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File: 3b112e445d9b0a3⋯.png (265.44 KB, 340x453, 340:453, 1206053811681.png)

700165  No.12264395

NPCs and Politics: A review on currently trending memetic devices.

I am quite pleased to observe this meme gaining traction in the normie-sphere. I myself do not subscribe nor register to any of these communities, or any for that matter, so I am only a silent observer.

If any anons are aware of my previous post I had submitted a commentary titled "NPC Political Landscape: Where useful idiots and politics intersect with Education and Critical Thinking skills."

The replies to this thread were quite enlightening, exploring lemming mentality more so. I feel I had gain deeper insights into why only the most fringe groups of the left fight the hardest. In the lemming mentality when base needs are met the needs become increasingly degenerate. The parallels here are obvious to anyone; Now that the "degenerate" minorities (not ethnic) have there basic and there degenerate needs filled they will fight to maintain this newly minted status quo.

It is also understood NPCs or Lemming Mentality individuals can not change, they seek an authority which will continue provide to them that which they have become accustomed. Recently Hillary Clinton had been interviewed by some NPC programed with a list of statements and questions and simple branch logic of question. One of her statements which has been making the rounds was “You can not be civil with a political party thats wants to destroy what you care for”



Was she talking about democrats not being civil?

In a 9/2018 Gallup poll Hillary Clinton was only rated has bottomed out at 36% Favorability among Americans. Her rating has not changes since the last time Gallup did this poll in 12/2017

New poll


Old poll


Or is Hillary Clinton speaking to the leftest fringe groups and other NPCs/Lemming Mentality to which she is still somehow view favorably because she tells them all what they want to hear.

You may be wondering why I brought up Hillary up, as vomit inducing as it is. This all circles back to the NPC meme and its effectiveness in disrupting precanned thought processes OR triggering a moment of critical thinking.

You see, dear anon, I believe we are dealing with Tiers of NPCs divided by the level of needs being met by “The system” or the democratic legacy media/social media scheme. From what I can tell there are 3 levels of NPCs.


700165  No.12264398

File: 5acc04bc91b9034⋯.jpg (49.99 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 1021163.jpg)

Level 1 – Most extreme

NPC degenerate who identifies as a social progressive, most likely uses drugs and engages in degenerate sexual activities and is socially reinforced by social media echo chambers. Most notable characteristic of the Level 1 NPC is young age, pushed though a public education system where they were not able to gain full control of there critical thinking skills and is not prepared for failure or the fact that they could be wrong from a lifetime of coddling and participation trophies. This makes for the perfect NPC pawn

Level 2 – Loud and engaged

NPC seeking validation, identifies as democrat, most likely condones the use of drugs or degenerate sexual activities. Ideas socially reinforced by social media echo chamber to a lesser degree but further reinforced by legacy media echo chambers. Most notable characteristic of the level 2 NPC is the older age, passed though education system which which had not been compromised which allowed development of critical thinking skills but due to lifetime of singular source of information, legacy media, information bias has occurred. Competitive activities are not necessarily founded upon but in the new age of social media needing to belong to a groups, much like they were in high school, satisfies a sense of self worth which they are likely not getting outside of the social media group.

Level 3 – proletariat of the DNC

NPCs which have been swept up, but not necessarily agree with, the extreme agenda of the far-left. Likely interested in politics and “Leans” Democrat. Likely does not condone the use of drugs as it is illegal, Likely condones homosexual behavior but would not want someone else's sexuality thrown in there face. Ideas socially reinforced by social media out of a sense of wanting to be a part of the group. Likely does not consume information via legacy media however likely to consume entrainment from legacy media. Most notable characteristic of the level 3 NPC is the degree to which they are aware of the fact that there own believes do not fully mesh with those of there peers in there social media groups. But out of a need to belong, humans being social animals, tend to keep these ideas to themselves. There is no age group for these NPCs. This is the bulk of the democratic party.

You may be wondering about my choice of “Proletariat” for level 3 NPCs. Simply put since I expect these types of NPCs to be of the least usefulness to the democrats and the far-left. There value to them only goes as far as there usefulness to the DNC, the lowest level of usefulness is not voting.

Level 3 NPCs is where we see the most defections from the left. Memetic devices as redpills are also most effective on these NPCs. And this is where the NPC meme starts to come together for us. But I have not been the only one to notice its effectiveness.

Here we have Hillary Clinton being carted around and spouting off nonsense like in the video link above. This is to reinforce the level 1 and 2 NPCs. Why are they using her?

Because she is the only meme the left has that is effective. Runners up being false sexual abuse stories, accusations of racism. Honorable mention to fake news stories retracted in less then 24 hours.

Legacy media and politics have been using memes for years and years and years and now the cat is out of the bag and it turns out they are not as good at it as anon here. So they get this stumbling, drunkin slab of beef to tune up the resistance because they think thats gonna work, somehow, in the favor.

Personally, I am off the opinion that one should not interrupt there enemy when they are making an error. As far as this November is concerned, they might as well be falling on there own sword in slow motion.

6a70c4  No.12264427

bump. this is my favorite meme

ce93ae  No.12264444


I don't believe if someone is an NPC it has any particular sway if someone is left/right on the jewish political spectrum. The jews run both sides and force you to pick one out of hate for the other. I'd posit that there are just as many NPCs within the republican camp as there are the democrat camp.

700165  No.12264459


I agree with you completely. 25% of humans are capable of internal monologue. that leaves 75% would fall into the NPC category as scary as that sounds.

f42e97  No.12264464


It's hard to take in your ideas over the blatant narcissism in your essay. You said "I" who knows how many times.

I also significantly disagree with this

>It is also understood NPCs or Lemming Mentality individuals can not change,

You have missed the most powerful aspect of the NPC meme. In the SJW's and normalfag's fear of dehumanization by the meme's sight, they must ask themselves if they are an NPC as well. The meme initiates self questioning, which progresses to cultural questioning and breakdown of the media stranglehold.

700165  No.12264468


You half to go back


Fuck nice quads, missed that

54eca9  No.12264474


That's only if they have the capacity to do that. Most people would actually disregard as like a trend. We know that memes are more than that, but that is how the majority of people view it as.

9a96d5  No.12264479

File: 63709f78da78df7⋯.jpg (15.48 KB, 490x480, 49:48, 63709f78da78df7d0d3cd3a380….jpg)


Checked for truth.



Fuck off faggot, high energy posts like OP's need to be encouraged. One sentence OP's are retard tier.

700165  No.12264485


These are only my opinions. How can i be narcissist if you can only judge me by my ideas here.

the NPC meme itself derives from an ongoing conversation into the percentile of people who are capable of "internal monologue" there have been several threads here on 8pol on this where the most basic conclusion is that thoes not capable are NPCs. How the memes evolove from there is beyond any single users grasp.

I choose to share my my thoughts, as anonymous, to only be judge by my thoughts and further my own understanding.

700165  No.12264488

File: 2209d30be6ed857⋯.jpeg (870.02 KB, 1680x936, 70:39, shillfear.jpeg)






They're Afraid.

3ce86d  No.12264491

File: 1a73bdf9c8fd627⋯.jpg (55.76 KB, 640x619, 640:619, i dont know cheef.jpg)


hate the way you write, OP. But the entire point of the NPC is to point out that they need to learn to use their inner-voice and develop inner-dialog. Their inner-logos. You made it about Democrats but that's now where it ends. Republicans, especially Christians are just as bad. It's the same control mechanisms of herd mentality.

Vote on November 6th to fuck with the Commies.

But dont ignore the facts.

700165  No.12264492


Thanks for reading it all the same. I'm not a writer.

54eca9  No.12264498


Honestly, it is either you have it or not. As a kid, I always talked to myself even today and I have a physical manifestation for practically everything in life. A lot of the adults hate when I do it growing up, but looking back I am glad that I kind of have it with addition of inner-ear via jukebox/ambiance and visualization.


Kids do it all the time, but as they get older they lose that skill. There should be a methodology to encourage it via implementing some critical thinking or decision-making courses.

700165  No.12264504


This was the point I was trying to make with a post I previously made on this subject but some anon pointed out it could be lemming mentality and posted a nice info graphic on the subject, maybe if were lucky he will post it again. Its worth consideration.

938dfd  No.12264505

back to cuckchan

ffa0dc  No.12264506

I'm torn between

>this is my favorite meme


>not your blog

OP didn't say anything enlightening or new. But this anon has a point.

>high energy posts like OP's need to be encouraged.


Because you write like a long winded narcissist.

>I am quite pleased to observe

>I myself do not subscribe

>I am only a silent observer.

I'm not telling you to fuck off. I'm saying, cut the cruft, write in your voice, and dont strive to be an imageboard eceleb. You are trying to sound like a guru, but I just want to know what your new ideas are. Still good job because this is a shit ton better than news article threads.

700165  No.12264508


Fair enough, thanks for the advice. I will take it to heart.

1c2ce3  No.12264522


>This all circles back to the NPC meme and its effectiveness in disrupting precanned thought processes OR triggering a moment of critical thinking.

This perfectly articulates the power of the meme. It doesn't matter if the reader believes it or not, but he is subconsciously being forced to self-evaluate when he hears of it. Really powerful stuff.

98ee94  No.12264523

No matter what you post or how your write, there's always going to be complaints. If you change anything, another bunch of autists will find something else to complain about.

1c2ce3  No.12264525

Oh, and yeah, you type like a retarded reddit reject, OP. Lurk for two years before making another thread.

1c2ce3  No.12264527


>double spaces

ffa0dc  No.12264528


Self actualization to an active consciousness is like reading. Some are good at it and others are bad. As families we need to teach our kids to have inner questions. Otherwise if its silent, the Rachel Maddow is asking the questions.


>used to talk to myself when I was a kid

Think now with phones and tablets. There are no more imaginary friends. No more silence in rooms with a toy. If you've got a slinky you are playing with for hours, soon your going to ask yourself why is it curly, then why did I ask myself its curly, to why am I asking this without my voice.


I believe NPC is very different from the lemming infographic, but they can overlap.

dddb65  No.12264543

File: 020cfbc8387bea7⋯.jpg (34.01 KB, 474x557, 474:557, am i a replicant.jpg)


> In the SJW's and normalfag's fear of dehumanization by the meme's sight, they must ask themselves if they are an NPC as well.

dddb65  No.12264549


>shut it down, goyim

Many of us don't ever go there. So, why do you seem to know it belongs there? Maybe you're the one who needs to go back.

dddb65  No.12264554


Lots of butthurt english teachers here it seems. I come for the meat, not Joyce Carol Oates critiquing the style, faggot.

938dfd  No.12264556



>green anon

>double spacing

>no u r the cuckchanner

dddb65  No.12264559


>muh reddit spacing

Complains but doesn't contribute. Filtered.

938dfd  No.12264572


You're just mad people aren't accepting your shitty 4chan thread that tries to makes you sound smart and original when in reality it isn't.

dddb65  No.12264575


>thinks I'm OP

Retards get filtered too.

0af19e  No.12264577

File: 7c77d09635a650c⋯.png (1.47 MB, 4472x2824, 559:353, 7c7[1].png)

700165  No.12264579

File: c572d31d6d6809f⋯.jpg (127.45 KB, 737x737, 1:1, efff1cbc075144915721efa8c4….jpg)


>I believe NPC is very different from the lemming infographic, but they can overlap.

Agree and i believe the overlap is the most extreme far-left NPCs fighting to defend there degenerate ways as a lemming would. Wish i saved that graphic…


I go everywhere. Why not? It all connects back to the individual the same way and we filter out the information as we see fit. I feel like their is a lain quote in there somewhere.


What makes this a 4chan thread? 4chan is nothing like it was but many anons started from there and migrated outwards.

dddb65  No.12264581


>oy vey goyim

See >>12264488

03a7a2  No.12264586


Digits confirm, and so does the shilling. It's always a good sign when the shills swarm. OP is well done, and the NPC meme is pretty goddamn apparent. Of course it's not meant literally, which people do (most of them probably shills or retards) and infuriating.

And on OP's post, I'm curious is there I wonder if NPCs talk to themselves a lot? I don't think so, but I do, and I do have a inner """voice""", but I talk out loud often, any one have any opinions or possibilities on this?? I'm not too worried, since I'm pretty much not like most of the NPCs I know.

0af19e  No.12264587

>kikechan nigger triggers a filter


dddb65  No.12264590


My only problem is with the shills/tards that discourage new and interesting content. The three level NPC is something I've seen too. The real reason I don't go to cuckchan is because of the massive leftist shilling and because you can't post from a VPN.

700165  No.12264594


Ah! That is an interesting question.

1c2ce3  No.12264598


>literally aggressively reddit spaces, as if to say "look at me goyim, i don't give a single fuck about even trying to fit in!"


dddb65  No.12264600


>literally aggressively reddit spaces

This is a bot.

700165  No.12264601


Yeah that no posting from a VPN is a real killer. And here I thought the three level npc idea was OC. Guess i missed that one.

1c2ce3  No.12264604


>since I'm pretty much not like most of the NPCs I know.

<i'm not like all the other girls

Do you realize you just regurgitated the literal line that whores give out? You're fucking braindead. Get the fuck out of here.

fe9a27  No.12264605




32de70  No.12264606


The main issue is that it doesn’t use the general language of the board, it comes across as a foreigner coming and trying to lecture, its why you’re receiving the low level hostility

54eca9  No.12264610

File: 4902d05753144a4⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1468x7317, 1468:7317, 1538888032224.png)


Maybe, the average individual's inner voice is based on their own experiences, but what is given to them like mainstream media and aggressive advertising. Here's the info-graphic for you.

54eca9  No.12264616


*is not.

0b1f94  No.12264629


My old roommate was a classic Level 1 NPC. Bob Marley tapestries and posters from his favorite MLB and NFL team on the wall. He collected all the whiskey bottles he ever drank on his window sill. Smoked weed, drank and took aderall every day. We didn't have cable so he bought some expensive sports package so he could watch every sportsball game he wanted (which was every day after work, practically). Never had a serious relationship and was fucking random whores from Tinder every weekend. He didn't follow politics outside of what HuffPo or CNN article popped up on his Facebook feed, and one time said to me completely unironically "I don't get why Americans think socialism is such a bad thing. Like it's bad to take care of people". I tried to feed him very small redpills one time but he was so indoctrinated he would completely shut down, get mad, and drop the conversation over minor, easily verifiable facts. Sports. Drugs. Whores. Liberal talking points. That's all there was to this guy, it was insane to experience how shallow a fully employed and relatively successful person could actually be.

Mind you, this isn't some stoner teenager, we're talking a fully employed man in his early 30's. I can't say whether or not he had an inner dialogue, but if he did, it must have been boring as fuck.

700165  No.12264631

File: a5a92a79ce9ce25⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 339x425, 339:425, 1223335313592.jpg)

Thanks for this anon.

700165  No.12264633

dddb65  No.12264644

Speaking of NPCs, Hannity is interviewing Bill O'Reilly (radio not under my control, but boss lets me shitpost from work) about his new muh ebil natzees and they're comparing events now to Wiemar Germany… except they think antifag is the nazis, not the German communists.

03a7a2  No.12264649


I know, it is really bugging me, I remember reading something that higher IQ individuals do speak out loud more often than low IQs, so it's what made me wonder about this.


Actually, I didn't mean to say that, I meant to say I'm not like NPCs, besides this talking out loud shit, but I actually have no basis on if NPCs do or don't talk out loud. But that did sound exactly like what a roastie cunt would say. Good eye anon, I want this question taken seriously.

1c2ce3  No.12264657


>"I don't get why Americans think socialism is such a bad thing. Like it's bad to take care of people".

What the fuck do you think National Socialism is, you hyper double nigger?

1c2ce3  No.12264668


>Er, uh, no… I-uh, no, I didn't mean to say that…

Leave and never come back. You're not now, and never will be, intelligent enough to post here.

1c2ce3  No.12264672

Also, no one said anything about talking to oneself out loud, you illiterate mongoloid, the NPC meme is about your INNER DIALOGUE.

Polite sage for raging at fucking NPCs.

0af19e  No.12264733



7f0cb9  No.12264801


Get out.

5a424d  No.12264807

File: baa2d43dfdaa42c⋯.png (315.27 KB, 340x453, 340:453, ClipboardImage.png)


Why wouldn't you center it, though? We used to have such a higher class of propagandist here. What went wrong?

2c6e1a  No.12264812


How does it feel to know that you have fewer than 10 years to live, paid jewish shill?

abaa75  No.12264813


The jews dont like national socialism and white nationalism therefore due to hitler fighting to free europe from the jews, we can no longer fight for ourselves or free any country from the jews because the jews don't like that.

Wow what a powerful argument.

96b31c  No.12264832


Actually, retard, you're doing what every idiot does when they're confronted with a categorization they dislike by an enemy: you treat it like a slur, and not an actual descriptor of behavior. Because you're simpleton, a dense retard, you think 'NPC' is compatible with neo-reactionaries.

Your idiotic attempt at appropriating for its opposite meaning (like every retarded nihilist) is ignoring the premise conditions:

1) You're accusing 8/pol/ of having a social engineer steering conversations

2) You're accusing those who disbelieve the socially engineered narratives of kikes, of being blind obsequients.

Essentially, you're conflating natural nationalist sentiment with programmatic behavior/artificial behavior resulting from a restricted worldview; despite the frame-denying nature of National Socialism.

The NPC meme presupposes groupthink, so indicates there being an artificial engineer of that groupthink; but you have no proposed engineer that would attempt to create 'pro-Hitler drones'.

The NPC meme is inherently anti-Semitic or 'conspiracy theory' according to you all, but you'd need to be able to explain it as I have in order to frame it that way; without tripping over your own words to the point that you sound retarded.

And meme analysis threads are garbage, so sage.

9c13e6  No.12264842

File: cac7ee1161bc6be⋯.jpg (34.87 KB, 549x435, 183:145, 1539293349154.jpg)

Keep triggering the NPCs. They are growing restless

700165  No.12264845


Not my own work, just find it endearing enough to hold onto through the years. And it is and old one at that.

ab06c3  No.12264850

File: 523a437c191b23c⋯.png (232.32 KB, 730x1288, 365:644, NPC_herturn.png)

File: 4b2c2751ae66e3a⋯.png (175.68 KB, 728x961, 728:961, NPCexpansiontemplatepositi….png)

File: c4fc7b3c430435c⋯.png (206.22 KB, 730x1288, 365:644, NPCexpansiontemplateall.png)


I switched IPs. Anons can carry a greater influence of their ideas if they are clear and succinct. Every unnecessary word should be removed when writing. Faggot.

just kidding i'm not that butthurt.

Here's some OC i just made. Maybe someone could maybe make one better.

840470  No.12264853

File: 4f3580fec804e93⋯.jpg (67.95 KB, 936x622, 468:311, 751919.jpg)


this npc meme is more forced than anything i've ever seen. now that the chans and t_d are mainstream and the right is clearly becoming the more dominant ideology somebody had great timing inserting this into the internet. this will be used like "racist" and other "-ists" that the left uses to silence people and label them worthy of aggression. now that the cult of trump is sizable enough you have a mob of people that are limited to thinking "THAT GUYS NOT A FREE THINKER! HE'S AN NPC!." it'll be great when mobs of people are all saying this in unison. boomers yelling about npc's and qanon lol.

any skeptic of this meme on my imageboard? npc with no internal dialogue(if you're a more tame group member) or he's a jewish shill kikelover (the more belligerent group member)

fuck niggers

700165  No.12264854


>And meme analysis threads are garbage, so sage.

Your kidding me, this meme is very effective and its worth exploring why and how it can be more so.

7b2d2e  No.12264859


>muh pr

>pls stop

It's literally a rebranding of the very old "sheep" or "lemming" meme to describe people with little to no critical thought who are easily pressured by the behavior of others dumbass

dddb65  No.12264862


>he thinks he's Hemmingway now

dddb65  No.12264866


>they're not falling for it Chiam, let's call it forced

c9dd6a  No.12264870


>more forced than 56% mutt

>more forced than oath breaking

Either you are new or you are being disingenuous.

ab06c3  No.12264874


(1) Waiting for a (2). This talking point comes up in every NPC thread. Any -ism and -ist is to shut down arguements, but anyone that follows the persuasive mode of pathos or emotion in place of logic would constitute as a high probability of NPC. The NPC meme can be used as a derogatory label, or as a memetic statement of a problem in an effort to fix it.


don't double post. learn to use green text.

641e7b  No.12264902

File: c734cc3ed67e14c⋯.png (254.83 KB, 480x361, 480:361, npcwheels.png)

halfchan bad

moot is a cuck

Taken over by Reddit SJW

Fullchan better in every way

840470  No.12264941

File: 7556369685b9bf4⋯.jpg (75.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1521964766048.jpg)


my point is that it will cause infighting and impotence in a previously effective group of people. young isolated males and whitey will be droning on and on about how extensive their inner dialogue is rather than getting to solutions and better ideas. thinking as though you're the only person that isn't susceptible to emotional thinking leaves you exposed to just that.

abaa75  No.12264968


>If I turn their meme against them they'll do what I want


there is literally nothing wrong with emotional thinking you're not a god damn robot.

641e7b  No.12264987

File: 292478374a20e95⋯.png (2.4 KB, 347x32, 347:32, typical tv thread.png)

File: 69c62687d5b9c48⋯.jpg (53.87 KB, 411x535, 411:535, 1476830251241.jpg)


>blah blah blah assumptions

>blah blah armchair socio-psychology

Tell me something friend. Are you going to provide this sort of redundant explanation every time you post one of these silly wojak clones? Or are you going to just continue saturating the internet with this content because you're under the impression of "well, I guess this is what chan culture is now"?

This has happened with every major addition to internet lingo: it starts in some backwater imageboard, it starts getting spammed everywhere because a few Twitter nobodies got triggered by it, and before you know it in encapsulates every aspect of internet forums. You'll look at a catalog and see nothing but a wall of these uninspired grey wojaks. You'll have autists making up lore and the life and times of the NPC. It will replace every formality of talking to another person on the internet, and everyone who isn't a fucking autistic retard (i.e. most of everyone online) is going to have to sit back and begrudgingly wait for upwards of year for the novelty to wear off. It happened with kek, cuck, soyboy and all of the other replacements for genuine thought that have made browsing places like this an absolutely unsatisfying experience.

Why do you think halfchan is a ghost town now? Because everyone with any degree of creativity or genuine humor got tired of the obnoxious vocal minority of meme shitters hijacking the site's direction every year with a new ebin may may to spam ad nauseum. They left for greener pastures while the rest stayed and continued frothing in their channel awesome-tier culture. Now it's 2018 and nobody goes to that place outside of the sports and nazi boards. I'm sure there's a good number of users here who migrated over for this very same reason, which is ironic because you're now continuing the behavior that led to your old hidey hole becoming a garbage dump that needs to force itself to have fun.

>tl;dr you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded

39c95c  No.12264993

File: 8a5da70e0ee2383⋯.png (632.57 KB, 500x766, 250:383, 1539272047528.png)

641e7b  No.12265000

File: 004a4fca618b036⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 917x599, 917:599, 1529238750984.jpg)


What I'm saying is that nobody wants to see this shitty fucking meme everywhere after we just got done seeing boomer memes everywhere for the last 6 months

3721a5  No.12265003

File: 5948b3c6ac4c3ea⋯.png (543.63 KB, 1246x1146, 623:573, npc.png)

File: 9b12b2ae912645b⋯.png (298.75 KB, 490x586, 245:293, npc google.png)

File: f2c136f868f7820⋯.jpg (57.47 KB, 680x802, 340:401, wtf.jpg)

I like this meme.

ccf649  No.12265006

They reeeeally hate the npc meme and it has potential to be a very clever well expanded example of powerful memetics.

The left continuously sets themselves up with their lazy canned responses and labels to be called npcs, being special little snowflakes it makes them lose their shit.

Good thing to weave into it, having DEAD EYES and having no SOUL, being a barely alive toaster etc…

Actively choosing to replace ones soul with soy.

For blatant mocking substitute their kvetching with "short circuiting" or "beep beep boop beep CLANK"

15577d  No.12265009

It's pretty telling reading through this thread, seeing how panicked the shills are, trying desperately to either shut it down or reverse it for weeks before the meme was fully weaponized. Now that it's been released into the wild, it's extremely evident how effective it is and how successful it has been, and it's only been in the wild for about a day or two. The shills crying out for people to stop using this meme are only outing themselves; their inability to keep up with what is occurring outside of the board is extremely telling. No WONDER they were so freaked out about this in the weeks before, no WONDER they tried shutting it down so hard every time it was mentioned here; it is frighteningly and excitingly effective, the shills and their masters saw it from a mile away.

3721a5  No.12265014


>Why do you think halfchan is a ghost town now?

Because m00t is a cuck. They all came here in 2014.

3721a5  No.12265017


This. But Hotwheels isn't an NPC.

ccf649  No.12265021


Yes it's particularly effective because it names golems and golem behavior without outright naming the noses behind it.

Npc is essentially the finished product of a kike making someone a golem through all of the years of brainwashing/conditioning.

3721a5  No.12265027


>They reeeeally hate the npc meme

Of course they do.


>It's pretty telling reading through this thread, seeing how panicked the shills are

Good memes are based in truth, and I see a lot of kvetching, tone policing and format shaming but not that much content.

796263  No.12265031

all cuckchanners are NPCs

0af19e  No.12265050


Would a PC spend his time playing with ladyboys?

caac91  No.12265056


Anyone who disregards the JQ is an NPC.

c63df2  No.12265057


>full control of their critical thinking skills

>would not want someone else's sexuality thrown in their face

>degree to which they are aware of the fact that their own beliefs do not fully mesh with those of their peers in there social media groups.

>Personally, I am of the opinion that one shouldn'tt interrupt their enemy when they're making an error.

>they might as well be falling on their own sword in slow motion.

If you're gonna talk like a pro, best to have the grammar of one.

bf5aac  No.12265060


Even the drawfags?

c3cfda  No.12265072


Two of the goodest goys out there sadly, heard it on my way home from work today aswell, had to shut the radio off.


I work with nothing but niggers and this describes them to a tee. Absolutely no thought process just instinct. 12 hour shift every day and the only person I have to talk to is the guy who comes to replace windshields for us. The saddest part about it is that these niggers think I'm an (((ally)))

13d5cd  No.12265074


According to Collin Wilson - The Occult only 5% of the population (and that is a specific percentage that re-occurs over and over btw, not arbitrary) are leader types and the rest are follower sheeple. You have even one person from the 5% the rest follow them and if you can identify, manage, and kill off people from the 5% you can control a group.

0af19e  No.12265174



700165  No.12265193


Noted. I'm no pro, just another anon.

fb328d  No.12265214

There are just as many cuckservative NPCs as there are democrat NPCs.

700165  No.12265227


Agreed, for like the 4th time? Conservative NPCs are not big issue right now though.

You bother to read the thread or can't you get past the first few words before becoming board. Reddit might be better suited for you if thats the case.

6310fd  No.12265238

File: 48bef2b873fe0b0⋯.jpg (70.23 KB, 890x913, 890:913, 1537582067489.jpg)

Good meme, great potential. But please OP, don't be an NPC and learn how to use their.

ee66d3  No.12265252


>that pic

Holy fuck, the left can't meme for shit.

f5e2da  No.12265284


Reminder that the "Lemming theory" is based on a lie in a nature documentary

The mass of people is another issue

700165  No.12265288


Ah. Ill keep a better eye on that.

for anyone interested this is a post I made after the Kavanaugh confirmation.

NPC Political Landscape

Where useful idiots and politics intersect with Education and Critical Thinking skills.

There has been much debate recently on the subject of NPCs in our society. Many anons have issues accepting the fact that there are more dynamic modes of thinking outside their limited scope. I think its safe to say that they are a majority of anons, statically speaking, which struggle with the idea of internal monologue let alone visual thinking and mental superimposition. We, the isolated monitory of independent thinkers, are becoming increasingly aware of the prevalence of NPCs in our daily lives where as some of us have been aware of this fact for quite some time.

Recently with all the political turmoil due to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh we are afforded a rare look in a few instances of the outright group think / social programing of NPCs by leftest political handlers. I submit the following for your consideration.



(I have these backed up)

Here we have two examples of NPCs being programed, to a degree, with simple instructions.

I was disturbed by this, as I am sure most of you are, because we have all observed this while we were in school at all levels of the educational system. I was reminded by an interview with John Taylor Gatto on “The Six Purposes of Schooling”.


I believe these six purposes are still effect today and we are seeing the implementation of this concept being propagated by the media, our compromised educational institutions and on the ground group think you have witnessed above all under control of the of actors hellbent on destroying our great union.

These NPCs are not born like this, they are the result of our education system inhibiting the development of critical thinking skills, to a degree, where they can easily be manipulated and controlled for their own goals.

Where does that leave us, the free thinkers? I am sure each of you can think back to a point when you were young where you either fell out of the group think system or maybe you just never subscribed to it. How do we, the monitory, effect change in the masses to get them to develop critical thinking skills and snap them out of there thought patterns?

I have thought about this to some extent, for the early free thinkers I think its safe to say, for me personally, its trauma which causes us to fall out of the system before the system is able to start reinforcing the ideas of conformity and compliance. Maybe most of you can relate to this to a degree. While Mimetic Devices are useful today in getting messages outside the compliance system into the heads of younger NPCs our reach to older NPCs is by and large locked out as there are years group thinking reinforcement and information bias from legacy media.

1c2ce3  No.12265296


>one side of the jewish coin has just as many retards on it as the other side of the jewish coin

Mindblowing insight.

0900ec  No.12265332


A name used solely to attract as many people of other parties to the NSDAP cause as possible in the 20s/30s when in reality it was just naturalism, or the idea that making laws doesn't change reality to comply with that law. Which honestly is the opposite of socialism, which entirely depends on mandates of free everything when in reality making those laws doesn't make it reality and instead is just judeo-bolshivism preventing the people subjected to it from being allowed to keep their product of their own labor.

3721a5  No.12265355

File: 2029a06c445b293⋯.jpg (77.13 KB, 640x605, 128:121, note.jpg)

File: ba2bc45551cd63e⋯.jpg (48.76 KB, 332x1024, 83:256, kanye.jpg)

3721a5  No.12265363

File: 847a18f8322f22d⋯.jpg (71.67 KB, 630x315, 2:1, pc.jpg)


Doug doesn't.

3721a5  No.12265369

File: 9b11c8f98b2be4f⋯.jpg (6.73 KB, 240x240, 1:1, npc.jpg)


>NPC Political Landscape

We're NPCs, not NPCs b'ye.

1c2ce3  No.12265381


>National Socialism is jewish

I'm consistently blown away at how brazen the jews are at completely disregarding what truth is. They literally believe that what they say is the truth.

700165  No.12265397

File: 5416e31c43f4c6e⋯.png (116.28 KB, 926x896, 463:448, Capture.png)


You just have to find that one logical inconsistency and bang on it as hard as you can.

Check this pic out. This is the kind of effect I'm talking about. This is what they are afraid of.

e62846  No.12265411


That's exactly what happened in French and Russian revolutions.

4614e2  No.12265415

File: 97ac71d70c8466f⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 185x237, 185:237, npc.jpg)


>any skeptic of this meme on my imageboard?


Inner-voice, Inner-Logos is important you NPC.

587b4a  No.12265418


What I am trying to tell you is that National Socialism was never socialist, the word socialist was only used to attract people from other parties in Germany.

840c35  No.12265420


He was living with a room mate in his 30s and you consider him successful? What was his career?

dcbe69  No.12265421

File: b745017e8c211bc⋯.jpg (279.7 KB, 794x768, 397:384, 152365.jpg)

OP you're a retard. Lack of an inner voice doesn't make you an NPC.

Why do you have such a hard on for the inner voice?

People only develop an inner voice when they suppress things they would normally say out loud, normally out of fear, or by having noone to talk to.

It is also developed by silent reading.

If you have an inner voice you are most likely a loner bookworm.

Action is what matters. There are people who "do" and people who talk. And there are people who talk in their own head - the inner voice.

And you are making a wild assumption that noone on the far left has an inner voice. How can you possibly know this?

1c2ce3  No.12265423


You're a fucking moron. National Socialism is very much socialist in the traditional sense. They want to raise up the lowest people in their society, and the pitiful who can't work will be provided for. But this is literally only possible in a nationalist society. Once you get rid of all the niggers and jews, socialism works.

4614e2  No.12265424

File: 7cbff8983e2073a⋯.jpg (70.77 KB, 474x716, 237:358, literally.jpg)












= NPC programming

4614e2  No.12265426


> literally


1c2ce3  No.12265430



I'll admit I'm not proud of that habit, but to completely disregard the rest of my post to point that out is intellectually dishonest.

4614e2  No.12265432


>my point is that it will cause infighting

The weak should fear the strong

c5527d  No.12265436


I picked it up from seinfeld. I imagine a lot of people did and it transferred over to internet vernacular and jargon.

4614e2  No.12265437


National Eugenics-Nationalism = NatSoc

4614e2  No.12265439


Fuck… National Eugenics-Naturalism = NatSoc


Every fucking hipster "literally"

6188cc  No.12265450


>What the fuck do you think National Socialism is

Certainly not what that braindead sportsball expert was thinking of.


How the fuck did you draw that out of what he said?



>National Socialism was never socialist

Now you're being stupid. Successful, peaceful socialism is the result of people allying with one another. A healthy family is socialist, and the goal of National Socialism is to enlarge the family structure to the level of a nation.

700165  No.12265451

File: 4c50ff073187d6a⋯.gif (628.08 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 4c50ff073187d6a1bc0379ceac….gif)


I am drawing associations between NPCs and lemming mentality.





However this is all still up for debate. It would seem your justification for your logic is somehow having an internal monologue is a negative attribute; That is somehow is cowardice.

Anyone can act, but are you acting of your own accord or acting because you lack the critical thinking skills to draw your own conclusions so you go where your program tells you too, whatever bandwagon you happen to find yourself on or whatever will keep you awash in your degenerate ways.

These are the actions of an NPC imho.

e4aa22  No.12265453

>>12265288 (heil'd)

Did that thread get glassed? Or did it become this one?

700165  No.12265456


got slid quickly, sadly. I'm the same op and the ideas i'm exploring here originate from that thread.

1c2ce3  No.12265459

How the jewish mind works:

>Heeheehee, goyim, I will indoctrinate your mind through Talmudvision programs to say certain words

<Okay, I'll incorporate those words into my every day speech.


Repeat into infinity.file:///C:/Users/Me/Pictures/Reactions/1539239449887.jpg

4614e2  No.12265460

File: bcc7ca1e5e0b47f⋯.jpg (130.7 KB, 973x1280, 973:1280, 8965435253679.jpg)


Stop ignoring it, Lemming >>12264599

e4aa22  No.12265462


Ok cool. I liked that thread. I made one post, saw you appreciated my encouraging post and then I come back and don't find it and find this and was confused. I'll read this over and then comment further. Keep up the good work anon. I appreciate you being here with me and the rest of us

1c2ce3  No.12265463

File: 3df8b3fcd128de0⋯.png (452.42 KB, 572x303, 572:303, ClipboardImage.png)


700165  No.12265465

File: ffe91dc0477b70d⋯.gif (849.68 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1527982393477.gif)



96b31c  No.12265466


>Responds to post saying "analyzing memes is retarded" by rhetorically asking if every post of the meme would be accompanied with analysis.

>presumes I've ever posted the NPC meme

God damn you're fucking retarded.

dcbe69  No.12265472

File: 6344fb4aeab2a84⋯.jpg (57.06 KB, 287x425, 287:425, tumblr_nltt27CuE61tepew7o1….jpg)


Listen OP. You're literally a retard.

An inner voice is not a positive or negative attribute on its own, its a symptom.

Having an inner voice doesn't make you any more or less reasonable than anyone else.

You can have an inner voice and faulty logic.

Also you have a hard on for logic and reason.

Its perfectly "reasonable" to be a pussy. You can use critical thinking and reason to justify any viewpoint.

Courage is a higher virtue. Having the courage to trust your senses and act on your tastes and fundamental values. Critical thinking is useful but it is down the list in importance.

Neck yourself

6188cc  No.12265473


>I appreciate you being here with me and the rest of us

>"Thank you for being with me today" - Dr. Pierce

Are those radio shows imprinted on your brain?

1c2ce3  No.12265474


>How the fuck did you draw that out of what he said?

I'm not a master on pilpul, but I'm pretty sure he explicitly said that National Socialism is a judeo-bolshevist invention. If I'm wrong, you can surely correct my stupid goy ass.

6188cc  No.12265477


>logic and reason.

If you denigrate logic and reason you necessarily oppose the value of truth. Fuck off to reddit, retard.

9e890a  No.12265479


OP, your ideas are frankly fascinating. We as a collective at this stage need to be researching any and all avenues to rectify the demise of our respective nations and civilisations so your explorations of NPC theory are most welcome. Keep up the good work. Let's hope that we can keep research like this going. Research stalled horribly on our part here around 2016 and this has been a disaster leaving the 4chan kids alone to come up with ideas and to their credit, they didn't do too terribly, however I think we need to create our own research institution now, as memetic warfare is the only advantage we possess and our enemies are catching up inexorably and them successfully synthesising our culture would crash our dreams with no survivors. Once again this is a refreshing research piece.

c32149  No.12265480

File: f929b085a80fd75⋯.jpg (645.74 KB, 1118x1920, 559:960, 3243546456456.jpg)

The presence of an inner-voice doesn't qualify one as a PC. Language is a function of the neocortex and not all hominids have evolved to the point where they experience an internal voice yet- they're essentially animals though they can mime words like actual human beings. However merely having a mental voice hardly qualifies one as a PC.

To anyone here who thinks they have control of their thoughts go and try this- sit down completely still with your eyes closed for 5 minutes and try to not think anything. No thoughts at all. The chances are that within mere seconds "your" voice will began rambling again endlessly about nonsense as various memories and fantasies once again surface.

An uncontrolled internal monologue that merely follows around external stimuli and internal programming makes one an NPC as surely as does lacking an internal voice altogether.

The truth is we are all NPCs until circumstance or providence feeds us with the right line of code that allows us to become something more.

dcbe69  No.12265481


Do you need logic to know that niggers stink? That jews are ugly? To appreciate the beauty of nature?

Reason is important but it only a small part of the picture.

840c35  No.12265483


<He's still programmed by and carrying on the habits of the jewiest of talmudivision from 20 years ago.

See, this is what we're talking about. This is as stark an example of NPC behavior as could be demonstrated.

9e890a  No.12265491


If we can logically understand the emotional tendencies of the NPC we may be able to "hack" their responses and indeed this is a vital avenue to be investigated.

cadaa7  No.12265494



>is not quoting the OP

First day on the job, yenta?

700165  No.12265496



Of what, being able to internalize and think critically. Courage has nothing to do with your degenerate choices and your lack of fundamental values. You lash out like a child when the NPC\lemming topic forces your to ask questions which you lack the ability to answer.

Yes it is perfectly reasonable to be a pussy or maybe that is just self-preservation kicking in. Thats the same courage that kill way to many people too young, because the did not think before they act.

I have to ask, do you have an internal monologue?

700165  No.12265497


No he is, my first post was too big so i had to do two.

0af19e  No.12265498


Kill yourself jew you're welcome to stop using the white languages.

dcbe69  No.12265499


Exactly this. That is what I was getting at here >>12265472 and >>12265421.

OP, the day will come when the truth of your own unreason and mortality will finally dawn on you. Will you anhero in the face of it? No, your courage is what matters.

54eca9  No.12265501


That is indeed another component and it is difficult for me to do that. The only occurrences my inner-voice is not present is when I am purely visualizing something in my head which I used to do a lot in karate class. Which comes from your body and mind becoming one. I think that should be another piece to distance ourselves from the NPC behavior.

9e890a  No.12265507


Does calling OP, OP make me a yid now or are you worried by anons seeking to understand NPC programming even in the fairly rudimentary three form approach OP uses? What are your motives in immediately jumping to an accusation of kikery? I hope you are not projecting.

6188cc  No.12265511


His understanding of socialism and national socialism and yours are at odds, and think it's 'causing you to talk past one another. He's wrong as fuck about socialism, but right about how jews would implement it in our nation.


>do you need logic to know that niggers stink? That jews are ugly? To appreciate the beauty of nature?

No, you need senses. But what you do with the information you gather requires you to think, and saying that because retards also reason that reasoning is not as important is total nonsense. What matters is how good their reasoning is. Some people are too fucking stupid to be good at reasoning, like you. Take your idiot reddit-spacing ass out into traffic. Trust me, your sense will be enthralled.

0af19e  No.12265514


Because the only thing that inner voice can possibly be saying is "SUCK ALL THE COCKS!"? Feel free to provide evidence to refute this.

700165  No.12265520


> sit down completely still with your eyes closed for 5 minutes and try to not think anything. No thoughts at all.

It may be for the younger generations who have been over stimulated from constant legacy media consumption or unchecked technology addiction (see smartphones) but man has been clearing there mind and meditating for ages, I hope you are aware of this.

Meditating does not mean sit and daydream or hold a conversation with yourself.

cadaa7  No.12265521


Sorry, I blocked the OP for being a fucking retard, and am drunk. Continue on.

4614e2  No.12265525



>An inner voice is not a positive or negative attribute on its own, its a symptom.

>its perfectly "reasonable" to be a pussy.

>unibomber degenerat

9e890a  No.12265528


I have some questions, firstly how do you think we can shake NPConservatives into being a little less… Kosher?

Secondly, is there any way to disrupt the NPC programming effectively in category 1 and 2, and I do mean disrupt since such individuals seem lost to us as potential candidates by and large, can their programming be exploited in ways that perhaps undermine their goals?

cadaa7  No.12265532


Literally no. Race war now. That's what you're afraid of. The time for words is over.

4614e2  No.12265535

File: 9a686e246b2e48e⋯.jpg (52.87 KB, 645x773, 645:773, mind feels slow.jpg)


>The presence of an inner-voice doesn't qualify one as a PC.

esoteric faggot doesn't understand memes, lol.

>The truth is we are all NPCs


>The chances are that within mere seconds "your" voice will began rambling again endlessly about nonsense as various memories and fantasies once again surface.

esoteric faggot has lack of inner-voice development and therefor mental problems, lol

4614e2  No.12265539

File: e3bdccd72080b65⋯.png (97.35 KB, 267x479, 267:479, literally hitler.png)






Some language development you got there hipster.

9e890a  No.12265541


Rush out into the streets, if no one rushes with you and you find the streets empty, the race war is either not at hand or unwinnable, either way your point is fucking retarded right now.

99b29a  No.12265544

File: 7da39dc18ce7d2b⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 300x165, 20:11, reich_marching.gif)

File: 2145fe0ccf4bcdd⋯.jpg (714.13 KB, 1392x2000, 87:125, raffenchande.jpg)

File: 913205e43676a18⋯.jpg (106.7 KB, 640x800, 4:5, reich_passes_nuremberg_law….jpg)

i like this meme. i can tell this meme will go viral like the distracted boyfriend due to much it is popping up on Reddit in the past week, ever since that recent post on here a few weeks ago about the psych study finding that the majority of people have no inner-dialogue and that they are therefore Burger NPCs.

this meme cracks the Overton Window open just a little further towards NS becoming acceptable again. this meme gets Burger's thinking about dehumanizing (((certain))) sub populations. which is the prerequisite step to making it acceptable and even expected to Name the Jew and then do something about it. this meme reduces a very complex natural social process that cannot be forced nor simulated nor even explained, and condenses the concept into a punchline that anyone who has played a video game will immediately understand. best of all, what makes the meme funny is that it's painfully true. this "ha-ha, only serious" quality is found in all powerful memes. the non-PC truth that we are forbidden to speak or think become uproariously funny when someone breaks the ice and says out loud whatever we all subconsciously think.

meme magic never ceases to amaze me. if you told me just 2 years ago that we would already be at this point, i would have scoffed. the acceleration is happening and no man and no force can stop it.

4614e2  No.12265546


>your point is fucking retarded right now.

Dont you mean "literally" retarded?

9e890a  No.12265551


Do you have fucking dyslexia?

6188cc  No.12265552



cadaa7  No.12265553


Actually, the race war is a nebulous concept that includes a bunch of sociological problems, but when that all bubbles to the surface, the whites will inevitably win, as history has shown.

9e890a  No.12265559


I understand this but a hot war right now is simply unfeasible until we have sufficient numbers, how this is attained I haven't a clue that's why I asked OP for more information in disrupting NPC behavioural patterns in an attempt to get numbers or deny numbers to the enemy.

dcbe69  No.12265560

File: fc8ac5a2e6ec4ab⋯.gif (10.81 KB, 255x178, 255:178, 3ab12ba7f0cca56a46a66ad547….gif)




Listen retards.

Imagine two people who are identical in every way. IQ 140, both excellent thinkers.

One speaks his thoughts out loud. The other speaks his thoughts internally.

They are just as reasonable as each other.

It doesn't matter whether you verbalise your thoughts or not.

I'll say it again slowly for you idiots: the inner voice is developed by silent reading and being around people who you don't want to speak your mind to.

The inner voice can come and go within a persons life time. It depends on your activities.

For example, when I worked as a chef, I had to instantly communicate my thoughts to the rest of the kitchen. I lost my inner voice.

When I worked in an office, I had to do a lot of silent reading and thinking. My inner voice came back.

Neck yourselves.

c32149  No.12265563

File: 50f58db94fee8c6⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 1060x1500, 53:75, 6a24b78522bd9e7e5f8f29ca2a….jpg)


>man has been clearing there mind and meditating for ages, I hope you are aware of this

Yeah that's what I was more or less advocating in my post. There are a wide variety of disciplines for gaining understanding of the mind and its functions and in my personal experience I've found meditation to be the most potent and expedient means for this. Anapanasati and/or japa are good starting points.

The people in here need to understand thought is a tool to be used with intent and purpose. If your internal monologue only talks about tits, ass, and what you want to eat for dinner later you're an NPC as surely as someone who doesn't think at all.

700165  No.12265564


I'm no authority on the subject and i would remind you to draw your own conclusions.

That said, I don't think Tier 1s can be saved as they fight to preserve their degenerate ways. Tier 2 may be able to be reasoned with from people close to them.

The whole nexus of this is social media, find a way to disrupt all of it and you basically get what happens at the end of fight club in one sense. The social networks fractures, Tier 1s stop effecting the other tiers on digital platforms. Legacy media will stop being able to reinforce these ideas as mainstream. Tier 1s groups shrink back down without the group think reinforcement social media provides.

cadaa7  No.12265570


You're historically illiterate. There is no current answer. We let the current racial war simmer to the surface, and then WW3 happens. This is practically inevitable. There is no way to "awaken" NPCs so that we can come to a democratic solution.

6188cc  No.12265572


>as history has shown.

It seems to me history has shown being continually driven out of their civilizations to be replaced by shitskins. Pretty much every landmass has an ancient history of white influence. Hopefully if we run out of places to run we'll bounce back and take everything.

9e890a  No.12265575


Maybe? But then unless you read aloud everything like a toddler/retard an inner voice is bound to be present and yet is not in a bulk of people assuming the study is replicable. However I feel NPC theory is not entirely a function of inner monologue but also of low IQ as well as general lemming theory principles too. Though more variables than these three are likely also at work here.

99b29a  No.12265579

File: e042bc8ed5eeb39⋯.jpg (80.03 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Socrates_daemonion.jpg)

File: 38ac864de1cbfa3⋯.jpg (81.8 KB, 960x720, 4:3, greek_daimon.jpg)

File: 88e592e03c6536e⋯.jpg (128.31 KB, 960x720, 4:3, socrates_daemonium.jpg)

by the way, Socrates also claimed he had an inner voice instructing him on all matters through out his life, and that this "voice" was not one of the accepted Gods, but was his personal God–the Daemonium. the concept of an inner dialogue was considered heresy in ancient Greece, and this idea of being an cognitive independent individual was one of the things Socrates was accused of teaching to corrupt the youth, which resulted in him being condemned to death.

in a sense, you could argue that the past 3,000 years of Western history has been a mental civilization war between Illuminated Ones versus the Burger NPCs. finally, we're about to win.

000000  No.12265580


Or grow a fucking pair and always use your outer voice. Introversion is bullshit and just means you'll be a wall walker by the time your 25. People don't advance by staying quiet speak the fuck up.

cadaa7  No.12265582


>It seems to me history has shown being continually driven out of their civilizations to be replaced by shitskins

This is the work of the jews. The entirety of the world stage is Christian Whites vs. jews and freemasons. This was the case for WW1 and 2, and it will be the case for 3.

54eca9  No.12265583

File: 81d253eea0e50c2⋯.gif (3.2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1521918620238.gif)


Be active around them, once you gain their trust try to sound like you are questioning something. This will let you know where each NPConservative is at. Where I am, there are a lot of people that are like that, so I emulate their behavior to a certain extent. Then, I put my leadership role in place, from there you just have to have the truth on your side. I tried doing it as a Journalist by being playful and playing on the culture of my peers to gain trust, then lay them with facts about certain issues from our government institutions NOT ACADEMIC since they have some worthwhile information. Also, the investigations threads on current events helped me a lot with accumulating information to solidify my stance on them without them saying I am a conspiracy theorist. gif-related is what I covered

With NPC levels 1 and 2, the only ways we can disrupt is by infiltrating them or subverting their thought processes to our advantage. For example, their tolerance to racism yet they would always discriminate and destroy the cultures created by proud Europeans who risked their lives to continue their civilizations. Honestly, they are going to get killed either way, so only time will tell but those two methodologies work best for us now.

700165  No.12265584


Sound body and sound mind, anon. I could not agree more with your statement on tits and ass but I can't believe that a thinker would be content with thinking about such baseline degenerate desires.

Does the NPC understand this internal voice or is it really just a part of the limbic system and the inter voice is a simple overlay in the cortex of that system, a step towards true inner dialog and critical thinking.

9e890a  No.12265592


Who said shit about a democratic solution? What I am referring to is securing numbers for what is to come. As useful as our amorphous antics may be, we do need conflict ready assets and why not turn the NPC bots into battledroids?

9e890a  No.12265596


They will get killed yes but better before death reaches them that they weaken and damage their own chances of dying after the jews win condition.

cadaa7  No.12265598


>why not turn the NPC bots into battledroids?

Because they factually cannot be. They will suck ZOG dick until a stronger Aryan tells them to stop with a gun to their head. How do you think we got into this mess?

dcbe69  No.12265602


Silent reading is a modern phenomenon. Brought on by the printing press and universal education. Heck, even reading at all is a recent experiment.

Most ancient intellectuals read aloud, usually to an audience.

Books were incredibly rare and expensive.

6188cc  No.12265604


>still redditing up the thread

You can't sidestep the reason I'm attacking you and think I won't notice, motherfucker.

>Its perfectly "reasonable" to be a pussy. You can use critical thinking and reason to justify any viewpoint.

That right there is moronic, and why you should kill yourself.

4614e2  No.12265606

File: ad87a7d991757a3⋯.jpg (60.38 KB, 385x478, 385:478, literally npc.jpg)

6188cc  No.12265607


>The entirety of the world stage is Christian Whites vs. jews and freemasons

I suppose if you believe the entirety of world history even had Christianity in it. I'm talking about ancient India, ancient China, etc. Everywhere you go you see white culture pasted over with ant people and various shades of poo.

dcbe69  No.12265609


Its called paragraphing. The reddit spacing meme is just shill BS.

You can use reason to support any viewpoint.

6188cc  No.12265612



"Listen, retards" is not a paragraph, you nosepicking mongoloid.

9e890a  No.12265613


Betrayal of our own ideals, material comfort, treacherous elites who consorted with kikes, the failure of operation barbarossa, educational subversion, the failure of Vespasian to do to the hebrews what Rome had done to carthage, war fatigue, jewish media. Among others.

cadaa7  No.12265616


>I suppose if you believe the entirety of world history even had Christianity in it.

It has for at least 2000 years. What timeline are you talking about?

cadaa7  No.12265619


Ok, you seem to be playing this game where one post is disgustingly jewish, and the next is perfectly on my wavelength. Are you some sort of CIAnigger?

dcbe69  No.12265622


Also Socrates never wrote anything down, and was the master of reason. Dialecticts, was all verbal.


I agree that's why I'm standing up to OPs nonsense.

9e890a  No.12265623


Furthermore if NPCs could be weaponised to attack whitey why can't their programming be modified in at least a significant number of them?

3721a5  No.12265626

File: 9157d00606d6420⋯.jpg (50.34 KB, 880x429, 80:39, 48063bfa9016ada5fe7131ae9c….jpg)

File: e103de8dddc432a⋯.png (72.01 KB, 800x668, 200:167, wake.png)

9e890a  No.12265638


Just as well that plato wrote it all for him or else we'd never know this fact however. Writing is invaluable to a great extent however symbology, associations and memetics are likely the base code for NPCs.

6188cc  No.12265643

File: 07c46e14513cec9⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 1928x2374, 964:1187, 7000BC_oldest_mummies_sout….jpg)

File: e24792b3a8a6ee5⋯.png (943.96 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, aryan king of kings.png)

File: 194ff9e160acb0a⋯.png (201.41 KB, 1500x1550, 30:31, aryan language chart.png)

File: 88dcf8a288cac22⋯.png (4.98 MB, 1280x2872, 160:359, aryan mummies of ancient c….png)

File: ac56b15a976f6ab⋯.png (5.23 MB, 1280x2756, 320:689, egyptians white.png)


>for the blink of an eye relative to the span of human existence it has

I'm talking about the whole human history, far beyond 2000 years.

9e890a  No.12265644


You sure love your use of the word "literally" in an entirely literal sense, rather than a figurative one since you have used it far more even in irony than any other poster here.

cadaa7  No.12265646


Because of jews. Are you fucking retarded, or are you a glownigger?

700165  No.12265649



Your conflating introversion with internal monologue. Nobody here is advocating for keeping quite and this is not what the topic is about.

4614e2  No.12265650

File: 94646973531711e⋯.png (201.46 KB, 838x524, 419:262, not christian.png)


>It has for at least 2000 years. What timeline are you talking about?

Keep worshiping EL (Saturn) NPC.

6188cc  No.12265653


Not if you want people to focus on your points instead of criticizing your stupid writing style.


>You can use reason to support any viewpoint.

You can use faulty reason to support bullshit, like you're doing now, or you can pursue truth like a white man.

2d9211  No.12265655


The quads speak truth. You can see NPCs all over the joint and it's very very easy to degenerate into one. Generally any e-celeb or otherwise famous figure has some amount of NPC fanbase. These folks tend to hang on the celebs every word. Jordan Peterson has a group for example, as does the current POTUS. You can spot them in Twitter threads whenever he tweets, usually contributing nothing important to the conversation whatsoever.

6cdb1f  No.12265664

>all of cadaa7's posts are 'you can't accomplish things goy now let ww3 happen'

Anyway, this NPC meme is, indeed, crazy fucking powerful. Exposing someone to the concept that lacking critical thinking is possible forces them to think critically about whether or not they lack it. It's a beautifully effective way of breaking the conditioning.

Spread it everywhere. It doesn't matter if it's relevant to the conversation or not, if an NPC scrolls by and sees it, it'll have an effect on them.

117c4d  No.12265665



Elcuck. That's what they are now. They have to stop using the Germanic word Godin and start calling their Saturn child sacrifice cult "Father" by his name. El, Elohim, Isra-El.

9e890a  No.12265666


Think for a minute unless the kikes are a completely omnipotent foe, their tactics can be undone at least on some, the point isn't some democratic solution or anything so saccharine but frankly we need every advantage we have and even causing their bots to infight is still likely to have a better outcome for us than for the kikes. This is after all a war right? And wars aren't only fought physically if done correctly, but spiritually and psychologically too. We need every dirty trick we can get to kick the kike to the curb.

117c4d  No.12265668


>critical thinking

And constructive thinking.

117c4d  No.12265669


We're voting on November 6th, Satan. Democrats must die.

c32149  No.12265673

File: f0df771e935f450⋯.jpg (465.84 KB, 2324x2196, 581:549, 43749.jpg)


>Does the NPC understand this internal voice or is it really just a part of the limbic system and the inter voice is a simple overlay in the cortex of that system, a step towards true inner dialog and critical thinking

Heh, this reminds me of Martin Luther when he said "reason is a whore". I think for your average human (NPC), all of their higher faculties are under the control of the limbic system. If they hunger for something, they move towards it and the only role the neocortex plays is one of justifying that hunger.

I've never really delved deep into western philosophy but I do recall Schopenhauer talking about this stuff. His depiction of this issue was of a very strong, blind retarded man (instinct, desire, the limbic system) carrying around a crippled old man who can see (reason, thought, the neocortex). The old crippled guy can see and understand things but he's completely 100% under the control of the retard carrying him around. This is how your average NPC is. Even if he thinks at all it's only to justify his base urges.

Schopenhauer also said that the state of genius (PC) is when the crippled man grows strong, starts walking on his own, and then leads the retard around.

9e890a  No.12265674


Let them kill themselves then friend because the more damage done to them with minimal exertion from us, the better.

6188cc  No.12265680


I don't even care about people's religions, but when it comes between the truth of the actual racial conflict that is the history of humanity, rather than some miniscule religious one, I have to offend. This is a racial divide, not some piddly skydaddy scuffle that only spans 2000 years.

cadaa7  No.12265687

>>12265666 (checked, Satan)

I'm appealing to your human voice. Stop the pipul and fucking say what you're trying to say in a sentence or two. I'm so fucking sick of legalese and jewish bullshit.

117c4d  No.12265689

File: 77a9b2bdef0cd0c⋯.jpg (74.57 KB, 451x630, 451:630, pepe chaos eats wojack.jpg)


>Let them kill themselves then friend because the more damage done to them with minimal exertion from us, the better.

No. We make it a one party system. Then we attack the party for not being traditional enough. Push push push, attack at all sides.


>I don't even care about people's religions, but when it comes between the truth of the actual racial conflict that is the history of humanity, rather than some miniscule religious one, I have to offend. This is a racial divide

El-cucks are the fucking key to the race war, anon. Break their meme and you break the entire system. Jews feed off the system.

e4aa22  No.12265691

File: d4031deb59d6621⋯.png (284 KB, 1201x621, 1201:621, NPC Tiers.png)

File: 1c20338867626de⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1160x773, 1160:773, 1536856182353.png)

File: c087e3c4e9a9336⋯.png (496.89 KB, 600x889, 600:889, c087e3c4e9a93363c4a4241dd0….png)


Worthy of a cap, so here you go. It's my first one, plz no bully. My mom is probably a lvl 2 NPC. The constant validation, confirmation of world view behaviors are what led my dad to saying she should just buy a parrot to repeat what she says back to her to make her feel better. It seems like lvl 3 should be our target audience then.

>>12264444 (trips of truth checked)

>>12264522 (checked)

It's simple yet beautiful isn't it?

>>12264599 (checked)

Stop shitting up the board with this, contain it to the religion threads


Fucking hell people like that infuriate me to no end.

>>12264644 (checked)

Spooky shit isn't? Cuckservatism is one hell of a drug


I applaud the OCD required to point out the 20 pixel difference. That makes me want to go wash my hands.



kek saved


This x100000. Does that mean we get to start calling the vain and corrupted golems after this makes the rounds?




It's really happening now, isn't it? It's hard to come by a response like that here half the time and to see something like that on reddit is astounding. Always keep pushing and fighting on however, the war is just starting to get hot.

>>12265411 (checked)


I hope so. I've listened to most a lot of his stuff. I can't imagine being in his position, being aware, knowing that the people of your time would cast you off as a pariah for something that they could not even begin to grasp until you had become and old man, knowing that you would never see the victory but, hoping, praying that the seeds you planted would one day grow and yield a bountiful harvest.


It's as if the soul descends from the heavens and snatches a body


Absolutely checked. Meme magic is truly the gift that keeps on giving. We're moving at exponential speeds now, it's hard to keep up with everything happening so quickly. This meme has legs and will walk many a mile before it is laid to rest

>>12265655 (checked)

The NPC's are desperate for a shepherd to guide them home. We must become that shepherd.

>>12265666 (checked Satan)

Nice bread OP,

117c4d  No.12265696


>Stop shitting up the board with this, contain it to the religion threads

NatSoc is our religion >>12265689

7c3699  No.12265701



Your observations are accurate, I'd like to point out a specific element of the NPC meme that has been very effective for me to start the redpilling process

>It is also understood NPCs or Lemming Mentality individuals can not change, they seek an authority which will continue provide to them that which they have become accustomed.

So at the moment lemmings have taken quite the demoralizing blows in recent years, the trump presidency as we all know/remember was a salt harvesting jubilee, naturally this means the exact opposite to those who were opposed. Now we have mundane normies confronting very hard evidence that they themselves can personally experience that suggests they are of an inferior stock.

In my experience with handling the typical level 3 crowd they seem to be in great conflict with what has transpired in Europe, believe it or not even though we all see the worst of the worst here daily there are those who are on the left that will recoil in horror if you show them even one video of migrant violence/mass rapes. These people are in a position where they are facing their own stupidity and what misery it has wrought, now is the time to offer out the hand not the fist. At the peak of someone's demoralization they either break or are saved, it is almost always the former and the latter happens either from someone intervening or it comes from inner-strength, and the left not only has almost none of that within them, they also have quite the moral burden to bare. Use empathy, be sympathetic, let the lemming know that there is an alternative for them and it is one without any moral ambiguity and that what they have lost, their morality, is still there for them to claim.

the #Walkaway movement was very successful, it further split the left into what you've identified as the level 1, 2, & 3 NPCs and has made it possible for level 3s and even some level 2s to become "redpilled" as they are now in desperate need of what you mentioned, validation. Give them this, let them know that the other option is not out of reach and in fact wants them to come over. We really are breaking the conditioning, keep it up.

6188cc  No.12265706


>Break their meme and you break the entire system


9e890a  No.12265712


I'll try and put it simply. Since we are in an all out war or will be against shlomo, it would be better to attempt to gain better odds, I think fucking around with NPCs to get them to behave in ways that undermine shlomo's plans is one way to help even the odds. Most importantly of all something like what shlomo did to us can NEVER be allowed to happen again, if we can reprogram just a few NPCs we will be able to experiment with preventing jewish tricks working on NPCs.

2cebfd  No.12265714


The NPC meme is more about blind conformity to peer groups and lack of independent thought as to why the think and act the way they do. It's not necessarily a left vs right dichotomy as it is a status quo vs free thinker one. In the modern context it's the neo-liberal drone that believes in equality, fairness, soc-just, etc, without questioning the the basic axioms it's founded upon. Were as in say Islam an NPC would be the totally faithful worshipper who prays 5 times a day and believes every word of it. Of course these are with varying levels of critical thinking and doubt.

As for the likelihood of deprogramming an NPC and encouraging independent thought, only the most pathological and thoroughly indoctrinated truly beyond saving. But many of them can be at least partially deprogrammed if not completely, sort of like how some Muslims become apostates after living in the west for long enough, and thats without active counter-propoganda. Mere exposure is enough to deprogram a sizeable chunk of them, and actively challenging them can extend that even farther.

6188cc  No.12265717


>knowing that you would never see the victory but, hoping, praying that the seeds you planted would one day grow and yield a bountiful harvest.

Definitely part of why he's such an inspiration.

99b29a  No.12265720

File: 5a2f95d260f82ce⋯.jpeg (9.66 KB, 274x254, 137:127, b3a5c38b08b59dc6a60d7626c….jpeg)


> i haven't read deep into western philosophy

hah. you have read Schopenhauer. besides Kant, that's really all you need to study to know all of philosophy. it is no coincidence that philosophy begins and ends with Germans.

c1d9c5  No.12265725

File: d3042d17149b6a4⋯.jpg (572.31 KB, 1920x2848, 60:89, 349nmyb4wgr11.jpg)


c1d9c5  No.12265730

Israel firsters are NPCs that are part of the guild TheChurchofIsrael.

6188cc  No.12265733


If a philosophy is strong in its ties to reality it will resemble any other philosophy that achieves the same. So, yeah, you don't really need to decipher every philosophical discipline, but learning the same lessons from different angles will help solidify the lessons in you, and make you less vulnerable to subversion. Personally, I learned primarily on Vedic text.

700165  No.12265739


Schopenhauer sounds like its worth some time. Thanks for this. Your analogy is spot on.

dcbe69  No.12265747


And Nietzsche

6188cc  No.12265757


Don't you mean "And


700165  No.12265769

Many people have pointed out that NPCs goes much further then democrats vs republicans and I have been quick to agree, NPCs are prevalent in our society.

I still stand by my choice in this wording for two reasons. While NPC exsist on both sides we have not seen the right weaponizing NPCs to the extent the democrats seem to be doing, this includes legacy media and social media working together on this, so i think we can agree this is a problem if that is in fact what the democrats are doing. Secondly republicans and conservatives are not nearly as degenerate in most common extremes as the far left is. Granted degeneracy knows know bounds to the NPC\lemming mentality regardless of political spectrum however I don't see the right advocating for free drugs, sex all the things and open borders like the left is.

I will make sure to point this out in the first post if I have anything more to add to this in the future.

e4aa22  No.12265770

File: 04c0d9ad48182f3⋯.webm (3.85 MB, 800x600, 4:3, gondola_reflects_on_the_l….webm)


Excellent post and a good suggestion. I'm always too hard on people, but if you want to moralize potential allies sometimes you have to extend your hand out and let them know they aren't alone(then yell at them for being fuck ups later). #Walkaway was a big win and should get revived for the midterms. People would love a chance to virtuesignal they are leaving the dumpster fire Dems on social media if they knew it was trending

700165  No.12265792

File: 6cb2c8e2b8279fd⋯.gif (872.76 KB, 500x275, 20:11, 1516151437727.gif)


Great angle with happenings in the EU, it is truly heart wrenching and speaks to ones compassion, to feel anything less is delusion. I'll have to keep this in mind.

c967af  No.12265798

File: fd0cd7072211197⋯.jpg (74.78 KB, 775x768, 775:768, 1526078422712.jpg)

Reminder that NPCs (or Lemmings) are simply just the outlying submissive individuals that obey groupthink or a looming authority figure due to a primitive survival instinct embedded in our primate brain that is adapted more for bands of apes in a jungle than a more civilized nomadic or collective group. More evolved people are psychologically and neurogically adapted toward more individualism due to the nature of a nomadic or village society that is self reliant or depends on traits and abilities of educated individuals and can fringe into new groups if need be for survival. Weaker individuals fall into a primal state of obedience when they lack any skill of complete self reliance or abstinence from overdependency due to a hedonistic and manipulative societal norm.

TL:DR Normalfags are literally unevolved apes in human skin

55da9d  No.12265806

File: 7436e275e416301⋯.png (108.87 KB, 1266x442, 633:221, 1539313919189234er5.png)

Reminder about the "inner monologue" article someone on cuckchan dug up that kickstarted this new wave of NPC memes.

6188cc  No.12265807


NPCs are the worker ants, they serve a purpose, but's it not a positive one until a conscious being from our side controls them.

6494f9  No.12265822

File: 7d4d64c6b334d34⋯.jpg (27.09 KB, 474x266, 237:133, npc beserker.jpg)


>they serve a purpose

Make it our purpose then. Destory the cults of EL (Isra-El).

cadaa7  No.12265843


The jewish art of saying dozens of words but not fucking saying anything.

700165  No.12265856

File: 2a485cbbb178b9c⋯.jpg (13.38 KB, 650x300, 13:6, 1530358975186.jpg)

I have logged good parts of this thread for future reference.


I've really enjoyed this thread, and your contributions give me a lot to think about. I hope our paths cross again. I feel like I should be able to identify you in the future on your ideas alone.

Which is what I truly love about whatever we call this, image board culture? Being judged by our thoughts and only our thoughts. There can be no more just of a way to judge a person and relate to others. Maybe someday the chans will mature and civil discourse can be achieved, but i doubt it.


I am flattered that you chose to caption me, I wrote all this listing to the file in your post.

No doubt the shills will be here and the thread will be slid tomorrow, so until next time!

6188cc  No.12265881


>Maybe someday the chans will mature and civil discourse can be achieved, but i doubt it.

Juvenile hostility is as essential an ingredient to the proper functioning of chans as anonimity. Thin skinned faggots don't stick around, and that's the way I like it.

95a23d  No.12265884

File: 71d35a7ac98a25d⋯.jpg (159.42 KB, 768x432, 16:9, NPC news.jpg)

700165  No.12265888


Your not wrong, it all rolls of my back anymore but sometimes the important stuff gets lost in the static of Juvenile hostility.

38a00e  No.12265895

File: 08648c259532fb3⋯.jpg (78.08 KB, 800x577, 800:577, 08648c259532fb39baff35b5cf….jpg)


only NPC's use the NPC meme

ab06c3  No.12265900

Whelp, I gave OP shit about his writing style, and he gave us this great thread. Sorry OP. You did good.

c32149  No.12265909

File: f1a30e8468958b9⋯.jpg (388.35 KB, 1030x1400, 103:140, QMan_FF_Legacy_545_Seven_R….jpg)


>I've really enjoyed this thread, and your contributions give me a lot to think about. I hope our paths cross again. I feel like I should be able to identify you in the future on your ideas alone

Thank you, that's very kind. I've been up far later than usual tonight studying for an upcoming exam, and I just decided to check back one last time before sleeping. It's very rare that I post or even browse /pol/ these days, but the NPC meme is completely hilarious and also has good potential to genuinely wake people up, so it caught my attention.

>Which is what I truly love about whatever we call this, image board culture? Being judged by our thoughts and only our thoughts. There can be no more just of a way to judge a person and relate to others. Maybe someday the chans will mature and civil discourse can be achieved, but i doubt it

Being judged by thoughts alone is an extremely rare treasure and imageboards are the best way this is accomplished. In physical reality it's almost completely impossible to separate a person's physical presence from the ideas they're conveying. They could be the most intelligent person in the world, with the perfect plan to save the world, but if they look like a joke what they say will be treated like a joke.

It's vain, it's very very vain, but when we walk into a room full of NPCs we should look like God incarnate. Not only is cultivating our body healthy for us, but it's healthy for the NPCs too because they'll unconsciously defer to us and our ideals.

700165  No.12265910

File: 8effeea8c388894⋯.jpeg (38.82 KB, 500x491, 500:491, neat.jpeg)


Checked, I still appreciate your criticism. I know I need to slow down and just proof read.

e2c86e  No.12265911


I missed that thread talking about the inner voice research. Is it still up, or does anyone have a link to an archive? If anyone just has the thread URL, I can use web.archive.org.

700165  No.12265934


had that image qued up for >>12265895

disregard that.


I have always found confidence in strangers and i think this is the closest we can get physically to what we experience here in weighing ideas over all else because there simply is nothing else.

The face is a powerful signaling device and much is lost here without the use of it. Images make up for that in one sense as they can sometimes be a better conduit for meaning then words alone. This is maybe part of the truth behind the meme magic, but thats just a feeling i get.

Take care friend.

640aec  No.12265975

NPCism seems like a D&C strategy that you are all falling for - the next muttposting.

Congrats on this btw.

0af19e  No.12265994

File: 4f459602a7d2530⋯.png (1.21 MB, 936x8805, 312:2935, but why.png)


History shows quite a few things.

0af19e  No.12265997


Who's a good boy? kek

700165  No.12265998


>NPCism seems like a D&C strategy they are all falling for

Fixed that for you

We're not trying trick anyone, were trying to wake them up.

0af19e  No.12266003


>still trying to force the NPC face

You're trying way too hard. You fresh off the boat from /leftypol/?

701c46  No.12266004

>>12264444 (checked)

I came here to check these

0af19e  No.12266014


>I'm a real goy!


e753b5  No.12266025

Amazing how these glow in the dark npcs come here to point at NPCs and then reveal that they believe that the only two possible opinions are left and right. Sorry dumb fuck bot, but what you are doing is called projection. The reason you are so good at calling out useful idiots is because you are one yourself. Republican and democrat elite live in the same neighborhoods, eat at the same upscale restaurant's, get rich doing nothing, and are the most clear example of the Jew 13 scam of all time. If you didn't figure it out yet the Jews obsession with the number 13 comes from their favorite con, where they surround somebody , well call them 2, and one pushes so they are forced to go to three or vice versa. That is why the cringey borderline mentally retarded term lesser of the two evil exists.

Provide the fear, then provide the solution. This is literally the motto for some of these nigger like the kikemasons. You know, like your boy NOT CONTROLLED OPPOSITION trump? They literally announce shit like order through chaos and the ends justify the means, then they overthrow democratically elected governments in other countries , but yeah dude ITS ALL REAL IN AMERICA BECUZ THE TROOF IS HARD AND BEING A PUSSY IS EAZIER!

640aec  No.12266031


>trying to wake them up

only hardship can do this

anything else is just a veneer

baby steps leads to baby minds

stop the censorship, break the echo chambers

expose the criminality, remove the shills

anything less is piss in the ocean

700165  No.12266036


I'm sorry but I disagree, I don't want open borders, I don't want my children being spoon feed degeneracy in school and I don't want to see NPCs weaponized like the left has done. These are things the republicans are fighting to stop and I don't see republicans calling for THERE NPCs to act uncivilly.

The rest of your hyperbole is just padding for your weak logic. But we agree that there is evil on both sides however I hope I am choosing the much lesser of the too, much much lesser, by an order of magnitude easily.

b517be  No.12266038

File: 4f66fbd7e1f0c81⋯.jpg (616.71 KB, 575x863, 575:863, ToKnowYourSelf-by-swami-sa….jpg)

File: 41259ec80464ff5⋯.jpg (51.03 KB, 328x500, 82:125, 51hV5vGr4AL.jpg)


>People don't have any imagination or creative thought.

>People don't know themselves

Fucking Swami and Self Health books have been trying to free us for years.

I know about the Jewish example in 7 habits

I substitute it with that Japanese rape victim who beat the her captors in a game of Mahjong even after they tortured her for weeks.

700165  No.12266043


Your not wrong, I have had the same conclusions to an extent. see >>12265564

0af19e  No.12266053

File: 86c83b9ade523ab⋯.jpg (5.84 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 2bd1504ca0086e4eed0e4b5e3d….jpg)

>NPC provides scripted response with a capital j

Can NPCs actually become legitimately upset or is it just another scripted response?

640aec  No.12266054


Agreed with that post.

Bring it down like Fight Club

Social media is a cancer carefully crafted to reinforce a false message.


The medium is the message.


Look this up.

It is impossible to wake someone up through a medium that is by design a sleep agent.

Chans are the only reprieve.

d51501  No.12266057


That 2nd format shows promise, you can go light JQ or full JQ depending on audience/target.

700165  No.12266079


I think they only get upset when they are faced with a question or a truth that does not mesh with there pre-canned world.

Take for example whats happening in Europe with unchecked imagination. Look at the hardships and sorrows its causing to many of peaceful people…

This unchecked immigration is exactly what the democrats want so its programed via social media echo chambers, anything less is racist and you must be a nazi; A pre-canned response.

But when they are faced with the truth of the matter, outside of the echo chamber the response is outside conditioned parameters. They feel compassion and question the narrative or lash out and get louder in hope they can drown out an undeniable truth.

I think its a wonderful example another anon pointed out about NPCs

8dff2d  No.12266084


jew propaganda outlets are making a jew cycle of this right now but are the jew indoctrinated masses really in a huff about it?

cdba95  No.12266085

File: 00b796f3c6036e2⋯.jpg (105.48 KB, 550x367, 550:367, d11fca4a7cb68f83917f50f793….jpg)


so much excitement over a new way to call people sheeple.

700165  No.12266090


Neat, can you provide links?


The excitement is over how effective it is see >>12265397

ba88a7  No.12266095


"Trump is separating families" "The migrants are reunited!" These mental gymnastics. Trump is evil for punishing the parents, and according to the left he should let them enter the country illegally, because it's evil for not doing so.

d51501  No.12266099

File: 96bd2f01735bcef⋯.png (346.49 KB, 824x508, 206:127, 2018-09-23 12_04_09-Kemono….png)


You underestimate the existential dread that the NPC explanation does to your standard issue normie.

To boot, picture the following thoughts by various people:

What do you mean inner dialogue? People do that?

Some people don't do inner dialogue? How is that even possible?

I'm saying things wrong? Like a game. Is my insult old?

Is me insulting someone really thinking?

Etc. etc.

It really gets the noggin' joggin'

700165  No.12266100


Just think, if we stopped spending money on welfare for these immigrants all the people that are and became naturalized citizens might get SS when they need it when they are old. 22 billion per year? nothing to sneeze at.

cdba95  No.12266105

File: 1d79f56a4ac2755⋯.jpg (77.71 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 1538102856130.jpg)


Gurdjief called them sleepwalkers.

903030  No.12266116

File: a879526e1bfb5b3⋯.jpg (354.47 KB, 1033x3043, 1033:3043, _pol_-_NPCs_and_Politics_A….jpg)

903030  No.12266122

File: 7f3d2fa6067481d⋯.jpg (135.01 KB, 1061x452, 1061:452, npc questioning life.jpg)

0ab9f0  No.12266157

File: aac3b5df0cbdb95⋯.jpg (228.81 KB, 700x609, 100:87, aac3b5df0cbdb95261f24aac0f….jpg)

File: 435281ce5e9ac7d⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 32119056ba9ee548ab08467481….jpg)


I second this notion. An inner voice is an important indicator but not a sole determining factor in someones status as a fully realized independent agent.

On a more practical level, over all would our efforts be best suited by trying to turn npc's into player characters or by manipulating them like life were a real time strategy game?

I do understand that teaching people how to think for themselves may be harder than programming them to think what we would have them think. Ideally we would expect schooling to teach people how to think for themselves instead of being NPC factories like they are now.

I am often amazed at how little NPC's read for pleasure and how much television they consume. Memeing for the destruction of television could be a good start.

ced284  No.12266160

File: 9275061762443b8⋯.jpg (42.38 KB, 575x450, 23:18, oogaboogaaa.jpg)

>Grug see many Grug sleep with open eyes

0ab9f0  No.12266218

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Much of the outrage is artificial, they will decide that they should be outraged so they act outraged and it is near impossible to break them out of the act. I think you could torture some to death with them knowing they could end it just by dropping the pretense and they would prefer to martyr themselves than be honest.


a856da  No.12266235


i don't believe it. how can people not think?

3e3986  No.12266238

File: 0da231c576044e8⋯.png (8.16 KB, 408x179, 408:179, 408px-Simple_reflex_agent.png)

File: dc24f3825215874⋯.png (8.89 KB, 708x311, 708:311, Model_based_reflex_agent.png)


It is horrifying. Not having an internal dialog means a person cannot form an internal representation of the world around them. They cannot run internal simulations. They are acting in response to stimuli. In the perspective of AI, they would be considered a reflex agent. Their programming updates their condition-action rules. Without internal dialog, one cannot visualize a person talking and hear their words. How do these people capture events and commit them to memory?

bf5556  No.12266248





>mods butchering the thread after the derail has already run its course.

Banning me for addressing directly the issue blocking critical thought in another anon is some shit tier modding. It's not like I brought it up out of the blue, the faggot filtered me for suggesting there's more to human history than what his bible tells him. That's as NPC as it gets. It's fucking related, you ban-happy retards.

8022fd  No.12266327


You're a demoralization shill, but I'd rather just filter you.

Some of the mods are being paid by China.

8022fd  No.12266340

File: 653d056fe3aa684⋯.jpg (25.4 KB, 474x266, 237:133, ggwk.jpg)


This "corrupting the youth" bit.. euphemism for pic related or not?

4e9442  No.12266410


"Level 3" is exactly the type of people Hitler targeted in Germany. There is potential.

7b382a  No.12266417


>trips of nothingness

again, leftists prove they can't meme

The more words one of these need in order to accurately convey its message, the less power it actually has. If one word existed that could unilaterally destroy leftists, there'd never need to be any other of these images, ever.

9e890a  No.12266420


Let me put it in even simpler language. If us tribe get not-real-people tribe to act in way long-nose tribe no want them to, us tribe may live longer.

Do you fucking get it now you fucking imbecile.

9e890a  No.12266435

But either way We need more discussions of this as this theory has been around a long time (at least 2 years) but only recently did it really take off. I'd be interested to know why it took off so much in the end.

000000  No.12266466

300 replies and the original image with the "limited souls" theory is not here


2bac2e  No.12266472

File: 5bbc9165eb5d15f⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1468x7317, 1468:7317, Lemmings.png)

For those who don't know the original source of this NPC meme.

000000  No.12266476

to expand on the theory:

NPCs have a set in vocabulary, you know how google search blocks certain search suggestions, the NPCs has a hidden dictionary, where problematic words can never be used by NPCs but can be recognized and result in a reply like : racist, nazi, fascist, misogynist

The NPC will never use the word NIGGER for example.

But if a real person says NIGGER the NPC is programmed to respond to that problematic word with a safe word: racist

I think this programming is done through modifying the oxytocin of the NPC.

pic related: https://i.redd.it/7d1q0ndl6isz.jpg

000000  No.12266482


the original theory was from before alt-right existed in the mainstream

it was posted in 2014 if I remember right, it was posted here, the anon that posted that said he was from Croatia. in the same thread he had another theory (that was not screencapped) about meme magic physics and how if a group focuses on a certain thing to happen, they can meme it in reality, but that group would have to have a soul and not be an NPC

84e5a6  No.12266504


The npc meme and the idea that people are actually npcs are different, one is obviously an accurate commentary on the worthlessness of the vast majority of lemmings political opinions, another is some outlandish matrix style conspiracy theory.

84e5a6  No.12266506

File: 797effe4c913859⋯.jpg (24.96 KB, 400x344, 50:43, busheatscat.jpg)


Ohai. That appears to be my bush meme from 10 years ago you got there, doesnt float around very often.

c0d202  No.12266518


>My mom is probably a lvl 2 NPC.

Watch for and mitigate any negative inheritable behaviors you may have got.

d7b889  No.12266521

File: 338b04c06678649⋯.png (991.67 KB, 735x870, 49:58, drugs_depression.png)


Anon, are there any books or essays or pdfs by Schopenhauer you can recommend? I've never delved into philosophy and I don't know where or how to start. I thought I wasn't an NPC because I'm able to think critically and agree with most of /pol/, but seeing your analogy made me realize I'm still a feeble old man being carried around by a very strong retarded cripple. I might be slightly smarter than the other feeble old men being carried around by strong retards, but the retard carrying me around is on steroids and stronger and more retarded than the other retards.

I'm a slave to my base desires and impulses. How do I fix this? Anybody got any sources of overcoming your desires and just following your true soul? I feel like I'm in an abyss here, and can't get out. Drug addiction, social hedonism and mental escapism only make the depression worse.

54eca9  No.12266534


People have the ability to think, they do not use it to their full extent. They are rather autonomous with their thought processes, because you have technology to alleviate some areas of thinking. In a way, man is becoming one with machine ever since the Industrial Revolution, and now it is becoming even more apparent.

258be7  No.12266577


Intentional hardship, pain, and suffering. Learn to wait, to starve, and to think.


3428ec  No.12266690


there are many different ways of cooperating with your retard

you must take care of him, indulge him occasionally, care for him like a good wise rational parent would

be his strongest influencer

teamwork makes the dream work bb

set easy goals and try for them

ask yourself what you really want to do

when nothing comes up, then do nothing!

get bored!

get hungry! get horny!

see how your retard responds to this, and how he responds to your suggestions on fullfilling these desires

healthy food instead of junk

stimulating and rewarding activities instead of simple games

healthy sex instead of masturbation to sissy hypno

it is building a healthy loving trusting relationship with yourself

when you can trust your body to carry you and your body can trust you to not ask too much and guide towards the right things that satisfy not just your rational mind but also your retard, then a happy and productive life can be lived together

cbb935  No.12266696


Your post has much more in common with cuckchan.



Anyone who came up with or significantly polished high quality weaponized memes is a guru, anon.

365d47  No.12266775

File: 105aa28e20c1952⋯.png (224.14 KB, 2000x818, 1000:409, NPCLOOP.png)


The NPC exhibits a specific frustration of the OODA loop. Three components of orientation are either disabled or unavailable due to ideological policy. Pic related depicts this frustration.

<Genetic Heritage is frustrated by dis-connecting the npc from his racial memories. By casting ones forefathers as criminals, the NPC installs a policy which denies access to the Genetic Heritage function.

<Cultural Traditions are frustrated by destroying the individual culture created by the now 'criminal' forefathers. The human brain is wondrous and will compensate for forbidden cultural traditions by feeding backward into the implicit guidance and control [which is external to the npc, and thus far slower, this is why they cannot meme.]

<Analysis and Synthesis are both frustrated and supplanted, synthesis is frustrated by an education bereft of logical rigor, while analysis is supplanted with Critical Theory. [This is why cultural marxism is what it is]

>How do these people capture events and commit them to memory.

Move to the orient loop and imagine that the NPC cannot perform the forbidden functions. Yet, they will eventually set, into memory, an event. The data from that event has to feed back through the observation function where it is mediated by implicit guidance, fed foward into the orient loop and if no CogDis is offered by the previous experiences function the memory is written. The memory itself, however, is written in the full context of the NPC's implicit guidance program.

796263  No.12266825


agreed, i.e: cuckchan


are there even any drawfags worth a shit over there?

a5272f  No.12266839

File: 2fc3b8f5dff7032⋯.png (96.25 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 2fc.png)

0262ad  No.12266867


Right-wing NPCs are easy to spot. The ones who crave organized religions are NPCs, especially the pro-israel holocaustians. The ones who worship ZOGbots as "heroes" are on cruise control. Lolbergtarians smoked themselves into NPC mode. The "fiscally conservative / socially liberal" degenerates are fully NPC. Anyone who says "I worked for muh social security it ain't welfare dur dur dur!" Total NPC.

88c77e  No.12266876

File: ac9793355a08a88⋯.webm (4.2 MB, 202x360, 101:180, Hobo_explains_D&C.webm)


>I'm sorry but I disagree

>cannot provide reasoning for why he disagrees

NPC detected, no thought just pure stimuli to response.

>I don't want open borders, I don't want my children being spoon feed degeneracy in school and I don't want to see NPCs weaponized like the left has done.

If we dont weaponize NPCs then you will have open borders, you will have your children spoonfed degeneracy in school, media, society, they will be raped and killed by the brown horde of tomorrow and YOU will have been complicit because you don't want to do what it takes? Don't reproduce and if you have consider a postpartum abortion.

>These are things the republicans are fighting to stop and I don't see republicans calling for THERE NPCs to act uncivilly.

THERE ARE NO REPUBLICANS TRYING TO STOP SHIT. The left and right are the flame that brings the water to boil to cook the frog (us). The right is a slow boil so that the frog doesn't notice, the left is an inferno bringing it to boil as quickly as possible. The right has conserved nothing and if you're a trumptard you have so little critical thinking you've yet to realize once he's done we're fucked. There is no replacement, there is no right wing that is gonna magically change its ways and save you. Both sides are part of the same parasitic system, no one will speak out against the jewish influence over white nations nor will they do anything to stop the migration of nonwhites (because they'll just do it through "legal" immigration).

>The rest of your hyperbole is just padding for your weak logic.

At least that anon USES logic.

>But we agree that there is evil on both sides however I hope I am choosing the much lesser of the too, much much lesser, by an order of magnitude easily.

You've bought into the false dichotomy of the jews. There isn't evil on both sides, both sides ARE evil, shit is basic D&C applied on a societal scale. Webm related.

9940d9  No.12266898


thats all and good but how do I get the nig nogs to stop playing fucking disgusting music and white women to stop getting tatoos

there are reasons that the "system" is supported, everyone sees their out in the system. Im not concerned with politics and money men Im concerned with the degeneracy in my face and people not taking responsibility for the little shits they create.

We are divided open your fucking eyes and look at the crack head liberals

700165  No.12266907


So I say I disagree and then proceed to explain why i disagree yet I'm the NPC here. Keep up with the news at all? McConnell has a bill on the floor to provide 5bn to fund the border wall, that is certainly a step in the right direction as a wall is a much more permanent solution to the border issue.

Scream and shout all you want but I hope you are motivated enough to go out and vote this November.

4b973a  No.12266924


Absolutely correct. Cuckservatives are NPCs, only a mildly different flavor from leftist NPCs, because cuckservatism is just progressivism from 40 years ago. /pol/ and anyone to the right of /pol/ can't be NPCs, because we have the capacity to analyze progressive multicultural democracy from perspectives outside of progressive multicultural democracy.

88c77e  No.12266970


>thats all and good but how do I get the nig nogs to stop playing fucking disgusting music and white women to stop getting tatoos

You can't, at least not yet.

>there are reasons that the "system" is supported, everyone sees their out in the system. Im not concerned with politics and money men Im concerned with the degeneracy in my face and people not taking responsibility for the little shits they create.

But guess what, it's politics and YOUR money that pays for the degeneracy in your face and the lack of responsibility for the future welfare parasites they create.

>We are divided open your fucking eyes and look at the crack head liberals

Which is exactly what I said when stating partisan politics is literally basic divide and conquer on a massive scale.


>So I say I disagree and then proceed to explain why i disagree yet I'm the NPC here.

Saying I dont want open borders or indoctrination of my children is not a disagreement. It's got nothing to do with what you replied to you retard. That guys post was about the system being kike owned bullshit to which you go "yeah but one party is a slower boil so theyre the better one!" It completely misses the point that was being made and the response you provide is retarded.

>Keep up with the news at all? McConnell has a bill on the floor to provide 5bn to fund the border wall, that is certainly a step in the right direction as a wall is a much more permanent solution to the border issue.

I can only wait until trump himself veto's it and cucks himself like hes done twice now. But again, this has fuck all to do with what you replied to because all you provided is an emotional response to a factual description of the kiked system you love so much.

>Scream and shout all you want but I hope you are motivated enough to go out and vote this November.

It's in my best interest to delay the rapid destruction of the country, but that doesn't mean I'm right in claiming the side i'll vote for isn't evil kike owned parasitic bullshit.

c5527d  No.12267028

File: ffd20245ce93097⋯.jpg (227.84 KB, 1292x296, 323:74, polAgency.jpg)


Hurlburt has a lot of methodology going towards his work. Most people using the meme lack any real knowledge of linguistics, how the brain works, types of thoughts - even their own - or what they represent. They use the meme as a joke, a replacement for SJW and an insult. It works in this way, but they don't really understand what NPC means or what it represents in relation to how people truly think, feel, and experience things.

definitions of thought - http://hurlburt.faculty.unlv.edu//codebook.html - here is an excellent primer for the masses on types of thoughts, variants, considerations, discriminations and examples of each type of thought they trained people to recognize. There's inherent risks in telling people how to think, too.

http://archive.is/0U0jR is a NYT article about him with some choice quotes and other experts thoughts about the attempt to understand thought.

>“My research says that there are a lot of people who don’t ever naturally form images, and then there are other people who form very florid, high-fidelity, Technicolor, moving images,” he said. Some people have inner lives dominated by speech, body sensations or emotions, he said, and yet others by “unsymbolized thinking” that can take the form of wordless questions like, “Should I have the ham sandwich or the roast beef?”

>In a 2006 book, “Exploring Inner Experience,” Dr. Hurlburt suggests that these differences may be linked to personality and behavior. Inner speakers tend to be more confident, for example, and those who think in pictures tend to have trouble empathizing with others.

>Differences in thinking style may also help explain some aspects of mental illness. In studies conducted with Sharon Jones-Forrester and Stephanie Doucette, Dr. Hurlburt found that bulimic women experienced a clutter of simultaneous thoughts that could often be cleared by purging.

>After abstaining from his own experiment for more than 30 years for fear of becoming biased, Dr. Hurlburt submitted to a single day of introspective fieldwork in late 2007. He discovered that although he had never noticed it before, most of his thoughts contained no words or images at all. Rather, they consisted of what he calls “unsymbolized thinking.”

There's far more that can go into this discussion, but the masses are turning it into a 'npcs are robots' or completely unthinking and a joke. No one wants a true discussion on the nature of thought.

Some other resources that can relate to this topic:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asch_conformity_experiments - this has been repeated multiple times. Some had actors stand for buzzing ata doctors office and new people conformed after one or two buzzes with no prompting. When everyone leaves the room that is an actor, the non-actors continue to do it and new non-actors conform until all non-actors are doign it with no idea why




I've studied this topic of 'npcs' long before the meme began and working on a book related to thought. A large focus is on deaf, blind and autism and their thought process. Aphantasia and hperphantasia/synesthasia and other variations are explored as well. Aphantasia is almost completely ignored for some reason and only roughly 2% of the population experience it, yet a disproportionate number of scientists, engineers, and even artists experience it.

My only issues are with my work only related to white population. All non-white work I have to cite or rely on others for information. It seems language/linguistics is the key to intelligence, sentience, sapience and both creative and logical thinking. The ability to visualize or feel or hear and other non-conceptualized thinking does not have any bearing on these. In fact, if these are primary ways of thinking, its usually a negative factor. Many people have tried meditation and other techniques to block out these images and ways of thinking. Most Buddhist and zen-like beliefs all seem to enforce stopping these types of thinking, which are uncontrolled and emotional/feeling based that can be corrupted, controlled, manipulated and, while true to you, not true to reality.

14bd1e  No.12267030


check'd and this'd

I think we should start making NPC memes of neocons too. Hurr duurr support foreign wars on Israel's behalf.

000000  No.12267060


I created a subreddit to post NPC messages flooding social media.

But I need some guide-stones.

Would you consider this an NPC message:

It has over 500k likes and 155k retweets. The message in question is a reply to a guy from India, so totally unrelated and empty of any human logic, like the account exists only to shill and act like an NPC to please and serve NPCs. Also, the message is related to pop-culture which can be considered a mass product of NPC factories. Is this example the standard cultural NPC norm ?


90ec2d  No.12267062

File: 5679334ed56f8c1⋯.jpg (69.02 KB, 640x362, 320:181, medanao.jpg)

Memes exposing kikery have been trending & popular for centuries

Medieval people made memes about jews long before anons on the web began to do so.

c5527d  No.12267074

File: aeba3e9a2ea6b40⋯.jpg (806.8 KB, 2012x1252, 503:313, John Martin - The Destruct….jpg)

>>12267028 (cont)

Beyond thought, there's numerous other aspects of the mind and philosophy/self that relates to our thought process.

Although the degree of this awareness in people varies, its existence confronts man with a problem which is essentially human: by being aware of himself as distinct from nature and other people, by being aware–even very dimly–of death, sickness, ageing, he necessarily feels his insignificance and smallness in comparison with the universe and all others who are not "he". Unless he belonged somewhere, unless his life had some meaning and direction, he would feel like a particle of dust and be overcome by his individual insignificance. He would not be able to relate himself to any system which would give meaning and direction to his life, he would be filled with doubt, and this doubt eventually would paralyse his ability to act–that is, to live.

There's far too much to discuss on religion and how Christianity played such a pivotal role in development of European thought and intellectual pursuits to list here. I have far too many pages on it to dump here. Islam and Judaism are similar, but actively destroy thought in their populations and create what I would describe as true NPCs, by this meme's standard. Some Christians become too absorbed in doctrine and modern destruction of the church corrupts Christianity, too. It's spread to non-white areas required this Judea- or Islam-ization of the church for Africans, Hispanics, Asians, South Americans, etc to understand, conceptualize and actually think. You could argue it instilled a soul into the people - "woke them up" - but how it was applied was corrupt, faulty. we could discuss racial differences, too. I dont have much study in that beyond /pol/ and what not. It's hard to say. Asians have high IQ, but low creativity. Blacks are low IQ and can only ape others for creativity - jazz from rock, rap from jazz, ebonics from english, etc. Neither accepts the faith, but Asians, seem to reject it, for the most part. Strict, regimental doctrine works far better on them, such as Islam, which dominates much of SEA, India, etc. Blacks can accept Christianity because they ape being good - they can recite simple prayers, hail marys, and understand that being a 'good boy' goes to heaven. Their churches can ape the oratory preaching and parables are highly effective on them. Islam can enslave them, but they feel 'free' with Christianity, even without understanding either. Getting back on topic of freedom and individual worth, though.

The vastness of cities in which the individual is lost, buildings that are as high as mountains, constant acoustic and visual bombardment by television, phones, advertisement, big headlines changing three times a day and leaving one no choice to decide what is important or real, shows in which life is perfectly presented, problems solved, what life is supposed to be is shown and demonstrate their ability with clocklike precision to eliminate the individual and act like a powerful though smooth machine –these and many other details are expressions of a constellation in which the individual is confronted by uncontrollable dimensions in comparison with which he is a small particle.

All he can do is to fall in step like a marching soldier or a worker on an endless assembly line. He can act; but the sense of independence, significance, has gone.

"I knew we counted little in comparison with the universe, I knew that we were

nothing; but to be so immeasurably nothing seems in some way both to overwhelm and

at the same time to reassure. Those figures, those dimensions beyond the range of

human thought, are utterly overpowering. Is there anything whatsoever to which we

can cling? Amid that chaos of illusions into which we are cast headlong, there is

one thing that stands out as true, and that is–love. All the rest is nothingness,

an empty void. We peer down into a huge dark abyss. And we are afraid."

This feeling of individual isolation and powerlessness as it has been

expressed by these writers and as it is felt by many so-called neurotic people, is

nothing the average normal person is aware of. It is too frightening for that. It

is covered over by the daily routine of his activities, by the assurance and

approval he finds in his private or social relations, by success in business, by

any number of distractions, by "having fun", "making contacts", "going places".

But whistling in the dark does not bring light. Aloneness, fear, and bewilderment

remain; people cannot stand it for ever. They cannot go on bearing the burden of

"freedom from"; they must try to escape from freedom altogether unless they can

progress from negative to positive freedom.

c5527d  No.12267075

File: a7df5bdefda67b6⋯.jpg (4.39 MB, 2285x2703, 2285:2703, Herbert James Draper (1863….jpg)

>>12267074 (cont 2)

The principal social avenues of escape in our time are the submission to a leader and the compulsive conforming as is prevalent in our own democracy.

There's so much more to the NPC meme than just 'for the lulz' and using it in retaliation for 'russian bot' left dehumanization. It's really a shame the meme will never move beyond this level specifically BECAUSE NPCs are using it without realizing they are NPCs.

6243ca  No.12267092



I think baby needs a nap

c5527d  No.12267115

File: b772e09fd459bfd⋯.jpg (4.24 MB, 4612x3117, 4612:3117, Heinrich Bohmer (1852-1930….jpg)


Mark Ruffalo would not be considered an NPC - it would be pure marketing and a political message that was calculated and designed to appeal to people using a stand-in for modern prophets or Gods, if you will. You could argue people 'pray' and have 'faith' in these deified actors, TV personalities, and other famous people. They do not know them, have never truly seen them, but have pre-conceived beliefs and faiths in them based on movies and television. These media replace the inner thought and visualization process of most people - it's literally real to them watching the movie. They can picture and feel it in the majority of cases. Turn off your brain movies/tv? That's not a metaphor - they actually do accept it as programming without knowing or feeling or actually understanding.

So, is it an NPC message? I dont think so. I believe the message comes from someone that has been deified for mass consumption in a modern sense of the deification process. These famous people are 'above' the masses. They bring happiness and gratification and are pinnacles of humanitarianism for the world to emulate. They are the parables and scriptures in living flesh for the masses. Modern media does not allow the majority to reject them or question the scripture. Conformity is a human condition and the few that dont understand it at least accept it or engage with it for their continued acceptance in society.

Again, it's not an NPC giving a message for NPCs. The people you would regard as an NPC have been programmed to willingly and unquestionably accept messages from the deified 'prophet' that is the conceptualization of Mark Ruffalo in their minds.

This is my fundamental belief based on my studies of theology and the mind. It would need further definitions and explanation to truly convey what I am describing that I am not at liberty to publish at this time.

One of my favourite quotes is from heritage moments in Canada - "the medium is the message". It was apt for television and is apt moreso today than ever before with the advent of the internet and social media and weaponization of thought.

000000  No.12267140

So much self-congratulatory verbal masturbation in this thread. Bet you all took PhDs in it too.

14bd1e  No.12267180


it's not a game

ed41ee  No.12267182



You fucking mongoloid.

cd151e  No.12267213

Most comprehensive study on the NPC theory… it's an ancient concept.

>also he gives a cure

SOME NPCs can be brought back and reawakened

Consider viewing and sharing, he says it's been demonitized already so THEY FEAR THIS MEME AND THIS VIDEO

cd151e  No.12267215

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b5459f  No.12267239


It makes me lose a lot of faith in humanity to see so many people who are totally incapable of introspection. It’s one of those things that, when you’re innocent and naïve, you assume everyone can do but you realise as you get older that most people just blindly plod through their lives and regurgitate whatever information they’re fed.

9f901a  No.12267244


>besmirching based Burning Circles

The fuck outta here.

e4d019  No.12267254

I hear a lot of people here citing that one study and talking about a lack of inner dialogue. Not many are talking about the lack of inner sight, though. There are people who report no ability to visualize or imagine content in their head. In my opinion lack of inner sight is an even bigger sign of an NPC than lack of inner dialogue, unless the person was born blind.

000000  No.12267264


>One of my favourite quotes is from heritage moments in Canada - "the medium is the message".

Then the receiver is..


0af19e  No.12267345

File: 090148586f9dbfc⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 1557x999, 173:111, Jehu-Obelisk-cropped[1].jpg)


Goes back even further but honest truth isn't a meme.

15577d  No.12267351


I think that's what creeps me out most about the whole thing; the people who are able to introspect just assumed that mostly everyone else was able to do so, and now we're finding out that not even a quarter of people are even capable of it, and that is just people in the west. Even creepier when you realize that common phrases like "Just picture it:" or "Imagine it:" or "Picture this:" are things that an NPC is actually completely incapable of, and the NPCs never realized that the pictures are supposed to come in their head, and that those phrases are not just the preface to someone laying out an idea.

4d139f  No.12267363

File: 2b3f3b8e6bb5d0e⋯.jpg (34.29 KB, 480x385, 96:77, axe attack jew.jpg)


beat it kike

7d20b4  No.12267380


>This "corrupting the youth" bit.. euphemism for pic related or not?

No. It was because Athens got BTFO by Sparta for running a banking scam on the Greeks. The Sophists turned the elite kids into hippie nihilists and they didn't even want to fight.

>Burning your draft card on the streets of the Parthenon.

Socrates criticized Athens for this behavior and they accused him of being a Sophist (sage, teacher, liberal).

3e3986  No.12267404


The OODA loop is a reflex agent. Sensors are observations, orient is considering the world state, decide is condition-action, and act is actuators. The NPC is a simple intelligent agent. I think your observations are correct. The goal is to target the NPC's internal world state so that they only act on new information and previous experiences. This would make them highly receptive to programming. Red pilling floods their world state with new information, which may break them from their programming. A focus on self improvement is likely required to keep them from falling back into it. That gives them time to expand their world view and begin to act on a more complete world state.

ed41ee  No.12267433

File: 7731fb4951acb89⋯.jpeg (57.98 KB, 488x639, 488:639, serveimage (52).jpeg)



Thanks for joining us tonight, Bill.

32f2ed  No.12267482


Ever notice that, while they hate being referred to as NPCs, they treat "women and minorities" as if they are NPCs? They assume they have no will of their own, cannot make decisions, and merely react to internal scripts.

7d20b4  No.12267491


victim mentality turns people into children I guess

000000  No.12267492


I don't get the image

6243ca  No.12267547


if only they had killed them instead, we would be in relative paradise

99b29a  No.12267554

File: 6f2323409f1ea17⋯.jpg (61.26 KB, 600x600, 1:1, myopia.jpg)

File: cff853b0cdbbb7c⋯.png (18.67 KB, 458x386, 229:193, tmp41A7.png)

File: 9181365e5154f9f⋯.jpg (142.93 KB, 630x956, 315:478, Myopia2.jpg)


i am more blind than 99% of people with myopia. my eye glasses are goggles. as a kid, i didn't even get an eye exam until i was around 9 years old. i credit spending my first decade alive being functionally blind with boosting my mental powers of visualization and inner sight. being blind is what made me so good at math and learning to read at 3yrs old. kind of like Daredevil being blind and his body compensating by over developing his other senses.

myopia rates worldwide are spiking. nobody knows why, but it probably is caused by more kids spending all days in school reading, and locked onto TV screens, and playing video games and staring at Cuckbook on their iPhones.

which makes me ask, if more people than ever before are going blind, and spending more hours per day reading text and mentally manipulating logical abstractions on a screen, then why are the majority of them NPC's? wouldn't sheer odds predict more people reading and visualizing abstractions mean more people over develop an inner dialogue and inner sight?

instead we see the opposite effect. more kids are dumber than ever, more people have such short attention spans and waste their lives watching the bottom of the barrel Content on the electric Jew. the scene from Idiocracy where they say "you talk like a fag" when Owen Wilson's character speaks plain intelligent English is not too far off from today's reality.

where are all the player characters? do i have it backwards, and the rise in myopia from overuse of screen text reading is a cause of being an NPC?

58e777  No.12267563


Does anyone have that research paper about inner voices? I can't find it in archives.

9c3abd  No.12267573


>I'm torn between

>I'm not telling you to fuck off.

>I'm saying, cut the cruft…

>but I just want to know

You could not be more insufferable.

c30da8  No.12267597


>more people are reading

When the surfs were given nothing to read, the information was controlled by their superiors, since they had only the tongue of their people and could do nothing as far as writing long scripts like the clerics or the royals. In this modern age people are held down by the fact that information is instead controlled, despite the fact that it is all accessible; more people than ever are able to be scholars, and even if you don't like the niggers and the spics, they at least have the possibility of enhancing their mental power. It is because that concept of being more learned than our ancestors is taken for granted that the people on whole don't sustain their mental capacity; they trust what they see on the news because that's an easy way to get information. If it's on every social media site, they don't need more than that. A mixture of the lazy attitude of reading something somewhere at some time and the lack of knowledge to be able to do a bit of self-aware research. Information being inches away from people is worthless when it's behind a shut door, especially when they are told that the only information they need is through the keyhole. People are lazy, they'll do what they need to just to move on with their lives; the common mentality with kids is in fact just that, since school work is less seen as a means to allow growth of the mind and more of a trial that must be passed to do something they want to do; in a basic sense, school is just another chore, not a learning center. I will at the very least show my child that information is important and that they should complete their studies to the fullest without any hope of reward beyond mental growth. Children who think of things as arbitrary and trivial are becoming adults who see work as unimportant and worthless, which is evidently leading to more people who just don't do anything in the world.

cbb935  No.12267693


It's a good thing there's no such thing as "humanity" then.

b5b151  No.12267748


Read this female shill's post carefully, then point and laugh.

>Do so, because this 'person' is one of the lemmings we're discussing.

>Do so, because she didn't post any tits.

>Do so, because of the social language outing her unseen tits

>Do so, because this 'person' thinks that an individual's value is a purely social function

>Do so, because she invokes social ranks (guru) while accusing someone who isn't a namefag, of effectively being a namefag

>Do so, because shills aught to be swat

b5b151  No.12267769

File: 82893a3d946c1b0⋯.png (247.77 KB, 730x1288, 365:644, c4fc7b3c430435ca1de1ff1fe6….png)

cbb935  No.12267799


I don't know exactly how they "work" or why, but what really needs to happen is they need to be incinerated with flamethrowers.

214a3d  No.12267875




Any leftists fall under either NPC or ignorant/naive.

I'd say its a 90/10 split this way. Some leftists even when shown the truth just stick their fingers in their ears. These are the NPCs.

On the right its more like 50/50.

The NPCs being the usuals; boomers, zog worshippers, money worshippers, GOP worshippers.

c5527d  No.12267890


An older quote about liberals was if you arent a communist by 20, you have no heart and if you arent a conservative by 40, you have no brains.

4167f8  No.12267896

File: 442c860192b946e⋯.png (159.63 KB, 1304x890, 652:445, hide npc threads.png)


578e64  No.12267996


Legit. I'm sure they had their reasons though.

578e64  No.12268039


That's an actual medical condition though. Not being able to use your mind's eye/imagine shit.

9c3abd  No.12268077


Are you LARPing as the Dunning-Kruger effect?

>begins and ends with Germans.

Germany was not a thing when the foundations of philosophy were established.

>that's really all you need to study to know all of philosophy.

You might benefit from reading some of the skeptics. Maybe start with Hermotimus by Lucian…


9940d9  No.12268091


who the fuck is not an NPC

-Im woke because Im not a normie but all I do is work and play vidya

you aint doing shit.

DOTR … haha you watch out ur gonna get it

sure buddy, retard faggot

9940d9  No.12268111


bullshit transcendentalism is good shit very humbling and with a simple beginning but the ability to be applied and expand to as many complexities as one desires

and what the fuck do you mean "begins"

Is plato german?


Like this guy says fucking shit tier LARP eveyone is not only an idiot but is fucking pussy attention whoring faggot

you guys are a bunch of nigger cattle

f1bee9  No.12268184


The meme and perception of this phenomenon has been around since the sixties where normies were deemed "squares".

4c8bd4  No.12268240


>tfw I fell for the quiet good boy meme as a child

c967af  No.12268281

File: c8eae32886d5e89⋯.png (315.07 KB, 432x574, 216:287, pic2.png)


Anybody that is more than slightly annnoyed about it is a normalfag that needs a reality check. It's the same thing with actual mongrels being butthurt about amerimutts while levelheaded and secure people thought it was funny or just banter. I recall more Americans playing along with it instead of sperging about it and those that were pissed were likely just baiting.

7b9d97  No.12268366


can you name the third pic, I am unfamiliar with the usage of this meme in a npc setting.

1c2ce3  No.12268478


No, "squares" are what the commies called people who weren't falling for their hippie bullshit.

e2f378  No.12268688

File: dc61d883ae0a9ca⋯.jpg (148.43 KB, 606x926, 303:463, banano explained.jpg)

File: 4e8b89a45345049⋯.png (264.58 KB, 1816x645, 1816:645, Banano rant.png)


This should help.

e2f378  No.12268789

File: c56b4dd9c726542⋯.png (248.22 KB, 1132x1000, 283:250, peepeepoopoorider.png)


>His depiction of this issue was of a very strong, blind retarded man (instinct, desire, the limbic system) carrying around a crippled old man who can see (reason, thought, the neocortex). The old crippled guy can see and understand things but he's completely 100% under the control of the retard carrying him around. This is how your average NPC is. Even if he thinks at all it's only to justify his base urges.

8e65a5  No.12268799


>Or is Hillary Clinton speaking to the leftest fringe groups and other NPCs/Lemming Mentality to which she is still somehow view favorably because she tells them all what they want to hear.

I think this is it. She is falling back to her occultic levers. She recently lost her security clearance. The democrats are abandoning her. She's literally got nothing, except the NPC horde. This plot seems like it's straight out of morrowind.

84e5a6  No.12268802

File: f0c1b439f7a0774⋯.jpeg (74.71 KB, 748x525, 748:525, npc meme2.jpeg)


We got a hostile NPC over here.

84e5a6  No.12268807

File: 1b2ac83b82cbd92⋯.jpeg (51.11 KB, 638x550, 29:25, npc meme9.jpeg)

7f05dd  No.12268808


>who the fuck is not an NPC

>I admit I don't have agency.

clearly it's not you who isn't an npc

84e5a6  No.12268811

File: fb47d66c1fa41a2⋯.jpeg (12.82 KB, 634x362, 317:181, npc meme3.jpeg)

File: afcfe488bec4d14⋯.jpg (50.72 KB, 681x609, 227:203, normies-are-npcs.jpg)

File: d45e37756151441⋯.jpeg (61.07 KB, 680x568, 85:71, npc meme5.jpeg)

File: 3f307ca6e9b9e92⋯.jpeg (70.7 KB, 455x768, 455:768, npc meme4.jpeg)

File: 750a1591f163111⋯.jpeg (99.28 KB, 960x866, 480:433, npc meme.jpeg)

000000  No.12268813

You do realize NPCs=goyim

I'll wait.

7f05dd  No.12268814


>t. not of the goyim

000000  No.12268823


>don''t believe we're making fun of you, goyim


7f05dd  No.12268825


>projecting this hard

you can't leave can you

000000  No.12268831


>not a psyop not a psyop

glow a little harder

7f05dd  No.12268836




000000  No.12268839


>filter the truth, goyim!

There is Truth. Everything else seeks to tear it down.

c63df2  No.12268841

If I get my autism cured, do I become an NPC?



That's sort of a fucking shame, some of them have rather appealing styles. Then again, i'd be hard pressed to find one now worth noting. Dworven had some pretty neat stuff, i'll say.

c94ff2  No.12268845

File: ca7b4b89cfaa3ca⋯.png (22.54 KB, 350x350, 1:1, npc.png)

7f05dd  No.12268851


you can't not be human, but you can avoid being an NPC. Use your intuition – what are the NPCs like in all the games you've played? How are they "triggered" ? When do they go "off script" ? How can you be the "hero" in your own life? You'll never escape your own humanity, but you can elide the shit they want you to say when they want you to say it. You can have agency.

a05390  No.12268874


>This all circles back to the NPC meme and its effectiveness in disrupting precanned thought processes OR triggering a moment of critical thinking.

There's actually a few fundamental traits the NPC meme has which makes it dangerously powerful. First it challenges preexisting thoughts by attaching a negative association to monotonous behaviors shaped by society. This ultimately challenges the status quo, as it prompts people to evaluate what is truly their thoughts and not a product of external conditioning.

This leads to the second trait complimenting the first: People crave having a sense of distinction or "being special" from the majority, to have impact, leave a legacy or be remembered. By having the meme imply what is considered not an NPC, gives whoever wields the meme to shape a new mindset into people that promises such distinction.

The final trait is that this meme targets the core of propaganda conditioning, the contextual cues based on lack of self awareness. It renders all strategies depending on it utterly useless once awareness is gained. Should that be achieved, centuries of manipulation could be undone if delivered right.

That's why they're really freaking out on this, the destructive potential is immense. However make no mistake they'll try to hijack the meme to steer it for their own ends in response to it. Could be looking at a full-blown global meme war to wrestle control of this one meme.

f44522  No.12268889


>25% of people no inner monologue

>didn't comprehend study at all

NPC detected

f8c231  No.12268901


Anon, you need to focus on the whole "NPC," not just this Democrat v. Republican Jewish spectrum nonsense. Your enthusiasm is noted, but don't get swept up in mememania, its anons job to create, to build the memes and the thoughts, but don't forget they're tools used to program or guide non-sentients. In dealing with non-sentients (NPCs, Lemmings, Sheeples, etc…) never forget this whole NPC meme is just a reboot of a meme from antiquity. They're the classic examples of the shadow watchers in Plato's cave allegory. They will never, ever break their chains. All anon can do is try to change their programming to something more useful.

a05390  No.12268909


Or at least plant a seed of doubt at the very least. From doubt, more questions can flourish.

e2f378  No.12268938

File: df41747936de0bb⋯.webm (729.37 KB, 854x480, 427:240, Crawling in my peel_1.webm)


>they need to be incinerated with flamethrowers.

f8c231  No.12268941


Did you ever see the Episode of Star Trek TNG where they send the Borg (non thinking, collective cyborg species) back to the hive with the ability for freedom of thought? In the episode the one Borg who could think spread his ability to all the other Borgs and it nearly collapsed the entire species. I wonder if the same thing would happen to the Chinese or Modern Consumer Culture bots.

c63df2  No.12269123


So if I cure my autism with some 100 year old "sleeping sickness" drug, I won't become an NPC?

9c3abd  No.12269296

File: a75833f067c5ad8⋯.png (239.65 KB, 1111x616, 101:56, organicOC.png)

File: 6e7a460b2a2eda7⋯.png (154.98 KB, 1896x429, 632:143, totallyorganicOC.png)

File: cd0b214033efd68⋯.png (44.33 KB, 978x298, 489:149, voatOC.png)


Wow, so totally organic this meme.

9e890a  No.12269308


So they are trying to co-opt the meme, that's interesting. It's clearly having an effect we simply need to keep injectimg our own versions into public forums.

000000  No.12269311

A reminder that NPC=goyim

That is how they think of you.

That is what they teach their children.

That is what they all believe.

8312fa  No.12269438


Oh no anons, the memes we created are waking up normies. T_D has it now, it must be bad. Abandon meme, abandon meme, all men overboard!

Fucking jew bastard. Why don't you go back to israel and help your tribe kick out the niggers.

8312fa  No.12269442


Yes, this is classic. It turns virtue signaling behavior into being a mindless drone. Turning all of them into mindless drones. They want to be the savior, not the drone.

Bump for good thread.

a05390  No.12269471


>second pic

The response in that thread is an example of hijacking of the meme I'm warning about. They'll aim to erase the cognitive theories and awareness aspect of the meme and restrict it to a dehumanization narrative. Because if the meme is reduced to that, then it becomes a typical "us v.s them" narrative which fails to deliver any greater potential.

000000  No.12269477

000000  No.12269479


So? The meme challenges "safe" opinions. We can use it to normalize racism and anti-semitism or any other leftist magical NPC response against our ideas.

5f659c  No.12269480


Ever watched how they kids behave?

They are just mini golums seeking their precious

9c3abd  No.12269486



I never indicated it should stop. I am a regular to here and I left voat but lurk occasionally nowadays. I have not been to T_D until I spoke with another anon in person who frequents that sub and we were struck by THE OBVIOUS COORDINATION going on with this meme.

Take what I posted for what it is. Not recognizing that this meme is being shilled puts you at a disadvantage in the meme war.

9c3abd  No.12269489

Should have replied all in one box but…


The other anon misses the point. It just needs to be recognized. When something becomes so hot right now it's important to try and think why.


I agree. The huge push of this meme into consciousness will be accompanied by an attempt to discredit it. The entire process deserves study.

000000  No.12269493



You are the same type of user who thinks lizard people are real and the earth is flat. Fucking boomer cuck.

9c3abd  No.12269494


Take note other anons that anyone even mentioning the idea that this is not an organic phenomenon is being shilled against immediately by Torfags.

000000  No.12269499


That's your only argument? Like shills would use fucking TOR of all things to shill. You dumb fuck.

9c3abd  No.12269506


>ad hominems me about lizard people

>complains that something is "my only argument" when it was not even my main point

>uses Tor

Give up, you already proved my point several times. And thanks for keeping this relevant and at the top during peak shilling of this meme. Good meme, being shilled. I am filtering you now.

000000  No.12269552

a05390  No.12269559


There's a few methods I see they might try:

One will be to exaggerate the dehumanizing aspect to ridiculous extremes to use it as a D&C fracture point. In that scenario the meme functions as an alternative to many other accusations to derail online discussions.

Two, popularize it into a cult-like fanaticism with ecelebs where people who believe it are made out as psychopaths that devalue human life to very arbitrary qualities. Might even so far as declare it as a mental disorder.

Three, it's used to actually shill an emergent ideology of their own devising and this becomes their exit strategy from the growing instability of the leftist ideology.

All these methods would aim to achieve one thing: It directs people away from the philosophical and meta-cognitive engagements that can induce actual change of mindset in people. It turns it all into a controlled setting where superficial change has only occurred.

b6402f  No.12269569

File: a9bd3ee68db1a81⋯.jpg (103.22 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, 85788416.jpg)


>Give up, you already proved my point several times.

same scripted lines, unchanged for years…

>hurrr, totally inorganic

>thanks for admitting Im right

>n-nice argument

>b-bad optics

never backs up claim, insists on semantics as evidence definition of pilpul, just labels memes threatening to jews as 'inorganic' or some shit as if any of us use these terms. Brainlet, half baked attempts at narrative subversion.

is this (((imkikey))) or (((moarpheus)))?

5dc469  No.12269586

File: da3e0a6e5231ba8⋯.jpg (144.24 KB, 1080x525, 72:35, isv.jpg)


Sorry, that image inspired me.

b6402f  No.12269653

File: d5a342ad8547431⋯.jpg (359.22 KB, 1080x525, 72:35, I_smell_no_dinner_cooking.jpg)

ccf649  No.12269684

Meme is blowing up, fuck the shills trying to stymie the momentum itt.

>Hurr it applies to "both sides"

Irrelevant, it applies to one side more than the other, the left.

It infuriates the left because they think they're such unique special snowflakes and they find themselves having canned responses to everything, or a total meltdown with their inability to overcome disagreement.

They respond like completely soulless automations.

It does not upset the right, the only reason to mention this is to promote apathy to dissuade creating far reaching memetics.

Shills try to demoralize and contain "reach" wherever they can, when you effectively package something with humor it presents a type of instant subversion, even people who disagree accept humor on some level if they find it funny.

They're forced to lie to themselves and even question their defenses.

One of the first if not first victims of communism was a clown.

Humor is dangerously armor piercing.

8e34db  No.12269819


You shouldn't mistake T_D or reddit for independent thinkers. reddit by it's nature encourages a lemming mindset. OTOH, they have produced some funny memes, so I'm glad they found something they can work with.

>Not recognizing that this meme is being shilled puts you at a disadvantage in the meme war

By who? Who is shilling? For what purpose? How does this put /pol/ at a disadvantage? Please explain.


I'd like to see a twitter blue check NPC. I may try myself today, but I'm as sick as a dog, don't think I have it in me.

9c3abd  No.12269835


>However make no mistake they'll try to hijack the meme to steer it for their own ends in response to it.


I hadn't read your post above when I posted the caps. This is where we are at for sure. I'm not sure if they know where they are going with it, just that it's causing them trouble. The first thing they always do is just stir the pot around. I work from home and am online all the time, the trajectory of this meme went into overdrive about yesterday morning. I probably saw more NPC posts in my first hour online yesterday than I'd seen in my life.

8e34db  No.12269909

File: 5d4ed64f9c4c980⋯.png (129.05 KB, 630x374, 315:187, npc_blue_checks.png)

Ok, first OC in a while. More coming.

567846  No.12269929

File: c5e21163721984e⋯.png (337.57 KB, 720x403, 720:403, npc.png)

Equal representation of all robots

244607  No.12269933


>I, I, I, me, me, me, my, my, my

>muh NPCs

National Socialism is about fighting for, saving, and uplifting your people. Dehumanizing "the masses" into soulless automatons or mindless animals who exist to be manipulated is Freemasonic, Satanic, and Jewish, though I repeat myself.

This isn't your personal blog and you aren't one of us, fuck off. Sage because I'm not bumping a thread that any competent mod would have anchored days ago.

62fe78  No.12269942

File: 4291b2e5a6f4fec⋯.png (445.69 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 5D5E69FF-3849-4242-AF91-EF….png)

The modern political faction has adopted the technical tools of religious cults. Religious cults rely on three main tools for shaping the information processing of the target:

1) Heavily controlled information environment, via social identity, social reinforcement, language manipulation, and censorship.

2) Weaponized cognitive dissonance. The pain of questioning one’s beliefs becomes too strong for such a weak willed being at a certain point.

3) Deactivation of the conscience through a technique known as “moral shock”.

NPCs do not have a conscience. They have relinquished it and predicated all their value judgements on what they perceive various social groups’ value judgments to be.

Governmental agencies have funded volumes of research, such as those by the author of pic related, on how to use symbols and language to do mental surgery on the recipient. This text in particular mentions a surprising study which concluded that simply by inducing great moral rage into the target, one could satisfactorily loosen his grip on his own reasoning to coerce him into believing the exact opposite of what he had believed before.

The NPC meme is subversive because the modern citizens’ de facto paradigm resembles an indoctrinated cult member, and the meme triggers the memory of the soul-mind-conscience the person once gave away.

8e34db  No.12269948

File: e3297f2139eeaad⋯.png (93.52 KB, 319x279, 319:279, npc_blue_checks_angled_cro….png)


62fe78  No.12269957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>In 2003, Kristin Snyder, a 35-year-old environmental consultant, disappeared after a nxivm session in Alaska. Her body was never found, but in her truck, parked on the shore of Resurrection Bay, was a note which read, “I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off. . . . Please contact my parents . . . if you find me or this note. I am sorry . . . I didn’t know I was already dead.”


8e34db  No.12269960

File: 88591a6d93b87d4⋯.png (115.98 KB, 493x374, 29:22, npc_verified.png)

NPC twitter verified!

9039bd  No.12269999

File: 66f141c2447371a⋯.png (397.06 KB, 756x416, 189:104, genocidal_golems.png)

This meme has great potential.

8e34db  No.12270006

File: 1bce14402255296⋯.png (65.41 KB, 493x374, 29:22, npc_twitter_logo_with_bird.png)


Love it! Have another!

9039bd  No.12270029

File: db795afe294f5c6⋯.png (996.6 KB, 1421x682, 1421:682, npc_media.png)

Taking photoshop requests.

8e34db  No.12270037

File: 3c8a0ac7e7d788c⋯.png (20.15 KB, 303x248, 303:248, who_could_be_behind.png)

NPC or …

465966  No.12270048


I think you are quite correct, I remember that propaganda, at least for the lower classes is made up in such a way, that it appears that they are elevated beyond their own measure. Virtue signalling being a buzzword that they dont really understand, but what the elites use, that makes them feel better, greater (and more unique) than their peers. SJW perhaps was too positive for them as it allowed individual greatness. But NPC is exactly as you describe man.

So this meme can be made even greater if we show them how alike they are in their liberalness? How common they are? How simple they are really?

e98811  No.12270050

I still have a hard time believing that most people don’t have an inner voice/monologue. I told my sister and friends about this, who are all normalfags, and were shocked at this. They all said they have an inner voice and one of my friends said “I always talk to myself.” They could be lying, but why would they?

5f6170  No.12270054


>that image

Seems like something made from a damaged mind.

I myself don't necessarily disagree with any point you made, but that meme is "haunting" in a way. Makes me wonder what the creator of said meme was implying.

465966  No.12270069


I wonder how much of it applies to us tho lol, sure I may shitpost, but what makes my shitpost more or less unique from another!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9039bd  No.12270085

File: 19842af11aed26c⋯.png (987.4 KB, 1421x682, 1421:682, kek.png)

b6402f  No.12270094

File: 2d5378ac863de72⋯.png (3.86 MB, 1918x1538, 959:769, gj0983.png)


>“I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off. . . . Please contact my parents . . . if you find me or this note. I am sorry . . . I didn’t know I was already dead.”


b6402f  No.12270102


>that file name

>that old as fuck png

leave, kike.

95b596  No.12270110


> someone took the time to make this

> devoting so much effort to showing their enemies that the soyboy meme gets to them


That only strokes their ego by giving them the impression that NPCs are strong. Make the picture more accurate and either give me the original, or make a version where it's the White people that have npc faces. That associates npc thinking with weakness and gives them insight to what is going to happen to them.

9940d9  No.12270116


alien dangles baby infront of lizard the lizard dangles symbolism wizardy infront of mason … etc

aliens > lizards

5b9660  No.12270121


This is EXACTLY what happened to people in 4pol that rejected the shilling of this meme. Because it was spammed and it was spammed by sketchy memeflag posters. And those posters are usually Israeli kikes.

d9ce1a  No.12270125



No, it's much much older.

d9ce1a  No.12270126


You should keep it to half, you suck at OC.

5f6170  No.12270129


That's the thing Anon. I don't think your family is lying.

Me thinks this was a meme that was forced in a way. Yeah sure; it makes libtards angry, but they get pissed over the most trivial bullshit anyway.

I think it's another D&C tactic.

<Don't trust anyone goyim. Everyone and anybody are meat sacks devoid of a soul. Your all alone. Listen and believe.

I'm well aware of the term "sheeple", but this meme is being used against anyone who disagree's with any opinion they don't agree with.

It seems manufactured and I don't trust it.

9039bd  No.12270130

File: 57f0e4b58118c56⋯.png (422.84 KB, 633x385, 633:385, prom2k18.png)


nah, you must misunderstand the meme. no one wants to be the NPC

9940d9  No.12270137


they must all be jews

9039bd  No.12270148

File: 673a9b140b0e2e7⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, fag.png)

(((gender studies))) = subversion of an entire society

5883cc  No.12270164

File: faa06b11c2452b2⋯.png (154.4 KB, 1812x959, 1812:959, Fags.png)


4Chan /pol/ mods are actively deleting and banning people who post NPC threads.

They are triggered.

(PS: NPC meme dump)

5883cc  No.12270166

File: 22c7ae7c0985a45⋯.jpg (60.61 KB, 640x607, 640:607, 1539424670208.jpg)

File: ab288304fdedddc⋯.jpg (62.27 KB, 680x802, 340:401, 1539438678165.jpg)

File: 600eda3989196b4⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1500x1322, 750:661, 1539454036406.png)

File: 0e18f9147b399e9⋯.jpg (195.04 KB, 840x464, 105:58, 1539454611626.jpg)

File: 5f7c6eddf895d7e⋯.jpg (34.53 KB, 323x359, 323:359, 1539454786407.jpg)

9039bd  No.12270167


that's because 4chan is modded by gamer gate now

5883cc  No.12270170

File: bfd1f475a3e6c1a⋯.jpg (74.45 KB, 923x432, 923:432, 1539456117344.jpg)

File: b167dc2dfd46cec⋯.jpg (70.99 KB, 736x430, 368:215, 1539456377607.jpg)

File: 2a87e12a6cbd746⋯.jpg (59.22 KB, 412x691, 412:691, 1539456408292.jpg)

File: bd78470c4c3b1e3⋯.jpg (513.67 KB, 1240x1832, 155:229, 1539456442420.jpg)

File: 2393cb6a4efabac⋯.png (109.98 KB, 492x585, 164:195, 1539456609305.png)

5883cc  No.12270173

File: 016445693ff58f6⋯.jpg (143.59 KB, 1200x1082, 600:541, 1539456693272.jpg)

File: 069c5aa8c16d54f⋯.jpg (153.74 KB, 1024x948, 256:237, 1539456737972.jpg)

File: 45fd832d35ff3c3⋯.png (227.79 KB, 567x471, 189:157, 1539456976577.png)

File: 06af90ffa886ab4⋯.jpg (49.07 KB, 779x533, 19:13, 1539457138128.jpg)

File: cb9ffe2d56f06b7⋯.jpg (45.54 KB, 500x756, 125:189, 1539457271558.jpg)

5883cc  No.12270175

File: c580316fb961873⋯.jpg (95.1 KB, 1328x1032, 166:129, 1539458333582.jpg)

File: 4b7257b2b46f9b4⋯.png (69.91 KB, 625x473, 625:473, 1539458387379.png)

File: 9270887eabe452a⋯.png (86.76 KB, 634x362, 317:181, 1539458644115.png)

File: 4fea8a04df4b349⋯.png (164.01 KB, 548x1266, 274:633, 1539458726908.png)

File: 545b650e7198e26⋯.jpg (83.21 KB, 1200x827, 1200:827, 1539458741016.jpg)

5883cc  No.12270177

File: af2ca4a3035ff9e⋯.jpg (131.2 KB, 666x716, 333:358, 1539458936322.jpg)

File: e84071477fc59b3⋯.jpg (139.43 KB, 1024x905, 1024:905, 1539458949739.jpg)

File: f9c48ba6c0403b9⋯.jpg (84.81 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, 1539458982341.jpg)

File: 768cc2f53733d0d⋯.png (92.86 KB, 971x546, 971:546, 1539459171760.png)

File: 778bba738d6d4c7⋯.png (91.47 KB, 766x792, 383:396, AwaitCommand.png)

5883cc  No.12270180

File: 12f8224720ba57e⋯.png (114.09 KB, 768x794, 384:397, ConsoleCommand.png)

File: 50e6e3a36051e3a⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 1590x6314, 795:3157, NonPlayableCharacter.jpg)

File: abee8e075bce559⋯.png (4.95 MB, 1590x6314, 795:3157, NonPlayerCharacter.png)

File: 39cf01a3fbab663⋯.png (90.53 KB, 375x399, 125:133, NPC.png)

File: 4a131fd576e6fff⋯.png (249.75 KB, 818x853, 818:853, PleaseEnterCommand.png)

5883cc  No.12270185

File: 51e9afe88428611⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1204x1461, 1204:1461, OyOy.png)


How did that happen? Who are the mods seriously? They are basically ghosts entities.

9039bd  No.12270193

File: adb6a2c2df16080⋯.png (859.46 KB, 898x701, 898:701, swedish_npc.png)


the opposition is more organized and funded than you could possibly imagine

5883cc  No.12270198

File: 064dc5941e0d440⋯.png (489.21 KB, 1017x759, 339:253, 1538062727902.png)


Well, pic related is relevant I guess.

Same thing happened with the r/donald subreddit (was very based and very counter-semetic and somewhere in the middle of the 2016 Presidential Race, a lot of new (((mods))) arrived and started to ban anyone who criticized jews or Israel.

9039bd  No.12270232

File: 3bc1581671dbc1d⋯.png (230.39 KB, 405x680, 81:136, the_final_redpill.png)

c63df2  No.12270247


>hostile NPC

so wouldn't it be enemy character, then?

000000  No.12270253


A computer may not have emotion, but it can still have an exception triggered and have to handle it.

9039bd  No.12270261



9039bd  No.12270313

File: 5c94ef5c42d5185⋯.png (261.15 KB, 2000x1176, 250:147, pavlovnpc.png)

ab537e  No.12270335

File: 08bc4ff38954cea⋯.png (47.19 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, nbc.png)

5883cc  No.12270343

File: 4b045d97ec57148⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1920x3222, 320:537, MGS2.png)

3e3986  No.12270349


They have all the hardware to sense and actuate. They are intelligent agents. Read up on learning agents, specifically reflex agents. One problem with a reflex agent is that it is common for them to get into infinite loops when they encounter a situation their current programming cannot accomodate. The only way they can break this is to exhibit random behavior. Consider that some humans resort to pacing when placed in solitary confinement and seem to lose their mind at a point.

9039bd  No.12270358

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You win.


(full clip for the unititiated)

9c3abd  No.12270367


>I am just on a different computer now

If you don't understand that something is being shilled, then you are likely to play into the disruption effort. As my anons have pointed out in this thread there are several possible angles they might take to derail, co-opt, or subvert this meme. By understanding the ways they are attempting to discredit or steal the meme you can fine tune your meme-ing in ways that are less able to be usurped.

If they are going to push this meme, then it warrants looking into the differences (possibly very small) in the way they are using the meme and the way it's actually most effective.

For example, If they hit a normie with a shit version of this meme before they see a decent, thought provoking version, imo they have already stolen some of the meme's power.

You just need to know your enemy is all I'm really saying I guess.

c63df2  No.12270583


>3rd pic

>not titled Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.png

7d8b2a  No.12270621


Like the ((())) Wasn't it started by "Fake-judeans" on tawter, now everybody does it automatically when referencing them? I mean Yes the NPC can be co-opted but isn't main purpose meme 'group mentality'. limited upkept is the only thing i can see that can be against this 'death of a meme'. The ideal is good but unless it affects masses of people, i fear it will just be memory-holed. Also how to i discern hyper-realism in my own self?

ec5c93  No.12270625


>you can fine tune your meme-ing in ways that are less able to be usurped.

Fine tuning my memes? I just throw them out there and see what sticks. Shotgun approach here.

7d8b2a  No.12270702


I don't think a puppet would do so good. the grey tone and easy copy paste face is great which makes some people have a "profound" moment.

c63df2  No.12271040


2nd pic should also include forgettable fads like 3AM challenges.

9c3abd  No.12271068


Kek. You still aim a shotgun though anon.

5883cc  No.12271123

File: cd232e5b023b563⋯.jpg (3.16 MB, 1727x8133, 1727:8133, OtOT.jpg)

I know that Pic Related is not NPC related by since I've spend so long to do it, I guessed it wouldn't hurt to share it here.

c63df2  No.12271141


It's a "spray and pray" technique

5883cc  No.12271157

File: dad8c6635e49b99⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1727x8133, 1727:8133, OtOT.jpg)

Last update. promised.

96b31c  No.12271239


I have to admit this is clever. triggered = aggro'd

b70f60  No.12271242


Speaking of NPC's, the Jew shill mods are hard at work today.

I advocate taking our lives and our worlds back from them, and those whom they have artificially exalted above us.

Because women are, as a whole, inferior to men in the following ways:








Recognition of danger, physical or otherwise

They are unfit to rule over a population of men. They are even MORE unfit to rule over a population of other women, as they have proven time and again to abandon all reason and moral structure in order to seek revenge or just plain spiteful damage against anyone they deign to be unworthy.

From this day forth, I propose that all court cases, of all sorts, have to have at least two witnesses to bring any accusation of any sort, and physical evidence to prove that said accusation happened as accused.

The absence of a body is not the presence of evidence. No body, no murder. This prevents people from being hauled in who happened to be within sixty yards of whoever disappeared, and crucified for their murder.

The absence of evidence constitutes the absence of a case. Any case dismissed in criminal court may not have any civil suit brought that has even the slightest shred of anything to do with the criminal case already dismissed. No more shekelizing lost court cases.

Men will no longer be held at bay by women, children, or even the family dog. No crime that does not have at LEAST two directly, perfectly, and entirely corroborating witnesses, PLUS substantial corroborating EVIDENCE will be dismissed out of hand.

Further, no one shall be named on either side of the case until a verdict of guilty is reached, and if a verdict of not guilty is reached, then the accuser, and ONLY the accuser shall be revealed to the public. Any mention of, implication of, or revealing of the identity of the accused will be a felony, punishable by no less than 25 years in prison as a mandatory minimum sentence.

No one who claims to be or is genetically proven to be even 10% Jewish can hold any position of any sort in any court. No lawyers, no judges, no District Attorneys, absolutely nobody.

A jury of one's peers means the same race, the same religion, the same gender, the same political beliefs, and heterosexual.

What this will usher in, as it is polished and finalized, is a system whereby the formerly-packed prisons and jails will be largely emptied. Only ACTUAL criminals will be in remand, and that especially includes false accusers who are a cancer on any nation, and a drag on the morals of their communities.

A comprehensive review of court cases that have failed to be proven by these sound and historically-proven methods will be executed, and reparations made to the victims wrongfully imprisoned, paid by the ethnic group directly responsible for their incarceration, namely, those who call themselves “Jews.”

As trillions of dollars are returned into the hands of the people who have had their lives murdered by this group, freedom and happiness shall return to the land.

b70f60  No.12271257

Death penalty for:

Abortion of any White child




Sex crimes involving penetration of any sort.

Kidnapping/human trafficking

Accessory to murder

False accusation for ANY of the above offenses.

No one who has or can obtain de facto citizenship in Israel is allowed in the following fields:



Any information systems of any sort whatsoever

Government, including legislative, judicial, and executive.


Anything of any sort to do with anyone under the age of 25, including schools, education materials, juvenille detention, colleges, or anything that could be picked up or consumed by anyone under 25, which includes books on religion, race, history, sex, gender, sociology, and morality.

Anything that depends on, feeds into, is involved with, or in any way can possibly have any affect on any form of government from the local dog catcher to President of the United States. No furniture, office supplies, food, or other goods sales of any sort. Any Jewish person involved in any such company instantly and retroactively eliminates that company from ever being able to deal with the various governments of the United States, in perpetuity.

“Jews” shall receive a mark on their foreheads or hands, preferably an RFID chip, to allow them to be immediately identified and singled out, to make sure they are not involved in areas they are forbidden to enter. This is for their safety, since they can be hard to differentiate from the rest of the crowd, so to prevent them from mistakenly wandering into areas where evil Nazis could persecute them, they must be equipped with such protective devices. To remove or deactivate such a device is reason for instant stripping of all property, belongings, and money, and deportation, with only a government-provided jupmsuit, to Israel or parachute-dropped where prevailing winds will carry them into Israel.

They can be among us, as long as they can be immediately recognized, so they will not attack our children, our governments, our judiciaries, or our educational institutions, or be falsely accused of such by evil Nazis. It is the only way to keep them safe.

All media that has ever had even one “Jew” involved in its production will be suspended from distribution, and banned from consumption as aggressively as child pornography.

All monies flowing from the USA to Israel, no matter how circuitous the route, will be stopped, and diverted to the treasury of the United States.

The Federal Reserve will be dissolved, its infrastructure absorbed, and all members above a certain rank tried for treason.

Money lending will be at 1 dollar available for loan for every 100 million dollars on deposit.

Freedom of association will be strictly enforced, and people will be free to associate with whom they want, and ONLY whom they want, geographically or any other way.

The ONLY refugees taken into the USA will be Christian, actual lifetime Christian refugees who are White and of good character. The same people who built the country to begin with. White, protestant refugees.

The amazing inversion of our societies, with a small parasitic minority on top carefully setting everyone else against everyone else except themselves will be removed from all positions of power, barred access to social media, and kept under general surveillance 24 hours a day.

Speaking of Hebrew will be banned in public. If they need to know the tenets of their religion, they can speak English. It will not be taught, it will not be written, or read. Foreign-language money cults that travel through and above their betters will no longer be allowed. Speaking Hebrew in public will be a ticket to instant deportation.

In short, remove the radiation, and the cancer dies.

Possession of pornography will be banned, with instant deportation for anyone caught using it, death penalty for distribution, of course, production.

Any establishment that produces child pornography will have the premises burned/bombed/razed to the very ground, and the owners' assets liquidated.

Drug dealers will be shot on sight and their bodies left to rot for one day.

Drug traffickers will be tracked back to their host/launch nation, and the facilities that they used razed to the scorched earth. Invasions of foreign countries will be launched, and every single person involved in the gangs will be terminated with extreme prejudice. Gang tattoos are one of the uniforms.

To make an example that is obvious to all, entire cocaine plantations will be wiped out with tactical nuclear weapons.

b70f60  No.12271291


Though a belt-fed fully automatic shotgun does hold some interest for being sort of a combo of the best of both pray-and-spray worlds.

3dc3b6  No.12271303






These are mine.


So where's your OC? I have five images I banged out in this thread associating NPCs and twitter, because apparently, this meme really chaps twitter's ass. So I'm attempting to grind the salt in the wounds. Maybe one sticks, maybe not. You just don't know which one will resonate sometimes.



5a27ad  No.12271451

File: 891f210e15f3a22⋯.jpg (26.22 KB, 474x495, 158:165, like pottery.jpg)


>>The jews run both sides and force you to pick one out of hate for the other.

The technique is so effective, the US military uses these tactics in 'Basic Training':

>1) remove all identifiable characteristics of "former self" - the individual is now becoming the member of a group that is "non-civilian". His/Her everything which are base needs, the lowest/foundation-level of the Maslow' Hierarchy of Needs plus, are met within the military structure; clothes, food, hygiene, shelter, a support network, health needs, goals/objectives, challenges, ….

>2) ensure the individual is active during waking hours with study, exercise, drills, hygiene/personal care, organization, structural indoctrination, etc … all administered under a heavy-hand. The training must do several things; a) remove all energies used for thought outside the program (critical-thought/why = shut up and do what you're told), b) establish hierarchy where the DI/CC are everything at the top - mom/dad, provider/denier, giver/keeper, holder of all power over the individual recruit. He/She is reminded often, while severely tired from activity(ies) and malleable, that they're nothing without their DI/CC and c) to "just follow orders"/comply, or face severe consequences

>3) rebuild this now identity-less, malleable, now mentally and physically stronger, attentive, smart, reliable, newly-formed individual into a 10 ft. tall, bulletproof perfect military-model machine

Like Pottery

5a27ad  No.12271454

File: b5ae6ddf381af4e⋯.jpg (13.01 KB, 260x336, 65:84, usausmc.jpg)


Within the US, our once stable nation has been atomized at all levels into forms/groups of insurgencies and counter insurgencies; the individual examining the tenets of Marxist/Maoist tactics can decide which-is-which, and whether it matters. The US Army and the USMC provide their recruits field manuals on forming and nurturing insurgencies and counter-insurgencies. These methods were used in atomizing Latin America and every nation in the Middle East theater. Today, we are seeing its products within the successful social&cultural engineering which has been in-place for decades; now culminating as insurgencies/counter-insurgencies as related to a perceived political structure/spectrum

5a27ad  No.12271481

There are still a lot of people that don't make the connection between the gaming term NPC (Non-Player Character), and the personification of the NPC.

- a gaming NPC has no Artificial Intelligence. This could be characterized a human equivalency that has no critical thought abilities and often no desire to think critically. They are malleable, shaped by surrounding influences. Like their gaming counterparts, they only do a set amount of things; that which is allowed under their programming.

- one single example of 'Right-think' v. 'Wrong-think' is the 'Politically Correct' paradigm; wherein only certain things are allowed to be said or done, and anything outside this paradigm is considered unacceptable

For the sake of argument, this can be seen as an insurgency

- in opposition are the 'Politically Incorrect', the "Deplorables" that breech any and all sacrosanct subject matter for the purpose of a) discussing that which they're told not to discuss and b) for the express purpose of taking a monster shit on those telling the /pol/ster what to say and not to say. Let the salt mining begin. This can be seen as a counter-insurgency

452859  No.12271645

File: c90d2835397842a⋯.png (3.83 MB, 1080x4000, 27:100, NPC Waifus.png)


Great use of multiple memes.

Pic related is for oldanimefags.

92b5e1  No.12271788


Phaedrus by Plato, Socrates’ speech about love in which he talks about every man being a charioteer with two horses: one a lustful pervert and the other a noble steed. Book’s short and massively instructive. He also has a great line about why the left can’t meme: they don’t have a concept of health for the soul of their audience.

92b5e1  No.12271791


Oh, also meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

fd0bfd  No.12271848



This isnt true to the NPC meme's roots. You're just giving the meme a purely political slant while aiming it at a single group. This isnt right, and its not what its about. Its more of a human quality that everyone shares to some extent, and its implications run a lot deeper than identity politics.

0ab9f0  No.12271930

File: 9d5944c6f39fa45⋯.png (342.14 KB, 680x505, 136:101, 3af2060c95e6275a6a47c488aa….png)


>Imblying lizard people are not real.

c63df2  No.12271934


I just thought of making a qt out of the NPC meme, but that'd go against the idea of it being "cut and dry boilerplate people".

cbdfb6  No.12271944

File: 4a5321090c07870⋯.png (48.27 KB, 376x401, 376:401, sheeple-fixed.png)

7f0cb9  No.12272067


Fine then, prove it faggot.

672481  No.12272079

File: bf1b126b908da0e⋯.png (112.1 KB, 454x380, 227:190, db795afe294f5c61e1e0842174….png)

Now you only need to meme the merchant as the NPC programmer, for maximum weaponizing.

But even at the more organic state the meme currently is, I love where it's going. Be aware it's flirting with some deep esoteric truths (see Gurdjieff).

feb06c  No.12272083

File: 8e3b52c1306d9d4⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1920x1040, 24:13, perfect blue.png)


What an interesting perspective.

9c3abd  No.12272115


>So where's your OC?

I'm more of an irl and research anon. I'm just pointing out what few seem to have noticed or at least few seem to care about.

>Maybe one sticks, maybe not. You just don't know which one will resonate sometimes.

100% right. You will at least go with the one that sticks right? I think you are already doing what I'm talking about.

a05390  No.12272158


Considering NPCs in a video game environment are scripted entities within a game itself, it's natural for someone to ask who is writing the scripts as they take the analogy further. I think the meme will achieve a natural progression from discerning NPC behavior and ways to escape it, to also questioning the nature of the "game" itself and who is manipulating it and to what end. I don't think it's even necessary to force this progression as it might emerge on its own.

bdb728  No.12272184


This meme is useless. What benefit does this meme have?

Seems like “NPC” belongs on /b/ not /pol/.

It’s a pseudo-intellectual catch-22 where you’re a ‘dumb npc’ unless you’re ‘in-the-know’

Fuck that.

And fuck your stupid cuckchan meme.

Mods need to get off there asses or else even more cuckchanners will migrate.

bdb728  No.12272189



Oh wait, there’s actually potential for the NPC meme. I like these.

I’m still not gonna bump though, the preachy long-posts just scream “pseudo-intellectual”

465966  No.12272194


I think another aspect of it all is what you guys are also doing: presenting it as literal programming. Meaning that most of society is programmed, which it is, socially programmed into artificial bullshit. The whole bit where most of the people got turned into these crypto nigger retards with no recollection of their past, of their bloodlines and histories. No volkish spirit at all.

5a27ad  No.12272206

a1d502  No.12272210

File: bb4ac378840e4b7⋯.png (4.12 MB, 1600x6354, 800:3177, NPC programming.png)


Shill much?

This is one of the best memes I have seen in my life.

5a27ad  No.12272212

File: c86ca7a9b6ffe99⋯.jpg (37.07 KB, 474x341, 474:341, book burning.jpg)


kinda makes ya wonder who's holding the first stick with a shekel hanging from it

Is it the Talmud?

What does the Talmud look like as a master programmer?

a1d502  No.12272216

Theory: Anderson Cooper is actually a Max Headroom artificial construct carefully tailored to offend the minimum number of people while seducing the most financially influential societal segments into doing what they want them to do.

5a27ad  No.12272217


NPC's in gaming are programmed. NPC's irl are programmed by the state using free education, media, cliques, talking points, and political correctness. Discussing the political incorrectness of pretending that we can vote our way out of this mess is definitely political

Now fuck off back to /b/ with ya

465966  No.12272218

File: d167ef889031a37⋯.png (169.33 KB, 999x442, 999:442, 1493401810098.png)


What would "education" look like towards non programming? My guess is if you forced people to read all sorts of books, according to their interests. There is a lot of divergent thought out there waiting to be absorbed. And isnt that what we are doing here? Also confrontation seems to be good non programming…as pic related seems like

Can we define "good" vs "evil" type of stuff in this memetics? Should we?

a1d502  No.12272221

Where is most of your rage/joy/anger/frustration/ spent?

Where is most of your free time spent?

Where is most of your disposable money spent?

Where is most of your focus spent?

Behold, thy god.

(Massive mea culpa for me spending FAR too much time playing seductive online gaming)

c297d5  No.12272238


asuka fags eternally btfo again

a1d502  No.12272240

Every so often, we can step back, ask ourselves "What do I believe?"

"Why do I believe it?"

"Is it true?"

"If so, here is my proof."

"If not, I am discarding it, running from it, and escaping the crowd that I was being tidally washed along with."

No one who loves truth fears this process.

d66c0d  No.12272247

File: 5474e248292a3b3⋯.gif (4.1 MB, 676x568, 169:142, sleepy_npc.gif)

Rate OC

b51bb0  No.12272255

File: eb65562b8ca212a⋯.pdf (14.85 MB, Marcus Aurelius - Meditati….pdf)

a1d502  No.12272271

One thing to remember is that by repetition, anything becomes acceptable.

This is why they ceaselessly bombard with negative, evil, vile stuff.

But, if the first step for the NPC's is to be awoken, then your first step is to begin the (possibly long, slow) process of ceaseless, tireless, repetition.

In a way, it's like sexual stimulation, especially for women. When you are on a roll, doing a particular thing moving her towards orgasm, you just do it in a trancelike, rhythmic way, relentlessly, and she will orgasm. Suddenly stopping or changing it will break the roll and you will fail to bring her there.

Similarly, you must find a definite, true, message that hammers at the FIRST THING that is needed, namely, being awoken, and never quit pounding it. Repetition is more important than the force of the blows.

When people find you, a rock of incorruptible truth in their sea of ever-shifting sand or water, they will eventually follow you.

But, make sure what you are saying is inviolate truth, so that you don't have to make a retraction or change just before the "climax" of them becoming awakened.

It would be like preaching Christ to a reluctant relative for years, and just before he repents, saying "Well, Jesus is not the only way, we can also worship Molech, and God will accept us."

You have just broken the rhythm just before realization of the goal, which is the salvation of a human being from Satan's traps and lies.l

5a27ad  No.12272281


>What would "education" look like towards non programming?

This particular mimetic speaks to, among many things even historical, 'Political Correctness'; the blinders placed upon our speech that fails in limiting real critical thought. This is to say that, though these 'automatons' repeat the politically correct talking points of the day, many do not believe them. In the quietest moments, they must be thinking about just ridiculous they sound; and if this isn't the case, imagine how much energy it takes to try to think of nothing outside approved speech/thought.

>>And isnt that what we are doing here?

Definitely, which goes to

>>Can we define "good" vs "evil" type of stuff in this memetics? Should we?

It really is about alerting people to their soulless golem-like behavior. There is so much energy being wasted by this nu-left mimicking the Stasi and the Anti-Faschiste of WWII Germany, while they watch themselves fail miserably, only to see them double-down, triple-down, go for broke.

The Left of today is like that guy that really wants his team to win the big game. He has great intentions. So, he trots out onto the field and when the ball breaks, he intercepts the pass, and hauls ass in the wrong direction scoring a touchdown for the other team

tl;dr it's less about defining good v. evil (at this point) and waking people up to the manipulation. On balance there are NPC's on the right end of ideological persuasions as well

185a1c  No.12272292

c5527d  No.12272297

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here we see an NPC unable to process new information and forced to go off script.

3e75ac  No.12272430

File: 43ecaa7e09e0065⋯.png (319.05 KB, 634x356, 317:178, 5024806-0-image-a-10_15394….png)

Fucking tourists…

5a27ad  No.12272439

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can you find the NPC in this video?

a9fe90  No.12272517

File: fe46b3bc89e63e7⋯.png (69.02 KB, 800x668, 200:167, 4E09A494-A299-4FF7-BAFE-30….png)

File: 2574c0a7be9173d⋯.png (286.75 KB, 460x285, 92:57, 5689E0D7-B890-4945-839F-5B….png)

File: 835f084acfe64ee⋯.jpeg (43.57 KB, 325x499, 325:499, E52B1609-5C64-441F-AA13-F….jpeg)


Plato. Yes. Read Fucking phaedrus, I’m not being edgy fedora man - literally find the text, and eat it with your eyeballs. Socrates talks about propaganda (as “speechmaking”) and really nicely identifies that which is good vs that which is bad. We should do the good type. They have done the bad type. The good would heal the bad, as well as give us more influence. It’s in a 2000 year old text. All other shit is derivative shit.

a9fe90  No.12272522

File: 6ab37f263d95ce4⋯.jpeg (165.56 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 216C8EEF-BB32-4FDB-9537-4….jpeg)


And then once we turn on a critical mass of the 10% non lemmings, what should be our agenda?

Stimulating the imagination of new ideas to solve society’s problems and then rigorously killing bad ideas. We are the new priest class.

Some nice practical agenda points can be found from this LARP from 2016: hli.anoninfo.net His ideas are solid: make memes that provide a positive alternative to current state of affairs, arguing for its possibility based on currently existing technology. The fact these alternatives are not being pursued is enough to redpill the lemmings who like the ideas. Change will come.

c45e3d  No.12272527

File: 189d239a29e59b5⋯.png (14.62 KB, 644x800, 161:200, 4.png)

File: 0844987fda83e98⋯.png (156 KB, 579x570, 193:190, 5.png)

Here are a couple NPCs I made:

cdba95  No.12272528


yeah steven crowder. you fags act like npcs are only shitlibs and sjws.

51d7c2  No.12272530

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0e59bf  No.12272575


We don't care if there are NPCs on our side. We do like pointing out NPCs on the other side. Eat a bag of dicks faggot.

a1d502  No.12272598

I do, however, want to do a LITTLE bit of self-examination and make sure I'm not NPCing in anything, and that my reactions are based in rock-solid truth, and not irrational emotional garbage.

2c6e1a  No.12272604

File: 0dcabc8a416640d⋯.jpeg (992.2 KB, 2732x1619, 2732:1619, 7D21659A-1078-4AB6-BE57-A….jpeg)

Even Rantingly has picked this up now.



a1d502  No.12272616


colon, SHFT+6, that thing above the enter key on SHFT

2c6e1a  No.12272625


That’s “vertical bar.” It’s a line running from the exact top to exact bottom of the line of text.

a5272f  No.12272628


[code/]. .



this one is better

a5272f  No.12272647


. .



2c6e1a  No.12272656

Let’s see if this one works. The mouth is Box Drawing Heavy Horizontal. U+2501

. .


2c6e1a  No.12272659


Hey, yeah! That works pretty well. Watch the formatting break when I try to redtext it, though.

. .


2c6e1a  No.12272668

Unicode even has the nose from the original drawing as the math angle character (U+2220). The problem is that it only faces left.

. .

a05390  No.12272887


Should have made it as a typical lefty account for a while, then start spamming tweets with fake error messages like, "Warning: Diversity query has resulted in conflicting conclusions" changing the avatar into a NPC looking like a glitching signal. Play it like a gradually malfunctioning NPC that slowly becomes self-aware.

5b81c3  No.12272941

File: b38495bc68d97ba⋯.jpeg (262.62 KB, 628x796, 157:199, 289DFEC6-1E9E-4802-92B4-7….jpeg)

Anyone else in a gifted and talented program as a child? They supposedly selected based on capacity for creativity and logical thinking. Every day we met, we would be guided in thinking through analogies, rhetoric, the algorithms of society, what leadership is, good philosophy, and logic. Pic related is the type of logic games we would play - we would compete to progress toward more difficult worksheet levels. It was the most fun I’ve ever had, looking back on it.

c5527d  No.12273019


pick up phone and call families to ask what the fuck the deliveries are supposed to be

e4d019  No.12273222

Has anybody looked into the methodology of the study? I haven't had time to read through the whole thing yet, but I heard that the subjects were asked to report what they were experiencing at various times throughout the day. If so, that doesn't prove that the subjects in the study had no inner dialogue. It only shows that they had no inner dialogue at those specific moments.

If they happened to be zoning out and watching TV they may not be monologuing to themselves, but they may still have the capacity to do so.

2c6e1a  No.12273259


Gifted & Talented programs were also used for MKULTRA conditioning, anon.

26e31a  No.12273287


I'd suggest not using that too much. If we as a social group just start flinging the term 'NPC' on everyone we don't like, it doesn't make us any better than the soyboys and such that we claim to oppose. Nows the time to get out there and push the truth, not fling insults at each other. That's what lemmings do. Are you a lemming?

185a1c  No.12273290


That explains alot.

9c3abd  No.12273295


So what was I conditioned to do? I recall doing an unguided presentation on any state I chose (wyoming) and learning about bubbles and surface tension in kindergarten. What programming am I unable to recall? My teachers, in hindsight, do not strike me capable of programming much into me as I knew them later in life as an adult.

c63df2  No.12273306


>drawfagging is my god

feels okay man

bf3c93  No.12273309


In the gifted program?

My impression of my own experience is that they were earnestly trying to provide critical thinking skills to the students in these programs. They saw you as gifted and with potential.

9c3abd  No.12273346


Sorry, responded to wrong post. >>12273259 This anon stated they were conditioning. I was in them every single year from kindergarten on and it's possible this was true in some big cities, but in my podunk town it seems pretty sincere.

642e4c  No.12273367

I think in order to truly deconstruct the NPC we must understand there scripting language https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming

9c3abd  No.12273379

File: cebdf05dff08170⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 499x331, 499:331, magic.jpg)


No offense anon, I think you are right, but people will need to know more than what Wikipedia is telling them. Pic related and is one of the modern foundations of this all.

642e4c  No.12273414


and some bot crawling /pol/ for discord links has probably just found it.

should probably be using something encrypted and self hosted like mumble anyway

a1a140  No.12273441

If I wrestle with the thought that I could potentially be an NPC, does this make me more or less likely to be an NPC? I think more in terms of abstract thought than inner dialogue. Like if I think to myself to go to the store and get eggs, I don't hear me saying to myself "Go to store get eggs" I see the store and me walking out of it in my minds eye.

000000  No.12273448


>polacks on (((discord)))

If you really think you can make a "hidden" discord server on softweare designed to datamine you and leak your entire chat logs to antifa groups you are retarded, there is no hope for you, and I can only think of you as beyond stupid, a bad faith actor.

A NatSoc with 2 braincells to rub together would not use jewscord

578e64  No.12273486


To be an NPC is to basically possess a lack of self awareness. Which is why the meme is so glorious. It forces what could be an ex-NPC to think critically about whether or not they could think critically. I've laid enough information for you to come to your own conclusion. Are you an NPC, NPC?

578e64  No.12273493


Why do you think (((they))) care so much about semantics in legal matters?

886418  No.12273503


What are some good alternatives to discord?

5a27ad  No.12273528

When surrounded by this many easily triggered snowflakes, it's best to trigger harder.

>of course, this is much easier when surrounded by this many easily triggered snowflakes

08e7a3  No.12273538


How about you buy a VPS and host your own Mumble server? It's fucking easy you dumb nigger.

6f7ca9  No.12273568

File: 46c87fd007bdf0b⋯.png (65.64 KB, 605x800, 121:160, pickle npc.png)

9c3abd  No.12273586





You guys do realize it all goes through the same tubes right? If you are actually causing a problem they care about and not just shitposting they are gonna figure out where you are.

The only way to not be found is to not physically be tied to a machine. What I do is that if I want to be truly subversive, I take off my tinfoil hat and project red pills directly at people with my mind.

36ab5e  No.12273703


Its a pepe and wojack

painting or art.


This is genius.

1c2ce3  No.12273704


I actually don't remember anything about the program, and I was in it for years. The only thing I remember is a few meetups that included all the gifted students in the school district. Everything else is more or less a blank.

e98811  No.12273730



>on our side

He is a "conservative" along the lines of Ben Shapiro or Milo. He's just there to trigger duh dum dum libtards, while at the same time sucking Zionist cock

e98811  No.12273732



Also, did this NPC meme really come from 4pol or from here?

2daa85  No.12273745

Daily reminder to all you newfags that left vs right is also a D&C-tactic made to pit us against our on brothers and sisters because they know we aryan-people are more idealistic and stick to principles way much more than other races.

f46a5c  No.12273785



Tfw no giant holo gf


Alt-Right Shitlords Inc.


Syrian Maymay Base


Supreme Gentleman's Club


● Cesspool ●


The Ultimate Redpill


Politicamente Incorreto




Gold™ Subscription Recreational™ AnCap™ Memes™


/CIG/ telegram


Spread this shit far and wide

bcffab  No.12273937

File: 09be85566ad0131⋯.jpeg (124.87 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, 09be85566ad0131e0c89d8809….jpeg)

File: 0390f9222a6603b⋯.jpeg (156.77 KB, 487x1501, 487:1501, c7a3514cc5353ee7e754953d3….jpeg)

File: 5174da2428f8186⋯.jpeg (35.08 KB, 680x420, 34:21, 996fb992c9699ffa13dd34c2b….jpeg)

File: 0e144c73b909de8⋯.png (426.25 KB, 1187x694, 1187:694, a732343ed2530e4357ccd4f307….png)

2c6e1a  No.12274026


Who gives a fuck as long as it’s truth.

a35ef5  No.12274105


Exactly. The truth speaks loudly from any mouth.

6addcc  No.12274113

File: 19cef504c22b70d⋯.png (128.06 KB, 912x869, 912:869, 19cef504c22b70d8115bd938f6….png)

Great to see the same 4cuck kekistan controlled opposition faggots who ruined every other meme appropriate this one too. Say goodbye to any chance of anyone taking this idea seriously anymore. You've played right into (((their))) hands and damned us, spawned countless more generations of NPCs. You're not going to get anybody to think about this; now that their kike minders know about it, they're shutting it down, activating the same immutable disgust() response in countless millions. Congrats, I hope the lulz were worth it.

Pic related, by the way. Probably the closest thing to a "genesis" for this meme as far as imageboards are concerned. Most certainly not from 4cuck, you idiots. Far predates that dumb wojak edit, I've had this pic saved for at least a year. I wonder (((why))) it got so much traction all of a sudden a few weeks ago. Just in time for the midterms too, fashion that.

938a85  No.12274150


>I wonder (((why))) it got so much traction all of a sudden a few weeks ago. Just in time for the midterms too, fashion that.

Let's make sure it goes about as well for them as the time they tried appropriating the "fake news" label.

5b81c3  No.12274207


Based Bannon Bump

ec5c93  No.12274213


>Fake news.

KEK, fake news was originated by the left. Trump liked it so much he appropriated it, and the left has never been able to take it back.

ht tps://ersjdamoo.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/origin-of-fake-news/


You anons worry too much. I don't see you churning out any memes, just whining.

>Say goodbye to any chance of anyone taking this idea seriously anymore

Please tell us exactly why. What exactly is the event that will cause people will reject all future NPC memes? Sometimes, you guys really do need to learn to turn off your autism.

5b81c3  No.12274268


>delet this

We need as many platforms as possible, not faggot modded hugboxes.




>project red pills directly at people with my mind.

make art, make academic studies, make film, make music, write books, share shitposts. make ads. make companies.


it came from the One






make an account list of actual npcs like them, using another account. kek.

ec5c93  No.12274310


Shh, don't tell. I thought I was the only one that knew about TSOM. You spread that shit around here, there's going to be some anons using clear unambiguous language and perfect grammar.

It would probably ruin the place.

10ad80  No.12274324


the ui is shit

6addcc  No.12274350

File: d68d776ff9e4872⋯.png (171.27 KB, 400x400, 1:1, d68d776ff9e4872eb69893b5e8….png)


>What exactly is the event that will cause people will reject all future NPC memes?

The combination of it being defamed by propaganda outlets (checkmark twitter, MSM, late night TV, etc) and being paraded by useful idiot alt-lite fags who show their power level in public. Just look at pizzagate, look at the vile shit these demons are getting away with scot free because a few loudmouthed faggots couldn't show a little restraint and subtlety. NPC theory had the potential to be the greatest moment of societal enlightenment in history. I shouldn't need to explain to you what this kind of revelation entails. Once you are free from the irrational illusion that every human is equally self-aware, everything makes sense. People can intuitively feel when the veil of cognitive dissonance has been lifted. How many non-NPC normalfags do you thing struggle to reconcile the subhuman behavior of niggers and marxist antifags with their preconceived axiom that all men are created equal?

Now though, it's a joke to be made fun of. It's much easier to take to heart the word of repulsive propaganda foundries - to point and laugh at the evil nazis and their silly NPC meme - than it is to consider discarding one's cherished, meticulously painted misrepresentation of reality and humanity.

6addcc  No.12274355


uh woops, meant for >>12274213

10ad80  No.12274407


>make an account list of actual npcs like them, using another account. kek.

Doing that now

then what the fuck should I do with them?


3943f0  No.12274414


>any skeptic of this meme on my imageboard? npc with no internal dialogue(if you're a more tame group member) or he's a jewish shill kikelover (the more belligerent group member)

Nobody outside the meme realm of /pol/, tumblr and twatter will understand the fuck a NPC is, the only reason some boomers are talking about qanon is because of Alex Jones who is syndicated on a lot of radio stations across the country that bible tards listen to.

db781c  No.12274443

File: 909eb1420d47aca⋯.png (60.34 KB, 1189x465, 1189:465, NPCs.PNG)

The fact that so many fucking people got assblasted over this meme says so much. Look at the top post in this screenshot and count the buzzwords



>god complex

>you got bullied in school!

>you're a psychopathic !

This is all because of a meme mocking people who are blind conformist who don't form their own opinions. This is so scary to normalfags they have a full meltdown and pull out every single buzzword they can think of to defend their drone behavior

a22b77  No.12274466

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kubrick on NPCs.

10ad80  No.12274471

File: 5ccb81f71be9e14⋯.jpeg (75.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, lbkhoaajakipiejl.jpeg)


we are in this together

3aba38  No.12274477


>It is because that concept of being more learned than our ancestors is taken for granted that the people on whole don't sustain their mental capacity

The majority of people — previously, “anti-intellectuals” or “normalfags”; now, “non-playable characters,” a term which may well gain currency due to its aptness as a clinical description which doesn’t necessary hold the target at fault for his programming routine — have no interest in the ability of a scroll, book, or other text to facilitate conversation across time and space with ancients and forebears. It’s a fucking conversation, albeit one-way, with Aristophanes or Lucretius or Samuel Harding, unfiltered by some (((academic interpretation))). One thing a reader of ancient literature appreciates early on is how comparatively retarded we are. It's like having your ass kicked by someone from 100s of years ago. You can't maintain the facade of being more advanced when reading this material.

Several years ago, before being red-pilled, I thought I could find intellectuals in an atheist oriented meetup. What I was looking for, I realize now, was relief from NPCs. What I found was a roomful of NPCs spouting catchlines and devoid of curiosity. The chief misunderstanding I had was that I couldn’t reconcile their claimed intelligence with the fact that they expressed no interest in the books of the Bible as historically significant texts, if for no reason other than their respective composition dates and the fact that we have several texts revolving around certain traditions. It was all, muh historically significant fairy tales. The NPCs could not recognize that reading a text written by a Bronze Age goatherder — yes, a kike, I get all that, but one writing very long ago — is an interesting experience in and of itself, when removed from the everyday context of the fight they felt themselves to be in against Creationism, ID, etc. The “smart” NPC would base his self-value on his opinions only, devoid of actual knowledge or insight.

23a6a8  No.12274493

File: 2bfab5dc9516a4c⋯.png (415.76 KB, 547x589, 547:589, 2bfab5dc9516a4c5e1ac0e5704….png)


The left has been pushing groupthink and blind ideological loyalty for years, though. Nearly all of their shitflinging boils down to being pissed that people don't think the same as them or hold the same opinions about politics as the rest of their over-bloated in-group. They've literally pushed the idea that college as a whole needs to enforce strict uniformity in thought, as anything less is hatespeech and violence. This is their whole goddamned mentality and they are going mental at the mere joking accusation that they are heavily programmed, unthinking drones.

a22b77  No.12274506


>Lolbergtarians smoked themselves into NPC mode.

Not all of them, but I have seen it. Potheads who used to talk to me (until Trump came along) marvel at my 'strong mind.' Maybe it's because I didn't start smoking until 19…

a05390  No.12274521


>NPC theory had the potential to be the greatest moment of societal enlightenment in history.

Still does even under the given environment. It would require a meta-meme layer to be applied by distinguishing NPC behavior by how they react to the NPC meme itself. NPCs would show a superficial reaction to it, because instead of contemplating the grander implications of the meme, they're only impulsively reacting to the stimuli set by an external authority. So it becomes a question of "is this my true thought of the meme, or merely sanctioned thought programmed in from an authority?"


Buzzwords may as well be like error handling routines showing messages to the user when an program encounters an error in a line of code.

a22b77  No.12274523


>It's in my best interest to delay the rapid destruction of the country, but that doesn't mean I'm right in claiming the side i'll vote for isn't evil kike owned parasitic bullshit.

Ever watch Hogan's Heroes? Remember how the POWs used to run sabotage missions and all kinds of shit under the Germans' noses? (The show was 100% kike, BTW, right down to the actors.)

Now take that scenario and apply it to politics. We're the POWs and Col. Kilnkowitz and Sgt. Schultzberg are the kiked political system. We can't just bust out all at once, it would be suicide. We need to run missions to wear down the enemy before we can take over.

This is our current situation.

c967af  No.12274525

File: 0ec731aaf93a485⋯.png (3.95 KB, 315x292, 315:292, 0ec731aaf93a48530df348d2e0….png)


I'm not surprised at all that the vapid retards on KYM are the ones the most assblasted about this. The site's sole parasitic purpose for it's entire existence has been translating fads into normalfag speak so histrionics could inorganically spam them in places such as subreddits and discords for funny person peer points. Of course this meme is the one that they wholeheartedly deject.

a22b77  No.12274532

File: 300b940f6f65934⋯.jpg (30.99 KB, 474x341, 474:341, br.jpg)


We can start Blade Runner memes…

10ad80  No.12274536

File: 738cd5b02808383⋯.webm (87.83 KB, 568x320, 71:40, Spock Fascinating.webm)


This NPC meme is really bothering them more than anything else that I have seen to date.

Basically repeating what someone else has already said, I believe that they are aware that they are incapable of having an internal dialog - or conversation, and it really bothers them.

This is quite amazing and interesting at the same time.


I wish I could ask one why it bothers them so much and get an answer from them.

They are too blinded by whatever they are feeling to indulge in rational discourse.

They are making lists of us on Twitter and distributing them among themselves so that they can block us en-masse.

Also, they are using these lists to lock accounts.

My first NPC twitter account lasted 1:27.

My second one is still up.

a22b77  No.12274543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>One of my favourite quotes is from heritage moments in Canada - "the medium is the message". It was apt for television and is apt moreso today than ever before with the advent of the internet and social media and weaponization of thought.

"The medium is the message" was the "Clean your room" of its time. Just like Juden Peterstein, McLuhan stole everything from Harold Innes and made it sound profound but the real difference is that he had better (((agents))).

a22b77  No.12274552


If you're still a communist at 40 it's because you need to bond with the 20 year olds you're fucking.

280056  No.12274555


Leave Blade Runner alone, you spastic.

578e64  No.12274558


What? What does that have to do with Kubrick on NPC's.

a22b77  No.12274583


Yeah, and you know what happened. They sought out a cult leader: Lore.


>Hugh, apparently leader of an underground group of Borg, does not like the return of the crew of the Enterprise, whom he blames for the current state of the rogue Borg. He explains the effect his individuality had on the Collective, that all the Borg's voices became increasingly discordant, leading to dysfunction. They would listen to any voice to end the resulting confusion, and then they encountered Lore, who promised clarity and purpose to the Borg that were not connected to the Collective anymore.

a22b77  No.12274593


>we were struck by THE OBVIOUS COORDINATION going on with this meme.

You're mistaking the popularity in the meme life cycle for astroturfing. Trust me, this is organic and (((people))) are very rectally ravaged about it, as the Kotaku article illustrates.

a22b77  No.12274599

File: 348f1fab9eac7f3⋯.jpg (35.59 KB, 474x617, 474:617, rope chan.jpg)


>exaggerate the dehumanizing aspect to ridiculous extremes to use it as a D&C fracture point

Crosslink it with trannyism. "I'm not popular unless I take hormones and cut off my dick." Which leads to "suicide is so trendy!"

a22b77  No.12274609


Chaim, it must be just sundown now where you are, you're late to the 'shut it down' party!

a22b77  No.12274617


>simply by inducing great moral rage into the target, one could satisfactorily loosen his grip on his own reasoning to coerce him into believing the exact opposite of what he had believed before.

Funny, since the increasing absurdity of feminism got me so upset that I ended up here and learned (((feminism))) was the real issue.

a22b77  No.12274628


>that's because 4chan is modded by gamer gate now

No, they were always anti GamerGate. They're modded by DARPA now.

a22b77  No.12274634


Cuckchan has been an FBI honeypot since 2008. Moot went full cuck in 2014 because GG was pushing their shit in. Reddit was always controlled.

And the mods here are paid by the Chinese.

Mods are always the weakest link.

a05390  No.12274644


Memes can be reclaimed through meta-memetic intervention where interpretation itself becomes a supplementary meme to reshape its use and context. The actual downside of the NPC meme is the rather heavy payload it potentially carries. By their very nature, memes with lighter payloads survive more easily than heavy ones. Usually heavy payloads require a memeplex of several complimentary memes as scaffolding to secure it.

a22b77  No.12274647



Over the target, obviously.

a22b77  No.12274650


You have the precise attitude of a kike.

feb06c  No.12274654


Stop being such a jew.

a22b77  No.12274656


>shit, I can't tell them the norks were a cabal-run rape camp for elites

a22b77  No.12274674


>Just in time for the midterms too, fashion that.

>oh no, anon, Trump is literally mind controlling you guys with the kek stuff

I've heard that argument before.

3b74b7  No.12274694

File: 5c30ab031f4afc0⋯.png (244.96 KB, 327x924, 109:308, Capture1.PNG)

File: 6f3acf0aa4690cb⋯.png (523.81 KB, 873x819, 97:91, ClipboardImage.png)


Just looking at that shithole right now, the top four posts are NPC memes. Countless others litter the place.

Then they created this other abomination.

6f7ca9  No.12274706

File: 2ba6ae762d0b2b8⋯.png (17.31 KB, 500x550, 10:11, le item shop.png)

sale_price = (value * 2) * kosher_tax;


000000  No.12274717


Alt-faggots are almost on the same level as /leftypol/. Not in the too many words sense, but in the over-explaining sense + retarded in your face associations.

db781c  No.12274731


the donald has always been described as 4/pol/s little brother with down syndrome and I think that's quite fitting.

a22b77  No.12274733


2001 in a nutshell: HAL the computer goes nuts due to contradictory programming and kills all the crew except for Dave Borman.

It's a seriously good movie.

a22b77  No.12274740

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>What I found was a roomful of NPCs spouting catchlines and devoid of curiosity.

b517be  No.12274752

File: 10cc5c9ffbbe553⋯.jpg (891.04 KB, 1050x690, 35:23, Thomas cole mountain.jpg)


>Say goodbye to any chance of anyone taking this idea seriously anymore.

It Made a difference to me.

I've been thinking about what values are intrinsic to the world and what principles I should derive from those values in order to live life wholly. The self in essence and what kind of person I want to be. I believe this entire event has given me a little puzzle piece that was missing before.

Every little bit counts.

db781c  No.12274757


>Cuckchan has been an FBI honeypot since 2008

That's not entirely true. Moot was required by law if he wanted to keep the site up to give over the IP's of anyone who posted illegal shit like CP or bomb threats. Hosting this content on your site will get your website shutdown and get you sent to prison. Him working with law enforcement goes back to around 2005-2006 when the site was full of loli and illegal porn. I don't consider old 4chan a honeypot. Now with the gook moot in charge who the fuck knows what he's doing

db781c  No.12274766

To add to this modern 4/pol/ and 4/b/ is most definitely monitored and under the eyes of the feds and possibly moderated by them too

e3c0b7  No.12274781

File: 907b03f26a9239a⋯.jpg (58.75 KB, 960x631, 960:631, DphVvMeU4AE1BvB.jpg large.jpg)

e7d46a  No.12274784

File: 050678ba6d13498⋯.jpg (128.18 KB, 870x575, 174:115, marcus-aurelius-2.jpg)


Nice post. I typed this up for you from the book I'm reading right now. Cheers mate.

17. Human life.

Duration: momentary. Nature: changeable. Perception: dim. Condition of Body: decaying. Soul: spinning around. Fortune: unpredictable. Lasting Fame: uncertain. Sum Up: The body and its parts are a river, the soul a dream and mist, life is warfare and a journey far from home, lasting reputation is oblivion.

Then what can guide us?

Only philosophy.

Which means making sure that the power within stays safe and free from assault, superior to pleasure and pain, doing nothing randomly or dishonestly and with imposture, not dependent on anyone else's doing something or not doing it. And making sure that it accepts what happens and what it is dealt as coming from the same place it came from. And above all, that it accepts death in a cheerful spirit, as nothing but the dissolution of the elements from which each living thing is composed. If it doesn't hurt the individual elements to change continually into one another, why are people afraid of all of them changing and separating? It's a natural thing. And nothing natural is evil.

1. Not just that every day more of our life is used up and less and less of it is left, but this too: if we live longer, can we be sure our mind will still be up to understanding the world - to the contemplation that aims at divine and human knowledge? If our mind starts to wander, we'll still go on breathing, go on eating, imagining things, feeling urges and so on. But getting the most out of ourselves, calculating where our duty lies, analyzing what we hear and see, deciding whether it's time to call it quits - all the things you need a healthy mind for… all those are gone.

So we need to hurry.

Not just because we move daily closer to death but also because our understanding - our grasp of the world - may be gone before we get there.

a22b77  No.12274785

File: 5f83b35aa4a2ee9⋯.jpg (115.57 KB, 717x717, 1:1, crushing your head.jpg)

a22b77  No.12274796

File: ee370f0923acddc⋯.jpg (770.56 KB, 1434x1800, 239:300, honeypot.jpg)

5b81c3  No.12274837

File: 98848ef7146b7ea⋯.png (164.14 KB, 1500x938, 750:469, matrixwave.png)

cf924c  No.12274857

File: cbd343ab7849d82⋯.png (191.45 KB, 1303x689, 1303:689, Screenshot-2017-12-18 pol….png)


You're posting this video everywhere and totally misunderstood the NPC meme. NPC's have great scene creation and visual imagination. They don't have much of an inner-voice.

Gnostics create NPCs. The ego is what a PC needs to develop self reflection and an inner-voice.

Animals don't have a inner-voice but they have imagination. They have intelligence. They're unaware of their ego.



23b5dd  No.12274890

File: 1dd87589aaf574d⋯.png (322.01 KB, 853x480, 853:480, 853full-welcome-to-the-nhk….png)


Beautiful explanation, thanks for sharing anon.

d9ce1a  No.12274896


Here but the 4fags are trying to shove their retarded art into it.

d9ce1a  No.12274900

Anyone bothered doing quinn and sarky at the un?

938dfd  No.12274913


The concept of NPCs goes way back, but the wojack or pepe edits are always the work of cuckchan since it's all they can produce anymore

482c14  No.12274917

File: 73bdd12e6074d56⋯.png (78.06 KB, 677x907, 677:907, 1530152042-5.png)




>using a 4chan meme

holy fuck are there any old fags left here?

nvm found at least one >>12264577

dubs of truth

6f7ca9  No.12274937

File: 7f8773bd8292221⋯.png (358.32 KB, 640x427, 640:427, unpc.png)

>>12274900 (checked)

I don't know, but I made this just in case.

f1214d  No.12274947

File: ba05b3a65197f58⋯.jpg (131.44 KB, 750x542, 375:271, 2d664ce5d7d16a41.jpg)


>The NPC faces improved their looks.

Who knew?

6f7ca9  No.12274956

File: 665b237778ea078⋯.png (349.81 KB, 640x427, 640:427, unpc 2.png)


Just finished a slightly less lazy edit.

2c6e1a  No.12274967


Not even remotely an argument.

5b81c3  No.12274977

File: ead15c41189bc9d⋯.mp4 (5.46 MB, 480x360, 4:3, mindwar.mp4)

6f7ca9  No.12275007

File: d8ed51c2d0a2427⋯.png (198.56 KB, 500x414, 250:207, clinton npc.png)

These are pretty fun to make.

13481d  No.12275109

File: ca8b5183382e6ee⋯.png (80.29 KB, 625x472, 625:472, ClipboardImage.png)

Updated the abortion version of this meme so its actually readable


lmao shut up faggot jew

13481d  No.12275110

File: b635143b88eac29⋯.png (80.33 KB, 625x472, 625:472, ClipboardImage.png)


AW shit nigga I missed a comma



6f7ca9  No.12275117

File: e10395e49307599⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 21.06 KB, 329x302, 329:302, npc dose.gif)

Taking requests.

13481d  No.12275124

File: 4f5c057ed592974⋯.png (594.42 KB, 1046x384, 523:192, ClipboardImage.png)

not oc

95b596  No.12275156


> implying there are any oldfags left anywhere

Oldfags were all rused into abandoning imageboards forever by blackpill shills.

13481d  No.12275168


nah, they just dont post here anymore an its nothing to do with blackpill shills, newfag

dd4720  No.12275240


2005 4chan poster here.

Oldfags still live but most oldfags have realized by now that posting abou being oldfags will just make shills come out and try to create a rift between old n newfags.

Just like how shills try to create rifts between europeans and americans i.e. "amerimutts" and all that bs.

6f7ca9  No.12275251

File: fe6b7ae2892c2a4⋯.png (236.21 KB, 350x350, 1:1, npc shut it down.png)

I wish I had a larger source image for this one. You can barely see the NPCs.

6f7ca9  No.12275283

File: 80e829ff92ccce5⋯.jpg (133.15 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, npc receiver.jpg)

828507  No.12275305


so they banned NPC meme off 4chan and twitter on the same weekend? what a coincidence

ad06c9  No.12275312

File: 946adc43560f4a7⋯.jpg (93.2 KB, 601x502, 601:502, faggots bear.jpg)




Most got scared off when they found out every post is being achived at the NSA and VPNs dont work.

I dont care, I'm nuts.

ad06c9  No.12275316


>funny person peer points.


ad06c9  No.12275330

File: e3787e465d978c4⋯.jpg (170.66 KB, 960x960, 1:1, npc jew internet.jpg)


>no replies

This is excellent

6f7ca9  No.12275338

File: 9f8987f390c5d9a⋯.jpg (116.66 KB, 960x720, 4:3, npc receiver 2.jpg)


Resized version of this image, because I don't like how the original's thumbnail comes out. Might have made the merchant heads a bit too small to begin with.

Sage for minor edit.

4f7bb9  No.12275341

File: 6761d72b717fc8b⋯.gif (2.54 MB, 500x213, 500:213, npc.gif)

Would be good if someone would do a basic npc head cutout. The more this mem gets shared the more it will trigger the tards.

6f7ca9  No.12275343

File: ff98855e5c2832d⋯.jpg (44.63 KB, 380x460, 19:23, npc fashisom.jpg)

One more for now.

e4d019  No.12275353

File: f7f14b38522522b⋯.png (93.17 KB, 1625x365, 325:73, NPC-Transparent.png)


Something like this you mean?

4f7bb9  No.12275366

File: 11cdd9c167fe0ab⋯.png (27.73 KB, 500x375, 4:3, npc news.png)



6f7ca9  No.12275369

File: 571ce00d123c5e1⋯.png (11.97 KB, 933x1023, 311:341, npc large.png)