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File: 96d8ab592ffc2cc⋯.jpg (18.33 KB, 401x273, 401:273, white-criminals.jpg)

File: eb3f84b3cf764f2⋯.jpg (104.69 KB, 1028x675, 1028:675, http _o.aolcdn.com_hss_sto….jpg)

File: 748c8012b943acb⋯.jpg (88.83 KB, 900x750, 6:5, yvonne-strahovski-1.jpg)

bea9c3  No.12262442

A person's physical characteristics often tell you a lot about that person. I'm not just talking about light skin or dark skin, which are useful traits to judge by of course. But even a group of white men, you can make reliable guesses about their personalities, physical abilities, mental capacities, and physical strengths from their faces alone.

And it's not that crazy of an idea, despite modern science telling you that phenotypes are Nazi science and easily (((debunked)))(critiqued by a jew).

For example, see the following images. You can probably guess with solid accuracy whether these men were involved in crime, or violent crime, or financial crime, etc. Humans have evolved for millions of years while developing basic heuristics of one another which may not be 100% accurate, but sufficiently accurate for us all to have an inherent understanding of these facial features.

For example, a child exposed to significant amounts of testosterone in the womb may be violent and shortsighted, but will likely also sport handsome features like a strong jaw and narrow eyes. While a child exposed to significant amounts of xenoestrogens may have wide, innocent eyes and a weak jaw, who will probably never step outside the status quo.

But even aside from such things, humans have developed specific prejudices towards certain physical types. Not just racially, but especially within their own races because exposure to certain hormones during development and birth leads to certain physical and facial features, reflecting certain mental traits that developed alongside. That is to say, if a man looks like a hard son of a bitch, he usually is. While a pussy may dress and act hard, but his face and body reveals otherwise.

Trust in your instincts, because they are usually right.

fc54b2  No.12262461

>You can probably guess with solid accuracy whether these men were involved in crime, or violent crime, or financial crime

I mean they don't prosecute financial crime but the ones in orange jumpsuits are convicted criminals

the rest are literally who and literally (((who)))

sage for shit topic keep it to the gene threads

bea9c3  No.12262474


There are no threads like this one. Not to say this post is revolutionary by any means, because it's not. It's only calling attention to man's inbuilt, instinctual understanding of those he sees around him. Even from a simple picture of a person you've never met, you can usually make a fairly accurate prediction of their personality based on their face alone. And again, it's not 100% accurate, but it's nothing crazy to say that the same hormones that affect physical development also influence mental development. That's a basic bitch observation.

For those that have moved a lot, within their own country or not, you'll often notice people with similar facial features as people you used to know, but the interesting bit is how they'll also act similarly. People say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, but that's only half true. A person's face reveals a lot about who they are.

432da4  No.12262497


anybody have any infographs or further examples

cb827e  No.12262510

There is a reason most child molesters look like child molesters. There is something we have evolved that spots shit like this.

bea9c3  No.12262533


>There is a reason most child molesters look like child molesters

Exactly. Just like most gays look like gays. We often like to pretend otherwise these days, but the truth is that most of us can detect basic features of one another from nothing but a quick glance. Again, it's no surprise that we learned this ability, because it's a very useful trait. No different from the dog instinctually knowing how to stalk prey, or the cat knowing what it can kill without practical experience, a human can recognize the basic traits of other humans at a glance. If a guy looks like a fag, he usually is, etc.

2bba83  No.12262536

File: 1c71b582559e861⋯.png (120.94 KB, 636x423, 212:141, ac5f29da12cc642c6de9c0aa5b….png)

File: 6a1f3eed99a9149⋯.png (102.51 KB, 636x369, 212:123, 21646165619f606fd20833ad0b….png)

Leave it to the chinks to drill it down to a science.


>According to the researchers, the facial features that can accurately predict whether someone is predisposed to criminality: the curve of the lip, the distance between the corners of the inner part of the eye, and the "so-called nose-mouth angle."

3236f9  No.12262542

/pol/ needs to do a hard assess on physiognomy, because the ramifications are powerful. Physiognomy used to go hand in hand with traditionalism and aspects like meritocracy and racial realism.

Physiognomy can be used for profiling protection, or for self improvement. As for self improvement, think NatSoc art. The superhero pose, the strong Male, the forward looking. Compare this to 2d communistic bauhaus of degenerate calarts. Physiognomy spills into worldviews, and with a keen eye will tell you much in a split second.

1e73c1  No.12262555


We also have to non ironically get into astronomy and hand reading

These used to be essential skills for educated men

Even emperors would be known for being able to read men by their face, build, stance, handlines

People born at similar times of the year do seem to act similarly

I wonder if there is data on families tending to have members born around the same time of year

Ofc kikes and their new age slaves have poisoned this well of knowledge too over the years with massive amount of bs

But i really think there is genuine knowledge and wisdom in being able to read the stars and men

90d434  No.12262563

I believe this. But looks can be deceiving as well.

bea9c3  No.12262566


Where is Jackie Chan

ed42ba  No.12262567

File: eb7771feeb321f1⋯.jpg (85.99 KB, 620x387, 620:387, tree1_3346070b.jpg)

File: 709b73ec3b50d18⋯.jpg (111.87 KB, 620x388, 155:97, tree3_3346067b.jpg)

the human vision system has spent over 100,000 training on face data. i have read neurology studies about how our brains detect faces in random data, in our dreams and in altered states like under anasthesia. we are hard wired reading faces. there's a million reasons why, but all that is important is that we are primed to see faces everywhere, so it's probably pretty important since Nature has dedicated like 5% of our brain CPU to facial recognition.

therefore i could see there being a kernel of truth to physiognomy. it's not a discredited science, it's just not yet understood because we lack the tools which can precisely measure what we instinctively know in order to accurately interpret it.

even crazier, i believe that our faces change as we age to reflect who we really are based on the kind of life we live. you can sense the face of a murderer, a soiboi NPC and a good person.

3236f9  No.12262573

There was an image i had passed over that suggested upper palate dimensions were correlated with frontal brain development. I wish I had saved it to study more.

Weston Price did an environmental evaluation that showed teeth occlusion occured with a western diet. This was the difference between a well developed jaw, and a morbid crowded jaw. Instinctual physiognomy will attract you to the more aesthetic. Possible reasons could be: food types affecting neurotransmitters, food textures affecting muscle tone, foods affecting inflammation and bone development. All which could secondarily affect your mind creating stability vs neurosis. Thus physiognomy correlates with the brain.

5d59d1  No.12262574

Wasn't there some machine learning physiognomy project that got shut down?

3236f9  No.12262604

File: 858564f753537c8⋯.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x500, 4:5, 41dSfJZWMzL.jpg)

File: a9b38bae3c31847⋯.jpg (51.46 KB, 545x341, 545:341, meth6.jpg)


Here's a homunculus showing the wide eyed which is equal to the large portion of vision to our brain's sensory input. Fairly useless otherwise from a physiognomy standpoint.

And the other pic is the before and after of meth, which illustrates your statement of people changing over time with their mind.

000000  No.12262607

OP I have a book on this.


Also I always find that peoples behavior infallibly matches with their appearance and that if someone's character changes so does their appearance then. I know what every detail of a person's face means. I got out of my way to talk to people and find out how they think and what they believe and it always ends up being what I thought.

287a0e  No.12262619

File: b693f4abe9a9dba⋯.png (765.11 KB, 1093x758, 1093:758, gayi.PNG)

physiognomy is definitely real. here's a paper about an AI trained to detect faggotry in humans. https://osf.io/fk3xr/

what's especially interesting about this paper is that it states that human judges were correct 50-60% of the time in identifying the gay, which mean that not only did biologically successful humans pass on a trait to help them identify queers, but that it's also pretty accurate

287a0e  No.12262625

File: e24be3ad1c3cc98⋯.pdf (2.68 MB, wang_kosinski.pdf)


shit, here's the pdf

7a04af  No.12262638


The gays are better looking.

90d434  No.12262641


Gay chick smoking hot.

bea9c3  No.12262654



That's because gays are hedonistic degenerates. Maybe they look good, and practice attractive body habits, but deep down they only care for pleasure. Meanwhile straights are more practical and straightforward, even if it doesn't lead to success as often. But that's not saying much, homos usually have partner counts that make James Bond look like a pussy.

515997  No.12262748


Hearty kek.

515997  No.12262775


Notice she also has darker skin. The straight women are fatter because they are fertile.

bea9c3  No.12262846

File: f37278226b971c3⋯.jpg (404.24 KB, 1262x1302, 631:651, white for crime stats.jpg)

File: 15a9f2a3fa5a450⋯.jpg (358.8 KB, 1240x999, 1240:999, George Lincold Rockwell sp….jpg)

File: 7ef867f27ecf579⋯.jpg (143.76 KB, 961x719, 961:719, Hitler on Soviet Russia.jpg)


Look at these images and think about them. Ignore the text, numbers, etc, just look at their faces and make an educated guess about who they were/are, and see how well it matches up. Chances are you'll be pretty close to the mark, if not spot on.

Again, if a guy looks like a bitch, he usually is. If he looks like a tough fucker, he usually is.

0f6844  No.12262936


>pick pictures of 40 year old men & women, label them "heterosexual"

>pick pictures of 20 year old men & women, label them "homosexual"

>place 40 year old "heterosexual" pictures next to 20 year old "homosexual" pictures

>"being homosexual makes you look younger & better!"

that image is homosexual propaganda

ef7128  No.12262977


I love looking at pictures of GLR's face. He looks like a dead-serious man of action in every picture he ever took.

ee1f5c  No.12262984

File: f8fb27f064a7b07⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 300x186, 50:31, Ted-Bundy-300x186.jpg)

Physiognomy is interesting but not something the majority will ever give any truly serious credence to as its such an inexact science.

For example there's plenty of stunning blonde aryan princess types out there and square jawed white frat boys who are the absolute scum of the earth as human beings but if they are only judged by looks they'd get a pass on a society ruled by the physiognomy idea.

Don't get me wrong though I think there is SOME merit behind the theory just like there's SOME merit in the old adage to avoid the groid because its shit colored skin acts as a warning indicator much like stripes on a bee that a dangerous animal approaches that MIGHT attack you…but not ALWAYS.

Its just SAFER to avoid such types of animal.

Just as sure MAYBE people who look good are nicer/kinder/more noble, etc but definitely not ALWAYS.

Arguably neither Ted Bundy nor John Wayne Gacy looked like a pedophile, fag or a necrophiliac serial killer yet many of those phrases describe both men (not all since Bundy wasn't a homo and neither man were pedos to my knowledge).

5c8b85  No.12262990


>and the "so-called nose-mouth angle."

Kikes predisposed to crime because of their evil cartoon noses?

085334  No.12263028


I dunno, the bottom ones look pretty suspicious to me. The top ones just look more likely to be disagreeable and violent.

6480b0  No.12263050


Arsehole, there are no absolutes in life. Stop being so fucking autistic. You can tell a lot about a person from their face. Most people are basic bitches and there's no great mystery to the cunts.

484c15  No.12263163

Probably, your genetic perceptual capacity holds the most weight when deriving information about someone based solely on their physical characteristics, expressions, mannerisms.

What I'm syaing is, I doubt there's a whole lot you could do to like train people to perceive this information.

Obviously the way that someone is, in relation to their physical characteristics, is extremely hard to quantify.

Probably only now with quantum computing could we, with some degree of accuracy, classify people in this way.

Again I'm sure it would be extremely difficult because this mechanism of our perception is basically instinctual.

I do think this is basically a higher level science that humans, without assistance don't really have the capacity to quantify or flesh out. But I know it's there. The truth is there in all the patterns around us.

0297be  No.12263174

File: 137459260c4915e⋯.gif (9.67 KB, 100x100, 1:1, 1537501005263.gif)


okay, i have no idea whi thise people are, but i would guess the first one is some kind of non violent crimnial, like a burglar or pickpocket, the 2nd one would be a violent criminal, maybe convicted for assault? 3rd one is generic shifty (((politician))), and as for the woman, i have no clue other than that she looks dominant

cd24f8  No.12263199

>.t niggerjew

7d09db  No.12263221

File: 632e31a35099583⋯.jpeg (24.07 KB, 595x302, 595:302, which one is the criminal.jpeg)


2nd from the left in the top row is definitely a child molester

d09e0a  No.12263306

My eldest sisters who was 7 years older than me (and a horrible bully and a bitch, spoiled rotten by my parents as parents often do with their first born child) got into phrenology. She bought several antique books on it from the early 19th century and was analyzing everyone she knew based on her studies. I never heard about this from her since she never deigned to talk to me as anything more than a despicable peasant but my other sister clued me in; when she got to analyzing my facial features it was all superlative stuff. I had the nose of one of Napoleon's greatest generals, and so on and so forth. I was super intelligent, noble, courageous etc etc etc. Back to the used bookstore with all her phrenology texts and she never spoke of that pseudoscience again.

0297be  No.12263333


d09e0a  No.12263360

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I used to work with this woman that was about 60 years old who had been a real hotty in her day, and still had the curves the blond hair and wore tight skirts, high heels the whole deal. She was the typical well to do house wife with a well off husband. One day we were talking about this and that and Ted Bundy came up somehow.


According to her Ted was mega hot. I tried to reason with her that he had an obviously insane face, he was a degenerate nose picker that ate his own snot in court and so on.

Nothing doing.

I had to get up and go away from her to stop hearing her rave about how hot Ted Bundy was.

Women are fucking strange..

1e73c1  No.12263376


Kekked and checked

1e73c1  No.12263378


Women are attracted to violent men

This should not surprise you

Read siege

53c3af  No.12263411

This thread reads like a bunch of autists discovering non-verbal communication for the first time

39b704  No.12263416


Actually science agrees with you. I can’t track it down right now but there was some libshit article about it. Something along the lines of “oy vey! Look how racist these masculine looking goyim are compared to the doughy weak-chinned ones!”

b8c852  No.12263417

File: 62b92724369753a⋯.gif (3.1 MB, 450x262, 225:131, Typical POL Autist.gif)



23051b  No.12263422


You may be surprised at how many people lack the ability to read people.

8948e6  No.12263425

I've noticed people with similar facial structure have very similar personalities, its honestly kinda creepy.

3ac9e8  No.12263453


People can generally tell these things unless they legitimately have autism, but part of it can be suppressed with brainwashing and propaganda. Additionally, people lie to themselves to avoid uncomfortable truths.

968a64  No.12263456

File: 08987fcf84559b2⋯.png (121.77 KB, 254x302, 127:151, clearly latino.PNG)


>It takes a Chink and a Pole to write a paper on identifying gays.

That reminds me, what happend to the /pol/ project of jew recognition through machine learning?


>NPCs in our reality are just copy-paste.

8e4c67  No.12263471

File: b7aedd520a95ac8⋯.webm (3.68 MB, 320x240, 4:3, they're just like other d….webm)


>there are some exceptions to the rule

>therefore the rule is totally useless

This is called boomer logic, by the way.

e4d43a  No.12263515

File: 38b5b3ccc0aeb59⋯.jpg (3.98 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181010_185953.jpg)


Most homosexuals are hideous.


See pic

00ae09  No.12263588

File: 62f71604ee83f78⋯.mp4 (9.43 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pitbull.mp4)


inb4 triggered shitskins

ba7f84  No.12263619

File: 1ed4bb4c0587bca⋯.png (422.31 KB, 593x591, 593:591, 2018-07-05-073613_1167x114….png)

File: 4b662fd356e01fe⋯.png (492.55 KB, 591x589, 591:589, 2018-07-05-073743_1167x114….png)


>A person's physical characteristics often tell you a lot about that person. I'm not just talking about light skin or dark skin, which are useful traits to judge by of course. But even a group of white men, you can make reliable guesses about their personalities, physical abilities, mental capacities, and physical strengths from their faces alone.

So this way of judging a book by its cover causes a routinely common misassessment of the character of women? Large innocent eyes, a look that wouldn't deceive?

432da4  No.12263654


if you think those images say innocent you are retarded the large eyes/widening of eyes are simply a way a woman says she wants to fuck you and thus triggers a response in men of wanting to fuck them

264823  No.12263661



they both look a bit sick, the skin is very green

6998bf  No.12263677


Pedo faced Jews on suicide watch

b86744  No.12263707

File: 82f73a64a42ea5b⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1985x2249, 1985:2249, 1968-Sept-Germany-Savitri-….jpg)

File: bde895dfd17a350⋯.jpg (39.86 KB, 336x431, 336:431, fukuoka.jpg)

File: 8a90d9d589613fd⋯.jpg (28.26 KB, 343x600, 343:600, Goringuytfuy.jpg)

File: 3db542d527959eb⋯.jpg (46.59 KB, 516x394, 258:197, hitler-and-himmler-sharing….jpg)

File: 11a14080cb941d0⋯.jpg (198.82 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Churchill.jpg)

Assess these faces.

2bba83  No.12263731

File: 6302fe60966b81c⋯.jpg (99.24 KB, 620x542, 310:271, Celebrities_Without_Makeup….jpg)

File: eef2f80593a40d5⋯.jpeg (9.75 KB, 261x193, 261:193, images.jpeg)

File: b1d430b50791465⋯.jpg (60.27 KB, 405x589, 405:589, leo-frank-lynched-georgia-….jpg)

File: f7ccccf8bce7a14⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 3421x2739, 311:249, 63-civilrt.smarch.jpg)


They should offer men "makeup insurance" for guys who think find out their girl looks like a hag without the clown makeup.

Hang a kike from every lamppost in America.

925bca  No.12263738

File: 02c4e14b37a26e1⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1648x1482, 824:741, daily stormer anglin ricky….png)

File: f5d2435158f107c⋯.png (618.25 KB, 951x812, 951:812, weev is a jew.png)


>Trust in your instincts, because they are usually right.

my instincts tell me anglin is an establishment shill and weev is a kike

d8641b  No.12263761


One time I tried shrooms and couldn't stop seeing faces in things.

53bc4b  No.12263762


Ted Bundy was just an OJ style hoax to boost audience ratings. He was just an actor.

6998bf  No.12263797


> I doubt there's a whole lot you could do to like train people to perceive this information.

This entire thread suggests otherwise

> Obviously the way that someone is, in relation to their physical characteristics, is extremely hard to quantify.

Ditto for that statement. Nothing "obvious" about physiognomy / phrenology being fake, it's likely real and as or more buried than race / phenotyping - behavioral studies.

> Maybe with quantum computing

Oh goddamit glowniggers go away

6998bf  No.12263801


You were arguing his face, she was turned on by his reputation for violence (which equals status especially in dumber or lower-self-valuing women's eyes). Quit posting degenerate nigger bop and stories of old roasties, this is a good thread.

484c15  No.12263936


You are a fucking sperg the posts you replied to were just trying to address challenges with this. Maybe try contributing something instead of just crying shill because people are trying to be critical - and not even dismissive of the topic, at that.

Fucking spergs these days

b86744  No.12263962


Often they look like hags because of the makeup. Just avoid women who wear makeup.

760d49  No.12263976

File: f86aedbb29e8809⋯.jpg (5.08 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images(15).jpg)


Like the other anon said about absolutes. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish a jew. Or this guy, I would've trusted him, and if he was manipulative enough, I would've continued to fall for it. Physiognomy is something to know but not fully rely on.

760d49  No.12264000

Double post sage


>surprised at how many people cannot read other people.

This is where the NPCs arrive. Their internal assessments are replaced by an external dasein dictated by cultural marxism and trivial consumptions. That voice of internal analysis is silent, and so are their evaluations on nonverbal communication. That's why there are no stereotypes with them, or why they walk in the ghetto and get beat to near death but dont understand why. The lack of understanding physiognomy also goes in hand with NPCs.

ee1f5c  No.12264002


Never said it was totally useless you dumb strawmanning fuck.

Just that it will never be taken seriously as a rule by the masses because of its inexact nature.

b86744  No.12264016

I like this thread for its promotion of trusting oneself. Especially if you've taken the time to deprogram all the jew messaging that always tries to associate handsome white men with evil acts.

a1a4f1  No.12264050



NPCs being NPCs mean that they should be able to read people, but won't because jews took the, "Don't judge a book by its cover," saying and twisted it to mean, "If you see a disgusting and suspicious looking person, trust him!" NPCs will follow the prevailing form of thought. Right now they follow what mode of thinking the jews want them to follow.

fba644  No.12264086


Ever since I learned what to look for, I can now identify fellow spergs even if they AREN'T telling some poor normal about their favorite anime.

For instance: by his stupid smug face, I know Ruin Johnson is obviously on the spectrum, hence his unwillingness to listen to anyone but the crazy bitch he was beta orbiting.

32cde5  No.12264912

You can tell people's personalities by their body language, not facial features. Autists have trouble reading body language, hence this stupid thread.

b6a2a8  No.12264917

No need for a thread and tons of waffle, this is an obvious truth.

You look like what you are

d09db9  No.12265517


So are they singling out fellow gaypedoface kids for grooming or does is the impact independent?

acc14c  No.12265614


*white men

Don't forget that.

b86744  No.12265750


I didn't.

981361  No.12265756


"And it's not that crazy of an idea, despite modern science telling you that phenotypes are Nazi science and easily (((debunked)))(critiqued by a jew)."

How fucking cjlewless are yiu…it is israeli zionist software that wss developed and that we use in places like Sears, saks, and airports to distinguish pedopholes and murderers from the big spender customers.

Goygle it…

d09e0a  No.12265797

File: 12f91b4aa3239eb⋯.jpg (79.37 KB, 756x529, 756:529, 4b161915b317db025c64b8f7b5….jpg)



1. It's pseudoscience.

2. It's jews trying to apply artificial learning to masses of people to try to predict crime. If you think about it, it fits in well with the world tyranny they're trying to impose with places like Israel as their test bed.


>Wilf says that for each of their classifiers, the training sets of images run into thousands. But for behaviours as rare as terrorism or paedophilia, this will still lead to a number of false positives.

Wilf acknowledges the problem. “There are always accuracy issues with machine learning algorithms,” he says. For that reason, he says the algorithm won’t be deployed on its own and will always defer to human judgement.

However, what that would mean in practice is unclear. The algorithm apparently performs more accurately than humans do. In the past few years, physiognomy – the notion that a person’s character can be assessed from their appearance – has enjoyed a mild comeback after long being relegated to pseudoscience.

17ce8e  No.12265836


Women are attracted to perceived "value". Typically this is a man's position on the male hierarchy. "Value" is a wide category but it is essentially a combination of reputation, and assets (both physical assets, and non-physical assets like skills). Being strong is valuable, and so is being wealthy. In the eyes of our culture, even things like playing guitar is valuable and can turn a woman on. Women are creatures of relativity and therefore they bend what they are naturally attracted to, to the will of the tribe (to some extinct).

Have you ever had it when you (or maybe a friend) were chasing a girl, and kept getting denied, so you found a new girl, then all of a sudden the first girl wanted you? Your value went up because you have proven that you are in demand, and that is probably the number 1 factor in determining male attractiveness. That also means that if you are a good actor, and have a thorough understanding of women, you can be fairly successful with them, even if you are seemingly unworthy. Also it should be noted, that women tend to develop quirks in what they find attractive, much like tastes in music or anything else. I am not sure if it is natural, or learned, but it is likely a combination of both. They probably "imprint" on certain things that they pick up from their father or a dominant male in their life, and learn to prefer that, after all women's evolutionary role is about preservation (as opposed to men and deviation). The quirks could be things like metalheads, gamers or some other fringe subculture or hobby or something; it could be anything.

c70614  No.12265846


>Have you ever had it when you (or maybe a friend) were chasing a girl, and kept getting denied, so you found a new girl, then all of a sudden the first girl wanted you? Your value went up because you have proven that you are in demand, and that is probably the number 1 factor in determining male attractiveness.

So are women NPCs then?

17ce8e  No.12265854


An overwhelming majority of the time

873ad6  No.12265868


What's next? A phrenology thread?

9e336c  No.12265869

File: 710e02036b3d82e⋯.png (247.32 KB, 248x501, 248:501, _pol_-_Physiognomy_-_2018-….png)

c70614  No.12265870


Also what's the deal with women rarely having any hobbies,and when they do have a hobby it's because of BF/husband? Coming from work I sometimes saw this cute girl fishing by herself. I'm in my late 20s and she's obviously a HS student, so don't ask.

9e336c  No.12265874

File: 806da90f833bd57⋯.png (143.42 KB, 272x615, 272:615, _pol_-_Physiognomy_-_2018-….png)


meh, I don't see it.

17ce8e  No.12265914


It is like Schopenhauer said, the only thing that women seek direct mastery over is men. No task is done for the sake of pure enjoyment (or mastery), but instead, it is done to reinforce social status and to reaffirm her position within the tribe, or to entice a man. You may have noticed how women never get to the point when speaking, or if they come to you with a problem and you tell them how to solve it, your solution is promptly glossed over in order to keep talking about the problem or she has the same reoccurring issues without enacting a solution already suggested to her. Women speak like they act: indirectly. They are not speaking in order to solve an objective problem, but instead to "connect".

In ancient times, Man was likened to the Sun, and Woman, to the Moon. This metaphor is extremely apt at showing the relationship between Man and Woman. The Moon revolves around the Sun (and yes also the Earth), and the Moon's only light is from the Sun. She is subservient, and reflective. The Moon is associated with the 3 forms of women (Maiden, Mother, Crone), and also the Moirai. If you connect the Moon's monthly cycle, with that of womens' monthly cycle, the metaphor only gets more potent. There is more to it that could be said, but I don't want to ramble on something that isn't directly related. There is a lot of wisdom in symbolism.

9e336c  No.12265916

File: 5ba36968f59cb9f⋯.jpg (150.69 KB, 756x928, 189:232, aryan vs jew brain skull n….jpg)


>It's pseudoscience.


c0e377  No.12265928

File: c1f8ca420ffeba2⋯.png (128.49 KB, 248x501, 248:501, fuckin.png)

9e336c  No.12265940

File: aed4f35e626d8bb⋯.jpg (39.6 KB, 474x315, 158:105, fuck it.jpg)


>it is done to reinforce social status and to reaffirm her position within the tribe, or to entice a man.

I agree with most of your post except this one line. Many women do have things they exist for outside of social status or men. Collecting (dolls, cats, memorabilia, antiques…) seems to be one of them.

9e336c  No.12265941

17ce8e  No.12265953


A lot of these are subversions of the natural instincts. Just like whites are manipulated to accept "diversity" because they are naturally inclined towards individualism. The dolls and cats are clearly subversions of the maternal instinct. As for memorabilia and antiques (and crafts for that matter), tend to be more about homemaking, and increasing value in the home and therefore the community (aka tribe). That is also how she reaffirms her value as a wife and a woman, which again is indirectly the tribe. The same can go for music, and arts in general.

9e336c  No.12265966


Good point. conversation saved

17ce8e  No.12265972


Thanks, mate. I hope I helped.

9e336c  No.12265982

File: cced5e99bdb2a49⋯.jpg (31.05 KB, 466x356, 233:178, knowledge.jpg)


yes you did, thanks

dd274c  No.12265992

File: bffaef9ec3810e4⋯.jpg (27.11 KB, 500x402, 250:201, 66747906e86984ce4ce0c8c8a1….jpg)


Physiognomy is more of a probability caution detector and not an absolute rule. Just like you'll be more wary of a nigger than a white person entering your store, you'll be more wary about people with certain face types. It's a preemptive measure for defense, you'll be prepared for possible problems.

d09e0a  No.12266000

File: 919f499e8b96185⋯.gif (384.39 KB, 312x172, 78:43, giphy.gif)

ed1cae  No.12266005


ironically you're using the same sort of flawed logic

432da4  No.12266016



19cbd2  No.12266074


It's been conditioned out of people pretty well.

>kids shows telling people to not judge based on looks

>other early education material espousing this rhetoric

>movies, shows, etc espouse it

>famous entertainers espouse it, even though many of them are cast based on looks and voice, attractive or ugly

One shouldn't trust their prejudice completely, but neither should one distrust it completely.

Good looking people tend to have an easier time getting the opposite sex attracted to them. When things go badly for them, they can think "at least I'm attractive" and they might feel better.

17ce8e  No.12266126

>>12266000 (Checked)

Thanks, Anon.

3800d5  No.12266151

File: f50682ff6b76e61⋯.jpg (152.94 KB, 1048x775, 1048:775, women redpill.jpg)

17ce8e  No.12266189


Thanks man, I don't think I have ever been screencapped before.

f04aae  No.12266345

Many great men have pondered the subject of physiognomy and while it may be more intuitively based, it’s definitely not without utility, as one’s thoughts/feelings will eventually manifest in the face (especially with age). In time, a person who harbors mostly spiteful, envious and wicked thoughts will have a significantly altered appearance than someone whose mind is mostly cheerful, content, and prospective. I think this much is obvious.

Honing physiognomic intuition could possibly help in detecting pedos, jew shills, and biological males posing as celebrity women, etc etc. we’ve already have identified certain facial patterns such as the soy fear grimace. Following quote taken from Schopenhauer’s essay on physiognomy (link: https://archive.is/5Vcwi) indicates how common and obvious this pattern recognition was:

“There are individuals whose faces are stamped with such naive vulgarity and lowness of character, such an animal limitation of intelligence, that one wonders how they care to go out with such a face and do not prefer to wear a mask.”

c8321a  No.12266353


look like an aryan serial killer been told and have been filled with nothing but hate for jews and other non whites for almost my entire life.


The only love is for family, race and nature to the point of cosmic scale.

c8321a  No.12266378



get out jew nobody give a shit about weev or the alt kike here go back to youtube

082178  No.12266379

Somebody has a program for this? not something online obviously.

c8321a  No.12266389


lurk moar 2yrs min in your case double that and never post again until you rat face fucking kike.

c8321a  No.12266414

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


read Mein Kampf then study EVERY FUCKING WORD of the 25 points.

27c167  No.12266450

File: 8bcbc8aa283c0d8⋯.jpg (74.99 KB, 584x1510, 292:755, Sanpaku.jpg)

File: 488e9c3cd2d035c⋯.webm (5.19 MB, 640x360, 16:9, pedos are menally ill.webm)


Faces even change all the time. Case in point, people who take shit like HRT. If you want to test face change yourself, try this: don't eat for a day or two, drink enough water (for safety, obviously), get very little or no sleep, and don't bathe for a few days. Then take a picture, or make a mental note of what you look like in the mirror. Then, clean yourself, eat well and sleep well. Then take a picture or mental note. All sorts of things factor into appearance. I'm bringing this up because, for example, often times sex criminals will have either a really creepy rape face (which seems to be in cases where they've been abused), or, just as often, an asymmetrical, pale face.

Sanpaku, for example. I've observed it in the mirror. I had sinus congestion, and the pressure was quite a nuissance, and affected my eyelids.


Rape. Seriously, early development. Same for "real" fags, as opposed to just sex/porn addicts. Otherwise, abuse, excessive masturbation, even just ways of thinking.


Both, silly, but you're right about the first sentence. Also, you will notice that more rural/traditional people will be more observant than normalfags/urban-suburbanfags

27c167  No.12266453


*Anyway, I guess as others have said, good to caution, but don't take it as definitive proof. Just a potential element to a person.

4f45eb  No.12266498

File: 729657e17b94447⋯.jpg (71.89 KB, 700x467, 700:467, phrenology.jpg)

dead15  No.12266510

File: 34a103654b05754⋯.png (360.03 KB, 476x467, 476:467, 34a103654b05754db9d3493567….png)

File: 59aeea76b84b639⋯.jpg (159.27 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1525676610579.jpg)



Leave and take this retarded 1890's pseudoscience with you

4f45eb  No.12266519

File: d65670538f32ee7⋯.jpg (367.54 KB, 849x735, 283:245, cheekbone fighting success.jpg)


>second guy

19010b  No.12266557

File: 7677b61c965fc26⋯.jpg (72.74 KB, 751x600, 751:600, 118e420656530a52.jpg)


It all makes sense now.

3916f2  No.12266578

File: 12acbe4181c6938⋯.webm (236.88 KB, 640x360, 16:9, dhalsim_achieves_peak_ske….webm)



e2570e  No.12266623


Left picture just looks like genetically deformed human garbage. It fills me with disgust and irritation.

Guy in the middle picture looks like a soft, mentally weak man trying hard to present as a tough manly man.

Hitler looks like a man who's too stern and serious, who'd be tough to joke around with.

4f45eb  No.12266641

File: 5810a35aba34147⋯.jpg (270.85 KB, 827x1241, 827:1241, albino2.jpg)

File: 259ba6b1dc92457⋯.jpg (38.05 KB, 450x600, 3:4, albino.jpg)

File: 8b87375068cc3dd⋯.jpg (96.34 KB, 632x1014, 316:507, aryan nazi man 4.jpg)

File: 95e9b093459f923⋯.jpg (43.72 KB, 468x342, 26:19, finnish ss.jpg)

File: 26fa12b93b70d6c⋯.png (142.03 KB, 276x400, 69:100, nordid man.png)


fun fact: the word 'pseudoscience' is actually hebrew and translates to a variation of 'non-kosher'


lmao get a load of this fag

695a13  No.12266650


Personality is around 50% phenotype, 50% influence of parents/friends/enviroment.

Certain phenotypes have certain personalities.

1c4c92  No.12266651


>get a load of this fag

nah, I'm good, you take the fag's load

4f45eb  No.12266653


also 50% stuff like past life karma, astrology, etc

3ac9e8  No.12266661


>the word 'pseudoscience' is actually hebrew

Come on at least say things that are correct in our favor.


*50% genetics, phenotype is just a reflection of it. That's why there's no perfect 100% correspondence.

e2570e  No.12266737


What's the problem? The guy in the middle is quite clearly mentally weak and genetically subpar. Is he your idol or something?

ba7f84  No.12266777


>For example, a child exposed to significant amounts of testosterone in the womb may be violent and shortsighted, but will likely also sport handsome features like a strong jaw and narrow eyes. While a child exposed to significant amounts of xenoestrogens may have wide, innocent eyes and a weak jaw, who will probably never step outside the status quo.


I'm quoting OP, but you seem to agree that women are going to be mischaracterized because of makeup anyways.

de0da3  No.12266798


Based in israel,

4f45eb  No.12266928



well jews do like to keep the good stuff for themselves and away from the goyim. example: porn is mostly illegal in israel, but when they were occupying palestine they took over the broadcasting stations and played hardcore porn on every tv channel in palestine.

4f45eb  No.12266935

File: beaf638b9d5688b⋯.jpg (104.55 KB, 620x464, 155:116, kek spongebob dubs.jpg)


hey woah there big guy those are some nice digits.

gonna take a small pilgrimage over here >>12266666 too since i missed those

01882b  No.12268014

File: f49c9513ef04b8e⋯.jpg (71.9 KB, 582x720, 97:120, 9785318f40844547b056c386cb….jpg)


>mfw that's Fetal Alcohol Disorder they look for

046505  No.12268293


Very succinctly put, good post.

9f78d7  No.12268314


But that's what every chink looks like.

4eb1ee  No.12268812






please help me comprehend, this is making my brain hurt

the gay chick is more attractive because she has sharper more defined features and also a thinner face, which many would find attractive, from my knowledge women usually start out skinny and then get fat after they begin to reproduce (start of first baby and then afterwards) but at the same time a fatter woman would be the more practical choice as she would be more capable of nurturing a fetus/infant.

what are the age groups of the samples taken, surely age must have some weight on the equation, the straight got certainly looks to be around 30 at least.


d40a3c  No.12268862

File: 8bdbdef707b046d⋯.jpg (65.31 KB, 560x560, 1:1, 672bb1b58e235c88651d124e08….jpg)

a1e835  No.12268996

File: 3ca26e1aae5a69b⋯.png (170.32 KB, 988x1174, 494:587, Screenshot from 2018-10-13….png)


>but at the same time a fatter woman would be the more practical choice

Actually, lesbians are, on average a lot fatter than heterosexual females.

That's why I'm a little suspicious of the picture here >>12262619 maybe they only included fit lesbians to "fight stereotypees"?

d09e0a  No.12269076

File: b6e9860831e7156⋯.jpg (27.07 KB, 222x279, 74:93, edgar-cayce.jpg)


Oh god we need a "past life" thread around here.

I knew this new age doofus that just wallowed in that shit, even paid for some Edgar Cacey style past life readings, and I really enjoyed fucking his head up by pointing out to him that if you look at the total sum of all the people that ever lived on the planet you could be certain that over 98% of them spent their miserable half starved wretched lives trying to scratch enough food out of the soil to just stay alive. Most of the humans that ever lived spent their lives pulling weeds, stoop labor. Given that, I'd say, how is it that every single person that got a "past life" reading always had some incredibly rare and glamorous occupation or station in society? They were always Grand Viziers of the Pharaoh who lived in sumptuous wealth and rode around in a golden chariot and wound up having a passionate illicit affair with the beautiful Pharoness untill the Paraoh got wind of it and sent his cavalry to chase after them and cut them down. This was the reason for all their suffering in this present world.

Many keks were had with this fool as he would go into passionate denial, totally distressed at my words.

d09e0a  No.12269080


Real lipstick lesbians are mega hot.

In fact as an old man not much really turns me on anymore, particularly in porn, but watching two hot lipstick lesbians go at it really gets my dick twiching and for some reason it really makes me chuckle too, like deep belly laughs. Don't know why. It's always a revelation to watch them though; they really know where all the little details of female sensuality reside and exactly how to work them…it's actually mind bending….

a66a76  No.12269144

File: 1db9e0c61a81dc4⋯.png (582.15 KB, 870x707, 870:707, 0C9F8C06-6543-41E4-8263-6F….png)


What is a "hot" lesbian supposed to look like?

355ee5  No.12269149


if a girl knows how to work another girl so well, just imagine what it would be like kissing another boy

bbefd7  No.12269249


>unironically believing this

cdca3c  No.12269254


Simplify the equation, anon: women are clay. Their form reflects the dominant male sculptor. It could be their father, husband, brother, or culture if left to their own devices. Jewish subversion of culture is dangerous for this reason, among others. It's important for any NatSoc male to recognize this pattern and learn to tame the shrew by improving himself and playing the social status game, otherwise your family, volk, and race will be drowned by mud goblins.

bbefd7  No.12269259


She probably realized how flawed it was

bac9b0  No.12269262


They're usually blond as well

bbefd7  No.12269268


>I can't tell the difference between facial structure and facial expressions

8be8d4  No.12269282

File: b11642005f22718⋯.jpg (311.15 KB, 640x820, 32:41, MERCHANT_Feinstein.jpg)


There is a book published recently (whose name escapes me) floating a thesis which may explain both the soylent grin in terms of physiognomy: nervous system/immunological damage before adulthood. The soyboy phenomenon is just the most conspicuous (the grin is how infants smile, mouth agape.)

In the pre-industrial, pre-plastics ages, one sees in painted portraits and photography symmetrical smiles – from the 19th century to presence, a preponderance of asymmetric, drooping or slanted smiles – To the Ayys, Man all look like hairless apes. We on the other hand are wired to recognized and appreciate individuals as distinct persons, souls even. So the healthy revulsion at the Venusian Flytrap gaping maw of a smile is a topological analogy expressing a physiological fact: – this guy has low enough testosterone to be pathologically a faggot in his very being. Likewise the sneer in a Hillary, Obama, Cheney ect., or the chimping internally power craze of the wide eyed Adam Schiff lying on very fake news networks, or Peter Strozk's demonic dissimulation and confabulating indignation in front of the Senate hearing. In other words, we have the power to assess fitness physically, and characterologically through the topological metaphor of the physiognomic heuristic with validity in at least some cases. – Trust your guts.

Cui bono: who benefits? – You are not meant to notice any correlation between appearance, class, occupation, ethnicity, race, religion ect. in any way that could be reasonably applied to form threat assessments. The mixing of all with all runs interference for a particular group, and their neurological-spiritual analogues and collaborators benefit similarly within their own subsets. God is not the author of confusion, but of peace– Truth and Beauty are related. Lies and Confusion issue from the Synagogue of Satan. Physiognomy isn't real, it is necessary – anyone saying otherwise is in rebellion against the natural law, and the divine. Trust you guts.

e4ee31  No.12269294

How could physiognomy not be real? The human cranium and by extension the human face is the only aspect of human physiology that has been under selective pressure for the last three million years, homo erectus are in fact completely indistinguishable from modern man from the neck down.

02ae7d  No.12269323

File: 9eef87db9fdad72⋯.png (1.96 KB, 348x227, 348:227, fridgehorror_7453.png)



well, I'm a bit … damaged, but once I learned to read people I automatically put them into boxes every time I go outside .

Like : "gypsy" , "aryan" , "kike", "indeterminate~aryan" , "indeterminate~gypsi", etc. It's a combination of face/skin/body-type/hairstyle/movement-patterns/entourage/voice. Judging by the age median and number of children of each group where I'm at, the future looks bleak. I sometimes wish I could stop myself from doing so, just so I can enjoy the world without fear of the impending and ongoing demographic catastrophe. But I can't. It's become almost second-nature to me. The red pill can't be spit out.

3df0e6  No.12269324


Old book but conceptions from it still in use a lot of governments.

3b590e  No.12269388


I wasn't able to read people in my early childhood and recognized that so I paid a lot of attention to how people act as I grew up, and now I red people better than most. Hard to say if it was tism or being a sheltered child by my dad is on the spreger spectrum as well.

0fe6cc  No.12269397

File: 4ec03d205f0feb9⋯.jpeg (11.87 KB, 183x275, 183:275, download.jpeg)


good post


in my case I go outside



>group of niggers, stay far away

>nigger enabler

>jew mutt

>some weird gross looking mystery meat

it's so exhausting.

3b590e  No.12269402

3ac9e8  No.12269425


Like a normal woman I suppose, just lesbian. I presume they're as common as the three dollar bill.


It's like art, I suppose. Many people have natural art skills and they don't need to put much effort to make something that looks good, but they can still be surpassed by less talented people who practice a lot.

889943  No.12270676


>Spit out

anon the red pill is a suppository

f2c2e3  No.12270835


The joke is that physiognomy is bullshit - if you are in a pure population. I still think they did it 150 years ago to teach normies to spot (((them))). And because some features are ugly.

Physiognomy only works because of Brazilification of the world. You see some features and you can extrapolate how they are in core as a human being.

All in all, height, fitness, fatness, reaction times, look into the eyes and general habitus are way more telling and are much easier to determine. Proper physiognomy forces you to stare suspiciously at people.

f2c2e3  No.12270865


But those are behavioral tellings. A weak chin or strange (((nose))) shows you an agricultural degeneration in their ancestry. High caloric, low protein and micronutrient nutrition makes it possible to have a receding jaw. Mixed/diverse nutrition makes women and men have a more quadratic look e.g. - and a well defined jaw line without being extra strong to withstand ape-ish chimpouts, i.e. blows to the head.

f2c2e3  No.12270906


No. Height and mannerism are very diverse. Look at Blacks walking around, they ALL walk differently, even those who came last weekend to Europe, they walk like in Atlanta. And they don't even share the same gait. Somalis shuffle while Kongo saunters and southern Africans almost hop.

00ae09  No.12271253

File: d2a4fd60584c005⋯.jpg (327.93 KB, 1442x812, 103:58, Freddie_Mercury_is_burning….jpg)

5f51aa  No.12271486


>hand reading

Apparently Hitler was good at this. He'd look at peoples hands and in same cases never spoke with certain people again.

I've been getting into astronomy and it's surprising how accurate it is.

000000  No.12271493


Did you mean to say astrology, faggot?

203796  No.12271551


Add to that the "gay" gene has yet to be found, and it really activates the almonds.

5f51aa  No.12271565


You know I did, but here's your (you) anyway.

fa8011  No.12271582


Hey man, here's one for you too ;)

091116  No.12271595


That face is showing defiance and deceitfulness. not sure why you would trust it.

53a826  No.12271596

File: 2b9a3c169e5f706⋯.png (196.21 KB, 689x464, 689:464, eqsq.png)


>For example, a child exposed to significant amounts of testosterone in the womb may be violent and shortsighted

Yeah sorry OP but that's complete bullshit. High T exposure in the womb is linked to autism spectrum disorders and a high systematizing quotient.

e6732f  No.12271750


You realize in other cultures such as old Germanic and Celtic ones… The moon and the Sun are seen as opposites while in the majority of other pagan religions. One will find that the order is Male (Sun) and Female (Moon)

Kinna hard to deal in absolutes when you're speaking without knowledge, eh.

e6732f  No.12271752


By opposites I obviously mean opposite to what you said, meaning, the Sun is seen as female and the Moon as male

6ef31c  No.12271763

File: 7bbb9475f4d77d2⋯.png (282.22 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 7bbb9475f4d77d2da6b89ae69e….png)

814211  No.12271795


No, I just think they influence one another and it’s not strictly physiognomy versus pathognomy.

a2d21c  No.12271834

a7cd83  No.12271874


Notice how the distinction between gay and straight is so much sharper between the men than between the women. The lesbian just looks slightly more mannish than the other woman, while the fag looks like a low-T runt.

This should demonstrate the extent to which faggotry is a physical defect while lesbianism is usually a lifestyle fashion statement, and how female sexuality is more malleable than men's in general.

8a8351  No.12272030

File: c4e404faf6fb006⋯.jpg (465.08 KB, 1124x1920, 281:480, Problem glasses.jpg)


So is nobody going to comment on the fact that the gay faces have faint traces of problem glasses faded out? The guy face has so many examples of these it's obvious at a glance but even the lesbian face has a faint line on her nose that comes from wearing glasses which you can see when the picture is enlarged.

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