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File: 8c40351aff02738⋯.png (775.04 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-09-20-15-5….png)

f2b150  No.12173476


Apparently there is a video. Police don't want it spread because it shows her crying during the rape, and the rapists are aware it is rape, and you can hear them saying "stop filming".

<mod edit: You know what to do, anons. Spread this. Every French person you know, every French website you know. It's even on (((BBC))), so this in conjunction with the video is a valuable tool. Remember your OPSEC.

Post last edited at

25a410  No.12173485

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Friendly reminder

c689d9  No.12173491


How infuriating. Even more infuriating is was not immediately assassinated.

25a410  No.12173503


Someone webm this too, please.

4c574c  No.12173504


>Apparently there is a video. Police don't want it spread because it shows her crying during the rape, and the rapists are aware it is rape, and you can hear them saying "stop filming".

Back in the day, some enterprising soul would have already posted it.

c8a7c6  No.12173507




>The victim was attacked by four men by a nightclub in the southern city of Toulouse, on Saturday night or Sunday morning, reports said.

>by a nightclub

Yep, confirmed roastie. Still shouldn't have happened, however. But such is life under the ZOGs.

17dce5  No.12173510




f96abe  No.12173511



Just a coincidence, goyim

He's literally a jew, y'all can look it up.


>By a night club

Had it coming.

But still, it's a good way to get the masses angry and put them against muzzies.

f2b150  No.12173512


Ahh my bad, it was 4 sandniggers/attackers. Phone posting is a shitty excuse, mea corpa. I misread one of the embedded ads talking about how 1 in 8 French women has been raped.

f2b150  No.12173515


*mea culpa, fucking hell I need a coffee. Sorry anons.

f2b150  No.12173517


Overall definitely. I'd say Sweden might be close population percentage wise.

e2ca02  No.12173521


This is what mudslimes actually believe.

f2b150  No.12173531


According to Pew Research Centre


In terms of destinations, as of 2017, nearly three-quarters (72%) of Europe’s sub-Saharan immigrant population was concentrated in just four countries: the UK (1.27 million), France (980,000), Italy (370,000) and Portugal (360,000). In the U.S., migrants from sub-Saharan Africa can be found across the country, with 42% in the American South, 24% in the Northeast, 18% in the Midwest and 17% in the West.6

If circumstances permitted, many sub-Saharan Africans would migrate abroad

1b3161  No.12173548


first one to find the vid gets 10 points

a6f205  No.12173553

File: 9e99aca23c2c530⋯.jpg (42.68 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 12640321_975700892484838_3….jpg)


slide post for cuckchan. Go there. It's full of lefty shills. Post this. Fuck off. We already know that this is happening. ANGER POSTING isn't productive. 8/pol/ is on another level and posting the latest rape victim isn't evolving our skills. I have 50 memes on rape victims.

It's bad enough we have 4chan shills like "the history of everything" or "acedemy awards ratings" being left up.

832285  No.12173558

File: 1ffb1c78bffbc1c⋯.jpg (18.79 KB, 259x260, 259:260, cbdce4a426c30b85bc7648f5a4….jpg)


Op why didn't you include her pic? Truly the easiest part of the article

a6f205  No.12173593





I wish I was a mod. Look at this shit

6d5ce2  No.12173596


1. send an application to chodemonkey, admin AT 8ch.net

2. report or mods won't see it (probably). I've reported them already.

d5e22f  No.12173605


Have you? Seems not.

ce8197  No.12173618

File: 029eb68b44e6a8e⋯.png (77.53 KB, 356x619, 356:619, nigger frogs.png)

>itt:headline kneejerk posting

the video isn't hard to find

not sure if there's anything but a 25second one

won't post because i don't wanna get fucked for 'revenge porn' crap


is this a meme or is this actually her? it's not in the article

anyone found her social media? what are the chances she's pro-diversity?

966cce  No.12173624

File: 787d4f907cc7e25⋯.webm (344.3 KB, 520x640, 13:16, france newyear 2018-musli….webm)

I wouldn't go to France.

da8a50  No.12173638

File: 25e80b3978c3d69⋯.webm (6.37 MB, 640x480, 4:3, requested.webm)

c7e876  No.12173639




I dont like seeing white people getting abused by like this but zogbots get the bullet too.

000000  No.12173640


imagine being gangraped by a pack of niggers and having a total of 0 of the men in your family and extended relatives and friends not storming the precinct and demanding their immediate executions. alas, this is how it is in most of the western cuckosphere.

064d89  No.12173641

File: 81704e268b5186e⋯.jpg (78.11 KB, 628x588, 157:147, b_bad3_resize.jpg)


Damn, that's a shame. She's a cutie too.

966cce  No.12173646


I think that image is below facebook-tier in terms of memetic potential, but feel free to explain yourself. Is that a bathtub full of hats?

064d89  No.12173647


>Is that a bathtub full of hats?

It would appear to be so, yes.

000000  No.12173648


How would I find it, for research reasons.

ce8197  No.12173657

still waiting on a name and social media

comb that shit for diversity posts


search "French police investigate Muslim gang rape videos aired"

064d89  No.12173671


>I think that image is below facebook-tier in terms of memetic potential

For Facebook, I could probably add a big "Face With Tears of Joy" emoji or something in the empty white space, but I whipped it up real quick for family.

29a56f  No.12173678

>hangs around shitskins

>gets gang raped


000000  No.12173680


You won't have to imagine for long if you live in Europe, the Middle East or Apefrica.

1c17b5  No.12173684


The victim was white, so the rape is legal.

d296a8  No.12173687


Have seen video. Didn't look like rape but I do not know the definition of rape in French law. Looked like a "serious sexual assault" however. The video cuts off after 20 seconds or so though so who knows how far it went. These animals were enjoying it that much I can say.

a6f205  No.12173698


>send an application to chodemonkey, admin AT 8ch.net

lol, I dont think you know how this place works. But thanks for the advice.

95491e  No.12173699

File: 8b21fad627ac802⋯.jpg (123.3 KB, 640x645, 128:129, 1537060639266.jpg)

America when kids get bullied at school they ?

Europe when there people gets raped they ?

1c17b5  No.12173719


Well, the french deep state will probably let them off with 3 months of prison tops. Probably out in 2 with parole.

I bet the girl will be hunted down as a racist if she complains online on her rape.

d296a8  No.12173733


>Well, the french deep state will probably let them off with 3 months of prison tops. Probably out in 2 with parole.


> I bet the girl will be hunted down as a racist if she complains online on her rape.

Even more truth, even if it is "blackpilling".

ecf01f  No.12173860


thats why i randomly attack niggers like you at night when there are no witnesses. you better stay in a group nigger, the last one i caught alone got a wrench to the back of his head

6a572f  No.12173863


Was she on the company of niggers on her own accord?

d296a8  No.12173866


Impossible to tell. She's dressed as though attending a nightclub or something of that nature. It's possible they followed her, but also equally possible she left with them of her own accord.

4f0a58  No.12173875



UK is first by much when it comes to pure niggers.

If you count Sandniggers France is probably n°1 since Algeria was literally integrated to France (as in it was the same country, not a colony) until not that long ago.

8d0a6b  No.12173877


Irrelevant, she should have stayed at home taking care of the 2 or more children she should have had by now. Ever seen a muzz woman clubbing? Thought so.

Leverage this against screeching hembrists instead of only focusing on shitskins. The demographic war ain't gonna win itself.

f9bfe4  No.12173881


UK is not first. Niggers make up maybe a percentage or two of the population. "Asian" (sand nigger) makes up much more.

c8a350  No.12173891


THIS PIC IS NOT IN THE ARTICLE. Prove that this is her you lying faggot. You just copied it from some Erasmus profile.

694363  No.12173901

File: 0741f7eb266e817⋯.mp4 (705.15 KB, 226x400, 113:200, Cop Beatdown (2).mp4)


Or the UK

c8a350  No.12173905

There were three short videos of the incident posted on cuckoldchan.




8943af  No.12173907



694363  No.12173913


Thanks, Anon.

8943af  No.12173914

File: 7e822d3830953bd⋯.jpg (71.14 KB, 523x587, 523:587, 1e7b41037b2ed67c588ae1f92a….jpg)

c8a350  No.12173926

File: e8f8ffdcfb3df4f⋯.jpg (162.18 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, IMG_4106b-smallc.jpg)


She was clearly drunk and dressed like a club slut in heels. I have no idea what these stupid girls are thinking going out like that in a diverse town. Every woman knows how these disgusting muds stare at them even on the streets or at the gym. But I also know that it's not just a jew meme that women get wet from rape fantasies. They are like dumb little does. Which is why it's the men who have to protect them. Her father should be executed along with these animals for letting her walk around like this.

2312ba  No.12173946


Fucking sandniggers

882c36  No.12173949


God that's disgusting

Anyone have the full version?

661334  No.12173953

File: ae043f79ba9f338⋯.mp4 (3.82 MB, 360x640, 9:16, Toulouse.mp4)

661334  No.12173954

File: 8b3073aaa4e58fa⋯.webm (2.18 MB, 360x710, 36:71, 1537190388146.webm)

File: 2ffdf3ca749a97e⋯.webm (1.27 MB, 360x640, 9:16, 1537190312551.webm)

File: 085a1716965c1e3⋯.webm (2.17 MB, 360x710, 36:71, 1537190252286.webm)

60da2d  No.12173956

what's that black mark on her ass ?

882c36  No.12173958


That's what happens when you fuck niggers, anon. Turd dick is real

3ad312  No.12173960


She was shitting as a form of self-defense, like some animal.

661334  No.12173968



Forgot to add,


557b0a  No.12173986


Fucking hell

a1b82c  No.12173995



(((sarkozy))) needs to be lynched asap

60da2d  No.12174020



damn, I hope she learned her lesson now:

-don't dress in high heels miniskirt when going out, especially clubbing

- don't drink your ass to beeing uncoscious

- even if you do all those things, don't fucking leave the place alone, especially going towards a place like a parking lot

Now, i'm pretty sure she wasn't approached and attacked by those 4 sandniggers at the same time either. What happened was she probably was approached by one of these fuckers at the club. She beeing the slut she is, accepted the free drinks of that subhuman, made out with him and danced her ass off his cock on the dancefloor. Her friends she came with were leaving but she wanted to stay more with her prince. When they were leaving, he told her to go with him to his car or either join his buddies.

More importantly, I hope she learned the most important / valuable lesson: don't approach sandniggers & niggers

20d184  No.12174027


Or dont go clubbing

Bonus points: dont vote for a party that allows migrants in.

Women voting was a mistake

c8a350  No.12174036


>I hope she learned her lesson now

Too late. You can only put her down at this point. Damaged goods forever.

75da5a  No.12174064


Not true you black pilling kike. she can educate other women.

60da2d  No.12174066


>dont vote for a party that allows migrants in

You're still vouching for that vote mirage?

882c36  No.12174073


You're right. jews love wasting money and I'm sure the billions they pour into swaying opinions is simply because they want to give the appearance of us mattering when we really have no power at all over anything.

bb902d  No.12174076


Are you stupid? You can't tell women anything. The dumb bitches will sit their nodding their heads as you instruct them and get indignant if you ask them if they understand everything you've told them, then as soon as you leave they do the complete opposite and fuck things up.

d8dc14  No.12174088


this is true for most women yes


>here is no justification for rape you fucking retard

I bet He's some faggot SIEGEKIKE that just wants to rape because he's a gay virgin

c8a350  No.12174090



Back to your alt-kike hugbox, cuckling.


>Are you stupid? You can't tell women anything.

Yes you can. It only has to come from a position of what they perceive and respect as authority. Back to the Daily Torah, you MTGOW faggot.

25a410  No.12174092


Anyone know any French social media sites we can spread this to?

d195a4  No.12174098


He said the exact opposite, shill. Bumping for (((diversity))) recognition.

d969b4  No.12174101


The tard that made these webms managed to delete the audio stream. Where are the originals?

4dc860  No.12174104


it's not wasted money if it keeps cucks like you deluded

96b212  No.12174112



96b212  No.12174132



Sorry. This is the link with a full video but now it's asking for payment:



Absolutely. When Germany released their crime stats last year half the genital mutilation cases were done by "Germans". Kek!

e7f4ee  No.12174135


No number of puches makes you moan faggot. You would know if you had a woman.

0a172e  No.12174139



He has over 50 confirmed memes

e7f4ee  No.12174143


Yeah white knights like you are known to be dangerous. Those fedoras are really sharp.

c8a350  No.12174148

She's not "moaning" she's completely shitfaced drunk and making the according noises you dumb cunt.

882c36  No.12174153


>it's not wasted money if it keeps cucks like you deluded

Ok you bipolar jew. Either I am powerless, or money is being spent to keep me deluded.

Which one is it?

You fucking morons fail in the face of common sense every. fucking. time.

2ea875  No.12174157


Fuck off mudman rapist towelhead

000000  No.12174169


Community service actually. Well, I guess those are the same thing in the end.


You're retarded. He obviously meant as someone worth something to a bloodline. She is damaged goods and shouldn't produce children. Couple that with the potential mental shit, she wouldn't have been a good parent any how. Obviously she "can" preach the message of why migrants are bad.


Why rant in all caps on an imageboard? It just makes you seem like the retard. At least use redtext.

2ea875  No.12174171

882c36  No.12174175

File: 2aa38c1df935a9c⋯.png (34.35 KB, 243x263, 243:263, WWII_death_tolls.PNG)


c8a350  No.12174176


Yeah totally man. Revenge-beastiality is the way to go.

dcf6e9  No.12174185

who the fuck is filming?

e7f4ee  No.12174187


Yeah gonna fuck off your sister toad fryer.


>the allies were niggers


dcf6e9  No.12174188


ur part of the problem mate

d296a8  No.12174192


The absolute state of nu-pol these days...

882c36  No.12174199


>only dangerous europeans are italians and east europeans.

You morons need to be led by a fucking leash to every park or will you one day be able to piss on your own?

60da2d  No.12174205


yeah, majority of these allied deaths were in eastern europe, first by germany from 1939-1942 and then later by USSR "liberating them". what's your point?

Western Europe didn't suffer enough.

51fa03  No.12174217

File: 0898aab06d18df1⋯.png (112.51 KB, 300x168, 25:14, ClipboardImage.png)

1ba565  No.12174231


You snowniggers lived in huts while mediterranean cultures already lived in magnificent buildings. You are the animals. Every time you have been enlighted, from the romans to mussolini, you took that light and shat on it.

Lol @ the snow niggers in the moderation. You sensible cucks cry and shake, while your women, disgusted by you, drool over other men cocks. Pathetic.

And BTW, white europeans ARE united, from portugal to greece all nationalists agree and are against snow niggers and their (((eu))). So calling northern europeans snow niggers is not divide and conquer. Snowniggers are bleached niggers, literally. The goths behaved the same way the africans are doing right now.

dcf6e9  No.12174238


stop being a cry baby faggot and complaining about others doing shit that you dont do yourself retard

dcf6e9  No.12174245


>And BTW, white europeans ARE united, from portugal to greece all nationalists agree and are against snow niggers and their (((eu))). So calling northern europeans snow niggers is not divide and conquer. Snowniggers are bleached niggers, literally. The goths behaved the same way the africans are doing right now.

can you post more, its very entertaining.

Literally bleached niggers … good shit

b27427  No.12174246


>are against snow niggers and their (((eu)))


2e4ed7  No.12174279


Jew nose.

2e4ed7  No.12174285


As an American, I don't understand why the cop doesn't just shoot them…

2e4ed7  No.12174289


And that's why the Jews murdered Patton.

321e57  No.12174291


They're disarmed, if you can believe that.

f73edf  No.12174298


What disgusts me more is the fact that nobody gives the guy a hand. It looks like the majority just sat and stared in the safety of their cars. I would have jumped at the opportunity to bash some nigger skulls.

1078e2  No.12174302


This is the terrific enrichment and vibrancy they all wanted, r-right? Maybe one day they will wake up to the nigger problem and shortly thereafter wake up to the kike problem.

e856bf  No.12174308


Nice projections, kike. I admit that your pathetic babbling made me crack a smile of pity.

360392  No.12174310


/pol/ sure does have a strong fetish for gang rape. It's all you fuckers talk about.

a8647f  No.12174311


cops are what keep the shitskins safe

c7e876  No.12174318


Anon had you helped him you'd be sent to jail for racism.

2f72ae  No.12174321


You will never be me

You will never be white

c7e876  No.12174322


shut the fuck up faggot, Hitler did nothing wrong.

810491  No.12174323


They have special armed response units. The UK's a far cry from when free men were required to have arms

e856bf  No.12174327


He did everything wrong. Lurk more.

321e57  No.12174329


Yeah, they show up 10 minutes after the attack is over.

60da2d  No.12174377




You have one person holding a glass of water and he wants to put it on top of the shelf. Now there is one fucker that comes and pushes him. The person falls, the glass falls and breaks. Now who's fault is this ? The person holding the glass or the person who pushed him ?

I don't even know why i'm replying to a shill.. guess i deserve my ban

3fac46  No.12174380

In the meantime, Marine Le Pen faces up to three years in jail because she posted violent ISIS videos online. Lol France

64f4f4  No.12174400


frenchfags actually know what the problem is, they're just not allowed to talk about it.

Not to mention voting fraud

aa1e47  No.12174402

File: 8e03240100179ab⋯.jpg (178.55 KB, 501x504, 167:168, 1412976111125.jpg)


>trying to stop communism from destroying Europe was wrong because he failed

>the actual communists who killed him and tens of millions of Europeans were cool though

363eaf  No.12174407


Do you actuall REALISE how FUCKING retarded you look WHEN typing like this? It's BASICALLY EVEN WORSE than typing entirely in cruise control BECAUSE it means YOU DON'T JUST hit one key AND THEN KEEP TYPING but you actually HAVE TO KEEP capitalising on and OFF. ALSO what's with the DOUBLE SPACES AND ellipses…between…WORDS…are…YOU…LIKE…12…YEARS…OLD?

2312ba  No.12174412


>kike has a meltdown: the post/ the sequel

64f4f4  No.12174415


french sites ban you on site if you post that vid

ba3185  No.12174417


>Every woman knows how these disgusting muds stare at them even on the streets or at the gym.

They like it. Hell, they probably love it. It makes them feel beautiful and desirable. Women just want to be treated like a piece of meat and nothing more. They are simply too stupid to understand that a nigger will act on his impulses while a White man would behave.

363eaf  No.12174430


>He took Germans and led them into the heart of winter in Russia

>in the heart of winter

That's provably untrue you demented kike. Just kill yourself already.

97c221  No.12174436

36cef1 is the Ethnoglobe anon. Your typing is making it more obvious now.

97c221  No.12174443


The way you post makes you look like a neurotic bitch.

>instead of what it's being said

All you say all the time is either "kill the jews" or "Ethnoglobe nao" That's all I need to know. You are just adding extra words because your on your period.

3fac46  No.12174450


Yeah, this.

97c221  No.12174474


Look lady I don't care about your opinions, after all /pol/ is just an imageboard with a marketplace of ideas. But your typing is so whiny it's repulsive.

3fac46  No.12174479



Is that actually what that is

aa1e47  No.12174481

File: b7468aabde809c4⋯.png (13.96 KB, 333x293, 333:293, 1408281936441.png)

File: 8d6e229dbf4315c⋯.jpg (9.51 KB, 232x249, 232:249, 8d6e229dbf4315c0b17ac52d24….jpg)


>muh winter Russia myth

Oh Schlomo, you're not even trying to hide your nose.

aa1e47  No.12174507

File: 08ac5e9c2132443⋯.jpg (62.47 KB, 494x605, 494:605, 1408277347451.jpg)


>outright lies are correct if I just sperg about it enough

aa1e47  No.12174525

File: a404ecb536b738b⋯.jpg (215.02 KB, 660x660, 1:1, 1408282698841.jpg)


>your argument doesn't count because I am gay!

2f6085  No.12174562


cops are ZOG enforces and deserve death

5ac96d  No.12174568


Female detected.

aa1e47  No.12174572

File: ab0e319a910b5d8⋯.png (74.29 KB, 490x455, 14:13, 1432016399112-1.png)


>"that lie is not the truth" isn't an argument

0939a6  No.12174590

File: 7b77e43dbc77c2f⋯.png (255.46 KB, 1002x438, 167:73, drumpf.png)


> Hitler lost the war and allowed gommunism to come to europe therefore nazism is bad and you should abandon it

I recognize this, it's literally a shill talking point from antifa discords. Instructed to use it to make shitposts on 4/pol/ arguing just that.. I guess they moved onto 8/pol/ now.

aa1e47  No.12174599

File: 4c5af57dd736379⋯.png (29.71 KB, 712x649, 712:649, 1385874819781.png)


2e0e1c  No.12174612


I wonder what that would look like if you took out all the russians killed by their own side.

0c6eb5  No.12174617

How beautiful and progressive. This is the beautiful world that the left has created.

49ca7f  No.12174621


>arrests people for tweeting mild anti immigrant stuff on facebook

>why isn't anyone helping the police

They are the tools of the state trying to wipe out my people. I'd point and laugh.

0c6eb5  No.12174632


As a white woman in Europe, she probably voted for it, white knight. She wouldn't care if it happened to anyone but her. This nightmare is all because of commies, soymen, kikes and roasties like her. I wouldn't life a finger to help this cunt.

cf67dc  No.12174634

File: 5d2ee12b0cad84e⋯.png (31.52 KB, 300x250, 6:5, fgb.png)


do you toggle caps-lock manually or is there some dumb software you use?

0c6eb5  No.12174643


Go back to >>>/leftypol/, soulless commie.

0c6eb5  No.12174653


You can make people do whatever you want if you hit them in the head enough times. Her moaning, if she did that, doesn't mean she enjoyed it, cunt.

aa1e47  No.12174656

File: 243b0fc2dde63bc⋯.jpg (68.33 KB, 527x588, 527:588, 243b0fc2dde63bc1cedfd5c8d7….jpg)

File: 18b7e426f09bf32⋯.png (128.15 KB, 425x481, 425:481, 1432015932783-2.png)


>spamming jidf talking points

>omg u r teh joo


49ca7f  No.12174658


>This is the link with a full video but now it's asking for payment

Fucking hell, imagine profiting from rape.

5ae47c  No.12174661


You sound like a feminist.

5ae47c  No.12174668


No, I don't.

cc2a9b  No.12174679


explain to me the winter russia myth very interested

5ae47c  No.12174683


Yes, I do.

5ae47c  No.12174693


>Then tell me what I am thinking about in your next response


49ca7f  No.12174731


>all these people that spend 500+ years conquered by muslim invaders are still white

>those people that were never conquered by muslims are niggers tho


cc2a9b  No.12174766


yep jews are also most closely related to italics the whole swarthy mediterraenid

cc2a9b  No.12174772


youre jewish real swarthy mediterraenids grovel at the feet of their nothern european counterparts

2f31f9  No.12174814


>did everything erong

>tells others to lurk


2f31f9  No.12174825


Take the L kike, you got exposed your anti hitler talking points didn't work then, don't expect it to work now.

1c2376  No.12174826


>coalburning slut "raped" by niggers she met in the club

2f31f9  No.12174833


So they are using tactics that jidf use but more shit and obvious?

703a65  No.12174840


You're going to have a very hard time selling that item, Yahudi

a0c5f2  No.12174869


looks more like a birthmark

0939a6  No.12174912

File: c66f822758779f5⋯.jpg (463.76 KB, 1600x2812, 400:703, waronwomen.jpg)


The idea is that you make (low-effort) OPs arguing that Hitler losing the war led to socialism being imposed on Europe and nothing else, and continue doing that for a few months. Then, when that is 'established' you begin arguing that Nazism led to the war in the first place, and in the thread, you'll get anons and (((anons))) connecting the conclusions from there. Then when that is 'established', you begin making posts where you omit socialism playing any role in the decline and instead argue the conclusion drawn from the previous two cycles, namely that nazism inherently led to the decline of the west and thus should be abandoned. The whole point of it is not to immediately brute force shilling gommunism, but to start off working towards creating a vacuum. Because a kosher midly right wing voter is still better for gommunism than a bad goy who isn't afraid of swastikas. If you can get them to read some Luxemburg, all the better.

Another thing to note is that not all anti-eceleb posts are made in good faith. Some exceptions might, but another thing you're supposed to do is do what you can to shut down any discussion or mention of any right wing ecelebs, kosher or not. A eceleb, especially a content creator or journalist, can package and prepare relevant information to a political subject in a concise and easily digestible form which makes spreading information that shifts people to the right easier by simply posting a video or an article. That's why in certain places, every eceleb has a dedicated channel or folder with everything jewy they said or did at some point, or just pictures of them with kikes. Sometimes it's stuff that isn't even true, it was just put together in infographics as if it was. That's why when you meet them openly they accuse whoever makes them of lying in shit like pic related. They assume you just make shit up when making these, because that is what they do. It's to discourage you from posting what they make. If you don't share anything an eceleb does, no other bad goys find it, if they don't find it, it can't be spread, if it isn't spread, it doesn't reach the normalfags and the normalfags vote more left-wing than they otherwise would. That's the point behind it. And the people unironically in it to participate just do it, having to resort to shit like this doesn't make them think really hard whether they're the good guys.

The worst nightmare for these faggots would be an eceleb with a following making a concise compilation of enrichment victims with grueling pictures of them and pictures of them the way they looked before, being spread all over faceberg and into private shit normalfags browse and network in.

There is no end to the depth of their malice.

d43c8d  No.12174949

File: f291103c35273fa⋯.jpg (294.44 KB, 2048x1080, 256:135, The300.jpg)


1ec62a  No.12174959


>Feminism: A Jewish War FOR Women

WTF is this, did you pick the wrong one?

600661  No.12174996

File: 7b25d35234ccf9c⋯.png (240.87 KB, 523x663, 523:663, another-kike-gassed.png)


>a wild projecting Schlomo appears

ffec01  No.12174997


shoo shoo, vaginal jew.

ffec01  No.12175013


>change of IP's

wrong, I have just read the thread and can't stand you unbearable cunt anymore

ffec01  No.12175024


just sick of retards who think they are smart and shit up the board for months with their nigger ramblings

2f31f9  No.12175060


>is anti hitler

>use the same examples from a discord.

>calling me a kike.

Hilarious don't forget you are on the most pro hitler natsoc and white nationalism board.

2f31f9  No.12175071


>jew projecting

>y you have no arguments

>dozens of posts of sperging.

>the kike calls others kikes thinking this will work here.

Is this your new job?

Reported and ignored since all you do is derailing threads.

2f31f9  No.12175079


To bad a lot of this has already been debunked shill.

Lurk 2 more years and while your at it, they successfully stopped stalin in his tracks.

Like I said before and I will say it again

These tactics didn't work then don't expect them to work now, and with talking points that have been proven false and false again.

You need a serious talk on which board you are on.

2f31f9  No.12175086


Ignore him for now, he obviously has no clue what natsoc is due to saying

>if socialism won than hitler would've win

Without knowing the distortions of socialism and the true socialism and then proceedly calls others jews for calling him out like the sniviling rat he is by using misdirection.

ba3cd5  No.12175087

File: 95c0f1b82297ac9⋯.png (520.67 KB, 624x354, 104:59, northenawakening.PNG)



How can you not be angry after watching this? Wish we could spread this to the normiesphear.

2f31f9  No.12175109



f362d7  No.12175118

File: 6ca0eafb20496ed⋯.jpg (757.52 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Jellyfish.jpg)

french subhumans and their fellow niggers raped many german women after both wars….. so this is good news that is exactly what they deserve

e658ac  No.12175120


>Wish we could spread this to the normiesphear.

Get out. Spend your free time in front of the house with your neighbors. Gather together and speak up. Get the neighborhood out of their Jewish propaganda prison. Make rallies against capitalism (they can't outlaw that), be present in your cities, don't back down against criticism, speak up for each other, attend political gatherings and start demanding your rights of protection. Stand in front of cops and rattle down the facts of crimes they didn't prevent.

2f31f9  No.12175122

File: 0afb36dc09c3fc4⋯.jpg (30.36 KB, 376x395, 376:395, 1533894039509.jpg)



You don't have one.

2f31f9  No.12175130


Your low effort and sperging does not equate to arguments.

>show me a link

Already did

Take a good look at the image you are also not convincing anyone here.

64f9ec  No.12175139

File: 09a97097157132e⋯.jpg (117.63 KB, 768x960, 4:5, bruder-you-killed-me (1).jpg)


He was fucking right

2f31f9  No.12175144



So are you and fallen for jewish lies about hitler when the fact he is the most lied man on earth and as well as contradicting your self you hardly can back up what you said besides pilpul and derailing this particular thread you haven't tricked us then you are not tricking us now since all you can do is use low effort posts and insults.

2f31f9  No.12175146


Neither can you.

2f31f9  No.12175158


>your not making sense

Changing tactics schlomo?

You hadn't made sense with your ramblings and people called you out for it.

2f31f9  No.12175166


>no one believes you

>/pol/ still praises hitler

>/pol/ is still heavily natsoc

Are you being delusional?

2f31f9  No.12175170


You haven"t produced one.

1ba565  No.12175175



Superior indeed. Not like niggers at all.

fda1f6  No.12175191

File: 1d9bc14e78f7ac9⋯.jpg (131.37 KB, 909x1024, 909:1024, 1537389745893.jpg)


>Creating golems to kill whites

>Golems turn on their creators

We will win.

0939a6  No.12175193


This isn't how discord works ya dingus. If you make a sekkrit discord public by posting it on an imageboard and causing a flood and a raid, it's not sekkrit any more and the commies on it move on to using something else to plan in. That's why the only cap I posted is from that one particular server, because that one basically already was public when the cap was taken.

0939a6  No.12175197




>This isn't how discord works ya dingus. If you make a sekkrit discord public by posting it on an imageboard and causing a flood and a raid, it's not sekkrit any more and the commies on it move on to using something else to plan in. That's why the only cap I posted is from that one particular server, because that one basically already was public when the cap was taken.

4c07af  No.12175207


>They 'love it' so much they have been begging European men to take a stand for them


"I don't even want to call them refugees as I believe those who are really in need of help would never do something like that, and this vid is not against them. This video is also not against real refugees or anti-foreigner, god forbid"

What kind of real refugees do you think she was refering to? South Africans or ragheads ?

35fa5b  No.12175225


(((EU))) regime media in the next 48 hours

>now is the time to stand with muslims

>nothing to do with nothing

>the worst part about this is nazis will claim this as proof they where right

>parents of the family say they forgive the rapists and oppose racism, and this has nothing to do with our coercion to label anything critical as a hatecrime and threats of fines and jail for the victims

>stop exploiting the death of people for you political agendas!! back to children and woman refugees drowning in the mediteranian sea!

e658ac  No.12175226


Not her fault. She's been indoctrinated by the fear of being a racist for her whole life.

4c07af  No.12175229


14 words or bust.

4c07af  No.12175276


Yeah, I know she was talking about them, but I get annoyed by that sort of behavior and people pushing that kind of women on the frontline, especially since they get a few popular videos then the first thing they do is open a patreon and start cucking for "based" third world trash. It's a slap in the face to all the women who were raised the same way but never gave in to the propaganda.

72848c  No.12175321


thats a traffic warden, not a policeman you idiot

e658ac  No.12175336

File: 40bee4a77a295f4⋯.mp4 (504.65 KB, 226x400, 113:200, Cop Beatdown (1).mp4)


I still haven't found a news report where this happened so I stick with the original filename.

a69bd3  No.12175341


So then the goal of Sarkozy was to "radicalize" white French, non?

732df7  No.12175358

What is the race species of the rapists?

4c07af  No.12175359


>women were absolutely vitriolic in their hatred of me for being racist and islamophobic

Why did you even bother with them? Men and women like these will one day come to us for help and we need to make sure they receive none, don't let your empathy tell you otherwise, because one the threat is removed, they'll simply go back to acting like they did before and will stab you in the back if it serves them. It pisses me off, but the more I look around, the more I think the Vargpill is the best pill, hard work and dedication in the middle of nowhere, shun city faggotery.

In case you're German, do you have any resources to share for learning the language and where should I go if I want to visit the country and maybe help?


Unexpected goal most likely, it worked on me.

e658ac  No.12175366


It's an orchestrated world wide event to instigate civil wars, which will be "liberated" by a new world government. All the politicians were payed off to give the invaders as much free reign as possible.

d43c8d  No.12175367

File: 1ccbebee04de942⋯.png (372.46 KB, 835x518, 835:518, Diversity_Is_Our_Strength.PNG)

Daily reminder that Diversity is our Strength!

4b3300  No.12175396

File: 814c5a91675137c⋯.webm (6.56 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, When Shareblue shills on ….webm)


Brock ain't sending his best to this place. Such low energy, SAD!

2f31f9  No.12175397


And you were expecting women to be reasonable anon?

f43793  No.12175401

Parents letting their daughters roam around free in this day and age. SMH.

e658ac  No.12175410


The parents don't spend 24/7 with their kids. The smartphone Jew does. Those kids live in a world full of lies, then they step outside and literally get fucked.

2f31f9  No.12175412



I just realized he called me an alt kike despite national socialists had cut ties with them when they were controlled op and backstabbers and said stupid shit like

>hitler allowed communism

Despite stopping them from building up their armies which caused stalin to panic, I do criticize some of hitler's war decisions, but during the time and ignoring the soviet's threat I've probably did the same, I think he hasn't lurked this place enough or it is a shill who throws out insults, even churchill admitted he fucked up big.

d8a232  No.12175422


She's an adult anon, 18 years old can do whatever the fuck they want, and that includes going to a nightclub alone and have 'non-consensual sex' with a bunch of horny drunk sandniggers.

360392  No.12175423


>Thank GOD it is nighttime in Tel Aviv.

The sun never sets on the Jewish Empire.

653774  No.12175424

File: 908a96d2f7f0c4f⋯.jpg (61.53 KB, 800x601, 800:601, 1230172397891723.jpg)


You're unbearably bad at your job.

f43793  No.12175430


So what do parents do to inoculate them against the lies?


It is a telltale sign of how low this civilization has fallen to define adulthood as doing whatever the f*ck you want. I thought being an adult meant taking responsibility. I guess there was no one around to teach them such things.

2f31f9  No.12175439


People who are anti hitler tend to be shills and also if you weren't using caps and using insults, maybe your arguments would've been taken more seriously, you'll also have to remember a lot of people here support hitler and are natsoc unless you are at cuckchan.

2f31f9  No.12175453

File: 65def866f1f6503⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 360x640, 9:16, 1534552091436m.jpg)

File: 780a794d5a14b74⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 1500x6000, 1:4, (((Hitler had african dna)….jpg)


Here we go again with the sperging and insults, natsoc and alt right are no longer related, they are also inviting civic nationalists in.

You may convince some gullibles at cuckchan but you are not fooling anybody here.

2f31f9  No.12175462


>inflitration of /pol/

If you honestly think anyone is going to fall for this, go look at the archives and old /pol/ this is mostly a natsoc board and the way you just talked out of your ass and actually lie, not only are you lying you posted a post that is very untrue.

Are you from cuckchan? Because 4cucks /pol/ and 8/pol/ are seperate entities.

e658ac  No.12175474


>So what do parents do to inoculate them against the lies?

Already too late. You can flee, but not for long. Homeschooling is illegal in most places. And the addiction to capitalism is instantaneous. Just make sure to teach them how to protect themselves from the biggest wrongdoings and hope for the best.

653774  No.12175485

File: 11a139e522ff75c⋯.jpg (99.71 KB, 500x734, 250:367, 1327812739184.jpg)


Tell me more how I infiltrated /new/, /n/, then 4chan /pol/, and now 8ch /pol/.

None of your typical tricks work anymore. You can't dissuade me. You can't confuse me. You can't bewilder me. You can't fool me. You can do nothing. You are hopelessly outmatched. And soon we will be coming for you.



Reported and filtered.

Juden. Raus yourself.

2f31f9  No.12175486


No one on this board said hitler was a flawless gary stue, we do critcize his war decisions, hitler was also fighting the world and kikes who were looking for almost every excuse to declare war on them, hitler stopped them from invading europe, but hitler isn't the only one to blame go look up a thread called crimes against the german people, winston is at fault my country is at fault.

Also hitler did nothing wrong (morally) does not equate to war mistakes.

ae142f  No.12175488

File: ee446b39eaf9add⋯.jpeg (81.12 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, 6D192FC6-7073-4B2E-AB08-0….jpeg)

Can you retards stop responding to derailing, astroturfing, D&C pushing kike shill? Where is the operation to push this as an infographic and video combo on social media to shove ethos and logos arguments down everyone’s throats? We need to protect and warn our people, globally

2f31f9  No.12175496


You said national socialists are kikes and infilitrating on this board, despite the fact they've been on here for a long time. Just because others have positive views of hitler which is something that became a staple to this board like /nsg/ and redpills and holohoax breads, you will be calling 95% of /pol/ jewish for simply liking hitler.

2f31f9  No.12175499



Ya do not wanna derail the thread further.

2f31f9  No.12175503


>no kikes.

Who said were going to accept jews for being national socialists and liking hitler?

97c221  No.12175505


>on a European board

This was never a European board in the beginning.

2f31f9  No.12175512


Is a white nationalist and natsoc board kikes are trying to subvert us into civic nationalists.

Also like other anon suggested go read zion of protocals and the greatest myth of the 20 century.

97c221  No.12175516


No it is a board that can be used by anyone who wanted to debate/shitpost. Of course with the recent uprising on redpills and horde invasions, nationalism (especially the European nationalism) became relevant in this board.

2f31f9  No.12175520


This is getting us no where lets get back on topic.

5b8d21  No.12175527

Is it normal for a /pol/ thread to be derailed this much?

2f31f9  No.12175534



I am at fault for taking this guy seriously.

Just get back to the topic.

ae142f  No.12175603

>>12175499 (checked)

Dubs confirm. We must not let any tragedy go unused for our own advantage. And our goal is a noble one so let’s begin already.

55e475  No.12175624

File: 6cc89364a05a413⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.73 KB, 536x435, 536:435, 6cc89364a05a413fdc8549f013….jpg)


This. Dubs of overwhelming truth must be checked.

79c21c  No.12175641


Looks like a birthmark to me.

563620  No.12175652


The same kike (or a group of kikes) are shitting in almost every thread this week like posting robert sepehr copypasta, slamming slavs and other europeans and forcing the meme "hitler as a rothschild!!!".

They are on full force…

7af5c3  No.12175655

File: f087e4ee9594578⋯.png (84.78 KB, 686x689, 686:689, mad jack.png)


delete this image

abeca4  No.12175667


Click "Show post options & limits"

Check box "spoiler Images"

Fuckin noob>>12175624

8bac23  No.12175674

File: 822dfe742553cd1⋯.jpg (190.62 KB, 1300x958, 650:479, incredulous.jpg)


>They're disarmed, if you can believe that.




5b9ed1  No.12175691

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


My fucking god…..

What has these subhuman done?

341f14  No.12175697


Giving birth to children?

d1ac84  No.12175700


willful zogbots*

341f14  No.12175702

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I hate sand.

8cb2f0  No.12175704


Normies and cucks will not look directly at it, for it is the truth and purhaps the future they chose

5b9ed1  No.12175717


They chose to be slaves.

8cb2f0  No.12175719


Stupid retard

8cb2f0  No.12175722


Talk is cheap

341f14  No.12175729


Lemmings don't know what they want because they are only capable of desiring what they're told to by the authorities.

The lemmings have never come to any conclusions on their own and if we controlled the mass media corporations, the same libshits who grovel before the jews and disparage their race would become the most emphatic and sincere anti-semites and upstanding White men and women.

bbd653  No.12175731

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I also have some required viewing.

97c221  No.12175746


>Rational Gent on twitter

I know that guy and he documents his daily life in SA. Must be a living hell for him.

064d89  No.12175797


Sadly, Patton became fully redpilled after it was all too late. Imagine if all the armed forces of the Allied nations had this knowledge before going off to fight, they would have immediately mass defected to the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS at the closest opportunity.


Tattoo maybe? Hard to tell.


Preferably tortured first.


This. Should stay home and not indulge, contribute and partake in the degenerate neo-Weimar "lifestyle."


Digits confirm



At least it ends up )))here(((, (((they))) can't (((SHUT IT DOWN))) completely no matter how hard (((they))) try.


I'd gladly do it if I lived in France and had absolutely nothing left to lose.


Damn, one number off. You're right, but to be fair a lot of dudes are like this also. I really think that overuse of technology and (((social media))) have really made people's attention spans go to absolute shit.


The kikes will suffer a most horrific death at our hands. We've learned the mistakes that Hitler and the Axis powers had made. Hitler was far too nice, and as you know the old saying, "Nice guys finish last." That mistake will NOT be made again.




This. Cops take their marching orders to defend these assholes.


It's a pretty shitty tactic. Most of us can see right through it.


Hitler's only mistake was being too nice to his enemies, which ultimately cost him the war. We won't repeat that fatal mistake again.


You're right that this nightmare is because of the kikes. All the rest are just symptoms of the kike disease. Just like I don't blame the common useful idiot in the USSR for supporting (((Marxism–Leninism))), I direct the blame to where it is most appropriate, the kike.



Stop referring to National Socialism using that kike smear word. If you must use a shorter version of the name, use "Natsoc." Also a quick viewing of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEeSPc5oTcM will immediately make one realize that Natsoc placing the West in decline and not the exact opposite, is complete bullshit. It's nothing but kike projection.


By "socialism" it's meant the Marxian kind.


Smells like a kike post.


(((Judeo-Capitalism))) is largely the engine greasing this mess that we're currently in. So you're not exactly wrong here.


It's Germany, you have to be careful of what you say, or you could end up in some very big legal trouble. That video of hers is basically modern day samizdat.


True. She's a victim of (((propaganda))) and (((psychological manipulation))).


Perhaps Varg is correct about civilization, but I'm old enough to remember when it wasn't this bad. Perhaps the rot was always there, it just took a few generations for it to percolate through to the rest of the population. I don't know. I can't say that what Varg is doing is a bad thing, the (((system))) is rigged completely.


Then we take control of the smartphone Jew. Turn it into the smartphone Goebbels.


>It is a telltale sign of how low this civilization has fallen to define adulthood as doing whatever the f*ck you want.

The result of the Axis having lost the Second World War.


Hitler was too nice and trusting. A legend, no doubt, but still was human. And his kindness was his greatest weakness. We don't repeat this mistake again.


>Homeschooling is illegal in most places.

If you live in a European country where homeschooling is illegal (like Germany for example) just move to Austria or France, where it is legal.


Sadly this. The life of the common NPC.

bbd653  No.12175887



>very interested

Same here.


The jew wants the sandnigger and the European to fight to the death or breed into oblivion.

>war in ME

>refugees to Europa

>greater Israel project goes through

>civil war in Europa if the white man is properly radicalized

>jew kills and enslaves the victor

>or the civil wars don’t occur

>white man race mixes to oblivion

>dies with a whimper

>jew kills and enslaves people

8a3245  No.12175911

File: c8045f7cd6c0a3e⋯.jpg (2.87 MB, 1536x2062, 768:1031, c8045f7cd6c0a3e13aae11bd8f….jpg)


Dehumanize yourself to face bloodshed.

810491  No.12176344

File: dd1ff3c53215c3a⋯.png (148.48 KB, 317x444, 317:444, 3aceba58c39f2c963db0fa9bc1….png)

aa1e47  No.12176434



April is not winter, what needs explaining?

3fac46  No.12176624


>Stop referring to National Socialism using that kike smear word.

There's nothing wrong with using Nazi. It's German slang that just shortens the Nationalsozialistische (National pronounced natzion-al). Nazi is probably clearer than the term national socialist, because Nazi refers specifically to the NSDAP (as opposed to the general idea of national socialism or other national socialist movements).

How about YOU don't let the kikes tell you what words you can and can't use when Nazi is perfectly good and historically accurate.

84c1c4  No.12176648


of course it's being hidden as much as possible.

ce35e7  No.12176669


You should have seen this thread earlier. It was a full blown battleground. Polvols deleted it all.

37e4be  No.12176682



was this slut boozed up or what? her behavior seems very bizarre. and is that a tattoo on her ass cheek?

5b9ed1  No.12176689


Just thank god.

5b9ed1  No.12176691

I almost attempted to get into the argument and prove the kike wrong about hitler, then I realized he was derailing the thread and though it wasn't worth it.

ce35e7  No.12176694


Everyone knows that Hitler did nothing wrong.

5b9ed1  No.12176697



Homeschooling is illegal in europe?


5b9ed1  No.12176706


It's funny how they repeated this tactic again hoping it sticked, instead it was blown right back to their face and stopped that tactic, making memes illegal in the eu and now this, it's obvious they've gotten very desperate. Then the fact they made up a ton of shitty reddit like threads only to be anchored and banned, I can subvert this board way better than those kikes in their offices could, but of course I wouldn't do that since I ain't a backstabber unless I was an insider and decide to give you some info on them, but it will mostly be reading off of scripts.


As much as you were right anon you should've ignored the shill right then and there, you almost derailed the entire thread.

5b9ed1  No.12176710


> can't use when Nazi is perfectly good and historically accurate.

No not really hitler him self didn't like the word nazi as it is a slur and a label meant to make them look bad and the one who created the term admits this, natsoc is a lot more accurate than what these (((teachers))) taught us at school.

ce35e7  No.12176711


wait, they did this before? I must have missed that. Which thread?

5b9ed1  No.12176718


Where else do you think the memes came from and jidf and shilling came from? Try to look up some archives I am pretty sure they've done this and try to argue this, I already seen some like threads like crimes against the german people and a few holohoax breads, wouldn't be surprised if their next tactic would be calling us stormfags next, they've been kvetching for a few days straight, but things would calm down now.

The pre exodus they tried to concinve us hitler is one of (((them))) didn't work out till after the exodus we came here.

188f7b  No.12176724

File: 78e76d23c8c26a8⋯.webm (9.94 MB, 640x320, 2:1, German Mandatory Sex Ed.webm)

File: 82c3c885ddcef85⋯.jpg (152.37 KB, 1983x1063, 1983:1063, cackling jewess.JPG)


For the very reason you would want to home school Anon: You can't indoctrinate a child if you don't have access to the child.

188f7b  No.12176732

This doesn't add up.

>Ctrl + F : drugged

>0 results


>The alleged victim, who is 19, told police on Wednesday she had been attacked in the nightclub’s car park and that she believed she had been drugged.

>Blood samples from the teenager were being analysed, the prosecutor’s office said.


>A group of men raped a woman outside a nightclub in France, as callous passersby did nothing to help and instead filmed the assault and posted it to social media, according to local reports.

>Investigators also are looking for at least three people who filmed the assault and did nothing to intervene, according to local outlet La Depeche du Midi.

>The woman told the radio station she fears she may have been slipped the date-rape drug GHB and only remembers slivers of the assault.

>I was GHB'd I dont remember AAAAAAANYTHING!

bbd653  No.12176738


The term Nazi is an insult that predates the NSDAP.


Why am I just finding out about their sex ed? This needs to spread to the normie sphere after this project.



5b9ed1  No.12176740

File: 8d3ac35ba695548⋯.png (60.37 KB, 700x692, 175:173, 1524954687062.png)


Makes my blood boil

188f7b  No.12176743


>For the moment, no complaint has been filed. Investigations by the search squad of the Toulouse Saint-Michel gendarmerie are in progress to identify the discotheque where the facts were committed, the victim and the alleged perpetrators of the attack.

<The video was posted before she reported the act.


>The 19-year-old victim of a gang rape who was filmed and broadcast on social networks , Sunday morning September 16, in the parking lot of the Carpe Diem disco in Balma, near Toulouse , exonerated a young man in a video posted on Instagram that was viewed more than 30,000 times in a few hours.

>In this video, the young woman appears in front of camera and invites the net surfers "not to amalgam" among the suspects always actively sought by the gendarmerie in charge of the investigation. "I know who was there and who was not there (note: on the scene of the attack)," she says.

But I thought she was drunk?

>At his side, the man in his twenties, who is one of his friends, answers "to those who accuse me". "I did not go out this weekend, it's not me on the videos. I receive threats, I am with the victim she will file a complaint. I have nothing to do with all this, "insists the young man who has been the subject of many threats on social networks.

>Since Monday, many photos of alleged perpetrators circulate on the social networks Spnapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

<She made a social media video 'exonerating' someone saying she knows who was there and who wasn't

Can someone verify the translation:

>« Je sais qui était là et qui n'y était pas (NDLR : sur les lieux de l'agression) », explique-t-elle.

>"I know who was there and who was not there (note: on the scene of the attack)," she says.

ce35e7  No.12176752


Didn't understand how they could think there was a German winter attack on Russia that destroyed all the German people and made it easier for Russia to invade and take over Europe, that is so stupid. I don't remember that from history at all. I am going to go look that up just so if they try any of this again I will be prepared with war history the next time they try this shit.

188f7b  No.12176754

File: 4cb94694aa19678⋯.png (670.24 KB, 1145x730, 229:146, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0288dd078bf83f6⋯.png (1.17 MB, 794x1145, 794:1145, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5eae777ee027ea1⋯.png (1.41 MB, 794x1133, 794:1133, ClipboardImage.png)

I wonder if she shows up in any of the pictures from this club.

5b9ed1  No.12176758


Good for you anon, also they've always been changing history to what ever favors their fantansies.

t.person who notices a pattern when I used to go to indoctrination camps.

188f7b  No.12176761

File: 17533f8dd65bb18⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1317x969, 439:323, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6cb9706fee281ff⋯.png (3.56 MB, 1293x1173, 431:391, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 739da09322822ab⋯.png (3.31 MB, 1295x1172, 1295:1172, ClipboardImage.png)

188f7b  No.12176773

File: bfdb43a97001162⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1302x990, 217:165, ClipboardImage.png)

This is starting to make more sense now.

>go to sleazy club full of muds

>get sloppily drunk

>get gang-banged by muds in the parking lot

>people film it

>go home go to sleep

>wake up - oh shit, someone is posting this video of me getting gang-banged all over social media! sacre bleu!

>um, okay, its rape

>I was drugged, ghb, i dont remember anything at all

>but not this guy im friends with

>he didn't rape me though

>i know because i know who was there and who wasnt

>media: oy vey goyim lookit dis gang-rape!

97e40a  No.12176776

What are 19 year old women doing at a club?

97e40a  No.12176777

ce35e7  No.12176785


The police would never get involved in it if that was the case they spend all their time ignoring black on White crime.

188f7b  No.12176787



Checked for very interesting question, though I wager that's drinking age in France, no?

The question remains as to what this pretty young woman was doing in some dirty nigger bar, but I think we know the answer tbh.

188f7b  No.12176791


There's nothing at this time to suggest they have done anything Anon.

I can't find any info as to whether or not her drug tests came back clean, and there's apparently a video of her holding up some brown person that had been accused of taking part and being like "oh no this guy didn't do it, i know for sure" when she is already on record claiming she was drugged, and she didnt even fucking report it until it was being streamed everywhere.

My guess is she is just a filthy clubslut and she does this kinda shit regularly and this time it got filmed and posted everywhere and so she came forward with a rape claim to try to avoid looking like a complete whore but then she made sure her favorite buck didn't get included in the accusation.

I hate to say it, but this looks less like a gang-rape and more like a slut claiming regret rape to avoid looking like a slut.

890d7b  No.12176794


>thot gets patrolled by the diversity she associates with


No sympathy for degenerates. Damn shame they didn't cut her throat.

064d89  No.12176806


It's not illegal in all of Europe. France, for example has legal homeschooling, probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest homeschooling nation in Europe (probably why Varg moved there).


This. It's a Jewish epithet against National Socialism.

552dbc  No.12176811


>drinking age in France

Irrelevant question. I've been drinking alcohol since I was a kid UNDER my parents supervision (goes well with meat), and the parents of that 19 year old slut were never to be seen in the videos… btw, I'm just in my late 20s and sometimes I still drink with my parents around.

You are correct though, we know the answer behind this "rape". However we're in the minority. Let us not forget /pol/ tried to buy a house to a "cute" porn actress a few weeks ago, and whiteknighting in this thread is disgusting.

188f7b  No.12176814


Yeah, pretty much. I kinda hate stories like these, because what they really represent more than anything is demoralization fodder for a lot of guys, especially once the reality of it comes out.

The whole

>oh man look at this poor white woman getting gang-raped by these nasty mud people!

turning into

>wew lad look at this drunk slag at a nigger bar getting gang-banged in the parking lot, who didnt report it until it got streamed

leaves a foul taste in ones mouth.

I can't stand these mudfucks, but the traitorous slags that choose to associate with them and then potentially get abused - or get exactly what they're looking for, in at least some cases - are almost worse, for the fact of their treachery. This cunt could be dating a nice guy and having children, instead she's going out to a nigger bar on a Saturday, getting dogged-out by a pack of wild niggers in the parking lot (apparently without the capacity or desire to FUCKING SCREAM) while people film it, and then claiming she was raped once it starts doing the rounds on social media… And she'll probably be back at the clubs this Saturday night.

Who loses out?

The mudfucks get to fuck White pussy, raped or given.

The thots get to fuck non-Whites, get to avoid being called whores for it, and get to continue acting like whores who fuck non-Whites.

The White man is left only with the visage of his women embracing the invader to pursue her own hedonistic and utterly degenerate behaviors, while the state stands by watching, merely to keep him from intervening in any meaningful way. its fucking sick m8.

552dbc  No.12176816


>I hate to say it, but this looks less like a gang-rape and more like a slut claiming regret rape to avoid looking like a slut.

You think?

All wymyn will throw men under the bus tho save their (((reputation))). BTW, notice how what is hated the most about kikes is all women-behavior.

fc4dca  No.12176818

File: c0584e8bb87bfa9⋯.jpg (47.91 KB, 492x449, 492:449, c0584e8bb87bfa99ad71359612….jpg)



There are two things a woman can do to pretty much guarantee she is going to get raped at one point. One of them is jogging, the other is clubbing. Christ help me, I think I've been here too long, but I just don't give a fuck about this cunt. She did this to her self. Oh well, her degradation won't be in vain at least , because now we get to take this footage and cram it down every single normalfag throat we see forever and ever.

188f7b  No.12176822


>Let us not forget /pol/ tried to buy a house to a "cute" porn actress a few weeks ago

Yeah, nah m8, not at all equivalent and if you were oppositional to those threads you can go kill yourself, that broad was/is retarded and unable to consent.

This chick though? She's apparently fully functional, no learning disabilities or head injuries or anything, she went to a nigger club dressed like a thot and she either got gang-raped or gang-fucked and it doesn't really matter which in terms of her deserving everything she got.

552dbc  No.12176830


You do know she WASN'T raped, right? It's not about association (she could have been surrounded by whites), it's about behavior. Putting ALL OTHER degenerate behaviors aside, it was the fact that she does this often (flimsy dress at bars with no panties) and then cries rape AFTER the video exposing her is exposed.

ce35e7  No.12176841


What it the police angle on it then? Are they just trying to piss us off?

552dbc  No.12176851


this whole news is just more ((( #metoo ))) propaganda

188f7b  No.12176854


>She did this to her self.

Even as I agree with you, your words made me remember that women are basically just dogs, in that, they cannot be held accountable in all actuality.

Only in the context of the modern feminist society does one view a woman as fit to make her own decisions or what have you, to espouse agency of any real sort… I forget that sometimes myself. Point being: She DID do this to herself… But you shouldn't be decrying her for it, anymore than you'd decry a dog whose owner didn't train it not to shit on your rug. And in this case, European men are that trainer, made weak and cowardly and effeminate in their dealings with women as a result of Jewish influence over our media and society.

She did this to herself, fair enough… But she should never have been PERMITTED to do so, and she was only permitted to do so because our society deems its righteous that she be permitted to do so, that she be treated as espousing agency, and because the state exists in between we men who realize this and the agency-bereft womenfolk, and because we have yet been unwilling to meaningfuly step forward against the state as to reimpose a sensible societal status wherein women are treated like the simpletons, bereft of the capacity for agency, that they genuinely are at their core.

This society is fucking sick and it needs to die. Yet nobody really seems to want to make it die. Which yes, is extremely tiresome.


Yes, that's basically what I suggested.

Everything about this reeks of a slag doing slag things and then not wanting to be a called a slag when evidence of her slaggery got out and so playing the victim instead of acknowledging shes a slag.

Especially that video of her with the guy she claims wasn't there, I'd love to see that and get a /pol/ack frog to do interpreting.

I have a strong suspicion that if we were to get a look at this fellow he would turn out to be a near-dead-match for at least one of the guys involved in the video, and that he was involved, and that she came out to protect her favorite buck.

188f7b  No.12176859


Police didn't have much of a choice - it was all over social media and people were calling it gang-rape, they had to investigate.

When it got traced back to her, she ran with it, so the police did too.

Of course, whether or not she'll actually press charges, assuming any suspects are ever even found, is another matter entirely - which we likely will never hear about because it looks like this is already getting quietly shuffled out of the media news cycle.

Bet you never see another story on this event after this week.

fc4dca  No.12176883

File: c91a8adcaa36f83⋯.jpg (25.04 KB, 336x336, 1:1, doggo identity.jpg)


>She did this to herself, fair enough… But she should never have been PERMITTED to do so

I assumed that went without saying.

6dcdf9  No.12176900

Doesn't matter what really happened. All that matters is how can we use this.

188f7b  No.12176910

File: 0064c94ed0f9969⋯.jpg (442.99 KB, 1280x2306, 640:1153, Modern Femininity.jpg)

File: 6ec96ccefb9480d⋯.jpg (128.02 KB, 1348x1269, 1348:1269, Ay Yo Nigga.JPG)

File: d5af7fd215ea596⋯.jpg (125.95 KB, 1299x1309, 1299:1309, Nigga Yo Ay.JPG)

File: 958b3d39d02df31⋯.png (607.4 KB, 1500x1159, 1500:1159, Non-Whites and Rape.png)


Checked for truth.

This one is kind of a double-edged sword.

On one hand: This is what mudpeople are all about.

On the other hand: This is also what many of our women are all about if allowed to do whatever they want.

2ac959  No.12177002


Anyone got the full video?

Or is >>12173907 the only source we have?

e0cd6b  No.12177047


it is kind of true.

They have not been begging.

A few maybe.

Ask them to give up their rights and see how many are willing to do this, for getting europe back in to order.

Once they do not work anymore, the fertility rate will sky rocket.

d7d1e6  No.12177059


Its a birthmark

e4f247  No.12177123

File: a4f4b5cab17c82d⋯.jpg (71.03 KB, 666x500, 333:250, a4f4b5cab17c82d134b05f181c….jpg)


>19yo French girl culturally enriched by 8 sand nigger rapists

this girl was killed by jews.

jews want to say "oy vey we wuz gassed by nazis which obviously are different to Germans since "America liberated Germany from Naziism", yet jews want reparations of Germans today as if they were the same thing.


we will say "this girl was raped and murdered by jews" due to the pleas for "amnesty for refugees like us poor jews" by jews.

Without jews tehre would be no niggers in the country.

only difference is that the holocaust never happened, and rapes by apes, do.

cb82bf  No.12177225

>just takes a party of 8 men to rape a girl

Is it really that easy to get quick easy sex over there in France? Must seem like a total paradise to Muslim men. In their home countries like Saudi Arabia, men who unjustly rape and kill women get beheaded and crucified. Brute force and capital punishment keeps them in line. No wonder why they flee their nations to come north. In Europe, the EU does everything in its power to cover up and downplay any crimes that migrants commit. Western democracies are known to be lands of freedom. But I think giving these African and Arab migrants the "freedom to commit any crimes" will be Europe's downfall.

If you're a nice girl in Europe, be careful out there. It's gotten extremely dangerous now.

1ecd43  No.12177227


> was not immediately assassinated.

>expect the french to raise a finger

you realize that the french dream about bbc right?

4c07af  No.12177254


>Even as I agree with you, your words made me remember that women are basically just dogs, in that, they cannot be held accountable in all actuality.

The less you hold them accountable the less acountable they be in the future, the more you infantilize them the worse they'll get. We need eugenics not excuses, stop the stealth white knighting.

4cf668  No.12177262

Muslims are like imps, it takes 8 of them to overpower one girl.

6d1965  No.12177270


>Turn it into the smartphone Goebbels.

No. Ditch the WWII antics and go after the organized crime that is oppressing this world. Using anything but their own symbolism will kill your movement before it even started.

>just move

There is no running. Especially if you want a future for your children.

4c1ae7  No.12177362


4 of them…

they like group sex anon. Because they are fags they get off on watching another guy fuck a woman.

78771f  No.12177368

File: 2a8b71f1f930c1b⋯.jpg (45.61 KB, 736x554, 368:277, 2a8b71f1f930c1bfae725ce7a4….jpg)



Dubs of truth

dcf6e9  No.12177377


porn is useful anon

4c1ae7  No.12177399


useful for turning muslims into degenerate fags? correct. Porn does contribute a lot to their decay and degeneracy making them just like beasts.

a30d9a  No.12177447


Yeah, those mudslimes are soooo innocent!

Not like muslims are famous for raping like in Rotherham.

>Also, let me use the word goyim to make my anti-white statement palatable to whites


Dancing? Having fun?

Every white girl (or boy) should be able to do that in his/her OWN COUNTRY without having to fear getting raped by shitskins


Oh look, a shill hating on white women.

bf79c2  No.12177477


>Dancing? Having fun?

>Every white girl (or boy) should be able to do that in his/her OWN COUNTRY

If it's that lame folk dancing for idiots they do in Europe like "riverdance" or clogging or the like, that's fine. If it's that slow-dancing, ballroom, or nigger-jiggle bullshit, you get the rope.

4c1ae7  No.12177484


These muslims are only interested in slave anon. You better not be dancing and having fun or they are going to rape you to death. Welcome to Europe.

2eedc9  No.12177510


>slow-dancing, ballroom

You mean like classical dancing? Why?

284eb5  No.12177511

what is the issue? the gang rape or the live stream of it?

60da2d  No.12177512


yes, they cut the moments we can see the girl's face

835d1f  No.12177518


>what is the issue?

I can't fap in 25 seconds

I tried

4c1ae7  No.12177522


Stop it with that wrong think anon. /pol/ is a multicultural board of peace they were just passing around a slave, it was just a enlightened muslim public orgy not a rape at all.

dcf6e9  No.12177547


drinking and getting raped. 18 is the age in France.

White bitches for everybody

4b9715  No.12177552


She essentially was, Jew media and academia filth coupled with Jew politics caused this, and many others like it.

4c1ae7  No.12177568


No anon. You are forgetting the rules of /pol/ this is a multicultural board you need to be more sensitive to the guests that are in your nation now as well as all the members of this board and their different and enriching vibrancy that they bring to /pol/ and to Europe. Those white bitches totally deserved everything just for existing even the 11 year old ones that weren't dancing with their friends. We don't blame jews or muslims here, they are a light unto the nations that we are simply resisting with our wrong think. If you keep having these wrong think thoughts I will have to report you to the polvols because anyone not accepting the multicultural nature of this board or of Europe is not fit to post here. Remember these women all deserve what is happening to them, I hope I have helped to enlighten you.

4c07af  No.12177571


Hyperbole is not an argument.

4b9715  No.12177588


Sarcasm still gets the point across. Pinning the blame on our women, the victims, (while conveniently ignoring our men that also fall to degeneracy) and protecting the perpetrators, Jews and their pet shitskins, is not only sinister but blatant Jewish pilpul.

bcd9a3  No.12177590



We gas jews around here

That is the true nature of this board.

4c1ae7  No.12177593


There are no arguments at a board of peace, that is the nature of peace. I will report you if you continue to attempt to resist the peace and light of watching your women culturally enriched by muslims and jews. Again, these women deserve everything because they didn't respect the forced sexuality culture of their guests. Even that little German boy who was culturally enriched in the public pool should be glad he has found light in his life. Why are you resisting /pol/?

4c07af  No.12177598


Sarcasm is annoying and not an argument. Nobody here advocates for the rape of White women while sparing kikes, ragheads and niggers.

4c1ae7  No.12177618


Anyone who actually fights back is banned for wrongthink by polvols.

1/2 this thread is /pol/ anons arguing that this type of cultural enrichment and lightness of being is the woman's/childrens fault. It is full of the light unto the nations of hard core satanic judaism/muslim beliefs.

4c07af  No.12177619


Point me to a single post where it's said that a kid had it coming.

4c1ae7  No.12177621


Do you need me to make you a list of the statements supporting the rape of European women?

4c1ae7  No.12177624


Wow…I can believe you can't see the wonderful light radiating from this multicultural board. Ok, I will make you a list.

4c07af  No.12177628


Yeah go for it, statement that support the rape of European women (ie not retarded club slags) and list that says that children had it coming.

4c1ae7  No.12177640

The list of enlightened anons advocating the enlightened rape of both european women, girls and little boys:
















I didn't even scroll up three pages worth…I could continue, but what is the point. /pol/ is a multicultural board where the best ideas win and no one is censored for wrong think. These anons are just helpful jews and muslims who are trying to deliver light to you.

bd2730  No.12177675


You going to suck the sandnigger cum out of m'lady's pussy for her?

4c07af  No.12177676



Obvious shitposter.




That's the truth about club whores.


Speculation about what happened, she's protecting a nigger that might have "raped" her.


Sleep with dogs wake up with fleas. Doesn't advocate for the mass rape of European women


Same as previous


Truth, we've seen it happen a lot of times. Doesn't advocate for the mass rape of European women.


Doesn't advocate for the mass rape of European women.


Once again, sleep with dogs, wake up with fleas. Not advocating for the mass rape of European women.


He's not wrong and he's also not advocating for the mass rape of European women.


Nothing he has said was wrong, also not advocating for the mass rape of European women.


He technically right even though I think women are not cattle.


He's right too.

The only thing you can do is agree and amplify because you know you have no argument, you're just like the other faggots trying to buy a house for that porn whore. Now please, point me toward the posts which said children had it coming.

4c1ae7  No.12177694


That is the vibrancy and light that we need. Good job anon. We should definitely encourage more race mixing on /pol/ so that peace will come sooner to Europe.

4c1ae7  No.12177703


It would take a certain amount of intellectual finesse to understand why these posters are our muslim and jew friends. Sadly you don't seem to be qualified in that department but maybe it is because you are so bright yourself that you can't see their brightness.

4c07af  No.12177711


Hiding behind intellectualism doesn't change the fact that you lied, no one advocated for the mass rape of European women. Now please point me to the posts which said children had it coming.

1ef76d  No.12177713


Who brings the dogs, the fleas and all but makes it illegal to stay away from them?

4c1ae7  No.12177716


I haven't lied. You just don't have the faculty to understand the argument.

4c1ae7  No.12177723


They are just spreading the light of their religion, anon. Everyone likes light.

4c07af  No.12177725


No, you clearly lied. No one advocated for the mass rape of European women. Now once again, bring me the posts which said children had it coming.


Kikes. Is it illegal not to go to night club half naked with sand niggers ?

4c1ae7  No.12177729


Ahh a jew. Right. Keep shining.

4c07af  No.12177736


I'm not a kike, now bring me the posts which said children had it coming.

4c1ae7  No.12177749


You have been filtered for wrong think so I didn't catch that. When you are ready to consider the wonderful light of the multiculturalism of /pol/ I will entertain further argument which will bring us to a peaceful resolution on the board of peace.

141d43  No.12177767


Note the “all but”, perhaps I should have used “virtually” but don’t play coy, you should know exactly how pressured and propagandized our society and daily life is. If it were materialized into water we’d already be drowning.

4c07af  No.12177774


I wasn't trying to play coy, I know the propaganda, I have to deal with it on a daily basis due to my job and it left me bitter. I just hate that behavior we have sometimes when a woman is involved, it's like we lose all common sense and gang each other up instead of thinking objectively.

fbc229  No.12177791


Image being this autistic.

2ac5b4  No.12177806



>It would take a certain amount of intellectual finesse to understand why these posters are our muslim and jew friends

>I haven't lied. You just don't have the faculty to understand the argument.

Claiming that you have a intelligent argument and at the same time insulting others intelligence definitely proves you have an actual argument. If you can't put your so called "intellectual finesse" into words then don't bother posting at all. Instead of claiming you'll post this and that and just post. Stop with your low energy nonsense, who's ego are you stroking? You're an anon. Just stop posting your low energy borderline satirical statements that are fit for discord chatrooms, this isn't a chatroom, you can actually think for quite a bit about what you're going to post before hastily posting peabrain nonsense. It's a heated casual conversation between two retards who don't know the difference between their left and their right. Are you two the same person?

827c85  No.12177823


Show me some love anon. Board of peace where anons from all over the world can come and shitpost equally. This is not a European board for Europeans. Only the best ideas can win because there is no such thing as wrong think or polvol censorship here. Quit trying to shame me, Hitler would not approve.

827c85  No.12177833


>Claiming that you have a intelligent argument and at the same time insulting others intelligence definitely proves you have an actual argument.

IKR. I told him that I totally had an argument. See, it is nice to see this kind of cultural diversity and inclusiveness here at /pol/. This is what a board of peace should really look like. We are all from different backgrounds and yet together here on /pol/ we can come together as one human family of light and interracial tolerance.

b665a3  No.12178398

File: 7041faacb774ed4⋯.png (165.23 KB, 303x311, 303:311, 10_int.png)


This is what the French soldiers fought for.

6742c9  No.12178436

File: 25b365b4c4c7f88⋯.png (75.5 KB, 500x300, 5:3, WWIII-World-War-3-Albert-P….png)

File: ab33613f0ee1920⋯.png (431.9 KB, 619x563, 619:563, yuri3.png)


The Jew plans to kill Whites and Muslims all in one swift move, along with the "useful idiots" (atheists/leftists) that Yuri Bezmenov talked about. Albert Pike's letter/prediction was spot on, even if it was fake.

849577  No.12178564

File: 19eebe472489fa8⋯.jpg (94.2 KB, 618x824, 3:4, download (3).jpg)

In a healthy, white society this woman wouldn't bitch around at night in the first place… Sure thing the sand niggers deserve a bullet but this woman had it coming by dressing like a total slut and clubbing with arab subhuman. Totally lost cause. However, the whole situation turned out in our favor. The video is great anti diversity propaganda material. Now it is up to us to make most out of it. Good luck, goys.

15dfa6  No.12180149


>Oh look, a shill hating on white women.

No. Not just the White ones.


>I'm a kike/muzzie for saying the drunk slag at a niggerbar is a symptom of the degeneration of our society at least as much her getting raped by a pack of wild niggers and mudslimes

Fuck you too.


>That's the truth about club whores.

All whores, really, and a frightful number of women have become, effectively, whores, as a direct consequence of women being granted political and social agency.

When you let a woman make her own decisions, and surround her by a society promoting promiscuity and hedonism, this is what happens.

15dfa6  No.12180153


>this girl was killed by jews.

This is really the sum of it, frankly.

>no jews

<no niggers

<no mudslimes

<no media promoting promiscuity

<no feminism justifying promiscuity

<no clown world


And British. And American. And Russian. Etc etc.

I swear, should we fail, the "World" wars are going to be remembered in mudfolk myth as the Great Rusing of the European people by the "Chosen" Skaven Slavers ruling Terra Israel.



Checking those dubs for willingness to sell your soul for a crackerjack.

208258  No.12184485

>>sand nigger

We have a shorter word for that, it's called a jew.

5a8ee1  No.12215164

File: 519743a6f2225d2⋯.jpg (773.49 KB, 952x1200, 119:150, 51208642_p0_master1200.jpg)


Yes. She will go on to educate other women about how all men are pigs and rapists. That they should vote for feminist causes to take down the patriarchy that raped her. The culture of masculinity in the migrants is to blame, so masculinity must be punished and stopped. Not migration, not invasion. Men are to blame. That is what she will teach.

9da7fb  No.12215249


>believing women have agency

You're either bluepilled on the woman question or just cynically shirking responsibility.

ae49fd  No.12215394

Her being a mudshark whore is irrelevant. What is relevant is that this video is (1) Real and (2) propoganda gold. Spread it everywhere.

f215f1  No.12244415


Where is the video?

2f8e9a  No.12244440


It's literally in front of you, you fucking newfag.

5c16a2  No.12244626

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Native French speaker here. She's clearly from Morocco or Algeria by her accent in this vid.

5c16a2  No.12244677

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Yep, clearly from Maghreb.

1661a7  No.12245553


>nig nogs din do nuffin

neck yourself

9c77dc  No.12245836

File: a3b2a8c47120f3f⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 600x399, 200:133, tray watermelon.jpg)


checked. is that real? did he really sign some skittles? LOL

c7e876  No.12245870

So officially not white? That's good to hear.

2f8e9a  No.12245947

File: 7b99b72e058200f⋯.jpg (182.93 KB, 1206x574, 603:287, French team.jpg)


Mon Dieu !

01792b  No.12249241

File: 65f9e211d28d34b⋯.png (32.9 KB, 358x415, 358:415, 83dc1cf898d76b010c661ef869….png)


The jews are not responsible for this.

86bf3e  No.12251119

No problem here?

d2a768  No.12251195


What makes you think she'll automatically do that?

86bf3e  No.12251488



She goes out to these bars/clubs whoring and like many other anons suggested she probably does this type of groupsex willingly and is only acting indignant and victimized about it because it went viral video.

c51c04  No.12251564



And that's where I stopped giving a shit.

51fa03  No.12251854


>Dancing? Having fun?

>Every white girl (or boy) should be able to do that in his/her OWN COUNTRY without having to fear getting raped by shitskins

Well said anon. This is the muzzshit agenda. They rape to push their disgusting sharia bullshit. White men and women must unite and fight back.

5e1f33  No.12266679



8b63bb  No.12266946


>muh "bbc" hoax

Kike detected, gas yourself Shlomo


de30c8  No.12271737


She's clearly a drunk/passed out whore, out in a whores uniform slatting it up around the streets of a mudslime infested shithole, she reeks of asking for it.

ad0a81  No.12271806

whites are pathetic slaves

54a7fd  No.12271850

File: ada942d0f866e09⋯.jpg (105.16 KB, 1024x469, 1024:469, 5432534.jpg)


>go into night club for good gang bang fucking

>cry rape after

Zero tolerance for sluts.

5ae023  No.12271928


How did this happen? Aren't the Rothschilds pushing their women into other rich families, to take over, and their offspring would bring the kikes more money? How did they ended up letting one fuck with a nigger rapper?

I would guess this is good, since their family is weakening, yet it is kind of depressing, when even your evil (((reptillian))) overlords are getting blacked. Guess if this mudshark ever shits out a mulato, it can say "we wuz ruling over kingz and shiet".

Just popped into my mind, if there is a half black - half kike, should we call it a blike or kigger?

f7b712  No.12272084


>How did this happen?

The kikes push so much race-mixing propaganda that it's inevitable they accidentally brainwash their own too. This will be their true downfall.

4ac7ef  No.12272097


to be fair, what he was really saying was "we need to breed them out"

09307a  No.12272106


>She did this to her self.

Even if you really believe that all women are naturally stupid and not a product of brainwashing and social programming since childhood, which also affects most men today, its not about her being responsible, its about you not being responsible. Lets use your view on women and compare them to trees. A tree just stands around and doesn't defend itself, would you blame it when its burned down by niggers?

>Why would I care about a tree?

Because its part of your lands, part of your home. Outsiders burning down that tree is a practical and symbolic attack on your homeland and your way of life.

You don't have to respect these people, I don't. Most of them actively support immigration, globalism and multiculturalism, like also a lot of "men" do today. Yet, I cannot help but feel every of such occurrences as personal. Today its the sluts, tomorrow your wives and children.

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