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File: 0b9443aaf75bcbf⋯.png (315.93 KB, 1174x1200, 587:600, trudeauCriminals.png)

3eff6c  No.12151878

In the first quarter of 2018, Canada saw it's highest # of immigrants since 1972… When, you guessed it, Pierre Trudeau was in office as Prime Minister of Canada.

Canada is in dire danger of being completely transformed to a marxist/socialist dystopia in the magnitude of only decades. Our country has been infiltrated since the 60s globalist & communist interests.

What is there to be done?

eba659  No.12151883

Burn it

77065f  No.12151896

>What is there to be done?

Why contain it?


Realistically there was a great post about an anon saying how canada was 8-10 years behind US but elected counterparts for Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Trudeau is canadian Obama. Soon they will elect a Trump. His analysis was very interesting and plausible.

77065f  No.12151903

Oh and sage

>What can be done?

Reeks of shill bullshit. OP should respond with legitimate helpful response to prove he's not a shill and just a faggot op.

3eff6c  No.12151919


What could I possibly be shilling mate?

Canada is just going to end up being a huge failure for the rest of the world to see if we push any closer to the left w/ more immigration and bullshit like universal income & $40B government housing projects

Canadians are likely being set up to be the test dummies of North American socialism.

3eff6c  No.12151925


Over time I am coming to the conclusion that you and others are probably right on that one. There is no hope so we might as well enjoy the titanic as it sinks

Gonna be retiring in Argentina or Chile by 2040, on the verge of this NWO BS anyway.

336999  No.12151943


>Canadians are likely being set up to be the test dummies of North American socialism.

canada is part of the commonwealth. the commonwealth is controlled by the rothschilds. it's basically a globalist testing ground for a certain model of multiculti, basically the same model australia has. britain has a different model altogether.

336999  No.12151945


>Gonna be retiring in Argentina or Chile by 2040

there's gotta be some prime german pussy floating around there still.

a2fafb  No.12151954


It can't be seen as a failure if the failure itself is propagandized as success.

>we may be poor with no civil liberties and freedoms

>there may be a low trust society and high crime

>but at least we are diverse

>and since diversity is strength, everything will be okay

<don't question diversity

c547fc  No.12151960


>there's gotta be some prime german pussy floating around there still.

Nothing worse than white women who have had multiple nigger and arab dicks inside them. The left-over Germans after all the brave ones died out are fucked in the head as mindless ZOG zombies feeling deep-seeded shame due to Psychological Operations atrocity propaganda. This is easily proven by the fact that kike Angela Merkel hasn't yet been flat out murdered by a brave German. If there were any left, she would not still live.

336999  No.12151963


there exists entire white towns over there and many are descended from ww2 natsocs who fled there to avoid trial. lots of ss. it's also very likely hitler fled there as well. i don't think they're all burners.

fd4bee  No.12152006

File: a4bab16211359cd⋯.jpg (58.74 KB, 415x599, 415:599, 7165197834_cff2a3a382_o.jpg)

>wanting to prop up this failing shitheap of a system even slightly.

Trudy 2 isn't doing anything his predecessors for the past 50 years haven't done, all he's done is simply open up the shitskin valve even more and jump the shark in terms of virtue signalling to the point where he's managed to alienate this entire country on the world stage lmao.

Canada is overdue for a collapse/crisis/outbreak of civil unrest and has been for awhile. Nobody can afford shit in this country, food prices are through the roof, jobs are shit, all the government/business does is move positions around, split full-time into multiple part time positions to give the impression of 'growth', housing situation is laughably horrible, good luck finding anything but a shack or shitty apartment in a post-industrial district to call home if you're under 30 as boomers and gooks have bloated the market for that beyond belief and now I hope to God Trump skullfucks the last remaining bullshit industries in this country in a trade war and we can stop pretending shit is fine.

The system itself is totally unprepared for it. The media-business-government snake that makes up the western system here and everywhere is beyond out-of-touch with the actual situation in this country and with reality, it's public services and infrastructure have been stretched to the max for a while and just tumbling down in service and quality for decades and even in a state's most noticeable and ultimate power; muscle, lmao the RCMP and Canadian military are eunuchs have been mouth pieces for multicult gospel for decades.

I'm parking my ass in the hills, hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest diversity center and ride out whatever storm comes with the local rednecks.

6de98b  No.12152012

File: abfb89cb96fbc6b⋯.jpg (112.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, cf9c5ce91610abd9168c7ca6c3….jpg)

What a surprise

fef898  No.12152014

File: 7521575cc38ef8a⋯.jpg (545.36 KB, 1240x1860, 2:3, tangier-04 - CoSpy.jpg)

Goddammit Canada, you coulda been great. You coulda been a contender.

c547fc  No.12152030


>it's also very likely hitler fled there as well.

Hitler never fled anything. His kike doctor (Theodor Gilbert Morell) he didn't believe was a kike told him his light could go out at any minute. He believed it, even after the fact that jewish doctors not saving many siblings plus both of his parents led him on his path. Every young German cunt I meet is a coal burner. I have to wonder if they're all products of jewish Bolshevik rapes. Sure, it's "not their fault" when they burn the coal, due to worldwide jewish media hegemony. Then what's the point? Traitors deserve no sympathy.

336999  No.12152039


>Hitler never fled anything.

I suggest reading up on the new evidence we have. No proof Hitler died in Europe but a fair bit that he died in SA.

3eff6c  No.12152049


Aptly put, and it paints quite the bleak picture for a country I used to feel a bit of national pride for. But under closer inspection, feeling national pride for Canada is kind of retarded if the entire concept of Canada is about denouncing your sense of nation by intentionally diluting your demographics for the sake of:

>muh economy needs immigrants

>muh diversity is good

Fact of the matter is, multiculturalism works on paper for maybe 5-10 years. What governments need to be aware of is, the 50-100 year picture. But even if they had it, they wouldn't give a fuck.

If we continue our current immigration flows and run them in a population growth model keeping track of genetic/ethnic "purity" over the next 100 years, you'll see the majority of people in Canada will be manifestations of George Soros' ideal genetic makeup. (non-differentiable brown mutts)

336999  No.12152057


>I used to feel a bit of national pride for. But under closer inspection, feeling national pride for Canada is kind of retarded if the entire concept of Canada is about denouncing your sense of nation by intentionally diluting your demographics for the sake of:

both canada and australia are globalist states. both are no longer nations. we barely have traditional culture anymore. everywhere you go it's corporate monoculture and people of every color.

fef898  No.12152065

File: cb5a5af2bd7bbc9⋯.jpeg (89.25 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, rewrewerwerwe.jpeg)


>Canadian Culture

c9b19b  No.12152071

File: 976c7e5ed004247⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 480x287, 480:287, wrong.gif)


>Canada, you coulda been great

c547fc  No.12152091

File: 5e2ffb3f4f4bf83⋯.jpg (537.21 KB, 1596x2007, 532:669, 7697939955772572.jpg)


>I suggest reading up on the new evidence we have.

You just swallow anything that comes your way, don't you? There's also quite a few claims that he was "gay" (despite having sex with Eva Braun and frequently being surrounded by women) , had "one testicle", was "hopped up on Meth" etc. It must be sad being incapable of distinguishing between truth and disinformation. You claim he fled.

If it denigrates Hitler, it's denazification propaganda

336999  No.12152093


>ou just swallow anything that comes your way, don't you?


>If it denigrates Hitler, it's denazification propaganda

How is hitler fleeing to SA denigrating propaganda? fuck off, retard.

a83b84  No.12152094


>Canada is in dire danger of being completely transformed to a marxist/socialist dystopia in the magnitude of only decades. Our country has been infiltrated since the 60s globalist & communist interests.

>What is there to be done?

That ship has sailed decades ago in a country that should have been split into two during the Quebec referendum. Unfortunately theres never been a uniting factor that canadians can rally against foreigners.

Only positive about canada is the majority of it is innawoods and there are 1000s of places whites can easily carve out the next 100 years in peace and quiet.

c547fc  No.12152095


Because of the word FLEEING, you fucking imbecile.

fef898  No.12152100



ea5750  No.12152102


You forgot the ugly penis!

46f819  No.12152110




fef898  No.12152116

File: 529336cef287f8f⋯.jpg (27.22 KB, 456x626, 228:313, tumblr_inline_nwhqplmCGu1r….jpg)


are those supposed to be Hitler's teeth?

>inb4 "they have his teeth but not his body"

>inb4 "yeah they disposed of his body just like bin Laden's before anybody could confirm or deny their retarded story"

c547fc  No.12152117



The absolute state of 8/pol/.

336999  No.12152120


>it cant be true because i don't like it

>hurrrrrrr dueerrrrrrrrrrr, retard

You're a special kind of special aren't you?

fef898  No.12152124


actually from duckduckgo images tard

if you're butthurt you can ask them not to index tumblr


c547fc  No.12152128


You're the one shilling any one of various demented fan-fictions about Hitler running away like a pussy instead of staying with Berlin. I know Hitler's entire life, you shit-talking kike. You can pull all the disparaging tactics on me you want. I've studied him for years. You won't change anything with your lies.


Yeah, and it's also a shoop, which proves your willingness to post fake shit.

Was fun, kikes, but I have to take care of a life situation atm. Keep talking shit about Hitler while I'm gone. It's all about how much he triggers your tribal roots, isn't it? You know it is.

57fa26  No.12152162


Mostly true. 10 years behind the US generally but Ontario is 5 years behind California.

57fa26  No.12152169


>counterparts for Clinton,

Chretien/ Martin



>and Obama. Trudeau is canadian Obama.

Yes he is, but imagine an Obama named Kennedy for the full picture of the poz.

57fa26  No.12152179


Canada is a defense pact made a "nation" because Mountbatten used some of them as cannon fodder. (Good on the IRA for blowing up that kiddy diddler.)

My often floated five US states are based on regional identity: BC, Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, East.

I have more in common with Boston than Ottawa, living in the Maritimes.

57fa26  No.12152182


Dairy is the Bonnano mob through Saputo. I notice they're publicly opposing quotas now that word has gotten around that they're mobsters…

80c363  No.12152184

The northern wall will have to come next

3eff6c  No.12152196


Saputo are some real dairy mobsters lol. When you stop ordering their cheese products (say, as a pizzaria) they actually send a fatneck suit down to your store to "make sure everything is good"

and sweeten the deal a lil

fcf89e  No.12152214



nobody cares faggot

fef898  No.12152239


I don't know if that's a shoop

fef898  No.12152245


Jeezus, Canada is largely run by the mob? I can't imagine the mob being this cucked though.

f49ad7  No.12152253

>Canada thread number infinity +1

>Immediate derailing like every single other Canada thread

CSIS Niggers/mounties are in top form as always

fd4bee  No.12152312


Quebec is, good luck getting a construction contract in Montreal without greasing some italian's hands.

Food monopolies in this country are big money, I know it sounds stupid, but there's actually fairly powerful business cartels in the Canadian maple syrup and dairy industry who make bank keeping prices artificially high and will go out of their way to fuck with you if you're a farmer that doesn't want to play ball.

62d73e  No.12152326

File: ca9730bc7495ed4⋯.jpg (53.25 KB, 816x546, 136:91, 1920x1920.jpg)


fucking lightbulb head shitskins

3eff6c  No.12152402

File: f6f0584c05a3107⋯.png (398.72 KB, 615x538, 615:538, Capture.PNG)

the end times are nigh

112039  No.12152626

Fuck off leddit.

324e26  No.12152660


Long term, this is the only sensible solution.

The USA and Canada must unite into a White American homeland and deport all non-Whites and kikes of all races. (The feather indians have their reservations) If either manages to uncuck itself and the other remains cucked, then there will be huge problems. Canada would be powerless to oppose weimerica in most things and uncucked America would be threatened by cucknada (especially after cucknada becomes chinada). Any future worth a damn for Whites in North America requires the USA and Canada to unite. Even if the USA loses some of it's southern land uniting with Canada will be necessary to secure the North.

That said, the USA is going to have to uncuck itself before that becomes a real possibility.


Yet more corruption from this cucked modern "system."

77065f  No.12152698


I apologize, i made the accelerationism statement was made as ironic shitposting. Accelerationism is a terrible idea. Canada will do well with their next election because Trudeau screwed up so bad.

7db72c  No.12152732

File: e369b84512e27b5⋯.jpg (303.92 KB, 1382x1054, 691:527, marshall-mcluhan.jpg)

>"Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity"

Canada is fucked to it's very core. Unironically, getting annexed by America is the only way to salvage this country from it's self-inflicted demise.

c4e27b  No.12152968


this is interesting, "the mafia" is just a style of doing business I guess–they're not running any illegal businesses, just using mafia tactics to protect their investment and force better terms… just the same as Trump uses hardcore tactics to win a negotiation, these guys are just one step further.

7df99b  No.12153067

File: 3f603eb9744cd53⋯.jpg (118.35 KB, 500x590, 50:59, 3f603eb9744cd5312e9dfb7be6….jpg)


We do have a passive identity, but it isn't a great legacy. If we are talking about "True Canada" aka the fucking leaf then let me sum it up (Excluding cities, they are non white shit holes and are the prime example of what is going to happen to the country).

Drink beer and wine.

Say "bud" a lot.

Get hooked on said beer, weed, crack maybe meth.

Work as a trades person, do a half ass job most of the time, get fat and entitled.

Go hunting, not for some survival sense and or understanding of nature but to blast shit and maybe get it processed for further consumption (90% of the time it goes to waste).

Drink more beer and wine.

Swear a fuck ton eh bud.

Hate Trump and Americans for no fucking reason besides the idiot box (TV) and or your shitty University friends tell you so.

Let your women become drunken hipster self attention narcissistic whores who only care about social media statues.

Go fishing, again rinse and repeat the hunting statement.

Drink more beer and wine.

Politically vote for whoever the idiot box tells you to vote for and if you are piece of shit boomer vote for who ever protects your pension and shit "Free" health care/ if you are fucking young traitor vote for who ever is "Diverse, progressive, cool kids club".

Go on welfare, be fat, stupid and fucking lazy.

Drink more beer and wine.

Let your kids go undisciplined, uneducated by a fucking NORMAL curriculum, give them a screen at the age of fucking 5 or even younger. Kids are fucking zombies now.

I can't think of much more, besides the self hatred of oneself for being white and "bored".

Day of the rake comes brother.

7df99b  No.12153075

Sorry if that didn't make much sense, I am fucking done with this shit country and am ready for war.

58aac8  No.12153959

File: 2c8cad06f6f7452⋯.jpg (119.57 KB, 456x337, 456:337, 1497412111169.jpg)


Let's see an immigration graph from 1930-2018, not 1998-2018 if the increase was from 'globalization' for socialism.

000000  No.12154433

Canada being Isolated and Crushed is a Good thing

And here's why:

There are too many delusional canadians, we have all seen their posts - they are totally detached from reality. They are capable of levels of self-deception that vexx the souls of those who see it. It just isn't feasible to treat that many psychotics, not within any reasonable timeframe.

Them being crushed as a result of all the wacked out beliefs they hold is a therapeutic process which they need to undergo. I've see them trying to spin the loss of $100 billion in energy investments as good, these notions cannot be treated with medication.

What they need is exposure therapy, exposure to reality, exposure to the effects of their thinking. And thank God trump is president, because by god they are going to get a dose of reality via him. And it's going to be therapeutic for us to see. It's the start of the process by which Canada will unfuck itself - or ultimately perish.

Canada's most recent data shows a 4.5% monthly rise for food, 4% for rent, and 14.5% for energy.

This means that Canada presently has 54% p.a. food inflation, 48% p.a. housing inflation, and 174% energy inflation.

In other words, painfully incompetent economic management, plus millions of new mouths to feed, means Canada is quite literally running out of the physical resources to keep its people alive.

Hyperinflation is just around the corner and it's being concealed by deceptive government accounting.

3eff6c  No.12157594

File: 3c666adc267d314⋯.png (477.16 KB, 529x540, 529:540, 1535763506930.png)


>Canada's most recent data shows a 4.5% monthly rise for food, 4% for rent, and 14.5% for energy.

Is this legit anon? Have not been keeping up with recent CPI that is fucked

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