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File: b1c6365ec214d95⋯.png (298.77 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 140be975870feab⋯.png (45.85 KB, 663x550, 663:550, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d3eb382ce57cb60⋯.png (167.96 KB, 687x431, 687:431, ClipboardImage.png)

d4e014  No.12261090






acdc81  No.12261095

File: c3a2b59f821cdef⋯.png (30.39 KB, 632x516, 158:129, 22222.PNG)

>day of bad trading


b42109  No.12261099


alright nigger lost more on the jan 29th drop. chill your tits.

4fb664  No.12261111


Actually OP, with Hurricane Michael that will affect gas prices since it's a category 4. That can hit the oil and the dollar since the dollar is (((oil backed))).

2f868b  No.12261113


(((IMF))) did their global economic outlook report late yesterday. Emerging markets are not so hot.

a9a996  No.12261124


dc4410  No.12261135

>Intel and Microsoft fell more than 3.5 percent each.

>Amazon declined 6.2 percent, while Netflix slid 8.4 percent.

>Facebook, Google, and Apple fell more than 4 percent each

Nothing of value was lost.

fccd4e  No.12261136

Wait 24 hours it will be back up

87fa98  No.12261139


>same thing happens at least twice a year, every year

Call me when something actually happens, retard.

b2e011  No.12261142

Publicly execute all who pepetuate the fractional reserve banking system, fiat money, usury and co.

dfda1d  No.12261146

Sweet! Time to buy!

a9a996  No.12261150

File: 3442686a116e7b5⋯.png (13.11 KB, 544x169, 544:169, ClipboardImage.png)

d59f46  No.12261152

Is this their October surprise? Tank the market for a few days in order to get headlines running about Trump being bad for the economy?

Keep your eyes open. Proabably a muh Russia coming soon as well.

Sage for drama queen op

682593  No.12261154


i can tell you the exact reason. Amazons 15 dollar hourly thing caused a wave of articles saying it would pay workers less and that other tech companies are trying to do it

blame democratic socialists

ce1a31  No.12261163


>democratic socialists

Jeff Bezos most definitely owns the means of Amazon's production, hence his wealth.

b5f7ea  No.12261169

>ITT anons fail to fully understand market drops

If youre making these posts youre a young and very newfag to the world of trading. It was a single day and a mere 800 points in a market that is MASSIVELY inflated. Dont even go and post previous losses of 700 points that happened in other market crashes from prior recessions because the market sizes arent near comparable. Have a week or two of these losses before making a thread like this then you can begin to panic

>inb4 kike shill

Typically i dont even care to reply to this shitpile of a board but i feel i should at least let some of you anons know not to get hyped over something as small as this. Perhaps some of you remember 2014 shemitah (nothing happened) or the chinese "crash" (nothing happened)or even the gay retarded OPs about 500 point crashes (nothing happened). Yes the market is massively inflated, yes the recession from 2008 was never fully treated and simply had a bandaid applied, yes we are entering into one of the longest non-recessionary periods, but no this thread is fucking gay to have the way it is. You should have started a market talk thread with something actually huge like national pension funds or medicare/caid unfunded liabilities. Hell, even talk about the lack of rainy day funds in every state or the shit budgets being passed. This thread, OP, just proves how much of a faggot you are.

0d7bad  No.12261174


If you are going to make Econfag happenings at least try and inject some mystical mumbo-jumbo /x/ tier shit like Blood Moons and Jewish ritual sacrifice. If you are going to bullshit me at least make an effort.

fe3737  No.12261177

One day is just noise, m8.

92cf66  No.12261180


is the day over?

f5c97d  No.12261197


It's fall, look at historical stock charts.

000000  No.12261200

I'm curious how the rest of the week will shake out. Might be even shittier because of the hurricane. I'm going to feel like an idiot for paying off my credit cards if this is the big one…though I did buy a bunch of useful supplies

f5c97d  No.12261207


>you should rack up debt to panic buy provisions goy

000000  No.12261210


I thought they just moved shit around.

>here's your $15/hr goyim

>oh btw, you don't have any more stock options

4fb664  No.12261212


Depends how severe Hurricane Michael hits Florida. Usually Florida survives category 4 hurricanes. It will without a doubt affect the oil prices.

dfba81  No.12261216


quads of truth

are people really that dumb they don't know most of the US oil is pumped out the bottom of the gulf on those huge oil rigs? so dumb that they don't understand a hurricane rolling through that area will fuck up a bunch of markets?

9cb0bd  No.12261219


buy the dip?

b2e011  No.12261222


>nothing happened

>nothing happened

>nothing happened

>nothing happened

That's because fractional reserve banking fucks you at peak destruction 24/7.

>oh look our monopoly money usury sell debt as money loan system with interests and conjured up value that gets exchanged for actual physical labor and actual physical resources but cannot ever ever ever be fully paid back so bankruptcy is inevitable by design so the banks can forever repossess real things created by real people and real resources after they fail to pay back the imaginary fiat money with interest

>why aren't you rejoicing you dump /pol/yps on your shit board

>huh? huh? this is nothing nothing is happening huuuh.

Kill all who do not fight the fractional reserve banking system. Brutally.

682593  No.12261224


yeah amazon didn't do anything but shift optics hence the fall

c60f67  No.12261233

000000  No.12261234


It wasn't a panic buy, just 18mo interest free coming to an end.

4fb664  No.12261237


Exactly OP was being a faggot again and didn't realize that Michael is a big factor on the oil prices. If the DOW Jones dropped abnormally, then it would be a problem, such as when Brexit happened or when the great recession hit. With the hurricane, who knows how it will affect the northern part of Florida.

b2e011  No.12261239




I fucking just woke up.

Also forgot to finish the sentence.

Anyway, its the worst thing we are suffering in this world. People get fucked into oblivion by this on a daily basis and it cannot be avoided fully.

If you support the perpetuation of this system, for any reason at all, then you are evil. Non ironically, non memetically evil and an enemy of ALL who suffer under it.

And you all deserve the worst fates. There is nothing that can happen to a proponent of this system tht will ever make me feel pity for them.

Nothing. The very worst is the lowest thing that is just good enough for you to happen.

bc18ae  No.12261240

>Markets take a seasonal drop


>Every. fucking. autumn.


b5f7ea  No.12261241


I understand what youre saying anon but youre coming off as retarded in your final quotes. The current "crash" is absolutely nothing and thats what im mainly addressing here since OP is a faggot for making a thread with zero discussion potential. I pointed out how bad things are and you clearly missed my point on them.

c60f67  No.12261249

File: 37bc4329057601f⋯.jpg (30.46 KB, 509x644, 509:644, lecture.jpg)



Retail Bubble is popping right before Christmas.

b2e011  No.12261252


If a retard can see how : here is 1000 dollars in the entirety of circulation, here, have it, but you have to pay me back 1500 or I will take the shit you built, is completely awful (and this doesn't even include the fractional part, just the interest) but not allegedly"neurotypicals" then I wonder who really is retarded.

c75233  No.12261253

File: c34c9882b302df1⋯.png (23.23 KB, 890x521, 890:521, 945j455.png)


what the fuck is wrong with you newfags?

a1d314  No.12261254


Everybody is itching for the big drop. Everything is over valuated. With huge dark clouds looming ahead, like the unavoidable pension crisis, and every little upset ticks off everyone. Alas like you said this is nothing, but the big crash will come.

c60f67  No.12261260

File: bf66b8dbb391f67⋯.png (38.64 KB, 794x487, 794:487, retail11.PNG)

5cb60f  No.12261261

tfw 400 oz of silver

c60f67  No.12261262


that sir is called a bubble.

049704  No.12261266

Whelp. I yelled at a numerology nigger the other day about how stupid he was that they would crash the market today. Sorry buddy. You maybe were right.

9fe5e7  No.12261271


>fractional reserve

>implying the money multiplier exists

bankers don't give a shit about how much money they have in their coffers when they make a loan, it's just creating numbers on a screen and saving them to a drive to be fiddled with by the goy. It's when people want to pull money out of the banks that the money shuffling game happens.

Banks will trade between themselves to get the funds they need to pay their expected withdrawals, and once that internal market starts to squeeze too hard they collectively kvetch to the government to make more money to "facilitate economic growth". The government then goes to the fed who is all the more happy to take government bonds and throw another couple hundred truckloads of cash into the system to keep those hands rubbing.

b5f7ea  No.12261272


The fuck are you on right now faggot? I called you a retard cause youre sounded as nonsensical as OP. Now you just reinforce that point by going off on some tangent about things i and most anons (hopefully) already know. Im well aware of how shit the system is and how bad things are behind the scenes. Once again i will state im addressing the OP as being shit for making a ITS HAPPENING FAGS GET IN HERE thread and letting anons know this particular crash was nothing. If anything its probably related to the hurricane being near oil refining.


Precisely anon, this drop is nothing and only a regular movement. Anons seem to think the market size is 3000 points or something and that 4% is a massive fucking drop. I forget how retarded most people are on this board in current year.

c75233  No.12261275


>it went up

>it must be a bubble

that is a 10 year chart it is a steady gain of valuation, it would have to lose 16,000 points of valuation over a week or month to be a bubble.

8c211a  No.12261278

File: aad88647c401242⋯.jpg (55.03 KB, 472x550, 236:275, girl version Ron Paul.jpg)



>That can hit the oil and the dollar since the dollar is (((oil backed))).

Bullshit. The "oil backed" was a Jew scam to shift attention away from Israeli wars or we would of taken Iraq's oil. It's debt back you 2006 Ron Paul fags. Update yourselves.

8c211a  No.12261283


>It's debt back

debt backed

c60f67  No.12261291

File: 19639b1b1d50e1e⋯.jpg (209.59 KB, 960x754, 480:377, crisis.jpg)

File: 0059bb561162e93⋯.jpg (4.54 KB, 269x187, 269:187, musk2.jpg)


for someone that is democratic smart on the economy.

>have fun when the shit hits the fan.

dfba81  No.12261293


>would of taken

Stay in school, zoomerfag.

87fa98  No.12261295


I want to cuddle with Veronica Paul and tell her about the jews.

000000  No.12261307


tfw 6 gorillion antibiotic script.

92cf66  No.12261311


Its not about taking oil your retard. Its about necessitating using the dollar to make any oil purchases, artificially inflating the demand for dollars, so that the US can print money.

c60f67  No.12261314

File: 3b8177b287c19dc⋯.jpg (47.82 KB, 699x381, 233:127, 45401789_303.jpg)

if only you knew how bad things really are.

dfba81  No.12261327


It's also about… you know… the fucking production of fuel. We don't import fuel. We pump out the crude and refine it into diesel and sell the gasoline byproduct.

The people screaming HABBEDING are clearly zoomerfag's experiencing babby's first hurricane. They clearly don't understand that anything that fucks with our gas prices fucks with all our markets.

6e1b0f  No.12261335

>What are bonds and why are they an important part of this sell-off?

>For those that only know of "The Stock Market Crash of 2008©®™", be aware of what preceded, known as a 'Wealth-extraction', which has been around since the Napoleonic wars.

>An anglo-kike-type will sell key stocks, in order to trigger a sell off therein depressing stock prices; then swoop in to buy up stocks at rock bottom prices

>the losers at the (((lender-level))) will then get bailed out by the filthy goyim

>Capitalize profits; Socialize debt and risk; always using OPM

fcdfed  No.12261343


>Typically i dont even care to reply to this shitpile of a board

i wonder what the rationale behind this kind of shilling is, if you hate the board so much why the fuck are you even here

see in youtube or twitter or farcebook this tactic works because normies breeze in and out of conversation, but here you don't just walk in for a quick look, i thought they updated your shillhandbook by now

anyways to the critisism in point, true a single 3% drop isn't that bad by itself

however we are in pretty overvalued territory, several political uncertainties are ongoing so expecting some bigger move is possible

and don't forget we are seeing a classical double top forming a strong indicator of a bullish reversal, if you believe in TA tealeaf readings

anyway totally true that you can never call a happening untill after it has already played out and if i wanted to know about news after the fact i would go to bloomberg, here we are kept up to date on the latest developments

and that means that for the foreseeable time we will get many possible false calls as anons are first to rush potential downturns, soon that anon will be correct

0b87e9  No.12261350



I made a little over 472% on my puts this afternoon

Fuckin finally did nice for once

Barrel roll this bitch of a country

000000  No.12261355


Could be formation of head and shoulders, perhaps signalling reversal. I don't have stocks, but if I did I'd keep an eye on it just in case.


>Nothing of value was lost.

In fact, you might say something of value was gained.

996bde  No.12261360



Polite sage

7ecf5b  No.12261365

337d78  No.12261374

File: bc725824c5b7984⋯.jpeg (59.23 KB, 560x373, 560:373, jews.jpeg)


>Purely organic and coincidental with the mid terms coming up and the kavanaugh ploy blowing back in their face

>everyone start panicking and reaction irrationally.

fe3c12  No.12261378

Blue wave getting priced in.

b5f7ea  No.12261379


Are you the anon i was replying to before but finally woke up enough to see how retarded your replies were before? Theres no shilling to be done here, im simply pointing out how bad 8/pol/ has objectively gotten since its inception. You also brought up no new points to what ive been saying so there was no criticism to make; you simply reiterated what i said that the market is, behind the scenes, a shitshow. Im advocating for quality on this board by calling the OP out for making a useless thread that has sparked practically zero discussion. He could have made a great OP by posting relevant sites and relevant information about the market. Not the screaming shitshow he did.

fcdfed  No.12261394


totally proving you are a shill we have had ID's for ages now so your question is the proof

b5f7ea  No.12261401


Do you even understand what the word "shill" means? What exactly am i shilling? How shit the OP is? How retarded your posts are? How shit the economy is? If any of those then i guess i would be a shill of truth. Youre simply throwing out words hoping theyll stick and anons will come aid you. Just admit you had no valid criticism of my posts, restated what i said in your own words, and dont understand the term shill.

04a049  No.12261412

File: 1c7c425d550f781⋯.jpg (191.28 KB, 600x569, 600:569, check this challenge to do….jpg)


>since it's a category 4

Don't let me down this time.

fcdfed  No.12261430


meaningless wordsalad, i made two clear points in my first point which you have not adressed

not knowing how ID's work is pretty convincing evidence you are fresh of the bus from shill camp, don't they have training manuals

anyways you got angry and discovered so i guess they dock several shekels from your pay

best improve moshe or you will be shoveling cow manure in the kibboetz by next tuesday

btw just not to make a total shitpost and contribute something: the s&p 500 is at critical support at this point so if any more selling occurs this could get interesting

3a0731  No.12261440


Aw shiet, dis gud infoz

b5f7ea  No.12261458


Address what point of IDs? That you came into the thread after acting like a total retard before? Like i said, you probably popped on a VPN upon realizing how stupid your replies are so you could continue shitting the thread up. If anything is a word salad its your post with the obsession of using shilling in the wrong context. Theres no purpose in further replies to you as this thread has been dead since its start and nothing meaningful has come about from it aside from the classic "youre a shill. no u" replies

c96be2  No.12261460


Even though that's a ridiculous strawman typical of the newfags that now post here, I figure it's worth noting that kikes actually did this to move the Rottenchild bank to England at the end of Napoleon's campaign. The Rottenchild kikes had a messenger watching the last battle. When it turned against Napoleon, and it was certain he was finished (before it was fully over, in other words) the messenger rode back with all speed and informed his master. He said, "send word to England of a French victory."

If you didn't know that story, then you're a newfag.


Didn't he get high on the Joe Rogan show? To be fair, I guess one would have to to lower oneself to his level.

4bf701  No.12261477

File: 57c6895085a0169⋯.gif (763.46 KB, 500x275, 20:11, aiEJH.gif)



(((Cohencidence))), goy.

(((They))) seeded a fucking hurricane that will hit the part of Florida with the most Republican votes before a midterm election.

Kikes did this to savage the market after Kavanaugh and fuck up Trumpstein. Notice it won't hit (((Broward County))) or (((Southern Florida))), goy.

With Jews, goyim lose. Gas the kikes, race war now.

9ac333  No.12261478


He didn't even inhale.

fb4a9e  No.12261481

Not a single pink wokaj meme? I don't know if I should be impressed or depressed.

9ac333  No.12261492


People know it's not happening now.

People can only be fooled so many septembers in a row.

69c269  No.12261496


>people know it's not happening

>all the store closures/downscales in 2018

Also, reminder that sales drop every Christmas.

4bf701  No.12261501

File: b4acdcdb8517e7e⋯.jpg (83.52 KB, 500x523, 500:523, With you always lose _35c….jpg)

File: ab1982dcab0eced⋯.jpg (29.19 KB, 300x204, 25:17, 300px-Stab-in-the-back_pos….jpg)


That's why I love this board. We always know the kikes do shit like this.

fb4a9e  No.12261507

File: a6baee02e77a513⋯.jpg (31.71 KB, 618x340, 309:170, mystery of the shemitah.jpg)



Shut up, nobody in this thread understands

000000  No.12261519

>>12261477 (checked)

>Notice it won't hit (((Broward County))) or (((Southern Florida)))

that's the real tragedy.

9a665a  No.12261532


Shit threads like this just disillusion people from when shit actually happens.

fcc580  No.12261543

File: 2cfb298a966751d⋯.png (333.5 KB, 480x523, 480:523, 1538186577116.png)



I've heard stories about the National Socialists making Jews in the camps do menial labor like carrying bags of sand from one end of the camps to the other and, while dumb shit like that is probably a lie, they may actually deserve it. Force them to carry out the labour they effectively stole from the people by scamming the people out of it with fraudulent currency.

e7074c  No.12261599

File: a83cba80cafedd2⋯.jpg (18.48 KB, 480x213, 160:71, you mirin goy.jpg)


The Jew did this.

5d0230  No.12261641

File: 5228976b182631f⋯.jpg (18.22 KB, 310x228, 155:114, 5228976b182631f1949470f2ff….jpg)

>>12261599 (checked)

Sure, but why?

0c24be  No.12261694

File: b4ff4db662f021d⋯.jpg (17.9 KB, 400x295, 80:59, 1418085892357.jpg)



The reasons we know the current market is in a bubble is very simple.

1) Nothing in 2008 was fixed, and all the banks are just as leveraged as they were then though the debt transitioned away from individuals to everyone via bank bailouts that are still occurring. The government is paying large banks billions every year literally to stop them from giving out loans and the disincentives are already in place that the banks don't give a fuck about taking on immense risk because the government has shown that they're in the kikes back pockets with a bailout if the current stream of money happens to become insufficient at some point.

2) 10 years of unprecedented money printing (QE 1, 2, & 3, followed by rebuying bonds to refresh and extend the debt) has only been masked by our ability to effectively export the inflation by using the dollars to buy cheap foreign goods. Tariffs are applying pressure to unwind this, and BRICS killing the petro-dollar positions the Dollar for a massive revaluation. China's entry into the World Trade Organizations "basket of currencies" was another death blow to the dollar that hasn't been fully realized yet, but China has been buying and producing the most amount of gold for well over a decade… the chess board is set we're just waiting for them to say "checkmate." Obviously the only delay is that the jews are working to extract as much wealth from the united states as they can and send it to China before the goyim wake up to the globalist white genocide agenda that is unraveling as more europeans become racially conscious.

3) King nigger accumulated more national debt than the entire history of the country combined to finance a maintenance in the apparent standard of living for Americans so that his presidency didn't look like the trashcan ghetto that it was, and the Kike Federal Reserve chairmen helped him for his entire presidency (Ben Bernanke, and Janet Yellen). Trump is the same type of "I don't really believe any of this shit about fiscal conservatism" republican that has continued to increase annual spending because its good for GDP and makes him look good. Even Trump pointed out that the Obama economy was fake before his election, but hasn't done much yet to change it aside from tax breaks… but without lowering spending this exacerbates the problem of a looming currency crisis.

4) The excess dollars that could have gone into capital investment are going into frivolous shit like cryptos for pure speculation except for a minority of buyers that "believe." You also have companies like Tesla that are upside down in cash flow but have valuations higher than actual car manufacturers like Ford that produce and sell the most cars of any other manufacturer. It's upside down. Same with Twitter, never actually turned a profit but its valuation remains high and market cap a speculative fabrication where buyers hold on the HOPE that Twitter figures something out because its "obviously valuable" they just have to figure it out.

Kikes likely won't pull the trigger on the US economy until we start fighting back against forced mass immigration. With the left already escalating violence like they have throughout Trumps presidency this could be realistic before 2024. If Trump gets a third supreme court nominee, or some other trigger that escalates violence to a point where the right simply can't not respond in kind. So sure, we've been saying "it's coming" for quite a while now, and those of us that actually understand the breadth of what is going on only grow more confident in that day by day.

87fa98  No.12261702


But shit doesn’t ever actually happen.

c22b2f  No.12261704

>yfw this thing hits rock bottom and I get to buy more shares because of the low low price and profit when it goes up again

Yes keep crying goys ehehehehehe.

c22b2f  No.12261707

Anyhoo, China will probably use this to thier advantage in the trade war negotiations

158338  No.12261709

BE PREPARED: >>>/prepare/1 | https://archive.fo/elYwR


59fbac  No.12261719

I have very significant investments in various stocks and while I try to listen to /pol/ advice, as it's often on the cutting edge, just as often it's bullshit fearmongering and nothing fucking happens.

0c24be  No.12261722

File: 78ea07f55ca772a⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1764x1452, 147:121, 1423799654236.jpg)



/pol/ has had economy threads for well over a decade you fags, because Economics is upstream from Culture (your standard of living is capped by your ability to generate or accumulate resources), and Culture is upstream from Politics (hence decadence in the culture spawned by opulent unsustainable false economic wealth with basically directly poison the political landscape, as seen with Boomers at large). Put another way, do you think there would have been a Hitler without massive debts imposed by the post WWI Treaty of Versaille creating such a crushing pressure on the German economy? Would there have been a Hitler without the debasement of the Deutschmark in Weimar? Fake prosperity in generated by money printing (no different than the 1920s, no different than post 2008), which triggered the decadence of the culture?


True, but economic interventionism of saddling future generations with mountains of debt is the reason. This interventionism works in the short term because 1. everyone is operating under the idea that debts will never have to be repaid and 2. they're saddling the debt onto people that have no voice (children, future generations) and 3.the false meme that the United States Dollar will always be "the" currency of choice just because it has been for over half a century. But yea… It could easily be another 10 years before anything substantial happens given how much interventionism is going on to prevent a happening but the important point to make is that the structure of the economy is unsound and cannot be corrected. Nobody else around the world is going to rush to pour "aid" into our country like we have done for literally everyone else because non-europeans aren't cucked by their own levels of excessive empathy.

d90624  No.12261730


The R in Ronaldo is for Rape

dfba81  No.12261734


>he thinks jews can make hurricanes

stop breathing my air

d4e014  No.12261739

File: a7cff54bc40809b⋯.png (50.87 KB, 666x554, 333:277, ClipboardImage.png)


China is also fucked this week.

59fbac  No.12261741


That's because they kidnapped and tortured that famous actress for 3 months and when they released her, made her make a bunch of pro state comments that were obviously artificial.

158338  No.12261742


Is called geo-engineering and its real, even the USAF admits this and has documents. There are over 100+ patents for weather control. Its NOT a conspiracy. China admits they cloud seed to make it rain.

36b2d2  No.12261744


Big fucking deal, newfag. I lived through 2000 and 2008. This is nothing. 800 pts with the DJIA at 26.4k? 3.3% LOL.

Wake me up when we get another good old fashioned neg 10% in a day. This is just basic bitch October market volatility until I see evidence that proves otherwise.

But you young summernigger 20 year olds can keep buying the CNBC/Drudge hysterical kike hype.

158338  No.12261745


True, this really is hype. Stock market does not represent the whole economy either, most people THINK it does but it doesn't. If the stock market completely crashed the rich banking kikes would be the ones taking the biggest hit - not the average joe sixpack.

c668a7  No.12261748

File: b4bb33a84e089f9⋯.png (100.15 KB, 1119x782, 1119:782, googly-donttrackus.png)


Google got exposed as the kikes who want world domination that they are via a leaked document that shit talked GAB and glorified censorship. Facebook was hacked. Google + was hacked, and they fucking lied about it. Of course tech went into the shitter. Everyone found out that they weren't just the product, but that the people running it, didn't like at least 50% of their users enough to let them speak freely, without censoring the fuck out of them. So, fuck them. Fuck them all. Let the government step in, and break up their fucking Monopolies on tech. Let it all burn.

005744  No.12261749


>basing stocks, a measure of futures that are typically effected by immeasurable things like human emotion, sensationalism, etc. on the past

Historical charts don't mean shit. You should only be looking back in quarters for the year or two at most. Fall 2016 has no bearing on Fall 2018 or Fall 2006.

36b2d2  No.12261750


Is that why oil is down 2% today?

You dumb nigger, most of the US oil is pumped out of Texas and Alaska, via fracking and tar sands. The Gulf is old hat and expensive. Hurricanes don't matter.


06443f  No.12261752

My mom has 800k in stocks, should she hodl or pull into usd?

36b2d2  No.12261754


She should go all in bitcoin. Duh.

59fbac  No.12261755


She should pull enough to invest in a 3 month supply of food, water, and ammo, and after that carry on as usual in case everything goes fine.

c668a7  No.12261757


Intel lost their edge against AMD. Thread ripper ripped them a new one. Microsoft's upped the price of Windows 10, while the Oct update deleted people's shit. Amazon only makes money off their web services. Facebook and Google are censoring the fuck out of their users, while getting hacked. Apple stopped innovating when Jobs died.

I wonder why they are lower…

36b2d2  No.12261758


Only a kike would say history is irrelevant.

158338  No.12261759


Holy shit anon, you could become doomsday preppers with that kind of money. Diversify it, and put some toward prepping and essential assets. >>>/prepare/1

d2003d  No.12261760

Literally nothing, another bubble pop crash that will fix itself in 2 days.

36b2d2  No.12261763


Doomsday prepping is for retards and boomers. All she needs is a couple nice firearms, plenty of ammo, and if the shit hits the fan, you warlord your locality and take all the kike, cuck, and nigger assets by force.

0a8a3c  No.12261766

Quick goy sell off your positions!!

0bd450  No.12261767


>800 points

Fucking underage faggots

584e29  No.12261769

File: acebbf7b221772a⋯.png (291.83 KB, 346x346, 1:1, 1471465949012-4.png)

>stock market crashing

>main stock I hold went up by $5 and is up $8 on the week

I hope all the others keep falling. Good time to buy something up.

d4e014  No.12261770

File: ec2ba61f6c7a505⋯.png (212.86 KB, 600x337, 600:337, ClipboardImage.png)


Trump statement on market drop:

"I think the Fed is making a mistake. They are so tight. I think the Fed has gone crazy,"

>President Donald Trump knocked the Federal Reserve for continuing to raise interest rates despite some recent market turbulence. "I think the Fed is making a mistake. They are so tight. I think the Fed has gone crazy," the president said after walking off Air Force One in Erie, Pennsylvania for a rally.

>Fears about rapidly rising rates helped cause the Dow Jones Industrial Average to drop more than 800 points Wednesday. The S&P 500 posted its worst day since February and clinched its first five-day losing streak since 2016.

>"Actually, it's a correction that we've been waiting for for a long time, but I really disagree with what the Fed is doing," the President added.

>The Fed has raised interest rates three times this year and is largely expected to hike once more before year-end. The most recent September rate hike drew criticism from Trump at the time, who said he was "worried about the fact that they seem to like raising interest rates, we can do other things with the money," he said.



59fbac  No.12261772



a3ea30  No.12261773


AMD threadripper processors are pretty nice and surprisingly they work really well with nvidia graphics cards. Not sure they'll help if one goes incendiary but at least they run well together. Which is good for AMD because their graphics cards are kinda shit compared to nvidia these days. Having a CPU that works with either brand means even if someone gets an nvidia GPU they'll still be able to use AMD's CPU.

36b2d2  No.12261774


This niglet speaks 110% truth, thus worth highlighting.

8d7e10  No.12261777

Kikes still throwing a temper tantrum about Kavanaugh

158338  No.12261781


Good luck surviving that, props if you can actually do it. A lot of those rich cunts will bail from the system right before it implodes and they'll be off to the Bahamas.

8d7e10  No.12261783


I'd like to see the kike shills' reaction when he audits the fed.

>It's just theater goy


>Remember not to vote!

06443f  No.12261795



I already have firearms and emergency rations, for fucks sake, I've been on some kind of /pol/ since '10. I'm asking how she should hedge

005744  No.12261797

File: ab63720bd9266bc⋯.webm (750.03 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, jew_be_continued.webm)


Well thought out, articulated, non-meme reply. Good job. Every single day I get pissed off because of people saying shit like "I just bought some Tesla" or other dumpster fire that is valued extremely high without making any money. Ford didn't need a bailout in 2008 and continues to produce profitable vehicles. It has more factories, researchers, designers, laborers, etc than Tesla ever will yet is perceived to be less value. Ford could close tomorrow, sell off every asset and still make more money than Tesla will in 15 years. Too many of these scam companies on the market. Key indicator of a bubble.

Housing is in another bubble too. I live in California and I know stupid people who are paying outrageous amounts of money to remodel their homes so they can sell for over a million. Meanwhile smart money is selling run down and dated homes for 700-800k to foreigners, millennials, zoomers, dumb boomer "flippers" who have never used a level or hammered a nail. This isn't sustainable. If you have property in one of these areas just fix it up to pass an inspection and SELL NOW. You don't have 3-5 years to sit around remodeling and waiting for a better price. Your shitty 2 bed 2 bath 1/4 acre California home in 56% neighborhood is already over valued. Stop fucking spending 150k to fix it up because MUH MILLION DOLLAR HOME.

59fbac  No.12261798


Tell her to store water in her garage if nothing else. That and lighters and toilet paper. A lot easier for a normie to digest than storing ammo and medicine, though equally important.

06443f  No.12261801

Aww fuck i just asked and the damn woman put 100k on Netflix earlier this week.

005744  No.12261808


>banking kikes would be the ones taking the biggest hit - not the average joe sixpack.

Wrong. Most average joe sixpacks get stock options from their employer or have union pensions that are invested into stocks. Joe Sixpack is most certainly affected and in many cases, the most vulnerable. Whether he is invested directly, indirectly, or not at all. Look at all those Amazon warehouse niggers that are getting fucked because they lost out on their stock options for muhhh $15/hr. Joe Sixpack if he is smart can typically gain the most from a crash if he had the foresight to learn how the market works and save money for a good time to buy. However, most Americans don't even have enough in savings to pay for a sudden $500 expense because finance is deliberately not taught to lowly goyim.

59fbac  No.12261809


>economic interventionism of saddling future generations with mountains of debt is the reason

Modern Western economies are a pyramid scheme that rely on endlessly growing amount of debt saddled upon an endlessly growing population. Obviously this is unsustainable, as human populations cannot continue to grow exponentially, indefinitely, without meeting a hard wall of supply at some point. That's why governments chimp out so hard at populations having only replacement rate or below rates of repopulation, and have to import shitskins to take on that debt that it integral to modern economies. Again, modern economies are not built on value, or value creation, only debt, and having a sufficient number of bodies to take on that debt and maintain the indefinite rate of inflation and debt. It is an unsustainable system, and is destined to fail. The ones at the top only wish to maintain it and profit from it as long as possible before they cash out and leave it to rot, as they've done so many times before.

There is a reason most religions forbid ursury, because any man with half a brain can see where that system eventually leads. (((Elites))) encouraging it with no end, despite its detriment to the wellbeing of the common man, and its eventual collapse.

f0aaaf  No.12261810

File: 36250a32953c8d0⋯.jpg (12.8 KB, 250x384, 125:192, Hitler23.jpg)




Guys I am crying with joy. I want this system to change forever to get us there. All of Hitler's work was not in vain. We have to go through all the trouble that come ahead of us. Whatever happens, take it with pride and ascend above it like an eag

c22b2f  No.12261811

A smart investor would see this as huge discount sale for stocks…

005744  No.12261817


Considering stocks can be manipulated by media kikes I would say yes generally history is irrelevant to a stock. History is extremely relevant to many other subjects but not as much for stocks which are a measure of futures. The present and near-term history matters far more for stocks. Looking back 10 years before niggers made day trades on phones and 2-day prime delivery of dragon dildos to your sister was a thing doesn't help much for today. You can get a macro look at the market but using it for prediction you will need a lot more information than just what one chart will provide. You need the context of that period like "Obama Nigger did this so shit went bad and is comparable to this event now." Even then you can compile all this information from history make a prediction and have it all be undone because some media kikes started aping on the market for manipulation or a CEO diddled kids. In other words, you need to consider the human element and understand that 90% of people trading don't give a fuck about history besides the present.

06aeae  No.12261820

File: d8f188e311f1678⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1263x1037, 1263:1037, purge.png)


>blame democratic socialists

Blame the Federal Reserve (see: Jews)

0c24be  No.12261823

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>when he audits the fed

Not likely just yet, though he really has enough justification to go after them already I don't see this being within the realm of possibility until his second term. He really just needs some economic discomfort to make it something he can easily market to the public, otherwise everyone will tune out and have no fucking clue what is going on. Pain makes it palatable. If people start to experience some economic discomfort you can bet your ass that the fed will be one of the targets Trump goes after. The fed spent 8 years lowering interest rates or keeping them at zero, calling it "ZIRP" (Zero Interest Rate Policy) and ONLY AFTER Trump was elected did they start relentlessly increasing interest rates because the kikes immediately started laying the groundwork for economic sabotage. Anyone that knows barely fucking anything about interest rates knows that basically it's the fed's "gas peddle" for the economy.

>lower interest rates

>businesses borrow and invest

>leads to economic expansion

>raise interest rates

>businesses can no longer afford debt, so investment slows

>leads to economic contraction

This is why Trump is critical of them raising interest rates, he knows they're putting the brakes on the economy during his first term. He (like all presidents) wants the illusion of economic performance to be as high as possible going into the campaign for his 2nd term.


Indianapolis here, on the rumor of Amazon possibly moving their headquarters here the housing speculation has easily added 50-100k on the value in just a few short years. I know a lot of coworkers who are seizing the opportunity to sell, and live in apartments for a few years while the speculative boom plays itself out and prices return to something closer to realistic. I wanted to buy a house when I moved here but it's like fucking throwing 100k away. Even in the shittier neighborhoods it's unbelievable.


Correct, it's a debt-based unit of currency (video series related).

87fa98  No.12261825


>oy vey goyim Trump will totally do things jews don’t want him to do

Kill yourself.

5d0230  No.12261829

File: 70eb9138c804d1f⋯.jpg (196.75 KB, 807x509, 807:509, Bowie_CIA.jpg)


Never knew about that. I put my money on the President of Interpol going to Chyna and vanishing without a trace.

He sent a letter of resignation after a few weeks.

005744  No.12261830


>fleeing to the Bahamas

>A majority nigger nation that relies on a peacetime tourism economy

>Money that mainly comes from the United States

The Bahamas and all those islands will fucking sink if shit hits the fan like that. They'll go full Haiti and kill the rich whites there within the first month. Then they will sail like somalia niggers to the private islands and kill those people for food. They know all about those billionaire private hideouts. Most of them were employed as laborers to build them or maintain them. No where will be safe unless it's in a landlocked remote area. Cabin innawoods type of shit. No roads, power, or water connection.

158338  No.12261832


If anything this will give the Dems more of a boost because they can blame the crash on Trump. This is exactly what they wanted to happen, remember?

59fbac  No.12261833


Maybe, but sooner or later the value of your investments will mean nothing when the economy collapses. I don't know if it'll be tomorrow, a year from now, or 100, but the system is destined to fail and there is no way around that. It will happen, sooner or later.

158338  No.12261837


Note: not saying its a real crash. More like a really bad day at the stock market. It could unfold into a crash if it keeps getting worse though.

06aeae  No.12261839

File: ef3ba4d3d24b62d⋯.jpg (50.82 KB, 730x384, 365:192, arbeit.jpg)

583df6  No.12261840



>i wonder what the rationale behind this kind of shilling is

There are way too many people who only care about showing everybody how hard they can sperg out about everything and nothing for it to be worthwhile to get into arguments most of the time.

e.g. this guy >>12261343 who calls everybody a shill. What an idiot.

db0563  No.12261882


> you hate the board so much why the fuck are you even here

Not him, but it's actually not that hard to explain. We came here way back during the exodi, when this place was actually full of high IQ anons and meaningful discussion, but then it got flooded by retards like you and it dawned on many that this whole board (and possibly the movement) is a lost cause.

In 2014 we had an average IQ of 120-130. Now we have an average IQ of 100-105.

0c24be  No.12261885

File: 537154b0392a9a8⋯.jpg (18.67 KB, 239x304, 239:304, 1417988406382.jpg)


>or 100

Reminder: In 2008 it already completely and totally failed. We are on a leaky debt-fueled lifeboat set adrift in a sea of "confidence." As long as the confidence in our debt-inflated economy (lifeboat) remains high, we don't risk puncturing the membrane on any jagged rocks or coral. Manipulating confidence, when you have the levers of mass media in your hands, is literally child's play. Accept that they'll "Pull It" on the economy soon after we start actually fighting back against this diversity shit.

Thread related


005744  No.12261886


I just looked at some home listings in my city in the Bay Area. 800k will buy you a home on a street that is about a block away from a gang shooting two years ago. The homes on that street all have bars on the windows and bars around the porch. There is no street parking because most of the 2-3 bed 1-2 bathroom homes are occupied by about 15 spics and other flavors of diversity. When I see this and I see boomers and wealthy older millennials who all got their homes for under 500k (even less for boomers) spending 100k or more to remodel (cost of labor here is so high due to cost of living and labor shortage from everything remodeling) is insane. They all want to sell for over a million and even try to bully neighbors into doing the same if they have intentions to sell. They nit-pick over little shit like "Oh we need these type of counters, nice light fixtures outside blah blah." Ya all nice stuff but when a house in a mexican colony neighborhood in a blighted part of the city is 800k… WHY?!!?! Just fucking sell now as is to the fucking idiots who are buying because they JUST HAVE TO LIVE HERE or immigrants with no taste or knowledge of building. Then go buy up property in places like Indianapolis. If these people think they can hold for another 5-10 years because that is what they have been doing they are delusional. It's going to crash and it will crash hard.

Even my boomer parents are guilty of this and I just keep telling them SELL SELL SELL… they hate California. They hate non-whites but they are stuck on this retarded mentality of "We need to invest in our home to sell for a better price." Truth is whatever Indian or Chink buys their home is just going to gut it so they can make it more habitable to a 8-10 person sized family. Then throw up tacky shit so they can impress other shitty immigrants. Two blocks from my parents house is a house that was essentially condemed. It was bought by Indians who IMMEDIATELY put up a fucking Zebra print decal across the front of the home and two giant Hindu god statues (that thankfully blew over and crushed their leased jaguar). That house was gorgeously flipped then trashed by new owners.

I'm ranting but I seriously I hate all these people. Want to invest in property? Go buy in a smaller majority white city where prices are still reasonable. You'll make your money back when whites with sense flee there.

0c24be  No.12261918


It escalates slowly, then all at once and you're left with nothing in a few hours. Better to be early and miss out on some gains (whether housing or stocks) than to be late and lose everything.



Better to be early and miss out on some gains (whether housing or stocks) than to be late and lose everything. How much can you stand to lose and still feel okay about it? That is a question nobody can answer for you.

59fbac  No.12261939


>How much can you stand to lose and still feel okay about it? That is a question nobody can answer for you.

I have some investments in standard options, but mostly I spend my spare cash in buying guns, ammo, meds, food, water, etc. Maybe it will never be of value to me, but it will be of incredible value at some point.

0510c2  No.12261966


>expecting zoomerfags to remember 2008

That was the last time both groups came together to attack the heart of our issues. (Financial systems) Look how their names are dragged through the mud today.

Actively look through this thread and board and see how many people are willing to keep propping it up.

3bfac4  No.12261972


>economy totally collapse for good

That's what they said in the 1920s

3bfac4  No.12261977


and in 2008

3bfac4  No.12261979


I think there's a new term for it now.

'Prepper Fearmongering'

Brought to you by the gold and silver industry.

59fbac  No.12261994



The Roman Empire didn't collapse in a day. Hell, the Byzantines considered themselves Romans, it's only modern historians that differentiate between them.

644f3c  No.12261997

File: e36da5837e23861⋯.jpg (32.48 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 157680.jpg)

>>12261777 (checked)

fb4a9e  No.12262000


If you think the economy has not collapsed, compare the purchasing power of 1 dollar today versus 1 dollar printed in 1920

644f3c  No.12262018

File: a060850a7d917e8⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 247x204, 247:204, Unknown.jpg)


the digits have spoken

3bfac4  No.12262024


>what is normal inflation.

279a4a  No.12262032




So the truth is raveled.

334fa0  No.12262037


>high IQ anons

>IQ of 120-130


Some one get Shrek!!! Tell him he needs to bring his camera!

0c24be  No.12262038


>what is over a century of steady inflation

It's a strategy more commonly referred to as, "boiling the frog slowly"

0f37cd  No.12262040


t. Scared fedkike

cdc21b  No.12262047



/biz/ tier thread. Will need multiple days of drops, but even then you'll need something north of 5% consecutively. Probably for weeks.

59fbac  No.12262050


Inflation itself is a product of an unsustainable economy.

0f37cd  No.12262053


I'm just concerned we won't be able to kill every last kike and they'll escape and we'll have to deal with them again 50 years afterwards.

328744  No.12262059


SOME inflation is inevitable, it's much simpler to print money than to send out tax enforcers whenever the coffers are near empty

59fbac  No.12262080


Sure, but this idea that currency has to inflate indefinitely is a direct by-product of a debt based economy. Maybe a value based economy would inflate somewhat as more valuable reserves of gold, silver, etc are uncovered, but it is finite. Modern inflation is not finite.

0c24be  No.12262082


>SOME inflation is inevitable

True, even under a gold standard or some kind of commodity based money, as the commodity is mined or farmed or whatever this is defined as inflation. Don't try and use this "SOME" as a trojan horse for the consistent and gradual debasement of the currency over the last century though. This "SOME" doesn't justify why they're doing it. People work and save for a better life tomorrow, and by means of inflation they siphon away the purchasing power of accumulated savings… cutting the legs out from under the citizenry they're trying to exert control over.

d1eb17  No.12262091

>>12261777 (checked)

They'll continue to throw a fit about him until the end of time.

0c24be  No.12262102

File: 4981c0c7e13c1ed⋯.gif (693.09 KB, 600x759, 200:253, 1439339868238-1.gif)


>Modern inflation is not finite.

Inflation is always finite since there will always be some point at which the cost/benefit is no longer profitable to print the money because the costs of the printing are too high relative to the value of the printed currency (hyperinflation, zimbabwe / weimar). Or the effort required to key numbers into an electronic account (or allowing a computer to consume the electricity necessary for such keying to be automated) are no longer worth it because spending the currency is impossible due to lack of confidence in the currency. That is where we are currently headed.

0fcd61  No.12262110


>abandon the "movement" because you perceive it to be of lesser jewquotient points than before

did you ever consider it may have been you that was abandoned?

you shone just bright enough to see the right path but never pushed yourself down it because it's easier to observe and critique?

2e6d98  No.12262117

Increase your 401k contributions guys, great bargains.

746e1a  No.12262127


Bigger numbers require more power and memory to compute.

More transactions, proportional to exponential population growth, means an ever expanding demand for near real-time computational power.

And then there's the demand for security. As large transactions become more common, so does counterfeiting.

0fcd61  No.12262132


Contribute only up to the max of what your employer matches. Other than that, you're exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

Waive health insurance unless they offer you an HSA with employer contributions. Otherwise, ask for payment in lieu of benefits or additional paid time off. Make sure you can roll your HSA over into a preferred investment option such as Roth IRA or a dividend-bearing stock option.

Or something, I dunno.

0c24be  No.12262138


I think you're agreeing with me, since higher computational demands (i.e., higher energy demands) would be in conflict with he devalued number of nominal dollars required to fund/power that computation

>proportional to exponential population growth

but this too is in a bubble, and will collapse.

2e6d98  No.12262147


Nah I'm good, upping my contribution to 25% to max my 401K contributions for the year and dumping 5K into my IRA Jan 1st.

>muh risk

Risk = Returns, pussy


0fcd61  No.12262190


Look at this pleb, he only invests 20k a year!

nigger did you think my only IRA contribution was what was left over from my HSA? what do you think the dividend-bearing stock options are for.

Get fit and spend 0 per year on health and port it all over per annum to shit that yields higher than the .8% interest you get for having more than $25k in a HSA.

0c24be  No.12262198


>Risk = Returns, pussy

Let us know how those sick gains turn out when you either A. have to withdraw early and get taxed to absolute death because of it or B. you get wiped out completely because in reality your 401k is just a stock market slush fund that people of mediocre intelligence have convinced themselves is the ticket to wealth without having to do are the thinking and figuring shit out. Your post stinks of boomer and you deserve poverty.


>muh 401k boomers get wiped out

>yfw https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-10/working-past-70-americans-can-t-seem-to-retire

2e6d98  No.12262216


>Look at this pleb, he only invests 20k a year!

more than that

>dividend-bearing stock options

That's not a real thing lol are you retarded.


>A. have to withdraw early and get taxed to absolute death because of it

Well that's not gonna happen, I have a large emergency fund in a MM account to cover 6 months of expenses.

>B. you get wiped out completely because in reality your 401k is just a stock market slush fund

Even buying at the top of 2008 when everyone got "wiped out" would have 3x'd your investment by now, who's getting wiped out? Have fun losing money to inflation.

0fcd61  No.12262231

File: 860f73145aba85e⋯.png (81.83 KB, 892x573, 892:573, ClipboardImage.png)


>That's not a real thing lol are you retarded


2e6d98  No.12262233


you said stock options, that's an ETF nigger

87fa98  No.12262239


Reported. Go the fuck back to reddit, you subhuman zionist faggot. Trump has no intention of ending the fed.

0fcd61  No.12262243


oh no you got me on semantics

0fcd61  No.12262246

File: 15150b72499d42e⋯.png (22.58 KB, 968x220, 22:5, ClipboardImage.png)


and it's available at lower costs as an ETF

2e6d98  No.12262248


It's not semantics, I buy options all the time so to me and most traders it's completely fucking different than purchasing stock. Options do not give dividends.

2e6d98  No.12262258


Dude of course I know of that fucking ETF, you should be in VTSAX anyways, the rising interest rate environment is not as good for dividend stocks.

0fcd61  No.12262290


>acknowledges it pays dividends

but yeah, probably

I should be but how is that much different than the traditional landscape?

Not much, you're just putting all your eggs in all the baskets and not taking that risk you desire. Yeah you won't lose it all as easily but at the same time you sacrifice the yield and dividends that slightly more specific options give. Per share VHDYX gives back about ten cents more than the total market at half the cost.

e9d0c0  No.12262297

lol so many kike shills

6f8406  No.12262324

File: bf253faeb2b7ecf⋯.png (149.41 KB, 1436x446, 718:223, what the end of a bubble m….png)

File: 28f141c6ff7f5c0⋯.png (207.77 KB, 411x404, 411:404, resting in wait.png)


This is explained in better words than I could have mustered. Capped for posterity.

I admit, I can't help being anxious as to when that bubble is going to pop. This year, alone, people have shown more and more awareness as to what's happening. So while I do look forward to a SHTF scenario, I'm also nervous for what it means long-term. If the kikes do end up pulling that trigger, the economies dependent upon our own will also see a sharp fall. I have a feeling that we'll be entering another depression within the next two decades; and I'm being generous in that timespan.

2e6d98  No.12262335


Even with re-invested dividends, VHDYX has not outpaced VTSAX.

cf715a  No.12262346

This happens every year at the same time. If anything, it's late this year.

0fcd61  No.12262349


Bond debt is going to spiral out of control faster than many anticipate. Municipal bonds are fairly unregulated and with federal treasury and LIBOR the way they are now, they're a much more attractive short-term bet. With more people betting short term, you'll start to see the well, now, tail-end of the peak for them

but I'm talking public work investments and syndication for various projects not private investment.


sounds good chief.

I own 100k of mine, you own 100k of yours. Yours pays 5 cents per share, mine pays 10 cents a share. Mine is cheaper than yours so I own twice as many and make twice as much.

59fbac  No.12262365


Divedends or not (and for now they can be quite nice), if/when shit goes bad, nobody will give a shit. And that's also what gets me about people who say to invest in gold or silver, Sure those things may have more permanent value than fiat currency, but in a SHTF situation, I'm not about to trade my bullets/food/medicine/guns/seeds/etc for some shiny rocks, because it won't help me or my loved ones get by. You can't eat gold, or plant silver, or use either to fire at people trying to take your shit.

If you want to provide value in such a circumstance, then learn basic mechanics like building waterwheels, and such things that most people won't know how to do but will still provide value to them, which you could barter for more directly useful goods, or services. Learn how to provide a wide range of low/med tech amenities, and you will be in a good place if shit ever goes bad.

88fe2e  No.12262367

Eh after going through the 2000 dot com crash, this is a blip. They are trying to crash it before the mid-term elections.

06443f  No.12262501

Crypto taking a shit too

06443f  No.12262519

Why the fuck is this thread anchored

c75233  No.12262526


because it's a shit thread reposted from (((drudge))) about a correction caused by the federal reserve raising rates and soros calling his shorts

0c24be  No.12262556


Still current events, still politics related, still discussion worthy. What rule did it break other than (((you))), an anon basically oogling over how wonderful stock performance has been, didn't like it? A lot of the faggot, low information, anons like you that post graphs like >>12261253 are investors that have never seen a bear market or a legitimate correction, and you're such a newfag that you think this "indefinite expansion" meme is normal when it isn't. You don't care about economic fundamentals or economics, you just allow your denial to manifest in reddit-downvote behavior like reporting legitimate /pol/ threads.

8505da  No.12262557

10/10/2018 was a date long predicted as a planned market crash. Even crypto is crashing.

0c24be  No.12262561


* and the mods are too fucking stupid to see through your tantrum and tell you to fuck off.

8505da  No.12262568

>omni-market crash

>coincidences to the day with a 30-year old conspiracy from (((The Economist)))

<Not news. Keep calm goyim.

>Hannah Hays sucks nigger dicks for money


nu/pol/, everybody

0c24be  No.12262602

File: 394095c00b6e565⋯.jpg (62.08 KB, 798x428, 399:214, 1420087868515.jpg)


…and the judencoin "Getting Rich in 2018" thread containing no news, being literal /biz/ has 200 replies and still being bumped. Zoomers don't want to hear about how their bullshit fantasies about "nobody will have to work cuz muh automation" and "muh resource based economy" or "actually, in the event that the blockchain becomes valuable at all it will be immediately co-opted and subverted, which is why the FBI owns most of the bitcoins already" are complete and total bullshit.

8505da  No.12262630


The Hannah Hays threads were the highest velocity threads since the election. That thread is /biz/ tier but its pretty slow, and it does have actual information in it. Regardless, this thread being anchored is fucking hilarious. A pretty well known conspiracy theory seems to be coming true, predicted to the day. How is a BLACKED porn star more important than this? It's nu/pol/ faggotry, and the mods suck dicks.

862136  No.12262649

File: 6856751390b1fa5⋯.jpg (39.38 KB, 331x331, 1:1, ClFKYxAWgAApIWg.jpg)


0c24be  No.12262677


another extremely potent economics meme in another thread here >>12262626

27b457  No.12262978


Quality post

8505da  No.12263438


That's funny, I literally just finished reading that before seeing your post, anon. I love those insider posts, even if they're fake, its good infotainment.

ac0f11  No.12263452


The Byzantiums spoke Greek and didn’t even occupy the city of Rome. To call them Rome is to say the US is the British empire.

06443f  No.12263472

File: 1c4e8f4fbffc5c2⋯.jpg (35.65 KB, 420x579, 140:193, 1538679677762.jpg)




Mods should kill themselves

>Look at the cover

>10 ten 2018

21d351  No.12263477

>>whats ups and downs

come back when in actually becomes a trend

468408  No.12263494


Still nothing noteworthy. The real action starts when the Rothschild demons step into the limelight and announcing to stop all the economical misery in the world, by introducing a cash-less world currency. At this point every human being has to make the decision for himself between a chance of freedom or eternal enslavement of proportions never seen before. Prepare yourself, anons.

8505da  No.12263504

File: 7da975d2a99787f⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1378x1252, 689:626, mods are faggots.PNG)

File: 8857ac263f95d87⋯.png (98.61 KB, 1153x826, 1153:826, mods are faggots2.PNG)

File: 9d2627e2b53e978⋯.jpg (97.65 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, mods are faggots3.jpg)

>Still nothing noteworthy

468408  No.12263511


Where were you the last years? This is all orchestrated, a step by step plan to steal trillions, destabilize entire countries, planting countless seeds of fear into the public, the whole Hollywood shebang…the only thing that matters now is the point of no return, before the US, Russian and Chinese armies will march in combined to liberate the social unrest globally.

468408  No.12263512


Also it's all out of your reach anyway, so stay calm and prepare.

69b1fe  No.12263542

File: 001931505b8a9ea⋯.png (421.75 KB, 763x816, 763:816, 1539254818376.png)

File: 7d430f6efa1969c⋯.png (480.4 KB, 761x770, 761:770, 1539254400240.png)


8505da  No.12263548



NO shit, my point is this thread shouldn't have been anchored, and that mods are retarded faggot niggers.

fcdfed  No.12263659


>this argument gets made a lot, mostly by newfags believing it is true but no there was no mythological past were /pol was some great intellectual utopia, /pol as all imageboard culture has always been shitposted

in truth for about 2 weeks after the first exodus this place was of higher intellectual content because first the smartests anons migrated from cuckchan however the board was slow as fuck back then

however this isn't a problem, all chanculture exists aroudn trolls trolling trolls, paid shills and good old autistic shitposting. back in the old days of cuckchan there actually existed an equilbrium between kicking the jew and effortposting and from all the excrement being flung around new culture was created, we were winning the culture war against the marxist because we were funny. and we were funny bacause old cuckchan /pol was virtually unmodded.

now you may accuse me of going of topic in this thread

but this thread got fucking ANCHORED, like we are on a pirate inspired board

we are going to need 2 barrels of gas to shoah the mods 6 million times at this point

because somewhere along the way the boards moderation got compromised and we purity spiralled into some autists very specific idea of what is acceptable conversation and what is not

to put it in the words of good old cripple kike boards die sooner from overmoderation than undermoderation and /nupol is the perfect example of this

just ask yourself ever since the roach appeared when has real new culture been created here

and again this is not a problem of the population of posters this is a strict problem of over moderation

b0a582  No.12263846


I work at a company staffed mostly by Chinese. This doesn’t scare me.

b0a582  No.12263852

Maybe I’m a fool, but I don’t believe in investing in futures. The stock market is no different to me than cryptocoins. Buy some tooling that makes or harvests something, create a new technology. Fuck playing monopoly even if I can win.

644f3c  No.12264240

File: f25f0874fe9a1c6⋯.png (1.85 MB, 2070x1074, 345:179, 8y765rtf.png)


>The stock market is no different to me than cryptocoins.

except theres one big difference m8

hint: stock

9a837c  No.12264676

File: 1fc04b038c50af5⋯.png (31.67 KB, 628x463, 628:463, DowJewnesDown1300.png)


Tomorrow is Friday and everyone is going to pull out even fucking harder as soon as 9am hits.

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