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File: f43954c80ae66d4⋯.jpg (34.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hitlersmile.jpg)

75fcef  No.12160002

>“Civil war is coming to Europe,” a German city politician told me this week.

>I shan’t mention his name – it was an off-the-record briefing and, anyway, in Germany there are penalties for this kind of frankness.

>But he was only repeating what plenty of other people say in private in Germany where I’ve spent the last couple of weeks, soaking up the atmosphere, people-watching, gauging the public mood in the wake of Angela Merkel’s open invitation to perhaps three million immigrants – most of them fighting-age males from Muslim countries.



2d7cc6  No.12160014

jews vs. muzzies? kek

810aa8  No.12160016



Find another site to sully, you evil coward.

bb3b45  No.12160025

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



570fd9  No.12160039

File: 2b349b17fa49455⋯.png (574.41 KB, 1268x1072, 317:268, ad6a5908caad7ce91c3502b95f….png)


Civil war is coming to all Western countries at this rate. Politicians don't listen, liberals in the suburbs have no idea, and too many people are being shut out of the system. The dissidents are swelling up, day by day.




Kikebart is as jewed up as any other source. Would you prefer the Jew York Times or Fake News Network, or Faux News? C'mon.

000000  No.12160049


>Politicians don't listen,

They do, but not to you.

570fd9  No.12160057

File: 0332b83ab9aa351⋯.png (748.32 KB, 1242x1083, 414:361, 6d3e2d743c297ba52f76cc50b0….png)


That's what I mean though, they don't listen to the only people they should be listening to if they don't want to see torches and pitchforks, and by pitchforks I mean firearms.

3028c6  No.12160059

And what is the average European going to wage that civil war with? Sticks and stones? Men, as much as I'd like to, gun laws aren't as good in my small European country as in the US…

570fd9  No.12160065


They don't need anything but fists if all they have to contend with are fucking riot police.

7b63a4  No.12160068

File: dbb23f895262972⋯.png (533.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, german-riot-police-640x480.png)

Delingpole: ‘Civil War Is Coming to Europe’ Warns German Politician

‘’’“Civil war is coming to Europe,” a German city politician told me this week.’’’

>I shan’t mention his name – it was an off-the-record briefing and, anyway, in Germany there are penalties for this kind of frankness.

>But he was only repeating what plenty of other people say in private in Germany where I’ve spent the last couple of weeks, soaking up the atmosphere, people-watching, gauging the public mood in the wake of Angela Merkel’s open invitation to perhaps three million immigrants – most of them fighting-age males from Muslim countries.

>Three million is higher than the figure admitted by the German authorities, which tend to put it closer to 1.5 million. My source tells me the higher number is closer to the mark.

>I was staying in Frankfurt, not one of the places hardest hit by the immigration wave. Partly this is because its traditions as an “open city” date back centuries so, culturally it has always been better attuned to accepting and absorbing immigrants from all backgrounds. Partly it’s because, being Germany’s financial centre, it tends to attract the better educated sort of immigrant.

>That doesn’t mean it has remained immune to the problem hardly anyone dares talk about except in private: hordes of Muslims, often with entirely different, indeed hostile, value systems who can’t or won’t integrate, and often just don’t want to integrate for reasons ranging from laziness to contempt and a jihadist desire to bring the West under submission to Islam.

>You see some of them begging on the street, often young women pitiably clutching a picture of a child (which may or may not be theirs) while, a few yards back, a sullen looking male (perhaps a relative, perhaps acting as kind of pimp) lurks as her chaperone.

>Mostly though they just hang in groups, in the shopping areas and squares and parks, smoking cigarettes, kicking their heels, or, if they’ve found some way of making a living, in the shisha bars and kebab houses which are cropping up all over the place.

>The Germans – instinctively polite, kind and reluctant to rock the boat – affect not to notice. They’re welcoming and friendly to those immigrants who make the effort (the nice, hard-working Syrians who run the felafel store in Bergerstrasse, say), and would really rather bury their heads in the sand about the others and just pretend it’s not happening.

>That’s why, even now, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) the main party of the resistance to Angela Merkel’s madcap Islamic enrichment experiment still only polls around 16 percent of the national vote.

>Remember that next time you’re told that the “far-right” (as the media likes to misrepresent the AfD) is on the rise and rise. It may now be Germany’s second-biggest party. But this is all but meaningless in a nation which has long been ruled by rainbow coalitions. The other parties – Angela Merkel’s majority Christian Democrats and the SPD and the Greens, especially – will make sure that the AfD stays out of power by forming alliances of convenience.

>So if you were pinning your hopes on the AfD rescuing Germany (and Europe) from the consequences of Merkel’s self-inflicted disaster – don’t. Things are going to get a lot lot worse before they get better.

>Hence my German city politician’s talk of civil war.

>And let me stress, he wasn’t talking about it with any enthusiasm. Germans have spent so many years beating themselves up about what happened under Hitler they squirm at the thought of militarism of any kind, which is why their army is so fat and useless. It was more a resigned sigh about the inevitable.

>I think he’s right. Or at least that his argument has unassailable logic. You can agree or disagree. It goes something like this.

>Why is Germany inflicting this immigration on itself?

>Apart from desperation to show itself in a good light to make amends for World War II and the Holocaust, there are two main reasons.

>’’’’’Economics:’’’’’ there is a view abroad, mostly promoted by the mainstream liberal-left but also by squishy conservatives, that Germany’s ageing population needs an influx of fresh blood. If native Germans won’t breed at replacement rates, then “guest-workers” must be imported to keep the economy going strong. Obviously, this is nonsense for a number of reasons debunked by Douglas Murray in his The Strange Death of Europe. But it appeals greatly to the German psyche: they saw what happened after the unemployment of the Weimar era and they don’t want it to happen again.

>’’’’’Anti-Nationalist, Post-Borders New World Order:’’’’’ this the world-view promoted and funded by George Soros and his acolytes, an article of faith for many on the hard left. Encouraging immigration from apparently inimical foreign cultures will ultimately make us better people.


7b63a4  No.12160069


>It will solve the disgusting problem of white privilege. We will interbreed and cross-pollinate and abandon our unhelpful nationalistic identities which have led to so much chauvinism and war in the past. Sure there might be the odd blip, but because this New World Order is so self-evidently desirable, no sacrifices are too great in order to achieve it.

>Yes, most of us find even the first rationale abhorrent, let alone the second.

>The problem is that this, pretty much, is the current thinking of the global liberal elite which dominates our governments, local governments, civic institutions, corporations, law firms and so on. Most of them probably haven’t thought it through on quite those explicit terms outlined above, but then groupthink is an insidious and pervasive thing. It is a simple, observable truth that most of our governing class – at every level, from the supranational (UN; EU), the national, to the local (councils, senior police, etc) – have bought into the idea that mass immigration and the formation of parallel communities by unintegrated Muslims is an inevitability which cannot be challenged too hard.

>It’s not at all where the people are – hence the Brexit vote, hence Donald Trump, hence the wave of populist upstarts from Matteo Salvini in Italy to Viktor Orban in Hungary – but it’s definitely where most of those in charge of us are.

>And this is why there is going to be a civil war.

>We know, of course, that it has long been one of the missions of Islamic State and similar Muslim terror organisations – indeed it’s the goal of political Islam generally – to provoke a civil war in Europe in order to force moderate Muslims to take a side, and ultimately, to bring the whole of Europe into Islam.

>What we probably mistakenly assumed is that the political establishment would be on our side in such a conflict.

>You only have to look around to appreciate that this is not necessarily the case.

>Look at the Maoist mode of thinking which prevails in Google and the rest of Silicon Valley – and of course in academe: anything that combats white privilege must perforce be desirable.

>Look at how the senior police in Britain and elsewhere determinedly promote the idea that the “far right” is as big a threat as the Islamic one, and why they stigmatise people like Tommy Robinson.

>Look at how the mainstream media, even conservative imprints, frequently like to brand any vaguely anti-immigrant political movement, however middle class and determinedly non-extremist, as “far-right”.

>Look at how the protest rally in Chemnitz – held to draw attention to the large number of rapes and murders inflicted by mostly Muslim immigrants on Germans – was utterly misrepresented by the media and the authorities as neo-Nazi revivalism.

>Look at how the New Year mass rapes in Cologne and elsewhere were covered up by the German police and the German media.

>Look at how Germans who want to find out what’s happening in their own country cannot get the truth in their own newspapers – only by reading foreign outlets like Breitbart.

>Ordinary people across Europe – in the U.S. too before Trump came along – are becoming increasingly frustrated at the failure of their governing elites to take their worries seriously, especially where the two biggest worries of all are concerned: immigration and terrorism.

>But instead of responding by mending their ways and addressing these issues, the elites are shooting the messengers. They are clamping down on the people who speak out about the rape gangs, the murders, the acid attacks, the antisocial behaviour who are being punished, not the actual perpetrators.

>I’m sure some inkling of these truths had been swimming around my ahead before, especially after reading Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe. But it only really became clear after spending time in a country even further down the road to disaster than my own – and after talking to a German politician who spelled out the problem clearly.

>This is the kind of argument, I know, which induces apoplexies of self-righteousness and shrill denials among liberals and leftists of all hues. They’ll bang on about how it’s an ill-supported, classically right-wing paranoid conspiracy theory. Of course they will: because that is the time-honoured method they have used to close down the argument, to make people embarrassed to talk about it, to bully newspapers into not covering it as honestly they should.

>I welcome articulate disagreement.

>But in order for it to persuade me it will have to answer a simple question:

>When there is such a huge and growing gulf between where our governing, globalist elites are on Islam and immigration – and where ordinary people are on Islam and immigration – how can there ever, possibly, be a happy ending?



7b63a4  No.12160075



I can confirm the mentality of the Germans

My wife is German.

I married her when I was in the Army.

All her family is still in Germany.

They turn a blind eye to all of this and don't want to talk about it because they fear punishment or something.

That mentality is very sad.

I want to protect her family from this.

I try to shill her facebook with redpills, but she doesn't want them on her feed.

I really do it so that her family can see them.

fd0965  No.12160076

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Hope you krauts have been preparing.


2fc2f4  No.12160079

I hope it does, and in France too. That is the only solution. Elections are fake, the people must take the power back by force now or be slaved forever, it is almost too late already. I want a great revolution, I want filthy leaders to meet the guillotine ! then I want an Europe with laws that the people want, not laws that only the Rottchilds and their friends want and impose to useless parlementarians. Let's go ! We french are ready to join, even if we must use our stale baguette bread as truncheons against the traitors !

c95456  No.12160081


Would never happen.

jews and muslims are the best of allies.

the cult of judaism and islam are denominations of the same cult.

38af9f  No.12160082


>American Military in Germany is going to side with the Muslims and kill Germans

Nigger please.

34b02a  No.12160084


It seems like instead of listening to criticism, the only solution they know is shutting it down. They keep doubling down on censorship.

bad58c  No.12160087


Do you honestly have faith in Trump to do anything to support white interests?

2d7cc6  No.12160089


Yeah but that's all that will be left. Who else will civil war? Shia and sunni? kek

cfd869  No.12160090

Burger here. Will find a way to smuggle funs. Not going to miss out on the Civil War :D

7aa470  No.12160093

>import millions of outsiders

>Outsiders don't integrate

>Outsiders cause problems, act like individuals from their lesser country

>Natives have had enough and start defending themselves

>Call it a "civil war"

Fuck out of here with that shit.

c95456  No.12160094


>who else will civil war

Ethnic, racial Germans and the liberal supporters of the government + the UN.

2d7cc6  No.12160096


Apples and orangutans, nigger.

570fd9  No.12160098

File: dbfdfadc62fa402⋯.jpg (31.76 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 7affbef0e2155abd-600x400.jpg)


>because they fear punishment or something

That same mentality is in the U.S., it's the fear of being blacklisted and socially ostracized. That fear can only go away if these people are challenged out in the open en masse. The opportunity for this arises with election cycles. Western nations convulse every election cycle, just think how tense America was two years ago. That tension is still being felt. I don't know when Germany's next election is, but that would be the time to take to the streets. Not to protest per se, but simply to make known one's presence. Personally I'm not crazy about mindless chanting of slogans unless it's DESI BASARA BASARA


It's effective only to the extent they can keep their mediums popular, but the reputation for bias does it's damage, not enough in my opinion. People need to find ways to physically shut down Twitter and Facebook so that people will go crazy. Hacking, EMPs, etc.


Feel free to kill yourself. No one needs you around.

d2d8fa  No.12160101

File: db295f34f6ff2f4⋯.jpg (254.09 KB, 1024x695, 1024:695, 79ba0a875a519647bc7c32e7f4….jpg)


It literally happened before. The first Turks in Germany were put there by the US to "rebuild".

2d7cc6  No.12160104

File: 497f7911c2f3813⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 500x363, 500:363, Any Time Now.jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.png (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.png)

45c64c  No.12160107

File: d96de2c1f2651d1⋯.jpg (182.45 KB, 1024x487, 1024:487, 2a73a86b042f2a6f5603ef26a1….jpg)


Removing foreigners is one thing, but it is more important to remove and replace the corrupt european elites who have imported them to prevent from causing more problems in the future. We need to solve the problem and not just treat its symptoms.

34b02a  No.12160113


Whats going on in this image? "Democracy"?

072f03  No.12160114


it's not a civil war, it's whites vs kikes and shitskins

f9bed7  No.12160123

File: a2c6b3fc7c78464⋯.pdf (239.63 KB, future-germany-envisions.pdf)

2040 is the timeline for EU collapse by Germany's government and they are planning for war then.

c95456  No.12160131


I meant VS, not and.

>Ethnic, racial Germans VS. the liberal supporters of the government + the UN.

570fd9  No.12160137

File: cf9bcf41a2b4331⋯.jpg (56.76 KB, 620x372, 5:3, Tenn.-school-1956-Library-….jpg)


Forced integration in the 1960s. As a southerner I've seen the result of this in public schools, funny thing is it didn't work. Everyone self-segregates at lunch, and fights broke out daily between groups of whites and groups of niggers. There was a policy at my school where we would get an hour off if there were no fights for a day, and we never got that hour off. I'm in the middle of a hurricaine right now and white people are ticked about all the niggers in the community looting stores, the same people they live with show their true colors. Racial tensions are worse now than they were then.

000000  No.12160139



And 2025 is when Martin Schulz wants to see a United States of Europe



570fd9  No.12160140


It's whites who brought them in, the liberal ones. Do not forget them anon.

34b02a  No.12160143


So "Democracy" is being forced to accept genetic foreigners at gun point.

570fd9  No.12160148


Call it whatever you want, I call it blind idealism.

2d7cc6  No.12160149

File: f040299446ffb63⋯.jpg (112.85 KB, 640x436, 160:109, It Could Have Been Beautif….jpg)


I understood. I'm just hoping you guys get to it already because you deserve a lot better than what you've had to deal with. It's getting worse the longer it takes but at least the fire is finally rising.

2fc2f4  No.12160153

>>12160081 jews and muslims are the best of allies. the cult of judaism and islam are denominations of the same cult

Stupid religions of jews then christians then muslims, are based on the same lie, a guy who said a bush talked to him and it was the ultimate god so people had to listen to him, and our stupid ancestors believed it… Or how to easily have brainless people do anything you ask them to by pretending God is talking to you. These three totally fake religions always were a disaster for mankind, they must disappear once and for good !

However, they don't see their religions as the same at all. There are several stories in the Coran about the jews betraying the muslims and especially Mahomed. Muslims will always see the jews as their worst enemies. Coran tells them to hate any non-muslim people anyway, but especially the jews.

570fd9  No.12160156


What's your guage? How are you measuring these things? Are you just being contrarian out of despondency?


That's not a word people use here (((anon))). It's called a redpill, and they aren't easy to swallow. You can always go back to reddit.

d2d8fa  No.12160160


This is why europe is going to have to forcefully eject the united states from its sphere of influence. I have no doubt you will someday try and force "democracy" on every euro nation that attempts to resist your state sponsored ethnic displacement.

93ae5a  No.12160161

File: ede39e59de0a4c0⋯.jpeg (285.1 KB, 1242x1264, 621:632, ede39e59de0a4c0ccc01bb579….jpeg)

Read SIEGE by James Mason

072f03  No.12160162


>It's whites who brought them in, the liberal ones.

oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

570fd9  No.12160169


Liberals brought the kikes in, kikes don't just appear out of thin air. People sponsor them.

d2d8fa  No.12160173


Ill bet you a billion dollars you are a spic that is use to living in a shithole nation thats already in a low level civil war.

66af9b  No.12160178

File: 7ff19ad8fef3d2a⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1506545618428.jpg)


I'll save everyone 20 hours

the main and best point is work alone.

000000  No.12160184



>I was staying in Frankfurt, not one of the places hardest hit by the immigration wave.

He needs a new guide dog

> Partly this is because its traditions as an “open city” date back centuries so,

Technically it used to be long time ago the home town of the Rothschild. After the war it was SACEUR, Headquarters EUCOM Headquarters United States Army in Europe and point zero of degeneracy.

>culturally it has always been better attuned to accepting and absorbing immigrants from all backgrounds. Partly it’s because, being Germany’s financial centre, it tends to attract the better educated sort of immigrant.

It is a totally drug infested shit show, including voodoo cannibalism. Maybe only Berlin, Hamburg/Bremen or the Rustbelt of the Ruhr area is worse, I doubt that.

Serious Frankfurt is known as Krankfurt, Sick-town since decades.

The rich people don't live in Frankfurt, but in the far periphery of the hills of the Taunus (car id: MTK).

>hordes of Muslims

>You see some of them begging on the street, often young women pitiably clutching a picture of a child (which may or may not be theirs) while, a few yards back, a sullen looking male (perhaps a relative, perhaps acting as kind of pimp) lurks as her chaperone.

Gipsys, Delingpole is an idiot if he can't distinguish them.

>And let me stress, he wasn’t talking about it with any enthusiasm. Germans have spent so many years beating themselves up about what happened under Hitler they squirm at the thought of militarism of any kind, which is why their army is so fat

Does he think of the US Burgerwehr polluting Frankfurt since end of the war?

>and useless.

Thank you for reminding us that is was the USA, France and England demanding Germany to disarm as a condition of reunification.

No, the Germans have no intention to fight the Russians on behalves of England or the USA.

>Why is Germany inflicting this immigration on itself?

It doesn't.

You might have look at the map and notice that Germany has no border outside of the EU.

This means our friendly European neighbors let them in.

>’’’’’Economics:’’’’’ there is a view abroad, mostly promoted by the mainstream liberal-left but also by squishy conservatives, that Germany’s ageing population needs an influx of fresh blood. If native Germans won’t breed at replacement rates, then “guest-workers” must be imported to keep the economy going strong. Obviously, this is nonsense for a number of reasons debunked by Douglas Murray in his The Strange Death of Europe. But it appeals greatly to the German psyche: they saw what happened after the unemployment of the Weimar era and they don’t want it to happen again.

Delingpole is now in Alex Jones mode.

The Germans believe nothing of this, importing welfare leaches to reduce unemployment? Is he mad? What next, Hollywood is controlled by the Nazis?

Not even the stooges of the government believe in that. Why should they, they know exactly (((who))) ordered them to stand by. They aren't shy to tell, if you listen. Long time government member since before reunification, now president of the parliament Schäuble, did say in the cameras that Germany has not been a sovereign nations for a single day since May 1945.

11a02b  No.12160190


Colombia isn't a western country you spic sack of shit.

b2f45b  No.12160191


>Columbia = Western country

you will never be White spic

c95456  No.12160194


Eh I think people are forgetting what that anon said who claimed he was at Bilderberg. How the kikes said they understood the refugee path was deterimental and how they would start "supporting" subverting, infiltrating, coopting nationalist groups. Then add to that the (((Steve Bannon))) working on getting in good graces with any and all nationalist leaders in the EU and the planet.

b2f45b  No.12160197


i use blackpill and anon frequently, as do many others. been here almost every day for over four years now. congrats, your retarded

c95456  No.12160198


>muh Christcuckery

Fuck off Ari.

Christianity is related to islam and judaism 0%. If you believe they are then go to fuck plebbit t_d where you belong with your (((republicuck))) friends.

2d7cc6  No.12160199


Use them to get the matzo ball rolling and don't stop until the jews are included in the humus paste.

570fd9  No.12160201


Lie all you want, you're not fooling anybody.

3513f6  No.12160202


>Racial tensions are worse now than they were then

Can confirm, it's boiling over. Key differences are that chimpouts are documented daily, cops are fatter and more apathetic, and open contempt for msm keeps the fear of being judged by faggots whom you've never met to a minimum. It's going to be a bloodbath.

2d7cc6  No.12160207


No, anon has been a staple here for years. At least since GG. Blackpilling came up a bit later but has been here for years as well.

570fd9  No.12160210


Like I said, lie all you want, it doesn't work like that.

93ae5a  No.12160211

Minute clip of Dr William Luther Pierce explaining how to deal with anti whites


ec09f4  No.12160212


He is using "western" in a weird, hemispheric way. But you would do yourself a disservice ignoring white minorities in latin America, sure there's tons of el goblino, but also actual white people. Most under ZOGlite regimes and not a crushing boot on their skull like full ZOG, possible allies in many ways.

9c80e5  No.12160221


hey remember those two false flag attacks where the jews tried to get trump to enter ww3 with syria and russia and trump gave them the finger?

2d7cc6  No.12160222


Look jew, you can't undermine our communication so easily by repeating the same lie over and over again as we have too many entrenched oldfags here since the first exodus and before. It doesn't work like that.

91981e  No.12160223


>Civil war

>Million military aged men walk into continent 3 years ago - no response

>Thousands still landing on European beaches now - no response

>Armed beaners in fatigues daily coming into US across Southern border - no army response against invasion

Civil war? No.

Dark Ages? Yes.

570fd9  No.12160224

2d7cc6  No.12160225

File: 1ef0aea61a2a3e5⋯.png (131.18 KB, 599x842, 599:842, Hey Kid.png)

91981e  No.12160234

File: d5dc3ff7a50fa90⋯.gif (8.61 KB, 354x639, 118:213, ropehope.gif)


trips checked oldfag ;^)


pic related

93ae5a  No.12160239

File: a2b203fe8c09d4a⋯.png (3.1 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, 5b69e6db32321.png)


Reminder that a few months ago Atomwaffen Division members announced their cells in Germany on video. German Luegenpresse traveled to the USA to confront James Mason and others in fear

570fd9  No.12160241

File: d1864fefcf154d6⋯.png (352.82 KB, 617x737, 617:737, 2f73c1a7d790ac0506e2e34cc0….png)


Meant to say no to >>12160221 Trump definitely tried to pull a Bush, but he failed, unless you were being sarcastic.>>12160234

You're clearly a foreigner and nothing needs to be said to you, only laughter and derision.


You will not stop us.

59f490  No.12160243


Reminder that your neo-nazi propaganda is untermensch behavior.

b2f45b  No.12160249


i grew up in southern california, spics are spics. mind your business

000000  No.12160255


>the current thinking of the (((global liberal elite which dominates our governments, local governments, civic institutions, corporations, law firms and so on))).

>And this is why there is going to be a civil war.

OK, I already said that Delingpole needs a new guide dog.


As a Brit he might have been accustomed to roving nigger hordes swinging machetes in his cities, but this is the civil war, waged against the native Europeans, by their rulers with the help of niggers and muhammedanians.

This war will grown in intensity, to a point were burning streets can no longer be ignored (well the yanks do anyway).

>What we probably mistakenly assumed is that the political establishment would be on our side in such a conflict.

The Nazis did not. How comes, more realistic outlook?

000000  No.12160259


Why don't republicucks import people that will vote for them?

c95456  No.12160260


And it's a fucking D&C. There are two pills;



What you're doing is muddying the waters and making shit undigestable for anyone who hasn't lurked. black and white and grey and orange and yellow and purple and green are all D&C of the same variety. And you're either a kike or you're a shill for using it after you're told the truth of it's intention.

570fd9  No.12160264


They do, they just try not to talk about. Legal immigration under Republicans is about the same as Democrats.

b2f45b  No.12160267

File: c3c980568967fe6⋯.png (5 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 615D1711-6722-45EF-AA8E-0E….png)


reminder you dont know what the fuck your talking about

000000  No.12160268


>create problem by importing savages

>offer solution with police state by having more surveillance and bigger government

24e6ad  No.12160270

>fat sister posting a 5mb PNG

dob jej

91981e  No.12160272


Go in a dark room. Shine a bright torch in your face. That is how bright you glow.

570fd9  No.12160276


All of your posts indicate you are a foreigner and a problem ITT;

Let it be known

93ae5a  No.12160283

File: 85d2f652e3df0ab⋯.gif (2.92 MB, 500x734, 250:367, 5b76261f30cbf.gif)

File: 7c6edf160c298c9⋯.jpeg (114.41 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 5b9bb99841bc3.jpeg)

File: 18d2cd095d1db5b⋯.jpeg (1.62 MB, 3965x2974, 3965:2974, 5b9bd88f40b13.jpeg)

File: 603d06b3e46cad1⋯.png (2.22 MB, 1210x908, 605:454, 5b9a1d0390422.png)


>Don't get too radical, Goyim. Appeal to the lemmings, I mean normie!

The fanatics are coming. Never stop hating, white man. Hate is the most powerful weapon on Earth.


b2f45b  No.12160288


>look at me look at me, i scream and shout through red text like a five year old even though i have jack shit to say

i feel sorry for your mother

c95456  No.12160290


>can't even into English

The format is "*pill" where star is red or blue.

(((Your))) sudden appearance in the thread to protect the other D&C kike is very timely.

c95456  No.12160292


>can't even into English

The format is "*pill" where star is red or blue.

(((Your))) sudden appearance in the thread to protect the other D&C kike is very timely.

sage because double

double because I'm a nigger

9c4739  No.12160294

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I've been living in many countries (mostly in asia) because of my work, and the West isa lot more stable. Western Culture will live on longer than theirs. Currently in Belize and civil war is never even thought about. Might move my family to Colombia as the whether is nicer once we have our next child.

91981e  No.12160300


>Did Germany take a million foreigners up its ass and do nothing about it 3 YEARS AGO?


but I'm a foreigner with a problem? kek

No white babies. No white race. That is as simple as it gets. Politics and civil wars are meaningless conjecture.



b2f45b  No.12160302


hahha had to dbl post like a fucktard huh? having trouble with all this crazy tech grandpa? hahaha dumbass

9c4739  No.12160303


kikes are trying to flee Europe

072f03  No.12160304


>Liberals brought the kikes in, kikes don't just appear out of thin air. People sponsor them.

my bad anon, thought you were blaming dumb white liberals for the crimes of the jew, rather than saying liberals imported kikes.

although, the aristocracy actually bring them in, the elites, who are generally non-jews rootless cosmopolitans themselves, easily bought up by jewish shekels



i want alt kike faggots to fuck off and stop using this retarded word invented by media kikes



>Hate is the most powerful weapon on Earth.

can't love without hate.

the dark spookyman siege paperbook looks pretty aesthetic tbh.

30fb4e  No.12160307


Europeans of non-Anglo descent vs The World

9c4739  No.12160312


What about the Aryans in the Americas? Especially Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay (the 3 Western Countries with the MOST Aryans in the continent).

24e6ad  No.12160315

File: 22c77b840b439d8⋯.jpg (363.71 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, big grin 4k.jpg)

>fat sister tech support

Oh man the Germans have this jaba the cunt so mad

59f490  No.12160323


1. Kill yourself for being a jewish shill.

2. You have no comprehension that “neo nazis” are distinct from national socialists.

3. Your propaganda is extremely transparent.


>strawman because he can’t reply to what was said

>posts even more of the propaganda that exposes himself as a jewish paid shill

Okay, then.


>can’t read

>doesn’t know the difference between natsoc and jewish neo-nazis


You came from TRS, shlomo.

75fcef  No.12160347


lol. get fucked, nigger

bc76b9  No.12160350


>jews and muslims are the best of allies.

Yeah, no. Muslims are violently exiling jews from Europe.

9c4739  No.12160356



fuck off anglokike, all the Germans I've met in Belize are great people.

c95456  No.12160358


You're an uneducated dumbass.

This is not the first or even second, third or fourth muslim invasion of the west initiated and funded by kikes.

It's interesting how (((you))) come into a thread and reply to the 13th of 95 reply.

0bf27d  No.12160366

File: 029dafb3a63c47f⋯.jpg (4.44 MB, 3856x8736, 241:546, 'White Hispanics' in One I….jpg)


>but also actual white people.

Sounds like bullshit.

c95456  No.12160370


"western world" just like first, second, and third world are political/ethnic distinctions.

561d4e  No.12160371

They WANT a civil war. They want to force the Socialist Revolution and the Klassenkampf, but of course not before they have the foot soldiery to actually fight for them, i.e. a bunch of retarded jihadis.

670c5c  No.12160375


>Colombia is a western country

Spic detected

>Civil war in ZOG is a bad thing

Low IQ spic detected.

>Makes wild claims without any supporting evidence

Very, very low IQ spic detected.

c394cd  No.12160376


> tfw hispanics are over 90%

SAVED!! Thanks for that redpill, no wonder some kikes wanted to deport many of them.

1dcddc  No.12160382


Reminder that Andrew Anglin is a mutt civcuck fednigger and is hiding on the other side of the world while the west goes to shit.

0bf27d  No.12160383


Oh, its the 'muh spic nazis!' faggot.

I really wish they'd ban you.

c394cd  No.12160385


this… once the US destroys itself in a civil war, the kikes can leave without being punished for (((9/11)))

bbda2e  No.12160387


> anon who was at Bilderberg

Nobody who's invited to that top kike party is going to report jack shit to plebs. Fucking aliens will come from outer space before a jew betrays his peers to mere cattle.

c394cd  No.12160390



((( >>12160383 )))



670c5c  No.12160391



It's pretty easy to get guns in a destabilized state, anon.

Of course, civil wars don't happen unless elements of your security forces switch sides and join the rebels. So if your country enters a civil war, you'll just need to waltz down to wherever the rebel forces are arming and ask for a rifle.


Here here!



91981e  No.12160395



Useful point, but appears to have mistakes:

It should have "White" "Hispanic" "White Alone, not Hispanic", but wrongly has "White Alone" "Hispanic" "White Alone, not Hispanic" for each area.

The maths is off

A - report as White

B - report as Hispanic

C - report as White Alone

'White Hispanics" = A - C (this is correct) = D

'White Hispanics' as a percentage of TOTAL Hispanics = D / (B + D) (you have D/ B which is incorrect. The person would only identify themselves once in the census, so TOTAL HISPANICS = B+D )

d2a831  No.12160421

File: b0687a50fecbf51⋯.mp4 (1.5 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 31090040_1712667355467425_….mp4)


DACAryans are a meme now

>vid kinda related, got it from a redpilled European group (SKIP to half)

670c5c  No.12160422


>I'm not crazy about mindless chanting of slogans

That's how politics and propaganda work, anon.




Traitors die first.

Once we remove the traitors, cleaning out our sacred homeland will be the easy part.

That is the civil war we're talking about.

Remember the names of traitors.

Remember where they live.


Call it what it is; anti-White.

b2f45b  No.12160438


hahhaa that “neo-nazi party” that you were talking about was called the NSDAP and i am a shill for poiting that out? hahahahaha you suck at life my friend

d2a831  No.12160444


Now that's some esoteric math

b2f45b  No.12160446


>white spics

meztiso. i love how that word offends you spic. your a south american caucasian, nothing more. you will never be White

59f490  No.12160450


>the NSDAP were neonazis

Reported for not even fucking trying, you goddamn redditor.



b2f45b  No.12160458


theres no d&c about it. its actually really simple: you will never be White. just accept it

cae7ee  No.12160465

File: 3cf4aee5f23427a⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1177x1209, 1177:1209, 3cf4aee5f23427a7848f6b22b9….png)


Where are these shills coming from? I have a feeling some edgelord forum is the source.

>sage for off topic

>pic related to what propaganda should look like

08770b  No.12160470

>in Germany there are penalties for this kind of frankness.

and this is why you will have war, you dumb shits

b2f45b  No.12160472


now i know your not shill, your just a fucking sperg. that’s exactly what i was saying dumbfuck, work on your comprehension. btw, this is an fbi honeypot and i say some pretty threatening things on this chan that intel niggers love to monitor-i dont get banned because im one of the anons they want to keep here. report away faggot

191738  No.12160475

File: 93e8676d3a21f6c⋯.gif (556.57 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1493338579316.gif)

So, another population cull of the whites who fight back against the Jewish-led brown invaders. It's like these population kills of white goyim will never stop.

I imagine this is why the US Jewish media is inflaming race-baiting topics and also pushing the left -vs- right narrative to the extremes. They likely want to have a left -vs- right civil war where the browns/blacks are the puppets of the left to kill the right-wingers.

They won't stop these wars until every last northern European descended people is dead it appears.

f258bd  No.12160477

File: 53ed129041748b6⋯.jpg (57.08 KB, 1000x485, 200:97, 0_IxvtvxB8hqBVYa1D.jpg)

It's funny how they rather have a war than deport illegals

08770b  No.12160484


They and (((they))) are two different groups.

f258bd  No.12160491


I'm pretty sure it's the same at this point

670c5c  No.12160496


False. Christianity is an (((Abrahamic))) religion based entirely on the (((Torah))) and the teachings of the kike (((Saul))).

If you are more loyal to (((Yahweh))) and (((Yeshuah))) than to your own race, you are a race traitor.

Christians unironically want to murder millions of White people simply because we don't believe in talking jewish snakes and (((Noah's Arc))) bullshit. Most Christcucks want to send their own sons to die in agony in order to enlarge IsraHell.

Christcuckery gave Europe nothing other than going to an ugly building once a week and sitting while a thin lipped race traitor priest tells you to feel ashamed of who your are and collects your money before going back to continue olesting a little boy.

Fuck your disgusting jewish religion.


Yeah except they import Mexicans who will not vote for them.

Republicans are traitors and they deserve the rope.


>Ignore the lemmings

He who controls the lemmings controls the country.

You and your siege books will never seize power. But if a man had control over the minds of a sizeable portion of lemmings, he could begin fixing our problems.



>What's a neo Nazi? There is nothing new about National Socialism. There are neo-conservatives who have perverted the meaning of conservatism, but explain how someone has perverted the meaning of National Socialism

That's how you respond to that word.

Of course, if anyone unironically calls themself a "Nao natsee" then you simply disengage and walk away because you'd be dealing with a LARPing fool.

b2f45b  No.12160497


(((they))) jack off to the idea of war. (((they))) believe their destruction will bring about their messiah or some crazy shit. youd have to ask others though because i don’t pollute my mind with the (((religious))) details

96829c  No.12160501


that thumbnail look like Stewie head

561d4e  No.12160502



Learn to use parantheses.

b2f45b  No.12160506


learn to stop sucking dicks

670c5c  No.12160512


You do realize that if the kikes left the USA, and if we were able to seize control of the government, then we'd be able to just nuke every country where kikes have infected.

((( >>12160502 )))

>Oy Veh! Stop pointing out that the (((Torah))) and (((Talmud))) are jewish!

d2a831  No.12160517

((( >>12160475 )))

>missing the point so blatantly

Someone made a post about how making Cuba and PR into states AND absorbing Canada would skyrocket the white/non-white population in just the first generation.

I didn't saved it but it also detailed how we would become more conservative as a result.

561d4e  No.12160524


>(((I))) hate Jews guys

>Do (((I))) fit in yet? xD

b2f45b  No.12160525

red text shills are like incoherent niggers at the town hall meetings that scream retarded shit so they can distract. from this point forward, im filtering red text posters without reading

670c5c  No.12160527

File: dadee1a5b8aa5ce⋯.png (573.94 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, For temper tantrums.png)

((( >>12160524 )))

97723f  No.12160528


They must be getting their edgy pics from some place. We probably have another TRS type situation on our hands.

That or they're the types that become luminescent in low light situations.

d2a831  No.12160530


>You do realize that if the kikes left the USA

no, (((they))) still control congress… China isn't that juicy yet and we still give them (((aid))).

b2f45b  No.12160534


glad your triggered by echo parentheses. wouldnt be surprised if it was thought up by a kike too. it must be upsetting that some of your tactics are backfiring

d2a831  No.12160535

File: 0445ee95d83b42b⋯.jpg (220.1 KB, 999x792, 111:88, MAGAwithDACA.jpg)


your post made me think of pic related X'D

68ab34  No.12160540

File: 172f6c3ae962c65⋯.jpeg (745.15 KB, 1583x2048, 1583:2048, 5b6a0511ac15c.jpeg)

File: 5d6061cad2948cc⋯.png (623.08 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 7f0bf1c8415caf3f286c6bb426….png)


>Trad old fag optics

You are out of touch with the youth. Nobody is making art like this

670c5c  No.12160541


I'm aware of that anon. I'm merely responding to the idea that kikes as a group would leave the USA and move to China. If that happened (which is unlikely) then someone would fill the vacuum.

But, as you said, this is unlikely.

561d4e  No.12160545



Look, I'll tell you this once because you're so desperate to fit in: The echo parantheses are used to point out people or things that are NOT visibly Jewish. Using parantheses on shit like "The Torah" is completely pointless.

97723f  No.12160548


Where do you get these pictures from?

d2d1c0  No.12160549


Very accurate anon, this thread ended up being a summoning circle for fuckin shills, it's ridiculous how shitted up this thread has gotten. (((Someone))) is on the lookout, like usual.

b2f45b  No.12160559


since your so in touch with the (((art community))), perhaps you could enlighten us. ive seen normie hipster art in the style of the 1st pic you posted for almost a decade and that was in los angeles where i grew up

670c5c  No.12160563


(((Christianity))) is jewish.

A faggot attempted to claim that Christianity had nothing to do with the jews. Yet is is based upon the (((Torah))) (((Abraham))) (((Yeashuah))) (((Yahweh))) and (((Saul)))

Anyone shilling it is a race traitor.

Now fuck off.

072f03  No.12160566


one is an Sonnenkrieg poster and one is a screen capture from an Atomwaffen video

b2f45b  No.12160568


it was pretty slow the past few days too, then today there was an above average amount of shit OPs and red text screeching

4be269  No.12160571


How did Trump fail to pull a Bush? Incitement of dissedents in Iran? From my perspective he has taken half-assed action to appear engaged in the Middle East while not actually doing anything to tangibly affect Syria particulalrly, his pulling out of the Iran deal seemed like more of a hands-off approach(aside from being able to covertly sabotage Iranian research facilities by spinning their refinement equipment out of control), and he managed to convince to or otherwise make North Korea standdown, avoiding another war for the MIC and ZOG. A great deal of money is going to Israel of course, but so far actual troop committments do not appear to be anything that is more than a show of force and indifferent presence in the region. I.e. that bump up of marines in Syria(which I'd like to see him get rid of as well)–but again, let's think about this: the alternative was a President who assurredly would have gotten us into World War III(be it with Russia, or Russia and China) using Syria as a flashpoint. So far Trump has, to my knowledge, only really made to increase military strength, at least nominally, while ignoring all casus belli in favor of talk, dealings, and work of the pen. He could've invaded Syria with those "gassed" kids, he could've just had the CIA come out and cook up some evidence Iran had WMDs, he could have even said some bullshit about Russia and started a pissing match. But so far he hasn't. Is he /our_guy/? No, probably not. Is he an (((interventionist))) asshole? Doesn't appear to be to me, but I do want to hear your argument, you may have a better view on it than me.

68ab34  No.12160574

File: 3c554b10375f382⋯.gif (10.65 MB, 414x233, 414:233, 3956601016997539984fca913d….gif)

File: e65a81588aa7bcc⋯.gif (11.77 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 4ac0727542df9630572e7410ea….gif)


Mostly 8chan tbh. But you can find more on Gab.ai . Search for the Read Siege group

b2f45b  No.12160576


i agree but why do you care so much? clearly i dont give a shit about (((your opinion))) so it seems like you have no argument

072f03  No.12160585


it's a shame AWD got subverted by those O9A satanists tbh

bc76b9  No.12160586


>You're an uneducated dumbass.

No, that would be you.

>It's interesting how (((you))) come into a thread and reply to the 13th of 95 reply.

How the fuck is there anything "interesting" about this you fucking shit-for-brains retard?

d0365c  No.12160598

Threads about Germany have been completely filled with impertinent spam and (successful) attempts at derailing these last few weeks.


b2f45b  No.12160603


not really, this thread was based off of a kikebart article so in reality, nothing of value was lost in this one. have fun shit posting brother

bc76b9  No.12160605


So you believe that there is no civil war coming to Europe?

0bf27d  No.12160610


>'White Hispanics' as a percentage of TOTAL Hispanics = D / (B + D)


D is already included in B.

A - report as "White"

B - report as "White Alone"

>'White Hispanics" = A - B (this is correct) = C


Correction for you:

>D - report as "Hispanic"

>This includes those who report as both "White" and "Hispanic"

>IOW: "White Hispanic" = C

>The person would only identify themselves once in the censu

The person would be reported once, but they would show up in both "White" and "Hispanic" categories, but not "White Alone, Not Hispanic" category. They would of course be counted only once in terms of total number, though that data-point within the set may appear in several categorical states.

So, no.

"White Spics" = C = A - B

"Spics" = D

Percentage of "White Spics" amongst total "Spics" = C / D.

I was correct.

0ce9b0  No.12160613


brah, what a stupid question. There is no time variables within that. There's a fuckin civil war coming to the the south pole. In what time though? 5 years or 5,000?

Civil war is coming everywhere, but when.

b2f45b  No.12160624


i couldn’t say to a certainty but i think eventually it will, if the current course is maintained. unfortunately, by the time it happens we will probably be old men. so for now, all we can do is speculate which is of course not IRL action. therefore, im not sure what caliber of discussion your looking for here. which is also a reflection of kikebarts clickbait article, they don’t know shit either. they are nothing more than little news boys selling papers

0bf27d  No.12160625


>There's a fuckin civil war coming to the the south pole.

Not if we all die tomorrow. Unless you're talking about some sort of theoretical civil conflict between the beetle-folk that will inherent the Earth following mankind's passing, but I don't think you are, then nah m8, civil war isn't necessarily coming to everywhere.

But its coming to Europe quite soon in all likelihood given the present sociopolitical/Darwinian conditions that have been created.

bc76b9  No.12160626


Within two decades.

b2f45b  No.12160630



they will never be White. prob solved ;)

b2f45b  No.12160637


the games not over yet. still a lot of moves to be made. your very shortsighted

ef4b2e  No.12160645


They don't kill each other when they're both subverting Europe. They only do that to each other in their own backyards. Though, there have been exceptions, like the young 14 year old kikess that got killed months back. I wish shit like that happened a lot more often to (((them))).

b2f45b  No.12160646


identity politics, like all politics, is just a game. and its not over since there are still almost a billion of us. we only need a few hundred million to bounce back. we wont be replaced

0bf27d  No.12160648


Exactly my man.

That's what the image in question demonstrates.

Even if one WERE to assume some small (<10%) population in the spic horde that espouses un-muddied genes, they can not be so-easily identified and very few of them are likely to be the ones coming via immigration.

Meaning its extremely unlikely that, say, 90% of the census-reported Spics in California are "White".

Its a trick. Its a way that lets the media still talk about the " 70% White population" while in reality the spic horde slowly grows larger and larger and the "White Alone" category - oft overlooked in jewish media reporting - grows smaller and smaller.

b2f45b  No.12160650


its an image board, i dont care. if you came here to correct grammer, then you know you have nothing to say

75fcef  No.12160651


Why don't they just take away red text capability

b2f45b  No.12160653


im not a mod, i dont know. take it to the meta thread

ef4b2e  No.12160655


Just ignore and filter the neocohen kike.

a613ee  No.12160656


Lol. Goys you can only choose one of two: blue or red, left or right, right vs wrong. You’re a kike, get the fuck off my /pol/

93ae5a  No.12160658

File: d21d8825d6790ec⋯.gif (6.85 MB, 740x374, 370:187, ca6f041c19fc9ee685f36344e0….gif)

Incredible Music video for Civil War in Germany


91981e  No.12160662


>What is "appears to have mistakes"

>What does "person would only identify themselves once in the census" mean?


Whatever nigger.

75fcef  No.12160664


The biggest unreported story is that whites may already be a minority nationwide. That's how fast the fucking kikes ruined this nation. Like 20 years or so.

If you look at the official census estimate for 2017, it's 60% white. That includes a bunch of kikes and north africans/arabs who are counted as white. That number also doesn't account for an extraordinarily high amount of illegals, because the census disregards evidence of occupied structures where they would normally survey the occupants. And illegals don't fill out surveys. So, it's possible there are up to 60 million illegals in the country. The Mexican government itself put out 30 million as the number, but it's probably far higher.

TL;DR official stat is 60% white, but the number is probably around 50% non-jew, non-arab white when accounting for all illegals. Nobody's going to report that whites are a minority when we may be right now.

b2f45b  No.12160665


White Pride Worldwide

8bc1be  No.12160667

File: 779d914f342239e⋯.jpg (444.83 KB, 1119x1448, 1119:1448, we are right.jpg)


>muh subversion

They're on multiple continents now and growing rapidly

59f490  No.12160670


Why don’t you just fucking cry about it.

75fcef  No.12160674


No tears left, anon. Only deep hatred.

f893bc  No.12160678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>most spics are white

thanks for the redpill, it really makes me rethink my views… here is an equally awesome redpill

>vid related, very redpilled

0bf27d  No.12160680


>>What does "person would only identify themselves once in the census" mean?

It means you don't understand how a census works.

A person would only be reported in the census data once in the overall count, but in categorical capacities, they can and will appear in more than one if they report as more than one.

Someone who reports as "Black" and "Hispanic" will appear in both "Black" and "Hispanic" categories. If you don't understand that I guess you're just stupid or pretending to be stupid.


>The biggest unreported story is that whites may already be a minority nationwide.

Sans Boomers, we are.

000000  No.12160684


So Satan is a kike. This is a hit I can not afford.

f893bc  No.12160689

((( >>12160630 )))

> Everyone in Germanystan is a shitskin

fuck off D&C shill, what matters is the esoteric connections we share in the Hyperborean plane…

f893bc  No.12160692


Nice esoteric Hitler trips

0bf27d  No.12160696


>They studied whites, found their weakness, and conquered them forevermore

<You’ll have to pardon me if I maintain some doubts about your forecast.

75fcef  No.12160699



If whites have already lost, why do you need to post repeatedly about how whites lost on this forum? If they lost, why do you care? Why don't you go fuck your nigger boyfriend instead?

0bf27d  No.12160702


I'm not gonna watch that. Make a webm.

And I have a feeling you're that spic faggot again.

f893bc  No.12160703


girls in Latin America not only are cuter, but WHITER than here in the US

0bf27d  No.12160704


Who are you talking to?

0bf27d  No.12160707

000000  No.12160708


>They studied whites, found their weakness, and conquered them forevermore. It’s already over even if a few of you will have to be put down by force. No one in actuality wants to go back to living in a fascist utopia where they live and die for the state.

This above is highly suspicious.

73e2ae  No.12160712


Depends on where in Latin America you go.

Some of them look like southern Mexicans.

f893bc  No.12160715

((( >>12160702 )))

> (((spics have more intelligence and technology than whites because they can change IPs)))

reported for

0bf27d  No.12160716


Checked for check out this faggots posts:









73e2ae  No.12160723


Bullshit. .........

The only thing that happened is we tried to be better people and give them the benefit of the doubt. Detroit and Chicago are great examples of that failure.

2b5e26  No.12160725


the only mindset they havent be able to cuck is the turks' mindset, cant wait for the european vs BAD TURKS civ war, first round TURK TERORIR GROUP :OOOOOOO

0bf27d  No.12160735

File: 294d0fe2db3ed63⋯.jpg (136.89 KB, 946x780, 473:390, what the fuck is this shit.jpg)

File: 7daa7824f2c8b5b⋯.png (270.66 KB, 1676x2916, 419:729, Jews - Hitler.png)


Shut up jew. Go pray to your volcano demon and spew matzo someplace else.


Shut up spic. Go be a subhuman someplace else.

Reminder to report subhumans and jews.

000000  No.12160739


You sound like a delusional kike. Maybe an alphabet shill. Probably a nigger or a spic or Kampfy. Neither of these is a good thing.

0bf27d  No.12160750

File: 3688cca8f2e1e06⋯.png (482.39 KB, 2052x2156, 513:539, edge intensifies.png)


>pointing out his posts

<ad hom

Oh shut up kikel.

000000  No.12160763


At least I am not a roach shill like you. Go back to Kreutzberg and when you start hearing gunshots ask your Emre boyfriend for protection.

75fcef  No.12160766


>I'm saying "can’t they at least leave us alone"

That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is, if it was so obvious that whites already lost, then you could just sit back, suck your nigger boyfriend's AIDS-ridden dick or have him fuck you up your shithole while you watch whites get wiped out, which will happen inevitably, right?

Yet you feel the need to come on here on a Sunday, waste your time, SAY REPEATEDLY that whites lost. Why do you feel the need to do that if what you're saying is true? I actually don't care and was asking rhetorically. I just want fucksticks like you to be gassed. Go suck your nigger boyfriend's AIDS infected dick. Filtered.

0bf27d  No.12160771

File: bff50134cddae6b⋯.jpg (151.64 KB, 1742x1068, 871:534, Physicality.JPG)


>I'm bored!

You're like a woman. If you were actually bored you'd leave.

You're shilling, and you're doing it badly.

I'm waiting for you to start yapping about ashes and echoes and shit.


Yeah faggot, with your non-arguments and bitchy whining, shut the fuck up.

Save us having to see a bunch more of your posts inevitably get deleted.

0bf27d  No.12160773



650353  No.12160775

File: aae4d2a1cfde8b1⋯.png (190.9 KB, 1023x318, 341:106, The West is safe.PNG)



Thank you so much for the Whitepill, I was needing it. I mean it, I was feeling down and a bit suicidal. Hope I can see you in Valhalla after this life.

75fcef  No.12160780


Just filter it.

0bf27d  No.12160781


And of course we've got the multi-IP spicnigger LARPer too. What cohencidence.

75fcef  No.12160786


I stopped. Just wanted to get the point across. Then filtered.

I wonder (((who))) (exactly) is sending them.

0bf27d  No.12160788


Good call.

000000  No.12160793



Quick translation - a few niggers were messing around at the beach, people sunbathing pursuit and beat them till the police came and unluckily saved them. Nice and easy, there are dozens any day around here.

fbeab7  No.12160796

File: d1649c0645f67e1⋯.jpg (21.89 KB, 400x267, 400:267, Space Hitler.jpg)


France will be the first to fall into civil war. Then the U.K., then quickly spreading to Germany and the Nordic Nations. Despite the police and militaries' best efforts, the violence will spread, grow worse, and infect more areas. (((Merkel))) will do everything she can to continue to import Muzzies into Germany, to promote blonde-black racemixing, to culturally and genetically (((degrade))) their Amalek, the Aryan folk. If she thinks she is about to be seriously impeded in the near future, she will work with Turkey to even further intensify her importation efforts, a grand blow-out before the civil war comes.

It has to happen like this. This is the only that the German people can overcome their (((shame))), and face up to what jews really are.

Should the jewish bitch Merkel be ousted, the most likely outcome isn't war, but rather a round-up of migrants, to be placed in refugee camps instead. There they will spend the remainder of their lives, breeding, supported by the German pop., until the bleeding-hearted airheads regain the upper hand. Then it will be over for the German people.

That's why the best outcome, at this point, is an unfortunate civil war that makes Germany a worse Hell for them than the place they were 'fleeing'. It's not moral or righteous, but it's the only action that will work to stem the tide of people who do not admire or respect Germany as a German ethnostate. Of course, Merkel will punish anyone who so much as hurts a migrant's feelings.

It should be obvious by now that every Nation in the West is facing this same (((crisis))). If the civil wars don't happen, then the Jews will entice our spineless leaders to attack each other, kicking off their much schemed-for nuclear world war. Either all the West goes through civil wars, or the Jews will cause Global ThermoNuclear Warfare to break out, over whatever excuse they can make fit.

God, damn the Jews so that they learn how remedial and counter-productive their schemes are for all of humanity. They think their way is what's best for everyone else. Break them, God, damn them. God, damn them to Hell. Please, God, in all of your wisdom, please damn them to Hell.

75fcef  No.12160801


Heil'd. I'm unironically curious who exactly sends these people. Very determined and systematic shilling. Almost like a state operation. Maybe even using AI or something.

650353  No.12160803

((( >>12160781 )))

> (17)

I'm not a fucking spic, kike


0bf27d  No.12160814


>What sends these people

Money and ideology.

000000  No.12160815

Spain is overdue for one anyway.

We need Ultra Super Franco-Hitler-Mussolini 9001

650353  No.12160817

75fcef  No.12160819


>Either all the West goes through civil wars, or the Jews will cause Global ThermoNuclear Warfare to break out, over whatever excuse they can make fit.

Speaking realistically, world war or a series of civil wars are the endgames. Whites have to take the initiative, or we're going to be wiped out. Jews will continue to rig the system more and more in their favor, importing more and more shitskins and twisting the laws creating totalitarian states. They've already done it for decades. Pretty sure they'll be unbeatable.

75fcef  No.12160826


Pretty sure they'll be unbeatable *soon–maybe 10 years–as technology gets so dominant it's impossible to beat, vast armies of shitskins are imported, and the laws are completely twisted so resistance is futile

8bc1be  No.12160832

File: 191f6323da47148⋯.png (2.2 MB, 1539x2048, 1539:2048, read siege knife.png)

File: 1b7f787fc825ed0⋯.jpg (138.11 KB, 378x456, 63:76, tomassi3.jpg)

File: 5426ddb4599df52⋯.jpg (170.37 KB, 786x1017, 262:339, james mason give hate a ch….jpg)

File: 20dcf4f3376e0fe⋯.jpg (464.82 KB, 1119x1448, 1119:1448, northern order.jpg)

Give Hate A Chance

650353  No.12160833


I don't see how most whites (mostly in Latin America and Europe) would push or act in a belligerent manner. What do we have to gain from the "getting ready" UNLESS it is to arm and train our peoples.

We need to spread to even more countries and assert our networking there. Otherwise, it will be as you say, the jews will try to wipe us out because there will be no one side with us. Latin America has always been safe for our people, but for how long??

fbeab7  No.12160835


Yea, I don't know who will win at this point. I do know that without some serious soul-searching, some serious actions, the Jews will succeed in ringing in their global Jew World Odor with a nuclear bang. The only ones who really stand in their way, right now, are the Aryans.

7e8ed4  No.12160836


It wouldn't be the first time.

8bc1be  No.12160841

File: 1b6df8e9decb7de⋯.jpg (485.56 KB, 1396x1448, 349:362, james mason to kill an ism.jpg)

File: ed90f1f13aea0db⋯.jpeg (617.49 KB, 1119x1448, 1119:1448, blood eagle.jpeg)

File: 1e1fbc7fb674626⋯.png (445.4 KB, 679x574, 97:82, goebbels.png)

File: 97e110840c75dba⋯.jpg (61.15 KB, 850x400, 17:8, himmler.jpg)

Atomwaffen Division cells in Germany and throughout central Europe



0bf27d  No.12160844

File: e0c17a41d229709⋯.png (4.02 MB, 2412x3096, 67:86, ClipboardImage.png)



They also get a lot of help.

0bf27d  No.12160846



And here comes the "Atomwaffen" spam.

Pure cohencidence goyim.

62060f  No.12160847

File: 490f0838454f464⋯.jpeg (528.94 KB, 1024x930, 512:465, EF63BDDA-E343-4F7A-90B5-1….jpeg)


000000  No.12160860


Checked. It seems that this place is lost. The show must go on the road.

75fcef  No.12160864


Checked. kek. wow

ccce19  No.12160868

File: c56043cda762162⋯.png (100.95 KB, 415x280, 83:56, df awd gun point.png)

File: 9e1143fb223234f⋯.jpg (102.47 KB, 1100x732, 275:183, Meme 1106 (2013_11_02 22_2….jpg)


>Don't get TOO RADICAL, Goyim


9e1ff0  No.12160889


every fucking cop in that picture is White. fucking traitor bastards. western nations need military coups, even at the local level idgaf

d0365c  No.12160893


You edgy retards are really cramping my style.

Don't think any of you satanic posers will be allowed into my Warband once the Putsch kicks off.

9e8097  No.12160894


>fucking traitor bastards.

How come?

9e8097  No.12160900


Sounds pretty out of line to me.

9e1ff0  No.12160903

File: 997bccbdcc4b4c2⋯.jpg (78.33 KB, 500x784, 125:196, forced integration goyim.jpg)


nothing new under the sun

21eaba  No.12160905

File: f49eba87159a028⋯.jpg (6.04 KB, 300x168, 25:14, imgine my shock.jpg)


>import millions of military aged young men into your country

>on the brink of civil war a couple of years later

Who could have guessed lads?

ccce19  No.12160907

File: de90026b6241474⋯.png (384.83 KB, 480x616, 60:77, tomassi1.png)

File: 77559e6aa896c49⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 835x1080, 167:216, read siege.gif)

File: 8ac7b297296a6f5⋯.jpg (413.91 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, awd charles manson.jpg)


We want nothing to do with your pacifism. The Future Is OURS!

7adb32  No.12160910


very edgy

53a688  No.12160914


I wonder if a riot shield + riot armor + bullet resistant vest would stop a .50 cal?

fbeab7  No.12160915

File: 54f139c79438cff⋯.jpg (47.85 KB, 639x639, 1:1, when the reality hits you.jpg)

File: d3b541490098331⋯.png (2.96 MB, 2080x1212, 520:303, matters of diversity.png)


In all seriousness, I'm inclined to agree with you.

59f490  No.12160916


Kill yourself, neonazi untermensch. You are not national socialist.

91dcf5  No.12160917


Or as an option just ignore that satanic laced BS of a retarded dropout and enjoy life instead.

5c321b  No.12160920


If 20 of those 60 million are juden, and the remaining 40 million are all the nogs and rabs in Europe, then that would be absolutely fine.

59f490  No.12160921

File: c15efc4a859a931⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 3000x2055, 200:137, 1523667781644.jpg)

d0365c  No.12160923


Do what thou wilt, but rest assured you won't have the privilege of serving under Germany's finest Warmaster (me) in the coming war

7658eb  No.12160925

File: be9f61d4e351a68⋯.jpg (105.3 KB, 640x640, 1:1, liber 333 guns.jpg)


We will win because Nobody after Reading SIEGE by James Mason can return to being as you would say "blue pilled". It's a one way street into radical revolutionary National Socialism. Much like how if you've read Mein Kampf you cannot go back.

d0365c  No.12160930


Siege is literary garbage, a drudge to read and offers nothing of value.

68ab34  No.12160934

File: 33c08b88a2811c3⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, intlth-1.png)


There are teenagers reading SIEGE and becoming radicalized. They don't have the moral hang ups of the old fags

fbeab7  No.12160938


>Choosing the dark path over the light.

No, it's not so cut n' dry. Instead, we must meet them at the same level that they engage us.

- For Jews, this means legally seizing their assets and expelling them, (which is what Adolf Hitler attempted to do…)

- For Muzzies, this means driving them out the same way they were driving in.

- For other illegal aliens, this means preventing them from working or living in our Nations.

It's not that we must be evil. It's that they must not want to be here.

7658eb  No.12160941

File: 6125c3febe6e58c⋯.jpg (123.59 KB, 1008x1304, 126:163, hate rising.jpg)


LOL they say the Left can't meme but Look at this wall text nobody is going to open up and read.


d0365c  No.12160946


Your propaganda has literally no meaning, it exists just to offend, like something a petulant child denied attention would come up with.

e543c8  No.12160948

>all this (((SEIGE)))posting ITT

Your satanic degenerate club is gay and NOT National Socialism. All you go on about it SEIGE like it's the be all and end all. You fucking niggers are parodies of yourselves I swear. Do yourself a favour and go commit your le edgy lone wolf violence and see how that turns out you good for nothing kike.

75fcef  No.12160953


And anyone should be able to see that this was so foreseeable that it must have been deliberate.

fbeab7  No.12160954


intellectual denial doesn't become u

7658eb  No.12160955


You sound exactly the same as shitlib journalists. The absolute state of the reactionary rightwing lol

75fcef  No.12160962


Some cops in Germany are apparently /ourguys/

Having them on your side is important. Don't dismiss it

17d485  No.12160967

File: 7533506c22354a0⋯.png (667.98 KB, 2048x1428, 512:357, pure.png)


Imagine being this afraid of a book. You don't know anything more about SIEGE than shitlibs

91dcf5  No.12160970


I have questions before I waste my precious time.

1. What was the biggest acomplishment of James Mason (never hard of him)?

2. Does the book teach me how to kill me Soros or a Rothschild?

75fcef  No.12160971


A lot of siege posting is just derailing. I appreciate the bumps for this very important topic, though.

861bc1  No.12160977

File: a9140815e07af6e⋯.png (50.07 KB, 255x204, 5:4, gk55n3xrwa201.png)


Thanks Anon, I really needed to listen to something like this, 10/10

e59ead  No.12160981

File: 7278e14ca1eff9f⋯.jpg (234 KB, 520x520, 1:1, Commander GLR.jpg)



I think his point was that for propaganda its one dimensional with barely any message other than hate but with no end goal in sight. As a suggestion why not" hate for a future?" showing that you'll kill for a united, growing white race? Why limit yourself to a caricature you need to present a better argument in your image. If you are indeed genuine.

17d485  No.12160985


It's relevant because AWD is in Germany now. How could this happen?!

7115b6  No.12160988

Jesus Christ the amount of shilling in this thread. (((They))) must be afraid as fuck due to coming war.

e543c8  No.12160990


I'm not, it's just edgy faggots who worship it like it's the fucking bible. Sure it has some okay stuff but it shouldn't be the end all. James Mason was a satan-worshipping degenerate and LARPING as skinheads is completely opposite to being a NatSoc. Stop shilling it you nigger, and shitting up the already shitty and blatantly obvious thread.

000000  No.12160993


Checked and heiled. The Overton window is our.

9e5634  No.12161006

File: e4ef7d77e004bab⋯.png (604.04 KB, 1457x1826, 1457:1826, 7ea26f6e1d469442d28bbeb17d….png)

File: 3a6adf6c6926378⋯.jpg (180.02 KB, 598x851, 26:37, tumblr_mjsptcRth91rrsuzco1….jpg)

File: df41d26e0636603⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 540x301, 540:301, df41d26e0636603ab0d3380a6c….jpg)








This imagery does not attract the best and the brightest, it attracts people who live in fantasies and who love violence. I doubt many seejfags could describe national socialism, or even explain what they want society to look like. They just like the idea of killing politicians and journalists. It does not say 'cultured thug' a la Bowden, nor 'warrior-poet' a la Waffen-SS. It says edgy satanist that will convert to pisslam at a moments notice.


Fucking lone wolf Merkel and then I'll take you seriously

/pol/ is a board of peace yadda yadda yadda

d593da  No.12161022


They would. Americans are subhuman scum.

7115b6  No.12161024

Siegefags are sissies and they love to suck cocks.

e59ead  No.12161029


Any word on new German protests? Halle was the last one any more yet? Have we ignited the torch for Europe to hold aloft in freedom?

157f64  No.12161030

"German city politician" you mean the same kind of politician that works under Merkle?

Face it. Germany if full of idiots. How do you explain the situation you are in otherwise?

157f64  No.12161035


> Politicians don't listen

You mean politicians dont browse 8chan

91dcf5  No.12161039

File: 07efebc7f720366⋯.jpg (61.91 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, pope-francis.jpg)


> Imagine being this afraid of a book.

the bible?

570fd9  No.12161063


No, that's not what I mean. You really think that 8chan alone doesn't want to stop white people from disappearing? No, you don't.

fbeab7  No.12161102


>politicians don't browse 8chan

ahh… but the staffers do.

e549a3  No.12161109


I have to say though, the guys in the 3rd pic have a really nice truck. I didn't know they had a crew cab model from before 2000.

fbeab7  No.12161122


Kai Murros is a bloody prophet.


000000  No.12161150


>dark foreigner

What the fuck does that even mean? Am I supposed to empathize with an edgelord ripoff of the Punisher? Am I supposed to cheer for this guy? Because he looks exactly like Antifa. You know you had a great clean-cut Aesthetic? The kind of look that if you saw them marching in a parade your ma and granma would come outside and throw flowers?

e57e04  No.12161209

They main problem will be weapons & ammunition.

Without foreign help, a civil war will be lost and Germany / Europe will turn into a giant Islamic State.

e5fbdf  No.12161221


>>American Military in Germany is going to side with the Muslims and kill Germans

>Nigger please.

Of course they would. American media will label them nazis and the mil will jump at the chance to wipe them out for israel. You do realize the current mil is fighting alongside and providing weapons for ISIS/Al Qaeda in Syria right?

How any sane person could sign up for the mil after the bogus WMD bs from iraq is beyond comprehension.

e5fbdf  No.12161230


>They main problem will be weapons & ammunition.

>Without foreign help, a civil war will be lost and Germany / Europe will turn into a giant Islamic State.

Doing nothing will have that same result. The key is to not let these animals in the first place.

e57e04  No.12161265


>The key is to not let these animals in the first place.

Way too late.

They are here. Millions of them. And they are reproducing like rabbits.

c91fd1  No.12161290


oh look its time to destroy europe!

e57e04  No.12161316


You are responsible for this.

And your buddy Israel.

a7b3b4  No.12161334


>American military

>fighting with muslims

In your dream, trashbag.

>How any sane person could sign up for the mil after the bogus WMD bs from iraq is beyond comprehension.

It's not bogus.


25c5a6  No.12161354


How naive are you, retard.

a7b3b4  No.12161358


HOW naive are you?

You think US muhreen is gonna open fire up on german civies?

25c5a6  No.12161359


>Reminder that a few months ago Atomwaffen Division members announced their cells in Germany on video.

Literally 5 teenage edgelords most likely.

9ff58c  No.12161360



>>You see some of them begging on the street, often young women pitiably clutching a picture of a child (which may or may not be theirs) while, a few yards back, a sullen looking male (perhaps a relative, perhaps acting as kind of pimp) lurks as her chaperone.

Muslim women do not beg in the street. What this clueless american saw was a typical gypsy setup but since he is a aracial idiot like all americans he can only distinguish between negroes and non negroes.

25c5a6  No.12161362


Murican soldiers are niggers. Physically and in spirit.

a7b3b4  No.12161372


Go tell that to them.

a7b3b4  No.12161376


I've seen a syrian begging for shit in Paris metro.

000000  No.12161455


He's right, though. Of course it's understood that the jews are the primary driver behind the push for more immigration, but only a nigger could deny that, brainwashed or not, liberal Whites also call for more immigration, women in particular. It's just a fact.

5551c2  No.12161502


the chad lone wolf vs the virgin organized resistance

6e41d5  No.12161512



Listen to jewish Satanist goy, it will help the white race when we become the retarded caricature the kikes want us to be goy.

a6470c  No.12161536


>American Military in Germany is going to side with the Muslims and kill Germans

You will see America and China bomb Europe to protect muslim immigrants. It already happened in Kosovo.

62ed73  No.12161552


Kai murros should really do more speeches.

75fcef  No.12161574


Luckily, a Clinton isn't in charge, and Trump (although he's a civnat white genocider) appears to want Merkel gone, so maybe the kike-run shitskin US military will not interfere as Germans go house to house removing kebab.

75fcef  No.12161672


Liberal whites are the product of vast economic forces that ultimately drive social forces. Everything from the top–federal reserve, big business, finance, moneylending, the legal system–that drives economic forces is driven by the kikes.

The kikes are the primary movers in all of this.

e57e04  No.12161673

File: 839ced1169be4b5⋯.gif (3.35 MB, 642x414, 107:69, 1507255833514.gif)

Gemany is fucking lost.

There is one, often two or more, refugee housing centers in every(!) single German town now.

Even in the smallest ones.

But there won't be a civil war.

These guys will simply breed us to death.

In about 15 years the majority of young people will have a muslim background already.

Then, in another 15 years, the majority of the whole society will be Islamic.

There is no way back anymore.

No chance.

a7b3b4  No.12161684


Again with the blackpill.

You are dead, kike.

75fcef  No.12161689


Why you blackpilling nigger. Eat shit and blow your brains out you nigger fucking kike fuck

e68162  No.12161699

>Civil war is coming to Europe

How can there be a civil war between nations? More appropriately would be civil unrest. Any speculation on war is early considering the unrest hasn't even begun.

c491b4  No.12161707


Again with the D&C faggot.

75fcef  No.12161735


A lot of whites in America don't see themselves as "American," except in the sense that the flag and national pride is sometimes a proxy for "whiteness" versus niggers and spics, so being "American" is somehow an internal symbol of whiteness. But America is indeed anti-white toward its own white people and whites around the world. Don't lump all "Americans" together. That's stupid.

978a0d  No.12161760


>the reality of history is divide and conquer

Are you retarded?

978a0d  No.12161772


>don't lump the citizens of a nation together as citizens of a nation

White Americans firebombed Europe, White Americans stormed the beaches of Europe, white Americans raped and murdered Germans. This is fact. This is history. America does not get to have a voice when it comes to the White race, it has proven itself to objectively be an enemy.

fee101  No.12161808


>European nations fight each other for centuries

>America joins in

>"But that's different!!!"

528c30  No.12161835


Go die for Zog

e68162  No.12161877


Yeah? So did Brits. So did vikings. So did Romans. So did Russians. What's your point, dumb-fuck?

75fcef  No.12161893


You're pure d&c. Filtered.

e57e04  No.12161909

File: 9660c4ae3277bd4⋯.jpg (443.96 KB, 957x1118, 957:1118, 966.jpg)



> blackpilling

I knew that this would come.

Just filter / ban me.

I don't even care.

It's just the fucking truth.

Germany and Western Europe are LOST.

But on the other side: Why do you even care?

You will profit from us becoming a third world shithole. One competitor less.

Also your government, together with your greatest ally, has brought this upon us.

YOU were the ones, destabilizing the Northern African / Middle Eastern shitholes, that are now flooding our continent.

Sure, our batshit insane catlady of a chancellor contributed as well, as she performed the finishing move by opening EU borders.

But a big chunk was done by your former libshit nigger government.

Thanks Obama.

So why would I, or any other Eurofag, expect help from America at all anymore?

Trump has a SHIT relationship to Merkel and absolutely no influence on her as well.

And the next president will be another Democrat, likely even worse than the former one.

He will not just support the flooding of Europe but the one of YOUR country as well.

Ever thought about that?

But anyway.

Maybe you can prevent that from happening, who knows.

Maybe you can save the white race somehow.

We can't anymore.

We're done.

0fa25d  No.12161911


Yes they do retard, it's usually children who have a laminated card that has english on one side and german on the other

t. been to Berlin and seen it

8cfaf1  No.12161915

File: 1f1ec0e16a3d5be⋯.webm (14.72 MB, 800x450, 16:9, The American Dream.webm)





75fcef  No.12161926


Our country was flooded a long time ago you fucking cocksucking nigger. Do you see us staring at our low-T shriveled dicks. No. We elected Donald Trump. He may be a white genocider kike puppet, but we took action. There is also a massive new awareness among whites of how they fucked us up the ass. We essentially had your refugee flow over the past 20 years with open borders with Mexico.

Nobody fucking loses until they actually lose. The only guaranteed way to lose is by being a defeatist faggot. That's what you are. You personally deserve to lose. Other Europeans who fight back, overthrow Merkel, and start killing shitskins will fucking win then execute you for being a fucking faggot. In sum, fuck you, you defeatist shill nigger fuck.

528c30  No.12161941


You're not German

e68162  No.12161942


>It's just the fucking truth.

It's not though. This isn't the 1500s. It doesn't take a population of young, 20 year old men, to a fight a battle. So long as the population exists to get angry at the situation, there's a population to wield guns and shoot. Whether 10 or 60, or somewhere in between. Should it take 30 years, we'll still be a majority in our countries in 30 years, and whether someone is old or young, they can fire a gun. In todays modern combat, with modern weapons, strategy, and thus intelligence, surpass youth and physique, unless you're talking a professional military, but we're not. In 30 years a white American veteran will still have combat knowledge and weapons knowledge, and he will still be able to use that knowledge to kill a couple dozen niggers all by himself, even if they're 20 years old and strong and ready to fight. The fight isn't over until we're all gone. Even a white woman could out shoot a shit-skin at a distance.

0bf27d  No.12161951

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Fight til you're dead.

All your life you've been fed media wherein someone overcomes seemingly insurmountable odds.

Turn their social conditioning back against them.

Win, or die trying.

e68162  No.12161952


What are you browsing /pol/ you third world monkey?

b33d56  No.12162012


ive been with mine for two years, and she has really come around, to the point where she looks into things for herself

93ae5a  No.12162016

File: 79ba0a875a51964⋯.jpg (284.83 KB, 1024x695, 1024:695, system pigs.jpg)

File: 3fadc08654cacc6⋯.jpg (728.69 KB, 422x750, 211:375, black sun.jpg)


(((American Military)))

The system pigs are your enemy. You must have not read any Dr. Pierce or SIEGE

93ae5a  No.12162028

File: 37e0023f91bd9a6⋯.jpg (106.69 KB, 648x968, 81:121, read siege babe.jpg)


a95f7a  No.12162040

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a95f7a  No.12162058


Oh look another uninformed retard.

Germans may've ruined europe a few times but compared to ww 1 and 2 and nowadays?

It was all due to the anglos and kikes.

3e3787  No.12162065


>Makarov and a Taurus

Fuckin poorfag shit tier guns.

aa2b80  No.12162080


> $10 walmart knife

ok, she's poor, but still hot

064269  No.12162097

File: 7d3f7ba73ab92ba⋯.jpg (39.67 KB, 502x383, 502:383, Blood & Soil.jpg)

>Civil war is coming to Europe

Well its about fucking time faggots.

Wipe those shitskin vermin out of this planet starting with your country,and kill every rat face jew and good goy politician that let them in in the first place.


53764b  No.12162098


Enjoying life means either being a degenerate or supporting a system which works against you.

53764b  No.12162107


The book isn't a how to guide, there are plenty of islamic and leftist insurgency books which already discuss that, his is simply an argument for revolution or insurgency over democratic shit.

f4a720  No.12162110



I can't "enjoy life".

Everyone is out to destroy me, my people, my way of life.

One group wants to eat all resources for a few coins. Another group wants to eat all beauty for a few ego trips. Another group wants to grab everything and dispose of it once it has no immediate use. Every group hates my way of life, they hate me, they hate that I don't do what they do and still have much more success.

b07ecf  No.12162127


>no actual rebuttal

93ae5a  No.12162128

File: 20dcf4f3376e0fe⋯.jpg (464.82 KB, 1119x1448, 1119:1448, northern order.jpg)


capitalists and kikes go first

a48537  No.12162210



>spamming whole article

this isn't stormfront faggot

000000  No.12162244

nothing will happen

5e7e4a  No.12162269


>’’’’’Economics:’’’’’ there is a view abroad, mostly promoted by the mainstream liberal-left but also by squishy conservatives, that Germany’s ageing population needs an influx of fresh blood. If native Germans won’t breed at replacement rates, then “guest-workers” must be imported to keep the economy going strong.

Lower birthrates using socialism, feminism and destruction of family, kvetch about goyim not breeding. The chutzpah

e9c70e  No.12162271


Wrong board you dumb nigger

7e8ed4  No.12162282


European nations never imposed communism on the loser.

e9c70e  No.12162288


What is east germany? Unless you think that the soviet union wasn't part of europe.

064269  No.12162290


infinite sorrow unless your just a dub stealing black pilling shitskin yid torpedo then fuck you the rope is coming as gas was just impractical.

064269  No.12162296


bolsheviks were't part of europe they are a combination mud race that functions as a parasite or dies.

064269  No.12162298


were not !! fixed

7e8ed4  No.12162302


And who was supplying the soviet union?

09fca7  No.12162305



Russia is a part of Europe you fucking retard.


America, England and France?

inb4 UK & France are not Europe

09fca7  No.12162312

Anyone found it maddening that D&C shills try to D&C America and Europe, yet never Asia or Europe or even Russia from Europe?

e90c37  No.12162319

File: 6ebfca140f8c849⋯.png (699.73 KB, 750x548, 375:274, BC7DF575-C8B8-4089-8FEE-95….png)


It’s almost like this cringey siege bullshit is an attempt to dissuade lurkers from finding the light, beauty, and tranquility in National Socialism.

Capitalism isn’t the problem, but (((you))) already knew that, didn’t (((you)))? Please stop spamming these edgy Hallmark cards in every thread.

7e8ed4  No.12162325


Because nobody pretends that asians are going to come running to save us.

09fca7  No.12162327


Yeah, except I can see the japanese doing that.

09346f  No.12162328

File: 82ed22d2db643b0⋯.jpg (63.21 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Goebbels_capitalism_jews.jpg)

File: 5a3ecdea9c1186d⋯.png (57.03 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Primoquote1.png)


>the light, beauty, and tranquility in National Socialism.

>Capitalism isn't the problem

09fca7  No.12162333


That's not a real Goebbels's quote.

And the second is speaking Capital as a tool.

5e7e4a  No.12162336


Geographicly. But Russia is civilization on it's own

09fca7  No.12162337


Russia's culture is the same goddamn culture as the european, or you think they have chinese culture?

064269  No.12162339


I said Bolsheviks ass hat , huge distinction between white Russians and disgusting yid rats nigger.


09fca7  No.12162342


Except white russians served and died for the bolsheviks and they are still europeans.

Meanwhile, you are basically running your mouth on the USA while they bleed the USSR dry.

f959cd  No.12162348


You can get a hunting rifle and/or shotgun in most European countries without much of an issue. It's not a Kalashnikov but it'll do. Also for close quarters knives, machetes and fire axes are surprisingly effective. After the fight starts in earnest police and military that defect will probably begin to pass out arms they can snatch up. After a while they'll flow in through the black market either from the middle east and africa or even donations from Putin in exchange for "favors" in the future.

09fca7  No.12162352


You can get Saiga and Vepr auto shotgun in Euro without much issues due to no sanctions.

Those are the best weapons next to full pledge rifles.

064269  No.12162358


>enter asia

Whites fighting for shit stained rats is nothing new and calling a jew a European because white fought for its semitic agenda is fucking stupid.

09fca7  No.12162360


I'm not calling jews european, I'm calling russian europeans.

Stop twisting my word, faggot.

064269  No.12162370


soviet union is jew there for semitic and not eurasia and instead rat faced hook nose usurpers nigger.so before you go spewing about that regime being european clarify the fact that Bolsheviks where the soviet union and not european regardless of white foot soldiers nigger

09fca7  No.12162375


And? Some of the USSR leadership is still russian, their army is still russian.

Ultimately, it composes of more european than semites, so it's an european entity.

You are trying hard to play the word game now.

064269  No.12162389


no I am making a clear distinction between ethnic european russians and the soviet union that was run by (((rats))) and culturally Russians without kike subversion are euro however geographically they are in asia, not europe.

09fca7  No.12162393


Russians got tricked by jews, doesn't stop them from being europeans.

You got proven wrong, just fucking accept it, and stop hating the americans, at least the american people, for christ sake.

09fca7  No.12162394



Also, Russia IS in Europe.

Their eastern part is not as populated and their culture is still european.

064269  No.12162395


europe is not a continent

09fca7  No.12162401


Yeah, it's linked with Asia, being the two greatest things in the world.

There's a reason why America and Africa are cut.

Euro-asia IS the continent of gods, and most civilization flows from there.

064269  No.12162402


you went from trying to obfuscate that the soviet union was NOT a representation of russians to claiming anti american lol

fuck off jew

09fca7  No.12162404


Except the Soviet Union was composed of european, thus it's european.

The original argument was that America is bad because it hurr leaves behind "communism", another point out that the USSR leaves actual communism behind and ruin Eastern Europe for 50 years, yet you only target America.

c4aa91  No.12162411


Of course it is coming. pretty soon I am hopefully able to buy guns and ammo.

Also Whites will not stand in unity!

We need to kill of the cancer that allowed this to happen.

View this like the previous black death: A big challenge and survival of the fittest. View the niggers like chemotherapy, they come and will remove the cancer in our white race.

We need to prepare and we need to survive.

Never trust a person, just because it appears to be white.

This Antifa Idiots are mostly white, and they will fight against us.

The best is to step back and let them get slaughtered by the niggers first.

It does not make sense to fight on all fronts, when the enemy will eat itselfe anyway..

064269  No.12162412


wrong, the soviet union was comprised of jews as oligarchs and all whites as cannon fodder.Don't dare mention (((soviet union))) whithout pointing out it was the (((rats)))

f959cd  No.12162416

File: ea95517f0340d71⋯.jpg (177.28 KB, 775x500, 31:20, 7642.jpg)

File: 60c7f4b4353520d⋯.png (18.27 KB, 277x391, 277:391, werwolfe logo.png)

Reminder that virtually one of the last orders of Goebbels in the last grim days of the legitimate government of Germany after Hitler's death was for the Werwolfs to keep fighting as partisans against the illegitimate Allied occupation. We're all Werewolves and we've been ordered to fight.

064269  No.12162417


Get this through your fucking head.

the soviet union was semitic rats = communism

09fca7  No.12162418


Again, some of the leadership of the USSR is russian, as well as the soldiers, it was an european entity controlled by jews.

>Don't dare mention (((soviet union))) whithout pointing out it was the (((rats)))

Yet you have no problem in pointing finger to america, and especially the american people.

Denial is a bitch.

09fca7  No.12162419


The Soviet Union is mostly white, you fucking retard.

Only the top were kikes.

064269  No.12162422


are you fucking retarded communism is jewish not white

09fca7  No.12162424


Plenty of communists were/are white.

f959cd  No.12162426


Judaism is not White.

Communism = Judaism

Get it through your thick skull.

f959cd  No.12162429


They're shabbos race-traitor filth. If you have the enemy and a traitor, and only one bullet, shoot the traitor.

09fca7  No.12162430


Except that's a plain contradiction, some communists are white.

Some russians are communists and they are white.

064269  No.12162433


ahaha you now try to tell me what I have been pointing to the whole convo what are you 56ed dam your stupid

09fca7  No.12162434


So you admit they are white/european traitor, that's all I need, because the original argument is hurr America is bad because it hurr leaves behind "communism".

064269  No.12162436


you must be drunk your not even making your misguided coherent statements.

I hope it was good bourbon

09fca7  No.12162437


Again, retard, see this conversation:


>>European nations fight each other for centuries

>>America joins in

>>"But that's different!!!"


>>What is east germany? Unless you think that the soviet union wasn't part of europe.


>>bolsheviks were't part of europe they are a combination mud race that functions as a parasite or dies.


>>Russia is a part of Europe you fucking retard.

Now you just admit that they are european thus a part of Europe, thus my argument is fulfilled.

ed7d20  No.12162440

Feels good man

f959cd  No.12162441


I'm not going to read through the whole thread to understand your autism rage at each other. The USA and USSR are/were bad as a country because they're used as attack dogs for the Jew. The people, if could be debrainwashed, were/are mostly White and of course have value like every western nation.

09fca7  No.12162442


Miss one, the most important:


>European nations never imposed communism on the loser.

This is wrong, as fucking Soviet Union imposed communism upon HALF of Europe, and the Soviet Union is a part of Europe.

09fca7  No.12162445


Read the summary here >>12162437


Retards in this thread basically point finger at America, no, not the government, but also the people, which is fucking retarded and D&C.

064269  No.12162447


the soviet union was not european it was jew bullshit period

f959cd  No.12162448


Then you're the retard for fighting with JIDF that get paid per post. Just throw him in the oven with the hide feature.

09fca7  No.12162449


The Soviet Union composes of european nations, and are a part of Europe. Russia is a part of Europe.


Retard, we argue for the audience, when you let the shills out-argue you, that's when this board gets dumber.

Always fight for truth.

c4aa91  No.12162455


You are exactly right.

(((They))) want people to beliefe that the nationalistic view is only dumb hate and violence.

This is why (((they))) want people to believe in "hateful evil nazis" hunting "poor peaceful refugees" in chemnitz.

Many real Neo Nazis seem to be that way, especially with a little media manipulation. They are shooting themselfe and us all in the foot, by behaving badly.

Thanks god we have the internet and can spread the truth, about such events.

We have a good attack against (((their))) strategy. And it is showing people the truth.

Seeing the fake news exposed and how the media wants to push something on them will get most people thinking.

People still believe, that the fake news thing is just crazy conspiracy.

So we need to reach them by memes and show them the truth with logic and reason.

09fca7  No.12162459


Why can't people accept there's light and dark to Naziism.

The Waffen SS adopted the skull logo and WW1 germans also used have the spiked helmet, their point is we shall become as devils to the enemy while protecting our nation.

6c9378  No.12162460

Wish I could be there with them killing shitskins and jews

064269  No.12162461


the soviet union was a guise for jews to steal the wealth from the proletariat and concentrate it in the rubbing hands of rodents leaving the working man no recourse to jew fuckery much like and similar to the censorship you see.This censorship is soviet jew style.Let me make this clear for you nigger The soviet union was anti european at its core and thus anti white jew shite

09fca7  No.12162462


And? It doesn't deny the fact that the Soviet Union is composed of white nations and most of the people there were white, they got tricked by the jews and implement communism on their own brothers.

That's the truth and we must adapt to that.

c4aa91  No.12162463


But it is the light. Killing the enemies is not bad.

Also I am not really into the socialism, because we need to get rid of cancer in our own race, or we will never prevail.

09fca7  No.12162464


Yeah, sure m8, skull logo and spiked helmets are "light".

The germans are smart that they understand they have to scare the enemies as well as killing them.

09fca7  No.12162465


Also, national socialism is not socialism.

Socialism is cancer.

064269  No.12162467


National Socialism works perfect to cut out the jew cancer

hence their vehement out cry of anything national yet pump their marxist jew first socialism

c4aa91  No.12162473


>The Skull is the reminder that you shall always be willing to put your self at stake for the life of the whole community.

09fca7  No.12162475


Or it's simpler, the skull is there to scare the enemy, for I shall be your death.

09fca7  No.12162476

File: 97c63a2a30ac023⋯.jpg (187.02 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, Teutonic-Knights.jpg)


I think Warhammer 40K follows this sense of aesthetics more closely.

The muhreen are holy beings, yet they are also angels of death and have no problem in incorporating skull and other scary features in their armor.

This is the same as what the germans were thinking, as well as the teutonic order.

c4aa91  No.12162477


It is also a known historical fact that "skulla" are ab object of worship in pagan cultures

09fca7  No.12162478


Yes, that's true.

We must remember the various warrior death cults, those who forsake the light so they can be the dark and brutal to the enemies.

Germany was still dark and never lost its pagan roots, so this design remained.

064269  No.12162481

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


lmao skull hunting sounds like fun

89125c  No.12162482


They didn't rebuild shit.

Nothing but an attempt by the US to get favorable diplomatic (((status))) with the Turkroaches in Turkey.

What is going on in this image?

Zogbots being zogbots?

09fca7  No.12162485


But the Marshall Plan?

There is some inconsenticies here when people trashtalk the Bund, yet the Bund was one of the best states during the Cold war era.

It might have become shit during modern times, but all states do.

89125c  No.12162488


Marshall paln =! importing turkn*ggers.

c4aa91  No.12162491


What is dark to them, does not necessarely need to be dark to us.

Also it is not death cults. (((Sand nigger religions))) are a death cult to the after life.

The Skull and the femur bone represent the life. The life of our ancestors and us.

09fca7  No.12162493


The death cult here are different than the Abrahamic masochism, it is about soldiers who forsake their lives for the lives of others, of berserkers who die so other can live.

>What is dark to them, does not necessarely need to be dark to us.

Nay, they also appear as dark to us, because that's by design.


Importing turks happen after the Marshall Plan right?

064269  No.12162495


are you on the verge of suicide or you paid to black pill ,have you even seen the keys on a boat with full bar you stocked yourself and the kegs for females lol they like beer uggh.Shit can be nice and always remember blame the jew covertly as they are the problem.Everything about them is shit .

89125c  No.12162500


Exactly, the Marshall Plan was about giving financial aid an loans.

The other thing with the cockraoaches was in the early 60s initially rejected by German officials as rightfully and factually unnecessary but then pushed for and pushed through by kikes in the "American" government.

c4aa91  No.12162501


>it is about soldiers who forsake their lives for the lives of others, of berserkers who die so other can live

I agree, and it is good. I will hapilly die for my incarnations to live

>Nay, they also appear as dark to us, because that's by design.

Well it does not to me.

064269  No.12162502


german gov american gov the same kikes asshole wake up

89125c  No.12162506


I would probably guess I am on the verge of suicide. Respect for anyone that fithts in this shit world against the shit "people" that excercise their reign here.I don't know what you intend to say with your line about bars and beers, but I don't really go clubbing or to bars. I am 20 and probably I will be going to bars and (trying to) socialize when I am in uni if I live long enough. It's not like I can't socialize, I am confident and can put on a facade very successfully if I want, it's just tiresome, but it can be done. On a casual level I can deal with people well and I can also fare welll in the formal settings. It's just tiresome to me to socialize, probably an intorverted fag tbh. Your idea of subtle subversion is probably the only way past the media golem along with private networking and forming small sub-8 members groups that split and branch to formate like-minded people. The fitting term is "Vanguardism", but people always get triggered because it has been done by commies - it is the right term though. Then again this isn't cuckchan. That place is cancerous more than even, I think I'll stop visiting unless to dump my own counter-shill threads. Yes, everything about Jews and their influence is shit - barely one thing they did is worth it. Even relativity was already gonna be discovered after Lorentz and Maxwell. Fucking kike inventor myth. In the end my goal isn't to blackpill anybody, I am even pissed off by much of the defeatism I see often times - especially by gormless retards that think individual cia agents are there to watch them organize fucking shitposts of all things. I hope I could demonstrate that my inentions are faithful. My ability to contain my depressive attitude is simply lacking, that's it.

89125c  No.12162509


Yeah, for the most part you are right, but the geopolitical rift was there back then and now.

It's also a fact that in the 60s you still had a lot of Ex-NatSocs in Government. In fact, the Austrian Greens - look at who founded them.

It was indeed a quick subversion after that.

The war was lost after all.

064269  No.12162510

File: 717477242bc69fb⋯.png (264.93 KB, 554x408, 277:204, expell the jew.png)


muh langiage barrier they are both speaking/spewing the same jew shit.We need death squads to take them out as in hint hint voting LMFAO yea right

a7b3b4  No.12162517


We still have plenty of /ourguy/ left, ultimately, it's their loss.

For government might change but the people never die.

0dc3b3  No.12162520


>it’s our fault we’re vaguely linked to something that happened in the past that may or may not have involved some ancestors

Marxist logic.

064269  No.12162533


maybe embrace it and shove it down their throats which is what they want is a firm hand to literally beat them into a proper way of living they see more and more involves not having shitskins in it.The truth is ripping these brainwashed by jew victims apart.

f6e814  No.12162537


>enjoy life instead.

>enjoy having everything that has and ever will be of true vaule bbeing destroyed infront of you.

064269  No.12162560


why you hating on white men so much jew we let you suck on the tit and make belive your important with a miniscule amount of population hell we have had genocide larger than your entire population including the gift the goy gave you being israel.

Maybe we rescind our invitation of kindness and give you your true reward after realizing you are parasites riding our coat tails forever and can never be white.

064269  No.12162578

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


have fun will you can

the mortal coil is impermanent

killing jews should be fun

d215ea  No.12162588


>for anyone who hasn't lurked

2 YEARS, you deserve a fucking ban

65edfe  No.12162593


Do you think a poster is gay because he was called a faggot once?

5e7e4a  No.12162595


They have russian culture. I know it's hard to understood for westerners, but Russia is Russia.

064269  No.12162606


jews are also jews and should die all the same regardless of what white culture they latch onto to subjugate

064269  No.12162614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


your jig is up once again semite

f3622e  No.12162623


nice file name


germanics like skulls man

they have for thousands of years

same as the hooked cross

000000  No.12162761


>So, another population cull of the whites It's like these population kills of white goyim will never stop.

>They won't stop these wars until every last northern European descended people is dead it appears.

That is the plan. That is the reason why we get spamed by the "Siege" astroturf.

000000  No.12162784



>The Waffen SS adopted the skull logo and WW1 germans also used have the spiked helmet, their point is we shall become as devils

Total bullshit!

The death head, skull logo has be lent along with the black color from the hussars, who use this death defying iconography since centuries.

There are British regiments using it until today.

The spiked helmet of the (pre-) first world war is just a protective feature, you can find too with other nations military.

The purpose of the spike is to deflect the strike of bladed weapons, cavalry sabres.

064269  No.12162790


complete truth. jew is the problem

064269  No.12162813

mistake white make is thinking just because the bread and circua is geared towarad calming you down while the jew rapes the land meaining your ass.Wake up !

c423e9  No.12162829


More like a Europe-wide Yugoslavian war.

064269  No.12162843


how about you pull up your britches and be a white man?

064269  No.12162858


I will fucking destroy you and everything you love chaim

db36c5  No.12162893




The nigs and spics will if given the order sure.

fa141a  No.12162919


I understand that trying to socialize is tough. Very tough if it does not come naturally to you. I assure you I know exactly how you feel. But the pressure to do so as you feel only lasts a few years at around the age of 20. Eventually the pressure subsides and you just live. Try to connect with some old friends you may have instead of going out to forcefully meet new ones. Also regarding the political situation perhaps embrace the mold of the rebel. It’s a weird world where the conservative minded are the rebels now but that doesn’t matter. You can find joy in opposing the system. You will walk taller than all the slaves without even being aware. People will begin to automatically revere you for your rebellion. I’m not even talking ideology here. It doesn’t matter to young people. Any form of rebel at all is somewhat endearing. Also, You’re taking in a lot of distressing information at your age. I was very disconnected at 20 compared to you. Perhaps enjoy life a bit and come back later. Idk maybe my advice is bad. I’m not so successfully socially myself. Never was. But for who I really am, a complete shut in type, I didn’t pretty well by maintaining older and more meaningful relationships, and embracing a sort of anti society ethos. Hope I’m helpful though I’m probably not ha. Have a good day sir.

ac3c10  No.12162933


I want to habeeb

fa141a  No.12162940


One retarded aspect of the Q stuff implies that Merkel is related to Hitler.

I’m going to swallow this probably untrue placebo whitepill though, thank you very much.

c4aa91  No.12162946


I hope it is true.

Will fight for it anyway tho.

405e14  No.12162951


Not possible. The US will always be the bitch of Judaism and Israel. The US as a whole will never support European Whites over their kike overlords.

a402ae  No.12162965


How blind are euros to the fact that jews are the ones behind their misery? Are they like the_donald/boomer/republicans where they live in a soap opera of "liberals/leftist/democrats are the real racists" nonsense? When civil war breaks out will they make a b-line to capture all the jew culprits or will they focus on muds and other fodder?

aafc8b  No.12162972


You aren't even trying you stupid kike. Take your edgy bullshit back to discord faggot.

0bd1fd  No.12162982


I doubt that.

But I remember the CIA boss under Obama said there'd be a civil war in Germany in 2018.

Doubt it'll be this year tho.

44a3d0  No.12163047

File: cf65ce172988b05⋯.jpg (44.49 KB, 960x430, 96:43, fd flag.jpg)


While I don't agree with the satan retardation Rape brought in to AWD. James Mason and Siege are what I credit with really getting me into a revolutionary mindset once the foundation was laid by Mein Kampf and other works. Votecucks are fooling themselves. Dehumanize and face to bloodshed.

f09202  No.12163236

File: 87fbe0c82643f3b⋯.jpg (112.33 KB, 891x850, 891:850, war when language.jpg)

Critics say war is what happens when kikes censor your freedom of expression and outlaw your websites.

Some say war is what happens when the ZOG governments of Europe ignore Brexit votes and years of PEGIDA rallies and popular reactions like the events in Chemnitz.

meme related

049c97  No.12163255


Twinky House

33f267  No.12163271

File: a7634674e4fcf9f⋯.jpg (99.1 KB, 728x546, 4:3, Margaret_Atwood.jpg)


>Approvingly quoting Margaret Atwood in a shitty boomer meme.

80dd4e  No.12163272


Nobody made the Soviet Union collapse but the fact that communism doesn't work.

75fcef  No.12163306

Lot of slide threads today.

135f9d  No.12163346

File: 727cd8e8dc5f601⋯.jpg (68.04 KB, 570x639, 190:213, 1509119931670.jpg)


> *hand rubbing in the distance*

8cf462  No.12163350


Nice flag

9c80e5  No.12163368

File: 1eb58ad7ccca24a⋯.jpg (134.74 KB, 696x1010, 348:505, natsoc poster stand with y….jpg)

File: dd2a3ab35dc7345⋯.jpg (347.78 KB, 1080x1010, 108:101, tfw natsoc pool.jpg)

File: 7f203ceaa2b97da⋯.jpg (68.81 KB, 400x550, 8:11, natsoc poster 3 strong fam….jpg)

File: 40c624bdcb9c795⋯.jpg (80.57 KB, 386x567, 386:567, het natsoc propaganda nofa….jpg)

File: e8287595a7797e2⋯.jpg (165.87 KB, 500x706, 250:353, natsoc american student.jpg)


your aesthetic is incorrect.

you even blocked out half the swastika - the one decent thing about that image

614c1f  No.12163391


There was very obvious outside intervention in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

7e8ed4  No.12163411


The Japanese have their own scores to settle, but they might help indirectly by keeping China busy.

9c80e5  No.12163414

File: 5a05a1f731f0466⋯.jpg (259.09 KB, 534x700, 267:350, natsoc poster beautiful fa….jpg)




>muh spooky skeleton therefore must be the bad guy

anon, i dont mean to alarm you, but there's an evil haunted skeleton living inside your body right now. the people in pic related also have evil spooky skulls *inside their own heads*

24bc5d  No.12163585


Only bible you need is Monster Girl Encyclopedia

And an AK

648ff5  No.12163707



a1a5ef  No.12163878

File: a19f28f1cc776be⋯.gif (114.42 KB, 226x200, 113:100, youdontimpressmekike.gif)

File: 8add0a591a0cc26⋯.jpg (22.88 KB, 500x376, 125:94, klansman.jpg)

File: 43fa62bb3fbee04⋯.jpg (21.51 KB, 240x240, 1:1, Onward.jpg)

File: e86847ebff0959b⋯.png (68.35 KB, 424x338, 212:169, af4454f3c33e4b5025acfff945….png)

44a3d0  No.12163940

File: 07f46cd88b7ad89⋯.jpg (8.41 KB, 480x300, 8:5, fd flag 2.jpg)


Thank you. A little something a group I network with was working on. Here is the one that was decided on. Polite sage for off-topic.

2c0adc  No.12164591

File: 58851197ace416c⋯.gif (2.99 MB, 400x300, 4:3, 39149d17b24e549b66efcac0ca….gif)

c423e9  No.12164730


I think my country will be safe. We'll see if I go help the bongs or frogs.

2cc19e  No.12164783

File: 0ab0d077a3cb685⋯.png (92.15 KB, 1456x364, 4:1, aafb14aa335217c2ce87a1753c….png)


Last thing to add…

Youtube used to be really vigilant about taking these videos down. They used to be very hard to find.

But they haven't touched these.

Even though I've shitposted about them all over the place since finding this, the videos are still up.

Last thing with the 5:5 phrase…

I noticed that if you take the first 5, flip the other 5, and stick them together… it almost becomes a swastika.

Pic related.

This is a HUGE stretch. And I don't mind if you think it's crazy, because I do too.

But just like the last post… it's interesting to see.

670c5c  No.12164890


If my European brothers began fighting for their freedom, there are many in the US who would sabotage any efforts by the disgusting kikes to murder them.


Dr. William Pierce is 1000 x better at getting you into a revolutionary mindset. He is infinately more articulate and more informed than Mason. He was a better writer, dealt with more important issues, and was 10,000 x less cringy than Mason.

Dr. Pierce actually created things. He actually did things for our race. Mason wrote a sloppy book. Nothing Mason said hadn't already been better said by better men.

f4a720  No.12164909



If you prefer masturbatory fantasies of mass bloodshed over ideas of building up fresh and strong communities of the european race, now, then you may just be someone else's pawn, someone working against you.

670c5c  No.12164922


>If you prefer masturbatory fantasies of mass bloodshed over ideas of building up fresh and strong communities of the european race

You're thinking of the Turner Diaries. Not the National Alliance.

Masontalked about forming isolated terrorist cells, not community building.

f3622e  No.12164984


>then you may just be someone else's pawn

thats another meme floating around

that killing kikes serves the kikes

but your oppinion doesn't matter

f41d14  No.12165020


Siener van Rensburg predicted this. According to him, the Germans hid a bunch of weapons in the Pyrenees mountains in Spain and will come back to power after a civil war and then aid the Boer in their struggle. Also Germany will ally with the US this time and Britain will be destroyed in WWIII.

c684ab  No.12165063

File: 1a159593345d473⋯.png (91.14 KB, 601x499, 601:499, 1536606942851.png)


Wew, lad.

000000  No.12165075

>"Civil war is coming to Europe."

Read history and you'll know this is inevitable. Not to long ago, just a few decades the culture was radically different and now it is in radical shift again with the far-right being the fastest raising ever. Trying to create a united Europe as a preventative measure was simply stalling and now that foreigner rapefugees accelerated these feelings of disunity, the fall of Roman Empire to foreign barbarians will seem tame in comparison to the sheer toll of death.


>Britain will be destroyed in WWIII.

Boer cunts need to know we're already done for.

e387e1  No.12166066


Any NatSoc that feels suicidal at the state of the world should know what to do. Righteous rage combined with a lack of regard for your own life is a very powerful combination. Just make sure to direct it well, at (((the real puppet masters))), not their dime-a-dozen brainwashed golems.

c4aa91  No.12166583



The situation sometimes seems really hopeless.

We will need to have a civil war in europe.

But then we are weak (unless we skyrocket the birth rate immediatly) and the chinese and arabs have it really easy to invade us.

Dissolving Antifa Protests with a Machine Gun, seems pretty ok too.

8a4cfa  No.12167109

Locals in Hitlers' favourite area of the land were telling me the same in 2015 when the rapefugees were invading.

They said they saw a Hitler type figure riding from eastern EU, probably not within Germany given the climate back then. Now I think from Germany might be possible..

900263  No.12167233


>read siege

did, it was crap, stop pretending to be natsoc. See what you did, you made me fucking join the D&C, faggot.

13d8ae  No.12167286


> anti brietbart poster

Like clockwork

472824  No.12167325


Or someone with German blood.

75fcef  No.12168206


Even Germany's internal security service directly contradicted Merkel publicly re Chemnitz media lies, so there may be contenders even within the German government.

75fcef  No.12168218


Breitbart is an Israeli government propaganda medium, but that doesn't necessarily invalidate all Breitbart reporting on all topics. Anything Breitbart writes that relates to Israel or kikes is bullshit, though.

049c97  No.12168219


>Even Germany's internal security service directly contradicted Merkel

Which is why the head of it, Hans-Georg Maaßen, was dismissed from his post today.

Toe the line, or else.

617b28  No.12168274


Sorta. jews and muslims are fighting about who is the kikest

617b28  No.12168347


They really, really wanted to bring back their Weimar paradise.

e387e1  No.12168780


>Dissolving Antifa Protests with a Machine Gun

They are mere Golems. You only have one life to lose, make it count, go for the head of the beast.

7b2e57  No.12168799


Yeah but I'm pretty sure WLP's secret idea was global domination, and that he was using "white nationalism" as a front.

75fcef  No.12168949


Germany is at a turning point. A guy like this knows all the details from various capabilities he has. When he's fired for telling objective truth that of all people he would know, the message sent is clear.

670c5c  No.12169125


Dr. Pierce did believe in a completely White world. Which is a belief that is quite common here.

Irregardless whether or not that is a worthy goal, Dr. pierce articulated his beliefs far more eloquently than Mason did and back his arguments up far better than Mason ever did.

Pierce was objectively a better author, a better leader, a better speaker, and a better organizer than Mason. Therefore, I maintain that all these people desperately searching for an ideological leader should look to Dr. William Pierce and not Mason. Mason was a sloppy writer who never did anything of lasting value for our race. He never wrote anything or said anything that hadn't already been said before by far better men than he.

I once watched an interview of James Mason where he said that Charles Manson was like Adolf Hitler and was a leader worthy of being followed.

What fucking idiot believes this shit? Charles Manson was a useless, drug addled cultist and a dumbass. Instead of actually helping build a real organization, Manson created a personal cult of women in the fucking desert so he could have free sex. He was a self absorbed sex addict. Even worse, he tried to start a "race war" by having his women (being too cowardly do so anything himself) commit a random murder of an irrelevant actress and then somehow frame niggers by writing "pig" on the wall with blood.

You know, there are some pig ignorant fuckers here on 8chan. Anyone who has been here longer than a year has seen dozens and dozens of dumb as shit niggers post embarrassing and cringy shit here. But this "plan" of Manson would rank amongst the top of the list of dumbest ideas on starting the race war. Yes, I have seen some dumber people here, but not many.

To compare such a drug addled, low IQ, desert dwelling, useless manwhore to Adolf Hitler is bad enough. But if you believe that he is worthy of respect then you are a dumb person indeed.

That is the kind of man who wrote Siege. Mason is a dumb, self absorbed, shitty author who never did anything of value for anyone. How dare anyone follow that shithead rather than Dr. William L Pierce.

I periodically get annoyed that people keep shoving that shitty little book in my face and I lash out. I'd rather grade a bunch of 7th grade essays than reread that poorly written book, which by the way is just a repackaging of his own short essays that he released in his personal magazine. So Siege isn't even a real book. It's just a bunch of sloppy articles stapled together and then thrown across a desk to whoever is dumb enough to buy them.

Dr. William Pierce is like a God compared to that grimy little worm. Even Bob Matthiews accomplished more than Charles Manson. At least he assassinated an annoying kike and donated the stolen money to worthy causes. Sure he didn't start a race war, but by God he was more serious than that desert cultist faggot Manson.

75fcef  No.12169555


This is the person to whom the poster above is referring:


670c5c  No.12171040

>>12169555 (checked)

Thanks anon. I forgot to include a link for folks unaware who I was talking about. Also, it appears that I've been misspelling Mathew's name. My bad.

b7e2cf  No.12171348


Well said.

1b25d5  No.12172109


They're just doing their job. But I'd imagine that most of these guys are right-wing.

1b25d5  No.12172138


They can always just build guns too.

German engineering.

1b25d5  No.12172180



Little Rock Central High School

>Federal troops confront a racist student from Little Rock Central High School, Arkansas. It took 10,000 of the National Guard to convince white students that blacks had the right to enter the school.

1b25d5  No.12172247


This Larper said that the civil war would start in December 2016.

Also why would a super secret Natzee society pay a guy to reveal all their plans on 4chan.

This pic is a bunch of crap.

75fcef  No.12172951


It's more /pol/ fantasy that somehow things will all get better on their own.

8666d0  No.12173007

File: a9d3e4656c45608⋯.mp4 (11.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, i hope we set our people f….mp4)

I realised recently that I am actually the master of my own fate. Took a week off work and went camping, dug up the garden and planted some vegetables, called up my old friends and family I'd lost contact with. It struck me like a beam of light and I just went and did it. I couldn't believe it. I've been working 8-5, 5 days for years and my life revolved around eat work sleep. I lost touch with so many people because I convinced myself I didn't have the energy or time to do anything of note. God was I wrong. How the hell did this happen? It's like I've been in prison all my adult life and just now I realised there are no guards or locks or even a fence. How many people are also in this situation, hiding and scared of what's to come and not doing anything because of it?

All of this is so simple yet it's such an alien concept I can't even put the revelation into words. You ARE free, you always have been. Take a look at your life and you'll see it too.

9e5b6a  No.12173016


/pol/ has never believed this. Kill yourself.


Reported for subhuman retardation and mental illness.

75fcef  No.12173207


Is this post leading to a gay confession? Just kidding. But how is this on-topic

75fcef  No.12173215


I'm OP and bump responsibly. If I kill myself, this thread will be slid into oblivion as well.

9e5b6a  No.12173217


Good. The thread is a scam in the first place.

a95f7a  No.12173225


No where did /pol/ believed this or admitted this retard.

19af41  No.12173285


This civil war is the jew baiting /ourguys/ against (((their))) setup shield consisting of shitskin jihadists on site. Then waiting to get both forces focused inside guided bomb radius to get wiped out. The jews worm under several layers of shields made of countries, people, politicians, et al, because they are squishy and scared. They build the shantytown named Israel just by invading other people territory and expanding it with walls and victimhood, pushing ´the danger´ away. A civil war will only put those layers into hard grinding while the jew worm will hide under more useful idiot´s corpses.

What if instead of a civil war there is another way.

Language is not just spoken words, but a shared history of past events.

That past history scareds deeply the jew to the point to build all these defenses against the memory which is crawling unto them across the worm tunnels they carved. The idea haunts them.

Events that remind them their fragile existence, so they get more scared, into the horror, and get ´forced´ to push for more defenses in array.

A static defense is always broken.

A civil war is not the way. When it escalates (((media))) will paint it as the evil natzees thirsty of blood and all the shit-might of the US will fall over the heads of the one hundred people that will show up for revolts.

Luckily, we are formless.

But germancucks will form as a tidy noticeable block.

Since this is a monitored board by the JIDF I will lay out the plan of the Path, which is actually being in review, so the jew can start shitting themselves.

1 - This is a layer problem. The US will hace to be able to engage. Or the UN. Or the EU. Or the police. Or the muslim horde. What if they can´t?

2 - This is a lone wolf problem. We are formless and not imbecile like goat fuckers. Remember Breivik? He feels dandy in his hotel jail. Prisons don´t have blast walls, mate.

3 - This is a rising consequences problem. Jew assets are in play to get more meat shields, but for a price. What if the price gets too high with lower returns?

4 - This is a punishment of the cucks problem. Their resistance to get cucked is like a spring. What if they get cucked hard each day?

5 - This is a wall problem. Israel walls are not that high or deep, and are several interests into creative ways of dealing with the cramped population inside.

Wew lad.

I wonder if I have a loicense to wrong think like this.

19af41  No.12173287


Civil war is a bait.

Don´t bite it.

It is the best way the jews have to wipe out the resistance.

a0a5c9  No.12173608


>jews and muslims are the best of allies.

lol wut, they hate each other with a passion

a0a5c9  No.12173610


Read "How to make a noose" by Ropey Hanger

f3622e  No.12173743



we'll see what happens

and how many end up doing what is neccesary

war is one hell of a distraction ofc

their only weapon that matters is white men, and those white male slaves have a workcapacity that can be easily over run by a civil war

leaving the patriots free to do what they want

a7b3b4  No.12173749


There are jews living in muslim countries.

Vice versa.

You don't see a holocaust happening in the Middle east, it's all controlled opposition.

f08b93  No.12174200

6802fa  No.12174234

File: 7cc5a14b354ef0c⋯.jpg (5.9 KB, 187x250, 187:250, 1535685021079.jpg)


Two important questions that we can't answer:

How many silent dissenters would join us, and how many loud protesters would shrink in the face of actual danger?

How long do we actually have before it's too late to stand up, or is it already too late and we're doomed no matter what we do?

73e2ae  No.12174244


I fear that we may be too far gone.

People believe that whites are the majority in the world. And if you show them any sort of fact/statistic, the answer is stats can be manipulated to show what you want.

We are fucked.

f992c1  No.12174283

File: 28772468a5f2ee5⋯.mp4 (13.62 MB, 854x480, 427:240, The Left-Right Spectrum.mp4)


>and enjoy life instead.

Ok, sure.

f992c1  No.12174371

File: 803ae85060284f8⋯.jpeg (236.67 KB, 709x1024, 709:1024, xla.jpeg)


>They're just doing their job

Under this premise they are suppressing our right to exist.

Think hard about that.

Is it following system's commands and getting paid with our money an excuse and absolution for their crimes?

ZOGbots are essential for system's oppression and White Genocide.

643373  No.12174493



No. Fuck you. Fuck your kike species.

All of this shit can only be solved by stuffing those faggot bageldogs into the deepest ovens. Once every kike on the planet is gone then we can rebuild. So long as a single one of those dicksnippers lives, the entire world is in danger.

75fcef  No.12174510


Holy shit you outed yourself as a filthy kike with this one

75fcef  No.12174611


>nobody believed

This particular "Trump is a Nazi" larp is just a dumber meme that smart people may not have believed, but /pol/ is still essentially a fantasy board. There are similar fantasies encouraged that are more intelligent, and some of these are communicated in a fairly subtle and sophisticated way, and a lot of apparently intelligent people seem to buy in with no rational basis. The endless theme, regardless of how stupidly or obviously it's presented, is that "things will get better on their own, goy." The board is fantasy and crowd control to stop white identity from becoming a political movement in real life.

570fd9  No.12174622


white genocide isn't a fantasy faggot

f992c1  No.12174817

File: a13526c78ac82da⋯.jpg (214.33 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, new_world_x.jpg)


>The board is fantasy and crowd control to stop white identity from becoming a political movement in real life.

Yes and no.

/pol/ has a function as educator (redpilling) and many times is seed of remarkable actions and campaigns.

But because of its anarchic character /pol/ is not good for to gather and direct the will of White Nationalists, and for that we need a leader like Dr. Pierce.

000000  No.12174844



>Reminder that a few months ago Atomwaffen Division members announced their cells in Germany on video.

>5 teenage edgelords

No the informal Stasi member got his media package from the CIA and the MSM reported dutyfull and enthusiastic about the new Nazi menace that affords an increase in "fight against right". AKA Straw man.



>Q stuff Merkel is related to Hitler.

Jewish talking point.

Similar lies, EU is Nazi for the benefit of Germany. You can read that in all of the woke MSM and at Alex Jones, who controls Hollywood? Nazis!

563031  No.12174851


>this noard is sarcastic shills come in

No fuck off.

563031  No.12174854


Natsoc torpedo.

But normalfags will think natsoc are behind it whrn in reality are kikes.

f992c1  No.12174873


>Q stuff Merkel is related to Hitler.

>Jewish talking point.


Similar oxymoron as to label Christianity as "Judeo-Christian".

f2c13a  No.12174897


My mother is full blooded German from Franconia, my father met her when he did a stint in the Army in a maintenance company. She can't stand to watch this shit happen and couldn't even stomach the thought of living there again even before mass immigration. Of course she loves her family dearly (as do I, they're great people) and visits frequently. But they quietly bide their time, maybe they get together in a cafe to bitch about the dark days the country is in and vote AfD. My mom laments the passive mentality of most Germans and agrees that the average German really wants to go with the flow, conform and not stand out. The Japanese proverb "the nail that stands out gets the hammer" is very apt here. It won't change until the average German has lost something from this. But most Germans still haven't, they still just read the news and see that a girl from their town was raped (or more likely not even that since their news is so curated) and shudder while being glad that it wasn't them or their sister or daughter. It could easily be the opposite; where each German fiercely protects their neighbor at the slightest hint of danger; but the zeitgeist of acceptance and passiveness has triumphed there.

f2c13a  No.12174907


>That same mentality is in the U.S., it's the fear of being blacklisted and socially ostracized.

You seriously have no idea. The average German would never have voted Trump just because they would feel awkward at their afternoon coffee get-together. The fact that half of the U.S. can disagree vehemently with the other half already and that Americans aren't afraid to argue with family members over politics means that the individualist spirit is stronger here, even if there are less parties to choose from (it makes no functional difference in Germany anyway since as soon as a party wins they consolidate with others to ensure they stay in the lead).

570fd9  No.12174925


Well I hope the AfD and the other right-wing populist parties aren't as kiked up as the Republicans are. American media is compromised at the top, their problem is they can't control it at the bottom so the disconnect has become grossly apparent for all to see. Perhaps Germans just need to be more vocal, but in a strategic way, if you catch my meaning.

f2c13a  No.12175645


>Perhaps Germans just need to be more vocal, but in a strategic way, if you catch my meaning.

Probably. I believe the latest polls state that even in Germany, the majority of citizens think that mass immigration isn't helping anymore. So they clearly look for avenues to express their malcontent where they think they won't get judged, such as anonymous polls. Germans have an extremely strong culture of duty, which is what allowed Nazi Germany to exist at all. The problem is that it's easier to take advantage of them from the top down. They've been convinced that their "duty" is to stop existing. I think most of them are conflicted internally about this; they want it to stop but are afraid they'll fail in their duty if they speak out. If they can be convinced by other Germans that this is wrong, things will start to change.

f992c1  No.12175765

File: 6d74b9676635f26⋯.jpg (36.28 KB, 480x643, 480:643, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)


>They've been convinced that their "duty" is to stop existing.

It makes sense when you look at the pattern all around the Western world.

Brainwashing works.

570fd9  No.12175804


>They've been convinced that their "duty" is to stop existing.

That's a hell of a way of putting it. I was with two older white women and one (who claimed to be part redskin) said it was good that whites were becoming a minority, and the other (italian) said "well I don't know if it's good, but I don't think it should matter". Fucking boomers, funny thing is that their kids are racist as hell.

144a1a  No.12175826


I think a big part of it is that they are old. They've had children already, they already received their pension agreement before wages were suppressed incredibly hard. Most governments won't reduce this pension because they know it's cheap votes, much cheaper than marketing and campaigning, but they'll slash it for the next generation because they can't really do anything about it. "Old privilege" is essentially the right to blow smoke up everyone's ass on issues you know absolutely nothing about because you're old and therefore must know better; this cultural mechanism is present virtually everywhere, especially duty bound cultures like Germany and Japan. So the old farts with everything they need in life chill out and welcome everyone because why not? They're old and all their problems were solved. Now they just want a pretty sunset to their lives. Unfortunately they still get to vote.

570fd9  No.12175853

File: 557f760838bcb0b⋯.png (816.12 KB, 1091x766, 1091:766, 1975TheMirrorErik.png)


well said, another key thing IMO is that their education was less nationalist than the previous one so they've been indifferent about the present/future from the start

75fcef  No.12175948


Hilarious. You have a smart, industrious race with a strong sense of duty and loyalty to the group. Government exploits those traits to ensure the race's total demise. Fucking hilarious.

cd5ef4  No.12175955

File: 56dd1d6d69c374a⋯.jpg (109.35 KB, 588x647, 588:647, 1403834338271.jpg)





D&C shills coming out of the woodwork.

8360b5  No.12175958


I like the subtle Juden Peterstein reference.

a95f7a  No.12176292





75fcef  No.12177704


75fcef  No.12178849

Come on, Germans

000000  No.12180995


75fcef  No.12184480

Happy Sonntag, Germans.

63954e  No.12184894

It won't be a War, will be a slaughter.

75fcef  No.12184933

Heil Victory

75fcef  No.12212383


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