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File: df65aa80432f79f⋯.png (2.2 KB, 117x38, 117:38, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b3fff6cd4ab20d3⋯.png (31.21 KB, 299x479, 299:479, ClipboardImage.png)

645c28  No.12264010

if you thought Twitter's left-leaning bias has been out of control, just wait until the next four weeks before the midterms.

Any non-left political view is suppressed and shuffled to the bottom of the stack so that left-leaning views are prioritized to the top for easy viewability and discoverability. Twitter and other social media platforms are going to be playing all their ace cards in the coming weeks. Expect more purges and suppressive algorithms to silence any non-left point of view. Social media is working overtime to mobilize the left, and it's certainly working.

VOTE in November. Do NOT stay home. Vote early, vote my mail, do whatever it takes, but VOTE. We don't have the advantage the left currently has and it WILL be our undoing if we allow the social media/big tech effect to demoralize us into sulking on our couches instead of taking to the polls.

db3afd  No.12264012

And yet I'll be willing to bet they don't reach the numbers of joke hashtags like #makeMariokissWario.

54714f  No.12264043

honestly can't tell if OP isn't an GAB shill or not

159fbf  No.12264065


Republicans had a chance to stop it, but instead they gave twitter the green light to continue censorship and ban any right wing people they want. If Republicans lose, it is 100% their own fault. I will not be voting this year.

6a0d24  No.12264067


What's funny is that the more obvious they force that shit, the more repulsive it'll become and likely prompt fence-sitters to vote Republican in spite of it. In a sense the vote becomes more of a protest against the left's insanity by making sure the Democrats don't win, purely to savor the resulting salt and embolden more pushback against their bullshit. There's also the side effect where the leftists themselves won't turn out as much as expected (as well as underestimate rigging), due to overconfidence as they fall for their own manipulation.

Should be interesting to observe because the voting will strongly reflect cultural interest instead of political.

645c28  No.12264085


>Republicans had a chance to stop it

Indeed, and they dropped the ball. They allowed tech/social media hotshots like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey to tap dance all over the old, technically-naive boomers during those hearings. What they needed were some young, tech-savvy engineers to hold the tech CEOs to the fire.

> I will not be voting this year.

Don't be a fucking idiot. You will be one of the first to come here to bitch when the left wins the house and senate because you and jerkoffs like you stayed home instead of voting.

6a0d24  No.12264091


Should stress that by underestimate rigging, I mean they fail to sufficiently counterbalance what they're expecting from real polling. It'll be 2016 all over again pretty much.

c43c0d  No.12264093


Republicans are traitors. Democrats are enemies. You know what they say.

645c28  No.12264094


I am voting full partisan this November, a straight red ticket for no other reason than to do everything I can to keep the left from winning.

15aef1  No.12264114

How can we be sure that that these tags aren't manually entered in the trend section?

db3afd  No.12264119


They definitely are. No algorithm would be designed to have these tags and things with over a million retweets sitting next to each other.

cab7f9  No.12264129


Fuck off back to leddit, faggot.

645c28  No.12264132


You can bet that Twitter most certainly has a way of manually prioritizing certain trends or even creating their own from scratch.

06b8f7  No.12264137


Kill yourself, you cocksucking retard.


6a0d24  No.12264145


The way I see the midterm is that it's actually a vote of cultural trend. To allow the democrats to win means that leftist nonsense will be boosted to a far greater extreme while parading the result as propaganda to justify it. It re-rails their overall plans in that direction. If they don't win, all their current narratives and strategies would have become exhausted, so they'll go utterly insane (way beyond what has been seen to date) in confusion and desperation. That in turn fuels a right wing shift in the population as ordinary people start seeing their true colors out in the open.

000000  No.12264148


We should obviously get up and do something physically about all this, but clearly that's not what people are going to do. Do you have a better suggestion than voting?

24873d  No.12264154

The ramp up to Weimar begins.

645c28  No.12264158


uppermost kek. Enjoy your

>open borders

>shutdown of ICE

>high taxes


>impeachment of Kavanaugh

>public physical assault by rabid leftists

>suppression of your opinion across all social media

Have fun staying home instead of voting for the best of the worst, dipshit.

720c89  No.12264170

File: 8b61439142def20⋯.jpg (618.04 KB, 562x896, 281:448, Tumblr is Neutral guise.jpg)

File: 9fb9b3bf1a936fd⋯.png (39.64 KB, 825x635, 165:127, 1463537760919.png)

Just like Tumblr. Its obvious they're trying to bring forth 1984 and fail to realize they're first to get cut down when it takes form.

645c28  No.12264171


I see the word "shill" in what seems like almost every other post on this board. I think most anons here just use it without knowing why. However, if I had to call anyone a shill, it would certainly be those who advocate staying home in protest instead of voting. They are of the dumbest motherfuckers on the face of this planet. I would rather befriend a leftist than these apathetic sacks of shit.

33aba0  No.12264187


I know, right? Blackpilled people are pretty dumb. Not only is Trump two years in (you can't fulfill every single political agenda in two years), there's also the fact that the Democrats have the issues of neocons COMBINED with the fact that they're anti-whites who endorse mob rule over due process.

6a0d24  No.12264198


Way I see it is to always utilize every tool you can to fulfill an ulterior interest that can eventuate as a result of it. The propaganda context of said voting itself can be a rather important information weapon to shape people's thoughts.

9395d4  No.12264200


Yeah I gave up defending Republicucks, Republicans are their own worst enemy it seems and they've wussed out on every damn thing so far, they're really not at all different then libfags. Also


>What's funny is that the more obvious they force that shit, the more repulsive it'll become and likely prompt fence-sitters to vote Republican

Yeah except fags like you have been saying that for decades and it hasn't made one fucking difference so far

9395d4  No.12264210



As opposed to all the Trump cucks who came here in the elections? You're delusional if you think that those fucking kikes aren't the real shills here

33aba0  No.12264211



>Oh, they're not Hitler. Better not vote for them so that anti-whites can extend their existing policies on social media onto the government despite being 2 out of 4 years.

Rome wasn't built in a day. The issue with a lot of right-wingers is that they don't double down like leftists do. The reason why they frequently lose is because they're unable to stick in.

314b0b  No.12264216


Okay ill take the bait. What does not voting against the democrats achieve ? Its no fucking secret that the recucklicans are as kosher as it gets, but the democrats outright hate you and are significantly worse for your everyday life than the cucklicans.

You do realize that you dont just vote for the salt, but because these people still can fuck up your shit, take your guns and brainwash your kids if you let them take the government.

This isnt about being pro-republican, its about being anti-democrat.

db3afd  No.12264221



Play your hand a bit more subtle next time.

db3afd  No.12264225


They don't want you to know that slow shifting of the Overton window was what got here in the first place and they sure as shit don't want you to use the same tactic against them. We could very well make the centrist cuckservatives of today look like the looney liberals of tomorrow if we play our cards right.

33aba0  No.12264233


So what? You're going to give up everything that you've fought for because every single political stance wasn't fulfilled in TWO YEARS? You're either a stupid person or a stupid shill. No one is buying is your idiotic ideas here.

You have to be working for your cause, even if it's an inch. Even if our party has traitors who leak messages, it's better than having leftist traitors who assault and riot the political opposition without penalty.

06b8f7  No.12264241


No one said anything about not voting against democrats,


Try again.

06b8f7  No.12264243


Yep, I do, paid jewish shill who is ban evading on tor.





This is how mentally ill redditors actually are.

db3afd  No.12264247



You seem upset.

645c28  No.12264254




This guy doesn't even need an ID.

33aba0  No.12264256



<"Don't vote for Jewish paid shills so that other Jewish paid shills can openly harm you in public for being white"

<"Trump's presidency is a failure because he didn't complete everything in under two years despite the democrats stalling him in the senate!"

645c28  No.12264257


Also, hidden.

159fbf  No.12264283


>You will be one of the first to come here to bitch when the left wins the house and senate because you and jerkoffs like you stayed home instead of voting.

No I won't. Because I know it doesn't matter which party is in power in Congress. They have identical legislative agendas on anything that matters.

9395d4  No.12264287



Yeah there it is, I made one post and already got the "kike shill" reply. Here's an idea


Geeee, so goddamn hard right? Trumpcucks need to be gassed from this board. I never said anything about not voting

159fbf  No.12264292


>they've wussed out on every damn thing so far,

This is a misreading of the situation. They are not stupid or cowards. They are traitors. They fail on purpose.

645c28  No.12264302


>They have identical legislative agendas on anything that matters.



Also enjoy your

>repealed 1A

>repealed 2A

>false sexual assault allegations

So, no, they're not identical on everything that matters unless you have a very skewed idea of what matters.

159fbf  No.12264337


Only immigration matters.

5ef755  No.12264346


db3afd  No.12264349


Are you seriously trying to say Democrats support reasonable immigration policies?

645c28  No.12264363


And how are the agendas identical between both parties? The left wants to remove borders, give amnesty to all illegals, and increase the influx of rapefugess. Basically, they want the US to be Europe 2.0. The republicans are largely against all of that. You have to be utterly fucking stupid to think both parties' stances on immigration are identical.

33917d  No.12264373

>you better vote

>still hasn't taken flat earth pill

>still believes any part of the system is salvageable

>thinks whatever is rebuilt after a potentional collapse will be any different

>has any hope whatsoever

>isn't 90% a solipsist

I remember those feelings. Now I feel nothing. Only thing left is raging against this hellscape you were born into or you are a literal submissive cuckold.

159fbf  No.12264403


>Are you seriously trying to say Democrats support reasonable immigration policies?

No, I am saying that both parties support the same immigration policies. This is a fact. Underneath the rhetoric, they both end up supporting the same.


>The left wants to remove borders,

The borders are completely open right now with Republicans in control.

>give amnesty to all illegals,

Republicans just tried to give illegals amnesty a few months ago, and a majority of Republicans supported it.

>increase the influx of rapefugess.

This is happening now with Republicans.

6ed845  No.12264437


We'll be using blackpilled faggots like you as minefield clearing fodder.

eafff8  No.12264451

File: 87eb589c4585185⋯.webm (5.77 MB, 600x337, 600:337, Vote from the rooftops.webm)

68feaa  No.12264472

File: cfa82fbdabc2af2⋯.jpg (101.39 KB, 755x539, 755:539, 1432550446027.jpg)

File: 9dd169b42c8f2f5⋯.webm (9.45 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Doug_Jones_Voter_Fraud_Co….webm)


Faggots like you are the reason Roy Moore lost the race in Alabama. Sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs while the left buses in: niggers, spics (illegal ones especially), and other people from other states and other countries. Vid related pretty much tells you why sitting on your ass and not voting will make things worse!

33917d  No.12264475


>implying I would join your squad full of fairy tale faggots in the first place

>implying you'd be able to assemble enough willing to actually form a death squad

You need the "we" boy, you'll never do anything of your own accord. Enjoy this world you can exist in without being blackpilled. Broken people fit in a broken world.

62b702  No.12264489


>dont vote goy


dc367d  No.12264514


Who do we vote for, shlomo?

dc367d  No.12264521


>Democrats publicly admitted to bussing niggers in from Mississippi to vote. Your vote would have done nothing. No one was punished for this. Trump personally shut down the investigation into voter fraud. You have no argument.

52d78f  No.12264538


I don’t care if Republicans are traitors or not, I’m not going to vote for the enemy either.

b54af0  No.12264562

File: f8eb02f511ea5da⋯.jpg (348.29 KB, 957x1250, 957:1250, Freedom of Speech - Norman….jpg)

When the left is in power things get worse. When the right is in power things stay the same. Vote for the left, let's crash this plane.

68feaa  No.12264569


Did I say that a vote does nothing? The reason the GOP are traitors right now is because they haven't been ousted out of the party. Voting Republican is the best hope right now, but remember that in order to take out said traitors, you have to wipe the format the party. By establishing politicians that are not the same zionist kike loving stooges the country has had on both parties for decades. Politicans that are redpilled and ready to bring back the days when no kikes and leftists told everyone what to do. Voting Republican may look like shit right now but having anons who run for office and maybe even coup one of the parties or even dismantle both kiked parties can get the wheels of progress moving and ridding the country and world of kikes.

05b399  No.12264574


>red and pink texting while screaming

>Calls everyone else mentally ill redditors

You're projecting and you're also an utterly retarded faggot.

780c36  No.12264578

File: 1b9a46799658e3c⋯.jpg (99.84 KB, 658x384, 329:192, truth.jpg)



We all understand that no republican politician is sufficiently reactionary enough to restore America to a functioning pro-white state. There's only one direction America can go, and that's downward, hurtling into the ground. However, abdicating the vote entirely contributes to the acceleration of the decline.

Tell me, if the Happening started tomorrow, are you prepared? Are your friends and family prepared? Do you have anything akin to a social network IRL of like-minded whites that would look out for one another after a collapse? Do you have any system that could lead or govern in place of your state or local government if they go belly-up? If so that's great for you, but the rest of us need more time to accomplish this.

We know they're all yids, and we know the goys are all compromised. Voting Republican won't save America. It just won't. What it will do, however, is give us enough time to save ourselves.

30b678  No.12264583

>self-identifying as a mob as a political statement

>in a system of governance specifically designed to limit the power of angry mob politics

The irony is thick and sweet.

7b3415  No.12264585

File: ba5be805a61ca5f⋯.jpg (153.87 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, mans got to know limitatio….jpg)





68feaa  No.12264593


correction: wipe the slate clean and format the party.

e54945  No.12264877

Increasingly? hahaha it's been fake bullshit for YEARS now. Same with Google 'news'. If you're this naive OP, you belong on reddit.

49fa5e  No.12264946

File: e70f2fb7edb2243⋯.jpg (26.53 KB, 673x586, 673:586, e70f2fb7edb22437e473b28019….jpg)

>votecucks ITT

like I'm gonna vote and all but if you think it does anything then you're a fucking retard

db3afd  No.12264953


>not doing it for the free cookie

786edf  No.12264954

File: a032f022561ef83⋯.png (218.94 KB, 720x697, 720:697, accelerationism.png)

71ae74  No.12264967


Funny, that picture is meant to antagonize and troll, and yet it actually raises some good points. Why should we keep voting for subhuman communist politicians that see us all as numbers and nothing more?

db3afd  No.12264976


You missed the point of that image entirely then.

f3358d  No.12265139


ab41c4  No.12265157


Because giving the shitskins power and authority will allow them to come for the white people who arent moving a finger even now as things are as bad as they are.

909279  No.12265194

File: 92cd5a8f5abc6dd⋯.png (75.19 KB, 400x400, 1:1, marx 3 zombie.png)


VOTE ON NOVERMBER 6th and watch the Demoncrates and their zombie army eat themselves.

65d3ae  No.12265218

Twitter isn't the only one purging. Got hit with a shadowban on Flipboard today too. (((They're))) running scared.

9395d4  No.12265235

Republicans don't do fucking jack shit to stop the tide of progressivism. Look at Trump, he won't go after fag marriage, he has kikes all over the White House, he wants more women and niggers into government to fucking ruin it forever and he won't even defend other Republicans, true conservatives.

79c59f  No.12265442

File: 1d44c110ca58f02⋯.jpg (36.48 KB, 368x332, 92:83, 1491022594998.jpg)


>tfw AL resident

I was already pissed that Jones got elected but the fact that the voter fraud was this blatant is infuriating me to the point of aneurysm.

43ac6b  No.12265445

File: 5b3c0d78b355550⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 324x324, 1:1, 5b3c0d78b355550af2c203fd20….jpg)


You're not seeing the forest for the trees. Even if the election results don't change the usual business the business-as-usual kikes get up to, this election is going to have an enormous impact on the American psyche. The results next month will be rewiring NPC thought/speech patterns for years to come. This election absolutely matters.

aad5de  No.12265449

Seriously why is anybody still using Twitter? It's so old school and outdated. Move over the Gab if you want a decent posting place for under 300 characters. I've been on Gab for over 2 years now, so glad I left Twitter and Facebook behind. I use Gab, MeWe, BitChute, and REAL .video. There are so many better options out there that are anti censorship, let those idiots keep their Echo chamber.

2e5073  No.12265452



>this is what don't vote, goyim, looks like in October 2018

All those sweet, organic buzzwords as usual.

62b702  No.12265502

>dont vote goyim

…every fucking thread. Goddamn kikes.

000000  No.12265889


gab bans tor users from browsing the site

twitter is still shit though

f9ec42  No.12266119


How is twitter being a leftists circle jerk news?

000000  No.12266135


each democrat hashtag gets daily over 1million retweets

000000  No.12266355


Alright, what is your idea? I am legitimately interested to know. I know this may be hard to believe, since your kike overlords want you to hate everyone you can't attack personally, but I have never been banned on /pol/. Even back in the ban-happy days of yore before you say it, no i won't post under my real ip

5d16f4  No.12267475



As bad as the republicans are I'm not going to let a coalburning public school teacher that promotes unions constantly on her twitter become my representative so I'll go vote.

000000  No.12267496



Until Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit.. are forced to respect free speech..


9395d4  No.12267507


I hate to break your little naive heart but your republicuck representative is the same thing

5d16f4  No.12267510


No, he's a degenerate but he doesn't fuck niggers, all his mistresses were white.

3c7a99  No.12267512


Bad logic. Not _all_ Republicans are traitors, and Democrats are just as much traitors to the country as they are enemies, but in their case it's 100% of them vs something less than 100% among Republicans. Sad for the most part the choice is shit either way though.

5d16f4  No.12267521

File: ac6a04654e6de7f⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1856x739, 1856:739, notgoingtobemyrepresentati….PNG)

Seriously, I'm not going to allow this mess to represent me.

720c89  No.12267526

File: 0c061a0ef57583f⋯.jpg (701.13 KB, 1920x941, 1920:941, liberal tears 2.jpg)

File: e5a9c93600f4ccd⋯.jpg (540.4 KB, 1920x1047, 640:349, Liberal tears.jpg)

File: 7e16610eedfe3a2⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TEARS EVERYWHERE.png)


The 2016 election gave us enough salt to last us for centuries to come.

And the liberal media makes sure to remind us every day.

That alone is motivation enough to vote in November.

cecf1a  No.12267527


>Malaysia Walker

Why do a large number of mtf trannies name themselves after Asian countries?

720c89  No.12267531


They're crypto weebs.

c653b3  No.12267532

File: ba9d05ab16af70d⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

This will surely turn the disenfranchised to their side.

c653b3  No.12267533


Fuck along off, this is hardly your home. /pol/ was the slowest to come here. You can head on right back, smallshow.

f324b5  No.12267549


Fucking disgusting.

c653b3  No.12268131

Attempting to think as a normalfag. Who even looks at trending but nobodies?

c653b3  No.12268140


Slow walk along back to cuckchan. I'd prefer raid twitter than your lowfag board. I was the anon that made /b/ know they were still pretty. You, you have no home.

bfa1a5  No.12268658


Giving them enough rope to hang themselves it seems. Build up undeniable evidence and use it against them later.

249faf  No.12268673

File: bb86e1935b3b42a⋯.jpg (32.41 KB, 753x520, 753:520, 1539298344562.jpg)


Loling at ur lyfe

14892f  No.12269034


Maybe you should stop being a kike shill.

14892f  No.12269039


>Trump personally shut down the investigation into voter fraud.


Also remember there is no more 1982 consent decree stopping GOP from investigating voter fraud.


14892f  No.12269043

File: 9ec437ec6f066e9⋯.jpg (6.35 KB, 180x180, 1:1, 1010998_810666202281787_16….jpg)


Found her campaign sign.

91e5b9  No.12269063


Didn't we play our cards right… when we voted Republican in 2016?

ae17a3  No.12269078


>Openly advocating for pure mob rule

Stupidest motherfuckers to ever exist

ae17a3  No.12269079


>It's what reddit wants!!!!

Jesus you kikes are fucking desperate

ae17a3  No.12269092

Also, here's a thought on "muh accelerationism" kikes

>Don't vote goy

>Let democrats win

>So things get worse for white people

>And white people "eventually" rise up and remove kikes when they're uncomfortable enough

Which is fucking retarded compared to:

>Vote so democrats lose

>Leftists get violent out of desperation and openly attack whites

>We have free reign to genocide them and their (((masters))) in self defense

Which one sounds like it "accelerates" more?

65407f  No.12269105


>if you let your enemies win, they lose

I wonder who is behind this post?

65407f  No.12269113


That’s our plan. Keep voting, keep doing online and rl activism. Never tire and never slacken from our core fundamental beliefs with 1488 at the center until we hit it. Doing nothing, does nothing.

000000  No.12269116


The accelerationism meme is retarded because they underestimate how much abuse white people will take. It's also nothing new, people thought people were going to snap when gay marriage would became legal, when we would elect a monkey for a president, etc. I honestly don't think the mass of people are going to snap, the jews have everyone in control with the slow boil. As long as the jews are in charge of the standard information of the people, we are going to be at a severe disadvantage. What does it matter if we have the truth on our side if no ones knows it and no one cares about it. The best thing we can do is to get people to care about this. You are not going to wake people up with the truth, you have to wake them up with emotion.

ca0461  No.12269117


Somebody should shop

Toll: Paid

fda6a8  No.12269443

File: 49d469eed840973⋯.gif (606.65 KB, 800x792, 100:99, 49d469eed840973a53ae883841….gif)


This is a fun time, we get to analyze some cutting edge psyops. Well, new stuff at the very least. I can't speak for all of us but I think we learned a lot from the 2016 election. I don't have the pics on this pc because I am a faggot. There was lots of interesting stuff going on with CTR and other agencies doing what hadn't been done on such a scale before. Some patterns emerged and I want to propose some theorys about modern shill techniques.

1.There is a neural network class of bots that have a massive corpus of data. With enough data it can respond uniquely and convincingly unless you look at hundreds of its posts to spot the pattern. A simple convincing exchange is very possible with lots of resources dedicated to the task. Very human and would even respond to being called out as a bot. Wouldn't be cheap to pay for all the database and processing power.

2.There are custom written shilling programs(pretty likely), which parse data through aws instead of using the websites actual interface. There could be a program which could allow a single operator to hop between 50 different accounts all logged in from a different IP. But in order to manage that without opening 50 browser windows, you have lots of servers with lots of IPs all report back to a single custom client. Then one guy can shill like 10. This avoids the inconsistency of outright bots and can be more subtle about things like board culture.

3.They use a hybrid approach(more likely than you think). They have neural network bots spouting the propaganda and then use some program to moniter the responses. That is pretty easy for a few people to do, if a bot gets called out or is being unconvincing a guy hops on and takes over. Then according to the black and white logic of someone either is or isn't a bot they vindicate the bots responses. This would also be a good way to build reputation on accounts before they are needed for an operation.

4.Good old shilling, one pajeet at one pc on one thread at a time. Any jew worth his nose would spend some shekles to improve this situation. We still see them however, maybe that can tell us something. For example which orgs don't have shill software.

I have no proof, this is conjecture based on what I have observed. This is the best time to observe the way people are manipulated. Have you anons seen anything interesting lately/have your own theorys? Small details can give us the upper hand and we can better combat internet psyops. Keep an eye out. And remember to vote because I know (((who))) that will trigger kek.

70fa6d  No.12269558


New news says Trump is going to legalize federal marijuana after the midterms and leave recreational up to states. Following through with campaign promises and keeping the train rolling.

Obongo promised legalization in his 2008 campaign and never did a thing.

Not a chance in hell Trump loses in 2020 after approving marijuana. Good luck to fake news calling him "far right" after this.

70fa6d  No.12269560


Federal medical marijuana that is

000000  No.12269564

Did a search this morning regarding breaking up google, facebook, twitter, and amazon. Was surprised to see this idea is gaining traction even in msm. Though it's mentioned Trump has made threats to amazon, nobody seriously thinks Republicans would follow through with anti-trust. Trying to sort out this strange irony in my head. Possibly these companies, seeing Democrats as their only threat, are trying to ingratiate themselves in the hopes any dedicated leftist who comes to power will leave them alone. Another possibility could be to give Democrats an issue that would deliver them popular support and political victory again. Nobody mainstream is suggesting nationalization which would really worry them, just a break into smaller companies.

Based anons should run as a Democrat using this popular issue. Remind people these companies are run by "russians". Conservatives might change their stance if they realize these companies are run by (((communists))) that left russia to run the USA. Q has dropped crumbs in this area, and unfortunately due to his rejection by pol culture, these things have not been followed up on. He asked who is Brin from google's father. This info has likely been scrubbed by now, but i did follow up that crumb and his father ran central planning in the ussr. In the recently leaked google video, Brin says he is a refugee. Kicked out of a nation once again. Notice communism ended there when this happened, and now they are doing the same thing here

23c786  No.12269583


>voting shifts the overton window!

no it doesn't. it's your approval of the cucked status quo in the face of marxists getting crazier.




Votecucks always play to strawmans and fearmongering so that you must play into their negative feedback loop or else the worst will happen. Trump has had TWO years with a majority Republican congress and courts that have decided in his favor, yet nothing significant other than bragging about black employment has occured. Most if not all of the major blows to our society has passed under Republicans, and it was cheered instead of opposed because it was passed by Republicans. A jew is literally Speaker of the House for the Republican party right now. Most of /pol/ is just now old enough to vote so they may not be used to getting backstabbed, but if Republicans keep their majority and still don't do anything significant, I want to dispel once and for all the myth of voting.

720c89  No.12269596

File: 1adc6f25cde84b8⋯.jpg (28.59 KB, 400x350, 8:7, 1539411679000.jpg)


A notable example of bot shilling in 4chan when mlpol went up. Almost like a storm clearing the fields, there were 0 shill threads.

>no blacked

>no drumpf btfo

>no open borders argument

It proves that most shills are bots. Another is when news comes up. That is when the bots start making slide threads to bury said info.

Made worse when the mods refuses to ban them as they had bought 4chan passes.

Also, the poster above me is a classic shill. Pissing off the oversensitive left is always a good move.

23c786  No.12269600


>self admitted crossposting scum from 4chan

>any knowledge on shills

720c89  No.12269612

File: 64218dcdf50e42b⋯.png (359.94 KB, 1280x738, 640:369, 1496550020534.png)


Thanks for bumping the thread, stupid shill.

e7dada  No.12269648

File: 85bd4f94c5022fb⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1275x743, 1275:743, d700244cc019df5fc8fdcb0f8d….png)

The Government is lost.

Let me repeat, the Government is lost. It will never again serve as an agent of our well being. Vote if you wish. Assertion of your will in any form is fine. But even a "red wave" will not ultimately help us. The future is in our own hands, and we must respect this truth. We cannot in any way afford to rely on the state to shed its insidious corruption, to pretend that we might even be slowing the forces working in favor of the destruction of our people.

Spend your energy in an effort of self-galvanization. Make yourself dangerous by any and all means. Buy your guns, but also be sure to study war. Study how civilization comes together, what strengthens and what weakens our collective dream. This world is dying. The foundation of our civilization has rotted, and sickening corruption and materialist decadence has taken hold of the souls of men. They are weak, and they will break. We must not. We must stand. Make yourself strong.

49f152  No.12269692


Well OP , I got give you credit for this thread not being slid to the bottom like all the rest of (stating the obvious) the Twitter threads.

Twitter is essentially a big news paper anymore with a very large guest opinion section filled in by Blue Checkmarks 90% of whom are MSM Journalists and Liberal Professors . We’ve been reduced to the commentary.

It started with 250 characters because the Left can’t meme they need to pontificate their opinions, then Blue Check Mark upper class, expanded Twitter moments, and finally the purges and shadowbans which aren’t necessary anymore since we’ve been decimated to the point of insignificance whereas we used to control or take over almost every thread on there.

I really suspect Soros money involved since Shareblue bots and Sockpuppet accounts have never been touched

dc367d  No.12269701


>you’re a cross-poster if you knew what happened on 4chan in 2014

This is how mentally defective jewish paid shills actually are.

4a8f08  No.12269726


I believe the time is now for a new leader to rise from amongst the general populace.

Not groomed or chosen into power by power but by force of will alone, like a juggernaut - crashing his way through.

Scooping up all freethinkers and NPC's alike, into the new throne.

I've foreseen the only way.

Whites and Asians, living in perfect harmony.

All other races must be eradicated.







This is the only way forward.

If we want benevolence for our children and their lineage - no longer can compromises be made.

The White Race cannot do this alone.

The Asians are coming with us.

Russian and China will kickstart the movement.

Refuse to fight and die a cowards death.

God hates a coward.

Enjoy eternal Hell, coward.

For those whom stand at the ready of this new paradigm, know this: Your loving progeny await in this shadowy future.

This is more reward than your current mind can possibly fathom.







4c903d  No.12269734

File: 13286d500329d5c⋯.jpg (526.39 KB, 805x1139, 805:1139, Kai Murros.jpg)

Who gives a shit? Where do you think the right is posting now? /pol/. All this is doing is radicalizing the left and right.

f6ea9c  No.12269738


Fucking BASED! I love worthless faggot stoners now!

f6ea9c  No.12269741


>Not _all_ Republicans are traitors,


23c786  No.12269751


> /mlpol/ April Fools prank


c'mon now, I know you're not that retarded


000000  No.12269758


Republicans will lose badly due to all the social media. You will see. This thread will still be up after the election.



bac988  No.12269777

bernie in the primaries caues fuck hrc, johnson in the general cause muh 3rd party. midterms red ticket all the way.

4a8f08  No.12269788



f6ea9c  No.12269816


>Q has dropped crumbs in this area, and unfortunately due to his rejection by pol culture, these things have not been followed up on. He asked who is Brin from google's father. This info has likely been scrubbed by now, but i did follow up that crumb and his father ran central planning in the ussr

Fake news. And reported for Qlarp. Keep it in your retard containment board.

fda6a8  No.12271382

File: 59be27cb30f32b2⋯.png (239.63 KB, 601x469, 601:469, 59be27cb30f32b2adf15d31f1e….png)


That is awesome, makes you wonder if a countermeasure is simpler than we think. Maybe we just shuffle some rules around or change a bit of html. I think banning amazon AWS/ digital ocean IPs would be a start. Sure they would get around it eventually but that would take time and some bots might not work properly even with a patch because they are written quick and dirty.

>Also, the poster above me is a classic shill.

Yeah, he is interesting, I am making a pattern matching program based on his/their 10,000 autistic posts. They stick out and are good data to experiment with. If I can't match him then I know I am doing something really wrong.


It is important to look everywhere, it is the same shills/agencies on 4chan reddit twitter..

806b4d  No.12271416


>kike media is kiked

Wow! who knew?

79cf2d  No.12272019


who gives a fuck if twatter becomes a left wing containment board, twatter has always been garbage like this thread.


58177d  No.12273361

Egads the boomers queers are just as annoying. Just wanted a place to relax and sleep

06fd1f  No.12273432

File: bc725824c5b7984⋯.jpeg (59.23 KB, 560x373, 560:373, jews.jpeg)

File: eb28c98bb486054⋯.jpg (26.53 KB, 210x300, 7:10, jew behind the curtain.jpg)


>not be voting this year

>like a good goy

5d16f4  No.12273466


Its 3 and has been known for years since Project Metal Gear became public knowledge(yes there's actually an intelligence project whose name is ripped straight from a video game, probably chose it because people would be naturally dismissive of it)

645c28  No.12273693

File: 3ac4e1c624aab4a⋯.png (1.27 KB, 113x29, 113:29, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2b14d6a847d96b9⋯.png (200.63 KB, 581x477, 581:477, ClipboardImage.png)

Even more evidence that Twitter is attempting to influence the elections. Ohio senator debate trendline is utterly dominated with support for Sherrod Brown (D). You hardly even know that he's debating Jim Renacci (R). What tweets there are for Renacci are negative.

For those of you who are super confident that the dems are going to lose big in November, you may want to re-evaluate the situation we're currently in before making that assessment.


055e3a  No.12273700

File: eb6d143254be7a0⋯.png (5.5 KB, 51x54, 17:18, pol.PNG)



Your shekel has been deposited into your bank account.

645c28  No.12273729

File: ceffd3509f17564⋯.png (123.76 KB, 903x479, 903:479, ClipboardImage.png)


And also observe how only Sherrod Brown is listed as a related search. He's also two out of three entries under "Who to follow". Renacci is the other, but it's likely you don't even know who he is due to the lack of promotion.

e4dc1c  No.12274182

File: f63f1e74fccb4ce⋯.webm (11.77 MB, 720x540, 4:3, athf boston bomb scare.webm)

a0fca9  No.12282716

File: 04f818cbfe12c53⋯.png (146.6 KB, 1058x794, 529:397, 02_of_12_-_Weaknesses_in_t….png)


Nice to see a more level-headed post ITT. I think number 3 would be the most rational one to assume, as it offers the best trade-off for cost and efficiency. Whether or not you're familiar with CultState, he has made some great speculations (or analysis) on machine learning and it's deployment here, as well as vectors for disrupting these processes and forcing expensive human involvement wherever possible.


What I do wonder is, considering the multitude of other tech/political leaks that we've seen over the years, why nothing in this field has been exposed (to my knowledge). For example, the software you hypothesise of. Or anything specifically tying people to shilling on here or other forums.

If anyone can link me to such leaks I may have missed, I'd love to see them.

04051a  No.12283463


Are you for real?

abd1da  No.12283497

File: fb9004011974559⋯.png (340.3 KB, 374x473, 34:43, dreddface.png)


<reward the republican party for being useless

>don't vote

<reward the democratic party for being tenacious


<keep democrats out of office

>don't vote

<keep republicans out of office


>don't vote

<kikes get into office

It's almost like there's something else we should be doing altogether.

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