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File: 565453ffa61ac0a⋯.jpg (37.91 KB, 840x480, 7:4, Veritas Undercover Footage….jpg)

b22cb2  No.12264031

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9bjb46FtG0

BACKUP: https://www116.zippyshare.com/v/BueDclyC/file.html

Staffers for Tennessee Democratic candidate Phil Bredsen admitted to undercover investigators that the supposedly moderate politician was lying to his base about supporting then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in order to pander to his base.

The admissions were revealed in a 10 minute video released Wednesday night by James O'Keefe of Project Veritas.

In the video, Bredsen campaign field organizer Will Stewart calls residents of Tennessee "ignorant" - claiming that his boss only announced support for Kavanaugh to earn political points among voters.

"So he’ll lose voters if he says yes [to not confirming Kavanaugh?]" asks the Veritas journalist.

"Oh, straight up, yeah," Stewart responds.

"Are the people of Tennessee that ignorant?" asks the Veritas mole.

"Yeah," Stewart says.

The undercover operative then feigns confusion as to whether Bredsen would actually vote for Kavanaugh, to which Stewart replies: "He wouldn’t. But he’s saying he would… Which I don’t know if it makes it worse or better," adding that the lie actually "makes it better."

Another staffer, Maria Amalla, confirmed - "…It's a political move.. He thinks that like we're down like half a point right now. It’s like really close and we’re losing by a point or two. So he thinks that if like by saying this he’s appealing to more moderate republicans and he’ll get more of them to vote for us."

"I guess we won't know until November 6th if this was worth it," she added.



b22cb2  No.12264040

Veritas strikes again!

c0cc0a  No.12264044

"I was lying about lying to get their vote; I didn't really want those votes!"

1a77b4  No.12264047

File: 00cd1012d00b8b0⋯.jpg (194.16 KB, 485x829, 485:829, Screenshot_20181011-132359.jpg)

Totally not gonna backfire… totally.

9da4f4  No.12264051

He looks like McCain, S, with a pig nose.

9f0f80  No.12264063


The hits just keep on coming; and this one like the others was out-of-the-park

>It still makes no sense what motivates the Left, now fully ensconced in ultra-lunatic-level liberalism

>the Dems, et. al. of the Left end of the political spectrum has not yet figured out that the 'Deplorable' end of the political spectrum is doing "well" specifically because the Left end of the political spectrum decide to skip wading into the NPC abyss, and just dove into the deep end believing that they're safe because somehow, magically they're doing "the right thing" historically despite the #MeToo crowd standing on the shore of the abyss attempting to save them from drowning in Lake lunacy

e5b6a9  No.12264088

Isn't Bredsen also running in this years midterm election?

It would be so unfortunate if this gets spread out right before the elections.

444885  No.12264092

File: 7b5057b8a272a1f⋯.mp4 (13.23 MB, 640x360, 16:9, veritas-1.mp4)

>VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9bjb46FtG0

>BACKUP: https://www116.zippyshare.com/v/BueDclyC/file.html

444885  No.12264096

File: f25258644d5bf7e⋯.mp4 (13.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, veritas-2.mp4)

5c6f5f  No.12264097

b85799  No.12264103

06c6da  No.12264104




5c6f5f  No.12264109


Actually the audio on this is desynced to shit m8

444885  No.12264116


this is what happens when your lazy with ffmpeg and do a video codec copy but re-encode audio to fit. i'm doing it again

a118b8  No.12264123

File: 0ac54f3f1d15a91⋯.jpg (71.79 KB, 600x460, 30:23, Boring.jpg)


Oh, look…a Democrat lying to the voters.

There's something you don't see every…ZZZZzzzzz…zzzzz…

fddfb5  No.12264130


Upload all of his videos on Bitchute

fabb85  No.12264136






dd9821  No.12264138


Kill yourself, yid.

9da4f4  No.12264141


You seem upset.

dd9821  No.12264149

You can shill for jews elsewhere moshe.

444885  No.12264150

File: 8938d99018b6843⋯.mp4 (13.71 MB, 640x360, 16:9, veritas-1.mp4)





improved version

not doing webm because it would take 30 minutes

444885  No.12264153

File: 2fd34ba237f6ddf⋯.mp4 (15.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, veritas-2.mp4)

9da4f4  No.12264196

File: c71ec0a690cdcc7⋯.jpg (187.53 KB, 549x563, 549:563, 1353460339652.jpg)

>thread gets posted

>street shitter spammer shows up immediately after

000000  No.12264205

Holy shit. Bumping because Pajeet is sperging out right now.

9da4f4  No.12264217

Fun fact, in Chattanooga alone street shitters own over a quarter of all the real estate. If you go to a Sam's Club store, or any bulk store I'd imagine, it's nothing but them buying shit to mark up individually at their own stores propped up by tax paid grants, which is illegal by the way.

081e39  No.12264231

Awesome! He said they have more to come too! lol

687533  No.12264248


That new shilling technique crashed and burned FAST. Not that anyone was buying it, but now there's no point in them even trying.

081e39  No.12264261


Yah, I don't believe in 'coincidences' like that either.

081e39  No.12264305


Holy shit this guy needs to be defeated then.

9da4f4  No.12264319


I live close enough to TN that I get to hear the guy's ads and he made a massive fuck up that I'm sure will cost him the election. His opponent said he gave illegal immigrants driver's licenses while he was governor. Pretty heavy shit, right? Well, guess what his rebuttal was. He said, and I quote word for word "I was not governor when that happened". Yes, he flat out admitted to it happening like a complete dumbass.

dc0320  No.12264425


Expect the ex-polvol2 to try to wreck this thread now.

3d5508  No.12264434

File: a2fe37e48732960⋯.jpg (34.12 KB, 603x603, 1:1, pepe taylor love.jpg)


Swarm Tay Tay's twitter with this.

cdf3d6  No.12264439


Just so people are aware, the "BOOM!" reference in the OP is related to the Q Mossad propaganda narrative. OP is trying to insert it quietly and cryptically.

4db0ad  No.12264553

Another revelation that Trump will ignore. America is a country of NPCs.

901828  No.12264573

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I like this meme, we need to spread it on colleges!

b85799  No.12264611




so organic i can taste the grass

e37838  No.12264699

This is the asshole Taylor wants people to vote for? Some liar? She chose this bridge to die on lmao.

9da4f4  No.12264774


Oh boy I missed that. The damage control must have been juicy.

41e36f  No.12264799

File: 18355582f021e7d⋯.jpg (38.66 KB, 476x600, 119:150, tayposters.jpg)


Fuck that cunt.

62be40  No.12264860

When did this place turn into Breitbart?

67f431  No.12264878


When the shitskins took control.

7e57f2  No.12264881

Bump, bump it up!

af814e  No.12264885


Uh, no. "Boom!" "Good!" "Bad!" "Bang!" are all standard headline 'memes' from /n/ This OP was from /n/

cdf3d6  No.12264921


No. It's crypto Q posting. Filtered.

8b2cf0  No.12264931

It’s great that Veritas is putting in the work. Surprised there aren’t more people trying to catch people out on this shit. There’s surely bigger stories they could blow.

af814e  No.12265096


Go ahead and deny it all you want. I CAN prove you wrong very easily. Check the catalog at /n/ and search for "Good!", you'll see multiple headlines like that going back for weeks. Check endchan.xyz/news/ too, where there are TONS more just like it (w/ archives going back 2 years!)

In fact, here is a copypasta from someone on /n/:

"Good" "Bad!" "Boom!" and "Wham!" is all one person hyping up the titled headlines. Actually this is as AMERICANA as you can get.

Most people don't remember newspapers back in the day (40s and 50s) with headlines like "Shocking! Crazed Man Stabs Wife To Death!" … that was what many regular news headlines looked like during the Americana era!

5869cb  No.12265104


It's almost as if jews completely control both sides and voting for their puppets isn't going to accomplish anything. But now, that can't be it, we just have to vote harder.

4e51c5  No.12265171

File: fb5f9cb79878783⋯.jpg (10.5 KB, 320x213, 320:213, guy.jpg)


white people selling out white people on behalf of jews. i hate this fucking world.

a38577  No.12265177


>This is the asshole Taylor wants people to vote for? Some liar? She chose this bridge to die on lmao.

while I wait for the call to arms I'm happy to watch stupid celebrities bounce off the Trump halogen and burst into flame. Swift must've set some sort of record for crashing and burning her cred.

Michael Moore, that slow motion landslide in human form, was probably utilising underhanded tricks similar to Bredesen when he admitted the left had been outsmarted by Trump.

What concerns me about jews getting kicked out of so many countries is the question: why have we continually failed to wipe them out? It is as if they organise that entire process themselves through smoke and mirrors. Maybe, despite my growing emotional investment in Trump (not even a burger but there is something esoteric happening and he is at the eye of it all), we are watching a version of that process play out now.

one last thing, I keep seeing anons moaning about Trump not speaking out on behalf of white men, but I don't think he needs to do it. White men with a functioning spine don't need a fucking #metoo spotlight, let him concentrate on rubbing the bellies of all the other ethnicities who seem to need this validation. It fucking disgusts me that there are people who aren't comfortable in their own skin, no matter the hue.

yet another last thing; here's a thought, we reincarnate (perhaps) and if all of us are `human' (maybe, not looking good for some of you fucking lizards) then we can only reincarnate into the bodies available. If those available bodies are predominantly african/chinese/indian due to demographic irresponsibility whites need to congregate in one safe spot and MOAB everything else to avoid coming back as a streetshitting dogeating nigger with a machete.

317cde  No.12265195


It's just circus like Bill Clinton's impeachment. Trump doesn't speak on behalf of white men because he is too busy doing ass stretching exercises to cram in more mutilated kosher dicks.

9da4f4  No.12265202


There's an old I think Tibetan but not sure proverb that goes something along the lines of "man with tainted soul reincarnated with darker skin".

9da4f4  No.12265203


What a graphically detailed explanation of situation. Says more about you than him really,

01a612  No.12265215


Once, I showed up at a gas station in Chatt late at night, and when the pajeet at the door turned me away I had to do a double take. Just running a Kwik-E Mart on a busy street they had two Maseratis and a Range Rover.

317cde  No.12265268

File: 24492bc0c4556f9⋯.jpg (105.51 KB, 1198x912, 599:456, test.jpg)


>You are a ray of sunshine in a world of stankmonkeys

I'm flattered. Thanks, Freud.

38227c  No.12265347

BOOM! Every Q-anon has been waiting for these revelations. Let's hope that the Q-Critical-Mass becomes active for the sake of the planet, of the people, of the US experiment

d87c75  No.12265407


>Phil Bredsen

well, he voted against Kavanaugh. i guess /pol/ will just have to make sure the electorate hears about all of this

38227c  No.12265495


or not tho … maybe not

5869cb  No.12265538


I hate boomers so much.

8d0809  No.12265562


Tennanon reporting for duty. Voting for Bill Lee as his platform is unintentionally very pro white. Both Senate choices are kiked to the core though.

c5ad91  No.12265808


>There's an old I think Tibetan but not sure proverb that goes something along the lines of "man with tainted soul reincarnated with darker skin".

I've read something similar and have been tempted to throw that around just for the enjoyment of watching ethnic heads explode. A few years ago the manager of an international football team lost his position for suggesting cripples in this timeline were sinners in an earlier life.

Last night I was reading a thread here that mentioned blacks leaving africa and eventually crossing a land bridge to become the Abos of Australia. All I've ever seen is people mention the first africans `left' africa but factoring in what I've read here I wouldn't be surprised if the first `africans' that left africa were fucking neanderthal jews getting kicked out for acting like niggers.

0ca875  No.12265841


> blacks will read a wall of text

0ca875  No.12265852


Remember when mainstream news outlets did actual investigative journalism.

15311b  No.12265929


Please explain to my why he's running for the Senate if, as his supporters are saying in that secret video, he's only in for one term and then out?

He's a quick stopgap where there was no one else of stature to run?

It's another punch on his ticket of things to do?

15311b  No.12265965


>What concerns me about jews getting kicked out of so many countries is the question: why have we continually failed to wipe them out?

The jews are nomads, herdsmen by nature. We are stay put farmers by nature.

They are the champion nomads because they learned how to master Asia. They have travelled the trade routes between China and India and the Mediterranean for over three thousand years, sending advanced manufactured goods like silks, brocades and even sophisticated metallurgy westwards, and specie and slaves eastwards.

Most of us westerners don't even begin to comprehend the complexity and depth and sheer breadth of this network of trade and diplomacy and intrigue. Seriously, how many Americans in the street can locate Afghanistan on a world map without labels?

And the amazing thing is that everything that's going on right now is still the same "great game" that's been played for 3 to 4 thousand years or more with Syria and Afghanistan and Iran all at the center of this historic world drama.

Everyone is oblivious to this. It's about titty grab at a drunken party 35 years ago. We're experts on that.

d87c75  No.12265996


>When did this place turn into Breitbart?

you probably don't remember bc you weren't here, but there was always a huge conflict about whether kikebart and anherohedge were valid sources

3ee3cb  No.12265999


Take a hike, kike!

df6ea2  No.12266007


>blacks will read

Fixed that for you anon

177041  No.12266301


what about the entire state of conneticut ?

what about the corruption surrounding the Charlottesville even in Viriginia ?


9da4f4  No.12266724

Bumping for visibility.

f937f8  No.12267194


fae6fd  No.12267259

ce76ce  No.12267304

File: 400238030ec52dd⋯.jpg (92.37 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 915cf31c1f922d5085c4a20253….jpg)

>tfw Tennessean

>tfw Marsha Blackburn's scummy ass is the only other option

Even the independent options are pretty shit. One is an edgy anarchist that used V for Vendetta footage in his campaign video to put things in perspective. The best independent candidate is a states' rights pro-life guy but unfortunately a massive zogbot by the looks of it. I probably wouldnt even bother showing up if it werent for the Congressional ticket having a bad goy on it.

25e342  No.12269009

>believing a democrat


e39d9e  No.12269146

File: 861ba594f5b6605⋯.jpg (752.77 KB, 903x1530, 301:510, 1-d2dcabafd4.jpg)




>okeef has a lot of drama and production but nothing ever happens but low lvl faggots resign and he simply exposes things that dont have an impact or arent already known

>veritas was solely pushed to cover over any search for william coopers Veritas Newspaper as the alternative media was gaining traction because of the 2008 heller vs DC case which solidified 2nd amendment rights as personal weaponry

>2008 is when the pimp video of acorn came out, but if you searched veritas, heller vs dc, 2nd amendment, constitutional rights ect william cooper and hour of the time were some of the first results

project veritas is funded by mostly jews as you would guess

these are the 2 biggest donors

>Nina Rosenwald/ William Rosenwald Family Fund, major donors to American Jewish and Zionist organizations, and she has also funded a number of conservative political groups and candidates

>Koch brothers and others through various charitable orgs owned by the koch bros

25e342  No.12269156

File: 1ba3e5344689f4f⋯.jpg (82.45 KB, 850x400, 17:8, carpet muncher.jpg)


Thanks, Rachel.

e39d9e  No.12269159

File: 0c42b58e77eac7e⋯.jpg (867.03 KB, 903x1523, 903:1523, 5-1353b91640.jpg)


this doesnt make sense as a reply

25e342  No.12269166


And what makes a newspaper in 1995 be involved with this threads discussion?

That Phil Bredsen didn't lied and all of Veritas videos are a Jewish scam?

000000  No.12269171


>the jews are herdsmen

No. The European people are. Herding culture and cultures of honor are European. Honor is European. The jewish has no honor.

>they are the champion

No. The jewish champion nothing.

>they master asia

No. The jewish are masters to none.

>for over three thousand years

The jewish were invented by an arab in the first century. Only 50% of the jewish are from this family line. The rest are Haplogroup G, Poos, or actual Africans.

>sophisticated metallurgy westwards

The ancient Celtic people are the source of all metallurgy, especially the creation of bronze and steel alloy, thousands of years before the jewish existed.

>3 to 4 thousand years

>or more

Barely 2,000 years.

>we are stay put farmers

Learn about how the henges were used.

e39d9e  No.12269172

File: 81076f21fc53f0a⋯.jpg (854.31 KB, 904x1536, 113:192, 7-87c8df7926.jpg)


>"That Phil Bredsen didn't lied and all of Veritas videos are a Jewish scam?"

yes veritas is like infowars thats it exactly i couldnt have said it better

i said why they were related in my first post, u have potato blood in ur veins

25e342  No.12269193


<but look at those newspapers, totally debunks everything about the dems, the media and commies being lying rats

You sure are trying.

e39d9e  No.12269234

File: 47ef85b67442205⋯.jpg (880.96 KB, 903x1530, 301:510, 9-7d2db14a76.jpg)


i didnt say that, why are you so desperate to put words in my mouth?

dc07ba  No.12269359

This seems to be a big desperation attempt. You pretend to vote for a republician supreme court judge to garner more moderate votes - yet at the same time you gonna lose leftie votes.

If this goes even remotely viral, it's gonna backfire so hard.

75682f  No.12269395

Of course he lied. It is very simple at this point: ANYONE and everyone who is connected to the Democrat party no longer values western beliefs and are either socialists, communists, or Maoists and support the behavior of ANTIFA, BAMN, etc. They are enemies of the west and unless the POTUS has them dealt with during his terms we will be in big trouble once he leaves.

59e603  No.12271361


>Trump's face the whole time.

This is the definition of a dog and pony show.

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