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File: 5fabef8209aca4e⋯.png (821.07 KB, 1106x1154, 553:577, MAN WHO SOLD EURO.png)

cabde1  No.12151715

It's illegal for Europeans to see and link this image right now

81abee  No.12151717

fuck the law


423f7d  No.12151719

who's that oven combustible ?

dc3a96  No.12151720



2fd1bf  No.12151728

Go underground and create cell of max 3 people.

Do Tom Metzger's Lone Wolf.

Guerilla Meme Terrorism incoming.

8363df  No.12151744


>Be Europe 2040

>Tragedy today as radical meme lords post explosively spicey memes from an Internet cafe in Paris

>All go-citizens who may have been exposed to the dank memes have been quarantined for the safety of the public

6978bb  No.12151770

File: 88da6fb2617d5e5⋯.webm (8.02 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Oi You Got A Loicense For….webm)

Soon no more retarded Amerimutt memes.

456dca  No.12151777

Fucking kikes

be3db1  No.12151783


Copyrighted that shit the moment this went into effect. Now if they don't pay me for it I can sue the fuck out of them.






f7f049  No.12151784


When you see one, you'll know it's an israeli shitposting instantly

fbf1e2  No.12151786

i am fairly certain that if you don't ever get caught, it's legal to go to europe, steal guns from the gangs or cops and shoot euro politicians

8654e5  No.12151811

File: 49ded18a5d119d9⋯.jpg (596.39 KB, 2165x1890, 433:378, Snipe6.jpg)


You DO have measured responses available to you…

8654e5  No.12151827

File: 0569b9305df9641⋯.jpg (27.32 KB, 504x284, 126:71, AE2.jpg)


Whoa…a bit vicious, don't you think?

I know you're trying to "shame" our cousins into action, but let's tone this down a little.

I mean, it's not like they're Canadians or something…

ba592c  No.12151840


They can get past the censorbot with (paid) VPNs can't they?

88c485  No.12151857


Yeah untill they Ban VPN's and make it an offense to conceal your activities online.

This is Iron Curtain 2.0, the EU know there grasp on power is failing and they will do anything to maintain thier hold over us. Why do you think thet want an EU army?

000000  No.12151862


euro here, downloaded TOR to get past the censores but then police sent messaje

how fuck am I?

c32bf8  No.12151864

White Sharia time

5fda8f  No.12151866

File: b84d0aa6b32fca5⋯.png (742.3 KB, 960x1024, 15:16, 4fe930b6d2236b5cf18a6a35ad….png)


>Amerimutt is a copyrighted meme.

56% retarded burger show again why they need to be shat on.

bfd032  No.12151875


Amerimutt here. I give 0% of 56% about the amerimutt meme. Its unfirtunate it always derails the thread.

T. Amerimutt

8654e5  No.12151876

File: 501ce747e3f750d⋯.jpg (7.73 KB, 233x216, 233:216, DumbAssDesign4.jpg)


The copyright laws were changed a few years back, anything you create is copyrighted from the point where you created it.

You no longer need to provide a copyright logo on it, not say it's copyrighted, it's automatic, and this is worldwide.

All you have to do is prove it was YOU that created it.

8a728d  No.12151877


They can go directly to your ISP-service instead, they are required by law to give you up.

9ea6fb  No.12151880


Muhammad turning you into his personal goat hole in cell block 3 level fucked. When the police come to haul you off just start citing the quran and how Allah wills it, they might let you off with a stern tutting.

5fda8f  No.12151889

File: 49f8f4f812aa436⋯.png (163.18 KB, 529x668, 529:668, 49f8f4f812aa4363b18c49281a….png)


>I give 0% that's why i had the need to answer.

I believe you on the mutt part to spit this much on your native language. kys


>copyright law are the same for everybody.

And have fun proving you created it.

315c11  No.12151906

Reminder that the European Parliament passed a law which allows them to force Google to remove any negative information about them. But of course it only applies to (((them))).

8654e5  No.12151918


>And have fun proving you created it.

Usually, the individual that has the earliest dated archives will be acknowledged as the creator.

A good way to protect yourself, cheaply, is to place a copy of your original work in an envelope, place the stamp across the envelope flap, so it could not be opened without tearing the stamp. and mail it to yourself.

The cancellation of the stamp is dated.

6293f2  No.12151921


Criminally underchecked

437765  No.12151951

File: 0a307a17d2bb7f3⋯.jpg (7.27 KB, 224x224, 1:1, avatar.jpg)

This thread is really good proof that the 56% meme is 100% warranted.

And that's because Americans:

a)Don't actually read anything.

b)Talk about it anyway.

>hurr, it's illegal for you to see this content!

>durr, if you shitpost memes, they'll arrest you!

>hurr, durr, finnaly I won't be triggered with yuropoor shitposting

You retarded fuckwads didn't read nor understand the purpose of article 13.

They're not coming after any of us. That's what they've been doing for years before discovering that no, they CANNOT actually arrest every shitposter for wrongthink. It's straight up impossible to do so.

What they ARE doing is going after the next element in the chain, the sites we post stuff on.

A simple example that even mutts can understand:

>American retard posts copyrighted image/text on a forum

>forum can serve/display that content to americans, russians, chinese, africans, brazillians and Australians

BUT, and this is a big BUT

>to serve the same content to Europe, it has to pass through a software filter developed and implemented by a third party

Do any of you inbreed retards understand how fucking serious this shit is? It's not just about memes and shitposting goddammit. This is like China's Great Firewall, but in reverse: it keeps shit inside (your computer) rather that outside (out in the net).

Being arrested for posting a meme should be the least of your worries. Let me rundown some consequences of this shit, so you fucking retards can get a grip of how apocalyptic this shit is.

(Next post, this one is already quite long)

467d95  No.12151979


Fuck you shitskin niggers, nobody is looking for another one of your stupid fucking semitic religions to be imposed on our people.

fbf1e2  No.12151989


>they CANNOT actually arrest every shitposter for wrongthink. It's straight up impossible to do so

no anon, it's very very possible, the logistics are easy as well, find out who made the post then use your own tax dollars to swat team you

5a2100  No.12151993

>>go to europe, steal guns from the gangs or cops and shoot euro politicians

Before you go back, stop by the bbq party we'll do in your honor.

437765  No.12151997

File: 441d7b708c14f15⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 6455-savers-screen-wallpap….jpg)



Alright, imagine you got your news from facebook. You got your standard Fake News mixed with Not-so-Fake News and some Alternative News.

No more, fucktard, Facebook will need to cut that service to Europe, so now you get your News from State-approved Media Conglomerates.

>But what if Facebook applies the Algorithm the EU demands?

Then good fucking luck discussing anything on those articles outside the (heavily censored and moderated) comment sections of those same publications.

At most you can discuss it IRL with your friends, try alluding to it Online in any kind of social media and your post will simply not be posted.


It might surprise you, but there's tons of sites that provide content to Europe that aren't based on Silicon Valley. In fact, you're posting on one!

Since the site is 100% serving content that could be copyrighted, Jimmy boy will have two choices: agree to install and run their copyright-check algorithm (which amounts to voluntarily installing spyware) or prevent Europeans from accessing the site.

THIS IS A BIG FUCKING CHANGE: the EU will not attempt to block connections from EU citizens to sites like 8ch (like China does). It will force 8ch to refuse connections, take the blame or pay a fine so heavy, the site shuts down.

Repeat for any other European content provider that does not trust the EU. You can imagine how many right-wing organizations would be closed compared with left-wing one's.


That's fucking right! This fuckery was so great on Twitter and Reddit, it can now be implemented EVERY FUCKING WHERE. Are you going to post a meme too spicy for the EU? No worries. Americans might see it, but for Europeans, your post simply doesn't appear. Facebook, Twitter, 9gag, 8chan, anywhere, anytime.

Want an example of this? Youtube's famous "This video is not available in your country". Now imagine this shit automated and operating on an individual level.


You got Intel backdooring their chipsets, you got Microsoft Backdooring their OS, and now, you got ICAAN backdooring your Internet.

This is the worst fucking offender. This is the most serious point.

If any of you worked as cashier anywhere, you know that software that tallies in the bills is state-mandated, developed by a third party that is accredited to do so. Which naturally means there's a disgusting amount of corruption around it and you can earn some serious money if your conscience takes a nap while you code a little flaw here and there that "accidentaly" helps tax evasion.

Now think about this, on a global scale, with access to content posted by everyone, everywhere. Those privacy settings on your profile/device? They mean jackshit: this runs on the server, without needing your authorization or output. The only one getting a choice is the site owner: close down your site in Europe or accept our spyware.

There is a long fucking list of things that could go wrong here, even the most tech illiterate of you can understand that letting the EU sit on servers and monitor incoming traffic for "copyright infringing material" is a bullshit excuse to achieve complete and total worldwide surveillance.

It all comes down to how much you trust the EU to protect you. And let me tell you something:

I don't trust the EU.

7ba647  No.12152022


I have a different take, please read it and tell me if I am wrong. But I think this is good for us.


437765  No.12152024


Why even do that?

Think about it: what's the most dangerous part of "wrongthink"?

The reaction elicited from other people.

So what's easy? Arrest everyone shitposting, or prevent others from hearing shitposting? The first one requires jails, officers, arrests, PR sessions, years and lots of money.

The second requires that half a dozen cocksuckers at the EU parliament vote for mandatory spyware produced by a third party that will sell itself for the highest shekel.

After the system is in place (and a large percentage of service providers use it), they WILL start to arrest shitposters. Just block your post from carrying through, then locate/arrest you. But for now, the end goal is to simply shut down sites like 8ch and similar in Europe while infesting every major Silicon Valley player with mandated spyware.

There's only one way to fight this. And we'll need people on both sides of the atlantic.

We will need to convice everyone to drop any site caught using this algorithm. Just tell people "if you use this site, you're actively helping censorship". It will be damn easy too because you can show them a fucking "Top 20 memes in 2019" video and go "See, this is banned in Europe, and that's fucked up."

It's gonna be like Denuvo, although I hope it doesn't end like Denuvo.

9f7d00  No.12152025

File: 50c498eb8dd0a8c⋯.webm (3.27 MB, 1280x692, 320:173, Jin.Roh.The.Wolf.Brigade.webm)


10/10 post

7ba647  No.12152027


Im sorry wrong post

please check this on


7ba647  No.12152029


god damn it

>>12151713 I think this is good for the follwing

7ba647  No.12152032

edb73d  No.12152033


>The yurotrash continues his arrogance and false sense of superiority even as his chains tighten visibly

It must be tough being you guys. I seriously don't know how to be as big of a cuckold as you guys.

80b97d  No.12152036

So what defines a meme anyways? I understand its anything that the (((powers that be))) dislike, but can you just take any old photo and throw text on it and now its illegal?

68d9be  No.12152048

File: a8b523801315f34⋯.jpg (16.07 KB, 300x395, 60:79, image-4.jpg)

I literally just saw this picture on /b/ and /v/ and I don't get it.

The lightning bolt was David Bowie's thing, but the reference to the song "The man who sold the world" was written and sung by Midge Ure.

Are people this fucking spastic they can't differentiate between the two?

437765  No.12152054



Well, sure, it's good for "us" in the sense that the EU just set fire to the Circus while the bread is turning to charcoal in the oven.

But as much as I'd like some sort of revolution, excuse me for not joining in on the "if everything is shit, we can fix it later!" group-think.

I'd rather fight back, here and now.

You're right that this will inevitably wake the normalfags. Curisouly enough, the fall of the Soviet European Union is starting to mirror the fall of the actual Soviet Union, when comunists fucked up by burning one too many circus (the bread was of course missing, I mean, communism, you know?)


Laugh it up Moishe. Half of Europe were pirates before your kinda crawled out of the sand. Your yidish laws mean jackshit and can't be enforced if people don't agree with them. We will work to help every single European to bypass the bans and migrate every content provider out of the EU so they can't touch them.

It's checkmate before your long-nose even touched one of the pieces.


It's not memes that are the issue.

It's copyrighted shit, aka: anything that has an author. If someone can claim "I DID THIS", and you post it online, the site you're posting on can't show that to European citizens. Either it has to run through a copyright-checker-algorithm and get blocked, or the service has to be outright denied since they can't ensure what their users post will not be copyrighted.

437765  No.12152069

Also, everything I posted above starts with the assumption that the Algorithm actually works in the first place.

If any of you creates videos for Youtube or knows someone that does, then you know how well this kind of shit usually works.

Ten seconds of a popular song? 2 hour video removed.

Interviewing someone and he sings a copyrighted music? Removed.

Are you filming yourself but there's a TV in the background showing CNN? Removed.

Add the mass-flag brigades, the shoddy support (and blatant bias) plus the usual share of bugs from code written by pajeets on 1$ per hour salaries and you get a site where everyone is fucking afraid of what they post out of fear of being banned.

Welcome to Youtube The European Union.

c572c0  No.12152072


oh don't worry Amerimutt, Eurpoe maybe gone but us Aussies will shitpost all the way

d5d30c  No.12152075


Bowie wrote the original in 1970, Ure did a cover in the eighties.

80b97d  No.12152086


I follow with everything you say, but on point number 2 - if a site is hosted in some random Asian or Latin country and therefore not subject to the laws for being hosted in the EU, cant they just say fuck off to the EU, not install the EU software/code, and be immune to fines due to being out of jurisdiction? And couldnt the only thing the EU do at that point is play whack a mole with blocking websites that dont play along?

4cfe7d  No.12152087

An important fact to note is that article 13 will not act retroactively, as it’s own 4th point says.

This means that every “controller” (a vague term, but I assume it means anyone who holds the data, both users and providers) will be held accountable for the data they hold with the possibility of erasure, detention, monitoring and unmentioned “consequences” AS OF THE PERIOD in which the law is in effect.

Considering that they haven’t mentioned anything about the vacatio legis, I assume it’s something between 15 and 60 days. Up until then you can save as many memes and upload them as you will.

7d6660  No.12152096


>This is like China's Great Firewall, but in reverse: it keeps shit inside (your computer) rather that outside (out in the net).

And you call Americans stupid.

c363fd  No.12152104


>US with net neutrality

>Eurofags: should we help em somehow?

>EU with shitty copyright law

<USfags: fucking kek

3daf10  No.12152105

File: e3513aed9548b9f⋯.jpg (69.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, e3513aed9548b9f5d3c81a4bfc….jpg)

>illegal/copyrighted memes

195a19  No.12152121

File: 02d0767684cda1e⋯.jpg (129.03 KB, 1249x684, 1249:684, 1467186405769.jpg)

>what are VPN's

75a645  No.12152127

File: 6c7cc2c63c44ef9⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 2165x1890, 433:378, sniper stuff.jpg)


off topic but not really worth a thread on /k/ - can someone identify these electronic pieces and describe their purpose please?

4ef00d  No.12152130

File: adefe6ca8eec9d7⋯.jpg (46.33 KB, 592x519, 592:519, 8743fc6d1e66d2086906524803….jpg)

Who gives a shit honestly?

6293f2  No.12152133


Considering that is airsoft and you can see the memory stick ziptied to the barrel, my bet is it's just for his youtube highlight reels

738079  No.12152134


Reported for supporting white genocide and claiming the holocaust happened.

6182fe  No.12152136

File: 50ccbba646ef956⋯.jpg (164.77 KB, 910x607, 910:607, SLAVS.jpg)


damn it feels good to be a Slav living in a eastern european "shithole" with the prospect of liberating westerncucks and plundering from Berlin to Brussels.

30334c  No.12152141

File: 5645976bf3710a1⋯.jpg (78.68 KB, 400x503, 400:503, Babylon and the beast.jpg)



81abee  No.12152159


>There's only one way to fight this.

>whine about it to people and try to guilt them

that doesn't seem right

ada354  No.12152180


they are cameras for youtube, probably silo entertainment or novritsch. anyway its an airsoft not a real gun

ada354  No.12152181



replied to the wrong one

0a88a5  No.12152198


$1.50 has just been deposited into my account.

28bc13  No.12152201


>It's legal if you don't get caught

That's the same for everything everywhere.

4ef00d  No.12152209


Ahahahah, I meant who the fuck cares about the EU articels, you disgusting subhuman…

3eda35  No.12152222

File: f50bf0a5d7ca975⋯.jpg (165.44 KB, 845x837, 845:837, 1422464919680.jpg)


>Americans are inbred mutts

Pick one, pal. Anyway fuck all this D&C shit.

cfa939  No.12152232

File: 44091da0279ecbc⋯.jpg (85.65 KB, 1024x666, 512:333, 1512775753721.jpg)

e3c014  No.12152246


what if you plundered south?

a8a4ff  No.12152266


>law enforced r9k algorithm

Unironically support this, let the glorious era of OC begin.

bb909e  No.12152563

If only it were illegal for you cuckchan niggers to live. You have to go back with your shit effort.

bb909e  No.12152572


No, you just proved it's a derailing tool. Cunt.

000000  No.12156066



11da43  No.12157288


57b185  No.12158783


Europe is not one country you dumb mutt

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