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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0b9675  No.12151828

Bono celebrated dying Sweden. He openly mocked them, rejoicing in the dying Aryan race that inhabits the land. He's openly pro white genocide.

What makes this so interesting is how evil the whole thing appears. The video of him celebrating is like something out of a horror movie. It's crazy.

32881a  No.12151839


Clown world

0b9675  No.12151842


Listen to the NPCs celebrate as he waffles on. The West is pozzed to the fucking hilt.

1cccd8  No.12151845

It's so absurd it looks like sarcasm. But it's not.

c61cb8  No.12151850

Bono was a globalist whore shill before internet 3.0 made it cool. He's been doing this kind of shit forever. He'll be one of the first to get the rope.

f849f9  No.12151852

Bono can go fuck himself, what the fuck does he know about how our country is going? My people are being fucked raped and murdered and this fucking millionaire-cunt take joy in it and think the people's voice is despicable.

You belong in hell you fucking fag Bono. DIE!

156c90  No.12151853

As usual the rich whites in a position of fame and influence (he isn't a Jew right?) fight and champion DIEversity while their poorer brethren suffer in the streets. How much of a supporter would he still be if his neighbourhood got enriched or if he even opened his doors to them?

0b9675  No.12151854


>what the fuck does he know about how our country is going?

Apparently it's too blonde and blue-eyed. Oh, and uh Nahtzees.

0b9675  No.12151863


>(he isn't a Jew right?

According to one YouTube commenter, his grandmother was pure Jew. So he's 1/4 at least.

e4f833  No.12151868

According to legend only Nazis practice genocide

156c90  No.12151871


Explains it somewhat, though there are whites that so corrupted that they fight against their own as well.

f849f9  No.12151879


I'm sick of these people. I hope god sends these whores straight to hell.

0b9675  No.12151881


Your dutch cousins are here when you guys are ready to purge, friend.

727ff9  No.12151886

good, sweden needs to burn and burn badly, then we can point at the ashes and say, this is what diversity will get you.

The women will be raped.

The men will be killed.

It is what they want.

b591d7  No.12151892

File: 218d2b7201acecc⋯.png (440.44 KB, 825x793, 825:793, ree530722.png)

File: e56c9f26fc42e3e⋯.jpg (213.26 KB, 720x1026, 40:57, jewish supremacy.jpg)


Please send him home, to hell



There is something about their blood. This "attitude" seems to affect them when jewnigger blood is present; as though it causes issues within the brain.

>Hourly reminder that jews do not assimilate. They take over as they have in the West. Here in the JewS of A, they're in the Supreme Court enforcing two sets of laws; that based upon the Magna Carta and Talmudic laws for the jew

b591d7  No.12151898


the concert (U2/Bono) was likely 'Sold Out'. wtf is going on with the Caucasian of Euro descent? Nature and biology have the NW European the fines DNA on the planet; and yet ….

000000  No.12151901



b1f66a  No.12151905


IDK about you but I heard some boos in there…what someone would be doing at a concert of his after we know the truth about him I have no idea.

fe95ba  No.12151907




Choose carefully anon.

34f294  No.12151908


Maybe they left but you'd probably not hear about it in the media.

b1f66a  No.12151913


Remember anon, 'sold out' doesn't mean much. The jews run racket by purchasing any excess of their pawns to make them see more popular than they really are. It is a way for them to launder money and support people that have no support. That is why it was so dark at the concert.

b1f66a  No.12151920


Just saying that I wouldn't support this man in any way after his stance on Ireland and how it should be invaded and overthrown. But I don't own the printing presses either.

3d1526  No.12151962


It got depressed. White males are awake but we're labeled nuts for questioning things rather than just diving in. Males of other races are celebrated for their overcoming their projected adversity, doesn't matter if they already did more damage than they could ever repay. The women are attracted to the loudest noise maker and white males just said fuck this, no point in fighting the current to give our kids an even harder futile life.

b1f66a  No.12151965


Blackpilled, are you insane? We are going to fight this shit and exterminate these disgusting people from our nations. You don't understand what it is like to live with this filth.

3a83b9  No.12151974

File: cf9c5ce91610abd⋯.jpg (51.13 KB, 647x418, 647:418, cf9.jpg)

Bono tried to fight against Brexit by sailing his yacht down the Thames drinking champagne with his celebrity friends.

But Nigel and his band of working class fishermen sprayed water on him.

5ea199  No.12151983


Bono is a short man, and jalous man.

He despises good genes.

This makes me happy, happy that he suffers for being in wrong gene pool.

7d2477  No.12151991

I've always hated this stupid son of a bitch.

b1f66a  No.12152011

>Supposedly, that is exactly what attracted Bono when he was taking a stroll through New York City a few years ago. The Irishman left with a yarmulke, mentioning that he was “half Jewish on account of his Jewish mother”.

To jew or not jew, he is definitely ZOG so he gets the oven as well.

e18b2a  No.12152023


Bono is an Anglo Saxon Dublin Protestant you dolt.

dbdf83  No.12152154

Remind me

sweden, did sweden ally with Hitler?

34f294  No.12152171


No, but Germany got most of its steel (or iron ore, can't remember) from Sweden. Also Hitler had a certain swedish industrialist that he trusted to aid in diplomatic relations in the days prior to the beginning of WW2.

054290  No.12152194


Around the 1:50 mark:

>"You can hide in plain sight. Cause it's when you don't believe I exist, that's when I do my best work.

Satan worshipping, Zionist butt boy confirmed

0b5f4c  No.12152203


They probably didn't know the truth until now.

0b5f4c  No.12152205


He's also a bald man who paid a lot of money to get the best fake hair in the world.

0bc8cf  No.12152206



Sweden had Folke Bernadotte (of the royal family) do 'humanitarian' work during the war. He ended up in Israel to mediate on behalf of the UN and as thanks to their shabbos goy, the Jews assassinated him in 1948.

b591d7  No.12152212

File: f49dd81bc95f9bc⋯.jpg (42 KB, 1024x341, 1024:341, lac.jpg)


If I knew exactly what it would take to light this fire and make it burn bright under the ass of every fucking demonic jew alive; I'd do it proudly(No. Not sarc at all)

0b5f4c  No.12152213


Goring did. He had connections in Sweden. Birger Dahlrus I think.

3b566e  No.12152221


Officially, no. But Sweden shipped very high quality iron from the Kiruna mine to the harbor in Narvik, Norway. This because of the harbor in Norway being ice-free all year around unlike most other harbors that far up. This was one of the reasons why Churchill had naval mines scattered around the Narvik harbor. The other was because Churchill desperately wanted the war to take place in Scandinavia instead of mainland Europe, and by mining Norwegian ports he could provoke the Germans to invade Norway.

What he probably wasn't counting on was Vidkun Quisling giving the Germans the victory considerably sooner than he might have been planning for. Sweden also allowed German troops free passage by trains to Norway, and later had about a fourth or third of their army fight during the Finnish wars as "volunteers" to maintain official neutrality. I think a big reason for this might have been that Sweden at the time was harboring actual refugees from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia and other nations around the baltic sea, many of which were actual children for once.

Unofficially Sweden at the time also aided the Norwegian resistance, although they refused to allow the Norwegian king into the country. Basically Sweden did more or less what all the Nordic countries did at the time, which was to try to stay out of a war which would could have very easily killed off their entire population since it was well under 10 million at the time. In the case of the others, they eventually got invaded and had no choice but to get involved.

4ccd1f  No.12152273


Most bog trotters are unironic socialists/communists.

2b9ed5  No.12152280

The fuck is this creepy shit?

0c0eb6  No.12152281

File: ee72dc2c85ffb3e⋯.jpg (29.76 KB, 720x507, 240:169, Baldy.jpg)


>he paid a lot of money to get the best fake hair in the world.

Manlets, will they ever learn?

47af9c  No.12152287

b91df4  No.12152292


>Bono is an Anglo Saxon Dublin Protestant you dolt.

lol, sure thing, shlomo. without even researching, I would say that he's a gay jewish actor, the only thing that is missing from scoring a 10/10 is a fake death

4ccd1f  No.12152294


A reddit attempt of being le whacky creepy guy like the joker, but it just comes off as cringey as fuck.

8964fa  No.12152367


>Bono celebrated dying Sweden.

He'll be tortured before he dies. Maybe it'll be broadcast on the internet. I'd pay money to watch that.

2b9ed5  No.12152376

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2b9ed5  No.12152379

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6737ff  No.12152382


It makes me wonder that, because he's posing as the devil, the character of the devil is the one saying those things so he thinks these things are bad?

f1b86e  No.12152397


If you're giving Bono the benefit of the doubt, you don't know Bono.

1877b7  No.12152409


Time anon, time. The seeds of discord have already been sown. I'm not saying to wait to make your voice heard, but I honestly do believe the next twenty years, if not the next ten, will see the final reactionary wave to this crock of horseshit. You can't kill the reality anymore, not with the internet, not with video evidence and all the things compiled here and everywhere else. It's why they call it the "post-truth age", it's because the truth has been manufactured but now it can't be any longer. My generation is tired of this dystopia. It's all we've known, and I think there are enough of us awake that we're not going to let it continue.

c35a8a  No.12152411


Bono, Sting, Paul McCartney.

All these egotistical fossils still trying to cling to relevance.

fd5848  No.12152414


>You belong in hell you fucking fag Bono.

Send him there.

6737ff  No.12152415


Well he openly revealed what these bored and real privileged people want. They want the white unwashed masses wiped out and blended up. They hate blond hair and blue eyes because it was Hitlers ideal, Hitlers ideal must not exist in this world, they say.

ab179d  No.12152426

File: 07186509f0a7bdf⋯.png (1 MB, 1111x726, 101:66, Untitled.png)


He isn't celebrating dying Sweden, he is pretending to be Satan, celebrating the rise of the far right so the retarded sheep in the audience associate us with evil.

Fuck you for wasting my time with that weird garbage.

5266bb  No.12152465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


reminder that this came out 8 months ago, directed by 2 kikes. fuck U2

2768e7  No.12152493


I heard that aswell, Bono is pure evil.

47fc87  No.12152497

>face swap app

Holy shit, no amount of money can protect you from boomeritis.

d5f97e  No.12152528

File: d74d2ac90bf88b4⋯.jpg (44.01 KB, 512x384, 4:3, f5Oc2Uc[1].jpg)

47fc87  No.12152579

That was hard to watch.

47fc87  No.12152597


*cackles maniacally*

ef95c4  No.12152640


Careful about devolving into the juden mindset.

Revenge fantasies are for subhumans.

Simply dead, gone and forgotten is the way to go.

We have work to do after that.

ef95c4  No.12152666


Reminds me of what robin williams did after Michael Jackson named the juden.

Robin Williams had a venom filled fit on stage, slandering Michael Jackson for five minutes.

If you go against what they want, they really can't help themselves and will freak out in public.

Bono the freak has the same style reaction here, to a normal person, it looks spiteful and demented.

b42fc9  No.12152690


Don't joke about redrooms you filthy kike.

d5f97e  No.12152714


What joke?

582aa8  No.12152739

File: bfeec077085002a⋯.jpg (54.5 KB, 408x561, 8:11, bfeec077085002a49f22ae6239….jpg)


Hakka päälle, Sven. Hakka päälle.

67eb62  No.12152789

I always hated U2 for their terrible music. Now I have a great new reason to celebrate when this faggot dies.

339c0a  No.12152806

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Say what you want about South Park. But they spot on sometimes. They are first to take down Bono. That was considered wrongthink back in the day.


What if someone shared bono dox addresses with Rapefugees? Maybe ((Bono)) will take them in his Manson? Same with J.K Rowling.

339c0a  No.12152809


Robin Williams was the original pizza gate celebrity and tranny pusher. Glad he off himself.

a5f9ce  No.12152866

Rattle & Hum is a great live album, but Boner embodies all the worst traits of degenerate leftist celebrities. This is not a new thing. He has been a twat since the early 80's.

b1f66a  No.12152868


See anon, this why I always say that even one drop must be destroyed from the Earth. Even one drop pollutes the mind and the spirit with jew ideas and values.

173a27  No.12152958

File: 85f0e415b7b59be⋯.webm (10.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jew monsters.webm)

A (((TORpedo))) true colors right here >>12151901

fe2d04  No.12152992


>then we can point at the ashes and say, this is what diversity will get you.

We can already do that with South Africa. With many states in the US. With ancient civilizations that were once proud. This idea that "we just need to lose more, then people will wake up" is kike bullshit. We need to win.

2a0c7c  No.12153009


does bono have any kike blood or is he just a standard cunt?

4647d4  No.12153065


Isn't Hakka paale a finnish thing ?

bd6fd2  No.12153160

File: fb712548411d08e⋯.jpg (16.04 KB, 240x180, 4:3, bono.jpg)

File: b031f1e2783a86b⋯.png (102.3 KB, 309x393, 103:131, tumblr_m03357S1TY1qb8i6wo1….png)

File: 1e7b153ae543dfc⋯.png (110.46 KB, 303x406, 303:406, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at ….png)


I attended a Bono guest lecture at the University of Iowa in 2004. He gave a talk about his Africa NGO, which advocated debt forgiveness (something the Jew IMF doesn't like), cheaper AIDS drugs, better trade deals, and accountability for their governments.

I mean sure, it's shitlib telescopic philanthropy. But it was a fairly christian political position to take. He didn't have a chip on his shoulder for the white kids he was talking to. He wasn't full of malice. He just wanted to improve the lot of poor niggers.

But something happened to the lefty liberals between then and now. They've become possessed by demons. This man bears no resemblance to the one I sat in a room with 14 years ago. His naked hatred for the kindest and most beautiful race in the world is utterly Satanic. His soul has already left his body. Some devil owns it now.

0a9c5f  No.12153455

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For those of you who are just starting to wake up over something we've known for years: look up Rain Man sometime. No, not the Dustin Hoffman movie (it was named that on purpose to cloud research though), but a being these people know as Rain Man. Not much is known about him, though many theorize it to be either Ba'al or Moloch. They believe his nickname is symbolic, since once these people namedrop him cash seems to rain down on the namedropper. It is also believed he originates from a different plane of existence and can only communicate telepathically. Even further down the rabbit hole of batshittery is that the music itself comes from the mind of this being, like Trillo del Diavolo.

See vid related, some of us already knew what was going on 10 years ago.

38d959  No.12153501


Its a kike what else is new

f849f9  No.12153614


Not officially, but i know tons of southern swedes who has grandfathers that fought in Germany for Hitler. And i know the numbers were even greater by the swedes who fought for Finland (who prior to belonging to Russia was swedish territory).

Something that makes me mad when i see our brothers, the finns attack us swedes for not helping them. We can't help the government has been kikes for so long.

0c0eb6  No.12153616

File: 95831775733d30d⋯.png (1.19 MB, 951x3635, 951:3635, Clinton_Foundation_Haiti.png)


Trade deals are a scam

NGOs are a scams

Aids 'medication' kills

Bono has been doing this type of Rockefeller philantropy where the money is gone and the people who were supposed to receive it end up dead for decades. Remember, in the 80s he was part of the 'Live Aid' scandal; the organizers embezzled $100 million that were supposed to help starving africans.

He also joined forces with Bill and Hillaryand took part in many Clinton foundation scams, like the one in Haiti where the Clintons stole hundreds of millions of dollars, kidnapped children, harvested their organs, smuggled them into the Dominican republic and sold them as sex slaves. When Bono is coming to help you, you better run for your life.

f849f9  No.12153623


>Believing le spooky redrooms of Darknet

Oh, it most surely exist, but i doubt they would broadcast it via the web. They aren't stupid.

0c0eb6  No.12153645


lurk more

30d718  No.12153731

File: 39dba51fff726ec⋯.jpg (68.91 KB, 700x700, 1:1, comb.jpg)


Actually, baldness is caused by "calcification" of the scalp that prevens hair regrowth, follicle by follicle, as hairs normally fall out. The calcification is caused by super high cortisol levels found highest in those who do not sleep enough. It is also claimed that high cortisol + high testosterone cause this but I feel like that claim is anti-man given that both low-t men and women experience the same issue with DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

You can stop the hair no-regrowth by going to sleep when it gets dark out for 8-10 hours a night.

You can regrow the hair by repairing the skin, inherently repairing the follicle. You do this by breaking up the "calcified" scar tissue and washing your scalp with amino acids.

30d718  No.12153746


>rockefeller philantropy

Maybe you should lurk moar:


c2d8fe  No.12153756


Most people have their heads so far up their own asses you would need a excavator for them to see what's right in fucking front of them. Even then the only way to get their neurons firing is with a hefty smack over the head with a sledgehammer. Cheering when the joke is on you is the definition of a lack of self awareness.

c2d8fe  No.12153769


Ok so if this satanic magic works why can't we harness it? I've tried selling my soul, didn't work nothing happened perhaps they aren't interested in the deal.

7d2477  No.12153770


You have to advance its goals with no real input of your own, so it's not worth it.

c2d8fe  No.12153781


I don't understand why satan wants to create a world without whites though. He was prideful arrogant and supreme. Why would he want to destroy the white race when it has more potential to destroy than anyone else? Why does satan want an end to his party? I don't understand the endgame here.

5556c8  No.12153787


Satan represents total blasphemy

26900c  No.12153805

Boner is about as scary as a pair of pink fuzzy bunny slippers, even in that phoney devil face. Fucking hypocrite lives in the richest all white neighbourhoods Ireland has to offer, even buys the mansions next to his mansion so he doesn’t have to deal with neighbors. What a piece of shit. PS, his band sucks too, after 35 years of releasing albums they have about 4 songs I like and they’re all 30+ years old.

dad4eb  No.12153830

File: 83e751d43237bf0⋯.jpg (64.65 KB, 640x702, 320:351, 4Itk2iUkcS--PL1sA39VvVEuba….jpg)

File: fcb773a186850fb⋯.jpg (75.18 KB, 750x583, 750:583, 6m7hvkupi4m11.jpg)

File: 8006e1bf4a36c51⋯.jpg (81.98 KB, 640x674, 320:337, abkd3msmp3m11.jpg)

File: af9831a24f8be1f⋯.png (220.96 KB, 748x335, 748:335, hbtb91vil3m11.png)


That's not the 'devil', that's the Joker from the "Gang Weed" PSYOP (with horns for plausible deniability). Bono is complicit and part of a conspiracy for White Genocide. Hear me out. I browse 4chan /b/ YL;YL threads every once in a while, and there is this new "Movement" where they demoralize young gamers into thinking that they will never be able to mate and formulate an informal "revolution" (which will obviously never happen) for young minds to larp as the victim.

Here are some pics that I took just from a quick google search result that took me to a reddit 'gamers rise up' page. I'd recommend googling 'gang weed' to see more effective images as what I've seen spammed on 4chan, discord, and other sites where young males tend to visit.

I'm saying it again. This motherfucker is part of a movement of demoralization to prevent future white births. As you see from a few of these pics, they are into politics as well.

dad4eb  No.12153833

File: 586b26bedb11edb⋯.jpg (102.7 KB, 960x1009, 960:1009, 1C64-SpBRRCxGYOW3CEdPOX75s….jpg)

File: b13ba2a2c420365⋯.png (594.4 KB, 960x701, 960:701, 1nwcwf6vgvl11.png)

File: f6074521e85dc0b⋯.png (780.27 KB, 640x1138, 320:569, exmk4yetssl11.png)

File: 440874a5e621a65⋯.jpg (192.24 KB, 960x1019, 960:1019, jqq0s2u6pwl11.jpg)

dad4eb  No.12153837

File: 6a370a01d88ca0b⋯.jpg (148.92 KB, 500x1367, 500:1367, lsyx9ulvfsl11.jpg)

File: b077c619c9c7ca1⋯.jpg (124.97 KB, 808x726, 404:363, o4pehx6w2yl11.jpg)

File: abb001673b5b341⋯.jpg (101.02 KB, 960x695, 192:139, QlEFNUQW_Gir_sPEIAcPQrrYki….jpg)

File: 904394f73ae16ee⋯.jpg (66.64 KB, 456x591, 152:197, rlycdf4232m11.jpg)

File: b5d515a7a3f03f6⋯.png (259.99 KB, 960x484, 240:121, TJYwCNPm-GOE_iknW_zqDuJBy-….png)

dad4eb  No.12153838

File: 6e5aa29337c9062⋯.png (1.1 MB, 960x880, 12:11, uF6nhPBmMyWZm7WwG7kpn9FhDM….png)

File: 732501620914de1⋯.jpg (104.84 KB, 640x750, 64:75, vIsPt3zd0w2jyjEUG6QONtkQSG….jpg)

File: 63f980eb1142313⋯.jpg (118.35 KB, 1004x2086, 502:1043, Y_mA6xFCMTHctS2UBSZWdqXoum….jpg)

f3b9f0  No.12153850

bono sucks he raised 100 million on saying things like we should love eachother and give to the poor and you only need so much and then only gave away 1% of it and hid most of in the Caymen Islands so he could avoid paying taxes on it. neo nazi trash can go to hell with him.

c2d8fe  No.12153866


It doesn't appear as if they are into anything. It looks like what happens when Gen Z thinks they are making good edgy content.

67afa5  No.12153869


As you mentioned, the (((media))) says testosterone is to blame for hair loss but the truth is that it's not because of that. DHT is a byproduct of testosterone thats job is to burn off estrogen. The creation of DHT takes place in the adrenal glands and thus stress and caffeine that increases adrenal gland activity can create more DHT than necessary. Hair follicles are also dependent on light amounts of estrogen so when too much DHT is available it will go burn away the estrogen holding hair in place.

Cutting back or eliminating caffeine helps as well as reducing stress, since stress increases adrenal gland activity. There are also natural DHT blockers like saw palmetto that you can use in a pinch but aren't wise to be dependent on. Rosemary oil is used to give hair a protective layer against DHT, but it quickly wears off.

7d2477  No.12153882


>"veronica" is yellow

Kek. Couldn't be more obvious that this came from 4chan.


Keeping the muscles in your head at least functional is important too. Anything to keep blood flow. If you can't move your scalp back and forth without your hands, you're at risk. Never lost any hair.

dad4eb  No.12153888


It's all over the internet, it's just being spammed in 4chan YL;YL threads, for example.

640b34  No.12153898

Who's veronica

7d2477  No.12153900

File: 8c916f41acfd6a5⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 311x359, 311:359, Check_It.jpg)


Someone really wants to recreate the conditions of 2011-2014, huh?

7d2477  No.12153919

File: 4109c9fcc85835f⋯.jpg (29.34 KB, 253x333, 253:333, check it 2.jpg)

Also, I cropped the edge off this image. Here it is for future use.

7d2477  No.12153950


Just looked it up. They changed the name of Stacy to Veronica. It's a straight /r9k/ recolor.

917380  No.12154013


It went years not being cropped. You just killed the meme, faggot.

7d2477  No.12154017



cb7859  No.12154030


Do you think he regrets singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday," since it is pro-nationalist, and do you think he now believes the Irish deserved to be genocided and driven out of their homelands by the British?

d425a9  No.12154053

Bono has a daughter that deserves rapes and having her throat slit. You can find the cunt on twitter.

a59b09  No.12154057





ee7a73  No.12154061

Remember that time iTunes gave everybody Bono's new album for free and everyone was so pissed off that it was put in their library that they mass deleted it and the album was a huge flop and Bono had to apologize? Good times.

1bba9d  No.12154064


Has the entire world lost its goddamned mind? This is evil, and the craziest thing is that its not fiction. Get ready, for the spiritual war is here.

2e63c5  No.12154155

Well, that was creepy.

93846b  No.12154177

This closet faggot will soon die a horrible and painfull death.

f10565  No.12154323


We don't have twenty fucking years faggot.

c61cb8  No.12154337






>le gang weed

This is what happens when CIA niggers do the "how do you do fellow kidz" act.

2cfa92  No.12154344

Nobody likes Bono, his music was good, his opinions are that of a child.

c61cb8  No.12154486

File: 15b04ddb22f6b8f⋯.webm (779.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, In my bunker.webm)


>This man bears no resemblance to the one I sat in a room with 14 years ago.

You ruthlessly naive cunt, he is exactly the same person. The difference is, Back in the early 00s, (((they))) were still on schedule and there were strict orders to keep that froggy boil nice and slow. The reason he has a chip on his shoulder now, as you say, is becasue he and the rest of his illuminati/masonic/pizzanigger/kike cabal friends have be seriously fucking derailed by a band of shitposters on a Venetian resin anime figure casting factory. Less time to diddle dem kids if you have to work 24/7 over time shutting everything down.

d58081  No.12154522



What would the world look like if hitler had won anons? I know their is a redpill describing it but never bothered to read it or look into it does anyone have it?

12c252  No.12154543


His music was shit also, his shit band just jumped onto any fad that seemed popular with the kids that year so it always sounded fake and slightly out of date.

f8e0f7  No.12154668


>satanic stuff

Can we not purge these heathens already?

2f71b2  No.12154919


>washing your scalp with amino acids

It's insane if what you say is true.

It would confirm that oiling your scalp with extra virgin olive after bathing at night is the most beneficial thing you can do for your hair.

32bb96  No.12154935







(((Mods))) are attempting to hide this, start emailing codemonkey NOW demanding an explanation

9cde9d  No.12154971

File: 3df06e2a5ecb996⋯.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1061, 1125:1061, 930D5CCB-82F3-48AB-903C-6….jpeg)


You’re retarded if you think gang weed is a psyop

It’s a new take on the “virgin vs chad” meme that pokes fun at boomer-tier millennials that base their lives around media consumption rather than the typical “virgin does normal things kind of awkwardly while chad makes an ass of himself” setup

The ethos behind it is “what kind of meme would the inverse of exaggerated-chad” make.

And tbh it makes fun of antifa nintoddler soyim just as much as it makes fun of aut-right media addled edgelords

c247d0  No.12154998

File: fef3a974f466826⋯.png (219.57 KB, 1027x324, 1027:324, 286442df7f2c1c0669dd911550….png)


it's a pretty lame meme tbh, but in the absence of better ones it serves its purpose.

f58bcd  No.12155151

55481d  No.12155257


This is satanic.

60e5f5  No.12155262

Seeing how he was one of the corner stones in demonizing Serb and shilling for muh poor muslims in the 90's this really isn't that surprising.

f08c1b  No.12155270

File: 7b04843bc814145⋯.mp4 (3.13 MB, 590x360, 59:36, Night of the Long Knives.mp4)


What is this, payback for the Viking raids? Still mad at Hengist showing the entire Celtic world that not all peoples live by the same code?

433bf0  No.12155277


A mixture of olive oil and pumpkin seed oil will do wonders.

ae765f  No.12156191


This screams of a loaded forced “meme”. This is kind of shit definitely tells me that (((they))) still are trying to hammer an angle after the events of GG and still have it haunt them. Worst part is, this is a clear example that the left can’t meme to save their asses. Look for yourself and it’s clear as day this was a salty leftist trying to force this as some contribution to an angle.

20497e  No.12181502


Bono has always been an anti-white faggot.

20497e  No.12181508


Bono is actually a true believer is the idea that race mixing will lead to the end of racism and create a global utopia. He has a really low IQ.

606122  No.12181673


>Say what you want about South Park.

It is garbage; kike gutter humor. Although it is very revealing that (((South Park))), who are jews on a jew talmudvision channel will still openly slander Bonehead, who sucks jew ass all day, as the "world's biggest piece of shit", even though he is one of their most useful idiots.

If they hate their servants so much, imagine what they think of you.

Put it this way… nobody would miss them.

01fb8b  No.12181694


The Emergence one is the only good one.

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