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File: f77e3e1c353029e⋯.jpg (84.17 KB, 992x600, 124:75, wreg45h64hu655j757jh643r4g….jpg)

File: 3c5b35253c440b0⋯.webm (12.22 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 34rhg345.webm)

File: 4bc6b034266b329⋯.png (142 KB, 582x326, 291:163, d8dd3e6f73d0e294f46a488c47….png)

26b585  No.12203379

Seems Lindsey Graham caused such massive anal devastation after today's smackdown, butthurt leftists in the house of representative doxed him and two other republican senators on the committee by posting their personal information on Wikipedia.

Old thread:


da2de8  No.12203389

kiked first post

cb7c3a  No.12203392


Hang the faggots, gas the kikes, race war now!

da2de8  No.12203393


Now that we have that out of the way. lets get down to shitposting

26b585  No.12203394

File: 221fc69a08a58cf⋯.jpg (150.56 KB, 958x625, 958:625, 422b3667a1b1fd95c12fa16cb3….jpg)

000000  No.12203397

There's no way this doesn't harm the shit out of the Democrats.

26b585  No.12203404

File: 91c7c9c7237da57⋯.webm (6.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 8ec50a70f14528518158028dd….webm)

000000  No.12203406

Where's DJ Izzoh? He's an Iranian shill who works this chan relentlessly.

Look him up!

2651e6  No.12203411

File: 328d4ed27e0a814⋯.jpg (253.64 KB, 1200x991, 1200:991, 328d4ed27e0a8142418d4c79fb….jpg)

File: 05310ed83560c3f⋯.png (721.68 KB, 640x794, 320:397, 05310ed83560c3ff22ff054fa9….png)

File: d7959a9408f421d⋯.jpg (391.6 KB, 2047x703, 2047:703, d7959a9408f421d623d11b559a….jpg)


more info on feinstein doxing graham and others.

it's a regular thing they do

these appear to be the IPs

d48518  No.12203413

File: 514a74c13852a55⋯.png (42.79 KB, 213x315, 71:105, dig it.png)


Makes me wonder (((who))) on the wikipedia staff team have relations with house of representatives.

5aa600  No.12203415


They are trying to spin it as a GOP loss because their female attorney wasn't the only one to talk, especially when Brett came out. They are full on delusional deflecting now.

000000  No.12203417


Republic's finished, Empire when? If Kav doesn't get voted in tomorrow I will support the sunsetting of the USA and the rise of Trump's American Empire.

f860a7  No.12203418

File: 97426c2465fca40⋯.jpg (7.79 KB, 220x229, 220:229, j.jpg)


How? By demanding that we adhere to rule of law and precedent?

Jesus F Christ you reactionary arseholes are sawing off you own limb.

ed6e85  No.12203421


Democrats suffered no ill effects after a crazed Bernie Bro shot up GOP congressmen. We're near the open gunfire on the streets phase of this civil war. If he's confirmed, the left will threaten to 1) impeach him and 2) kill him.

26b585  No.12203422


Hopefully Trump has Jimmy Wales droned along with his entire family for this.

6fc71c  No.12203424


They're already doing both.

f7eceb  No.12203425

File: b35a7d31a0913b0⋯.png (35.34 KB, 603x152, 603:152, lind.png)

000000  No.12203426


They're going to lose it tomorrow when he gets confirmed. He will be confirmed, I'm betting a few of the left over New Deal democrats like you find in Montana or the SE will vote for him as well.



Oh lordy, filtered.

2651e6  No.12203427


these are the wikipedia talk pages for these IPs.



(goes back to October 19th, 2017)



(also goes back to October 2017)

000000  No.12203431


Actually there has been a quiet but massive incfrease in surveillance of leftists, as well as executive orders put up to sieze their money if foreigners (Soros) help them.


based, thx

083854  No.12203432



26b585  No.12203433

File: ecb285bbe893e76⋯.jpg (286.76 KB, 1242x1428, 207:238, 0j94ijo04iopj0gtjio90p34.jpg)

>tell the truth

>get fired

f7eceb  No.12203435


>They're going to lose it tomorrow when he gets confirmed. He will be confirmed, I'm betting a few of the left over New Deal democrats like you find in Montana or the SE will vote for him as well.

I cant wait until these fuckers go nuclear.

bec48d  No.12203437


>Actually there has been a quiet but massive incfrease in surveillance of leftists, as well as executive orders put up to sieze their money if foreigners (Soros) help them.

Fake news

f860a7  No.12203438

File: 0715498429c87f9⋯.png (12.62 KB, 146x71, 146:71, loser.png)


And this, my friends, is how the Alt-Right argues about politics.

Democracy is wasted on the right.

5aa600  No.12203439


>firing a black man over language

Oy vey, how racist.

3f6261  No.12203440


Reminder that this traitor is a zionist neoconservative and that only redditors support him.

016b1e  No.12203442



doesn't exist.

652a60  No.12203443

>doxing fucking senators


52adb2  No.12203444

>doxing a public figure

??? Isn't all his fucking personal information public domain just because he's a politician?

d48518  No.12203446

File: 4815b9e1c3874c7⋯.png (194.26 KB, 286x1050, 143:525, shareblue current status.png)


>t. correct the record 2.0 electric boogaloo

26b585  No.12203448

File: d145f5f9490ad31⋯.jpg (47.27 KB, 398x433, 398:433, angry lindsey.jpg)

f7eceb  No.12203451


>doesn't exist.

It amazes me that people still use that term.

2651e6  No.12203455



archive of all their edits





3f6261  No.12203457


Reported for shilling for a lifelong zionist traitor to the republic who openly calls for full amnesty.

fb077a  No.12203458


You're right. The correct term is Alt-kike.

016b1e  No.12203459


Its the new leftist boogyman, they'll still use the term in 20 years.

67f757  No.12203460

File: b1a0088c8c93560⋯.jpg (458.87 KB, 542x711, 542:711, short shelf life.jpg)

File: 127e265fb9fe1c9⋯.jpg (275.05 KB, 378x683, 378:683, hit the wall hard.jpg)


>she deserves rape

35 years ago maybe. Her use by date is long expired.

b0e6cd  No.12203462

Senator black handed out phone numbers. These cunts caused a huge security nightmare for these guys.

d48518  No.12203464



>was referring to graham

Well fuck, I assumed it was a remark towards Kavanautism. My fuck up.

3f6261  No.12203465


Jews paid tens of millions to create the alt-right; they’re not going to abandon the term.

82a91d  No.12203466


>they're going to lose it tomorrow when he gets confirmed

I can't wait for the salt and "organic" protests.


>adhere to rule of law

<no evidence or any collaboration whatsoever behind allegation

<testimony under oath of friends saying its bs


<democrats openly saying they're doing it to delay confirmation

<just listen and believe

cde756  No.12203467

End this sham.

26b585  No.12203468

File: a7111758822af9d⋯.png (138.18 KB, 976x442, 488:221, chad lindsey.png)

e98683  No.12203469


Open your mouth so we can pour in the molten winning.

8cd992  No.12203471


Going to be honest, I'm a little upset about this. Not sure what he contributed to Fox, but this nigger is 100% correct about the lying skanks.

bec48d  No.12203472


Trump will just give him a tax cut and increase h2b visas so he can hire more pajeets

3f6261  No.12203473


Kavanaugh supports white genocide, you know. His hearings have him on record as saying that illegals have rights under the law, and he runs a company that ONLY hires nonwhites and women, in express violation of the Constitution. https://www.vox.com/2018/9/8/17821478/supreme-court-nominee-brett-kavanaugh-diversity

67f757  No.12203474


whoops I meant 25 years, the old bag is 45.

afc9ad  No.12203475

Pretty hilarious watching it as a bong. The jews do nothing but ask questions designed to get a good clip for television. They care nothing about getting any information but just want a 'GOTCHA' clip for the newsreel. All their questions have some random shit in it so he has to say 'no', and then he'll continue to give a rebuttal "there's no point doing that as it doesn't stand up in court; all the witnesses deny her accusations; the FBI would do the exact same thing as was already done, and the result is that all witnesses deny the accusations".

But you can bet that on the news they'll just have the kike asking the question and cut his answer off at 'no', so that he looks guilty. This is actually great just because it displays the jewish character so perfectly. They care nothing for the truth, all they want is a nice little 'gotcha' moment to help push their narrative and context be damned.

50cbfb  No.12203478



>Her use by date is long expired

the year for that started with a 1

71ce4b  No.12203480

File: 5c5a24a37f6f215⋯.png (217.3 KB, 412x528, 103:132, the absolute state of thin….png)



acd7f2  No.12203482


>rule of law


What are the first second and… nah fuck it; the majority of the fucking constitution? And most laws? Dems don't follow shit for laws or precedent. Like 90%+ of inmates in jails/prisons identify as democrats.

2651e6  No.12203483

File: 86f9732e69f9b75⋯.png (516.59 KB, 925x529, 925:529, ddc011c289d7ec252f86a69941….png)

File: a1ba71592d8768a⋯.png (607.85 KB, 941x609, 941:609, a1ba71592d8768ae9b5165a47c….png)




both ip addresses have edits on the same page.





i'll bet it's some intern who helps someone on the house judiciary committee, who started in october.

f860a7  No.12203484


"Sham" - Trump

"Sham!" - Graham

"Sham!!" - Kavanaugh


b0e6cd  No.12203486


That's it? I thought she was at least 50. They never age well. Must be all the hate inside of them.

8cd992  No.12203487


>tell the cops

The flamer really is on fire.

26b585  No.12203488

File: d72008b1dc1bf89⋯.png (164.43 KB, 933x1192, 933:1192, d72008b1dc1bf89a18100df5d8….png)

File: 5b78461ca88c36d⋯.png (40.13 KB, 632x356, 158:89, c502dc1c58fbb99fd8f940ef94….png)

24175b  No.12203489

Based Zionist overlords!

f860a7  No.12203491


And you understand that like 90% of pedophiles in the priesthood and Congress are republicans?


016b1e  No.12203493



I like Aut-kike , since the 2 people that labeled themselves as such in what ~2015 were jews and that vile jewish homosexual milo.

Point is they don't really exist except as a talking point for the media.


>"organic" protests.

please let there be leftist "tea-party". The cunts in the red cloaks with the bonnets. They are hilarious.


Democracy/Republican (as in a republic) or otherwise was always a sham.

26b585  No.12203494

File: 69cc9452617016c⋯.jpg (499.04 KB, 1242x2101, 1242:2101, fefbd703e9d775aaafbc1fb862….jpg)



Listen & Believe, goy.

e98683  No.12203495



9e97a8  No.12203497


jesus… how fucking stupid are these people

b0e6cd  No.12203498



Wtf did they expect him to do? Cops handle rape.

f7b1e0  No.12203499

File: c713a55b73d538a⋯.png (473.31 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)





2651e6  No.12203503


>Chris Wallace let his daughters get raped by other jews

d48518  No.12203504

File: 55404cd32735921⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1418x1030, 709:515, the jewess final form.png)


That's judaism for you, anon. It sucks the life out of them.

000000  No.12203505


It's real, and you should be scared. Sedition is a crime and you've committed it.

016b1e  No.12203507

File: c2a31d008cf4ada⋯.jpg (97.11 KB, 1871x976, 1871:976, maxresdefault.jpg)


After lying cunt is taken seriously nationally and showered with praise other women want attention too & political hacks take advantage of this……shocking truth.

3e9e5f  No.12203508


Stop ban evading you fucking nigger. We're having fun here.

f7d3bb  No.12203510


Expressing sympathy and offering useful advice is hateful now. These fucking people.

e98683  No.12203513


>Graham fans

How does someone who lacks a humour get here?

313ed6  No.12203514

File: 3202215de8e5f0d⋯.webm (9.03 MB, 640x360, 16:9, [K-ON] - Everybody Knows.webm)

I mean sure the guy is a boy molesting fruit, but at least he isn't cucking out like Gowdy did at Hilary's bengazi hearing.

d48518  No.12203515


He's the screaming autist that's been shrieking and kvetching that everyone is from reddit, like the other threads, isn't he?

bec48d  No.12203517


>It's real

No, it isn't.

2651e6  No.12203518

File: 50d3c0826e212a3⋯.png (385.88 KB, 709x507, 709:507, 50d3c0826e212a3638f4264eaf….png)





b0e6cd  No.12203519

File: 39d3f103bc27202⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 500x269, 500:269, Bummer.gif)

acd7f2  No.12203521


>And you understand that like 90% of pedophiles in the priesthood and Congress are jews?


acd7f2  No.12203524


Also what does the priesthood have anything to do with my post? Please stop pilpulling and stay on topic.

000000  No.12203525


Garbage trucks and baseball game assassinations aren't "nuclear?"


Checked, there will be salt.


Why'd his balls drop today, so late in his life?

000000  No.12203527


Just filter it, it's a shill here to shit up the thread.

016b1e  No.12203528


>Why'd his balls drop today, so late in his life?

The rat wants something.

b0e6cd  No.12203532

File: ba318afcd2861fd⋯.jpg (99.76 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, haredicomputers-e139934290….jpg)

acd7f2  No.12203533


2020 bid

ede865  No.12203534

File: 158f4011d21f990⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gillibrand is stupid.webm)

57eb8d  No.12203537


I wonder what it felt like having a spine for the first time in his life.

8ef193  No.12203539

File: 8a3f4282df41f26⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 206x245, 206:245, endless shooting.jpg)

Lindsey has a w o k e n

f860a7  No.12203540


So, you just said that catholic priests are jews.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Trump supporter today.

57eb8d  No.12203542


LOL Damn you mad

26b65b  No.12203543

File: 387c156bee99cac⋯.jpg (117.8 KB, 422x422, 1:1, 1511912389823.jpg)

>MFW This Faggot has a Redemption Arc.

Some how, Graham is the only one able to say it, like it is.

b0e6cd  No.12203544




>worshiping the god of abraham?


>sucking money from useful idiots?


If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck. It's a jew.

016b1e  No.12203546


Went to catholic school and I can confirm that we had a ton of jewish students in are supposedly roman catholic school.

1d28a6  No.12203549

File: ecea43ec0214a65⋯.gif (759.02 KB, 336x200, 42:25, duck licking.gif)


Are the Dems going to go nuclear when the new SCOTUS is voted in? Are we going to see mass riots like after Trump won?

57eb8d  No.12203550


Please nothing ever happens, the worst that will happen is we'll stir the salt on Twitter for a couple days.

5fbf2d  No.12203551


Close your eyes and there's no way to tell she's not 15

1d28a6  No.12203552


>twitter salt

I can live with that.

da2de8  No.12203555


Doubt it. There just isn't enough interest in it for normal faggots to get invested.

I am optimistically hopeful that soros pays a bunch of nogs to trash a few places though.

6c7d5b  No.12203556


Would make a good evening on Gloomtube….

a78abe  No.12203557

File: 435281ce5e9ac7d⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 32119056ba9ee548ab08467481….jpg)


Over 90% of our government is, we all know this already newfag, do you have a point?

I just like watching the shit show. I don't even care if Kavanaugh get's in or not. I agree with the left that he would likely vote down abortion and I for one would be sad to see the increase in nigglet population that would follow.

489d81  No.12203559


Can also confirm. Knew one whose father was Jewish and married a Catholic woman, and another whose family was pretending to be Catholic for lower tuition.

63da22  No.12203560

File: 8ec8ff860a7e1e5⋯.jpg (54.18 KB, 686x382, 343:191, 25092018201215.jpg)


>doesn't know the ((Vatican)) is a jewish creation

Go back to bed, boomer.

d9d115  No.12203564

File: 3140fdc23138fdc⋯.jpg (16.55 KB, 250x255, 50:51, 79fd4848fd91f823515a068344….jpg)





Fuck off with the "muh democracy" slide faggot, nobody with half a brain actually believes in (((democracy))) anymore. Or are you seriously that fucking retarded? Our Jewish masters have for 80 years now already ensured only the most uncanny skimmed off the top pieces of human waste and con-men get in office for almost a century. The Jews control the TelAvivised media to influence the voters, they control the election, they control the electronic voting machines, they control the banking systems and distribute loans for this guy's campaign to win over the masses.

This faggot and all his peers will without remorse sell us all out to Jews and Israel every single day as long as they get paid your tax money. The only reason this fag is still where he stands is because he bows to traitorous jew neocons, just like your current Jewish cocksucker and master ball-sucker Trump, Clintons, Bush, Obama, Nixon, Roosevelt etc.

And these people will continue untill America and any other country is a nonwhite, rootless, mixed mud race coffee colored shithole brought on by extinction levels of mass third world immigration population replacement.

20d3dc  No.12203565

My wife and I are watching the replay of the Ford testimony (missed it due to work) and I said that Ford sounded like Eric Cartman copping a plea. My wife pointed out that my daughter used to use the same fake-trembling, whiny voice when she was caught doing something wrong and was trying to get out of trouble. My daughter stopped doing this when she was ten because it never worked on either of us.

acd7f2  No.12203568


>mass riots


There were scattered but weak riots.

Soros has slowed down the forced rioting since Trump won by a lot. Only significant events are Soros funded.

d7f683  No.12203569

File: 282d80c398971cf⋯.png (597.24 KB, 497x602, 71:86, Capture.PNG)

slutty rich white girl publicly disagrees with you

38e26a  No.12203572

File: acaf4e0b7ead16b⋯.jpg (213.54 KB, 780x771, 260:257, gasvalve.jpg)


every fucking time

d48518  No.12203573

File: de61628d23715ae⋯.png (45.03 KB, 300x278, 150:139, nosegay.png)


That's a good story, anon. Are you planning on making it a trilogy?

57eb8d  No.12203579


>Yes it is common knowledge that over 99% of rapists go free

I think it's quite telling when the obvious solution to these Knob Slobbers is to put innocent people in jail to somehow makeup for it.

38e26a  No.12203581


> sexual violence

A fedora slapped her ass now she can play the victim card.

5a1f9d  No.12203582



>bitching about the thread again

Still ban evading?

f860a7  No.12203583

Graham is signaling his desire to be Trump's next attorney general.

The fun part is that when that happens we will win the midterms.

42adaf  No.12203584


I was not expecting a Lindsey Graham redemption arc. Is the little faggot actually coming around to our side of things?

If that fucking kike-enabler Flake fucks this up, Ted Cruz and Graham should break his kneecaps with bats on national television.

016b1e  No.12203585


I'm not going to read that bullshit its written in marker the only thing that would make it worse is if she wrote it crayon.

63da22  No.12203588

File: 58f6582cee24207⋯.png (480.02 KB, 680x383, 680:383, dGTaUoL.png)

ede865  No.12203589

File: c04717098ead8c2⋯.png (55.01 KB, 597x612, 199:204, Donald_J._Trump_on_Twitter….png)

43b3b3  No.12203591

The past few months how did Alan Dershowitz become one of our biggest defenders.

a82a7b  No.12203592


>Is the little faggot actually coming around to our side of things?

It's just business, we're the winning side, he wants in.

57eb8d  No.12203594


>Nuh uh, I know you are but what am I!

Remember some people actually think the people who are too afraid to say the word nigger can come up with biting retorts.

b4ae32  No.12203596



That's the most activity I've seen on his twitter in a long time. Dems might get raped in the midterms if the GOP confirms Kavanaugh tomorrow.

2651e6  No.12203597


pretty sure graham was nipping

d00263  No.12203598



All these pieces of shit are supporting Trump now because he's supporting Israel

b4ae32  No.12203599


He fears the oven.

6e863a  No.12203600

File: c781d27df403611⋯.jpg (41.63 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1527125028012.jpg)


Go to Jesuit high school.

Yale Law School.

Clerk for Justice (((Kennedy)))

Literally break down in tears as you recall your 6 years serving GWB.

Teach at Harvard Law under (((Elena Kagan))) who Obama appointed to the Supreme Court before you got called up.

Be supportive of the Patriot Act and the same shadowy NSA/FISA Police State system that was used against Trump.

>Get attacked by Democrats


20d3dc  No.12203601


>doesn't have a job

>doesn't have a wife

>doesn't have any white children (and probably never will)

You're totally jelly, what a fag you are

bec48d  No.12203602


>our biggest defenders.

Who does "our" refer to, Shlomo?

51bbde  No.12203604

LindsAy is a faggot

a193c8  No.12203605


>Lying about drunkenly getting fondled at a party three decades ago makes you a hero.

I liked it when that word actually meant something.

57eb8d  No.12203606



88e430  No.12203607

File: aac51209610eef0⋯.jpeg (42.57 KB, 300x462, 50:77, fifty-shades.jpeg)


Its a literal kike on twatter. Trying to do anything more that reflecting or projecting and he will shoa himself by self-immolation.

5fbf2d  No.12203608


>It's just business, we're the winning side, he wants in

Even wanting to win is a slight improvement

43b3b3  No.12203609



His friends threw him in their oven the moment he made one comment like "that's not how the law works." Ever since they kicked him off Martha's Vineyard he's been nothing but a pillar for the actual rule of law.

42adaf  No.12203611


It's times like this that I actually sympathize with these normie shit Republicans.

To the Normie Republican, everything is fine as long as everyone is obeying the rules and playing fair and being polite like the people they go to church with. They don't care if kikes run everything behind the scenes, and they don't care if the country is getting Shitskinned over time, because it's "normal."

This is the only thing you could POSSIBLY do to shake these kike-enablers out of their torpor and get them to start fighting back.

Graham is not wrong here. The Republicans never throw the first punch in these contests, but once they start swinging, they consistently swing harder, and they never show mercy. Look at what they did to Garland. If THIS is the new normal, it's going to make Sulla's Rome look like a fucking picnic.

b0e6cd  No.12203612

File: cb79930c009a2f7⋯.gif (8.89 KB, 271x214, 271:214, C'he Chem.gif)

63da22  No.12203615

File: 529545571245767⋯.png (24.67 KB, 560x386, 280:193, 1385854051677-1.png)


It died a little before a nigger-jew whore murdered "princess"

a82a7b  No.12203616


>Look at what they did to Garland

Who's Garland and what did they do to him/her ?

a0f71d  No.12203619


Don't you mean "wins" this?

51bbde  No.12203620

File: 0c02215408741d2⋯.jpeg (108.01 KB, 768x513, 256:171, (((Stephen Miller))) - Co….jpeg)

2651e6  No.12203623


the fact that you don't even know proves something

51bbde  No.12203627

File: 66817ac724d0989⋯.jpg (86 KB, 571x405, 571:405, asdd.jpg)

bec48d  No.12203629


Also helped write the Starr Report, under direction of Israel. Literally helped Israel impeach a sitting president of the USA.

07f350  No.12203632

File: f47b94eb23236d1⋯.jpg (730.01 KB, 1920x800, 12:5, 300-fight-scene-workout.jpg)


Gawd Damn!


That was one goddamn good ass-ripping speech.

Thank you Jesus for giving us Trump.

May you continue to guide us to the dotr.

bec48d  No.12203633


>but once they start swinging, they consistently swing harder, and they never show mercy.

Fake news

4cb8c9  No.12203635


The only reason we still have democracy and not A bunch of tyrannical fascist pigs like Obama/Clinton is because people have finally woken up to their corruption. They are going down. Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

a4ccf8  No.12203637

File: db42d9a38630904⋯.jpg (176.57 KB, 900x506, 450:253, Poles.jpg)


This makes me wonder if some Republicans are just genuinely ignorant of the situation given their protected status. Graham just got a taste of the future banana republic.

I've coined the notion of reforming the Republican Party from the inside, but I think it's still too early to tell.

a82a7b  No.12203638


Come on, give me a tl;dr please.

fef117  No.12203639


Garland was king nigger's scotus pick after they killed Scalia. Reps refused to even have a hearing for him and left the slot vacant until after the election, which Trump filled with Gorsuch.

a82a7b  No.12203640



43b3b3  No.12203642

>Kavanaugh gets approved anyway

>Trump orders "FBI investigation into those involved"

>News of Blasey Ford's massive cocaine habit becomes known

Trips and it's a go

8aedaf  No.12203643





This is what a D&C shill looks like.

ff22d7  No.12203644


Maybe not riots, but main streets in every major city are going to get salty and reek of fish for a day at least.


This is Trump's Amerikkka era now. Pussy hat marches will be scheduled immediately to get the cunt vote energized for midterms.

f7b1e0  No.12203645


Why are people forgetting the echoes around (((Garland)))? He was a practicing kike.

c9087f  No.12203647



a193c8  No.12203648

File: 850df58a282fd89⋯.png (437.5 KB, 854x770, 61:55, AnonDelivers.png)


Merrik Garland was the guy King Nigger wanted to replace Scalia. The dems changed a senate rule to get a law through they wanted despite the republicans telling them not to do it and it would bite them in the ass later. It bit them in the ass later when the republicans used that same rule change to completely ignore Garland's nomination until King Nigger was out of office.

b0e6cd  No.12203650

File: a95f049348360b3⋯.png (243.47 KB, 511x283, 511:283, It Will Be Yuge.png)


It is coming.

da2de8  No.12203651


You could at least post it when trips are a remote possibility

962a69  No.12203653


>Keep around a bunch of stupid shitskins to signal to civnat cucks

>One tells the truth and GONE

07f350  No.12203654


>This is what a D&C shill looks like.

If your a purple haired pantifa faggot maybe.

Go back to leftypol faggot.

ede865  No.12203655

File: 9b0772379f2e520⋯.png (207.52 KB, 597x750, 199:250, Senator_Bob_Corker_on_Twit….png)

File: 3255b390caeb4c7⋯.jpg (64.03 KB, 680x351, 680:351, DoJFpu1XUAAyklE.jpg)

corker smartens up

43b3b3  No.12203657

Bored watching Kennedy, she just played a clip of Lindsey Graham and then said "my god that turned me on." Lol

c9087f  No.12203658

File: e26b100bf340691⋯.png (4.24 MB, 1524x3176, 381:794, sheiiiit whitey.png)



>be token nigger

>tow the line

>try to be hip and suave and shit

>go a little go edgy, call a couple of lying skanks "lying skanks" on social media

>cuckservatives cast you off


c9087f  No.12203660


Nah, if you're a National Socialist this


looks like D&C LARP.

6c7d5b  No.12203661

File: aa101f35c3eaec1⋯.png (200.95 KB, 840x433, 840:433, ClipboardImage.png)

8aedaf  No.12203662


How mad are you that you were so easy to spot? Decided to switch it up when the "kavanaugh is a kike" spam didn't work?

6c7d5b  No.12203663


ooop you got it first

6be034  No.12203664

File: d2639cffdadbcaa⋯.jpg (100.33 KB, 720x720, 1:1, real antis2emitism.jpg)


yeah I thought I heard that lol

bec48d  No.12203665


>tyrannical fascist pigs like Obama/Clinto

Boomer detected. This is a fascist image board. Fuck off back to facebook, grandpa.

fef117  No.12203667


I had assumed he was some flavor of nig, don't think I ever saw an actual picture of him. He got shut down so hard you almost never hear about him anymore either.

c9087f  No.12203669


>watching Kennedy




>shilling for (((Dershowitz)))

If this isn't LARP, its an admin shill.

cb7c3a  No.12203670

File: c5ee46ddb3b6480⋯.jpg (169.73 KB, 830x974, 415:487, 1402419030119.jpg)

File: 9a7023545a2b9a0⋯.png (115.12 KB, 454x685, 454:685, 1525665090340.png)

File: 2892510ab49f350⋯.png (283.35 KB, 1071x841, 1071:841, 1525329220779.png)

File: d5177816fbac1fd⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 2500x2500, 1:1, 1525330478501.jpg)


Or trsodomites.

Funilly enough they sometimes come to this board and tell us to abandon the ideology of national socialism or how incredibly evil hitler is or trying to grasp straws so it can fit their arguments.

ec86d3  No.12203671


You should do yourself a favor and hop on in the ovens kike

55d022  No.12203672


so who is going to cuck?

07f350  No.12203674


If I was a d$c larptologist I'd post some nazi bullshit and advocate for senseless violence while promoting the latest homosexual "alt-right" e-celeb.

Step up your game Sh'lomo.

d9d115  No.12203675

File: 2b5f49fc456a647⋯.jpg (50.03 KB, 600x462, 100:77, 2b5f49fc456a6478bde05b2d7a….jpg)



c9087f  No.12203677

File: 7ee6ab0a9405fdd⋯.jpg (172.12 KB, 800x500, 8:5, (((American Values))).jpg)

File: ecb46809e1eddea⋯.jpg (936.16 KB, 1964x2936, 491:734, America In One Image.jpg)


>A Jew talking about another Jew while responding to a guy owned by Jews


e28840  No.12203678


Graham is a fucking neocon kike-puppet. Kill yourself.

bec48d  No.12203679


But remember that all Republicans expected Clinton and Democrats to win 2016. They didn't want Garland because he was not leftist enough, so they left it for /theirgirl/ Hillary.

a4ccf8  No.12203680

File: 1768447de596644⋯.jpg (35.82 KB, 590x350, 59:35, why.jpg)


Why are you here?

acd7f2  No.12203681


Didn't that jew get a /pol/ thread a few nights ago? Something about diversifying Japan IIRC.

c9087f  No.12203683


No, if you were a D&C LARP, you'd post some faggot shit like this.


acd7f2  No.12203684


Who? Link to it.

d48518  No.12203686

File: a3d6c844adfc9f6⋯.png (135.01 KB, 768x855, 256:285, jew freak out.png)

File: 63aad1099deda37⋯.jpg (41.3 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, jewish costume.jpg)


43b3b3  No.12203688


Faggot Kennedy was hosting alt-rock back in the 90s. She's always been on the right.

63da22  No.12203689


That's pretty good tracing, definitely worth a soros shekel. I guess that art studies degree wasn't totally useless.

012e10  No.12203690

File: 4e0f2810da87275⋯.webm (3.67 MB, 480x360, 4:3, u_r_a_fag.webm)




faggot shill confirmed

acd7f2  No.12203691




c9087f  No.12203692


LARP it is then.


>Jew upset at a nigger for letting a Jewish pawn wear jewshit

American as fuck.

07f350  No.12203694



Make an actual argument. Let's hear what 80 points of i.q. can unleash on the internets.

e28840  No.12203698


The pot calls the kitchen sink black.

c9087f  No.12203700


>Make an actual argument.

A D&C LARP would post shit like this.


bec48d  No.12203701


This is nu-/pol/. Neoconservativism and Zionism are the official ideology of the mods now.


Damn, the older girl is already starting to look like a subversive nation-destroying rat faced jew. Sometimes kiklets can make it to puberty before their Jew features start coming in strong.

43b3b3  No.12203702


>White female MTV VJ who was an RNC speaker when she was 24 in the 90s

You are the kike if you dislike a woman who has hated the democratic party since youth.

e28840  No.12203706


It doesn't matter how many r/the_Donald republicucks they bring in or how badly they want us to become voting goys, they can't make us unswallow the redpill, they will become us or leave, they have no other options.

c9087f  No.12203710


>Neoconservativism and Zionism are the official ideology of the mods now.

It would certainly appear that way

>Sometimes kiklets can make it to puberty before their Jew features start coming in strong.

The rat-facedness of the Kushners cannot be underestimated.

cb7c3a  No.12203711


>f tyrannical fascist pigs like Obama/Clinton

You are in the wrong neighborhood

cuckchan /pol/ is 5 blocks that way.

bec48d  No.12203714


>RNC shilling

>muh demonRATS

>watching MTV

Yep, this board is overrun with smelly dumb boomer scum.

c9087f  No.12203715


That's a LARP. The idea appears to be to create negative associations as regards Kavanaugh confirmation, through association with promotion for such by extremely-cuckservative posters.

c9087f  No.12203716

bcc2ad  No.12203725



acd7f2  No.12203729

File: cc8eb0162b27c06⋯.jpg (168.27 KB, 1400x2100, 2:3, 1.jpg)

File: 81b1c8ef80458d6⋯.jpg (27.18 KB, 408x612, 2:3, 2.jpg)


She stuffs her bra.

Pic 1 v pic 2 related.

bec48d  No.12203730

File: d05cb4d3ab3b8ea⋯.jpg (43.93 KB, 349x524, 349:524, lisa_kennedy_montgomery_a_….jpg)


Lol, I just looked this jewess up. (((Hello my fellow white people)))

6be034  No.12203731

>These msm women and people keep using the word "credibility"

what are they using as their determinant of credibility?

I didn't hear the woman say anything I couldn't have made up in 10 minutes or present any hard evidence

7a7ced  No.12203733


Holy fuck, enough with the reddit spacing faggot. Go take a walk around Tel Aviv, jesus.

a4ccf8  No.12203735

File: 5e6f7a62906872d⋯.jpg (35.05 KB, 688x456, 86:57, hmmm.jpg)


>please don't support pushing the country vaguely to the right

e12237  No.12203739


Are those wax figures?


acd7f2  No.12203740


>boomer hate

>only thing in post


016b1e  No.12203741


>>watching MTV

Who watches TV anymore and on top of that MTV… what is this the 90's?

87857e  No.12203742


>Why'd his balls drop today, so late in his life?

I can only hope it is finally sinking in to these GOP faggots that cucking and "reaching across the isle" gets you nothing with the modern left.It only emboldens them.

Its fight or die time.

We will see in the coming days if they wake up or not.

da2de8  No.12203743


To be fair we are aiming for third position parties. That said, he is a kike.

c9087f  No.12203744




Would you be able to tell the difference?

Clearly not.

43ce24  No.12203746


>defending boomers


ede865  No.12203747

File: 765f9d9ec63d068⋯.webm (5.39 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Ann Coulter on -Kennedy,-….webm)

2651e6  No.12203748

File: 2acd8b999d09a25⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1124x776, 281:194, IMG_20120623_213542.png)



archive.is want's to cock block it outright


archive of wayback machine archive, which works


c9087f  No.12203753

File: 79b92ea09c91025⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1168x6048, 73:378, Jews - Wealth and Power.png)

File: a1e812b4e68111b⋯.png (497.44 KB, 821x676, 821:676, Jews - Political Influence.png)

>please don't support pushing the country vaguely to the right

The country is already to the right, the candidates are not, and there's nothing we can do about that because the candidates are all owned be wealthy people because that's how our system works AND WHO COULD HAVE POSSIBLY CREATED THAT SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES?

bcc2ad  No.12203756


The same IP that doxxed those people on Wikipedia posted on that forum.

acd7f2  No.12203757


>0 words

>1 line


c9087f  No.12203761


>The same IP that doxxed those people on Wikipedia posted on that forum.

Wait, doxed what people?

188f24  No.12203762

The whole thing is scripted. Reminds me of a political version of Jerry Springer. faggot actor-jew dicksucker Lindsay Graham needs an oven.

e12237  No.12203763


If not than it's photographic evidence that Jews suck the joy and life out of every room they enter.

2651e6  No.12203764


>Kathleen Sengstock

<Kathleen Sengstock is a Legislative Assistant for the Waters, M. (D-CA) of the U.S. House of Representatives


c9087f  No.12203766


well well well…

2651e6  No.12203767

File: 276691a12d5aab4⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1124x776, 281:194, 276691a12d5aab4c1ea713e8f5….png)



6be034  No.12203768

>"This is a woman that has no incentive to come out and do this; to lie."

-Fox cunt

Wtf? what about like a shitload of money or lifetime political favors? ridiculous.


a4ccf8  No.12203770


Yeah but personally I don't think that's an option for the US in any real way. The best we can do is purge libertarian to their own party and steer Republicans towards Christian/Nationalist/potentially Fascist tendencies. This is my own fantasy, anyway. I think we do need to """support""" the Republicans in that we reorganize them from the top down, kind of like is happening now.

87857e  No.12203774


>The same IP that doxxed those people on Wikipedia posted on that forum.

There is probably a NAT in their building. I doubt every single PC in the place has a publicly rotatable IP.

We know it came from that network now someone needs to get to the building's router logs and see what device did the doxing.

c9087f  No.12203777

File: fd5030108d42c99⋯.png (979.72 KB, 993x1190, 993:1190, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2bba3881edcd2af⋯.png (2.04 MB, 768x1024, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e2c71a112e11f71⋯.png (91.5 KB, 200x200, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

87857e  No.12203778


> rotatable


2651e6  No.12203779

File: 1ab30656268289a⋯.png (703.86 KB, 631x721, 631:721, 1ab30656268289a0d6fce7c383….png)

c9087f  No.12203780


The cuckservative narrative Anon.

Why do you think Kavanaugh never had the balls to say "Yes, there is much evidence to suggest that this woman is part of a political hit campaign"?

Better to lose while retaining a non-existent moral highground than to fight your enemies and win. That's the cuckservative way.

016b1e  No.12203781



>"This is a woman that has no incentive to come out & lie.

Does this actually work on people? Clearly the woman is doing this for finical gain/fame and the democrats are using her to delay the vote and cause as much damage as possible.

962a69  No.12203782


It sure is funny the way that all of the worst shits look like the worst shits, if only people stopped pretending what's on the surface doesn't matter when it's one of the most blatant tells.

d48518  No.12203786

File: 5d4e954ea683da3⋯.jpeg (7.31 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpeg)

File: 0f222e6444a1719⋯.jpg (500.39 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 6254949696_12e519615c_b.jpg)

bec48d  No.12203788


>steer Republicans towards Christian/Nationalist/potentially Fascist tendencies.

That would be bad for Whites. Christians are anti-racist. Of all Trump voters, Christians were the most anti-racist. We actually need to purge christians from the right, since they follow an ancient form of egalitarian jewish communism.

c9087f  No.12203789


>Does this actually work on people?

Only cuckservatives.

>Clearly the woman is doing this for finical gain/fame and the democrats are using her to delay the vote and cause as much damage as possible.

So why wouldn't Kavanaugh say as much? Because cuckservatism.

2651e6  No.12203790


everyone should email this shit to graham and let him bitch it out with waters

da2de8  No.12203791


I hope you meant liberals instead of libertarian

d48518  No.12203793


And isn't maxine waters the bitch who's been constantly blathering out "impeach 45" until she was told to shut up by the dem house?

2ae469  No.12203794


Is she one of the accusers?

c9087f  No.12203796


>We actually need to purge christians from the right, since they follow an ancient form of egalitarian jewish communism.

Checked for truth.

So long as the Republican party is the party of Zionists and Evangelicals, it will never be the party of White people, even if its 88% White.

bcc2ad  No.12203798


That is true, there is really no way to know, they appear to own, so 65K addresses in the range, how many do they use? who knows, they might use 2, they might assign to every device. It would be fucking hilarious if they routed it to each individual office providing a clear path to identity.

c9087f  No.12203799


Apparently her IP doxed some people or something?


2651e6  No.12203800


she wishes, this is the cunt that dropped the dox on all the bad goy republicans at the senate hearing on wikipedia

f860a7  No.12203803

Imagine you were all doxxed tomorrow.

Would you be so brave? Of course not. The wonder of the internet.

ec86d3  No.12203804


Senators wasn't it? Like three of the cocksuckers got doxxed

023b97  No.12203805

File: 7a414c4928e6d02⋯.png (137.61 KB, 328x394, 164:197, disgustedgraham.png)

82bb7f  No.12203806


Never liked neocon Graham, but I got to say, he's putting on quite the show this evening.


If I were to recommend any recent tv show, it'd be House of Cards. Watch the UK one first, then the US one. Jews have been since the 80s making politics into live action theatre drama—naturally, this is beneficial to them because they control the production of it, through the lying press and the 'empire of their own,' Hollywood—and House of Cards was meant to prime the public for this.


>At least they'll lose that Senate seat

Ha! How little this kike knows. Bredesen will lose to Blackburn in a landslide.


>(((Milton Friedman))) favored a time of illegal immigration

Why am I not surprised.

cb7c3a  No.12203808


Was that a reply to me or this retard?


2ae469  No.12203809


I thought for a sec that she was one of the accusers and we just found that she was a poltical worker

c9087f  No.12203810

File: 90751fdf2abbc37⋯.png (81.01 KB, 183x275, 183:275, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 066d5276a07df20⋯.png (6.99 MB, 1802x2405, 1802:2405, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 307626ea17f82b9⋯.png (575.93 KB, 680x408, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1b47d2a0b76b03e⋯.png (722.77 KB, 992x558, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>And isn't maxine waters the bitch who's been constantly blathering out "impeach 45" until she was told to shut up by the dem house?

Pretty much…. Talk about looking like a wax model…

2651e6  No.12203811

c9087f  No.12203814


Reply. You were arguing with a LARP.

d9d115  No.12203816

File: 11552ffca3fe7b8⋯.png (902.22 KB, 1136x643, 1136:643, rl_jewstagefaking2018ad.png)

File: 09c432e80413626⋯.png (925.28 KB, 1136x643, 1136:643, facemask2018lmao.png)


LMAO @ Jews jewing jews

a4ccf8  No.12203817


Unfortunately you're right about that. It didn't use to be like that, though. I have SOME hope in Mormons though – though very little.


Have you seen modern libertarians? The Bundy's aren't like most libertarians. They're Mormons btw, for the first response.

87857e  No.12203820


>they appear to own, so 65K addresses

Ya I just found that out. They may actually be so old school that every device sits right on the net.

A lot of old collages are like that still and thats how shit like weev printing to 1000s of laser printers happens.

acd7f2  No.12203821



This is the one promoting deadly physical harm to conservatives, including elected officials and hasn't been brought up on charges.

016b1e  No.12203824


A baboon natural mummy, which museum is displaying this?

c9087f  No.12203826


Oh, good shit, I missed those.

Okay, so, you basically have the proof now.

Make a graphic about it and start dissemination.

2ae469  No.12203827


that's the best mask that i've ever seen.

cb7c3a  No.12203828


Oh… Okay thanks for reminding me.

c9087f  No.12203829



A violent nigger?

Whoever heard of such a thing.

2651e6  No.12203830






send this shit to graham


75791e  No.12203831


>there is really no way to know

"It's all just a (((cooincidence))) goyim"

c9087f  No.12203835


Why? He's a massive cuckold and doesn't have any teeth.

Get it onto the social media, sure, but sending it to Graham is a waste. Shit, send it to Trump, at least he could get it some views.

acd7f2  No.12203836


>they might assign to every device. It would be fucking hilarious if they routed it to each individual office providing a clear path to identity.

There is absolutely no way there isn't a login system that is tracks with time stamps and assigned ip info. None. None at all. My sons elementary school library has that setup for students who get allowed on the computers so if any degenerate/malicious websites get visited they can remove privileges and punish.

c9087f  No.12203838


>There is absolutely no way there isn't a login system that is tracks with time stamps and assigned ip info. None. None at all.


2651e6  No.12203839



it doesn't matter they have records if it's dynamic. considering it's all a corrupt shitshow though that might not mean much if they (((loose))) the records

d48518  No.12203841


>blathering on about impeach 45

>promoting physical harm

>record as long as the sag of her skin about the sort of ugly shady shit she's been involved.

>one of those points being prosecuted for fraud 4 times

2651e6  No.12203842


because he's one of the people that waters doxed on wikipedia, so he's likely to bitch about it.

75791e  No.12203843


>Talk about looking like a wax model

b-black don't c-crack whitey, check your p-privilege

e12237  No.12203844


Dumb. There's no way they would be that sloppy. They'd have a mask that covered everything down past her colar bones where the seams would be covered by her clothing.

Nobody wants to play with you on your slip & slide.

c9087f  No.12203846


>considering it's all a corrupt shitshow though that might not mean much if they (((loose))) the records


No action will be taken on this, accept that. But you can rile up normalfags by showing it to them. That should suffice.


Yeah but he's a cuck and his audience are all cucks too, so meh.


She looks like fucking Ray Harryhausen claymation.

613acb  No.12203849


Exactly what i was thinking.


ec86d3  No.12203850



Not a mask. Just a wrinkled old lying whore

c9087f  No.12203852



acd7f2  No.12203853


>it doesn't matter they have records if it's dynamic

Dynamic means shit. The MAC address of the device the IP is assigned to it still stored and identifiable.

Like I said earlier. there is absolutely NO WAY there isn't an obvious and clear trail of who did this.

d48518  No.12203854



>not jacking the electronic billboards to expose sengstock and waters

Well, with the track record anyways, seems waters is going to be getting a new intern and the current one is going to take a (((long vacation))) only to never be found again.

cb7c3a  No.12203857

Question our goal is to get normies or some independent thinkers to becoming national socialists or fascists, but even then how do we reach out to them and convince them that these ideologies aren't bad as they were (((taught))) in school's.

7074c8  No.12203861

>doxing out of desperation

>they want to go the violence route

Can't wait till we can remove communist anti american scum with direct action, enabled to do so by their own emotional stupidity.

They have zero self preservation and opt to self destruct whenever things don't go their way.

d48518  No.12203863

File: f890fdd0a10f476⋯.jpg (689.84 KB, 897x1850, 897:1850, mysterious clinton deaths.jpg)

acd7f2  No.12203864


This. Exactly like they do in movies. The mask would be "melted" down well below the shoulder line to seamlessly merge with the skin.

cb7c3a  No.12203866

File: 2e84999510894fb⋯.jpg (50 KB, 541x541, 1:1, 1525684399936.jpg)

File: cbe6b3a217a75a1⋯.png (266.38 KB, 980x742, 70:53, 1525740599683.png)

d48518  No.12203870


>like they do in the movies

Well (((they))) do own hollywood and all the special effects, makeup, and costume design.

d9d115  No.12203871

File: e2c8e6fb6546880⋯.jpg (744.68 KB, 816x2880, 17:60, 1538094808610.jpg)




>Dumb. There's no way they would be that sloppy

How's that sloppy, it's literally unnoticeable from far away, except from up close angle and in the right lightning conditions.

If you don't believe in the official (((911))) hoax there's literally no fucking reason (((they))) wouldn't do this.

506e18  No.12203874


Dubs speak the truth. This whole board has been overtaken by doubleniggers.

d48518  No.12203876

File: c34eea58c13a1ae⋯.jpeg (5.95 KB, 277x182, 277:182, teeth bearing nigress.jpeg)


here's your (((you)))

cb7c3a  No.12203877


Were bantering nigger.

d9d115  No.12203883

File: 9641dab4f932c77⋯.jpg (12.29 KB, 280x300, 14:15, 31q0TKLy5bL.jpg)


Do you have a wierd looking 2 toned neck like this? Seen anyone ever with this kind a neck? I wanna see it. lmao

acd7f2  No.12203886



No one thinks Graham is the second coming of Hitler. We're larping in excitement because despite what you believe his 4minutes were pretty awesome to see.

e12237  No.12203891


>compares a special effects mask operation to the 9/11 operation.

The more complex and intricate the operation the more mistakes you'll make due to the sheer amount of variables.

cb7c3a  No.12203892


Also yes we are still a natsoc board anon were just taking a break and laughing at this shitshow.

016b1e  No.12203894


It was good but if he's on board this makes me think other are going to cuck out on the vote

125139  No.12203896

File: 0664f1d41ea4b9b⋯.jpg (109.09 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, 6afc3be45732c30decbec23e3e….jpg)


43b3b3  No.12203898


No goy you can't be happy to see someone throw a punch for you in Senate.

4cb8c9  No.12203900

Bullshit they are stupid freaking liberals you asshole. >>12203491

93394f  No.12203901

File: cbd9a1f898a8721⋯.png (358.98 KB, 600x580, 30:29, f45e74abed5a7dbfba5674ebbd….png)


It's legit. kek

d48518  No.12203902

File: 50c0b2653742dd5⋯.jpg (28.47 KB, 1195x630, 239:126, sheila jackson lee envelop….jpg)

File: 4e6944f310747af⋯.jpeg (6.1 KB, 281x180, 281:180, when donald's 2nd term hi….jpeg)

ad3aa5  No.12203904


lol that's funny

06de3d  No.12203906


Graham is still a colossal faggot but that's pretty good

c9087f  No.12203907


>How's that sloppy

Complete distraction.

c9087f  No.12203909


>No one thinks Graham is the second coming of Hitler

Jesus Christ you really are going to shill for him now aren't you? Is Graham up for re-election this Novemeber? Is that what this is all about?

43b3b3  No.12203910

File: 54212861e0dfef9⋯.png (438.42 KB, 746x700, 373:350, ClipboardImage.png)

d9d115  No.12203911


Nah It's just a simple thing called human error and unexpected outcome nigger.

>compares a special effects mask operation to the 9/11 operation.

>>didnt get the analogy

911 and this fakery is still at the end of the day the same amount of audacious fraud, they'll get away with it too. Because of mental midgets like you.

016b1e  No.12203912


Ah there's the reason why he did what he did.

1a19ec  No.12203915

d9d115  No.12203919


show me your neck faggot 1 million shekels it doesn't look like this >>12203816

43b3b3  No.12203920

Democrat from West Virginia is voting Yes on Kavanaugh.

cb7c3a  No.12203921


No one said were going to vote for him, what point of banter do you not understand?

06de3d  No.12203922



Graham is up for reelection in 2020 so probably not

db8fb7  No.12203923


Ever since Songbird died he's changed

9d0dc6  No.12203924

cb7c3a  No.12203926


Still waiting for someone to answer this.

a63746  No.12203928

File: e6197aff528e76f⋯.jpg (68.92 KB, 706x673, 706:673, weiners schoz.jpg)


good call Anon, sharks in the water…

f97e37  No.12203929

File: 820d467c07bf888⋯.png (330.81 KB, 1386x1080, 77:60, merchant-lawyer-post-cut.png)


Hory shit, we have the same shitty Gimp drawing style. No bully. Just wanted to say I appreciate your fast delivery, anon, and look forward to more.

9d0dc6  No.12203930


looks a girl who enjoys gang bangs

43b3b3  No.12203931



You have to take the red pill yourself Anon.

e12237  No.12203932


Truth hurts. No reason to be a little bitch about it and get offended. Stop being so damn insecure.

Your theory is false. Your slide has failed.

6173d3  No.12203934


kek he's on a roll today

f97e37  No.12203936


If you look closely, you'll see kike behind her is pushing his long nose so far into her ear she's about to orgasm. This is a woman who hasn't been touched or looked at in years getting so much fucking attention. You know she's eating it up.

e12237  No.12203937


Add a baby where the mic is the baby's penis and blood on this kikes lips.

016b1e  No.12203938


Just remember he is not your friend

cb7c3a  No.12203939


Alright, probably the best we can do is reach for the independent thinkers and with enough evidence they might think twice about national socialism or fascism, but that would be a topic for another time.

57eb8d  No.12203940


Poor spook didn't really know the rules to the game he was playing.

6173d3  No.12203941


you can tell from the way she talks she has sucked a thousand cocks just this morning alone

585ee4  No.12203942


The absolute fucking state of this board. Jews play both sides, you should know since you are one.

6e863a  No.12203943

File: 50f9c49908c499d⋯.jpg (17.7 KB, 220x323, 220:323, 1526256555827.jpg)


Yassss Goyim, give a lifetime appointment to another Zionist cocksucking (((Catholic))) on the Supreme Court. Wouldn't want to hand a pyrrhic political victory over to the Democrats now would you? Think of the precedent, don't worry about stacking the bench with another crypto kike for the next 40years.

Sorry but I'm tired of winning, we can afford to lose this one.

Textbook D&C.

db8fb7  No.12203944


They expected him to respond with exactly that. Except under these circumstances they can portray it as him lacking empathy. Any other time his response is what everyone would expect. (((They))) frequently use tactics like this to defame people in the public's eyes

acd7f2  No.12203945

d9d115  No.12203947

File: 395d9ff2b501851⋯.jpg (47.07 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1533595265345.jpg)


>human error doesn't exist

get a load of this brainlet lmfao

57eb8d  No.12203949


>Uses pilpul

>Pretend they're against Jewry

Well I gotta hand it to you kikes, you know your script.

016b1e  No.12203950


Is that another accuser?

6173d3  No.12203951



a63746  No.12203952

File: ef30fe641e304ad⋯.jpg (38.57 KB, 1100x693, 100:63, shamwow.jpg)




cb7c3a  No.12203953

File: e9bc8930135e65f⋯.jpg (280.83 KB, 974x928, 487:464, zzzWhiteHate.jpg)

File: 06d1433dca18243⋯.png (201.05 KB, 498x441, 166:147, where do you think you are….png)


I do not know about you, but I think shills keep forgetting they are facing old /pol/acks that don't fall for jewish memes or subversion the reason 4cucks /pol/ went to shit is simply because we left that place for here.

43b3b3  No.12203955

File: 76c9a672a6689fa⋯.png (38.26 KB, 640x477, 640:477, ClipboardImage.png)


Trump states with dems have to vote yes or they could lose.

db8fb7  No.12203956


You're going to need to provide some evidence Kavanaugh's pro-tribe or a jew himself if you're going to make those accusations.

43b3b3  No.12203960


>Played basketball, football, ran track, and coaches children's basketball

Not a chance in hell he's a kike

6173d3  No.12203961


Prepare the salt thread, lads.

9d0dc6  No.12203962


dont know where else to ask. what are the actual legal ramifications. and how can they even prove something like this? isn't this mostly he say she say. and what if this happened when they were both 14 instead of 17? is there some cut off point?

6e863a  No.12203963

File: b17252b1cbfb563⋯.png (56.86 KB, 420x728, 15:26, 1526589707921.png)


>Also helped write the Starr Report, under direction of Israel. Literally helped Israel impeach a sitting president of the USA.

Glad someone brought this up. Clinton for all his fuckery wasn't a big Israel guy specifically until Monica happened. Sure he did NAFTA and kinds of Globalist NWO shit, but he brushed Israel off. Until he was brought to heel. I hope people realize now, looking back, that bombing Saddam wasn't a distraction from the Lewinsky scandal, but was Bill Clinton trying to appease the Israelis so they would stop fucking with him.

57eb8d  No.12203964


The accusation is irrelevant - it's a non-sequitur to completely avoid the point that we don't want to live in a society where this is the standard of evidence required to ruin a man's life. We already live in that society and it's going to take people growing a backbone for that to ever change. On the question of Jews; this is pilpul because he implies that Kavannaugh being confirmed is "us getting a Jewish supreme court" but we already had one, and we were never going to get anything else. So he's just a shill coming on here to derail because he's ass hurt that /pol/ is *gasp* actually discussing politics SHUT IT DOWN

f97e37  No.12203965

File: ff0d3282921e47c⋯.png (343.72 KB, 1386x1080, 77:60, gobblygook-chewingfreuit.png)


Good enough?

cb7c3a  No.12203967


Even if this place is compromised, is simply a challenge for us not to get us bored.

d9d115  No.12203968

File: 428fbc4d2989d9c⋯.jpg (157.96 KB, 853x875, 853:875, 1533601649555.jpg)


Democracy is so nice, don't mind the constant flow of billions in US tax to israel, don't mind the mass third world immigration, AIPAC lobby that your politicians all bow to, don't mind the endless wars in the middle east for the yinon plan, no especially don't mind those nice jewish boys and the politicans who will condone everything regardless of which con man you elect.

1038df  No.12203969


He's soaking up that spotlight and doing it well.


Yeah but he's playing the game well.

21985f  No.12203970

Based Lindsey Graham shilling. The absolute state of GOP-run /pol/.

1a19ec  No.12203973


Well, well, well, if it isn't Yeshua Tahor Sheklesteinrabinowitzki.

9d0dc6  No.12203975


anyone got that chart on how to identify a jew? it had like goblin, imp or something like that on there

a669b4  No.12203976


I've been laughing my ass off seeing these Democrats and RINOs getting BTFO for hours straight!

1038df  No.12203977


>being this ass blasted that some faggot GOP cuck rekt your unstable rapehoax accuser so hard that your own ass fell out

Fuck off Chuck.

016b1e  No.12203979



Chuck Todd? I hate that faggot.

d9d115  No.12203980

File: ef8ea0641ad4b40⋯.jpg (49.45 KB, 341x473, 31:43, anti-jewish-exhibition-ser….jpg)


Lol they are live actually trying to shill for (((democracy))) lmao

"Aww please guys why so cynical the next guy elected from one of the two parties TOTALLY won't bow down to Israel and literally suck jew cock guys i swear"

a2831c  No.12203981


You're not wrong and we need to reward tonights behavior. Remember he was McCains buttbuddy when it came to never trumping. If he wants to swing to the right let him as he's coming closer to were we stand.

db8fb7  No.12203982


You sound like you have a mindset of jewish elitism and your posts all have a touch of defeatism. The only place you belong is an oven.

cb7c3a  No.12203983


>Implying we didn't know

>Taking this thread way to seriously.

>Implying national socialism/fascism or a new ideology with ethno nationalist country isn't the endgame.

6e863a  No.12203984

File: 172921097eb88d5⋯.jpg (141.79 KB, 557x605, 557:605, 1523751006886.jpg)


It's like you don't know the first fucking thing about Kavanaugh's history….or you're another fucking shill pushing the absolute fucking insanity of fooling anyone into thinking Lindsey fucking "Die For Israel" Ghram deserves anything less than a hearing before a military tribunal.


9d0dc6  No.12203985


what that book in the image?

6173d3  No.12203987


he was more based today than Trump has been since election night when he handed in his balls.

e12237  No.12203988


it's good yes but have him holding the babys penis

That's how these savages circc

umcise their spawn

f97e37  No.12203989


I don't want to draw kid dicks. I hope you understand.

21985f  No.12203990


>shilling in response to accurate criticism of "muh baste GOP muh baste Lindsey Graham" GOP Alamo talking point thread

The absolute state of /pol/. It's embarrassing at this point.

2651e6  No.12203991

cb7c3a  No.12203994


What is bantering?

75791e  No.12203995



>not being able to separate playful political shitposting from definitive ideological viewpoints and endorsements

It's fun analyzing the drama here, including all of the interests and motivations in play. The problem is you faggots can't just have fun anymore and enjoy the bullshit facade for the theatre that it is. In a bubble, we'll "root for" either the more right leaning position, or the position that frustrates the kikes and their marxist stooges more. This constant hall-monitoring is fucking boring, and you're just going to get filtered moving forward.

2651e6  No.12203997


>no fun allowed

>the absolute state of low effort blackpilling jew shills

bec1b0  No.12203998

File: d6f0321b740b2de⋯.png (543.69 KB, 699x831, 233:277, zyklonb1.png)

3ae6f1  No.12203999


>they will become us or leave, they have no other options

If you believe this, then I suggest you get away from whatever group is controlling you. This is something a cult member would say. If you are paid, believe you are part of an opposition group, or feel you have membership in some sort of inner core, it is not what it seems.

afa95c  No.12204000


Alpha channel that shit, anon

cb7c3a  No.12204001


No I am having fun anon.

6173d3  No.12204002


why not, goyim?

21985f  No.12204003


I'm sure the five almost instantaneous responses criticizing me for pointing out the ridiculous GOP shilling have nothing to do with Alamo

d9d115  No.12204004

File: 359f76c33fcb378⋯.jpg (76.22 KB, 366x452, 183:226, 012334.jpg)


>"doo00od every single user here knows, it must never be brought up again bro ever"

afa95c  No.12204005


I wish a nigga would.jpg

f97e37  No.12204007

File: 752dd6131e1f835⋯.png (330.25 KB, 1386x1080, 77:60, dinklydinkdongday.png)


Sorry. Here you go. Be free!

e12237  No.12204008


It's a baby penis. completely non-sexual.

The one you have works though.

It's very well done.

da1ed2  No.12204009

File: bb5003897b8e377⋯.jpg (23.15 KB, 325x200, 13:8, the-prisoner-village-ID.jpg)

6173d3  No.12204010

File: 09aeb6c46940bbd⋯.png (235.76 KB, 792x679, 792:679, 90.png)

6173d3  No.12204014

File: 3db32671115cd4e⋯.png (186.92 KB, 631x634, 631:634, 4d540d312988d7a129042b1b39….png)

cb7c3a  No.12204015


The majority here knows, also I didn't say we shouldn't bring it up again also no one here is endorsing to vote for the gop, you no fun allowed faggots should take a break once in a while.

016b1e  No.12204016


CNN is still around?

db8fb7  No.12204017


Let's say I don't know anything about Kavanaugh's history. He may have done some things in government I don't completely agree with, like >>12203600, but I don't think his wife is jewish nor have I heard of him attending jewish social events. Please point me to the part of his past that show's his allegiance with (((them))).

And the die for israel guy was Songbird who seems to have had Ghram under his thumb. Since he died Ghram has changed a bit

f22443  No.12204018

File: 19b041ebf868c0a⋯.png (16.98 KB, 451x193, 451:193, 1538094865.png)

this guy has it all figured out

1de956  No.12204019


bloo wafe

57eb8d  No.12204021


Only if you eat at the Burger King near your construction site at work without headphones in. Otherwise probably not.

3a669f  No.12204022

File: abc13c8b0182e0e⋯.png (415.09 KB, 2048x1123, 2048:1123, Screenshot_20180927-222512.png)


The honest, respectable men we are dealing with.

75791e  No.12204023


>ridiculous GOP shilling

Where? It doesn't exist… we're being playful in praising Lindsey Graham. It's entertaining that he's riled up after taking McCains cock out of his mouth. Nobody is legitimately praising this cuck. The only REAL positive here is MAYBE Kavenaugh gets confirmed and MAYBE it postpones gun grabbers from abolishing the 2nd amendment for a little longer. But it also gives us tons of ammunition for 2020 propaganda. Fuck off hall monitor.

016b1e  No.12204024


>Since he died Ghram has changed a bit

Way to freaking early to say something like that.


That guy is demented.


@ pic Why?

0a183b  No.12204025


They know they have to "win" at the ballot box, because they would lose from the rooftops in less than a week.



>>12204022 (checked)

I want this world to burn.

1de956  No.12204027


My reaction when reading that is this: dup btfo

57eb8d  No.12204028


>Abortion laws cause a civil war

>Chinks and Mongs invade to capitalize on a period of history Americans would later refer to as the "Great Abortening"

>The world ends and somewhere a polar bear drowns on it's last block of ice

Haha holy shit these people are so fucking nuts

2651e6  No.12204033


>Abortion laws cause a civil war

i don't see that happening.

women and faggots don't have the balls for that kind of sustained effort and like an anon said in a previous thread 50% of these faggots are completely dependent on prescription SSRIs and other anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds. the moment their meds get cut off they will turn into skinny shivering useless piles of flesh shaking on the floor.

db8fb7  No.12204034


I've noticed lots more derailing posts within the last couple months. Lots of shills trying to sow dissent tonight with the "ghram was a cuck" topic, attempting to shut down the enjoyment that he called out the democrats subversive tactics of wild sexual assault charges. Which no matter who did it, was good

25a97e  No.12204035

>In his Dictionary of Definitions Dal makes the following distinction: "An inquiry is distinguished from an investigation by the fact that it is carried out to determine whether there is a basis for proceeding to an investigation."

>On, sacred simplicity! The Organs (State Police) have never heard of such a thing as an inquiry! Lists of names prepared up above, or an initial suspicion, or a denunciation by an informer, or any anonymous denunciation, were all that was needed to bring about the arrest of the suspect, followed by the inevitable formal charge. The time allotted for investigation was not used to unravel the crime but, in ninety-five cases out of a hundred, to exhaust, wear down, weaken, and render helpless the defendant, so that he would want it to end at any cost.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, "The Gulag Archipelago"

016b1e  No.12204036

File: a21ec3b1b681480⋯.jpg (263.73 KB, 1513x412, 1513:412, communists are retarded.jpg)


Too much media consumption (pretty sure they have some show like that),drugs, alcohol and finally low IQ.

57eb8d  No.12204037


>I don't see that happening

No shit. No one cares about abortion enough to fight a fucking civil war over it.

0a183b  No.12204039


Fuck I hope they do.

75791e  No.12204043


Especially since it's mostly used by niggers

ede865  No.12204044

File: 41943d62bdb500a⋯.png (391.48 KB, 673x1778, 673:1778, How_did_Rachel_Mitchell_en….png)

how she know dis?

35b8db  No.12204045


>No one cares about abortion enough to fight a fucking civil war over it.

Aborted babies do. They just can't fight. Because reasons.

f97e37  No.12204046


No, what you'll end up with we've seen with the Spanish Civil War. The Right is overwhelmingly well equipped, trained, and armed. The Left rely on conscripts and occasional white knights (Orwell, Hemmingway, etc.). Of course, Picasso came out of that conflict. Guernica. And it became a hallmark of brutality for the Left to tout. The Right was, well, right. But they eventually felt bad for the defeated Left and gave concessions. Those concessions gradually rose to override the system the Right was attempting to instill when they began the conflict. Now see Spain.

016b1e  No.12204047


Their ideal: "I want to be a whore who murders her ill begotten children!"

No one with that ideal could win anything its weak & degenerate.

b98f31  No.12204048





fa24c5  No.12204050



>abortion bait


21985f  No.12204051


Right. Normalizing GOP figures in order to capture the hard-right, white separatist youth systematically and channel them toward generic, kike-run GOP politicians and policies to maintain the white genocidal status quo is just being playful. I heard John McCain was pretty based, too! (Just joking, obviously, but seriously!)

Take a shotgun and put buckshot through your brainstem tonight. Go buy a shotgun and kill yourself tonight.

35b8db  No.12204052

File: 92678b0fb3147b1⋯.jpg (496.53 KB, 1969x3336, 1969:3336, 56 percent israeli.jpg)


>pro-baby murderer


177156  No.12204054

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can we share some videos of people wallowing in the ass rape all the democrats in the nation received again?

35b8db  No.12204055

File: 9d1ffa95f4ffbfd⋯.webm (772.34 KB, 478x360, 239:180, Anne Coalturd.webm)

2651e6  No.12204056


niggers don't care enough to coordinate. during a civil war unless they are about to literally be turned back into slaves they'll just devolve down to general looting/rioting/unorganized niggery.

black niggers don't give a shit about abortion they just don't want to have to pay child support.

hispanics are still largely religious and anti-abortion, atleast the 1st/2nd generation ones, by the time 3rd generation hits they go to college and get mind fucked like everyone else.

don't think muslims are big fans of abortion but even if they are it wouldn't be the woman's choice. in saudi arabia abortion is illegal except when it endangers the womans life and even then it requires the husbands consent.

f97e37  No.12204058


First, anon, gun stores are closed at this hour. Unless 75791e knows an FFL personally (or has one), there's no way for him to transfer said shotgun into his possession to blow his own brains out.

Furthermore, even if 75791e DID know an FFL (or was one) and could transfer said firearm, he'd have to go to a 24 hour Walmart to buy said buckshot.

You're asking a lot. If you could just maybe reduce your request down to "please consider blowing your brain out during normal business hours of Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm," we could all agree.

177156  No.12204059

File: 3727d5721b91c6e⋯.gif (952.81 KB, 280x175, 8:5, Throwing_up.gif)


>muslim boyfriend

21985f  No.12204060

75791e  No.12204065


>Normalizing GOP figures in order to capture the hard-right, white separatist youth systematically and channel them toward generic, kike-run GOP politicians and policies to maintain the white genocidal status quo is just being playful

This isn't happening, you're just looking for excuses to attack other anons here. This is fucking redpill ground zero, and your condescending "I need to remind /pol/ that politicians are actually shitty" is hobbyist entry level "hey guys, wait up" tier and embodies the behavior of someone very new. You need to lurk more and shut the fuck up. Today was fun and entertaining, and you're a faggot.

000000  No.12204068


You're an idiot if you think that recognition of a single action by Graham as worthwhile is the same endorsement for everything he's ever done, or will do. It's a classic false equivalence, and you're a faggot for trying to sell it.

d9d115  No.12204069

File: 5bd379961c6efa4⋯.gif (102.2 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 5f9.gif)


>They know they have to "win" at the ballot box, because they would lose from the rooftops in less than a week.

That's right, but in the grand scope they have to keep the stageshow going with "scandals" to keep people's faith in (((democracy))) up, their show for the dumb goyim on TelAvivision gives the people a clear illusion of how the sides are still in "opposition", but being nearly still carbon copy in the end regardless of which subhuman traitor gets elected. Scandals are a great thing for the jews and their system making people believe that unbacked petty quarrels and false promises amount to anything in the grand scope.

cb7c3a  No.12204070


Literally no one is doing this except cuckchan /pol/, were shitposting you nigger. No one here is normalizing the GOP

21985f  No.12204072


>ur a newfag & a Lindsey Graham thread is the REAL /pol/

holy guacamole

75791e  No.12204073




I'm not, I'm responding to the people trying to do that pointing out the same thing you are.

21985f  No.12204077


what does "normalization" mean? are you aware the gop has a machine that is trying to turn /pol/ people (white non-kikes) into kike-loving GOP? yes, that is a thing called "Alamo"

149b42  No.12204080

File: 3c7614a879200a1⋯.jpg (55.79 KB, 474x632, 3:4, why cant i hold all these ….jpg)

It seems the shills are super ass blasted tonight. I assume that means they know they blew their shot at cock blocking the supreme court vote.

000000  No.12204082


Yeah, I replied to the wrong post. It was directed at this faggot >>12204051.

b1f854  No.12204086



Totally organic posts

57eb8d  No.12204087


Sorry to derail - but any good books on the Spanish Civil War?

21985f  No.12204088


what does introduce and normalize mean? This site is basically GOP talking points at this point

6c7d5b  No.12204089

File: 0d61a4110680986⋯.png (463.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Christine Blasey Ford GoFu….png)

tra la la

Can we audit this and see how much AIPAC gave her? Or Diane Feinstein?

a8b095  No.12204091

File: 20d493b48fe3055⋯.jpg (64.86 KB, 700x394, 350:197, Kavanaugh-Crying.jpg)

No matter the politics Kavanaugh is an unstable bitch

cb7c3a  No.12204093



6c7d5b  No.12204094



c9087f  No.12204095


The part where it starts to sound a lot like shilling for a zionist stooge.

21985f  No.12204097


funny pic for a (1)

How's San Antonio

cb7c3a  No.12204099


>This site is basically GOP talking points at this point

Only for you or probably confused cuckchan's /pol/ for this /pol/ aka REAL /pol/ bantering=/= for endorsing the GOP

75791e  No.12204100


>the real /pol/

So in your opinion what is inauthentic about this thread?

>political event happens

>/pol/ makes fun of it, which includes laughable ironic "praise" like "based / punished Graham" memes

>/pol/ points out all of the bullshit surrounding the hearing

>reveals identity of doxxer before media knows shit


This thread is EXACTLY the "real /pol/" you fucking newfaggot alien.

0a183b  No.12204102


Best to learn from those mistakes then.

acd7f2  No.12204104


Two of four replies;



Already filtered. Huh.

d9d115  No.12204106

File: 8c1123971c15cb1⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 680x382, 340:191, 9eb.jpg)

6173d3  No.12204108


so are all women and there's 3 of them on the scotus right now.

000000  No.12204109


It's a false equivalence. If you're actually being genuine and believe that you're in danger of having your perspective drastically shifted by anons pointing out a single good thing that Graham did, then you're obviously a gullible retard, and you don't belong here.

cb7c3a  No.12204110


Were not shilling for him.

149b42  No.12204112

File: 2811638ab055abd⋯.jpg (145.39 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, Pelosi low energy.jpg)


I just got here.

San Antonio is a mexican shit hole. Makes me glad I'm not there.

c9087f  No.12204113


Sounds otherwise.

75791e  No.12204115


No, this is /pol/ and we often comment on current political events, which commonly involve commentary on GOP talking points. This also folds into the currently intensifying "rape culture" meme the marxists are pushing so its RELEVANT beyond this fucking hearing you sub 80 IQ nigger. Nice spin tho faggot, what kind of shilling is this?

acd7f2  No.12204116


>Any country on planet Earth is stupid enough to invade the US.

(((they))) still haven't even remotely dented the gun ownership numbers. (((They're))) certainly trying though.

b1f854  No.12204118

Lmao newfag kike shills ITT thinking shitposting and memes are genuine support for the GOP and panicking trying to deploy their usual "don't vote, let the Dems win" scripts



2651e6  No.12204119




keep switching IPs jew

f97e37  No.12204120


Yeah. The first among them being to never ever give into sympathy. Sympathy falls between shit and syphallus in the dictionary.

a669b4  No.12204121


I've been laughing my ass off seeing these Democrats and RINOs getting BTFO for hours straight!

21985f  No.12204124


>explaining what /pol/ is

Thanks, friend. That was super helpful. Your existence is matters and you shouldn't kill yourself with shotgun in your mouth.

This thread, and all other threads that introduce and normalize GOP zionist spic loving nigger loving white genocidal figures should be used by the RWDS-run tribunals

0a183b  No.12204126

File: 4a3889860424dcb⋯.jpg (461.34 KB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, logical_fallacies.jpg)


>what kind of shilling is this?

Sub-par 1/10 tbh

f65cbf  No.12204129


Never thought I would see the day. Today would have went entirely differently if that shithead McCain were still around.


She looked like a tranny back then. Not interested.


It's never normies that riot. It's shareblue and their minions.

6173d3  No.12204131

File: 89874addc63facd⋯.png (88.75 KB, 584x778, 292:389, 4 (2).png)


Have some salt anon.

149b42  No.12204132

File: 78886bcb0825371⋯.jpg (82.84 KB, 992x558, 16:9, must hang on.jpg)

Reminder: this is just the warm up. When (((Ginsberg))) kicks the bucket and Trump gets his second SCOTUS pick, THAT'S when the real party starts. These people WILL lose their minds. They will be peeling their own faces off live on tv.

d310d0  No.12204134


I just heard on Heel Turn podcast that Rodger Stone fucked Ann Coulter.

21985f  No.12204136


>political party matters and are different from each other

>just vote GOP goy

21985f  No.12204137



75791e  No.12204138


It's some kind of literalism idk, we need a label for this kind of shilling though because its fucking everywhere now… they're like conceptual fundamentalists that really haven't developed the ability to intellectually play with concepts. These rigid faggots are always the first to concern troll about /pol/ becoming something it never will.

…to think that someone would come here and IMPLY we can be subverted by a fucking normie org like the GOP. The fucking nerve of newfags

b1f854  No.12204139


Case in point, look at this yid panicking at what he thinks is support for something other than his marxist demokike pets.

177156  No.12204141

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


democraps and >>>/leftypol/ are still crying today that Trump won in a electoral vote landslide.

25a97e  No.12204142


Keep switching IP all you want, you dumb faggot. It doesn't make you sound any smarter.

f65cbf  No.12204145


It's ok if you are in the right area. South side (mex) and east side (nogs) are no go areas after dark. Nogs are mostly well behaved because the mexicans will fuck them up. After katrina, we got a shit ton of nogs, but the mexicans sent them packing, so there's that.

b1f854  No.12204146


<Don't vote at all goy let us install our marxist leftist puppets with no resistance

21985f  No.12204148


>implying Graham is not a kike pet, just the other flavor

Lay down in front of a car. Put your head right under the tire.

6173d3  No.12204150


>his second

You mean third.

75791e  No.12204151

f65cbf  No.12204153


Stop, if this lasts more than four hours, I'm going to have to call a doctor. Please, let the stress of Kav on the court finally cause RBG to die.

db8fb7  No.12204155


Even though he's a shill I never filter anyone. I prefer to question the shills so they can dance around answering me and responding with strawmen/other bullshit. It's beneficial for lurkers and people new here to see it, that's how I learned to spot shills.

d9d115  No.12204156

File: 81aa814ebd384cf⋯.jpg (37.49 KB, 500x358, 250:179, c82.jpg)


21985f  No.12204158


How do you get up in the morning and look in the mirror knowing you actively assist white genocidal kike servants?

cb7c3a  No.12204162


We need a few natsoc threads or hitler threads or discuss on /nsg/ will satisfy their needs for their lack of lurking.

0a183b  No.12204165


Easy Anon, it is either a jew or a nigger.

f22443  No.12204166


nice variety but post trump touching the wall, original is best

2651e6  No.12204167


>slippery slope

<ignore cause and effect goy


<(((compromise))) goy!

>false cause

<things don't cause other things goy!

>appeal to authority / appeal to nature

<your god doesn't exist goy! listen to (((us))) instead


<don't racially profile goy!


<your real life experiences are irrelevant, trust our approved scientific studies only goy!

>no true scotsman

<your culture of purity is irrelevant, take these drinks and drugs and whores goy!

>the texas sharpshooter

<only believe what comes out of our (((approved))) scientific studies goy!

>the fallacy fallacy

<just because you proved us wrong doesn't mean we're wrong goy!


<oyvey how dare you dismiss (((our))) opinions goy!

thou shalt not post shitty infographics

acd7f2  No.12204168


It's beneficial to no one, clutters up the thread, derails the thread, and teaches the shills. Use the filter anon.

cb7c3a  No.12204170


In what way?

8d847f  No.12204171

File: ca58d9d0fcb192c⋯.gif (3.99 MB, 459x258, 153:86, 1518938457799.gif)

But don't you understand that jews win every time?

75791e  No.12204173


…it's like if every second or third thought / sentence isn't about /nsg/ (in reality, the core of /pol/) then it MUST MEAN we're now gop shills.

d7ec75  No.12204174


>ban evading

It's totally not obvious.

cb7c3a  No.12204175


>Posting a shitty infograph from kike tranny mods

Silly anon.

ede865  No.12204177

File: b20279966c3aa27⋯.jpg (119.71 KB, 842x1129, 842:1129, DoJkPerU8AA_ymq.jpg)

feinstein seen bullying murkowski

024deb  No.12204179


What’s even sadder are hopeless troglodytes like you, who haven’t the first clue about putting your ideas into focus and actually advancing them in the world, so you pray for deliverance by politicians in the established forums of power. Oh sure you give some token protestations about how you don’t really agree with creepy faggots like Graham, but this above-it-all attitude is really just a cover for your helplessness. Men like Graham advance anti-white agendas every day, and you can’t stop them, and ultimately this SC controversy has exactly zero bearing on what /pol/ typically thinks is important. But hey, if you want /pol/ to be the Breitbary comment section, I won’t begrudge you your small joys.

8d847f  No.12204180

File: 403d4389032800a⋯.gif (764.57 KB, 504x504, 1:1, 1522316203721.gif)


Is this anime?

cb7c3a  No.12204181


I love talking about these topics and educating newfags, then tell them to read books, but even I don't do this everyday even back in the old days when we were in 4/pol/.

f22443  No.12204182

File: ab062a23e3cb85c⋯.png (151.72 KB, 316x317, 316:317, 1404942807070.png)


>kabedon in yiddish


21985f  No.12204185

Isn't it amazing how the second anyone points out this site is GOP/Alamo-run, you get jumped on by 10 posters? Doesn't that make one think?

Elections need to be over so these kike-servant, mass immigration-loving, thieving kleptocrat GOP employees go the fuck away and stay away (until 2020 elections, of course).

cb7c3a  No.12204186


/pol/ also isn't a no fun allowed type of board either as rare as they may be in here.

f65cbf  No.12204187


Hey, it's a pretty much segregated town. White people have enclaves. Not sure why that makes me assisting kikes, but ok, you do you.


Saw that pic before didn't know it was Murky. I'm glad to see Feinstein looking pissed, it's a good omen for Kav. I really hope Trump doesn't put that nigger adopting female judge in…

0b34f3  No.12204188

>all these boomers around me who think Ford was the least bit credible when she can't bring out enough evidence for so much as a warrant

It's all so tiresome. Nothing but appeals to horseshoe theory with them.

cb7c3a  No.12204189


No you just need to lurk 2 more years, go to one of the book threads and read mein kampf or something.

b6a638  No.12204190


Tell me about code monkey, why does he put on the mask?

75791e  No.12204191


>about putting your ideas into focus and actually advancing them in the world

Pure Projection, and like a leftist you'll ask me to disprove your baseless bullshit accusation OR ELSE IT MUST BE TRUE! Right? You know exactly nothing about me, and we'll keep it that way newfag. Lurk more.

82a91d  No.12204193

File: 81af958fd9dfeca⋯.jpg (54.26 KB, 435x417, 145:139, .7bec4f379b8ad09928a7575b3….jpg)

File: 0b6dc69ca59da8b⋯.jpg (454 B, 16x15, 16:15, 00.jpg)


>my daughter got so triggered she turned herself in

f46168  No.12204194

File: f8a7929b73a51b6⋯.webm (887.33 KB, 568x320, 71:40, Red.webm)

Ok, I'm not up to speed on the deepest lore on Lindsey Graham. When exactly did this milquetoast crossdresser find a spine like that? Because I never thought I'd hear something like that come out of his mouth. Does this have anything to do with McCain finally returning to Hell?

d9d115  No.12204195

File: 3f1bee74927061b⋯.jpg (55.14 KB, 680x764, 170:191, f7e.jpg)

ccc922  No.12204199


>feinstein seen bullying murkowski

Damn she could pass for Emperor Palpatine in that pic

6c7d5b  No.12204200


Didn't this used to be stickied?

0a183b  No.12204203

File: 48f8a660e5dd664⋯.jpg (46.47 KB, 570x328, 285:164, olde_tyme_fun.jpg)


. . . Wow- see >>12203997 oh wait- you wrote it


Look at her body language, why is that not rape?


This is the type of fun I dream of. I shant say "we" but I know I'm certainly not the only one


Yup still is on half-chan

76a187  No.12204204

File: bcb488c32695a80⋯.png (275.25 KB, 498x400, 249:200, gettin real tired of your ….png)



177156  No.12204207

File: 2ad55f9833a1c90⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 320x181, 320:181, suicide-gif-2.gif)


If you have a daughter who can't handle criticism that's not even targeted at her she probably is better of >>>/suicide/.

6173d3  No.12204209

File: e7dc41b6d870cdf⋯.jpg (382.45 KB, 1036x697, 1036:697, 7 (2).jpg)

22779b  No.12204210


f'n saved, thanks

43b3b3  No.12204211

Candace Owens on Lou Dobbs saying Ford fabricated the entire thing to attack Trump lol

024deb  No.12204212


No anon you don’t get it, this is Political Commentary, and its super duper important that we stay abreast of every minute development in the circus that is American politics. Just because everyone is explicitly choosing a side on here, and taking it extremely seriously (up until called out on it) doesn’t mean they actually SUPPORT the republicans, oh no! Lesser of two evils, taking our guns, a-bore-shun, standard conservatard talking point, etc. etc.

21985f  No.12204214


Ok, Alamo. It's funny that your town is essentially mexico, so you are living in the product of the GOP fantasy world. Where everyone is brown and everything that used to be good is a shithole. The GOP destroyed america starting with Ronald Reagan's amnesty.

Yet here you are shilling for literal faggot traitor spic-loving white genocidal snake politicians because it's election time. You are a shitty weasel traitor fuck personally for assisting.

22779b  No.12204215



Some posts ought to come with a blood pressure warning

75791e  No.12204216


>Isn't it amazing how the second anyone points out this site is GOP/Alamo-run, you get jumped on by 10 posters? Doesn't that make one think?

If it were material to the topic he wouldn't have been shit on. Make a thread about it. Instead he's using it as a means of shutting down discussion or to label otherwise completely normal conversation about a current event as some kind of distraction or as shilling.

86feec  No.12204217

File: 3fcd6f7a9439af8⋯.jpg (14.57 KB, 217x206, 217:206, 18010599_1805186716475538_….jpg)


This Never Trump'er could be getting ready to burn us.

Hes Just as Deep State as MaCCain.

No blind trust POL.

>One Good act does not change a life time

Never forget. 3 million dead and 65 million Refugees on a lie

Hes on a short leash from his Deep State Handlers.

22779b  No.12204218


Poe's law

21985f  No.12204219


Kek. Thank you for clarifying.

2651e6  No.12204221


this clown.

db9e56  No.12204222



>Why'd his balls drop today, so late in his life?

The kikes have abandoned him.

acd7f2  No.12204224

File: 414e99c5a5e5eba⋯.png (3.4 KB, 752x36, 188:9, Capture.PNG)


The two oldest justices are liberals and they're up there. 80 and 85 I think.

b7a2b3  No.12204225


He's up for reelection.

75791e  No.12204226


>but even I don't do this everyday

…or every thread.

acd7f2  No.12204228

File: 13a575c4b8cf85a⋯.png (4.34 KB, 491x75, 491:75, ages.PNG)


wrong pic

f46168  No.12204229


Miss your old hotpocket privileges?

21985f  No.12204230



b5453c  No.12204231


>first pic

tell me with a straight face that that is not a guy

d9d115  No.12204232

File: 3e0aaf140a47265⋯.jpg (163.33 KB, 994x745, 994:745, DWbKVhtUMAAFQgX.jpg)


>"ahh ghuys please stop with de eevil blakphill cynychism, graham is fukn BASTtt voting for red or blue can still fix this"

cde4dd  No.12204233


no, whats funny is, kavenaugh was a middle road conservative. A moderate at best, and now after this shit, you can guarantee anything the left wanted is getting targeted for the rest of his time on the SCOTUS

22779b  No.12204238

File: 378b01cd97a4907⋯.png (62.53 KB, 212x175, 212:175, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at ….png)


Jesus Fucking Christ…looks like an evil ET

acd7f2  No.12204240


Broken clock.

ede865  No.12204242

File: abd9b9b0c7b3c55⋯.png (585.74 KB, 640x709, 640:709, nytimes_on_Twitter_She Sai….png)

File: 924889b1c9bf8fc⋯.jpg (204.92 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, DoJdRZgU8AERf-8.jpg)

completely unbiased

43b3b3  No.12204243

File: b975e92aed4167f⋯.png (45.28 KB, 640x508, 160:127, ClipboardImage.png)

cb7c3a  No.12204245


Literally no one is claiming this.

f46168  No.12204246

File: ddf5920af0110d9⋯.jpg (123.84 KB, 810x590, 81:59, ddf5920af0110d96747dc57c8f….jpg)



This feinstein cunt has clearly committed murder with her own two hands. Just look at that ghoulish body language. It's something out of an old B Horror movie.

acd7f2  No.12204248

File: 4cb602b7a81f01a⋯.png (699.79 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, kike - ebil merchant.png)

cb7c3a  No.12204249


Mean to reply here.


cb7c3a  No.12204251


Tell me anon, why is it the fact you could hardly take jokes these days?

21985f  No.12204253

149b42  No.12204254

File: f9a8a88f4e3cfcd⋯.jpg (363.27 KB, 1008x1260, 4:5, Cat 6 chimp out.jpg)


I stand corrected. I totally forgot about Gorsuch. My original point still stands. When (((Ginsberg))) croaks it's going to trigger Cuckeggdon. We're talking the mythical category 6 chimp out. It's going to be fucking glorious.

6c7d5b  No.12204255

File: 0d57ba474d9cb52⋯.png (990.75 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, ClipboardImage.png)

e8c963  No.12204256

File: 9b299252366b1b6⋯.jpg (165.17 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 9b299252366b1b698317649ba3….jpg)

75791e  No.12204257


>its super duper important that we stay abreast of every minute development in the circus

Pretty simple you doublenigger, go to a different thread. Not every post in this thread is crafted to influence your experience. If you saw off the barrel you won't have to use your toes to pull the trigger when you're blowing your head off.

21985f  No.12204258



6c7d5b  No.12204261


I was really disappointed that there were no chimp-outs after the Cosby sentencing. Very sad.

de7471  No.12204263

>clearly we've reached #BelieveWomenOrElse

>rapidly approaching Left Wing Peg Squads

>Day of the #YouToo coming

024deb  No.12204270



<n-no, y-y-you

>you don’t know me (standard negroid canard

Oh get real, you know I’m accurate here. This pro-GOP crap is more than shitposting, it’s a big heaping turd that looks like actual endorsement of these fuckers, and indication of just how rudderless pro-white interests are these days. It’s happened plenty of times before, a few dogwhistles here and there, the “extreme” voice is silenced and pulled under the big tent, and never learns to articulate its own words. In fact, it’s happened every fucking time in this country, so what makes you think you’re immune?

White Americans bombed and lynched niggers in the 1950’s, blocked off streets when the Feds decided to bus them in in the 60’s and 70’s. What happened to that? The 80’s, the time when all the history professors and leftists and think tank specialists tell us the “Right-Wing” was ascendant!! In control, powerful under Reagan, a direct refutation of the New Deal, surely white america would prosper, right? Well some tax cuts and deregulation gave short term prosperity, but guess what else we got? The precedent of Amnesty and the loss of California (and thus basically all the West Coast). So what happened? Easy. The right wing party started pretending race didn’t exist, and the leftists didn’t pretend that.

So if you think you’re gonna win out by even pretending to ally with these fucks…whew, you gotta ‘bother think comin’.

f97e37  No.12204272


I miss the Jap anime hitler panzer divisions of 15-16. Where may I find them?

cb7c3a  No.12204273


Why isn't a nuclear bomb an option?

6c7d5b  No.12204275

File: d67db2791683427⋯.png (259.21 KB, 601x523, 601:523, stages of death.png)

a little off topic…

d9d115  No.12204277

File: d4f1f06e4e00e3c⋯.jpeg (111.36 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 7623NM.jpeg)


>"nuhh ahh pwleashe guys don't sage this thread any longer about some irrelevant D.C kike rat oh no, lishen guyshhh civnat is fukin bASTtt we must continue shilling for GOP & graham which is totally not a parasitic traitor ouw else ill filter u"

75791e  No.12204280


>This pro-GOP crap is more than shitposting

Nobody here is legitimately pro-GOP. Your inexperience with /pol/ has you lost in a fog of irony and shitposting you haven't figured out how to decode yet… don't worry… the FBI hasn't figured it out yet either. Just lurk more, you'll get there, I believe in you.

f97e37  No.12204281


But who really suffers from that? Your mom is dead. You're watching her decay. All living beings must die. You're watching what happens after the movie rolls credits. Does it really need to be news?

149b42  No.12204283

File: afff671a53d5992⋯.jpg (45.99 KB, 474x653, 474:653, clarence.jpg)


This is literally what happened with Clarence Thomas when they pulled this shit with him. He's not a based nog, he's just spent the last 29 years getting revenge on the fuckers that pulled that Anita Hill shit on him.

cb7c3a  No.12204284


ask /nsg/ and hopefully in time they answer.

6173d3  No.12204286

File: f0f78e95c6a30a8⋯.png (221.46 KB, 1204x792, 301:198, 42.png)

44e2cc  No.12204288

File: 332dcaf8241d5a9⋯.png (727.13 KB, 806x806, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Do you guys seriously support Graham? This guy is a complete zionist, neocon, shabbas goy who played a key role in the destabilisation of Iraq, Lybia, Syria. He's our sworn enemy. The left is killing themselves with this Kavanaugh bullshit, which is great, but cunts like Graham are using it to disguise themselves from what they really are. Don't forget. Graham get's the rope.

22779b  No.12204290



149b42  No.12204291


Niggers have a hard time relating to Cosby. He played a dad on tv…

000000  No.12204292


>destabilisation of Iraq, Lybia, Syria

oh no



75791e  No.12204295


>Do you guys seriously support Graham?

No newfag, lurk more.

f46168  No.12204296

File: c4361f5d59d995b⋯.jpg (40.83 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 03652c3341ea735171b6c42617….jpg)


>Do you guys seriously support Graham?

No. Now can we have a few threads having fun shitposting about how he found his balls for a night without you being an enormous no-fun-allowed faggot about it?

cb7c3a  No.12204297


>The GOP destroyed america starting with Ronald Reagan's amnesty.

Yet here you are shilling for literal faggot traitor spic-loving white genocidal snake politicians because it's election time. You are a shitty weasel traitor fuck personally for assisting.

▶Anonymous 09/27/18 (Thu) 20:14:07 22779b No.12204215



Some posts ought to come with a blood pressure warning


Almost no one on this board is endorsing the GOP or falling for the two party meme, electing trump and how he managed to have huge fucks up is the main reason why this board almost abandoned him entirely, Honestly you should focus your efforts at /ptg/ in cuckchan.

6173d3  No.12204298

21985f  No.12204299


Exactly right.

cde4dd  No.12204300


no, but he gets rewarded for good behavior. Do something good, get some praise. I doubt anyone actually "supports" him.

44e2cc  No.12204301


Okay, fair. Just felt it was important to drop that.

db8fb7  No.12204302


>I am a psychiatric nurse

How are people with psychological problems expected to help "cure" other people with psychological problems?

ede865  No.12204305

File: 0e7543399e6f341⋯.png (60.54 KB, 698x476, 349:238, Wired_Sources_on_Twitter_J….png)

File: 4c0ba39df694b28⋯.webm (367.64 KB, 640x360, 16:9, questions in advance.webm)

25a97e  No.12204306


They don't, they just milk them for the insurance money.

6c7d5b  No.12204308

This is a real hot topic over at


d69f30  No.12204310


expect wide scale rioting and attacking of trash cans anon

acd7f2  No.12204312


>mythical cat 6

The highest the US has seen is cat 3. I doubt it will be worse than Cat 2 though. Cat 4 would require mobs of negros specifically targeting whites to murder them with no care about how public or known it is coupled with a violent police reaction. The place of the attacks on whites would potentially set off a race war. If it was in small town Idaho / Montana or something and a group of white men fought back with guns and just killed the dozens of negros then it would be on.

I can't see that happening. Like I said: at most cat 3.

6173d3  No.12204313

File: f48f5316e41db0d⋯.png (1.45 MB, 837x599, 837:599, 1.png)

choo choo niggers

f97e37  No.12204316


Oy vey. This is just getting hilarious at this point.

3ae6f1  No.12204317

File: 19fcc4fa60ad951⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 480x360, 4:3, safaggot.gif)


>Using SA baby talk

acd7f2  No.12204320


Why would they chant about rape and only end up slapping an ass or grabbing a tit pussy? He's afraid to say Kavanaugh raped because that would surpass the high level required of a public figure to sue for slander/libel.

000000  No.12204323


This can't be real.

1a19ec  No.12204324


Lou Dobbs be savage. His style is so smooth.

dabec7  No.12204325


>voting is resistance

>fear mongering for a constant negative feedback loop is a good thing

f46168  No.12204328

File: c9c67e78fdf0be1⋯.png (538.17 KB, 632x738, 316:369, 1464865285938.png)



acd7f2  No.12204335


I can't find it.

6173d3  No.12204338

0a183b  No.12204339

File: 522b2c77a65f4a5⋯.jpg (182.82 KB, 656x425, 656:425, 522b2c77a65f4a50fa5dba2510….jpg)

cb7c3a  No.12204342


No, were just bantering that's about it.

79a66d  No.12204347


He deleted it, his "client" was some 4/pol/ anon's stripper girlfriend.

f46168  No.12204348

File: 5e5e5f8e3c14325⋯.png (36.95 KB, 390x329, 390:329, 374e655f473a5ce3bb841229dd….png)


Lindsey Graham is a cross dressing serpent, without a doubt. But it was a fucking amazing speech by it's own merits.

ede865  No.12204349

File: 8231c417ce71b7c⋯.png (96.31 KB, 602x836, 301:418, Michael_Avenatti_on_Twitte….png)

6173d3  No.12204353


it's been deleted. still looking for an archive.

9d7791  No.12204358

File: 2f48804f671de85⋯.jpg (56.02 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1379548363589.jpg)


the fact that she was smiling and giggling so much probably didn't help, nor did the kikes at either shoulder fighting for the mic whenever a question that got too specific was asked

6173d3  No.12204360


>lying whore

>signing a declaration under penalty of perjury

016b1e  No.12204361

File: 5c9a4f5070c311e⋯.gif (942.04 KB, 500x200, 5:2, Theoden.gif)


Hypothetically a red dawn.

acd7f2  No.12204362


Probably because of this;


>He's afraid to say Kavanaugh raped because that would surpass the high level required of a public figure to sue for slander/libel.

f46168  No.12204363

File: 8c85b5e55b7a034⋯.jpg (38.47 KB, 392x514, 196:257, 8c85b5e55b7a0340029e03a107….jpg)


The awkward coca cola product placement didn't help her credibility either.

6173d3  No.12204365


He probably needed a real lawyer to remind him of that.

6173d3  No.12204375

File: 69ec3539dd2a533⋯.png (117.53 KB, 536x615, 536:615, 69ec3539dd2a53343c094c94dd….png)

fef117  No.12204378

File: 9f14b6dc2d18719⋯.jpg (7.36 KB, 208x255, 208:255, 8ed9ee2ec7ce4902e193755f5b….jpg)


>replaced Scalia

>replacing Kennedy

>Ginsburg will probably die soon

>Breyer is almost as old

>Sotomayor has diabetus and has already had a health scare

>Trump might end up choosing 5 justices

6173d3  No.12204384

File: 688d428d952d860⋯.png (272.06 KB, 591x564, 197:188, It's over.png)









149b42  No.12204386

File: 265ac158678b425⋯.jpg (69.92 KB, 600x789, 200:263, redacted merchant.jpg)



You're redacted, but we can still see you…

6173d3  No.12204387


>Ginsburg will probably die soon

85 is young for lizards

f46168  No.12204388

File: 96ebe50a7e66783⋯.jpg (123.31 KB, 600x613, 600:613, two.jpg)


You boys would get your happening if that jackpot ever lined up, I tell you what.

212557  No.12204390

File: c57dfb944f3b720⋯.jpg (102 KB, 500x515, 100:103, no longer an NPC.jpg)

Do we have a chance, guys?

f22443  No.12204395


>oy vey why didn't he just listen and believe, very un-judgelike!

f46168  No.12204397

File: 06d4316f82d5311⋯.jpg (69.65 KB, 1024x549, 1024:549, 06d4316f82d5311cdad0ba3b5c….jpg)

4da644  No.12204399

File: 750c5935c7fbabd⋯.jpg (269.12 KB, 1797x1233, 599:411, 0fb046bc432b78fdaf53452d73….jpg)


>thinking hope is gone

Anon we will always have a chance.

1d2602  No.12204403


That's a theory of mine. This would have been completely different if "maverick" were around.



a9b896  No.12204407


Top notch merchant edit, anon. Is that OC?

9d7791  No.12204408

File: 3a4b45e46541db1⋯.png (20.11 KB, 560x407, 560:407, 1379548477418.png)


he'll probably end up with 52 votes

75791e  No.12204410

File: 1a03b37d00a7847⋯.jpg (39.26 KB, 736x710, 368:355, SmartSelect_20180913-00192….jpg)


his optimism fueled by the burning fire of the Aryan racial soul.

149b42  No.12204411

File: d4cf3794737607b⋯.webm (2.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, aryan robot.webm)


technology itself is on our side

ede865  No.12204412

File: ffe5ce64e8fa931⋯.webm (532.64 KB, 640x360, 16:9, a farce.webm)

149b42  No.12204414


I wish I'd thought of it but alas I did not.

2651e6  No.12204416

File: 431157e89764745⋯.png (755.55 KB, 660x857, 660:857, 431157e89764745f8ceaa0e36c….png)


what a fucking joke, they are running out of talking points. not even the typical democrat would go with this


>smear merchants

you can appreciate the effort instead of just calling someone a flat out kike.



cde4dd  No.12204417


>would you like to say more about it


best line, kikestein got fucked by her own actions today, especially after her answer about leaking and not asking her staff about it.

ebefb0  No.12204423

>NEW: The American Bar Association calls on Senate Judiciary Committee to halt Kavanaugh proceedings until after the FBI completes a probe of the sexual assault allegations, effectively siding with Democrats.

It's over, guys. Better luck next time.

149b42  No.12204425

File: a5463e5615a4ed7⋯.webm (3.97 MB, 640x360, 16:9, never give up.webm)

2651e6  No.12204429



kike shills everywhere

cde4dd  No.12204432


post source or put a 45 through your own skull respectively

b118d2  No.12204433

Will we get a civil war if RBG croaks and Trump appoints another SC justice?

cde4dd  No.12204434


your digits suggest yes

149b42  No.12204435

File: bcc7475fdee8630⋯.png (13.2 KB, 877x161, 877:161, sanhedrin.PNG)

ebefb0  No.12204438



0a183b  No.12204441


The color of this Revolution will be purple.

>>12204433 (checked)

I'm ok with this.

149b42  No.12204443

The vote is scheduled for 9:30 in the morning. Get all salt storage devices primed and ready.

06de3d  No.12204444

File: 9e82c19c0b08667⋯.jpg (179.54 KB, 697x800, 697:800, hopeforman.jpg)


We always have a chance. Never give up hope.



0af04a  No.12204446


The vote is already scheduled, so tough shit

cde4dd  No.12204449


its too late, he has the votes


5e3355  No.12204456


Stephen King really doesn't try to hide the fact that he's an idiot these days.

Kavanaugh already makes over $220K/year as a lifetime circuit judge and gets similar benefits to what he would receive on the supreme court. $30K looks like a substantial raise, and it is, but it's only a 13% raise - the average for changing jobs. He could make much more money with his current level of experience at a private law firm or a university.

Meanwhile, Ford's pulling in $473,000 in just one of MANY GoFundMe's to pay for legal fees all while she's receiving legal council pro bono, in addition to plenty of political capital.


>Delay until the FBI investigates the assault allegations

The FBI already did, though. There is nothing left to do.

b118d2  No.12204458

File: 80b293f225ddcc8⋯.mp4 (8.05 MB, 640x350, 64:35, isis-shotgun-execution-slo….mp4)


Blood for the blood god

b26103  No.12204459

File: 9a9cdd4e67a6e99⋯.jpg (473.05 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, bozotheclown1jpg.jpg)


>the fire rises!

a9b896  No.12204460


Still good. Can't have too many merchants.

97964e  No.12204461

File: 01395c9b3f9d526⋯.jpg (20.28 KB, 330x357, 110:119, 01395c9b3f9d526f1d3c2132f7….jpg)


Checked, and that's beautiful.

ede865  No.12204466

File: b4549a75d342493⋯.png (296.15 KB, 595x1542, 595:1542, Ed_Henry_on_Twitter_New_fr….png)

File: 7bf86a9fb735200⋯.jpg (147.95 KB, 944x1552, 59:97, DoJsFFfUcAExDFc.jpg)

87857e  No.12204468

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>>NEW: The American Bar Association calls on Senate Judiciary Committee to halt Kavanaugh proceedings until after the FBI completes a probe of the sexual assault allegations, effectively siding with Democrats.


Its like they forgot how the legal system works.

They should ask Uncle Joe.

2901b5  No.12204469


These females have been neglected by males. Courtship needs to go back to normal so that families and society can return to a better footing.

2651e6  No.12204470


>Meanwhile, Ford's pulling in $473,000 in just one of MANY GoFundMe's

this will be her career now. all the false kvetching about "this destroyed her life" ya okay. as if she's not going to write a book and then ham this for everything she's got for the rest of her life pulling in victim complex paychecks and getting paid to make speeches all over the fucking place.

cde4dd  No.12204471


womp, womp

narrative destroyed in one email. Judge sends a letter written by himself and not his attorney, now they have no reason not to believe him, and he even made sure to put "I know this is under penalty of felony"


87857e  No.12204472

File: 6e48a2c4f48c4e7⋯.png (91.18 KB, 568x126, 284:63, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at ….png)

File: 2e6a2ec5f068b54⋯.png (80.35 KB, 563x94, 563:94, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at ….png)

2901b5  No.12204473


(((American Bar Association)))

82a91d  No.12204475


>creepy porn lawyer

>still trying to do morality grandstanding


016b1e  No.12204480

File: 5e1aaebcafa1f87⋯.webm (1.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Omg.webm)

did a thing

149b42  No.12204481

File: 93aad941b5ecb6b⋯.webm (3.69 MB, 640x358, 320:179, Trump wins.webm)

Let's just replay the left's last epic debacle in preparation for their next epic debacle at tomorrow's vote.

b118d2  No.12204483

File: 64c9056a7457ecc⋯.jpg (237.45 KB, 1100x1380, 55:69, Bateman.jpg)

2901b5  No.12204484





I wonder who's tweeting?

2651e6  No.12204485


this is what happens when you do too much LSD and get fucked by 10,000 dudes in the 60s and 70s and turn into a washed up braindead old hag.

2b35b7  No.12204486


The source is literally CNN.



2ae469  No.12204487

I want a class action lawsuit to fuck the DNC ten ways to bankruptcy.

2b35b7  No.12204490


Good for you. I want global jewish genocide. Neither of us is going to get it.

cde4dd  No.12204491



don't know if you would unless you try

2b35b7  No.12204493


Yeah? How's a class action lawsuit going to be brought up, dipshit?

43b3b3  No.12204494


They already are bankrupt.

149b42  No.12204495

File: ff9488ff060f3a1⋯.png (41.72 KB, 362x362, 1:1, comfy guy inside.png)


Well, that's gonna be really awkward the very next time those guys have to argue anything in front of the supreme court isn't it?

2ae469  No.12204496


Kava is going to sue for defamation.

These whores wouldn't be a thing without the DNC's involvement.

2b35b7  No.12204498


Reminder that the only source you have for that is jewish media and that clearly they're not.

2ae469  No.12204499


Morally or fiscally?

016b1e  No.12204500


No bankruptcy is not enough these jew/communists organizations must be destroyed utterly.

2651e6  No.12204501


looking at feinstein's face gave me and 400,000 other people PTSD.

2b35b7  No.12204505


>Kava is going to sue for defamation.

No, and it would be thrown out anyway.

2ae469  No.12204506


I'm sure suing them 200 million dollars per head of President Trump, Roy, Herman Cain,Justice Clarence ,and now Kavanaugh would be enough to break up the DNC like how JFK wanted to break up the CIA.

2901b5  No.12204508


Creepy Beard Lawyer sez what?

2ae469  No.12204509


That's why you make it go up the court system to the court that both Kava and clarance rules from.

016b1e  No.12204510


<b goi-im

It's close to Halloween shouldn't you people be out stealing children?

db9e56  No.12204512

If dubs Graham is accused of rape.

0a183b  No.12204513


That'd be interesting. A sitting Supreme Court Justice with a pending defamation lawsuit. Either way he'd simply recuse himself from the case if it ever got that high up.


Why not both


You glow.


Not necessarily, she has crossed the bar of celebrity liable conduct. These people have accused him of rape. That's more than big enough for him to have a good suit.

2901b5  No.12204516


>Our (((tricks))) didn't stop the hearings

<Oy vey he's being rammed through!

a9b896  No.12204518

File: eb1aacc6cb15bd2⋯.gif (5.83 KB, 501x585, 167:195, le lurking merchant 3.gif)


Here's a merchant to go with your post.

b828da  No.12204519

File: e59f5f68b29ae7e⋯.webm (1.19 MB, 352x262, 176:131, gets.webm)


Digits say it will happen. Democrats will call it a murder, too, in an act of pure projection.

75791e  No.12204522


He would have to

1) not be an admitted virgin

2) not be in chuck schumers back pocket

2b35b7  No.12204523


>Not necessarily, she has crossed the bar of celebrity liable conduct.

The guy from the Alabama special election didn't sue, nor did Herman Cain, nor did anyone else on the """"""""""""""""right"""""""""""""""" after the tens of thousands of fake accusations. Neither will Brett "illegals have rights under the constitution" Kavanaugh.

2ae469  No.12204524


Both Clarence and Kava would have to sit out.

cde4dd  No.12204525


well after today, he might not be #2

b75ec8  No.12204526


There needs to be a version of this with links to archived newspaper reports, preferably of the non-kiked variety. (rare as they may be)

f46168  No.12204527

File: 7f8c96849fa365a⋯.jpg (173.8 KB, 978x512, 489:256, 7f8c96849fa365a09103809bbc….jpg)

3ae6f1  No.12204528


>Ford's pulling in $473,000 in just one of MANY GoFundMe's to pay for legal fees all while she's receiving legal council pro bono, in addition to plenty of political capital.

This won't stop anytime soon. Accuse a nominee or candidate of sexual misconduct, and you make half a million dollars in a few days. That's with no evidence. Consider the future, where they will have social media records on nearly everyone. Did you go to a party some random thot showed up at? Did you mention it? There goes your career buddy.

2ae469  No.12204530


That's why we need a class Action suit.

Hey, we hanged 50 indians at once. Why not sue all of those THOTs as well.

Day of the Dick.

016b1e  No.12204531


Is it your class photo?

a9b896  No.12204533


Are you mad about something?

3dcdd2  No.12204534


If he’s found guilty then that’s the end for any form of democracy. All it takes is some chick to claim she knew you and you raped her and you can say goodbye to your career and enjoy prison time. Let’s hope and pray they make the right decision.

2ae469  No.12204537


Grahm knows that if it's ruled in favor of the cunt then bye bye Neo-cons,hello nationalist.

75791e  No.12204539


>Brett "illegals have rights under the constitution" Kavanaugh.

What rights does he think they have? Inalienable rights? (We all have these). Voting? (He doesn't believe this). Healthcare? (Maybe under current law in emergency rooms only, but that doesn't mean he would rule on the supreme court to give them gibsmedats).

At what point do we just ban these kinds of psyop precision "comments" for being gaslighting subverters intending to just shit on any situation no matter how much of a silver lining there is.

016b1e  No.12204540


> All it takes is some chick to claim

To claim anything "rape" is only the beginning.

2ae469  No.12204541


the democrats are more concerned about abortion than anchor babies, that makes me concerned.

2b35b7  No.12204543


1. Kill yourself. You didn't watch his hearings. He thinks they have the right to healthcare AND to hearings before deportation.

2. Kill yourself. He runs an organization that hires ONLY minorities and women, in direct violation of the constitution. He supports white genocide.

acd7f2  No.12204545



>11 Md. lawmakers call for Montgomery County investigation into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh

2901b5  No.12204546


Meth is a helluva drug.

75791e  No.12204548



2b35b7  No.12204549


They're going to swing this into SUPPORTING making it illegal for niggers and spics to abort, furthering white genocide.

2ae469  No.12204552

f46168  No.12204553

File: 0c4f79c65c9462a⋯.webm (629.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, spook.webm)



000000  No.12204558

all these #metoo bitches need a good raping !!

a09a2f  No.12204562


Oy vey better play into Israel's hand by rolling over and waiting for Hitler to do something from his grave. Anything else wouldn't be Fashy.

cb7c3a  No.12204563


Looks good.

2b35b7  No.12204565


>not knowing whites will be the only ones to afford back alley abortions

>not knowing democrats will encourage this

>not knowing democrats will discourage nonwhite abortions

Sure thing, shlomo.

2901b5  No.12204566


Very nice work anon

2b35b7  No.12204570


You had no argument, so there can be no strawman.

a09a2f  No.12204577


What if it was a quantum argument only observable by the highest IQ of races?

Chinks and Kikes need to take a hike.

901da9  No.12204581

File: 5940d360a1a42ab⋯.jpg (254.43 KB, 549x642, 183:214, ACKCHYUALLY.jpg)





Maybe /pol/ didn't quite notice but there's a very important lesson to be learned from these shitposts. When it comes down to physical conflicts the left is absolutely toothless. All of their power comes from manipulating the rule of law and bending things their way, and neo-con cuckolds let them do it. No one is afraid of Antifa niggers. They're afraid of the police, and of the swarms of lawyers waiting to crawl up their asses. But once the rule of law breaks down, there won't be anyone left to shield these fags. The cops themselves are relatively toothless without the courts. Significant portions of the US military are /ourguys/ already, and even more would join us if they were presented the opportunity to do so.

So what happens when things go to shit? Nothing happens. Local law enforcement stops getting paychecks and supplies and so they pack up and go home. No law enforcement means we do whatever the fuck we want on a local level. The left has no guns, so we automatically own the streets at that point. A military crackdown is possible but they'd be spread out and their supply chains and command structures would be paper thin amongst the chaos between the higher ups.

Civil war is the best possible outcome.

75791e  No.12204582


>He thinks they have the right to healthcare AND to hearings before deportation.

Healthcare in emergency situations, which I disagree with. You're painting him like some universal healthcare supporter when he isn't. Hearings are not trials, and this is just placation anyway as none of these aliens legit qualifies for refugee programs.

>He runs an organization that hires ONLY minorities and women, in direct violation of the constitution.

>muh constitution

Also, all companies do this now lol. I work for a fotune 15 company and "equal opportunity employer" just means they only hire women and minorities.


>not knowing that in a collapse scenario the USA just becomes South Africa or Rodesia 2.0 where the "white privilege" and "punch a nazi" rhetoric just becomes blatant "kill all white people"

>not knowing that the government "humanitarian policies" will enforce this by doing nothing and providing aid to niggers and spics first.

You simply haven't studied how empires collapse.

6ec122  No.12204590

File: 5bcff097b6a17de⋯.webm (2.86 MB, 984x654, 164:109, niggers.webm)

File: 9b45f66026f20c2⋯.png (1014.06 KB, 969x644, 969:644, Untitled.png)

File: 929eac5d9fe1e3c⋯.png (129.75 KB, 288x465, 96:155, de2575204e8cf1e0bf21eb0396….png)

File: df9662615fe23c2⋯.jpg (152.16 KB, 909x556, 909:556, 1d70a16d9101cc2dfb70afbc7d….jpg)

I wonder who.

75791e  No.12204591


>as some of the civnat niggers in here

There are none.

0a183b  No.12204593


Why was that nigger even there. This is solely a Senate matter.

2ae469  No.12204595


What if we bolt them all to a chair and made them watch cartel gore video after video 12 hours straight,and tell them these people are coming to live amongst them?

acd7f2  No.12204597


>he can't see more than 1 effect deep

>he doesn't realize that any anti abortion law is a pro family law and thus an anti negro / spic / chink / "native" sic / arab gibs law

>he doesn't understand that unifying the family unit requires an acknowledgement of that unit which starts at preventing fetus murder

Fuck off and lurk more.

75791e  No.12204610


This is helpful for any new nationalist struggling with libertarianism/anarchism tbh. Just sprinkle in all of the spic-faced hiring advertisements from places like McDonalds, and depictions of white poverty.

b0e6cd  No.12204611


>what's a rhetorical question senpai?

You must discover this on your own.

23d611  No.12204624


What a natural and organic post

b0e6cd  No.12204626


There's one too many words there anon.

b0e6cd  No.12204627


You still at it kike2?

b0e6cd  No.12204629


Ackchyually, if you have a bike lock, bets are off.

a09a2f  No.12204630


You don't need restraints for the willing, just make it into a meme and the general public will eat it up.

Something like Rickrolling but instead of Rick Astley you get chimps flaying each other alive.

b0e6cd  No.12204632


Nigger was taking notes.

fef117  No.12204633


>Healthcare in emergency situations, which I disagree with

Always assumed that was a doctor thing, not a legal thing. Every emergency room will attempt to save your life, no matter what.


I doubt that'd work, civnat is a defense mechanism for people who couldn't handle the redpill. They know nationalism is the only viable solution, but they're still afraid of the implications that has. They'll most likely resort to a defense of "well those guys are bad, but not all of them are bad" and refuse to engage further. The solution for it appears to be just letting them digest the redpill some more. Worst case scenario, they interfere and we shoot them like we do the other traitors.

2ae469  No.12204635


I would sell it as I don't want to replace shootings with drive by beheadings.

I would also force them to watch hours of people dying of ODs,and other great drug side effects.

People would understand then.

Normies are just ignorant.

My solution for the gangs is to wall up flint, and dump them there.

Get them on board with the idea of replacing the dead beats with upbeat blacks.

Tell them they would be exempted from tax changes due to gentrification if they fix their homes,and maintained them.

I think I could pull it off I was like a excavator with a jack hammer attachment.

There will be welfare & breeding reforms.

75791e  No.12204638


I give a fuck.


>Always assumed that was a doctor thing, not a legal thing. Every emergency room will attempt to save your life, no matter what.

Also a (((christian))) thing.

6ec122  No.12204639


(((Someone))) invited her here.

2ae469  No.12204640


Everyone has to turn into a Civ Nat before they turn Racial Nat. Don't be delusional. Nobody jumps right into racial nationalist unless something traumatic happened to them.

75791e  No.12204642


Imagine trying to read her notes later lol

>an den de wayt main dun said he din do nuffin

b0e6cd  No.12204646


Not denying life saving treatment is humane but not legally required. Doctors have "do no harm" that doesn't mean they have to assist. The legal fuckery was put into place to screw with the individuals that didn't pay the kosher tax to practice "medicine" but protections were put in place for good (((Samaritans))) fucking up while trying to save a golem.

212557  No.12204649


Civnat is the stepping stone to implicitly ethnonat civnat and ethno-nationalism.

b0e6cd  No.12204651


Dis judgement don cancel di 158-year-old colonial law wey di judge say dey treat women as if dem be man property.

6173d3  No.12204655







b0e6cd  No.12204659


checked, faggot.

75791e  No.12204661


you aint nevah wuz been judg fo yo skeen kola

a09a2f  No.12204662


>new happening thread

>first two posts are kosher and don't use the white man's english

Everything's FFFFFFFucked.

fef117  No.12204669



I wasn't trying to say it was anything other than a transitory stage, but a lot of people do get stuck there. The solution isn't torture porn was my point.

f7b1e0  No.12204670


I hate gore. No matter how many of these videos I watch I can't get over just how fragile people are.

b0e6cd  No.12204673


I handled it. kek

75791e  No.12204683


It's to be expected. Do you think this site isn't being patrolled and watched 24/7 by people trying to control the narrative? Of course those getting paid to be here are going to prize first posts.

db8fb7  No.12204693


After watching a couple thousand you realize you're nothing but a bunch of meat strapped to a skeleton, save your skull which is more like coconut filled with meat. None of it can compare to the power of explosives or strength of metals

a09a2f  No.12204694


Thanks friendo.



I wouldn't go that far. The first poster overuses punctuation to appear intellectual, typical of any ESL student without much experience in English prose. The second poster uses "astroturf" as a noun without following proper English syntax.

11d8d3  No.12204749

File: 89b2a937bb74bc0⋯.png (255.72 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_Brave_20180927-….png)


Absolutely despicable. https://dnslytics.com/ip/

Does anyone want to scan for ports?

dabec7  No.12204756


>can't be full racial nat unless something bad happens

And that's the problem with your types. You dance around truth and can't accept that people think a way that is so controversial to kosher views shoved in your head since birth

1de956  No.12204774


>scanning ports on a gov IP

nice try shill

11d8d3  No.12204792

File: 5bcfa353c44b8d2⋯.png (378.53 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_Brave_20180927-….png)


Go through a VPN or be a Russian noob.

From that


Below that there's contact info in case the ips are used for malicious purposes

>Pic related

Here is some data. If we the contacts won't investigate then we'll have to find her department's subnet so we can narrow the location.

NetRange: -


NetName: HOUSE2

NetHandle: NET-143-231-0-0-1

Parent: NET143 (NET-143-0-0-0-0)

NetType: Direct Assignment


Organization: U.S. House of Representatives (ISUHR)

RegDate: 1990-10-16

Updated: 2010-05-25

Ref: https://rdap.arin.net/registry/ip/

OrgName: U.S. House of Representatives


Address: 2nd and D St SW

City: Washington

StateProv: DC

PostalCode: 20515

Country: US

RegDate: 1990-10-16

Updated: 2018-04-23

Ref: https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/ISUHR

acd7f2  No.12204806


Show me how and I'll do it from my fucking residential IP. They can't do shit to you for scanning ip ranges.

11d8d3  No.12204828


Use nmap

As for discovering which department's use which subnets, we can either scrounge the web for info or hope someone's kind enough to tell us

11d8d3  No.12204845


Nmap has an option to automatically scan the 1000 most interesting ports, if everything is closed then try scanning all 65000 something ports

2e3d8c  No.12204854


Does she have kids or is she your typical empowered catlady?

e42e36  No.12204918


>Go through a VPN or be a Russian noob.

I'm not tech-savvy enough to know when I'm safe.


There's always the chance of a v&

11d8d3  No.12204935


Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are constantly attacking our government's servers. You'll be like a rain drop in a hurricane.

No free VPNs respect your privacy, so I'd use TOR. The easiest way to force a terminal through Tor sockets is to just boot up from tails. It's easy enough, you just download the installer, install on a flash drive, turn off your computer, go to the boot menu, and boot from flash drive

4757ba  No.12204971


theater. there's a quote by this faggot about 4+2, referring to his term that he can do whatever he wants the first four then last two act to voters since they only remember the last two years.

11d8d3  No.12205021

File: dd9b738e1a4bd82⋯.png (399.29 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_Brave_20180928-….png)




I do love this autistic rage, but are we sure it's this person? The house of Representatives share IP addresses among its members. This means we only know she shares a subnet with the attacker who is likely in the same department

d5aafc  No.12205027


Ooh baby. Please let the republicans and rogue democrat(s) turning be true.

11d8d3  No.12205036

File: 341acaa89f94f75⋯.png (428.46 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_Brave_20180928-….png)


Update: if it's not her, it's very likely one of these people

b2e272  No.12205047

Very passionate speech. I going to go ahead and predict the Republicans ordered to vote against Kavanaugh will ignore Graham so they can continue spending unlimited jewbucks and fucking little boys and girls.

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