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File: f666bffb7cf8b1d⋯.jpg (12.4 KB, 301x167, 301:167, shit.jpg)

05a946  No.12151713






7cf39f  No.12151724

Fuckoff mutt, article13 is anti-censorship and pro European

ea088f  No.12151745


tell us why, then

389ccd  No.12151748

Shut it the fuck down

If we all can't internet then no one can internet

This is why we can't have nice things

020975  No.12151749

aa4610  No.12151808

File: ced7694fa1a1fad⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 470x293, 470:293, HangingTree.gif)


>article13 is anti-censorship and pro European

Back into your Jew-hole, EU faggot.

Nobody likes you. Literally NOBODY likes you. Most people around the world either laugh at you, or hate you enough to kill you.

Understanding what an asshole you are, is the first step to recovery.

befe2e  No.12151819


You're gonna get necked when we reach the one bad day moment and everyone sets off to the races.

ec69aa  No.12151823

File: e7d9c366110641a⋯.jpg (110.51 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, eur1.jpg)

File: 1005c5074af31a4⋯.jpg (173.44 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, eur2.jpg)

File: b3961fb0075736d⋯.jpg (129 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, eur3.jpg)

File: a25cd9ea74be47b⋯.jpg (125.37 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, eur4.jpg)

File: 735c78ca009c7eb⋯.jpg (125.9 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, eur5.jpg)


Have some A13-Compliant memes

ec69aa  No.12151825

File: ec6baa865135e5f⋯.jpg (103.75 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, eur6.jpg)

File: 0c711978f183ee7⋯.jpg (108.78 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, eur7.jpg)

File: dd5ff4b7fbea08f⋯.jpg (115 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, eur8.jpg)

File: c5939516e83965b⋯.jpg (115.6 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, eur9.jpg)

File: 98829741efc6e03⋯.jpg (204.63 KB, 1057x1200, 1057:1200, eurA.jpg)

36316d  No.12151826

you think your vote counts? it doesnt it just "influences" (((their))) decision.

d88faa  No.12151832

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Article 13 is a direct attack against your ideas, ideals and memes

>this is the 21st century Iconoclasm

Of our sacred memes, the very same memes that can unlock your telepathic abilities

>THEY want to surpass you

Stifle your creative abilities, censor your beliefs and then replace them with THEIR COUNTERFEIT degeneracy

You are way more important than you think you are

>you have free thought, inner voice and an abstract mind

You are a direct threat to the A.I

>good job!!!

"EITHER you become the worst enemy of the AI, or you die a nobody… which do you choose"

Defeat THEM by never backing down


>article 13 vid with Google tapes

Enjoy and redpill

"NEVER give up grounds, always have a strong will, and never let the censor you"


>LOTS OF QRD on Elon Jones and Alex Musk

321a6a  No.12151834



solid meems

The fact is every couple of years there is some kind of legislation trying to fuck with net neutrality or any kind of internet freedom.. even if it passes, people will adapt. If this article 13 actually passes and people see how retarded it is there will be real backlash though. What they're trying to regulate isn't even remotely feasible at this point.

aa4610  No.12151844

File: f22daf2026230d9⋯.jpg (38.08 KB, 498x352, 249:176, IAmDisappoint.jpg)

803379  No.12151949


Not going to stop jews from screwing you over in the end.

453a9a  No.12152010


Articles 11 and 13 can be good for us

>inb4 shill

I'm not, and I will lay out why.

There are two possible outcomes from Articles 11 and 13. The first is that (((social media))) pulls out of Europe. The second is that these platforms stay and content filters on social media prevent almost anything being uploaded. And there is also a third white pill here to do with p2p, but that's flaky.

What we have to think here is three things, what is the stated goal of these laws, what is the perceived intent of these laws and what is going to be the actual result of these laws.

1) Nuclear Outcome

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc, pull out of the EU market. A blank screen greets millions of normies who will turn against the (((EU))). THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST OUTCOME. Just like in GamerGay, when the sedated hordes note that their bread and circus is pulled away from them they lash out. With a bit of "help" from /pol/ this mob can be steered to do things we want. Fuel euroskpetic parties, turn them anti-eu etc

Say what ever you like about GG, but this movement made a lot of damage to Gawker. It all went to shit, we entryism pushed /pol/ asside. But make no mistake we did damage and gg was /pol/op.

Cat ladies and boomers will not be able to circumnavigate these restrictions but savy gen z will. New ways to by pass this retarded laws will crop up, and we need to help in this so we can drop some red pills on the way.

2) Half Arsed Option

Youtube, Kikebook and others place content filters and geo location restrictions. These can be bypassed by vpn easily. But think about this… those that dont know how to bypass these filters will have a reduced exposure to (((copyrighted))) work.

What does this mean?

Normies will never return to TV, it's a dying format. The internet is here to stay. What can happen, is that gay normie culture like doctor who will be b& form reposting in the (((EU))) internet. This is GOOD. We have POZ'd culture expunged from the internet within the EU. Our creativity can fill this void.

We can make OC with red pills.

Another thing to note is the hyperlink tax. This will backfire IMMENSELY. People turn their backs on the (((BBC))),(((GUARDIAN))),(((MSNBC))) allready, these networks have to (((pay))) (((youtibe))) a lot of money to be on the NEWS section of youtube, with videos that only reach 500 views on a good day, whilst alt news channels get 100,000's (they are e celebs but far less gay than msm)))

The power relation between the msm and the social media is that of a ho and her pimp. Youtube and Facebook are not going to pay shit to news sites, they will just b& hyperlinks to these websites. Leaving a news vacuum that can be filled by us.

3) someone from /tech/ will finally come up with a p2p social network and videosharing site , taking control away from (((them)))

These laws are purportedly to protect copyright. We suspect is for censorship. The result will be capital and cultural gain for us and a nail on the coffin f the msm

23adda  No.12152168


>When you see your first shill, you can spot'em even in pitch black.

d800d4  No.12152185



You’re retarded.

e88ad9  No.12152218


Someone who sees this situation the way I do. Cheers.

140fbe  No.12152225


This shit again? Isn't the same scare done every year by lefties and right-wingers that the internet is gonna die because X law? Nothing's going to happen, faggots.

d800d4  No.12152227


>The first is that (((social media))) pulls out of Europe.

You’re mentally defective and objectively wrong. This will never, ever happen. YOU ARE NOT REDPILLED. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE JEWS. If you did, you wouldn’t pretend that they ever obey laws. Kill yourself.

>Say what ever you like about GG

Okay, I will.

GerberGarter is a leftist organization that exists as CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. They refuse to name the jew. They refuse to be racist. They refuse to actually engage in any behaviors that will save their industry or change anything about it. They refuse to acknowledge that feminism is bad, that the races are different, and that the industry was destroyed by the jews. They haven’t done a single fucking thing in four years and video games have never been worse. They are nothing and your use of them as an example exposes your retardation.

>But make no mistake we did damage and gg was /pol/op.

You’re utterly retarded.

>Youtube, Kikebook and others place content filters and geo location restrictions. These can be bypassed by vpn easily.

And yet normalfags don’t know what that is, so they will simply be censored and go on with their lives, refusing to ever do a nothing about it.

>We can make OC with red pills.

And be instantly banned, and the algorithm will make sure that no one sees them before we are banned. Great “plan”, retard. You know nothing about how these websites work, too. Is there anything you DO know?


Bump because you are a paid shill.

140fbe  No.12152240


>Bump because you are a paid shill.

Prove memes will be illegal after this law, faggot.

d800d4  No.12152243


Bump because you are a paid shill. Read the OP.

0c3e14  No.12152258


<H-here's how Bernie can still win guys!

0041f0  No.12152310


its almost like yuropeons paid no attention to brexit

140fbe  No.12152320


There's nothing in the OP to read except gay links to special interest websites, moron.

0041f0  No.12152328


>net neutrality

I feel this is a bad blanket term. I cant speak for the euro side but anti net neutrality in burgerstan was a thinly veiled attempt to codify and make permanent the strangle hold that the large isp's have. Which, I bet even you cucks would be appalled with the shit that isp's in burgerland have gotten away with. In most areas we get charged top fucking dollar for 2005 tier connection speeds.

ce2055  No.12152361


Really nigger?

95d252  No.12152392

You still have time to stream your suicide, faggot. Fuck off already.

0ffbc0  No.12152422

Who even gives a shit about Europe anymore? They've fucked themselves over by their own volition.

901f39  No.12152434

File: f9ed225619b24ef⋯.png (824.47 KB, 1143x479, 1143:479, ratherthis.PNG)


pic seems more fun

d800d4  No.12152435


Bump because you are a paid shill.

d800d4  No.12152437


>oy vey goyim (((net neutrality))) is great

4a68ff  No.12152504

My interpretation on this is that the Article 11, the link tax, will mostly (try to) hurt the archives websites.

416fa6  No.12152518


>placing blame on psyopped citizens and not unelected MEPs in the EU

d31c42  No.12152525


>net neutrality


Are you a fucking retard, or what? It's the complete opposite of Jewish.

fb84af  No.12153686


kys kike

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