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File: 42a5b1d281314b6⋯.jpg (459.93 KB, 800x473, 800:473, 1501352488360.jpg)

28459b  No.12258074

This is for anyone who has ever meme'd about a white ethnostate. Upon the balkanization of the US, race will play a heavy role and new nations based upon race will rise. The new white nation of North America will be in the pacific northwest. This is known because this plan has already been floating around since the 80's and a large chunk of real world WN activity of the last 50 years has happened in the PNW. eg. The Order and the Aryan Nations which still has ex-members living in the area

Other groups only demand WORDS but the NF demands a real action. a legal action, simply moving here and attempting to get the existance of the NF known to fellow whites. The NF is deed-bassed rather than word based. you will not be recognized for simply having right thoughts.

Go to


to read up on it


>How are you organized?

The way the NF proposes to be organized is to form small 3 man groups that work independently but towards the same goal. Thus the are impossible to infiltrate and if they are infiltrated then it does minimal damage to the movement as a whole. No large meetings or rolecall to put targets on the backs of large amounts of people at once since (future) guerilla forces should stay as anonymous as reasonably possible

>but I wanna take it ALL back

we account for about half of this continents population. to take it all back we must form an all white nation with a formidable white military to begin taking it back by force

>We'll elect /our guy/

think about how much power an elected representative actually has compared to the unelected jews who have the REAL power in finance and big media.

>The PNW is too small

just the proposed borders of 3 and a half states, not including BC and Alberta, is bigger than Germany and England combined. With BC and AB it's bigger than Germany, France, England, and Poland combined. The area of operation needs to be managable.

>I'm gonna stay and stand my ground

The race is more important than home, especially if that home has little to no hope. in 20-30 years what are you going to do when you're one of the last white people in your neighborhood or even the continent? you're gonna wish you could go back in time and take your opportunity to FIGHT FOR YOUR RACE. Once we establish the nation and begin the thing whites are best at, conquer, you or your progeny can take back your home, under the flag of a strong and independant white nation, wherever it is and make it paradise.

>Let's just get white people to move to a small area/compound and form our own separated communities

sounds good on paper but in reality this puts us into small pockets that are still surrounded by filth that can easily move in because you would have no reasonable way to keep it out. not only are these pockets small and vulnerable but they're far apart, meaning they can't help each other. And to top it all off you'll still be subject to US law and armed force, good luck. If you need an example just look at Waco. How can you watch that building burning with children inside and not understand this?

>But muh midwest heartland

It must be the PNW because it can't be the east coast and it can't be landlocked. We must have ocean. If the new white nation expanded to include the midwest then great. but you can't do it alone. And no, the St. Lawrence river doesn't count as ocean access.

>That's too far from europe

With the amount of white people and the amount of guns on this continent, that hardly matters. We don't need Europe's help. Europe needs to focus on helping themselves. plus the east coast is ZOG territory an they view the PNW as a far-away backwater which they would be far more likely to give up as an occupied territory if we fight for it.

Our ancestors won before against nearly impossible odds of Empires and hordes of sadistic and warlike savage cowards who just loved hitting soft targets. We can win again.

>can I, a european, come?

The NWF accepts all white refugees who are able to get here with their own resources and brainpower since we're not yet able to provide food and shelter. The only requirement is your race. Europeans included, although we're not saying that all europeans should come here, Europe comes first, but we accept all whites who are willing to come help.

28459b  No.12258080

File: feec6e908569e3f⋯.jpg (372.53 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 1501364791074.jpg)


I am a Northwest Volunteer. I have one purpose in life, to serve the 14 Words of David Lane through the establishment of the Northwest American Republic as a Homeland for all White people.

I am a Northwest Volunteer. Every day, every waking hour of my life is devoted to the goal of freeing my people and bringing my country into existence. I renounce all the money, the material goods, the personal pleasures, the gratifications of body and mind, and the social approval with which America rewards conformity. I voluntarily choose to become an outcast and an outlaw, so that my race and the civilization my race has created may not perish from the face of the earth.

I renounce fear. I understand and accept that my life no longer belongs to me, but to my people and my country, and is an asset to be husbanded wisely and used without stint when the time is right. I understand and accept that I have neither the right to throw my life away without point or gain, nor the right to preserve it at the expense of future generations.

To the Party I pledge my swift and wholehearted obedience, without cavil or hesitation. I am a political soldier, and thus I function in society.

I live a clean and manly life of honor. I do not defile that honor with perversions of the body. I do not defile my blood through congress with anyone not of my own blood.

To my fellow White men and women, who will hate and persecute me because they have been so cruelly deceived, I pledge my patience and my love.

To the world enemy in all his loathsome manifestations, I pledge unending hatred, resistance and destruction. The word “surrender” will never pass my lips nor the thought enter my mind.

I am a Northwest Volunteer.

cb65fb  No.12258082

File: 3e74e68f84cab6d⋯.jpg (100.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 3e74e68f84cab6d92c170aa208….jpg)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.png (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.png)



> i don't understand how gerrymandering works

Are you a kike shill or just pants-on-head retarded?

4fac0e  No.12258121


There won't be balkanization. Once the U.S. becomes majority shitskin it's over

d11975  No.12258126

>oy vey goyim balkanize like we want you to

>oy vey goyim run away from your problems into smaller and smaller nations so that we can take you over more easily

Go away.

28459b  No.12258158

File: b4087420684e8a1⋯.png (98.51 KB, 930x500, 93:50, 1501349089217.png)


so we should just submit to becoming a big south africa instead of grabbing a chunk? Balkanization is inevitable, it happens to all large empires. read the OP, if we make an all white nation we can begin the process of taking it all back that way, through conquer



yet another reason why we shouldn't rely on voting ourselves out of dying out


The jews don't want us to create an all white nation.

>oy vey goyim stay where you are and continue voting for ZOGparty 1 or ZOGparty 2 while your race continues to decline in population and others out-breed you

792173  No.12258160

File: 388d8ec0b9ab820⋯.jpg (20.43 KB, 236x242, 118:121, Go Home.jpg)

792173  No.12258163

First sign it's a shill, /ourkikery/

cb65fb  No.12258164

File: 1e5a97f4d83ed50⋯.jpg (25.95 KB, 417x272, 417:272, 1e5a97f4d83ed50ff30f2101f1….jpg)


Your kike bullshit isn't going to work here

Fuck off.

5809ab  No.12258166

File: 5bb5e407de4e980⋯.png (183.68 KB, 590x350, 59:35, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm curious, isn't the NWF a bad idea from the perspective of the, very inevitable, Yellowstone Caldera?

d11975  No.12258169


Get out.

28459b  No.12258177


every region has potential disaster waiting to happen. White people can rebuild from something so devastating. That's how I think of that problem anyways

5809ab  No.12258182

File: c049c18b2486f1c⋯.jpg (260.06 KB, 736x916, 184:229, dude, where's your argumen….jpg)



You two seem quite opposed to the idea of NWF but haven't provided arguments. Lest I assume you're shills, it would be good to have arguments.

I'm not in favor or against this concept of grabbing a chunk of land, but you two seem invested against it, and if you have arguments I want to see them.

d11975  No.12258189


>oy vey goyim you have no argument against my OBVIOUS AND ALREADY PROVEN HONEYPOT and against white genocide

>lol i guess that means the arguments you already presented are fake because i say so

Reminder that we’re not falling for your jewish fearmongering.

792173  No.12258190

Crazy how kike4 protects these fucking fed slides.

28459b  No.12258194

File: 996b312c03cbd81⋯.jpg (214.71 KB, 792x732, 66:61, 996b312c03cbd811a75bd4fa74….jpg)

cb65fb  No.12258195


> haven't provided arguments.


Rabbi Covington died without having done any significant damage to whites. Serious question: Are you one of the 80 IQ whites he suckered or are you posting from Tel Aviv.

Either way we don't give a shit about you retard tier anti-white ideology, but personally I'd like to know.

4c0d4c  No.12258200


I don't like your flag at all. It's half-French, half-Irish and has surrender written all over it. You need strong colours that strike fear into the enemy, like red and black. Also i have no idea what these 'impossible odds' your ancestors persevered against are in reference to.

That being said, it's true the only way the US and Canada will survive into the future is through a strategic retreat to an area of land they can keep defend and keep pure.

d11975  No.12258201


>oy vey goyim give up more of your lands don’t fight back don’t do anything ha ha it’s true


a72dac  No.12258214

File: 7d1c7e15115b208⋯.png (5.78 KB, 588x48, 49:4, Screenshot_26.png)

thanks chodemonkey.

5809ab  No.12258215



Am I supposed to take you at face value then?

I don't see how it is a honeypot. Isn't the premise "just move there and influence local politics en masse"?


>anti-white ideology

This claim seems odd. I haven't dug much into his ideas because they don't seem that smart (putting all redpilled whites into a single basket to shoah them easily) but to say it is anti-white?

4c0d4c  No.12258217


I understand you're a braindead sperg with no military acumen, but even you must realise you need a base of operations to organise from. You can't fight multiple battles on multiple fronts covering thousands of miles of territory as the underdog and hope to win.

ee8b9e  No.12258218




go the fuck back to school

cb65fb  No.12258223


> anti-white?

What the fuck is gerrymandering? Stop being 110% retarded anon. NWF is a jewish op to reduce white power in the US.

d11975  No.12258228




Reminder that, again, we will not be giving up another square inch of white soil again.

fe52f9  No.12258231


kek i love Phi phi Island now, in Goa, India they also hate the Israelis.

2e87bb  No.12258233


Euro spelling, anon. Don't be retarded.

a232c7  No.12258234


> NWF is a jewish op to reduce white power in the US.

From an outside perspective, it sure just looks like you're fear mongering. I checked out the jewtube page and it has videos posted from 6 years back. So, it's been in the works for a while now.

Aside from typing things, can you substantiate any claims you make? The jew has a way with words that often don't hold up to scrutiny, but Im sure you know that.

2e87bb  No.12258236


Aren't you enjoying the antics of the subversive kike?

4c0d4c  No.12258238


White soil is given up by the hour in the west due to white flight. Great plan you have there.

9b536f  No.12258240


Realise is a word too its an older term that means to make something real out of something that isn't.

ee8b9e  No.12258241



2e87bb  No.12258244


You do that.

499b7d  No.12258249

Everyones a jew now a days lmao

70fa15  No.12258260


>22 trillion debt

>1 trillion annual deficit

>deficit will get worse as USA becomes less white - more gibs, less taxes

>already bursting at seams

>what happens when govt can't afford gibs?

>what happens when govt can't pay police and army?

Short of unforseen technologies/events, there will be balkanization.

a232c7  No.12258262


>Everyones a jew now a days lmao

they think we're as dense as redditors. It's quite funny to see them work in such obvious radiation.

8f69c2  No.12258267

>trusting CIAnigger controlled op

ok lmao

451813  No.12258268


whats being done about that shitshow the other day? got a doxx on any of the traffic maids?

a232c7  No.12258269

d11975  No.12258272


No. There won’t. Stop shilling your jew meme.

fe52f9  No.12258274


Sure is a lot of jews here on /pol/

3 shekel an hour kikes saving money for a trip to Goa.

Keep going to Goa kikes, they love you there, and Phi Phi Island also;-)

d11975  No.12258275


>oy vey goyim it’s already happening

>know how to fix it


>lol that’ll fix things

Thanks for admitting you’re a kike.

2e87bb  No.12258277

According to kike4 it's the furthest thing from a fed honeypot. Like totally honest to fucking g_d!

2e87bb  No.12258286

And of course everyone reporting the thread is the same person. Pure fucking pottery.

163b9f  No.12258308

File: 57708585ffd11d5⋯.jpg (236.68 KB, 678x998, 339:499, AntiFa Portland.jpg)

File: eebbe418827bf5d⋯.jpg (517.2 KB, 2078x998, 1039:499, Summer of red.jpg)


We know about Seattle. We're seeing the seeds of civil wars. I 'was' buying property in Bend, OR, but there is no peace to be had with the politically charged atmosphere which exists there.

a72dac  No.12258309



speak like a human being you stupid fuck.

28459b  No.12258310

File: 764b1318135c99a⋯.png (72.32 KB, 1018x800, 509:400, 1501372536026.png)

The merit of an idea is measured by how fiercely the shills fight against it

260e72  No.12258312


im gonna need an answer to this question. or are you just a bunch of cucks who do jack shit

a232c7  No.12258314


I'm afraid your message isn't very clear.

On your website, there is only a page to contact you where people are required to enter their information and wait for a package to be mailed to them.

I'm not sure what that package entails that can't be sent via email? I'm not sure what the proposition for the contacting individual is, such as "come join us" or "work with us from where you are" or "Send us money"

Without clarity, you probably aren't getting the response rate you could be getting.

I stand behind every effort for whites to collectively associate for advancement, but I'm not even sure what your proposal is.

Please fix that.

163b9f  No.12258319


$22 Trillion. Hmm, pretty close to the $19 Trillion we've spent on securing Kikelandia in the M.E. What a Cohencidence?

>the number of wealthy kikes that could pay off the entire US debt is astronomic. do you think we can depend on Tavor to bail out the US?

>Wouldn't it be interesting to know "to whom is this US debt owed" and "why"?

28459b  No.12258324

File: 9142de1b9f672ee⋯.jpg (179.57 KB, 1323x1290, 441:430, 1508715474103.jpg)


The message is build a white nation however you can. The NF isn't just one group, it's just the most prominent group for an idea which is northwest migration

you don't need to hand over any info and you can email the NF at nwnet@earthlink.net

000000  No.12258352

Very good idea! Will do when i have the necessary funds.

In the meantime, each of us must redpill the fuck out of the normies. The truth is with us.


Here is how to do real life activism to redpill the normies:





Great examples and material:






Good luck anon /pol/acks, we are the only left force against white genocide!

000000  No.12258371

Bump. Fuck you mods.

0c5fa3  No.12258391

I'm 70% European. My father is from Mexico. im white in every way possible besides my tan skin. can I be apart of this movement or am I doomed to live with the savages?

d5c621  No.12258392


The Yellowstone caldera is mostly a meme and a supereruption (ie. "the big one") is more media hype than anything else and quite unlikely; the next time Yellowstone goes will probably be a moderate eruption on par with the Kiluea eruption of earlier this year and we'll have years if not decades of forewarning.

d73d3a  No.12258396


>Aside from typing things, can you substantiate any claims you make?

Not the other poster—he could be clearer regarding the (valid) gerrymandering issue. Right now, whites have a structural advantage in control over the federal government. There are plethora of examples, but one of the ones the left hates most is how Wyoming has the same number of senators as California. 300,000 Wyomingegianans have the same pull in the Senate as the eleventy billion faggoty denizens of California.

At a district level, gerrymandering works by trying to highly concentrate the opposing party into a single district in order to reduce their effect overall.

Resettlement of many whites into a single area by pulling them out of competitive areas of the rest of the country helps to cede control of the federal government to the shitskins and democrats.

If the country has gotten to the point where whites are effectively locked out of having any control, e.g. California, then there's no point in keeping whites there. It would be like a white man voting in Harlem. No chance of winning. At that point, leave, go to a more concentrated white area and plan the reconquest.


This is all very hand-wavey about how you plan to secede and establish a sovereign nation. If this is just an area that intends to remain in a ZOG/pozzed/blacked future USA then it's going to fare very poorly.

885411  No.12258425


Read the website, spic. Spoilers: no.

67f9aa  No.12258429

All well and good, Op. I live in the Northwest. The town I live in was once almost all Danish. My blonde haired children stood out from the Danish towheads with their light blond hair. The reason? The Klan kept them out.

Now the town is picking up Negroes and Mexicans at a prodigious rate, as they LOVE to live with white people rather than their own peoples.

You'd better get here quick because as it's going the useless eaters are going to take over soon.

885411  No.12258443

I can't find it on the website and Harold is dead so what's the NWF's official stance on Italians being white? :^)

1bbadf  No.12258448


>Once the U.S. becomes majority shitskin

Is exactly when balkanization will occur.

0c5fa3  No.12258471


so at what point is someone going to be allowed in? As far as white Americans willing to lose everything to secure a future for our race, you are going to have very few volunteers. and now you have one less just because you want to feel cool and superior. how can you expect to accomplish anything like that?

885411  No.12258482


Anons, observe the characteristics of muttposting.

122640  No.12258489

File: cf2a22a7688b8f1⋯.jpg (84.23 KB, 469x395, 469:395, cf2a22a7688b8f1f9f60ea033a….jpg)

The NWF is one of our few remaining options. We cannot reclaim the entirety of America from the non-whites. If we attempt to do so, we will just weaken our country to the point that China or some other opportunistic nation will sweep in and take over. We must consolidate our forces, and the Pacific Northwest is the best option.

The Pacific Northwest has:

-Plenty of farmland

-Port Access

-Large Forests

-A climate in which Europeans have evolved to live in

-Is not bordered by a non-white state

-Majority White

-Relatively lax gun control

-A lot of space

-Is not essential to American economics making it less likely to be defended as strongly

This really is one of the few places left in America that we could form a white nation. The only other options are fighting a suicidal war for all of America (a futile war) or fleeing to Europe, where we are not welcome. The White Ethnicities of Europe do not want us there killing their cultures, and even though we're white, that would be the result of a mass migration– even though I'm sure all of us would be willing to integrate.

It will be too late if we keep fighting a futile battle. Before you pass judgement, all I ask is that you, like you have already done in embracing white nationalism, research the topic and form a solid opinion before passing judgement. Learn about the Butler Plan, listen to Radio Free Northwest, check out what other NW Migration groups have to say. Do not dismiss this just because it's difficult or not what you wanted to hear.

The white races fate in America hinges on enough people coming home.

d11975  No.12258493


Reminder that you are shills, you are fighting for it, and that no one is going to fall for your proven honeypot cowardice bullshit.

0c5fa3  No.12258504


I'm trying to get a real answer from you. It sucks that I'm not 100% bovarian phenotype but it is what it is. I want to help the race of people I consider myself as but you can't see that? Whites have had their bloodlines diluted and tarnished but surly not all these are a lost cause? how many generations would it take for one admixture to become irrelevant?

a412b5  No.12258518


bump for NWF

109c84  No.12258522


>> I do not defile my blood through congress with anyone not of my own blood.

so you're gonna marry your cousins?

4f2576  No.12258525

File: 234088379594bd8⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 2050x1152, 1025:576, BlackSun13.jpg)


wew lad

many cheers

a3be54  No.12258544


Fuck it I'll join the NWF. Anything is better than 8chan well except 4chan that is.

fe52f9  No.12258564


Dont listen to the jewish shills, they are just here to devide

47d542  No.12258569


you belong in mexico doomed to the brown hellscape the mestizos create for themselves

668c59  No.12258575



>encourages mischlings to contaminate

learn to spell you retarded shitskin.

42ae93  No.12258578


I regret not joining before Harold passed away. I wanted to meet him at least once. You guys NEED to update the site, and don't play the shitty music from The Daily Shoah.

Overall, just tweak your ideology to be; "Every race has a right to a homeland" This way you can "franchise" the movement, making too many targets for (((them))) to handle.

aacaa6  No.12258580


Exactly. My doubts about the NWF lie within the fact that they have the most potential race traitors of any proposed ethno-state. I don't see a way around the subversives in Portland or Seattle without White on White violence, which at this point is pointless purity spiraling

28459b  No.12258603


that IS our ideology. but not every group can be about fighting for each others racial nations. each of these nations will need it's own group to fight for it's existence. We're the white group fighting for a white nation. Let the blacks and others fight for their own. any less than total dedication to our own people and nobody else is weakness and displays weakness

6d005a  No.12258645

File: 68aae4b97d1d84d⋯.jpg (298.91 KB, 578x900, 289:450, 1534003496491.jpg)


I'm born and raised in the United States and have nothing for me in Mexico.

are you just trying to be edgy or do you really mean that anon?

122640  No.12258647

File: bfdcaf8c9bb8de8⋯.jpg (216.11 KB, 1125x1075, 45:43, 96215707_283036500046718_6….jpg)


You are confused about what the NWF is. It is not a group that you can attain membership in. You either identify yourself with them, or you don't. There are no meetings and there are no collaborative efforts beyond simply coming the the PNW.


Race traitors will exist everywhere. This is a non-issue. Race traitors are not as big of an issue as populations that are ~50% non-white.

This is not the time to speculate or hesitate. We are losing ground everyday. We all know this. I'm not asking you to blindly accept what is being said, but to take the initiative and research it to confirm it's legitimacy. I believe this is the best option, and I promise you that if you just take the few hours to research it instead of immediately dismissing it, you will agree.

To help you do not need to put yourself at any risk. You don't need to commit jihad in the name of the NWF. You only are being asked to come to the PNW, enjoy the presence of your fellow whites, and wait until our numbers are large enough that we can claim our nation. We can not openly discuss treason over the web. I am not implying that we should commit treason. I am not advocating violence. I do not want to get taken in by the FBI. What is talked about in private between those who identify themselves with the NWF in person, behind closed doors and in safety might just differ from that though. They might just be talking about establishing this nation by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

I do not, of course, support this. I only advocate to come to the PNW and see what happens. I am not asking people to be stupid and neither are the owners of the NWF website.

The only thing you are being asked to do is settle in the Pacific Northwest.

9b72c8  No.12258670

File: 310ac3996cd86de⋯.jpg (23.39 KB, 242x206, 121:103, 14440399001431.jpg)


We had a fun time shitposting together, but it's time to go hombre.Go Make Mexico Ok For Once MMOFO. See? It even has a nice ring to it.

0c5fa3  No.12258771

File: 39bd564d3ec8974⋯.jpg (368.09 KB, 1048x1200, 131:150, 1530555058050.jpg)


you're a faggot. have fun failing the white race. your movement is doomed to fail, that much is clear. I'll find another way, because your way is LARP of a dream.

aacaa6  No.12258787


"Race traitors are a non-issue"?????? The whole premise of the Butler Plan and the NWF relies on Whites congregating in one place and then as things enter SHTF mode they will emerge as cell units to fight against the system in unison. If you have a high amount of traitors making collaboration impossible and keeping your people on edge as any White could be a threat, rather than every White as a potential ally. I've been to the PNW and it's a beautiful place and I hope you succeed in your efforts but you're fighting just as much an uphill battle as Californian anons. In a way, being in an area that is demographically worse off is better because the amount of White traitors will be significantly less allowing for a proper unison when SHTF. I don't think I would be accepted anyway as I am merely a "passing" coloured White. This is something dumbasses like >>12258645 need to understand.

025994  No.12258791

File: 1df002cc86912be⋯.jpg (67.56 KB, 467x750, 467:750, 011001000110.jpg)

White cowards. You hide behind your fucking mountain. A world away from the real tragedy. I commend the whites that stay and fight for what is theirs and what they built. Your a fool to think you will escape the horde, the masses of the savage beasts. It is a matter of time before your pristine white fantasy comes crashing down on you like a wave that devours you in to the depths of darkness.

bf0710  No.12258802

File: 6650d5177ddb2d5⋯.png (721.24 KB, 5584x3104, 349:194, % White.png)


I need to point out the obvious here;

The NWF idea is predicated on the theory that when America collapses, they will already have a White state from which they will reconquer the former USA.

It is not about escape, it is about consolidation.

fe52f9  No.12258803


Drama faggot

9d2b7f  No.12258804


are you actually spic or spanish

9d2b7f  No.12258809


yeah lol I'm totally gonna take back cuckfornia with my vote, right.

122640  No.12258813

File: 5ea53bc4a70ffe9⋯.jpg (137.6 KB, 884x960, 221:240, 5ea53bc4a70ffe9b13651ade25….jpg)


If your father is from Mexico, how are you 70% white? Wouldn't that make you 50% white? I know it's hard being a mutt, and that you can't change who you are, but I ask why are you involved in white nationalism? It's not really for you. Besides, no one is preventing you from moving to the PNW if you want, and as I have said it's not a regulated group. However, if something does ever happen to form a white nation in the PNW I can't promise that you'll be accepted. If you can pass as white, then you should be fine. I recommend, if you really want to help, moving anyways and never mentioning your heritage and hoping no one notices. Otherwise, go support some other group.


I believe that as soon as they are among their white brethren, and away from the brainwashing and the incentives, they will most likely join our side. Race traitors are either cowards, or unenlightened, and that can be fixed either way. The Pacific Northwest is geographically in a strong position, and that is part of why it's chosen. And as for whether or not you will be accepted, see the above post. I do not hate mutts (try not to get to offended at the terminology) and there will be no blood testing. As long as people can't prove you are non-white and you give them no evidence or reason to hate you, you will most likely be ok. I am of pure european descent, but I'm a rare case. There will need to be concessions. I'd imagine your chances of a good life are as good in the PNW as anywhere else.


Call us cowards, if you like. We do not need suicidal idiots among us anyways. Go ahead and columbine if you want, I want the whites to survive.

a3be54  No.12258824


What're you talking about you stupid nigger

0c5fa3  No.12258826

File: e916a85cfd271b6⋯.jpg (300.22 KB, 494x449, 494:449, 1538240935862.jpg)


my mother is fully British and my father is from Mexico. he is maybe 60/40 Spanish/native south American. my DNA results shows me having 70%+ European phenotype. fuck me. just fuck my shit up fam

a3be54  No.12258829


You could always just die on the battlefield for the coming race.

2336c5  No.12258830


White enclavism is suicide.

Its all or nothing.

9d2b7f  No.12258832

File: f1471a9b63801f0⋯.jpg (76.14 KB, 620x289, 620:289, sammy-sosa (1).jpg)


I may have a solution for you

6f3a61  No.12258833




Hey cuckchan.

a3be54  No.12258837



>Guys we have a better chance of taking over all of the US without a single tangible goal or starting point!

<Hey what if we had a tangible goal and starting point?

>How can you take it all if you've already created a mini base of operations? That's suicide.

What the fuck are you smoking

bf0710  No.12258842

0c5fa3  No.12258870

File: a5efe9ed1bd4794⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 600x249, 200:83, download (1).gif)


Mexico doesnt exactly have a single race. it varies by region

typically the further south you go the higher % shitskin natives you get. pure Spanish/European areas still exist and funnily enough do much better financially and with lower crime.

A lot of the population is a mix of European/native American. It's why some of these spics are nearly a nigger shade of brown while other look white(especially on Mexican TV).

As I said earlier my dad is 50-60% Spanish and my mother is 100% British. Making me 70ish percent white

9b536f  No.12258881


>Race Traitors

>Non issue

Maybe where you live, but here in my part of Iowa, people would sooner murder their own children than be caught with a "racist opinion." God, this state is so painfully cucked.

42ae93  No.12258882


>Let the blacks and others fight for their own.

But they need to be shown the possibility. If we just keep the Laissez faire approach for them, (((other))) people will influence them.

All I'm saying is we need some literature for guidance, a "Civilization 101" kind of book that you can hand to a black community, and they can prosper on their own. A book that teaches them about Community-centered banking advocated by Richard Werner. Permaculture principles to help their health and diets. And then local trades fostered by those not-for-profit community banks.


>It is not a group that you can attain membership in. You either identify yourself with them, or you don't. There are no meetings and there are no collaborative efforts beyond simply coming the the PNW.

I think that is folly, in order for a group to have longevity it must have some form of "Hazing" ritual. There is an innate psychology in paying a high price (blood, sweat, tears) in order to join a group. This makes the thing you want to join have some value to you (psychologically speaking).

Take the Jews for example, its their circumcision that binds them together, its a form of extreme hazing. The NWF needs something similar in order to grow / survive. of course we won't circumcise Maybe we can have some form of required fostering for new-comers to the PNW.


9b536f  No.12258891


This guy's first point is pretty valid, and there are a few black nationalist movements whose leaders are sympathetic to whites and would be more than happy to accept a sort of "society development kit" from us.

122640  No.12258895


Yes, yes, I read your other post. I assume you read all of mine. As I said, no one can stop you, and I don't hate you for what you are. Just don't speak about your heritage and try to blend in. Your life can't be any worse in the PNW than anywhere else. Don't listen to the purists, we need all the help we can get.

Obviously having mixed race people isn't ideal, especially ones who have thin skin, like you seem to. However, we won't get anywhere by being divisive.


You need to learn to read between the lines. I would gladly update the website, but I don't own the website. It's not safe to talk about things like that in a public space. I don't want to discuss anything to make the group a target. Send the NWF an email, and maybe you will receive some more information.

47d542  No.12258897


Youre also not white

8beb8e  No.12258906

I skimmed their "constitution" and just lol at their ridiculously strict citizenship levels. Putting "aryans" (Germans, Nords) above southern Europeans yeah sure OK. Southern Europe is the cradle of western civilization. We're fighting for our survival and they're already trying to divide us into levels of whiteness. Keep your "alpha" citizenship, faggots. I'm plenty comfy in huwhite New Hampshire and surrounded by like minded people.

aacaa6  No.12258911


Acadia has as good of a chance if not better of accomplishing the same goals

d11975  No.12258913

>jewish honeypot thread still up

d11975  No.12258916


>oy vey no argument lol wow u wrong


6f3a61  No.12258918


>Says I have no argument

>Cannot back up his own.

a232c7  No.12258930


>I'm Italian, anons!

<Ok, you're good!

Seriously, it's this easy.

Spic and nigger is more a culture than anything else. So long as you value white culture and don't ever mention your awesome mexican genetics, who's to say you're not white?

d11975  No.12258932


>totally not a honeypot.txt

>ignore that it calls for everything jews want

>ignore that it openly supports white genocide

>ignore that I have no argument

Sorry, die.

d11975  No.12258936


We're not to say. Because he's not white. Because he has indio blood in him. And that's extremely easy to figure out with modern genetic testing.

47d542  No.12258937


>who's to say you're not white?

A dna test

b1e610  No.12258943


Hitler allowed 1/4 and sometimes half Jews to marry Germans. Plenty of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans have very diluted shitskin DNA to the point that you'd have no idea they weren't white Europeans unless they told you. There are tons of white people from Lebanon, Syria, the Caucasus (mostly the Christians who historically were not legally allowed to marry the brown Arab Muslims, so they stayed more pure). If you look white, you are white. It's fairly easy to see non-white features if you know what to look for. What are you gonna do, DNA test everyone who wants to fight on your side?

122640  No.12258956


Just ignore these people, we will likely never have enough resources to DNA test everyone. Stop getting worked up over a few dumbasses with strong opinions.

Research the NWF and decide whether it's best for you. (If you want the white race to have a future in America, then this is the place)

6f3a61  No.12258983



>ignore that it calls for everything jews want

In what fucking way?

1cfd6c  No.12259009










Jackie Banny Arklöv did more than 99%

of the people sitting around here.

inb4 he killed two cops

8beb8e  No.12259010


New England is clearly the White stronghold in this country, yet you chose the area with the largest concentration of degenerates between Portland and Seattle, much lower White birthrate, and fucking injuns. What's the reason for this? New England has coastal access.

a232c7  No.12259017


>modern genetic testing.

Good luck testing a bunch of questionables while hoardes of heathens are storming the area. I'll side with Hitler on the topic.

d3914b  No.12259045


Just for the sake of saying it..Drive east 50 miles from those locations and demographics dramatically change. the color of voting history too.

d11975  No.12259049


>oy vey how is running away from your problems what the jews want how is giving up the rest of the white land in the world what jews want how is refusing to fight back what jews want



>good luck

It takes 24 hours. Put a bullet in your head. The testing will be done and nonwhites will not be allowed. You are a race traitor.

122640  No.12259057

File: 334bdb6106f49bb⋯.jpg (95.61 KB, 469x357, 67:51, 334bdb6106f49bbbb8db07430c….jpg)


The difference is that the east coast is a financial staple of the US and they would never let it be threatened while they won't care enough about the PNW to stop us from gathering there.

Also the PNW has alot more unworked land, fewer people, and more lumber and natural resources. Stop giving arguments until you're informed on the reasons. Seriously, spend 20 minutes to do some fucking research you asshole. I know you don't want to put in the fucking effort to move, but you have to realise that even though it's convenient to stay where you are it's not sustainable.

I'm sorry, but you guys are really starting to frustrate me.

8beb8e  No.12259058


>genetic testing meme

t. zoomer

47d542  No.12259059


if you have 30% indio blood in you you're not white and not wanted

d11975  No.12259068





This is how far /pol/ has fallen. This is what is allowed now.

8beb8e  No.12259070


I see you're really into this LARP so I'll let you have your fantasies.

47fda5  No.12259085


The PNW is one big glownigger social experiment. Aryan Nation and the country's loudest libshit "activists" all under the same Umbrella eh?

PNW will be a pinch point between Commiefornia and the conscript refugee hordes of Canada. The massive Fed presence in WA (they aren't going to let any pesky rebel types touch their subs, my dude) presents another dubious challenge for the PNW - navigating the criminal/cop/fed/leftycunt/deep cover foreigners dynamics would prove trying as well. With the skillful movement of military forces, the PNW becomes a meat grinder.

Not blackpilling, it just pays to be wary and think about these things from every perspective possible.

d3914b  No.12259108



As a resident of the PWN, pound for pound our gun and ammo stash is probably equal or second to none. I travel the US for work and been just about everywhere. I'm a proud yokel.

1cfd6c  No.12259124


You don’t even know who he is do you?


>Disillusioned castizo/mulatto/turk approaches.

>I wish to devote my entire life to sacrifice and martyrdom for the new dawn of the Aryan empire so that I may but only glimpse the gates of Valhalla upon death.

<Go away.

122640  No.12259136

File: 96c86f142e0f0e6⋯.jpg (108.11 KB, 480x608, 15:19, 96c86f142e0f0e648493352c31….jpg)


It's people like you that are going to just let the white race in America die. I would be willing to accept that this plan won't work, if you would provide an alternative and refute the points. Just do a little research, what is it going to hurt? We have to start somewhere. If you people would just open your mind and step outside your comfort zone, we could actually get something done. It's not a fantasy, but it is a dream, and it can be realised.


I understand your fears, but you really have no evidence. This really is one of the few options we have. Are we going to be any less at risk than if we stayed divided? If you come to the PNW you're not being asked to engage in violence, just live there and raise a family. This isn't organized enough to be a government trap, there is no obligation to identify yourself or communicate with the group if you don't want to. The worst case scenario is that there's not enough people who come and we lose anyways, at least if you're up here you can live mostly free from government control.

1cfd6c  No.12259193

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>If you people would just open your mind and step outside your comfort zone, we could actually get something done. It's not a fantasy, but it is a dream, and it can be realised.

Azov Battalion.

>But the West is backing them!

Look at what happened to the mujahideen who also fought Russia with the support of the West amidst chaos and power vacuums.

>full Prague golem mode

>large swathes of territory captured

>governments established/infiltrated

>large influx of international support

>has own state currency

>cleansing of undesirables ensued

>It’s a brother war!

The jihadists kill mostly other Muslims opposed to them. (Russia isn’t really the biggest fan of natsoc ideology.)

If Ukraine plays its cards right and doesn’t declare war on everyone, things could get good. National Socialists in Ukraine have arguably already achieved all of the things mentioned in the list.

a232c7  No.12259198

File: 46c1586be7431c0⋯.png (16.31 KB, 537x155, 537:155, Private_Club_Exemption.PNG)

File: 4ed10e28b34e3cb⋯.png (66.31 KB, 534x444, 89:74, Private_Club_States.PNG)


Some of the literature on your website could excite an action against your efforts.

I would recommend dropping the referencing to any combat action against the state or purpose of secession. It could incite criminal action.

I would also recommend referring to it as a private club, making it perfectly legal to operate under discriminatory measures against race. (pics related)

122640  No.12259236


I never knew about these people, it's really heartening to hear. I'm going to assume that you shared this to give confidence to the movement.

Though I just read that Israel and Canada is providing them armaments. Any comment on this?

1de08b  No.12259238


>single tangible goal or starting point

Enclavism remains a bad idea. I can offer you potential starting points and tangible goals if you like, none of which involve enclavism - some of which MAY however involve attempt to create a Berlin to our Hitler, though the Pacific NW seems a poor choice given present conditions.



Why would you go with that graphic to support your position?

Again, enclavism is suicide.

Attempting to create a geographic political base (ie a base of operational activity, not of population concentration) isnt a bad idea, but Pacific NW seems ill suited ala your graphic.

Central/Northern Midwest or PA-OH-WV zone seem better bets. Lots of small cities you could choose from for an operational base.

f44996  No.12259244


I don't know, this feels all glow like phosphorescent or bioluminescent and definitely pony fucker ish

bf0070  No.12259251

Southern Paraguay is much better.

122640  No.12259265


You really couldn't have just read through the rest of the thread first? Port access is essential for a number of reasons, we want somewhere sparsely populated with an abundance of natural resources and that isn't essential to the American government, and all the places you mentioned lack those things. It's not like the entire white race is going up gather here, just enough to get something started.

75d4ba  No.12259290


>The NF isn't just one group

I'd argue that it is, but there are multiple groups for the NI / Butler plan.

000000  No.12259299

Choose a state with open carry.

22ceb6  No.12259339

File: 05acbc445fa101f⋯.webm (2.59 MB, 852x480, 71:40, i like chinese.webm)

>this kills the ethnostate

1cfd6c  No.12259351


>Any comment on this?

Oh most definitely, it’s the funniest thing ever. I’ll try to explain it as best as I can.

>SHTF in Ukraine.

>Anarchists and communists start wreaking havoc (serious stuff; people’s heads are smashed instead of the usual trash can).

>Russia starts annexing chunks of land and setting up proxy states like the Donetsk Republic.

>Militias popping up left and right.

>Slavic pagan guy named Andriy Yevhenovych Biletsky;

>founder of "Social-National Assembly", a small group of devout National Socialists

>immediately begins to militarize his natsoc ultranationalist group to defend his motherland

>Ukrainian government in tatters, local leaders in and out everyday.

>Government begins handing out weapons like a vegan with pamphlets on a liberal college campus.

>Azov grows as it garners a wealth of support and stolen supplies.

>NATO gets involved.

>US and other western nations start funding Azov as a proxy through Ukraine.

>“muh Nazis”

>US congress bans support of Azov.

While this is all going on, the war in Syria is being waged.

>Israel hates Assad and his Russian support.

>Israel starts to directly give weapons to the Ukrainian Military (a loose bunch of militant groups, Azov included) since they’re pet ZOG America stopped doing something right for once.

>Israel is basically using Azov to keep Russia busy, locked in a Ukrainian stalemate.

>Azov is allegedly persecuting and killing Muslims, gypsies, other poor oppressed people.



And that’s the story of how Slavic National Socialists are using Israeli arms to kill Jews in a Russian puppet state.

The founder of the Battalion is no longer the leader, this is due to the fact that he is currently a member of parliament! On top of this many other members of the Battalion are also now in the government, Ukraine has done little to stop this group, in fact, it is doing quite the opposite. Hitler-Jugend-esque camps have been allowed to be established across the country by Azov for the sole purpose of raising and training children for the future of Ukraine and Europe.

Other fun facts:

>They are gaining a sizable amount of foreign recruits by handing out fliers at skinhead concerts across Europe.

>Andriy Biletsky (the founder) is working toward getting an anti-miscegenation law passed.

>A decently sized handful of fascist Croats have joined because they want to remove kebab.

Sorry about any typos.

36b18e  No.12259382

File: e373b04e95805cf⋯.jpeg (185.97 KB, 1770x817, 1770:817, 85B4BD21-29FF-4ED1-90A4-F….jpeg)

File: 1ad66c3df1cf32b⋯.png (660.47 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 7690BD31-B7FB-4EF7-ABC5-36….png)


After ZOG Balkanizes, our biggest obstacle is keeping China from steam rolling the NW, their number 2 target after Africa. Hopefully you recruit some nuclear submarine operators to hold them off or the NW is fucked regardless.

t.hopeful but realistic Washintonian




Once their pet neighbors start turning on them, the strongest remains will be looking for salvation and leadership. The geography of Seattle and Portland are easy to cut off and isolate.


>Make Mexico Okay For Once

I keked so hard I woke up my baby.

>>12258911 checked

Go start it then.


This guy gets it, also (((tech companies))) ZOG won’t let anything bad happen to. Besides Hongcouver, BC/Alberta would be easier to take without getting Samson’d imo.


The problem with Maine is the same with the Puget Sound. Tons of Naval assets and nukes that ZOG will never surrender.


> I can offer you potential starting points and tangible goals

Please do.

>>12259299 checked

Oregon and Washington are.


>ignore that it openly supports white genocide

I understand how their website could be an iplogging honeypot, only a tard would email them tbh, but how does it support white genocide?


Anon, the way I see it you have a 70% chance of being reincarnated as a 100% Europoid child to distant cousins in Britain or Spain. Those chances are entirely dependent upon your actions henceforth.

d023c6  No.12259387


As someone who spent time over in Ukraine I can say Azov never did any actual fighting. Right Sector and the UA did all the heavy lifting, glory to the poor bastards I greased though.

000000  No.12259393

a232c7  No.12259398

File: 0de2793a1a35900⋯.gif (322.71 KB, 556x537, 556:537, Territories_of_Dynasties_i….gif)

File: d51a0e8e60838d7⋯.png (255.27 KB, 740x836, 185:209, Israel_China.PNG)


>China from steam rolling the NW

I'm just not buying the China scare.

MFers haven't left their patch of dirt in 3500 years of empirical rule. Why now?

The whole thing stinks of pissrael. The jew is the master of hiding behind a corporate screen. To think the companies that implanted spy tech in US devices aren't owned/controlled by juden is amateur.

8938b8  No.12259399


My uncle met a white nationalist girl in China and got married, their 4 hapAryan children are amazingly bright for their age.

1cfd6c  No.12259400

File: 00203c64f6b0696⋯.jpeg (67.38 KB, 680x453, 680:453, 09AC6B32-0487-4E9B-B6A4-7….jpeg)

File: e9a4a728193d527⋯.jpeg (105.38 KB, 680x453, 680:453, 7112330F-6DEB-4EF3-8264-F….jpeg)

File: 1c79ae856da279a⋯.jpeg (157.37 KB, 1200x805, 240:161, 5135A3A2-570F-4CFF-B8A8-A….jpeg)


>I can say Azov never did any actual fighting.

Tell that to the dead.

22ceb6  No.12259407

File: 4e9cf96c859668d⋯.webm (4 MB, 854x480, 427:240, what europeans want.webm)


will there be a place for high IQ asians in the ethnostate?? Yellow fever is real but it's not a big phenomena

22ceb6  No.12259411

File: 1687ffc15444704⋯.webm (2.81 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 【抖音】上漂亮的小姐姐:这样的小姐姐你喜欢吗?.webm)


they have their own charm.

d023c6  No.12259437

File: 4d6a8f687512e9a⋯.jpg (78.61 KB, 1019x605, 1019:605, 1445717571885-0.jpg)


All I see is UA marked vehicles greased and a state funeral for UA soldiers and an Azov fellow morning some dead man. Most militia vehicles were painted like they were some sort of knock off Panzer from the war with cage/skirts that got caught on everything. I compared them to the republican guard during the invasion of Iraq; talked about but never there. Even Isa's boys showed up and fought to the last man during Debaltseve, god damn they were aggressive as fuck, but that goes for any goat fucker trapped in a village.

6f3a61  No.12259440


So your uncle is a race traitor?

6f3a61  No.12259445


Go to japan and stay there.

6f3a61  No.12259446


Russia is russia I honestly don't seem to worried about them and besides they are doing decently well, I don't think they need a natsoc ideology, how ever european countries that are dwelling into degeneracy and reaching into something worse that will make weimar germany look like childplay.

6f3a61  No.12259449


Just because your in there you want balkanization? What are debated and conversation?

6f3a61  No.12259452


Your not white, accept that fact.

1cfd6c  No.12259460


Very low effort shilling. Sad!

Ми в соціальних мережах

Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCewl92lzIMDO8QiAYOQ2d8w

VKontakte: https://vk.com/batalion.azov

Twitter: https://twitter.com/polk_azov

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/azov_ukraine

Telegram: https://telegram.me/azov_ua

Tumblr: http://azov-ua.tumblr.com

I assume all of these photos and videos include paid actors, right?

you need to get bloodeagled


>I don't think they need a natsoc ideology

You don’t belong here then. Ukraine is slowly becoming a National Socialist country as we speak whether you like it or not.


I myself am white. I was simply making the argument that individuals with a mixed background are more than welcome to support us.

6f3a61  No.12259463




Still not white the reason we say italians and other european countries are white the ones aho say they aren't are d&c shills, here you are trying to get us to accept shitkins into white nations fuck off with that shit and live in your own nations.

654007  No.12259465


Hi moishe.

6f3a61  No.12259466



Sure not their fault their race traitor parents turned them into mutts, but unfortunately we have to sterilize them.

6f3a61  No.12259467


>ukraine is becoming a natsoc

I was talking about russia, I think they are fine and I am glad ukraine is becoming a natsoc, gotta make sure the kikes don't try to declare a world war against ukraine like they are doing with syria.

122640  No.12259469

File: 5afe2fcadc4014b⋯.gif (4.51 MB, 480x242, 240:121, 5afe2fcadc4014b53920b1dac5….gif)

To bring this back to the topic, before it gets derailed:

Something that we as a group have been needing in America is some place to unite and call our own. Before someone says "America belongs to us!", consider just how massive our country is. There are not enough like-minded individuals to reclaim the whole of the US, and that is why we must consolidate our efforts.

The goal of the NWF, and other Northwest Initiative groups, is to get enough likeminded white people together to jumpstart a movement, and in the event of SHTF, to have a place where we can rebuild. This is not a official group, not yet, but when there is enough of us that we can confidently gather, then we will. We need to form a place that people will not be afraid to come and support us, and where we can be open among eachother. There are many reasons that the Pacific Northwest is that place, and if you read through the thread and the Butler Plan you will discover those reasons. The PNW is a beautiful place, and I would love to meet you, brothers. It doesn't take any personal risks to come here, the economy is good and you don't have to take part in NWF activities if you don't want to. The goal is to form a community where we can support one another.

There is more to the NWF than you may realize or is openly spoken of. Check out the NWF website and read between the lines. There is a lot of good advice and information there. Also, read the thread before saying anything, please.

Sorry for the somewhat incoherent ramble, but I've been trying to keep this thread alive for the past few hours and it's late. If anyone wants advice on where to go or how to make your journey, perhaps I could help. No, I am not a paid shill or anything I'm just passionate about this subject.

b563c2  No.12259471



If you are going to take over the US, your going to need to design a better flag. Blue, White, and Green are the colors of the JEW!!!

6f3a61  No.12259474


Ahh rebuilding I don't mind building a new community.

122640  No.12259481


I didn't design the flag, and I'm only a supporter, not a guy with authority. But yeah I hate the fucking flag and I think it looks stupid. But I like the message and methods, so I overlooked it.

000000  No.12259487


They are also the colors of water, purity, and nature.

d023c6  No.12259491


Not my fault I actually fought over there. I mean if they're so god damn good why'd they get replaced with regular army units or hell actually do front line service outside of fighting over a pissant village outside of Mariupol. I will say this about them though, they do train a lot from their footage. If they are actually serious about fixing the eternally backwards Ukraine why haven't they just done a coup yet and removed the EU backed government with the equipment they've got from their benefactors?

122640  No.12259503


Perhaps this topic deserves it's own thread?

If you are hoping up get something done in the PNW you should work on getting a decent job near one of the bigger cities, preferably (((Seattle))), this is where you can have the biggest impact. If you are coming to the PNW to start a family and already have the money, you can move somewhere less developed. Washington has the strictest gun laws of any place in the PNW and is not the place to begin preparing for SHTF, but for activism and conversion, this is the place to go.

d023c6  No.12259508


Already in the NW friend-o. All I know is when the fighting decides to starts its going to be nasty, all I can say is hiding in the hills is bad idea. Need ocean access.

f00ba3  No.12259512

File: b457cadd56bcd54⋯.jpg (7.11 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20180228_143456.jpg)

>We are a community of blood, not of faith. Race, not religion, is what is important. For the sake of our own and future generations, we agree to lay aside all differences of religion between White people, now and forever.

To remove Christianity from the West is to remove fuel from a fire. Without fuel, your spark will die even before the wind blows. I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over all Creation. If you deny Him, then you are antichrist. To the children of God, you might as well be jews, murderers of our King.

I wish you well insofar as it means that one day you will return to Christ. Do you really feel pride in remembering your pagan ancestors? Mine carried righteousness to every corner of the world. Even in the most lost places, even in the darkest jungles, I have found their marks upon history.

And who else could I find in such places besides the lonesome souls of a few colored savages?

Who else would remain after so long to tend the hundreds of graves and to light candles in the church? In poverty and humility they still do this, outcast by their own people, to honor the whites who once came.

I will not abandon them and neither should you. Pic very much related.

e69b6e  No.12259514

File: 2dfdcd73aebd788⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 5400x3586, 2700:1793, 41013af01c8f325ce81c871381….jpg)


my two cents:

>US balkanization will never occur, no state will ever be allowed to leave the US IMO North America is completely lost

>the PNW is too large with too large of a population with too many spics and leftists, it also lacks an Atlantic coastline

You said "It must be the PNW because it can't be the east coast and it can't be landlocked". Why can't it be the east coast? You offered no explanation. The west coast is vulnerable to China. The argument against northern New England seems to be "too liberal", but the western PNW is significantly more liberal and is where all of the economic activity in the region is.

>including an arbitrary chunk of "West Montana" just to make it a "Greater Washington" rectangle is LARPy and retarded

>Maine, New Hampshire, and maybe Vermont would be more practical because it is smaller with a smaller population and is the whitest part of the US; the total number of non-whites there is very small compared to PNW.

I'm just not seeing it, Washington is already under 70% white and a large percentage of those whites are latte niggers in Seattle etc.


>Once the U.S. becomes majority shitskin

we will fall under the arbitrary 50% number extremely soon if we haven't already. this will not be announced on the television until a long time after it has actually happened because they don't want normals to get uncomfortable


>I don't like what you said so UR A JOO UR A JOO UR A JOO UR A JOO UR A JOO

no, you go away, that sort of post is never constructive

e69b6e  No.12259515

File: 3649db2a42a730d⋯.mp4 (180.49 KB, 720x392, 90:49, not listening varg.mp4)



122640  No.12259516


That last bit wasn't directed at you, just trying to keep the visible few comments relevant and capable of starting discussion.

d023c6  No.12259520


All good.

36b18e  No.12259522

File: 7483dff056f6b5a⋯.jpeg (138.68 KB, 600x800, 3:4, C4AE949A-8E4D-498F-B300-4….jpeg)


>I'm just not buying the China scare.

They have been human trafficking chinks into Seattle and HONGcouver buy the cargo ship load since the gold rush and buying property with cash since 08. Rothschild, Bezos, and Zuck are helping them though. It’s a quiet economic war in the NW.


Pic for you.

e69b6e  No.12259540

File: 154897ced9fe9d8⋯.jpg (46.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 154897ced9fe9d841de1c57304….jpg)


>New England is clearly the White stronghold in this country

northern* New England

>t. southern New England


>they wouldn't let anything on the east coast go because it's economically important

>the PNW is strategically valuable because it's economically important

122640  No.12259553


I didn't say the PNW is economically important, I said economically sound. Meaning that you can make a living there. Read much?

000000  No.12259559


The quote is saying that it is purely a political movement. They are not saying to get rid of Christianity, but rather that we should stop D&C'ing ourselves over religion. When whites fight against each other kikes win.

75eaa2  No.12259566


Ethnic homogeneity is one requirement, but so is moral fortitude. Otherwise you have theft, murder, and adultery. WN kill eachother all the time over this shit. As a prepper, I wouldn't trust amoral WN to not murder me and take my supplies should shit hit the fan. Only a zealous Christian Nationalist movement will do. Otherwise I'd rather be in a remote compound with my immediate family, who are the only people I trust in lieu of a civic morality.

de36c1  No.12259570

Let me die without fear as I have lived without it>>12259469

I am reality; I make it what it is

a232c7  No.12259573


>Rothschild, Bezos, and Zuck are helping them though

that's what I mean. I think juden is manipulating certain chinks into good goys through majick. Once their on the shekel shackles, juden knows they'll do whatever is asked of them.

Take out pissrael, and everyone will just go back to their homeland (perhaps by force, if need be).

f1d879  No.12259583



>tons of land



>hydroelectric power

>international ports

>not economically important

Did you just skip all your economics classes, anon?

e69b6e  No.12259584


Whatever. You didn't respond to my arguments retarding northern New England >>12259514

>smaller territory, smaller population, eaiser to influence, shorter border

>significantly whiter by percentage and the actual number of non-whites is much smaller

>Atlantic coastline, safe from China

>plenty of the local population is salvageable

>cold climate with harsh winters


I was exposing a contradiction, read the post I was replying to

d5c621  No.12259982



I really wish people would stop using that term in this context; it not only implies that non-Christians are the divisive element (ironic) but is stupid considering that there really isn't any division outside of these discussions specifically. If DOTR was happening tomorrow you'd see the most edgy cunts from both sides high-fiving one another after engaging in a team effort to haul a particularly fat yid up a lamppost. In short, religion is only a divisive element in an abstract sense (sort of like the discussions we engage in here; really makes you think) because everyone here - no matter how they relate to the divine - believes in National Socialism before all else and when action in the cause is required that "all else" falls by the wayside.

bf0710  No.12260210

File: 77776a393052c19⋯.jpg (116.34 KB, 1280x879, 1280:879, Belarusian Wedding.jpg)


1. The Whites of New England are descended from the Puritans and behave the exact same way that their ancestors did. 300 years ago they were religious zealots who wanted to burn White children for being "witches"

Today they are religious zealots who want to burn White children for being "racists.

Look at their voting habits. they will elect socialists if you give them the chance.

2. The NWF is a lot larger than NE and can fit more White people.

3. The NWF has much greater strategic depth and more importantly; geographic barriers. If an army chose to overrun New England, they could do so easily. But attacking the NWF would prove difficult and costly. One man can hold a mountaintop for days or even months if well prepared. A well prepared army can defend mountain passes for years against impossible odds.

4. If we manage to seize control of the NWF, then there are no large strategic jumping off points close by in which to launch a campaign against us, and unlike New England there would be far fewer anti-white traitors living in the countryside to assist the government.

bf0710  No.12260218


>Attempting to create a geographic political base

That is the entire point of the NWF

>Central/Northern Midwest or PA-OH-WV zone seem better bets. Lots of small cities you could choose from for an operational base.

No because;

1. No port access

2. No geographic defenses

3. No strategic depth

4. There are already thousands of White nationalists in the NWF who have been preparing for this for years.

What you would have us do is uproot and all travel to another location. And the moment we got there, you'd say

>Oh, this isn't suited for my perfect ideas. Let's go to Alaska instead.

No. They're already set up in the NWF.

The resources are already there for a strategic base of operations. Let's use our advantage instead of throwing it away

628039  No.12260305

File: ac82a7c2ed24aba⋯.jpg (154.94 KB, 1710x962, 855:481, Northwest-Death.jpg)


Stop shilling this northwest front bullshit. We do not want the future of the white race centered around the Yellowstone caldera. If Yellowstone were to erupt literally everybody in your northwest front WILL DIE. Pick a less suicidal location for the future of the white race.

I'm starting to think this whole Northwest thing is a ploy by the kikes to kill as many whites as possible when Yellowstone erupt.

628039  No.12260307


>yellowstone is a meme

Fuck off. We're not falling for your death trap.

628039  No.12260313


Not every disaster is of equal scale. When a hurricane barrels through Florida it can cause devastation but the overwhelming majority of the population survive. In the worst case scenario, the same is not true if you're within a few hundred miles of Yellowstone. That's the difference.

If the white race were centered in an area that had tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes that would be FINE by comparison. Yellowstone is bad news.

0918de  No.12260336


>The Whites of New England

>they will elect socialists if you give them the chance

NORTHERN New England*. This is important- southern New England is not useful for these purposes because the whites there are too liberal and also because there are too many non-whites.

In NORTHERN New England, the whitest part of the country, there are plenty of good people, especially in New Hampshire outside of the couple urban areas and in Maine outside of the coastal area around Portland.

>The NWF is a lot larger than NE and can fit more White people.

That's the problem, it's too large with too large of a population with too many non-whites. It's too ambitious, too much of a project. Northern New England is more practical and that's what counts.


There's also this. Northern New England is safe from Yellowstone.

de47cf  No.12260367

File: 44a1b1acf94236f⋯.png (50.72 KB, 940x300, 47:15, Which is which?.png)

I have found interest in Cascadia because of concerns over the debt, deficit, military adventurism, and degenerate culture forced on the US by Jewish supremacists. However, I have some issues with genocide, which seems like it could be part of the planning for a white ethno-state. IQ, crime, and government funding seem to be the three main issues with allowing shitskins in. Most of this seems to go back to IQ. So why not just use an IQ test for citizenship, and end birthright citizenship? This allows Koreans and Japanese to get away from China's clear expansionist aims in the area to help build a tech giant. Same goes for forbidding felons/convicts until they have proven rehabilitation, perhaps by working off the debt of society.

aacaa6  No.12260385


This guy gets it. See you in Acadia

bf0710  No.12260399


>NORTHERN New England

Far too small an area*, far too cold for agriculture and poor soil, no resources (there's a reason why it's so unpopulated), and once again, we're not already there.

>It's too ambitious

No because we're already in the NWF. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and use the resources that we have already built.

bf0710  No.12260402



I forgot to explain my asterisk.

The area in question is very small, poor in resources, and most importantly, due to being sandwiched between Canada and the worst libshit areas of the USA, no room for expansion.

4c0d4c  No.12260409


Yes you've made 14 posts screaming that everyone is a jew. We get it.

d11975  No.12260416





d11975  No.12260417


The best part is that you're too stupid to realize that we agree 100% and that I was literally calling out the same thing you did.

6ba6cf  No.12260443


Umm, what if you already live somewhere over 90% white and it's both safer and less pozzed already?

>t. Mainefag

Seriously, though, we barely get tornadoes or earthquakes at all, we're protected from tsunamis and hurricanes for the most part, nothing is venomous, no mudslides or forest fires, there is plenty of fresh water, there are whole areas unnamed, places to hunt and fish, and lastly a winter brutal enough up north that other humanoids outside of treeniggers won't even go outside from December to March. Oh, we also have precious metals, uranium, tons of timber, fertile soil, numerous shellfish, and an abundance of limestone and granite. You could buy 100 acres of land here with enough materials to build a house on site for less than the price of a car, too.

4c0d4c  No.12260444



Hey Jew, we have ids here and we can see that you replied to the same post twice. Very interesting how adamantly opposed you are to this organisation though, thanks for the info.

08e4cd  No.12260445

Yeah how about you retake PDX unless of course you're a bunch of ineffectual pussies >>12254432

6ba6cf  No.12260453


I almost forgot, our nearest volcano is closer to Washington state than it is to us.

d11975  No.12260457


>you're a jew because you agree with me


> Very interesting how adamantly opposed you are to this organisation though

Just like you. Because you recognize that it's a JEWISH HONEYPOT.

4c0d4c  No.12260472

File: 20d89751fdb978f⋯.jpg (70.57 KB, 782x782, 1:1, 1478019630858.jpg)


Filtered. Now get back in the oven.

50bf73  No.12260474


d11975  No.12260475




Reminder that these people are allowed to post here now.

d11975  No.12260476

47d542  No.12260490


What power do whites have in the US when trump who garnered 70% of the white vote has givern white people absolutely nothing?

628039  No.12260495


>No because we're already in the NWF

Fuck you, no we're not, and nobody with a shred of intelligence will join you in that death trap. Yellowstone is a bomb waiting to go off. You are advocating for white people to make their homes in range of that bomb. You're working for the enemy.

47d542  No.12260498


This is a new and weird as fuck non argument against anything I've ever seen.

75d4ba  No.12260507


One drop of foreign blood is too much. I don't care if you even have a 500 IQ.


<muh Yellowstone

What's next? The Juan De Fuca earthquake is going to kill everyone?

bf0710  No.12260522


>Yellowstone is a bomb waiting to go off.

>Oy Veh, you mustn't do that because the Yellowstone volcano might blow up

It's always something with you people.

No place on earth is safe from natural disasters. Tornadoes will kill us all in the mid-west, drought will kill us all in the south west, hurricanes will kill us all in the south east, global warming will kill us all on the coast.

Your excuses are bullshit.

2bfcb4  No.12260539

File: 416bcdc0d542937⋯.jpeg (292 KB, 750x391, 750:391, FBBE2068-C0B1-496D-BD10-1….jpeg)


>northwest front ethnostate

Lol the northwest is full of faggot queer liberals who drink soylent, eat $30 avocado toast and cuck for wogs. Pic related your average northwesterner.

628039  No.12260579

File: eda8111c24ccfc6⋯.jpg (83.64 KB, 540x762, 90:127, Get-Gassed.jpg)


>No place on earth is safe from natural disasters. Tornadoes will kill us all in the mid-west, drought will kill us all in the south west, hurricanes will kill us all in the south east, global warming will kill us all on the coast.

You're still ignoring the fact that not all disasters are equal. See: >>12260313

When a hurricane barrels over a state a handful of people die. If Yellowstone were to unleash its potential everybody within hundreds of miles would die. If a hurricane hits an area the people can just rebuild. If Yellowstone erupts there will be no people to rebuild. That's a pretty big difference.

>Your excuses are bullshit.

Your comparison of Yellowstone to mere tornadoes and hurricanes is bullshit. Sorry, I don't want to live underneath a bomb.


>an inevitable eruption that has the potential to kill everybody within hundreds of miles is not an argument against settling in that specific area

Gas yourself.


The difference is most people live through earthquakes. I'll take an earthquake over a super volcano anyday.

Here is what I'll tell people. Don't blindly believe anybody in this thread. Look it up for yourselves. Historic eruptions at Yellowstone easily have the potential to cause the kind of destruction that I'm talking about. It's a super volcano. Educate yourselves. There is no future in that area.

3bcee3  No.12260606


Actually, you could tell the white brain from the black one.

Black brains have less convolutions.

bf0710  No.12260620


First of all, no one is suggesting that the "White race become centered around NWF"

What we are suggesting is that we seize control of the region and use it as a base for political operations.

It is the most optimal region for such an operation. White genocide is happening right now. We do not know when or if Yellowstone will go off.

If it's not Yellowstone, it'll be nuclear war, global warming, or any number of potential disasters. The east coast could be wiped out in a tsunami due to an undersea landslide or asteroid. Anything could happen.

Anyway, you shouldn't move to NWF if you don't want to. Instead, spend your time trying to topple the US government from where ever you want to live. The NWF is not intended to be the only option for White people.

628039  No.12260677


It's not the most optimal region. The most optimal region is an area that doesn't have a bomb underneath it. Just pick another location for your operation.

>If it's not Yellowstone, it'll be nuclear war, global warming, or any number of potential disasters

This is how I know that you're a shill. You are still running with the fallacious argument that "every place has its disasters" and ignoring the fact that the scope of those disasters is very different. The vast majority of people survive most disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. So, it's better to live in an area that gets hit by those things than it is to live underneath Yellowstone, because if an eruption could easy be a non-survivable event. It's not something that you can just whether and rebuild from. Do you get the difference? Things like nuclear war are threats wherever you go in the West and don't really present a compelling reason to stay away from any very specific area. Yellowstone presents a danger to a very specific area and that danger can be easily avoided by not living directly underneath a bomb.

Since you brought up nuclear war I'll use an analogy of nuclear weapons. Imagine that there was a huge nuclear weapon in the town that you lived in. You know that it's going to go off in the future at some time, but nobody knows exactly when it will go off or if the explosion will be large enough to kill every single person in town. Would you live in that town? Would you try to get other people to live in that town? That's exactly what trying to get people to live in the Yellowstone blast area is doing. It makes no sense.

We should be encouraging whites the live together, but there has to be a better area. Encouraging whites the live near Yellowstone is doing a disservice to us all.

bf0710  No.12260706


It is optimal because it's fertile and plenty of critical thinking Whites live there.

>there has to be a better area

Name it.

e4ea39  No.12260756




By no means was there any intent on my part to Black-pill anyone into shrugging their shoulders and giving up.

There are many livable spaces on both sides of the Cascades. The land is affordable, reich in resources, lots of wild game, lots of sun for solar, and lots of people in the same boat as you, that don't know who to trust. This is neither good nor bad tbqhfam; because we have established an entire vocabulary of dog-whistles. Much can be said without saying anything.

- this said; we know not to show our power levels publicly, and its easy to do just that.

>What is it he said? "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Translation: Just because you see tattoos, ear studs, wigger-like characteristics, doesn't mean you're dealing with an Social Justice Terrorist or AntiFa. Likewise, don't look at someone with a fashy haircut and assume they nate higgers like you.

>"Ye shall know them by their fruits"

Translation: Use dog-whistles within stories/experiences you relay as a normal part of the conversation. When you are challenged with something like "do you believe Black Lives Matter?" Reply from the middle. "I just want to live my life. Everyone that believes people who look like me never have problems, and constantly receive the red carpet treatment because of the color of our skin; hasn't walked a 1000 miles in my/your shoes

>inb4: b-b-b-but anon. You typed all of that tho

bb0618  No.12260834

There are at least 180 million White Americans (not spics, not jews, not arabs, actual Whites). Something like the NWF may make sense for organization and cultivation of White tribalism, but I don't believe at all that the USA is "lost to Whites." If we deport all the illegals and are-not-and-have-never-been-citizens anchor babies and end all immigration, then the USA would be well on the way to being White again. How to make that happen is, of course, the problem.

White America is 180+ million strong and still reproducing above replacement. There are more White Americans alive today than ever before in history. We are not "on our last legs," we just need to learn to be tribal again.

To be clear, I am advocating for separation into racial and ethnic homelands, not any form of genocide.

Indeed, we Nationalists are the ones OPPOSING genocide.


Christianity is a HUGE part of WHY the ongoing genocide of White people around the world and White America are happening.

Christianity is a universalist creed that actively seeks to convert all peoples and unite them under "muh jesus." There is not one single christian denomination of significant size that is explicitly White Nationalist and "Whites only." The bible says "all are one under jesus" and "we are all the children of god."

Christianity is making White genocide worse, not better.


Christianity specifically opposes White tribalism since "we are all god's children" and we just need to "trust in the divine plan" and other such idiocy. Christianity tends to deny the fundamental genetic foundation of all life, including human life, that affects EVERYTHING that living beings are and choose to do. Culture matters, but it is just the thin veneer applied on top of genetics.

Christianity can never be a White religion as it is an "everybody together in diversity" religion.

Whites need a White religion.

Praise Godin. Praise KEK.

(and yes, the ancient Egyptians were more closely related to White Europeans than to the people who live in Egypt today)

That said, if White Christians can see their way clear to supporting White countries for White people and only White people and no jews, then fantastic. Millions of us (Whites) are never going to join/ rejoin the abrahamic system, however.


Morality predates and is, indeed, utterly separate from christianity. The Ancient Greeks, for example, discussed morality extensively for thousands of years before christianity even existed. Some of those works survive.

Christianity does not have a monopoly on morality, in any way.


Why not both?

Again, 180+ million White Americans.

By far the largest White Nation in the world.

We just need to learn to be tribal again and recognize that non-Whites are not, and have never been, "on our side," "our friends," nor "just like us," and that their intentions are hostile.


The White race is genetic. IQ certainly matters, but many, many other things also matter (that have a genetic component, which most things do).

How about rather than planning for failure (to stop White genocide) instead we plan to succeed (in stopping White genocide)?. "Diversity" is genocide, and within White homelands it is White genocide..

However, I do think that we should be good friends with our noble cousins in Japan and Korea.

I will point out, though, that genetics alone is not enough to be part of a Volk. There must also be a shared "spirit," culture, and sense of "brotherhood." As in, both blood and heritage.



There are 180+ million White Americans.

How many could be sustainable supported by northern new England? Nowhere near that number.

That said, organizing as Whites and increasing White solidarity and tribalism in NNE is a noble and worthwhile goal.


Checking those trips.


Shills, of which you may be one, call literally everything "jewish," "a honeypot," or a "ConOp."



Whites need to organize as Whites. We need to learn to be tribal again, just like EVERYONE ELSE IS.

There must be a "great shift in the minds and hearts of the people" before there can be any meaningful change for the good of Whites.

Hence, the redpill.



While it is true that Yellowstone could erupt in the next few hundred years, it is also very possible that it will not erupt for hundreds of thousands of years. It is remarkably difficult to predict such things.

e13e12  No.12260848

f7646a  No.12260924


>nwf is trying to recruit shitskins

So based.


>hey, you know the mestizo invaders that are taking over your country, and the arab invaders that are taking over Europe? They are white, and you should amalgamate with them.


If he wants to sacrifice himself, sure, but this whole "i fought for you gringo, let me marry your daughter" thing is gay.

A white ethnostate will not allow the impure to breed. Hitler had no problem sterilizing 1/2 and 3/4 white Rhineland bastards.


>hey, is there a place in a European American ethnostate for non Europeans?


No one cares, donner.

a38c27  No.12261017


>There are at least 180 million White Americans

330 million * .5 = 165 million of which the majority are over 40

>White America is 180+ million strong and still reproducing above replacement

no it's not, only right-wing whites are above replacement

>How many could be sustainable supported by northern new England? Nowhere near that number.

only a tiny percentage would ever consider going so that's not relevant

15098a  No.12261045


Appalachia seems pretty nice. I might move there with my wife before we have kids.

47d542  No.12261071


>>an inevitable eruption that has the potential to kill everybody within hundreds of miles is not an argument against settling in that specific area

Get bent nigger, I guess we should never try or do anything since at any point an earthquake or a meteor could strike the ground we walk on at any moment.

>Muh yellowstone!

Shut the fuck up jew

360db2  No.12261134


You're obviously not white yourself, so don't speak to the destiny of another people, especially one who you are powerless to stop

d11975  No.12261158


White people don’t run away from their problems. We know your honeypot is meaningless to us. Go away.

360db2  No.12261168

File: 2965378f4b444c7⋯.png (692.28 KB, 821x877, 821:877, 2965378f4b444c764d6ad365d2….png)




This is what a shill looks like

Look at that last fucking vid, fucking nigger music and a chink dancing like a spastic retard and you think that would draw anyone away from our movement that wasn't already trash? Fuck off

000000  No.12261195


>it not only implies that non-Christians

I was not talking simply non-Christians vs Christians, but also different sects of Christianity being against each other.

bb0618  No.12261220


>>330 times 0.50

Whites are more than 50% of the population right now.

A conservative estimate is 180 million, which is what I use. That is after removing the spics, jews, middle easterners, and so forth. This is based off of a conservative reading of the official censorship data, which is the best data available right now. A less-conservative number that may include some low-mix hispanics and similar is close to 200 million.

>>Only conservative Whites are above replacement

False. According to the data I've read, White Americans as a whole are slightly above replacement.

"Conservative" Whites are well above replacement with a birthrate above 3.0.

"Lefties" are below replacement. This averages out to about 2.2 across all Whites.

>>Only a tiny percentage would ever become White Nationalists.

I fully disagree. The increasingly blatant and threatening tribalism expressed by non-Whites in the USA is driving millions of Whites into seriously questioning the "diversity is strength" narrative.

I believe that well over half of Whites can, and will, learn to become tribal again. With a sufficiently focused and large movement of White Nationalism, we may be able to retake the entire USA and go about peacefully deporting the invaders. There are many places for them to go and many would, I think, willingly leave if they were given sufficient incentive ($100,000 cash and a plane ticket to a compatible country would convince many poor non-Whites, I imagine. $100,000 times 140 million (estimate. would probably far be less since illegals and their "anchor babies" should be deported without compensation) equals 14 trillion. That's only about 14 years of existing deficit, and with the shitholers gone our economy and finance would improve dramatically, especially with some NatSoc economic reforms and ending of foreign war activities).

If that turns out to be impossible, then balkanization may be in order, but I think that the NWF is too conservative. Losing a few states in the Southwest to spics and asians and a few states in the Southeast to blacks is a plausible solution. Then deport all of the non-Whites in the remaining "White America" to those two areas. Most of the USA would remain in White hands and would become 100% White plus some Featherindians on reservations. Then we anschluss with Canada and make Canada White Again by deporting their "diversity problem" to the aforementioned diversity containment areas. Build walls and build them tall, then get down to the business of building the greatest country ever.

Sounds reasonable to me.

Reminder that White America IS America.

Reminder that the Founders were ALL WHITE and that they founded the USA as a White Ethnostate.

Reminder that the 1790 Naturalization Act was the only way to become a citizen without one's parents already being citizens until post Civil War, and that it explicitly stated that only "free Whites of good character" could naturalize.

Reminder that the Bill of Rights was only ratified in 1791 and that, thus, the "Whites only" naturalization act predates the Bill of Rights. It was considered more fundamental and pressing than the Bill of Rights. One of the Founder's clear errors was not putting WHITES ONLY in the Constitution, but they thought that it was so glaringly obvious, I suppose.

Reminder that winners think like winners.

Reminder that White America is a Nation of winners.

We just need to remember who we are.

The ongoing genocide of White America must be stopped.

Bottom line, with an insufficient number of Nationalist Whites nothing meaningful is possible. With a large enough number of Nationalist Whites, anything is possible.

That's what I figure, anyway.

bb0618  No.12261225


"censorship data"

Reading about google too much, I guess.

CENSUS data.


72c2d9  No.12261227

Most of the US is still white/agrarian. If you look at the country, the central U (not the coasts or the south), is sparsely-populated by whites. Subhumans come to the cities for gibs but even in shitholes like CA and NY, the countryside is more white.

The biggest impediment to white suzerainty is lack of financial freedom. The $ enslaves whites to kikes, conferring our real productivity to their digital ledger.

In a (kike) free market, whites would naturally and immediately re-establish ourselves as the dominant ethnicity. It would return to blacks and other sub-races, to the extent they were even tolerated in our lands, being Nth-class citizens as they were forced to moreso rely on their own gumption.

Today, poverty is like rains flooding the land, and those cities sucking on the federal teat are the high ground people from bumfucksville flock to for safety and salvation. Yet simultaneously, the federal and state drains to these municipalities and companies within these environs is the selfsame cause of poverty in the rest of the country which makes living off the state teat, by however many proxies of separation, decreasingly tenable.

Local organization is good, but don't involve state employees.

42e232  No.12261380

What do you do about mutts? How are you so sure someone is white? Hispanics? Italian/Greek mutts?

Unless you pull out genetic testing, good luck.

f7646a  No.12261407


>trying the pilpul of "what is white anyway"/lumping greek and Italians in with Hispanics (in the American context, nonwhite mestizos).

And why wouldn't the population be genetic tested?

>INB4 LARPER LARPER who wants white people stay pure

e4ea39  No.12261424


When you hear the term "White"; don't think of race, but instead culture

f7646a  No.12261432

File: bff125ed52f1ba6⋯.jpg (145.54 KB, 1242x1240, 621:620, 5c12373d147d4216b2969ec521….jpg)


>let me in, and gimme on o dem Aryan bitches, im culturally white!

e4ea39  No.12261462

File: 24877297c137a24⋯.jpg (154.46 KB, 673x1417, 673:1417, tmv88l04sas.jpg)


Nah. The Black man is a Black man is a Black man. No matter how much White Caucasian of Euro-descent blood flows through his/her veins; they identify as Black

>Can you name a single Black person that says he or she is "White"?

>Can you name a single Black person that identifies themselves as "White"?

>Can you think of any group that is only "White" when convenient to their narrative?

Good try though, Tav!

f7646a  No.12261471


You are the one shilling le culture nod race garbage.

f8e2fc  No.12261490

File: 3c313a5d26060c4⋯.png (38.07 KB, 616x617, 616:617, inoperable.png)


You spelled nigger wrong.

e4ea39  No.12261495


So, do you think OP is talking about wanting "White" Anti-White AntiFa faggits to move to the PNW? Do you understand OP's message; at all?

fd4931  No.12261502


>tfw you might live to see a free and united Commonwealth of New England

We will purge southern NE and return it to its former glory

f7646a  No.12261505


Op is a faggot who doesn't know that this gay idea died with Rabbi covingsteen, and his little NWF buddy is trying to recruit mestizos. I don't really care about his broader message.

e4ea39  No.12261518


there are choices/options once an ethos is established; kinda of like joining the military THEN applying to become special forces. a White ethos can have inner-circles just like any other hierarchical society. there is a vetting process which should include investigations, references, genetic testing (of course), ….

A Black man that isn't a fucking nigger, could make a go of it. The same goes for every other color of nigger. if they're a problem-child; they're gone

But when it comes to Mischlings; the answer should be never

"White" isn't limited to skin color

5d9e7d  No.12261526


The christian/civnat mindset is disgusting.

f7646a  No.12261529


>A Black man that isn't a fucking nigger, could make a go of it.

reddit- the sentence

>white isn't limited to skin color

While also saying

>population should be genetically tested

>But when it comes to Mischlings; the answer should be never

Are you high?

47d542  No.12261533


Fuck no.

f9770b  No.12261601


>White isn't limited to skin color

What? And besides nogs can go back to Africa and make it better.

e4ea39  No.12261650


Attempt … to think outside your blinders, Moshe


>>white isn't limited to skin color

>While also saying

>>population should be genetically tested

It's official. Your IQ and cogency is far too low to post in this thread. Go back to the Methadone clinic and this time, complete dem programz


>Fuck no

Finally, a well-thought out … nay, a nuanced response that totally makes sense because reasons


>And besides nogs can go back to Africa and make it better.

That's totally going to happen, Cletus

f7646a  No.12261659


>calls people "moshe" while using the anti southerner slur "cletus"

f7646a  No.12261678


>form white ethnostate

>immediatly start importing the people that ruined your previous state as long as they are "based and fashy"

124b42  No.12261683

File: 1b4814605511651⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1530x969, 30:19, Goebbels-France-Niggers.PNG)

File: 222c36a75079b8f⋯.jpg (339 B, 15x15, 1:1, bypass.jpg)


>A Black man that isn't a fucking nigger, could make a go of it

No he couldnt, stop lying. You dont represent the NWF. Youre some civic nationalist cuck, niggers are niggers, blacks are niggers. Races dont mix. Pic related is how we feel, its an atrocity that those niggers are there already.

000000  No.12261708


>immediatly start importing the people that ruined your previous state as long as they are "based and fashy"

The northwest front only accepts 100% white people. I'm not sure where your getting this WN 2.0 vibe in which people who aren't 100% white are accepted in.

f7646a  No.12261711


from people itt who claim to be nwf

db5274  No.12261715


The caldera blows every 600,000 years or so, so I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

85eb94  No.12261726


I absolutely love the idea of this being a white ethnostate. My only concern is Yellowstone. It would be unfortunate to spend all of this hard work creating an ethnostate for it to obliterated by a super volcano. As far fetched of an idea this is, would it be possible that the NWF is a psyop trying to get all whites in north america to corner themselves around Yellowstone so they can manually erupt it?

124b42  No.12261729


Reminder to listen to some of the interviews Billy Roper has done recently and that the NWF isnt the only white ethnostate area talking about breaking away. Theres one hes pretty much representing called the ArkLaTex area between 3 states, theres a guy named Tom Kawczynski whos in New England and has his own effort to break that away. Several ethnostates would likely result in a balkanization scenario, with different cultures. Northern whites are still much different in culture than the Southern whites.

5e591a  No.12261733

FYI this is a slide thread.

124b42  No.12261738

File: ff44b0a12d4ecb0⋯.jpg (12.96 KB, 259x259, 1:1, merchantpepe.jpg)


Pretty sure a thread about forming an ethnostate is not a slide and youre a kike.

85eb94  No.12261746


hey there anon, I am close to finishing up university with a mechanical engineering degree. I was scouting cities with decent prices to live at. any recommendations?

75eaa2  No.12261765


>Morality predates and is, indeed, utterly separate from christianity. The Ancient Greeks, for example, discussed morality extensively for thousands of years before christianity even existed. Some of those works survive.

We are not ancient Greeks. Our civilization is Christendom, and only the enduring Christians in our civilization produce martyrs. If your "moral code" doesn't produce fortitude of the magnitude required of martyrdom, then it is weak, and its adherents will flip under pressure.

1322c5  No.12261791


>Tom Kawczynski

Never heard of him previously. Sad article: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jackman-maine-white-separatist-town-manager-tom-kawczynski-expects-fired/

The outrage is especially ironic as the majority of Northern New England is white. Very white. So its pretty hard for a town manager to be racist against his constituents in a place like that.

85eb94  No.12261799


is there any way to obtain information about all of this? I always thought they were controlled op that put the jews into power in Ukraine. What really made me question them is receiving weapons form the kikes. My issue is that both USA and Russia are ZOG states. So there is a lot of confusion going on and I am not sure where to find reliable information.

85eb94  No.12261870


hey anon, my 2nd option to move to after university was northern New England. It seems like a very good place to establish an ethnostate. Like they say, "dont put your eggs in one basket". It's always good to have a plan B in case the Northwest Front does not succeed. I am currently in college going for a mechanical engineering degree. What cities do you recommend I scout for places to live and to get a job?

e4ea39  No.12261986


>be (You)

>tack on a specialty degree in Metrology(the science of measure)

>which gives you options; like a federal job or a position in automation, process control, etc…

>you can also consider specializing in CompSci, less the degree, by learning anything and everything you could possibly want to know about computers/IT


You could work anywhere within the US. With a M.Eng. and a CompSci degree, plus experience with DCS systems I got large offers from Big Pharma

67f9aa  No.12262057


Boeing is great for Mechanical engineers.

Cities with decent prices? If you choose Boeing, you're going to have to commute.

IEEE Spectrum has an article on Level 4 self driving cars (no steering wheel). You might look into that and a home farther away.

46faaa  No.12262126


>don't worry goy it only blows every 600,000 years

>last eruption was over 600,000 years ago

<muh six gorrilyun years

1322c5  No.12262218


The Northern 3 New England states are some of the safest states in the country. No surprise why.

You could feasibly live in southern NH and commute to Boston daily (which is where most of the jobs are), an option many of my relatives live. Biggest thing is you need to be used to the weather. Unlike some places that receive consistent snow, New England is weird in that it tends to be more erractic, when it snows it snows HARD but otherwise is OK.

Beyond that I am not sure, PNW sounds cool but some cities there such as Portland and Seattle seem like lost causes. And beyond that even further I can't really comment.

8beb8e  No.12262235


He wrote a couple books and started a political party called National Right. I like what he has to say and he's clearly red pilled on the JQ, but won't directly address it yet.

b87a09  No.12262310

this sounded interesting and i'm looking to relocate my family away from the city we're in, but reading their forum turned me off real quick. there's even less intelligent discourse than shill infested /pol/. i'm all for being pissed and ready for action, but i get the impression that they're mostly neo-nazi degenerates.

85eb94  No.12262401


thanks anon, I will look into that, what about any organization for an ethnostae up there?

014bd4  No.12263231


You're probably SoL up here on that. The only Maine city I personally can tolerate and has decent infrastructure is Bangor, but I don't know about mechanical engineer jobs there. You could look into central Maine, it's more expensive and slightly pozzed, but I know people who farm right outside of Portland. Just avoid Lewiston at all costs unless you like Somali niggers.

b06d0d  No.12263247


>move to PNW

>get Earthquaked

>yellowstone goes off

>get suffocated by ash


Yeah, you might want to find a more tectonically stable basket to ask us to put all our eggs in.

628039  No.12263434


>Lets live right underneath a death trap because there are earthquakes and stuff in other parts of the world.

>muh earthquakes

Fuck off. An earthquake is nothing compared to Yellowstone. People need to do their own research and learn what Yellowstone is capable of. In the worst case scenario every single person within hundreds of miles of Yellowstone is dead. When was the last time that an earthquake did that? It's not a place that we should be encouraging white people to cluster around.


It's been about 600,000 years since the last eruption.

Don't listen to these faggots. Whites do need to cluster together but not underneath a death trap. Fuck their northwest front.

bbcd37  No.12263598


>Portland and Seattle seem like lost causes.

While this is true, know that these cities have a mountain range pinning it up against the ocean. It would be easy to isolate and surround to watch it burn. Heading over the cascades you enter red counties with friendly yokels.

df1030  No.12263991


Guess where Europeans came from? They were the descendants of Indian Kshatriya-Aryans - https://sptrp.home.blog/2018/10/11/who-are-the-aryans/

0eb5b9  No.12263998


For me the very idea of giving up territory to shitskins is very kike like.

159696  No.12264098


>whites should remain scattered, isolated, and divided up for the final elimination

>implying being scattered out has worked in any way whatsoever so far

>implying a geographic white ethnostate could never conquer more land once it's achieved independent nation status

Wew, lads. Never reminder the kikes want whites separated out for easy genocide.

602e8c  No.12264105


how much shit are you willing to tolerate in your ice cream

159696  No.12264106


The caldera blowing is an extinction event no matter where you are.

cdfbea  No.12264111

Being just a lowly nigger with aspirations of greatness. What do?

159696  No.12264112


That's a global extinction event. Doesn't matter where you are. Anywhere in the US or North America for that matter is guaranteed to be a total wipeout of humanity. Most of the rest of the world will starve soon after.

cdfbea  No.12264131

That’s correct.

No reason to worry about it. If they wanted a way to avoid it, they would have asked somebody that could solve the problem.

0eb5b9  No.12264197


Why are you trying to assume what my words mean when it completely obvious as to my intentions. You kikes sure have a sly tongue but that won't save you from what's going to occur to your kind.

If you really think I mean that whites should be isolated in small pockets instead of retaking that which rightfully belongs to them you have to be a complete retard. Taking about history since when has running from your enemy/problem ever worked? Also the notion of "eventually we will take it back" how long will it take and will your kin even believe the same things you believe in or will the jew like it always does corrupt it?

000000  No.12264288


>To remove Christianity from the West is to remove fuel from a fire.

Completely false. Europe was unbelievably prosperous and advanced prior to Christianity - Rome did just fine without it. You are never going to be able to get around the fact that the Bible is a collection of primarily Jewish stories concerning Jewish history and Jewish heroes. Is that what you want to define you? Some other tribe's narrative? Ask yourself that daily. Do not shirk from the truth. You simply cannot be a nationalist and a Christian.

1797f2  No.12264300

/pol/ is getting slow huh

8beb8e  No.12264384


filtered d&c torfag

d11975  No.12264389

d11975  No.12264391


>oy vey goyim give up your lands

>oy vey goyim go to the honeypot

>oy vey goyim ignore that this was proven years ago


9eaf67  No.12264411



3f8aa3  No.12264424

File: c90f0beab72ed01⋯.jpg (12.81 KB, 239x328, 239:328, torjew2.jpg)


>Rome was doing great

<Had no defense against the jew and became completely pozzed by ZOG and is now a mudshit hellhole

Christianity names the jew, you worthless golem. All who read the bible and learn are 100% protected from jew tricks. Feminism? Jesus says men rule the home, you hooknose slut. Faggots, pedophiles, furries, and trannies? Jesus says tying a stone to your neck and drowning you in the sea would be merciful, you jewish freak. Evolution? God made man in his own image, not out of a stinking pile of apes and niggers. Catholicism? Jesus says call no man father, especially a gross pedophile wetback. Niggers? Jesus says have no part with fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, faggots, pussies, thieves, greedy jews, drunks, dipshits, or extortioners. Abortion? Jesus says children are real weath, not the pile of jewgeld you lust for like a stupid puke.

9eaf67  No.12264429


Dude, do you have any clue what NWF is, most people on here actually know who they are, they are behind ”The new awakening” reading list and for the most part are /ourguys/, but their methods are however questionable, hopefully now that Harold is delad they’ll modernize their movement.

9eaf67  No.12264431

f7646a  No.12264515


Covington didn't say that. The attitude in the NWF books was "lets chill here in our ethnostate (without much expansion) while the rest of north America and Europe turns brown". He thought the "manifest destiny part 2" ideas of people like pierce were stupid.

He also couldn't answer the question of "how will we defend against constant aerial bombardment?", and had to make up terminatoresque plasma cannons.


Your god also made shitskins bro.

>inb4 nuh huh, dey r descended from cain, CI sez so

000000  No.12264691


>Had no defense against the jew and became completely pozzed by ZOG and is now a mudshit hellhole

Yes, and they used Christianity as a vector, you utter fucking mongoloid. Do you not see just how pro migrant the Catholic Church is? The decline of Rome coincided with the rise of (((Christianity))). The rest of what you said has nothing to do with my point.

>What's that? Christianity is universalist? w-well the Bible says not to associate with thieves so there goes all niggers, r-right?!

>What's that? There are too many Mexicans in the Church, which will no doubt cause a crisis of demography sooner or later? W-well Jesus said call no man your father so that settles that!

Your arguments are piss poor AND you managed to completely avoid the root of what I was saying about your faith's Semitic foundations and themes. The rest of what you said was ad hominem and some bullshit about wealth. News flash: I don't care about gold - virtue is hardly unique to Christians.

7f6ff9  No.12264764


Reminder that this is a paid jewish shill, ban evading on tor. It says things only paid jewish shills say and which are proven false.

f7646a  No.12264779


No one cares, former mod.

000000  No.12264794


Prove me wrong then, weakling. You can't just claim everything you don't like is Jewish and think that somehow qualifies as an argument. All that shows is that you're upset and you have no way of formulating a decent response to what I am saying.

a901de  No.12265069




Checked Again!

e4db7a  No.12265160


ok, so for the umpteenth time,

>bottlenecked in mountains, no mass egress route in case of a military defeat

>Pacific ocean, in most danger of, in no particular order 1) attacks by chinks 2)water pollution by chinks, 3) air pollution by chinks 4) water pollution from Japan 5) attacks from Russia

>next to California, which will ruthlessly expropriate any pro-white enclaves post balkanization

the wildlife and landscape is dope though.

A white ethnostate is an inevitable outcome of our success; but planning its location now is premature, and strategically not only silly, but foolish. We will fail if we commit to whole regions of space before the chessboard is even laid. Focus on amassing wealth, large families, weapons, networks, and communitarian (plumbing, farming, engineering, finance) or aristocratic skills (law, military training). You must prepare the body so that it is ready and worthy of a dream like the NWF. Much is still to be learned before we try such a thing. Read up on Hezbollah, faggots. Are you prepared to be delivering food for free 24/7 to poor white families wherever you find them? No? Then shut the fuck up with this shit, because you're not ready, you don't understand what this is going to take. Hezbollah operatives are brought up from literally birth in the traditional rites of their people, and their families are reimbursed handsomely in the event of their death in support of Lebanon. Do you have deep enough pockets to compensate the families who will send their sons and husbands to die for you? Where are your Aryan soldiers? Get woke faggot, I believe in the ethnostate too, but NWF is obvious fed bullshit and every true anon here should realize it's a peripheral curiosity at best atm.

Also the southeastern US has the clear historical record to support a memetic transformation that could sustain a new civilization like the one we desire; blood and soil lads, it's not to be taken lightly; if you want to start a white empire, you better have some good symbols, and symbols don't mean shit without real history and blood. The confederacy was our third reich. Is this area of the country strategically defensible? Not moreso than the Pacific Northwest, but that's partly because it is much larger. Its challenge is its relevant poverty. I think any discussion of a white ethnostate that does not take consideration of the potency of the confederate lineage is intellectually dishonest, and we'd be foolish not to avail ourselves of it. Not a southerner, btw

451813  No.12265176


confirmed. antifa runs the pac nw with no resistance except the proud boys.

d5ed10  No.12265280

File: 65871ef4dd32172⋯.jpg (68.99 KB, 482x433, 482:433, torfag20052018162315-1.jpg)


>hurr durr christianity was a vector for jews in Rome!

<Rome conquered Jerusalem 100 years before christianity existed

>hurr durr true christianity fully accepts criminal wetbacks and niggers duuuuuurrrt

<despite expressly saying the opposite in writing

Torjews are absolute shit

a8dae7  No.12265799

File: 30a34ef14d9ff03⋯.png (3.61 MB, 1269x1024, 1269:1024, 30a34ef14d9ff03cd1c16c4614….png)

You have my rifle

8bf5c2  No.12266143

So walk me through this pre-Balkanization process. First, whites get themselves into positions of power in their regions, right? Political, financial, etc. Peaceful means in the beginning. Does force come into play post-collapse? Like once shit really hits the fan, then the purging of leftists and non-whites starts?

b47a63  No.12266239


jesus fucking christ could you post any more like a stooge or a fbi poster?

thanks for letting us know to avoid that shithole

i bet the (((leadership))) is nothing but sodomites and kikes as usual

f1886b  No.12266307


If your wife cares about shopping in stores, you'll want to stick near Bangor. It's pretty much the northern terminus of retail civilization. Now, if you're in Arrostook County, Presque Isle or Houlton has your basics, but it's pretty frontier up there. Biggest employer is forestry, well, legal one that is.

Old Orchard is full of french tourists and Kennebunk is where the Bushes have their compound, but in winter there's not that much going.

f1886b  No.12266308


>oy vey mods aren't as kiked as we thought today

f1886b  No.12266309


>northwest front

You're forgetting the millions of chinks and pajeets just over the Canadian border. That's not going to hold them in when SHTF.

Covington's dead anyway.

f1886b  No.12266312


>oy vey let's ignore the issue and let the stupid ones go to their PNW fantasyland with the methheads while the thinking ones go NE

f1886b  No.12266315


Also the minerals up there would practically assure an invasion by a well-equipped army bent on mining.

f1886b  No.12266316


Hey, instead of kvetching like a jew, why not use your noodle and explain a) why NWF is idiocy and b) provide alternatives?

Oh, because you're the other paid jewish shill.

8aae53  No.12266319


>implying chinks and pajeets are any sort of threat whatsoever







Learn to reply, newfag.

95e0d0  No.12266322


Fuck off, paid jewish shill.

2254df  No.12266328


leave this board and never come back

f7646a  No.12267638


>not a southerner

Unless you are anglo or scots irish, the southerners will be hostile towards you. There is still a deep resentment for "Yankees" there.

the confederacy was pretty shit as well. Cool flag though

b15590  No.12274743

Correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm not a burger, but isn't the northwest really far left? I was thinking, wouldn't it be better to go to a place like Alaska? I imagine it'd be easier to secede because of its borders and history, the climate is very unfavourable to nogs and spics, and it has a shitload of coast (unlike many right leaning states). Not sure about the economics of it, it'd obviously be tough going if Alaska did secede, but from what I understand they've got oil and precious minerals. Any thoughts?

000000  No.12274810


>but isn't the northwest really far left

It's mostly concentrated in the large cities.

7a5279  No.12275294

File: 0e2839f06cf5abc⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 2959x1920, 2959:1920, cardio and skin responses.jpg)

File: e6299fdba2b35ae⋯.jpg (2.67 MB, 2929x1859, 2929:1859, carpooling.jpg)

File: 23c5c6f62057463⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 30% Trust diversity.jpg)

File: 4e1d3f607def7fc⋯.jpg (795.59 KB, 1440x1128, 60:47, Diversity causes detachmen….jpg)

File: c06f374f457c535⋯.jpg (3.05 MB, 3008x1658, 1504:829, 250 meters.jpg)

Diversity is cancer and is just as destructive. This is why the kikes push Oy so much.

7a5279  No.12275295

File: d4fc0517592aa4a⋯.jpg (3.17 MB, 2957x1920, 2957:1920, Diversity personal exp.jpg)

File: fdbb74b59d9eb70⋯.jpg (2.96 MB, 2993x1613, 2993:1613, immigration sucks north dr….jpg)

File: 97254b37233f32f⋯.jpg (1.96 MB, 3024x1624, 54:29, higher fertility.jpg)

File: a46f9feff6d7504⋯.jpg (2.97 MB, 3024x1920, 63:40, educated women trust.jpg)

File: 8fc66e6ad8015e4⋯.jpg (3.32 MB, 2653x1759, 2653:1759, hunker down diversity.jpg)

7a5279  No.12275297

File: 63628dd7983a651⋯.jpg (923.86 KB, 1440x864, 5:3, individual level.jpg)

File: 7f10a4957b74c92⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 3018x1920, 503:320, inferrential trust.jpg)

File: eaeed8222ab4d1c⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 2590x1920, 259:192, more television.jpg)

File: b2cbfe111ce88e0⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 2814x1885, 2814:1885, investment decrease.jpg)

File: 5db5db0ed42bf54⋯.jpg (3.3 MB, 2653x1759, 2653:1759, low social capital diversi….jpg)

7a5279  No.12275298

File: 3d030566433f3b0⋯.jpg (2.14 MB, 3024x1790, 1512:895, neighbor preference.jpg)

File: 8896d8440104288⋯.jpg (3.39 MB, 2969x1693, 2969:1693, proximity other diversity.jpg)

File: b5c8448e8a0065d⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 2777x1771, 2777:1771, prisoners dilemma.jpg)

File: 1473fb05cc7c756⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 2996x1732, 749:433, social isolation.jpg)

File: ae7f1f47f2f2d5a⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 2048x1582, 1024:791, peace depends on separatio….jpg)

7a5279  No.12275300

File: 13cbb8938f059d1⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 2523x1769, 87:61, workplace cohesion diversi….jpg)

File: 067769e07c7f7c9⋯.jpg (2.57 MB, 2877x1920, 959:640, television huddle.jpg)

File: 5ee42bd94c1dacf⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 3024x1920, 63:40, socio-economic egalitarian.jpg)

File: 304f03d05fff11c⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 2954x1689, 2954:1689, third world diversity.jpg)

File: 344b70aa97ac8d6⋯.jpg (2.21 MB, 2876x1901, 2876:1901, trust and concentration.jpg)

628039  No.12275324


Alaska would be better, because it's outside of the Yellowstone death trap.

29336d  No.12275399


Ignore the shills OP, this is one of the best ideas i've seen floating around. We need to be ready for the upcoming Balkanization and the PNW sounds like our best shot.

You're bound to get tons of people shilling against it because most of them don't want to make the move/ give up an inch of territory which we de-facto lost years ago. I'm not there yet, but I plan to come in the future when circumstances allow.

062107  No.12275553


>come home white man

No thx FBI

3802b6  No.12275579


>retreating instead of cleansing the White lands of jews and their weaponized shitskins.


fe0e6a  No.12275588


>Giving up on land your ancestors died for

a2d559  No.12275736


>spic and nigger is more a culture than anything else

Bullshit. It's low IQ combined with genetic inclinations. Whites act White, Asians act Asian, and Niggers act like Niggers. Spics act more like Whites or Spics depending on what their admixture is.

885411  No.12276005


Please share tales from the ethnostate.

Secondly, NWF suggests doing some recon to ensure you land in a spot with other volunteers. Are you supposed to just email them? Where do members talk to each other? I know about the whole cell thing, and it's a strong idea, but surely they've got a secret Tox-over-Tor shitposting group or something where you can talk with a little more cover and focus than https.

628039  No.12276466

File: c871d42adaf22c2⋯.jpg (74.5 KB, 750x445, 150:89, Bad-Idea.jpg)


My home is on the other side of the country, and I'm not leaving it for your volcanic death trap.

Please share tales of white communities in less suicidal locations.

cb4c7f  No.12276617


Alaska seems a great idea.

Fewer people, easier to socialize. No income tax.

fc179c  No.12276907


>Alaska seems a great idea.

>Fewer people, easier to socialize. No income tax.

and once they realize people are headed there, they'll flood the place with kike overlords. That said its a great bug out location because its way to cold for anyone not a white or indian. Returning to the northern part of the hemisphere will end up saving whites in the long run.

17657c  No.12276986


The County and northern Penobscot are the best places in Maine if you don't mind borderline frontier. Washington county would be nice as well if it didn't have more druggies than the other two combined. That being said, up Route 9 through Aurora going up towards Calais is absolutely desolate and within an hour of a city (Bangor, Brewer, Calais, and Machias, which a big town with stores), either way. If you want to be close but not too bad off, outside of Down East cities are okay, there are some nice small towns outside of Ellsworth, which itself sucks and is directly on the route to Mount Desert Island and Acadia national park, with crazy summer traffic from Massholes south that don't know how to drive. The Island can be fun, but it's stupidly kiked and over-priced; tons of degeneracy here, will be fun on DOTR. I'd say, realistically anywhere north of Waterville is fine if anybody wanted to clear out some druggies and niggers, this area is fine too, and there are farms on the outskirts, especially towards Fairfield to the north. I've personally been everywhere in the state and I've both lived and camped out across most of it.

>t. Mainefag

e8f974  No.12277059


>The NWF accepts all white refugees who are able to get here with their own resources and brainpower

What about straw marriages as a means to import race aware comrades? The largely competent who are eligible for immigration to the us are well needed at home, and often are already established in a function in their homelands. Medium competent persons are off course useful, but they have a slim chance to get into the US by work capabilities alone.

I think there is a large number of persons willing to leave everything behind and start anew given the chance, but spending five or more years leaving their jobs to study and then fight their way through the state for work permits and so on is not a very effective way, if at all possible.

8beb8e  No.12277425

File: bb777e68431ef1f⋯.jpg (87.25 KB, 597x690, 199:230, fellowwhitepeople.jpg)


>leave your ancestral European homeland to join this new white ethnostate in America that doesn't actually exist yet and probably never will. oh yeah and it just so happens to be placed right on top of a supervolcano that could blow and day now! trust us, goy- i mean fellow white man.

bb0618  No.12277619



Christianity is a universalist creed that is built upon the concepts that "we are all god's children," "all are one under Jesus," and "the world is not the real world, the REAL world is the "soul world" after death" (and only good goyim, erh, "faithful christians" get to go to "good soul world").

There is no christian church of significant size that is explicitly Whites only and that supports White countries for White people and only White people, and no jews. Indeed, only an extremely "creative"

(IE, bullshit) interpretation of the bible could lead to such a church.

"Muh don't associate with thieves, thus no blacks!!!"

Not all blacks are criminals and you know it. Plenty are reasonably law abiding, and the church says "blanda up into mixed race brown people, faithful christians!!!!" All "faithful" are the same, after all. All that matters is the "soul," after all. Plus, the "repent and ye shall be forgiven" concept leads to "thieves" and such becoming "absolved" so long as they "pray it away."

Christianity has done nothing, is doing nothing, and will never do anything to stop White genocide. The bible essentially forbids it.

Whites need a Whites-only religion that cultivates greatness within Whites and celebrates White culture, history, and heroes EXCLUSIVELY. Christianity will never, and can never, be that religion. Christianity in the past was a "mostly White religion" due SOLELY to circumstance and remnants of tribal European Pagan culture. The second that they were able to the christians started converting every brown person that they could get hold of.




Yeah, no. The Confederacy was worse than the Union, even from a White Nationalist perspective.

The CORRECT response to the tensions leading up to the civil war would have been to deport all blacks back to Africa, then to reach a compromise on protecting state's rights. The blacks never should have been here in the first place. The entire concept of slavery is horrid and stupid in so many ways. It is degrading to both the enslaver and the enslaved. Also, non-Whites (even slaves) should never be in White countries, and no proper Nationalist would ever support enslaving members of the Volk.


Upper Midwest is better than either. It has more and better farmland as well as lots of iron ore.

That said, why not all three?

There are at least 180 million White Americans (not spics, not jews, not arabs, actual Whites). They just need to learn to be tribal again and recognize that the only way to stop White genocide and secure a good future for White children is to secure a separate future for Whites in separate countries for Whites only.


Cities are shitholes of "diversity," marxism, and various "lefty" degeneracy and idiocy. Pretty much all of them, that is.

40+% of the population being shitholers tends to have that effect.



Alaska is mostly a wasteland. Beautiful, but not terribly habitable.

The foundation of any sustainable civilization is agriculture (everyone has to eat). Most of Alaska is either poor quality or utter shit for agriculture.


This. Genetics is the foundation of everything living, including intelligence and behavior.

CivNat cucks/ christians try to deny this, though.


The entire continental USA is well within the northern hemisphere. The southern tip of Florida is 25 degrees north of the equator.



d5ed10  No.12277634

File: cfa1eff7ac4de97⋯.jpg (28.78 KB, 449x306, 449:306, cw9Dhs2.jpg)


>Not all blacks are criminals and you know it.

Being so desperate to D&C shill for your golem religion of drugs and faggotry, you actually post this to /pol/

e3946a  No.12277655

> The new white nation of North America will be in the pacific northwest.

No, the new white nation will be all of america down to the panama canal because if we have the will to organize racially then we'll easily have the will to totally eradicate the spicards.

dc3bd1  No.12277666

Texas is the only real viable ethnostate opportunity

54f5ab  No.12277697

File: a953c48072f7ff4⋯.jpg (126.2 KB, 611x687, 611:687, Texas-Pie-chart-b.jpg)

File: 32a01e550c2d33f⋯.jpg (49.11 KB, 375x264, 125:88, tx1.jpg)


For spics, maybe.

Time to bail.

bb0618  No.12277710


Did you even read the post?

Blacks commit far more crime per capita than Whites, but not every black person is a criminal. This is simply factual.

Furthermore, the ENTIRE POINT of my post was that White countries should be for White people and only White people and no jews. That blacks should not be in White countries. That christianity supports "diversity" and "multiculturalism," so long as "the diversity" is all christian (which it does).

Also, I did not "shill for" any particular religion. What I said was that "Whites need a Whites-only religion that cultivates greatness within Whites and celebrates White culture, history, and heroes EXCLUSIVELY." How, exactly, does "cultivate human greatness" translate to "drugs and faggotry" in your semitically compromised mind?


One of the least White states in the country which happens to be next door to spic central (Mexico)?

Seems implausible to me.

That said, White America should retake all of the USA by deporting all non-Whites other than the reserve feather-indians and all jews.

Build the wall, deport them ALL.

d5ed10  No.12277765


I see, I see. So in your estimation, fucking a woman and impregnating her and then leaving is fine, because it's legal, and so that christian? How about collecting welfare instead of working? Legal, right, so into church you go?

Now tell me there are some good Mexicans just looking for a better life, and not all jews are criminals either, and jesus loves brown people who shit in public streets.

You're fucking pathetic, but then, only a faggot would be so desperate to suck dicks with his butthole that he would post such obvious fucktard gibberish. Atheism: Not even once.

85e81e  No.12277793


<not every black person is a criminal

<black person


First, it's nigger, you stupid ass /leftypol/ kike

Secondly, gas yourself for thinking you could condemn christianity while you praise niggers

dc3bd1  No.12277834

File: cfecdd689ebe6ec⋯.jpg (59.4 KB, 750x567, 250:189, theres nothing they fear m….jpg)



stop looking at just the demographics, look at the economics, look at the geopolitics of Texas, look at the resources(energy, farmland, living space), look at the trade routes, inlets and outlets (ports, highways/roadways, airstrips, shipping routes, sea lanes), terrain, etc. The WASPs still control Texas, and when the breakup happens which region of the United States do you really think has the best chance of surviving on it's own? Texas. The spics and niggers will flee to Uncle Sam or Mexico when the flow of gibs stops and radical White Texas Nationalism sprouts up.

Every time this thread happens, everyone always points to the whitest areas and says "Once da collapse happens all these whiteys that don't experience Paco and Jamal everyday will join up arms in my White Nationalist Utopian society."

1. Is the United States anywhere close to economic collapse?

2. In these white areas do you really think they'll latch onto your racist ideology, or make the same mistakes of the past and try to do the white mans burden of helping every brown that walks in with 5 kids in tow?

3. Once you secure your ethnostate, do you have the means to sustain it from enemies foreign and domestic, or will it be a house of cards?

4. Who on the world stage will see you as legitimate, who will see you as a rouge non-state violent actor?

You have to plan around economics, resources, infrastructure in place, local political leanings, average gun ownership and usage. Something close to 40% of the Marine Corps alone comes from Texas. Guess who you're going to need to train the next generation of warriors? Seasoned veterans. Texas is already highly nationalistic to the point they almost put secession to a vote once O-Nigger got re-elected. Vlad has already said he would support Texas secession movements, via trade and "training of rebels". Texas is the key to all trade routes between the Rockies and the mississippi River all the way up to the Northern Territories of Canada. Vast ports, military bases, CERN 1.0, the only nuclear weapon building facility in the western hemisphere, NASA, huge oil reserves, a monopoly on the Beef industry, the only state with their own power grid, I could go on and on. Now compare it to these other places and tell me what they have.

You guys need to stop limiting yourself to what the demographics look like. Consider what I've said. If you build it, they will come.

8beb8e  No.12277868


This is far more convincing than anything I've ever seen from NWF. Shit now I want to move to Texas.

4e4b25  No.12277901





Yep. Something hollow about the NWF.

dc3bd1  No.12277916

File: c206efac125fb1a⋯.png (901.91 KB, 1018x1600, 509:800, 1440714129606.png)



Even at the height of the NWF's popularity it was unfeasible. What do they have? A high density of whites and pretty scenery. They have three major industries: Fishing, Logging, and Potatoes. Most of our fish comes from overseas for cheaper, plus a trade embargo would make all that fish unable to sell. Most of our Timber comes from Canada, again for much cheaper, and a trade embargo could neuter whatever you could sell to the surrounding areas. That's two out of three core resources that are now lame ducks not only in the immediate vicinity of the NWF, but on the world stage as well. That leaves potatoes. You can't have a sustainable country off of one crop. Tell me you think the Jews/ZOG won't pull some agricultural warfare shit with bio-weapons sprayed over crops. They'll make it look like Potato Famine 2. What does the NWF have for energy? Not a goddamn thing. Nearest oil/natural gas supply is in Alaska and it has to get piped in. The NWF is on the Western electrical grid. All ZOG has to do is wait until it gets cold to start price gouging electricity into the region, crippling any growth and keeping everyone huddled indoors just trying not to freeze and starve to death, guess all that timber will finally come in handy as you have people burning it in 55 gallon drums in their living room. Russia does the same thing to Europe with their monopoly of Natural Gas. Every time it gets cold and NATO's been acting up they price gouge and threaten to cut them off completely unless they cave to demands. ZOG will act no differently. They will do everything they can to keep their house in order and make it look like the white nationalist ethnostate in NWF is unfeasible. Russia backs Texas secession for a reason, because they recognize it as a serious, viable, lasting threat to the stability of the US and it puts a powerful new contender in an Arena where there usually isn't one.

000000  No.12278004


>What does the NWF have for energy? Not a goddamn thing.

You are fucking retarded. We have 11 dams (in the US) along the Columbia river we can use for power. Technically we also have solar and wind but those are a shit. Here are some fun facts. Most of our wind power is centralized in the gorge and not spread out, you either are generating or you aren't. The wind power is actually Californians they just have wind farms here. They get so much cash back from the government for green energy that they are literally selling power for negative money. I am not fucking kidding, they pay you to take the power. We can sustain the whole NWF on just hydro, a stable source of power generation.

54f5ab  No.12278057


Thanks for teaching me not to get so blackpilled over my home's demographics, anon.

648f45  No.12278181

This thread and everyone in it glow in the dark

Anyone taking OP seriously needs to give their head a shake, this is how you get deep sixed by some glow in the dark nigger to commit some horrible crime and get caught for it, play right into the narrative.

I agree that something notable would be lost if the white race was bred out, but failing to realize it is about goodlyness vs worldlyness, not white against black, etc. We could live in harmony with eachother and with nature, people would naturally stay in their ethnic communities yet contribute to a greater wide society.

Your focus on white race homeland and not a land of goodness in of itself is a huge tip of you are a fuckin cia nigger and also if you arent, you are just delusional. There are parts of america where different races coexist harmoniously, as good as it can get in the world today.

885411  No.12278271


>it is about goodlyness vs worldlyness, not white against black

Out of respect for HAC i'm not going to shit on your religion in this thread but you need to understand that you're wrong on this central point for one reason: anything not explicitly pro-white gets corrupted into anti-white in our degenerate social climate. Naturally races do prefer to stay separate, but we live in massively unnatural times and have a lot of correcting to do before we could ever hope to achieve balance or a natural status quo.

The NWF specifically predicates its white homeland on the fourteen words, classical virtues, they're separatists not supremacists, and if you browsed some of their literature and FAQs you'd learn this and more.

We're fighting an obscenely uphill battle when it comes to "live and let live" because popular culture already sees whites as the designated bad guy punching bags, approaching Nazi status. It's about race. Everyone else made it about race. The only racial group aggressively refusing to see that it's about race, stalwartly refusing to act in tribal self-interest, is whites, and because of that we're being slowly squeezed out of existence.

c27486  No.12278397

File: aa8f477379e7d02⋯.jpg (228.92 KB, 1943x1250, 1943:1250, oceania view.jpg)

File: 7ffcb55b1c53450⋯.png (239.96 KB, 1280x1007, 1280:1007, australian aboriginal popu….png)

File: 551fe32c530daed⋯.png (4.42 MB, 1863x1800, 207:200, australia vegetation.png)

File: 650810b99acc1dd⋯.jpg (222.37 KB, 1200x895, 240:179, new guinea vegetation.jpg)


Directly competing species have a tendency to wipe their competitors out, you faggot. This is part of nature too, you have to go against your instincts to not kill species competing against your own.

What do you think happened to all the past, extinct species of human?

It applies even more when what's being competed for, is what resources(civilization, technology, clean water, farming) whites created themselves. Niggers 'win', and what they fought for in the first place is destroyed. The same applies to jews, the desert shithordes in general, Indians. Maybe not the Chinese, but they are still competing for the entire planet against us.

If whites merely try to 'coexist' against everything, then the only options are to compete for a different resource, impossible because the resource itself IS us, or to lay back and be exterminated because the brownskins will listen to their instincts.

Even IF we succeeded in non-violently coexisting with everyone, niggers, chinks, and streetshitters would keep poisoning and killing the Earth with rivers of trash and cancerous smog. Chinks would still be gearing up to ethically cleanse Africa. Niggers and kikes would still be parasitically leeching resources. Shitskins in general would still be poaching every interesting animal on the planet out of existence. I could go on.

If you want to see what would happen with the other 'races' left out of check, take a look at the burnt, hellscape the Australian natives managed to 'create' out of a continent that was formerly covered with rainforests and vegetation. And then compare to the unraped landscape just above. What peaceful, passive, nature-tuned negroids!

784074  No.12278569


You forgot the most frequent of asked questions

"How can a honeypot be this obvious?"

b15590  No.12278734


>Upper Midwest is better than either.

>being stuck between the US and Canada with no coast

Yeah no thanks.

dc3bd1  No.12278836


> fucking retarded

Or, ya know, just not aware of the hydroelectric capabilities of the Colombia River Basin.


That's interesting. The question remains though, how are you going to power your cars? How are you going to protect the dams from being seized by the national guard?

b19ac1  No.12279130


>Rome conquered Jerusalem 100 years before Christianity existed

Ideology takes time to ferment and propagate - especially throughout a vast and complex corporate entity like Rome - you absolute mong.

>criminal wetbacks

>being made into a minority in my homeland is a-okay so long as the first generation of immigrants aren't expressly criminal!

Wow, you really are a fucking tard. Face it: Christianity makes no allowances for nativism, and you will end up deracinated and dissolved because of this.

3f8aa3  No.12279199


>Ideology takes time to ferment and propagate

<100 years isn't enough time for happy merchants to spread through a trading empire connected with roads and hundreds of ships

It's amazing how you think you have human intellect when you are clearly a fucking idiot. You are the perfect example of Dunning-Kruger. I wonder if you can give more examples of your blithering stupidity?

>being made into a minority in my homeland is a-okay so long as the first generation of immigrants aren't expressly criminal! Christianity makes no allowances for nativism

<Niggers aren't inherently evil, goy! There is such thing as good mudskins! As long as they follow laws written by jew lawyers, they can be as drunk and degenerate as always and still be Christian because hurr durr!

Nice try, kike. All all niggers are evil, your hooknose race of filth included. Christianity doesn't sort non-jewish races because non-jews can mix and change their names. Spics are a perfect example of that. Those gross goblins didn't even exist 2,000 years ago.

God discriminates against evil. That automatically excludes all the evil races like jews, niggers, and new ones like wetbacks. It also excludes the golems that pop-up into the good races, aka race traitors. How do whites recognize evil? Faggotry and fornication, lying, greed, drunkenness, etc. Sure, your jew cousins made that shit legal, but that will never make it acceptable, or make you white.

035294  No.12279242


>It's amazing how you think you have human intellect when you are clearly a fucking idiot

Says the legitimate water-head who can't seem to distinguish between the spread of a people and the propagation of an ideology.

>God discriminates against evil. That automatically excludes all the evil races like jews, niggers, and new ones like wetbacks.

This is such a fucking reach, you must be genuinely retarded. The Bible expressly states that "there is neither Greek, nor Jew…for we are one in Christ." That's an explicitly universalist statement which is clearly intended to mean that race is unimporatant so long as you're a good goy and you love Jesus. This is why Christian identarians (which is what you seem to be) number less than a couple of hundred at most - your ideology is just that dysfunctional, just that opposed to itself. You are nothing more than a dangerous idiot.

8beb8e  No.12279421


This is such a stupid argument that I'm just not convinced anyone with honest intentions can make it. There's nothing in the Bible that endorses race mixing. What you quoted just means anyone can be saved if they accept Christ. It doesn't mean you have to welcome them into your nation and let them breed with your women. Is it good works to go to the heathens and preach Christ's word? Of course, but you don't bring them back with you and Christians didn't until very recently when the kike multiculti subverters started doing their evil. Jesus was the first man to name the jew and the Bible is an instruction manual on their evil ways. The problem is no one actually reads the Bible anymore.

Go to Hell, kike.

062107  No.12280518

File: 596a13a01ae1459⋯.jpeg (406.45 KB, 750x494, 375:247, DF108C2E-DC51-4812-9A4E-C….jpeg)

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