does is up to you. You will be remembered by others. In what way is also up to you.

What are your deep abiding values? What goals can you draw from those values? How would you achieve those goals? Then hop to it.

d8987b  No.12362224


When I was 24 I was in a barbershop. The next man was 100. He got the same haircut. Your time is finite, but still longer than you think. Just take a minute to mellow out. You might want to unplug for a while too.

00cd0e  No.12366342

An anon in another thread recommended the "SS Officers' Guide". Anyone have a pdf?

3b4216  No.12366646


good book. I read that this afternoon. One of the things it talks about is how they would bring foreigners into Russia and give them jobs rather than employing russians. Sounds familiar when you see what they do today...

eef372  No.12368709

Just got an e-reader, pretty neat, turns out shitposting all these years has given me the ability to go through like 50 pages in an hour, at least on the modern english language. I try out the Iliad and its weird, simplistic metaphors, and ways of typing slow me down quite a lot. I dont get it why more people dont read if its so easy.

945f57  No.12368743


I still want this one as a physical book, does anyone have an idea where I can buy it?

a48e07  No.12369101


You seem distressed about death. Sure we die but the carnal death is not an end. That's the first thing.

The second thing is, what we do here echoes in eternity. Your ancestors might no longer be here but they fulfilled their role in the struggle, not they look down on us to see how we're going to manage with what we got.

The point of reading is the struggle. It will strengthen you to be the light for others which is what we should be. Your people need you at your best. Physically and mentally.

Perhaps you should plug off, maybe just /pol/ occasionaly, focus on reading and self improvement to clear your thoughts.

bd3538  No.12373046

File: 84c573e76fe2e49⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 324x499, 324:499, anti humans.jpg)

File: 110ccc9c584fac8⋯.pdf (940.57 KB, The Anti-Humans Student Re….pdf)

This is what the inside of a ZOG political prison looks like. The Americans here ought to remember it when Trump sends them to the FEMA camps with the "Alt-Left", when you both outlive your political usefulness.

349b3b  No.12384002

File: 34347038f338944⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 2189x2943, 2189:2943, ss_girls_poster_02.jpg)

Can someone post the reading lists?

Las thread all of them were dumped in got 404'd because a bug or something, in the archives.

63f385  No.12384080

File: a0958fe6f8df5c2⋯.png (702.06 KB, 1000x1430, 100:143, Top Ten Essential pol Read….png)

File: 3a730374ffc409c⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 5000x3333, 5000:3333, New awakening reading list.jpg)


A couple of them, or the lists

eef372  No.12392007


I think I read this book before and by god it like a fucking nightmare camp of sorts. Some other anon on halfcuck asked for it, since it also has some overlap with mkultra crap, also with the jewish "splitting" perhaps even. A little bit of overlap one could say. Very recommended reading. Quite obscure and very rare information.

a48e07  No.12393522

Does anyone have Prison Notes by Codreanu?

bbc6a1  No.12394181


Is Mein Kampf really the best to start with? I think you need a bit of historical context about Germany at the time and about Jewry before it'll make sense.

1772d8  No.12408532

File: 3ebd7205dc282aa⋯.pdf (813.55 KB, Anarcho-Fascism__Nature_Re….pdf)

ddee9f  No.12408633


Yes but I'd say read Communism in Germany by Adolf Ehrt right after it.


27076c  No.12408793



Too big to post here.


I think there should be European racial history books on that list as well, like Hans FK Gunthers' stuff and William Pierce's Who we are.

27076c  No.12408797


Or maybe Kemp's March of The Titans, even though he is just a bit too heavy with the nordicism, imo.

1d4fcd  No.12409230

File: 75f89147b56bb33⋯.jpg (94.34 KB, 662x952, 331:476, 75f89147b56bb33b184636c8a2….jpg)

Hey mates, after six years of almost daily use my kobo glo died so I need a new e-reader, any suggestions? I'm leaning towards the kindle paperwhite but I'm not sure how well it can read pdfs.

b90a3b  No.12410405

@ >>12409230

I just got a kindle paperwhite and really like it so far. PDFs work decent, although i've only used a few pdfs so far. I always search for azw3 first off gutenberg.org or something and if I can't find it then i'll get the pdf.

791512  No.12410687

File: 86b05fa156e78a7⋯.png (992.46 KB, 1080x1891, 1080:1891, 5a1dcb4d4dbbf.png)

File: 44688217fe21ece⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1009x1837, 1009:1837, 5a4e87b00b599.png)

File: eb065ee9cc29d36⋯.png (4.48 MB, 2000x3501, 2000:3501, 5a1986e1dbdc2.png)

b74638  No.12410908

File: 7a35546a2ca9564⋯.png (2.52 MB, 2190x1990, 219:199, a2yfvgba36275gj53if8912.png)

b74638  No.12414310

File: abf5eb89528d12b⋯.jpg (2.64 MB, 2188x1988, 547:497, f248y2g728gy84ygh2.jpg)


improved version is out.

8d6112  No.12418591

File: 05f669f4e79a329⋯.jpg (28.34 KB, 309x478, 309:478, Prison-Notes-309x0.jpg)

Anyone has this?

8a5561  No.12419089

/r/requesting 100 deadly skills via PDF

e5e273  No.12421126

Anyone got the Jewish mafia by Herve Ryssen? (English version)

f3ea6f  No.12422056

File: b30367a206d2b26⋯.png (570.48 KB, 1100x1100, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Pagan reading list

912f53  No.12422081


google it, it's uploaded to archive.org

2ed4d2  No.12422725


Oh sweet, thanks anon.

50d8b8  No.12423202

File: 0cae68948179dae⋯.jpg (32.56 KB, 395x600, 79:120, Forest woman 1.jpg)

>Hravan is an online library dedicated to Germanic paganism.


5f893d  No.12428068

bumping a quality thread, I have been thoroughly enjoying Forging the Hero: Who Does More Is Worth More linked here


Thank you all for your contributions!

808d0d  No.12428730


Does anyone have the WWII German physical fitness book that the allies allegedly tried to burn out of existence?

4bb1b7  No.12428762

The reading recommendations on this board haven’t improved in years. It’s all shit.

0dd865  No.12429773


3daa39  No.12429824

File: 503cbc0722ff1fb⋯.pdf (2.34 MB, Essays_Polytheism.pdf)


Go to the Deutsch/pol/ thread they're translating Der Mensch und der Sonne or whatever its called. They were basically trying to ease the German youth into an ancient style gymnasium education. Unfortunately, lots of the textbooks and such were gathered and destroyed, but who knows what still lingers around old libraries in Germany.


>I dont get it why more people dont read if its so easy.

It's one of the few things that gives me lasting and fulfilling pleasure.

258026  No.12429846



It's harder than ever to focus on only one thing these days. Too much stimulation for most to just read.

78a081  No.12432393

load me up with refutations of democracy as a viable political system.

it's obvious that democracy doesn't work since it's the ground work for engineering "civil" war by creating high level division among the populace from the outset, but I would like to have some literature that goes in depth on the mechanics of it's failure while citing examples in history.

a5f0d5  No.12432426


Der Mensch und Die Sonne - Arish Olympischer Geist

And you're welcome :^)

I also have Kraftgymnastic which I will be scanning shortly

2742b1  No.12437304

File: 30cfbdf5d4f0302⋯.pdf (1.66 MB, Audit of the HadCRUT4 Glob….pdf)

>As far as can be ascertained, this is the first audit of the HadCRUT4 dataset, the main temperature dataset used in climate assessment reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Governments and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) rely heavily on the IPCC reports so ultimately the temperature data needs to be accurate and reliable.

>This audit shows that it is neither of those things.

5d1451  No.12437424

heres a mega link with all of the monthly POL ebook threads all combined into a single file, seperated w epubs, & also added 50 or more new pdf's that were not originally included.. have a look, some useful stuff in here


258026  No.12438646

Can anyone recommend a book regarding the "genocide" of native americans by invading Europeans? Something either refuting the (((official))) narrative, or justifying the act as perfectly righteous?

49a5ab  No.12438650


If you go with another Kobo, make sure to check out KOReader, a program that makes pdfs much better to read.

b1a6f7  No.12440028

I downloaded “the Yoga of Power but its pretty dense and slow off the bat. When it comes to Evola whats the best works to start with?

c6e3fe  No.12440042



Paramount masterpiece.

792b24  No.12440080

File: 4eb888b0a2979a0⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 707x11915, 707:11915, The Non-Genocide of Indian….jpg)




& >>12440070

27076c  No.12440093

File: f09c2da04d2c476⋯.webm (8.98 MB, 200x112, 25:14, wlp scalp dance.webm)

File: 28d1139696cf8a7⋯.png (403.08 KB, 576x432, 4:3, untitled.png)


Also, this.

98d55a  No.12440105

File: 2196422bf4c9a56⋯.png (1.8 MB, 2306x1186, 1153:593, hollywood warlocks.png)


just some food for thought

f39e02  No.12440645


808d0d  No.12440867


Link to Kraftgymnastic Scan?

Also link to "Der Mensch und Die Sonne - Arish Olympischer Geist"

I am learning German in order to enhance my frequent travels to the alps and to read the old texts. Anything helps

258026  No.12444586

File: 4d1327b4a92a7d9⋯.pdf (2.58 MB, Scalp-Dance-Indian-warfare….pdf)

258026  No.12444658

File: 31aef668a56eea7⋯.jpg (44.46 KB, 332x500, 83:125, Homosexuality in Ancient G….jpg)


Also, I just read pic related. I believe it to be an essential refutation of one of the enemy's narratives. You all should be able to confidently explain how stupid someone is for buying into the "Ancient Greece was gay" myth when there exists no evidence supporting such a claim.

The PDF is too big to post, but it's on libgen.

a5f0d5  No.12444692


Scans to DMUDS is already in the thread in that same mega I will upload the KG scans.

a5f0d5  No.12444723

File: 1e3556daaf06c55⋯.jpg (177.89 KB, 1064x1573, 1064:1573, Scan1.jpg)

File: 8bc6e0e8f6c8fdf⋯.jpg (274.52 KB, 2000x1538, 1000:769, Scan3.jpg)

Here's the first quarter of the book: https://mega.nz/#F!mrgVzCAZ!ebFxLy9cbZ3pKUUG_Z7frw

3e29f7  No.12444764


Got a copy that isn't completely fucked?

258026  No.12444909


"Completely fucked"?

0f3323  No.12445425

A friend of mine is saying that Tolkien was a socialist pedo faggot. Is that true?

6fc80d  No.12445426

File: d88ce91c521f210⋯.pdf (4.49 MB, A. G. Hawke - The Quick an….pdf)

File: 72f15f6506d0ce2⋯.png (280.07 KB, 519x807, 173:269, guide-to-learning-language….PNG)


Everyone who toils in the linguistic arts should have a copy of pic related. You'll be able to navigate your way through any society within a week and fluent in any language within a month. The fact that any language books were made after this one just goes to show that people truly do starve for lack of knowledge.

258026  No.12445440

File: 3460ed98c8142e1⋯.jpg (156.09 KB, 1022x635, 1022:635, tolkien on modern times.jpg)


Why don't ask him why he thinks that's true rather than asking us to debunk your "friend's" unbacked statements?

0f3323  No.12445444


I apologize, I rarely see him and he does not own a cellphone. He also lives over 1000 km away from me.

b4badf  No.12445530


Here's a copy, its pretty good. You can always just try searching archive.org and libgen.io


a5f0d5  No.12448292




Me here, I finally scanned the books and uploaded them to a MEGA. I was confused about the thread because I have now posted this in 5 others

KraftGymnastik Complete


Mensch Und Die Sonne complete


I have no idea if you can direct link to a Mega but it links to the same folders:


They need a translation, and before anyone bitches about it yes, there is nudity in these books, no there is nothing wrong with it.

64260b  No.12448554

File: 917f760537745e1⋯.jpg (248.06 KB, 763x597, 763:597, KraftGymnastik.jpg)


Could you give a translation of this part?

/pdfs/ German Thread >>>/pdfs/1138

64260b  No.12448575


>I have no idea if you can direct link to a Mega but it links to the same folders:


You need to right click the folder in the sidebar, click "Get link" then check "Link with key" then "Copy" so that others can access the folder. I'll delete this once pasted

a5f0d5  No.12448695


No, I can't because I don't speak German


If you look at my post you see I direct linked to both books.

63f385  No.12448709


>If you look at my post you see I direct linked to both books.

Yes, I assumed you asked for advice and the folder link doesn't work.

a9ceb1  No.12450318


What about Prison Notes by Codreanu?

Would be greatly appreciated.

af33d5  No.12455226

Didn't notice there was a book thread.

The Philosophical Fundamentals of National Socialism

see >>12455086

3daa39  No.12455811

File: c8bb95d9353704b⋯.pdf (559.31 KB, zryss.pdf)


>One could say counter-semitism is an intellectual pursuit

I wholeheartedly agree, which is why I find it dismaying when anons want to reduce the Jewish Question to the most mindnumbingly simple conclusions. The only reason they are of interest to these great minds is because they are something of an enigma, something I'm not sure that has existed in human history before, for their parasitic evolutionary strategy is unusual.

I highly recommend the part on psychoanalysis. Ryssen essentially psychoanalysed psychoanalysis itself and asked why the Jewish mind of Freud would have conceived of it.

27076c  No.12455989


That dude is one of the amerimutt spammers.

I wouldn't download that shit.

682f8d  No.12467563

>>12164400 (checked)

Thank you anon. I have been looking for a lot of these books. Finally downloading all the essentials.

8e31ba  No.12469446

Anyone have "Franco's International Brigade: Adventurers, Fascists, and Christian Crusaders in the Spanish Civil War"?

2c03d9  No.12471382

File: 70292534a1e42e8⋯.pdf (12.05 MB, Fry The Brain Book.pdf)

File: 6d692b912f2c631⋯.jpg (43.49 KB, 265x394, 265:394, Fry-The-Brain.jpg)

4d1431  No.12473826

File: d08086d0a3fd4ae⋯.jpg (455.81 KB, 800x569, 800:569, 1433686764369.jpg)

I have a request, anons.

I am someone that is interested in making a political career. any recommendations of books that could help me with starting it?

Bonus points for material about developing of oratory or realpolitik skills.

2e5312  No.12475044


I don't know any books on the subject, but reading any book out loud will help your speaking voice. Speak it out as though you're reading to someone else.

28de09  No.12475170

File: 49c484cd0688ab1⋯.pdf (2.3 MB, league-and-discord.pdf)


Here's a new one that you'll enjoy if you have the patience to get through the beginning - overall a tirade against modern ideas, weakness, and borderless internationalism with a science-fiction / literary backdrop.

0afac5  No.12494232

File: 572e8116e774b99⋯.pdf (2.93 MB, Animal Welfare in the Thir….pdf)

File: 376b5704a7a1db1⋯.jpg (219.76 KB, 500x728, 125:182, Animal Welfare in the Thir….jpg)

e7fef7  No.12495512

File: 0d0d5758921d9b7⋯.jpeg (168.75 KB, 700x609, 100:87, F01A29C7-7F4F-4722-92CB-D….jpeg)

File: d3bb9765d126f79⋯.jpeg (57.86 KB, 590x525, 118:105, 82E38AF5-E78E-440C-BFCB-6….jpeg)



e7fef7  No.12495515

File: 51eeb89c8700e46⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1859x1418, 1859:1418, 88CA5919-656A-4B42-80FD-A….jpeg)

File: 3e4530c22963188⋯.jpeg (3.99 MB, 2983x4262, 2983:4262, F6D9CEC8-22E5-44A2-83B8-9….jpeg)

File: 6a85b59b204cd33⋯.jpeg (396.83 KB, 1052x1438, 526:719, EEEA716F-10A1-4542-8CCF-9….jpeg)

File: 9497f75d754fc55⋯.jpeg (149.56 KB, 780x956, 195:239, B15B88B9-090C-43EF-8B83-9….jpeg)

e7fef7  No.12495529

Ancient eugenics


e7fef7  No.12495532

textsAdonis Georgiades Homosexuality In Ancient Greece The Myth Is Collapsing


8c1714  No.12495834

File: 17570364c0b3833⋯.pdf (2.59 MB, Centuries of Revolution.pdf)

File: 5dd8e7fe7ded5f5⋯.pdf (2.63 MB, Tradition of the Mother.pdf)

File: 534ab5aed702a03⋯.pdf (2.04 MB, Blackballed_by_History.pdf)

File: 7bc99d934de74e9⋯.pdf (2.58 MB, Racial_Powder_Keg.pdf)

File: 56ae6fcf65d52c9⋯.pdf (2.36 MB, Numec_Report.pdf)

Some AFP/TBR books.

8c1714  No.12495837

File: 8e4440d62453997⋯.pdf (2.24 MB, Perfidy.pdf)

File: 270dd800b1e6352⋯.pdf (3.53 MB, Truthseekers_Guide_to_Fals….pdf)

File: 261f78bda898560⋯.pdf (4.91 MB, Bilderberg Diary.pdf)


A few more.

3daa39  No.12496959

File: c77e6a5f28d9215⋯.pdf (4.74 MB, [Hebrew Bible Monographs 3….pdf)



Thank you, these are original and worthy additions to the Library, never seen them before.

cf23a9  No.12498025

File: f8cad05d4b6d13e⋯.jpg (26.01 KB, 298x439, 298:439, read_a_book.jpg)

I've been trying to find an English copy of Leon DeGrelle's 'souls that burn'.

I've attempted making my own translation with a translation program and my own broken knowledge of French but the quality is terrible.

Does it exist or do I have to now learn French ?

3daa39  No.12504711

File: 98824bfec4cd78d⋯.pdf (1.54 MB, Racemixing in Rome.pdf)

Bump for literacy.

27076c  No.12508710

Bump to get civnat homos off the board.

2d759f  No.12510160

File: 6cda3063bda60f6⋯.jpg (138.75 KB, 501x810, 167:270, 1978-09-08.jpg)


Mega I made whit all the books by Prabhupada that I was able to find : https://mega.nz/#F!xNZhAZha!pu7OrPzQqPXUYdyINwJEbg

81255d  No.12510263


you can't buy it, the english version is a pirate translation made by various waves of Anons working on a few chapters at a time on several boards

there are official (merchandized) versions in german and french besides the russian original (all of them hard to find)

but an english version was forbidden by a lobby of jew book publishers in merica

2d759f  No.12510337

File: 3cf2980fcb6a3e4⋯.jpg (53.24 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-i-thank-heaven-for-a….jpg)

File: c4b0bf18da437f5⋯.jpg (118.13 KB, 800x566, 400:283, Quotes-by-Srila-Prabhupada….jpg)

File: dff140f7667c349⋯.jpg (127.98 KB, 1200x809, 1200:809, CkQUjFaVEAAgYls.jpg)

File: 43154b5e391dee2⋯.jpg (47.56 KB, 485x320, 97:64, main-qimg-138e68ec660b442e….jpg)

File: 469220ab606fcfa⋯.jpg (106.94 KB, 634x476, 317:238, 2915619700000578-0-image-a….jpg)


Who knows.

The Indian National Army (INA) was an armed force formed by Indian nationalists in 1942 in Southeast Asia during World War II. Its aim was to secure Indian independence from British rule. It formed an alliance with the Empire of Japan in the latter's campaign in the Southeast Asian theatre of WWII. The army was first formed in 1942 under Mohan Singh, by Indian PoWs of the British-Indian Army captured by Japan in the Malayan campaign and at Singapore. This first INA collapsed and was disbanded in December that year after differences between the INA leadership and the Japanese military over its role in Japan's war in Asia. It was revived under the leadership of Subhash Chandra Bose after his arrival in Southeast Asia in 1943. The army was declared to be the army of Bose's Arzi Hukumat-e-Azad Hind (the Provisional Government of Free India). Under Bose's leadership, the INA drew ex-prisoners and thousands of civilian volunteers from the Indian expatriate population in Malaya (present-day Malaysia) and Burma This second INA fought along with the Imperial Japanese Army against the British and Commonwealth forces in the campaigns in Burma, in Imphal and at Kohima, and later against the successful Burma Campaign of the Allies.

After the INA's initial formation in 1942, there was concern in the British-Indian Army that further Indian troops would defect. This led to a reporting ban and a propaganda campaign called "Jiffs" to preserve the loyalty of the sepoys. Historians like Peter W. Fay who have written about the army, however, consider the INA not to have had significant influence on the war. The end of the war saw a large number of the troops repatriated to India where some faced trials for treason. These trials became a galvanising point in the Indian Independence movement. The Bombay mutiny in the Royal Indian Navy and other mutinies in 1946 are thought to have been caused by the nationalist feelings that were caused by the INA trials. Historians like Sumit Sarkar, Peter Cohen, Fay and others suggest that these events played a crucial role in hastening the end of British rule. A number of people associated with the INA during the war later went on to hold important roles in public life in India as well as in other countries in Southeast Asia, most notably Lakshmi Sehgal in India, and John Thivy and Janaki Athinahappan in Malaya.

The legacy of the INA is controversial. It was associated with Imperial Japan and the other Axis powers, and accusations were levelled against INA troops of being involved and complicit in Japanese war crimes. The INA's members were viewed as Axis collaborators by British soldiers and Indian PoWs who did not join the army, but after the war they were seen as patriots by many Indians. Although they were widely commemorated by the Indian National Congress in the immediate aftermath of Indian independence, members of the INA were denied freedom fighter status by the Government of India, unlike those in the Gandhian movement. Nevertheless, the army remains a popular and passionate topic in Indian culture and politics.


2d759f  No.12510363


"He was the one who formed first Independent Government of Bharat in exile, which was recognised by more than 11 countries. Unfortunately, this history is deliberately washed out from our memory by the post-Independence leadership,"

"Many such conspiracy theories are associated with the Nehru-Gandhi family, but this is turning out to be the mother of all conspiracies. It is clear now that the Congress Party and especially Nehru-Gandhi family has lot many questions to answer on Netaji and other leaders with different ideological positions. The irony is the same Nehru and his heirs claim to be the founders of democracy and tolerance in Bharat… "

"It is sad that the person who asked for blood of Bharateeyas for Independence could not have his last breath on the motherland, his family was spied and his associates were treated as criminals in the post-Independent Bharat. Declassification of files on Netaji Bose by the Paschim Banga Government has ratified the suspicion about the cover up surrounding Netaji's death and shameful conspiracy of spying his family members."


Srila Prabhupada, Lecture, Sri Caitanya-caritamrta Adi 07.109-114, San Francisco :

Gandhi, he wanted to prove, from Bhagavad-gītā, nonviolence. The Bhagavad-gītā is being preached in the battlefield, and it is completely violence. How he can prove? Therefore he is dragging the meaning out of his own con… It is very troublesome, and anyone who will read such interpretation, he is doomed. He is doomed because the Bhagavad-gītā is meant for awakening your Kṛṣṇa (God) consciousness. If that is not awakened, then it is useless waste of time.

Srila Prabhupada, Bhagavad-gita 1.36 :

“According to Vedic injunctions there are six kinds of aggressors: 1) a poison giver, 2) one who sets fire to the house, 3) one who attacks with deadly weapons, 4) one who plunders riches, 5) one who occupies another’s land, and 6) one who kidnaps a wife. Such aggressors are at once to be killed, and no sin is incurred by killing such aggressors.”

If you accept Bhagavad-gita as authority or one of the authorities, so you cannot misinterpret the statement in the Bhagavad-gita. But the Westerners, they are very expert in misinterpreting even their own Bible. We say that if you interpret any sastra, either Bible or Bhagavad-gita, then it is no more sastra. It is your play toy.

Prabhupada Morning Walk, April 2, 1975, Mayapur.

Hare Krishna Redpills :



2d759f  No.12510377

File: 5fba78ff9885020⋯.jpg (195.07 KB, 1466x1073, 1466:1073, netaji-subhas-chandra-bose….jpg)

96ae48  No.12510382


I reckon those questions aren't more than the shower thoughts type. That anon spams "Parabhupada" across the board.

It resembles an individualistic subculture to me, the seemingly lost Europeans who go/reach to the East thinking they'll find the 'the truth' (in reality I think a replacement to their broken identity) there, popularized post-war.


Are you http://truth.prabhupada.org.uk/about-me

2d759f  No.12510410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, but it was that man's red pills that led me down the transcendental rabbit hole. I had seen a video called "are you an Illuminati mind control animal" and after a few months I searched for that video again and fortunately youtube had not yet shut it down at the time. I then started watching allot of Prabhupad speeches, downloaded his books and now I have psychical copies at home and am distributing his books to my friends and acquaintances.

t is essential that we preserve the original books and teachings of Srila Prabhupada for the future as ISKCON and BBT have no interest preserving these books. They are constantly publishing new and revised editions of Prabhupada’s books so gradually, over time, the books published by ISKCON and the BBT will no longer have any resemblance to the books Srila Prabhupada originally published. Already the “Revised and Enlarged” edition of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is the BBT are currently publishing and ISKCON is distribution is substantially different from Prabhupada’s original Gita in many very significant ways, and their policy is to change it more and more every time they reprint it…


2d759f  No.12510412


>>psychical copies

physical* copies pardon my incompetence

96ae48  No.12510432






90% of that content isn't book related, take that spam to a general thread of yours. Are you capable of posting about anything other than that Indian and something vaguely related to him?

2d759f  No.12510440


>>90% of that content isn't book related

>>Are you capable of posting about anything other than that Indian

It is believed that Bhaktivedanta Swami's most significant contribution are his books.Within the final twelve years of his life Bhaktivedanta Swami translated over sixty volumes of classic Vedic scriptures (such as the Bhagavad Gita, Chaitanya Charitamritaand the Srimad Bhagavatam) into the English language.


2d759f  No.12510444

File: 7d208e0c1a7ca8c⋯.jpg (240.46 KB, 937x1200, 937:1200, 1a4245a3b93c905a92d59b9a76….jpg)

File: b67410465b61f26⋯.jpg (185.17 KB, 1280x991, 1280:991, a6bdc02e28277d1449fd81f670….jpg)

File: 8a847b54aef59a5⋯.jpg (60.45 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-i-think-this-society….jpg)

File: 6d6642b02307d39⋯.jpg (60.26 KB, 500x375, 4:3, FotDOX3.jpg)

File: afe3b04bdd9a76b⋯.jpg (113.53 KB, 518x470, 259:235, if-god-is-all-you-have-you….jpg)

cf23a9  No.12525000

I want to put together a collection on the SS.

Specifically any training materials, materials on the requirements for entry into the organization, physical fitness manuals, education manuals, organizational structure and management/leadership principles.

Anything that focuses on the practical aspect rather than on theory/ideology (we frankly have an overabundance of ideological works and a shortage of practical manuals)

These were the greatest warriors in all of human history, I'm interested in how the organization actually functioned and how they trained.

3daa39  No.12537743

Another bump for literacy. This should really be stickied

b0110f  No.12539293

File: ad226dec2c8b106⋯.pdf (811.63 KB, From Admiral To Cabin Boy ….pdf)

File: eeeaa04e2372b48⋯.jpg (467.89 KB, 662x1100, 331:550, From Admiral To Cabin Boy ….jpg)

From Admiral to Cabin Boy

"A first-hand account of imprisonment without trial under Britain’s notorious World War II-era “Section 18b” regulation, written by the Admiral Sir Barry Edward Domvile, the highest ranking British armed forces officer to be detained for seeking friendship with Germany and opposing the outbreak of the war.

This book, first published in 1947, starts with a short biographical review before moving on to a geopolitical assessment of Britain’s overseas possessions. The author then discusses his efforts to create peace with Germany through his “The Link” organization, and how these efforts led to his arrest and detention in Brixton Prison for three years from 1940 to 1943.

Along the way, Domvile reviews what he saw as the major force behind the war: a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy which he called “Judmas,” which he said, “has wielded such a baneful influence in world history”—although he stated that most Freemasons were completely unaware of the plot.

Detained in a cell next door to Sir Oswald Mosley, Domvile provides a fascinating insight into the conditions and arbitrary nature of the arrest procedure, which was carried out without evidence, court proceedings, or any evidence being supplied."

bd20cf  No.12541557

File: fd0bc40547e3d4f⋯.png (231.93 KB, 300x482, 150:241, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 30e249b9f9da82f⋯.jpg (24.9 KB, 300x482, 150:241, hitler-s-italian-allies.jpg)

Anyone have pdfs of history and geopolitics books? Mearsheimer and Niall Ferguson (curious about /pols/ thoughts on him since he says WW2 is a mistake but also seems like a neocon).

I wa salso looking for any pdfs about Italy and other Axis states during WW2. Like Macgregor Knox or

0408b2  No.12548921

File: 1a6b348e177bad0⋯.pdf (14.57 MB, Gods of the North by Brian….pdf)

File: 149dd90d3f4450b⋯.jpg (639.61 KB, 725x1200, 29:48, Gods of the North by Brian….jpg)

File: cca57947da53d95⋯.jpg (612.84 KB, 725x1200, 29:48, Gods of the North by Brian….jpg)

9d68e2  No.12558723

File: 89a4acb884d0848⋯.jpg (205.85 KB, 939x616, 939:616, libgen.pw.jpg)

Reminder of libgen.pw which is a compact mirror of libgen.io (but you can't upload there).

6bc634  No.12558804

File: f18b1cbb5ed7106⋯.png (523.02 KB, 700x849, 700:849, 1524021530.png)


Hi /pol/, is "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany" by William Shirer a good and accurate book or is filled with (((their))) lies? I am looking for a book on history of the Germany just before and during the Nazi regime. Also, what's the best history book on Weimar Republic? I want to learn more about the Third Reich and the events that load to it.

e7ecee  No.12559178


No, it has the narrative of lies.

e7ecee  No.12559207

File: da885c8b119ac57⋯.jpg (419.65 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, Jewish Domination of Weima….jpg)

File: 270423300b68a1a⋯.pdf (9.07 MB, Jewish Domination of Weima….pdf)

File: 0873d27fdde5f86⋯.jpg (185.04 KB, 533x800, 533:800, Communism in Germany by A….jpg)




They're both in this shop


Also check the books here >>>/polarchive/1

952464  No.12561730

File: 543b302a559ab57⋯.pdf (15.93 MB, SS Book - Freemasonry- Ide….pdf)

File: 84d5e9cfb898199⋯.jpg (67.81 KB, 400x608, 25:38, SS Book - Freemasonry- Ide….jpg)


On Freemasonry

27076c  No.12561785


Isn't that the one that said the entire NSDAP top brass was homosexual, and said that Hitler used to have hissy fits where he would fall to the ground and chew the edge of a throw rug?

27076c  No.12571791


25b66c  No.12572026


I miss hitler, I wish I can meet him in person hold me /pol/!

b6cb3a  No.12585698



Where can I find the books on Germanic Paganism, and Third Position Politics? My usual book sites arent coming up with much.

808e91  No.12585717


If you follow Christ, you get to go to heaven and meet Hitler.

eef372  No.12593011

>slowly realize that thanks to constantly following politics on the chans that I managed to learn many aspects of geo politics

>dive into books here and there that are supposed to be somewhat difficult to understand, but just get enamored by many of them

>"wait a minute, I understand geo politics and many other topics but my own personal relationships are shit"

>"I dont even have a gf"

wat…I mean…how does that even work. Arent geo politics supposed to be like real life relationships but instead with more complications? Why are they easier than actual relationships lol?

Its like getting on a dirt bike, and going down a shitty, trail close to cliff edges when you havent even learned how to handle a mountain bike. But apparently it somehow is easier still lol.

also any actual good books on geo politics? 101's?

a2cd5c  No.12594072


Try here for one https://hravan.com/

572ff2  No.12596927

File: 73577ed785076ce⋯.png (314.32 KB, 377x485, 377:485, 62623423.PNG)

The absolute state of book threads on /pol/.


UNESCO shill gtfo with your opiate-addled english ideology new age baby-rape anti-philosophical plutonium.

572ff2  No.12596939


>implying (((socialists))) aren't all shoveling coal in hell together for serving the synagogue

Hitler was not a Christian. History proved it.

572ff2  No.12596946

File: 972245b1b951bc0⋯.png (35.71 KB, 566x224, 283:112, 4141231233.png)


Hello Summerfag. Nice to see you again. It's been months, and I can still recognize your posting. How's the red-pill journey going?

25b66c  No.12598403

File: b723d3100687031⋯.png (1.59 MB, 990x2100, 33:70, 1473081974423.png)


>I it was a socialist

Been through this many times mate on this board and always got btfo.

Now lurk moar.

eef372  No.12600850


not sure if its the same guy but…I have been going towards a "business book" direction. More centrist books as well. Managed to go through quite a lot of materials. Sometime I manage to hit upon a "well shit, I learned this elsewhere before but havent been using it much" and then I try to think of how to properly integrate it. But apparently, just reading books, or anything for that matter is kinda useless if you dont properly process it. If you dont properly use it either. I remember bits and pieces from many books, but I hate this selective form of thought that our brains have. With different perspectives, I can see different pieces of information in media, including books, even if I read the same things twice…but yea. The most efficient way to learn about a book is slowly, and then to use the knowledge daily to make it cement itself.

That is why I thought I should learn about geo politics more. At least the academic definitions. I also remember "basic economics" by thomas sowell, that nigger. And just wondered if we get can more of these types of books. Not cheat codes per se, but just 101's for public consumption, without having to get a degree.

30ec2a  No.12600869

File: a83c7ba4f00165c⋯.gif (646.63 KB, 456x522, 76:87, natsoc-ss2.gif)

Okay, I know you people are lurking, give me your reading material.

I Need Books Portraying National Socialism As Actually Socialist

I dont want it to be true, I want it to be something a deluded bolshevik would cling to. I dont mean Strassers works or Strassers subversions, I mean books on things like the NSV, the WHW and the NSKOV. Things that talk about money being given from one person to another as redistribution… and some obscure books on the National Socialist government in practice, not in theory. Not Feder, but something on post 34 post long knives Germany.

30ec2a  No.12600873


That meme and the associated ones were made by strasserists btw.

7502cd  No.12601323

>>12194215 >>12194307 >>12194408 >>12194473 >>12194807

Merry Christmas, anons.


5ed999  No.12601491

File: bf4ca6d962d4a29⋯.jpg (114.21 KB, 1080x1469, 1080:1469, Screenshot_20181224-163221….jpg)

File: cfe8347a1feadec⋯.pdf (14.82 MB, SS_Guerrilla_Warfare_Manua….pdf)


Here's the pdf for it.

833b1f  No.12602515

Requesting any of these books by David Kilcullen

>The Accidental Guerrilla, Counterinsurgency, Out of the Mountains and Blood Year.

Id especially appreciate Counterinsurgency but Im guessing only The Accidental Guerilla will be commonly available on pdf.

84a2a8  No.12603762


Fucking yes. Thank you anon.

470864  No.12604452

File: 060a9fa612b9d94⋯.png (177.59 KB, 416x606, 208:303, natsoc-anti-marxist.png)

This is actually important and will potentially make a big different in a way I dont want to explain. Please, requesting books on National Socialism and its more socialistic aspects, such as the healthcare carried over from Weimar, the charity groups who were merged into government and the relief groups like those responsible for proving winter clothing for soldiers… and just generally well written post WW2 books on National Socialism in practice, post power attainment.

d5db9b  No.12604472


Have you any familiarity with the so-called King's Torah? As per some thread on the halfchan,

> *THE BOOK ISRAEL DOESN'T WANT YOU TO READ: King's Torah - 'Torat HaMelech' (תורת המלך). This book caused an uproar for being essentially a Halakah-based (Jewish law) justification for the killing of non-jews who threaten Jewish interests. We need help translating it. If you're proficient in Hebrew, let us know.

9efe2b  No.12604953

File: 131b90e67829b09⋯.pdf (8.84 MB, The_Language_Crystal_text.pdf)

File: c9250818fd4d07c⋯.pdf (6.48 MB, Mein Kampf Manga (2009) - ….pdf)

File: 2ff39e0eb63754b⋯.pdf (597.41 KB, TheNamelessWar.pdf)

The Language Crystal

Mein Kampf manga (partial English translation

The Nameless War

a5373a  No.12606835


That's a wierd way to not address my point.

a5373a  No.12606856


Are you implying that socialism and Christianity are intrinsic systems, to which Hitler was perfectly aligned? I can dump multiple BOOKS (not just some blogpost garbage) EXPLAINING the whole jewish purpose of WW2. Yes, there are people like Jim Condit Jr., who lean too heavily on jewish persectives of Hitler to explain his jew ties, but he's not a proper example of an expert on the matter. Hitler was not ethnically jewish, that is all lies and propaganda like a lot of Rothschild disinfo. However, he was historically a mere pawn of the Rothschilds in a game that apparantly nobody from within this little masonic cryptojew anti-Christan socLARP hugbox can grasp. That's right, I said I am not from here, but I once used to lurk in these muddied waters frequently. Before you try fallaciously appeal to community, I'll have you know that I was once one of the top contributors to this board in it's prime.

a5373a  No.12606867

File: 33d432cda837a4b⋯.png (628.06 KB, 625x466, 625:466, 28.PNG)


Your picture encapsulates socLARPing perfectly. The history of socialism is just gentile reactionary thought, stemming from jewish influence.

Natsoc is no different than

>muh jew marx, therefore muh jew stalin

You guys should be ashamed for having to take so long to wrap your fucking heads around that issue. Just remember, if you subscribe to a reactionary political framework, you are literally controlled opposition.

a62645  No.12606877


Hitler is the savior of the white race. Shills like you who attempt to say he was just a puppet of the Rothschilds or otherwise attempt to denigrate him are playing into the hands of the kikes, who recognize that Hitler is a great hero to the white race and thus attempt to convince whites to believe their lies and hate him.

Hitler wasn't a pawn; the ones who claim this are themselves the pawns of the kikes.

be9f3e  No.12606880


congrats on having a cursory understanding of dialectics you absolute plebeian /leftypol/ cockroach.

8271a3  No.12606916



eb9600  No.12607747

I love books

27076c  No.12607880


>pawn of the rothschilds

Whelp, they sure went through a lot of trouble to smash a mere puppet.


Marx was jewish, and even if stalin wasn't (which I seriously doubt), he was Caucasus trash leading a slav empire which he had no business running.

He was also extremely buddy-buddy with jews.

>but muh soviet antisemitism

The only jews the soviet union hated were Zionist jews. Atheist jews were perfectly fine.


People like de gaulle and other proto cuckservatives were reactionary.

11f627  No.12608647

File: 232363be334c2a8⋯.pdf (76.55 KB, 87senrpt.pdf)

File: 75be89577dc8428⋯.pdf (1.02 MB, The New Peonage.pdf)

File: 3f3a7421edeb96b⋯.pdf (3.08 MB, BioInitiative_Report.pdf)

11f627  No.12608682

File: bc1da081a6bed3b⋯.pdf (570.06 KB, lebm27-135.pdf)

File: c8bfe5b4dac3dab⋯.pdf (65.07 KB, CMS1763.pdf)

File: 04f549b4d1ea7b0⋯.pdf (180.55 KB, ExperimentWithoutEmpiricis….pdf)

File: 9a206b2be1004b5⋯.pdf (3.21 MB, The Human Person.pdf)

Dirty Electricity Elevates Blood Sugar Among

Electrically Sensitive Diabetics and May Explain

Brittle Diabetes

Form CMS 1763 - cancel social security and medicare "taxes"

Experiment Without Empiricism: Occult Practices in (and for) Experimental Philosophy

The Human Person Thomas P. Fogarty

Loyola University Chicago

The individual today stands over against a rapidly changing society. Sometimes he has the feeling that he is standing alone or that in some way he is rapidly getting out beyond his depth. The prospect alarms him.

Contemplating the sphere of his human autonomy being invaded by the encroaching organizational structures of the society in which he lives, and his future being shap1d by cultural determinants over which he seems to have less and less control, he becomes uneasy and disqui.eted. Less confident than formerly in the rapidly expanding limits of his knowledge and the amazingly ingenious skills of his advancing te~hnology, he is more inclined at the moment to pause and question his human values. In this way man is becoming more aware of man; persons, of persons.This awareness is apparent in many spheres of man's life–in industrial relations, in personnel management, in community planning, in family life, and even in international relations. It was apparent, for example, in the communications media of the world press after the Czechoslovakian affair of 1968, as it was with particular reference to industrial, commercial, and academic institutions in France and the U.S.A. at the end of the Summer of 1968. It was already apparent to a marked degree in the documents.of the Second Vatican Council. The basic theme in fact of the first of these documents, the theme which sets the tone for all the rest, is exactly this: the Church's responsibility for upholding the importance, the dignity~ and the value of the human person

a5f0d5  No.12609332


pic on the right is an extreme shut in doomer, and hoarder, but it's not zundel's

5167a9  No.12609352


kill yourself William Guy Carr Jr.

e717d5  No.12612496

Germanic paganism library at: http://hravan.com

1fbbc9  No.12612994

File: 696aa8e985244ad⋯.jpg (47.89 KB, 616x388, 154:97, Hitler-Arrests-King-Kike.jpg)


All the Jew money went to the Strasserists you absolute fucking invalid.

cf23a9  No.12613901


I mean are you under some kind of delusion than National Socialism was some kind of free market libertarian paradise ? Because you've been duped from multiple angles if you believe that, or even want it to be true.

a867bc  No.12624452


8e31ba  No.12624484

File: 15ebf96895e83b8⋯.jpg (59.97 KB, 999x547, 999:547, sal.jpg)

Anyone have anything by Salazar that's translated?

259351  No.12624550

File: 3103445386814ac⋯.pdf (8.9 MB, Lothrop Stoddard - Into th….pdf)


This book gives a pretty clear look at how things were run in Germany. Though it is wartime reporting, so there would be differences from peacetime, but even in peacetime, resources were limited, and thus heavily controlled.

8e31ba  No.12625004

I am looking for more books on Romanias Iron Guard and Codreanu. Ive pretty much read most everthing you can get and was hoping to find some more. Ive seen these referenced other places and was hoping someone new where to get them:

Crez de Generație by Vasile Marin

Orientări în Veac by Nicolae Roșu

The good romanians guide

a867bc  No.12625330


'Audiobooks anon' has recorded the first eight chapters of it so far >>>/pdfs/8073


1fbbc9  No.12631576

File: 5cba0594913a38a⋯.pdf (3.28 MB, Special Forces Guerrilla W….pdf)

File: 562898d20369f2e⋯.jpg (29.34 KB, 282x400, 141:200, Special-Forces.jpg)

1fbbc9  No.12631578

File: 61df96efbbd00f3⋯.pdf (4.59 MB, various-authors-ecodefense….pdf)

File: 63b32d257ac07a7⋯.jpg (35.14 KB, 383x599, 383:599, ecodefense.jpg)

1fbbc9  No.12631648

File: 0039f594eda1507⋯.pdf (5.4 MB, Getaway-Driving-Techniques….pdf)

File: 305572d87b624e2⋯.pdf (2.59 MB, 305572d87b624e251a878b757b….pdf)

File: 8353094834210fb⋯.pdf (2.29 MB, 8353094834210fb6d323c1f27f….pdf)


Second file is Mein Kampf, third is a practice handbook for private investigators

ee58be  No.12631730


nigger, have you heard of the fucking LIBRARY? go to nearest college/uni, go to stacks, find all of the greatest books, first editions and shit. or you can keep being a fucking NIGGER

ee58be  No.12631966

File: ce26b59cd75756a⋯.png (289.25 KB, 1355x682, 1355:682, ForeMan.png)


always with jews.

a3d435  No.12635757

Requesting any medical field manuals/first response books. Anything on removing bullets/fixing broken limbs etc

2e6d32  No.12635981

File: 494c83bc1308ecb⋯.pdf (1.76 MB, US Army Medical Course - C….pdf)

File: 25ec3bbd8be10c7⋯.pdf (7.36 MB, US Army Medical Course - S….pdf)

File: f5dbf976354ce4a⋯.pdf (3 MB, US Army Medical Course - T….pdf)


From the "Everything You Need To Know Ever" torrent under Medical\US Army Medical Course

>US Army Medical Course - Combat Lifesaver Medical Tasks - IS0825

>US Army Medical Course - Self-Aid and Buddy-Aid - IS0821

>US Army Medical Course - Taking Vital Signs - MD0531

>US Army Medical Course - Treating Fractures in the Field - MD0533

>US Army Medical Course - Treating Wounds in the Field - MD0554

>US Army Medical Course - Environmental Injuries - MD0548


2e6d32  No.12635989

File: 7c51de9017117b5⋯.pdf (3.33 MB, US Army Medical Course - T….pdf)

File: 245c7d9568bc90b⋯.pdf (2.94 MB, US Army Medical Course - T….pdf)

File: 013e5e86028640f⋯.pdf (1.16 MB, US Army Medical Course - E….pdf)

c11c18  No.12636494

File: ed1b740754302d4⋯.jpg (16.17 KB, 241x262, 241:262, beaver-clipart-1.jpg)


this could make a nice animated propaganda in the jewtube. The beaver speaks the truth.

47a005  No.12636534

I need any pdfs or other files that pertain to propaganda, subversion, disinformation, formulating propaganda, and other well worthy topics that would enlighten me more on this topic. Thank you.

c11c18  No.12636542

File: f08392de78e0ab9⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1081x633, 1081:633, the library of Alexandria.PNG)

this chan looks like the library of Alexandria. God bless all of you.

3daa39  No.12636548

File: 334c6310a2c153b⋯.pdf (5.59 MB, 1445500126241-0.pdf)


>propaganda, subversion, disinformation, formulating propaganda

Just watch the catalog for a few hours, and you'll see disinformation, subversion and propaganda galore. In all seriousness, try Edward Bernays, Freud's double nephew that inaugurated the profession of 'public relations'. That term, btw, was deliberately chosen because propaganda was becoming a dirty word after WWI. He also has another book I can't find right now. Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals is another good Jewish scheme-manual.

3daa39  No.12636554


>>>/pdfs/ Try the catalog here, I think there's a library of libraries that would probably help you find military manuals on disinfo and propaganda.

92df26  No.12636692


>This is commonly cited on here for books.


>Specifically this has a good lot.


92df26  No.12636694


>>This is commonly cited on here for books.




>>Specifically this has a good lot.



92df26  No.12636712

> Does anyone here use calibre software?

I have over 4k of books including tons of /pol/ books that need to see the light. The only problem is it is only about 60% labeled correctly and i've been doing an autistic amount of work tagging everything, getting title, author, and tags so that even the most retarded user can clearly find the relevant wrong-think books.

38c551  No.12637137


I'd just go through them by picking strictly the most valuable/interesting ones (at first).

46ae5b  No.12637955


Wow would be interested in having this collection as well as in helping tag it.

8cbc29  No.12644422


If you want help with metadata cleanup, the easiest option would probably be to enable calibre's server and hand out user accounts for a few trusted collaborators.

Longer term, it would be nice to have something like a book-booru, with user-editable tags and metadata that links to libgen/torrent/ipfs for the book files themselves.

058d65  No.12644857




Bless you, anon

f3b4d7  No.12644943

Excellent thread. Sad to see Zundel's bunker dead.

Will contribute soom but here is some sites i use.

https://librivox.org <- free audio books.

https://www.sacred-texts.com <- huge repository of religious amd spiritual texts from the ages. Some really esoteric stuff like Christian Mysticism and many versions of the Talmud.

Also recommendations for an e-reader or tablet? And software or API that can reliably rip books from google books and the like

f3b4d7  No.12644960

File: b58485995da70b7⋯.pdf (5.46 MB, Sampson_Option.pdf)


Marshall Mcluhan http://www.marshallmcluhanspeaks.com

Seymour Hirsh

Eustace Mullins has been on my to read list for ages now. Fascinating history he had with the poet Ezra Pound

6f4e95  No.12645002


E reader, an older one, will probably be less susceptible to surveillance.

Would go with that since it may be more comfortable to your eyes.

But tablet would probably be easier to handle larger amount of books.

I go with reader and I am satisfied it lasted for years

23ea98  No.12649480

File: dc7d7c84c4eeab3⋯.pdf (4.99 MB, Christianity's Criminal Hi….pdf)

File: 8144ddd5280e3d2⋯.jpg (288.28 KB, 779x1314, 779:1314, Christianity's Criminal Hi….jpg)


With a neater cover and a bit of visual tweaking

cff267  No.12650226

Does anyone have the Sources of the West: Readings in Western Civilization, 8th Ed. By Mark Kishlansky

352adc  No.12653547



literal life saver

26ae45  No.12653689

File: 2a013fc669a1542⋯.jpg (907.27 KB, 3990x2660, 3:2, pdf.jpg)

File: 2cf135425cd9920⋯.jpg (838.19 KB, 3990x2660, 3:2, pdf (1).jpg)

File: 78444632b0d0d34⋯.jpg (966.53 KB, 3990x2660, 3:2, pdf (5).jpg)


What we got here?

Its a russian ortodox church guide for chrism making

manuskript written in 1683 year.

What is chrism? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrism

It gives holy spirit directly to the person.

How it feels? 15 ml equals 3-4 month of meditation

Now we got english translation of this book.

Also practial reomendations how to make it.


9d381b  No.12656309

I am looking for books to enhance my oratory skills, debating skills, and my ability to analyze information and compartmentalize efficiently in my psyche.

eef372  No.12662751

I have been reading the collective works of Shakespeare, its quite a thrilling ride so far. This war of the roses. The political intrigue is off the charts here, but why is everyone basically so retarded? Lancaster vs York basically battle it out and basically almost everyone dies, and yet they still want the throne dont they. They could go "well, pretty much most of my kin has died and this kinda seems silly, some of us even declare war on one another on nearly stupid and trivial things (like warwick switching asides when he king married a thot instead of a french lass that he was sent to fetch), maybe we should just be content with being a duke and I dont know, not just all out go on a murder fest for almost no reason.

e8cdaf  No.12666421

File: dfa4e19f6a63d83⋯.jpg (73.11 KB, 353x530, 353:530, 100-deadly-skills.jpg)

Requesting this

e717d5  No.12666525

For the Nederlanders browsing this thread, two solid collections of books in Dutch:



3daa39  No.12666840

File: a486b879417fb08⋯.pdf (2 MB, CultureofTeutons.pdf)


This is why despite the fact that GRR Martin is a part-Jew (surprise!), I still enjoy the deconstruction of the fantasy literary genre in Game of Thrones. As a dilettante historian, I love reading tales like Lord of the Rings but the truth is closer to how you put it: two warlords gather their men to fight each other and everyone loses. The 'dialectic' of history is such that conflict is rarely rational and often mindless.

000000  No.12667131


Most shocking thing I learn so far about real Nazi life:

Another surprising matter was the number of officers and soldiers

sitting together in gay parties throughout the audience. I had already

noted instances of this in North Germany, but not to the same extent.

Recalling as I did the rigid caste lines in both the old Imperial Army

and the small professional Reichswehr established after the World

War, it took me some time to get used to these evidences of social

fraternization. The new trend is due to two causes. In the first place, it

is part of the Nazi philosophy to break down class and caste

distinctions, and weld the whole nation into a conscious Gemeinschaft

— an almost mystical communion, as contrasted with the rest of the

world. In such a socialized nationhood, the traditional caste barriers,

first between officers and soldiers, secondly between army and

civilians, are obviously out of line. The present German army is

undoubtedly more of a Volksheer — a People’s Army, than it ever was

before. This new tendency is also furthered by the fact that with better

education, specialization, and technical training of the rank-and-file,

officers and men are more nearly on the same plane. The old Imperial

Army, unmechanized and made up so largely of peasant lads

commanded by Junker squires, was a vastly different institution.

Yet, despite all social changes, military discipline and authority do not

seem to have suffered. No matter how friendly men and officers may

be off duty, the heel-clicking and stiff saluting on duty are as

punctilious as they ever were in the old days

c00eb7  No.12667167


It's a great read.

Here's a excerpt from Stoddard's conversation with the NSWL leader Gertrud Scholtz-Klink in chapter 13:

>"Unlike many women’s organizations elsewhere, we don’t fight for what is often called ‘women’s rights.’ Instead, we work hand-in-hand with our menfolk for common aims and purposes. We think that rivalry and hostility between the sexes are as foolish and mutually harmful as they are scientifically unsound. Men and women have somewhat different capacities, but these should always be regarded as complementing and supplementing each other — organic parts of a larger and essentially harmonious whole.”

<“Then woman’s part in the Third Reich, while consciously feminine, is not feminist?” was my next query.

>“Precisely.” she nodded

c00eb7  No.12667189


And here, in contrast, is what (((wikipedia))) has to say about Frau Scholtz-Klink:

>A good orator, her main task was to promote male superiority,

Fucking kikes.

eef372  No.12667599


Yea, the war of roses is the inspiration of the game of thrones… but comparing both to each-other. I kinda prefer the "vanilla" plot. The curses of Margaret, at the endish of the murder spree. By god. The whole dynamic between the murderers, upcomings and those on the sidelines, and those also getting murdered. I have not seen such things on tv at all.

More people should be really required to read books, movies as such garbage really. There is just so much novel content inside of books.

c00eb7  No.12667635


>More people should be really required to read books

When the Lord of the Rings movies were hitting theaters my dad bought me the books and told me he wouldn't take me to the movies until I read them. Good move by him, but he would never have had to do that if I hadn't spent years in (((school))) being forced to read stuff I didn't care about, and was given no reason to care about other than "muh grades".

There has been a deliberate effort to make reading joyless. Either that, or joylessness is the result of the bullshit they've tried to teach us, due to the lack of context allowed to be given, lest we realize we're being lied to. Either way, the jew's cinema is there to pick up the slack, and educate the young through visual/audio brainwashing.

eef372  No.12671646


the black pill, digital or in the normie world…it mostly hinges on "limited narrative perception". If they put out certain elements, of a grande narrative, through different mediums, through music, movies and other garbage…well then, no matter how you "think" and what you "encounter", you will reach the same conclusion, that is why society is so shit right now.

So where are alternative narratives? Yes thats right, in books, in foreign media (anime as well), in many different places. The more of these narratives you digested, the stranger the black pill seems to become, because you see all sorts of different explanations for the common whoes, whereas someone trapped inside his one narrative never will be able to escape it.

Each book that nobody else of your "country men" reads, is another book that allows you to escape the jews control on your mind.

c00eb7  No.12673227


It always blows my mind when people consume nothing but mainstream trash and then claim to have the world figured out. I have so many intelligent friends that are like this, and it has really made me think less of "intelligence". There's obviously specific character traits that these people are deficient in (at least in order to be more like me). Whatever. Nature is sorting it out.

eef372  No.12674598


There is no single characteristic or classification that would label those available to our cause. From what I have seen, there are many from all walks of life. Sure we gravitate towards one or another bit here and there…but there can be vast differences as to how one becomes open to other narratives.

but perhaps from what I have seen, as it is with your intelligent friends is that the jew caters to a diverse host of intelligent needs, of the whites. A single intelligent white may have one tiny difference as he perceives the world, and the jew probably created something for that person. Like the Briggs myers personality types made into memetic weaponry. Some assault vectors are more generic and simply because of sheer, conforming nature people gather up.

and that is the fun thing of this age, or all ages is it not? Darwin said "survival is that of the fittest" not of the smartest, not of those who have the highest IQ points (though it helps here and there), but what people tend to forget, when they get focused on genetics…is the complex and often weird ways that they manifest themselves, in combinations. Namely to that of the "trait" system. And a trait it can be something like "knowledge of passage of time" as it exists for most whites (but none for the negro), or it can be even more obscure and smaller still like "aware of the pollution that you cause on the environment" prompting the individual to recycle their waste more.

But yea, the problem is that we do not currently have a great communication of the subjective "trait" system (its subjective in exactly the same way as psychology is), we have countless of threads about racial realism…but what about the small differences between those in the race? What about the traits?

5bc09c  No.12674848

The Local and Universal Jewish Brotherhoods

anyone have the text for this book

fe794a  No.12675989

File: 153a09a0be8aa81⋯.pdf (1.41 MB, Dealing in Hate - The Deve….pdf)

File: e5ab848fae6d926⋯.jpg (186.11 KB, 721x1103, 721:1103, Dealing in Hate - The Deve….jpg)

c00eb7  No.12677214


The jews have certainly excelled in striking from every angle with their propaganda.

a5f0d5  No.12677220


Not difficult to achieve today when the jews own the banks, tv networks, publishing houses, etc etc etc.

At least the internet is free for the time

c00eb7  No.12677254


>Not difficult to achieve today when the jews own the banks, tv networks, publishing houses

The fact that they own all those is why I say they excel.

3fd4be  No.12678406

File: 6951776f3bfe85c⋯.pdf (460.71 KB, Rudolf Steiner - The Philo….pdf)

File: d018432da012a48⋯.pdf (2.66 MB, Rudolf Steiner - Knowledge….pdf)

File: f38bf7abb7f512b⋯.pdf (1.55 MB, [Classics in Anthroposophy….pdf)

1fbbc9  No.12678508

File: 63b32d257ac07a7⋯.jpg (35.14 KB, 383x599, 383:599, ecodefense.jpg)

File: 61df96efbbd00f3⋯.pdf (4.59 MB, various-authors-ecodefense….pdf)

I think this is already posted but trying again for the "already here" link

f39171  No.12678524


Our issue primarily is mobilization. We have the minds out there who are willing to work for pro white issues, but everytime anyone with any real competence tries to mobilize they get infiltrated by the fbi and a bunch of feds pretending to be so called nazis and satanists and all kinds of subversive kike op shit show up.

Overcoming this obstacle would allow pro white groups to actually succeed long term. Problem is, how could we do it. And how could we even communicate on how to do it without being monitored online like we are on here.

ac4011  No.12690822

File: b5f2660d81cf65f⋯.pdf (4.79 MB, Heidegger_Martin_The_Quest….pdf)


3daa39  No.12690921

File: 41fe414f2700c33⋯.pdf (1.72 MB, [Fred_Rush]_The_Cambridge_….pdf)


The first step would be to stop badjacketing, or permitting it with the men around you. Also, by setting strict parameters around things like 'revolutionary' talk. Look at a group like Sellner's Generation Identity. They get young fit white men and women together, where they can meet in a controlled environment, and use their bodies and minds to benefit their people. Clearly Sellner has headed off the most grievous accusations of Antisemitism by restricting conversation on that topic and addressing it himself, distancing himself from the 'Old' Right in the process. Naturally I do not believe that Sellner, nor the average GI footsoldier really believes this mission statement on the Jewish Question (or the lack thereof, if we want to suspend reality for a moment), just as I don't believe Jared Taylor when he says that the Jews have nothing to do with the racial mission of American Renaissance. Taylor, being an intelligent man, is playing the game, and well. He is always careful to mention the blatantly Jewish surnames of journalists he quotes, as if 'dogwhistling' to the crowd that he is Jew woke. I consider myself a student on the JQ and a dilettante historian in such matters, so perhaps if I went public in one manner or another (a blog under a pen name perhaps), I wouldn't employ such subterfuges, but I recognize their utility when applied surgically with organizations like GI and Amren, and I don't blame them for staying mum. Inculcating a racial sentiment in our brothers and sisters will of consequence lead to an awakening of the Jewish Question down the road, and some of us should be there with accurate facts. Probably a second step would be to always guard against well poisoning and point it out when you see it. Jews are known for literally and figuratively well poisoning for a reason.

8778ca  No.12692202

File: be63c0b371a444d⋯.pdf (2.93 MB, SS Leadership Guide by Alf….pdf)

File: fd73b47b1698cfa⋯.jpg (614.53 KB, 1039x1650, 1039:1650, SS Leadership Guide by Alf….jpg)




e47544  No.12695274

Could any anon recommend a book on active rather than passive traditionalism?

Is such a thing even possible?.jpg

d19686  No.12695615


Here is a video of German Fitness


They did more short, high-intensity types of cardio including running, jumping, throwing, crawling, balance/coordination exercises, etc. These have been rediscovered in recent decades by militaries.

One major improvement since WW2 is the inclusion of a lot more direct resistance training.

226a62  No.12695893


At 4:38 they do "kettlebells" which has become very popular in recent years.

903593  No.12702944

File: a011b2604b5a35b⋯.pdf (15.48 MB, Truth for Germany- The Gui….pdf)

File: 7b240aac3bb3c6d⋯.jpg (143.55 KB, 756x1241, 756:1241, Truth for Germany- The Gui….jpg)

903593  No.12702964

File: 3c605bae3a6bd52⋯.pdf (9.26 MB, Forged War Crimes Malign t….pdf)

File: bcdda0c7bfbe190⋯.jpg (411.98 KB, 783x1227, 261:409, Forged War Crimes Malign t….jpg)

c00eb7  No.12703294

b628b9  No.12704823

File: 8c8c1edd5501e04⋯.jpg (900.45 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, EMJ Books.jpg)

E michael Jones books?

Especially "Barren Metal"

Other would be great too. I already have Libido Dominandi, Degenerate moderns and J.rev. spirit

20442a  No.12705348

File: 1c70f4730700298⋯.jpg (59.07 KB, 300x450, 2:3, liberty book.jpg)

Has anyone read this? The audiobook was just posted on AvaxHome, but the fact that the title leads with "how the US" and (((Roger Stone)))'s buddy Robert Morrow left a glowing review makes me think this might be the same kind of kosher damage control as Stone's JFK book, and they're just trying to pin everything on the corpse of LBJ.

1309a1  No.12705447

File: ab3deefbe060992⋯.jpg (169.95 KB, 600x900, 2:3, Erasing the Liberty by Phi….jpg)


I think you just answered your (rightful) apprehensions.

1309a1  No.12705697

File: ff290fb85cc591d⋯.pdf (1.26 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)


page 17

ceaa80  No.12706032


>not gassing the kikes isn't #1


c00eb7  No.12706759



It should be discarded because it's a bunch of bullshit. For example, ordering his armies to take the Caucasus oil fields to grant his own armies a new supply of much needed oil, while simultaneously subtracting oil from Stalin's endless legion of behemoths, and encircling Moscow is what he needed to do most, but his dumbass generals disobeyed his orders and fruitlessly attacked Moscow head on instead.

0075c2  No.12707320

I am in political studies and my professors are shoving dumb bullshit and just making us learn definitions. Can you guys send me a link, picture, or anything that will provide me with a direction of which political theorist I should read. I want to be well balanced. But eventually I wanna start reading evola. I feel like I need to get the basics under my belt first. I need help.

c00eb7  No.12707338


What you need is basic principles to operate by, and an understanding of history. Hitler is the best political theorist, so read "Mein Kampf" (ford translation is best). He applied his principles (unlike most theorists) and rose to power quickly. Read "Hitler's War", too, to understand his mistakes.

dcea47  No.12707414


Stalag edition is the one to read.

c00eb7  No.12707522


I disagree. "Mein Kampf" is piece of propaganda first and foremost. The Ford translation comes with a commentary on changes made specifically for propaganda purposes between various editions, and also was painstakingly translated to be as accurate to the original language as possible, while being coherent to a contemporary non-german. References that wouldn't make sense to most now come with an explanation. It's a far more complete version. Plus there's an audiobook.

7d062a  No.12715206

Does anyone know where I can find Carleton S. Coon's book The Origin of Races (1962)? Supposedly the greatest book ever written on the true history of our world's different homos.

97ee6a  No.12715231


It's on archive.org


f8791d  No.12722780

File: ad1cb01303a3762⋯.pdf (1.33 MB, Into The Darkness by Lothr….pdf)

File: 6ef84894f33394b⋯.jpg (543.45 KB, 979x1443, 979:1443, Into The Darkness by Lothr….jpg)

New audiobook

By this anon >>>/pdfs/8073


fea49a  No.12723507

also; the story of man .https://ia802902.us.archive.org/10/items/storyofmanfromfi00incoon/storyofmanfromfi00incoon.pdf

fea49a  No.12723525


search by name on archieve.org

000000  No.12730956


" Sniper on the Eastern Front: The Memoirs of Sepp Allerberger, Knight’s Cross "

Josef “Sepp” Allerberger was the second most successful sniper of the German Wehrmacht and one of the few private soldiers to be honored with the award of the Knight’s Cross. An Austrian conscript, after qualifying as a machine gunner he was drafted to the southern sector of the Russian Front in July 1942. Wounded at Voroshilovsk, he experimented with a Russian sniper-rifle while convalescing and so impressed his superiors with his proficiency that he was returned to the front on his regiment’s only sniper specialist. In this sometimes harrowing memoir, Allerberger provides an excellent introduction to the commitment in field craft, discipline and routine required of the sniper, a man apart. There was no place for chivalry on the Russian Front. Away from the film cameras, no prisoner survived long after surrendering. Russian snipers had used the illegal explosive bullet since 1941, and Hitler eventually authorized its issue in 1944. The result was a battlefield of horror. Allerberger was a cold-blooded killer, but few will find a place in their hearts for the soldiers of the Red Army against whom he fought.

fa63e0  No.12731025

File: 2ee823e0e3ddf1d⋯.pdf (2.6 MB, Sniper on the Eastern Fron….pdf)

>>12730956 Here


000000  No.12731172


Awesome! thanks anon.

000000  No.12738035

The ARYAN motherculture

Has anyone the book:

The Missing Link: Powerful Evidence of an Advanced "Golden Age" Culture in Prehistoric Antiquity

written by Richard Cassaro




his book

Written in Stone

The Missing Link, has the potential to upend everything we learned in school about ancient civilizations and ancient religions.

During the course of my research and travels to visit the ruins and artifacts of Antiquity, I repeatedly found variations of the same mysterious “icon” worldwide. The “GodSelf Icon”—the term I use to express my discovery—is a prominent feature in most ancient cultures.

000000  No.12738048


Thank you anon. This book is hard, but good.

Page 26 / 27

"The scheme of a Russian attack was to send forward their troops in

waves. The first two waves would usually be armed, the rear two waves often

weaponless. As the first two waves were cut down, the rear attackers

advanced over the corpses of their comrades, availing themselves of the

weapons no longer needed by the dead. This was an interesting strategy that

must have had an unenviable effect on their troops’ morale. After some

thought, I developed my own response to perfection. I would bide my time

until the four waves were on their way towards our lines, then open rapid fire

into the

two rear waves, aiming for the stomach. The unexpected casualties at

the rear and the terrible cries of the most seriously wounded tended to

collapse the rear lines and so disconcert the two leading ranks that the whole

attack would begin to falter. At this point I could now concentrate on the two

leading waves, dispatching those Soviets closer than 50 metres with a shot to

the heart or the head. Enemy soldiers who had turned and run I transformed

into men screaming with pain with a shot to the kidneys. At this, an attack

would frequently disintegrate altogether. In such an engagement I would

often fire off more than twenty rounds, none of which counted towards my

final total of kills. In this manner over two days, in cooperation with

comrades, I played my part in saving 7./144. On the second night, the

company escaped the encirclement, taking with it thirteen wounded. I held

the rear, keeping the pursuers at a respectful distance with accurate sniper fire

until, at first light, we re-established contact with our main front line. The

question of ethics and honour involved in my tactics is open to question, but

against such an enemy as the Soviets, who had no hesitation in slaughtering

the prisoners they took, and outnumbered us ten to one, I considered it

justified in the circumstances."

f2a594  No.12738062


Was it really a myth that the russians really use Human wave tactics?

279278  No.12738075

File: 47a95f1012ac3b3⋯.png (261.28 KB, 768x353, 768:353, 2018-11-21_03-18-43.png)



Yes, it was massively exaggerated with the "zerg tactics".

During the winter war you could make these types of claims and it would hold pretty strong, but in 1943? No fucking way.

Make no mistake though, the German infantry was absolutely world class - but it was not enough for what would be the Barbarossa deathtrap.

Look up TIK on youtube, he makes great videos about this stuff.

e941a8  No.12738157


I don't see why it would be any different in 1943; not a "claim".

TIK is garbage (general comment) though what to expect from an e-celeb historydude; you won't get to the bottom of things there.

279278  No.12738186

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"e-celeb historydude" as opposed to what anon?

you need to hold back a bit with the contrarian koolaid. look to get a bit of perspective if you think he is even remotely "e-celeb" status.

video related. one of his best IMO.

Please suggest better content creators on the topic, I'd love to see more in-depth and passionate discussion. Not so easy to find IME.

f4870a  No.12745247

File: d7741995a9d4160⋯.png (772.61 KB, 1184x1460, 296:365, five years four fronts.png)

I bought a few used books recently, and was wondering if any anons here are familiar with them and have anything to say.

>"The Barbarian West" by J.M. Wallace-Hadbill

Mr. Hadbill is not a jew as far as I can tell, and this book was written in 1952, so I figured it a safe bet for some unkiked history. In the book he argues that the barbarians were actually in admiration of the Roman empire, rather than despising it, as is often touted, so arguing that whites look on in favor of other whites seems like a pretty non-kosher view, as well.

>"A History of Transylvania" by Stefan Pascu

The version I have is an abridged translation to English, but I thought that, even so, a some history written by a Romanian would be interesting. Unfortunately, reading reviews, I've discovered the book has a particularly marxist tint due to the environment it was produced under, so it must be read with that in mind. Furthermore, apparently the "facts" between Romanian and Hungarian historians differ greatly, so I'm going to need to read something along with this to make up my mind. Perhaps someone can offer another book to contrast.

>"Five Years, Four Fronts" by Georg Grossjohann

This one is a combat memoir by a German officer in WW2. Thought it would be cool to get one of the rare first-hand peeks at the German side of things. I should really learn German, though, so I can stop relying on (((translations))).

25b66c  No.12748549

Any books of recent time that are worth checking out?

084326  No.12748597



A first-ever translation

f1b141  No.12749285


bump for this

9b3e8d  No.12761580

If an anon were compelled to dump scientific articles and sources regarding the biology of human intelligence and evolution, which thread would be most appropriate?

e37fd9  No.12761912


A new thread on >>>/pdfs/ with a general title/image perhaps.

3629e7  No.12767757


>marcus aurelius

>a pic of caracalla

046d94  No.12767798



weak shilling try harder moishe

ac71b2  No.12777176

File: 72a7e9565798c8f⋯.jpg (460.56 KB, 891x1129, 891:1129, 72a7e9565798c8ffacc598708e….jpg)

Im a brazilian DUDE, so i can understand spanish also, can you mein kamaren, some authors like Miguel Serrano?

ac71b2  No.12777179


i miss the recommend sorry

d097b4  No.12779291

Requesting books on physiology, immunology, cell structure etc

7fe19c  No.12779305

I listen to a lot of audio books and podcasts/stream recordings while working. Are there any good audio books you anons would be willing to recommend or share?

000000  No.12780674

Just finished Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Jüri Lina. Great book thanks to whatever anon recommended it.

046d94  No.12781637


will check out thanks

25b66c  No.12794129


Thanks anon.

b08430  No.12807289

File: 00214ead8c36bf3⋯.pdf (1.1 MB, The Poisonous Mushroom, St….pdf)

File: 17108c06d9cdc9c⋯.jpg (782.91 KB, 997x1575, 997:1575, The Poisonous Mushroom.jpg)

A Third Reich book

0ed1dc  No.12816631

File: ff290fb85cc591d⋯.pdf (1.26 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 5f15289b98d98ee⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: 67d52d0efc0b9b8⋯.pdf (10.1 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: e7559f08a1b0b38⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

Posting the The Barnes Review issues I have; great essays.

0ed1dc  No.12816654

File: 4cc2231441f3cfe⋯.jpg (620.53 KB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: 692a10472a83fcd⋯.pdf (3.93 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: ee0cdf0f6555e26⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: 3c68a94a17425ff⋯.pdf (9.82 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)


0ed1dc  No.12816680

File: 148494bf9a8f5ff⋯.pdf (8.44 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 5eb4fa0776ed2df⋯.jpg (612.31 KB, 1136x1474, 568:737, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: 7725a401528d9bd⋯.pdf (6.34 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 7e071cf3b15bca6⋯.jpg (620.07 KB, 1136x1474, 568:737, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

0ed1dc  No.12816682

File: b8a280541ce555d⋯.pdf (6.25 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: eae5a6490b1bfb5⋯.jpg (632.68 KB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: cdc7ee75c726151⋯.pdf (7.25 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 9c547b5fd870503⋯.jpg (821.24 KB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

0ed1dc  No.12816697

File: 247ac9708aa0ce9⋯.pdf (7.47 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: c132a6c1a584624⋯.jpg (477.42 KB, 960x1245, 64:83, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: 4300b4caedb708d⋯.pdf (7.55 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: b2c0a46d3ec696c⋯.jpg (475.63 KB, 960x1245, 64:83, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

0ed1dc  No.12816718

File: 7fa2fd1cfed711f⋯.pdf (8.04 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 32124208565ab0a⋯.jpg (395.46 KB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: 8436864702db39b⋯.pdf (7.14 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 9f727e38ce335ec⋯.jpg (391.91 KB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

0ed1dc  No.12816723

File: 692a10472a83fcd⋯.pdf (3.93 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 19f874dd47b207f⋯.jpg (806.85 KB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: 97ebfa1c0468c73⋯.pdf (5.33 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: bf9b6581e3471f7⋯.jpg (785.58 KB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

0ed1dc  No.12816731

File: 425a311b3427b2c⋯.pdf (3.15 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 067d57cf946c815⋯.jpg (694.65 KB, 1256x1631, 1256:1631, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: 84984fc67a6c81f⋯.pdf (3.78 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: a2b1fb9e0303160⋯.jpg (705.17 KB, 1256x1631, 1256:1631, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

0ed1dc  No.12816735

File: 8dace606df3ff43⋯.pdf (4.16 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 5baf6fa780e1609⋯.jpg (598.53 KB, 1270x1666, 635:833, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: bd25be5fa4b1c0c⋯.pdf (3.43 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 742c25ad061c374⋯.jpg (685.25 KB, 1256x1631, 1256:1631, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

0ed1dc  No.12816737

File: 40799f593b39c44⋯.pdf (4.25 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 7ed3d0d79052d67⋯.jpg (646.42 KB, 1256x1631, 1256:1631, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

File: 02d1c3026661842⋯.pdf (2.35 MB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 81e565e35885cfc⋯.jpg (791.99 KB, 1256x1631, 1256:1631, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

0ed1dc  No.12816740

File: 7e33b84f29442ff⋯.pdf (492.13 KB, My Revolutionary Life - Mu….pdf)

File: 64332f6c9cb39e2⋯.jpg (510.9 KB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, My Revolutionary Life - Mu….jpg)

File: 148b5c4e70e82e7⋯.pdf (1.54 MB, The Barnes Review - Ike's ….pdf)

File: 26bc0fe8a54338d⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 1612x1950, 62:75, The Barnes Review - Ike's ….jpg)

0ed1dc  No.12816756

If anyone has more of them, do post

26add7  No.12816812


Do you have the pdf for this book?

6a8730  No.12818501

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


this video is quite useful for a complementary watch.

c315cb  No.12818689


There's an audiobook thread in the catalog. Lots of good recommendations there.

eef372  No.12819746

whats the best book on female psychology? Pls no bully.

c315cb  No.12819791

File: 3560b5524f6d00e⋯.jpg (88.76 KB, 658x1000, 329:500, bear.jpg)


Unironically romance novels. There's one from Canada just called "Bear". It's about a woman who gets dominated by a literal bear. I don't think you even need to read it to get the point.

eef372  No.12820000


haha oh wow, I was browsing the pua section and they had some evolutionary psychology but…yea…so is there an ebook…?

23b9d9  No.12820040


check some ebook/archive sites



78766b  No.12820051

File: 633835345cc605a⋯.jpg (62.38 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Ztr2uBr.jpg)


>At its publication, the novel was mostly received well by critics. Engel's writing craft was admired, with The Globe and Mail noting her "fine use of understatement, control, and economy."

>The 1976 Governor General's Literary Award jury, which included authors Margaret Laurence, Alice Munro, and Mordecai Richler awarded Bear its English-language Fiction award, one of the highest literary prizes in the country.

1f661a  No.12820067


That might be the single most canadian passage I've ever read.

07d42c  No.12820170

How do you read without getting distracted or forgetful of what you read, and also how do you keep interest in a book fully, some stuff in certain books are just super boring and then there are parts that are interesting and I just won't read for days when I'm on a long boring chapter or maybe very little a day

eef372  No.12820173


Just one tiny moment in time and stuff that I thought was serious, is completely gone. Thanks, now I remember twilight, the fish porn thing, the shades thing…women are quite shit in their taste are they not? God. If its not bears that they want to fuck…they actually fuck dogs…

I mean, this is all real, how can one with a straight face just look at a woman these days and take them seriously? ugh.

78766b  No.12820213


Women don't have a taste. Not the same way men do.

> Neither for music, nor for poetry, nor for fine art, have they really and truly any sense or

susceptibility; it is a mere mockery if they make a pretence of it in order to assist their endeavour to please. Hence,

as a result of this, they are incapable of taking a purely objective interest in anything

945f57  No.12820256

How The Jews Betrayed Mankind is great. It is a three part series, part 3 was released awhile back. You can find these PDFs easily. Though the site of the author is fucked for now, it's under construction.

945f57  No.12820260

File: 177b90d5217306f⋯.pdf (7.25 MB, SumerianSwindle.pdf)


Forgot part 1

993e7e  No.12820270

Does anyone have The Shogun Method pdfs by Derek Rake?

eef372  No.12820354


to please yea, sounds reasonable. Though I wonder if they have any preferences at all. At times it feels like language itself being completely male, in its usage and creativity. Its just so weird to see them write stuff even, like "I am looking for a long term relationship", and then when you talk about it they just…freeze up since they dont know the specifics. Just very weird. Ask them what went wrong…and how they adapted to it and you get nothing? So yea, pua recommended books on female psychology it is for me! After all these years I still for the love of god cannot really figure them out.

ef288c  No.12823941

File: 61df96efbbd00f3⋯.pdf (4.59 MB, various-authors-ecodefense….pdf)

c9e55f  No.12823954


^ Read at least an article per day anons is my recommendation

c315cb  No.12823957


PUA books aren't nearly as good as talks, and infield video. Just go watch some RSD on youtube. They're a bunch of scumbags, but they know what they're talking about.

0dbc7a  No.12823990



Ring binder? easy home repair? Is it this?


If so it was a 5 seconds of typing and first google result kind of surrealism.

0dbc7a  No.12823995


>Most Canadian

>No maple syrup or poutine mentioned

Nah, it's only about 56% canadian

c315cb  No.12824035

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>How do you read without getting distracted

I read aloud. This guy has some good tips, too.

c315cb  No.12824055


By the way, here are his tips:

>1. "Never read a book without a pen in your hand." ~ Benjamin Franklin - That's great advice whether you write in your books or take notes in a notebook. Personally, I write, scribble, highlight, argue and draw symbols in all my books.

>2. Read a whole paragraph / section BEFORE you stop to highlight or take a note. Don't stop right when you see something interesting; keep reading to get the "big picture" or context of what stood out to you. Then "reread" when you make your notes.

>3. Read important sections out loud. A person reads much slower when you read out loud than when you read silently, but studies show that if you read out loud, you tend to retain things better because you're engaging multiple senses (hearing and seeing).

>4. Read silently with quick "check-marks." There are times when you should read silently and simply use a pencil to "check" sections in the margins you want to go back and reread later. This will help you get through a book quicker without being distracted by stopping to highlight or write.

>5. Explain what you read. When you finish a chapter / section of a book, take a break and "think" about what you've read and, in your mind, "explain it" to someone. See if you can structure your thoughts so as to be able to repeat back to someone what you've read. This is a great exercise. I do this A LOT when I read - and actually "talk through it" out loud to myself walking around my office or in the car.

>6. Learn to "X-ray" a book by reviewing the Table of Contents and only reading the sections / chapters that will be benefit you. And don't feel like you have to read an entire book.

>7. Pay attention to summary words - "therefore" or "as a result" or "in conclusion." When you see a summary / conclusion word, make sure you understand the author's points and argument that has led to his conclusion.

>8. Circle / Underline key words in a sentence.

>9. Mark words you don't know - and look them up! If you have a Kindle this is much easier. Looking up words you don't know increases your understanding of the author's intent, but it also increases your vocabulary!

>10. You should read How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren. This is a "must read" book!

c315cb  No.12824071


>6. Learn to "X-ray" a book by reviewing the Table of Contents and only reading the sections / chapters that will be benefit you. And don't feel like you have to read an entire book.

Excuse my triple posting, but I want to point out that Hitler did this. He never filled his head with information he thought was useless just say he "finished" a book. The books are there to serve you, not the other way around; and you shouldn't read books out of some vain pursuit of being able to say "I read this". If something is irrelevant to your goals, then skip it, and go to a topic that concerns you.

993e7e  No.12824093


Read Chateau Heartiste and The Rational Male, their shit is on point.

7adbc4  No.12828239

File: 8b9236279864b7d⋯.pdf (804.89 KB, The Barnes Review - Volume….pdf)

File: 626a4adc354390e⋯.jpg (614.57 KB, 1262x1637, 1262:1637, The Barnes Review - Volume….jpg)

d045f7  No.12828295


Hard to take the OP seriously when he posts a picture of his own Adolf Jesus Hitler Christ who he prays to ever night before he goes to bed. Hitler Was pro - Germany, not pro - European. He fucked up Europe. If only he stopped expanding after Poland. Things could have been completely different today.

d045f7  No.12828299


And all his observations on Jews , homos and race mixing / eugenics were made before he was even born. Mein Kampf has got to be one of the most over - rated "radical" books ever.

e07aa4  No.12828307



^ This is what ignorance coupled with hubris looks like in text form.

d045f7  No.12828310

And for understanding Jews, go to the primary source. Read a fucking english translation of the Babylonian Talmud. Far more helpful and informative than laughing at hooked nosed Jew pictures like little retarded children. The sad thing is that Jews are portrayed in an even more NEGATIVE light by their own holy book then any of the shitty Nazi propaganda.

d045f7  No.12828312


Shun the non - believer!

c315cb  No.12828329


>Hitler Was pro - Germany, not pro - European.

Hitler was pro-German peoples, which included the British, which meant basically all of the United States at the time. He represented the philosophy that most here hold high: a love, and priority given, to one's own.

>He fucked up Europe

Jews fucked up Europe. The war upon Germans (not Germany) was forced by the (((banking elite))).

>If only he stopped expanding after Poland.

He tried to take Danzig back under the impression given by Britain that they would not intervene, and made many offers for peace afterward that included Polish independence, but Churchill only responded with the bombing of civilians. You have no idea what you're talking about.

d045f7  No.12828354


>Hitler was pro-German peoples, which included the British, which meant basically all of the United States at the time. He represented the philosophy that most here hold high: a love, and priority given, to one's own.

Which did not include the British or the Americans because they are not germans or Germanic. This does not make National Socialism a pro - white movement in its original form.


>Jews fucked up Europe. The war upon Germans (not Germany) was forced by the (((banking elite))).

Hitler knowing invaded Poland and managed to get away with it , then pushed his luck with France and fucked up, knowing full well that both countries had extensive alliances with other countries since the end of WW1.


>He tried to take Danzig back under the impression given by Britain that they would not intervene, and made many offers for peace afterward that included Polish independence, but Churchill only responded with the bombing of civilians. You have no idea what you're talking about.

He knew that Britain was a major ally of Poland that already had a diplomatic duty to come to Polands military aid if Poland were to be attacked since the end of WW1. The Poles to this very day are still pissed off that The brits and others did nothing to actually help them. You have no idea what you are fucking talking about.

d045f7  No.12828359

The only good thing Hitler did, was evict and kill Jews.

d045f7  No.12828362


>He tried to take Danzig back under the impression given by Britain that they would not intervene

Also this was never a part of any discussion. He invaded the whole of Poland. End of story.

c315cb  No.12828412

File: 8cb1f372d748d80⋯.png (70.55 KB, 889x331, 889:331, hitler and himmler on the ….png)


>Which did not include the British or the Americans because they are not germans or Germanic

Yes they are. Pic related. Hitler and Himmler, the two most powerful men in the Third Reich, deemed the British as closely racially related. And America had many German immigrants in it, that Hitler considered to be among the best German stock (you can read of this in his follow up manuscript to Mein Kampf).

>This does not make National Socialism a pro - white movement in its original form.

That's not even a thing I said, but the philosophy of National Socialism is applicable to any group, and to oppose it only shows your (((colors))).

>Hitler knowing invaded Poland and managed to get away with it

Britian declared war on Germany as soon as he invaded Poland. I don't see how that constitutes managing to "get away with it".

>then pushed his luck with France and fucked up

If the British could have set up base in France after declaring war on Germany, that would have put Germany in a much worse position, being that France and Germany share borders. Not to mention France was allied with Russia, who was gearing up for invasion westward. It was pertinent to take France out of the fight as soon as possible. But you don't know anything, because you don't actually read.

>Britain was a major ally of Poland that already had a diplomatic duty to come to Polands military aid

>The Poles to this very day are still pissed off that The brits and others did nothing to actually help them.

Almost like the war was really just about destroying Germans, and any pact made was a throwaway excuse to declare war. Interesting how everything you say serves only to take heat off of jews for instigating the disasters of Europe. Hmmmm…


>hitler killed jews

Prove it.

e07aa4  No.12828489

Adolf Hitler - Why Germany Invaded Poland


d203de  No.12829844

recommend me ONE book on jewish financial aristocracies.

a039cd  No.12830225

File: 1081c39501bb11a⋯.jpg (150.57 KB, 716x960, 179:240, Myrkþursablót - Nightside ….jpg)

File: 14aed69d3644ff9⋯.png (108.29 KB, 570x544, 285:272, GAP.png)

Any one got "GAP – a left-hand path approach to odinism" by Askr Svarte and "Myrkþursablót - Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology"?

e07aa4  No.12830263

File: 36f6c625a47745c⋯.pdf (8.32 MB, A History of Central Banki….pdf)

File: a09cdf1563df7cb⋯.jpg (152.13 KB, 604x908, 151:227, A History of Central Banki….jpg)

2cc4d9  No.12830273


Doesn't that book repeat the EA1110 myth?

2cc4d9  No.12830275



Forgot a "1"

e07aa4  No.12830445



What supposed myth?

26ae45  No.12831011


>Read a fucking english translation of the Babylonian Talmud

Quran 6:91

Who revealed the Scripture that Moses brought as light and guidance to the people? You [Jews] make it into pages, disclosing [some of] it and concealing much.

It is impossible to find a translation of the Talmud that wasn't made by jews.

d045f7  No.12833105


>It is impossible to find a translation of the Talmud that wasn't made by jews.

so you can just make up your own version of the Talmud instead? I was saying that a reputable translation of the Talmud MAKES JEWS LOOK REALLY REALLY BAD. Find a translation of the new/old testament into english that was not written by a christian? Find a reputable translation of the Koran that was not written by a muslim? Good translations that are marketed towards people of their respective faiths have to be faithful and accurate by definition

d045f7  No.12833128


>Quran 6:91

>Who revealed the Scripture that Moses brought as light and guidance to the people? You [Jews] make it into pages, disclosing [some of] it and concealing much.

Fuck off sand nigger

d045f7  No.12833131

If you are a sand nigger

042a61  No.12833200


thanks for that, God bless you!

f8791d  No.12834970

File: 706aeddaa22ed90⋯.pdf (1.65 MB, The Collected Writings of ….pdf)

File: cd0a5f5aa123377⋯.jpg (121.1 KB, 661x1123, 661:1123, The Collected Writings of ….jpg)

The Collected Writings of Gottfried Feder

5167a9  No.12835083


Do you really think this is what he meant? I took it to mean consciously storing or forgetting various information based on its importance. Am I autistic?

44bcf3  No.12835191

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It was popularized by the finally dead Jim Marrs, who cited an issue of The Spotlight, despite the story having been retracted in the following issue.

5167a9  No.12835298


>Jim Marrs

lol that's the crazy "america is akshually the continuation of the third reich" boomer

18e310  No.12838893

File: ba71fc61a79c36a⋯.pdf (2.47 MB, The SS Handbook.pdf)

File: 39647b5f63ec3a6⋯.jpg (242.15 KB, 1062x1754, 531:877, The SS Handbook.jpg)

26ae45  No.12839974


I got one story for you.

There was 51 rabbi, and they got dispute how to make things right and 50 rabbi says that we must do as Torah says. And one says that God tells him to make it another way, so 50 says that we got 50 of us and Torah says this. And one that God will move this three if I say the right thing, and tree move at 100 meters away 50 rabbi says this we don't care. Then one says that the river turns back and if I say as God says to me, and it turns back. Than 50 says we got more numbers and Torah says this thing. And 1 says that walls of the temple will fall on them and they start falling on them then one of the 50 says stop and walls stop falling a that rabbi says that Torah not on the skies but on the land and god can take his angels and go back to the sky than they hear voice and it says "OK lads" So don't miss the signs of God.

Basically, we need not censorship text, a tract of swapping letters. And these two:



48a1d4  No.12841201


Post part 3 if you have it please.

3daa39  No.12841919

File: 19032767473602d⋯.pdf (8.97 MB, Kabbalah (1983).pdf)

File: f1209150097d286⋯.pdf (4.9 MB, Origins of the Kabbalah (1….pdf)

Ok so the Catalog demonstrates clearly that a lax attitude to a controversial and publicized board like this only leads to litter. Here's a couple books to bump this thread to the top.

3daa39  No.12841933

File: 8efcef44951ae75⋯.pdf (8.11 MB, TwoShipwreckedGospels_MacD….pdf)

This was a good read, requires moderate knowledge of the synoptic problem.

3daa39  No.12841936

File: 57e7b27850b0e54⋯.pdf (1.21 MB, [Peter_Schafer]_Jesus_in_t….pdf)

Written by a Jew that studies Literary Aramaic and Medieval Hebrew manuscripts.

29d008  No.12842144



I just finished recording the audiobook of this, if anyone is interested.


It's still uploading right now, so give it a bit. There's 10 parts.

37660c  No.12842775

>>12842144 Archive'd


b19407  No.12844292

File: e8dc521967be9e9⋯.jpg (9.76 KB, 193x261, 193:261, images.jpg)

I forget the bump limit, but I am looking for something. Do you guys know of any books on culture? It sounds stupid, but I'm not sure what culture is. I'm watching the Fyre Festival and they keep using the word "culture." I dont know if nowadays you can just call most places having this poisonous consumer culture where culture = money spent lavishly. I just want to know that there is more to it or if things can change.

658fc1  No.12844347


A shared set of values and beliefs. Along with art and general intellectual achievements of a particular group of people who share a common element, whether it be race, region, etc. Yes modern society is "culture" it is a blended mulatto mix with less distinction between.

please excuse any typos as it is late

537a42  No.12844356


Check out Roger Scruton. There's a /pdfs/ thread here:


537a42  No.12844363


Important to note that the kind of culture we wish to see more of is the result of a united healthy people with the free time, and lack of stress to express themselves positively.

9c5be2  No.12849972

File: 4280cfee8e3cbbe⋯.jpg (11.92 KB, 191x255, 191:255, Roachey.jpg)

File: d31d901cd171749⋯.png (200.97 KB, 532x778, 266:389, 63e03445471989eb33ba6753f0….png)


The undead roach just closed a holohoax book thread, just like in the old days. Can't have too many people know about the holohoax.






Get them while the thread is still up.

20caea  No.12853816

File: f1472eb3f0b1fd7⋯.png (119.09 KB, 396x459, 44:51, Metapedia.png)



44a00b  No.12854599

Is there a torrent for Zundel's Bunker?

e7878d  No.12854633


What does that even mean? VPNs aren't online?

dcea47  No.12856443

File: 7f9b22aaf3ffa67⋯.pdf (5.65 MB, Who Started World War One ….pdf)

File: 2edec2e4c08d50d⋯.jpg (185.03 KB, 536x880, 67:110, Who Started World War One ….jpg)

1772d8  No.12856474

Can someone post Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds?

a2cd5c  No.12856534

File: cc1ad6f75bd0eeb⋯.pdf (2.44 MB, The Fame of a Dead Man's D….pdf)

24f37f  No.12856999


According to the original /zundel/ owner this isn't a complete archive, but it's more than you're gonna read anyway.


86089c  No.12857121

The seventh million - Tom Segev

Anyone have the pdf?

86089c  No.12857127



Trips of truth in Zundel memory

28d8e0  No.12857144


Its on a waitlist at Archive.org. Ernst Zündel discusses it in this series



046d94  No.12857602

Prison Notes by Codreanu?

eef372  No.12861678


Got the rational male to read through, while I went through The Female Brain: Louann Brizendine. A very highly recommended book. As someone who likes quotations, and research facts, this book has quite a lot of them, its like the life work of this woman. So much content crammed into this book. It was quite revelatory. Easily surpasses ALL of the lore that I have seen here on the chan. No political correctness either.

Allowed me to re-adjust (and hopefully be more efficient) to dealing with females.

608e04  No.12862015


That stuff is too raw for me to recommend to betas, so I recommend Married Man's Sex Life in their place. Regurgitates everything those two already state, but phrases it in a way that a beta won't immediately shut it down when exposed.

0bd150  No.12873108


8d302d  No.12875641


This is a great book. I think it adds a great deal of proof that Stalin would have attacked Germany no matter what and that Hitler had no choice but to attack Russia.

The main thrust of the book is the detailed study of the type of armaments that Stalin funded and the positioning of these. They were clearly offensive weapons and they were forward based towards Germany. The book is well worth reading.

ba3e2a  No.12875802

File: 9234e31fd9dd473⋯.jpg (150.54 KB, 496x767, 496:767, Book - Stalin's War of Ext….jpg)


If there's one book I urge to read about the Soviet side of the war its this.

>As early as June 29, 1941, the Council of the People's Commissars and the Central Committee of the VKP (b) gave instructions that all forces of the "Soviet" population were to be mobilized in the struggle against the Germans, and that an extensive people's war was to be organized in the enemy hinterland. The face of this "people's war" is representatively revealed, in addition to many similar worded proclamations, by a directive of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (b) of White Russia of July 1941, communicating the following data relating to the incipient "partisan movement:"

<"Every link to the enemy hinterland msut be destroyed, bridges and streets must be blown up or damaged, fuel and food warehouses, vehicles and aircraft must be burned, railway catastrophes must be arranged, all enemies must be exterminated: they must receive no rest either day or night; they must be exterminated everywhere, wherever they are surprised, they must be killed by any means that comes to hand: axes, scythes, crowbars, hay forks, knives…, you must not shrink from using any means in the extermination of the enemy: strangle them, hack them to death, burn and poison the fascist scum."

According to the testimony of the captured partisan Kozlov on October 1, 1941, the member of the Central Committee of the Party, Kazalapov from Khol'm, also demanded that German soldiers and wounded be "further tortured by mutilation prior to shooting."

>It was not only the partisan unites and partisan groups, some of them recruited by force from among the male population under the threat of being shot, that now began an illegal guerrilla war in crass violation of the letter and spirit of the Hague Convention on Land Warfare. The entire civilian population was irresponsibly drawn in, as revealed by a proclamatin directed at all residents of "enemy-occupied territory" by the Commander-in-Chief of the West Front, Marshal of the Soviet Union Timoshenko, and with him, Member of the Military Council, Bulganin, on August 6, 1941. The "workers, farmers, and all Soviet citizens" were ordered to "attack and destroy german rear connections, transports, and columns, burn and destroy bridges, tear down telegraph and telephone lines, set fire to houses and forests." "Beat the enemy, torture him to death with hunger, burn him with fire, destroy him with bullets and hand grenades… to carry out the destruction of ibridges in the rear of the enemy, use mostly local means, use expedients involving explosives… burn warehouses, destroy the fascists like mad dogs." All very easily said by persons who knew that they were in safety; the people would suffer the consequences. No army in the whole world would have tolerated such actions without the severest reprisals. Page 133

0118e7  No.12877376

File: 012648a7cc2c4b4⋯.pdf (1.56 MB, Trust No Fox.pdf)

0118e7  No.12877380

File: f0750d528eb9d01⋯.png (704.08 KB, 1600x598, 800:299, Sex & Character.png)

File: 3ceb6c56ac1cb4b⋯.jpg (150.25 KB, 777x1198, 777:1198, Kreutzer Sonata.jpg)

077376  No.12877681

File: 3e59b40df5f3dc9⋯.jpg (20.71 KB, 376x365, 376:365, anon reading.jpg)


>Adolf Hilter - Collected Speeches


>Mein Kampf (Stalag Edition)


>Der Sturmer


>The German State on a National Socialist Foundation


>The Program of the NSDAP


>History of National Socialism


>Hitler's New World Order


>How Hitler Defied the Bankers


>Ich Kaempfe - I Fight


>Those Damn Nazis! (Goebbels)


>A Chilling Tale of Propaganda (Goebbels)


>Lightening and the Sun


>Abolition of Interest Slavery


>Hitler's Second Book


>Vanguard of the Future




>Nazi International


>Nazi Sozi


>Handbook of NatSoc propaganda


>Origins of the 2nd World War


>Planet Rothschild, Vol. 1


>Planet Rothshild, Vol. 2


>The Young Hitler I Knew


>World As Will


>Aryan Mythology


>Bolshevik Identitarianism


>Bolshevism: From Moses to Lenin


>Communism with the Mask Off


66d23b  No.12880396


A good store

27ca35  No.12880801

File: b23f6125892a525⋯.jpg (83.01 KB, 654x900, 109:150, Cultural iceberg 3.jpg)

File: 530601c4009202f⋯.jpg (216.05 KB, 560x650, 56:65, cultural iceberg.jpg)


>I forget the bump limit, but I am looking for something. Do you guys know of any books on culture?

b6d16c  No.12880848


> Deschner was orbited by Jews.

Don't you know, my fellow goy, Europeans and Christians perpetrated the Holocaust?

08bea4  No.12883680

how about some good FREE audiobooks on Youtube?

some of us got long commutes or cushy jobs but we can't quite just start reading random books at work.

ce1099  No.12883725


MP3s, using JDownloader you can download them neatly.


08bea4  No.12883777

>And all his observations on Jews , homos and race mixing / eugenics were made before he was even born. Mein Kampf has got to be one of the most over - rated "radical" books ever.

I've heard its the prototype for the same sort of book that all hopeful politicians now put out as SOP, and the first one of its kind.

Now everyone puts out an auto-bio/manifesto combo to run for POTUS.

Show me one written prior to Mein Kampf, or with diff structure: early life and early adult hood, observations of WTF is wrong, story of how you came into politics, future plan.

08bea4  No.12883823


Yeah, I download to PC then play on phone with earbuds, but I'm asking for titles/links.

Few of ones I've liked so far:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

various Orwell besides 1984, like his reporting (his reporting seems to conflict with his antifa claimed beliefs, since Nazis were solving all the things he complained about in UK and France).

Arabian Nights 1001 Nights (pretty based, one of first stories features Blacks crawling down from trees like apes to have sex with a king's untrustworthy harem)

Mein Kampf (but only part 1, looking for part 2)

The Turner Diaries

Russian classics of 1800s: The Brothers K, etc.

Night by Elie Weasel.

Man's Search for Meaning

I also like various "true tales of creepy encounters", because they are mostly about how weirdos come up with all these ways to lure unsuspecting people into creepy situations.

b8358e  No.12883860


? There are dozens of titles in that link.

d27616  No.12895092

Requesting books on racial science, no kike subverted books please

000000  No.12895953


Richard Lynn:






Race, Evolution and Behaviour:


Share and spread the knowledge!

Shame girls, who are coalburners!

05210f  No.12897093


Thanks for the help, also today I saw a Russian woman with an ugly fat nigger (I could tell she was russian by her facial traits, big lips and typical russian look)

98bfba  No.12897574

File: e08b7eb2c6eb0ce⋯.jpg (16.79 KB, 257x387, 257:387, Booknewsun.jpg)


I can't find anything about this but it looks interesting, so I'll give it a shot, thanks. looks like they're taking stuff down for copyright, eumeswil, got removed. I won't even try to post pdf since it's newer and more commercial, but I just finished Gene Wolf's Book of the new Sun, and the sequal Urth of the New Sun. Definitely some fascist background ideas, such as the pervading theme that race and breeding makes an individual what they are, and esoteric lore that any esoteric fascist or reader of Miguel Serrano will greatly appreciate. The PDF is out there, if you can't find with google, reply to this post and ill help you get it, just no point posting pdf now when it'll get this whole post deleted before anyone sees it.

ed9b63  No.12899488

What's the name of the book that gets posted here where the author studied the fall of many civilizations and the last stage is where America is today? Would like to read that one

eef372  No.12900583


man this was a great book, so rare jewish shitposters are. It was a delight to read, too bad that much of the natural science of that age was rendered irrelevant by later, evolution science. But still very great none the less. Had a few concepts and metaphors that I remembered. Like the analogy of the flower, the seed thing, and the stem of the reproductive organ. One being shorter, or longer as the other is, almost ever teasing.

its exactly what women do dont they? They tease, as your own stem is short, they get into your territory, bully you, are loud around you etc. But then when you make the first move they slink back…you think "well she was making moves on me, and was all around me all the time, what gives" then you make another move, she slinks back further, irritating you. Until eventually she is nearly fleeing from you, throwing traps, ambushes and all sorts of matter preventing you from reaching her. Making you imbued with rage.

Well thanks for that metaphor otto, it allowed me to avoid one of these women, whom while she was quite playful in this sexual way, would have been a disaster for me.

74d7e6  No.12905751

Requesting books on how to organise effective paramilitary groups, preferably non-armed, something like what the "storm" troopers were during the early NSDAP, effective exercises for military individuals, also how to attract young individuals to such movements

f6b5c2  No.12905765

File: 7fd567565a1913c⋯.jpg (81.52 KB, 672x480, 7:5, elie-wiesel-quote.jpg)


>Few of ones I've liked so far:

>Night by Elie Weasel.

>Man's Search for Meaning

74d7e6  No.12906035

Requesting books on why immigration is bad, for both immigrants and the homogeneous population, in intricate detail, also statistics and data if possible, something that is not commonly known, other than the obvious violence between different culture clashes

908490  No.12908619

File: 667fbe99df416d8⋯.pdf (7.51 MB, PhD in Islam DarkTheme.pdf)

File: 0650c18e9486b1e⋯.pdf (4.01 MB, PhD in Islam LightTheme.pdf)

How about this booklet written by a /pol/ack which dissects in detail islam and its shady practices? It's about 300 pages.

84c7b7  No.12912390

File: 72d880835499211⋯.jpg (14.41 KB, 266x400, 133:200, images.jpeg.jpg)

Is Hitler's revolution a reliable book or is it another book that wants to make money from Hitler's image? What sources does the book cite? I want to read the book but I'm usually sceptical of reading post world war 2 book on NatSoc Germany

23127b  No.12912537


Yes this is a very good book, got it around a year ago.

e25343  No.12912637


Death of the West/Suicide of a Superpower - Pat Buchanan. Thoroughly researched, highly regarded books that Jews hate. Easy to read to boot.

0075c2  No.12914638

File: cabe1d96c006569⋯.png (958.26 KB, 966x662, 483:331, retardmeme2.png)

I want to learn about how to disseminate information and spread propaganda to affect the national conversation around an upcoming election. I have been reading Bernays and other stuff, but now I want to know how to manipulate Twitters and Facebook's algorithms to my benefit. Do you have any pdfs, relative threads, or sites I could use to learn how to do this stuff. Should I learn how to make social media bots?

4948d3  No.12914676


I can't find Volume 3? :(

4948d3  No.12914696


I want to extend my deep gratitude to the various Anons that made that book possible.

084326  No.12914756

File: 517f40c9c04f8b0⋯.pdf (10.87 MB, Hitler's Revolution- Ideol….pdf)


Check the footnotes.

000000  No.12936257

pdfs likely contain viruses and probably call home. Convert to text.

c45fe4  No.12936521


Thanks for the bump, paranoid anon. Convert if you wish.

c9e55f  No.12953399

File: af0f4d5b95a5039⋯.pdf (3.77 MB, PhD in Islam DarkTheme.pdf)

File: 9e0b59b689c86d0⋯.pdf (3.69 MB, PDF in Islam LightTheme.pdf)


Final (?) versions


2866a6  No.12957327


Do you think he would object if someone made an audio book for him for free?

4e599e  No.12966310

Requesting books that disprove man made global warming

3c3aa7  No.12970898

Does anyone have the PDF file of the full book called The skeptical environmentalist by Bjørn Lomborg

000000  No.12973368



a35059  No.12973457


>books to avoid

I like how you hid everything interesting in the wrongthink box.

7228b5  No.12973593

Churchill's War by David Irving

55a895  No.12973701


What box are you referring to?

13ae08  No.12973802

This thread needs more Knut Hamsun for comfy rural Scandinavia life. The ring is closed is great.

Hunger is terrifying.

fe794a  No.12984082


25b66c  No.12984090

Amazon are already banning books, anywhere you can own or am I fucked lads?

25b66c  No.12984094


It wasn't bad.

Pretty good.

25b66c  No.12984441


Better than any other jewed book that is for sure

0118e7  No.12985186


It is. And Pan is great.

000000  No.12986022

Looking for good history books. 3000 years+ to the modern day. If anyone has any idea how to go about it and what books are good and which are shit I'd appreciate it.

5f0067  No.12993832


6d9e18  No.12999305

File: 4ed4fb4057ff8e9⋯.png (6.8 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Watch Film — Sanction - Op….png)


by Roman McClay

A book about what it is to be great men, about accelerationism, tribalism, truth, and what it means to be -Alpha- when war is coming.

>Pain demands a response. This is not to say it requests, or invites, or suggests an answer to it in a timely manner. It demands acknowledgement. Now. This is biology, not politics. Never -ever- forget this. Biology trumps politics each and every time.

>I know a man, a man close to my heart -although I should be more precise, he is close to my limbic system- and this man has endured pain, pain of a nature so ornate, so byzantine, in so many domains, under so many conditions, and with some of the most sensitive pain receptors on any planet, in any beast. And yet, he seems callous to most women, a fortress to most men. His own family see him as opposite of what he is. He seems a weapon, when he's been -almost exclusively- the absorbing shield. He is fragile where perceived most strong, but his strength -in tableax few care for- surprised us all.

>He is accused, when they all ought be in the dock themselves for what they have done to him. But to the worms, the roots are the true bough fruits of the tree, what is above is mere shadow to that below;' to the birds the limbs gain water themselves from the sky; to the fowls the rain soaks only above their ground.

I am a quarter of the way through. I cannot recommend it enough.

War is coming, motherfuckers. This book will tell you if you are a warrior, you will feel it speak.

607268  No.13007950


2fdcea  No.13010385

d898ed  No.13010409

What is the general consensus on Will Durant? I have all 11 volumes of The Story of our Civilization but wonder if it has lost any of its informative value since it is from the 40s.

000000  No.13010599

bump thanks op

000000  No.13010644


revolutionaries always lack economic knowledge as kings had ignored and accepted central bank. economics are very valuable

e00a6e  No.13013790

File: 2bde6a32ec1ded8⋯.pdf (985.22 KB, On Martial Arts, Zen, and ….pdf)

File: bb49c4c32100591⋯.jpg (589.76 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, On Martial Arts, Zen, and ….jpg)

On Martial Arts, Zen, and the Blue-Eyed, Red-Bearded Barbarian by Ali Aliabadi

000000  No.13014873


Looks like quite the comprehensive series. I'd like to know too. It's on the libgen archive and I could get a pretty good education from this.

000000  No.13016845



FRESHMAN book downloads:

How to Read a Book by Mortimer J Adler and Charles Van Doren


Mastery by Robert Greene


How to Solve It by G. Polya


The Great Tradition by Richard M. Gamble


How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics by Michalewicz Z., Fogel D.B.


Ancient Engineers' Inventions by Cesare Rossi, Flavio Russo


Gwynne's Grammar by N M Gwynne


Latin: First Year by Ralph Van Deman Magoffin


Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student by Corbett and Connors


Introduction to Logic by Irving M. Copi, Carl Cohen, Kenneth McMahon


The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco



FRESHMAN▬▬primordial sludge just exposed by low tide


How to Read a Book && Mastery


How to Solve It && The Great Tradition && BEGIN Latin: First Year


How to Solve It: Modern Heuristics && Ancient Engineers' Inventions && Gwynne's Grammar && CONTINUE Latin: First Year

UNIT 4: yourlogicalfallacyis.com and yourbias.is

Introduction to Logic && Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student && CONTINUE Latin: First Year


The Name of the Rose && FINISH Latin: First Year

000000  No.13016888



SOPHOMORE book downloads:

Language L. Bloomfield


Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco


The Complete Musician: An Integrated Approach. . . . by Steven G. Laitz


The History of Science and Technology by Bryan Bunch, Alexander Hellemans


Human Knowledge: Its Scope and Limits by Bertrand Russell


Second Year Latin by J. B. Greenough


Knowledge and Its Limits by Timothy Williamson


Towards a Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Lanugage Comprehension by G. Scott McGlashan


Conceptualizing Music: Cognitive Structure, Theory, and Analysis by Lawrence M. Zbikowski


The Doctrine of Awakening: The Attainment of Self-Mastery According to the Earliest Buddhist Texts by Julius Evola


Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Shunryu Suzuki


Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics by Hubert L. Dreyfus, Paul Rabinow


The Princeton Companion to Mathematics by Timothy Gowers



SOPHOMORE▬▬a wise moron; or, a learned idiot


Language && Foucault's Pendulum && BEGIN The Complete Musician: An Integrated Approach. . . .

UNIT 2: The history overlaps somewhat with the Ancient Engineers book, but you should know how to skim read by now you cuck

The History of Science and Technology && Human Knowledge: Its Scope and Limits && FINISH The Complete Musician: An Integrated Approach. . . . && BEGIN Second Year Latin


Knowledge and Its Limits && Towards a Cognitive Linguistic Approach to Lanugage Comprehension && Conceptualizing Music: Cognitive Structure, Theory, and Analysis && CONTINUE Second Year Latin


The Doctrine of Awakening && Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind && Michel Foucault: Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics && READ PART 1▬▬The Princeton Companion to Mathematics && FINISH Second Year Latin

000000  No.13016937



JUNIOR book downloads:

A Discourse on Winning and Losing by John Boyd


The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene


A Historical Greek Reader: Mycanaean to the Koine Stephen Colvin


Ancilla to Pre-Socratic Philosophers translated by Kathleen Freeman from Fragmente der Vorsokratiker


Thales of Miletus. . . . by Patricia F. O'Grady


Greek Philosophy: Thales to Plato by John Burnet


The Complete Works of Aristotle by Aristotle, Jonathan Barnes


The Histories of Herodotus by Herodotus

Books 1▬2: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=682121BE7FD618E1EFAE4124AB695671

Books 3▬4: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=A167C2E1517F60F533BCE3D2B4CDCCBF

Books 5▬7: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=74D897D9EE775EA4C9B4246DF9F84C9D

Books 8▬9: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=2F2A35C1F295B1EB94FDFB9005CC3A1E

History of the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides

Books 1▬2: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=DADCF4324C923B7D8F5B38927B727479

Books 3▬4: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=A4526083DFBC4867A9D6E5DB1E81FC3A

Books 5▬6: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=8EC7532634678569C6536F8C764FFEBD

Books 7▬8: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=A17112F90808ADAEA77A0077DB8D23B6

Hellenica by Xenophon

Books 1▬5: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=CECD37AA545C0B624C4CC0BD4370FE19

Books 6▬7: http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=4AECE0F5CA2A7C9654BAEC9623B30D4E

Anabasis by Xenophon



JUNIOR▬▬it's sink or swim, junior, and there's sharks in the water

UNIT 1: Gold-Standard Winning

A Discourse on Winning and Losing && READ PART 2▬▬The Princeton Companion to Mathematics


The 33 Strategies of War && A Historical Greek Reader: Mycanaean to the Koine && BEGIN Latin by the Natural Method: Third Year


Ancilla to Pre-Socratic Philosophers && CONTINUE Latin by the Natural Method: Third Year


Thales of Miletus. . . . && CONTINUE Latin by the Natural Method: Third Year


Greek Philosophy: Thales to Plato && CONTINUE Latin by the Natural Method: Third Year

UNIT 4: the works of arguably the most influential philosopher of western civilization

The Complete Works of Aristotle && FINISH Latin by the Natural Method: Third Year


The Histories of Herodotus


History of the Peloponnesian War





000000  No.13016945


fuck forgot the latin:

Latin by the Natural Method: Third Year by William Robert Most



SENIOR book downloads:

The Golden Bough: A Study in Comparative Religion by Sir James George Frazer

Book 1: https://archive.org/details/TheGoldenBough-Part1-TheMagicArtAndTheEvolutionOfKingsVol.1

Book 2: https://archive.org/details/goldenboughstudy02frazuoft

Book 3: https://archive.org/details/goldenboughstud03fraz

Book 4: https://archive.org/details/goldenboughstudy04fraz

Book 5: https://archive.org/details/goldenboughstudy05frazuoft

Book 6: https://archive.org/details/goldenboughstudy06frazuoft

Book 7: https://archive.org/details/goldenboughstudy07fraz

Book 8: https://archive.org/details/goldenboughstudy08fraz

Book 9: https://archive.org/details/goldenboughstudy09fraz

Book 10: https://archive.org/details/1913goldenboughs10fraz

Book 11: https://archive.org/details/goldenboughstudy11fraz

Book 12: https://archive.org/details/goldenboughstudy12fraz

History of Rome: I & II by Titus Livy


The Once and Future King by T. H. White


The Book of Merlyn by T. H. White


A Theory of Semiotics by Umberto Eco


History of Rome: III & IV by Titus Livy


A Theory of Musical Semiotics by Eero Tarasti


The History of Rome: Books 1 - 5 by Titus Livy


Rome and Italy: Books VI-X of the History of Rome from its Foundation by Titus Livy


A Theory of Computer Semiotics by Peter Bogh Anderson


History of Rome: VIII▬X by Titus Livy


Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter


History of Rome: XXI & XXII by Titus Livy


The Complete Fiction of H.P. Lovecraft by H. P. Lovecraft


History of Rome: XXIII▬XXV by Titus Livy


History of Rome: XXVI & XXVII by Titus Livy


History of Rome: XXVIII▬XXX by Titus Livy



SENIOR▬▬the price and profit is greatest for the elder


The Golden Bough: A Study in Comparative Religion && BEGIN▬▬PART 3▬▬The Princeton Companion to Mathematics


History of Rome: I▬II && The Once and Future King++The Book of Merlyn && FINISH▬▬PART 3▬▬The Princeton Companion to Mathematics


A Theory of Semiotics && BEGIN▬▬PART 4▬▬The Princeton Companion to Mathematics


History of Rome: III▬IV && A Theory of Musical Semiotics && BEGIN▬▬PART 4▬▬The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

UNIT 3C: highly useful fleshing out semiotics

READ BOOKS 5▬7 The History of Rome: Books 1 - 5, Rome and Italy: Books VI-X of the History of Rome from its Foundation, && A Theory of Computer Semiotics && FINISH▬▬PART 4▬▬The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

UNIT 4: God's Wart

History of Rome: VIII▬X && Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid


History of Rome: XXI▬XXII && BEGIN▬▬PART 5▬▬The Princeton Companion to Mathematics


History of Rome: XXIII▬XXV && FINISH▬▬PART 5▬▬The Princeton Companion to Mathematics


History of Rome: XXVI▬XXVII && READ▬▬PART 6▬▬The Princeton Companion to Mathematics


History of Rome: XXVIII▬XXX && FINISH The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

000000  No.13016949


it's fucking nothing

General IQ Boosters

The Ultimate IQ Test Book by Philip Carter, Kevin Russell


Advanced IQ Tests by Philip Carter


The Puzzle King: Sam Loyd's chess problems and selected mathematical puzzles by Sid Pickard, Sam Loyd


Mathematical Puzzles: a connoisseur's collection by Peter Winkler


Puzzles for Programmers and Pros by Dennis Shasha


chess.com; online-go.com

98f6c2  No.13018071

File: 12626123ad2cfd8⋯.jpg (95.89 KB, 690x558, 115:93, Dickworshippers.jpg)

File: ad66c4a507eccce⋯.jpg (200.52 KB, 600x387, 200:129, Shitskinpajeet.jpg)


Fuck off you dick worshipping faggot

3034d1  No.13020216

Bump for this newfag I saw.

13600a  No.13020217

File: a51605fdc0c79ef⋯.webm (7.33 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ancient India (The Myth b….webm)

0118e7  No.13020775

File: 314159ebde99269⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 855x1360, 171:272, Bloom - Gravity Fails.jpg)

Request (not on libgen)

>The comedic work of the children of modern Jewish immigrants overturned the prevailing languages and imageries with which an Anglocentric United States had traditionally represented and expanded itself. In ^IGravity Fails: The Comic Jewish Shaping of Modern America^R, James D. Bloom approaches these developments by first surveying this transformation as it affected literature, entertainment, commerce, and politics, and then offers sharply focused chapters that look at changes in sexual candor, reactions to the Holocaust, and critiques of race.

>Indeed, the personae discussed here pioneered unprecedented candor toward and scrutiny about sex and violence, and no other book delves as deeply or as widely among art forms, media, and levels of cultural hierarchy. Including considerations of the work of s