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File: 384a61b71da2086⋯.jpg (6.01 KB, 200x200, 1:1, peoplesparty.jpg)

bbee86  No.12152148

The name is, well… meh. Sounds rather marxist

<Mod edit: Either make a decent thread or don't make one at all.

Post last edited at

bbee86  No.12152158

You can join the new party for free until October 31st.


1e86aa  No.12152167

Work with what you have, Leafs. Much like Trump, he's not /ourguy/ but he's better than the current homosexual in office, the liberals that wear blue and the new communist party.

As for the name, whatever. Maybe stoned retards will see it and vote for him cause ppc =cppp

bbee86  No.12152195


Really starting to wonder if its strategic, like how National "Socialism" was.

1e86aa  No.12152215


Perhaps, yeah. By the time the election comes, I'm estimating 40% of people will be stoned at the voting booth

d4cfac  No.12152270

What's his policy on Israel?

545c5a  No.12152290


Well, I signed up. For better or for worse, we'll see how this plays out.

1e86aa  No.12152303


More than likely what we don't want to hear.

ab2b6f  No.12152305

>Sounds rather marxist

European People's Party

Danish People's Party

Swiss People's Party

Please look these up and note their political positions before you spout bullshit. In the west today, People's Party means far right.

d4cfac  No.12152315


I haven't found anything of him explicitally declare alligence to Israel like every other kosher right-winger but I did find this.

>We are not going to try and please the foreign affairs establishment and the United Nations, a dysfunctional organisation which for years has disproportionately focused its activities on condemning Israel as if it were the source of most conflicts in the world. Last year for example, the UN General Assembly adopted 20 resolutions targeting Israel, while passing one each about the human rights situation in North Korea, Syria, and Iran.


He's pro-kike.

1e86aa  No.12152324


Yeah, nobody is perfect. That's a strike against for sure. But i'll vote for him before the other pro-Judea Marxist cuts currently running in this country. Besides, once the boomers kick it, it'll become /ourparty/.

c5a78e  No.12152327



>He's pro-kike.

Who isn't?

That's not like sarcasm, I genuinely don't know anymore. Every fucking one of the guys that are as close as you get to /ourguy/ seems to be. Who isn't?

f3b9cb  No.12152345

Montreal seems pozzed but Quebec was a beautiful bastion of cultural preservation, all the non whites I saw (save for a few) were Asian tourists who clearly were disappointed by Paris and wanted something real French. Tell me Canucks, what’s the deal with Quebec’s politics? From what I gather they tend to be left wing nationalists like the Irish—anti-English, pro-French even if it means non-white French speakers, and socialistic.

1e86aa  No.12152391


It's a mixed bag, really. For the most part they just want to be a french speaking nation. You know, that whole "a nation for every people" that we talk about a lot here. Mind you, I'm a HANGLISH PIG so we'll wait for a true blue frog to answer.

bbee86  No.12152420


Cannabis consumption in places where it is legalized sees a sharp spike in use… for six months. (I've analyzed the market.)

My advice is not to drive in Canada until next summer. By the time the vote comes, the novelty will have worn off and angry parents will be demanding more enforcement of the age controls. It's going to be a Scheer/Bernier fight.

bbee86  No.12152423



IOW the muh wait for Hitler shills will never be satisfied.

bbee86  No.12152427



>People's Republic of China.

>Democratic People's Republic of Korea

>Lao People's Democratic Republic

Read a book before you act so smug next time.

db8445  No.12152428


>My advice is not to drive in Canada until next summer

lol? im not gonna sit here and go "WEED MAKES PEOPLE DRIVE BETTER MANNNN" but that seems like a ridiculous statement.

Also it seems to imply that there is a bunch of people in canada who don't smoke weed who are waiting to smoke it when its legal. Practically any Canadian knows a guy who knows a guy who can get pot. Hell theres already hundreds of black-market/grey-market physical-pot-stores cropping up everywhere within last few years.

b491b5  No.12152430


Originally Quebec nationalism was totally ethnic, but it has been co-opted by the left since un bunch of Marxist fags dissolved their group(RIN) to join the nationalist movement and pull it to the left the 60s. Still, a right-wing faction remained in the movement for a while; remember after the 1995 referendum, when "the ethnic vote" was held responsible for the NO victory and the movement was labeled raycist.

Today right wing nationalists are not represented by any political party.

bbee86  No.12152432


>He's pro-kike.

He's about as pro-kike as Trump is, that is, as much as necessary under the circumstances.

>inb4 wait for Hitler goy

bbee86  No.12152439


He's from Saint-Georges, which is a small town south of Quebec City in a region called The Beauce. It's quite nice (I drove through there in May) and the people are based, hard working and kike-wise.

d4cfac  No.12152446

File: 4850e1f9914f51a⋯.jpg (116.66 KB, 960x651, 320:217, nintchdbpict000325876343.jpg)


>He's about as pro-kike as Trump is

So he's also practically owned by Jews? Good to know.

bbee86  No.12152448


>autism, the post

Lots of people won't buy from the black market on principle. This segment is also smart enough to not drive after smoking. It's stupid kids who will be the ballot issue if there is any about pot.

abbfe5  No.12152450

File: 3376c52cfaeef36⋯.png (80.74 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, ppc.png)


English - People's Party

French - Popular Party

It's a populist party.



I don't think anyone is as Pro-kike as Trump is tbh

d3f22f  No.12152452


Reminder that Trump is a zionist whose entire family is jewish.

137136  No.12152453


Since most parties are leftist in Canada, hiding behind a party name is OK.

The most important part is the platform he has.

bbee86  No.12152454


I see>>12152446 was retarded enough to take the bait.

e4f9fc  No.12152457


He said in the west, nigger. Enjoy those shitskin countries.

db8445  No.12152458


>Lots of people won't buy from the black market on principle. This segment is also smart enough to not drive after smoking.

That's my whole point?

You're telling people to not drive in Canada after legalization. Presumably this implies that the number of stoned drivers will increase sharply thus making driving dangerous.

I'm telling you that anyone who has an interest in smoking pot already does it. There's probably at least a dozen black/grey-market pot stores in any big city.

My smaller city has 3 stores.

Anyone who wants to smoke already does. And you even admitted that people who don't smoke illegal weed wouldn't smoke and drive. So where is this influx of dangerous stoned drivers going to come from?

bbee86  No.12152460

File: 759da3b4425d96a⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, caisse.jpg)


Populaire also has an inherent anti-kike meaning in French. Caisse Populaire means credit union.

bbee86  No.12152462


>w-w-w-w-w-wait for Hitler goy

Got a better argument? No, that's why they're not paying you.

bbee86  No.12152466


>Chaim, can you get Jamal to move those goalposts again for me, they're not centered

d3f22f  No.12152476


Reported for strawman. Reported for being from reddit. Reported for not having an argument. Reported for denying objective truth. Reported for PERSONALLY supporting zionism, neoconservatism, civic nationalism, and white genocide.

Your god doesn’t belong here.

abbfe5  No.12152503


>Reported for PERSONALLY supporting zionism, neoconservatism, civic nationalism, and white genocide.

>Reported for strawman


cfae69  No.12152506


you can hate jews and support Israel. Israel represents a peaceful explusion opportunity. if likes have somewhere "safe" to run to and are encouraged to do so we don't have to entertain genocide as a final solution.

tying jews to Israel and explicitly accounting for Jewish influence as Israeli influence the camouflage they use as a primary subversion mechanism is dismantled.

3494ad  No.12152517


Israel would be perfectly fine without jews.

3494ad  No.12152526


Careful assholes and elbows will start spamming lies about immigration next.

bbee86  No.12152533


You mean you don't belong here, Moredechai.

bbee86  No.12152541


Okay, I guess you really are autistic.

That was what we call a "joke."

d4cfac  No.12152545


Based Israel.

9a4d92  No.12152551


the point of far right 'tactical' support of Israel is to force the diaspora to be identified specifically as Israeli nationals acting in Israeli interests. to "nationalize" international jewry so that we can engage them openly nationalist yo nationalist.

as an alternative to "gas the kikes race war now" it is a more realistic strategic move to simply engage with all jews as Israeli nationalists. the gold star approach if you will.

9a4d92  No.12152556


no, not based. useful to our ends if we employ proper tactics.

bbee86  No.12152557


This. Threadly reminder that all "wait for Hitler" posts are D&C by antifags or the kikes themselves.

d4cfac  No.12152567

File: fecb5ead77c0886⋯.jpg (190.76 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Tight-Memes-1024x640.jpg)

9a4d92  No.12152596


nigger are you implying my argument is Glenn beck tier with dated memes?

quit shitposting and think. if you disagree make an argument. this isn't cuckchan.

the options are side with pro Muslim anti nationalist anti Israel lefties which if successful forces kikes to remain in our countries. this outcome forces the Jewish problem into a genocide or make a new Israel somewhere else.

the easier path is to 'support' the existence of israel in principle (not financially) so that the Jewish problem can be solved by explusatory pressures.

886287  No.12152619

>"I'll take "What Is The Stasi" for One-Skillion dollars, Alex

f0da89  No.12152625

File: aef51e17ff51715⋯.jpeg (442.65 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, C4638BB3-E5B5-42A8-B3CF-D….jpeg)

>(((Bernier))) is “our guy”

You people don’t belong here.

4fea78  No.12152630


I agree with this^ anon. As much as I would like to gas the kikes expulsion is a much more palatable stance. Let their Semitic brothers do the gassing.

3494ad  No.12152634


No, kill yourself hebe, you're all burning.

3494ad  No.12152636


Go back to leddit, moshe.

4fea78  No.12152641

File: 2acfae26566e554⋯.jpg (76.52 KB, 720x720, 1:1, dityches.jpg)


Mason, go start the race war then. Try and get a new high score and see how fast people join you.

3494ad  No.12152642

File: 823dfabcb5c3435⋯.jpg (64.8 KB, 601x402, 601:402, JIDF Elite.jpg)

d4cfac  No.12152643

File: 75ad69c60ad501e⋯.mp4 (862.17 KB, 188x100, 47:25, (You).mp4)



Except that even if you expel Jews like glow-in-the-dark Patrick Little says, they still control your financial system and therefore your country. You're basically supporting the 'based Jews', which is exactly what the anti-Israel Jewish left does. You're a pawn in a Jewish game, faggot.

9a4d92  No.12152644


>everyone is controlled by Jews so it's pointless to resist goy

886287  No.12152647

One target. One bullet. One 'back of the head'. One at a time.

4fea78  No.12152649


Rome wasn't built in a day anon. Baby steps. BTW what your approach?

d3f22f  No.12152658


>doesn’t know what a strawman is

>sucks zionist cock

Get out.


>you’re a jew because you expose jews

>you’re a jew because you want jews exterminated


d4cfac  No.12152662


'Resisting' Jews by voting pro-Jewish politicians?

3494ad  No.12152663


If you use a high powered rifle you can make it through at least a couple skulls at once. A shekel saved…

f0da89  No.12152665


>this level of strawmanning

James Mason is a disinformation Satanic kike who should be [redacted], what I’m saying is that Bernier is no different than Trump, Farage, Wilders, Le Pen, Salvini etc in that he’s a means to an end but not the end itself.


Well, everyone IS controlled by Jews, ourselves included. That won’t change until they’re all [redacted].

9a4d92  No.12152668


which is easier for a nationalist uprising?

jews are Israeli nationalists which invalides their control of our nations financial institutions


kikes are evil kill em all?

realistically speaking, labeling kikes as Israeli nationalists is the first step to nationalising our own institutions.

886287  No.12152672


this is true. the IDF kills pregnant Palestinian women through the stomach because 1S2K's. jews doing what jews do best; saving a shekel on brass

d4cfac  No.12152682


>jews are Israeli nationalists which invalides their control of our nations financial institutions

Except that it doesn't. Jews are allowed to be loyal and nationalistic to Israel while also claiming to be loyal to their host country.

d3f22f  No.12152684


Reminder that you will never be able to take back any government power without violence, you fucking retard.

4fea78  No.12152688


Yes I understand Max is no Rockwell but seriously its a start. What is your preferred option? Would you have not voted for trump because of a single issue? Yes he sucks jewsish dick as a hobby but America hasn't been doing this well in decades. Would you have preferred Hillary? Accelerationist style?

abbfe5  No.12152699

File: 3d008f0bffc7e7a⋯.jpg (37.31 KB, 396x382, 198:191, 1491272812088.jpg)


>called out on lies

>starts lying about the one who called him out

You're a fucking kike, no doubt in my mind.

>get out

No u faggot.

Reported for mass-reporting everyone.

886287  No.12152702


if we can influence social networkucks to casually mention key phrases like 'Israeli Nationalist' in the most innocent sounding way, it might just get others to innocently mention the same key phrase or phrases. Better yet would be an entire discussion on social media in numbers far too great to b & all of them; especially if they claim that even in our 1st amendment-loving bastion of free speech&independent thought, they know better than to appear "Antisemitic©®™"

>e.g. "Even the Israeli-Nationalists on the Supreme Court agree that taxpayers will foot the next market correction; though it could affect US aid to Israel".

1c463d  No.12152704

Kek. I saw the P's in the pic and immediately thought it had fuckin Progressive in it.

Good name.

1c463d  No.12152710


>Reminder that you will never be able to take back any government power without violence, you fucking retard.

and the more people aware of whats going on, the less you'll need to deal with.

f0da89  No.12152713


>Would you have not voted for trump

And herein lies the problem with nupol. No, I wouldn’t have voted for Trump because I didn’t. I don’t vote at all. If you think we’re going to vote our way out of this mess, then you’re better off on Cuckchan or Leddit trying to convince people how kike stooges like Trump and Bernier are “totally le sekret Neon-Nazis!” instead of peddling that garbage here.

fb72ec  No.12152738

Complain about this being bumplocked: >>11622450


fb72ec  No.12152742


The problem is kikes like you.

886287  No.12152743

File: 90430d4068fe388⋯.jpg (61.17 KB, 696x477, 232:159, 129965888wuu.jpg)


Dual-citizens are totally US-First. they just get dual-citizenry for a tax write-off on the billions they move to bank accounts in Israel and offshore accounts because fiduciary responsibility and saving a few shekels; amirite tho?

fb72ec  No.12152745


Hi FBI, I mean CSIS.

fb72ec  No.12152752


>oy vey, post Trump touching the wall again

e98b8a  No.12152757


>double posting to white knight for Trumpenstein

abbfe5  No.12152760

File: 2211393b8e1f0af⋯.jpg (36.9 KB, 453x640, 453:640, third20position1.jpg)

Max set up Facebook groups for his new party in every region for people to network and organize. I invite everyone to join their local group, like the main Bernier page, and begin slaying the Boomers, Lolbergs and civic faggots and draw more people to embrace more radical positions on things like immigration and nationalism.

Especially bringing to light the plight of our kinsmen in SA, the Kalergi plan, and the eternal enemy of all people.

Shouldn't be too hard. Many of these people are attracted to this new party because they are disenfranchised and disillusioned with our corrupt parliamentary 2-party system and looking for a Third Option…

fb72ec  No.12152766


>thinks pointing out the obvious is double posting

Fellate a shotgun, Schlomo.

4fea78  No.12152769



Boy you really do know who the fuck you are talking to. If you are not a d&c shill please enlighten us with your proposed solution. Yes I understand you think that if voting did anything they wouldn't let us do it but have you seen what is going on with the media right now? Have you seen how well America is doing compared to the Obama era? Trying to say voting doesn't make a difference is absurd.

fb72ec  No.12152774


Start off by identifying the obvious kikes and make sure they aren't part of your smaller group. There is a lot of promise, but between kikes, Con/Lib spy shills and general retards, going 14/88 out of the gate is just plain dumb. This also gives political cover that /meadhall/ meetups never had.

fb72ec  No.12152777


They're scared, anon.

Really. Fucking. Scared.

abbfe5  No.12152807

File: 4d7ec7b47a84406⋯.png (173.5 KB, 530x687, 530:687, 1521410180687.png)


Pretty sure there is a kike in my local group, shilling and vying for an admin position in a group and an active roll in the party. Not 100% sure it's a merchant, name is weird, but the face screams GOLDSTEIN. (Could also be southern european, maybe greek or something)

Obviously, the very instant a new party/populist group emerges, there is a mad scramble to infiltrate and subvert. Stay on guard gentlemen and always be vigilant.

2e3c97  No.12152820

File: fa7db9eac39f00f⋯.png (622.56 KB, 680x2012, 170:503, 2017-01-13_-_Editorial_Jea….png)


Good explanation. Still, I think 1995 offered a unique opportunity for the the race-traitors to completely take over the party. They used what Parizeau said ("the ethnic vote") as a justification and no one within the party put up a real fight. So today, the PQ (Parti Québecois) is known for only two things: Having members who stab each other in the back (at times publicly) and promoting multiculturalism. They wanted to go further left by merging or allying themselves with a communist party based in Montreal (run by degenerates, despite the fact they're completely irrelevant, they receive a ton of media coverage), but they probably realized it would completely kill the party.

You know it's getting pretty bad when nationalists have to vote for the CAQ but that's what's happening. A provincial federalist party will receive support from nationalists. Soon enough, the PQ is going to end up with a rapefugee as leader. Pic related is a typical Jewish-owned Montreal-based Anglo media article on the PQ.

About Max's party name, I don't really like it very much but I'll probably get membership anyway. If there's any other "democratic" alternative, I'm willing to consider it. Don't even mention the BLOC, they're too busy destroying the party from within to care about getting elected.

9d8fa9  No.12152937


>Have you seen how well America is doing compared to the Obama era?

Ah yes, secretly outlawing antisemitism and giving tax cuts to the rich is surely better than living under King Nigger’s rule.

4fea78  No.12153088


>nothing bad happened under king nigger

ok now I'm sure you are a d&c shill.

e98b8a  No.12153355


>anyone I disagree with is a D&C shill

>thread is already dead

My work here is done.

e056ec  No.12153512

File: be50901eab12ae9⋯.png (739.48 KB, 1232x1014, 616:507, Maxime_Bernier_European_E….png)

File: 26ed2319f6c2a5a⋯.jpg (392.84 KB, 1365x1539, 455:513, ajw105494755_hd.jpg)

File: 65ec4abad43dc74⋯.png (365.03 KB, 804x496, 201:124, Maxime_Bernier_Zionist.png)

An analysis of Bernier's political platform:


8c6c70  No.12153853

File: 33944dfa99421be⋯.jpg (173.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, canadaAntiWhitePPC.jpg)

Lot of shilling against the party from our (((media))) and satire groups. All anti-white rhetoric. Even one asshole posting lies about stealing party platform from Libertarian Party website - they actually stole it from Bernier's site after he lost the leadership vote in an attempt to woo him to join their party, which can be confirmed on the way back machine snapshots of their website before and after and compared to Bernier's own website with his political views (now the party views).

a039b7  No.12154161


>Either make a decent thread or don't make one at all.

More proof mods are kiked.

a039b7  No.12154165

File: e1613f6987a7f35⋯.jpg (38.89 KB, 474x474, 1:1, roj.jpg)


>satire groups

You mean pedophile groups.

a039b7  No.12154168



a039b7  No.12154204


There are a lot of lolbergs trying to push their consultancies and sidelines. HIDE YOUR POWER LEVEL!


>secretly outlawing antisemitism

It's not secret and it applies to (((universities))) so while you blackpill kikes will try to use this as another wall-toucher, reality is that it will really be a zero-sum while giving a kosher appearance to keep your more public operatives lulled into a sense of complacency.


At least you admit you're a shill.

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