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File: d6d7a56e284ad76⋯.jpg (606.08 KB, 2048x1499, 2048:1499, zy7tu9mvhao11.jpg)

6c4f4a  No.12232691

Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Hollywood, we must first defeat the jews within ourselves

<OLD THREAD >>12081615

Go to the gym, or start a body weight routine fat ass. Don’t neglect cardio, go for a morning run. Take a cold shower. Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night, avoid stimulants in the late afternoon. Become a morning person and get up early.


Hygiene is important. BRUSH YOUR TEETH TWICE A DAY FOR 2 MINUTES, don’t forget to floss. Make your own toothpaste. Get a tongue scraper too. Your tongue should be a nice pink color, not white or yellow. This is not some ancient, long forgotten secret, but its amazing how many people neglect oral health - it’s just as important as lifting. Deodorants containing aluminium salts are toxic, avoid their use at all costs. You can make your own spray from baking soda, water and a few drops of a nice smelling essential oil. This will stop body odour without making you sterile.

Lower your carb intake and eat more animal fat. Eat lots of organic meat and fish. The (((food pyramid))) overestimates the amount of carbs you should be eating - they aren't evil, but stop consuming excessive amounts. Do not eat feminized products soyboy. Treat yourself to an ‘’occasional’’ glass of good red wine.

Do not breed with roasties or THOT’s. Find a wholesome waifu. Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus. Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.

Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient, tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality. Start today, it only takes 10 minutes.


Do not act like a nigger, do not steal, rob or vandalize. Violence should be used sparingly when there is no other option, you are not a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degeneracy of feminism.

Stop consuming (((pornography))). Do you think that you’re not addicted to porn? Prove it. Try to go without porn or fapping for a whole week or two. Then aim for a month.



Now get off the internet, go outside and get some sun. Join some wholesome clubs and make some normal friends. Do not reveal your power level to normalfags, drip feed them redpills. Stop smoking cigs and don't do drugs. Don't watch degenerate (((media))) and read some good books.

Work towards owning property and/or land. Don’t waste your time and money buying new cars on finance, it is a jewish trick. Save 10% of your income for a rainy day, even a little will go a long way. Stash some money in alternate forms, like silver and gold. Become informed on prepping and homesteading, make sure you’re ready when SHTF.

This is your life now.

’’’Welcome to /SIG/ October 2018’’’

058dfb  No.12232746

Any "wholesome clubs" you recommend? After starting nofap I have much more energy and am looking to meet friends and expand my social skills.

50a36a  No.12232842


I am fine on fitness but I still have issues with severe brain fog. I am currently cutting gluten out of my diet to see how that helps. The other big issues is porn. No matter how hard I try doing no fap, my sexual energy will muster and explode like a powder keg.

ddf511  No.12232871

File: eaa20aa605e65c2⋯.jpg (20.54 KB, 400x267, 400:267, 1459773816278.jpg)

Time to start working on a next steps post to follow up the OP.

By now I hope many anons have gotten the basics down and are living better while getting fit.

In the time it takes to build your body and acquire land/property, what can we do to further collective or personal goals?

27193d  No.12233113

File: 588f3d671548bfd⋯.jpg (156.43 KB, 584x611, 584:611, SendNudes.jpg)


27193d  No.12233114


5:5 MR PRES!

ddf511  No.12233866


Welcome newfriend

5ea016  No.12233927

I’m trying to do push ups every day. I’m trying 2 sets of 30. Should I increase it to 4 sets? Should I change it in any way?

058dfb  No.12233933


In the early stages of fitness, it is most important that you are consistent. Only go to a greater volume if you are easily able to do those two sets every day without fail.

f7ee5a  No.12233967

Can anyone recommend a good piratable bodywieght exercise program? Don't have the extra shekels for a gym membership currently.

8eadd0  No.12234001

Make it a habit to do pushups 5 days a week. Take the weekend off to rest up. This will be like brushing your teeth, it will just be something you will have to incorporate into your life, do at least 50 a day mon-fri.

Only if you manage 10 a day then you will still be much better off than the old you who doesn't do any at all.

083569  No.12234096


Save some shekels and buy either an elastic exercise band/therapy band or suspension straps. Elastic bands are fucking amazing and you can get gains with that shit. James Grage jewtube channel to see all the possibilities and workouts with elastic bands. Calisthenics is also something good for functional workout and some gains.

If you want real world applications just search for tactics strength training.

224de5  No.12234227

File: 28d3182301a0252⋯.png (87.09 KB, 910x1114, 455:557, Cold Therapy.png)

File: 4e50c4db646d688⋯.jpg (108.36 KB, 200x365, 40:73, Winterchan.jpg)

Wim Hof changed my life. Hot water is for faggots and catladies.

cc1d9f  No.12234361

File: a45f8c93af6d92a⋯.jpg (65.94 KB, 500x428, 125:107, 34394219_1566850110093027_….jpg)

Needs moar fitness stuff

Dumping helpful bodyweight fitness jewtube videos that I used when I was starting out.

t. done rock climbing for years, stiff as fuck, no other fitness except fitness for rock climbing.

Bruce Lee JKD Warm Up Exercises


Simple routine, 10 minutes long, gets blood flowing and gentle stretchin

Full Body 5 Minute Dynamic Warm Up for Intense Workouts


Always stretch DYNAMICALLY before working out and statically after. Do this after warming up.

Full Body Dynamic Stretching Warm Up Routine


Alternative, more advance dynamic stretching

10 Minute Bodyweight Circuit


Ten exercises, repeat routine for sets. Basic, entry level bodyweight exercises.

inb4 screeching about nigger

eccentric workout


Bodyweight workout for building muscle. Eccentric do it a couple of times a week, very intensive for beginners.

How to Fix Your Posture in 4 Moves! (PERMANENTLY)


Fix your shitty shitposter's posture

The Perfect Post Workout Stretching Routine - 15 Min Yoga Stretch Cool Down #beginnerstretches


STATIC stretching routine for post workout. This is absolutely vital, if you don't want to end up a stiff old faggot with crippled joints, like me.


Do dead hangs for 30 seconds (increase hang time by 30 seconds every week) every morning to stretch out spine and increase grip strength

cc1d9f  No.12234366


Do this stuff



ed09cd  No.12234389

Fuck off with your cringewave faggotry, moshe.

224de5  No.12234423

File: dc9a575f8f34cd6⋯.png (153.63 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 1455933565474-1.png)


Maybe if you took better care of yourself, you'd be quick enough to get that first post.

2c5ede  No.12234471


Fuck your spam.

224de5  No.12234585

File: de556778a436f72⋯.webm (2.8 MB, 640x640, 1:1, GET SWOLE.webm)


When was the last time you did a pull-up or ate something that didn't come with a soft drink and a side of fries?

cc1d9f  No.12234613

File: 9868a957b55a2ca⋯.jpg (903.39 KB, 2480x1753, 2480:1753, lewd catgirl.jpg)


never because he's a flabby jew

c70568  No.12234705

File: 2f0aa9c052e869e⋯.webm (6.18 MB, 480x360, 4:3, potion seller.webm)

What are some IRL magic potions?

224de5  No.12234732

File: 2048aa985881a3c⋯.jpg (538.9 KB, 942x1071, 314:357, YhAIZmq.jpg)


Have you tried bleach?

b69fcf  No.12234911


I second this motion.

476e38  No.12234959


Try meeting the local bad goys. Keep away from any bad apples.

f5a6c5  No.12235043



>The other big issues is porn. No matter how hard I try doing no fap, my sexual energy will muster and explode like a powder keg.

Well when it explodes like a powder keg just fap without looking at porn if you need to release the energy. It's more important to cut porn than to stop fapping altogether.

a38e31  No.12235127

File: 9068489ef440c12⋯.jpg (375.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, B74.jpg)

Good starting point

a5735f  No.12235187


Nothing to add but I concur. It's incredible what effects breathing have on the body, test this out, whip yourself into a frenzy and check your blood pressure… it'll be high as fuck (up to 20 points above your baseline). I bet you already knew this.

But now meditate and take your blood pressure, breathing deep like the Wim Hoff method suggests… it'll be significantly lower (up to 30 points lower than your baseline). If you know that constant stress hurts you over time… shouldn't the opposite be true? That meditation is the best medication and it'll heal your fucked up modern world body in due time?

877af7  No.12235239

The importance of no porn cannot be overstated. Every time you take a look at porn, a jew laughs. Every time you look at porn, you poison your mind, not to mention your body. Doing that to yourself is to ensure you'll never amount to anything.

All porn should be illegal. Every porn pimp's place is on a stake. Every porn whore needs to be dragged to a rehab center to learn useful skills and repentance. At no age should a woman be free to decide that she will be a whore.

4f6d73  No.12235727

File: 5538d72ccba642c⋯.jpg (49.84 KB, 550x960, 55:96, FB_IMG_1538033833127.jpg)

I'm trying to decide between picking up German or Russian.

I've attempted learning both before but various things got in the way. I was getting pretty good at German (music, TV, Michael Thomas, Duolingo) then got sent abroad. I've got old third Reich German books I can't actually read but want to.

With Russian it would help a lot with work and I'm very keen to learn it. I can read Cyrillic already and was doing a lot of it on Duolingo, watching Russian TV etc.

Really, I want to learn both but doing both at the same time is silly.

What would you guys recommend?

I speak native English and have dabbled in numerous languages.

6c4f4a  No.12235837


Its always the torpedos that shit up these threads isn't it?

>Lower your carb intake and eat more animal fat.

<Why the hell?

The human body evolved for millenia on animal fat and protein. Grains are a new food (relatively speaking).

>Treat yourself to an ‘’occasional’’ glass of good red wine.

<"No level of alcohol consumption improves health." -The Lancet, 2018

An occasional single glass of red wine will not kill you. If it helps you to relax and you don't drink excessively, there's no detriment.

>Plan a family. Raise strong men and respectable women who will lead in the race war.

<Ok, Charles Manson. Biological breeding is just greed, and aren't you missing the target then..

Yes goys, don't have children. Babies are bad



>Meditate. It calms the mind, builds discipline and is an ancient, tried and tested method of building mental clarity, control and spirituality.

<Promoting meditation while advocating the use of alcohol? Not ultimately self defeating?

right, so if you drink alcohol, meditation looses all its benefits? You dumb cunt.

6c4f4a  No.12235857


Creatine and caffeine. You will lift more and gain more.

a9e3a8  No.12235878


>my sexual energy will muster and explode like a powder keg.

that is normal and as it should be

sexual appetite is like food appetite

it builds up over time and then becomes satiated

ideally you invest that sexual energy wisely into developing and maintaining a relationship with your wife

a9e3a8  No.12235883


> Biological breeding is just greed

top kek

im glad your line ends with you

07b464  No.12235966

File: eb45fd9241b2e16⋯.jpg (380.9 KB, 1024x1206, 512:603, 1403863587773.jpg)

This is by far the best 'system' I have tried for managing self improvement. I find it so much more easier and enjoyable now to work on my self improvement. I now spent all my free time on work days spending on working on myself, learning, reading etc. Even most of my weekends I work on myself when I have the time.

a05580  No.12236058

Working out on week days and fasting over the weekend, 16 hours of fasting apparently increases testosterone. Is this a good idea or not?

07b464  No.12236069


I do IF during my weekdays and I can highly recommend it. I was getting a bit chubby and in about three months I'm down to a good weight. About 12 kgs lost and I feel a lot better than eating 'normally'. I do not workout though (except for that I wall about an hour each day before I eat) I don't know how those mix.

cc1d9f  No.12236139


what does lithium do?

f954eb  No.12236146


>brain fog

Eat more red meat.


Blend up some red meat.



Just eat red meat, faggot.


Drug addict.

f954eb  No.12236149


Red meat also increases testosterone, and you'll be sated for longer, causing unintended 16 hour fasts simply because you ate something of actual nutritional value.

ddf511  No.12236221

Stress yourself.

Stress is good for a living body.

Obviously not all the time, living in a relaxed and optimal state is ideal but times of stress has great benefits.

bfef86  No.12236261


Stress is actually destructive, identify your stressors and either attack them head on or avoid them if possible.

abc386  No.12236264



You need to eat two and a half pounds of beef to get 5 grams of creatine. Or a pound of fish. On the plus side, it's absorbed even better than creatine monohydrate. Downside is that cooking meat starts to break down creatine, particularly in processed meats. Uncooked meat with the highest ratios of creatine tends to be pickled herring, ham, salmon/tuna sushi and steak tartare. Or you just eat more cooked steak. Whatever.


That's why you work out. Put the body under stress. Improvements are made in recovery. The continual recovery from repeated exposure to stress is how you make it..

058dfb  No.12236266


Medfag student here,

Lithium is a mood stabilizer often used for bipolar disorder. I wouldn't fuck with it, as your body can treat it like a salt and begin storing it which can lead to lithium toxicity outside of a relatively small range in your blood. Not getting adequate amounts of water or sodium can cause a concentration that can lead to some seriously bad side effects including death and coma in severe toxicity. People started on lithium will have a lot of bloodwork done to make sure the lithium levels do not get too high.

eb4a02  No.12236319


>study your history

Why should I? Most my cousins and family living in Europe hate me for living in America and not learning the language of my ancestors. I'll never visit them anyway fuck Europeans they are very rude to me. I'm not spending 2,000 an airline ticket to visit my family so I could be abused

fb639f  No.12236376

Candida pro causa ense candido

With an honourable sword for an honourable cause

ed7a58  No.12236614


Magnesium, Vitamin D, Zinc. All need long term to take effect. Complex B, B12 occasionally.

42d975  No.12236629

I get got cognitive disabled after being present in areas with lots of wireless networks.

real hard to think afterwards. feels like mental jail.

anyone else has that?

42d975  No.12236686


I have a suspicion that it works that way

when your brain activity (brain-waves?) reach certain level above the threshold – and you are within the grid – you get brain-zapped. and then remain stunned for certain period. most of people don't get that as they never leave the boundaries.

abc386  No.12236772



Start turning off your wireless router at home when you're not using it. Only a matter of time before people start putting warning labels on the shit. People were bitching about microwave towers for decades, but are happy to set up little microwave transmitters everywhere around them.

f954eb  No.12237838


>Stress is actually destructive

Stress you survive makes you more stress resistant, hence working out breaks down muscle and your body rebuilds, and reinforces the affected area. The same principle can be applied to mental stress. You should always be either seeking or recovering from a challenge.

a38e31  No.12238397


Stay home. Be safe. Play Switch. Post in 20yrs and let me know how it all went

65d7ea  No.12238638


You are likely talking about lithium chloride which is what is used as an anti psychotic and due to the poor uptake into the brain needs to be mega dosed at 400-800mg a day which is where the toxicity arises.

Look into lithium orotate which is the most bioavailable form doses as low as 5mg to 10mg a week is enough to bring bipolar under control.

I dont have any clinically diagnosed issues but can be characterised as somewhat socially anxious, I take 5 to 10mg a week (staggered doses if more than 5mg evenly across the week) depending on how im feeling and can recommend it, makes me a lot more assertive socially and just more with it instead of up in my head.

77e62d  No.12238663

File: 984e19450679c5d⋯.jpg (19 KB, 500x453, 500:453, 984e19450679c5d0a826d63d2f….jpg)

Is church the only way to find a girl who isn't a complete degenerate these days? All the girls I know are either proto-cat lady's or the normalist of normalfags. It's like actual women don't exist anymore.

8d4fa5  No.12238671

If you’re a degenerate they will be a degenerate.

Learn how to lead. Unless it’s Jewish women, then just tease them, mock them, and tell them the Holocaust never happened. Then you’re golden.

8d4fa5  No.12238705

Worked for me.

Then again the devils smile at me like I am a piece of meat they want to actually eat.

f954eb  No.12238757

File: 4ac1aed8f121965⋯.jpg (49.76 KB, 800x428, 200:107, courageous, untroubled, mo….jpg)


You can meet good women almost anywhere, but you won't attract good women unless you yourself are good. The same way you scrutinize a woman for the company she keeps, and the habits she's formed, she will do the same to you. If you attract a shitty woman you're probably not so great, because shitty people don't like being around people that remind them how shitty they are.

The best thing you can do to get a quality lady is be quality. Be a beacon of greatness for her to find amidst the sea of garbage.

c3175b  No.12238817

File: ea6d582c7625e15⋯.jpg (76.74 KB, 564x846, 2:3, equestrian-fashion-2.jpg)


You have to get into very traditional European activities. That's the only

eb4a02  No.12238900

File: 4e8a0c2b918f869⋯.jpg (87.56 KB, 677x995, 677:995, 82c.jpg)


>spend your entire salary on (((travelling))) goyim the (((experience))) will change your life.

Once you traveled to one city you've see it all there, aren't much special about travel other then overpriced shit, it's all the same degenerate shit.

78e619  No.12238921

Brush your teeth every day? Floss? No that is the oral Jew. Instead let your gums heal the natural enamel and eat mint for fresh breath. Use toothbrush without toothpaste to clean gunk like a man.

Practice boxing or a martial art. Defending yourself is a responsibility Spartan

f954eb  No.12238992


Definitely don't use toothpaste, but don't let food sit in your teeth to rot, that's disgusting. Floss. Brush with water+peroxide. Swish with bonemarrow.

f954eb  No.12239123

File: 64b0f449cdf7898⋯.jpg (85.7 KB, 735x490, 3:2, 64b0f449cdf7898d4ac4563fb2….jpg)


>biting jews

I think that's a last resort. Would you put your mouth on this?

3aff4c  No.12239352

File: cf93bee11cab68d⋯.jpg (138.95 KB, 1152x1472, 18:23, h5kYaxV.jpg)


>Ok, Charles Manson

ff8e95  No.12239417

File: 2cd4b387c02b358⋯.png (37.94 KB, 645x188, 645:188, fit milk concoction.png)

File: 31f49cff392c09e⋯.png (23.4 KB, 1789x106, 1789:106, Anon's Battle Brew.png)


My screencap folder revealed these two from anons of the past.

They might be too strong for you,traveler


You seem to be confusing travel and (((tourism))) ,anon.

a38e31  No.12239483


Do you want to improve yourself?

69117c  No.12239546

File: 12283320e3bd40d⋯.jpg (205.81 KB, 920x1301, 920:1301, Bodyweight Exercises.jpg)

David Duke sharing fitness advice


923849  No.12239595


Cardio shortens your lifespan because it raises cortisol levels significantly, and joggers die prematurely. Moderate-intensity weight training has more metabolic benefits.

Carbohydrate remains an ideal fuel source, and fats have good benefits as well.

Wine has more estrogen than beer. Whiskey has the least estrogenecity, so drink hard liquor if you must consume alcohol.

Although superior to vegetable oils, olive oil has too many omega-6 fatty acids. Coconut oil and dairy fat such as butter, along with beef fat would be much safer. Pork or chicken have far too many omega-6 fatty acids.

Google "Ray Peat" and clean up your nutrition, bucko. Check out the Ray Peat forum.

f954eb  No.12239651


(((Ray "eat lots of sugar and starch, and cut down on saturated fat" Peat)))

Kill yourself

bdf0a4  No.12239669


>>Get 7-9 hours of good quality sleep every night

"who sleeps at morning is hindered much, to the keen is wealth half-won"

Well might as well start now.

afee4c  No.12239738


>severe brain fog

Keto diet. Also increase your intake of B vitamins.

367d81  No.12239839


Listen, retard, the entire modern world is engineered in a way to be as stressful as possible with consistent underlying stress experienced by all people at all times - you should be striving to remove as much stress from your life as possible, not needlessly strive to become more stressed. You dumb fuck.


>Once you traveled to one city you've see it all there, aren't much special about travel other then overpriced shit, it's all the same degenerate shit.

Depends if you're going to major cities that are heavily modernized or traditional cities from areas that are not heavily modernized, or cities that may be modernized, but have large traditional 'old town' areas.

467101  No.12239861


this is really some low level shilling, get back to making manlet threads on cuckchan's fitness board

224de5  No.12239874

File: 38e18e4fb7fee50⋯.png (143.73 KB, 275x367, 275:367, rare.png)

I need good options for long term water storage that allows for easy mobility that doesn't involve drinking the bpa jew from plastic bottles or risking heavy breakage in a shtf scenario.

6864bd  No.12239895


Any camel back style will be useful with some sort of small filter on it. The only fag part on my kit is my Hydro flask. That shit is too good to pass.

224de5  No.12239915

File: 88b0d31f710d463⋯.gif (3.04 MB, 444x250, 222:125, 88b0d31f710d463a3271254f36….gif)


Nice. Thanks.

6e487b  No.12240608

anyone use modafinil?

7e9d9c  No.12240642

File: 0c89fa0f310baea⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 600x616, 75:77, 217168.jpg)

Just got done with a 3.5 mile run. Feels great. About to shadow box for 4 rounds and then hit the bag for 4.

This shit gets easier everyday.

fd7ca0  No.12240665


For home storage, we use empty wine bottles full of water. The Livingston 3L bottles are pretty good. For anything else, try looking at Klean Kanteen 40oz or 64oz bottles. Stainless steel bottles that take a lot of beating, and are also single walled so you can boil water in them

c89d2a  No.12240724


copper bottles, purifies water as it stores it

c89d2a  No.12240740

File: 9c77478f61320c8⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 704x396, 16:9, suffering.jpg)

important notice: do not buy pea protein power, even if you're looking for sugar free stuff, this shit tastes like dog ass

delicious :^)

nah superiorly though its fucking disgusting

c89d2a  No.12240741



smh autocrrect

5ea016  No.12241547

How can I improve public speaking?

c89d2a  No.12241610


you need to improve your entire self, become fitter, dress petter, improve your confidence, and then practice public speaking.

82c6ee  No.12241628


Are you any good at public speaking?

9b66cd  No.12241746



5ea016  No.12241754

77e62d  No.12242534


That's true. I think a big part of it is I took a mediocre career path, and am now surrounded by mediocre people.


As a burger there aren't any traditional European activities around here. My friend tried partaking in whatever activities there are and it didn't work out too well for him.

39895c  No.12242572


I buy a combination of pea and rice protein (for dat dere superior protein spread), it's flavoured. If you mix it in water it tastes like chalk. Mix with some kind of nut milk and it's enjoyable.

This probably goes without saying, but mix it in a shaker. I've heard of some people putting it in a glass with water and stirring it with a spoon.

c12cfd  No.12242616

>Do not expect to meet a wholesome girl in a bar, nightclub or university campus

So where?

224de5  No.12242634

File: 3e589e5cf92b689⋯.jpg (314.15 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, 1453833745227.jpg)


>Where am I going to find a nice girl, if not at these three places known for crawling with normalfaggots and niggers getting sloppy drunk on shitty liquor?

It's a mystery my man.

77e62d  No.12242678




I think he posted those because that's where the majority of Women are. At least the ones who aren't Tumblr cat-ladies or SJWs

39895c  No.12242716



Rock climbing gyms, high-end commercial gyms, church, meals-on-wheels type places, arts and craft stores.

Think of the type of gril you want

>athletic, submissive, healthy, not slutty, nurturing

and go to places that emphasize those qualities.

Don't expect for her to fall head-over-heels for you or give you a second look if you're a shit cunt. Unironically become the best you can.

224de5  No.12242783

File: 17a34d9bb105e4e⋯.png (976.4 KB, 919x1300, 919:1300, 17a34d9bb105e4e0000b1ad7f2….png)


>that's where the majority of Women are

The majority of women are trash. If you're looking for a girl that isn't trash, you have to think what a girl like that does with her time. You're a lot more likely to find her wandering around a supermarket getting groceries, or working at the local mom and pop deli, or doing some other mundane survival chore, because if she's worth a shit she's probably already a little bit wise to how rotten the world is even if she desn't know (((why))), so chances are she spends most of her free time being a hikki alone at home except when she has to go out.

a2ab01  No.12242866

I've run into the eternal problem of being white and having an asian woman chasing my seed. I haven't done anything yet but I can tell when someone is into me. I just think this place and 4chan made me into a racist who believes my kid would be the next Elliot Rodger. I really need some advice, she is Christian and all that which is positive and I kind of want 4-6 kids which I think is possible if I don't fall for the contraception jew but I'm just really torn fellas.

224de5  No.12242900

File: 78c80a80d8b7c1c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.84 KB, 640x479, 640:479, Mistakes were made.jpg)


Farm the rice, pay the price.

b1dede  No.12242913

File: f502418d830bef5⋯.jpg (115.02 KB, 663x942, 221:314, thisistheenemy.jpg)



>asking if he should racemix

Not really surprised at this point.

117642  No.12242935

File: 36a3036e9c25194⋯.jpg (76.09 KB, 858x536, 429:268, 298e19d5312d200f3d63a30752….jpg)

File: 33066e392a3e59b⋯.jpg (44.62 KB, 960x540, 16:9, f03f622dbb8b530d2107df6265….jpg)

File: 2064340b4f6e987⋯.jpg (55.2 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1454123896420.jpg)

68b8b1  No.12242944


You are smart enough to understand the difference between races. Understand that your children will not be white if you breed with her.

a4ca64  No.12242973

>wholesome clubs

I'm currently in the process of joining a catholic organization that's full of wife material, a few thots sprinkled in and a lot of beta fags who aren't able to get a wife even though they're surrounded by wife material all day.

The things that are required that will interest you guys is that there are some difficulties with that. Examples: saying the current kike pope is ok, passing by the jesuit church with a lot of (((charity))) services that are swarmed by gyppos, not being pissed off when there's a thot who used to be in the club that was showing off her pet to another chick just outside the club (the pet in question is a niglett she either adopted or spawned). I'm in EE so racemxing is rare enough to be strange and I'm not usually prepared to witness it's effects.

Now, the thing I need advice with, how to handle this amount of kikery for long enough to infiltrate and get married? I already made the pet joke out loud, it was received well by a few people who laughed but then stopped in when they saw a lot of other people didn't approve and I think such incidents will be a problem in the future.

a4ca64  No.12242979

P.S. Whoever advised joining a gym/rock climbing club to find a wife, don't listen to the idiot. They're full of sluts who aren't working out to be attractive to one guy. They crave attention and even if they aren't whores already, they'll soon be.

b64339  No.12243029


Damn. Is there any way to avoid this? Practically every place has some sort of connection

0d2dc5  No.12243050


Lmao a gymrat wife. though the rock climbing shit sounds dope. Climb on my dick pole :^)

c89be6  No.12243053


You do understand that the image you posted is anti-natsoc right?

3ffc50  No.12243060


You do understand that it's perfectly fine to repurpose enemy propaganda if it shows something positive? It's done a lot today considering a lot of what the leftists think are evil are actually pretty fucking great for us.

224de5  No.12243070

File: 0d282644dc4f004⋯.jpg (196.77 KB, 1280x810, 128:81, aba7bcb016f08f981df440e555….jpg)


Personally, I'm skeptical about the "Marry a Church Girl" meme. I've been involved in a few churches, and it seems like a lot of the girls who are whoring it up on Saturday are in the pews on Sunday. A lot of those girls are just there due to familial pressure and couldn't give half a shat out abortion about any manner of sexual purity.

b64339  No.12243082


In my experience, you are pretty much correct. There can be good ones here and there, but they are rare. The church girl meme is just christcucks losing a grip on reality

224de5  No.12243126

File: c457abcf2b973d8⋯.jpg (31.7 KB, 480x448, 15:14, f34f321918a834070a9b34d44b….jpg)


At the end of the day there's not much to be said about where you can go to meet a good girl. Because there is no magical place that subconsciously attracts wife tier women. Good women are diamonds in the rough, outliers from a vast majority of vampire skanks, and as such it's hard to parse them out as a predictable demographic. Bottom line is pretty much what other anons have said, make yourself the best husbando you can possibly be and let animal magnetism and synchronicity set up the rest.

734892  No.12243128


Bullshit. I met my wife at the gym and she is an amazing woman.

Yes you will find worthless sluts at a gym but you will also find decent women. It should be obvious which is which. Look at what they're doing, what they're wearing and how seriously they take their own fitness.

Having a wife that understands the importance of exercise and nutrition is something that you shouldn't bypass because you can't be bothered to filter through a few whores.

73555a  No.12243129


She is cucking you.

07a61b  No.12243143

File: d11fca4a7cb68f8⋯.jpg (109.43 KB, 550x367, 550:367, 10_544a482efad9eab81eb3896….jpg)


She's probably thinking about fitness.

224de5  No.12243167

File: d192d8e6e040730⋯.png (603.41 KB, 621x621, 1:1, ed074259b2437e7918d501ca78….png)


Gym bunnies are shit. Maybe you were blessed by providence and found a good woman who just so happens to go to a gym, but gym women are shitty, shitty whores. Absolute human garbage. Going to the gym with the intent of finding a wife is peak cuckoldry. Church girls may be kind of shitty but at least they can sometimes be a mixed bag and have a few good apples in the mix. Gym bunnies are nigger fucking cumrags.

7b18a5  No.12243194


> eat more animal fat

Fats from fish and certain vegetables are fine but saturated fats from beef, pork, poultry etc are trash. You'll kill the beta cells in your pancreas and you'll slowly develop insulin resistance.

1b7f20  No.12243335


No one said anything about travel. You can study history without leaving your house.

1b7f20  No.12243339


>all cardio is jogging

Neck yourself. Jogging is shit but there is other forms of cardio. Sprinting. Tabata. Hitting the bag, tyre flipping, heavy carry, car pushing

1b7f20  No.12243346


His rabbi

707e3d  No.12243359


Look who it is again, ID 000000. I'm fed up with your shit faggot.

The other day when you called me a newfag, yeah, haven't forgotten about that yet.

Fuck you I've been on here for months and probably get on here more than you anyways.

Don't you know that you make yourself look like a newfag when you call others newfag?

Just because you learned how to hack your name and change it to "000000" does not give you the right to disrespect anyone at any time.

a4ca64  No.12243361


Begone, degenerate


I also went out with a Church girl where the only difference from the average skank is that she confessed everything we did.

The point is that this club isn't something parents make their kids go to. Even the thots are trying to be normal and have families but it's still obvious they're trash if you have experience and can tell.



It's about statistics. The Gauss curve is real and there isn't a place, no matter how shitty that one good girl won't wonder in. But you don't play the lottery blind, you want to maximize your odds of success which means going where the ratio of wife material to shit is the best which, as far as I can tell, is this kind of place.

Every girl that was wife material that I knew in my life was in a stable relationship by 20 and all were married by 25. That doesn't mean you won't find a 28yo virgin who just didn't run into a guy who was worthy of marriage but it means that you'll aim for 18 to 21 if you want to succeed in this lifetime.

b90aa0  No.12243366

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Once you traveled to one city you've see it all there

Yeah, I see things like these basically in every town.

Oh ,wait. I do not.

abc386  No.12243466


Earthing and negative ions. Basic mode, walk bare foot on a lawn for a few minutes a day. Expose yourself to free moving bodies of water; go swimming in a river or at the beach. More high tech solutions involve putting things in airplane mode when you're not using them, negative ion generators, dirty EMF filters and grounding shoes.

You spend around 8 hours a day sleeping, so turning off appliances and wifi you're not using before you go to bed, is probably a good habit to get into. Cut your daily exposure by a third, right there.


Anyone had success turning an otherwise decent fatty into a gym bunny?

741732  No.12243500


>Gym bunnies are nigger fucking cumrags.


4c4d42  No.12243506


>chances are she spends most of her free time being a hikki alone at home except when she has to go out.

Yeah so uh, for no reason in particular… if such a disenchanted hikki woman were to venture out of her fuck-this-jewed-world bunker, where would she find such fine gentlemen as yourselves? Where do you hang out? Just as you have to pick through piles of dried-up, vampiric sluts, she has to wade through sallow waves of anesthetized child-men.

Oh hell, answer's gonna be "leave the house, do (non-masculine) hobbies, and rely on blind, dumb luck", isn't it? I just wonder if I can maximize my chances.

The men don't want me shitting up their hobbies, but I like vidya and discussion, I can't help it… And I'd rather slit my throat than go to a blue-hair-riddled "geek girl" club. I'd give anything for quality female companionship, but it's hard to find when so many are hypnotized by social justice horseshit, made even worse by female communities' strict adherence to consensus and politeness.

abc386  No.12243551


Men that work out tend to be more 'conservative' in general, at least according to some meme study that was floating around. So you can take your chances at the gym. Sporting clubs. Shooting ranges. Stay away from crossfit unless you want a laugh. Martial arts clubs are hit and miss in terms of poz. Private land conservation groups tend to be hit and miss at the grassroots level. Predominantly white, though the leadership of a lot of these groups tends to be left leaning, even if ranchers and outdoor tourism groups might have a more conservative bent. Worst case, start an instagram and use beta bucks to fund your own dowry. On second though, don't do that. You'll end up fucking camels in Arabia.

Oh. Post tits.

ed4001  No.12243595

File: d7dc9057618918f⋯.jpg (123.31 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 111111111111111111111.jpg)


If I wanted a woman who did nothing but stand in the corner and look at the floor whenever not actively cooking or cleaning, I would convert to Islam and move to Iran. Nothing could be less attractive than weakness, in either gender. I want a shield maiden.

See pic related.

707e3d  No.12243605



7973b2  No.12243612

Just remember /SIG/ that self improvement isn't just limited to the body, try to be constantly learning new skills and absorbing as much information as possible.



Those are good if you don't have a gym membership but ultimately body weight exercises aren't as good as what you can get by using free weights and cable machines.


>Men that work out tend to be more 'conservative' in general

I remember the UK gov putting going to the gym on the list of things that can potentially make someone a fascist. Men and women who work out are more conservative in general because personal responsibility and self improvement are inherently conservative traits.

1641f9  No.12243641


Good advice on earthing / turning shit off.

Blue light is another form of radiation exposure that we dont ever consider, look into the effects of blue light emitting shit on your circadian rhythm and how it ties into health / sickness.

To mitigate I take regular sun breaks at work (office) and wear blue light blocking glasses that block about 50% during the day at work (take them off for my sun breaks) and then got some fully orange wrap around uvex at home for night use that block practically all blue light. The other vector of blue light exposure is to your skin, so wear adequate clothing to ensure the light is being filtered enough before it reaches your skin to not impact significantly.

Dont take my word for it just search keywords "blue light circadian".

de3a98  No.12243651


Maybe you're right and I did find her by chance. I wasn't looking for a wife at the time. I joined a different gym with more weight lifting equipment and there she was. I've come across plenty of shit people in gyms over the years.

What I will say is this, having a shared interest in fitness has definitely helped in our relationship. It's always been something that we've enjoyed doing together. Even now when her body has changed due her being pregnant and then breast feeding, she does a light work out with me while I lift weights. She's a good mother and cook. It's great to watch our daughter with her, picking up on her mother's good diet and fitness habits. Our little girl loves being outside and active, this is in no small part because of what she's taught and shown by both of her parents. Having only the husband in a marriage being fit and healthy isn't enough. The wife is the mother and it's her that the children will take the most from.

fffada  No.12243668


thats called a non-white

ed4001  No.12243705


No, she's caucasian, her skin just looks weird because of the low light.

e96d0b  No.12243710


On it now, I take small doses to train my brain toward positive behaviors

224de5  No.12244121

File: 8e336e84f04930a⋯.jpg (85.65 KB, 575x1024, 575:1024, ca010e510298f6fe2fad0f0b1f….jpg)


>Yeah so uh, for no reason in particular… if such a disenchanted hikki woman were to venture out of her fuck-this-jewed-world bunker, where would she find such fine gentlemen as yourselves?

Maybe if we're lucky we'll randomly bump into one another at the supermarket, kekekekekek.

6c4f4a  No.12244640


To add to that list, cycling and swimming are the best cardio. Both are low impact and both can be used for HIIT or endurance conditioning. You see a lot of older guys doing these sports well into their 70's, so if you can continue throughout your life.

Go cycle on the trail though. Mountain biking gives you all the benefits of cardio and a good hike, while avoiding breathing in exhaust fumes. Hell, take a tent and camp while you're at it.

8dd0be  No.12245459


wrong you defeatist fuxks

e8c994  No.12245841


Convict Conditioning. Straightforward, can be done no matter what strength level you're at, doesn't take too much time and exercises the whole body. You need little to no gear to do the exercises either. The progressions are a little weird sometimes so don't be afraid to try skipping a step or two if you feel like you're ready. If you reach step 6 in the progressions for pushups, pullups, knee-raises and squats you will already be well on your way.

Overcoming Gravity if you want something more in-depth. It's basically a calisthenics bible.

You will need to buy a pullup bar and some wooden olympic size gymnastics rings if you're serious about it.

77e62d  No.12246009


I don't really got to church so I wouldn't know. It could just be christcuck shilling.

8dd0be  No.12246443

File: 168d208a7c36633⋯.jpeg (304.97 KB, 978x1520, 489:760, 168d208a7c366337c881dd586….jpeg)




My experience as well, unfortunately. Some of the churches I've toured (different denominations) Literally, I shit you not, bussed in black kids if the area was 99% hwhite with some american aboriginals and work visa aliens making up 1%. All that effort just to play some instrument or other showing the hwhite girls that africans aren't >90% retarded shit skins (with lots of bible quotes promoting racemixing in every sermon).



>That doesn't mean you won't find a 28yo virgin who just didn't run into a guy who was worthy of marriage but it means that you'll aim for 18 to 21 if you want to succeed in this lifetime.

AOC is 14-18 Depending on where you are. Know that and aim for AOC-~21 for waifu material.

3d4316  No.12246828

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>stress is bad

You're a pussy. And illiterate.


Eat food that doesn't clog your airways, get exercise, and watch <<< this guy's videos. I also read out loud.


Garbage advice. Animal fats are the nectar of the gods. Jew elswhere.

a27703  No.12247355

File: 1e8bd767f506ea9⋯.png (160.39 KB, 400x500, 4:5, eternal struggle.png)


I'm currently on a nofap streak that has already exceeded my all time record. Feels good man.

I also pray at the iron temple 3 times a week.


Red pill me on MagDZincium, friend. Whats it good for?

741732  No.12247368


Constant low-mid level stress, which is what we experience in the modern world, is extremely bad. Why do you think suicide rates are so high?

a27703  No.12247411


I'd wager because people are born into a rootless, meaningless life and have no sense of purpose other than chasing short term pleasures.

e03728  No.12247695


>as much stress from your life as possible, not needlessly strive to become more stressed. You dumb fuck.

Struggle is eternal`````````````````````````

3d4316  No.12248004


>Constant stress

Which has fuckall to do with the stress advocate's point. He even mentioned recovery from stress. Illiterates everywhere.




abc386  No.12248066



Protein formation, nervous system regulation, anaerobic recovery, insulin regulation, brain function, to name a few benefits.


Regulates immune system, brain function/memory, anabolic recovery, repairing wounds, fertility and sexual health and can improve bone health as you age.

>Vitamin D

Bone health, particularly for kids, regulates the nervous system and neuro-muscular system. Deficiency in kids can cause a host of developmental issues as it aids the body in synthesizing calcium and phosphorous. Fucked up bones, teeth and muscles are the least of your problems if that happens.

There is a of of strong evidence to suggest deficiencies in all of these can lead to diminished testosterone in men. There may even be studies confirming it.

2f803d  No.12248123


Yes I do need to infiltrate since a woman worthy of marriage won't go out with a guy who showed up one day. I need to be around for a while and demonstrate that I am marriage material.


A problem with a large age gap is that a desirable wife material woman who's 21 will go with a 24yo guy that's just as successful as me at 27. I may be way above the average but I don't think deluding myself into thinking I'm the bestest that ever was.

3d4316  No.12248140


>I need to pretend to be something I'm not so a girl will realize I'm marriage material

In other words, you need to lie to get a woman. Pathetic. And any relationship you manage to frankenstein together out of your bullshit will be a total failure.

7c6679  No.12248423


> le demoralization shills are here again

0d3ba2  No.12248432


the gym is the niggers library

5b3463  No.12248479

File: 7741da0200ba397⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 2840x2564, 710:641, liberals.jpg)


There is always desire to be something more within human. Usually it manifest itself through materialistic ways, sexual ways, through drugs or parenthood example. It is endless chasing, rat-race that leads nowhere but keeps you busy through own creation that people calls as life.

We can't remember our time as toddlers because we didn't exist in that time. We had no identity. Only when years has gone while we gathered data from our environment we created identity. When we have our identity, we decide what matters to us. Then we experience impulsive feelings when things didn't go as we wanted.

We are piece of life that creates own image and plays it (Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image). We get so tangled to our own creation that it can kill us and bring us into hell. We think that something or someone causes our misery even when we alone create everything within.

We have all this mysterious desire to do something, be something more. It usually manifest itself through sexual ways, materialistic ways, through parenthood, dating, drugs, games, food, alcohol.. you name it. Through that it leads nowhere, it keeps us happy for a moment and then we need more. So where we are now? We are piece of life that want to experience bigger part of it. Through physical ways it finds not that part and when that need to expand finds no expression we create this pain within. So what to do? This is what meditation is all about. We wan't to think nothing, be nothing because that is just the data we gathered from the physical and created self from it. When we learn to be still, just be as piece of life, something start to happen that seems to expand you into everywhere. It seems to that consciousness, awareness is the basic that exist and everything else is manifest of it.

What (((they))) wan't is to bind us more and more into physical, sins, into that rat-race i wrote about above, so that we wouldn't learn or even think about this.

2d5aa7  No.12248803


its my 17th day on nofap + morning workout and I feel different, my chest is growing and I'm fitter than the previous. also, Im now stronger and not easily feel tired which is my main problem before. I rarely feel my UTI symptoms. now my only problem is my disrespectful act and evil thoughts on my mind between my parents, I always shout at them, I try to prevent but I can't. also, I can't control myself in using computer and phone, but atleast it has been reduced. since I've reached my physical fitness, I will try to focus my psychological health but of course I wont skip workout, I try to meditate and sometimes I use "idozer" because my place was too noisy

678cb5  No.12248938


678cb5  No.12248942

i'm trying to get this right.


678cb5  No.12248945


figured out how to link to a post on a different board. if there are other ways to do it please let me know.

for all the nofappers, this is the post with the links you need. all the good info on why nofap is important, straight from ancient vedic sources.

3c3552  No.12250196

File: 7ba1b84cf15af5e⋯.jpg (4.99 KB, 140x140, 1:1, HAMSTER.jpg)

Can we talk about buying a car that isn't pozzed?

What is the threshold for year of car you can buy that you can reasonably maintain yourself? How does one get into maintaining their own vehicle? What tools do you need, what kind of car jack should you use, ect.

Also what is the best way to buy a car, I've looked into buying off websites like craigslist or buying a used rental fleet car but am wondering if there are better ways like junk yard auctions or if car dealerships have their rare deals or something.

6c4f4a  No.12250334


>I try to meditate and sometimes I use "idozer" because my place was too noisy

Try meditating somewhere outdoors, or early in the morning before everyone wakes up

b64339  No.12250492


On top of that, most of their "mission trips" to Jamaica or South American countries are just free sex tourism. Friend of mine got cucked because his girlfriend fucked a Guatemalan while over there.

1641f9  No.12250796


Seconding this please.

ae395e  No.12250859

File: 9e27b1378d1c507⋯.jpg (75.62 KB, 870x568, 435:284, bi38hvh50.jpg)

File: 898882a5ce17e66⋯.jpg (51.1 KB, 672x448, 3:2, bi34lfz_5.jpg)


Damn good question… What in the world can intelligent Whites do to further our goals.. for example what can we do to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children?

840377  No.12250862

society is cancerous, so escape from society.

840377  No.12250866


put an end to no fault divorce and the duluth model, for starters.

ecfcf9  No.12250872

File: e57358b2a52acb5⋯.png (408.07 KB, 796x1060, 199:265, p55inlRP2O1vkkesbo1_1280.png)


If you're learning Russian, I can't recommend Nicholas Brown enough. I think the book is called 'Russian Course' or suchlike, it's probably 400 pages, 30 or so lessons and it teaches fairly naturally the basics of Russian grammar, alongside the irregularities. Most importantly it gives you a large core vocabulary to build off of. After this one book you should be at B level according to the European model (A being beginner, B intermediate and C fluent/nativelike).

I don't speak German, but the kids at my old school used a book called Arbeitsgrammatik in their first year. The professor was top notch, so it's probably a good book.

840377  No.12250888


>Nothing could be less attractive than weakness, in either gender. I want a shield maiden.

you will inevitably find yourself with a rebellious traitor whore, if you attempt anything like this.

an inability to understand the true nature of a thing is the most pozzed, cucked shit ever.

e03728  No.12250925

File: a2d487dadb9829e⋯.jpg (50.05 KB, 468x487, 468:487, 2ffbb3590ac3693efa23f5880d….jpg)


Shut the fuck up.


>A problem with a large age gap is that a desirable wife material woman who's 21 will go with a 24yo guy that's just as successful as me at 27. I may be way above the average but I don't think deluding myself into thinking I'm the bestest that ever was.

Brother you are in /SIG/

Believe in yourself first and foremost. You are the best.

10d3e1  No.12250983


It sounds gay, but self-esteem something you should improve.

Your mind is holding you back.

Your mind is making you feel less capable.

Self esteem is exactly what you lack.

Your self esteem is exactly what is being targeted by the enemy.

Here is sentence completion therapy developed by Nathaniel Branden (the real life guy Ayn Rand based her super men on):

>The art of doing sentence completion well is to maintain a high level of mental focus combined with a complete lack of internal censorship. Doing sentence completion on a daily basis as described here is a kind of psychological discipline, a spiritual practice, even, that over time achieves insight, integration, and spontaneous behavior change. People sometimes ask, “How do I integrate the things I am learning in sentence completion?” The answer is that practice itself, done repetitively, brings about the integration. The speed of your progress depends in part on the level of focus and consciousness you bring to the work, both while doing it and later when reviewing and reflecting on your endings.

Examples of the 30 week program:

>Week 1

>If I bring more awareness to my life today…

>If I take more responsibility for my choices and actions today…

>If pay more attention to how I deal with people today…

>If I boost my energy level by 5 percent today…

You answer these right when you wake up, spend 60 seconds writing as many completions to the sentence, then move to the next, each week ramps up with harder sentence that demand more self esteem.

More information here:


d5c455  No.12251403


I live in a shithole country where people starts their day at 4am and motorcycles were passing near my house and there's a eatery nearby and the owner talks very loudly while cooking, I hope I could go outdoors

3d4316  No.12251748


>you're a winner too, anon, don't worry. Here's your participation trophy!

Fuck off, soccer mom.

3d4316  No.12251755


Emotional unrest, or lack of control over your mental state is often related to diet. Try fasting, or eating only meat for a while.

a9e3a8  No.12251817


>It's like actual women don't exist anymore.

what do you think an actual woman is?

a9e3a8  No.12251858


horse girls are crazy bitches with vaginas used to getting pounded against a horsesaddle

6c4f4a  No.12251928


Depends on your country


Try earplugs, or play white noise through a comfortable pair of headphones.

abc386  No.12251956


I think he means feminine women, as in exalting positive feminine traits. Just like the majority of posters here want to embody positive masculine traits. Don't get me wrong, women can have some nasty traits as well, just like men can be arrogant rapacious coozhounds. Ideals are all well and good, but don't put people on a pedestal.

d5c455  No.12252059


thank you I will try that, actually I limit myself from eating too much, but since I always get easily disturbed and I always shout and even say bad things about my parents and I dont want to be like this..


>Try earplugs, or play white noise through a comfortable pair of headphones.

I've tried that, and even when listening to idozer, I hear the damn motorcycles and ironically I even get more irritated when I'm medidating because of that

d5c455  No.12252062


>Spooky October Edition

I'm sorry OP, but this makes me laugh, it sounds so gay haha

3d4316  No.12252080


If you're eating good food (highly absorbant - as in you don't shit a lot of it out - food that doesn't cause you to fart, burp or bloat) you shouldn't have to limit your intake. Only reason I suggest fasting is so that you might stop eating something that's bad for you. A steak (add more butter if it's lean) has everything you need to be nourished, and proper nourishment is the first thing to achieve when trying to cure an ailment. I hope you manage to calm down.

Do you have good reason to say nasty things about your parents?

6c4f4a  No.12252100


Hahaha, good! If it made one person laugh, then its done its job

8432cd  No.12252156


I have been loading, transporting, and unloading 2,000 lbs of firewood every week. I have 7 more to go.

I think that counts as exercise, especially seeing as I'm going to be 60 this year (I know, age is a poor excuse for sloth).

a317f1  No.12252211

I've got a pretty masc physique, but I am very skinny.

Whats the best starting point for swoleing up.

c70568  No.12252490


Depends on the denom, any mainstream one is going to filled with normalfaggot commie pozz. Evangelicals, Orthodox and Catholics are larpy as hell that sold out before you were born, unlikely the average churchgoer could explain the blessings of the virtues of sobriety and chastity let alone living it. There are churches out there that practice lite forms of eugenics if you know what to look for.

The stats for stable marriages of under 3 relationships come from people that don't have sex outside of marriage or their faith, when you go for a unicorn, you're also being adopted into the family and they expect marriage; it's political and spiritual union in reality. These unfulfilled 'muh dik' high school dreams of popping cherries need to die, if she fornicates she is a whore and will break your heart because she doesn't care for chastity. Don't expect to be some cherry popper that fornicates, also called a "fucker", that is capable of having a stable marriage.

You have to network and be pious to meet good virgin women, because the entire reason they're virgins is that they're defended by their family– typically the patriarch– and not on the dating market. Unicorns are guarded by patriarchs and very few here would ever get the chance to touch one outside of the retarded ones that shouldn't reproduce.

All men get and surround themselves with the women they deserve, anons fundamentally dream of the high school nerdy asspie virgin girl but that is a transitory state for a woman during their youth but the ones that never outgrow that phase turn into disgusting childless cat collecting blobs instead of mothers. A lot of anons are degenerate men; druggies, pathlogical losers, fat, sociopaths, backbiters, poor, asspies, priestcrafters, debtors, layabouts and chronic masterbaiters. Completely shit catches for marriage, like it or not, most anons are trashy brats of current year with dank memes. Most have sadly damned themselves to roasties, gold diggers, single moms and land whales who will break their hearts.

This is why /SIG/ exists and to make yourself worthy of a family political union to the lead powerful clans of the future.

257093  No.12252502

Why wouldn't you inject testosterone in our current age?

<Food full of xenoestrogens because of plastic

<water filled with birth controls leftovers

<the average lifestyle turns you an unhealable mess of a human being

257093  No.12252505


eating protein rich food and lifting

27db92  No.12252546

I've cut porn easier to do when you actually have a gf and can fuck her on the regular, have added an inch on my arms and around 35lbs in the gym over the last year or so. It's not all muscle but it's better than being a 6'4 lanklet like I was previously and I can always cut. Also for anons looking for non-degenerate fun things to do look for things like pool halls and play bar games. You don't have to drink but it's fun sometimes to just play a few rounds of pool with friends and just bullshit with each other over a game of darts or pool.

1969fa  No.12252651


the reason red wine is suggested isn't because the alcohol is beneficial, it isn't. It's all that purple grape stuff in the wine that's good for you. If you must drink red wine, or any alcohol at all, simple don't do that, and instead put balsamic vinegar on your food. It's the same as red wine without the alcohol and it tastes great. There, you just skipped all the alcohol completely and still got all the grape benefits.

1969fa  No.12252669


all plastics are bad, but some are far less bad and contain no BPA.





some of the safer ones, if you have no other choice.

2addb0  No.12252779


It's getting really hard to do this method in autumn, it's cold as fuck in the morning to do cold shower.

d914b4  No.12252822

I've recently got myself motivated enough to get a gym membership at the local fitness centre…. Only thing is, I know fuck all about any sort of body building exercises, and the internet is chalk full of websites promoting different routines and shit. Any recommendations for a simple routine for a beginner? Just all around exercise?

798089  No.12252884


Starting Strength isn't a meme. But invest in the book (or at least download the .pdf), most people do the big 5 lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift, military press, power clean) wrong and I guarantee you'll do them wrong as a beginner. The book goes into almost agonizing detail into to how to perform them PERFECTLY. Even if your goal is aesthetics or sports, start with strength because it allows the most explosive growth as a beginner.

I even coach my police/SWAT academy recruits on strength training, since strength is the building block of fitness

abc386  No.12253185


The main reason is that TRT can lower fertility while you're on it. Lower, not make you infertile. Something to do with the hormone production in the pituitary gland slowing normal production of androgens when it detects an exogenous supply. In addition to slowing those hormones, it will reduce the amount of sperm you produce, too. I've heard that it can permanently lower fertility for a small percentage of men, but the sample group in the study I saw was for low test guys who had fucked up hormone production to begin with. So if you want kids, it's something to research. If you already have kids and can afford it, there is no reason not to.

I saw something about a compound that can promote spermatogenisis while you're on TRT, but it limit the amount of testosterone your body will utilize while it's in effect.

Thinking about checking it out as I get older. Extend my prime for as long as possible. I want to do more research on how long it takes to return to your 'natural' level before i commit to getting injections for the rest of my life. Until then, I'll try and promote healthy hormone levels the old fashioned way.

5ea016  No.12253381

Just accomplished seven days of nofap. When do the positive effects kick in? I don’t feel anything different

404d4f  No.12253484


The bad effects of fapping are usually just due to low T symptoms or from being a degenerate retard and fapping everyday or multiple times per day like a faggot for months-years. If your real issue is low T you aren't going to notice much from not fapping until you get your T up. Not watching porn just helps to clear your brain of Jewry and free up your mind for self-improvement, seeking skills, knowledge, wealth, power etc. No white man should be watching porn. And no white man should be a chronic wanker. If a white man feels he needs to empty his balls from time to time, it shouldn't be any more than once per week. There aren't necessarily any "super powers" to nofap. Its just what a civilized white man does to channel sexual energy into creating the motivation to accomplish something worthwhile in the real world.

c70568  No.12253621


More generative force to get shit done. Transmute your horniness into productivity.

224de5  No.12254307

File: 15e68f612e29556⋯.png (107.73 KB, 2180x926, 1090:463, tendies oh lord.png)


>chool nerdy asspie virgin girl but that is a transitory state for a woman during their youth but the ones that never outgrow that phase turn into disgusting childless cat collecting blobs instead of mothers. A lot of anons are degenerate men; druggies, pathlogical losers, fat, sociopaths, backbiters, poor, asspies, priestcrafters, debtors, layabouts and chronic masterbaiters.

Harsh. At least I still have my chicken tendies :^)

>This is why /SIG/ exists and to make yourself worthy of a family political union to the lead powerful clans of the future.

Well said.

c779c5  No.12254331

File: c99f6daa1a59325⋯.jpg (22.47 KB, 290x508, 145:254, 1466651356849.jpg)


>Listen, retard

Calm down before you become stressed

1fc994  No.12254354


See >>12251409

224de5  No.12254373

File: 2fb4134c69e9e65⋯.jpg (190.14 KB, 1046x763, 1046:763, 1434438770021.jpg)

File: 1ed90bcf3d09562⋯.jpg (560.66 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1437263379431.jpg)

File: cd49efb0d668bf0⋯.jpg (351.41 KB, 2896x1944, 362:243, 1424199103252-2.jpg)

File: dc670457346f169⋯.jpg (386.14 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, 1424234748784-2.jpg)


Are you underestimating the meditative aspects? I wouldn't fucking dream of stepping into a freezing shower without at least 5-10 minutes of breathwork. It's just like stretching before exercise, the whole thing would be too big a shock to your system otherwise. It also helps to maintain controlled breathing while in the water too (helps with hyperventilation. pay especial attention to control of the exhales). Don't just jump in and start scrubbing your balls or whatever, take a few moments to soak up the cold and get used to it.

Another big part, for me, is the mythical aspects. Think about it this way: our race originally came to thrive in the arctic north. The unforgiving cold and scarcity ensured that only the best among us with the lowest time preference survived and lead to survival strategies that eventually evolved into the grand civilizations we have always been known for. When wim hof says that the cold is your friend, he isn't kidding. The cold preserves, it sharpens the senses. If it wasn't for that ice age, we may have been just been another pack of no-brain monkey niggers eating fruit and throwing shit at one another. Bathing kind of becomes a sacrament. It all feels very elemental.

But if you're straight up just not feeling it you can do what it says in the first pic >>12234227 and just start with a normal shower and gradually lower the temp as you go. Or you can do what I did when I was first starting out and just take fucking cheat days. I used to take a day every week or so and just luxuriate in a hot shower like a fucking degenerate just to stop obsessing over what I was missing. But honestly now I don't even bother. When I step under hot water now I can almost instantly feel the vitality sapping away from me, like the water was made of lead or something.

I used to pray for another ice age because it was just lulzy thinking about a bunch of niggers freezing to death. But now i realize how necessary it truly is. To heal the world of all the filth under a blanket of white. A world where we can truly thrive again.

ccb383  No.12254516


>having a glass of wine once in awhile makes meditation useless

retard alert.

830e2d  No.12254951


I hurt my ankle and my dog brought fleas into the house, which killed my motivation. 13 lbs down in a month, then that happened, and I put it back on. What do /pol/? How do I stop fearing getting hurt again?

a9e3a8  No.12255755


> How do I stop fearing getting hurt again?

you have to control your mind

you are imagining possible future things

stop imagining things

clear your mind, think about what is

what is around you, what is your current state

become aware of yourself, your mind, your ego, your body, your environment

push fear out of your heart

f84acf  No.12255809

If you guys are getting into fitness I recommend trying out powerlifting routines.

The detailed weight and rep schemes are great for measuring if your progress is too slow or better than expected, it's great for keeping track.

Imo it's fun to switch between bodybuilding and powerlifting from time to time.

2addb0  No.12255940


>Are you underestimating the meditative aspects?

No, I'm on a week four. I do breathing and push-ups exactly like in video but can't advance further to do cold showers for 10 minutes. That's the problem.

>Another big part, for me, is the mythical aspects

Yep, but I'm mostly thinking that I'm staying in a big waterfall somewhere deep in the mountains.

d9b34a  No.12256180


>Do you have good reason to say nasty things about your parents?

none, I think its my attitude's fault. I try taking B complex supplements and it helps me to be calm

04dca3  No.12256217


Isn't that Lauren Southerns thot sis?

07eefb  No.12256275

File: 49850bbc619d391⋯.png (43.64 KB, 500x362, 250:181, 2317987398123.png)


Please be satire.


Resurrect Vril and Ahnenerbe societies.

d55810  No.12256359

File: c860a0a5b07b922⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 499x282, 499:282, 6mfy1qg39ewo1_500.gif)


Is that like hermeticism?

Like Evola?

Because I'm reading his hermetic book right now and it's been a struggle to get through.

2b100a  No.12256386


No, they don't hate you. They just have no respect for your whiny self-pitying foolishness.


This advice totally misses the mark. "Just about everywhere," you expect wholesome wife material to be in a corporate environment? You'd have more luck at a brothel. He did not ask how to attract a quality woman, but where one is to be found. You essentially gave the advice of "be yourself, but better". Worthless platitudes, you parrot nothing but vague memes.


What do I look for in a church, then? What are good signs and subtle red flags? Once I've found a house of God and community, is there further advice I should keep in mind?

2b100a  No.12256394


I know what you mean re: Evola. I'm constantly rereading the same page because the information seems to slip past my consciousness. I feel like it must be the dense nature of the subject and writing combined with the fact it's a translated work. Occasionally though a specific paragraph or aspect of the symbolism grips and resonates with in me. I'll have to just reread after I get through, and see if it makes more sense.

sage for do

f84acf  No.12256493


Well you spend about 4900 hours per year on eating, shitting, sleeping and working.

So that still leaves you with 3860 hours of time left which is still quite a lot.

That didn't account for household chores and stuff like shopping for groceries.

7a695f  No.12256509


>Please be satire.

That's ancient copypasta from 4cuck days.

f84acf  No.12256516


Eating counts as living, if you don't enjoy that part of the day you're doing something wrong.

3d6605  No.12256521

File: 0f6f6ce84b86cae⋯.jpg (153.43 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, 1538659888918.jpg)


>She's a good mother and cook. It's great to watch our daughter with her, picking up on her mother's good diet and fitness habits. Our little girl loves being outside and active, this is in no small part because of what she's taught and shown by both of her parents

You are really blessed anon

3d6605  No.12256568

File: 030cba3bc1e427f⋯.png (69.47 KB, 274x300, 137:150, vajrasana-1-274x300.png)


The importance of Excercice, Diet and Meditation is undervalued

I don't know if its based on scientific explanation but i have recently moved from tropical region where i lived all my life to a mountainish tundra region and i have to say i have adapted and adjusted very well to the climate and in fact my tolerance to cold is amazing where the locals think that i always lie when they hear that i have always lived in tropical climate.

>guess cold showers work wonders

cb75f7  No.12256597


>"Just about everywhere"

Was there something wrong with my actual words of "almost anywhere"? Too long? With this level of paraphrasing between my post and your quoting it I guess I shouldn't be surprised you failed to see value in my words.

>you expect wholesome wife material to be in a corporate environment?

Is this your poor memory at work again? An overactive, but underwhelming imagination perhaps?

>He did not ask how to attract a quality woman, but where one is to be found

Which is an impossible question to answer, but what I know anon can do is make himself visible to good women he might otherwise turn off, as well as become better at identifying good women by first coming to personally know and embody the qualities that anyone should look for in a partner. This is the best advice. Much better than "here is where you go to trick/beg good women to lower their standards". Teach a man to fish, anon.

>Worthless platitudes, you parrot nothing but vague memes.

Anything else? Or did you use up your whole vocabulary failing to make an argument?


>I'm constantly rereading the same page

Why am I not surprised?



Honestly, if you don't enjoy shitting, sleeping, working - basically your entire life - you're doing something wrong. Eat right, get exercise, and don't work without a purpose.>I'm constantly rereading the same page

85ad93  No.12256742

What is SIGs opinion on marriage?

I married the love of my life this year, though we don't plan to have children until we are financially secure.


88b6b0  No.12256931


Are you just here to brag or something?

Good job, I guess?

Hopefully you'll have one of those story-book loves if not one of those pragmatic wedlock child birthing marriages.

Me, I can't look at women properly after imbibing the literary examinations of them. Sort of like remorse, or, maybe disgust.

2b100a  No.12256938


>Pilpul about word usage and semantics

Such a world of difference between "almost anywhere" and "just about everywhere" isn't there?

Not much to defend or attack about your 'advice' because, again, it is soley regurgitation of barely comprehended memes. "Just be yourself but better", yes such recondite wisdom in /SIG/, this improving yourself bit you've shared.

It is not an impossible question to answer, at least in the negative it is simple. Not at a 'club' or bar, not in a gender studies class, not in HR. There are some places in the world where diamonds are less rare, it's fruitful to search these first. Religious institutions with long tails of Traditional values, aka the Church girl meme is a better place to look than most places that constitute our degenerated society, for example. Not, 'lol they're everywhere bruh just be yourself but better'.

You shouldn't be surprised, Evola is known for his difficult writing style, it's a very esoteric topic, and it's a translated work What have you been reading?

c70568  No.12257111


Red flags:


<not wearing 'sunday's best'

<the words 'sobriety', 'fornication' and 'chastity' cause confusion

<no fellowship

<no young White families

<no Holy Ghost

<women wearing pants

<not White and delight-some



>financially secure

It's a meme. You will never be "financially secure" in this system by it's very nature, you can only survive it or thrive if you're a lucky hardworker/sociopath. Children are cheaper than you're told though, teenagers are much more expensive and it's usually when they fuck up their life. Stop eating out casually, you could afford a couple kids if you're the average American.

7e17a2  No.12257259


Is it LARPy to try and start a mens club?

I only know a few guys but they'd most likely be up for it and know more people.

There's nothing of the kind near me.

0f336b  No.12257359

File: 92c0642e7c810a6⋯.jpg (123.26 KB, 640x789, 640:789, 1538934652368.jpg)

I tried to find a good meta thread but, not sure if it even has any value but I found it to be useful to myself, this new concept I seem to live by:

>there is this thing that you are aware off now, that you do not like

>process it, prod it, think of it, see where it begins and where it ends

>adapt to it, exploit it

The zen book by allan watts helped me to get to this, even tho it may seem simple…but think of all the things that never get past stage two. There are many who become depressed because of a thing that they do not possess, or that does not want to work into their favor. But I have been thinking how to become like the jew. How to better and faster adapt. The zen crap basically says

>there is this value, lets say its 10, on a scale of 0 to 20

>it used to be 3 (degeneracy level, past partners, obesity count, amount of children etc.)

>but then it rose to 10 or even more!

>will you lament about it and try to change it in millions of people


>will you accept it, and then exploit it (if there are no standards, if people are more fat, if they have less children, you can adapt to how they are to find more monetary wealth perhaps)

and the thing is, there are many things out there which are now different from the past. At one job being completely lax is the norm, at the other being extremely punctual is the norm. Sometimes backstabbing is the norm, sometimes being honor-full is. Well my point is that there are many numbers in the tables, in the categories of life. They constantly change. It seems to me that if you wish to get ahead, you would need to make sure that those numbers align to your best advantage, with your own.

extreme adaptation of sorts. Not sure how to increase the speed…but yea. And it doesnt really feel like conformity either. As conforming will not gain you much of an advantage usually. Whenever there are static people who do not change…your math sum of behaviors (which can be social tactics or actions against them) will always work since they dont adapt. The whole reason that we as a collective are now winning against the left is because many of us finally learned not to lament over what is happening, and instead to try to adapt ourselves to it. Not trying to bring the past back, but to destroy the current.

bd6ba8  No.12257524

A medanon here.

>don’t forget to floss

your gum's hygiene is directly related to chances of heart attack and your intelligence. increased inflammation in your gum's through mild ulcerations at the gumline can actually decrease mental capacity and increase age degeneration in CNS.

>eat more animal fat

vegetable oils promote obesity, and obesity is linked to inflammation. the adage that fat people are stupid is true. a state of excess never promotes autophagy and CNS cellular debris is never cleared. your brain will be in a literal fog of damaged organelles


increased thickening of grey matter was found in those who meditate

d9b3f6  No.12257582

File: 93a22154de62f60⋯.jpg (72.87 KB, 500x750, 2:3, tumblr_my0ougofX71rqguqro1….jpg)


> inb4 slutposting

Life is a game between men and the prize is a blonde haired blue eyed girl

At this moment all familial communities centered around whiteness are closed via church/cult membership or outlawed/harassed by glowniggers. So you are really looking for communities of like minded young men, preferably type-a protochads or semi-chads, its just the way the world works, that's who will be your NCO type class in the future struggle. The key to this is alpha-selective hobbies.

Martial arts: look for MMA, Judo, boxing, kickboxing, muy Thai. Use autismic digging skills to find out what gyms are white owned. Failing that, go to one with a white pocket of like aged men, they might not all be smart or 14-88, but if they are white, brave enough to fight in a martial arts context, and smart, they will be 90% likely to go along with your red pills.

Also look into online communities centered around optimization math and counterintuitive/ adversarial thinking. Think strategy games (less table larp more like chess, poker), online/day trading, biohacking / nutrition / fitness, don't go near places like PUA or mentalist shit where the core of the philosophy is geared towards Jewish level degeneracy. Get into those worlds and you will have a leg up, remember in largest context life is a race based survival game, an 8ch /pol/ack is essentially a wolf amongst sheep everywhere he goes. Infiltrate, and during side discussion, about life, women, money, etc, chide the jewpilled ones for shortsighted materialism and use your Spartan world outlook to set goals for them that use the same adversarial/counterintuitive thought processes to gain greater mental, physical and spiritual capacity. Then guide to redpilled things as a part of this.

Artistic communities online or irl are tougher nut to crack, without the adversarial thought processes they deselect for male-mindedness, this leaves room for femthought and accompanying white knighting, or just open-ended mindless drivel couched in boomerish "enjoy yourself and no one will be wrong just make art maaaan" isms. We still need to infiltrate art but it's a tough nut to crack, ironically where /biz/ and /sp/ might suck for things like day trading and chess or poker, /p/ and /diy/ on 4chan are some of the only places you can find young connected ambitious men skilled in classical forms and willing to hold a tough line with others when it comes to standards. The goal is eventually to work irl but digital is amazing to start.

For the physical/martial art side, try






Reddit r/MMA (much harder to do here but could be worth it for the dedicated)

Day trading

Futures.io (formerly big Mike), well run, don't troll at all


Zerohedge (for articles)


Twoplustwo.com (the classic, go to El diablos hangout for veterans, or newbie site and learn, or news views gossip, but only after learning and posting a lot. Also makes for good opportunities to Meetup irl because you can win your way into real irl tournament by grinding free online play).

Biohacking / health



/fit/ (really hardheaded in lots of places but spam well informed and outside the box memes and you will get somewhere)

The forums follow traditional bbs set ups and thus traditional tactics work. Be a frequent poster and be well informed. Be edgy but avoid personal conflict especially with other established posters. Post everywhere, people look to post count more than established history. Make subforums of possible or own subforums with your post count and force of intellect/personality. Arrange irl meetups when possible/beneficial, be the thought leader with your top-down world view (most people still don't know how fucked the Jews got us and how shitty non whites and women are, use this like superpower of foreknowledge to seem omnipotent). Identify talent and turn them into self-starting thought infiltrator/leaders. Find new pockets of community, rinse/repeat.

784289  No.12257588


Yoga is extremely useful for physical development and agility.

d9b3f6  No.12257618


Repeated stranger interaction. I drove Uber for years and it changed me, forced me to talk to people over and over about whatever just to pass the time, this makes you better at just talking in general and less autistic about being repetitive. Most people.hate repeating speech they wrote down (most public speaking) but if you find yourself telling stories over and over this makes you not care about the lack of spontaneity or genuine-ness of your speech, a key barrier to overcome. Rent a car to drive Uber or Lyft, and talk to everyone you can, tell and retell your own personal stories, or.storeis from other passengers. Recount the news, pitch your own ideas, or hear their pitches. Most people are self obsessed and love spilling their spaghetti at you.

Watch interview shows relentlessly and note the in between stuff, not just the gist of the conversation, watch how a good host reacts when a guest drones on too long or gets tripped up, play the host always, never the guest, this is the position of social power and sends cues to your brain to relax and do what you want with the conversation.

A sales job might work but will be tough to go off script and talk naturally, plus you are jewing them so there's that, but lacking something else you can make it work. Almost a rule, this has to be irl not online.

98cd7d  No.12257622



Good job

c70568  No.12257730


I don't suggest trying to game women you want to wife unless you're a professional actor.

Emotional intimacy will eventually show how you really feel about her given enough time around her, or you'll have to be completely closed off to her, forever. Being honest with wife material will make you far more comfortable and have a stable relationship.

'Be yourself' meme is kinda true, you just have to make yourself better if it sucks instead of larping.

>At this moment all familial communities centered around whiteness are closed via church/cult membership or outlawed/harassed by glowniggers.

Religion isn't just faith, but tradition and community. There are no secular family focused organizations that aren't planned parent hood or public school tier. I tried the hobby route, it was expensive and they don't like family. In fact, most sports-hobby orientated people don't want kids at all and whine about family all the time, they want more hobby at the end of the day.

Focus on family, since you probably won't be Führer of your nation, but you can be for your clan at least. Blood transcends time is where excellence and glory is; not in careers nor games.

ec38c5  No.12257817

File: e672d1bdee07dad⋯.jpg (17.73 KB, 250x242, 125:121, 1wxa17wrtumz.jpg)

I just want to thank you guys.

Until recently, a thought of having any sort of self-image was fantasy to me, and I had no real ambition to self improve beyond distant dreams and fantasies.

Recently, however, I got myself a gym membership at a local leisure center and today was the first day I went. One of you anons recommended the Starting Strength routine, and while I didn't exactly follow it step by step today, I got acquainted with the equipment and got a good hour of exercise, including a km jog for warm up and a .5km jog for cooldown. I wasn't able to lift much tbh, in bench press I could only add 5 kg to whatever the weight of the bar itself already was, but after today's beginning workout, I felt much happier than usual. I felt a different happiness than that of completing a mission in a game. I felt… wholesome in a sense.

I don't want to get overly emotional here, but I just want to thank you all, you glorious bastards.

47b601  No.12257827

File: d85b06994d771cb⋯.jpg (182.49 KB, 690x1126, 345:563, 39a3c3dbb8a0daf953088c2e27….jpg)


> felt a different happiness than that of completing a mission in a game. I felt… wholesome in a sense.

Welcome to the struggle. Keep it up,anon

d9b3f6  No.12257831


You can join a church and try to have influence within the group, but you will always be second to the pastor, who will be an anti white dickbag either explicitly or impliedly. If you find a girl in there fine.

> Don't game your wife

Don't read my posts either apparently. I said stay away from pick up artist / "game" type shit. But at the same time you will need to recognize that the higher quality a female -> the more men competing for her. If you don't care how beautiful, smart, nice, well placed a girl is, fine, maybe you are satisfied with a girl who has a little of each? Maybe you just want a human with the correct anatomy? But otherwise you need to man up and place yourself to succeed.

As I said, again, exllicitly in my post, if you're here at this point you're not happy with being a lemming, and you are looking towards a higher role, not just a higher purpose. We can't all be "der fuhrer" but you're wasting kids time telling them to just be easy and accept shit. Personally I don't want to deal with the kids while want to take it easy and accept what life gives them.

> Hobbyists just want more hobby and less family

It's part hobby part jobs, mind you, but either way you're characterizing a whole swath of human life pretty briskly.

> Fuck church, it's full of shit, all they do is whine about non Christians and sit around waiting for daddy Pastor to give them their next oxytocin hit

See I can make church sound bad too. And although I never mentioned competitive ball sports, it's a fantastic entry point for /pol/ thought, hanging out on /sp/ is one of the most hopefully things I do each week. You can't avoid /pol/ there anymore, we have dug ourselves into the zeitgeist if that place like ticks, whereas some limpdick like yourself would write them off as "pleasure seekers".

Newsflash grandpa, no one is dejudeaizing the world by being kind and understanding, and we ain't gonna do it by letting the blue pilled masses come to us when they feel like it. It's a war out there for white people's (especially young men's) minds, indeed their souls. And last I checked this was self-improvement general, not be-yourself-and-itll workout general.

Eat a steak and lift weights hard, and recognize this whole deal were undertaking ain't gonna be pretty.

cb75f7  No.12257832

File: 02f08e8272ec3f0⋯.jpg (93.2 KB, 792x530, 396:265, 02f08e8272ec3f0b671c73f19e….jpg)



Says the guy who needs to reword everything I say to something other than what I said.

>It is not an impossible question to answer

>Not at a 'club' or bar, not in a gender studies class, not in HR

Kek. Who are you, Dr. Seuss? And did he ask where they aren't? Where are your strict standards now? By the way, if all I told him is "be yourself, but better" then doesn't that rule out going to clubs? Feel free to reread this as many times as necessary to aid in your comprehension.

>also maybe church

By god, why didn't I think of tha- oh right, "church" was the second word of his post. I'll give anon the benefit of the doubt, and assume he's gathered that much.

>What have you been reading

I've been trying to get through "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", but I'm stuck on the second "Twinkle". Being a connoisseur of children's rhymes yourself, maybe you can help me.


>we don't plan to have children until we are financially secure.

Like the other anon said, kids are cheaper than you're told. They don't need all the crap that costs money in order to enjoy, or be prepared for life. I was lucky enough to have my father around during my childhood. We didn't have much money, but we had a blast together. Stuff can never replace the relationship your children miss out on because you were off making money. That money can't be used to go back in time and form strong bonds, and healthy adults.


Do it. If you have the opportunity to create a community of likeminded people then it's darn near your duty.


Good advice. And people may have heard what you have to say before, but they've never heard it from you, which means you get a chance to put yourself into it. That's what people really want: genuine human expression. Much of the time the words don't matter. "Hi" from an insecure person vs a confident person are two very different experiences.


>'Be yourself' meme is kinda true

Because people have been conditioned to spend so much time as anything else. Being oneself for most folks is a big change.


Good to hear. As much as we shit on each other here, to hear someone other than a jew is experiencing success is always heartening.

c70568  No.12257929


You sound like you're in distress and things haven't been turning out so well for you recently. This post reeks of projection.

Hobbyists and fandoms are as frivolous as can be, It's actually killing the White race these cargo and idol cults are so epidemic.

d9b3f6  No.12257987


You sound like a christcuck who thinks golden afternoons in the last part of white Michigan spent with the last white Christian nuclear family left will save the largely fractured and poisoned majority of Aryans. You can calmly listen to prairie home companion and be yourself all you want, I'm just going to tell the young fellas here that you're full of shit and if I'm right it will resonate.

5ea016  No.12258029

Is it normal to feel terrible headaches after excercise? I’ve got bad ones after doing some squats and push ups

cb75f7  No.12258049


If exercise is unusual for you it may be completely normal pain to experience. The way you've used (or not used) your body may take some time to adapt to the way you're using it now.

c70568  No.12258064


You so upset over nothing. Your toys are a pastime and not prime time, get over it.

Guess what a nation is? It's a very large extended family. National revolutions don't work on transnational orders.

cb75f7  No.12258065

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



To further illustrate my point, watch this Orthotropics video to understand just how much our posture effects us.

d9b3f6  No.12258083


I wrote that has BBY groups are a great way to get to the minds of young men who are future leaders in a resistance. Where did I say disappear into hobbies? You sound the one upset, you sound like a literal boomer, not 30 year old but literal.

If you want to join a church do it, keep your head ducked way down about 14-88 and donthe same infiltrate-lead-regenerate cell mechanism I described for honey groups, just know that it's way harder to do in churches because a) if not the pastor then his bosses WILL be compromised by Jews b) most of the strong bonds there are formed early in life, if there are strong willed whites then that is IMPLIED never EXPLICIT in the community for aforementioned reasons.

Originally we were replying to first poster who asked "what clubs should I join". I'm assuming you want to steer him to churches, which is your right to try, but not the same as a club, and basically your shits retarded and I'm filtering you because I don't need this garbage argument.

d9b3f6  No.12258085

d9b3f6  No.12258102


Grow up little bitch, if the Nazis supported cuckstianity it was their mistake. Not everything sweet uncle adolf did was correct, many things done wrong, many further steps should have been taken!

7e7b48  No.12258112


Hi, paid jewish shill. Four years of spamming the same lies hasn’t worked so far. Why do you think a fifth will work?


>oy vey goyim i keep using the same buzzwords every time lol you will believe me

Thanks for admitting your were wrong.

d9b3f6  No.12258114


Real pill here. Gonna have to accept thataybe you will have to fuck a girl without some storybook marry a virgin backstory. Christcuckery, believing in innate purity of women, based Azn man/woman, not-so-bad negro, all of these are fairy tales more than half the anons here carry.

cb75f7  No.12258130

File: 63a02d029437fac⋯.png (26.88 KB, 516x201, 172:67, hitler on the bible - Hitl….png)


>if the Nazis supported cuckstianity

Adolf was not a fan, but he even had to hold back some of the other members from going too hard against the church. Read the chapter "Extreme Unction" for more of pic related.

I think you ought to chill, though. There's a a lot of good people who believe strange stuff. Hostility will often harden their them into their position.

7e7b48  No.12258132


>if I post 10 times in a row you will believe my paid jewish shilling

c70568  No.12258137


You recommended day trading and poker to find 'alpha chads'– what you find is desperate burnt out gen X'ers. You're a meme and I was trying to be nice about it, but you really are neurotic kike.

I'm lmao'ing at your life.

d9b3f6  No.12258148


Not a Jew, they die as well. But eventually the Christians will have to account for their whitephobic universalist bullshit and they won't be able to. As it stands the Christian cult serves more to confuse and disunite whites than anything else. I'm personally of the opinion that lacking Christianity, white man will find some way or another to let non whites into his heart, but it's not goodness that motivates it, it's the underlying animal desires.

Desire to conquer brown and yellow pussy, desire to enslave or entrap foreign men into servitude, desire to be looked up at, all because you couldn't have it amongst your own people. As soon as you cut non whites out of the picture, like globally, forever , what use is there for the church? The only avenue left is to go full cult and raise your kids to not know anything other so that you can warp their minds (and rape your own daughter with impunity). In the age of science I don't need a two thousand year old pamphlet talking about Jewish obituaries and some desert nigger tier code of customs.

Christians will resist the coming white rule, so after the non-white genocide, Christians will be mocked roundly in the streets, their children will be forced to mock the religion openly, but even more damning the children will be told the truth with scientific, exacting language, which is all needed to order ones own life. Anyone who wants to larp about saints is fine, but a man who gets serious about breakaway cults of desert nigger gibberish will be put to death.

5a73e8  No.12258152


>Hi, paid jewish shill.

polvol2, posting this in every thread isn't going to change opinions here. Nobody likes your gay semite cult.

d9b3f6  No.12258154


Nope, it's a war and you should get used to it. Jews never chilled and that is what let them be vicious enough to win. The next Victor of global conflict won't have such mental weaknesses as "just chill".

7e7b48  No.12258156


Everything you’ve said is the opposite of Christianity and is nothing but kike spam. Legitimately just fucking kill yourself.


>everyone who exposes jewish shills is a mod

You’re REALLY bad at your job.

cb75f7  No.12258170


>Jews never chilled

But they were careful.

d9b3f6  No.12258175


Christinaity is too open ended and vague enough to be "about" anything. It's whatever the head guy wants it to be, so no wonder jews.infiltrate and it becomes universalist garbage. This is basic, like day two stuff anyone redpilled knows, don't even have to go to a image board to hear this, you might even think it yourself if you're a clever child.

If you seriously are asking for redpilling dumps of Christians acting cucked in the name of Christianity, fuck off back to cuck Chan I don't keep Fisher Price beginner bullshit around. Filtering you too.

7e7b48  No.12258184


You’re still just repeating jew spam that anyone who actually knows about the topic sees through instantly. You’re fucking retarded and were already outed as a jew shill.

5a73e8  No.12258199


>being polvol2

>spam the same shit constantly for months on end

>pretend to not be polvol2 after people spot you spamming the same shit again


7e7b48  No.12258206


>everyone who exposes jewish shills is a mod

And now you’ve exposed yourself as a shill. Great going, you fucking yid.

5a73e8  No.12258229


you're always so asshurt jej

calling everyone who rejects spiritual semitism a shill even when they post good contributions to /SIG/ and all you do is cry about people hating on your foreskin eating god

8a7e6b  No.12258245

File: 7ec3427b630f63c⋯.jpeg (8.55 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (20).jpeg)


Always. If you think I talk anything like this in person you're fucking crazy, I've mastered the Jewish art of schizoid opinion compartmentalization. You should too if you want to go near any place under the influence of the enemy (normals are still enemy influenced, rock the boat too fast and you are the enemy). As this


Kid was asking, what should he do? For starters, never tell some joke in a way that can get back to you like that. Segregate, segregate, segregate. Find your male friends that you will lead in thought, convert them as much as possible. Egg them on to repeat redpilled phrases or jokes little by little, they will be drawn in both by their fascination with the power you have predict and thus influence the world (because you can call it like you see it) and by the semi criminal aspect of sharing wrong think, a true pleasure of young friendship.

They will stay because you have, jew-style, ensnared them in a blackmail trap. Like pizzagate, but your pizza parties involve instead bandying about the jq, corrupt politicians, the biological truth of whites vs non whites, etc. Turn them on slowly to more extreme things, I'd skip past old school racist pieces like coontown likes and go to edgy humor like kicked-up Reddit tier memes, then image boards, 4chan first, then here.

Present everything as lol can you believe x Anon said y? Then lol iknowrite you smile it off like you share the thought. Make it seem like they are joining a wave of conversation of cool people, not like you are some sperg trying to buttfuck their minds with your own race fetish. 4chan especially is tailor made for it, the aggressive, esoteric inside-joker nature of it is like tonic to the young male mind. Start with hobby boards, work up to /pol/. When they mention being pissed off at /pol/ being too fast or potentially corrupted by mods, you have them, bring them here for a "less cluttered discussion". After six months on here they will no longer be the friend you made in the first place, and they ought to be developing cells of their own.

This is basic insurgent recruitment strategy, hell goat fucking sand niggers make it work from afar on welfare babby Arabs in Western countries, you can do it too.

Edit: lol mods banned me. Part of self improvement is ridding yourself of mind cancer, like Christianity.

50a36a  No.12258288


holy shit anon that wim hof actually worked. I watched his video and went outside to do the 3 cycles of breathing followed by the cold shower. It made my arms,chest, and head buzz as if I was electrically charged. After my cold shower, my brain fog was gone. I will have to do this from now on. how long have you personally done this?

cb75f7  No.12258415


>If you think I talk anything like this in person you're fucking crazy

>mods banned me

Kek. I get it. Venting is half the fun of this place.

>Part of self improvement is ridding yourself of mind cancer, like Christianity.

I have friends that are useless because of this shit. I can show them clearly what a problem Israel is, but their religious convictions make them completely unwilling to dip into deeper water than Alex Jones. Christianity keeps whites in the kiddy pool, no matter how some anons here interpret it.

6c4f4a  No.12259591


Good work man! And that best part is it gets easier everyday, the hardest part is making sure you do stick to the routine. Keep it up.


Like anon said >>12258049, if youre a newbie to fitness, some level of discomfort somewhere in the body is to be expected. However, bad headaches and migranes are not normal. Common mistakes are not drinking enough water (dehydration causes headaches) and poor breathing technique (not breathing and straining during reps can cause headaches).

If that doesn't fix it, consider stopping exercise until you've seen a doctor.

257093  No.12259708

Do you ever wake up with a raging boner and can't get the urge to get your dick sucked off?

cf1dbc  No.12259728


You should get a gym membership and a proper program. Go 3 or 4 times a week for 1hr - 1.5hrs. Im sorry but X amount of pushups just isn't good enough. Also don't neglect legs or cardio. Good luck

6aaa98  No.12259730


I do not want a shrinking violet mormon wife. I'm perfectly capable of cooking my own food and cleaning my own house. If what you're saying is true, and strong women don't exist, then I'm never getting married. I'll get a PhD in chemistry and devote my life towards knowledge like mattis.

29adda  No.12259773


So true they are truly fucked in their head

cef91a  No.12259779


Housework has become so much easier post-industrialisation. I can understand where you're coming from, I mean even if you didn't want to do housework you could probably hire a maid for less than what a wife costs. At the same time, you really should reproduce, and a nuclear family is the best model for raising healthy children.

Furthermore, as >>12250888 (checked) points out, you should be aware that men and women have fundamentally different natures. You can probably find a masculine woman who is strong, logical and shares your interests, but ultimately they'll just be a defective man. In my mind, friendship and brotherhood with other men will provide these qualities much better than any woman.

b158d4  No.12259788


Thanks anon, been looking for a tl;dr; on the Wim Hof method for a while.Can also recommend the book "The Science of Breath" by Yogi Ramacharaka for more breathing techniques and exercises.


Damn it. Sure you can turn off your own wireless, but if you live in any populated area you can't escape all your neighbours WIFI. Consider the fact that such networks can have a range of over 100m with no physical obstacles. If you live in a building with 50 other people, that's at least 20 networks that can reach your appartment, not to mention the buildings nearby. The only solution would be to dive deep in the woods or far from civilization.


Read books and train to eliminate your stuttering, if you have any. It's not a problem to have 1-2 sec pauses in your speech, but continue your thoughts consistently and decisively afterwards. Filling those gaps with "ummm", "ehm", "aaa" , etc. is just verbal lag and immediately reduces the attentiveness of the listeners. Read books (classic novels + non-jewed psychology) because it gives you a biger vocabulary of words, ideas and concepts to use in speech. You should really consider quality over quantity. Speaking for an hour about reality TV is worse than 1 hour of silence, pick your topics carefully.


Try dancing classes. Pick any type of dancing. There are always more women than men that want to learn to dance, so you will be welcomed. You get to small talk with them while dancing and you can easily assess if the girl is quality material if you ask the right questions.

81dbf0  No.12260231



1990s Toyotas and Hondas are the most reliable, but generally any Toyota and Honda has great reliability and repair costs even today.

Always use a hydraulic jack: you don't need gigantic ones, just medium or small-sized ones, as long as it supports 2.5t (unless you are one of the few people who drive a tank of a car like a Land Cruiser).

Always buy second hand and research beforehand guides on where to look for potential issues (especially rust); assume seller never tell s you the truth unless he knows what he is talking about.

Avoid rental fleet cars like the plague, because everyone who rents a car drives it like a maniac, thus becoming dogshit way before it should.

Regarding tools, look at your auto parts store for some tool kits, should be those that come in a hard case and has lots of wrench attachments. Both that and the jack can be carried in the car with minimal issues.

fc29b6  No.12260264

File: f4d82d64c6a80b5⋯.jpg (64.27 KB, 654x436, 3:2, 136497.jpg)



less computers the better. cars really arent even pozzed yet. i mean there is a lot of dumb shit out there but (((they))) will make cars a subscription service/electric so if you even dare question them, they will limit your movement to your own two feet

b0a19e  No.12260285

I guess I have to come clean but I do have non-white friends. Since I am becoming interested in white collectiveness (tribalism), how do I tell such friends about it? I just love my folk, that's all.

f10bd8  No.12260309


>Christianity keeps whites in the kiddy pool, no matter how some anons here interpret it.

By design, it's literally a programming manual that teaches people to accept slavery. There's a reason Nietzsche called it slave morality.

253d95  No.12260334

File: 81f07e19b6ea7e4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.38 KB, 800x600, 4:3, jewinhell.jpg)


>I've never read it, but this hook nose gentleman who taught me I evolved from apes and niggers assures me the this book that consistently calls his people "the son of the devil" and "a race of liars and murderers" makes me a slave! For instance, it says marry one woman and have children with her instead of sticking my penis in another man's butthole! Slavery! And here it says don't practice usury and to work instead! What the fuck?! Slavery! And here it says that I should sare with my needy brothers instead of trying to profit from their suffering. Ultimate fucking slavery!

Oh, did I also mention I have the IQ of a dead nigger and my butthole is full of AIDS because I thought this anti-jesus D&C shilling would work on people who can read?

c9ae6e  No.12260347


>anti-dead-kike-on a-stick D&C

ok maldraw. Where did all these faggy christniggers come from? They weren't here before the election

f10bd8  No.12260356


/christian/ astroturfing, they've been doing it for a few months now

d99af3  No.12260357


Why the fuck are the christians pretending they are anti-gay?

The priesthood ARE full of gay pedos.

Fix your shit first, also:

>this book that consistently calls his people "the son of the devil" and "a race of liars and murderers"


f10bd8  No.12260368



Proofs related


KJ21 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek, for the same Lord over all is rich unto all who call upon Him.

ASV For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek: for the same Lord is Lord of all, and is rich unto all that call upon him:

AMP For there is no distinction between Jew and Gentile; for the same Lord is Lord over all [of us], and [He is] abounding in riches (blessings) for all who call on Him [in faith and prayer].

AMPC [No one] for there is no distinction between Jew and Greek. The same Lord is Lord over all [of us] and He generously bestows His riches upon all who call upon Him [in faith].

BRG For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

CSB since there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, because the same Lord of all richly blesses all who call on him.

CEB There is no distinction between Jew and Greek, because the same Lord is Lord of all, who gives richly to all who call on him.

CJB That means that there is no difference between Jew and Gentile — Adonai is the same for everyone, rich toward everyone who calls on him,

CEV no matter if that person is a Jew or a Gentile. There is only one Lord, and he is generous to everyone who asks for his help.

c70568  No.12260407


We actually had theology threads after Kikey got the boot. Turns out, neopagans are just priestcrafting degenerates that don't read their own books and it was mostly kikes screaming about Christianity. Cuckinsanity is a real thing though, but it too is a result of priestcrafting.

253d95  No.12260448


the absolute state of inbred mudshits kek still claiming "muh catholic crusaders" as "christian" because of constantly getting your nigger asses kicked by Europeans.


Oh, an inbred mudshit edgelord who is also illiterate? Imagine_my_shock.jpg

Matthew 23:30-38

Matthew 27:20-25

Mark 11:12-21

John 8:31-59

Revelation 2:9

Revelation 3:9

f10d8a  No.12260481

File: 085ab66446eb636⋯.png (51.32 KB, 400x400, 1:1, tumblr_nohckv3sYY1uvkyrxo1….png)

File: 95e7a9627618d87⋯.jpg (19.43 KB, 200x329, 200:329, solstice_ete.jpg)


Some of us are neopagan, most of us are just mystics or even esoteric Hitlerists of which aren't a religion.

425af5  No.12260502

File: 49df52c4c26c6a5⋯.png (855.64 KB, 960x960, 1:1, image.png)


>financial security isn't possible

Only if you're a mathlet. If you know basic calculus then you should be able to handle the financial maths required to set up a sufficiently diversified portfolio on the market that can generate 4% growth yearly. A withdrawal rate of 4% of an earning portfolio can be maintained without loosing your nest egg across the board. The 4% number comes from the lowest potential earning across the board of a diversified portfolio measured across historical market trends. A person withdrawing 4% wouldn't have lost their nest egg even during the great depression, the worst our market has ever tanked.

Financial security isn't a meme and every single white person should be pursuing it to free up resources for development of the individuals within the group. Upon reaching security we attain access to the full focus of our minds towards that which is most compelling to us. Combine that with the soft age gap upon reaching security and what we could have if we focused our efforts intelligently would be a demographic "coming of age" whereby a person gains for the first time access to the more cohesive will that manifests upon construction of long term security and resolution of immediate physical concern.

2bb72c  No.12260673


It's a christianity vs non-chridtianity spam d&cer. I was draen in for a hot minute, don't do it yourself.


You're getting a filter bud. In the future point me to where Bible's say "whites are Superior and we should kill all Jews".

41dc13  No.12260717

File: ecf0157b56da1b8⋯.png (169.29 KB, 1079x525, 1079:525, Christcuck2.png)

253d95  No.12260727


>repost of edgelurd strawman meme that was debunked before the internet existed

I see that 1,400 years of inbreeding cousins is finally paying off. Mudshits are a constant reminder of how easy it is to go from white civilization to goat fucking nigger retards.

41dc13  No.12260811


>calling everyone else a shitskin even tho he worships a literal jewish sect

>"Be a good christcuck goy its not like christians came here burned all your temples and portrayed your forebears as gaylords and degenerates and then proceed to shit on your former rolemodels and myths and make them look like fairy tales instead of didactic metaphors"

go back to /christ/ or whatever shithole you came from and let us build the whitetopia our children deserve zogbot

6e487b  No.12260870

reminder both pro christian and anti christian posters are useful idiots or shills

f10bd8  No.12260884


>17 And He began to teach and say to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’? But you have made it a robbers’ [c]den.”

the shit you've posted just proved christianity to be globalist, raceblind cancer.


Decent meme but lucifer/prometheus/apollo = morning star, not satan


>In the future point me to where Bible's say "whites are Superior and we should kill all Jews".

Why would it say that? the bible is globalist, raceblind cuckoldry, designed to create slaves.

c14dd4  No.12261089


I'd say you should decide for yourself based on rationality, but you saying along with a low effort jab means you're probably a shill too. Shills fucking hate self improvement threads.


c14dd4  No.12261092


*You saging

6f7c1a  No.12261170

File: 7246e034498a70f⋯.jpg (55.49 KB, 714x684, 119:114, 2de80fb701dbada4dd0ea4ff36….jpg)

File: 1555f49f6444118⋯.jpg (62.85 KB, 720x614, 360:307, 15135426_308804536179667_1….jpg)

File: c519a5d16ecb0d7⋯.jpg (51.23 KB, 720x614, 360:307, 15129743_308805486179572_1….jpg)

I need help anons. I posted this in another thread but I want to hear more of what you guys have to say and this seems like a more appropriate place for it.

Anyway, I am in every way committed to the values and ideals of /pol/ and this movement, whether you want to call it National Socialism, White Nationalism, White Separatism, &c. I come from a good white family from Central New York State, and all of my family members have earned advanced degrees. My mother is blonde and fair skinned. When I was a child I would stare into her pilot flame blue eyes as she sang along to the hymns played in our local church. To me, she looked like an angel.

Fast forward 20 years to today. I'm homeless, my clothes are dirty and ridden with lice and all I own is a laptop and some books. This is my third relapse on heroin in as many years. To shake things up, now crystal meth has become part of the mix, since I no longer get the same rush from shooting heroin. I've been hospitalized twice and I should be dead.

I've gone to hundreds of 12 step meetings, I've been to 3 different rehab centers, seen physicians, social workers, and therapists of every type. I've been on Suboxone and that was a total failure. Currently I'm on the methadone program that the state funds but it has just enabled me to keep using even more and I'm now doubly addicted, and methadone is even more difficult and painful to stop taking than heroin.

I'm at the end of my rope pretty much. I'm 26 and I feel like an old man, and I'm just sitting around waiting to die. A few years ago I was gainfully employed at a nice software/web applications development company, and then I went off the rails again.

Stay away from opiates anons, it's the forbidden fruit of lore. Once you eateth of it, you gain the knowledge of good and evil, and you are expelled from Eden into nakedness and shame.

d55810  No.12261264


Isn't there like some root that makes you puke for 3 days and gets you clean?

Or maybe LSD?

Don't know man, lost an uncle to heroin though.

6f7c1a  No.12261290


Yes, Ayahuasca. But you have to go to South America to get it.

6f7c1a  No.12261294


Or were you referring to ibogaine? Also illegal and hard to come by in the US. Maybe on the DW though? I'm going to check.

6e487b  No.12261300


>implying sage does anything

i'm being a polite with my shitposts



d55810  No.12261306

File: 90f118991003131⋯.gif (576.81 KB, 422x320, 211:160, heil.gif)



Could be just read about it somewhere.

Just make sure to check in to a hospital afterwards.

Shit sounds intense, but to shake you monkey off your back you'll need it.

Good luck brother.

I love you.

6f7c1a  No.12261368

File: 05e3099e7e636e0⋯.jpg (137.68 KB, 660x884, 165:221, 2f1c109a752b1fd77df99a04da….jpg)


Thanks pal

5ea016  No.12261386


I believe in you anon

41dc13  No.12261439

File: 627a6666aa0a119⋯.jpg (30.05 KB, 473x470, 473:470, c51e0deb1c02c86d6277ec2977….jpg)


Step I

out with the drugs no matter the cost

Step II

get a job, it doesn´t matter what kind of job it is as long as it pays

Step III

get a Car/driver´s licence

that way you have a mobile HQ you can live off your car for years and save some money by basically spending them on basic needs and not being a consumerist gaylord

Step IV

get some Free Real State and use permaculture to become self sufficient

Step V

enjoy life away from a broken and degenerated society

and watch your body and soul slowly reconnect and get healed by nature

be strong anon

remember that you are your own best friend and the only guy weho cant get you outta there



Build a better tomorrow for yourself and your people

you can do it anon you gotta believe in yourself as hard as you believe in the Evropean race and heritage

and of course get a good wife along the way

1641f9  No.12261558


Thanks anon, I will follow your advice for my next purchase!

3cb265  No.12261761


Sure, if I had a million dollars stashed away, I could pull 4% a year to live on. But I don't have anywhere close to that. So for the next 30 years, I'll be a wage slave until I can retire.

920b33  No.12261960

File: 7658c7e5c3615b9⋯.jpg (8.19 KB, 274x184, 137:92, images.jpg)



Mechanic fag here.

Words of Caution:

Use a hydraulic floor jack to lift a car, but always use a jackstand as hydraulics are not safe when you've got a several ton vehicle over you.. Since you are a beginner, stay away from the A/C System, Brake system, any computers of any sort. Never buy from auction houses, that's where car dealers sell their unsalable vehicles. That's where stupid niggers go car shopping, you're not a stupid nigger. That rental car fleet was a good idea as the vehicles are usually well maintained.


Read web articles and books. Watch how to videos on youtube etc. The more you learn the more questions you have the more you learn. Before you know it you're an expert. Start by doping your own oil changes. Then swapping your own brakes (drums are tricky tho).


If you are a poorfag, buy your tools at Harbor Freight. Snap-on is top tier. At a minimum you should have a decent socket set + ratchet wrench, gear wrench set, vise grips (get good ones), screwdrivers, a breaker bar + socket for removing lug nuts.

Good vehicles:

As far as cars to buy, Toyota and Honda as the other anon said, are a good reliable choice and can last well pas 200,000 miles provided it is maintained. Check your oil regularly, especially if you see blue smoke coming out of the exhaust. That is oil leaking into the cylinders.

I find nearly all vehicles made after 2010 to be generally shit. All plastic, shitty little engines, too many computers, and are being designed to only be serviced by dealerships, with German cars leading that trend. The best ERA of automobiles in my humble opinion would be from 1990-2000. Never buy a new car, you're just paying for depreciation, and don't but somebody else's "nightmare". They had all the bells and whistles, minus the R2-D2 retardation. I drive a '99 BMW 3-series w/ 200k+ miles and it's well maintained and rides like a dream. I've seen modern BMWs and the quality just is not the same.

As far as specific car companies these are my opinions:

German cars: Mercedes > BMW > Audi > Cuckvaagen

Asian cars: Lexus > Acura > Toyota > Honda > Hyundai > Infinity > Nissan > Kia > Mitsushitty

Burgermobiles: Chevy/Gmc/Buick>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ford > Dodge

Hope I helped bud

f10bd8  No.12262100

File: 38adb8b3e42019e⋯.jpg (75.93 KB, 236x315, 236:315, wotan.jpg)


>to ween you off terrible drugs, jews proscribe even worse drugs

Yeah that sounds about right. I have no advice, sounds like you've exhausted most options. Maybe you should go cold turkey and become a hermit druid at one with nature and far away from the cancer of modern society. Good luck, anon.

cb75f7  No.12262103


Dodge is really that low on the totem, huh? I have a 1992 Ford that needs a little work to be in tip top, but has been serving me fine as a work truck for the past year.

224de5  No.12262123

File: 9a2c705fab14c6f⋯.pdf (2.13 MB, Julius Evola - 1953 - Men ….pdf)


Once a junkie always a junkie, they say. But if you're really serious this time, social and medical solutions ain't gonna cut it. You need a spiritual reboot. How you go about that is none of my business, but you better start looking.

3c3552  No.12262136


thank you anon I do always see the 90s model civics and accords still on the roads


yes thank you for all the advice

as far as buying used vehicles goes do you have any specific recommendations when it comes to buying a used work truck? My job will require me to get either a work truck or van eventually but I don't want to buy some dumpy thing that's been used for 300,000 miles of labor already

cb75f7  No.12262158


>work truck

I'm sure he'll have more advice, but I suggest buying from old folks, and young women, as they don't tend to beat the shit out of their cars. My truck was owned by a college student, and her dad did the general maintenance on it. Also, should you end up with a Ford, the 302 engine has a good reputation for lasting many hundreds of thousands of miles.

3c3552  No.12262177


do you know anything about Nissan trucks?

is there any fundamental differences between owning and maintaining a truck vs a car? I've heard the tires can be kind of expensive

cb75f7  No.12262225


Wasn't Nissan previously Datsun? I still see those around, but know anything about 'em. As far as maintenance, no, there's not a big difference, except in the tools you need to work on them. Take whatever vehicle you get to an actual mechanic shop for an overall inspection, and let them tell you what's wrong. They'll print you up a list broken into sections from "needs immediate attention" to "Keep an eye on it", and an estimate for what it'll cost to fix anything. I just keep the list and research each item to see what I need to do it myself. Never had to take my cars into the shop.

Also, I buy used everything. I got 4 tires on rims for my truck for $150. They work great. Just be sure to check the sides for gashes before you buy 'em. A weak sidewall is dangerous.

5ea016  No.12262232

This may sound really superficial and dumb, but is there a way to naturally increase your penis size?

cb75f7  No.12262309


I've never tested it, but my intuition tells me you have to eat penis to grow penis.

224de5  No.12262332

File: 029aa281af1d4c0⋯.jpeg (253.83 KB, 996x1000, 249:250, 1451508389687-1.jpeg)


Have you tried tugging on it?

fc9c0c  No.12262600

File: 4d492d7d495df11⋯.jpg (36.75 KB, 480x553, 480:553, 4d492d7d495df11ea7990d0e62….jpg)


lose the weight fatty oink oink

4a21f1  No.12262694



>take a piece of twine

>tie one one around your benis

>tie the other end around the knob of an open door

>back away until the twine is taught

>have your wife close the door slowly while her boyfriend holds you in place

>do this every day for two weeks then take one week off and repeat

Do this for a few years and you'll be as big as all the guys you see in those pornos you like, anon.

4a21f1  No.12262695


*one end

not one one

4a21f1  No.12262706


I wish I could give you advice, good luck.

bcca02  No.12262848


>Once a junkie always a junkie

Some of the truest motherfucking words of tongue and pen, those.

d66153  No.12262924

File: 4a06300488df27e⋯.jpg (92.4 KB, 600x600, 1:1, thesebadfeels.jpg)

Any advice for anons with insomnia. I've had this problem for a long time and have turned to alcohol to help me sleep. It's the only thing stopping me from improving myself, and it's starting to frustrate me.

cb75f7  No.12262958


Are you getting enough exercise? Are you on electronics right up till, or during bedtime? What are you eating? Is there something specific in your life that you're avoiding/anticipating? Answer these and maybe we can help narrow down your issue.

8dd0be  No.12262959

d66153  No.12262980


>Are you getting enough exercise?

Yes, I walk many miles a day.

>Are you on electronics right up till, or during bedtime?


>What are you eating?

I eat mostly meat, drink milk, and avoid carbs and fried food as much as I can.

>Is there something specific in your life that you're avoiding/anticipating?

No, not that I know of.

159361  No.12263119

File: 3c245bedec80da4⋯.jpg (116.68 KB, 740x566, 370:283, 7acb5fb531a2d68251f0c7d60e….jpg)


I wish there was something like this. I'm constantly at odds with myself. I'll try to be clever and do things like delete all of the drug dealer contacts from my phone, and then eight hours later I'll restore them from a cloud backup I forgot I had. Like in the movie Trainspotting, when Renton is going cold turkey and confines himself inside his room by nailing a bunch of two by fours across his door jamb. Then the next scene is him pulling all the nails out and taking all the boards down because he wants another "last" hit. Stuff like that is so disheartening. Not to mention all the guilt and shame that comes along with it.

98cd7d  No.12263156


Just take it easy

Start by taking a break

And once you start again focus on doing the smallest increment you can

Then rest again untill you fully recover

Then each time you do the smallest increment more or better or faster and before you know it you have the habit of growth and improvement, and no one can take that away from you because it will be part of you

When you are hurt, take care of yourself anon

cb75f7  No.12263204


Well two big things you could try changing is adding strenuous exercise to your daily routine, and cutting out electronics and hour before bedtime. Walking isn't much to speak of; our bodies are capable of great feats. If you want an extra reason to cut out the electronics make that hour before bed a meditation, or reading (by candlelight) time; or something of that sort.

90777e  No.12263380


You need to get off the street and away from other addicts and let someone else you can trust handle your finances. Prepare for feeling like absolute shit and start enjoying the suffer and craving as an expression of development. For that you need to analyse your emotions and brain chemistry from an observing outside position again and again. Write a letter to your future self describing your horrible situation in detail and read it whenever you are about to get weak minded to remind you where you end up again if you lie to yourself. If you are more of a visual guy, take pictures of your environment. Don't have too much pride to ask people for help irl. Figure out what is the best way of withdrawal, and follow the plan. Start right now.

f13e5e  No.12263396

File: a3a093a1bea1fe0⋯.jpg (54.92 KB, 639x724, 639:724, ca4ff67377dd7bfc05db98e31b….jpg)


Thanks for the system. I'll try giving it a shot over the next month, I always find that I fall back into the same patterns so I believe reflecting more on where I am and what is best to do next will help things out.

07a61b  No.12263421


It doesn't sound like you will be capable of living past 35 with all the abuse your body has taken, but you may think of relenting the pleasure drugs and inject polypeptides (BPC-157, TB-500, etc) to heal your body instead.

Of course if that works, you will feel better and so go right back to seeking pleasure, probably. Pretty sure not many alive can tell you how to die well, though there are some solitary examples such as Jesus, Socrates, William Wallace, and others.

cf1c0e  No.12263466


>Even now when her body has changed due her being pregnant and then breast feeding

Please do explain for us virgins


You will not kick the drugs unless you really want to, both consciously and subconsciously. You need to change the way you think about drugs and your relationship to them. If you believe that your worthless and that you life isn't worth living, you will always self destruct. Spend time on self introspection, away from common distractions. You can change yourself. This change starts from within. Believe in your yourself and have confidence that are able to do it. Find a free hobby that you enjoy. Reading books at a local library might suffice. It's a good habit to get into and the library will be somewhere warm, dry and out of the cold.

Other people are generally kind, especially other white people. If you're competent with computers, volunteer to do tech support at a local charity or community organisation. If you put something in, other people will give you something back. Volunteering is also a great way to get back into employment.

I'm a former opioid addict myself. I've now been clean for many years. /pol/ has helped me stay clean. It reminds me that as a white person, the blood of my ancestors run through my veins. They didn't struggle and fight in their lives for me die clutching a bottle of drugs prescribed by jews. Just like them I have the ability to overcome whatever is in front of me.

c49e06  No.12263521




224de5  No.12263601

File: 4ac7187df9b2268⋯.jpg (457.23 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, independenceday-flag.jpg)


wew lad

b0a19e  No.12263741

a5ae96  No.12263744

File: 466e85612aaa82a⋯.jpg (89.13 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, liquid-norwegian-cod-liver….jpg)

Cod liver oil every day.

a5ae96  No.12263749

File: a66b0e269598fdc⋯.jpg (3.35 MB, 1417x2512, 1417:2512, havamal_cover.jpg)

Live by the words of Haavamaal

a5ae96  No.12263755

File: 15e074be3bdfc8b⋯.jpg (3.56 KB, 183x275, 183:275, images.jpg)

Spend time in nature alone, without phone

6e487b  No.12264177

how do i get girlfriend

117642  No.12265603

File: 7b423ae05e5cbf0⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 1210x6307, 1210:6307, 7b423ae05e5cbf03380164dad4….jpg)

File: d6c0854573d9754⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1210x6291, 1210:6291, d6c0854573d9754df6d4e65e59….jpg)

File: 5306226a8d4c1a6⋯.png (411.12 KB, 1802x659, 1802:659, 1449697274129-3.png)

File: ad82bae062e1c9c⋯.png (299.94 KB, 1283x1275, 1283:1275, ad82bae062e1c9cdbed2141d77….png)

File: c22eb95bd357b98⋯.jpg (274.1 KB, 1861x730, 1861:730, Going out.jpg)


Understand the nature of female and male energy.

224de5  No.12265617

File: 8970da26ca630b3⋯.png (675.71 KB, 632x840, 79:105, does this look like the fa….png)


>I guess I have to come clean but I do have non-white friends. Since I am becoming interested in white collectiveness (tribalism), how do I tell such friends about it? I just love my folk, that's all.

Don't say shit to your "friends" unless you want to see your social life make some verry sharp and sudden adjustments. And for that matter don't say shit to us either until you lurk the fuck moar you civnat greenhorn newfag motherfucker.

224de5  No.12265633

File: 896fc72fc8fc74d⋯.jpg (15.45 KB, 236x352, 59:88, 1470263381354.jpg)


Buy one you dummy.

a447cc  No.12265677


> how do I tell such friends about nationalism

Clue them up on black nationalism, and slip them the red pill on kikes. Quote some Stokely Carmichael and Elijah Mohammad on separationism.

Raise the question about why can't black basketball players get together with Oprah and make a bank (kikes will shut them out after an unfair advantage that's now regulated to close the door).

Talk about how you went and looked up who Malcolm X was talking about when he said the white man demanded a seat at the head of the table (Herbert Hull).

Tell them you were surprised because he was a Jew, and you went and looked up all those white men demanding a seat at the head of the black table, and all were kikes.

a447cc  No.12265724


> Adolf was not a fan

Except he said he was, but that's aside the point.

There's no worse outcome for a kike than for a Christian to kill them.

There's no better outcome than a Christian who sends a kike to hell.

All the others can do is kill them, we get a true victory.

Those niggers burn in hellfire for eternity.

It's worth believing just to know their torment does not end with death.

b0a19e  No.12265821


How the hell am I a civnat?

af4c79  No.12265949



>Once a junkie always a junkie

Not true for me at least. I lost my father, mother and someone else very close to me in the span of two years. Did drugs for a year and half while I was in pain, when the worst pain stopped, I stopped using. I have never even thought about using again.

As I typed this I realized my situation is probably unique compared to your average junkie.

ae395e  No.12266019

File: f8384f61f2fc345⋯.jpg (34.14 KB, 480x516, 40:43, mercalie.jpg)

OP, I have no jews within me… sorry to hear about your pathology.

Question: Does the goblin within you look anything like this?

95548b  No.12266228


>Except he said he was

If you believe what he told the public over what he said in private, fine, that's on you. But he was a string-puller. He is quoted as saying roughly that "we must discard all that divides us", meaning he was not willing to hammer on something like Christianity if it would turn Germany against him. There's a fine line to walk as a national leader.

e59c75  No.12266245

I just make more money so I can raise a family outside of povety.I run into more and more delays every single month. It's been going on for so long that I've got almost zero drive to do anything. What is it I need to do? besides tuning out of political bullshit forever

7b18a5  No.12266257


>OP essentially telling everyone to give themselves diabetes and heart disease


7b18a5  No.12266259


black hair and gree eyes is the master race, blonde and blue eye ages like shit and the flaws are very visible.

7b18a5  No.12266261


>The human body evolved for millenia on animal fat and protein. Grains are a new food (relatively speaking).

lol its the other way around, you fucking idiot. humans evolved on plants and little meat.

a9e3a8  No.12266344



using pain medication for pain does not make you a junkie or addict


thats what they're for

addiction is a mental disorder, its not dependent on the drug or behavior, its someone in pain, usualy from a traumatic childhood, and attempting to self medicate

8b5ad9  No.12266418


Thats expalin why are you editing The Bible Moshe.


>intl memes

Remember that we are being raided everyday goys.


Divide & conquer, the problem is that your autistic garbage dont have any support outside some nogf tards, why dump so much money in something that doesnt have profit? yes, they hate Christ.

bf6c53  No.12266649


>responding to OP again after almost a week

Fishing for (you)s?

224de5  No.12268587

File: 6fa935b8dd5c5aa⋯.webm (7.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nat_Soc5.webm)

>page 7



53bc27  No.12268588

ff8e95  No.12269136

File: 72d8a81d42d56a9⋯.png (194.33 KB, 382x597, 382:597, 1440265729007.png)


I know you are shitposting but currently prodyced grains have almost nothing in common with the grains of even 10-15 years ago,to the level of differing chromosome counts.They are quite new to the human diet.

Now you know.

734410  No.12269145



Filter shills - lithium is a mk-ultra tier (((antipsychotic)))

6c4f4a  No.12269179


>OP, I have no jews within me… sorry to hear about your pathology.

We all have an internal jew anon, the sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you will be free of it. Mastery of your internal demons jew is the first step towards greatness.



I know you're jewing for replies but I dont want lurkers to think your telling the truth. I actually pity you to be honest.




39895c  No.12269256

File: 98eb1a573374213⋯.png (55.48 KB, 1442x734, 721:367, cholesterol.png)

File: 13c3e81f1a86ab2⋯.pdf (324.56 KB, cholesterol -stripped.pdf)


>I actually pity you to be honest.

saturated fat damages insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas - this gives you diabetes.

dietary cholesterol raises serum cholesterol - this gives you atherosclerosis (heart disease).



If you'd like to argue about dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol please do (pic related).

Fuck it - I wrote a simple explanation for another anon wondering about eggos, have it.

>muh ancestors ate it so it's good

They also slept in caves and wore no clothes. Just because your ancestors ate it does not imply that it is healthy.

07cb36  No.12269429


> Muh panracial all loving carpenter god

Jesus was the original /int/ meme

f6f6b1  No.12269475

>Ctrl+F "/improve/"

>0 results

Daily reminder to contribute to /improve/ and if you use Discord there's also the /improve/ Discord you can join.

I know Discord is shit but I also know there are at least three or four fags here that ignore all warnings and will continue to still use it anyway


>They also slept in caves and wore no clothes. Just because your ancestors ate it does not imply that it is healthy.

To be fair, if they slept in caves and wore no clothes, then if what they ate was going to kill you then they wouldn't have had very many children.

39895c  No.12269484


Atherosclerosis starts to come into play around the 4th decade of life. To be fair, I don't think these cave dwellers were living to middle age.

5ea016  No.12269538

Just accomplished about 11-12 days of nofap, though I failed this morning. Probably because I was lying in bed. Any tips on how to not fail?

e334c3  No.12269599


>Just because your ancestors ate it does not imply that it is healthy.

It absolutely does. Your body is adopted to the environment of your ancestors. This is why i am able to drink alcohol, milk and hot fluids, because my ancestors were hunters and farmers, brewed their own beer and ate hot meals.


Your ancestors must've been parrots, given how nonsense you repeat.

f6f6b1  No.12269604


There were plenty that lived till old age. Of course not all of them, most of them died to other causes long before that, but it still happened. So I find what you have said to be unlikely.


Are you referring to wet dreams?

5ea016  No.12269608


No. I was lying in bed and I masturbated

f6f6b1  No.12269617


Well then keep your hand off your dick. That should help. There is no magical method by which you can just skip the hard part, just learn some self-restraint.

16a725  No.12269652


Change your daily routine. Helped me a lot. I'm on day 96. I've fucked girls though, so technically I did O in the PMO avoidance.

77e62d  No.12269689


>5mg lithium twice per week will keep under control your meme ADHD, OCD or BPD

<ADHD - Why children don't want to sit in a room for 8 hours a day

<OCD - Why some people are organized while others are content to live in their own shit

<BPD - Why people doped up on sugar, caffine, meds, eating fake food, and living through a completely artificial life with fake friends are unstable fucks

5ea016  No.12269799


Nope I used my imagination

f3b5ea  No.12269811

File: 26c5cbd58499825⋯.gif (8.23 KB, 392x285, 392:285, exposure.gif)


I actually have OCD and that is a little wrong.

The graph briefly explains it, anxiety begins building up intill a specific action that is used to decrease the anxiety takes place, for example if I touch something that I feel is disgusting or dangerous, fluoride for example, anxiety starts building up until I partake in an action that decreases the anxiety, in this case washing my hands.

f3b5ea  No.12269813

File: eaab6652ffc06af⋯.gif (10.12 KB, 475x281, 475:281, ocd_chart.gif)


Wrong pic.

77e62d  No.12269944

File: 7195281185f6bda⋯.jpeg (170.11 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, edd_s_room_by_proenix-d5h….jpeg)



Maybe wanting to wash your hands after touching dirty shit isn't the mental disorder, treating it like one is.

f3b5ea  No.12270019

File: 719b2a88d8a16c9⋯.png (6.73 KB, 211x239, 211:239, z gNubyXx7hTgAAAABJRU5ErkJ….png)


Trust me, it is far worse than it sounds, it also causes sort of flashbacks which can make sexual images and gore randomly show up in my head, I can not control it, here is a little explaination if you want to read:


The irony is that when I quit my medication my OCD actually became far better, I don’t know why thou.

f6f6b1  No.12270035


>I don’t know why thou

Probably the fact that it doesn't work, what is the specific medication you are using?

77e62d  No.12270047


Well the article you posted said 6-24% of people with OCD experience what you're talking about. I don't really see extreme cases as validation for a disorder, because it's probably something completely different being used to validate something that isn't real. It's like how they slap literally anyone with social problems as autistic, even if it could be some other issue such as no socializing or falling under the influence of degenerate losers. Then when something like that is called out as fake, it will always be defended by examples like Richard Stallman. Or how the majority of trannies kill themselves, because 0.2% of the human population might be legitimately trans, but you have grooming groups trying to make it sound like everyone's trans so they can make a profit.

f3b5ea  No.12270052

File: 71fd58493d35c85⋯.jpg (87.63 KB, 392x577, 392:577, 1465633391091.jpg)


I was taking fluoxetine, I was given a very high dosage and became depressed, gained weight and became suicidal, then I read that it contained flouride and actually had many negative side effects (which I was experiencing) which made me stop taking the medication.

be1ac6  No.12270067


You must pick habits up easy then right?

be1ac6  No.12270072


DMT will reverse the effects the ssri's had so take some but moderated

f3b5ea  No.12270073

File: 404c01f44e3f9d1⋯.jpeg (6.75 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpeg)


Yeah, I get where you’re coming at but this is a little different, I know that these compulisions are stupid and useless but I still do them, for example not touching door handles, being Affairs of touching cats because of Toxoplasma Gondhi etc.


Yeah, for example like spitting three times when I see a black cat, opening door handles with my shirt, compulsively repeating the phrase ”Heil Hitler” when I get stressed out etc.

f3b5ea  No.12270076


How about LSA? It is legal and easy to get here in Sweden.

be1ac6  No.12270079


Well just once after you do fine the kg/mg ratio and use it wisely. Don't be a damn hippy with it

f3b5ea  No.12270093



24dc1f  No.12270120







Hey, faggot. You think Christianity is cucked? Did you know about the time Jesus whipped the Jews out of the temple for Jewry?

John 2

14 And in the temple he found the people who were selling oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers sitting at their tables. 15 He made a whip of cords, and drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and the oxen; and He scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables; 16 then to those who sold the doves He said, “Take these things away! Stop making My Father’s house a place of commerce!”

Jesus tells the Pharisees (the high level jews) they are of the devil, John 8

39 They answered, “Abraham is our father.” Jesus said to them, “If you are Abraham’s children, then do the works of Abraham and follow his example. 40 But as it is, you want to kill Me, a Man who has told you the truth, which I heard from God. This is not the way Abraham acted. 41 You are doing the works of your [own] father.” They said to Him, “We are not illegitimate children; we have one [spiritual] Father: God.” 42 Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father , you would love and recognize Me, for I came from God [out of His very presence] and have arrived here. For I have not even come on My own initiative [as self-appointed], but He [is the One who] sent Me. 43 Why do you misunderstand what I am saying? It is because [your spiritual ears are deaf and] you are unable to hear [the truth of] My word. 44 You are of your father the devil, and it is your will to practice the desires [which are characteristic] of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks what is natural to him, for he is a liar and the father of lies and half-truths


God proves himself to be the ULTIMATE ALPHA because he will save EVEN THE JEWS.


I do not want you, believers, to be unaware of this mystery [God’s previously hidden plan]—so that you will not be wise in your own opinion—that a partial hardening has [temporarily] happened to Israel [to last] until the full number of the Gentiles has come in; 26 and so [at that time] all Israel [that is, all Jews who have a personal faith in Jesus as Messiah] will be saved; just as it is written [in Scripture],

“The Deliverer (Messiah) will come from Zion,

He will remove ungodliness from Jacob.”


“This is My covenant with them,

When I take away their sins.”

28 From the standpoint of the gospel, the Jews [at present] are enemies [of God] for your sake [which is for your benefit], but from the standpoint of God’s choice [of the Jews as His people], they are still loved by Him for the sake of the fathers. 29 For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable [for He does not withdraw what He has given, nor does He change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call]. 30 Just as you once were disobedient and failed to listen to God, but have now obtained mercy because of their disobedience, 31 so they too have now become disobedient so that they too may one day receive mercy because of the mercy shown to you.


Isaiah 46

8 “Remember this, and take courage;

Take it to heart, you rebellious and disloyal people.

9 “Remember [carefully] the former things [which I did] from ages past;

For I am God, and there is no one else;

I am God, and there is no one like Me,

10 Declaring the end and the result from the beginning,

And from ancient times the things which have not [yet] been done,

Saying, ‘My purpose will be established,

And I will do all that pleases Me and fulfills My purpose,’

ab4211  No.12270169


OCD is caused by serotonin deficiency, which is why doctors will prescribe anti-depressants. It's better to eat more protein, supplement your diet with amino acids and nutrients than it is to take medication.

This article explains how amino acids impact neurological health


This article goes into more depth on various conditions


abc386  No.12270302


Are you Jesus? Tell you what christcuck, if Jesus shows up again, I'll hear him out before disregarding him for being a sandnigger kike. Until then, I'm remaining skeptical of third party accounts from 2k years ago being even remotely relevant to the issues of today.

f6f6b1  No.12270342


<third party accounts from 2k years ago being even remotely relevant to the issues of today.

So I guess this quote doesn't count anymore because it is "too old"? After all, what could those silly old people know?

>"The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers."

abc386  No.12270443


3rd party accounts. Chinese whispers played for millennia. Hence "Are you Jesus?"

Feel free to speak for the guy with authority. I'll hear him out if he comes back, but until then, I'll judge the guy by the actions of his followers, not his supposed feats.

f6f6b1  No.12270525

File: a24d8fd8aad58bc⋯.webm (3.79 MB, 533x400, 533:400, 1974 FBI ricochet.webm)


Third-party accounts do not mean there is no substance to what is being said. You're acting as if shit loses its meaning and purpose when you do not see God physically manifest in front of you to write it down on a napkin. If someone says "if you go there, you will most likely get stabbed" then it doesn't fucking matter if those are his own words or if he is just repeating something another person told him a week ago. It's effectively just you throwing a temper tantrum because "y-you're not my mom".

39895c  No.12270606



>There were plenty that lived to old age.

Just like people do now. This doesn't imply that it is healthy.

>Some old guy smoked cigarettes until he died at 104 my man, they must be healthy.

This is the argument you're making.



>It absolutely does

>I can drink alcohol because my ancestors did

So now alcohol is healthy?

Absolutely sickening argument.

e9864f  No.12270626

Every single right wing man should have a heavy bag.

Buy an empty bag on ebay, fill a sandwich bag with sand, put it in the middle, put old sheets and clothes around it, repeat up the bag until its full. Central column of sand with cotton all around.

Ideally join a MMA gym, but this is the bare minimum.

f6f6b1  No.12270661


>Anon states the following

>"To be fair, I don't think these cave dwellers were living to middle age."

>I respond by saying that there were people that people that didn't die to war or disease would still be able to live till old age

>"hurr durr, how dare you say that literally every single person on the planet in that period in history lived to 104 years old?"

Are you stupid or what?

39895c  No.12270722


>hurr durr, how dare you say that literally every single person on the planet in that period in history lived to 104 years old?

whoa, I literally didn't even say that. Cool straw man.

Yes, people lived to old age. Just like they do now. People smoke every day and live to old age. Smoking isn't healthy. What aren't you getting?

abc386  No.12270758


If you have a message then relay the message. Don't try and lend your message gravitas and yourself authority by claiming it's from the mouth of some 2000 year dead kike.

451e4a  No.12270907

>muh church girls

You mean all those "technical virgins" who take it up the ass from Jamal every day?

41dc13  No.12271035

File: 0084d896226b805⋯.png (491.08 KB, 768x570, 128:95, Homer (You).png)


>I don't think these cave dwellers were living to middle age.


>Just like people do now. This doesn't imply that it is healthy.

way to shoot yourself in the foot nigger

but before you start doing mental gymnastics you gotta take into account that the way people reached old age in the past and the way they do now has nothing in common

in the days of yore old men (Such as plato) retained most of their wits and many old philosophers (as an example) wrote many of their best works during this later years

today old men are kept on 98 types of medication and go senile pretty quick (i wonder why)


>christians hate jews!!! that makes up for all the temples burned by christians all the Evropeans burned at the stake on charges of (((Heresy))), that also makes up for all the brother wars caused by which version of Kikebook was better and of course it makes up for all of those verses of the bible talking about how its ok for niggers and sandniggers to fuck up Evropa as long as they are christcucks and of course it makes up for having a fucked up moral system in wich you get to go to (((Paradise))) if you confess your sins at the last second before diying

870cef  No.12271367


Thanks for this post, anon. Been looking for a good bodyweight routine for a while now and have done the one you posted every day since I saw this post.

95548b  No.12272039


I dated a Christian girl with a very little sexual experience, but among her experience was anal from trying to avoid vaginal sex. They're so fucked up.

1f8545  No.12272254

About to go to church for the first time!

16a725  No.12272354

File: 5f4a04910c305d5⋯.pdf (1.32 MB, shogun-method-rollercoaste….pdf)

File: bd06e269aa6c988⋯.pdf (227.41 KB, shogun-method-fractionatio….pdf)

File: f95362922b8e498⋯.pdf (409.58 KB, shogun-method-module-1.pdf)

File: 00f5aa11b6d2c94⋯.pdf (693.39 KB, shogun-method-module-2.pdf)

File: 40ed342294ef94b⋯.pdf (369.2 KB, shogun-method-module-3.pdf)

Repost from previous thread. Go out and find a girl to wife. Let's save our people

16a725  No.12272364

File: 340c53e03d9e698⋯.pdf (573.08 KB, shogun-method-module-4.pdf)

File: bbc17c3a740c4e7⋯.pdf (727.84 KB, shogun-method-module-5.pdf)

File: 9a5b77fbb3e9e9e⋯.pdf (724.95 KB, shogun-method-module-6.pdf)

File: eceedbc70b2782a⋯.pdf (518.42 KB, shogun-method-module-7.pdf)

File: 77a04b64c6ffcfa⋯.pdf (244.59 KB, shogun-method-module-8.pdf)

16a725  No.12272370

File: e11f9304c5df2e3⋯.pdf (342.01 KB, 6destroyerpatterns.pdf)

File: a584135e30bb192⋯.pdf (269.87 KB, bfd-advanced2.pdf)

File: 2eb87d25052eb57⋯.pdf (247.77 KB, bfd-transcript.pdf)

File: 748027fe5e2c857⋯.pdf (556.46 KB, derek-rake-mkdelta.pdf)

a53278  No.12273134

Lads, in order to confront the international jew I must rid my intestinal jews. The gut is apparently another brain which I am now keenly aware after my near death infection experience. This is where I truly believe demons comes from - The Demonology of Microbiota - shitty things in your gut giving you shitty neurotransmitters.

I have tried many things to heal - aloe vera juice, black seed oil, Triphala, licorice root powder, hibiscus powder, cannabidiol, diatomaceous earth, Align probiotics, neem powder, apple cider vinegar, black walnut powder, cloves powder, wormwood, mint, expensive medicinal honey, 2 mile runs 4-5 a week, 16 hour fasts. Doing much better overall but not rid of the problem. Wat do

f3b5ea  No.12273179


Thanks anon.


Lithium? As in lithium metal?

f6f6b1  No.12273690


>Lithium? As in lithium metal?

As with any nutritional supplement, you probably aren't going to be taking their elementary form or eating bars of metal.

a52f5d  No.12273718

I'm addicted to porn and the female body, I know how harmful porn is and it's holding me back in life yet I continue to watch. I've gone 5 days but I relapsed.

754b6c  No.12273773


You probably won't be able to quit at once. The reconditioning takes a lot of repetition.

Start by refraining from masturbation on a fixed interval, may it be 5 days in your case. When you reach the limit, do it but without porn. Allow some audio if you must, but do not watch porn.

After doing this for a month increase the strike by a day or two, then repeat the process.

Do meditate. Not necessarily when your thoughts are rushing, but when things are ok too. Also, you're not addicted, only impulsive.

091b47  No.12273799


Try Dextromethophan (DXM) Cough Pills. Take 900mg of DXM-only cough pills and you will not only numb and dissociate your gut bacteria, but yourself as well. You will definitely see a new side of life if you haven't done it before. You can order it off of the internet if your local stores do not supply DXM-Only cough pills.

a53278  No.12273814


sounds terrible

a52f5d  No.12273894


Man that's a lot of time to wean off porn. Damnit this is so hard. I've meditated but quickly forgot about it and dropped it. I have to start fixing these bad habits.

3b281b  No.12274149


Ben Garrison's room?

af0c8e  No.12274517


I'm on 14, you failed at the hardest part. My only advice is to be busy with a project you're passionate about a couple days after a week in, practice mindfulness/meditation, and exercise when you feel horny. I still get tempted a bit but I find it very easy to think about other things now, just try again and channel your testosterone better this time.

bad023  No.12274688



Lithium orotate.

9805a2  No.12274744


>Burgermobiles: Chevy/Gmc/Buick>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ford > Dodge

> Chevy > Ford

lowkey bait

ef0e5f  No.12274891

File: 780b1c7159632d8⋯.png (250.14 KB, 544x408, 4:3, 2D91D5BE-EDED-4FEF-84C2-8D….png)

Noch sitzt Ihr da oben, Ihr feigen Gestalten. Vom Feinde bezahlt, doch dem Volke zum Spott! Doch einst wird wieder Gerechtigkeit walten, dann richtet das Volk, dann gnade Euch Gott!

D.A.K. 20.10.20

6c4f4a  No.12275202


Nobody fixes everything on the first try anon. Most people don't complete a nofap challenge first time, it usually takes months of conscious effort.

95548b  No.12275782


This. The jew wants us all reliant on anything but ourselves, so it poisons us and prescribes treatments for symptoms of poisoning.

153690  No.12275878

Daily reminder Christian/Anti-Christian arguments are sock puppeting shills and their useful idiots trying to derail self improvement discussion

603c6b  No.12276056

File: fab5542e71ab016⋯.jpg (395.48 KB, 1919x1079, 1919:1079, 01 - 79k7yq3.jpg)



41dc13  No.12276131

File: eeab657b30f303f⋯.jpg (163.16 KB, 701x900, 701:900, thinking.jpg)

hey /SIG/ what do you think about Vidya?

last night i was thinking how our ancestors always used games to learn things (from hide and seek when we are children to get used to hide from predators to XIXth century wargaming to train officers)

so what do you think about it? are games degenerate? or are they a useful tool to learn stuff?

I personally think that while most modern vidya cuck of duty,SJWfield etc… is complete garbage made to milk shekels from dumb sheep

but things like RTS´s such as OG C&C wich force you to make constant decisions on unit placement, army composition, build orders etc… based on multiple variables such as unit roles and economy can improve your ability to improvise

things like tabletop wargames (From warhammer to ASL) can train you to think Long-Term (having to deal with things such as supply, victory points, cover, suppression etc…)

and of course many games and themes can inspire people to research on subjects (Like how i got into classical antiquity by playing RTW as a kiddo)

im not a Psychiatrist or anything and i haven´t even researched on the subject, it just came up to my mind, so dont take my opinion seriously

however i am curious about what you guys think about this and if someone with more experience on the field could teach me a thing or two

96c8e0  No.12276167


Building and strategy games are great for teaching decision making as long as it's not perpetual carrot on a stick, and made by certain people in europe that can't put together a battle system for shit.

High Speed games are decent for building mental reflex response and muscle memory for controls can be good too.

96c8e0  No.12276168


oh and the army or marines or whatever used to use Delta Force, the game, to train their soldiers, look that shit up.

a9e3a8  No.12276661


>But I have been thinking how to become like the jew

>But I have been thinking how to become like the jew

>But I have been thinking how to become like the jew

>But I have been thinking how to become like the jew

>But I have been thinking how to become like the jew

>But I have been thinking how to become like the jew

>But I have been thinking how to become like the jew

a9e3a8  No.12276669


or you could just do actual war kiddo

f70570  No.12276822


Eat some random girls asses to reconstitute your fauna.


This is a gross simplification of diseases. They are all over diagnosed, but those that truely have these are not functional and have low quality of life without medication. The average anon isn't the type who needs this. And yes some people can self develop out of habits/symptoms that mimic these diseases, but the real diseases do exist.


Define the difference between normal and not normal.

41dc13  No.12276894

File: 2393caeed08bc4d⋯.jpeg (9.68 KB, 225x225, 1:1, Naked Snake.jpeg)


i would but i want to fight for my people and my country not for (((Them))) and there are no based armies anymore


6fecba  No.12276915


>a nuclear family is the best model for raising healthy children

No, it's not.

The nuclear family is the obvious result of the breakdown of the multi-generational family.

41dc13  No.12276967


but anon what if my parents are a bunch of souless materialistic boomers and i dont want my kids to deal with such degenerates?

a52f5d  No.12277071


Understandable. I meditated for the first time in a long while and felt really good. I'm going to meditate when I feel the urge to watch porn. Thanks anon.

99c096  No.12277117


Fitness dick in her mouth

>this is another reason why I need SIG

8278e4  No.12277366


They are all poison and a distraction. Whatever excuse you or anyone might come up in favor of them is still an excuse.

41dc13  No.12279127

File: 14c2d2e9ac2857f⋯.jpg (16.9 KB, 207x253, 9:11, Facts.jpg)


any support on that claim or you are just going to talk out of your ass?

95548b  No.12279295



You know how they say don't meet your heroes if you want them to stay your heroes? It's because everyone likes to play and needs to do something just for the enjoyment of it. This is where all of us are at our least impressive. Videogames are not a great use of time, but it's a soft vice compared to many that the greatest men in history indulged in.

It's also an activity right on the front lines of this great battle we're in, and turning our interest away from it is relinquishing a massive cultural force to the enemy.

455d4a  No.12280000

File: 0550de4fb7cdfae⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1484x1757, 212:251, icare-aux-ailes-brules.jpg)


Spirituality is more important than race.

That's what atheist far right don't understand, and that's what Evola explain extensively in Synthesis of the Doctrine of Race (and that's why they criticize him, because he believes in spirituality and basically have built his books around that very idea).

Now, it's obviously better to not mix race. But I would never go against love. I prefer to be with a girl that follows the same tradition as me, regardless or the race, than with a girl that is the same race of me, but is not spiritual (even though you can, as a man, more easily turn a receptive woman on the right path, but that's a dangerous bet).

That's as easy. And most people being viscerally against this are atheist. Because they don't understand that we're here to make sure of our salvation. Race is a matter of pride. Pride is important, but salvation and submission to god is more. And things are such in a bad state spiritually, that if you find a spiritual girl, that will not cheat on you and truly believe in straightness and god, go for it.

We're not gonna change the world, it'll never ever come back to what it was like during the earthly paradise, before the end of the cycle (I precise, no reincarnation obviously). So you mostly have to make as much order on your part as you can. But it's impossible to make things better Globally (only locally).

We're soldier, that have to defend a lost line. We'll stand until death, because the fight is important, not the result of the battle. Only god witness effort, men witness result. Obviously, for us believers, that's a noble idea. Because what matters is the afterlife. So dying as much noble as you can, regardless of the situation is what is important. And that's why, as much as the darkness will fall on this world, we, the believers, will be the last standing when everything is lost. We have to ride the tiger.

455d4a  No.12280195




Anything regarding motorbikes? Is it retarded to buy one rather than a car?


d3da5d  No.12281434


Join a martial arts gym. Boxing/MMA gyms, Muay Thai, traditional martial arts (i.e. Kung Fu or Karate), HEMA, etc.

Great place to spar, improve yourself, and in cases such as HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) you're more likely to find like-minded people.

Aside from martial arts, try to find a hobby or something that interests you. The higher quality the hobby, the higher quality the people you'll meet.

95548b  No.12281562


>Should I produce children with split loyalties?

>Should I produce children who belong nowhere?

>Should I water down my genetic line with an inferior line?

>Should I make children who don't look like me?

>Should I make children who don't look like anyone else?

>Should make children who have a harder time receiving medical help due to their unique genetic structure?

>Should I expose myself to the world as a race traitor just as whites are regaining their identity?

It's just a dumb idea, anon. Have some standards not set by your dick, you pathetic piece of shit. People like you fucking disgust me every time I see them out in public.


>Spirituality is more important than race

>I prefer to be with a girl that follows the same tradition as me, regardless or the race

>salvation and submission to god is more important

This is the fucking poison that has infiltrated our race. Loyalty to manmade ideas of skydaddies instead of our own people. Drop dead, traitor.

9fcb8f  No.12281645


Your entire existence is written out in your DNA, in every cell. Race-mixing is deleting half of your existence and letting another race overwrite half of your offspring's existence. You do not die when you die, but when you and all your offspring are dead.

We have zero tolerance of being replaced and overwritten.

Evola tried to justify rape and simply expecting women to submit to men's desires. That would make a liberal cesspool, not a civilized world. Evola is absolutely trash from the looks of it.

Spirituality is believing that things that don't exist, actually do exist. Well, they don't, inferior brain.

A guy is not an intelligent and valuable scholar worthy of attention just because he writes well. There are plenty of marxist authors and books polluting the mental atmosphere of our nations.


Thank you.

e16866  No.12281661



Except the human races share a large sum of genetic material, my individual. Otherwise, interbreeding would be an impossibility.

e16866  No.12281668


Forgot to add, this doesn't justify miscegenation, since there are differences that benefit the peoples of the world to keep, and this uniqueness ought to be preserved simply because it is to a mutual benefit to do so. And another thing, simply sharing a large sum of genetic material does not make you identical/race not exist any more, it just means that you don't literally delete half of your genome when you miscegenate. That's just stupid.

d2c15b  No.12281692

File: 225ba234bfe8d71⋯.pdf (1.4 MB, defiance.pdf)

sup /SIG/

fleeting thoughts:

most of us will never know the other men and women who struggle toward our same ideals;

the force of history has necessitated our subterranean subsistence, our cultural obscurity;

we converse here in fragments, like a great mycelium,

and some of us may die, and the rest will never know.

And yet, I feel my life is in service to something we both understand, and therefore we also serve each other, even though we remain always anonymous.

When I force myself to work out, when I force myself to reconvene with the texts of our ancient heritage, and of our advanced scientific literature, when I take a greater role of nobility and courage in my personal relationships, when I stuff away money and ignore spurious pleasures to buy ammo and training, I feel you are all with me; and I am likewise with you.

I dedicate all my work, past present and future, to the fellow soldiers of white empire herein; everything I do, I do for the memory of those fallen and yet to fall in pursuit of the actualization of our great volk. Hail to the old gods, and the new. Praise Odin; Praise KeK.

fuck juice

>The bright grey eyes peered still deeper into me, as though trying to decipher the story of my life. “And you,” the young man asked me at last, >“who are you?”

>“I have told you: an Aryan from far away.”

>Out of doors, the bitter wind continued blowing, and I could see the ruined wall against the dark background of the night. In a flash, I recalled the sight of the whole country; miles and hundreds of miles of crumbling walls; streets in which — like in the Schloss Strasse of Koblenz, which I had just seen — there was not a single house standing. But along those streets, marching in a warrior-like manner, and singing on their way, I pictured to myself the veterans of this lost war and of these following years of persecution, side by side with the youth of resurrected Germany — the Army of the Fourth Reich, one day; out of chaos: order and strength; out of servitude and death, the will to live and to conquer. And I smiled, as a tear rolled down my cheek. I felt inspired, as seldom I have been. “Do you remember,” said I, “the grand days when you used to parade the streets and sing the song of conquest?

>“Wir werden weiter marschieren,

wenn alles in Scherben fällt;

denn heute gehört uns Deutschland,

and morgen, die ganze Welt.”

>Hundreds of flags bearing the sacred sign of the Swastika hung from the windows, in festive array; thousands of outstretched arms greeted your onward march — the beginning of an endless future in which you believed. Do you remember how strong and how happy you felt then?

-Savitri Devi, in "Defiance"

9fcb8f  No.12281813



That's not what I meant, I'm bad at word choice.

Not the entire genome but more of the traits and characteristics that we notice are expressed enough that we can tell differences between races.

Part of our DNA instructs our cells to form tissue, to form stomachs, for example. Well, many animals have stomachs. Most of us animals also have faces, noses, and eyes. These are the parts of DNA that we have in common with the inferior races. That we all have the same organs in the same place, and chemical composition and operation of our cells, tissue, and organs. It's slight characteristic differences that make us different races, but in the grand scheme of things, it ends up giving us the astonishing contrast between jiggaboo jones and your average civilized white person (think back to quality of white men before the forceful implementation of jewish marxist values). The difference is dominating the world with ease while still being a global minority, as we exemplified through the colonial era, compared with, well, the sewage that is non-white existence.

e16866  No.12281859


I wouldn't say sewage. They were doing pretty fine for the past quarter million years back when it was just their spears and the wilderness. Difference is that nowadays they've been stuck with us because of greedy Jewish slave merchants.

But yes, I understand. Genetics does determine a whole lot of a person's capabilities. I do not promote or encourage miscegenation precisely because the offspring are not as adapted for the specific conditions that either parent's people adapted to.

d3da5d  No.12281991

File: 8e0b59dc1be98b8⋯.png (302.17 KB, 530x571, 530:571, Ascended Varg.png)

File: d6f9fd4906a85b7⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 837x1200, 279:400, VarAereErTroskap.jpg)


You're asking the question because you already know it's wrong. You already know the answer to that question anon.

Even in the context of Christianity, why would you throw away your bloodline you were blessed with? Why would you adulterate (against the 10 commandments) by leaving your own heritage simply because you were too weak to avoid the pleasure of a "trad azn qt"?

If you're so weak then we don't need you in our gene pool, but consider this so you can set yourself back on the glorious path.


>Spirituality is more important than race

Spirit and race are tied together. And if anon was spiritually strong he would not have to ask such a question. There's a very good reason why different regions of the world have developed very different spirituality, art, music, philosophy, etc. Even Christianity, like it or not, was heavily influenced by native pagan beliefs, as seen in Catholic and Orthodox tradition+art. Notice these forms with strong pagan ties remain dominant in their nations (i.e. Poland, Russia) - as opposed to Protestantism which cuts all these "heresies" and "extravagancies" out (and shocker, now all protestant countries have plagues of atheism because there is no more spirit left to the religion to appeal to Europeans - see Scandinavia, UK).

>It's obviously better to not mix race but I would never go against love

If anon loved himself, or his heritage, he would not struggle from such a conundrum.


That's as easy. And most people being viscerally against this are atheist. Because they don't understand that we're here to make sure of our salvation. Race is a matter of pride. Pride is important, but salvation and submission to god is more. And things are such in a bad state spiritually, that if you find a spiritual girl, that will not cheat on you and truly believe in straightness and god, go for it.

Race is a matter of pride but also something that is physical+spiritual.

Nowhere in your mental gymnastics did you somehow identify how "submission to god is better than pride" -> "sacrifice your bloodline to create weak hapa children" but if you christians are so weak go ahead and be a warning to others.

>We're not gonna change the world, it'll never ever come back to what it was like during the earthly paradise, before the end of the cycle (I precise, no reincarnation obviously). So you mostly have to make as much order on your part as you can. But it's impossible to make things better Globally (only locally).

Translation: I'm weak and perfectly fine with it because I find comfort in falling back on my friend

Also who the fuck cares about "The Globe". I care what affects me and my people, everything else is a second concern. If "The Globe" is so important, go help "locally" in some downtrodden degenerate part of Africa. Oh wait that's what (((Christians))) have been doing for decades, because making some third world people follow their religion is more important to them than their own people.

Imagine if Hitler had ascribed so such a weak philosophy, and just lived a meek life taking the "easy way" and rationalizing it through "I'm being a good goy so I'll get salvation".

>We're soldier, that have to defend a lost line. We'll stand until death, because the fight is important, not the result of the battle. Only god witness effort, men witness result. Obviously, for us believers, that's a noble idea. Because what matters is the afterlife. So dying as much noble as you can, regardless of the situation is what is important. And that's why, as much as the darkness will fall on this world, we, the believers, will be the last standing when everything is lost. We have to ride the tiger.

The line is only lost if weak people like you give up and break rank.

The result of the battle is what is important, not just the fight itself. The result is what shapes the future. That's why the US Army bombs the shit out of places, launches artillery, brings in Armor, fucks everything up with Special Forces, etc then finishes the job with infantry - instead of just walking out and saying "Hey dune coons/other enemy let's have a fair fight and shoot at each other."

>Dying noble as much as you can regardless of situation

You die nobly by living a noble life. Giving into weakness and temptation is not noble. Trying to rationalize it is not noble.

>We have to ride the tiger

Anon wants to literally let the tiger ride him.

And you won't be standing when everything is lost, you've already admitted defeat.

Tl;Dr don't be weak

And if you are going to be a Christian remain loyal+faithful don't use it as an excuse to be weak.

Vår Ære Er Troskap

c70568  No.12282057

>>12280000 check'd

Not sure if false flag, but the Bible is very clear on it's stance on race mixing and interfaith marrying.

No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the LORD. Even to the tenth generation, none of his descendants may enter the assembly of the LORD.

Deuteronomy 23:2

God knows about how many generations it takes to breed out nigger blood.

95548b  No.12282911


>Except the human races share a large sum of genetic material

So fucking what? Genetically our commonality with dolphins is greater than our differences. Kill yourself.

85ee00  No.12283403


Your first sentence discredits that whole post. Bloodmixing is the highest crime. Evola is wrong and was banned in Germany for good reason.

No matter with which race the mixing is done, it creates a rootless slave, without a home.


>knows about how many generations it takes to breed out nigger blood.

That death is irreversible.

9d376f  No.12283667

File: a53054cd882fc8e⋯.png (199.09 KB, 459x646, 27:38, a53054cd882fc8e0628ac21898….png)


Stay strong brother.

Coincidental that you quote Devi, just last week I finished Lightning and the Sun. It was like a revelation made form in a book.

We walk the path of light as we pave the way for He who comes. I will remember your words and they have inspired me further. To do more.

Thank you.

1f8545  No.12284186

I broke up with my gf six days ago. Since then, I've fixed my diet, gotten new clothes, lifted at a perfect schedule, but I got hit by a huge wave of blackpill yesterday. I don't feel like I have any motivation to pursue a traditional life anymore. I'm even starting to feel tempted to go bang random sluts again.

I tried checking out some protestant churches, but I'm blackpilled by my inability to accept any of the supernatural shit. I'm leaning towards returning to the Catholic church, but I'm lacking any motivation to do so. It feels bad. What the fuck am I going to do?

af8520  No.12284251


Do not go to the Catholics. You'll be sorely disappointed. If you're really interested in connecting with a religion of your ancestors that adheres to a strict moral code, the best you can hope for is finding an Orthodox church in your area, ideally True Orthodox, and not one of the faggots on this list:


95548b  No.12284267


How long were you with your girlfriend? You need to take some significant time away from relationships before you go back into one. Refresh, reflect, rearm, and try again when you think you can do it right this time.

A year ago was my last foray into trying to find a the right woman, and after a few failures of varying months in length I decided to focus on my own development. Now I feel ready and eager to hunt again, and I won't be bringing my previous relationship's issues with me unresolved into my next one.

You sound like you're bad at being alone. If that's the case, you're not gonna be good at being with anyone either, because you can NEVER escape your own company.

1f8545  No.12284285


I'll check out Orthodoxy. Can I meet a virgin bride in an Orthodox church one day?


Two years. I'm not trying to find a new girlfriend right now, I'm just trying to /sig/, and I've been doing great over the past few days, but I got hit with a random wave of blackpill last night that continued into this morning and right now.

af8520  No.12284303


>Can I meet a virgin bride in an Orthodox church one day?

I think it's likely, but it's hard to say. Like anything else, it's dependent on a lot of factors. The one I'm in has plenty of such young women, but I was already married when I joined the church. The main thing I've noticed here is that the girls aren't screwed in the head like Catholic girls are, but that's just an anecdote.

Also, the other guy replying to you has good advice.

95548b  No.12284308


Well, just don't make any decisions when you feel like shit. Every mental state is temporary, so you can wait out this "wave". What are you eating? It's pretty hard to be unhappy when properly nourished.

1f8545  No.12284325


Funny you ask. Over the last few days, I replaced my diet of fast food and snacks with slabs of grilled meat and stir fried vegetables for dinner every night. It made me feel really good, but I accidentally consumed a drink containing 100+ grams of caffeine yesterday. Caffeine makes me crash really hard and become depressed and panicky, so I got a pepperoni pizza on a whim. Now that you mention it, some combination of those two things is the likely culprit for how I feel right now.

I'm recovering by eating two eggs, a bowl of steel-cut oats, and drinking a kefir-berry smoothie I made. It's already making me feel somewhat better.

95548b  No.12284339


Crazy how much of an effect that has. I've been doing a lot of diet experimentation this year, and nothing has made me feel as good as just eating animal parts, and it was really obvious when I'd reintroduce something else that my body just didn't want it. Depression, more shitting, jitteriness. Our brains are fueled by what we eat, so of course our mood will be affected. Glad you're on your way back up.

1f8545  No.12284355


Thank you anon. I'm going to go work, and when I finish, I'm going to figure out how to pick up the shattered pieces of my life.

253d95  No.12284371

File: c489bf19e16da71⋯.png (129.05 KB, 413x398, 413:398, fabreeee.png)


Avoid churches like the plague. They have been ultra-feminized since the Industrial Revolution. One of the ways jews attacks christianity is by having their stupid kiked churches focus on entertaining the women and children and pushing men aside. They are the original safe spaces. You'll feel like a worthless piece of shit SJW if you go to one of these boring female goy clubs.

Jesus and the apostles didn't sit in sewing circles and gossip about recipes, they read books, went outside, did work, and named the jew. Be like that, not a stupid woman hiding in soft sanctuary.

a9e3a8  No.12284399


no you're good

just keep doing them

and take a day off when you want

or just whatever you wanna do man

i do pushups like once a week and try to add a rep every time


mead with fly agaric mushrooms

a9e3a8  No.12284404


>and named the jew

did they point at mirrors while they did that?

the real place to find a gf is highschools

just roll up and get a qt virgin, and you're good to go

af8520  No.12284540


Churches like what you describe still exist, but in a way you're right in your advice to avoid them entirely. Finding the goods ones is impossible if you don't know what to look for. Better to not go to church at all than to go to a modernized one.

253d95  No.12284624


>did they point at mirrors while they did that?

Yes, they did, you illiterate assbone

"For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh) nothing good dwells; for to will is present with me, but how to perform what is good I do not find. For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I will not to do, that I practice." - Paul the Jew

2a0f6d  No.12286280

File: 9782c2d9dedbd6a⋯.jpg (276.25 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, s-l1600 (14).jpg)

File: e3ee88f8e7e6ed5⋯.jpg (266.25 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, s-l1600 (15).jpg)



5ea016  No.12286289


When I was going to mass as a kid, I remember my priest was pretty liberal-oriented. He said that he denounces people who claim Obama was the antichrist and that he prays for a world without borders.

42bc88  No.12286330


I get the Obama part because it's very cringey, but the borders part is subversive liberal talk.

42bc88  No.12286351

File: 5eebec71b25e0ae⋯.jpg (806.87 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, e8ca0a929fd1fece80c912656e….jpg)

I'm creating an Addon for web browsers. It enable people to compare the nutrition value of supplements on Amazon such as Protein and vitamins. I'll hopefully make money off this.

5ea016  No.12289359

How do you guys cope with having a degenerate family? They get me really blackpilled and it just kills me on the inside. My brothers are overt fags, my sister is race mixing, since she is currently dating a White/Asian boy. She acts like the typical liberal ditz. And my father cheated on my mom. He also has severe cognitive dissonance and chooses to be a shitlib when it’s convenient for him. I’m a firm believer in family-first, but sadly I ask myself if that even applies to me. It feels as if they’re all against me.

I actually feel like a minority in my own family. Like I’m the vilified pathetic straight white guy. My mom is somewhat traditional, but still has some Baby Bommer conditioning in her head. And trust me, I think it’s impossible to change their ways. I never talk about my family with anyone because I’m just so ashamed of all of them. What’s the best course of action to overcome this?

>inb4 blogpost

I consider this apart of my self-improvement because your family can influence you

41dc13  No.12289403

File: e5af085bede927f⋯.jpg (178.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, SS Schutzen.jpg)


step 1

ignore them and the fact that they are your family

at this point the only thing that keeps that shitshow together is the blood bond and the only one who cares about blood is you

step 2 finish your studies/get a job i dont know about your situation so i cant really give you any advice this way you will enshure economical sustenance and the ability to move away from your household and tread your own path

step 3 get a wife

step 4 form a family

and remember that contrary to popular belief you are your own best friend and the only one who can save you from any trouble you may find

pretty much the same thing that i told to the anon who was addicted to heroin

btw if you are reading this i hope you are doing well champ, you can do this

i dont know how much this will help you but i hope its something i love you all anons you fuckers all have thy hearts in the right place and will do the right thing when the time comes

blut und boden

94857d  No.12290837

File: 4cddbd290e28803⋯.jpg (90.23 KB, 696x464, 3:2, 10-Reasons-why-we-love-Har….jpg)


Loyalty is a two-way street. If your family chooses to run you off the road, that's their problem, not yours.

c4e724  No.12290945



I've been recommended this to use to repair my brain after the quaks gave me ritalin and it broke my dick. I hear horror stories about it and cancer though?

28316a  No.12290946

How do I find and make racist white friends in a university in Canada?

95548b  No.12291055


All supplements are unnecessary shit, and sometimes poison. However, if you're white, I hope you make money too.


I disassociate from people that aren't any good. Like the other anon said, loyalty is a 2 way street. Especially if you're gonna start your own family you can't allow garbage people access to your kids, and associating with garbage people is silent permission for your children to do the same. You are their template.

224de5  No.12291106

File: 209ed5ff9db5e28⋯.jpeg (135.14 KB, 778x1000, 389:500, 1451517570516-0.jpeg)


>Spirituality is more important than race.

Race is Spirit you horrible, demonic faggot.

582f5d  No.12292343




582f5d  No.12292347


Go to the gym. Push ups are useless unless your a fatty. Still better than doing nothing, but if you want to become stronger/more muscular you have to do more.

95548b  No.12292843


>3 or 4 times a week for 1hr - 1.5hrs.

That's ridiculous. Nobody who isn't making a profession out of fitness in some way needs to spend that much time at the gym. You can be buff by most people's standards doing two strenuous 30 minute workouts a week, and just eating a lot of meat.

dd86b3  No.12293015


Sorry, but you're flat-out wrong. You're basically promoting some really outdated and disproven medical information, although unfortunately this is still widely accepted as true.

Particle size of cholesterol is what matters, not total count and inflammation is what gives you heart disease.

abc386  No.12293021

File: 5e0165f8412172a⋯.jpg (205.03 KB, 832x1125, 832:1125, strength.jpg)

File: 0935e6cbe9c5589⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1308, 90:109, strength_routine.png)

File: 4cc057bb550ccb7⋯.png (540.87 KB, 945x732, 315:244, push_ups.png)

File: 7db982093fa6def⋯.png (428.5 KB, 920x743, 920:743, handstands.png)


Focus on the big compound exercises unless you're doing physiotherapy or trying to correct some kind of structural imbalance like poor posture or weak support muscles.

Warm up, 3 sets of 3-5, resting between sets, it's about 15 minutes per exercise, most of that recovery. Doing hypertrophy, you'll rest less and spend more time lifting to get that time under tension. You'll probably move to the next exercise faster than the guy taking 3-5 minutes between sets for big lifts. That's easily an hour or more, especially if you're doing cardio afterward.


Pushup progression in pics.

abc386  No.12293060

File: 5017c5ba5277a36⋯.png (509.64 KB, 929x741, 929:741, bridges.png)

File: ccb3f89db031e70⋯.png (558.15 KB, 933x739, 933:739, legs.png)

File: 1198a850feed28f⋯.png (524.82 KB, 925x737, 925:737, pulls.png)

File: fce8448f017e382⋯.png (535.15 KB, 935x734, 935:734, skwat.png)

May as well drop the rest of the set in case someone is interested in body weight progressions.

257093  No.12293116

Injecting yourself with a mild does Testosterone has no downsides

95548b  No.12293156

File: fbcb70609481dc3⋯.jpg (49.56 KB, 800x450, 16:9, olympia.jpg)


I get that among /fit/ people guys like in your pics are a baseline, but they're larger than most aspire to or need to be. Also, that much time only exercising would ideally be replaced by a hobby, lifestyle, or profession that just happens to make you fit in order to make the most of your time, and not detract from building different aspects of your character.

Not that people shouldn't test the limits of their physical ability. Just saying /fit/ standards are a mile above necessary.

35a867  No.12293181


If you need structure try P90X. Still seeded on torrent sites and I've seen it work on myself and on a few other people. Just have to make sure you have the time for it.

abc386  No.12293343


Necessary for what? Those are guys that train strength, not bodybuilders. They have muscle definition due to low body fat. Can't speak to their other hobbies, if any.

Speaking for myself, exercise is a great hobby. Healthy body, healthy mind. Plus you never know when you'll need to OHP your woman.

c4e724  No.12293752


>All supplements are unnecessary shit

They literally fucken aren't.

Fucking hell.

ff8e95  No.12293914

File: f908d5e6c1b8478⋯.jpg (517.45 KB, 900x719, 900:719, 1462577693197.jpg)


That which is done out of love is beyond good and evil.

There are however certain problems that you will face if you follow this route,you should be fully aware of and able to make up for these if you choose to do so.

As many anons mentioned in reply being born of mixed blood leaves a child lacking innate companionship and is likely to trigger a feeling of being stuck inbetween and not having a place that one can belong to.(This feeling is usually the origin of Elliot Rodger type behaviour). In order to hope to compensate for this you are going to have to be what can be described as the best dad there ever was,Which admittedly you should be striving for anyways but unlike the alternative you aren't going to have any room for slack.

One of the reasons that hapas are pointed out to be as messed up as they are is that asian family structures are usually based upon a rigid sense of hierarchy and status that they usually fail to bring over when going into other lands,which means that one side of the childs parenthood is 99% of the time going to be lacking in preparing the proper environment needed for the child,while this isn't always the case it will also be something that you will have to compensate for as a father.

There is also the status of the child's mixed up genetic structure,this means that your genes will not be passed on as efficently as they should,however,and I know /pol/ is going to get angry at this but biologically it is still better to pass on a fraction of your genes than to pass on none at all.(Assuming of course,you have genes that are worth passing on,which goes without saying but shall be said anyways).

It will also potentially make it harder for you to seek medical help for the child if need be,as most current medical procedures which call for donation from other humans will be unable to find a good match.

There are also problems that the child will face regarding the society around them due to these factors,while you will mostly remain powerless to stop this you will need to act to make sure that the child is able to handle such pressures in a way befitting your lineage.

Basically you can still make it work if she is who you soul aches for as long as you raise your sons right.Daughters are fucked unless you manage to nearly completely isolate them from society though

ff8e95  No.12293918

File: 94b13cd5b6730d9⋯.png (178.47 KB, 318x306, 53:51, fuck.png)


>inb4 someone says I am reddit spacing because I messed up the position of the last line

sage for doubleposting,paragraph length and wraparound is misleading in the quick reply box.

39895c  No.12295032



>flat-out wrong


Cool evidence bro.

Particle size does come into play, yes. Large particles may be less harmful, but that doesn't make them harmless.

Large LDL particles increase CVD risk by 44%.

Small LDL particles increase CVD rick by 63%.


Actually educate yourself on the subject before repeat nonsense. I suggest you read my previous links as a starting point.

39895c  No.12295072


Reading that article again makes me worry. It's very unlikely that you'll read the entire piece and even less likely that you'll comprehend it. Eat your food and smile, I couldn't care less about your health.

3995e4  No.12295113

What does /sig/ think about playing sports? Not zog professional sports but just going out and playing in a recreational league where you can enter your own team? It'd be fun to get a few anons together on their own flag football or softball league, good way to build camradie and get/stay in shape.

95548b  No.12295744

95548b  No.12295796


Necessary for someone to feel like they're in good shape, capable, and considered strong by others. I just thought it was ridiculous how much time people were saying one needed to spend in the gym, and I know it convinces people who want to get fit to say "fuck it", because they think they can't get a decent body without a major commitment to something they don't enjoy. A couple 30 minute workouts a week is more than enough for most, particularly the guy that was just working on pushups.

>OHP your woman

Indeed, something every man should strive for.

abc386  No.12295973


I get that some /fit/ spergs over-emphasise the necessity of putting time in the gym. For me, it's a hobby. It might be narcissistic, but I like to think it's narcissistic in the same way /sig/ is narcissistic. A focus on improving the self and ego in order to have more influence on the world around you; becoming the change you want to see.

Everything you do has a cost. Whether it's on time, mobility, health or whatever. Reading a book or a screen means you're sitting on your ass. Training big muscles has an effect on flexibility. It's part of the cost of specialization, I suppose. Nothing wrong with striving to be well rounded, either, but that itself has the cost of lack of specialization.

Spending an hour a week to do some stretches and work out or play sport, is as you say, fine. If you have nothing else to do and the time to spare, then you can extend that out to a few more hours per week. This is targeted at NEET/hikki types as well as overweight anons that have concerns about their health. Doesn't matter if it's yoga or strongman training, you won't develop those skills if you don't put the time in.

95548b  No.12296058


Absolutely, all good points.

a9e3a8  No.12296099


>I'll get a PhD in chemistry

plz make something to help kill jews

also just find a strong woman bro

you want someone that deadlifts? they exist

a gymnast perhaps?

d486ba  No.12296447


I don't really feel the need to educate you on this - feel free to do that on your own time. It's a complicated issue and posting a couple of studies isn't really going to prove the point - besides, all that stuff is on my work computer (which I don't use to post here) where I use it to educate doctors on this subject.

I thought you might want to know that you're wrong so you can stop spouting nonsense, but that's up to you.

dc9b13  No.12296844


I agree with most but MMA Muay Thai and kick boxing is full of Chads who are the type who go on degenerate holidays to Thailand for sex. Not the kind of blokes you want to hang around with.

And poker is just people solely interested in money.

a27703  No.12296869


>oy vey you're suppose to follow my food pyramid

9a6977  No.12297310


Well that's just a foolish generalization (kick boxing), makes no sense. Its probably an excellent training to take up. The agility and strength gained is very useful. I just today considered it.

95548b  No.12297331



Completely useless exercise no one has ever needed to do.

Can't really answer your main question with any authority, but I would probably just exercise more and eat heartily if I was a lanklet with structural imbalances. By using my body and fueling it correctly I believe I can fix most things without needing to put my trust in (((doctors))).

5ea016  No.12297576

Do cold showers really increase testosterone?


abc386  No.12299149

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Depends. Do stuff like bridges. Avoid stuff like situps/crunches, things that require quick rotation of the spine, like tennis or golf, heavy weightlifting and sitting down for too long in activities that require your spine to be stablilized, like bike riding or white water canoeing.

You're probably better off doing things like yoga. Depending on how bad it is, you're probably better off booking into a PT or OT for some exercises to help build support muscles and minimize your discomfort.

abc386  No.12299154



If it's dislocated or the joint is worn down, then definitely see a physio or GP before doing any training.

a9e3a8  No.12299240


be a leader anon

be the change you want to see

be your own one man army and destroy the enemy in your free time

they can stop an army

but they can't stop all of us

a9e3a8  No.12299248



you dont like pushups

i like them though

and you can always progress

do more in less time, focus on form, go slow, hands far/close, one arm pushups, even all the way up to one arm planches like a god damn super saiyan

a9e3a8  No.12299251


>relying on external artificial testicles

just guzzle cum too while you're at it homo

393317  No.12299255


>Training the same muscles every day

How do you plan on resting them? If you do pushups every day all you'll be doing is wearing down those muscles, making them weaker and smaller. Do a push pull legs or an upper body, lower body routine, and allow the muscle groups you just trained to rest for two days before you hit them again.

647c92  No.12299346


>Is it normal to feel terrible headaches after excercise?


It's common to have soreness in the muscles after exercise. Even if very severe this isn't something to worry about. This Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness usually disappears once you become more habituated to exercise and you'll grow to miss it. Pain in the joints isn't uncommon either - this can either be your body reacting to the new stress of exercise (much like DOMS) or it can signify a problem with form.

Headaches are far more unusual, and coincidentally it's something I've dealt with myself.

Wasn't when I first started exercising and it only lasted a few months but during that period my abilty to exercise was crippled. Any sort of serious activity quickly triggered a sudden splitting headache that developed into a crescendo as if someone was driving an icepick into my skull. Took a while to dull down and eventually disappear after I stopped. Earlier that year I'd also started getting similar headaches triggered by approaching orgasm.

The medical diagnosis for these was "exercise-induced migraine" and "orgasmic headache". Both can generally be controlled with medication - either something you tale daily to prevent them occurring or a reliever you take only when they occur. I started on a beta-blocker (more often used as a heart med) as a daily preventer. Only filled the script once and then when it ran out I realized I'd stopped getting them.

Other than 'exercise-induced migraines' possible causes could include dehydration, cervicogenic headaches from tension in the neck muscles, or just your body responding to the new stress (that's not something I've ever heard of though).

Finally, sudden, severe 'thunderclap' headaches can occasionally indicate a bleed or vascular abnormality in the brain. Something you might only be noticing now because of the elevated blood pressure while you were working out. Extremely unlikely but may be worth talking to a doctor re. the possible benefit of an MRI. I got one for the orgasmic headaches because they were so unlike any headache I'd had before.

In any case, do NOT let it stop you working out. If it's sufficiently severe then you MAY need to TEMPORARILY step down to less intense workouts (yoga, plyometrics, rockclimbing flexibility work, cardio or whatever doesn't trigger the attacks) but only while your body gets used to physical activity, or while you're starting the necessary meds.

647c92  No.12299406


You've got the right idea but 2x30 pushups daily is NOT going to result in overtraining.

PPL or any other gym-based lifting split is not the be all and end all of excercise - although if his goal is to get as big and strong as possible then yeah, he should get a gym membership.




>Is there any other stuff I should do?

If you're committed to a bodyweight routine then I'd suggest 2 things

1. Progressive overload.

The foundation of any fitness program is improvement. Find what your body can do and then push past it, and next time push further.

You essentially want to be working at the very edge of what your body is capable of. This might mean steadily increasing the reps per set or adding extra sets (eg 3x30 like you suggest, and then 3x31 as soon as you can after that).

But this is mostly going to improve your endurance rather than strength. Once you've hit 100/day I'd suggest there's more benefit making the individual pushups harder, either through adding a weighted backpack or trying pushup variations such as one-handed or clapping pushups.

Double clap pushups are GOAT.

Once you're really pushing yourself then you'll need to consider overtraining like the anon at the top suggests.

2. Variety

Pushups alone will contribute to very asymmetrical strength and muscle growth that will set you up for problems down the line.

You need to look at a holistic excercise program.

Pushups for the chest, bridges and chinups for the back, leg-elevated (everyday handstand) pushups for the shoulders, pistol squats for the legs and glutes, planks and leg raises for the abs.

One of the anons posted some links I'm sure will provide ideas for this. Personally I like Convict Conditioning (find a pdf online) - the author is full of COMPLETE bullshit about the benefits of bodyweight exercises (Muh gym muscles are only for show etc) and plenty of philosophical trash but he provides multiple variations of enough bodyweight exercises to work your whole body.

And once you're doing multiple different bodyweight exercises you won't have to worry about overtraining any more - if you do pushups+squats one day and chins+planks the next your muscles have plenty of time to recover.

462ad0  No.12300211


Dips and Pull ups are imo supperior in any way to push ups. Push ups don't realy train strenght, it's a lot more focused on endurance. If you do them weighted though, thats another thing, but then you might as well do benchpress/dips.

8814f1  No.12300340

Can anyone recommend a healthy air freshener? Should I use something natural?

a27703  No.12301556


You mean 1 day of rest isn't enough?

dd2ea3  No.12301580


Can confirm, equestrians are horrible people.

Cowgirls are fun though!

af0c8e  No.12303374

File: 8e0f929eaa5b764⋯.png (120.77 KB, 250x418, 125:209, question.png)

I've been on keto for 2 weeks and for the last week when I went to bed after eating I've felt quite nauseous, last night I threw up a few times. I mostly eat fatty meats, eggs, and avocados, but one day I mostly ate vegetables and some chicken and I felt fine that night. I also started nofap, meditation, and exercise 2 weeks ago and I don't feel any different other than being a bit stronger/better endurance and feeling nauseous in the evenings.

Should I drop keto and switch to a balanced diet? I'm not fat, just want to gain some muscle weight.

95548b  No.12303396


>just want to gain some muscle weight.

Rice and red meat is what the pros eat.


Are you craving anything?

>balanced diet

What's that?

af0c8e  No.12303429


>Rice and red meat is what the pros eat.

Should I eat white rice or brown rice?

>Are you craving anything?

Just rice, I lived in Asia for awhile

>What's that?

I assume its just meat, veggies, fruit, and grain instead of just the first two.

961c39  No.12303706

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Your gut flora is attuned to carbs and switching gears can be sickening. See "keto flu."

Get enough electrolytes dude. Drink some chicken bouillon for sodium. Take magnesium supplements. Eat enough meat for that potassium.

6c4f4a  No.12303993


For the keto stuff see >>12303706

> also started nofap, meditation, and exercise 2 weeks ago and I don't feel any different other than being a bit stronger/better endurance and feeling nauseous in the evenings.

2 weeks just isn't a long enough time frame, stick to it and you'll notice slight changes in a month or so. In a year you'll see a massive difference.

abc386  No.12304074


No real difference. Brown rice has slightly more nutrients due to still having the husk, but you have to weigh that against it being slightly more difficult to digest. Also, brown rice tends to have a higher arsenic content, twice as much as white rice. Pulls it up from pesticides. Tends to be organic arsenic as opposed to mineral arsenic, so it breaks down faster.

a9e3a8  No.12304123

>>12300211 checked

> Push ups don't realy train strenght, it's a lot more focused on endurance

pushups means pushing at least 60 percent of bodyweight with correct form

if doing reps with 60 percent bodyweight is endurance training for you then great job

a9e3a8  No.12304142


>Should I drop keto and switch to a balanced diet? I'm not fat, just want to gain some muscle weight.

yeah if its this hard for you and you're not trying to lose weight then just eat some fruit or some white rice

see what feels best for you and gives you the best results

good luck anon with your goals

55938e  No.12304158

File: 04a33deff58849a⋯.jpg (76.9 KB, 750x972, 125:162, bob.jpg)

currently doing the thousand pushups a day challenge

if you dont do at least 100 daily pushups you dont qualify as a right winger

063758  No.12304268


reminder to keep your elbows close to your body or you destroy your joints

95548b  No.12304376


My advice is follow your craving. You can't do better than to listen to what your body is saying it needs so long as you know the difference between a genuine craving and boredom. Personally, I'm a mostly/only meat kind of guy. I never crave veggies apart from seasoning; that'd be like craving Play-doh or a pair of socks, don't even see that shit as food. Plant food to my mind is better as a way to test your body's resilience, as there are a lot of things in plants that put stress on your system, which can be good the same way exercise is good when mixed with rest. For that reason I'd stick with white rice over brown if you're gonna eat it regularly (less stressful).

17b5eb  No.12305897

File: 1a9e88d54a94d0f⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1896x1752, 79:73, beaver on self-sufficiency.png)

File: 8bc0f4c3c623331⋯.png (816.76 KB, 1802x1404, 901:702, beaver on ambition.png)

File: 8300d4b53188144⋯.png (966.39 KB, 1448x1122, 724:561, beaver on power.png)

File: 049ae70f97fec87⋯.png (928.03 KB, 1848x2107, 264:301, beaver on nations.png)

File: 580a17eb88b20fc⋯.png (1.4 MB, 2218x1814, 1109:907, beaver on morality.png)


>don't brush teeth every day

>use toothbrush

The cogdis is strong in this one.


>food rots

Yes, 12238921 could learn from you. Rotting is an acidic process. Acid that sits against the teeth. Acid which wears on enamel and exposes the tooth where it goes downhill fast. The gumline is particularly susceptible to error because it requires attention to detail. That's where dental cleaning is helpful because they can see what they are working on.


>public speaking

At its core, its acting. Record yourself with your smartphone. Prepare to cringewatch, but that is how you learn. Identify mistakes and fix. Repeat until !cringe. Go public and repeat act.


>be 17


>yell at parents

>neurotic computer use

Your problem is not your body, but your mind. While its natural to feel like conquering at your age, direct that towards your enemies, not your tribe. You want to take on the world, but you are still under your parents wing. You are split. It is unnatural. And it makes you angry. Yelling is your outlet for this anger, but it should be forged by providing for yourself. Do what you can to make enough money to make that happen. If you don't curb your anger now, it will become a habit that extends to your future wife and kids whom will disdain you for it. Don't be a histrionic man-child that undermines his authority as a masculine man. Be a stoic rock your future wife can rest her turbulent troubles upon and your children can respect. Control your mind now while its still pliable.



They're great for A-B trips, but limited to hauling minimal gear, are exposed to raw weather, and only as safe as the most retarded driver on the road at any given moment. You could be the only motorist on the road and some zombie could still hit you. And when you do get hit, the result is either a few scrapes, a few bone pins, or decapitation. Still, if you know what you're doing, have your head on a swivel, live in a high-trust White society, and only need to move your body, it can't be beat.


>fam is degenerate. wut do?

Treat them like any other degenerate. Remember, the only person who cares about you is you, and sometimes your mother for simply birthing you. Do what you need to do to separate from degenerates and build a healthy, happy White family. That is your purpose, anon. No one can take that away from you except you.

abd014  No.12306545


forgive me Anons for I have sinned. it has been three days since my last work out. I was tempted by the Devils drink, chocolate milk. It was so delicious, Anons but the carbs. 60g of carbs for a 12oz drink. I am ashamed.

abd014  No.12306571


Go find out how much protein your body can realistically absorb and eat that daily with vegetables.

The conventional wisdom is to lift heavy to gain mass but I think going to burn out will give similar results.

000000  No.12306723

ok, fapping is basically a poison, but what if I eat my own cum? is it justified then?

95548b  No.12306738


Only if you catch it while it's in the air.

000000  No.12306751


I don't catch it in the air I just cum on my hands, I mean it has zinc and stuff right?

95548b  No.12306769


Fucking degenerate.

a9e3a8  No.12306771


yeah, you're gonna wanna cut out processed sugar completely bud

but making yourself feel bad for no reason doesn't help anyone

we live in a jewish world where poison is labelled food so it's gonna happen again, just try to minimize it

and there is nothing wrong with having even a full week between workouts, so long as you're consistently making gains

gains being whatever progress you can measure

000000  No.12306784


I was just asking if I lose anything by fapping then lol

abd014  No.12306823


Of course you're right I should cut out all processed sugars. The problem is every time I do I relapse. I nevery really understood addiction until I tried to cut off sugar. It is jew poison.

8d2782  No.12306839

File: 799c16815fca87c⋯.webm (2.13 MB, 320x180, 16:9, liberals33.webm)

There is always desire to be something more within human. Usually it manifest itself through materialistic ways, sexual ways, through drugs or parenthood example. It is endless chasing, rat-race that leads nowhere but keeps you busy through own creation that people calls as life.

We can't remember our time as toddlers because we didn't exist in that time. We had no identity. Only when years has gone while we gathered data from our environment we created identity. When we have our identity, we decide what matters to us. Then we experience impulsive feelings when things didn't go as we wanted.

We are piece of life that creates own image and plays it (Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image). We get so tangled to our own creation that it can kill us and bring us into hell. We think that something or someone causes our misery even when we alone create everything within.

We have all this mysterious desire to do something, be something more. It usually manifest itself through sexual ways, materialistic ways, through parenthood, dating, drugs, games, food, alcohol.. you name it. Through that it leads nowhere, it keeps us happy for a moment and then we need more. So where we are now? We are piece of life that want to experience bigger part of it. Through physical ways it finds not that part and when that need to expand finds no expression we create this pain within. So what to do? This is what meditation is all about. We don't want to identify to our thoughts or to our outward senses. That is just the data we gathered from the physical and created self from it. When we learn to be still, just be as piece of life, something start to happen that seems to expand you into everywhere. It seems to that consciousness, awareness is the basic that exist and everything else is manifest of it.

What (((they))) wan't is to bind us more and more into physical, sins, into that rat-race i wrote about above, so that we wouldn't learn or even think about this.

8d2782  No.12306844



a27703  No.12313218


Just your dignity.

Its not just about nutrients, its also about self control, dopamine desensitization, and wasting your energy.

6c4f4a  No.12320188

File: 56d44f2020af4de⋯.png (266.89 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, White Privilege.png)

>page 10

Bumping with a blog post.

Lifted a 4 plate deadlift today. feelsgoodman

260422  No.12321581


I really am, which is why I say don't completely write off women that are in the gym. Having a partner in life that is as fit and healthy as you are makes sense. If you wife spends all her time watching the talmudvision and checking social media, your children will pick up on it and do the same.


>Please do explain for us virgins

Women go through a lot when their pregnant.

>changes in taste and smell

The vomiting gave away that she was pregnant before she got a chance to tell me. Morning sickness is a misnomer because it lasts all day. It was like her sense of smell became more sensitive and this would trigger the vomiting. Smells related to cooked meat and dairy would cause her to vomit the most violently. The way she responded to salt seemed to be altered because everything she cooked had too much salt in it and she kept eating salted peanuts. Thankfully this only lasts for the first few months.

>breast changes

They get a lot bigger over the nine months. She was asking me for money for new bras every few weeks. This isn't as fun as it sounds because her breasts became very tender, she didn't like having them touched at all. The pink circle around her nipples changed colour to brown and the nipples themselves became much more prominent. I don't know if her breasts will stay like this as she's still breastfeeding.

>skin changes

Around five months she had blotches appear on her cheeks, behind her ears and on her thighs. Apart from behind her ears, these completely disappeared a few weeks after she gave birth. When she started to show, she would rub olive oil into the skin on her belly to lessen the stretch marks. She did get a few and they have faded but are still visible.

260422  No.12321587


>emotional changes

I was worried about this. My wife was fine though. The only real change in her during pregnancy was that she became even more affectionate than usual. I had to be very careful not to press on her boobs and hurt her. When she started to feel the baby moving inside her, she wanted me to rub her belly so I could feel it as well. After our daughter was born, my wife switched to a state of hyper vigilance for about a week. This lead to the only time I have seen her loose her temper. Friends and family were coming round to see the new baby. I think this was starting to disturb our daughter's sleeping and feeding pattern. My wife snapped and told everyone to fuck off.


She was tired in the first few months, then it relented after the sickness eased off. She became more active and would do light stretching exercises in the morning. She got very tired again in the later stage. I was a complete dick to her about this. I noticed that she wasn't maintaining the house to her usual standard so I raised my voice and told her off. Later on I realised I was fucking dumb for not understanding that she was exhausted and couldn't bend down due to her size. Before I even apologised to her, she was back by my side, reaching for my hand because she wanted me to feel the baby kicking inside her. I felt bad about doing that for days.


While I thought that this would be the worst part for her, it hasn't had any long term effects apart from being the start point from where she had a child to care for. She spent about 11 hours pacing around the kitchen having contractions until her waters broke. From there it was another three hours to the delivery. I always thought childbirth has looked gross but when it's your own wife and baby it's different. Seeing the life that I made come into the world was incredible. My wife coped really well and never complained or made much noise. The midwife said that because of her good health and high fitness levels she had an easy birth for a first time mother. What's weird now is if I speak to my wife about the birth, she doesn't remember it being painful, even though it obviously was. The surge of oxytocin during labour seems to have altered her memories of it, so she would want to do it again.


My wife was extremely protective for the first week. She would watch anyone that entered the house like a hawk. I don't know how she kept up that level of alertness. Our daughter would cry every two hours to be fed, so she never got any significant amount of sleep. The first month was also when my wife's body returned to something resembling it's pre-pregnancy state. Her womb contracted back to it's usual size and she had what was like a month long period as she lost what was left of the amniotic fluid and blood from the birth.

Looking at her now the only obvious physical signs that she was ever pregnant are the change in her breasts and an increased body fat percentage. The hormones that make her produce milk interrupt ovulation and act as a natural contraceptive, so I don't know when she will return to fertility. If she's up for it I would mind doing it all over again as soon as her body is ready.

Sorry for the long post. I really hope this doesn't put you off women. Being a husband and a father has made me a better man. It will do the same for you if you find a good woman for a wife. You'll also make her very happy.

95548b  No.12321622



Thanks for these posts. Very interesting to hear experiences like this from people here.

5380d6  No.12322602


>just the eggs

One ejaculation DOES NOT contain 60g protein. Dumb nigger.

80e0a5  No.12323269



This is similar to the shitpost where leftists were convincing people that our ancestors ate as many raw onions before a battle as they could because it had hyper masculine properties or some shit.

This is a similar trick, but trying to trick people into eating their own cum for gains. It's pretty funny lol.

The bible does say to not let your seed spill upon the Earth.

a5285e  No.12323411

I started lifting weights and I'm learning to play the piano.

eb4a02  No.12323735

File: f64177d1d85bfe1⋯.jpg (216.81 KB, 636x571, 636:571, 1478148001955.jpg)

My gym is closing in 30 days due to lease and is sending me to a new location that's 7 miles away. I take public transport and will take me 40 minutes to get there. There are gyms in the city I live LA I don't want to pay 100 initiation fee , Youfit and a family owned gym that cost 30 a month. I wanted to cancel because there are a few gyms around but ended up with lowering my monthly payment to 20 instead 30 dollar for 3 months. Should I call back to cancel tomorrow? I feel confused.

1509f8  No.12324063


>My wife snapped and told everyone to fuck off.

Should have hit her.

a328cd  No.12324188

File: 781ab75481eb603⋯.jpg (183.4 KB, 716x494, 358:247, 1344355422724.jpg)


>woman does the right thing for her newborn

>give her a good beating

647c92  No.12324191


Id probably end my membership. I know I wouldnt schlep out 40min on public transport every day to make that sort of membership worth it.

BUT I'd only cancel my membership once I knew I had another method of improving my fitness that I'd stick to.

This could be finding a decent mma gym nearby and signing up there, buying a bench+free weights or some kettlebells+TRX, or startimg a running and bodyweight program (but only once I was a few days into program and knew I could stick with it).


Time until return of fertility depends on the frequency and volume of breastfeeding.

For most breastfeeding women the lactional amenorrhea method of contraception is as effectiveas the pill for at least the first 6 months - that's when most parents introduce soft foods which reduces the quantity of milk being produced.

If you continue regular breastfeeding AND feed from the breast first at each meal (ie offer other foods after the kid's already had a good amount of milk that meal) then recent studies show average return to fertility at 10 months. If her periods return earlier then that indicates her fertility has returned earlier too.

Oh and her nipples and areola will stay brown regardless.

>T. Dr

affe3a  No.12324251

File: dd1cca0e6ba1851⋯.jpg (25.08 KB, 550x545, 110:109, sadpepe.jpg)

I'm pretty /fit/, though always looking to improve. I actually have a real job that I support myself on, even though I'm still underachieving. Even though I have the foundational pillars in place to get into dating, I struggle to find the motivation or desire because I deal with the fallout of an old long term relationship. tl;dr sob story as such

>Get girlfriend most of /pol/ would be proud/jealous of

>Cute, sweet, 19 year old virgin, fixed that.

>Awesome relationship, total wife material

>She wants marriage/kids

>Ends up being nuts and having huge personal issues

>Have to ditch the qt 3.14 good girl because she's actually secretly batshit crazy

But basically being in a highly "successful" LTR with an awesome girl that ended up being damn near Fatal Attraction or Basic Instinct tier kind of fucked me up. Now I'm even more embittered, cynical, and inwardly worried some crazy shit like that could happen again, even if the odds of something that nutso happening twice is unlikely. Also, this relationship was while I was going to school, now that I actually have a real job I'm fucking stressed and pissed off and wanting to vent, which is of course part of why we all post here, but it's not exactly an attitude conducive to talking with women.

I know I have to deal with fucked up shit and it's just part of life, but thinking I had near perfect as can realistically ask for type girl to blow up in my face in such a crazy way, and then transitioning directly into the real person job world has rendered me disinterested, cynical and protectively paranoid in regards to dating, even though I do want to pick myself up and have another relationship. I know I owe it to /pol/ and uncle Varg and my ancestors and all that to breed high investment, successful offspring. Any anons here have any insight or advice on how to re-motivate and encourage myself to take risks and date once again? Sorry to get all feelsy but this is the biggest thing holding back my self-improvement, it's like I have the other pieces in place but I'm too fucked up and damaged to want to go for it again.

000000  No.12324272


>>Ends up being nuts and having huge personal issues

How? What did she do? It could be fixed. Give her LITHIUM. Faggot, the last of your gf problems should be if she is mentally unstable..

eb4a02  No.12324328


I didn't mention I'm on a 12 year contract and started in February and would have to buy out the contract of what is left not sure if I could negotiate a 50% cut. I don't know how to cancel the group training the call center is a bunch of poos and can't do anything about that issue, only membership cancellations upgrades and concerns, I needed to speak to the GM and GM wasn't there today. Thinking back I really hated that gym, they were always pushing me to sell personal trainers left and right.

eb4a02  No.12324332


>12 year

12 month

1b7f20  No.12324343


Check your contract. You might be able to break it without paying anything because you are so far from the new gym. You might also be able to sell the contract.

Most gyms are commercial shit. I work out at home. I have my own bar and racks. Before that I used bodyweight. I do want to buy kettlebells and if I had a yard I would make a sandbag and may e find some odd heavy objects to lift/throw around.

eb4a02  No.12324427


Would check my contract but can't access my gym account online. Not I'm sure if Mr. Pajeet deleted my membership or done something. I only have the one receipt for the group trainer with the member number on it. I remember signing three different papers but can't find it on my email. Nobody told me they would move until I got the letter and email on the same day.

df8d24  No.12324545

File: dfc5bcfcf373aed⋯.jpg (58.69 KB, 640x661, 640:661, hapa boy.jpg)


Look up the etymology of the word "pariah". You probably know this to mean a "social outcast" or something like that.

The word originally comes from sanskrit (an indo-european language) and it loosely means "a person without a caste". Anyone born to parents of different castes aka races is a pariah in the sense that there is actually no group to whom they belong. The higher caste will reject him/her for being tainted with poor traits i.e.: contempt and the lower caste will reject him/her for being a constant reminder of their own deficiencies read: resentment. Of course that assumes the product is not a mutant diseased freak, which is often the case. These people don't fit into the fabric of society and are therefore pushed to the outskirts, forever doomed to live a life even lowlier than that of a shudra (the lowest caste) as they are truly alone on this earth.

<But anon, the Hindu caste system is an artificial construction! Those rules are self imposed!

Look asshole, those rules exist for a reason and if you look closely you'll find the same to be true in all places and times. Do you know any mixed people? They never fully fit in to either of their parent's cultures even without the formal rules of the caste system.

When creating a new life out of nothing, you either doom it to eternal suffering or bless it with eternal peace and happiness. To take any course that does not maximize the chances of the latter outcome is evil and inexcusable this is what shitskins do– r-strategists who by definition do not care about their kids. If that is not your goal, you should not have children.

So think about your kids for a second–you're presumably a healthy, intelligent, creative, empathetic, tall, strong white man. If you breed with this women, your sons will be shorter, weaker, less intelligent, less creative, and less empathetic. They won't be able to drink milk and probably will be unable to tolerate wheat why do so many asian and hapas have bad skin??. The very features to which your "woman" is attracted in you will not be found in your sons. They won't have the same hair, skin, or eyes. They won't have the same jaw line. White women will revile them with the same contempt they have for full asian men. Asian women might be attracted to them, so congrats now your grandkids are asian.

As for your daughters, the same health and attractiveness issues apply. But no serious /pol-tier white man will want to marry her bc she's not white. Don't you want strong virtuous men to marry your daughters? Don't you want attractive, caring women to marry your sons?

Having six kids with this woman is worse than dying without heirs. Creating 4-6 sentient beings whose only purpose on earth is to suffer is an inexcusable sin.

If you're still not convinced, check out r/hapa on reddit. Read through the posts and just immerse yourself in how disturbed and distraught these monstrosities are. Then read Frankenstein and tell me he doesn't feel the same way.

t. successfully convinced a good friend to not make this mistake w/ his phillipina bed bunny

df8d24  No.12324572



Just…cancer. Why are you here?

<It's better to pass on some fraction of your genes

How selfish can you possibly be to think that condemning an infinity of your descendants to a perpetual, irrevocable, non-refundable genetic deficiency is worth it for any amount of self-edification, "love" aka muhdik, or any other reason? There is a problem that this board is trying to solve, and you are it.

Think! What is going to happen to your grandkids/great-grandkids? If it's hard enough for you (one person) to stay away from asian pussy, what about your great-grandkids? Let's assume there are 20 of them. You think all of them are going to find white spouses, when your weakness flows through their veins?

Absolute trash. Do us all a favor and never reproduce. If you have already, please apologize to them for being too weak to give them a rightful place in the universe.

sage for doublepost

c39aa0  No.12324604


Move to be near the gym. Not a joke.

c39aa0  No.12324612

101df1  No.12324618

File: 54c5a87c1eca488⋯.png (351.79 KB, 1792x791, 256:113, racemixing.png)


You have any piano music you'd recommend?


I guarantee the crazy was not hidden, you just didn't know what to look for. Almost no young people do. Hell most old folks never learn. He may be a good goy, but Stefan Molyneux has call-in shows that go deep into this kind of stuff. I suggest checking those out.


Great post.

73f7a3  No.12324857


when you get the desire try focusing on the sensation similar to a meditation and start consciously controlling your breath

your aim is to just be aware of the sensation not to try and control it in any way, this is mindfulness and is the simplest way of overcoming addictions or compulsions

733dd4  No.12325051


I just ordered the stuff, any other suggestions for supplements which go well for heavy weightlifting, endurance training on a low carb/paleo diet?

46674e  No.12325341


You were right I got them to cancel my membership. I just have to pay November's because I need a 30 day notice and the cancellation fee. I didn't speak to GM but I spoke one of trainers working there, I am getting a refund in 30 days. Still don't know what gym to join around here. There's a boxing and Jujitsu gym in my area but I don't how much it is.

df8d24  No.12325549

Do any anons have good books or other learning resources about how to be a good leader of men?

I organized a small group of "non-pc" guys that meets every week, and it's apparent to me that if I want to take this further, my leadership skills need to be on point. I've never been a captain of a sports team or the leader of some frat so I don't really have a lot of experience leading a group of guys.

f1315b  No.12325582


Nest Leaders Manual or SS leaders Guide?

6e487b  No.12325600

File: a45240c878f8138⋯.png (118.2 KB, 839x571, 839:571, 3454a61cf59ba85435141ddfc6….png)


learn to into social engineering

f1315b  No.12325621


Henry Hazlitt, Way To Will-power is probably good too.

d2c15b  No.12326084


be a good person; run toward conflicts in your ranks and resolve them; bravery is the most important quality for all leaders; be frank, honest, and straightforward; people want answers, they crave order; real leaders are not there because they always make the right call, but because they can be trusted to MAKE A CALL at all, as in, don't freeze up. Become a real man worth emulating; leadership begins with setting an example, if you aren't working out more, reading more, doing more, and sleeping less, than your entire ingroup, then you aren't the leader, no matter what shiny medals you have on your chest, or what sycophants are sucking your dick.

If you haven't lived a badass life and are trying to lead other men then quit and go lead a badass life first then come back. You cannot fool real men, nigger, they will sniff out your bullshit, stop reading about leadership and go hunt whales or build bridges or something similar for a decade, then maybe you'll be ready to enrich you perspective with other's opinions on "leadership"

that's another thing, "leadership" as such is sort of a misnomer, because good leadership is always defined as having a certain set of skills germane only to some particular discipline. A good platoon leader is the leader because he good at shooting and maneuvering, a good business leader is the leader because he often reads market conditions better than those around him, etc. Focus on the specific skillset you will need in a given context first; superior skill is the basis of leadership, but you cannot become skilled at EVERYTHING, so pick your niche.

101df1  No.12326113


This. Competence breeds confidence, which allows leadership. Hitler became a leader of men after fighting with and against them intellectually and in combat.

bbc2b8  No.12328066


The bible literally says that diffrent tribes should not interbreed.

101df1  No.12330589


Doesn't matter what the bible says, "christians" have been picking and choosing what to follow in that book since forever, and they'll continue to do so. therefore Christianity cannot be the basis of society. Your dumbass religion comes second to the #1 priority: the nation. Any collective will stand against jewery with success will be bound by race, not some easily reinterpreted text a supposed god wrote. Fuck off.

85444c  No.12332912

File: 70fa464c50d7786⋯.jpg (90.62 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1439459664231.jpg)

I want to buy grip trainers and was told Captains of Crush are good. If those are my best option, should I get the weakest (Guide), second weakest (Sport) or third weakest (Trainer)? I don't know of any physical store which has them where I could give them a try.

Never used grip trainers before and I have pretty thin wrists but my hands are relatively large so I should be able to get decent leverage.

b7d158  No.12335032

File: e96e1b939dfafa3⋯.png (16.41 KB, 213x883, 213:883, ghfhgfhhgjhj.png)

It's a bit blurry because I had to zoom out.

This is my progress on my Amazon Nutrition value browser addon.

What are your thoughts on my progress?

b4dc5d  No.12335216



Bumped for these alone. This is actually one of my main concerns, finding a decent reliable car that doesn't have a thousand (((Electronic Control Units))). Two questions:

1. How good are the Hilux and Land Cruiser? They get used in militias all the time for some reason, what makes them so much special?

2. A while back I got the idea of making and carrying a "Total Kit" for my car. It would be bolted to the roof, and have 4 spare tires, and brake pads, and oil filters, etc, and basically every tool light enough to practically carry. Sound good, or is that too autistic?

b7d158  No.12335264

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Check this out.

b4dc5d  No.12335284


I guess, but the 80's is really too far back: I want modern safety but not modern poz, plus getting it repaired would be a bitch. Is 2007 the sweet spot?

b7d158  No.12335311

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't know much about off roading. I thought the 86 looked interesting. they make a newer version.

This looks cool.

a9e3a8  No.12338704

>>12335311 checked

fucking fully charged, nice

808a86  No.12338813

File: bfcd4dc46dbe4b8⋯.jpg (441.94 KB, 3000x2000, 3:2, 1461535014586.jpg)


Good tip

608e1b  No.12338857

File: 84f2cf3f8c812ec⋯.jpg (46.04 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, husky-workbenches-workbenc….jpg)

File: cec941be6925a3b⋯.png (251.96 KB, 511x428, 511:428, 1441639026565.png)





anon here with a different VPN today I got a tour at mom and pop owned gym 1000ft sq that cost $30 no contract. No (((luxuries))) like a pool or sauna or cardio equipment except a few treadmills and bike, so there's for tons of machines that never seen before and a shit ton of dumbbells up to 150lbs maybe even more, my old gym only had 100lb, and a shit ton of cable attachments for the cables to point that it is overwhelming. The cable attachments are in a garage tier Workbench like picture related. I feel lost at that gym.

608e1b  No.12338888


>1000ft sq

meant 10,000ft sq. Yes the place is huge

a04cc2  No.12340718

Bump. No matter what the kikes do, we all have the power to improve ourselves, and start strong white families and support groups.

224de5  No.12340959

File: 6b96033d17464b1⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 400x225, 16:9, Spirit Medicine.gif)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.png)

With the absolute state of the catalog in the pre-election shitstorm, this is the only thread I can still browse. Keep up the good work lads.

27908b  No.12341733

File: 355b01d021248db⋯.jpg (241.97 KB, 971x1500, 971:1500, grip trainers.jpg)


<Bumping my question

So anyone got experience with these? I'm leaning towards the second easiest, I'm thinking that I should be able to use them on the weakest setting and gives me a slightly higher ceiling than the very easiest version.

4da490  No.12342001


They work as intended but hanging off a bar is cheaper and more useful.

27908b  No.12342021


I guess. To me their appeal is mainly being easy to just have lying on my desk and randomly pick up and use.

I'm also going to start lifting weights for some actual gains.

a328cd  No.12342953


It's a good idea. Sitting at a computer using a mouse and keyboard puts pressure on the median and ulnar nerves. This can eventually cause nerve compression and numbness in the hands.

6c4f4a  No.12343078


Especially you're not an american, theres nothing in the catalog that looks remotely interesting

god bless /SIG/

101df1  No.12345395



If you're already lifting (which you should be) there's no reason besides entertainment to use grip trainers.

a9e3a8  No.12359716


Wow those digits do confirm it is as huge as the fourth reich

c24b79  No.12359846


>having issues with brain fog

>porn is a big issue for me

From E. Michael Jones in "Degenerate Moderns":

>The traditional manuals of moral theology have always claimed that one of the results of lust was a “darkening of the mind”.

…same book, now quoting Josef Pieper in "The Four Cardinal Virtues":

>Unchaste abandon and the self-surrender of the soul to the world of sensuality paralyzes the primordial powers of the moral person the ability to perceive, in silence, the call of reality, and to make, in the retreat of this silence, the decision appropriate to the concrete situation of concrete action. This is the meaning inherent in all those propositions which speak of the falsification and corruption of prudence, of the blindness of the spirit, and of the splitting of the power of decision.

8f67a2  No.12359947

File: cbb2822bdcffa1a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 96.92 KB, 289x206, 289:206, ClipboardImage.png)


jesus christ

8f67a2  No.12359953


Man I used to have 165lbs grip strength from rock climbing. Now I'm fucked from office work injuries. The modern world is cancer.

77e62d  No.12359961


>what do you think an actual woman is?

You know this was posted before the NPC meme took of so I didn't really have words for it, but now I do and they are:


090fee  No.12360035


Try wearing more layers of pants. Lying around in underwear will make you more sensitive, so wearing more layers (shorts, sweatpants, etc.) might keep you from touching yourself

21f133  No.12360041


Starting out, just don't fap more than once in a 7 or 8 day period. No porn. Cold showers. CDP choline.

6d619e  No.12360042


Shit is that image in response to that guy who was all like "ooga booga muh dik" with his yellow fever?

6d619e  No.12360045



I didn't realize this was the same bread, and you (You)'d the guy who made the post. My bad, lad.

090fee  No.12360046


Kefir, kombucha, saurkraut. Check out the pol dietary thread >>12296634

21f133  No.12360054


It's like the dictates of moral theology are actually less about good versus bad, but more about psychic hygiene and health. Maybe shame is like inflammation of the psychic body.

Not advocating moral subjectivism.

5119ba  No.12360068


Much is changing. The Aryan chooses office environment disciplines because is pays well; and on balance, the push in the spirit of this time is to make the brain as sharp as possible. But there is obviously a trade-off when ones health suffers.

Even though the Aryan has been pushed to his natural and biological limits, there is still room to grow. Though he has reached the pinnacle of his personal best, he has been ridiculed, shamed, blamed for things for things which he is not guilty, his culture ruined … he lives on, thriving for his next level best; in the woman he chooses to marry, in the efforts and importance he will devote to his progeny, and being self-made.

The sky is the limit for the Aryan. He needs only imagine what he wants, and to make the necessary forfeitures of himself to achieve the best of the best.

Do not be dismayed by the spirit of this time, this Zeitgeist is but a test, to see what the Aryan will do to overcome yet another set of obstacles.

The struggle is spiritual

The battles are physical

And the war is winner take all

ff8e95  No.12360092

File: e6d73e4ea54d222⋯.webm (7.37 MB, 480x360, 4:3, fallen_angel_piano.webm)


> implying love is limited to muhdick

Your definition of pariah status is accurate. However I cant help but feel like you might also be deficent in belonging since you seem to think that the highest level of pyschological and spiritual bond possesed by man is equal to the nig tier pleasure seeking instinct to get their dick wet.

While I find it bad behaviour to connect non-related posts by anons,I would also like to point out that such dismissal of Love as a concept is likely to also explain why you might feel your leadership skills lacking,since it points out a lack of understanding of the human state.

You don't have to share your men's feelings to lead,you do however need to understand those feelings so you can make accurate choices as to their actions

Webm unrelated

c31989  No.12360108

idk if this is strait nigger tier but I was hoping I could ask you guys a personal question. I'm set to marry a really great gal soon, was able to red pill her on most things, and she was a virgin when I found her. Here is the hard part though, we have a near sexless relationship. We've talked about it before but everytime I bring it up nothing ever changes. Idk, I just feel really sexually frustrated, am I a nigger, or is this an actual issue?

5119ba  No.12360124

File: 759ebcb47d48133⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 353x360, 353:360, akiane-kramarik.jpg)

File: b816304c74595ed⋯.jpg (25.38 KB, 317x271, 317:271, Akiane.jpg)

Not an inbred bone in her body. Nature and Biology created this out of love. Her being says much about her parents that claim neither is anything "special" or "genius". They are but two humble people blessed with the gift of an innocent young life unmarred by social and cultural engineering, or any of many the destructive behaviors foisted upon our young, impressionable minds as we send them away into the arms of evil each day

090fee  No.12360133


>implying implying love is limited to muhdick

I used "scare quotes" around "love" to emphasize the misconception that love = muhdick

The idea was to illustrate the very concept you're pointing out: that love does not in fact = muhdick, but is commonly thought to be so, particularly (at least IMO) by guys who are afflicted by yellow fever. Aka, the satisfaction of "muhdick" impulses is used to rationalize/generate an idea of love being present in order to justify continuing the relationship.

Hope this makes sense.

As for your assessment of me feeling deficient in belonging I don't disagree with you in fact I think this plagues many of us here, although maybe for other reasons as I fully understand the concept of love that you're positing as its cause.

t. dated an asian girl before I found this board, and I confused physical intimacy for actual love.

5119ba  No.12360144

File: 7efcb0df181534a⋯.jpg (86.48 KB, 1188x666, 66:37, zzxbvs07es5443m.jpg)


>dated an asian girl before I found this board

it's okay. Many of us have dated outside our race

>be me

>dating a girl from Latin America here in the US illegally; well before my awakening

>everything is good … until she breaks up with me to date her ex long term boyfriend

>So, I called ICE and had her ass deported in 4 days

>I explained, "I'm not bitter about the break up but if you and I can't be together, I guess you're gonna have to go ahead and get the fuck outta my country. Nothing personal tho. kthx"

Is this truly wrong of meh?

5ea016  No.12360152



Anon, if this is true, you're a hero

2ca9a2  No.12360188


volvo v40 first generation, they are made for swedish harsh conditions, where mechanics are few and far apart.

b88e63  No.12360539

File: 11af17b18edf714⋯.jpg (303.47 KB, 1450x975, 58:39, Will you fight.jpg)

I don't post often, but I need advice.

Graduated with a STEM degree and certifications of solid gold as far as this industry is concerned at the start of the year. I was picked up by a small business with operations in a few states in a very high-stress environment having no full-time industry work experience. So far, I have done not a single thing I was trained for and instead do my own job and the job of 6-7 other people who are completely incapable of doing their own. In the midst of all this, I am expected to keep a high standard of productivity and work, while also being 20k/year underpaid compared to similar jobs elsewhere.

I know I need to leave, and with the strength and guidance of god I've been making my escape path possible.

Currently back in school part time for more engineering courses, and I've been cutting my nightly sleep down to 6 1/2 hours so I can wake up early and work on my small business I've been starting up. I also have enough money to either pay off my entire student loan balance now and have nothing in savings, or be able to live off of savings for about 4-5 months.

The questions is, do I hand in my resignation and dive in to this entreprenurship and an unknown, knowing that somehow and someway I will be guided to where I need to be and to do what I need to do? Or should I slog it out, having my very soul assaulted day by day until the business is wholly profitable to a point where I can quit and live off of it easily?

5119ba  No.12360589

File: ba5e29067a1106b⋯.jpg (442.4 KB, 991x637, 991:637, Jugend.jpg)


Are you White?

What are your long-term goals beyond being an indentured servant?

Do you want to own your own business?

Would you be willing/are you young enough/do you have aspirations to devote your time to a personal goal/business venture/ability to network with like minds?

Do you understand that what you are doing now is your own effort(s) towards your own goals? (This isn't about civic duties, or promoting others. This is about promoting yourself, your ideas, your ideals and becoming better than anyone else within your discipline. Take it from someone who is the best of the best in his discipline)

Is this about money, stature, proving yourself, or just getting by?

155bb8  No.12360687

Reporting in.

The gym is useless without proper diet. Unbenknownst to me, I’ve been starving myself of protein for the past decade. Thus, any muscle my body would produce one day, it ate up the next for energy. Eat 1.25 grams times your body weight of proteins, carbs, and .50 your body weight times fats (last time I checked…), if you want to gain. Try the Jim stoppani, “Giant” program.

Obey Arnold’s laws. 1) Shock your body! It’s goal is to expend as little energy as possible, and thus build as little muscle as possible, for efficiency. Fight against this, shock your body. Ask it to lift 50lbs more than what it says it can. 2) GET the full stretch, and thus the full tearing of your muscles (visualize them as rubber bands). In a rep, make sure those rubber bands are stretch fully, THEN flex at the peak of contraction, to get several inches of further contraction.

Also, Gavin Mcinnes (I know, he’s a faggot, but the laws work) conversation laws: 1) talk for two minutes at a time 2) Reach conclusions (don’t force people to stay on the same worn out subject for an eternity) 3) keep it light 4) don’t talk about your mom (don’t start a pity party, don’t force your companions into a weird church service type conversation) 5) Explore ideas.

A quality conversation is two minds working in tandem to build another world. It can be mutually satisfying.

155bb8  No.12360704

File: be0676e8aa62191⋯.jpeg (205 KB, 750x736, 375:368, D42BE985-CD57-495E-A425-8….jpeg)

File: e4bcf520c17d0fc⋯.jpeg (237.93 KB, 750x885, 50:59, F58A3C9F-3B20-4091-879D-4….jpeg)

File: fbffedfcdcafcae⋯.jpeg (660.02 KB, 750x823, 750:823, 5D9D7775-EE16-43F8-9C39-3….jpeg)

File: 40b992cb5a51614⋯.jpeg (155.57 KB, 750x480, 25:16, 8EBD3F88-0B6D-4104-84B1-4….jpeg)


Watch animal planet. How would the male horse solve a sexless situation with an attractive female horse.

Arouse her on all dimensions. Chisel yourself into a Greek God, nothing less. Be the dominant, psychopathic king primate (as Jordan Peterson recommends). But also realize women are the vulnerable eggs in this world. Their inner being screams at them to find protection, attention, and the best genetic material to be fertilized with. “Man is the spark, woman is the kindling.”

“The European man’s greatest failure was not turning the scientific method upon himself.” And letting the Jews break his wrist, so he could “never” do so.

b88e63  No.12361665

File: afa7e1e0f2b6997⋯.jpg (326.68 KB, 1160x1450, 4:5, mikuroha Lamen.jpg)


>Are you White?

I'm of haplogroups L1 and Ym1, the euro-nordic precursor

>What are your long-term goals beyond being an indentured servant?

I have a couple on the short-list for self edification; but the biggest one involves a complete paradigm shift in modern medical understanding and the average health of the american citizen

>Do you want to own your own business?

Of course, and not only one, but many. I already have one business that is just starting out the gate, and I know I have the ability to bring forth so many others with real impact. Just by existing in my normal way, I created the /fast/ threads on 4/fit/ which have saved 3 people from terminal brain cancer diagnoses this past year. It's hard to imagine the amount I can do

if I put my full force into it; and the amount of harm being caused with myself being trapped where I am now. As of right now I have my one business, and am using this as a stepping stone not only for personal growth, but as a way to bring this positive impact to so many others.

>Would you be willing/are you young enough/do you have aspirations to devote your time to a personal goal/business venture/ability to network with like minds?

I already devote so much time to my personal growth. Every moment not at a cubicle I spend reading, making, or writing. I spend time at the gym, I spend time around others; compared to what I was, I'm so much further and so motivated it's unbelievable.

>Do you understand that what you are doing now is your own effort(s) towards your own goals? (This isn't about civic duties, or promoting others. This is about promoting yourself, your ideas, your ideals and becoming better than anyone else within your discipline. Take it from someone who is the best of the best in his discipline)

From the moment the hammer came down and took away one of the most important people in my life, and tore away and tore down the viel of safety childhood had provided me; I knew I could only move forward, that the only good life is one where every single of my actions mattered, and that time is unapologetically marching forward with or without my consent,

no matter my actions. It's what kills me about these days behind a desk; I'm doing things that don't matter to make someone else's laughably designed system richer. I dream of being able to spend my time enriching myself, waking up and being able to read; waking up and delving back into coding studies. Things I can use to bring the future I see so vividly in my head

into a tenable, concrete reality.

>Is this about money, stature, proving yourself, or just getting by?

In the end, this is about maximizing the impact my life and my ability has on others, and freeing myself from the trappings of this tainted, twisted world in the process. The first step is my immediate freedom from wage slavery, everything else I shall build into place from there

e6998b  No.12361688

What can i do with my life if i already divorced a THOT, and now a single father? I am literally doomed to eternal solitude. I am going to gym and shit,and trying to quit drinking entirely, but its getting pretty hard to keep going alone.

371853  No.12361691


Drop some throwaway contact info - either an email or telegram/secured IM platform info.

t. richfag

b88e63  No.12361962

File: c8c4d585cc9aefd⋯.jpg (119.83 KB, 562x768, 281:384, 1540032476811.jpg)


Wisdom and advice is welcome


a9e3a8  No.12362685

>>12360144 noice

you did everything right

960554  No.12362822

The hallmark of masculinity is self-sacrifice as far as I know. How does self-improvement go about that? Because to me, it seems like if you try to improve yourself, you inflate your ego, which sounds like it's opposite of self-sacrifice. Is any man capable of achieving this noble masculinity or is it just for a select few?

090fee  No.12363216

File: 0be4b8743de789b⋯.jpeg (158.82 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, fight club.jpeg)


You answer your own question, but you're clearly thinking about self-improvement wrongly. You improve yourself in order to better self-sacrifice/carry out your mission/save the world/etc. If that isn't your motivation, then I'd say you fall under the "self improvement is masturbation" paradigm (see pic related).

All the guys in Project Mayhem did improve themselves– they got stronger, more fit, better at fighting, more disciplined, etc. But they were doing it for the group and not themselves.

960554  No.12363393


>You're clearly thinking about self-improvement wrongly. You improve yourself in order to better self-sacrifice/carry out your mission/save the world/etc. If that isn't your motivation, then I'd say you fall under the "self improvement is masturbation" paradigm.

Figured as much. I'd only be doing this for self-aggrandizement and feeling better. Apathy is a bitch. I'll probably then refrain from doing anything political to not get in the way of people more capable and actually willing to follow through on what they think is good. This of course is still in my own self-interest but sensible opposition to establishment never benefits from spergs doing what they do.

ea140a  No.12363626


With any good fortune the anon that posted this will revisit the thread. Sorry for the huge effing reply

>I have a couple on the short-list for self edification; but the biggest one involves a complete paradigm shift in modern medical understanding and the average health of the american citizen

That's a pretty huge aspiration. We need, at a minimum, a better approach. e.g. there is no one-size-fits-all diet. The diet we have creates bodies by Walmart. We also need a mental overhaul as more and more people, in the West in general, don't feel that they live in what was once an ethose/mythos. As much as I see the discipline of psychology abused into a scam; the less effective it seems. Translation: We are, as a people, at the opposite end of the pioneering spirit; exploited for our own laziness

>Of course, and not only one, but many. I already have one business that is just starting out the gate, and I know I have the ability to bring forth so many others with real impact. Just by existing in my normal way, I created the /fast/ threads on 4/fit/ which have saved 3 people from terminal brain cancer diagnoses this past year. It's hard to imagine the amount I can do

We need this. Excellent work btw! The spirit of entrepreneurship is waning by the progeny of the very people that built this nation into what was a beacon to the entire planet. Now, they aren't coming here to be in a environment that seeks real, tangible progress, but for the gibz, the socialist policies which once were made to take care of our own (those that built the nation) and to wipe out every aspect of European Caucasian culture. It is truly a waste because those that have no real purpose in life (by the Billions) have no aspirations to do great things. They are leaving their own lands, rich beyond imagination in resources, because it is too difficult to 'right the ship' or they just don't have the IQ/CQ

>if I put my full force into it; and the amount of harm being caused with myself being trapped where I am now. As of right now I have my one business, and am using this as a stepping stone not only for personal growth, but as a way to bring this positive impact to so many others

You're on the right track; speaking from experience. A "stepping stone" is a part of that mentality to "shoot for the stars", as opposed to hating our jobs and just doing enough to get by. The pioneering spirit is waning, and we aren't allowed to explore space outside the planet; our true calling of the day. When it is time, you'll know it. Run don't walk from toxic situations/jobs/people

>I already devote so much time to my personal growth. Every moment not at a cubicle I spend reading, making, or writing. I spend time at the gym, I spend time around others; compared to what I was, I'm so much further and so motivated it's unbelievable

How do you attract like-minded people? What is/are a good method/methods?

>From the moment the hammer came down and took away one of the most important people in my life, and tore away and tore down the viel of safety childhood had provided me; I knew I could only move forward, that the only good life is one where every single of my actions mattered, and that time is unapologetically marching forward with or without my consent

Do you have a mentor? Someone that you see as the inspiration in your life?

>no matter my actions. It's what kills me about these days behind a desk; I'm doing things that don't matter to make someone else's laughably designed system richer. I dream of being able to spend my time enriching myself, waking up and being able to read; waking up and delving back into coding studies. Things I can use to bring the future I see so vividly in my head

Do you have interest in writing a book or books?

>into a tenable, concrete reality

Real manifestations change the world and change the entire paradigms of people' lives; for the better. They too, see you and others like you as an inspiration; their own per