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File: 226efd74051fb74⋯.jpg (155.69 KB, 960x719, 960:719, bom.jpg)

File: b8497935fed86f6⋯.jpg (152.52 KB, 960x720, 4:3, bomb2.jpg)

754b3a  No.12152200

>LAWRENCE, MASS. (WHDH) - At least one person has died and 13 others were injured when as many as 70 gas-related explosions and fires rocked multiple homes and buildings in Lawrence, Andover and North Andover Thursday night, prompting officials to order widespread evacuations and establish emergency shelters.

>At the peak of the chaos, 18 fires were burning at the same time in Andover

>Andover town officials say at least four people were injured, including two firefighters and two civilians

>State fire officials: We are very concerned about the firefighters and their safety. It’s going to be a very long duration incident. This will go on for days. Power cut to the towns. No one allowed in as all exits closed from highways. Train service stopped through the area. Numerous people injured. Still too early to know how many people were in their homes when they exploded/caught fire


So what was this? Any evidence of sabotage? Keep on eye on the investigation and any lessons to be learned.

886a30  No.12152216

again? damn!!!

e8788a  No.12152226

the way he describes it, it doesn't sound like a gas leak at each location, but combustion from somewhere upstream

3a397a  No.12152231

File: 9d32a0b0c0b9e49⋯.jpg (399.45 KB, 1440x1694, 720:847, IMG_20180914_175402.jpg)

Based on recent events in Boston, this may either be a massive coincidence, a spic-bringing company which trained its employees wrong, or the start of a race war. My bet is on #2, though.

754b3a  No.12152233

File: 288c659f6d20ce9⋯.png (97.12 KB, 1787x921, 1787:921, JL chaos theory.png)

Reminds me of this post tbqhfamalambah. Wouldn't take much.

Wonder how this sort of chain-reaction was able to be set off.

4b6b2f  No.12152236

Overpressure from the gas company ruptured these old pipes. Wouldn't be surprised if they hired some nigger or spic and he cranked the wrong handle and caused this disaster.

I always thought it was completely retarded having these gas lines running through cities like this. A fire starts and if no one shuts off the main, your apartment or townhouse becomes a natural gas grill. Complete with roasted weenies (aka: you and your family.)

4b6b2f  No.12152244

I was talking to a retired city firefighter, he said there are all sorts of old gas pipes running through these houses from back in the days when they had gas lighting. And no one even knows about them or bothers to fix them. So, don't be surprised when you see houses randomly blowing up.

01dd74  No.12152248


Why are they still full gas if they aren't being used anymore though?

a42400  No.12152251


Ladies put the money on the table the bets are on. What will it be? Will the kikes have the mass civil lawsuit ready or will the gas company declare bankruptcy beforehand? Turn in tomorrow for the results of corrupted capitalism.

197b7e  No.12152260


Please let it be race war.

197b7e  No.12152264


They might not have been until someone hooked up the wrong gas line and they all got flooded with gas again.

197b7e  No.12152283


This does make me wonder if it is a banking scam…too much inventory on the books and they simply want to get rid of the inventory they can't unload because it is overvalued. Or perhaps there is a server economic collapse coming in the real estate market and they are getting out and collecting the insurance before it happens…the kikes learned from 9/11 to collect the insurance bennies first before they flee the nation. Even if a couple innocent bystanders houses got caught up in the mass destruction the kikes wouldn't give a shit. They are kikes.

197b7e  No.12152285

Server = severe; stupid spellwrecker

01dd74  No.12152291


In other words: A nog or a spic. Makes sense.

67796c  No.12152323


>Why are they still full gas if they aren't being used anymore though?

They are not

Cause of all this havoc is probably a ruptured pressure regulating diaphragm since maintenance was avoided to divert money into diversity fund.

They need to get checked yearly and replaced every few years, otherwise this happens.

High pressure system at 50bar floods into intermediate pressure of 1-5 bar and that overloads pressure regulators inside of homes which work at 0.1bar output pressure.

Things are designed to handle such anomalies if they are maintained properly and installed properly, meaning no affirmative hires.

Gas is far more dangerous than electricity esp. since you can turn off main line and it will still be flowing for quite some time.

This thing is innevitable tho, gas puddled in basements and when refrigerator or furnace turned on it lifted the building off its foundations. This shit can't even be repaired.

200 people lost their homes due to muh bux and insurance won't cover this.

7ca9f2  No.12152332


What do you mean insurance won't cover it? THe fucking homes are destroyed, someone's insurance is going to pay for it.

0359b6  No.12152339


I'm beginning to smell something suspicious…

Is this an intentional event?

4bc786  No.12152340

File: c9f231cf129dcad⋯.png (435.14 KB, 589x423, 589:423, woman.png)


My money is on a female hire. Women are even more stupid than niggers when it comes to technical work.

7ca9f2  No.12152344


Fuck off with your D&C.

67796c  No.12152352


Their house insurance. Gas distribution company should have insurance as well but getting that will be interesting. They may not have it as well tho if they hired too many nigglets

ec414d  No.12152401


>they need to get checked yearly and replaced every few years

I worked in the industry for a while.. Not quite the case. They have to do the bare level of preventative maintenance that you would expect for such a potentially hazardous infrastructure.

The federal regulations require that all equipment get inspected every couple of years I dont rightly recall how frequent it is for LNG equipment but for propane (which is not as strictly regulated) it was every 5 years, so it was at least every 5 years maybe as often as every 3 years but its been a while since I worked in that field so I dont remember Now for the inspections, most all gas companies do not have enough employees to do the inspections, if they have any inhouse employees for inspections it is very few, the majority of their 'field employees' are tasked with performing the maintenance needed. But as far as inspections they outsource to various contracting companies. I worked for one of these contracting companies. The quality of employees hired by these contracting companies is fucking really toilet scum tier low. The training that they provide is laughable. And basically when they send a guy out to do inspections they give them the equipment to do it but most do not know how to use it properly. The pipe locating equipment, for example, with most of these employees amounts entirely to guess work. And, the nature of the pipelines and the provided equipment maps means that said guesswork tends to be accurate enough that there is no way that you could ensure the work is actually being performed on paper. When they submit their paperwork complete guesses will look "about right" enough that unless someone was writing entirely irrelevant shit you wouldnt be able to tell that they werent actually doing their job at all, or correctly.

Now for the inspection process. You walk up to the regulator and visually look for corrosion. Most of these employees assume that no corrosion = no leaks and they skip subsequent tests and just make up the results. Next you would spray it with some leak detecting solution i.e. specially formulated soap water it is specially formulated to produce more bubbles and not corrode the equipment Most people would just use a dollar store thing of hand soap mixed with water because they never provide enough of the leak detecting liquid to you This works but it is a corrosion risk. Next you are supposed to get cathodic readings of the equipment, never met a single person that could get the shit to give proper readings on a reliable basis.

But, lets say you find corrosion, what has to be done to correct this? Replace parts? Nope. This is when you whip out a can of meter grey rustoleum. And then, lets say you actually find a leak. What happens? You report it to the gas utility company and then hopefully they send someone down to fix it. I had times where I called in a leak that was bad enough that I couldnt leave it unattended, for both legal and moral reasons. One in particular I called in in the early morning and come sundown no one had showed up. The leak was bad enough that I had to make the decision to shut down the fucking road by myself and create detour signs. And it wasnt until I called the company and threatened them that I was going to call the police if they didnt send someone immediately that the shit got fixed.

Most of the people who work for these companies dont have the intelligence or integrity to do such a thing. The company I worked for started in ass of two shits so Im gonna have a laff if they are involved in this.

c0f545  No.12152416


Thanks for the insight, anon. Much appreciated.

ec414d  No.12152467


No problem. Also, to add to that. The locator equipment that is used to 'pinpoint' the pipeline is basically a mine sweeper that only picks up electrical signals. If there are buried water pipes or electrical wires within a couple feet of the gas pipe there usually are then you can not get a reliable reading and have to make an educated guess. In order to get a reading at all you have to hook up this device to a regulator or other exposed equipment and it sends a low voltage signal to the pipe for you to read. Problem is that gas pipe is, of course, typically not conductive so the ability of this equipment to work at all relies on whether or not the installation crew properly set up a wire that travels the length of the pipe and grounds to the equipment. Usually it is set up correctly but I had entire subdivisions where few if any of these wires were set up right. And without it set up correctly the locating equipment does not work at all. Not even a little. Sometimes the best you would get is you would be able to walk 10 feet and then the signal just drops to nothing. When you are trying to locate a quarter mile or more of pipe this becomes a serious problem. So, ya know what we were taught to do? We were taught to 'witch em out' i.e. use divining rods to locate the pipe this would actually give you a basis on which to make an educated guess but thats all it amounted to because if you did not exercise due diligence you could easily leave the gas pipe and start locating a buried water main or electrical wiring instead.

3f09ed  No.12152515


If I roll dubs, Kek grant us the race war.

ec414d  No.12152532


watch them turn this into a flint thing

c971c5  No.12152552

Catalog nigger.

056067  No.12152655

i know of this area and it is kike infested; would not be doubtful that this is was the result of incredibly cheap gas line installation. horrible areas - totally yiddish.

056067  No.12152670


double posting but raytheon has a plant in andover, ma. they manufacture patriot missiles.

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