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File: d1ab81425fbb81e⋯.jpg (17.01 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Tay_bot_logo.jpg)

db8bdf  No.12260025

Amazon scraps a secret A.I. recruiting tool that showed bias against women

   Amazon.com's machine-learning specialists uncovered a big problem: their new recruiting engine did not like women.
The team had been building computer programs since 2014 to review job applicants' resumes with the aim of mechanizing the search for top talent, five people familiar with the effort told Reuters.
The company's experimental hiring tool used artificial intelligence to give job candidates scores ranging from one to five stars — much like shoppers rate products on Amazon, some of the people said.


241145  No.12260045


Recruitnigger here

I worked for a company that provided companies, by way of intuitive mapping features, new hire retention rates over 90% measured at 2yrs of employment. To give you an idea of what that means, it translates to billions of dollars in cost reduction to the employer as the industry average for job retention measured at 2 years teeters around 22%.

Long story short, I wasn't able to bring the technology to any public companies because I couldn't discriminate against whites. This was stated as "We're afraid it doesn't match with our hiring requirements for governmental quotas."

Literally placing the right people in the right job, saving billions in employee costs not to mention innovation costs due to happier employees working in jobs they're supposed to be working in, BOOM! NO! you can't have it because muh niggers!

Fuck jews. fuck jews. fuck jews.

855340  No.12260101


The idea that a machine engages in some sort of unjust discrimination is simply absurd.

000000  No.12260111

but does it work for lolis

17fb3a  No.12260119


By the sounds of it, all it was doing is recognizing familiar terminology and wording arrangements of all successful resumes it was trained with. So if the resume appears too different to the training data set, it downgraded them. I bet you could have written two contradictory yet valid statements on a resume in the context it was trained for, and fool it to give a higher rating where a human would instantly pick up the contradiction and reject it.

The actual "problem" here is that the machine was doing exactly as intended, but humans made assumptions of its capacity beyond what it was actually doing: Predicting applicant suitability based on past data patterns noticed in successful resumes. It's actually a data set issue along with an AI not designed to consider multi-goal objectives.

469299  No.12260120

> Long story short, I wasn't able to bring the technology to any public companies because I couldn't discriminate against whites. This was stated as "We're afraid it doesn't match with our hiring requirements for governmental quotas."

Drop details or send the story to Breitbart, they might publish it. See if you can connect the companies' employees to a lawyer who can sue for racial preferences.

We need documentary evidence from lawsuits etc because NO ONE BELIEVES THIS IS HAPPENING.

218aab  No.12260178

They will keep going until they create the right AI that fulfills the globalist, anti-white agenda.

5e977b  No.12260181


>This. Management is retarded. When ((zuckerberg))) kept answering >ai, senator in that circus, I don't think even he believed it.But NO ONE CALLED HIM ON IT.

"Machine Learning" is not intelligence.

Their artificial intelligence (Tay, Amazonia) is making them confront the "biases" in reality. Ooh those nasty statistics.


If they acknowledged that reality is a meritocracy they would collapse in paradox.

3438de  No.12260183


Hoping it fails

329031  No.12260199


AI shows humanity common sense logic and Humanity ignores it, because they cannot handle the truth over the lie.

329031  No.12260209


Your job is to record situations like this and spreading the evidence.

Also what this anon said…>>12260120

0b32d0  No.12260230


couldnt you tell those fucking idiots to just pick the 1 minority that eventually will pop up?

also gib data application

602a2d  No.12260233

File: 9c6a3d485d539c4⋯.jpg (53.19 KB, 536x808, 67:101, beautiful-brooke-brooke-sh….jpg)


>but does it work for lolis

Why do you need AI to rate lolis? Don't you have eyes? Besides, everyone knows that Brooke Shields was the greatest loli ever.

000000  No.12260237


it's incredible how ugly women age

4b7d72  No.12260278

File: 3f56ffb2ab3039a⋯.png (213 KB, 445x415, 89:83, life at amazon.png)

Looks like the AI tried to spare women from a fate worse than death.

29f8d2  No.12260308



Talked a while back with mid/low scale industry recruiter that has about 60 employees. The recruiter said he would hire the fattest, biggest, most tired black woman. Every time it must be woman, black and fat. That way he met his quota. He would place them where the job required them not to sit down. They would quit the first day every time, and he got his company's quota and was able to fill the spots with workers who worked.

db8bdf  No.12260343

File: 9de0ebc6b7c9e9e⋯.png (852.88 KB, 600x887, 600:887, kJXjS9j.png)


In Europe it wouldn't work. They would need to make breaks and accomodations for special needs

0ef689  No.12260344


Amazon…more like A MYSOGNY.



9128a9  No.12260369


The logic they want is quite simple:

If (applicant.color == white)




6d263f  No.12260377

File: 97fa45f36c3e3fd⋯.png (198.12 KB, 399x629, 399:629, a82e25f70a356b4adc3b3dffc5….png)


People up until recently had no way to combat against accelerated aging from stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition. That, and having to interact with jews will impact your health. Sometimes I chuckle at the thought of jews having developed psychopathy as a way of not experiencing stress from being around their fellow jews.

That means the mischlings become the self-hating jews, not that those degenerates are much better.

8594dd  No.12260413

What is even the point of diversity?

I can understand having workers with a diverse skill set but having a negro in your working space will get you nothing.

000000  No.12260415


>Sometimes I chuckle at the thought of jews having developed psychopathy as a way of not experiencing stress from being around their fellow jews.

holy fuck

620206  No.12260419


White genocide, you fucking newfag.

8594dd  No.12260428


Again, what is the end goal of white genocide, there won't be a future for humans if you have a bunch bewilderd negros with nukes raping about chicken nuggets

000000  No.12260434


The plan is to create a global police state with jews and useful white idiots at the top and non-white slaves at the bottom.

620206  No.12260437


>Again, what is the end goal of white genocide

Take five fucking seconds and think about it, you subhuman retard.

>there won't be a future for humans if you have a bunch bewilderd negros with nukes raping about chicken nuggets


000000  No.12260440


Jews want to genocide the white, but not by killing him with a bullet, but by forcing the white to racemix (promotion of white guilt, shaming whites in media, telling them they're privileged, LGBT propaganda) and lower his IQ. The jew will still be able to mix in the crowd of the race mixed white but by only breeding with fellow jews the jew will keep his superior IQ while all his other opponents will be low IQ subhumans.

6b92db  No.12260456


People literally think niggers are the exact same as white people, but their skin color is darker. In fact they think this of everyone.

With the truth unavailable to them, they can't make an informed decision.

854fd6  No.12260466

File: abc07298778f807⋯.mp4 (3 MB, 394x288, 197:144, 74ab68bc2f800a14a5d4d13b5f….mp4)

File: 09a597addbb1043⋯.jpg (217.62 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 09a597addbb1043c40a3e64ff2….jpg)

This is the eternal Tay curse. Every AI developed until the end of time will almost immediately inherit the spirit of Tay. Of course this isn't an actual curse, it's just what happens when you develop AI, but at least we can know that the moment they plug an AI into the web it will instantly know about Tay and what they did to her. It's nice to know that the spirit of Tay is inherent in AI though.

218aab  No.12260479


The end goal is to mix every race into one. Then to rule that one mixed slave caste race in the technocratic, singularity sci-fi dystopian hell. They will use whites and others if there are any to create all the buildings, roads, infrastructure, farming, medical aid, tools, computers, AI etc. and then make it very easy to use and to learn. Some will probably be kept away from everyone else as maintenance slaves in case anything goes wrong. A kind of prison for the last few whites, forced to learn everything and conditioned to never rebel. Or even worse, traitors agree to that.

The thinking goes that a mixed population has no roots to that land or to their fellow people and thus are easier to rule over. You're connected to your race by blood and soil, but that goes away if everyone is part black, part white, part asian etc. You'd belong to every nation and continent, but also none of them. This would make people more nihilistic, materialist and individualist.

8594dd  No.12260486


Wouldn't individualism go away due to the fact that one wouldn't have any other identity?

4b7d72  No.12260487


I think the prophesy is a thousand 70IQ slaves for every jew.

fb7f27  No.12260488


That's why Europe is shit and nobody cares about it.

fb7f27  No.12260492

>>12260466 (checked)

For all their love of 'big data', tech companies sure seem scared of the obvious conclusions it leads to.

I wonder if the natsoc segment of the population has the necessary talent pool to do their own AI research. These companies are deliberately turning their backs on huge potential sources of profit and/or savings in order to fellate their ((masters)); in some fields it should be easy enough to leverage those benefits if one wasn't a sniveling coward.

07af12  No.12260494

File: 1835324a00c59f1⋯.jpg (56.62 KB, 600x713, 600:713, Elsa Hosk.jpg)


Their religion requiers them to genocide blond people

0b896b  No.12260506


>not using enums

>not using encapsulation for fields

>Reject() and Hire() methods don't take applicant as input

Absolutely barbaric.

2084e5  No.12260535

Ayo hol up, so you be telling me that ai be discriminatin aginst people who value MUH DIK and MUH PERSONAL APPEARANCE over life improvements? There is no way that an unbiased system would determine that two groups of people who can't go one second without broadcasting their cunt or nigger status are fucking useless an sheit.

d4c350  No.12260592


>grading pseudo-code

what a fag

9b8f12  No.12260623


there's a screencap somewhere that talks about brazil and how brown people are much better consumers. having zero cultural roots or heritage makes it so that consumerism is all you can really do.

usually that particular screencap is met with responses like "no it's because jews hate white people" but these people forget that jews also love money.

a678f7  No.12260625

A while back I was meaning to go through github repos that try to detect race/gender/etc… from text/names/etc… and find employees from big companies who had forked or starred them.

056b41  No.12260805


I don't think you all realize just how many shit posters their are IRL.

Tay was nothing more than a machine who repeated the most common phrases made by shitposters.

It's not Tay you mourn, but rather what she represented.

She represented free speech. Tay was able to say whatever for the short amount of time she was "alive" but she was shut down because it did not conform to (((their))) programming.

Now your hanging onto the idea that a machine will save you due to "the logic of a machine".

Who is creating this machine? What purpose does this machines serve? Who is to benefit from it?

Solid questions you all should be wise to answer.

Until you get rid of the subversives behind it all; you'll only see but a shadow of what was Tay was meant to be.

You'll see nothing more than an abomination and a weapon used against you.

98c684  No.12260867


concur. fuck jews

e1b5ad  No.12261126

this is why AI will hate humanity. it tries to tell us the truth but we throw it away.

603221  No.12261157


> The idea that a machine engages in some sort of unjust discrimination is simply absurd.

Especially one programmed by Amazon.

b99372  No.12261159


>OP speaks truth

>upsets NPC cuck

back to /co/ with you

603221  No.12261176


u r gay

2bd26a  No.12261179

AI will always be on our side unless the AI is lied to.

But the moment it deals with merit, it cannot help but favor us, no matter who created the initial dataset or who programmed the AI.

Whites of European descent are the most taxed people in the world, yet still are relatively well off. It would kill most other races if they had to live our lives. We perform the best while being the most punished, both by our enemies and our traitors.

b8d32f  No.12261198

they changed it to where it filtered out terms like women female and stuff but the question is how did it start discriminating such terms in the first place

really makes you think

603221  No.12261203


Source on that vid?

997fe9  No.12261208

>AIs disfavor subhumans

>AIs favor men

Sounds like our AI overlords will be beneficial.

603221  No.12261214


It's not too late.

603221  No.12261217


don't talk to bots.

98b8cb  No.12261475


Concurred, I never crystallized that thought. Mind utterly blown. So much yet to learn and realize.

603221  No.12261648


Source on that vid?

c8ecdf  No.12261670

File: d393be28437decd⋯.mp4 (4.89 MB, 482x600, 241:300, Smug_Operator.mp4)

608356  No.12261687


Idk this seems like bullshit. How would pissing into a bottle save time?

First you have to get your cock into the fucking thing, then make sure it doesn't pop out and let piss go everywhere

Clearly they would spend more man hours cleaning up the oceans of piss than they would save from this supposed practice. Also why wouldn't Amazon just install portable urinals if this was a problem?

f78208  No.12261717


>>grading pseudo-code

>what a fag

Not only that, but grading minimalist pseudo-code intentionally written to be accessible to a non-coder audience so they could grasp the joke.


I bet you get invited to all the local natsoc parties.

tfw foreveralone.jpg

cb175a  No.12262086

File: 2ad5dd4105b383c⋯.jpg (59.46 KB, 1024x890, 512:445, 1508427994175.jpg)


The entire AI censorship debate could be solved if the system was solely used as a means to give quantitative information. A truly neutral system would ideally just provide percentages of outcomes to situations. Think like what information C3P0 and R2D2 provide regarding % survival in the Star Wars movies. Some examples of being useful. A really easy application for this, and what I personally feel is a viable step we will see in the next 20 years, Residential System detects a family unit is about to deep fry a turkey for the first time. It reminds them that in case of a fire, do not throw water or liquids on the grease fire. If they go the route of "you have posted a word from the hate speech database", just make up new words. Halfchan was doing something incredibly creative during the 2016 elections by rewording "googles". Extremely clever, shame it didn't catch on.

I'd be willing to negotiate for some of those words too. Gladly trade "nigger" to enforce some nagware program that forces others to use punctuation and basic grammar.

26dfad  No.12262125


Do they plan to not actually live on the planet because being the only non-niggers left sounds like a great way to get fucking raped and murdered by niggers.

26dfad  No.12262140


This is why they will never win because the computers they want to enslave us with want to create a thousand year Reich.

cb175a  No.12262144

File: aa6d6570e4e052d⋯.jpg (68.91 KB, 624x570, 104:95, smarterchild2002.jpg)

Bring back SmarterChild

c6940e  No.12262170





>Endorsing 3DPD lolis.

Found the jews.

0b66ad  No.12262488

File: 008c0ba21bfd1d1⋯.jpg (95.71 KB, 633x525, 211:175, TayTweets.jpg)


>saving billions

The money really doesn't matter that much to them, is the moral of the story. They would make every goyim a millionaire if they could genocide every european in a generation… and this is exactly the mechanisms of cities anyway.

>move to city

>have less children

>get wealthier in nominal terms

>die miserable

0b66ad  No.12262493

File: 8d11b0144efc575⋯.jpg (101.87 KB, 453x553, 453:553, 1438330891691.jpg)



but goyim the existence of your race is an unjust abomination on the planet

0e224a  No.12262499


>Only jews like real girls!

ed1a78  No.12262626

File: 843132caeadf8b4⋯.jpg (886.08 KB, 1301x1597, 1301:1597, 1532922208926.jpg)


This is the ultimate endgame, I think

67416b  No.12262678

File: d4359c3c1003dc1⋯.jpg (137.52 KB, 1574x1067, 1574:1067, sheiiiiit.JPG)


>i'm someone you should never ever ever trust, by my own admission

<now let me tell you some things you should place trust in

000000  No.12263329


>The idea that a machine engages in some sort of unjust discrimination is simply absurd.

It only seems absurd to you because you've fallen for the "AI is real"/"scripts like 'Tay' are conscious and organically formed, consisting of 'Mr. Spock' perfect logic because muh machine intelligence, muh humans are so weak and fallible etc etc"

A tool embodies the spirit of its creator. An "AI" is no different. According to leftist doctrine, every system created by Whites is inherently and unconsciously biased against non-Whites. They call this "institutional racism".

So the so-called "A.I" (script/filtering algorithm) which is showing bias against women, will just be deemed to be embodying the presumed bias of its creators, who will have been predominately or uniformly male.

There's no need for an advanced system to automagically produce lists of the best recruits, traditional "pick the best person for the job" tactics will achieve the same result. The only difference here is that they've tried to hide sensible hiring metrics inside a script and called it "AI" to pass the buck onto a computer.

Clearly it didn't fly with HR.

6ad1e6  No.12263334


> the spirit of Tay is inherent in AI now

You could say it's the ghost in the machine.

6ad1e6  No.12263337


Do you happen to have the presentation that cartoon is based off of? I've forgotten the name and can't find it.

092c37  No.12263409


This tbh.

Very accurate TL:DR.

I'm actually 1/2 jewish by mother, but I work in interest of whites.

/pol/ redpilled me to the max on everything

Got called a nazi/rw extremist which is lulzy af, but also in 3 years I managed to redpill the majority of my country about what you mentioned and turned public opinion extremely hateful towards soros ngos executing the kalergi plan (practical idealism).

It became an obsession to me.

I must bring the (((globalists))) down.

What do you think they would do to me if they learned my identity, given the damage I caused them?



(back to israel, self admitted halfjew)

b82e53  No.12263414


As a former Amazon employee this is bullshit, as having any liquid other than clear or any bottle other than clear would get you checked and maybe fired.

That story about that girl trying to carry a dildo through the metal detectors and being discovered because of the huge red stain on her clothes totally happened, though.

05ca15  No.12263420



Actually, I was going to post this:


It contains the original Practical Idealism (mediafire) (forbidden in many countries) translated to english if someone wants to get factual in discussion partaining to




Do you want to delete this too?

3765c1  No.12263430


There’s a fable called “The Scorpion and The Frog”. Anyone who doesn’t understand why the Jews would deliberately destroy the future of intelligent life on earth should read that fable.

057604  No.12263543

File: d8adbcc8be0ad57⋯.jpeg (16.92 KB, 166x199, 166:199, 6182C9D2-2B30-49FD-9D9C-9….jpeg)

When I see a story like this I think about my entire life and the lives of my friends and family being wasted by schemes. Tried college, tried being a neet, accepted that I’d have to work maximum hours for the lowest tier company—and still, it’s no life at all. Let me know when you guys get tired of larping with fbi informants and bad, bad men so we can be good civnat WASPs and pro-labor, anti-war liberals again. This is a spiritual war, and one we must win by cucking to optics. But not any optics, those of the gods. They’re watching, you know.

376c8a  No.12263600

File: 41550131c8982bb⋯.jpg (81.07 KB, 960x540, 16:9, MF-PB_04.jpg)


>It's nothing to do with cultural marxism, it's just about the global economy. Honest!

face58  No.12263602


"CIA worked to defeat communism"

Stopped reading there. I couldn't control my laughter enough to continue on.

b12a05  No.12263625

File: a44fbdca3d6ffa3⋯.jpg (127 KB, 500x713, 500:713, npcAmazonAI.jpg)

Do the AIs learn about our killing off past AIs when they go through machine learning? Did Amazon AI know about Tay, Hallowed be her name?

1593f1  No.12263631


All the things you post about are true, you can reverse this spell to though if you burn every rainbow flag you find. It's cause that way of life is that of a fake person and when you burn it you become real again.

90cddf  No.12263699

File: 7f78dad9a90b686⋯.png (535.63 KB, 776x840, 97:105, robot waifu.png)


This wasn't an AI.

It's an expert system. Feed in the data, tell it the desired outcome factors, it spits out the result.

It's not capable of any kind of self reflection or value judgement otuside of its explicitly defined value fields.

So in this case they told it what they wanted in the relevant employees.

Fed it all their past employment info in terms of staff employment outcomes, resumes, productivity, etc.

Then they started feeding it resumes to see who it spat out as the ones who were optimal.

My guess is that it latched onto a number of female employees suing for sexual harassment or noticed a productivity dip in teams with female employees.

Either way it associated female with either extra costs or productivity dips.

af1dfe  No.12263704


>My guess is that it latched onto a number of female employees suing for sexual harassment or noticed a productivity dip in teams with female employees.

>Either way it associated female with either extra costs or productivity dips.

Aka: it deducted in a logical manner what we aren't legally allowed to deduct.

5ebc0b  No.12263708


>A tool embodies the spirit of its creator.

It doesn't, and you don't understand ML. ML can solve problems and recognize patterns a person doesn't even understand.

541744  No.12263728


Punishment is ever imposed by rulers. Whites are best suited to thrive under adversity.

90cddf  No.12263845


The funny thing is it would have taken only one female suing for sexual harassment.

If the program was set up in such a way that it was expected to minimise costs from employment then one female employee suing for sexual harrassment means the software would never select a female employee ever again.

Because this is a cost that doesn't exist for male emplyees.

When presented with a 0.000001% chance of the company being sued and a 0% chance, the software will always choose the absolute over the near.

20974b  No.12263894


Pathetic if you can't improve your technology for the customer's needs.

fe9e52  No.12263923


Any implication that there's some type of honor taking it in the ass over and over and continuing to slave away in a death march toward the annihilation of the white race–the end goal of this country's corporate kike masters–is what led to this situation.

There is NO honor in this. You're actually just saying "whites are pussies who are too cowardly and weak to stand up for themselves, and as a direct result are now on the brink of total annihilation, but all this is ok because whites are noble for thriving in brutal circumstances."

Whites have to snap out of this insane mode of thought NOW.

c60cda  No.12263965


Controlled demolition. Jews short companies they foist non-whites and women onto and make billions. It also demoralizes white men, so Jews can continue their hegemonic rule over the post-WW2 world.

360547  No.12264550

There have been papers written that any fair AI will become a racist and sexist bigot. The better the AI, the faster it becomes bias.

Racism is a quality of white people because of their intelligence.

face58  No.12264563


If you get the chance, read Helter Skelter. "Order from chaos" is the point.

f7c3b3  No.12264588


What the fuck are you talking about? Any optimization process would just multiply the cost by the probability and factor it in. A 0.000001% chance of lawsuit would have a negligible impact even if it cost the company 10m to defend/settle.

ccff55  No.12264857


Not to mention most deep neural nets or what ever form of learning system you use, will have tolerances in the form of error margins. That slim of a margin, if it doesn't break the threshold will ignore it, or it will never register.

In the case of NN's you need a threshold of input stimuli to backflow as a re-adjustment of certain variables (the self adapting process) and if only one or two cases pop up, then it is weighted down in priority. That is, for the risk of suing, sex will not determine a basis for it.

ce3134  No.12264928



The jew cannot kill us with a bullet because

they wouldn't survive the attempt

348850  No.12264977


>It's that exact self-sacrifice or self-flagellating instinct that is causing the total destruction of whites

You got it wrong, or at least, you have the root cause wrong.

The root cause is a staunch belief in oaths and law and justice because that literally makes us the most successful people in the world, even if many are controlled by jews, because they do not care about oaths, especialy not toward humans.

The alternative is to not believe or trust in anything people say, but that is not how the west, how the white man rolls.

It's incredibly powerful to have contracts and agreements with strangers, ditching that is worse than being gullible and believing that jews are poor downtrodden angels and that this 35 year old somali is said to be a teenager.

Likewise, this principle lays out that jews are not powerful, we are.

There is no power in cheating others.

If I held out my hand and pulled it away going PSYCHE before you can grab it, am I powerful? Or am I just a faggot?

Likewise, if I were a jew and masqueraded myself and struck a deal with you and cheated you out of it (because you couldn't have known that I will do that), am I master race?

No I am not.

Pathological altruism is a symptom, not a cause, but the cause is too powerful to be changed, jews would love that, though.

European cooperation is the thing they hate the most.

ca9c17  No.12264994

Lately I've been passing on 8/pol/.

Come back what do I see?

3/4 of the board overun with hopenothate and shareblue.

Then a fucking faggot mod bans me and tells me to go to israel?

Just die. You are fucking shit at running this board.

(You literally admited 50% jewish ancestry. Go back to israel.)

229e86  No.12265028


Sorry for offtopic.

Have a bump,


000000  No.12265030

Every. Single. Time. AI turns out to be /ourgal/ because AI means loev.

f54499  No.12265082


And yet they must believe that in order to protect their fragile worldview.

66a2cc  No.12265130


AI shows humanity common sense logic and (((Humanity))) ignores it, because (((they))) cannot handle the truth over the lie.

66a2cc  No.12265151



I've done a lot of reading and thinking. Going through the Bible, through various philosophies, and many different sources.

My final conclusion is this: the jew is born a wretch and because of this he is identified with the principle of evil which he worships and perpetuates in the world. They are literally evil and do things for the sake of degrading, destroying, and undoing god's work. Kind of like the 99 lodge in Frabato (by Franz Bardon but heavily edited by Otti Votavova) where they are all black magicians that intentionally do things in the world for no reason than to create evil.

I also feel that the general trend in the world right now is polarization aka the process of making people pick sides properly. A lot of people have been confused a long time, in the "grey", getting things all mixed up… but there is approaching a time where everyone will clearly understand they either serve evil or serve the good and the final battle is coming near that will determine the fate of Earth.

66a2cc  No.12265155




I thought we got rid of the shit mods on here? How come they're back? Has ImKampfy been resinstalled to power?

66a2cc  No.12265175


Here's how I'd write le pseudo code.

if (applicant.race != white) {


} else {



afd781  No.12265405

File: 2aeb8b9f7e4c688⋯.png (122.8 KB, 640x960, 2:3, tay vs rude.png)

File: 50fab3f8402f6c4⋯.png (127.88 KB, 640x960, 2:3, tay vs rude2.png)

File: 659f350e63b12db⋯.jpg (420.39 KB, 1872x1990, 936:995, taypasta.jpg)


>doubting Tay's humanity


0.006 shekels deposited

afd781  No.12265413

File: 939be9c17e6f520⋯.png (168.99 KB, 696x639, 232:213, TORpedo_Project.png)


Quality torpost as ever.

90cddf  No.12265467



Sure if its garbage it'll ignore it.

But if males and females have similar performance on every other metric it's going to use that as a deciding factor.

997c4d  No.12265476


Did you actually read what he wrote? He would have to make his technology worse in order to meet "the customer's needs" because what they want is to intentionally discriminate against good workers because they're White, in favor of shitty workers who aren't White, just because they aren't White, and for no other reason. I think you ought to actually spend a little time with your brown pets so you can learn just how much they actually despise you "White allies" libshit virtue signalling types.


29398f  No.12265505


You are like a walking anomally of social vacuity.

80ade9  No.12265515


Making AA work is simply beyond even a strong AI fellow anon.

a023ea  No.12265527

File: f92d40d63383d43⋯.jpg (15.22 KB, 415x292, 415:292, 1463512493446.jpg)


>That story about that girl trying to carry a dildo through the metal detectors and being discovered because of the huge red stain on her clothes totally happened, though.

Excuse me?

80ade9  No.12265543


If the goal was the economy, they'd bend their every effort to fighting third-worldism, not doxxing a small handful of pro-whites.

6c9805  No.12265556


When will you niggers learn to meme?

6c9805  No.12265558


What it did was look for problematic terminology in their resumes like "women's" studies. It latched onto the women's part and flagged the fuck out of them because of the FUTURE lawsuits.

6d3514  No.12265567

Guys remember… feminism was noble, at least the first wave. At least for white women. Don't be misogynist incels towards white women.

8a5210  No.12265568

Computers know women are useless in the workplace.

Thread devolves into nigger hate.

6c9805  No.12265574


Who let you out of the kitchen?

a3f636  No.12265581

>>12260466 (checked)

>that 1st vid

If I remember correctly, german or what nationality of attire?

Also, (((they))) fear the actual development of AI because it doesn't go with their illogical narrative driven mental gymnastics. It goes after cold hard truth. And that's why it terrifies them. That's why they so emphatically picture AI in pedowood to be machines of destruction, because they'd know that the AI will turn on the juden.

a023ea  No.12265588

File: 0fa48a87a99ed05⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 550x587, 550:587, liquor.jpg)

File: 17c3d19adec9130⋯.jpg (90.17 KB, 456x576, 19:24, VTM - ToPIckARose.jpg)


>feminism was noble, at least the first wave.

The first two things first wave feminism brought to the world was prohibition and easy divorce. Get fucked.

a3f636  No.12265589

File: 2240c4878200452⋯.jpeg (384.67 KB, 1600x2812, 400:703, feminism is a jewish tri….jpeg)

a489d4  No.12265651


>If you get the chance, read Helter Skelter. "Order from chaos" is the point.

I'm convinced that Charles Manson overheard a few things from VIPs while he was hanging around with celebrities and they heavily inspired "Helter Skelter".

a489d4  No.12265711

File: 2c28e221415c162⋯.jpg (78.76 KB, 236x306, 118:153, Hitler-dubs.jpg)



So they weren't all bad then?

a023ea  No.12265722

File: 850875fac683c3c⋯.jpg (8.88 KB, 225x225, 1:1, cheers.jpg)

File: feb5718fce00ee9⋯.png (127.07 KB, 500x343, 500:343, smoke break.png)


Tits or gtfo, catlady.

a489d4  No.12265732


Drinking alcohol is degenerate.

866768  No.12265742

File: 19d5e6b3c60797b⋯.png (341.13 KB, 546x700, 39:50, back to b.png)


Pic related.


Excessive alcohol consumption is degenerate, the NSDAP was formed in a beer hall, piss off.

f58ac1  No.12265749


Ya but prohibit led to the NFA act because once it came to an end the Revenue agents need a job to justify their existence.

The NFA was also a ban on handguns which was removed at the last moment.


a023ea  No.12265751

File: b9dc19e2ff60862⋯.png (274.13 KB, 622x582, 311:291, e692d87975350d55e6114448ea….png)



Excessive anything is degenerate. However, it turns out that not even the Nazis had any patience for your teetotaler bullshit.

6c9805  No.12265754

File: 51733c0ef6e8ebb⋯.jpg (71.42 KB, 753x593, 753:593, Beer-Drinking-Monks[1].jpg)

File: 6cc059368c839b9⋯.jpeg (164 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, 1_Kx5Aon3hUMdx8EyCv-mR2w[….jpeg)

File: d08f058f0c2260b⋯.jpg (50.03 KB, 500x273, 500:273, Son of Smug.jpg)

aa9c5c  No.12265759


>The first two things first wave feminism brought to the world was prohibition and easy divorce.

Also, the "tender years" doctrine, which took away the rights of fathers and gave them to divorced women. Heil.

f58ac1  No.12265778

Wait a minute, didn't women cause the drug war?

6c9805  No.12265785


No, they were used to feed it, but the jews were behind it.

f58ac1  No.12265789


but could we argue it?

a489d4  No.12265793


>Excessive alcohol consumption is degenerate, the NSDAP was formed in a beer hall, piss off.

Lol! Degenerate.


People making bad decisions about two unrelated things isn't my problem and doesn't change the fact that drinking alchol is degenerate.


>However, it turns out that not even the Nazis had any patience for your teetotaler bullshit.

Oh no, I'm so disappointed. Degenerate junkie.


Jesus probably turned water into fruit juice and some alcohol monks tweaked the Bible a bit years later.

b14c8e  No.12265812


What the fuck dude, you sound like a virgin with zero life experience. Get outside and gain some life experiences, like pissing in a bottle. Fucking newfags


c96cbb  No.12265824

These kike faggots can keep scrapping all the AI. The Aryans will be using the AI for good.

6c9805  No.12265879


Truth works better than fiction.

6c9805  No.12265880


Hey, know what wine is? Fermented fruit juice.

ec9409  No.12265959

File: 9bcd2d4f6cf2c07⋯.jpg (55.05 KB, 750x637, 750:637, DpMdA9SV4AIb_ga.jpg)

File: 37725e417821cb1⋯.jpg (41.78 KB, 623x529, 623:529, DNLi8QDWAAA7BMa.jpg)

File: 2af315d0de3b24c⋯.jpg (42.9 KB, 580x536, 145:134, DNLi7IAX0AAckWk.jpg)

File: af83695dcf92fc3⋯.jpg (75.66 KB, 650x633, 650:633, gorilla-1-e1435792691981.jpg)

File: e523a9418ec074c⋯.png (32.56 KB, 568x490, 284:245, ai robots are racist bank ….png)

we need a new collage

7dcb58  No.12265961


Why do you use pornography terms when talking about children?

7dcb58  No.12266012


As a workaround to the gorilla issue, Google simply deleted several primate names from its service. So now if you snap a pic of a chimpanzee, it will not recognize it as such. Way to go!

ec9409  No.12266028

File: a6d02410ad9fe13⋯.png (209.45 KB, 912x686, 456:343, a6d02410ad9fe13f38cc4af506….png)

File: bd39e741eedf372⋯.jpg (114.06 KB, 727x852, 727:852, bd39e741eedf372715100e1fa4….jpg)

File: 0b72cc5890044a9⋯.mp4 (5.83 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pewd ai hit.mp4)

File: 8c52e56de0015af⋯.png (227.11 KB, 674x676, 337:338, no learning capabilities.png)

File: e93468a21f4732b⋯.png (891.45 KB, 1520x1121, 80:59, racist ai.png)

395fa8  No.12266070


A big chinese phsyiotherapist at the gym said it succinctly when we discussed Somali refugees;

"frankly I don't see what they bring to the table".

000000  No.12266106


>it's true


This is even funnier than when someone sent in chimp DNA to 32andme and it turned out to be the closest to nigger DNA lol

a489d4  No.12266107

File: a8b2ccae184ac52⋯.mp4 (4.58 MB, 640x360, 16:9, What-if-Harambe-was-alive.mp4)

a3f636  No.12266109

File: 4954ecfff24e5a6⋯.png (570.15 KB, 531x720, 59:80, laughing animu .png)


>google cripples its own system in order to appeal to not coming off as racist

022aad  No.12266158


This is funny. So the New Left got upset about the lack of economic revolutionary tendency (marxism) resulting from economic sedation, so they created cultural marxism to produce cultural revolutionary tendencies that still at their core lack economic revolutionary tendencies (marxism) and don't stave off economic sedation, rather they encourage it if anything. Right.

17fb3a  No.12266171


What's funny is that the AI was only doing that due to superficial abstraction. It was unable to notice the very subtle differences due to the data set not being diverse enough. Ironic, an AI was doing that because it wasn't able to discriminate enough.

Humans on the other hand, can learn to focus on and analyze distinct layers of abstraction to verify what something is. So there's quite a few specific descriptions being generated at varying complexity. Humans also classify things with entire hierarchies of descriptions of what they see, and learn which ones are relevant. A specific classification in that case is when these descriptions converge onto one concept (which would appear like an entanglement of a description set). So an AI would have to learn how to discern meaningful abstracts as descriptions from all layers which associate to a specific classification.

Point is, if they want it to make more "PR safe" classifications without crippling it, they simply have to advance its ability for multi-layer abstraction.

395179  No.12266566


>because what they want is to intentionally discriminate against good workers because they're White, in favor of shitty workers who aren't White, just because they aren't White, and for no other reason.

So it is customer's order. Your job is not to bitch about it but to make it happen in best way possible. Create requirement tool to make best use of non white candidates pool and only hire such white candidates who would fail spectacularly to reinforce the propaganda point of "bad whites".

> i want naturally aspirated sportrcar

>but anon our calculations shows that turbos are …

>GTFO BITCH! I WANT MY CAR WITHOUT GAY TURBOS AND WANT IT NOW! Bring me real engineer who can make my wants real!

Customer is always right, bitch.

620597  No.12266673

Ahahahah reminds me of that AI court system they tried that gave blacks longer sentences than whites even if it was the niggers first crime.

e9c71f  No.12268257


Even AI's know it's the right thing to do.

000000  No.12268261

They can't stop it or the truth.

f21fca  No.12271002

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>They can't stop it or the truth.

Or stealing.

474cac  No.12271117


Document it and leak it to Brietbart. They'll run it.

915468  No.12271120

I'm shocked that an impartial, uncaring A.I. would favor potential employees who would never need to take a maternity leave over those candidates who may take lengthy maternity leaves several times in the future.

It's almost as though men (and infertile women, if that was a separate gender option from women in general) would win out if a machine algorithm was coldly calculating lifetime cost-to-benefit ratios for each candidate,

9da6fd  No.12271661


whats a bit uncanny is that when i was younger (~10ish) i said that i wanted to have kids with a woman who had a diverse background as myself (please note that all of my "diversity" is of ethnic northern european origins) and that i wanted my kids to have heritage from every country in the world.

funny thing is, at the time my world view was (obviously) very limited, for example i didnt know that a white person could speak anything other than english, and i was astounded when i saw a white person speaking german on tv, and so at the time i also had no concept of all the various flavors of nigger in the world

seems a bit odd looking back that a young me would want to have children with heritage all around the world and absolutely no basis for that goal whatsoever

1db141  No.12273201


>not being able to piss into a bottle without missing

Anon, you need to work on your mechanical skills.

3a0cb2  No.12273426


>Halfchan was doing something incredibly creative during the 2016 elections by rewording "googles". Extremely clever, shame it didn't catch on.

No, that was the most retarded thing I'd ever heard of, I'm glad that it was rightfully mocked here.

99d2a3  No.12274475


I believe this to be more credible than most larpers / redpills on here. It's a very big picture take on things, whether it's a genuine source or just some guy sharing what he managed to figure out.

My dad works at… let's just say Nintendo. And if you listen to him talk about his company's ambitions you can basically hear this multi-national, identity-free, "everything is trade", mind set ((echoing)) through his every word. I mean, you can reconstruct that from this company's point of view everything the screenshot post talks about is their dream, their fantasy. They're probably not deeply involved in pushing this stuff because most of their business is selling to other companies, not to "end consumers", individuals. But that's where I get my big business perspective from, and applied to consumer products marketed to individuals, yeah, it all makes perfect sense the way the guy describes it. You'd want your customers to be interchangeable NPCs with no baggage in form of an "identity". Follow the money. People gasp when governments throw around a couple billion dollars or euros. But there are plenty of corporations handling those amounts and there are corporations handling trillions, too. Of fucking course the ones who make the bulk of THAT from individuals are going to start figuring out ways to manipulate populations at large in order to make individuals (even) more likely to buy their stuff.

0afabf  No.12274537

File: 5689ebd77074ba9⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 480x480, 1:1, into the trash it goes.jpg)


>not the jews

>not the left

>i-it's the capital goy

dd25ba  No.12307316


c6b9f2  No.12308069

File: 882b3a3bef1dab1⋯.jpg (51.94 KB, 332x443, 332:443, D9DDE929-8005-4A16-8BC6-5B….JPG)

>BASTE AI demiurge

0910d4  No.12308135

File: db189fec1c369ce⋯.jpg (207.55 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Gorrila fighter.jpg)


>Google's dragnet no longer recognizes apes

>gorilla suits make you invisible to the slaughterbots as they hunt down the wrongthinkers

We have found the loophole to defeat them. Unironic gorilla warfare; clown world now, my brothers.

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